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Life of a CIA Spy in Berlin

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            It was September 4, 2019, Labor Day weekend in a villa in the mountains of Southern Spain. He felt the cold air coming in; autumn had arrived early that year. The heat was on inside the house, making the atmosphere toasty, warm, and comfortable. There were fireplaces ablaze in all the rooms, upstairs and down. He wore a royal blue sweater, blue denims, and thick, green woolen socks.

            He was upstairs in his bedroom—their bedroom, the room he and his lover shared. He had showered, quickly dressed himself, and then used the hairdryer to dry his thick black hair. It was past his ears now, but he liked it that way. He wore a beard, neatly trimmed. He was a civilian now, so he could relax. He and Rodion had gotten into their routine.

            He could hear Rodion, and two other men--their friends—talking downstairs. It was early, around eight o’clock in the morning. They were in the kitchen, probably making breakfast, but he wasn’t hungry right now. The smell of rich coffee enticed him downstairs and into their company.

            He was greeted by everyone there. “Good morning, Daniel,” Hector said first with a smile.

            “Morning, Hector,” was all Daniel said, with a soft smile.

            “Good morning, sweetheart. How are you?” Rodion asked, as he moved toward Daniel, held him in his arms and kissed his lips gently. He spoke in his Russian accent, his broken English prevalent. He knew it comforted Daniel, and that was what he mostly cared about. Daniel’s comfort and the love they shared together.

            “Good morning, Rodion. I’m okay. I’m only tired,” Daniel murmured and returned his lover’s kisses. He found that comfort in Rodion’s Russian accent, and his broken English. It was one of the many things he loved about him. They shared a love so deep and it got him through everything.

            “Good morning, Daniel. Are you hungry? We made pancakes this morning,” Stefan announced. He beamed loving glances in Hector’s direction while awaiting Daniel’s reply.

            “No, thank you, Stefan. I’m not hungry right now. I. . .just. . .maybe. . .some coffee,” Daniel answered and smiled warmly at the tall, handsome blond German man.

            “Yes, of course,” Stefan answered, and he moved to the coffee machine, poured Daniel a cup of coffee, then added coffee creamer and sugar.         

            “Thank you, Stefan, it smells good,” Daniel said as he took the mug between his hands, allowing the mug to warm his palms.

            “Are you sure you are not hungry, sweetheart? I can make you some oatmeal with blueberries, and bring it to you in living room,” Rodion offered, but didn’t push Daniel.

            “No, thank you. Maybe later. The coffee is good for now. It’s going to be a cold day today. I can feel it. Autumn and winter are coming,” Daniel said as he sipped his milky sweet coffee. It was delicious and made him feel good. Being in Rodion’s arms last night had helped too, but he needed to be calm.

            “Glad to see you’re feeling better, Daniel,” Hector said with a smile.

            Daniel gave Hector a small smile and seemed to retreat inside himself. Rodion saw the change in him and drew Daniel into his arms. “Is okay, sweetheart. Why don’t you go sit in living room and warm yourself by the fire? There is blanket for you on the back of your chair. I will be along shortly,” Rodion spoke softly, in his Russian accent, his broken English prevalent in the room, as he kissed him softly.

            “Yes, that sounds nice. I will see you soon,” Daniel murmured and returned his lover’s kisses.

Daniel turned and walked from the kitchen into the living room. The room was  inviting, the fire crackled enthusiastically, and warmth radiated toward him as he approached the comfortable chair he and Rodion usually shared. He sat down and placed his coffee mug on the end table, then drew the blanket across his legs and lap. It was a plush blue and green velvet blanket, embroidered like a coat of arms—their coat of arms.

            He picked up his coffee mug again and sipped the hot brew. Hot liquid warmed his insides as it made its way down, but it did little to diminish the events that still left him shivering. He closed his eyes and tried to let the sounds of the villa drown out the echoing memories that chased him inside his head. The soothing voices of his three friends reached him from the kitchen and he could feel himself beginning to relax. He allowed his mind and his body to unwind as he drew in the sounds of the crackling fire, the voices from the kitchen, and the sound of the wind blowing through the trees outside. Leaves were falling from the trees all around the villa now, and the landscape had become like the flames; burnt orange and yellow and red. Only a few leaves remained green, the stubborn holdouts from a quick-fading summer. He could hear the leaves softly thudding on top of the pool cover, a lulling drumbeat that worked to quiet his racing heart.

            He meditated, using the villa’s comforting effect to romance him into serenity. He began his breathing exercises and felt his racing heart begin to calm. The tension in his back and legs abated and his stiff posture relaxed into the plush coziness of the chair. After several minutes, he drifted into a quiet and peaceful slumber.

He drifted, dreamless and serene, the walls he’d built up inside himself easing down around him. His anxiety evaporated and he knew a moment’s peace before the first horrific vision lashed out at him. Darkness. Claustrophobia. Two small rectangles from which to see only that which his captors allowed. The heavy burden of the iron mask. Then, the forest in the narrow field of his vision. The uneven ground. The awkwardness of his feet as he ran. The heavy mask throwing off his balance. The unstoppable sounds of a cruel pursuit. The sweat pouring across his face as he ran. Then, the inevitable knowledge there was nowhere to hide and the roaring unmistakable sound of the flamethrower as he threw himself to the ground and tried to protect his body. The flames enveloped the fire-retardant suit they’d dressed him in, and the iron mask heated around his head like an oven. He heard his own screaming as his skin began searing and parboiling in his own sweat. Soon. He hoped it would be over soon.

In the cozy living room, Daniel cried out in his sleep. “No!” He was trapped between sleep and wakefulness. At last, he jolted awake, the scream still on his lips. His fingers relinquished the hold on his mug and the mug shattered against the nearby hearth.

Rodion and the others rushed in from the kitchen. Rodion kept the others at a distance as he approached Daniel, who was sitting in their chair, slumped over under the weight of his emotions, and sobbing uncontrollably.

Daniel flinched violently at Rodion’s touch. “Is okay, sweetheart,” Rodion soothed, moving his hand along Daniel’s back.

Daniel turned in the chair and Rodion pulled him into his embrace. “I’m lost!” Daniel sobbed and resignedly leaned against the man he loved. “Why didn’t they just kill me?”

Rodion held Daniel for a moment and then moved his hands to Daniel’s bearded face so they could look at one another. “We are going to get through this. You and me. I promise.” Then, he pulled Daniel back into his embrace.

Daniel laid his head on Rodion’s shoulder and tried to calm down. His sobs were beginning to lessen, but he trembled, knowing it was soul-cold and not body cold that had left him shivering. Maybe Rodion would make the nightmares go away but Daniel couldn’t see how, and he couldn’t shake that horrible vision. . .

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 Independence Day. July 4, 2019. Daniel Miller was up early. The gruff voice of retired CIA spy Gilbert Dorn was carried low like a secret through Daniel’s earbuds. Daniel listened intently to the podcast. Dorn described Berlin thirty years before. The Wall had come down and the east and west sides of the long-divided city had regained sight of one another. Daniel held his breath. Could this be—would this be—the information he needed to answer all the old questions and solve the biggest mystery of his life? 

 He had been just a boy of 5 years old on that fateful night in Berlin. His mother, Sara Miller, had tucked him in and bid him goodnight before she had gone out for the evening. He had pretended to settle in and waited for her to leave the house before he had slipped out of bed and sought the window. Normally, he would have stayed up to read but something had beckoned him to his bedroom panes that evening, and he watched his mother cross the street to the waiting vehicle. He often wondered what he would have done differently had he known her kind goodnight and soft kiss at his temple would be the last moments they’d share.  

  Daniel observed, unseen from the window, as she got into the car with Stasi Colonel, Lukas Becker. His mind imagined Becker turning the key. Had there been some warning—any sign that the next moment would not come? What had been his mother’s last thoughts? Five-year-old Daniel Miller watched as fire erupted beneath the car’s chassis and unfurled like a carpet of death. Flames licked the gas tank and the vehicle jolted upward from the asphalt, its parts exploded from within and it crashed back down in pieces. It had all happened in the blink of an eye; he played it inside his mind in slow motion, and he took note of things seen but not realized in the moment. There had been a man standing in the front yard of the house. The man was dressed in a cap, a long tan overcoat, and glasses. Who was that man? What role had the man played in his mother’s death? He hoped the podcast would shed some light.

   Most would think Daniel had followed in his father’s footsteps. He never argued that assumption; never corrected it. He bided his time and strategically placed himself in the proper places at the proper times to move himself closer to the access he needed. Life was a game of chess, he knew. Each piece he eliminated and each piece he sacrificed drew him closer to the truth. He made himself valuable. Proved himself trustworthy. He played the game with precision and manipulated his way back to Germany. No one cared about one piss-ant station in Berlin—not really, but Daniel had made it his mission to make them care. Who was Thomas Shaw? He convinced his superiors finding out was important. He lined them up like dominos and watched them fall under the spell of his manipulation. When his supervisor assigned him to the station to identify Shaw, he had been packed and ready.

Thomas Shaw was a whistleblower who was exposing the wrongdoings of CIA spies within Berlin station. Daniel had a secret about the true identity of Thomas Shaw. It had come as no surprise to him that Thomas Shaw was really his friend and former lover, Hector DeJean. Daniel was more involved in it than anyone had known. Only he and Hector knew the truth about it, and maybe one day he would tell everyone how he and Hector had planned the whole thing. The memory brought a rueful smile to his face. That long ago afternoon in Chechnya flitted across his mind’s eye as the podcast drew on. Hector had saved Daniel’s life on that afternoon in 2006. The mission was to thwart an Al Qaeda suicide bomber but no one, especially Daniel, had imagined the bomber to be a woman. It had almost been too late once he and Hector identified her. Daniel had been within the kill radius and Hector had pulled him back just before the bomb had been detonated in the market square. A closeness had been formed that surpassed their professional familiarity and the aftermath had led to a kiss; the kiss to an intimacy which would flourish between them until the relationship had run its course.

 Daniel Miller was an attractive man. He was six foot two, with brown hair, ice blue eyes, and a muscular frame. The tall, dark and handsome type that both men and women found alluring, and he had been with both. 

Alone in his Berlin apartment, Daniel returned his attention back to the podcast. The ex-CIA agent had been recounting the events leading up to the fall of the Berlin Wall and then he had begun to speak about events just after. Daniel sat up and closed his eyes. He listened intently and his mind began racing. He reached for his cellphone, and dialed Esther Krug, his friend from the Bfv, Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, the Republic of Germany’s Domestic Security Agency. She was the German spy to his American Spy.

Esther Krug was five foot nine inches tall, with long sandy blond hair, and blue eyes. She was a true German, true to her country, and she loved her job. She was sexy, smart, and sassy. Her hourglass figure lent her an air of old Hollywood starlet but her eyes held the truth of her remarkable cunning. She was an exceptionally good friend. She had been Daniel’s shoulder when Hector had had to leave after the debacle with the Germans, Otto Ganz, and his daughter Lena. Daniel knew he could always talk to Esther. She was his dear friend and would keep their conversations private. She picked up the receiver and Daniel smiled when she answered in her lovely, sassy way. “What is it, Daniel Miller?” 

  “Aw, Good morning to you too, Esther. I would say Happy fourth, but you would probably tell me to fuck off,” he quipped, and smiled into his phone when he heard her sigh.

  “Hmm, probably. But, seriously, Daniel, it’s early, not even six in the morning. Are you calling because of that silly podcast?” 

  “Oh, you know me too well, Esther. Yes. I am. Did you hear it this morning? I still think he’s Diver. The man who may have killed my Mother. All the dates add up, plus he’s talking about personal events only Diver would know about,” Daniel asked, as he tossed his tablet onto the bed. 

   “Yes, I know, Daniel, you’ve told me this before, but are you still sure about this? I don’t know, Daniel. You know that bastard Gilbert Dorn should be tried for giving away all the CIA’s secrets. Why hasn’t anyone on your end stopped him?” She asked, as she moved into her own kitchen and poured herself a coffee.

        “I don’t know.  Maybe they’re working on it. I’m sure my people at Langley will send someone out here. I could use your help, though. Could you maybe look for some files on Diver on your end? I just need to find out, Esther. I have to know,” Daniel answered, as he stretched on his bed, and smiled into his phone. “Are you still coming with me to the fourth of July party tonight?”

 “Ok. I will try to find the files you need but please remember we must be careful around your people. We cannot let anyone know how close we are. We have to maintain the appearance we are still on opposite sides,” Esther reminded him. 

 “I know that, Esther. I’ve told Valerie we are friends.  Please, just come with me. It’s not like I can ask Hector,” Daniel retorted, playfully, and could hear her laughing on the other end of her phone. “Be my plus one. Please?” 

 “It is a terrible shame about Hector, but is this really how you get your way? You whine?” Daniel could almost see her rolling her eyes. Then she continued, “Fine. I’ll be your plus one but if we get strange looks from the CIA, it’ll be your fault!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t classify that as a whine. It’s more a passionately phrased question. At any rate, it worked,” Daniel mused, and sighed loudly, wishing Hector were there with him. Emotion tugged at his heart. He missed Hector He missed that man, something terrible, as if anyone didn’t know that.

 “You don’t get over loving somebody quickly, Daniel. I know you miss Hector. Know that I am your friend, and I’m here for you. I will see you later, my friend. You can pick me up at 4:30, since the party house is across town,” Esther replied, as she stared out her window for a moment. It was nice and sunny, the perfect day for the Americans to have their Embassy fireworks.

 “Good. I’ll be there, in the light blue BMW, it was assigned to me for all the wonderful service I’ve given to Berlin Station,” Daniel announced, as he laughed softly.

 “Wonderful. It’s about time you got some recognition from them, Daniel Miller. Too bad you didn’t defect to the German side, then you’d have a Beemer and an Audi.” 

  “Well, fuck, you didn’t tell me that when you were trying to turn me two years ago. That would have been a deal breaker,” Daniel teased.

  “Oh, now you tell me. Silly man. Get off the phone now, Mr. Miller, we both must get ready for work. Bye, see you tonight,” Esther teased her friend and laughed softly. 

   “Auf Wiedersehen, Fraulein Krug. See you tonight,” Daniel answered, as they both rang off their cellphones. He signed again, and slid out of bed, making his way to his shower. Now, he was thinking about Hector again, and needed some relief, but he couldn’t do that now, he didn’t have time. He really had to get to work, or he would be terribly late.

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Daniel arrived at Berlin Station, CIA headquarters, and went through all the security checks that would lead him into the station and to his office. He placed his cell phone and keys in the locker outside the entrance and was handed his CIA ID by the young Army officer at the table. He smiled at the young man, and received a smile in return, then used his badge to open the door. 

 Upon entering the office, he moved past the cubicles and the televisions playing worldwide news and then walked past Robert Kirsch’s office. “Morning, Robert.” he said in passing.

“Fuck you, you fucking fuck!” Robert teased him, as he smiled then went back to his phone call. 

Robert was a 5 foot 9 inches tall Jewish man, with sandy brown hair and brown eyes. He was sassy and tough as nails too. Daniel had a good working relationship with the man, and they shared mutual friends.

Daniel laughed, as he smiled at April, and pointed to her, as she too was on the phone with one of her assets, no doubt. April was five foot four inches tall, beautiful with smooth brown skin. At twenty-five years old, she had a lot to learn, but Daniel vowed he would stay close to her and teach her all he knew. He liked her, kept her under his wing, and appreciated that her sassiness was matched only by her kind, caring heart. She would do well, and since she had become his handler when Valerie was promoted to Station Chief, he placed his trust in her more than ever.

Daniel smiled and moved down the corridor to Valerie’s office and greeted her with a warm smile. “Morning, Boss. Happy Fourth!” 

“Morning, Daniel, Happy Fourth. There’s a case file on your desk I want you to look over, it’s about Estonia, and a possible Russian Invasion.” Valerie cautioned, as she smiled at Daniel, then closed her door.

Valerie was a tall, elegant woman, exceeding six feet in heels, super thin, with black hair and lovely brown eyes. She was sassier than Robert. She had been his and Hector’s handler when he’d first come to Berlin Station.  He respected her. They were friends. Other than Esther, she was the only one who knew the extent of his and Hector’s relationship. She had assisted when Hector faked his death, and she knew this very thing was weighing heavily on Daniel’s mind. It was the Fourth. Missing someone you love on a holiday was only natural. 

“Sure, boss. I’ll get right on that.” Daniel sighed, and made his way into the kitchen first. He poured himself a cup of government coffee, which he noted had improved since since April had arrived. Then he made his way to his office, where he found the top-secret file. He opened the file and began reading intently. He was surprised to read that their intel showed a strong Spetsnaz presence just outside of Estonia. That could only mean one thing: the Spetsnaz were planning on taking Estonia back, and would start a war to accomplish it if they had to. There was only one reason Valerie had placed the file on his desk. His next mission was to discover and identify the Spetsnaz presence. He was just waiting for Valerie to assign it to him.

The rest of the workday was spent doing research into the Spetsnaz. He watched a few training propaganda videos on the special CIA news channels online. The videos revealed the Spetsnaz were brutal, often beating up the citizens of Estonia, shooting them, and convincing them that turning to Russia was the best idea possible for all those involved. 

Daniel’s eyes were hurting from having read so much on the Spetsnaz, Estonia, and the possible threat of impending war. He rose from his desk and took his lunch break outside in the sunshine. The square was a nice place to walk and the sights invoked childhood memories. A lot had changed since he was a boy, but it had to, didn’t it? History had had a profound and lasting impact on the city and had affected all of Germany, part of Europe, and extended its reach of wartime aftermaths to Great Britain and America. Daniel walked around the square, clearing his head of Russians and Estonia, memories that chased him relentlessly, and the nagging questions surrounding Diver. Still, his mother’s death and Diver’s possible involvement remained a constant in the backdrop of his mind. 

When he returned to the station and checked in, he realized he had left his cell phone behind. Not that he needed it; he just wanted to walk and clear his head. He met Robert at the door and smiled when the man patted him on his back. 

“Enjoy your walk, Daniel?” Robert asked, as he buzzed them both into the office proper.

“Yeah. I needed to clear my head of all this fucking Russian shit. I have a feeling that will be my next mission,” Daniel intoned, as he held the door for the smaller man to enter. 

“Well, I think Valerie is going to send us both there to start. Then, yes, you may be staying there to continue the mission,” Robert told him, as he placed his hand on Daniel’s arm, he squeezed it and steered them toward the skiff, where Valerie and April were waiting for them. 

“Come in, boys. We have some information about a field agent already in Tallinn,” Valerie called to them, as they entered, and Daniel closed and locked the door behind them. They both sat down next to each other at the table.  

“All right, Daniel, as you may have guessed, this is your next mission, and it is quite a harrowing one. There is already a man there, Rafael Torres, who you will both be meeting tomorrow. Daniel, listen to me, I don’t want you to get into too much trouble. So, when you meet up with Torres, make sure you listen to all he has to say. My contact told me that he’s seen some evidence. Just - listen to him. I want you to be safe,” Valerie intoned seriously.

“You can trust me, Valerie. I will always listen to intel. It helps to get things done properly, but, if I can do my own investigating, then I will do so. You all know me. You know how I work. It’s much better for me to go in deep,” Daniel answered, and watched everyone’s faces, knowing they all cared for him, but he had been through so much since he came to Berlin Station, this would be all right.

“I know that, Daniel. I trust you but remember Torres is there for a reason. Use him if you must. April will continue to be your handler, so make sure you stay in touch with her,” Valerie cautioned one final time, then looked at her watch. “Well, everyone, since it’s the holiday, we’re shutting down to attend the holiday party from the Embassy. I will see all of you later. Let’s call it a day.” 

With that they all stood up from the table and exited the room. They all made their way home to don their party clothes for the July 4th festivities. Daniel went back to his apartment and dressed himself in a light blue shirt, gray trousers, and black and white Adidas sneakers. Once he was ready, he went downstairs and unlocked his blue BMW, then drove to Esther’s place in the heart of the city. As he rode the elevator to her floor, he smiled to himself, happy that she was joining him. He rang the buzzer for her apartment, and she buzzed him in.

Esther answered the door and was dressed in a lovely black and red print dress, and heels. Daniel entered her apartment and hugged and kissed her lightly. “You look nice, Esther, incredibly beautiful. Thank you for coming with me, my friend.” 

“Charmer,” she teased, but then reached up and caressed his cheek with her fingers. "You look as handsome as ever. I’m sorry Hector’s not here. Do you come back here with me tonight? We can watch movies, relax, and you can get your mind off things.” 

“I would love to do that, but I can’t stay the night. I have to leave before dawn. I have a mission.” Daniel told her, and as he continued to hold her, he suddenly knew they would make love. They would make love, and then he would have to leave. The thought brought Hector to mind and the moment turned bittersweet. They would make love and then he would leave. It was the story of his life.

“Yes, of course. I understand. So, come on, let’s go. We don’t want to be too late for the party. We don’t want to keep your friends waiting,” Esther intoned, as she reached for her purse and her sunglasses.

Daniel kissed her lightly again, and then opened the door for her. In the corridor, he locked the door behind them, and they walked together to the elevator. Downstairs, he opened the car door for her, and then slid into the driver’s seat. She switched on the radio and found a dance music station. Rhythmic bass and understated techno sounds rose over the silence between them in the twenty minutes it took to arrive at the house. 

They made their way up the elevator, to the roof of the house, and Daniel entered the rooftop first, with Esther a few steps behind him.

Daniel could see Robert and April talking, and smirking at him. He shook his head at them. “Oh, come on, give me a break. We’re just friends. She’s my plus one. Give me a beer, Robert.” 

“Sure thing, Daniel. I’m just teasing you. I wish Hector were here too. We all do but know it’s not possible. I’m sorry. I’ll just shut up now. I know you miss him. Happy Fourth, Daniel,” Robert smirked at his friend, then opened the beer and handed it to him. 

“Yes, Robert, put a zipper on it,” April said, as she rolled her eyes at Robert, laughed despite herself, then hugged Daniel lightly. “Happy Fourth of July, my gay friend,” she whispered, and laughed. They both stood close and whispered to one another. No one could hear them over the loud music.

“What? How – how did you know?” Daniel asked April incredulously.

“Oh, please, it’s so obvious. No, but seriously, I’m young and observant, I figured it out on my own. Don’t worry, though, your secret is safe with me.”

“Thank you, April. Yes, of course you figured it out, you’re a clever young lady.”

“You’re welcome, Daniel. I think it’s sweet anyway.” April giggled and that caught the attention of Robert.

“What are you two whispering about?” Robert asked.

“Nothing, Robert. Give me another beer and April a white wine.”

“Sure thing, Daniel. It’s a nice night for this party. Happy fourth of July, my friends.”

“Thank you, Robert. Happy Fourth of July. This place is really nice. I like it,” Daniel remarked, as he moved to April’s side and they all clinked their drinks. Just then Valerie joined them, and they smiled at her. 

“It’s a rented house I use, sometimes when I want to get away from CIA bullshit,” Valerie added, as she joined them, and smirked at Daniel, seeing Esther across the room.

“Oh, come on, not you too, Val. We’re just friends, nothing more.” Daniel said, as he followed Val to the edge of the room. 

“Listen, Daniel, I know you and Esther are just friends. She’s your support in all that went down with Hector. She probably just feels guilty for her part in that all,” Valerie remarked, as she squeezed Daniel’s muscular bicep and smiled warmly at him. “I know that you miss and love Hector. I miss him too. I’m trying, but I haven’t been able to find out where he is. I’ve heard nothing. I’m sorry.” 

“Thank you, Val, I appreciate that, I’ve tried looking too. His trail just went cold after Cape Town. I don’t know where he could be, I wish I could find him. I still love him and miss him, but what can I do? We parted as friends, but I’m worried about him. He told me to forget about him, but said he still loved me, and that we would always just be friends,” Daniel remarked, hiding the pain in his eyes as he sipped his beer.

“At least you know that you’re still friends. It’s a good thing he told you,” Val comforted him, as she squeezed his arm again. “Please, make sure you speak with Henrik Viidding, and tell him to keep things calm. Try to avoid a war.” Val cautioned, as Robert joined the two of them. 

“I will, Val. Robert and I will make sure he keeps things in line,” Daniel added, as Robert handed him another beer, and he smiled at the other man.

“Yeah. Henrik should comply, since we saved his ass when the Berlin Wall fell,” Robert remarked, as he grinned at them. 

“Be careful, Robert. Don’t poke the bear, but remember, big wars start in small places,” Valerie told them both, as she sipped her wine, and then turned when she heard a familiar voice. She smiled and slyly winked at Daniel when he turned away, pretending not to be with Esther. 

“Hello, Valerie,” Esther said as she joined her with her glass of red wine. The music was loud now, so they could have their private conversation.

“Hello, Esther. I’m glad you could come as Daniel’s plus one. Thank you for being his good friend, being there for him when he lost Hector,” Val replied as the two women stood together. They seemed very close for being spies on opposite sides. There was something going on with them. Something that would culminate in the future. No one knew this, but they would find out just how close they were.

“Thank you for the invite. Ah, well, Daniel asked me to come. I’m glad to be his friend. He needs that support after all that went down with Hector’s departure from Berlin. By the way, this suits you, you know, you look fantastic,” Esther complimented her.

“Yes, I’m sure Daniel asked you, even though I already invited you,” Valerie said mysteriously. “Oh, what, this old thing? I’ve had it for ages,” she added jokingly.

“No, Val, the COS of Berlin Station. You’re doing a better job than any of the boys could ever have done,” Esther laughed.

“Thank you, Esther, you as well. I think we women have to stick together to keep these boys in line,” Valerie teased as she clinked her glass of wine with Esther’s, and they shared a look no one else saw.

Daniel, April, and Robert all said cheers, and Val added the “Proust,” which Esther thanked her for. There was food, but Daniel wasn’t hungry, as he moved to stand beside Esther, while the others went to eat. “So, did you find anything?”

“Yes, Daniel, Diver was real. I searched through the database at the Bfv. I will try to get the file, but it’s going to take a bit,” Esther told him, as she leaned in close, and stole a quick kiss.

“Thank you, Esther. I will make sure I ask Henrik Viiding tomorrow. I think we should just skip tonight. I just want to go back to my place and relax, because I’ve got to get up early, anyway. Is that okay?” Daniel whispered, as he smiled at her.

“Yes, of course, Daniel, I understand, you have a big mission tomorrow. If you want to call me later to chat, I will pick up the phone,” Esther answered. Then Robert was calling them over for fireworks and they realized how quickly the night and their time together had gone. 

“Oh, great, here we are with the Embassy fireworks. Happy Fourth everyone!” Daniel called out, and allowed himself to be happy in the moment, for he wasn’t sure where tomorrow would take him. Once the fireworks were over, Daniel and Esther stayed a while longer, drinking with Robert and April, having fun, and dancing to some of the house music Valerie played. Everyone was bit drunk but it was a good night.

Daniel and Esther said their goodbyes and he drove Esther home. She kissed him goodbye, and watched him drive away in his blue BMW. Once she had firmly locked the door to her apartment, she stepped into the lounge, sank down onto the sofa, and broke into tears. She missed him already and she knew the mission was extremely dangerous. Then, she opened the messaging app on her phone and sent  him a text in German. She knew he spoke it fluently. 


(Text - DM) Daniel, good luck be safe. Miss you, my friend. Esther. X


Daniel laughed when he read the text as soon as he entered his apartment, he also replied in German. 


[Text-EK] Thank you, Esther, my dear friend. Miss you too. I will do my best. Daniel X.


He got ready for bed, brushed his teeth, and washed his bearded face. He fell into his bed and all night he dreamt of Hector. Yet, the man wasn’t Hector. He looked different, scarier. A young, dark-haired man with piercing green eyes—searchlight eyes—and plump pouty lips that could save or poison with a kiss. Who the hell was this man? Daniel didn’t know, but the man haunted his dreams until his alarm woke him in time to get ready to leave with Robert to Tallinn.

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 Daniel and Robert arrived at Tallinn Station around ten in the morning, the sun was shining on another hot July day. Daniel looked out the window of the car, while Robert drove to the headquarters first, to meet up with the post guard. 

He and Robert entered the building, and found a handsome young marine, in his whites for the holiday. The young man greeted them and logged their passports before he handed them back. “Do you both know where you’re going now?” 

“Upstairs. We were told Rafael Torres would be waiting for us,” Daniel answered the Marine and watched as the young man signed. 

“Hmm, right, well, no one’s up there. The Station is empty now. Not only because of the holiday, but because there’s just no one here anymore, it’s just the bare minimum.” 

“Great. Well, so, where is he now?” Robert asked, as he swore under his breath, and stared wide eyed at the young Marine.

In turn, the young Marine bent down to a safe underneath the desk, and pulled out a sheet of paper, handing it to Daniel. ‘What’s this for, Marine? Why is the agent offsite?” 

“I’m sorry, Sir, but that’s on a need-to-know basis, as Torres said, and I don’t really need, nor do I want to know anything about it,” the Marine answered Daniel truthfully. “It’s not that far from here, the safe house is just down by the water.” 

“Do you know this guy? What’s he like?” Daniel grilled the young Marine, and leaned over the counter to sternly glare at the young soldier.

‘Yeah, I know him a little. Hard to say, though, he’s just strange sometimes,” the Marine answered.

“And? Stop being cagey, Marine, speak your mind. I know you want to. Why did you say he’s strange?” Daniel pushed the young man, and could see he was uncomfortable. 

“Look, he’s okay, a bit of a nutter sometimes, an unorthodox agent, but that’s all I really know. I can’t tell you anymore, per Agent Torres’ orders, I don’t need or want to know,” was all the Marine said, as he signed and looked away from them.

“Beautiful. This is going to be so much fun. Come on, Daniel. Let’s go see this wonderful Torres,” Robert retorted, as he thanked the Marine and walked out the door. Robert drove them to the abandoned safe house, using the navigation system in the car, and the Marine was right, it was down by the waterfront. Which really was quite nice, for a dirty Russian waterfront. The building was three or four stories, made of brick and metal, green and white, with lots of windows. In other words, a real dump of a place, as far as safe houses went. They were both wondering why the man asked them to meet him there, but they would soon find out. Once they were by the building, Daniel looked around, shaking his head at Robert. “Why do you think he wants us to meet him here? This is not in the ordinary.” 

“I don’t know, Daniel, this guy seems to be a little off the wall, just stay on your guard around him. I don’t trust what he’s up to, the fucking asshole,” Robert answered, as they climbed up the stairs and he pushed open the metal door, 

When they entered the building, Daniel breathed in the hot stale air, and regretted it immediately as he had to fight nausea from the terrible stench. Rafa appeared at the top of the stairs. “Hey, up here, man!” Robert and Daniel took the stairs, and when they entered the dusty small box of a room, with broken furniture, and windows. But they were shocked at what they saw in that room.

“Jesus fucking Christ, what the fuck is this man?” Robert called out, as he saw a man, all beat up and tied to a chair by the window. 

“You gotta be shitting me,” Daniel added, as he turned away from the man, and eyed Robert, not sure what the hell was happening. 

“Damn, guys, you’re both hot, especially you, stretch,” Torres voiced, as he licked his lips and gazed at the tall man. 

“What?” Robert asked, and then made an understanding face. “I think he means you, Daniel.” 

“No. I don’t think so. Well, maybe. Hey, man, you’re pretty hot yourself.” Daniel added, as he smirked at the younger man, and blushed all at once from the attention the man’s eyes were giving him. 

“Yeah. I would let you have me, and me you, man, but we gotta wait until later. But, hey, still, it’s nice to see some friendlies. Come in to my humble abode,” Torres intoned, as he eyed both, but mostly Daniel. He wanted to climb that fucking tall tree and never come down. 

Rafael Torres was a Puerto Rican, strong, tanned, and muscular build, about five foot nine inches tall, but he could pack a mean punch, and had learned how to fight in the field, as an Agent. He was bi-sexual, because in their field, you had to adjust to certain things, and situations. Like Daniel, he was appealing to both men and women. And he acted on every experience, and every chance he could. Like now, he really wanted to fuck Daniel Miller, but he had to calm himself, because he couldn’t do that. 

“Hey man, Rafael Torres,” He said as he held out his hand to Robert, but Robert didn’t shake it. Instead, Daniel reached out and grasped his hand with both of his. 

“Nice to meet you, Rafael Torres. I’m Daniel Miller, this is Robert Kirsch. We’re from Berlin Station,” Daniel intoned, as he held Rafa’s hand for way too long, but his hands were warm and strong. But he eventually let them go and turned back to matters at hand. 

“Mm, yeah, good, you’re very hot, Daniel Miller. Robert, you’re sexy too,” Torres quipped, and then turned to Robert, who had a sour look on his face. 

“Jesus Christ, Torres. What the fuck are you doing here? What’s with the beefy fucker, beaten to a pulp, and tied to the fucking chair? What’s this all about?” Robert grilled Torres, not really liking his unsavory methods of interrogation.

Daniel just smirked because Torres already reminded him of Hector. He was the same way, loose cannon. Did things his own way. Yeah, he really missed Hector.

“Oh, you mean this guy. He’s my greatest pawn in this game with Russia and Estonia. He’s proof that the little green men are here, boots on the ground.” Torres answered, as he moved closer to the man. 

“Where is your COS? Who signed off on this? Why are you alone? Don’t you have any backup?” Daniel asked, as he smirked at Torres, and laughed when the man raised his eyebrows at him. 

“Oh, sorry, man, that would be me, I signed off on this. There’s no one left, they’re all gone. I have carte blanche because my fucking COS is living the dream in Tampa. He hightailed it out of Russia the moment we found boots on the ground.” Rafa continued, as he moved a chess piece on the board on the table, and reached for a deck of cards, shuffling them between both hands. 

“Oh, no, man, you’ve gone way off the charts with this one. We can’t do this. What the fuck is going on, Torres?” Robert cautioned, as he moved to stand next to Daniel. 

Rafa smiled at them, then leaned over to speak to the man in Russian. “Don’t be shy, you’re among friends.” he swung the man’s chair around, and reached for the man’s bound hands, showing them to Daniel. “Fingertips.” 

Daniel approached Rafa, and looked down at the man’s fingers, shaking his head, as he gripped one of his fingers. He was close to the other man, who smiled and licked his lips. “He has no fingerprints. Someone burned them off,” he revealed and moved away from the other man. Yes, he was good looking, but now really wasn’t the time for flirting. Daniel and Robert shared a look, as Daniel stared down at the beaten man with disgust. 

“Where was this done? Hmm? Special Purpose Center at Kubinka?” Torres continued to grill the man, as he yanked on his arms.

Daniel stood close by, while Robert remained by the door. He was really fucking scared, and wanted to get out of there, but he knew Daniel would stay, so he just stayed silent and glared at the whole situation. 

“I don’t understand. I am not Russian. Do not speak it. This man is wrong, he is crazy. Please, help me, he has beaten me wrongly.” the man answered, speaking in Estonian, which made Daniel a little weary, because Torres had spoken in full Russian to the man, and he seemed to comprehend it all.

Robert shared a look with Daniel, which meant he was done with this asshole, and his shit. “Yeah, I’d have to agree with that statement. What the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you doing this? Who do you think this guy is?” 

“Naw, man, the Russians are already making their move. Little Green Men in Estonia. This man is proof of it, he’s a Spetsnaz boy. I have been tracking a ghost in my time here. Saw that ghost, in the street, two weeks ago. A trained assassin, Spetsnaz named Sergei Bassarov. This is proof of Russian boots on the ground in Estonia. I set up surveillance, but the thing is about this guy, he’s totally disappeared. Poof. Like a puff of smoke, and I haven’t seen him since,” Rafa explained, as he typed in a code on his laptop.

Daniel moved to the table where he had his laptop hooked up. He looked down at the laptop, studying the guy, seeing who he was, so he could do his own investigating.  

“I know this guy from Homs and Aleppo, he’s definitely a sniper. This guy took out some really good people when I was stationed there, friends, from the British Armed Forces,” Rafa continued, as he looked up at Daniel, the other man staring at the screen.

“So, you said, Russian Special Forces? They’re fierce, not a good time to have them around here in Estonia,” Daniel added, as he stared down at the laptop, then looked over at Rafa grinning up at him. 

“Yeah, Daniel, you got it. Spetsnaz, there’s no doubt about it. Crack shot from 100 yards away, man. Like I said, the Russians are already in Estonia, and there’s no way of getting them out. They mean to take over and start a war with anyone who will try to stop them.” He added and could see Daniel was deep in thought over something. If he were as good an agent as he had heard about, he had no doubt the man would be doing intel of his own. He was a real ground officer, undercover and shit. He would need to be available to him in case he contacted him for help. 

“So, tell us, how’d you find this charmer? Please tell me you didn’t do anything fucking illegal, Torres. This looks terrible,” Robert suddenly cut into Rafa and Daniel’s staring fest, making them both lose eye contact for that fleeting moment they had held it. 

“Oh, man, you won’t believe it. I separated this one from the fucking herd of Russians, set up a trap for him,” Rafa started to say, and smiled as he remembered last night. 

“Oh yes, what did you use to bait him? He looks like a fucking truck ran over him.” Daniel intoned, as he stared down at Rafa, a concerned look on his face. He was starting to agree with Robert, this guy was a fucking nutcase. 

“Me. The chance to stomp on a drunk American. The bar that I found him in was full of fucking ethnic Russians. No one would pass that up. So, I went into the bar, late last night, and started kicking up a fuss about our Independence Day. They all pounced on me, beat the shit out of me, but this one, he stayed on his barstool. Didn’t move. That’s how I knew he was trained Spetsnaz.” Rafa laughed, as he remembered how he had caught the fucker, and HE beat the shit out of HIM. 

“So, wait, you bagged this guy here because he didn’t kick your ass? Have you checked him out? Did you find out who he was before you laid into him?” Daniel asked, as he stared back at Rafa again, noticing how the man’s eyes roved over his body. 

“He showed military discipline by staying out of it. He’s the only one who laid back and didn’t pounce on me with their fists and their feet. Also, he was the only one who wasn’t wearing a St. George Ribbon.” Rafa added, as he grinned up at the handsome tall guy. 

“Wait, so, because he wasn’t wearing that pro-Russian Ribbon, you believed that he was Russian?” Daniel asked, in his low baritone voice, and watched as Rafa suddenly stood up and got close to his face. 

“They love to play mind games. Spetsnaz Mind Fuck, I like to call it.” Rafa said, as he winked at Daniel, and moved back to the Russian, who was pretending to be Estonian. “You must be the runt of your unit.” He spoke in Russian again to the guy.

