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The one Where Jaime Sees Something he Shouldn’t Have

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This was all her fault, Jaime decided. If she had just shut her door all the way this would never have happened. No, this is all my fault, he thought. She had no idea he was going to be home. He had a date and he told her not to expect him back. He was really sure the woman was going to invite him back to her place but the whole thing turned into a massive disaster and he was home well before midnight. He’d already been to his room and took off his shirt before he decided he wanted a snack and started walking towards the kitchen. 

Nope, definitely her fault, he concluded once more. If she hadn’t made that sound at the exact second he was passing her door he never would have stopped. You didn’t have to look in, a voice reminded him. You didn’t have to stay and watch. Fuck, yep, this is all on me. 

The guilt washed over him, but even that wasn’t enough to make Jaime budge from his spot. He had a perfect view from where he stood and he wasn’t willing to give that up for anything.  He wondered what Brienne had done to herself that caused the noise that had stopped him in his tracks?  There was no mistaking what that sigh meant and it was certainly a sound he’d never heard her make in all the years he’d known her - and all the months they had been sharing an apartment.  

He could see her laying on the bed, her knees up and legs spread wide open. He’d never even seen her remotely naked before and now her pussy was on full display for him.  He watched her hands move up her body towards her breasts and had to bite back a moan as she grabbed them and squeezed, then played with her nipples, while arching her back slightly.  

This was Brienne.  His friend.  His roommate.  He had never thought about her like this before.  Okay, maybe once.  Fine, many times.  But he’d never even come close to acting on it.  Now here he was standing in her doorway like a pervert watching her touch herself while his cock was quicking turning into a massive hard on.  He thought about what it would be like to touch her nipple and feel it pucker under his finger tip. Jaime bit his lip and sucked in a deep breath as the image filled his mind momentarily.  He couldn’t get over how strong the urge was to feel her sweet tits in his hands.  He was jealous of her touching herself.  


He was about to get a lot more jealous because her hands travelled south, back down over her belly.  One hand stopped there, grazing her flat stomach and hips, but the other kept going.  His cock stirred and started to strain against his jeans.  If she looked up at all she would see him, standing there with his mouth hung open, horny as hell, watching her.  But Jaime was banking on the fact that she was quite preoccupied and would have no clue he was home to keep him safe from her gaze.  

He reached down and adjusted himself, holding the bulge in his hand afterwards.  Just walk away while you still can, he thought.  But of course he didn’t.  Instead he focused on her hand and the way she was touching her sweet, delicious pussy.  His mouth started to water wondering what she tasted like.  He would have given anything to walk in there and lick her from back to front just once.  That wasn’t going to happen though because the second she knew he was there it would be game over.  So Jaime watched some more as she massaged her pussy and moaned loudly.  



His dick was literally aching.  He rubbed himself a little more to try and ease the burn, but it didn’t really help much. She’s going to fucking kill you, Jaime thought.  If he got busted Brienne would be so mad.  She would eventually forgive him because she always did.  They fought and bickered all the time, but he had a way of charming her that always seemed to work.  The list of stupid things he’d done that she eventually got over was not a short one.  But this - this definitely moved to the top of that list.  

Jaime almost choked on his own saliva when he saw what happened next.  She slipped three fingers inside herself and started to move them in and out.  He could see from across the room that she was wet, so wet - glistening with desire.  Holy fuck would it ever feel good to slip my cock into that wet heaven, he thought.  Brienne, a voice reminded him.  Fuck off, he told that voice because by that point he didn’t care.  He wanted her.  He would have fucked her right then and there if he knew there was any chance at all of that happening. She bucked her hips as she continued to slip her fingers in and out of her pussy.  Yeah baby, he thought. Harder.  Faster.  


Jaime reached for his dick again as the jealousy he was feeling raged.  How stupid was it to feel jealous of a person masturbating?  He knew it was ridiculous, but he couldn’t help it.  He leaned into the doorway slightly and rubbed his dick against the wall.  I’m literally humping anything I can find like a horny teenager, he thought, his cheeks flushing.  How was it possible that Brienne of all people had him half crazed with lust and desire?  

He couldn’t take it any longer.  He needed to feel his cock in his hand.  Jaime popped open a couple buttons and reached down inside his jeans.  He wasn’t wearing underwear.  He never did when he was sure he was going to get laid.  How did that work out? He thought bitterly.  Maybe it had worked out for the best.  The show he was watching might actually be better than the busty blonde he’d been hoping to fuck.  He fondled his shaft and somehow held back a groan.  



