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Xiao Wei

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Although Shen Wei always warned Zhao Yunlan that it is dangerous to stay too long in the wormhole, he himself travelled to the doomed place a lot, more than a lot, to be precise. And for very logical reasons, stalking his lover through different eras and epochs.

And this time, playing with space and time backfired, disastrously!

All he wanted to do was to save his twin, Ye Zun and prevent his fall from the cliff, but it did not exactly go as planned. Shen Wei got almost thrown out of the wormhole, shocking all the SID members but washing his lover Zhao Yunlan with a wave of relief, at the same time.

Zhao Yunlan brought him to his apartment and tended to an unconscious Shen Wei, day in day out. Exactly what Wei always did and would have done for him. The professor was running a high fever, which worried Zhao Yunlan.

Shen Wei was out for 4 days straight, and Zhao Yunlan remained by his side. The Chief of SID was beyond just tired; his condition was far more wretched than Wei. He looked nothing more than a corpse with very little sleep, and even less food in his system.

He watched the delicate features on the cream-complexioned face, his Shen Wei looked paler and it saddened him.

"I miss you..." his voice was small. A tear left the corner of his eyes, which surprised him. He touched the tear to make sure it was for real.

Zhao Yunlan realised how weak and broken he was without his professor. He could feel his chest getting heavy now. Although Wei was not much of a talker, the silence in the apartment was gnawing at Yunlan's heart. The only ray of hope was the faint sound of Shen Wei's shallow breathing that kept Zhao Yunlan in check, or else, he would have gone insane.

He did not realise when he fell asleep by his side.

But he opened his eyes as soon as he had closed them, at least that's what he thought. It felt as if the time warped.

He squinted his eyes to focus but he got startled when saw the bed empty.

"Wei?" He called out and looked around but jumped when saw Wei sitting on the floor with his legs crossed.

"Oh, Wei, you scared me," Yunlan held his forehead, sighing in relief. He thought he would burst into tears, he somehow managed to control himself as he looked at his professor sitting on the floor with his tight-lipped smile on his face.

He could feel his heart swell with joy to see his stoic professor alright. The colour on his lips was back, his face looked alright, though his messy bedhead made Yunlan chuckle.

"You scared all of us, you know that?!" Yunlan snapped but then composed himself, his stupid boyfriend just gained consciousness, he deserved to be showered with love.

"Come, sit here with me. You will catch a cold there," Yunlan spoke, his voice showing his care and for the first time, Yunlan was not at all embarrassed to show that he cared.

Wei grinned wide. Yunlan raised eyebrows when Wei got on his knees and walked closer to the bed... on his knees only, and not on his feet.

Yunlan was really confused. He watched the face that looked back at him with fondness as if he was the most beautiful sight ever, something that Shen Wei never did.

"Umm, you okay, Wei?" Yunlan was hesitant.

"Kunlun!" Wei exclaimed with a strangely childish voice. His face wore the brightest of the smiles.

Yunlan's eyes swelled.

Moments Later

Yunlan bit his nails and paced back and forth while Shen Wei sat on the bed now, his eyes lovingly stuck on Yunlan.

"Umm... So, Shen Wei, the last thing you remember was falling off the cliff?!"

Shen Wei nodded with his fists under his chin, lips in a thin line and eyes twinkling with adoration for the person standing in front of him.

Yunlan rubbed his forehead in frustration, "... one last question. How... how old are you?" Yunlan asked but was not at all ready for the answer.

Shen Wei started biting his lower lips, suddenly nervous by the question. He looked at his fingers, "I'm... I'm 8 but I'm good with the sword, Kunlun, give me one chance!"

Shen Wei looked like a desperate kid with a pout on his face while his answer had left Yunlan speechless. He pushed his tongue against his cheek; he was furious at his boyfriend for travelling back in time.

But how was he supposed to let out his anger and fight with him, when he was, suddenly, an 8-year-old KID!

He sighed and nodded. This needed intervention.

"Why are you tying me, Kunlun?"

Yunlan's hands were paused on the innocent question. He looked up at the face, his Shen Wei, all of a sudden, did look like a kid only. A sympathetic smile made its way to Yunlan's lips as Wei kept his index finger pressed against his lower lips, a clear sign of his nervousness. The Little Ghost King was scared and was trying to hide it, probably missed his mask more than ever, in the situation.

"This is a seatbelt, Shen Wei. This is for your safety," Yunlan kept his voice gentle, the way he assumed apt with an 8-year-old.

Shen Wei just blinked. Yunlan nodded, realising how futile his explanation was.

Yunlan drove while he was deeply lost in his thoughts when he sensed a pair of eyes watching him. He turned his head only to find his baby boyfriend looking at him with all the adoration in the world in his eyes. Yunlan chuckled, "What is it?"

"You are, as they say, the most beautiful, Kunlun!" Wei spoke with a sigh as his grip remained on the seatbelt on his chest.