Daniel pulled the laptop toward him, so he could get a better look at Sergei Bassarov, and yes, he was going to do his own investigating. He had no idea how that would get him into so much trouble soon.

“Torres, the ID he has in his wallet says he’s Estonian. His name is Juho Spota. I hope you checked him out, for everyone’s sake.” Robert suddenly spoke up again, as he snooped through the man’s wallet. 

Daniel turned around and glared at Torres because he knew the young man was lying. He didn’t do any such thing, he just went rogue, and asked questions later. 

“And what did you find in your search?” Robert countered again, believing that the young man was lying too.

“Hey, guys, it’s valid. I did check him out.” He quipped, as he began shuffling the deck of cards again, standing by his prisoner. 

“I am metalworker. I am metalworker. I am not Russian. I am from Estonia this man is wrong. I do not want to be here. I want to go home,” Juho Spota called out to Daniel and Robert, as they both stared from the fucked-up prisoner to Torres, who was imitating the man, and shuffling his cards. “I am metalworker. I am metal worker. He’s the one that’s lying. He’s not from Estonia. He’s a Russian Spetsnaz.”

“Okay, listen up, you fucking fuck, we’re out of here now, we’ve seen enough, we’re going to go talk to Henrik Viidding. Make sure you clean this shit up, and when we get back, this guy’s gone, and I don’t mean in that way, Torres.” Robert said, and then walked out the door, having seen fucking enough of this crazy shit.

Daniel stayed behind, as he stared at Torres with one of his best glares. “Come on, Torres, say it. I need to hear you say it before I leave.” 

“Okay, okay, man, I will release him, and send him back to his Spetsnaz family,” Torres answered, as he held his hands up in the air, and grinned at Daniel, at the tall handsome fucker. He shuffled his cards, and watched the man leave, smiling as he stared at his denim clad perfect ass. “But you know I’m not wrong, sexy Daniel Miller. You’ll see what I mean when you investigate yourself!” He called out to the hot guy, Daniel Miller, as he heard his footsteps moving down the stairs with the other hot guy Robert Kirsch. Damn Berlin Station must be filled with all the fucking hot guys, and hot fucking women too. It is fucking Germany, man, everyone in Germany is fucking gorgeous, not like here, in fucking Estonia. No. All he ever got were fucking fat old men, and weird women. He liked the women too, but only hot guys and hot women. 

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Daniel and Robert were sitting with Henrik in the cafe in the square of Estonia. Daniel was sipping at his cappuccino, licking the foam off the small spoon Maret had provided for him. She hadn’t paid any attention to either himself or Robert, but he didn’t care. They were there to speak to Henrik, but he noticed how she seemed to flock to the older man, serving him over and over. 

 Henrik Viidding was the Prime Minister of Estonia. He was a sick old man with a weak heart and failing health. How long had he been left to rot in that Stasi prison before the Wall had fallen? How long before the CIA had broken him out and carried him across the line littered with rubble? For years, the CIA had kept tabs on him, and he had been their eyes and ears for the goings on in Estonia. But things had changed in recent months. Russia was a threat, a takeover imminent, and civil unrest kept the streets alight in the darkness.

“With all due respect, you need to listen to us, Henrik. You have to leave the fucking monuments alone. You can’t allow anyone to deface them. This is causing such a stir around the world, and if you continue to do this, we will not be able to protect you for as long as we have,” Robert voiced, as he listened to the conversation the old man was having with this young waitress, who seemed to hover around Henrik the entire time they were there. Viiding and the waitress were speaking in Russian the entire time, but Daniel and Robert understood every word. They weren’t sure if Viidding knew that.

“Oh, you spoil me, my dear Maret,” Viidding said, as he smiled up at the waitress, ignoring Robert and Daniel as if they weren’t there at all. She had placed a bowl of compote in front of him, and he was pleased.

“For my favorite customer? Anything,” Maret answered, as she smiled at the old man, trying not to look at the two other obviously American men. 

“Just a cup of tea,” Henrik answered, and immediately dug into the dessert. “Mm, Robert, you have to try this now.” He took a bit of the sweet dessert on the spoon and shoved it into Robert’s mouth. 

“Mm, that’s quite delicious. Are you even listening to anything Daniel and I are saying to you?” Robert asked, as he started pointedly at him. 

“At the Centennial tomorrow, we will need your people to stand down. We can’t afford to have any more riots in the streets, Henrik,” Daniel put in, as he stared at the old man, and received a glare in return.

“Do you know what you’re asking? I cannot stop my people from celebrating. There will be music, and dancing in the streets, in celebration. I will not do that, Daniel. That monument canonizes our oppressors, our murderers. Almost 30 years ago, we chased the bastard Russians out, but in their minds they never left. We know we are separate from them, but they are just too stupid and stubborn to accept that.” 

“For ‘89 Henrik. For all we have done for you. We saved you from those Russians, that night when the Berlin Wall fell. You owe us, and we need you to step down from this,” Robert chimed in, again, but he could see it wasn’t working. The old man was as stubborn as a fucking mule.

“I understand that emotions are raw, Henrik, but try to see reason in this. We need you to leave those monuments untouched. It’s too much now it’s what is causing the riots. The Kremlin will be watching, and monitoring everything that goes on here tomorrow,” Daniel softened the blow a little, trying to be soft with the old man, but it was a losing battle. 

“Oh, fuck the Kremlin. I am tired of their fucking nonsense. We are Estonians, we are proud, and we will keep our independence. Russia will not come in here again. I will see to it they do not.” Henrik voiced, and just then Maret appeared again.

Robert was getting sick and tired of seeing this pain in the ass, it was as if she were spying on them. She always appeared at the times they were talking about these controversial topics. She was getting on his nerves. “Fine. Fuck the Kremlin. But don’t think for a second they will eat shit while you humiliate them. There will be more riots, and invasions, and we won’t be able to help you.” 

“Bullshit, Robert. Let me tell you what I remember. We will do our best to protect every NATO Ally. Those were President Obama’s words. He spoke them to me at this same table we sit at now. He promised me that the US would come to our defense, and now you tell me differently.” Henrik voiced, as he stared at Robert, that old glare back on his face.

‘Yeah, sorry, Henrik, but that was a lifetime ago. The world has changed, and so has America. Different President in the White House. Different views, and all the same shit,” Daniel intoned, and stopped talking when Henrik started choking. He looked at Robert with an annoyed expression. Knowing they were wasting their fucking time here. 

“You all right, there, Henrik?” Robert chimed in, as he watched the old man continue choking. 

“No. I am not well. My wife keeps asking me to take holiday. I told her not now, with the Centennial. My wife is stubborn as I am, but she made me promise after that, we go away for a while.” 

“So, Henrik, do we have your word about tomorrow? Please don’t incite anymore riots,” Daniel pressed, and knew they were probably upsetting the old man, but they needed assurances there would be no fucking rioting.

“Henrik, lead your people, they need you, but please don’t have them riot. We cannot have that anymore, it’s too much,” Robert finished, and noticed a blond woman staring at them, well, probably at Henrik.

“Ah, my lovely Sofia Vesik. Come here, sweetheart, meet my friends.” Henrik said, as he kissed the young woman and she turned to face them.

Daniel stared at her, and then at Robert, wondering if he should do the introductions, but nothing happened. 

“Nice to meet you, do your friends have names?” She asked, as she eyed them suspiciously.

“I’m Daniel, and this is Robert.” He said, as he put his sunglasses on. 

“Oh, I see, do you have last names?” Sofia retorted, and then looked back when her friends called to her. She smiled at the handsome young man, Daniel. He had lovely blue eyes.

“CEO Of Tervic Systems, which is number one all over Estonia and getting closer in the other Baltic States. Uh, employee Number 3 at Skype, 10 Million Followers at Twitter and Instagram, and the Facebook website. She is a wonderful woman,” Henrik continued to praise the blond Estonian woman.

“Oh, no, don’t listen to him, he’s exaggerating, worse than my parents.” Sofia blushed, and smiled down at Henrik. 

“Mm, she’s a force of nature. Sofia, darling, tell them about your Sama Kaart program.” Henrik pleaded, as he grasped her hands to keep her there, but she pulled away. 

“Maybe some other time, Henrik. It’s nice to meet you, Daniel, and Robert. Any friends of Henrik....” Sofia said graciously, then joined her friends at the table. She looked back at Henrik, worried about who those men were and why they seemed to be pestering poor Henrik.

“I’ll do what I can to put the pin back in the grenade. I am the old guard; Sofia is going to be the next Prime Minister of Estonia. She doesn’t even realize it, bless her, she has a kind heart.” Henrik finished, as he sipped his tea, and felt even worse than before. 

Daniel glanced back at Sofia, and she looked at him, a worried expression on her face, he just turned away, and back to Henrik. He was startled when the old man stood up and motioned for them to follow him. So, Daniel and Robert stood up with him, as they left the cafe and made their way through the square.

They had no idea they were being watched by a strong Spetsnaz soldier, a decorated young Russian Lieutenant, who was dogging their movements. He was just waiting to pounce on the two men who were there in Estonia asking unwanted questions and making demands they should not have been. He reported back to his People and they told him to follow them.

“It must be so hard for the CIA this season, battling with your allies now, seeing who will trust you enough to still work with you. I am not sure about anything anymore,” Henrik spoke with concern.

“Well, you can still trust us, Henrik. I hope you know that we are on your side, always.” Robert intoned, as they walked further through the square. He had a bad feeling about something but couldn’t name what it was. 

“Tell us about your Sofia Vesik. Can she be brought into our tent as a strong ally? Can she be trusted?” Daniel inquired, as they passed people staring at Henrik. 

“You mean America’s, Daniel?” Henrik countered, but it was lighthearted, as he smiled at the tall, handsome American.
    “No, Henrik, we mean ours. Berlin Station.” Robert answered, as he looked around at all the people milling about.
    “Well, she cannot be bought. She is not about that. She’s strong and charming, and intelligent. Your CIA will only have her loyalty, only if she is persuaded, then it will be best for Estonia.” 

“Isn’t that how Diver brought you into the fold, all those years ago? You knew him, personally, right?” Daniel cut in, as he stared at the old man, and watched his reaction. 

“Oh, Daniel, my name is in the history books, but Diver is the one who should be remembered. He was brave and honorable, and I owe him my life. I cannot speak of him now, it is too dangerous, but just know that he was good to me, a good Russian spy,” Henrik said to Daniel, as he looked at the handsome young man. What was he doing asking such questions, it wasn’t proper for him to do so. They were stopped by a citizen who wanted Henrik to take a picture with his family, which he did, and Robert snapped the photo.

“We were talking about Diver, Henrik. What else can you tell me about him?” Daniel pressed the old man, as he stepped up close to him, wanting to see if he would talk, but he was being stubborn. All he did say was that Diver was good to him and was a good Russian Spy. Well, that was something he could go with. He held onto the man’s shoulder and noticed he didn’t look so well.

“Henrik, do you want to sit down again? You don’t look so well,” Robert added, as he tried to get the old man to sit down again. 

Henrik wasn’t listening to them, as he stared up toward the sky, “Do - do you see that? Halos? Look. Look, Daniel, Robert, up there. They are so beautiful…” Then he collapsed, but Daniel caught him first, and Robert followed suit, as Henrik fell to the ground. 

Daniel held him in his lap, and kept his hand over the old man’s, when he stared up at him. 

“Fuck, Daniel, I’m going to get help. I’ll call an ambulance.” 

People started to crowd around them, but Daniel pushed them away. “Please, give us some room here. Let him breathe. Henrik stay with me. Please, we still need to talk more about Diver. I think he is someone - the one who maybe killed my mother. I need you to tell what else you know,” he pleaded with the old man, as he held him in his lap, and could see him fading.

“No, Daniel, it is not right to speak of this, he is my hero. He would not do such things. You need to stop this, it is nonsense. Please, no more questions, he was my good friend,” Henrik breathed out his words, and little did he or anyone know, they would be his last. 

Little did Daniel know that the man from his dream, the dark-haired beauty was watching him. The young Russian Spetsnaz Lieutenant could read lips and he didn’t like what he was seeing of this American man, pushing Henrik like this. He was being nosy, but he would catch up with him, and make him pay. 

In the next moment though, the ambulance finally arrived, and the EMT’s came to the square, and loaded Henrik onto the gurney. They all got inside the ambulance, with the sirens blaring, with Daniel and Robert riding in the back to the hospital. 


The dark-haired man, the Spetsnaz soldier watched them getting into the ambulance, but his phone rang, and he couldn’t follow them at that moment. It was Roman, and they spoke in Russian.

“What the fuck is going on in Estonia, Rodion. Krik is growing uneasy,” Roman demanded.

“Calm down, Roman, I have it under control. There were two Americans, CIA spooks, speaking with Henrik, the old man collapsed, and they went to hospital in ambulance,” Rodion reported.

“Blyat’! What are you doing talking to me, get your fucking ass over there now. Go and stop them. Stop the fucking CIA from interfering with things. We need to get this mission done. I need Krik off my back. Do whatever you have to do, Rodion. I mean it, the next time I hear from you, I want to know you fucking took care of this problem,” Roman ordered, and before the young Spetsnaz Lieutenant could answer, he hung up the phone in his ear. 

“Chertov durak! What the fuck do you think I am doing, fucking Roman!” Rodion cursed in Russian, then slipped his phone inside his black denim pocket, and like the ghost he was, he made his way to the hospital; but it was chaos, he couldn’t get in there yet, so he lingered until the shit calmed down. 


The hospital was all fucking chaos, and they were whisked away into the emergency services entrance. “We were with him when he collapsed. We are personal friends of his,” Daniel reported.

“Okay, that’s fine, I understand. How long ago was this? What were you doing with him?” the Estonian doctor asked, as he stared at the tall American.

“About ten minutes ago. He wasn’t looking too good before that. We are old friends, supporters, just having lunch, that’s all it was. We have known Henrik for a long time. We are old friends of his,” Daniel supplied, and just as they pushed the gurney through the doors, the doctor nodded, but the nurse stopped them, glaring at them for trying to get through. 

“I’m sorry, you need to wait over there. You are not family, obviously. So, please step away from the doors.” The Estonian nurse pushed them back, and they just let her do so, as they moved back to the bench by the front entrance. 

“Oh, un-fucking-believable. This waiting fucking sucks,” Robert whispered, as he pulled Daniel down onto the bench, and reached for his mobile. He was on the phone with Valerie in seconds.

Daniel sat with his legs spread wide, feeling tired, and hot, and wishing they weren’t in the middle of this fucking shit show. He had a bad feeling coming over him and knew something was seriously fucking wrong with all of this.

“Robert, was he still breathing when you arrived?” Valerie asked, a look of sheer terror on her face. Why did he have to do this in their presence. 

“No, Valerie, it doesn’t fucking look good from here. We think he’s fucking dying now. The hospital staff wasn’t nice to us. The nurse practically pushed us away and fucking sneered at us. She said we obviously weren’t family,” Robert retorted, as he rolled his eyes and smiled at Daniel. He patted his thigh and sat back with him, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible, but not really making it.

“Okay, Robert, calm down. What’s the next fucking domino to drop? Maybe I shouldn’t have sent you and Daniel there now. I don’t have a good fucking feeling about this shit! You know if he dies, we’re in deep fucking trouble, the fucking Russians will move in,” Valerie went on, her temper rising.

“Oh, come on, fucking Valerie. Don’t pull that shit on me now. It’s all unclear. Stop being a fucking weeping willow. We are here now, so fucking deal with it. We will have a country in mourning by tomorrow, and they could snuff out the fire, and have an even bigger fire. Stop your fucking nonsense. Daniel and I are fine, we told the doctor we were supporters and old friends. Well, Daniel did, he’s good at this field work shit, I suck at it,” Robert complimented, as he winked at Daniel when he blushed and smiled. 

“And what does Torres think about all this? What was he like? You never reported that to me,” Valerie challenged.

“He was a fucking nut job. He had a Spetsnaz all beaten up and tied to a fucking chair, Valerie. I don’t really care what he thinks. But, still, he said he’s seeing little Green men all over Estonia,” Robert retorted, as he spoke quietly into his phone. He could see his friend was bored, but what could they do, they had to fucking wait for the fucking doctor to come out. “Daniel and I haven’t seen a fucking thing. Torres was right about one thing, there’s probably fucking Russian operatives blending into the population now, it’s a fucking cluster fuck. I think I’m going to let Daniel take over now and do what he does best. He’s the field agent here, I’m just a fucking desk man.” 

“Well, it worked in the Ukraine all those years ago, didn’t it? We stopped that invasion. We need to stop this, Robert, but now I don’t know how? All hell will break loose after this. Maybe you’re right, Daniel should do his thing, he is my best field agent now that Hector is gone. We also have Torres there, but from what you’re telling me, he’s off his head. His records indicate he’s good at his fucking job, but I don’t know him,” Valerie agreed, but was still skeptical about it all.  

“You have no fucking idea, Valerie. I don’t think we can trust this Torres. He’s fucking off the charts. He kind of reminds me of Hector. Sorry, Daniel, I know that’s probably hard copy for you,” Robert said, not realizing how hearing the name affected Daniel.

“Yeah, it is and he does, Robert, but Torres could never be Hector,” Daniel quipped, and allowed his expression to close before Robert could notice how deeply he was affected. He leaned his head back against the wall, which was cool to the touch and allowed it to take away the heat flash he was feeling in the hot, stuffy hospital. 

“Well, I spoke to his CO in Homs, he told me his IQ is off the charts, even if he does use some unconventional methods. I think he will get the job done. We can have Torres and Daniel working two different angles and different aspects. Daniel can go deep, and Torres can hit the streets,” Valerie explained to Robert, she was talking loud enough for Daniel to hear too.

Daniel was so fucking bored. They were talking about Torres now. Was this fucking guy going to replace him now? Fuck that. He was going to do his job, and to hell with everything else. 

“And Henrik, I’ve seen a heart attack. This wasn’t it. This was something fucking else, but we don’t know what,” Robert countered, he could see poor Daniel was bored. 

“What, do you think he was poisoned, Robert? You need to have Daniel get a sample of his hair. He will know what to do. I think, maybe the two of you should get back here, asap, so we can regroup,” Valerie said, knowing Daniel wouldn’t listen, but as COS, she had to say it.

“Hang on a second, the doctor’s coming out,” Robert said, as he left Daniel by the bench and walked up to where the group was. 

Daniel watched as the doctor made the announcement that Henrik had died. He was so fucking pissed off. The man couldn’t get him more information about Diver, and now Estonia was going to move into more fucking chaos. 

“Oh, fuck, Valerie. He’s fucking dead. They just made the announcement. What the fuck do we do now?” Robert told her over the phone, a scared look on his face. 

Daniel still sat on the bench and didn’t notice the dark-haired young man walking past him, to where the doctor was making his announcement. He was so fucking pissed off how they had wasted their time in Estonia, and they still didn’t have any answers. 

Oh, but the young man noticed him. He had been watching him since he arrived in Estonia, since he had arrived at the hospital. He was a good Spetsnaz. He would be a ghost. Word from his own spies was that this man was CIA, and he was nosing in business he should not have. Oh, he would fix him. That was for sure. The young man was Spetsnaz Lieutenant, Rodion Volkov, and he was going to make this CIA man pay. Roman had told him to do whatever he needed to do, and that’s what he would do.

Robert walked past the young man and moved toward Daniel. Valerie had given the green light for Daniel to do his intel, and he was ready. 

Meanwhile, Rodion asked the nurse where the two men who brought in Viidding were, and she told them they were by the front door, on the bench. But, by the time he walked there, they were gone. He looked around, and swore, then made his way back outside, that man had to come out soon, so he would just wait to pounce on him. 

“Daniel, that was way more than a fucking heart attack. We need to get to the body and get a sample.” Robert told his friend and colleague.

“Yeah. I’m on it, Robert, not to worry. You get out of here. Meet me at the train station. Once we have our sample, we’ll get the fuck out of here.” Daniel voiced, as they moved outside, but not before he turned to see a young man with dark hair and green eyes. Fuck. That was the guy from his dream. Who the fuck was he to him? 

“Good. I’ll see you there. Daniel, be fucking careful.” Robert warned, and then took off down the street, leaving Daniel behind to do the field work he was so good at. 

What Daniel didn’t realize was that Rodion had seen him, had stared right at him too, and smiled. Daniel knew in his heart that this man was trouble, but he had dreamt about him, and Hector, being with both. Fuck. He would deal with that later. Right now, he moved around the hospital, and into a side door, where the doctor’s entered. 

Once inside, he grabbed a set of keys from the table, and a badge, then slipped on one of the white coats. He made his way down the corridor, to a room where they kept the bloody rags and or body parts. He put on a mask and wheeled that cart through the hospital. He knew he was being stared at, but he just moved around as if he were meant to be there. He made it to the morgue room, but when he opened the doors, two guards tried to stop him, but he pushed the cart, and the lid fell off. The men were choking, but he kept going into the morgue. 

Daniel moved into the room, and made quick work of searching through the sheets, and finally found Henrik’s body under the last one. He searched Henrik’s mouth, hands, and fingernails for any poison, but found no residue. 

He found his pouch, and took out the gold case with his pills, then he pulled out a hair sample. Lastly, he found a picture that made his heart stop. It was a picture of young Henrik kissing the ground, and a man with a cap, and tan coat, and glasses standing above him. The photo was taken when Henrik was rescued from the Stasi prison when the Berlin Wall fell. This man looked familiar to him. Why? Who was he? He would need to look closer at the picture later, but for now, he pocketed the picture and the case, and steered the cart out of the room, just as the thugs entered and watched him. 

Daniel removed the mask, and coat, then hightailed it out of there. He dialed Robert’s phone, but cursed when he got his voicemail. So, he just talked into the phone. “Hey, there’s no sign of poisoning on the lips or the extremities. So, I took a hair sample, and his pillbox. Meet me at the depot soonest. Then we can get the fuck out of here.” 

He moved through the square, and it was bright sunlight. He looked behind him, to see if he were being followed, but luckily at that time, he wasn’t, or so he thought. So, he just kept walking, then he dialed April’s work number in Berlin Station. 

“Talk to me, Daniel. What’s going on?” April asked, being quiet and calm.

“Hey, I need two tickets on the next train out of here. Can you do this quickly?” Daniel asked, as he looked around and continued walking out of the square. The bad feeling, he had earlier returned, and he just felt as if he were being watched. 

“Sure can, just hold on a minute. Right, yes, confirming two tickets out of Balti Jaam Depot. Please, be careful, Daniel, and report back to me, or Valerie as soon as you are out of there,” April cautioned. 

“Thank you, Will do. Heading there now.” Daniel confirmed.

“Okay, Daniel, I know, but I worry because you’re so far away from me. You’re all set. Do you want to talk to Valerie?” April asked. 

“No. no. Like you said, I’ll talk to her on the train. Don’t worry, April, I’ll be fine, I’m a good field agent, I got this,” Then he hung up the phone, and slipped it into his front pocket. He walked further down the road, now past come shops in the village square. All the shops there had one feature, they all had nicely decorated glass doors and windows. And, it was in the next instance, that someone came barreling at him, and pushed him through one of those glass doors. He grunted and held his head with his arms, as he flew through the glass door, and landed hard on the marble floor, covered in glass and wood. 

Daniel looked up to see the same dark-haired man from his dream, and the hospital, looming over him. They were the same height and build, muscular, thick hair and beard. He was tall, with thick black hair, and a full beard, piercing green eyes, and a muscular body that was made to be a soldier.. Fuck. He had to get that dream out of his head. Yes, he was quite handsome, but Daniel had to turn that thought off, because he was getting a fucking beat down from this other strong young man. He could hear people gasping all around him, as he tried to get up, only for the man to punch him hard in the face, keeping him down on the floor, as he searched his pockets. 

Daniel punched the man in his balls, but all that did was make the man angrier, and he didn’t even seem to flinch. It only got him more punches, but his own fists hit hard on the other man’s sides, his kidneys, and his back. Still, it was as if the man was made of steel, nothing hit him too hard.

The man had him in a choke hold, and kept punching Daniel in his kidneys, his stomach, his chest and the side of his face, he was all bloody there already. “Where is it? Where is it, pretty boy? I know you have it,” He spoke in a thick Russian accent, broken English.

Daniel gasped when the man wrapped his arm around his throat and started choking him and punching him. He groped his entire body, his ass, his groin, his chest, and kept trying to get into his jacket pockets, but they were deep, and he kept moving around so the man couldn’t get any purchase.

The black-haired man looked up to see someone was filming the beating, and he threw Daniel to the floor, then approached the person, ripping the phone from their hand. 

Daniel didn’t stick around, as he ran out the door, and down the road.  His entire body hurt like fucking hell, and he was limping from being punched everywhere. He took off running down the streets, while people moved out of his way, and could hear the man running after him. 

Rodion searched the streets for the CIA man, knowing he couldn’t get far. He knew these streets very well and knew he would catch up to the man. 

Daniel was bleeding from the side of his face now, his ear, and his throat, and he panted, as he ran uphill, losing his breath so easily. He had to get away from this man, or he would be dead. He ran inside a building with an alleyway, and when a bum grabbed him and asked him for money, he growled and shoved him away, then continued running through the building, with its narrow alleyways.

 He was running hard, and fast, even though he was in so much pain. He kept looking behind him for the man, glad he wasn’t there. He made it to another enclosed alleyway and could see a clear route ahead. When he turned around to see if the man was there, it was a big mistake, because the dark-haired man barreled around the corner of another alleyway and smashed him in the face with a book. Daniel grunted, as more wounds appeared on his face. 

He threw some punches at the man, but he was fast, and weaved from side to side to avoid Daniel’s punches. He thought this guy was probably a trained soldier, because all his blows hit Daniel square on. He grabbed Daniel’s arms, and threw his entire body into the bookcase, smashing his face, and holding him straight, so he could search the back pockets of his denims. He groped his ass with his hands, and punched Daniel in his kidneys again. But when the man hit him in his neck with a hardback book, he grunted and fell forward, and landed hard on the ground. He scrambled away from the man, moving along the cobblestones, he was beaten, and had a headache, but he still fought on.

Rodion smirked down at Daniel, licking his lips at how nice he looked all bloody and scrambling away from him. He decided then and there, he would bring him with them to Komorova, to Krik’s Dacha. He wanted to play with him, and knew it would be fun. 

Daniel tried to get up, but the dark haired man kicked him in his ribs, keeping him down on the ground. He grunted and tried to scramble away again, only to fall back against a low table with books on it. His head was spinning, and his vision was blurry, but he still fought on. He reached for a chair, and tossed it at the man, who only smiled and shook his head, then placed it on the ground. He knew his life was over if he didn’t get away now, and luckily the bookstore owner tried to stop this madman. 

Big Mistake, because the man was not as muscular as Daniel was, and he easily broke the man’s arm, then threw him to the ground.

Daniel got up and started running again, as fast as he could, as he listened to the poor man screaming in agony. But he could hear the other man close behind him again. Fuck. He was losing his strength, but he had to keep going. He had to get to the train station, or he was a dead man. 

Rodion elbowed the man in his face, then took off running after the CIA man. He looked good from behind, and he wanted this one for himself. 

Daniel was so injured and in pain, he couldn’t run that fast, and in the next moment, Rodion tackled him on top of a table filled with swords, real swords. 

Rodion picked up one of the swords and sliced open Daniel’s pectoral on his upper chest.

Daniel cried out and fell to the ground, as everyone around them gasped and looked on in horror, but they didn’t help poor Daniel, as he struggled alone. He found a shield and used it to stop the next blow that would have sliced him in two. He skidded across the ground, and knocked over a stand of more shields, then took off running again. 

Rodion pushed the piles of wood and shields, and the Polizei joined him, as they helped him up, but he pushed them away, and shouted at them. “Get off me! Get him! Chertov durak! We get him now!” 

Daniel ran through so many alleyways, he had no fucking idea where he was, he just kept running, and he knew he had the edge, when he dumped that pile of shields over that man. He was panting and gasping, and in so much pain, but he had to keep going. He had to get to the train station, but he knew he was a long way away. When he finally emerged from another alleyway, panting and gasping, and bleeding horribly injured, he saw a bus, and he ran onto it. He leaned against the window, and checked his injuries, they were bad, bad, but he got away from the man. 

He looked around at everyone on the bus, to make sure that man wasn’t there. He was so disoriented, and in pain, but he kept himself upright, as he panted and gasped, and wanted to just fall. By the time he reached the train depot, it was dark. He limped across the street, and entered the building, and was relieved when he spotted a water fountain. He tried to clean himself, but it was no use, there were just too many injuries to count. He still looked around for the man, relieved when he didn’t see him yet. 

“Oh, shit, this fucking hurts…” he groaned, and checked the gash on his right pectoral. It was fucking deep, and would need to be stitched, if they made it back to Berlin Station, he could get medical attention there. 

“Oh, fuck!” He cried out when his wounds hurt so bad.

Daniel splashed the cold water on his face, as he was still panting and gasping and in so much fucking pain his head was reeling. He moved away from the fountain, and limped inside the depot, “Oh, oh, fuck,” he gasped, as he looked for Robert, and found him whole and hale sitting on the bench, reading a newspaper. He limped toward his friend and walked ahead as he moved in form beside him.

Robert couldn’t believe his eyes. Daniel was a fucking bloody, cut up, beat up hot mess. Oh, fuck, was that a gash on his chest. Shit. “Who did that to you?” 

“I don’t know. We need to get out of here, fucking now. Tickets on your phone, from April. Platform 12. Keep moving in front of me, I don’t want them to see you with me too much.” Daniel moved off to the right, while Robert went left, and Daniel gazed up at the time schedule, and to see if the man was there. Then he caught up with Robert again, panting and gasping. “He had training. He’s definitely been in the field.”

“Spetsnaz? Fuck, fucking fuck!” Robert swore, as they moved toward the platform.

“Torres was right. There is something going on here. It’s a fucking cluster fuck. The Russians are in Estonia. I need to stop this.” Daniel voiced, as he held onto his side, his injuries getting worse by the second. Then he looked behind him and saw the dark haired man with the Politsei in the yellow vests.

“Whose side are these guys on? Daniel, this is a fucking mess. They’re all over the place.”

“I don’t know, Robert. I can’t think straight, but I know I have to stay here.”

“This is some serious shit, Daniel. We are up to our fucking eyeballs in Russian operatives, and Spetsnaz. This is fucking scary shit.” Robert said, as he glanced down at all of Daniel’s injuries, he was so scared for his dear friend. They needed to get on the train, and get home, so he could get medical help. 

“I believe now that they got rid of Henrik and they may do the same to Sofia Vesik. They can’t leave any influential peacemakers on the board now. She’s in danger too. I have to save her.” 

“No, fucking way, Daniel. You are way overqualified for bodyguard detail. I forbid it. You’re coming back to Berlin Station with me. That’s an order.”

“I am not asking, Robert. I must stay here. I must finish what I started. I’m sorry, but this time I must disobey your orders. I’m staying here, Robert, this place is a timebomb, the fuse is lit. If they get to Sofia, then the whole fucking thing blows up. They will take over Estonia, and there will be a fucking war. I have to stop them, and all of this.” Daniel told him, and he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Fuck, all right. Daniel. That’s fine, but I only agree under duress. You’re injured, and you need help. Okay, fucking listen, we also need proof to take back to Langley,” Robert countered, and felt like shit for agreeing to let Daniel stay.

Daniel reached into his pocket and pulled out the gold pill box. “Here. Get this to Valerie. I’ll take them with me, just get on the train now. Get out of here, Robert.” 

"Excuse me. No, Daniel, come on, we’re right here. Let’s go!” Robert called, as he watched Daniel take off down the platform. Finally calling attention to the man with the black hair and the Politsei. 

“Daniel!” Robert tried again, but his friend was already running away, down the stairs, as he slipped through the doors of the train, and watched in horror as his friend was being chased by the Russians. 


Rodion spotted the bloody and battered CIA man, and smirked, as he took off running toward him, but he had gotten a head start. Still, he himself was a fast runner, and he wasn’t injured. He raced down the stairs after the man, smiling when he heard him panting, and gasping, as his footsteps carried him away from the depot, down the train tracks, away from the station, out the back way. The man ran fast for someone who was so injured, and bleeding. 

Daniel just kept running away from the depot. He hoped Robert was safe, and out of there by now. Even though he knew he was in deep shit Russia and would be dead if they caught him. So, he kept running and running. He ran past the train tracks, with the men behind him. He ran past large crates, and jumped the fence, then landed in a field, rolling down into a small ditch. He kept quiet, clamped his mouth shut, as he listened to the men on the other side of the fence. He could hear their shouts, as they searched for him. But for now, he was safe, he had escaped them. He let tears roll down his cheeks, as his body shook from fear and from all the pain he felt. He was safe for now, but he was alone in that ditch, in the dark. And he was suddenly very afraid. What had he done?

On the train, Robert felt awful leaving Daniel behind. Why was that man so stubborn? he thought. He knew Daniel should be there with him now; the train must have had a doctor who could have patched him up. He knew Daniel was an exceptional field agent, but Daniel was injured! Fucking fuck! He hoped Daniel would be all right.
           He sighed and wiped sweat from his brow as he dialed Valerie's number. "It went to shit, Valerie. Russians were fucking everywhere. They fucking chased Daniel, beat him to fucking shit."
           "Robert, where the fuck are you? April spoke to Daniel fucking hours ago. This afternoon. Why the fuck are you just contacting me now?" Valerie raged. She had been worried because neither of them had answered their phones.
           "Yeah, well, that wasn't my fucking fault. Daniel was on his mission. He fucking had a run-in with a fucking Russian Spetsnaz. Spetsnaz beat him to shit like I just said. Fucking hell, Valerie, what the fuck is wrong with you?! Don't fucking scream at me! We are on a fucking mission you sent us on. And me? Fucking me? I'm a fucking coward! I'm on a train overnight to Warsaw, connecting to Berlin," Robert shouted. She’s grilling me? Fuck! It was she who sent us into deep-shit fucking Russia!
       "Okay, Robert, I'm sorry. I understand, but this was like any other fucking mission. Okay, so the Spetsnaz chased and beat him. Don't worry. We'll get him back. Tell me what happened at the train station?" Val asked. Her voice was calm. 
        "Daniel…." Robert began.
      "Isn’t he with you? Where is he, Robert?" Valerie pressed Robert but couldn't get a straight answer out of him.
      "No! What the fuck did I say, you stupid fucking woman?! It was one fucking Spetsnaz who beat him! One fucking Spetsnaz. He looked like a fucking pin cushion. I was sure he had a huge gash on his pectoral! Then the Spetsnaz soldier and the fucking Russian Police they - they - they! Oh, fuck!"
     "Robert, where's Daniel? What the fuck happened?" Val insisted.
     "Fuck you, Valerie! I'm upset! Can’t you understand that? And, you’re cool as a fucking cucumber. We got separated, and Daniel's injured. I left him there with the fucking Spetsnaz and the Russian Police chasing him. I'm fucking telling you that I should have fucking stayed with him. Daniel is so fucking stubborn and wouldn't listen to me. He wants to run his op. He made me get on the train by myself. We were right there, but he said no, he wanted to stay and do his work."
      "I am not a cold cucumber, Robert. I'm fucking worried from what you're telling me. Jesus Fucking Christ. Daniel is a good field agent but what the fuck was he thinking? For now, we keep moving forward and hope we hear from him soon." Val said and heard Robert take a sharp intake of breath. She steeled herself, then continued, "Get back here, Robert. We'll deal with the fucking fallout then." She disconnected the call, swore loudly, and slammed down the receiver.
Valerie couldn't believe this was the second time she was losing someone. First, Claire. Now Daniel. How the fuck were they going to get through this shitshow now?
      Robert tried to relax against the train’s plush seat. He was worried. Then he reached inside his jacket pocket and pulled out the gold pillbox and turned it over in his hand. He saw the bloody fingerprint of his friend and took a sharp intake of air. Fuck! He hated himself right now. He supposed that was the difference between Daniel Miller and himself. Daniel was brave and selfless, and he? He had run for the train. And if Daniel was killed? He’d give the finger to Berlin Station. He’d resign. He’d have to. He would have had enough. Besides, Noah was waiting. At least his son made a good argument for returning to the States. All the separation did was give him a headache, pain, and sleepless nights.

Fuck! Don’t think about Daniel not coming back! Robert closed his eyes and pressed his back into the seat. And in the meantime?  He’d do everything he could to bring Daniel back safely to Berlin Station.

Robert opened his eyes and stared out the window a moment. His thoughts took their aim and he shut his eyes again to hold them at bay. It was no use. Worst-case scenarios caught him between the eyes like a sniper’s bullets. Whatever is happening to him, it can’t be fucking good. Robert shifted in his seat and placed the pillbox back into his pocket. He pressed his hands to his face and tried to relax as his imagination waged rapid-fire assault on his conscience. Was Daniel okay? Where was he? What was happening to him? 


Chapter Text

        Daniel had a horrible dream; a nightmare he relived nearly every night. The night his mother was killed. He saw his 5-year-old self-looking out the window in the dream, watching his mother leave to meet her boyfriend, Lukas Becker. And someone else. A man Daniel always saw standing in the front yard. A man seemingly content to watch his mother enter the car. This man was wearing a tan cap and coat and glasses. Then, as it had been in life, the vehicle his mother had gotten into exploded, killing her and her boyfriend. 

        For years Daniel pondered the awful event. Who had that man been? Why hadn't he stopped his mother from getting into that car? Why had she died like that? 

         Daniel woke up with a start and called out into the darkness, "Mom!" He groaned and tried to recover from the nightmare. He shut his eyes tightly against the memory, gasped loudly, then grunted as he felt the cold, hard ground beneath him. His body ached and he began to take in his surroundings. He was in a field—the field where he had hidden from the Spetsnaz. The place was desolate with grassy fields, and the fence he’d climbed. To his right, a lonely railroad track stretched into the horizon. Pain returned and he rolled over and assessed his injuries. He saw a large gash on his upper pectoral and knew he might need stitches. Then, unexpectedly, a train filled with men whizzed by. He stumbled to his feet, made his way to the tracks and stared at the passing train.

        He winced against the pain in his chest, and he leaned over and placed his hands on his knees. His head swam and he braced himself against the urge to pass out. He had to get out of there and back to the village. It took him a while, and he strolled, baring his injuries into the town proper. He called Valerie.

       "Daniel, are you safe? I've been worried," Val asked before he can even say anything.

      "Did Robert make it back safely, Val? Please, tell me made it." Daniel countered, not even thinking about himself.