There was a rustling noise and Jaime quickly pulled his hand out of his pants, then ducked out of sight.  He did up his buttons and told himself it was time to leave.  It was time to head back to his room and forget this ever happened.  But then he heard her moan again - and he slowly peeked his head back around the edge of the door.  He had no idea what the sound had been, but she was still completely focussed on what she was doing, oblivious to the voyeur in the hallway.  

When she pulled her fingers out of her pussy he could see they were dripping wet and his mouth watered some more.  He wanted to lift them to his lips and suck off every last drop of her juices.  His dick was aching, confined once again.  He desperately needed it to be free.  Jaime reached down and with two hands he pulled open his pants, releasing the monster with a happy bounce.  



His cock throbbed and pulsed in his hand, hard - and so ready to fuck.  Jaime licked his lips as his eyes washed over her pussy again.  God, he wanted to spread her open and see how far into her cunt his tongue would go and then after he made a meal out of her he would reach new depths inside her with his long, thick shaft.  He was so far down this path, this dirty, disgusting path, that there was no going back now.  

He watched Brienne draw that slick moisture from inside her pussy up to her clit and she started to rub herself in slow circles.  Jaime stroked his shaft and felt his balls get harder.  He had to let go when he realized he was already on the verge of coming.  She lifted her hips off the bed, rocking and writhing as she continued rubbing her clit, still moving slow, then picking up the pace as she moaned and sighed.  


Jaime squeezed the door frame until his knuckles were white.  He was so desperate for release - the same release he was watching her experience.  Brienne whimpered and then cried out loudly.  He saw her body shudder and then she squeezed her legs closed on her hand, writhing some more.  The look on her face was pure ecstasy and he knew he just had to be the one to cause that same look someday.  It’ll never happen, that stupid negative voice told him.  

He swallowed hard.  His mouth was suddenly dry, but his cock was still raging.  When Brienne started to stretch out her legs with a happy sigh he knew he had to get out of sight.  Jaime abandoned any thoughts of getting that snack.  There was only one thing he wanted to do - needed to do.  

He held his pants from falling to the ground and quietly, but quickly raced back to his room.  He got inside and shut the door quietly, then madly kicked off his pants on his way to the bed.  Jaime flopped down onto his back and grabbed his cock.  He started to slowly jerk off, already feeling himself starting to build.  


There were so many images floating around in his mind - he was replaying what he’d just watched over and over, complete with the sounds that came out of her that he would never forget.  It was quite the erotic audio track whispering through his head.  He pumped his hand up and down his shaft, then started to buck his hips too.  He imagined her standing there in his doorway, watching what he was doing and he wondered if she would have stayed for the whole thing like he had?

Jaime glided his hand faster and faster - his expert touch and the erotic scene he’d just watched had him almost there in a matter of seconds.  His balls started to tighten up again and this time there was no turning back.  He couldn’t hold back the grunt as he ejaculated, but he was at least able to keep it fairly quiet.  He looked down as cum shot out the tip of his dick, followed by more - thick and white, oozing down the side of his shaft.  



Jaime’s heart was racing and it took forever for him to catch his breath.  When he finally did he reached for a tissue to clean himself up.  He looked around the room and the reality of what had just happened started to sink in.  What the hell have I done? He thought, gripped with panic.  

He couldn’t tell her what he’d done - but he knew he had to tell her.  There was no way he could carry the burden of hiding something like that from her.  And he also knew watching her like that without her knowledge was wrong and he owed it to her to be honest.  She’s going to think you’re a disgusting pig.  There was that voice again - but he knew it was absolutely right.  

Jaime wasn’t the kind of guy that took much of anything seriously, so it didn’t take him long to lighten the situation.  Maybe we are a little more Joey and Rachel than I realized, Jaime thought with a grin.  Two friends whose roommates got married so they moved in together - they had actually talked about the parallel of their story with the TV show before.  Well, hopefully she’s not pregnant with your best friend’s baby, Jaime added in his mind.  He was not prepared for the way his heart ached even thinking about something like that.  


“How you doin’?” he said out loud.  Jaime rolled his eyes at his own stupidity and flopped back onto his pillows.  He was certain that Brienne was going to be livid for what he’d done - and he honestly had no idea what it would mean for their future.  But the one thing he did know was that he would never look at his friend the same way again - and something about that excited him beyond his wildest imagination.