His words embarrassed Yunlan, but he, kind of, liked the compliment. How badly he wished his stoic boyfriend to be like this, open with his emotions for him.

And they were in front of SID headquarters, Yunlan still held on to the steering wheel. No matter how adorable Shen Wei was, this needed to be solved, without delay.

He got off and ran to the other side of the car to help Wei out like he usually did.

"This miraculous vessel of yours, does it run on Dixing energy, Great Kunlun?" Shen Wei asked as he stepped out of the car, his words too innocent.

Yunlan's awkwardly looked at him and then at his car.

''This... this is a..." Yunlan was trying to find words when saw Shen Wei with his big eyes staring back at him innocently, "Yup, Dixing energy!"

He gave up, he did not have the time, nor the patience.

"Professor!" all exclaimed and strode towards Yunlan and Wei the moment they entered but paused when Shen Wei quickly hid behind Yunlan.

Everyone got confused, their eyebrows creased. Yunlan, on the other hand, just sighed.

"They are too many, Kunlun and I don't have my sword with me!" Shen Wei whispered as he peeked from Yunlan's behind, only half his face visible.

"What is going on here, exactly?" Da Qing spoke on everyone's behalf.

After explaining whatever he could, Yunlan turned towards his team, expecting ideas and solutions. But rolled his eyes when found them staring at Shen Wei, who sat on the sofa holding a pillow closer to his chest, biting his bottom lips, visibly nervous by all the eyes on him.

"Will you people stop doing that? You all are scaring him," Yunlan snapped and the crowd dispersed, except Da Qing, who remained sitting beside Wei.

"And what makes you think you are not scaring him?"

"I'm a cat, don't kids usually like cats?" Qing still had his eyes on Shen Wei's nervous face, the professor did not dare to look at the face of the stranger.

To test the theory, Da Qing turned into his cat form.

Shen Wei's eyes swelled, he screamed on top of his lungs as he jumped back and slid away from him.

"Da Qing, stop that," Yunlan again snapped and quickly hid Shen Wei in his embrace, "you are just scaring him!"

Shen Wei peeked a little but again screamed and hid face in Yunlan's tummy when the cat spoke.

"This guy was 10000 years old and now suddenly... 8? So weird!"

Yunlan glared at Da Qing.

In Yunlan's Cabin

"We need to go to the big flea market of the Yashou Tribe, there could be a cure for it there," Hong spoke.

All looked at each other and then nodded. The matter was indeed grave.

"Okay, so Shen Wei from... Wait. If all of us are here, who is with Shen Wei?"

All the eyes widened, they ran out only to quickly pause on their trails, bumping into each other when saw Shen Wei holding something in his hands.

Shen Wei pointed it at them now, "Kunlun, a weapon!" he looked at it and exclaimed excitedly.

"Is that..." Chu asked.

"The Zapper!" Lin Jing confirmed as he gulped.

All eyes swelled when realised baby professor held Guo's zapper in his hands.

"Do not scare him, do not scare him," Yunlan whispered as he nervously smiled back at Wei while slowly advanced towards him, "Wei, hehe, can I see your weapon?"

Shen Wei blinked and nodded. It was his Kunlun, he can ask for his life and Shen Wei would give it to him with a smile. He held the weapon out.

"What happened?" Suddenly Qing jumped on the table in his cat form.

Shen Wei again screamed on top of his lungs


"Eeek!!" Zhao Yunlan was the first one to get electrocuted, all jumped.

Shen Wei too got startled, and the Zapper worked again.

"Eeek!" Chief Zhao Yunlan again shrieked and was soon on the ground.

"Kunlun!" Wei screamed, the zapper worked and now Lin Jing was on the floor.

Right next to him stood Chu Shuzhi, his eyes swelled to realise it was his turn now. He quickly looked back at Wei, who was looking back at him, pointing the zapper right at him.

He nervously grinned and held his hand out in defence, "Professor... I mean Wei, put that down, please?! I... I have sweets for you?! Please don't zap me," He whispered the last sentence.

Hong quickly looked at Chu, her eyebrows arched up to see Chu getting scared of a kid.

Qing, the fatty cat watched and enjoyed the sight. He smirked evilly. (A/N: Why can I imagine a cat smirking?!)

"Shen Wei..." The cat sang.

Shen Wei turned his head, little by little. His eyes widened, scared written all over his face.


Shen Wei screamed again, the Zapper zapped. 

A girly scream left Chu's mouth but was confused when nothing happened. He turned his head to find Hong on the floor.

Shen Wei quickly put down the zapper now and stepped back when realised he could not control the weapon.

He looked back at Chu helplessly. They both looked around, half of the SID team was scattered on the floor, knocked out by an 8-year-old.

"You said you have sweets," Wei spoke with his big puppy eyes stuck on Chu's face as he fiddled with the hem of his sweater.

"Yes, I have sweets..." Chu sighed as he looked at the innocent 8-year-old professor.