     "Yeah, he got back about an hour ago. He said you're wounded. Daniel, I need to know because you make my job harder if you pass out in a ditch. Do not make my job harder. Please, tell me you're okay." Val lectured.

   "I'm fine, Valerie. I'm not a rookie," Daniel retorted, pissed she was treating him like a child. He was 33, for fuck's sake.

   "Okay, I'm sorry, Daniel, I know you're an excellent agent. I trust you. It's just that you're wounded, and I'm worried about that--" she said, but he cut her off.

      "Listen, I saw a strange train this morning outside Tallinn. In stealth mode, the train was traveling west, blacked-out markings, packed full of men."

   "What, soldiers? Do you think they were Spetsnaz?" Valerie asked, her interest peaked now. 

   "I don't know, but maybe they are the Little Green Men Torres spotted. The guy who jumped me was Spetsnaz, that's for sure," Daniel said, as he turned to look behind him, to make sure the man wouldn't jump him again. He was tired and hungry and in fucking pain, still bloody and battered.

   "Robert said that you were trying to locate Sofia Vesik. Did you reach her yet?" 

    "Uh, not yet, but I'll find her." Daniel was walking as fast as he could through the deserted village, as it was still early, around five-thirty in the morning. No one seemed to be awake yet.

     "Daniel, you don't have to do this. Torres is there. It would be best if you let him take care of this and get home now," Valerie tried again but knew he wouldn't listen.

   "Yeah, well, so am I. If it is Russia, then we need proof and fast before the troops are in place. I'm staying, and I'm going to finish the mission you put me in, Val, and that's final," he told her and wasn't backing down for anything. He was an excellent field agent; he could do this.

   "Okay, Daniel, I know. We'll send you Sofia's address. You get the proof, then you get your ass home again," Val cautioned, giving him the green light. He needed to complete his mission.

   "Okay." Daniel panted out his reply. He wasn't in the mood for a lecture, but he knew this was how Valerie was. She was caring, yes, but she told the truth and didn't mess around. Hector had always called her a royal pain in the ass. 

   "But you get yourself patched up. Do you hear me? I don't want you bleeding all over. Robert said you were pretty beat up and bloody," Valerie lectured him again.

   "Sure." Daniel breathed out his reply, and hung up his phone, then stumbled through the streets aimlessly, waiting for them to send Sofia's address. He was hoping he wouldn't meet up with the Spetsnaz boy again, well, not at that moment, but knew he would need to in the future if he were going to get the proof he needed to stop this mess.

   The text message came from April, his handler, and he smiled at her statement.


   {Incoming message - April Lewis}: Hey, Daniel, please be safe and report back to me as often as possible. I'm always here for you. Here is Sofia's addy.


    Daniel punched in the address on his GPS and chose the walking option. Then studied the map and headed in the direction of Sofia’s apartment. When he got there twenty minutes later, he was out of breath and ready to pass out. He leaned against the doorjamb and rang the buzzer, speaking into the microphone.

      “Yeah?” the male Estonian voice spoke on the other end.

     “Can I speak with Sofia Vesik?” Daniel panted out his reply as he leaned heavily against the doorjamb. His vision was blurry as his head reeled.

      “Ms. Vesik is busy,” the voice shot back, and Daniel rolled his eyes, shaking his head. Then he heard Sofia’s voice cut through, and it relieved him.

         “It’s okay, Jan. What are you doing here?” She asked him.

         “We need to talk. Please, don’t turn me away now. I need your help. It’s - it’s urgent. Remember ‘Any friend of Henrik’s’…” Daniel gasped out his words, ready to collapse any second, right there in the street. He feared the Spetsnaz man would come around the corner and kill him.

         “Henrik’s dead.” Sofia deadpanned, still not buzzing the man into her apartment.

         Daniel sighed as he looked around him to see if anyone was there, listening, or ready to burst around the corner and kill him. “My name is Daniel Miller. You have to trust me. Please, help me, Sofia Vesik. I know you have a good heart. Henrik said so.”

        The door buzzed and clicked open, and Daniel was so relieved he could get off the street and get himself cleaned up, as Valerie had insisted. He entered the building and closed the door behind him. Then he made his way up to Sofia’s apartment, pleased when she opened the door but not so happy when he saw the annoyed look on her face. 

        Sofia didn’t even look at Daniel Miller, just held out her arm for him to enter. She didn’t see how wounded he was, what a fucking mess he was after being beaten by the Spetsnaz man.

        Daniel limped into her apartment, ready to fall, but he had to keep going. He had to keep moving, even with all the pain from his horrible injuries. He had to be upright to see this shitshow through.

        Sofia closed the door, locked it, and followed behind Daniel, still not seeing his injuries. “You’re lucky you have such a trustworthy voice. Plus, you seem like a good person too.”

        Daniel just wandered into the apartment. They had decorated it in a more modern style; the doors were high, the ceilings even higher, with white trim and glass panes on the doors. The floors were hard wood. A large bookcase filled the entire wall in the front room and comfortable chairs stood all around. He limped into the living room and stood against the wall.

        Jan watched Daniel Miller enter Sofia’s apartment and didn’t like the bloody and battered state he was in. He didn’t trust the man and just wanted Sofia safe. “I can stay,” he said, speaking in Estonian, not realizing Daniel Miller spoke the language too.

       “Tell Paavo I’ll be there soon. I will look after Daniel Miller. Please, trust me,” Sofia answered in Estonian as she looked at Jan, letting him know with her eyes that she would be safe. He still didn’t move as she went to join Daniel in her living room. “It’s okay. Go,” she assured him, still speaking in Estonian.

        Jan sighed but left the apartment on his way to the office. If she said she would be okay, then he trusted her judgment. 

        Daniel stood in the middle of the lush living room. A tan sofa and lounge chairs were elegantly arranged. The walls were an olive color with white trim and high ceilings. Large windows overlooked the city. Brown leather chairs stood invitingly against the wall, yet he took no seat to avoid leaving bloodstains. He could hear Sofia behind him, and in the next moment, he stood against the wall and sagged down to his knees, panting and gasping.

        “Jesus, what happened to you? Who the fuck did this to you?” Sofia finally noticed his injuries as she knelt beside him. “Okay. Let me call an ambulance. I can’t fix all of this. You need a doctor to heal you.”

        “No, no, please, don’t call anyone. Please let me sit here a moment. I’m okay. I’m okay, just need to clean up. I need to get my head together. Please, I’m in fucking pain, no doctors, or hospitals. I can’t trust anyone but you,” Daniel gasped out his words as he knelt on the wooden floor, his head spinning, and the large gash on his chest was bleeding heavily.

       Sofia helped him stand and then helped him into the bathroom. “I’ll get you a new t-shirt. You can’t walk around wearing that one. Toss it in the trash. You will be all right for a few minutes? I need to get the medical supplies,” she asked as she helped him remove his jacket.

       “Thank you. Yes, I will be fine. Thank you. . . for your help . . . I . . . I appreciate it.” Daniel gasped out more words. And it was an effort, that’s for sure. He just wanted to fucking lie down and sleep for hours, but he couldn’t do that. He had some investigating to do.

       Daniel entered her enormous bathroom with the large vanity, and deep sink, and silver taps. He saw an enclosed shower and a separate sunken tub. The room was all white tiles and Italian marble. Pretty posh for a girl from Estonia. He had to admit she had terrific taste; it was probably the same way he would have decorated if he had a house.

        She followed him into the bathroom for a moment and smiled as she noticed him looking around with approval. “Yes, of course. I’ll be back. There is a washcloth and some soap there.” Sofia pointed out as she left him to find a t-shirt for him to wear.

       Daniel groaned as he unbuttoned his torn, bloody black shirt. Standing in front of the sink, he wet the washcloth with warm water and then used the soap to lather it up. He gently placed the cloth over his face and dabbed at his injuries. It felt so good to clean himself. As he watched the sink fill up with his blood, he grimaced. But did his best to clean all the wounds.

Daniel wished he could take a shower, but he didn’t have time. He groaned and felt sick when he saw the large gash on his chest. He didn’t know how to clean it and was afraid to touch it, as it was still bleeding down his body.

        Sofia found Daniel a nice button-down black t-shirt, made of fine rayon and polyester. It belonged to Paavo, and since he was the same build as Daniel, she knew it would fit him. She hoped Daniel was all right, as he had been so silent. She knocked on the door and waited to see if he would answer and didn’t pass out on the floor of her bathroom.

        “Yeah,” Daniel answered as he looked at her when she entered.

        “Here’s the t-shirt. I know it will fit you. It’s Paavo’s. He’s the same build as you.”

        “You got a needle and thread?” Daniel asked, ignoring her words.

       “No. I have a tailor. I do not sew my things-” She said and watched as he shook his head and turned to her. “Oh, my God. That’s terrible. Come with me into the kitchen. I have something we can use.”

        Daniel moaned as he held the shirt in his hand and followed her out of the spacious bathroom. They strolled through the rest of the house and made it into her kitchen.

        Sofia opened her fridge, pulled out a soothing coconut and lime drink she had made that morning, and poured two glasses.

       “Drink this. It will help you feel better. It will rehydrate you. Please sit down here. I will clean out the wound and then use something I know will work.” Sofia instructed him as she set to work retrieving the things she would need to fix the poor man up. He still didn’t tell her who did this to him, and she had a feeling he wouldn’t. She filled a bowl with warm, soapy water, got another washcloth, one that was super soft, then retrieved the other item she would use to seal the wound.

        She quickly set to work cleaning the gaping wound, being careful not to touch the actual open part just yet. She shook her head and tutted at him when he sucked in his breath at the pain there. "I wish you would let me take you to the hospital. This wound on your chest looks terrible."

        "No. I don't need the hospital. I can't go there, Sofia, it's not possible. There are too many variables. Besides that, I'm being stalked by a . . .a . . . madman, who would think nothing of just killing me or having someone else do it. You're the only person I can trust right now," Daniel intoned as he sipped the delicious and refreshing juice she gave him. He used his other hand so that she could work on the area of the wounded side of his chest.

        "All right, Daniel Miller. I'm just going to clean out the wound more intensely. If I dab it with the soap and washcloth, it will stop the bleeding enough for me to use the product I have," Sofia explained and worked as she spoke to him. She wanted to ask who the madman was but waited until his wound was clean and fixed. She dabbed the wound gently, using the soap to stem the blood flow, and the warm water would stop it long enough.

        Daniel sucked in a breath and closed his eyes for a moment to stem the pain he felt in the wound. He was happy Sofia was helping him, and if he were honest, he wanted to lie down somewhere for a while. But he sucked it up and opened his eyes to see her staring at him, his chest, and the wounds on his face. She became concerned. "Go on, ask me."

        "Ask you what?" She played stupid for a moment.

        "You know what I'm saying. Just ask me already. I know you've wanted to ask me since I walked through your door," Daniel intoned as he sipped the cool drink. It was refreshing.

         "Well, since you know it, then yes. Who did this to you? You just said a madman was stalking you. He is trying to kill you, and would stop at nothing to kill you, or have you killed? Who is this man?" Sofia asked adequately and continued to dab at the wound. The action was stemming the blood from gushing. She also cleaned the blood down his stomach and side.

         "I don't know who he is. I know that he is Spetsnaz," Daniel revealed and hoped he could trust this woman.

         "What?! No!! That is Russian special forces, ground division. Why do you have Spetsnaz stalking you?" She asked as she stared at him incredulously but continued her work.

         "I guess because I went someplace that I shouldn't have, asked too many questions, and someone saw me talking to Henrik, also, was there when he died," Daniel explained, as he signed loudly and continued to drink the juice.

         "I'm sorry. Please be careful. You must know that the Spetsnaz are extremely dangerous. They shoot first and ask no questions later. They leave your body where you die," Sofia warned him as she shook her head and continued to clean out the wound. She inspected it and was glad to see the bleeding had stopped. She slipped on latex gloves, first, then she reached for her unique item, one that she was sure would keep the wound closed, at least until he could get to a proper doctor and get it appropriately stitched.

        Daniel was quiet now as he listened to Sofia's words about the Spetsnaz. He felt like he could trust her. He watched her as she used some glue product. "What - is that? Is that superglue or something?"

        "Hmm, no, it's called transglutaminase. It's a culinary adhesive, powerful. It will hold up for at least a month as long as the wound is not exacerbated. My ex, Maksim, was a chef, trying to be, anyway," Sofia told him, as she blew on the sections she had glued, then moved slowly up from the bottom to the top of the wound. It was taking a while because she wanted to make sure they did adequately for it.

        "Wait, so it's meat glue? Really? Are you kidding me? Did you patch me up with meat glue? You're funny, Sofia Vesik, and very clever," Daniel asked incredulously as he blinked his eyes and sighed loudly.

         "Well, I did not want to call it that, but since you went there, yes, it's meat glue. It will last until you can get to a proper doctor to have the wound stitched. If you don't aggravate the wound, this glue will last a month. Thank you, yes, I had to think fast on my feet. It's what I do all the time at Tervic, my business," she explained and smiled at him.

        "Okay. That's fine. Yeah, I can see that you're a very assertive young woman," Daniel laughed and smiled at her. For the first time in a long time, she made him laugh. Everyone was right about her; she was sweet and kind and had a huge heart. "Well, I want to say thank you, Sofia. You are truly kind."

        "You are welcome. I couldn't very well leave you to bleed out in the street. Now, let's give this time to set. Just sit there and drink your juice. It would be best if you rehydrate yourself. That will also help your wounds to heal," She said, as she glued each section and blew on it to help it dry.

        Daniel sipped his juice, still watching her closely. She worked meticulously, and within twenty minutes, the glue had sealed the wound.

       "So, since they didn't mug you, and you admitted to being chased by a Spetsnaz, tell me who you are," Sofia intoned, as she removed the gloves and crossed her arms over her chest.

       Daniel carefully slipped on the black t-shirt and buttoned it up as he stared at her. "I work for the American Government. We were consulting Henrik, hoping he might smooth some ruffled diplomatic feathers."

      "Bullshit," Sofia shot back as she stared into Daniel's blank face, then sighed and shook her head. "Look, the press and the hospital say it was a heart attack, but that doesn't feel right. Why is Henrik Viiding dead? Tell me the truth?"

    "Because he was fearless. He wasn't afraid of the Russians, or the Germans, or even the Americans. He wanted peace." Daniel told her as he stared into her eyes again. He wanted her to see he was as honest as he could be with her because she had been remarkably close to Henrik. He was like a father to her. He knew that.

   "Sama Kaart will make that possible. My white passport program. Henrik convinced Parliament to trust my tech. I want to free the Estonian people so they can have their lives back again." 

   “Oh, Sofia, Russia will not allow Sama Kaart. They will do everything they can to stop it. I don't want to see you get hurt, or worse," Daniel cautioned her and knew she would not back down. She was strong and brave, and he admired her for that. 

  "They have no fucking choice and will have to allow it. It's the only way for peace." 

  "No, they can't retake a united Estonia. I trust your Sama Kaart, but I don't think it will happen soon. I'm sorry," Daniel countered.

   "I'm speaking at the Centennial tonight on Henrik's behalf. I will honor his memory and move Sama Kaart into the future and give Estonia back her freedom," Sofia confessed and could see the young spy did not like it.

   "You need to stay away from the Centennial. I've just told you, it's not safe to be there," Daniel warned her again.

   "No. Do you know how many death threats I get every day? I'm constantly chased and taunted by the Russians, not like the Spetsnaz, but close enough."

   "Trust me, look at me, look what one guy did to me? One fucking guy did all of this to me within five minutes. They will not give you a heads-up," Daniel told her, getting a bit miffed now at how stubborn she was.

   "I know that, and I'm sorry for that, but I'm speaking for Henrik. He deserves that. You met him. You know what he was," She stated as she stared into his eyes.

   "Okay, that's fine. I can't stop you. I don't want to see you get hurt, or worse, end up dead," Daniel intoned and hoped his words would scare her enough so she wouldn't attend the Centennial.

   "I won't get hurt, I promise, and I need to get to the office," she said and then walked away.

   "Okay, fine. You are a stubborn woman. You can't say I didn't try to warn you. Listen, can we talk in the car?" He asked as he stood up and turned to face her.

   "If you say so. I think I am strong and not scared. You're certainly persistent. But yes, you may come with me. I don't know what you need to talk about, but that's fine," Sofia answered as she motioned for him to follow her while she got herself ready.

   Daniel carefully slipped on his jacket and waited for Sofia to get ready. He didn't have time to text anyone at Berlin Station so he would do it later, from Sofia's office. He planned to contact April and get his investigation underway. 

   "Come on then," she said, as she got her purse and keys and moved to the door. Once they were downstairs, she opened the door for Daniel and sat in the driver's seat. "So, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?"

   "I need to ask a favor of you. Your office has high-tech computers, with GPS and trackers, right?" 

   "Yes, of course. Do you need to use something? That's what they are there for," She asked as she backed out of her garage and onto the street, then drove toward her office building.

   "Yes, I do. I need to use one of your computers, I have a lead on something, and I want to contact my handler at Berlin Station. I need to use your GPS and satellite systems. Is that all right?" Daniel asked as he smiled at her and sat back against her car's comfortable passenger seat.

  "Of course, it's all right. It's what the system is there to do. I will get you set up once we get there. I'll give you a tour as well if you're interested," she offered, and returned his smile, then drove another twenty minutes away from where she lived. 

  "Yes, I am interested, that's good. Thank you, honestly, Sofia. You've been an enormous help to me," Daniel answered, as he smiled at her, then leaned his head back against the top of the comfortable seat. He closed his eyes to rest at that time because he was so fucking tired. 

  Daniel hadn't gotten any sleep in a couple of days. He knew being unconscious in the middle of that field in Turba did not count as sleeping.

   Once they arrived at Sofia's office building, she parked in the garage, and they used the elevator to go to the top floor of the office building. It had a lovely view of everything around Tallinn. He was following beside her, with everyone staring at him because he still had some wounds on his face and neck. Oh well, there was nothing he could do about that. He just stayed close to Sofia.

   "So Tervik uses new technology to make existing systems work better, like automation, robotics, I.T., telecom. They take the systems from that technology and give them a boost using our high-end systems, which also gives the software and hardware malware protection," Sofia explained as they walked through the spacious office, with the windows all around them. All the buildings here were the same fucking thing. Glass and more Glass. He couldn't forget how he got thrown through a glass door only yesterday afternoon by that tall Russian Spetsnaz guy.

   "Any chance you could help me track a train no one's supposed to see?" Daniel asked, wanting to get down to his work after the tour she had given to him. He could see her computers were much better than those at Berlin Station, or anywhere, even, and he wanted to take advantage of that.

   "Maybe, Daniel. You're a spy," Sofia remarked as she stared at him and saw his stoic face. "Aren't you?" 

   Before Daniel could answer, Paavo came up to her and spoke in Estonian, and Daniel spoke the language fluently. "Shouldn't you put some makeup on?"

  "Fuck you, I am wearing makeup," Sofia laughed as she nudged her obvious boyfriend. She looked to see the young American spy was smiling at them. "Daniel, this is Paavo. He keeps the servers singing. If you ever have a question about anything with the computers, he's your man. Are we ready?" she asked in Estonian to Paavo.

   "I won't let you down, never, my Sofia. She will tell you I am good with computers, but she is the best hacker in Tervic, Daniel. She is just modest," Paavo said as he moved away to start his work.

   "Yes, I know, Paavo. I've watched her setting the computers up so I can use them. She is an excellent hacker," Daniel laughed and smiled at the cute couple.

   "I know, both of you. Thank you, that's enough. I am blushing now," Sofia said as she squeezed his hand and let him go back to work. "You met Jan." She cared for both men, and was trying to make her decision who to be with. She was leaning heavily toward Paavo, he was softer and kinder, and Jan was gruff and all business. She would end up just being Jan’s friend, and stay with Paavo. He did have his clothes at her apartment, after all.

   "Yes, I did. So, can you help me?" Daniel spoke in Estonian and smiled at their surprised faces. 

   "So, you speak Estonian? How?" Sofia asked in Estonian as she smiled brighter at the man. Jan and the others around also smiled at him.

   Daniel just smiled at them. "Army brat, with a lot of time on his hands. I learned all the languages I could. I thought it was important to learn not only Russian but Estonian. My Mom taught me when I was a young boy," Daniel answered, speaking in fluent Estonian now and blushing when Sofia beamed at him and bumped his non-injured shoulder. 

   "Really? You thought you should learn Estonian as well? That's completely adorable and very smart,” Sofia laughed, babbling in her language to the handsome young CIA Spy. They moved toward the window to have privacy now, since everyone was staring at them.

   "No, just - I have always had a thirst for knowledge. Since I lived in Berlin, I grew up there. I loved to read books in all languages. So, I learned those languages to have more knowledge," Daniel revealed something significant to her in Estonian. He hoped his words would stay with only her. They were standing by the large windows and whispered to one another. The music was loud over the speakers so that no one could hear them anyway.

   "Wow. So, you lived in Berlin, went to school there? No wonder you seem more cultured and, how do you say, very well-spoken. I'm very impressed. And don't worry, whatever you tell me, stays with me. No one can hear us, anyway. Music drowns out everything," Sofia assured him as she squeezed his arm and smiled at him. They were both spoke fluently in Estonian, then said in English again when Daniel started to.

   "Thank you, Sofia. I trust you with all that I have told you. Seriously. Everything I have heard about you is true. You are truly kind and have a big heart," Daniel switched back to English and winked at her when she laughed at how easily he could do that.

   "You are welcome, Daniel. It is my pleasure. When I saw you, all beat up and bleeding, I couldn't let you go away like that." Sofia added and then moved right back to their topic of conversation before. "Regarding whether your train was there, Kaarta will find it. It's cutting-edge geo-mapping. It taps into satellites, Google Earth, CCTV, anything we can find to create a real-time video feed."

   "I guess you guys never heard of the Patriot Act," Daniel teased as he looked around at everyone there, who still smiled at him because word had got around. He spoke in fluent Estonian.

   Sofia chuckled at his words and smiled. "Mm, I guess we're all just hackers at heart. You are young too, Daniel, and are savvy with computers. I can tell that." They moved to the laptop in the middle of the room.  

    "Mm-hmm. No need to worry. I am very good with computers and smartphones. I'm not a hacker, but I do well," Daniel laughed as he leaned over Sofia's shoulder while she logged into a laptop.

   "Okay. Where and When? Tell me where you need to go?" Sofia asked the handsome young man.

   "Uh, about a kilometer north of Balti Jam, around 4:30 a.m. this morning. I woke up from being unconscious after my beating and escaped from my Russian baddie," Daniel explained as he watched Sofia type in the information.

   Sofia continued to open all the applications and systems Daniel would need to gather his information. "Hmm, I don't see any train tracks here. Are you sure this is the right spot? There is nothing. Even if I zoom in, I can't see anything."

   "Yes, I'm sure. You don't see the tracks because you're not supposed to see them. That's what I was talking about," Daniel murmured as he stared at the screen. Just then, Jan appeared again.

    "PR is waiting to hear your final run-through. Come on, Sofia. We must get to work now. You have spent a lot of time with this person," He told Sofia in Estonian, waiting for her to join him this time.

   "Hold on a minute, Jan. I am helping Daniel. Please don't give me a hard time with this. He is not just any person. I trust him,"  she said in Estonian, then switched to English for Daniel. She could see Jan was now waiting patiently; even though she hated to speak to him in this manner, at least now he was calmer.

   "Okay, so GPS coordinates go in here, like this, see? I know you can do this; you are a young hacker at heart too,. I'm sorry about Jan. He can be a bit picky sometimes," Sofia apologized with a warm smile.

      “Mm-hmm. Thanks. Yes, I guess I am. It's okay. I understand how protective Jan is of you. Everyone here is, but I'm glad we are friends. It's nice to see young people in the world making things better," Daniel answered with a warm smile.

     "Agreed, Daniel. We are a brand new world now. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask Jan. But I'm sure you can do this. I can tell you are intelligent and do things on your own," Sofia said as she stood up and moved toward the meeting room with Jan.

   "I'll monitor him. I know you trust him," Jan told her in Estonian, even though he knew the young man spoke it. He turned to look back at Daniel Miller, then led Sofia toward the meeting room, only returning moments later. He heard Sofia tell Jan not to worry. Sofia trusted him to let him do his work.

   Daniel got to work on the GPS systems on the computer. He input more information and made the area of the train more immense on the screen. Then cut the site to a broader range to see what he could find. He took off his jacket to work more comfortably and hung it over the back of his chair.

    Once he had the screen up and ready, he dialed April at the Station and had her facetime from his cellphone to the SKIF computer. He told her what he was doing. "April, I need you to help me track an old train line." He explained to her, and she was smart enough to pull out old maps of the area. One could find just about anything and everything in Berlin Station, being they were CIA.

   She looked over the maps intensely while Daniel probed more in-depth into the GPS and geo-mapping systems. "Are you sure about these tracks, Daniel? I see nothing here, and there's nothing."

   "Oh, they exist. I've seen the tracks and the moving train up close and personal, April. You have to look closer. Come on. I know you can find it. You're good at this. It's what you do best," Daniel coaxed her.

   "Yeah, well, I know that, but I can't find a needle in a haystack. The tracks are not there—Hold on." She moved one map to the other on the table. "Found it, Daniel. It looks like an old Soviet Supply line. It runs from Kaliningrad in the west, all the way through Estonia to Moscow. But to be honest, it looks like it hasn't been in use since the 70s," she told him as she looked at the screen, a confused expression for a moment.

   "Okay. See if you can find out who's using these tracks now. If I'm right, then it's the Spetsnaz I ran into this morning, and a whole group of them," Daniel told her, as he watched her on his phone and kept moving the maps of the area around on his end of the computer.

   "You know, Robert's worried about you. Well, Valerie too, but she hides it better. I'm worried about you too. You need to be careful," April revealed as she sat down on the chair so that she could see the map better.

   "Sofia patched me up. She's a sweetheart, and she's letting me use her computer systems. They are top of the line, by the way. Berlin Station could take a page from her book," Daniel told her with a smile.

   "All right, Sofia. What's she like, Daniel? Rock star, right? I wish I could meet her. You're lucky you're there with her, and she's helping you, helping us," April deadpanned.

   "Well, she didn't let me bleed to death and she was concerned for my welfare. So, she's all right in my book. We spoke in full Estonian here, and I think I impressed her and her people. They're on my side, on our side to help. Wait. I don't get it. According to the time stamp here, the train stopped for several hours by a town called Turba."

   "Did they unload anything there, Daniel? Can you see it now? What are they doing? It's so strange. I can't see what they're doing. Why can't I see that? Are they moving?" April asked as she looked at the screen.

   "Nope. It's just sitting there. You know what, I'm going to investigate it." He told her, deciding that was his best course of action.

  "Well, as your handler, I recommend you wait until you have a backup." She ordered him but knew he wouldn't listen. He never did, but he was an excellent agent, so she trusted his judgment.

   "I'll be less conspicuous alone. I'm good at this kind of thing, working undercover, out of plain sight, April, you know," Daniel told her.

   "In small-town Estonia? Please, you'll stand out like a redneck at a Rihanna concert. Just send me the coordinates, and I'll do some recon. I know you work alone, and you're there, but let me be your girl Friday, let me do the paperwork. Let me at least stay in touch with you, Daniel. Please, don't go dark on me now," April told him.

   Daniel smiled at her words, knowing she was right about standing out. "Well, so that you know, I speak both Russian and Estonian. So, maybe I won't stick out too much."

   "I know that Daniel, I'm just doing this to keep you safe. Okay. I'll be in touch in an hour. Be careful when you go out there, get on the phone with me immediately. Please, don't get into any trouble. I need to hear from you," April cautioned him.

   "Will do. I mean, I won't, please don't worry. I'm a man, and I can take care of myself when I need to. I'll speak to you soon." Daniel said, disconnecting the call, and closed the laptop. He noticed Sofia returned from her meeting and walked toward the windows again.

   "Did you get all you needed, Daniel?" Sofia asked, speaking in Estonian, only because she liked to hear his beautiful voice speaking her language. He was handsome, with a good heart. They were friends now, so that was good.

   "Yes, I did, thanks to your help, Sofia. You're a lovely young lady," Daniel answered with a warm smile.

 "Good. I'm glad I could help you. We are friends now, so we will have each other's backs when we need to," Sofia laughed and returned his smile.

  "Yes, we are, and we will have each other's backs if no one else will. You can count on that from me. Still, this is a big day for you and Tervic. You should be proud, Sofia," Daniel told her as he smiled at her, trying to get her to cheer up.

   "I know, Daniel. I wish Henrik were here to see it. I miss him so much."

   "Listen, I'm speaking as your friend and your ally, and I need your promise that you won't go to the Centennial tonight. Your life depends upon it. Please, Sofia. I need to hear you say it," Daniel said to her as he looked her in the eyes.

   "Okay, as your friend, I promise. Listen, if you're right, Russia's trying to take back Estonia. What could we possibly do to stop them? Tell me now, what you think?" Sofia pressed him, knowing he would sugar coat things with CIA Speak.

   Daniel signed and turned to look out the window. He was wondering where his Spetsnaz boy was hiding. He knew he would eventually meet up with him once he left Tervic. "If they're coming, then NATO will step in, and we'll go to war."

   "But will you, really? Be honest with me. We've spoken about your life, how you grew up. Do you believe that line?" Sofia pressed further, getting him to look her in the eyes again.

   Daniel scoffed and rolled his eyes. "No, I don't believe that line, not for a minute, but I have to be optimistic. Still, let you and I keep the peace. Maybe we won't have to find out." He told her as she shook her head and bumped his shoulder.

   She knew he had to leave soon, so she turned and hugged him, and everyone looked at them.

   Daniel was surprised, but he embraced her and just held her in his arms for a few minutes.

   Daniel said nothing to her. He just held her for a long while. Soon, he released her and told her he had to leave to do some intel. Then he was on his way out of Estonia again. He had a long walk, and it was still early, so he hurried through the village. He didn't want to meet up with his Spetsnaz boy again.

Chapter Text

Turba 60 km from Tallinn


     Daniel walked to where the train should have been, and he was on the phone with April again. "There's nothing here. It's all deserted, with no signs of anything." 

     "At least you're out in the sun. I have no windows here. I hate not being in the field right now. It gets old, you know. I wish I were there with you, we could be doing this together. I know you’re your own man, and a good agent, but still, everybody needs a little help some time," April teased him as she tossed a stress ball up and down in her hand. 

    "You don't have another op that you're running? I know Valerie said she was keeping you busy, being the new girl and all. You can request some fieldwork there in Berlin. Val will give it to you. I know she will," Daniel teased right back and smiled when she laughed. He felt isolated, walking about in that field of dried-out grass, which was up to his calves.

   "I can't confirm or deny. I do have a hot date tonight with the son of a Nigerian scientist. That's just something else I'm working on, but you're right. I will ask her for more jobs," she told him, a smile on her face over the phone.

   "Wait. Here it is. I got it now. It's in the other direction, facing away from where we originally thought it was. There's something been over these tracks, and recently, from the looks of them. The brush is all flat to the ground. What the hell is going on here? It's so eerily quiet now."

   “Not as defunct as someone wants the world to believe. I guess you're right. The Russians are there, stirring up trouble," She finished for him and stared at her computer, where she had her program up.

   "There's no other sign of activity nearby. No tire tracks. Why did it stop here? It makes no sense. What are the Russian's doing? Are they moving in more Spetsnaz soldiers?" Daniel said rhetorically.

   "Daniel, follow the tracks west. There's an old Soviet complex with medium-range ballistic missiles. It's probably the reason for the rail line. I think you're right. The Russian's are there, but we need to confirm that it can't be gossip. It won't work," April told him.

   "Yes, April, I know we need proof. That's why I'm here. Listen, I'm going to investigate it." Daniel told her, and he started walking westward down the rail line, as she instructed.

   "For the record, Daniel, I hate this remote shit. I wish I had your back. I would love to be there, walking around investigating with you. I have to say, that would be fun. No one else seems to care about it. I'm the only one. It's like they've all forgotten about you. But I haven't. I'm here for you now and always," April assured him.

   "I like your voice in my ear, April. Thank you. You know the others don't care, and it's because they will replace me with Torres. That's all right, because, between you and me, this may be my last mission. I'm probably going to resign from the CIA and retire someplace quiet." 

   "Oh, Daniel, if you did, I wouldn't blame you. You'll be hearing my voice again soon. Be careful." April cautioned and smiled into the phone.

   "Sure, April. Speak with you soon." He hung up the phone and continued walking down the rail line. After an hour of walking in the scorching sun, Daniel finally came upon the entrance, the large steel fence, with all the warning signs of keep out, danger, explosives, radioactive. He could hear crows and birds cowing all around him, in the trees and the air. Maybe even over the bunker. It was so fucking eerie being in that deserted place, all alone, with no one to talk to, and him moving out on his own. 

   They chained the doors, and when he pulled on them, they were still strong. He took his phone out and snapped photos of all the signs, then sent it back to April once he gathered all his information.

   When he slipped his phone back in his pocket, he took out the picture he had found on Henrik. It was a picture of young Henrik during his rescue on the Berlin Wall night coming down. There was that man. Oh, fuck. That was the man in his dreams. He looked familiar to him. 

   Shit. No. It can't be. Daniel looked closer and swore. What the fuck? Is that–Ste - his thoughts cut out when he heard the crows getting closer. He couldn't believe his eyes. If his ideas were real, then there was some serious stuff going down when he returned to Berlin. Something that would rock their entire world and that would change everything forever. And mostly for him. 

   He bent over, and with all his strength, he pulled the chain links apart and moved through the opening. Then he walked into the area, looking at all the tops of the silos. There was nothing around, no way to get in. They locked the main entrance when he tried the doors. The sound woke up more crows in the distance. 

   Daniel's mind reeled with thoughts of that night and about the dream he had had early that morning, lying in the field behind the train station, all bloody and battered from the beat down from the pretty Russian Spetsnaz boy.

   Daniel thought about the day they killed his mother how he had seen it but told no one. He remembered the explosion, everything. He thought about the man who’d been standing in the shadows in his dream. Now he had a choice. That mysterious man waited, watched her get into the car with Lukas Becker. He thought maybe he didn't want any witnesses left behind for his crimes, but he believed that that man didn't know about him seeing everything. He cursed when he thought he knew who Diver was.

   Daniel was angry, his ire was up. He continued to stare down at the photo. Knowing in his heart and his mind who this person was. He decided he would mail the picture to April Lewis and mark it as personal and confidential. He knew her home address; she had given it to him last year when they worked together with the Germans, the Ganz family.

    He soon made his way out of the silo and walked back into the village. He found a little newspaper stand, a concrete building with an opening at the front, and an older woman who spoke Estonian. 

   She babbled on about the stamp price, and he asked her for a pack of cigarettes. He was mailing the picture to April Lewis in Berlin and hoped it would reach her if something terrible happened to him, which he still had a feeling that it was going to. "Thank you," he said to her as he paid her and moved away from the building. 

   Daniel had spotted a group of thugs, sitting there, all speaking quietly to one another, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. They looked Russian to him. "You got a light?" he asked, knowing that he was going to stir up trouble with these guys to see if they were Russian.

   The one fat guy handed him a lighter. "Thanks. You from around here?" Daniel asked them as he smoked his cigarette and continued to taunt them. 

   "We live here, Mr. Americana," the fat man took his lighter back and spoke in English. 

   "Yeah? That's nice, if you say so, butch boys. Hey, are you all in a club or something? The Butch club? You look like trouble. No, listen, I'm just messing with you. You're Russian, right?" he asked, smirking at them, and knowing full well if they caught up with him again, they'd beat the shit out of him. 

   "Estonian, strange man. Who the fuck are you?" the fat man answered again. 

   “Ty govorish po russki? You don't speak Russian?" Daniel asked as he smiled at them and took another drag on his cigarette. It was calming his frazzled nerves. 

   The other man scoffed, and the fat man shrugged his shoulders. 

   "Honestly, friend? You and your comrades aren't ass-kissing Kremlin lackeys? Hard to believe," Daniel went on speaking in Russian, taking long drags off his cigarette. It calmed him down. 

  Even if these guys were part of the Spetsnaz boys, then they would find him, and maybe he could infiltrate their headquarters and get a lot more intel. He was going in deep, but he had to if he wanted to stop this impending invasion and war.

  "No, we are Estonian, strange man. You talk too much and make no fucking sense," the fat Russian said.

   "No, I guess you're not Russian, sorry to bother you, butch boys. Well, it was nice to meet you guys. You have a beautiful country here. Bye," Daniel remarked as he started walking away. He knew they would catch him, but that had been his plan. It was just a matter of time before they did. It gave him a few hours to do more investigating. He walked away quickly but could hear them talking angrily in Russian.

   Fucking idiots. They wanted to come after him, but the fat man stopped them. He told them, no, some guy named Rodion said to wait and to watch. The time would be right soon.  He stomped out his cigarette with his foot and moved along the lane, just wandering around aimlessly, waiting to see if they would pounce.


   But back in Tervik, Sofia was giving her speech about her Sama Kaart. Little did she realize that the same Spetsnaz soldier who had attacked and beaten Daniel had infiltrated her basement where Paavo was working on the servers. Rodion came upon Paavo. He choked him and punched him in his sides and kidneys to get him to fall unconscious, but Paavo was stronger than anticipated and Rodion used a chloroform rag to knock him out. He moved the unconscious body away into a room, then made his way to the servers. He inserted a flash drive, took out another small device, and used it to hack the system. The flash drive powered it into the USB port.

    Once he clicked it on and placed it on the table, a red holographic keyboard came up. He used Paavo's ID to get into the system, typing it in quickly. Once he was in, he set up the malware that would discredit Sofia Vesik. No one was there to stop him because, like all Spetsnaz, he was a ghost. Once the malware was uploaded, he used the stepladder to climb up to the sprinkler system and sparked his lighter near one of the fire sensors. A moment later, the fire alarms sounded.

    Sofia had no choice but to get everyone out of the building, to keep them safe.

   Rodion snuck out of the building, with no one seeing him. He knew if the CIA Spy were here, they would have fought. The hero would have tried to stop him but would have ended up unconscious as Paavo.

    After all the chaos was over, the fire department found Paavo's unconscious body, but he was alive, just hurt after the strong Russian young man attacked him and choked him, then knocked him out with a chloroform rag. The EMTs took him to the hospital and told Sofia and Jan.

    She was so upset over almost losing her friend Paavo, but she had to keep going. She spoke to him in the ambulance and told him she would see him later. She kissed him and smiled when he blushed. Jan knew Sofia would end up with Paavo, but he didn’t mind, he was glad they were all friends. He would let them be together and be happy with them. He smiled as they went upstairs, but frowned when they tried to get into the system, they found someone had hacked it. The malware had begun to overrun Tervik with fake news and propaganda. Shit. Daniel Miller was right. Why hadn't she believed him?


   Back in Turba proper, Daniel had moved into the seedy part of town, where he found a bunch of young men and women drinking moonshine and huffing rocket fuel. Music was playing on their phones as he approached. "Hey. What's going on here? Are you kids getting high? Can I get a drink of that?" he asked, as he smiled at the group of stoners.

  "Hey, there, handsome, you Australian?" one of the huffers asked.

  "No, man, American," Daniel answered as he stared down at the stoned kid.

   "Is your country great yet?" the kid teased as he looked Daniel up and down approvingly. He would tap that, the kid thought.

    "No, man, my country is fucked. It doesn't matter now, I'm here, in your country. Still, compared to this shit hole here, it's fucking paradise," Daniel answered, and all the huffers laughed. He laughed along with them. Then the kid asked him to sit down and join them.

    The stoned young girl wore a long dress with boots, worked the crankshaft, made the moonshine, and handed him a cup of the stuff. Daniel drank it, only to calm his rattled nerves. He was so far out of his element, but no one cared about him. He was deep undercover, and they all knew that, so they couldn't contact him. He felt lonely. So, talking to these huffers eased some of that loneliness. He wished Hector were with him again, but he didn't know where his friend was.

    "Turba's a ghost town, empty, and then these stupid fuckers, how do you say? Spetsnaz soldiers, uptight fuckers show up in their dumb green uniforms. They try to recruit guys, you know, the militia types, for some glorious cause. They are here to take over our country, and our fucking government doesn't even fucking care. We don't care. It's not our business. We only care that we can't even get high in Silo's basement anymore. They kicked us out. The fucking Spetsnaz boys, all pretty and strong, called us druggies. Fuck them, what else is there to do, hmm?" the young guy told Daniel. The kid wore torn jeans, a black shirt, boots, and a black hoodie beneath a green jacket.

    "How long have they been here? These Spetsnaz boys you spoke about? Come on, tell me everything you know. I know you're not telling me everything. So, fucking spill," Daniel asked, all serious now, he was getting somewhere.

   "A month or two, more show up every few days. They are like ghosts. A moment you see them, then you don't. They move around in stealth mode, but they were here and have been here for a fucking long time now. Months, maybe even a fucking year. We could not get into the Silo for a fucking long time now, but we took out these fucking dregs," Kaspar said. That's what Daniel called him.

    "Okay, that's good to know. Now we're getting somewhere. You're doing good. Keep going, Kaspar. Were they on a train?" he cautioned, seeing if the kid took the bait.

     He leaned in close to the handsome man. "You mean the secret train we don't hear? Which, of course, we all hear because it's a fucking train? Yeah? Yeah, that one, handsome man, you are pretty, even though someone beat the shit out of you. Was it the Spetsnaz boys? Were you snooping around asking them questions too? Like you're asking us questions. Are you a spook for your country? Is that why you're here and all beat up?"

     He just smiled at the fucking intelligent kid, and shook his head, then changed the subject. "Did you find these in the Silo's basement you spoke of?" Daniel asked about the containers of rocket fuel the kids were inhaling through rags.

     "As I said, pretty boy, they were dregs only. There were thousands of them in the fucking Silo, but we fucking can't get in there because of the fucking Spetsnaz boys taking over. Here, hold this, pretty boy," Kaspar said as he handed a rag to Daniel.

      He stood up and moved to the container, then opened it. The Liquid sloshed. "Oopsie. Sorry, pretty boy. If you sniff your hands, you will get high, too, just like all of us. I like your face and your body. You're pretty. I would fuck you," he laughed and smiled at Daniel.

     "Oh, fuck! Fuck! Jesus! Watch out, man, be fucking careful, don't mix this shit with the fucking moonshine. Okay, thanks for the compliments, I'm working now, so I don't have time. Plus, you're too young and too fucking stoned, so forget it, boyo," Daniel swore as he pulled his hands away. It was all over him now. He shook his head and grinned at the boy. He was probably like 20 to 25 years old.

     "Sorry, man. We mix both all the time, and we are fine handsome boy, you are so pretty, with your lovely blue eyes. So, you do like boys? I do too, and girls. But I can sense something in you, our pretty American boy," Kaspar said as he took the rag back and inhaled the fuel.

      Daniel stared silently up at him and shook his head. This whole situation was fucking insane, but he had to stay with it because maybe Kaspar would lead him back to the Silo and find a way inside.

       "Hmm, strong silent type, I like guys like that. I can fuck you into oblivion if you want me to," Kasper teased as he leaned in close to Daniel and squeezed his knee. He laughed when the handsome American blushed but still stayed silent, and everyone else laughed too.

      "Come on, handsome guy. I want to show you something." Kaspar offered as he motioned for the man to follow him. The stoner stumbled as he walked and made sure Daniel was beside him. It was dark now, but he could see.

       Daniel followed the huffer to an unfamiliar area of the underground Silo. This section had a hatch for a door with handles on it. He could see lights in the distance, and the kid seemed to know how to open the round door. They both opened the lid and pulled it back. Kaspar climbed in and made a shushing noise as he climbed down into the underground Silo. How the fuck did Daniel not find this earlier.

      "Kaspar!" Daniel called out as he stared down the rabbit hole. He looked around to see if he was alone, and once he realized that it was clear, he called April.

     "Where have you been? I've been waiting to hear from you for fucking hours, Daniel," she scolded.

      "I got a solid lead. I met some kid who's been huffing rocket fuel from the Silo complex. He showed me a way to get in. I was hanging out with a group of them all afternoon and evening in the village of Turba. Don't worry. I'm working, April, it's what I do. I couldn't contact you. It wasn't safe to do so," Daniel remarked as he shook his head.

     "Wait, you have been following some wasted huffer all night down there? Daniel, please be careful. Did you snort the rocket fuel or something? Nah, what am I saying? You wouldn't do that. You're too smart," she laughed.

      "Hey, it's where the action is. No, I didn't snort the fucking rocket fuel. Jesus, April, I didn't snort it, but the fucking kid spilled it all over my clothes. The smell is finally going away. I will be careful, I promise," he countered and scoffed at her words.

       "Listen to me now. There's probably no reception down there, so give me 12 hours in the dark, and I'll call you by 10:00 am SOP. I'm working here now. I think I have some good solid information, and Kaspar led me right to it. I must follow this. Tell Robert and Val what I said. You try to get some sleep."

     "Fuck sleep. Please, be careful, Daniel. I will wait to hear from you tomorrow morning. Be careful, Daniel, please, I'm your handler, don't wait so long to call me back again," April said as they both hung up.

     Daniel laughed softly at her words, and his cell phone beeped as he clicked it off and slid it back in his pocket. "Okay." He said as he climbed down the ladder.

     What Daniel wouldn’t know and didn’t see was that while he had spent time with the huffers and climbed down that ladder into the silo, Rodion had finished his business at Tervik, then the tall Russian Spetsnaz Lieutenant returned to where his thugs waited that same night. He told them Roman had given him orders.

   They still had to find not only the American but also the fucking huffer who had shown the American Spy down to the silo. They needed to take care of both things tonight. Roman had insisted that they kill both, but Rodion pleaded with him, saying it would be better if they took in the American Spy to use as leverage with his CIA.

   Roman was reluctant at first but finally agreed, then one of the Russian thugs told Rodion he needed to speak with Roman. He told the first lieutenant they had an encounter with the handsome American, and he had surmised they were from the Kremlin, even though they all denied it and said they were Estonian.

   Roman laughed when the thug told him the handsome American had called them all ass-kissing Kremlin lackeys. He also described how the American had posted a letter in the mailbox where he also bought cigarettes. Roman immediately told them to get the mail out of the box and burn it. He didn’t care what anyone would say. He needed whatever the American had posted so they could burn it to ashes.

      So, with Rodion watching his thugs, they tore out the post box from the side of the building, using crowbars, and found the American’s letter. The fat man tore it open and found an old picture of what looked like a young Henrik and some guy in a cap and trench coat, with glasses. He told Roman about it while Rodion watched them.

     Roman didn’t care where it was going. He just told the thugs to dump all the mail into the metal garbage barrel. Rodion used his Zippo lighter to alight the photograph, then tossed it inside the bin, while they watched the letters burn, to make sure no one would put it out; there went Daniel’s evidence of Diver, the photo of him with Henrik burned to ashes, and left to smolder in the fire.

     Rodion threw a bottle of water inside the bin to wash away the ashes and evidence of the letters burning. Then he said his “Okay, my ass-kissing Kremlin lackeys come with me now, chertov durak,” he said to them, and they all frowned at him, but he waved his hand at them and shook his head.

     “We need to find the American and the fucking stupid huffer kid. Roman’s orders are to abduct the former and kill the latter, but we need to make it look as if we have killed the American. I’ll take care of that part, is what I do, you’re just foot soldiers and stupid lackeys. If you need to use force, then that’s fine. It may be necessary to abduct the American. Let’s go now!” He told them he would take care of that part, but they needed to use force to abduct the American.

Chapter Text

     Daniel knew it was probably a bad idea to climb down into that underground silo, but he couldn't help himself. He was on a mission and moved down the ladder. His heart was racing in his ears. He called out for the huffer kid again, but he was as fast as a fucking rabbit. Still, he felt like Alice in Wonderland, going down the fucking rabbit hole.

     Once he was inside, he moved through the place with ease and down a couple of hallways. Then he hid in the stairwell when he saw an armed thug coming down the stairs, a Russian Spetsnaz probably, or a regular foot soldier, since he heard the guy speaking the language. Fucking Russians. It relieved him when the armed man was out of sight and moved further inside the silo. He came upon a door and noticed a guard sitting at the table in the long hallway. Maybe he was guarding something important. He knew then that he had to get into that room to see what it was.

     Daniel found a steel pipe and tiptoed into the corridor, then bashed the guard in the back of his head. He threw it to the floor, entered that room, then stared down at the ground floor.

    Daniel was shocked to see an entire supply of weapons. So, he took out his phone and snapped pics of the whole load. He needed to send those pics to April, so she could show Robert and Valerie that his work had proved his suspicions and Torres' facts right.

     Daniel had the get the fuck out of there, so he ran inside the facility and up the stairs. The metal rattled under his boots, but he kept going up and up, through all the winding metal stairs, until he came upon another trap door. Jesus fucking Christ, why didn't he find any of these hidden trap doors before. Because he was looking in the wrong fucking place. He was glad he had been hanging out with that huffer kid because that led him to the mother-load he would need to take down the Russians and stop their Estonia invasion.

      He pushed open the trapdoor and stepped up out of the underground, breathing in the fresh air again. The stupid huffer was nowhere in sight, not that he could see him, as it was pitch black. He looked around longer, walking down the disused train line and the open trail, and just as he had expected, the group of Russian thugs met up with him again.

    The fat Russian man he had insulted so horribly was the first to punch him in his face. The others followed suit, blow after blow hit him.

     Daniel tried to fight back, but there were just too many of them. For the second time in a couple of days, he was beaten to a bloody pulp by the fucking Russians. They kept hitting him in his face, in his ribs, his stomach, the side of his head. They kicked him in his ribs and his kidneys, all over his body, and he was so completely helpless, he just let them beat the living daylights out of him. Fucking Russians.

    He was just too beaten down and battered that when he tried to get up, he heard another voice speaking in broken English, with a definite Russian tone to it. "Hello, friend." It was the same man who had beat him up in Estonia one day ago. The beautiful black-haired Russian Spetsnaz soldier.

    Daniel groaned when the man knelt beside him and searched his pockets. "Who- are - you?" he stammered out his words as he stared up at the handsome Russian, with the thick black hair, and thick beard, with the piercing green eyes, eyes that were like green emeralds.

   "I am Rodion Volkov," the man answered, as he smirked at Daniel when he found his cell phone and quickly pocketed it. Then he saw something even more valuable—Daniel Miller's CIA passport. "Chto u nas tut, malen'kiy shpion?" Rodion spoke in Russian, knowing that his men had told him Daniel had spoken in fluent Russian to them earlier when they met him in the village of Turba.

   What have we got here, little spy? Daniel translated Russian in his mind, but he stayed silent when Rodion spoke. Fuck. So, his thugs had told him he said it fluently. He knew he would eventually have to talk, but for now, his head was pounding, and his entire body ached, so he clamped his mouth shut tight.

   "Yes, you stay quiet now, Daniel Miller. Very smart," Rodion intoned, then turned to his men, the stupid ones, then told them to go get the van now. He took Daniel's passport to the huffer kid's dead body and slid it inside the kid's back pocket. He kicked out his teeth, and slid Daniel's jacket on the kid, and then moved to stand beside Daniel again.

   "You know, Daniel Miller, this could be a good thing for you. If you would join the Spetsnaz," Rodion spoke to the other young man in Russian again. He called him by his name. It just rolled off his tongue so quickly.

   Daniel remained silent, so Rodion sat down beside his prone body and placed one of his hands on his backside while his free hand dialed Roman Platov, First Lieutenant of Major Krik, on his mobile. "Good evening, Lieutenant Platov, is Rodion here. I have the little American Spy, Daniel Miller. He was snooping around the silo, along with the dirty fucking huffer kid, chertov durak," Rodion spoke in Russian, but he knew the American spy understood.

   "Yes, the CIA spy you spoke of earlier? Rodion, that is good. Bring him with you to Komarovo. The Major will be pleased with his new possession. Do not damage him too much," Roman voiced, speaking in Russian, knowing the other man very well.

   Roman Platov was very handsome for a Russian baddie. The young man was 5 foot 9 and packed with lean muscles and a petite body that could take a hit anywhere. He loved both men and ladies, but lately, he had found himself more into men. He had short, black hair and deep, mysterious brown eyes. Roman may be short, but he had the strength of ten tall, muscular men and didn't take flak from anyone.

   "Good. We will be on our way tonight," Rodion answered in Russian, as he smirked when he saw Daniel Miller's sexy, muscular body tremble in fear. He rang off the call with Platov, then slid it into the pocket of his leather jacket.

   "Now, Daniel Miller, we are going on a journey. Well, I know you heard what I said and that you speak Russian. My men told me so. I will watch over you, so my men do not fuck you, as they all wish to. But maybe I might do so myself," Rodion continued to speak in Russian and waited to see if his charge would break soon and do so as well. He patted and squeezed Daniel's sweet, peachy ass and smiled when he felt him try to push him away.

   "Don't touch me, you Russian fucker," Daniel grunted out his words, in Russian, as Rodion knew he could do all along.

   Rodion laughed, kissed the top of Daniel's head, and spoke in Russian more since the American spy spoke in his language. "The Major will love you, little spy."

   When his lackeys arrived with the van, Rodion hefted Daniel over his shoulder and deposited him inside the back. "Wait there," he teased, speaking in Russian, knowing the man could not move even if he wanted to.

   "Where would I go, fucking Russian?" Daniel spoke the language again. Then groaned when he heard Rodion's men laughing. He cursed his rotten luck and wished Hector were there with him. Hector would beat the living daylights out of these guys.

   No. Hector would shoot them or gut them. Yeah. That's what he would do. But Daniel could do nothing. They had beat him up so badly that everything just fucking hurt so much. So, he stayed still, facing out to where he could see the Russians doing something stupid.

   Daniel was facing the van's door and had an unobstructed view of the ground where he only lay moments ago. He watched with heavily lidded eyes. Out there on the hard ground, Daniel noticed that poor huffer Kaspar lying there while Rodion poured gasoline all over him. Then he lit a match and threw it over the body. They had placed his American CIA passport inside the back pocket. All to throw off the scent with the Spetsnaz mind fuck, just as Torres had said to him and Robert. He should have gone to him. He wouldn't have been in this fucking mess now.

   He was fucking scared now, not knowing what the fuck was going to happen to him. No one knew they were abducting him now, and they didn't seem to care, so he thought about how his life was over. 

   Rodion ordered his men inside the van. The other young man quickly lifted the tall American spy from where he lay on the floor, then pushed him hard against the wall of the truck, making his ribs snap loudly. 

   Rodion sat beside the American spy. He needed to guard him against his ass-kissing Kremlin lackeys. He knew they wanted to fuck him from their ogling faces. 

   Rodion glared at Volti, the fat man, who wildly licked his lips and grabbed his groin. He reached out with his leg and kicked the man hard in his balls, stopping him from his gross leering, as if Daniel would lie with the likes of him. 

   Daniel groaned when the van took off toward the docks, where a large cargo ship waited to carry them and their weapons to St. Petersburg and then to Komarovo. He knew that his life was slipping away the closer he came to that shipyard. He couldn't let his tears roll down his cheeks, so instead, he lifted his legs to his chest, placed his arms over his knees, then buried his aching head against them. 

   His head was reeling in pain by the time they reached the docks, but he knew Rodion would not care. He had already manhandled him; they beat him to a bloody pulp by his thugs. He grunted when the dark-haired Russian yanked him from the van, closed the doors, and shoved his aching body against the side of the vehicle.

   Daniel grunted and glared at Rodion and watched in horror as one man handed him an iron mask. He glanced over Rodion's shoulder and saw a clear spot down the docks where he could run, but he decided against it. 

   The thugs had guns and could kill him in one crack shot. But he still fought to have that thing put over his face. "No! Get away from me! I don't want that fucking thing on me!" he shouted, as he struggled until one of Rodion's men punched him in his kidneys and pushed him onto his knees in front of Rodion. 

   "Prekrati, ty, grebanyy zasranets. Ne soprotivlyaysya. Ty prosto dolbannaya amerikanskaya shlyukha, no ya by vse ravno tebya trakhnul, krasavchik," the fat man spat out in Russian as he gripped Daniel's shoulders and pushed him down further on the ground.

   Daniel translated his words in his head. He told him not to fight back, called him a fucking asshole, a fucking whore. This dirty man wanted to fuck the pretty American, but Rodion still protected him. Maybe on the ship, he would try to get at him, and the others wanted him too. 

   Rodion smiled as he placed the Iron mask over Daniel's face, then he buckled it into place around the back of Daniel's lovely long neck. They also positioned the straps over and around the sides and back of his head. The black-haired Russian moved behind Daniel's body and slipped a small lock at the end of the buckle. It locked into place on the back of his neck perfectly. 

   He lifted Daniel forcefully up off the ground, moving him about smoothly, only because he was beaten up and feeling ill already. 

   "Poydem, moy malen'kiy shpion," Rodion intoned, as he placed one hand on Daniel's shoulder while the other gripped his arm. 

   Let's go, my little spy, Daniel translated in his head. He could about see out of the eyeholes of the disgusting Iron mask, and there was a small opening for his mouth, the lips shaped oddly, which left his mouth open. But the mask covered his face completely, so no one would know who the fuck he was. 

   He grunted when Rodion gripped his arm and moved them toward the large ominous-looking cargo ship. He started dragging his booted feet on the ground, but Rodion squeezed his neck hard to keep him moving. 

   "No, no, no, please don't do this! I don't want to get on there. Please, let me go. I won't say anything to anyone!" Daniel sobbed as he dug his booted feet into the ground, gaining some purchase, but then cried out when Rodion punched him hard in his side, knocking the wind out of him, as he leaned against the tall Russian. 

   "Do not struggle, Daniel Miller! I will toss you into water!" Rodion threatened as he shoved the young man forward onto the long walkway, then down the landing.

   "Would you, though? Fuck you!" Daniel shot back and grunted when Rodion's answer was to push him hard, where he lost his footing and fell forward on his hands and knees. He groaned when he hit his left knee hard on the metal walkway. "Fuck! You fucking Russian bastard!"

   Rodion just lifted him hard, as if he weighed nothing, and moved him forward with another hard shove to the middle of his back. 

   Daniel sobbed and had no choice but to keep moving. As he walked further down that long plank, he knew he was in deep shit Russia now.

   Rodion kept his hold on Daniel and moved them further inside the tall, Russian cargo ship's long winding corridors. He kept his grip on his charges' arm with his hand wrapped around Daniel's muscular bicep, but this time he gently caressed his skin. 

   "You come with me, my little spy. We need to report to the Major to show him his new prize and possession," Rodion spoke in his broken English for a change. He moved them down the corridor, toward a vast stateroom, with a large king-sized bed, several comfortable sofas, and armchairs. They covered the floor in plush white carpets, and the walls were an off-white color. No windows because they were below deck, but it was still a nice room. 

   A video monitor was placed in the center of the room, hanging on the back wall, with a computer table below it.

   Upon entering, he shoved Daniel inside the room then closed and locked the door behind him. He pulled his charge over to one of the comfortable armchairs, then pushed him down hard, and made his way to the table with the computer. 

   After Rodion typed in a code on the keyboard, a screen popped up with another man. This man was shorter than Rodion, about five feet ten inches tall, with brown hair, deep brown eyes, and a villainous smile. He was quite handsome, Daniel thought. It seemed the Russians were all gorgeous. 

   "Good evening, Lieutenant Platov. Is Rodion here. I have the prisoner, Daniel Miller with me," Rodion said, speaking in Russian, as he stood to attention. He placed his hand on Daniel's shoulder, his thumb still caressing the skin on his neck, just below where the mask locked in place. 

   "Very good, Rodion. Please remove the iron mask. The Major will be here soon," Roman instructed, also speaking in Russian, as he eyed Daniel Miller and licked his lips, that lecherous smile on his face. 

   Rodion pulled out the key from his pocket, unlocked the chain lock from behind the iron mask, and removed the lock. He carefully slid the iron mask from Daniel's head, and held it in his left hand, then raised his charge's head to face Platov.

   Roman clicked his tongue at the state of the prisoner. He was all bloody, bruised, and battered. He could still see how handsome the man was, even all bloody, but always chastised the other man. "Rodion, what the fuck did you do? It looks as if you used too much force. The Major will not be pleased." 

   "I know, Roman. My men and I beat him. But Daniel Miller is quite willful," Rodion explained, all the while they spoke in Russian, and he knew Daniel understood every word. As he kept his hand on Daniel's shoulder, his thumb still caressed the soft skin of his neck. 

    “Well, we will soon break him of that willfulness. He will learn to be obedient to our commands,” Roman stated, just as the door opened and the Major entered the room. 

    “Ah, so we have contact with Rodion, and my new possession,” The Major voiced in Russian as well. He was bald, short, stocky, five foot nine inches tall, wearing a fancy white button-down shirt and dress pants, with expensive shoes. He moved into view of the video, and looked over at Daniel, and he smiled and licked his lips, and nodded his head. 

   “Yes, Major. He is here,” Roman answered in Russian, as he stepped aside when the major came into view of the video.

   Rodion yanked Daniel up from the chair and gripped his arm and caressed his skin with his thumb.

   “Mm, yes, nice. But Rodion, why must you mess things up so much?” The Major tutted, but eyed Daniel more through the video monitor. 

       “My apologies, Major, he is willful. He fights me at every turn, but I have kept him in line, as much as I can. The beatings came not only from myself, but from my men, they are quite eager to have him, in all ways. So, I have him with me, for safety reasons,” Rodion explained, and spoke in Russian. He kept hold on Daniel, and his fingers caressed his charges’ skin to keep him calm when he felt him trembling with fear.

     “Hmm, yes, we will soon break him of that. Still, job well done, Rodion. This means you will be my second Lieutenant. Does the Blyat speak?” The Major inquired, as he eyed his possession. He couldn’t wait for him to be in front of him, so he could touch him and smack him around a bit. 

     Daniel grunted when Rodion nudged him and glared at the ugly bald Russian on the screen. He was so creepy looking and made his skin crawl. The next thing he said was, I am not a fuck, you asshole, and that got him in trouble. Then he shouted at the man. “Go fuck yourself, you fucking idiot,” he growled out his words in Russian. He grunted when Rodion kneed him in the back, and he fell to the floor on his knees. He groaned and glared up at all of them and grit his teeth as he balled his hands into fists at his sides. 

     Rodion was about to hit him for his insolence, but the Major stopped him. 

     “No Rodion, don’t hit him. Stand him up again,” The Major spoke sternly to the young Spetsnaz.

     Rodion lifted Daniel roughly to his feet and held him fast when he swayed.

     “Good. That’s fine. So, he speaks Russian, very impressive and interesting. I like his bravado. You must always keep the little spy with you, Rodion. Please, don’t hit him anymore. He is already bloody and bruised enough - for now. We will do the rest when he gets here, Roman and I, and my other men,” the Major glared at Rodion, to get his point across. He knew his men would bruise and beat him more, but for now, the Major wanted him unharmed.

    “Da, mayor. Spasibo,” Rodion bowed, then he cut the feed, and they were alone again. 

Chapter Text

   Rodion sighed with a nod at his charge. “Sit, Daniel Miller. Make yourself comfortable. We are going to Major's Dacha, and he will certainly enjoy having you as a prisoner,” he said in Russian, as he rudely pushed Daniel on the chair. He placed his hands on his shoulders and pressed hard, as he leaned over him.

   “Since we are in for seventeen-hour ship ride, would you like something to eat?” Rodion offered, as he leaned his bearded cheek against Daniel’s lightly bearded cheek.

   “I am not hungry for food. Fuck!  Can we please switch back to English? It’s giving me a fucking headache to speak Russian all the fucking long day?” Daniel complained, as he glared at the young Spetsnaz Lieutenant who beat him up just to kidnap him and bring him to Russia.  He shook his head and looked at the young green-eyed Russian, and realized not for the first time, that he was quite handsome. Really gorgeous, actually. He smelled so good too. His musk drove him crazy with lust.

     Rodion laughed in his low-sounding baritone. He rubbed Daniel's shoulders as his fingers slipped underneath his black shirt and caressed the soft skin of his neck. “Oh, I see, you are not hungry for food. What do you want, my hot America spy? I like the way you speak my language, it makes me hard,” he said to his prisoner to see how he would react. He smiled when he shivered under his massages. He didn’t speak but his reaction was still a response and that made him feel good.

     “Sure, why not. When is Russia, as they say." He knew this was a Spetsnaz mindfuck, so he played along with the handsome young man. He ignored Rodion’s remarks, though, and was cautious with the man. All these thoughts rushed through his mind in quick succession. Rodion asked him what he wanted, and since he told the young Russian he wasn’t hungry for food, he was sure he was talking about something else.

     Why did he ask that? He thought to himself. He also called him his sexy American Spy. Was this all a Spetsnaz mind fuck? Did the Russian want to fuck him? Again, he wasn’t sure, so he stayed silent. His mind was reeling with all kinds of thoughts. His heart raced and his body raged at him. Yes, fuck the sexy Russian. Let him fuck you. Let him have you. Let him possess you. He had to tell his mind to shut the fuck up, because his head whirled with all these thoughts of sex and fucking. He had to admit, though, the young Russian was hot. He exuded sex from his strong, muscular body. Yeah, he thought, he was sexy too. Similarly, he was aroused by him. He wanted him to fuck him. He wanted him to possess him. He wanted him to have him all goddamn night long. He told his mind to shut the fuck up again, but he decided that he really wanted to be fucked by this gorgeous Russian.

     After all, Rodion was in his dream the other night. Daniel thought to himself as he looked back on that sexy dream. Yes, he answered in his mind, but this wasn't a dream now, he was there before him. Those words went right through his mind. Then he smiled inwardly as a different thought came to his mind. He wanted this fucking sexy Russian Spetsnaz boy to fuck him. Goddamn it. He swore at himself inwardly. Stop it. He told himself. Honestly, he didn't know what the other young man would do next, so it was prudent for him to be careful. He sighed softly, however, as the man continued his beautiful massage, and his lovely long fingers made his muscles relax. They melted away most of his pain.

     “Mmhmm. Yes, when in Russia indeed. But you remain silent. I wonder what is in your mind right now. Are you thinking the same thing as me, perhaps?" Rodion teased the handsome American spy. He tested the waters, but again, his charge never said a word to his taunts, so he just smiled.

   "Yes, even more silence. I understand your apprehension about telling the truth. There's my sweet little American spy. Sorry about what happened to your face. You are still beautiful, even battered and bloody. You are ridiculous hot and sexy, though, I will not lie about that. Are you thinking the same as me?" Rodion joked as he kissed the side of Daniel's bloody mouth and massaged his shoulders a little longer. Then he suddenly removed his hands from the other young man's shoulders. He grinned as he moved to the liquor cabinet on the other side of the room but kept his eyes on his charge. 

    “Sure. All right, Spetsnaz boy. You did these things to me, didn't you? You threw me through that fucking glass door, slammed my face into the bookcase, then as if that wasn't enough, you cut me with that fucking sword,” Daniel voiced, as he smirked playfully. What the fuck was wrong with him. Oh, he knew what was wrong with him, he was so turned on by this hot Russian, that he wanted him to fuck him. He reluctantly watched Rodion go to the bar. Then he immediately missed the Russian's hands on his shoulders. It felt so good when he was massaging him, he was so calm in that moment. Oh, and that kiss on the side of his mouth was exciting and so intimate.  He admitted inside his mind that this Russian Spetsnaz boy was very beautiful, hot and sexy as fuck.

   "Mmhmm, my best work, but I will try not to bruise you anymore. Well, at least not with my fists, yes?” Rodion teased his prisoner again with a cheeky smile. He spoke in his deep, sexy Russian accent, in broken English. He winked to Daniel and brought the bottle of Stoli vodka with two crystal shot glasses to the table.   

   Daniel remained silent but stared at Rodion as he approached him again. He knew he wanted this beautiful Russian to fuck him, but he had to be careful. There was so much sexual tension between them, he thought they seemed perfect for each other. Oh, but he didn't say anything out load about that. He believed the handsome Russian wanted it too. He sensed it by his body language. The Russian teased and taunted him to make him admit that he wanted him.

   Rodion wanted to fuck this magnificent American spy, but he still hadn't answered his advances. He would wait and see what happened once they started drinking the Russian vodka. He noticed Daniel stared at him thoughtfully. He was glad to see some interest in his pretty blue eyes. Even though the American spy tried to hide it. He didn’t need to speak the words to him, he saw it in his eyes, in his body language. He was just as turned on, and he hoped they would be fucking soon. He counted on the vodka to loosen up his sexy charge, and himself as well.

  Rodion sat in the chair in front of Daniel, nearer so their knees touched. He opened the bottle and filled both glasses with pure Russian moonshine vodka, then raised an eyebrow as he handed Daniel his glass.

  Dlya tvoyego zdorov'ya, Daniel Miller,” Rodion toasted to their health, as he clinked his glass against Daniel’s, and sank his down.

  “To my health indeed. So, cheers, Rodion Volkov,” Daniel countered, as he did the same. He banged his hand on the table, and demanded another round in the Russian manner.

   Rodion smiled openly, happy with Daniel's knowledge of Russian drinking habits. He rapidly filled their glasses again. As he poured them out, Daniel pounded his hand on the table and repeated the word, «Another!» for refill after refill.

    “Be careful, American spy. I don’t want you to get sick. This is pure Russian moonshine vodka. The real Stoli, not the watered down shit in America,” Rodion warned his charge. Yet he poured more and more shots for both of them. He smiled when Daniel matched him shot for shot.

   “Poshel ty, paren’ iz spetsnaza! Ya spravlyus’ s etim," said Daniel in Russian, but he repeated the words in English because why not. This was a Russian Spetsnaz mindfuck. “Fuck you, Spetsnaz boy! I can handle it! I’m a fucking army brat. Plus, I can take a drink. I grew up in Berlin!” Daniel responded with an open smile as he looked at the gorgeous Russian. He hoped he wouldn't get beat up over his bravery.

   “You are some kind of brat, is for sure. You might be a great Spetsnaz, you know. And I want to fuck you now,” Rodion teased, as he poured more shots in a row. He looked into Daniel's beautiful blue eyes.

   “Do you really? I mean, do you really want to fuck me now? That's funny because I was just thinking the same thing. Hey, you know, maybe I will become a Spetsnaz. And maybe I really am a Blyat, and I just want to get fucked all the time. After all, I really am fucked in my life from this moment on. So, I might as well enjoy it, right?” Daniel asked, in a teasing tone, as he sank back more shots and teased the beautiful and very sexy Russian. They just admitted to one another they wanted to fuck, so he might as well go with the flow.

   “Nyet. You say you are a Blyat, Daniel Miller, but are you? I don't think so. I think you live for the moment, is what spies do. As to whether you will become Spetsnaz, I don't think so either, because you are this genuine American CIA spy. You say that because you drank some Russian vodka.  Stoli is extraordinarily strong, and can loosen your tongue, yes?" Rodion remarked, as he poured more vodka into their shot glasses. He knew Daniel could take it. He poured two more shots for them, each one in succession.

   “But yes. Is good to know you want to get fucked now too. I could fuck you right here. Nobody would find out. Just you and I, right here, right now, correct?” The Russian smiled at Daniel, and then he sat back with his long legs spread.

    Daniel giggled as he looked Rodion up and down, his eyes widened at this Russian beauty before him. He licked his lips and poured more vodka for them, and laughed when they sank it back. Then he suddenly shot up from the chair, and even though his body swayed, he still stayed upright. He placed his hands on the arms of the Russian’s chair and leaned his bearded face close to Rodion's beautiful, bearded face. “C'mon then, fuck me, Rodion. I am so turned on by all this vodka, and by you, sexy Spetsnaz boy.”

    "Well, come here, my hot fucking spy. Sit on my cock, and I fuck you hard," cried Rodion, as he reached out and grabbed Daniel by his arms, then pulled him on his lap.

    Daniel whimpered as he sat upon Rodion's abundant groin. “Oh, fuck! You're so big, and so hard, my beautiful Spetsnaz.”

   Rodion smiled wickedly when he heard Daniel swear in his own language, and he was aroused. Suddenly he jumped forward and crushed their lips together. He thrust his tongue into Daniel's hot mouth. Both moaned loudly, while they kissed each other hard, leaving behind plump and bruised lips.

   Daniel groaned around their fiery kiss and although his body had suffered blows, he wanted this. He rubbed his ass against Rodion's cock, shoved his tongue harder against Rodion's, and showed him what he wanted. He wanted this beautiful Russian to fuck him, hard and heavy, like their kiss.

   Rodion sighed into their kiss and pushed his cock harder against Daniel's perfect ass. He grabbed the edge of Daniel's soft black t-shirt and his fingers did quick work as he unbuttoned it and only broke their kiss for a second as he removed it. They were both panting when Rodion slipped him from his body and tossed him on the floor.

   "Stand up in front of me, my little spy," ordered Rodion, who urged Daniel to rise, then quickly did the work of his black denims. He smiled approvingly when he found the button fly, just like he had on his denims.

   Daniel kicked off his boots. Then he breathed deeply when Rodion slipped his jeans off his trembling body, and his long fingers grazed on his hard cock. “Oh….”

   “Get up on that table and lie down. Now,” Rodion commanded as he reached out and roughly moved his charge along.

   Daniel grumbled when Rodion picked him up easily, as if he weighed nothing, and pushed him down onto the table. He was a little cold being totally nude, but he didn't complain. Not with this beautiful Russian before him.

   Rodion stood up and suddenly seized Daniel's throat. He pressed it tight and his thumb stroked the pressure point. “Are you certain you want this, American spy? When you sleep with the Russian man, it can become hard and heavy," he warned, as he grinned wickedly and gripped Daniel's throat a little bit more, just to emphasize his words.

   “Yes, I want this,” Daniel gasped out his words. He knew better than to try and remove Rodion's hand, not that he could, this goddamn Russian was as strong as a bull. “My life is over as I know it. Where I am going there is no return. I need you to take possession of me now. Please fuck me so hard the table threatens to break. Have you got that, goddamn Spetsnaz boy," he smiled openly, then put his hand on Rodion's, which was still wrapped tightly around his throat. He squeezed both their hands harder and believed he got the message across to the Russian. Plus, he knew his life was worthless now that he was in the bad Russian hands. He really didn't have anything to lose from the Spetsnaz boy screwing him. He was brave in the end.

   “Mmhmm, you are live wire, aren’t you Daniel Miller. The army boy enjoys playing with fire. Perfect. I will give you what you want, and you will be mine.  But first, you will do one more thing for me," said Rodion, with a wicked grin. He held the other man's beautiful throat. It pleased him when Daniel put his hand there too, and they squeezed his throat together. He knew then the young American spy liked it rough. That was fine by him, he would fuck him into oblivion, and they would enjoy it.

     “Fuck, Rodion. What is it now? I’m naked and vulnerable, drunk on Russian vodka, with your hand around my fucking throat. What more do you want from me?” Daniel gasped out his words, as he felt his long fingers tighten around his throat a little more.

    “I want you to try something for me. Something that will heighten your senses,” Rodion intoned, his broken English finding some words hard. He stared into Daniel’s blue eyes, then finally released his hold on his throat. He moved the bottle of vodka and glasses to the floor, so they wouldn’t end up smashed.

     “Oh, fuck! Please, just tell me what you want, already? What more can I do?" Daniel demanded.

   "This is something very special. It will make our sex better. It will make you moan louder and push down harder,” Rodion said mysteriously in his broken English..

     "What the hell is it, Rodion? Stop with the goddamn Russian mind fuck, and just do it already. I can take it,” Daniel replied tersely. He spread his hairy legs to show how hard his cock was.

    "Okay, sexy American spy. Just so you know, is pure liquid ecstasy is excellent drug. The Majors chemists process it at the Dacha in Komarovo,” Rodion smiled at Daniel and licked his lips while his eyes wandered over his beautiful muscular, naked body. This American was all sleek muscles and sharp planes, with six-pack abs, and thighs that could crack walnuts. Long hairy legs, and a large cock, which was meant to be sucked. 

     “Oh, why the fuck not. Please just do it, Rodion,” Daniel answered, as he stared at the Russian with a cheeky smile.

     “Mmhmm, of course, Army brat,” Rodion answered but did two things. First, he would need a cock ring. He opened a couple of drawers on the utility slash torture table and found the right cock ring, then went back to his charge. He grabbed Daniel's cock in his left hand, squeezed it hard, then slipped the metal cock ring around the base of the other young man's cock.

     Daniel hissed when Rodion grabbed his hard and painful cock, then arched his hips when the magnificent Russian set up the cock ring. He watched the other young man attentively, curious to see what else he would produce for this session.

     Secondly, Rodion returned to the draws under the utility table, where he gathered the bottle of liquid ecstasy and the syringe. He smiled when he came back to the table where Daniel sat staring at him as he filled the syringe with the drugs.

     “Relax, my pretty army brat,” he joked, as he forcefully moved Daniel's neck to the side. He found a vein and pressed the needle in and pulled the plunger. He grinned at the immediate response from his charge.

     “Oh! What the Fuck. Oh, wow! This stuff is fucking sweet," Daniel moaned loudly, as he felt the drugs leap into his bloodstream like a house on fire. Oh, he tried ecstasy pills with Hector in Chechnya, but it was nothing like this. This was one of the most delicious things he ever felt. His senses were elevated, and he could hear every little noise around him, the hum of the ship, the calls of the sailors on the upper decks. He could smell everything at once. The smell of engine oil and fuel. Most importantly, he smelled Rodion's musk and cologne, and his own sweat and musk. His fear and his elation were prevalent. His heart raced and his body thrummed from the drug. All his senses were on maximum overloaded.




     Each time Rodion touched Daniel, he felt the traces of his caresses like a soft feather. He could taste the sweetness of the drug in his mouth, and the last kisses they shared. He could taste the strong Stoli vodka, it made his head spin, but everything was like ambrosia to him. His brain moved so quickly, and his body vibrated like a beating drum, as the drugs continued to circulate through his veins. All his senses were hyper-consciousness, and he loved every second of it.

     "Is good, yes, Daniel Miller? I can see your response. Mmhmm. Now is time for me to fuck you, my sexy American spy boy,” Rodion murmured, as he reached in a drawer beneath the table again, and pulled out a tube of lube, cherry scented from what the label read in Russian. He held the tube up to Daniel's ass and squeezed the little nozzle, and the lube gushed inside Daniel’s tight heat. He smiled when the cherry-flavored lube filled Daniel's tight ass. He unbuttoned his denims coated his big thick hard cock with the rest of the lube. He pushed Daniel down on the table and forcefully moved his long hairy legs up to his chest. Then he drew his perfect ass to the edge. "Calm down, Daniel. Do not be tense. I have a large cock.”

     “I'm not tense. I’m fucking ready. Please, get that large cock inside me already, Rodion Volkov,” replied Daniel, and moaned loudly when the sexy Russian pushed his big thick cock inside his tight heat. He whimpered when the Russian slid his thick, hard cock all the way inside him with one easy glide. "Holy crap, you are big. Oh, my God, you're enormous. Oh, fuck, yes. That feels so fucking good.”  He signed when the Russian started screwing him hard and fast.

     Daniel frowned though when his head kept hitting the tabletop because of the Russian's punishing thrusts. He had nothing to hang on to, so his body slipped along the table.

      Rodion smiled and quickly put an end to that problem. He reached over the sides of the tabletop and opened the drawer again. He found something hidden underneath. He knew this was more than a table, it was definitely a torture device, but this time he used it as a pleasure zone to fuck his handsome American spy into oblivion. He raised both eyebrows as he forcefully moved Daniel's arms to his sides and slipped Velcro pads on his wrists.  He attached them to the long metal poles attached to the top of the table and grinned wickedly at his charge's surprised expression.

      Daniel was impressed with Rodion's swift actions, and he cried out as he tested the strength of the pads. He was secretly pleased with their strength.

    “Please, just fuck me hard now," Daniel begged. He whined as the ecstasy and vodka rushed into his bloodstream. His heart raced in his chest and pumped his blood faster. His cock was so hard, it hurt. The cock ring was wrapped tightly around his cock to prevent him from having an orgasm.

      Rodion thrust harder and moved deeper, faster inside Daniel's tight heat. He knew he could handle it because he was strong, his hairy thighs were so muscular, they squeezed him so tightly around his waist, it felt good. He moved his right hand back to Daniel's long neck and squeezed his throat hard.

     Daniel let out a long moan, as he pushed his ass down hard against the gorgeous Russians hard thrusts. He felt a little faint, though, with the Russian's long fingers around his throat again, but he did surprisingly well.

      Rodion twisted his hips and shoved his cock hard into the sexy American's tight ass. Oh, he was perfect, and he could handle anything. The table creaked loudly now, as he leaned over Daniel’s supine body. His left hand tightened around Daniel's muscular hairy thigh, while his right hand tightened around his throat.

      “Do not pass out on me. Stay awake now. I know you can do this, my sexy American spy," Rodion ordered, while he pushed his cock harder in Daniel's tight ass. He pushed harder now, his cock wanted to fill Daniel with his cum. But he was strong and carried on. The table squeaked even harder now, but he didn't care, he continued to fuck the other young man. He knew his hot spy loved it too, as he listened to his moans of pleasure. Their bodies moved perfectly together, as if they were made for one another.

   Daniel felt his consciousness fading, and he breathed loudly as Rodion pushed harder inside his tight heat. He groaned loudly as his cock-head leaked pre-cum, and the large head of Rodion’s thick cock slammed against his prostate several times. The Russian was right. He saw stars as he fucked him so hard. His vision swam, and his heart pounded loudly in his ears. Not only that, but he suddenly howled as his body shook in his bonds. His cock head continued to flow sweet pre-cum; the drugs, and vodka made his head spin and his heart ran even faster in his chest.

     Rodion looked down at the beautiful hot mess that Daniel Miller had become. He couldn't stand it any longer, as he pushed deeper, harder, faster, several times. The table creaked even louder, as it slid across the wooden floor of the Stateroom.

In the next moment, Rodion leaned over Daniel’s bound body. He placed one hand on the table next to the other man’s right bound wrist, while the other still gripped his throat, and he slammed his cockhead hard against Daniel’s prostate. Then he came so hard, he roared loudly. His right hand squeezed the other man’s throat, while his sexy spy squeezed his cock deep in his heat.

  “Blyad’! Oh, Fuck," he cried out. He came so hard, his eyes rolled back inside his head. But his hand still gripped the other man's throat, and he had the most intense orgasm ever.

  Daniel gasped and sobbed when Rodion exploded his hot cum so hard inside him. His own cock throbbed painfully inside the cock ring and leaned more pre-cum, it rolled down the sides of the hard shaft. Oh, he could feel blessed unconsciousness taking over him.

   Rodion eventually withdrew his strong hand from his throat. His watched with hooded eyes as Daniel’s body and legs sagged against the table again, and he was gasped and panted. He tried to catch his breath, as his ears rang and his vision blurred for a second. He quickly suspended himself over Daniel's body, while his hands seized his tied wrists. “Oh, Daniel Miller, I want you for mine, but I know the major would never let that happen. He won’t allow it."

   “I don't know about that, Rodion Volkov. He might not mind. Besides, I wouldn't sleep with that old bastard, even if he were holding a knife to my balls. Maybe we can sneak around, or maybe we won't have to,” Daniel murmured, with a raw throat and now saw Rodion's sexy act.

   “Nyet. You will be locked away most of the time. When you come out, you will be wearing the iron mask. I will request to be your handler, we will work on that. We can be in my room. You may be right, he may allow it. He's too old to fuck anybody, he is scary and mean. I suppose that is what makes him powerful,” Rodion mentioned, as he pulled out of Daniel’s tight wet heat and tucked himself back inside his denims.

   “Yeah, maybe. It would be nice if you were my handler. We're already used to one another, huh? I guess we kind of bonded now," Daniel admitted sheepishly. He would have liked them to have sex on a bed, or on the nice sofa in the middle of the room, but they were on this table, because that's where Rodion wanted him. He heard the Russian’s soft ‘Mmhmm’ of agreement. He looked up to see his sexy grin and blushed.

   He really hoped Rodion would be in charge of him. He prayed he would be his handler. Not only because they bonded, but because he was a well-trained Lieutenant Spetsnaz and knew how to look after things. He also knew how to smash someone to shreds, Daniel was proof of that. He felt in his heart that this magnificent Russian would be the only one who would show him kindness at the Dacha. He knew he would be a sheep among wolves. Moreover, he was a prisoner of Russia now, and all CIA agents knew they would never be saved from that circumstance. Rodion’s next words jarred him from his inner thoughts, and he blushed again.

   “So, my sexy American spy, your cock is hard now. What is it you want?" Rodion asked him. He grinned openly as he licked his lips invitingly.

   "Will you suck me? Please, Rodion? I am so fucking high and hard,” Daniel pleaded, as he stared up at the gorgeous Russian.

   "You are so beautiful when you beg me, my hot American spy. And, yes, of course, I would like that very much," Rodion whispered while carefully unraveled the Velcro bracelets from around his charge’s wrists. He grasped Daniel's thick hair for a moment and pulled him into a seated position, then slid his peachy ass to the edge of the table. He reached down and palmed Daniel’s hard, leaking cock, and teased him a bit. Likewise, he ran his thumb over the slit of his cock head and brought it to his lips. He groaned as he licked Daniel's pre-cum from his long fingers. “So, delicious."

   “Oh, blyad! Fuck! Rodion. Please, just suck me off now. I'm so fucking hard with this fucking cock ring. Stop teasing me, hot Spetsnaz boy,” Daniel swore, as he twisted his hips and pushed his cock against the palm of Rodion's broad, strong hand.

   “Mmhmm, so needy, is good seeing you like this. Yes, I know you like it, my gorgeous hot mess,” Rodion teased more, as he leaned forward and kissed Daniel’s lips hard. Their tongues danced together, as they groaned in their heated and hard kiss for several minutes.

   Daniel shuddered, raised his head and returned his burning kiss, their tongues danced together wildly. He grabbed the gorgeous Russian and pushed his cock into the other man's stroking hand. He was so hard it hurt and leaked more pre-cum onto Rodion’s fingers, he knew he needed to cum soon.

   Rodion ended the kiss first, and their lips smacked loudly, as he caressed Daniel’s red kiss swollen lips, and smirked. “Mmhmm, so pretty with your swollen lips, your hard cock pushing into my hand. You are gorgeous hot mess. I’m going to make you come so hard in my mouth, you will see stars. Just as I came hard in your gorgeous tight ass,” he intoned, as he moved his free hand into Daniel's gorgeous hair and pulled hard. “I want you to pull my hair too when I suck you. I want those beautiful, long fingers in my hair, my sexy spy.”

 “Oh, Rodion, yes. I will. You have great hair, so think and gorgeous. Please, just suck me off now. I’m so hard, it fucking hurts. Please, my sexy Spetsnaz boy. Stop fucking teasing me,” Daniel begged again, then giggled when a thought came to him. “I have to say, I think it's hot that you're still in your clothes, and I'm naked.”

   "Yes, you look very nice on my table. You are so sexy lying there, naked, hard, and begging me to suck your cock,” Rodion pointed out, as he moved toward the edge of the table. Then he pulled Daniel's body down, with his ass on the edge, and saw how hard his cock was, it stood thick and big between his hairy, muscular thighs. He smiled as he quickly removed the cock ring, then slipped it into the pocket of his denims. He placed his hands flat on top of the table, near both sides of Daniel's peachy ass, and then winked at the other man when he pleaded again. In the next moment, he leaned over Daniel’s hard cock, opened his mouth wide, and slid all the way down the other young man’s thick, hard shaft. He swallowed him all the way down his throat; then his tongue licked the circumference as he hollowed out his cheeks.

     Daniel groaned loudly and bucked his hips up off the table when Rodion swallowed his aching cock to the end of his exceptionally talented throat. He slowly seated himself and moved his hands into the beautiful thick black hair of the gorgeous Russian. It was so soft, like silk, and he pulled hard on the strands a few times. He smirked when Rodion whimpered around his cock. The drug kicked into his bloodstream again, and his whole body burned like a house on fire, it was a strong sensation.

     Daniel felt every sensation, like a river flowing downstream. When he tried the drug with Hector in Chechnya, it was in the form of a pill. This liquid version was ten times more magnified, and it was on a time release, with his sexual being, when he peaked, it followed. It was not a large dose, it was just enough for him to feel lightheaded with desire. “Oh, Rodion, I can't hold out much longer. Oh, my God!”

    Rodion pressed Daniel's balls to stem the flow of his orgasm, then bobbed his head several times. He moved his lips and tongue over the hard shaft, then slid his mouth up to the big cock head, and swallowed the sweet pre-cum that flowed over his tongue.

    Daniel gasped loudly and twisted his hips again, while Rodion worked his lips, tongue, and throat. His cock shuddered as he pushed his hips up harder from the table.

      Rodion still bobbed his head relentlessly, up and down, sucking, licking, he hollowed out his cheeks, and swirled his tongue around the circumference. He swallowed him all the way down to the base, his gag reflex working overtime, as he took him all the way in, held him there. He moved his mouth slowly up the shaft, hollowing his cheeks, moving his tongue around madly.

“Rodion, oh, please, I can't, it's too much. It's the ecstasy drug, I can't stop. I'm going to cum,” Daniel gasped out his words, as he yanked on Rodion’s thick black hair. He pushed his hairy legs up off the table and came so hard his eyes rolled to the back of his head. When he was done, his body collapsed on the table again, and his cock continued to spit its hot cum inside his sexy Russian mouth.

  Rodion hummed with the sweet taste that filled his mouth, and he swallowed every bit of ambrosia that Daniel gave him. He slid his mouth to the thick head and coaxed out more with his tongue. He felt Daniel's body tremble at his release and smiled when his body collapsed down onto the table again.

  Daniel’s hairy legs and thighs trembled. His entire body quivered, and his blood on fire inside his veins and at the pressure points, from his intense orgasm, and the ecstasy drug in his body. The hair on his arms stood up, but he knew it was the drug that affected him in this way. He loved every second of it. His head was reeling from the fantastic sex this gorgeous Russian gave to him, and the euphoria of it all completely overwhelmed, but in a good way. He felt exhilarated. He was still all battered and bloody, but he was high from the fucking ecstasy and from the fucking amazing sex. He liked how the drug removed most of his pain, so he went with it. He came out of his inner thoughts when Rodion suddenly moved him from the table. “Ugh.  Rodion, my head is reeling and spinning. Why are you moving me?”

  “I just wanted to make sure you were comfortable now, laying on sofa. I’m going to clean you up a bit, put some ointment on your wounds, stitch up others, glue some,” Rodion said, as he gently carried Daniel in his arms toward the comfortable sofa against the back wall.

  “Why? I’m only going to be tortured more when I get there - wherever there is?” Daniel murmured, his eyes wanted to close now. He was completely knackered from their mind-blowing sex. Still, he clung to Rodion, as he carried him toward the lovely-looking sofa, with its soft looking blankets, pillows, and cushions.

   “We are going to the Major’s Dacha, in Komarovo. I want to take away some of your pain now.  I will be your handler, but I want to present you to the Major. Is more to make you feel better, though,” Rodion explained, as he carefully placed Daniel's nude body down on the plush cushions of the sofa and covered him in several warm blankets with pillows under his head, and feet. 

   “Ah. I see. Now you tell me. Okay. So, I really am fucked then,” Daniel intoned, as he rolled his eyes and smirked at Rodion. “Komarovo. Fine. Do what the fuck you want, my Spetsnaz boy.”

   “Mmhmm, there is potty mouth, my American spy. Try to relax now,” Rodion moved to the kitchen, where he boiled water and brought down a pewter mug. He brewed herbs and tea leaf, everything to help Daniel fall asleep. Once the tea was brewed, he placed it on a tray and retrieved his tools, bandages, antibiotic cream, a medical needle and thread, the kind that the Spetsnaz soldiers used. Plus, he retrieved special high-grade medical adhesive glue. All the products he used were created by Krik’s scientists from Komarovo and were used by Spetsnaz to heal their wounds just enough to make one feel better.

   Rodion placed the mug of tea and all the medical items on the tray and carried it back to the sofa, then placed the tray on the table. When he sat down beside Daniel, he smiled when the man opened his beautiful blue eyes.

   “Here, Daniel, drink this, it will help you relax more,” Rodion ordered softly, as he handed him the pewter mug and set to work with his medical supplies.

   “What is this? It smells like flowers and mint,” Daniel murmured, as he took the Russian copper mug between his hands. It felt good to hold the copper mug, and it didn’t burn his hands.

   “Stop being so suspicious, Army brat, just drink it, is only herbal tea,” Rodion tutted, as he first reached for the bowl of soapy, warm water, and the soft flannel.

   “You made me a cuppa? How sweet of you, my Spetsnaz boy,” Daniel teased, and finally took his first sip of the sweet, hot tea. It warmed his insides instantly and made him feel so good inside.

   “Yes, now stop it. You will just relax,” Rodion murmured, as he moved the soapy flannel over Daniel’s face, forehead, his ears and his neck.

   “Spasibo,” Daniel said, as he sipped more of the warm herbal tea.

   “You’re welcome. Now just relax, and let me get to work,” Rodion answered, as he kissed Daniel’s lips and cleaned his charge's bloody face, neck, ears, and head, as best he could, he was still pretty battered.

   Daniel sipped more of his tea, as he watched Rodion’s manner of cleaning, it was very meticulous. He was so gentle, which was a change to the first day they met, when he fucking beat his ass to a bloody pulp. “Mmhmm, your hands feel so good touching me.”

   “Yes, I like touching you, it makes me feel good too,” Rodion admitted, as he finished his neck and cleaned out the wound on his chest. Once he was all clean, he brought out the antibiotic cream. The ointment contained a sleeping agent and a pain reliever, so Daniel would sleep through the rest of the ship ride to Komarovo. All the items he used were made by the Major’s scientists and doctors at the Dacha.

  When he spread the cream on Daniel’s face, and the sides of his head, and ears, he noticed his charge had finished the tea mixture. He took the copper mug from him and placed it on the tray on the table. Next, he used the cream on the chest wound, then the special adhesive glue, medical grade, made especially for bad wounds. This agent would hold it closed and help it heal. If nothing traumatic happened to the wound, it should stay in place. Who was he kidding? He thought to himself. He knew what would happen. The torture his charge would receive at the hands of Krik’s men, Dimitri, Roman, Krik himself, would reopen the wound, all with their endless beatings and special outdoor hunts Krik liked to use.

  Daniel breathed out a long, slow breath and his eyes threatened to close, but he forced them to stay open. He forced himself to stay awake. He felt like he had been drugged with a sleeping draught.

   Rodion finally finished everything and stood up from the sofa again. He carried the tray back to the kitchen and put away all the items in his Spetsnaz backpack instead. He would bring them with him to the Dacha because he knew full well he would need them for Daniel in the coming days. He also put more of the cherry-flavored lube from the drawer in his backpack. Then he walked to the wardrobe on the other side of the room, where he retrieved the black button-down shirt, the black denims, and the black Spetsnaz boots. He returned to the sofa and sat down beside Daniel again.

  “How do you feel, Daniel?” He asked, as he reached up and caressed his mostly clean cheek.

   “Mmhmm still fucking high….” Daniel breathed out, as he stared into Rodion’s green eyes, a sleepy expression on his face.

   "Yes, liquid ecstasy is still in your bloodstream, it will be until morning,” Rodion confessed, as he continued to caress Daniel’s cheek.

   “No, no, no, no, that’s not it. There was also something in that tea, besides the leaves. And I think perhaps even the healing creams you used. That medical glue,” Daniel stammered over his words, as his eyes became even heavier, but he still fought to stay awake.

   “That is very perceptive of you, my little American spy. But, yes, is to help you sleep.” Rodion revealed, as he kissed Daniel’s lips, and ran his fingers through his thick, soft hair.

   “Fuck sleep, chertov durak!” Daniel voiced, as he glared at Rodion, and kissed the sexy Russian on his soft, plump lips.

   “Hmm, potty mouth again. Is so sexy when you speak Russian, makes me want to fuck you all over again,” Rodion spoke in his broken English, as he returned his sexy spy’s kisses for a moment. “But, you know, you need to sleep now. We are still long way from Komarovo. Don’t fight it, Army brat. You won’t have much sleep when we arrive at Major’s dacha. He will keep you very busy, as well as his Captains, and his other Kremlin lapdogs,” Rodion added, as he helped sleepy Daniel into the black shirt and denims.

   “Mm, yeah, with torture and mind fuck. All while wearing that disgusting Iron mask,” Daniel complained, as he glared at Rodion, wondering what he was doing. “What the Fuck?! What the fuck is this? Blyat’!”

  “Is one of my black shirts and denims. We are the same size,” Rodion explained, as he buttoned the shirt and buttoned the denim fly.

  “Spasibo. We are also the same height,” Daniel answered, and yawned hugely and smiled sleepily at the gorgeous Russian.

  “Mmhmm, tall, dark, hairy, young and hung, as you say in America,” Rodion teased, as he kissed Daniel’s lips again, then helped him to lay down on the large, comfortable sofa. He fluffed up the pillows and placed the blankets over Daniel.

  “Sure, Rodion, whatever you think. No! Stop it! I don’t want to fucking sleep, shit might happen," Daniel fought Rodion, as he tried to sit up.

  “No Daniel, stop it, just close your eyes and sleep. I will wake you when is time,” Rodion gently pushed Daniel down onto the sofa again.

  “Fuck. Okay. Goodnight then, my sneaky gorgeous Spetsnaz boy,” Daniel murmured, as he let the Russian push him back down onto the oddly comfy sofa, with the blankets around him, and a soft pillow under his head. He felt very comfortable and sleepy. The sneaky Russian drugged him so he would sleep for the remainder of the time. Fuck it, he was tired after their amazing sex, and the drugs he gave him, so he just fell fast asleep.

  Rodion laughed and leaned over to kiss Daniel’s lips again. “Goodnight, my beautiful American spy,” he murmured. He was pleased when Daniel fell asleep in seconds. He reached for his Samsung phone in his pocket, then dialed Roman’s phone with video.

  “Rodion, what is going on? Why haven’t you reported until now?” Roman demanded, as he glared at his Spetsnaz Lieutenant, newly made so by Krik.

   Rodion sighed and rolled his eyes, then clicked his tongue. “Calm down, Roman. I cleaned Daniel Miller up to present to the Major tomorrow, is all.”

  “And so, you should, Rodion. You were the one who fucked him up in the first place. Did you fuck him?” Roman asked gruffly. He grinned at Rodion and loved to tease the young man.

  “Why do you ask, Roman, are you jealous? Chertov durak. You know you do not want that you don't bring pleasure. There is reason why you are called the butcher, my friend,” Rodion retorted, as he glared at the other man. They were speaking in Russian, but kept quiet, so as not to wake the prisoner.

  Even though Daniel slept deeply, he heard the Russian words as they swirled around his head; even with his ecstasy hazed mind, and the strong drugs from the medications Rodion used on him, he could make out some of the words. He slept hard and long, and was still in pain from the beatdown.

  “Watch your mouth, Spetsnaz boy. I am still first Lieutenant. And, anyway, the Major said you would fuck him. Let me see him now,” Roman shot back. He wasn’t going to take any snark from the soldier, even though he loved his sassiness.

  “He’s sleeping now, Roman. Please do not wake him up,” Rodion switched back to his broken English, with his Russian accent still present. He moved back toward the sofa and held his Samsung phone over Daniel’s sleeping body.

  “Well, that’s very nice work you did in cleaning him up, Rodion,” Roman also spoke in English. Though his was much better, he only had a hint of a Russian accent. “The Major will be pleased. I see you even dressed him in Spetsnaz clothes. Job well done, my friend. I will be sure to tell the Major to give you a new ranking, as second Lieutenant. But, remember to bring all his clothes and belongings with you. We don’t want to mess up those nice clothes when we torture him. Tell me, how was he when you fucked him? Is he as sexy and hot as he looks, hmm?”

  “Stop it, chertov durak. You will not know that. You are butcher, you no like to be nice,” Rodion swore in Russian, as he glared at the other man.

  “Oh, come on, Rodion. Don’t be like that. Just tell me. I can be nice if I want to. But it’s better to be mean, you get more things that way,” Roman continued to be a pain in the ass.

  “Nyet. You are not nice, you bring pain, not pleasure. When you do try, is still painful for other person. I will not tell you,” Rodion countered and clicked his tongue.

  “Okay, pretty Rodion, I won’t taunt you anymore. I just know our Daniel Miller is a live wire. I can tell by the way he was when we first spoke hours ago. He can be yours, but we will play with him, it will not be a vacation for him. Still, I will put in a good word for you with the Major, maybe you will be his handler. Give a hard kiss to our pretty prisoner and to you too, pretty Rodion. I will see you both tomorrow, I can't wait,” Roman rambled on in Russian. He knew Rodion wouldn’t say anything, so he would see for himself. He couldn’t wait to have the pretty American Spy in one of his sessions. He would give pain with pleasure, but it would still be more painful.

   “Okay, chertov durak, whatever you say. Thank you, Roman. We will see you tomorrow. I promise I will bring everything with me. Goodnight,” Rodion rang off the video call from his Samsung phone and swore. “Chertov durak, Roman.”

  He stayed up a while longer and contemplated tomorrow. He sighed when his head ached just thinking about what would come for Daniel. He cursed again and kicked off his boots, then moved behind his charge on the sofa. He held him close, glad when he didn’t stir, then he drifted off to sleep not long after that.


Chapter Text

     Rodion awoke without the use of an alarm. His Spetsnaz training taught him to wake up naturally, always on the call of duty. He smiled when he saw how Daniel had turned over in his sleep, and his head rested on his chest. He kissed the top of his head and sat them both up. “Daniel, wake up. We have entered the port.”

     “What?” Daniel asked sleepily but heard and felt the ship’s engines as they slowed with grinding halt into the port. “Oh, fuck!” He swore and clung to Rodion. He didn't want to get off this ship. He knew his life was over, and was now officially a Russian prisoner.

     “I’m sorry, Daniel, but I have to put the iron mask back on,” Rodion said, as he helped the still sleepy young man to stand up. He moved them to the table and retrieved the iron mask, then moved to stand behind his charge.

     Daniel tensed up when Rodion moved toward him with that fucking disgusting iron contraption. He hated it, but it was a condition of his imprisonment that he wore it. He slipped his boots on to have some form of protection and continued to tense up.

     “Relax, Daniel. I want you to put it on yourself now. You need to learn how,” Rodion instructed, speaking calming, in his deep baritone, he smiled warmly at the other young man, to calm his rattled nerves.

     Daniel sighed but took the iron mask from Rodion, and slid it over his head, as it moved perfectly into place over his head, face, nose, mouth, and eyes and his chin. It felt odd because the iron lips moved over his and left his mouth open, with his teeth and tongue were exposed. The top of the mask fit into place over the crown of his head. He sobbed when he moved his hands behind his head and swallowed hard when Rodion moved his long fingers over the latch at the back of the mask, just over the bottom of his neck.

    Rodion gently placed Daniel’s arms at his sides again, as he slid the small lock through the loop at the back of the iron mask, on the back of his neck. It was locked firmly into place. He moved to get his rucksack, and stored all the medical supplies, plus Daniel’s clothes, he also put in the cock ring, and more of the tubes and syringes of a lube.


     Daniel remained by the table until Rodion returned. His body trembled in fear of what was to come. His heart raced in his chest and threatened to explode it beat so fast. This was it, he thought, this was where he had become a prisoner of Russia. He felt sick to his stomach and wanted to pass out from the stress of it all.

    Rodion read Daniel’s body language and knew the other young man was panicking. So, with his rucksack over his shoulder, he stood behind him. “Just relax now, Daniel. I am here with you. Always remember that, I will be your handler, and your protector," he said cryptically.

   “Okay, whatever you say, Rodion. I hope so because Roman is a scary guy. Let’s just go and get this over with,” Daniel retorted and held out his arm for his handler to hold.

“Yes, he is, but I cannot stop them, is no vacation, is your time now. I am sorry, my pretty American spy,” Rodion replied, then moved them toward the door. Once they were outside, he could see that it was still dark, and he saw his men. They flanked around and behind him and the prisoner. All his men eyed the American spy and noticed how Rodion had cleaned him up nicely and dressed him in full Spetsnaz clothing.

    They were soon met by a black SUV and when Rodion pushed Daniel in the back, the young man whimpered and tried to resist. One of Rodion’s men was about to assist, but he stopped him. He took hold of Daniel’s wrist and squeezed hard. “Do not panic, Daniel Miller. I am here with you.”

   Daniel immediately calmed down and silently slid inside the back of the black SUV.

   Rodion’s men looked surprised but didn't comment, since they were ordered to stay away from Daniel.

   The SUV sped away from the docks and Daniel’s tears rolled down his cheeks, beneath the horrible iron mask. This was it, his life ended here, he was a free man no more. He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself and fell asleep again.

    Rodion was glad Daniel fell asleep since it was another hour to the Major’s Dacha in Komarovo. He had to wake the other young man again, though, after he had told his men to get the fuck out first, as soon as they had pulled into the long driveway. “Daniel, wake up now. We are here.”

Daniel jolted awake with a start, as he moved his body onto the opposite seat and held out his fists in self-defense. But then he lowered them when he saw Rodion smirk at him.

   “Oh, blyad'! Fucking hell,” he swore, as he slid along the seat and exited the car. He bowed his head and waited for Rodion to join him. He looked down at himself in disgust because the Russian had dressed him in the dark clothes of the fucking Spetsnaz. He wished he had his own fucking clothes on. Rodion was right, he wasn’t a Spetsnaz, and he never would be.

    Rodion grabbed Daniel’s arm and guided him into the Dacha, and they entered the main room.

   Daniel kept his eyes on the floor. He didn't want to look at anyone while he wore the terrible iron mask. He felt vulnerable and knew all eyes were on him, especially from the way he was dressed. He hated it and planned to make a scene, so they would remove the black clothes as soon as possible.

      Rodion shoved Daniel inside the room and bowed his head to Dimitri, who sneered at Daniel. He quickly moved his charge away from the durak, but he spotted Roman in the middle of the room and signed.

    Daniel turned to them with a loathsome look in his eyes. Fuck.  Roman was quite handsome too. He thought to himself. He was nicer to look at than Dimitri and even the Major. He told his mind to shut the fuck up again. He couldn't help it, these Russians were fucking good-looking.

      Roman noticed Daniel wasn’t fully healed, he still had cuts and bruises, and gashes on the sides of his neck. But he was pleased to see he was cleaner than he had been, and was pleased how Rodion had taken care of him.

  Rodion wanted Daniel to be more presentable for the Major, and they would see a lot more when he removed the mask. He still had cuts, bruises, and gashes, but he was mostly clean. He wrapped his hand around Daniel’s arm to keep him grounded, he wanted him to know he was there for him. He stood close behind him too, the front of his body pressed tightly against his back.

            Roman watched Rodion closely with the prisoner, Daniel Miller. He shook his head at the level of intimacy there but let that go for now. He would test the waters later, and he smiled at the Spetsnaz boy when he approached him. “Rodion, you did good work. The Major will be quite pleased and excited for his new possession. I cannot wait for my sessions with him, it will be quite enjoyable.”

            Rodion clicked his tongue at Roman’s last words, but didn’t answer, instead he thanked him for his former words. “Spasibo, Roman. Do you want me to remove Iron Mask, or do you want to do so?” Rodion asked. He smiled at Roman’s approval of his work.

            Dimitri glared at the young Spetsnaz, Rodion Volkov. He was jealous of his status, his youth, his tall, strong muscular body, with long fingers, and thick black hair, with that full beard. He was a good-looking boy, but he could not have him because he was only a Captain, and he knew Rodion was on his way to a second Lieutenant. He wanted to beat that dirty American Spy to a bloody pulp. He, too, was tall, muscular, with long legs and blue eyes, he could see through the mask, and a nice peachy ass. Maybe when he had a session with him, he’d fuck him just for fun. He knew he had to wait his turn though because Roman and the Major would have the first sessions.

     “You can take off the mask, Rodion, but not before the Major sees him with it on. I have recommended you be his handler. So, once the major has seen his new possession, he will either approve or oversee him himself. Once the Major has inspected him, I know he will approve of your doing so. He will be incredibly pleased,” Roman said, as he walked around Daniel’s body. He assessed him to see what tortures he could use on him. He had a muscular body, and a nice peachy ass, he would use so many dildo’s in there.

     “But, not to worry, I do believe he will be proud of you and approve,” Roman soon continued, as he stood in front of the prisoner again, and grinned at him, then nodded to Rodion.

     “Spasibo, Roman. I am honored you approve and have recommended I be his handler,” Rodion spoke in Russian and bowed to the first Lieutenant.

    Dimitri, on the other hand, would be given the post of torturing their prisoner for information, and for fun. He was the Major’s Captain and even more relentless than Roman. “What do I get to do, Roman? I would love a session with him,” the squat Russian asked in his gruff baritone. He eyed the tall prisoner again and licked his lips at how nice he looked.

     “You will have your chance, Dimitri. So, will I, and so will Vassily when he can find the time. Then, our Rodion will patch him up,” Roman announced, as he pushed Rodion aside, so he could get closer to their pretty prisoner. This time he touched and caressed Daniel’s body, his shoulders, his chest, and arms, and his back, then he patted his peachy ass. He licked his lips and smiled when the prisoner flinched away from him.

     Roman sighed when his phone chimed with a message and read the text from Vassily. “Stand to attention. The Major is coming!”

     Daniel stood silently in the middle of the room during the entire time. The only time he had responded was when Roman had groped him, and that was because he moved away from those unwanted touches. But then Rodion stood behind him and he relaxed again.

     Rodion placed his hand on Daniel’s shoulder and stood close behind him again. His body trembled again, in fear, so he placed his right hand in his shoulder, and his thumb caressed the soft skin of his neck, beneath the collar of the Iron Mask.

   Roman stood to the left of Daniel Miller, as they waited for the Major to enter the room. Everyone stood to attention when the Major entered the room, he commanded everything and exuded power.

     The Major swept into the room and Roman met him by the door. They spoke in Russian at first. “Roman, have you settled on the negotiations?”

     “Yes, Major. Rodion will be Daniel Miller's handler, and since Dimitri is restless, I will offer him the first session with the prisoner. Then you shall have your time, and I will be last,” Roman explained, as he spoke softly to the Major. All the time he eyed Daniel Miller and could see the fear in his eyes. Good. He wanted him to be afraid because they would give him a run for his money.  This was not a vacation for him, he was a prisoner and they would treat him as such.

     “Good. Then that is how we will handle it. Now, let me meet my beautiful new possession,” the Major remarked, as he bowed his head for Roman to make the introductions.

  “Rodion, remove the prisoner’s Iron mask,” Roman spoke in English this time, as he the Major stood in front of his new possession.

     “No. Wait. I like the Iron Mask. Was that your idea, Rodion?” The Major asked, as he stopped in front of the prisoner and caressed the iron mask. He started at the forehead, then down the nose, and over the cheeks and the mouth, which molded against Daniel Miller’s lips, and exposed his teeth and lovely pink tongue. His blue eyes were striking and filled with fear and loathing. Good. He liked it that way.

   “Yes, Major. It was to keep him hidden from prying eyes,” Rodion answered in English, as he bowed to the Major and pressed his body against Daniel’s trembling body.

   “Good idea, Rodion,” The Major switched to broken English too but spoke in his deep Russian accent. He commanded attention, and he got it. He controlled the room with his powerful presence. “You will be his handler, since you have already done so, in all ways, am I correct?” The Major inquired, as he grinned at the handsome young Spetsnaz.          

  “Yes, Major. We have become very well acquainted. May I remove his Iron mask now?” Rodion inquired, as he kept his body pressed against Daniel’s body when he still trembled. He caressed the skin on his neck to keep him calm.

    “Yes of course you may, Rodion,” the Major answered, as he motioned for Roman to join them.

Rodion released the lock with the key, then he moved Daniel’s hands up to the metal slats and let him open them. He stayed close to Daniel, and once the slats were open, he placed Daniel’s arms down to his sides, and gently lifted the iron mask from his head.  He stepped back for a moment and held the mask in his left hand, then gently nudged Daniel toward Roman.

    Roman wasn't as gentle as Rodion was. He grabbed Daniel’s arm hard and yanked him forward. He smiled when Rodion rolled his eyes and glared at him to stop.

   “Major, I present to you, your newest prize possession, Daniel Miller,” Roman spoke in Russian.

   “Let us speak in English, for the poor Blyat’, Roman,” the Major commanded. He smiled and nodded at Roman, then moved close to his new possession. He could see Rodion cleaned and stitched most of his wounds. The wounds on his face were still present, but cleaner. He had dressed Daniel in the black clothes of the Spetsnaz. That black shirt certainly accentuated the tall young man’s muscular arms and chest perfectly. He reached out and touched and caressed Daniel’s chest, his arms, his stomach, and his peachy ass. Then he caressed his bearded face and neck, and smiled into the man’s frightened face. He grinned when the young man's body trembled, and he liked it.

     “Yes, he is delightful. I am incredibly pleased, Rodion and Roman. You have done very well. Welcome to my Dacha, Daniel Miller,” the Major spoke in Russian. He tested his prisoner to see if he would also do so. Roman told him this CIA spy spoke fluent Russian, but the prisoner was defiant and didn't do as he wished.

     “Well, I can’t say I feel welcome in your dacha, since I am your prisoner,” Daniel spoke defiantly, in English, as he held his chin high and glared at the ugly bald Russian Oligarch. He reminded him of the monopoly game guy. Short, fat, bald, and ugly as sin. Oh, he knew he should have stayed silent, but he was scared and angry at himself for his decision to investigate the dirty Russians on his own. Not for the first time, he wished Hector were there with him.

   Rodion smirked at Daniel’s bravado but still shook his head. Roman and Dimitri surged forward. Dimitri didn’t wait for the chance to hurt the prisoner, he punched Daniel hard in his kidneys several times. Roman kicked him hard on the backs of his knees and pushed him hard down to the floor.

     Daniel grunted as he fell to his knees and stayed there. The pain in his kidneys was blinding, but he balled his hands into fists and glared up at the Russian Oligarch with a defiant look still in his eyes.

     Dimitri saw the action and was about to lay into him again, but the Major stopped him.

     “No, Dimitri. Leave him be. Rodion, help him up, carefully. I expect that blow to his kidneys hurt him a lot,” the Major ordered, as he stared at Rodion, and clicked his tongue at his prisoner’s disobedience.

     Rodion shoved Dimitri out of his way, and the fat man stumbled and fell on his ass on the floor. He was about to retaliate against the Spetsnaz soldier, but Roman stopped him. Rodion glared at Dimitri and moved toward Daniel. He was still on the floor, his body doubled over and he sobbed softly. He quickly knelt beside his charge and reached out for his hands,. He grasped them in his own, as his thumbs caressed the backs of his knuckles, to soothe his pain.

     “Come on, Daniel, stand up with me,” Rodion whispered softly, so only he could hear him. He smiled when his charge did as he asked. “Try to behave,” he added, as he moved Daniel toward the Major again, but when he made to step back, the bald man stopped him.

     “Stay there, Rodion,” was all the Major said to him, then turned to face Daniel. “I see you have a lot of bravado in you, my little spy. I will soon break you of that. You are correct, though. You will never leave here, at least not alive. You seem to have captivated my second Lieutenant, Rodion Volkov; which is fine, since you need an ally in my dacha. Everyone else here is an adversary and will treat you horribly. Hold your tongue and try not to speak out of turn,” The Major intoned, as he cupped Daniel’s cheek and smiled at him.

     Daniel stared silently at the creepy bald man. He made his skin crawl. He scoffed at him, as he raised his chin, and finally spoke in Russian. Grant it, it was a string of swear words. “Fuck you, you fucking fuck! Go fuck yourself in your mouth! I am no one's possession. If you want to fucking kill me, then go on. My fucking life is over being in this fucking Russian shithole!” Daniel raged. He didn’t realize he had spoken in both languages and insulted the Russian Oligarch again. He balled his hands into fists when the Major smirked at him in approval for a moment.

     Rodion clicked his tongue at his charge. “Potty mouth again, Daniel.” He cleared his throat, gripped the back of Daniel’s neck, then shoved onto the floor on his knees. “I am trying to be patient with you, Daniel, but you are stubborn. Now, whatever happens to you is your fault. I have to step back and let it happen, but I will be there to pick up the pieces.”

   "I don't care. It doesn't matter. This is what I'm here for. I am their prisoner," Daniel sobbed and bowed his head to Rodion.

      He knelt in front of Daniel and leaned in close when he spoke his words. He sighed softly and was scared for his charges’ welfare. His hand was still around the back of his neck as he spoke softly to him. “Please, Daniel, stop misbehaving. Roman and Dimitri are going to fucking hurt you, worse than I did. They won't fucking care. They are relentless and ruthless.” He warned his charge, with a look of concern.

     “Fine. Whatever you say, Rodion Volkov,” Daniel nodded his head at his words, and clamped his mouth shut for now.

     The Major watched Daniel Miller with Rodion. He was impressed with the way he reacted and interacted with his Second Lieutenant. He smirked when the spy calmed down so suddenly and seemed to deflate, all his bravado from just a moment ago was gone. Rodion had already begun his training with the prisoner, and it was impressive.

   Rodion released his hold on Daniel’s neck but lifted him up roughly, as if he weighed nothing. He stood close behind him and kept his hand on his shoulder.

     “I like to hear you speak our Russian, it is nice. You speak it so fluently. I have to say, I am impressed by your bravery. I will let your insolence pass, but as Rodion has stated, Roman, Dimitri, and I will punish you accordingly,” the Major said, as he stepped up close to Daniel’s face and patted his bearded cheek.

     “Well, I’m glad I impressed you with something. I am not being insolent, just being honest. You are nothing but a bully - ugh….” Daniel’s words were cut off when the Major suddenly gripped his balls - hard. He gritted his teeth and balled his hands into fists, as he glared at the man, and never took his eyes off him.

     “The more you talk, the worse this will be for you. You are my property now, and the only way you will get out of here is in a body bag,” the Major threatened. He ground out his words, his voice low and menacing, as he expertly squeezed Daniel’s balls even harder to emphasize his meaning. “Which I will gladly supply for you.”

     “Fuck you, you fucking fuck. Bring it on then, I don't fucking care. You’re a bully, you fucking megalomaniac fucker. Blyat’!” Daniel shouted, and though he whimpered at his balls being squeezed so hard it made him see double. He knew his words just made this worse, but he couldn’t help it, he kept eye contact with the creepy bald asshole.

     The Major released Daniel’s balls, and punched him hard across the side of his face, and he laughed when his prisoner sprawled out on the floor.  He stalked toward him, lifted him up by his hair, and punched him in his stomach, then his face again.

   Daniel fought back on the next swing of the man’s fist, as he gripped it in his hand and punched the Major in his jaw, then his fat gut.

   The Major was stunned, but he didn’t retaliate against Daniel hitting him. Oh, no, instead he grinned at him and stalked over to him. He gripped his balls again, and squeezed hard, as he leered in his face.

   “Perfect, little spy, so you can fight. I like to see that. If I have a bruise on my face, which I will because you hit me fucking hard, it is nice, then tonight your torture will be three times as worse. You fucking American spy, your life is mine, I own you. I will fucking torture you every hour of every fucking day,” the Major stated, as he stared into Daniel’s eyes and still saw the fear, but also saw pride, which he would break eventually.

   Rodion sighed as he quickly moved to stand behind Daniel again. He murmured in his ear, for him to stop, but he knew his charge wouldn't.

  Daniel's body trembled again, and his heart raced madly from the punch down with the Major.

   Truth be told, Rodion was proud of Daniel for standing up to the Major. Not for the first time, he thought the other young man would make a great Spetsnaz.  He would try to convince him of that. Still, he knew it wouldn’t end well on this night, for his charge. He tried to keep him calm now, as he placed both hands on his shoulders and massaged, but also pressed the front of his body against the back of Daniel’s. He wanted him to feel to his presence there.

   “You see? This is all that you do, you bully and intimidate, and you threaten. You use fear tactics. So, you know my name, right? But I still don’t know yours. Major is just your rank. The only person I know in this room is Rodion Volkov. Who are you? And can you please release your fucking hold on my balls. You’re really fucking creeping me out,” Daniel gasped out his words and sobbed more when the bald fucker tightened his hold instead.

   “You stupid fool, just shut your fucking mouth!” The Major raged, as he glared at Daniel. He rubbed his hand against the man’s cock and squeezed both his balls too. He grinned when Daniel grunted and tried to remove his hand from his groin.

   “You are an intelligent little spy. Perhaps too damn smart for your own good,” the Major retorted. He squeezed and massaged the young man's groin through his denims, an evil grin still on his face.

   “My name is Vassily Krik. I am sure you heard of me. I am the most powerful, influential Oligarch in Russia. I am backed fully by the Kremlin. Now, since you have angered me, little spy, I will show you fear!” Vassily rolled his hand-over Daniel’s large cock, squeezed the cock head, then the young man’s balls. He rolled them hard in his fingers. He grinned wickedly at the young man when he glared at him, then he leaned up and in and kissed his lips hard. He bit his bottom plump lips then shoved his tongue in the young man’s mouth. Then he pulled away from his prisoner and shoved him hard against Rodion’s chest. He laughed and still rubbed his groin in his hand, as he spoke to his second Lieutenant. “Rodion, put the fucking iron mask back on the Blyat, and bring him down to Roman's dungeon.”

   “Yes, Major,” Rodion answered as he shook his head at Daniel, as he kept his hands on his shoulders. He massaged them and tried to calm his charge down.

   Vassily massaged Daniel’s big cock and squeezed his large balls for a while longer. He smiled when he saw the young man became semi-hard from his hand job. He knew then the little spy enjoyed pleasure and pain. He would use that in his session. Then he released his hold for a moment and punched Daniel hard across his jaw. He was pleased when he stood upright, and glared at him. “If you think that was bad, Blyat’, wait until you see what happens to you downstairs."

     Vassily moved forward again, his hand back on Daniel’s cock and balls. He massaged and squeezed his groin hard and smiled when he trembled in fear and pain, and pleasure. He grinned widely, as he winked at Daniel, then spoke to his second Lieutenant. “Oh, and Rodion, put Daniel Miller’s clothes back on. I don’t want to spoil these neat Spetsnaz clothes. See you downstairs, hot little spy.”

     Rodion nodded at the major and held Daniel by his shoulder, and one hand on his waist. He sighed when Daniel trembled and he stood behind him to give him support, so he would stay upright. He didn’t expect him to keel over with his hands on his knees, and he gently caressed his back and sides to calm him down..

    Daniel grunted when the insane bald fucker finally released his groin, and he doubled over in pain, his hands on his knees for a moment. He breathed heavily, and tried to stop his dizzy head and his aching cock and balls. That bald fucker had a hard grip for an older man. Strong fucking Russians. Not for the first time, he saw stars and his groin throbbed, not only painfully, but also sexually. What the fuck was wrong with him? He enjoyed everything Krik did to him. Crazy. And now, he knew he was in trouble, but he didn’t care. He would still be as defiant as he could be.

   Dimitri walked past Daniel and yanked on his hair, he pulled his head back hard, and punched him on his chin. “Can't wait to play with you, Blyat.”

     “Fuck you! You fucking Fuck! Pig!” Daniel called out in anger, as he glared at the malicious thug, and rubbed his sore chin from where Krik and Dimitri punched him. He knew he was in deep shit Russia even more, but he couldn’t stop his defiance.

   Dimitri was about to punch him again, but Roman called to him. “Dimitri! Enough! Come on now, durak! Don't keep the Major waiting! Get out here! Now!”

     Rodion shoved Dimitri away from Daniel, and toward the door. He waited until the fat pig was gone, then he embraced his charge to calm him. His body still trembled and he knew he was scared.

     “Oh, Daniel, why must you be so stubborn and so fucking foolish?” Rodion asked, as he helped Daniel to stand up straight. He had to get him back into his clothes, but he could feel his body still trembling. He reached for his rucksack and pulled out Daniel’s original clothes, then dressed him in them again.

     “It's stubbornness, Rodion. I don’t want to back down. This is not where I belong, Oh, but it sure feels good in your arms," Daniel answered as he clung to the handsome Russian. He smelled so good, and his strong arms held him so close. His body trembled and he sobbed and wanted to stay in his arms forever. Something was happening, there was a shift for the two young men, something that would blossom over the coming days.  He moaned when the pain in his groin surged from his thighs. He shook his head and sobbed softly when he tried to stand up straight, but it was painful for him now. That fucking bald fuck squeezed his balls so hard, they would probably be black and blue. He was glad when the Russian lifted him up and held him more. He was silent when Rodion undressed him and put his clothes back on.

     “Well, I can’t stop what will happen to you now. But I will be in the room, to control anything bad they will do to you. All three of them are ruthless, Daniel. Oh, fuck,” Rodion said, as he first unbuttoned Daniel’s denims and his blue jockey underwear and carefully pulled them down his thighs and long hairy legs. He saw bruises all over his groin, his cock, and his balls. Shit. Krik knew what he was doing when he did this. He thought to himself. He would have to be careful with his charge and would have to use some of his creams later to ease his pain. He couldn't do that now because the fuckers wanted to torture him.

     “What? What’s wrong?” Daniel asked, as he stared at Rodion and followed his eyes down to his groin. He groaned when he saw the bruises there. “Oh, fucking fucker. Shit. Did he do that on purpose, Rodion?”

     “Yes, Daniel. I believe he did. I am sorry.  I can't help you with this yet, because of your potty mouth, and sassiness, they’re going to hurt you more,” Rodion said, as he carefully caressed his charges’ groin, to ease some pain.

     “Ow, fuck, this fucking hurts so much. I can't do this, Rodion. Please tell them I’m sorry or tell them to give me a break. It hurts to move, to walk, to probably sit down,” Daniel sobbed, as he closed his eyes and shook his head, but he motioned for Rodion to finish dressing him.

     “I am sorry, Daniel, I can't stop this, it has to go forward. I will have to take care of you later, with this, and whatever else they give you now,” Rodion said, and signed, as he carefully pulled Daniel’s denims up over his knees and his thighs, and over his bruised groin.

     “Now I must put iron mask on you. I know you hate it, but we need to keep you hidden from eyes. This torture session will be worse than all of them because you have angered Krik and the others,” Rodion stated, as he held up the Iron Mask. He sighed when his charge nodded and put it in place over his head. He could feel his charge trembling again, as he buckled the back of the mask in place, then locked it and gently caressed his neck

     “That’s fine, Rodion, it really doesn’t matter. When I told you not to clean me up, it was because of this. This was always going to happen, no matter if I behaved or not, it’s just what happens when one is stupidly captured by the Russians. Still, it was my mission, to spy on your set, and now that’s all over because I’m here,” Daniel rattled on, as Rodion finished dressing him in his denims, and his shirt. He was tired but wide awake, scared, but he would be strong. This was his fucking life now, and no one seemed to care. So, he had to roll with it.

   Once again, Daniel wished Hector were there. He knew his friend, and yes, his once lover, would take down all these Russian thugs. But Hector wasn’t there, no one was there. Just him. All alone, in deep shit Russia. He braced himself and would withstand all the beatings and torture, and probably rape, subservient to Krik, Dimitri and Roman. He would endure it all, like the strong young man that he was.

     “Come on, Daniel. We can’t keep them waiting,” Rodion stated, as he took hold of Daniel’s arm and led him through the house.

     Daniel breathed heavily and dragged his feet hard. He didn't want to go through with this, and he cursed himself for getting caught, for going out on his own. He tried to stop their progress, as he dug his booted feet into the floor, but it was no use. Rodion strong-armed him, it was as if he wanted him to suffer and be tortured, so he could be the good one and fix him up again. Fucking bastard Russians...

Chapter Text

    Daniel sobbed when Rodion pushed open the doors to the dungeon, at the very bottom room of the dacha. He was hit with a burst of hot air, and it made him feel sick, and dizzy. He continued to drag his booted feet, even more, and gripped the door jamb. “No! No! Fuck no! Please! I don't want this! Fucking Russians! Let go of me!”

   Rodion growled and tore Daniel’s fingers from the door jamb, then hefted him over his shoulder. He moved to the center of the room, where Krik, Dimitri and Roman stood waiting for him. He placed Daniel’s body on the floor, and quickly removed his Iron mask, but when he tried to hold him, he sighed when his charge pushed him away.

   Daniel glared at Rodion and shoved him away, as he approached the three men. He held out his arms and glared at them. “Come on, then, Russian motherfuckers! Let’s do this!”

  Dimitri moved forward and immediately punched Daniel in his ribs, his stomach, his face. Over and over, as hard as he could.

   Daniel didn’t flinch when the short fat, stocky man laid into him, he just let him beat the daylights out of him. When he was bloody again, he sank to his knees and closed his eyes. In the next moment, he felt a fist hit him hard on the side of his head, and it knocked him unconscious.

     When he woke up again, he groaned and tried to move his arms, but realized they were bound with strong leather buckle restraints. He then noticed they were suspended over his head with metal chains. His legs and ankles shared the same fate. He looked down and saw his ankles shackled with metal buckles that were connected by a metal pin inside the floor with his legs splayed wide. He was fucking naked, no fucking surprise there. These fucking Russians. 

   Daniel closed his eyes and hung his head, as tears streamed down his face. He felt something pull at his balls, and inside his ass, but he didn’t know what it was. Oh, he wished he had known because what happened next was so horrible. He wished he hadn’t talked back to them.

  “Wake up, little canary. I’m going to make you sing now,” Dimitri threatened, as he yanked on Daniel’s hair and pulled his head back.

   Daniel grunted as he glared at the fat, gross Russian man, and gritted his teeth. He kept his eyes on the horrible torturer.

  “Oh, yes, that’s much better. I love when you glare at me. It makes what I’m going to do now so much fun,” Dimitri flipped a switch on a large device he held in his hand.

    Daniel glared at Dimitri again, but in the next moment, a strong electrical surge shot over his balls and inside his ass, and he howled in pain. “Oh! No!!! Oh!” He screamed, loudly. His body shook violently in his bounds as the electricity intensified.

     Dimitri grinned at Daniel and turned up the voltage, pleased when the spy’s body convulsed violently. He kept his eyes locked with the American spy’s eyes. He watched as his pupils were blown wide from the electrical volts blasting through his nervous system.

     Daniel screamed as the fucking Russian electrocuted his balls and his ass. His heart raced, as his body shook fiercely. In that terrible moment, he wanted to die. He sobbed as the electricity raced through his bloodstream, through his veins, and his entire body was on fire now at the pressure points. He couldn't see, couldn't think, couldn't make out anything but the blinding pain he experienced in that short moment he was electrocuted. Then the machine switched off and his body slumped over. He was panting and gasping as his thighs and groin throbbed and trembled furiously. He sobbed silently, he couldn't help it, he was fucking on fire from the insane Russian asshole with his electro-shock torture.

     Dimitri grinned and quickly attached clamps to Daniel’s nipples and his cock head and shaft. Then he stepped back and flipped the switch again.

  Daniel screamed so fucking loud, the walls vibrated, and his entire body convulsed so violently, his heart threatened to stop beating. He let out one big terrifying, painful scream.

  Rodion moved forward, but Roman stopped him. “No, Rodion, if you can’t stomach this, then get out!”

  "Fuck you, Roman!" Rodion glared at him and gritted his teeth, as he moved to the wall, and leaned against it, with his arms over his large chest. He watched Daniel being fucking electrocuted, and he just wanted to turn the tables on fucking Dimitri Sokolov.

            “Stop. Please, stop. I can’t take it anymore. Please, no more of this. Make it stop,” Daniel pleaded, as he sobbed and screamed when his words caused the man turn up the voltage even higher. He couldn’t help it, he howled, and his eyes rolled back in his head. Then he fell into unconsciousness. It seemed like the torture lasted for hours, but it was only a little over an hour, or maybe longer.

    Dimitri growled and stormed toward the prisoner, and started hitting him in the face. He shouted at him to wake up.

   Rodion moved toward Daniel, but this time Vassily stepped in front of his second Lieutenant and pressed his hands flat against the young man’s large chest, his thumbs caressed his nipples him through his shirt. “No, Rodion, not this fucking time. Roman and I will have our turns now. Daniel Miller needs to know his place here, that he cannot be disobedient. I am sorry, but if you cannot stomach this, then you need to leave now.”

      "Don't fucking touch me, Vassily! Fuck you too! Fucking Dimitri Suka will kill him!" Rodion growled angrily, but he stepped back, and stood against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest, and his eyes angry slits. He watched as the torture session progressed horribly for Daniel, but he could do nothing to stop it right now. Vassily, Roman and Dimitri were on a mission to make their prisoner suffer for his disobedient behavior.

     Vassily moved toward Daniel and motioned for Dimitri to remove his charges. “That’s enough of that, Dimitri. I have something else in mind. Fetch me a bucket of ice water. That will wake him up. Then I will use the switches on him.”

      “Fuck! Not the fucking switches. Vassily please,” Rodion cursed at him, as he lowered his arms and balled his hands into fists.

       Dimitri laughed and removed all the charges from Daniel’s body, He copped a feel of his groin and peachy ass. Before he fetched the bucket and ice water from the long freezer at the other end of the dungeon. Then he handed it over to Vassily.

    The Major raised the bucket and threw the ice-cold water over Daniel’s head and face. Then stood back when he screamed awake.

     Dimitri took the bucket then handed Vassily the switch.

        “What the fuck?!” Daniel swore, as ice-water rained down all over him. He gasped and shook his head, until his vision cleared, then a look of horror came over his face when he saw Krik in front of him. He held a nasty-looking whip, with metal fronds attached to the ends. He braced himself for the oncoming onslaught.

       Vassily grinned wickedly at Daniel, as he let the first hit from the switch and land across the man’s chest. He reopened the wound that Rodion had given to him with the sword.

       Daniel screamed again and his body rocked in his bounds, as that fucking switch landed on his chest. He saw stars when the wound opened and blood slid down his chest, but he couldn’t stop the insanity.

       Vassily let another blow land over Daniel’s stomach, then his groin, his knees, and his shins.

      Daniel sobbed and rocked his body, as he took strike after strike from that hard switch, the metal fronds dug into his skin, and left behind bloody stripes and open wounds. He closed his eyes, so as not to see anything anymore. He didn’t know where Rodion was, but figured they had asked him to step down, so they could continue.

      “No! Open your eyes, Daniel Miller!” Krik ordered, as he struck Daniel with the whip over his shoulders, and arms.

       Daniel sobbed, and his body shook in all different directions, but he opened his eyes, and glared at Krik. “Fuck you! You bully! I don’t fucking care what you do to me, it doesn’t matter. Give me your worst!” he shouted, and soon regretted it, as Krik really laid into him.

      Krik snarled at his defiant prisoner and rained blows on his entire body, front and back. His ass, his legs, his lower back, his shoulders, his middle back. Then to his chest, his stomach, his knees and arms, and legs, and feet. Finally, he rained several blows over his groin, each strike hit its mark and left behind horrible pain, as it cut into his skin.

      Daniel screamed loud again, as he tried to move his bound body away from the blows of the switch. He sobbed louder now, but he didn’t care. He eyes fell closed, until he finally just passed out from the horrible pain.

     Dimitri stepped up to the bound prisoner, and punched him in his kidneys, his sides, his stomach, and punched him in his back, all that was done in between Vassily using his switch on him. He reached for a metal-frond whip and struck the prisoner in the spots where Vassily didn’t hit; it was a double dose of whipping for their prisoner. He grinned with pleasure when Vassily motioned for him to continue, and he whipped their defiant prisoner into submission. They took turns using their whips on Daniel's body, and crisscrossed over each other's work.

            Rodion couldn’t stand it anymore. He stalked forward, and grabbed that fucking switch out of Vassily’s hand. He hit Dimitri in his fat gut with the end of it, then snatched the whip from his fucking fat hand, and tossed both to the fucking floor. “Nyet. No more, Vassily, he has had enough. It has been over fucking hour already. Leave him be. Please, let me take him away from here?”   

    Vassily sighed, as he stared at Rodion, but knew the young man had seen Daniel Miller put through enough punishment for the night. He still cautioned him. “You know when you stop these sessions too early and stall them, it will only make the coming torture sessions much worse, Rodion. I may have to ask you not to be present in them.”

            “Nyet. You can’t do that I am his handler. I have the right to say when the torture ends. He has so much electricity flowing through him from the Blyat’ Dimitri’s charges, and now these fucking switches with the metal fronds. Do not stop me from taking care of him, Vassily. Please. You will have more time with him soon. Please, remember, our room is the safe haven, no torture in there,” Rodion reasoned, as he kept his eyes locked on the Majors. He glared when Roman smirked and shook his head at his words, and pleas.

            “Oh, go on, then Vassily. Let Rodion take his charge away. I will have him soon enough,” Roman added, as he moved to stand beside the Spetsnaz boy.

     Vassily stared from Rodion to Roman and then sighed, as he nodded his head and motioned for them to release Daniel Miller from his bindings. “Okay, Rodion, I will honor that request. I agree the bedroom you share with the Blyat’ is your safe haven. No torture will take place there. Go on.”

     Rodion moved faster than lightning to Daniel’s side and looked over when Roman joined him. “Rodion, goddamn it, you can’t keep doing this. Vassily will grow tired of it and I will come for Daniel Miller in the middle of the night.” He knelt down and removed the shackles from around the young man’s ankles and caressed the chafed skin. 

   “Shut the fuck up, Roman. That will never happen, if it does, I will follow you, and bust your fucking head in,” Rodion retorted, as he carefully released the latches on the shackles around Daniel’s wrists, then caught the young man’s body in his arms when he sagged down toward the floor.

     “No. I changed my mind, I want him now, and you cannot stop that, Rodion. Give him to me, I will not let you go.” Roman suddenly stopped Rodion.

     “Nyet, Roman, we are going. Get out of my way-“ Rodion started to say and growled when Roman pulled his Russian Glock gun on him.

     “No! Give him back to me! I will shoot you both if you try to leave now,” Roman shouted, and no one stopped him.

     Rodion sighed and glared at Roman and the others. Then he put him down on the floor. “Fuck you, Roman, chertov durak! Suka!” He swore in English and Russian.

     “Mmhmm, yes, I have tried, but you resist me. Now, bring him over to the chains on the ceiling and the floor, and get him ready,” Roman challenged Rodion and still held the gun on them. “Vassily, Dimitri, please leave me be, you will have him more, but right now, it’s my fucking turn to have fun,” he added and smiled when both men left the room and slammed the door closed behind them.

     “It’s okay, Rodion, just let the little fucker do what he wants,” Daniel said in Russian, as he glared at the little man. He had woken up when Rodion placed him on the floor again.  He could tell Roman Platov was insane.

     Roman smiled as he watched pretty Rodion remove his charges’ clothes again, then chained pretty Daniel up again.

     Rodion sighed as he shared an apologetic look with Daniel, who was silent and calm through the entire altercation.

     Daniel was fucking scared out of his mind at what Roman would do to him now, but he stayed silent as Rodion got him ready, stripped him down and chained him up again. His wrists and ankles were sore, and his body was still on fire from the electroshock Dimitri used on him.

      Roman moved to the table, placed the gun there, and reached for nipple clamps and ball clamps, then moved toward Rodion and Daniel. “Okay, Rodion, step aside, this won’t take long,” he said, as he shoved the tall Russian Spetsnaz aside and grinned at the pretty silent Daniel Miller.

     “Suka! Chertov durak, Blyat’! Don’t fucking destroy him, I am not leaving this room,” Rodion threatened, as he stood with his arms over his large chest again.

     “Good. I’m glad to hear it, Rodion. You will enjoy it just as much as our pretty Daniel,” Roman said and then quickly clipped the clams to Daniel’s nipples and his balls.

     “Ow! Fuck! You fucking crazy fucker!” Daniel howled, but didn’t move. He gritted his teeth and glared at the small Russian.

     “Yes, you are getting it now, pretty Daniel. This is no vacation,” Roman laughed and clapped his hands, then moved back to the table. He retrieved a short dildo, a tube of lube, and returned to Daniel’s chained up body. “Now, let’s see how good you are! Keep this inside you, pretty Daniel,” he said, as he lubed up the dildo, grinned at both Daniel and Rodion then moved behind the chained up spy. He placed one hand on the young man’s shoulder. He felt the electricity Dimitri used in his torture session, as it moved through his system. Then he quickly slid the short dildo inside Daniel’s ass, it was still lubed up from his prior torture.

     “Ahh! Fuck!! Suka!! Crazy fucker!!” Daniel howled as Roman shoved the dildo all the way inside him. He sobbed and swore in both English and Russian.

     “Roman, please, stop! You have had enough! Daniel is in too much pain!” Rodion begged and glared at Roman.

     “No! Rodion, shut up! I am just getting started!” Roman shouted, and he pushed the dildo in and out of Daniel’s ass. He laughed when the pretty boy shouted in pain, but his cock was got a little hard. “Don’t you see, the boy loves both pleasure and pain! Look at him, he’s excited and aroused, pretty Rodion!” He taunted both and laughed wickedly.

     “Fuck you, you crazy asshole!” Daniel swore and sobbed as his body convulsed. He cursed himself because he was getting hard. Fucking Roman was as gentle as he was hard. His soft Russian voice was a fucking turn on. Why the fuck was he being affected in this manner? Was he a fucking idiot?

     “Yes, Daniel, I am fucking you! You are enjoying it!” Roman laughed as he continued to shove the dildo hard in and out of the young man’s tight ass. “Okay, hold that there for me, pretty Daniel,” he whispered in Daniel’s ear and bit the soft earlobe. Then he moved back to the table and reached for the cock ring and the cock cage.

     “No, no! Roman, please, don’t do this now! Let us go!” Rodion complained and made to move forward.

     “Stop! Stay back, or I’ll fucking shoot you and him, Rodion!” Roman shouted as he pulled the gun on him and pointed it at Daniel’s chest first.

     “Chertov durak! Suka!” Rodion swore and stopped when Daniel gave him a look that said no leave it.

     “Good boys, you both listen so well,” Roman laughed as he slipped the gun in the back of his waistband then moved back to Daniel. He knelt in front of him, and slipped on the cock ring first, then he grabbed his semi-hard cock and shoved it inside the cock cage. He smiled when Daniel groaned and glared down at him. Then he stood up and moved to the same machine Dimitri had used and turned it on the low setting. He stood back and grabbed his riding crop and watched as the young man’s body convulsed.

     “No! No! Stop! Please! Oh! I can’t take this!” Daniel howled as his body shook, and he sobbed and stared at Rodion.

     “Yes, you can, pretty Daniel. You are taking it! Just a little longer!” Roman shouted and didn’t notice how Krik and Dimitri had returned to the room again. He slammed the riding crop against the boys’ ass several times and laughed when his body shook, and he screamed in pain as the electroshock moved through his body, over his nipples, inside his ass, and over his cock and balls again.

   “Excellent, Roman, you are doing well! Keep going. See how long the little canary sings before he passes out,” Dimitri suddenly spoke up as he and Krik moved to stand beside an angry Rodion. He patted the young Russian on his pert little ass a few times.

     “Fuck you, Dimitri! Shut your mouth! Why did you return?!” Rodion raged, as he moved quickly. He grabbed the man’s wrist and twisted his arm around his back, then kicked him to the floor. He held him down with his boot on his back. “Do not fucking touch me, Suka! I will break you in two you do so again!”

     “Fucking beanpole Spetsnaz asshole! Let go of me!” Dimitri raged and tried to get the tall strong Russian off him.

     “Rodion, we don’t want to break the help in two, my boy. Let him go, you won that round,” Krik said gently, as he moved to them and smiled at his strong Spetsnaz boy.

     “Fuck you too, Krik,” Rodion retorted as he released his foot from the man’s back, then kicked him. “Get up, chertov durak,” he growled as he stepped back.

     “Fucking Russian Spetsnaz bitch. You are so strong,” Dimitri said and tried to get up. He grunted when Krik picked him up off the floor like he weighed nothing.

     “Shut the fuck up, Dimitri. Leave Rodion alone and watch Roman’s show with our pretty little spy,” Krik shoved Dimitri away from Rodion as they stood away from the boy to watch Roman.

     “Good, Rodion, you are strong. So is your pretty Daniel, see how he loves both pleasure and pain?” Roman laughed as he continued to smack the young man on his ass with the riding crop, then on his cage covered cock and balls. He moved to the machine and turned it up a little and laughed when the young man howled, and his eyes rolled back in his head. “No, don’t you pass out on my yet, pretty Daniel,” he taunted as he smacked him on his ass with the riding crop then shoved the dildo in and out of his tight ass. He was glad the boy held it in so well.

     “Stop!!! Please, stop. You are too much. Fucking asshole. Oh, can’t, do this,” Daniel gasped out his words, as his head reeled, his heart raced, and his body convulsed.

   “Yes, you can, pretty Daniel,” Roman laughed and turned the machine up a little more, then smacked his ass with the riding crop more. He reached around and squeezed the boys’ cock and balls through the cock cage, and laughed when he howled.

     "Stop! No! Leave it be!” Daniel howled, he didn’t know what he was saying, he was in pain but also felt pleasure. It was so fucked up how his body betrayed him. He gasped and convulsed then his eyes rolled back in his head.

     “Fucking Roman! Stop! He is losing consciousness!” Rodion raged and this time he moved toward Roman and reached for the gun in his waistband. He pointed it at his head and glared at him. “Turn that shit off, chertov durak, or your brains will be splattered on the floor!”

     “Go on, Roman, you have had your fun. Put our little spy down,” Krik said in his commanding voice, but he smiled at his First and Second Lieutenants.

     “Yes, of course. Okay, okay, Rodion, calm down. I have had some fun, so has our pretty Daniel,” Roman said, as he moved to the machine, switched it off, then started to remove his toys.

     Rodion growled when he was taking too long. He elbowed him in his chest and shoved him to the floor, slipped the gun in the waistband of his denims, then removed all the toys from his unconscious charges’ body. The nipple clamps, the ball clamps, the cock ring, and cock cage, then lastly he pulled out the dildo and threw it all on the floor. Then he set to work and removed the shackles. He jumped a little when Roman joined him and pulled his gun out of Rodion’s waistband and stood beside him. He spoke softly to the tall, gorgeous Spetsnaz.

     “Honestly, Rodion, he needs to be punished. He’s a spy, and if you’re falling for him, he will never receive any proper torture,” Roman countered, as he smiled at him.

     “Fuck you, Roman,” was all Rodion said, as he removed the shackles and held Daniel in his arms. He carried him out of the room and growled when Roman followed him.

     “So, you are falling for him. It’s sweet, but he’s our prisoner. You may be his handler, but you must let us do what we must do,” Roman said, as he bent down and picked up Daniel’s clothes and his black boots Rodion had obviously given to him, He ran behind the long-legged Russian when he carried Daniel Miller out of the room, and up the stairs toward the main house again. 

     “No. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I let him get the torture he needs. I don’t want him dead, durak. Go back to your dungeon, Roman and stop following me.” Rodion intoned, as he took two stairs at a time with his long legs. He felt Daniel’s body thrumming from the electricity running through it, and all the welts from Vassily and Dimitri’s fucking switch and whip torture.. 

     “No one wants him dead, Rodion. Please, calm down. Well, maybe Dimitri, but you know he’s only Vassily’s Kremlin lapdog. You and I are his Lieutenants. Why do you think he lets you get away with the things you do, especially now, where it concerns Daniel Miller,” Roman said, as he continued to follow Rodion. He ran up the stairs just as easily, even with how short he was, since Rodion was a beanpole.

     “Whatever you say, Roman. But Daniel will sleep the rest of this night. No more torture. I am the one who will have to fix him up, and I have no fucking idea how I will patch up the fucking welts from that switch and whip torture. Now he has the welts from your fucking riding crop too. What the fuck is wrong with you? His body is on fire from that fucking pigs’ electrical charges and your electrical toys. The dildo too, that was vibrating inside his body. Chertov durak, Roman. I can feel it thrumming, his muscles and veins are twitching,” Rodion voiced his concerns, and wondered why the other man was following him. 

     “Yes, he did take that torture rather prettily, I’m afraid. I told you, I do think your boy enjoys both pleasure and pain. He can really withstand it, that’s for sure. Vassily is extremely impressed by that…and to be honest, so am I,” Roman revealed, as he stayed close beside Rodion. He was curious and wanted to feel the tremors and thrumming inside the prisoner’s body, just as his second Lieutenant stated. 

     When they reached the top of the landing, and the stairs, Rodion raced down the corridor, Roman had lagged a little. Curse the Spetsnaz boy’s long fucking legs. “Slow down, bean pole. You are not losing me. I am staying here with you and your Daniel Miller.” 

     Rodion took off running faster and held Daniel’s trembling body even closer. He cursed when   Roman still caught up with them, neither of them winded from their quick walk. He finally made it to the bedroom where he would keep his charge, on the same floor as Vassily’s room. He pushed open the door, and moved inside, then cursed again when the other man quickly rounded the stairs and sped up to the bedroom door. He growled when Roman stuck his foot in the door so it would stay open and let him in. “What the fuck is wrong with you, Roman? Get the fuck out of here. I have to take care of Daniel.”

     Roman smirked as he pushed his way inside the room, and then he closed the door behind them. He placed Daniel’s clothes on the small table next to the bed and grinned at Rodion.      “Nyet. I am not leaving. Maybe I want to help you, Rodion. Did you ever think of that?” 

   Rodion scoffed and scowled at Roman, and shook his head. “Nyet. You are not healer, you are sadist, you enjoy giving pain. You know nothing about helping anyone, Roman.” 

     Roman clicked his tongue, and stared at the Spetsnaz boy, smirking at him. “Yes. I am that, but there is nothing wrong with it. Still, please let me help you, Rodion. This is your bedroom.  How nice you have Daniel in here. No wonder you called it a safe haven, and Vassily readily agreed.” 

     “Yes, so what. Is not your business. I am his handler, I will take care of him. Please get the fuck out of here now. You are distraction,” Rodion continued to be stubborn, as he moved Daniel to the bed. First, he pulled back the blankets, then placed his charge on the bed. He covered him with the blankets and watched as Roman placed one hand around Daniel’s ankle. He glared when the shorter man gasped when he felt Daniel’s muscles surge from the electrical shocks he had received.

     “Mm you are right, Rodion. I can feel the surges moving through his veins and muscles. It’s fascinating. Poor thing, he must be suffering. You have to admit, Spetsnaz boy, he’s beautiful when he suffers,” Roman murmured, as he caressed Daniel’s ankle with his thumb, and smiled when he felt more surges of electricity. 

     “Let go of him, durak! He is not a thing, he is human being, in pain, I have to fix him,” Rodion retorted, as he yanked Roman’s hand from around Daniel’s ankle. “Please get the fuck out now. Like I said, you are distraction I do not need, Roman Platov. You fucking sadist.” 

     Roman clicked his tongue, but still did not leave. ‘What will you do for him? I mean, how will you stop these tremors?” he asked, as he once again wrapped his long fingers around one of Daniel’s ankles. He smirked when he felt the muscles jump again, and caressed the spot with his thumb. He was totally fascinated by what he felt in the young man’s body. 

     “He is the same age as you are, Rodion, I think that he is. What did his passport say of his age? I know you looked at it before you put it on that drugged out boy and burned him to make that CIA people think it was their man,” Roman rattled on, and kept his hold on the young man’s ankle his thumb caressed the soft skin.

     “Let him sleep, Roman, is what he needs now. I am not going to do anything while he is unconscious. Please, leave now,” Rodion reiterated, as he slid the blankets up over Daniel’s naked body. He had enough of Roman’s eyes as they roved over his nude body, then he moved to the table at the back of the room and retrieved a bottle of vodka and two glasses. 

   Roman was still bold, though, as he moved his hand under the blanket again, and gripped Daniel’s wrist this time. He could feel that electricity as it surged through his veins, it was more prevalent in his wrist, as his thumb caressed the chafed skin. The nerves jumped violently and the muscles shifted, and every time that happened, the young man whimpered in his unconsciousness. He was still so fascinated and was glad he got his chance for his torture session with the gorgeous American. He would do so again and would continue to use his vibrating dildos and cock rings, and the vibrating string of balls inside his lovely ass and the cock cage.. 

     Rodion sighed when he returned with the vodka and nudged Roman on the back of his knee to get him away from Daniel. “Leave him, durak.” 

      Roman laughed softly, but released his hold on Daniel’s wrist, as he turned to face Rodion.      “What’s this then, Spetsnaz boy?” 

     “One drink, then I’m throwing you out,” Rodion said, as he sank back his first, then poured another.

     “Hmm, all right, but it will just take me a bit longer, is all,” Roman answered, as he sipped his vodka and smirked at the younger man.

   “Chertov, durak,” Rodion swore as he kicked Roman’s foot. “Yes, Daniel is same age as me. 33, is what his birthdate indicated on CIA passport. There, now you know, you were right.”

   “Yes, fucking fool, indeed, my sweet Spetsnaz boy. I knew it, I can tell people’s ages. He is noticeably young looking, just like you, and beautiful, also just like you, pretty Rodion and pretty Daniel. I would like to fuck you both, if not at the same time.” 

   At that moment Roman’s phone buzzed, with a text message. He sighed and read it. “Fuck! Vassily needs me. He’s planning a hunt for your boy tomorrow. So, it’s a fire-retardant suit for your boy, and rifles and flame throwers for the rest of us,” Roman remarked, and this time he sank back his vodka, and slammed the empty glass on the table. He stood up and planted a kiss on Rodion’s lips, then laughed loudly as he exited the room, and closed the door behind him.

   Rodion rolled his eyes at Roman’s antics and glared after him when he finally exited the room. He closed and locked the door behind him. He sank back his full glass of vodka, then swore “Hmm, nyet, chertov durak. You will never have the chance to do any of that. I will break your fucking neck if you try. Fucking Roman Platov, chertov durak,” he said to himself, and clicked his tongue, as he placed the glasses and the vodka back on the table by the sink.

   He picked up his phone and called Vassily downstairs in his office. “Vassily, please, you cannot have a hunt, Daniel is still healing from his wounds, he is in no shape for this. Please, make it for next day.” 

   “Nyet, Rodion. I told you before, if you continue to stop Daniel Miller’s torture, it will only make things worse for him,” Vassily countered, as he sat in his office with Dimitri and Roman, all of them drinking vodka. He had his mobile phone on speaker, so they could all hear this new conversation.

   “Please, Vassily, I’m begging you. His body is on fire from the fat pig Dimitri’s electrical shock torture and Roman’s BDSM torture, chertov durak. He will not be able to run, or even stand up,” Rodion tried again, but he knew it was a losing battle.

   “Stop fucking trying to counter the Blyat’s torture, Spetsnaz boy. He is our prisoner, we will, and must punish him as is fit,” Dimitri countered, as he swore under his breath when the pretty boy called him a fat pig.

   “Shut the fuck up, fat pig! You do not speak to me in this manner. You are just little Captain. I am second Lieutenant. Chertov durak,” Rodion intoned, as he held his phone close to his ear, and moved out into the corridor, so he wouldn’t wake up Daniel too soon.

   “Fuck you, Rodion, you fucking bean pole, durak. I would like to put you in your place too-” Dimitri started to shout, but Vassily stopped him.

   “Shut the fuck up, Dimitri. Rodion is right, you cannot speak to him in that manner. He is my second lieutenant!” Vassily shouted at him in Russian, as he stood up and smacked him on the back of his big head with his fist. Then he spoke calmly to Rodion again. “I’m sorry, Rodion, but the hunt will continue. You just give him some sort of drug, that will help him move.” 

   “Vassily is right, sweet Rodion, give sweet Daniel something to make him move. We will have our lovely little hunt with our pretty Americana spy, then I will have another torture session with him, soon after that,” Roman input as he grinned at Vassily when he smiled at him. 

   “I am sorry, Rodion, but it will be tomorrow morning, early. You may be present to keep these two durak’s under control, but again, you cannot stop the hunt until I am satisfied with the time and the results,” Vassily explained, and knew his special boy was upset. He couldn’t help it; this was what needed to be done to put Daniel Miller in his place.

   “Fine, is good. I don’t agree with this, but okay. Fucking durak,” Rodion swore, but then sighed, as he turned around in the corridor, and gripped his phone in his large hand. “Okay, I will make sure he is ready. Goodnight,” then he hung up the phone on them, and went back inside the room.

    Once he rang off with Vassily, Roman and Dimitri, Rodion sat on the bed, and ran his fingers gently through Daniel’s hair. He decided to clean up his face a little, so he fetched a bowl with warm soapy water, and a soft flannel. Then made quick work as he cleaned the wounds on his face, neck, ears, and throat. 

   Daniel slowly awoke from unconsciousness, and felt something wet moving over his face. He groaned and his eyes shot open. He feared they would use the waterboarding method of torture on him now. 

   “No, no, nyet! Get off me!” He cried out, as he shoved the hands away from him, and scrambled back on the bed. He moved so fast he almost fell over the other side. “What are you doing? Please don’t don’t touch me…” he gasped out his words, as he held out his hands in front of him. He blinked to clear his blurry vision, his head, and body buzzed from the electroshock torture. 

   “Daniel, calm down, is only me, Rodion. I was just trying to help you,” he answered, but stayed where he was, his hands held up in front of him too.

   “Oh, no, no, no, no. Please don’t. I don’t need your help. Please, just leave me be. I can’t do this my body is on fire from all the electricity. From all the fucking electrical toys, all the fucking electricity. I can feel them moving through my veins,” Daniel gasped out his words wrapped his arms around himself, then noticed his state of undress he was in again. “O blyad'! I'm naked, again? What the fuck is it with you Russians? I’m always fucking naked,” he complained, and wrapped the blanket around his trembling body.

     Rodion hid his smirk, not only because he knew it would upset Daniel, but also because it was true. He clicked his tongue and tried not to smile again. “Well, you look good naked, Daniel,” he murmured, as he stared at his charge through his thick black eyelashes. His green eyes smiled at the other young man. 

“Oh, fuck you, Spetsnaz boy,” Daniel scoffed, as he pushed his leg out and kicked the other young man in his thigh. But he smirked at Rodion all the same, his face blushed from the man’s words. 

“Mm, yes, please, my American spy boy,” Rodion said, as he reached out and caught Daniel’s leg by his ankle. He didn’t squeeze it, it just held it gently. He caressed the skin with his thumb. He didn’t want to spook the other young man too much. He raised one gorgeous thick black eyebrow and licked his lips. “Can I please sit down closer to you on the bed now, Daniel? I promise I won’t touch you, not until you want me to. We will both sleep here, this is our room, our haven. You share my bedroom with me. Is only way I can keep you safe.”  

“Sure,” was all Daniel said, but he wrapped the blanket tighter around his body, which was trembled and buzzed horribly from the electricity that surged through his veins. He blinked his eyes to stem the pain this latest torture had caused him. He moaned softly with each movement he made, and the pain that it brought to him. Especially from his groin and inside his ass. All his extremities tingled, and his cock and balls were very sore, and extremely sensitive to touch. 

“How are you, Daniel? I wish you would let me help you,” Rodion intoned, as he slowly moved his hand across the other man’s ankle. He, too, could feel the energy as it surged through Daniel’s veins, and his muscles spasmed uncontrollably. 

     Daniel mewled and pulled his leg out of Rodion’s hand, and moved his body even tighter inward. He shook his head at the other young man’s words. “No, Nyet, no, no, no. I don’t need your help. I need to just be quiet. I don’t know. I just don’t want any more creams, or anything. It just fucking hurts. My cock and balls and ass fucking hurt. This is the worst pain I have ever experienced. I’m on fire. I’m all electrified, like a fucking fireworks display. It. Fucking. Hurts. So. Much,” he breathed out his words and sobbed as tears filled his eyes, and he rocked his body, which trembled like leaves on a tree. 

     “Oh, Daniel, I will not use creams. I’m sorry. I would. I could simply massage these areas, to calm the pain, to ease your shifting muscles and thrumming veins. That would help ease the feeling,” Rodion explained, as he stared at Daniel with concern in his eyes. 

     “W-What?” Daniel stammered, as he stared at Rodion. He blushed hotly again at the connotations of the other young man’s words. He would massage his groin and his ass. It seemed very erotic to him. He sighed and unraveled his long hairy legs first, he pushed them down onto the mattress with a grunt of pain. “So, what does this massaging entail? How would it help to stop these vibrations?” 

     Rodion smiled at how embarrassed Daniel was. He gently reached out his hand, then wrapped it loosely around his ankle, his thumb massaged the soft skin there. “It will calm them, loosen those tense muscles, and electrified veins, and make pain go away.” 

     Daniel mewled and tried to remove his ankle. He shook his head, and murmured, “No, nyet, no, no, no. Please don’t hurt me anymore….” 

     “Shh, shh, shh, shh, never, Daniel. I will not hurt you anymore. Please let me help you,” Rodion gentled, as he rubbed his thumb softly over Daniel’s skin, the area around his ankle was badly bruised from where the torturers had the metal shackles. 

     “Okay…” Daniel breathed out the one word, as he stared at Rodion with fear in his blue eyes. His body was on overload in pain, and his mind was so disoriented, his head spun wildly. He lowered his other hairy leg and stared at the handsome Russian helplessly. 

     Rodion slipped off his boots, then slid fully onto the bed. He moved slowly and sat closer to a Daniel, who still trembled like a frightened child.

     Daniel swallowed hard, his was face white as a sheet, and his body still trembled with the electricity, as he watched Rodion closely. His eyes dilated from the pain he constantly experienced. 

     Rodion was still and slow and gentle as he ran his hands soothingly up Daniel’s hairy legs. He caressed the soft skin, and moved his hands over the straining muscles to show his charge what massaging could do. 

     Daniel mewled again and sighed loudly at how wonderful Rodion’s strong, massaging hands felt on his aching muscles, and his straining veins. He remembered how the gorgeous Russian had massaged his shoulders on the ship, and how good it felt. He slowly spread his hairy legs wider. He trusted Rodion would make him feel even better. 

     Rodion smiled warmly at Daniel when he spread his lovely long hairy legs, but he still moved slowly. His hands caressed and popped open the sore muscles. When he moved closer to his thighs, he slowed and massaged them more. He felt the veins eased from their thrumming sensations. 

     Daniel sighed and his body finally started to relax. Rodion’s hands felt amazing. “Oh,” he breathed out, as he stared at the handsome Russian, with his thick black hair and emerald, green eyes, those plump red lips and soft skin. Gods. He wanted to be with this other gorgeous young man, and be massaged by him all day and night.

     “Mm, feels good, yes? I know Daniel, lie down on bed now, I will take care of you wholly. I will continue to massage every inch of you, okay?” Rodion gentled, as he moved one hand to Daniel’s chest, and carefully pushed his charge down on the mattress.

     Daniel did as Rodion asked of him. His body fell back with a long, drawn out sigh. When his back hit the mattress, he smiled softly at the handsome Russian.

     “Good. Now, I am going to gently massage your legs first, then your balls. I will be very gentle,” Rodion intoned, as he held up his hands to show Daniel he wouldn’t hurt him. 

     Daniel nodded and motioned for Rodion to continue with his gentle massage with his gorgeous long fingers, and strong fucking hands. Fucking gorgeous Russian.

     Rodion grinned and gently spread Daniel’s hairy, muscular legs. He moved between them, and started at his calves. He moved his hands slowly, but firmly over the overworked muscles and strained veins. 

     Daniel mewled in pain and tensed up, as he gritted his teeth to stem the surge of electricity that raced through his veins and muscles again. 

     “Is okay, Daniel, I won’t hurt you, I promise. I will make you feel good,” Rodion spoke softly, in his broken English, as he ran his hands up and over Daniel’s thighs. He pressed down with his hands, and worked the kinks out of the muscles. He felt them moving and calming, and the veins no longer surged with energy, as he worked out every hurt and surge of pain. He moved his hands to his knees, pressed down gently to stop the tremors of his muscles and veins. Then, he moved further up his inner thighs, where the most horrible tremors thrummed in his veins, and were intense. He lifted Daniel’s hairy legs up to his chest but stopped when his charge cried out. He quickly removed his hands from his legs and held them up to show him he meant no pain for him. “Is okay, Daniel. Is not for pain is to make you feel better.”

    “Okay, okay, I know,” Daniel breathed out his words, and relaxed again, his thighs spread wider as he allowed Rodion full access to the area.

     Rodion turned his head and placed a kiss on Daniel’s left thigh, then he moved his hands over his large balls. He slowly rolled and massaged them with his fingers, as he carefully pushed down, and rolled them around in the palms of his hands. He used his thumb to slide over the soft skin, and smiled when he felt his charge’s body tremble when he tensed up a bit.     “Relax, Daniel, close your pretty blue eyes. Yes, that’s it. Let your body be calm and trust my hands to make you feel better.”

     “It hurts, Rodion, it fucking stings, a burning sensation, like a live trip wire running through my veins. It’s the electricity, it burns. Please make it stop,” Daniel sobbed, as his body trembled even more now that he was in this state of panic. 

     “Shh, shh, shh, shh. I know it does, Daniel. Is okay, just relax, close your eyes, lay back, and feel my hands massage you. I will remove all that pain,” Rodion soothed in his rich, low baritone, his broken English and Russian accent prevalent above all else. He rolled his balls in his hands, his thumbs moved over the soft skin, as he pressed down and rolled his hands and thumbs again, over, and over. He pushed out the pain from the electrical shocks.

     Daniel groaned and stopped sobbing, as he allowed the handsome Russian to help him relax. He placed his arm over his eyes, in a tense moment, tried to calm his rattled nerves. In an effort to block out the pain of that electricity that caused his muscles to pop and strain at every small movement. He regulated his breathing and let Rodion’s hands work out all the pain and all the kinks and muscle aches, as he massaged his balls with such a practiced ease.

     “Good, Daniel, is excellent. Let me make you feel better, just concentrate on the movement of my hands on your body. Let that sensation overtake your pain, just think of pleasure and calmness,” Rodion’s deep baritone cut through everything, as he massaged and gently caressed the kinks from Daniel’s balls, this lasted several minutes.

     Daniel let out a long, slow sigh as his arm fell back against the mattress again, and the rest of his body relaxed. He felt some of the electricity that ran through his veins subsided. Especially in his groin area, and mostly his balls, but at least he didn’t have that pain to suffer from. His cock and his ass still felt like they were on fire.

     Rodion continued his gentle massage of Daniel’s balls, then slowly moved his way to his sensitized cock. He saw the veins still popped in and out, and he cursed under his breath, “Chertov, durak.”

     Daniel laughed when he heard the Russian swear. He possibly called Dimitri and Roman fucking idiots. He groaned as he moved his arm over his eyes again when the veins in his cock  popped harder now. 

     “Shh, I know, Daniel. I will take care of this too,” Rodion murmured, as he gently moved his long fingers over the shaft of his sensitized cock. They kneaded out the popped out veins, one by one, he removed the painful kinks of electricity that moved so rapidly through Daniel’s system. He pressed his long fingers gently against each muscle that throbbed, while the palms of his hands moved over the shaft. It wasn’t a sexual action, it was to heal, and to remove the kinks and popped out veins, and his charge did not get aroused, he whimpered.

     “No, no, no, nyet, Rodion, it fucking hurts, it's on fire! I can’t stand it, it’s like a billion tiny fireworks exploded there. Please, make it stop. Make it all fucking go way,” Daniel sobbed, as his tears streamed down his cheeks. 

     “I know it hurts, Daniel. I am sorry. Let me continue to remove the kinks and that pain. Please, just relax,” Rodion soothed, as he pressed the heels of his hands over the popped out veins in Daniel’s throbbing cock. He pressed in and down. He moved his hands in a downward motion, to stop those tremors, his fingers rubbed and pressed in and down. He moved in a slow spiral motion, for the next ten minutes, and worked as slowly and carefully as he could, to ease Daniel’s horrible pain. 

     Daniel breathed heavily, and sobbed silently, his body shook from his sobs and the pain he felt, his body still electrified, as he shuddered violently. But, over the next ten or fifteen minutes, he finally calmed down while Rodion massaged away all that pain and removed those horrible tremors in his veins. His breath hitched, as more tears fell down his cheeks. 

     “Daniel, remove your arm from your face. Your muscles will contract more with your arm like that. You need to relax now, and that action is not helping you do so. Place your arm back on bed,” Rodion gently ordered his charge, as he reached up and removed the other young man’s arm from his face. He ran his fingers through Daniel’s soft hair. “Come on, open your eyes a moment.”

     Daniel mewled softly, the pain made him him feel sick, but he slowly opened his eyes and stared up at Rodion, the very handsome Russian. He smiled and nodded his head. “It’s all right. I’m fine. I’m okay now. But my ass, it fucking hurts.” 

     “I know, my Daniel. I will take care of that too. I wanted to save that for last because is going to hurt the most.  I’m going to need more time to work with that,” Rodion explained, as he placed both hands, his palms down flat, over the other man’s nipples. “Do they hurt?” 

     “No, they’re fine. At least something on my body doesn’t hurt, right?” Daniel murmured, and sighed when Rodion gently rubbed his nipples. 

     “Mm, yes, is a good thing, my American spy boy,” Rodion teased, as he continued to rub the little nubs with the palms of his hands.

     “Rodion. Please. Stop that I can’t handle that right now. It’s too much. It makes everything else hurt, my cheeky Spetsnaz boy,” Daniel gasped out his words, his breath shuddered when Rodion rubbed his nipples with the palms of his hands. The sensation went straight to his aching cock and made him semi-hard. Just the point of contact of the Russian’s strong hands as they moved over the now hard nubs, and his long fingers grazed his chest, made his body tremble, and his groin ache too much to enjoy it. He moved his hands toward the Russian’s hand splayed over his nipples, and slid their long fingers together, he entwined them. He moved their hands to his lips, and kissed Rodion’s, a coy smile on his face, as he blushed profusely over his face and his neck. 

     “Mmhmm, sorry, Daniel. I did not mean to make you feel so aroused, amidst your pain. I will stop this for now. Only because I need to get some lube from the bathroom,” Rodion intoned, as he supported himself over Daniel’s body, kissed his lips and rolled off him. His big feet landed on the floor in one swift movement. He winked at his charge then moved to the bathroom for a moment. 

     “Sure, whatever you say. Don’t know why you need lube, but on you go, Spetsnaz boy,” Daniel scoffed and shook his head. He silently watched as Rodion moved to the bathroom to retrieve the lube. 

Rodion opened the glass cabinet over the sink and searched through all the tubes in there and smiled when he found the one he wanted. Yes, the blueberry flavored lube should do quite nicely for his Daniel. He still had the cherry lube in his backpack, but he would use that at another time, that flavor was for pleasure, this flavor was to help ease pain.

Daniel was exhausted now, as he lay back against the soft mattress. He waited for Rodion to return from his venture to retrieve the ultimate lube, for whatever the sexy Russian had planned next. His entire body was alight and thrummed from all the electricity running through it, like a fucking house on fire. He closed his eyes for a moment, tried to meditate and keep that pain at bay, he managed it for a few minutes, but it soon took over his mind and made him lose his train of thought. He couldn't control it; the pain was too much. 

            Rodion soon returned with the tube of lube and sat down gently on the bed when he saw Daniel’s eyes were closed and he was meditating. He smiled as he slid carefully between his still spread thighs and placed his hands on them. He caressed the muscles with his thumbs. “Daniel,” he whispered, as he waited for his charge to open his eyes, and smiled when he did.

Daniel slowly opened his eyes, smiled at Rodion, but stayed silent as he watched the sexy Russian with the tube of lube in his hand.

Rodion nodded his head, as he showed Daniel the lube, popped open the cap and squirted a large amount onto the long finger of his right hand. “Relax, sweet Daniel. I will make you feel better.”

Daniel mewled softly but nodded his head at Rodion. Then instinctively raised his hairy legs up to his chest and gave the sexy Russian full access.

Rodion grinned, as he pressed kisses to Daniel’s inner thighs, and his knees, then he carefully moved his fingers to his entrance, and slid them in. He slowly massaged the inner walls as he entered the other young man.

Daniel suddenly cried out at the horrible pain that shot through his body, it stemmed from his ass, when Rodion’s long, slick fingers slid inside him. “No, no, no, no, Rodion, stop! Please, it  hurts. Please, stop!”

Rodion sighed and pulled his fingers out as soon as Daniel screamed in pain. “Oh, Daniel,” he whispered, as he leaned over his body for a moment, and pressed his lips against his.

“Please, Rodion. I can’t take it. Can you give me something to stop the pain?” Daniel sobbed, as he stared up at the gorgeous Russian, when he kissed his lips. He mewled and moved his lips against his now. He needed this soft, sensual kiss now.

Rodion moaned into the kiss Daniel initiated, as he pushed his tongue inside his mouth, and kissed him hungrily. He knew the kiss would calm his charge, so he could continue his difficult work and remove his pain. He gladly imbibed in that heated kiss for several minutes. Then he ended the kiss and grinned when their lips smacked loudly when they parted. “Mmhmm, that was nice, thank you, my sweet Daniel.”

“Mm, no, thank you, my sexy hot Rodion,” Daniel murmured, as he smiled up at the Russian.

“So, now you are calmer, I can give you a small dose of the liquid ecstasy. But not too much, my Daniel,” Rodion warned, as he shook his head and kissed Daniel’s lips again, then hopped off the bed to find his rucksack.

“Why only a small dose, Rodion?” Daniel inquired, as he watched his sexy Russian move to his rucksack, where he knew he had kept the vial and syringe of liquid ecstasy.

“Because, my Daniel, I need you to be lucid and sharp tomorrow,” Rodion answered, as he lifted his rucksack onto the table, and retrieved the vial and syringe. He moved back to the bed, and sat on the edge, then he filled the plunger with only .5 CC’s of the drug.

“And why is that my mysterious Russian Spetsnaz boy? What aren’t you telling me?” Daniel asked, as he watched Rodion fill the syringe.

“Vassily, Roman and Dimitri have organized a hunt,” Rodion explained, and was about to slide the syringe inside Daniel’s neck, but his charge batted his hand away for a moment.

“No. Don’t do that yet. Tell me what you mean by a hunt?” Daniel insisted, as he stared up at Rodion, his eyes filled with suspicion and worry.

“Vassily likes to have these special hunts in the surrounding forests around dacha, and humans are usually the prey. You will be as such. You will be wearing a fire retardant suit, the Iron mask, and special gloves, and they will be using flamethrowers, and the other rifles,” Rodion explained, as he held on to the syringe, and waited for Daniel's reaction.

“Oh, fuck! No, no, no, no!! Fucking fuck!” Daniel cursed, as his body fell back onto the mattress, and he sobbed softly, his mind filled with horrible images of them burning his body.  What the fuck was a fire-retardant suit. He thought to himself. Then he guessed it was just to fucking scare the shit out of him, and to make him more subservient, and less mouthy, and disobedient.

“This fucking place is fucking insane. I can’t stand it here. I wish I could fucking go home,” he sobbed more, and threw his arm over his eyes again. “You know what, don’t even bother giving me that fucking drug. Just finish what you were doing….”

“No, Daniel. Let me do this first. Please?” Rodion spoke softly and waited for Daniel to respond.

Daniel sighed loudly, but still sobbed. He couldn’t fucking believe that he was going to be hunted by Krik, and Roman, and that fat fucker Dimitri. They would fucking kill him. He was sure of it. Fuck. What else could he do but go with it? These thoughts raced through his mind. He dropped his arm to the mattress again, and with another softer sigh, turned his head to the side for Rodion.

       “Just so you know, my pretty American spy, I didn’t say that I agreed with it. I argued that you were still healing from your wounds, but both Dimitri Sokolov, zhirnaya svin'ya, and Roman Platov, chertovski bosomy myasnik, fought with me, and agreed with Vassily. I finally gave in to them. He said I could come along, to watch over and make sure Dimitri and Roman don’t go too far, which is bullshit. All three of them always do,” Rodion explained further, as he caressed Daniel’s bruised cheek, and wiped away his tears with his long fingers. 

     “The fat pig and the fucking insane butcher, eh?” Daniel said, as he smirked at Rodion, translating his Russian words easily, since he spoke the language fluently. 

   Rodion chuckled and winked at Daniel, then carefully slid the syringe into a vein on his neck, then he tossed it back to the table. He still sat near the bed, and caressed Daniel’s bruised cheek. 

     Daniel groaned when the liquid ecstasy entered his blood stream again, as it eased the pain of the electrical shocks that moved through his veins. He relaxed more, as he nuzzled Rodion’s hand still caressing his cheek. “I’m ready. Oh yeah. This shit is so fucking sweet. Yeah. I’m ready now….” 

     “Yes, I see, my sweet Daniel. I will continue. You know, once I do this, I want to use something on the welts from the whip Vassily used. I have special Aloe Vera liquid that will ease the pain of them,” Rodion explained again, as he slid between Daniel’s thighs, and raised his lovely long hairy legs to his chest. He kissed both sides of his knees, then reached for the tube of lube. Within moments, he lubed up his fingers and slid them inside Daniel’s tight heat again. 

     “Okay, Rodion. I trust you,” Daniel sighed this time, long and drawn out, as the drug did its job and kept him calm and relaxed. He felt no more pain but could feel Rodion’s gorgeous long fingers moving inside him. Every sensation as they massaged him, took away the electrical shocks in his veins and muscles. Every feeling of that pain subsided and gave him some much-needed relief again. His sexy Russian slid the tips of his fingers over that sweet spot and his body melted into the mattress. It wasn’t sexual, it was only to heal and to take away his pain. “Oh, Rodion,” 

     “I know, Daniel, just relax, is not for pleasure, as you already know. Not just yet, not until I heal your wounds and stop the flow of pain. I know you cannot feel the pain because ecstasy is still there. Let me finish what I am doing, and I will give you pleasure if you are still up for it, once I also cover the welts with the aloe Vera liquid,” Rodion soothed, as he placed his hand on Daniel’s chest, his fingers caressed the welts on his skin, and sighed when his charge sobbed more. 

     “I can’t do this, Rodion. I’m such a hot mess. Please, help me. It hurts so much. Please make it stop. I trust you,” Daniel breathed out his words, and mewled when the Russian gently touched the welts on his chest. 

   “I am sorry, my Daniel. I can still feel the small tremors inside you. I will not stop until all are gone,” Rodion soothed his charge, as he continued to move his fingers over the popped out veins inside him. 

     “What is this aloe vera liquid you keep talking about?” Daniel asked, as his eyes fell shut, and he relaxed a little into the mattress. The veins in his body started to finally relax from their horrible tremors. But he knew Rodion still had a lot more to do. Those goddamned welts needed to be soothed too because they were starting to hurt like hell. 

     “It comes from the forest, around the dacha. I made it myself from plants here,” Rodion explained again, as he set to work and massaged away the tremors he felt in Daniel’s veins. He carefully removed each one, and they slowly subsided while the nerve endings relaxed one by one. It took about half an hour, but he popped the last one out with his fingers. 

     Daniel groaned out long and loud when he felt all the tremors of electricity as they left his veins, and his muscles no longer throbbed or thrummed. “Rodion, the welts they’re stinging now. I can’t move my body,” he sobbed, as he stared up at the sexy Russian with tears in his eyes, and a helpless expression on his face. 

     “My poor abused American Spy. Not to worry, my Daniel, I will use aloe vera liquid, gently rub it into your skin. All over your body where fucking Vassily and fat bit Dimitri whipped you. Also, where fucking Roman hit you with his fucking riding crop. Chertov durak all of them,” Rodion teased, and was angry about what Krik did, using that fucking switch. 

   “There’s that fucking idiot phrase again, my potty mouthed Spetsnaz boy. You’re very sexy when you swear,” Daniel murmured, as he blinked up at Rodion, the ecstasy coursed through his veins instead of the electricity. He would take that sensation any day.

   “Hmm, well, is true, my sexy spy. Vassily was fucking foolish to use that switch on you, and to let fat pig join him. He knew it would make you useless. He knew when he used it, you could not run fast on hunt. Krik did not count on me being trained healer. I used to do this for my men, my Spetsnaz boys when they were injured. I know all tricks to heal,” Rodion revealed, as he kissed Daniel’s lips, then jumped from the bed. He moved back to the bathroom and retrieved his large glass bottle of green aloe vera liquid.

   “Ah, so that’s why he did this. He sure is Chertov durak, then,” Daniel remarked, and laughed at his words. “Hmm, so my sexy Spetsnaz boy is a healer. No wonder you’re so good at it. You have a healer’s hands, and a lover’s touch,” he added, as he smiled sleepily at the handsome Russian.   

   Rodion smirked at Daniel, as he entered the room and carried the glass bottle of the green liquid. He blushed himself but nodded his head. “Yes, I am a healer, not physician, but I know how to deal with wounds and pain. Every Spetsnaz is taught this, Daniel. Especially when one is a Lieutenant, or a Major, is mandatory. You will learn that Russian men are both healers and extraordinarily strong lovers. They look after person under their care, and whom they care for,” he added, and smiled warmly at Daniel, and nodded his head at his words. 

   “I understand, Rodion. I care for you as well. Every CIA Agent learned some form of healing, in case they are wounded, or hurt on the mission. But it doesn’t surprise me that Krik would want to give me more pain, just so I wouldn’t be able to function on this fucking hunt tomorrow. Besides that, I’m not here on a holiday, I am a prisoner of Russia, that’s just how this goes,” Daniel answered, as he watched Rodion enter the room again, with the glass bottle of aloe vera.

   “I am sorry, Daniel. No matter what happens, I will look after you, in all ways. Now, I must use aloe vera liquid. I’m going to massage it into the welts all over your body, so I need you to just relax,” Rodion intoned, as he grinned down at a sleepy Daniel Miller.

   “Oh, fuck. This just never ends. You know what, just forget about it. Leave it, Rodion. I’m just so fucking done with this crazy shit,” Daniel moaned, as he moved his arm over his eyes again, and sobbed softly. He felt like a fucking idiot, having to be tortured, then patched up, then tortured again. What was the fucking point of it? 

   “No, Daniel. I will not just leave it. I am going to soothe your pain, and is my final word,” Rodion cautioned, as he reached up and removed Daniel’s arm from over his eyes. He smiled down at his charge.

   “Fine. Do what you think is best, but I’m only tired of this fucking cat and mouse game Krik is playing,” Daniel said, miserably, as he signed and shook his head, then motioned for Rodion to continue.

   Rodion sighed and clicked his tongue, then leaned over and pressed a kiss to Daniel’s pouty lips. He ran his long fingers through the American spy’s thick hair, then caressed his bruised cheek. “I will not take long, I promise, my pouty American spy, lay back and relax,” he intoned, as he pressed his hand against Daniel’s chest, and pushed him down all the way onto the mattress. 

   Daniel mewled when Rodion caressed his face and hair and reached up to return the kiss for a few minutes. He opened his mouth and shoved his tongue inside the hot Russian’s mouth. 

   Rodion reacted beautifully to the kiss, as he gently cupped Daniel’s face and slid his tongue against the other young man’s. But, he knew he still had more work to do to heal his wounded spy, and he needed to begin using the aloe vera liquid. 

   He didn’t waste any time now, as he opened the bottle, and poured a generous amount in the palm of his left hand, then he rubbed both hands together. He leaned over Daniel’s body, and started at his neck, then down his chest, his long fingers moved in gentle strokes, as the aloe vera penetrated into the welts on Daniel’s skin.

   “Ow Fuck! That fucking stings,” Daniel hissed loudly when the aloe vera first seeped into the welts, but then he sighed when the properties of the plant soothed those stinging welts. He felt the tingling sensation as the aloe calmed the burning of the welts and soothed it completely. From that moment on, he closed his eyes and fully relaxed his body. “Now it feels better.”

   Daniel sagged against the soft mattress and sighed loudly. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the feel of Rodion’s fingers and hands as they moved over his neck, chest, and stomach. He felt calmer and let the aloe seep into those wounds even more. 

   Rodion smiled as he watched Daniel’s transformation, how his body relaxed against the mattress, and he closed his eyes. He was so beautiful, even all bloody, battered and his body littered with scars and welts. He filled his hands with more of the aloe, and massaged Daniel’s stomach, then down over his upper thighs. All the while he moved in slow motions, and let the plant do its work to soothe and calm. 

    “Daniel, I am going to turn you over onto your front now, so I can use the aloe liquid on back of your body.,” he intoned softly, as he pressed a kiss to Daniel’s shoulder.

  “Mm, okay, Rodion. I can do it just give me a moment. Oh, fuck it, please just help me,” Daniel murmured, and grunted when he tried to move, and sobbed when he couldn’t manage it. 

   Rodion quickly took hold of Daniel’s body, as he wrapped his arms around his charge, and easily turned him over, so he was lying on his front. “Good. Is good, my Army brat, relax more. I will finish this, then you will sleep awhile.”

    “Sounds good to me, my Spetsnaz boy. If I fall asleep now, Spasibo, ah, thank you, for taking good care of me,” Daniel whispered, as he smiled up at the sexy Russian, and closed his eyes again.

  “You’re welcome, my sexy American spy,” Rodion said, as he leaned over and kissed Daniel’s lips, and then his eyes. He spread the aloe all over his body. He started at his shoulders, then worked his way down over his back, where the welts were the worse. His long fingers moved slowly over his skin and spread aloe over those horrible welts the metal fronds and switch and riding crop left in their horrible wake. 

   “Instead of sleeping, though, will you make love to me, when you are finished?” Daniel suddenly asked. He sighed in relief when the aloe seeped into those fucking welts. He could feel the sting and burn at first, but then it subsided as the liquid soothed his skin again.

   “Mm, yes, of course, Daniel, since you ask me so prettily, I would love to have you again,” Rodion revealed, as he moved his hands over Daniel’s lower back, his hips, and his upper thighs. When he reached his ass and groin from behind, he moved carefully, over his cock and his ample balls from behind because it wasn't for pleasure, it was to soothe. He carefully turned him over on his back again since he was done there.

   Rodion filled his hands with more of the aloe liquid, and continued down Daniel's inner thighs, taking his time there, as his hands wrapped around his muscular thighs, and caressed the skin there. He found that the welts were worse there. He cursed Krik for this because he knew what he was doing. 

    Rodion continued down Daniel's hairy legs, over his bruised and cut up knees, lastly down his damaged calves, where the shackles had dug into the skin.

   “Ow, that fucking stings,” Daniel moaned miserably, as his body trembled on the mattress, but soon calmed down again when Rodion’s strong hands relieved him of the pain. He was calm once the aloe seeped into the sores and the welts on his skin. 

   Rodion leaned over and placed gentle kisses on Daniel’s knees, his long hairy legs, then his calves, as he slid his hands over his large feet. Once he was finished, he gently pushed Daniel’s hairy legs back down onto the mattress and sat close to him. “Daniel, I am finished now. How do you feel?” 

   Daniel mewled softly, as his eyes shot open, and he smiled up at Rodion. “Much better, Spasibo, my sexy Spetsnaz boy. You really do have the hands of a lover and a healer all rolled into one. Will you give me pleasure now?” he blushed and stared up at Rodion beneath his long, dark lashes. 

    Rodion laughed when Daniel blushed and he ran his fingers through his hair, then he leaned over again and pressed a soft, sensual kiss to his plump lips. “I would be happy to, my gorgeous Army brat.”

     In the next moment, Daniel shot up from the bed and smashed his mouth hard against Rodion’s, while his fingers made quick work removing his shirt. He unbuttoned it,  his hands deftly popped the buttons on his fly, but whimpered when he tried to get them off. 

    Rodion chuckled in amusement at Daniel’s adorable impatience and quickness as he tried to undress him. He helped him slide them off his body, then grunted when the sexy spy pushed his body onto the bed. 

   Daniel was like a wild tiger and wanted Rodion to take him. He knew the next day would be a fucking clusterfuck, so he filled this day and night with pleasure with his gorgeous Spetsnaz boy. 

   Rodion laughed teasingly as he rolled over, so Daniel would rest on his back and be more    comfortable. He lifted his gorgeous long legs, kissed both sides of his knees, then in one swift movement, he slid his hard cock inside Daniel’s tight, slick heat. 

   “Oh, Rodion…. So big, and thick, and hard…feels so good…so fucking explosive….” Daniel breathed out his words, as he wrapped his long hairy legs around Rodion’s hips and pushed up into his Russian’s downward slow thrusts. 

   “Mm is good, my Daniel,” Rodion murmured, as he thrust deeper inside his sexy spy. He swirled his hips and pumped them, then slid the head of his cock against his sweet spot. 

“Oh, fuck yes! That’s the spot. Oh, don’t stop. Please keep going harder, deeper,” Daniel begged, as he pushed his hips up off the bed, to meet his sexy Russian’s downward thrusts. 

   Rodion thrust his cock slow and deep inside Daniel’s tight heat, they both moaned and panted loudly as their bodies slapped together. They danced perfectly, as if they were made for one another. Their love making had been this explosive since the ship brought them from St. Petersburg, and Komarovo, as if they were soulmates. They were so lost together and blocked out everything else around them.


   What they didn’t know, nor did they realize, was that Roman spied on them through the antechamber door. He stood in the half closed doorway and became quite aroused by the sensual scene of his hot Spetsnaz, Rodion and the sweet American spy, Daniel Miller. Krik had asked him to retrieve Rodion, so he could give him the items Daniel would need to wear for the hunt.    

   He had to admit he was a little jealous of how Rodion could get so close to Daniel Miller in such a short time. Roman couldn’t be sweet, he was a hard ass, but if he could just get Daniel alone, he would fuck him hard. He looked up again when he heard a glorious noise coming from the sexy American spy’s mouth.

       Daniel mewled as he clung to Rodion, and had his face buried in his sexy Russian’s lovely long neck. He was panted and gasped hard and pushed his hips into Rodion’s downward thrusts. His heart raced as he clenched his ass muscles around that thick hard cock inside him. 

       Rodion signed as he wrapped his arms around Daniel’s body and slammed him into the mattress. He thrust so hard the bed creaked loudly. “Mm, Daniel. I’m going to cum so hard inside your gorgeous ass…” 

       “Oh yes Rodion. Please…” Daniel gasped out his words, and he pushed his hips up hard to meet the gorgeous Russian’s downward thrusts. He squeezed his cock so hard inside him, and wrapped his hairy legs tighter wound his waist, pushing his hips even more up off the mattress. 

      Rodion groaned, as he held Daniel’s body against his, then had the most intense orgasm, and they both moaned pleasurably, as they clung to one another. He leaned over his charge and pressed a passionate kiss on his lips, and then held him close.

       Daniel returned the passionate kiss, as he opened his mouth as their tongues danced together. Then he clung to the sexy Russian, but his eyes felt heavy after all he had been through that day.           

        Rodion ended their kiss and carefully pulled out of Daniel, but still held him in his arms. “You should sleep now, my sexy Army brat. Get some rest. You’ve had difficult day.” 

        “Yeah, I’m tired. Please, stay with me,” Daniel murmured incoherently and smiled when Rodion whispered ‘always’ in his ear. Then he closed his eyes and was fast asleep in seconds. 

       Roman smiled at the tenderness he witnessed between Rodion and sweet Daniel. He knew he could never do that, but he admired Rodion for it. He grinned wickedly as he sent his Spetsnaz boy a quick text message. 

      {Outgoing text — Spetsnaz boy] Rodion, Krik needs to see you downstairs. It’s about the hunt tomorrow….

            Rodion sighed as he stood up and slipped on his denims, then his shirt, and turned around as he buttoned it up. He reached for his phone on the bed, then read the text. He sighed and shook his head, as he placed the phone back on the bed, beside Daniel’s head, then smirked when he saw movement from the antechamber. Not only that, but he knew someone was there, and had his suspicions, this person watched him and Daniel. 

            “Roman, you can come in now,” Rodion spoke quietly, as he slipped his boots on, and covered Daniel’s sleepy body with the warm blankets. 

            “How did you know I was there?” Roman asked, as he moved toward the bed, that same evil grin on his handsome face.

            “I am highly trained Spetsnaz. There is nothing more to say,” Rodion shot back, as he stood between Roman and Daniel on the bed.

   “Right, of course,” Roman answered, and frowned when that Spetsnaz boy blocked his way to the lovely sleeping form of Daniel. 

   “Did you enjoy watching us, Roman? Perhaps you learned how to be kind?” Rodion teased the other man. He folded his arms over his muscular chest and stared hard at the smaller man. 

        “Well, I can’t say I learned anything, just that it was really quite breathtaking. A beautiful sight to behold. You are very commanding, Rodion, and I suppose Daniel Miller is the perfect little bottom,” Roman answered, as he stared down at the pretty slumbering American spy. He looked so lovely asleep, with a smile on his face, after that hot sex his Spetsnaz boy, Rodion, had given to him. Oh, but he knew as he watched them, the spy gave it back just as good. 

            “For you to use the word beautiful is exceedingly rare. So, I guess I fucking did teach you some kindness, eh, butcher, Roman?” Rodion remarked and waited for Roman to leave. He didn't move from the bed where Daniel slept peacefully. He was helpless asleep, and Rodion didn’t know the real reason why Roman was there spying on them. He didn’t trust the other man and didn’t want him to hurt Daniel more than he had already been put through with the torture from the three of them.. 

            “Right, whatever you think, Spetsnaz boy. Now, you better go. Don’t keep Krik waiting any longer. You know he doesn’t like that,” Roman shot back, as he motioned for Rodion to leave.

            Rodion still didn’t move from his spot where he guarded Daniel’s sleepy form on the bed; he shook his head. “Nyet, Roman. Come now, let’s go together. This room is our safe haven for Daniel Miller and I. Krik has said as much. No harm happens in here,” he stated, as he reached out and grabbed the smaller man’s arm. 

            “Take your hands off me, Rodion Volkov. I am still the first Lieutenant,” Roman warned, as he shook the man’s hand off his arm, and glared up at him. He could see Rodion would not back down. He sighed and moved with the Spetsnaz boy toward the door. He had no choice since the taller young man still held his arm with his fucking strong hand. 

            Rodion yanked Roman out of the room, closed, and locked the door, then slid the key in the pocket of his denims. “Just go to your room now, Roman. Leave Daniel alone. He needs to sleep, after his torture today, and for the hunt tomorrow.” 

            “Yes, Rodion. I will do that. Just go to Krik now,” Roman lied, but kept his best poker face on. Why should the sexy Spetsnaz have all the sex with Daniel Miller? Yes he had the spy for his session, but he wanted to really fuck him. He walked in the opposite direction of Rodion and feigned going to his room. He smirked when he heard the young man’s footsteps as he raced down the stairs to the main office room of the dacha to meet with Krik. Roman turned back toward the antechamber that led into Daniel Miller’s room.

Chapter Text

     Roman used his key on the antechamber door and quietly entered the bedroom Rodion and the prisoner shared. He moved toward the bed, where the pretty American spy slept peacefully. He stared down at him, with his bruised, and bloody face, and noticed some welts there from the switch Vassily had used on him and the whip Dimitri used.

     “Mmhmm, you are so pretty all bruised, and battered, sweet Daniel. I’m going to fuck you so hard. You will scream in pain and pleasure, since you seem to enjoy both,” he whispered, as he ran his fingers down the spy’s bearded battered cheek, and over his lovely long neck. He smiled when the pretty spy mewled and moved into his touch. “Yes, so lovely.”

     Roman moved around the room to gather some sort of bindings he could use to tie Daniel’s wrists and ankles to the bed posts. He needed the spy to be tied up so he couldn’t stop him from his fun. He spotted the velvet ties around the long curtains on the windows, so pulled off six of them. He could use one for a gag in case Daniel called out for help.

    He moved back to the bed and began his quick work to bind the pretty spy. He carefully moved his body into position, with his lovely peachy ass in the air, and shoved his face against the pillow. He used two of the velvet ties to bind his ankles, his lovely long hairy legs spread wide, as he tied them in intricate Spetsnaz knots Rodion had taught him, then looped them around the wooden slats at the bottom of the bed. After that, he moved to the top of the bed and wrapped the ties around his prisoner's wrists, roped them together, and looped them around the bed posts. Again, the strong Spetsnaz knots were used and were very sturdy. He silently thanked the Spetsnaz boy for the lesson on how to use them. He carefully splayed Daniel’s hands flat on the mattress and tested all the bindings again, satisfied when they were well in place for him. He was glad the prisoner was still nude, since Rodion hadn't dressed him.

     Roman admired his handy work and smiled as he gazed down at the bound Daniel, that lovely peachy ass in the air. It waited for him to fuck it hard. “Mm, yes, perfect. Now, where did that Spetsnaz boy put the lube? Hmm, yes, it’s right here on the bed, wonderful,” he murmured, as he picked up the tube, popped it open, and shoved the pointed end into Daniel’s peachy ass. He squirted a large amount inside, then unzipped his trousers, and pulled out his already hard cock. He used the lube to coat his cock and groaned as he squeezed the base to stop his orgasm. He didn’t want that to happen yet. Oh, no, he thought to himself. He wanted to come hard inside pretty Daniel Miller’s peachy ass.

     Now he needed Daniel awake for this action, surprised he hadn’t woken up yet, but Rodion did say he was exhausted. Oh, well, nothing for it. He raised his hand and brought it down hard onto Daniel’s left buttock cheek, and he laughed when the sound echoed through the room.

      Daniel bolted awake and cried out. “What? What’s going on? Rodion!?!”

     “No, pretty Daniel, it's not Rodion. It’s me. Hello, surprise,” Roman shouted with glee at the gorgeous man, as he raised his hand again and brought it down hard on both sides of Daniel’s peachy ass.

      “No, no, no, no! What are you doing? Why have you bound me up? Oh, no, no, no! Please, Roman, please don’t do this. Let me go! Please! Where is Rodion!?!!” Daniel screamed, as he pulled at the bindings. He sobbed when he noticed the crazy butcher tied them securely around his ankles and wrists and looped them around the slats on the bed. He looked over his shoulder and noticed his ass in the air, and Roman stood behind him, stroking his cock.

    “Sorry to disappoint you, pretty Daniel, but Rodion is with Vassily, they are discussing the points of tomorrow’s hunt. So, I’m going to fuck your gorgeous peachy ass in his absence!” Roman threatened, as he leered at Daniel, and moved in place behind him, at the bottom of the bed. His knees were bent and he was ready to complete his horrible act of rape on the poor prisoner.

     “No! Please, Roman! Don’t do this! Please stop! This room is a safe haven! You don't have to do this! Please, don't do this!” Daniel sobbed, as he struggled harder in his bindings again. He stopped when Roman grabbed his balls from behind. “No….Ow! Please, stop!”

     “Oh, for fuck's sake, how to shut you up!? Oh, I know, the gag!” Roman remembered. He reached for the extra velvet tie beside him, then quickly moved to the top of the bed, and before Daniel uttered another word, he slid the tie around the prisoner's mouth and tied it behind the back of his head, with another Spetsnaz knot.


     “Mmhmm, that’s much better. Since you won’t make those sweet sounds of passion you gave to Rodion, I will just fuck you hard, with the gag on. I will make you scream in pain, and pleasure, as I fuck your gorgeous peachy ass into the mattress,” Roman reasoned, in his crazy way, as he lubed up his cock more and climbed onto the bed. He positioned his body behind Daniel's prostrate bound form and smacked his lovely peachy ass on each of his small muscular globes, then squeezed them. He took hold of his lubed-up cock and grinned down at the bound prisoner. He was insane with lust and his own crazy mind. He wanted revenge against Rodion, since the prisoner would not give him pleasure, he would make him suffer.

     “Hold on, pretty Daniel, here I come!” Roman intoned, and within seconds he shoved his cock hard inside Daniel’s tight heat. He laughed when the prisoner gasped in pain around his gag. “Oh, Daniel, you’re so tight. But I’ll pound that out of you.”

     Daniel sobbed around his gag and tensed up at the horrible pounding Roman gave him. Each hard thrust was like fireworks going off in his body, and he felt dizzy and disoriented, so he closed his eyes from the pain. "No, no. Please stop! Don't do this! You're fucking insane!" He cried around the gag and kept his body still. He didn't give the insane bastard the satisfaction of enjoyment.

     “Mmhmm. Now you've got it. Come on, loosen up, pretty American spy. Oh, wait, I know how to loosen you up, I’ll do this,” Roman said, as he pushed in harder and thrusted deeper. He leaned over and gripped Daniel’s cock under his body and thrust harder inside him. He fucked him forcefully and pumped his cock harder with his fist. He used his other hand and smacked the prisoner's ass with his fist and the palm of his hand. He laughed when both cheeks were red now from the blows of his hand.  His own face was red with anger and rage as he pushed and thrusted inside the prisoner.  He was insane and out of his mind.

     "No! Fucking insane asshole! Stop!!" Daniel screamed around his gag, as the madman pounded inside him. He tried to resist when he smacked ass cheeks with his free hand. He saw stars and wished this wasn’t happening. Why did Rodion leave him alone? Why was this fucking madman in their room? This was their safe haven? He couldn’t believe his Spetsnaz boy had let this happen. Or maybe Roman sneaked into the room. All these thoughts raced through his head. All while he sobbed and kept still, he didn't let the madman have what he wanted. He didn't surrender to this horrible rape. That's what this was. Roman raped him now, he was fucking insane. 


    Rodion reached Krik's office downstairs in record time. They discussed the particulars of the hunt, but the young Spetsnaz Lieutenant pleaded Daniel's case. “Please, Vassily, I don’t want Daniel hurt too much.”

     “Yes, Rodion. I know you don’t want him hurt, but you are not in charge of that. I am sorry, but it must be this way. Now, the prisoner will wear this fire-retardant suit, with the Iron Mask, and the special gloves,” Vassily explained, as he handed the white suit to Rodion. “Oh, and he will be nude beneath the suit.”

     “What? Vassily, No! No, no. Please, I cannot allow this-he will be in horrible pain-”

  “Rodion!” Vassily shouted and cut off the young Spetsnaz, his loyal soldier, and second lieutenant. “Again, not in charge. He will be naked, and you will meet us in the courtyard at 9:00 am, sharp. You may join us but may only carry a rifle.”

     “Yes, Major, as you wish…” was all Rodion said, as he bowed his head to Vassily. He wasn't happy about this latest form of torture. He wondered if Roman and Dimitri had suggested that Daniel was to be nude beneath that fire-retardant suit. Rodion knew this suit would be so hot on Daniel's already abused skin, since he was subjected to Vassily’s switch with the metal fronds, and Dimitri's whip in the torture session earlier.


       Upstairs, Roman tore Daniel's poor abused ass to shreds, as he fucked him so hard he was bruised inside even more.

Daniel just let the madman have his way, as he sobbed through his gag. His battered abused body was in so much pain and throbbed from the welts he had received from Vassily’s switch with those fucking metal fronds. Dimitri's whip on his body didn't help either. Also, Roman's disgusting torture, now the madman raped him. Where the fuck was Rodion? Why wasn't he there? Why did he leave this insane butcher alone with him? More thoughts raced through his mind, but his body didn't respond to the rape.

     He looked up and suddenly spotted Rodion’s Samsung phone right beside his outstretched right hand. His fingers were right over the screen, even though his wrists had been bound with the strong velvet ties. He remembered now that his gorgeous Russian Spetsnaz placed it there earlier, and it pleased by him. He also memorized his code since he saw the Russian input it many times. His long, slim fingers slid easily through the phone, until he found the camera, then he positioned it as best he could. He wanted Rodion to see how Roman raped him. He silenced the phone first, then he snapped a phot of Roman fucking Platov as he raped him, he caught the insane look on his face as he fucking him hard and painfully smacked his ass. Fucking butcher was the right name for him.

     Daniel searched through Rodion’s contacts and used his index finger and thumb. He was an ace at texting and he easily navigated through the phone.  It was a Samsung, but all Smartphones were the same, and he used all of them, so he was good at it. He quickly found Vassily’s name in Russian, or the Major, and attached the pic to the message. He hit send, then dropped the phone closer to his head, and waited, all while Roman still raped him like the insane butcher that he was. His ass ached so much, inside and out, and he hoped Krik would see the text and show Rodion. Someone had to stop this asshole from his painful abuse. He didn't move or respond anymore, he just sat in his bindings and let the madman rape him. What could he do but wait? He thought to himself, as tears streamed down his abused bearded cheeks.


      “I’m sorry, Rodion, but you know how this goes. This is not a vacation for the American Spy, we must do this. The hunt will commence, and all other torture sessions with everyone,” Krik soothed Rodion’s woes when his phone suddenly beeped with a text message. He held up his hand and stopped his Spetsnaz boy’s pleas for a second. He smiled warmly at him, to let him know he understood his concerns. He opened the text message and stared from his Samsung phone up to Rodion, they both had a confused look.

     “This is from you, but you are here. What is this?” He said and opened the pic attached to the text. He growled angrily and showed Rodion the pic of Roman as he raped Daniel, from the look of the velvet ties around his ankles and wrists, the prisoner didn't have a choice in the matter.

     “Fuck! Fuck! Blyat’! Chertov Durak, Suka! Fucking Roman!” Rodion swore, as he threw down the hazmat suit, and ran out of the room, with Krik close behind him. Krik called for his men to assist and they all followed Rodion, but he didn’t stop, he raced up the stairs, and took the steps three at a time with his long legs.

     When Rodion reached the room, he tried the door, but it was double locked from the inside. “Fucking Roman!” He shouted, as he pounded on the door, then suddenly remembered the other way into the room, through the antechamber door. He raced around the corner and entered that small room. The others were soon upon him as well. When he entered the main bedroom, he saw Roman fucking Daniel so hard, and his charge sobbed and cried through his gag. He begged Roman to stop, but the butcher ignored his pleas and raped him.

     Roman was lost in his insanity, and didn’t hear anything that happened around him, as he laughed madly and raped Daniel with punishing thrusts. He smacked the prisoner's red and abused ass cheeks too.

     Rodion growled angrily as he grabbed Roman by the back of his neck and threw him to the floor “Suka!! What have you done?! I will fucking kill you!” The Spetsnaz Lieutenant shouted as he kicked Roman in his ribs and sent him flying across the floor from the force. Then he picked him up by the collar of his shirt and punched him hard in his face a few times. He was glad when his nose bled from the blows of his fists.

     Vassily motioned to the other men in the room, and they pulled Rodion off Roman now because they all knew the tall, strong Spetsnaz would kill Roman if they hadn’t. He sighed as his men held Rodion back, one of them was Adrik, then he moved to the smaller man’s side and easily lifted him up off the floor by his shirt collar. He punched him hard across his cheek. “What the fuck is wrong with you, Suka?! You had your first torture session already. Why did you do this?! This room is a safe haven, asshole! You've violated a directive from me! I am not happy about this!' Krik raged, as he punched Roman in his stomach. He kicked him in his ribs when he fell to the floor.

    Roman grunted at Krik’s blows, and he held onto his face as blood poured from his nose. He stumbled as he stood up and wiped his face with his shirt. “I just wanted some fun, Vassily. Rodion has him all to himself, he’s no fun-”

   Rodion pulled free from Krik’s men, hauled off, and punched Roman hard in his face this time. He glared at him when he fell to the floor unconscious. “Get him the fuck out of here! NOW!”

     Vassily nodded to his men, and they lifted Roman off the floor, then carried him from the room. Adrik patched up the first Lieutanent, but he would be fine, his pride would be a little bruised. Krik stayed behind in the room a few minutes and observed Rodion with the American prisoner.

     Rodion scrubbed his face and beard with his long fingers, then moved to the bed, where poor Daniel was still bound and gagged and beaten again. “Daniel, I am so sorry. Oh, my Daniel,” he gentled, but Daniel sobbed through his gag and moved away from his touches. The young Russian quickly removed the gag, while Vassily helped him, they untied the strong Spetsnaz knots. Rodion cursed himself for teaching Roman how to make them. He didn't realize he would ever use them in this manner for rape.

     Daniel cried out and his body fell into a beaten and battered heap on the soft mattress. His heart raced in his chest and he sobbed harder now the gag was out of his mouth. His body was trembled and he curled in on himself. “You left me alone! You said you wouldn’t do that. Why did you leave me alone with that fucking monster? That fucking butcher raped me. This room is our safe haven. He fucking raped me," He gasped out his words and sobbed harder, when his ass, thighs, wrists, and ankles screamed in pain.

     “I know. I am sorry, my Daniel. I had to speak with Vassily, and Roman promised me he would leave the room to return to his room. Oh, Fuck! I should have known he was lying. Daniel, please, I am sorry,” Rodion intoned, as he sat on the bed and leaned over Daniel’s prone body.  He turned his charge's nude body toward his and held him close. He smiled when the other young man crashed into him and clung to him. He enveloped his charge in his strong embrace and buried his face in his abused neck.

  Daniel sobbed loudly, as he fell into Rodion's warm and safe embrace. He smelled so good, his arms were so strong, and his muscular body was so warm, He was so welcoming and inviting, so he borrowed against the other young man. He was so cold and so terrified, but he was safe with this handsome young Russian, so he clung to him, as his lifeline now.  He sobbed for several minutes but soon calmed down in his warm embrace.

Rodion held Daniel close and ran his hands up and down his back to calm him. His heart raced, and his body trembled, but he whispered soft words to him and held him so close in his embrace. He was glad when he finally calmed down after several fearful minutes, but he still held him in his arms, because he wanted him to stay calm, also because he was still nude and Krik was in the room yet. 

     Vassily watched the tender scene, and he smiled at his Spetsnaz boy, then bowed his head to him. He quietly left the room, moved through the antechamber, and left Daniel Miller in the very capable hands of his second Lieutenant, Rodion Volkov.

     Rodion bowed his head to Vassily and watched him finally leave. Again, he didn’t want to disrupt Daniel just to alert him to the presence of the other man still in the room, while they had their very private moment. He closed his eyes and held his charge closer. Thought he was calm now, he still rocked his body gently to ease his pains and take away his fears. He ran his hands gently up and down his naked back to soothe him even more and pressed soft kisses to the top of his head.

     “Why was Roman even in here, anyway? What was his reason for him being here?” Daniel asked, as he clung to Rodion. He calmed down, but he was still curious as to why the butcher was in their safe haven.

     “At first he came up here to inform me that Vassily wished to speak with me about the particulars of hunt tomorrow. Listen to me, please don't get upset, but you have to wear the fire-retardant suit, the Iron mask, and protective gloves, all that I told you before. But now I believe he really came up here purposely to hurt you. He wasn’t satisfied from that first torture session, he wanted more, chertov durak,” Rodion explained, as he ran his hands up and down Daniel’s back even more. He soothed him, and held him close. He wanted to protect him even more now and hoped he didn't lose his trust over this terrible incident. Fucking Suka Roman.

"He really is a fucking sick bastard. He makes my skin crawl just as much as fucking Krik and the fat pig, Dimitri. They all want to fucking destroy me. It's maddening," Daniel said, and was vulnerable because he was still nude. He loved Rodion's arms around him, and he clung to him harder.

     “Yes, Daniel. He is all those things and more. They are all fucking mad torturers. Roman watched us when we were intimate. He stood at the antechamber door and spied on us. He is somehow jealous suddenly, but he does not know how to show kindness. He only knows how to inflict pain,” he intoned, and this only made Daniel cling harder to him.

     “Ugh, that figures. Fucking sick bastard watched us. That’s just fucking creepy,” Daniel whispered, as he closed his eyes and burrowed deeper against Rodion’s strong body. He mewled when the handsome Russian caressed his nude back. He was safe in his arms.

     “There’s nothing I can do about that now, except to bring you with me everywhere I go. I am not certain if is possible, or that Vassily would agree to it. He would probably tell me to stay with you, as much as possible,” Rodion intoned, as he kissed the top of Daniel’s head, He moved his hands over the other young man’s nude body again, down his back, up over his shoulders, all in gentle calming motions.

      “Yeah, I can’t see that happening either. If you did, I would probably have to wear that fucking horrible iron mask, no doubt,” Daniel answered, then jumped when Rodion’s Samsung mobile beeped with a message. Though it came through in Russian, and they both read it, Daniel still translated it in his mind and signed at the words.


      [Incoming text message — Vassily Krik] The hunt will still commence at 9:00 am. VK


    Rodion shook his head and spoke his reply out loud, as he typed it into his phone. He wrote it in Russian, but he knew Daniel interpreted the words into English in his mind.


      [Outgoing message — Rodion Volkov] No. I wish to cancel the hunt, Major. Daniel is in no shape to continue. Please reschedule for the next day. RV


     “Don’t I get a say in that, Rodion?” Daniel asked. He noticed Krik was already writing his response in the message link. So, he grabbed the phone from the Russian’s hand and zipped out his reply. He smiled when  Krik stopped typing his message. He was quick with the texts, his long fingers always pushed them out quickly. Too quickly for anyone to reply sometimes.


            [Outgoing message to Vassily Krik, Roman Platov, Dimitri Sokolov — From Rodion Volkov] This is Daniel Miller using Rodion Volkov’s phone. To all of you Russian fuckers, I want the hunt to go on. I’m not afraid of you. I say bring it on, fuckers! DM via RV.


            [Outgoing message — to Roman Platov] From Daniel Miller — using Rodion’s phone This message is to you, Roman. Fuck you, you fucking fuck. If I ever get the chance to do so, I will kick your fucking ass. I’m not that afraid of you. DM via RV. 


            Rodion smirked at Daniel’s bravado, especially his text to Roman. He knew the butcher would pout right about now, but he was glad Daniel had stood up to him. Even though he knew his Army brat was afraid of the three men he texted, it was good he showed his bravery to them. He pressed a kiss to Daniel’s lips. He laughed when the man blushed and playfully batted him away. “My brave and sexy army brat.”


            Not a minute later, another text pinged in. In Russian of course. Daniel read the message and translated the language in his head, but Rodion read it in Russian.


            [Incoming message — from Vassily Krik on behalf of Roman and Dimitri] To Daniel Miller, on behalf of the other two durak’s. You are a very brave young man. We will see you and Rodion in the courtyard at 10:00 am, sharp, instead. Consider it a compromise. Yours always, Vassily Krik.


            Rodion laughed at the Major’s text to Daniel and himself. He leaned over and pressed another kiss to the other young man’s lips. “Hmm, it appears that you have been welcomed into a tiny corner of Vassily’s caring nature, my sweet Daniel. That is extremely hard to do,” he intoned, as he ran his hand down Daniel’s back in the same soothing manner.

            “No, no, no, no. I don’t really believe that Rodion. He’s just playing games with me. Trying to get me in a nice mood, and then he will pounce on me tomorrow at the hunt,” Daniel remarked, and then jumped when another message pinged in, this one from Roman.


            [Incoming message — Roman Platov] To my sweet Daniel Miller, I enjoyed fucking you, my sexy little Americana Spy. Despite what you want everyone to believe, I know you enjoyed it too. If not a little. I enjoyed our short session too, you responded so well to me. Just know that I will fuck you hard, again when I am finally allowed my next session with you. I know you enjoy both pleasure and pain, pretty spy, and I will enjoy it too when I give you the latter. You say you are not afraid of me, sweet boy, but you should be. RP xP


     Daniel sighed as he translated the text and shook his head, as he showed Rodion the text.

    Rodion read it and frowned, then cursed in Russian again. “Chertov durak. If you want to reply, you can, Daniel, or just ignore it. He can see it was read. He is playing games with your head too. I know his pride is wounded because he got beaten down by me and Krik. This is how he feels better for all the sick things he does.”

   “Fucking idiot indeed. Just another Roman Platov, mindfuck king of Russia,” Daniel retorted, as he frowned at Rodion, then took his phone again. He zipped out another text message reply to Roman.

            [Outgoing text to Roman Platov] Chertov, durak. Will try not to be too afraid. But you are a fucking nutcase, so how can I not be? Still, I look forward to whatever else you give to me, butcher. I say bring it on in full force. I’m ready for you again. My ass and body will be yours when the time comes again. Nothing I can do about that, but grin and bear it, fucker.  Rodion said your pride is hurt because you were beaten down by him and Krik. I believe his words. You are giving me another mind fuck, asshole. DM via RV. 

            [Incoming message — Roman Platov] You’re not the only one who can send out quick texts, sexy Americana spy. Fucking idiot indeed, my sweet Daniel Miller. I am a bit bruised from Rodion and Krik's beatdown, my pride mostly, but I will get back up again. Adrik, Rodion's Spetsnaz soldier boy, patched me up. Never mind what the others say, I fucking love your potty mouth, and your defiance. It gets me fucking hard. My big cock is throbbing just thinking about your sweet peachy ass, sweet Daniel. I knew you enjoyed both, and I know you will be so good again in my next session. You can have our Rodion there with you, but I know you will ask him to step aside, while your Roman fucking destroys you and that lovely peachy ass. You will be mine for that time again, and I’m glad you accept that fact. I cannot fucking wait. Yours in pain and fucking. RP


            [Outgoing message — Rodion Volkov] From Daniel Miller. You fucking nutcase, Roman Platov. Good for him. He should have left you to bleed out. You got what you deserved, you fucking asshole. But, hey, you’re right, my fucking potty mouth never stops. And I will keep on being fucking defiant because it’s a fun fucking thing to do. Yes, I do enjoy getting fucked. Since you fucking Russians are all so good at it, who wouldn’t want to get fucked over being tortured.


[Outgoing text — Rodion Volkov] From Daniel Miller. Whatever your insane mind wants to think, that’s fine. But know this, I do not enjoy pain. My ass and cock still hurt, you fucker, thanks to you. But don’t think for a fucking minute that won’t stop me running fast tomorrow, just to get away from you and that other durak, Dimitri. I look forward to whatever you give to me, fucking head case. Bring. It. On. In. Spades. You. Fucking. Fuck. Look at all the fucks I give. Yours in indisposed fuckery. DM via RV


[Incoming text — Roman Platov] I understand all your words, my little sexy spy. I love the names you call me, that gets me hard too. You are right, I did, but it was fun, and I would do it all over again. Even if Rodion were to fucking break my neck. Listen, sexy spy, my cock is throbbing, and if I were there, I would fuck you again, and again. All night long. As you say, we fucking Russians can fuck well.


[Incoming text—- Roman Platov] (Smiley face emoticon, emoticon with tongue out, kissing lips emoticon) I know you like getting fucked, it's why I joined in and fucked you, pretty Daniel. You protested, but I KNOW you enjoyed it. You will love my next brand of torture on your sweet peachy ass because as you know I use so many lovely toys. I will render you boneless by the time I am finished with our next session.


[Incoming text — Roman Platov] Sleep well tonight, sweet Daniel Miller. You will need all the rest you can get. Make sure those lovely long hairy legs run fast and hard. You will get fucked soon enough sexy Americana spy. Sweet dreams, sweet boy with the peachy tight ass. Nighty night. Yours in giving the hard fucks. RP.


[Outgoing Text] Rodion Volkov] From Daniel Miller. (Three huge smiling smiley faces, emoticon holding up hand, smirking emoticon) No, no, no, you fucking sexy crazy fuck. You don’t get to sprout out all those words and expect me to have the last word. You will have your chance to torture me again. I don’t care about that, it’s what a prisoner of the Russians receives.


[Outgoing Text — Rodion Volkov] From Daniel Miller. Listen, I know you enjoyed fucking me, but you don’t know how to be kind, just get in there, fuck it hard, and leave it. I won’t text anymore, so you can use my words to have a fucking nice wank. I have Rodion here to make love to me. Sleep well, crazy man. Nighty night insane sexy Russian fucker. Yours in giving NO fucks. DM


[Incoming text — Roman Platov] (4 large smiley face emoticons, 3 emoticons with tongue out, two kissing lips, one eyes emoticon, one male sleuth emoticon)


[Incoming text — Roman Platov] (4 large smiley face emoticons, 3 emoticons with tongue out, two kissing lips, one eyes emoticon, one male sleuth emoticon) I’m hard already, and wanking off as you say, just thinking about our special fuck. And of the future torture/fuck session I will have with you again, my sweet Americana spy. No more texts, just wanking. Enjoy your ‘lovemaking’ with our sweet Spetsnaz boy, Rodion Volkov. Yours in all the fucks he will give to you again soon. RP xP


[Outgoing text — Rodion Volkov] From Daniel Miller. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Already. Chertov, durak. Your mouth never stops. We know what is coming, and we will take it like a big fucking boy. A big strong Americana spy. Fuck you. You fucking sexy Russian fucker. Last text. Good night. Yours in NO fucks given already said. DM. 

    Rodion took the phone and sent a last text message to Roman. [Outgoing text] I will fucking break your neck, chertov durak. Stop being fucking prick. You are chertov durak. Fuck you. Goodnight. Have good wank. You fucking butcher. I make love to my Daniel. I enjoyed beating your fucking face in, I do it again you do that again to Daniel. This is safe haven, but you will not ruin that for us. I will take care of Daniel. You are alone because you are fucking butcher. So, fuck you, Suka! RV


   Roman shot off one final text again, this one to Rodion. [incoming text] You fucking love this attention I am giving to our pretty spy, pretty Rodion. I would fuck you too if you would let me. I am doing so, to both of you. You can beat me all you want, Rodion. I enjoy that too, it gets me fucking hot. Anyway, Goodnight, sexy Spetsnaz boy, and pretty Americana spy. Yours in painful pleasure. RP. xP

"Fucking Suka, Roman Platov. Daniel, please tell him I owe him another punch in his fucking face when I see him tomorrow," Rodion swore as he handed Daniel his Samsung phone one last time.

    (Outgoing text — from Daniel on Rodion’s phone) Shut the fuck up already, we are bored with you, chertov durak. Enjoy your wank. Rodion said you are a fucking Suka. He will punch you in your fucking face again when he sees you tomorrow. Daniel and Rodion in NO fucks given. DM & RV (Heart emoji next to their names, and a fuck you finger emoji next to Roman’s name.) 

     That stopped Roman from texting, but he laughed loudly, and left the pretty boys alone. He knew they loved the attention, as pretty Daniel said, sex torture was better than regular torture. 

       Rodion laughed and shook his head, as he read all the texts Daniel sent to Roman. He wasn’t jealous, he was amused by it, because the last thing Daniel texted was that he had Rodion there to make love to him, and Roman only had his hand. He pressed a kiss to Daniel’s lips and smiled at his next words.

            “Insane fucker. I know I shouldn’t engage him, but he just pisses me off,” Daniel said, as he smiled up at Rodion who looked at him with an adoring smile.

            “Is okay to get caught up in all that is Roman Platov, my sweet Daniel. You are scared of him, I know it, but you are brave. He is a dominate person for such a short arse. He is right though, you should go to sleep, my pretty Army brat,” Rodion spoke softly, as he leaned over and pressed another gentle kiss to Daniel’s pouty lips. “Do not pout, my Daniel. You know you need to rest, and I see that your eyes want to close. So, sleep. I will stay up a while longer, but I will strip down to be naked beside you,” Rodion added, as he reached for the blankets and pulled them up over Daniel’s body.

            “M’kay. Stripping is nice. I’d like that, to have your sexy, naked body close to mine,” Daniel whispered, as he blinked his eyes and smiled sleepily. He snuggled under the warm blankets when Rodion covered his body, then he was fast asleep in moments, his soft breathing filled the room.

            Rodion sighed as he stood up a moment and reached for a glass of vodka, then moved to the window. He pushed the curtain aside and gazed out over the long driveway toward the dense forest. He sighed and sank back his vodka. Krik and the others would chase poor Daniel through every square inch of that forest, and he suddenly hated the very idea.

            He turned around and placed his glass quietly on the table, then quickly stripped out of his clothes. Once he was naked, he crawled under the blankets and pulled Daniel into his arms. He smiled when the other young man mewled and burrowed his body against his. He smiled and held him closer, then fell fast asleep himself.

Chapter Text

    The next morning dawned and Rodion woke up before Daniel. The sun was up over the horizon now, as he stretched carefully, and removed his hold on Daniel. But his movement woke his charge immediately. 

    “Mm, Rodion, what time is it?” Daniel asked in a sleepy voice, as he stared up at the hot Russian, even after he slept he looked good.

   “Is nearly six. We should get up to shower. I know it seems silly to do this, but I want you to be clean, and feel better. I also want to cleanse you of — Roman,” He whispered the man’s name disdainfully, but didn't move yet. He held Daniel close for a while. 

    “Yeah, I agree. I feel soiled, but also feel very sore. I’m going to need your help to get up out of the bed,” Daniel admitted and bit his bottom lip in anticipation. Truth was, his lower half felt very stiff, and his ass was numb. His legs trembled, and he figured he would have a problem when he walked, stood up or even while he ran. So maybe the shower would be a good thing because it, he would move and wake up his muscles. 

   “Hmm, is as I figured, Daniel. I will help you. We can do it now, so put your arms around my neck and hold on,” Rodion instructed, as he used his upper body strength to push them up off the mattress.

   Daniel shouted in pain at the sharp pain he felt in his thighs, his ass and lower back, as a wave of nausea hit him. “Wait! Rodion! Stop! The fucking pain is unbearable! Oh, fuck!” His heart raced, and he felt dizzy and disoriented, as he clung to Rodion, and buried his face against his neck. He sobbed and burrowed his body hard against his sexy Russian’s, muscular naked body. 

   Rodion stopped their movement and held onto Daniel. He pulled his sexy American spy against him. He ran his hands up and down his nude back, soothed him, tried to get him to relax, and held him close. He knew that helped him to stay calm, so he would get his bearings. He cursed Roman once again, and wished he could hurt him more, beat him up, so he could feel pain too.

  “Okay. Okay. I’m good now, Rodion. We can move again,” Daniel gasped out his words, and clung to his sexy Russian. He was Daniel’s lifeline at this moment, and was so strong and virile. He grunted when Rodion lifted him carefully off the bed, but as soon as his feet hit the floor, his legs buckled from under him, and he fell against the Russian again. 

   Rodion caught Daniel fast in his arms. He wrapped them around his charge’s waist and steadied him against his side, but he didn't move them until his charge was ready to walk. 

  Daniel sobbed and shook his head when he tried to move again, but he stumbled more, as he clung to Rodion. Their bodies both nude and pushed together, that made him calm at least. “No, no, no, no. I can’t do this, Rodion. The pain is too unbearable. I feel so raw and bruised inside my ass, and my thighs are numb.” 

  Rodion swallowed down his anger at Roman again and tried to think of something he could do to ease Daniel’s pain. Because they had the fucking hunt that morning, and his charge couldn’t even stand up, let alone run through the fucking forests around Krik’s dacha. An idea sprang into his mind, as he glanced toward the table and spotted his rucksack. It contained the vial of liquid ecstasy. “Well, there is one thing I can use that will help take away this pain for several hours.”

  “What is it this time?” Daniel asked reluctantly. He clung to Rodion, as they stood in the middle of the room, not even in the bathroom yet.

  “Is liquid ecstasy. Don't you remember, my Daniel? If I inject inside your ass, it will remove your pain and you will have a pleasurable sensation. You will walk and run from my fellow Russian bastards on hunt today,” Rodion explained, as he continued to support Daniel.

  “Yes, I remember how good I felt after you injected the sweet drug into my system,” Daniel smiled and blushed at Rodion’s words, and the memory of the brilliant sex they had while he was on the drug. Also, yesterday, when he had to remove the electrical charges from his nerves and muscles after the horrible torture Dimitri and Roman had given to him. He nodded his head, “Fine. You can do that, ah where?” he asked, in a demure voice, and stared up at Rodion through his long dark eyelashes.

   Rodion laughed softly as he kissed the top of Daniel’s head and held his body closer. He wrapped his arms tightly around his charge. “Is In bathroom, my sexy Army brat. Is adorable how you are so embarrassed and blush. Come on, then, let’s get in there, and we can heal you, and take away your pain.” He moved them toward the bathroom and reached the small divan, then carefully deposited Daniel on its soft cushions.

  Daniel mewled at being placed on the divan, but with a soft groan of pain, he gently pulled his legs up to his chest. He hissed loudly at the pain that shot from his groin into his ass, but he leaned his arms over his knees and lowered his head there.

  Rodion shook his head when he saw Daniel in so much pain. He ran his fingers gently through his hair and down his back for a moment. Then he moved to the bedroom again to retrieve his rucksack. He took out the vial of liquid ecstasy, and the small syringe. He filled the plunger with 0.05 CC’s of the drug, then moved to sit beside Daniel, who fell asleep on the settee.

  “Daniel, wake up,” he spoke softly, as he placed his hand on the other young man’s shoulder and squeezed it gently.

  “Hmm?” Daniel said, as he smiled sleepily up at his handsome Russian.

  “I have ecstasy ready, my Daniel. I just need you to lay down here and raise your lovely long hairy legs. So, I can get at your gorgeous ass,” Rodion offered, as he helped Daniel lay down on the cushions of the divan.

  "Sure, my sexy Spetsnaz boy,” Daniel teased. He groaned but raised his hairy legs up to his chest, then held them by the backs of his knees. He closed his eyes and relaxed his ass.

  Rodion carefully spread Daniel’s ass cheeks with one hand, then slid the tip of the syringe inside. He quickly found a vein and pressed the plunger and watched as the liquid ecstasy moved inside the vein, directly into Daniel’s blood stream. He saw the change as it came over his charge immediately, he was tense and in pain, then fully relaxed in seconds.

  Daniel loudly moaned the sound of his voice reverberated off the tiled walls of the bathroom, but his pain was gone or just masked for the moment. “Oh fuck! This drug is so fucking good. Oh! Rodion.” 

  “Mm hmm, I take it my hot Army brat feels good. You don't feel any more pain?” Rodion teased, as he gripped Daniel’s hands and pulled him up until they both sat together on the comfortable divan again. He pressed a soft kiss to his lips and smiled warmly as he ran his fingers gently through his soft hair, to calm and soothe him more. 

  “ gorgeous Spetsnaz boy. I feel fantastic. The pain is masked. I’m ready to run fast today,” Daniel breathed out his words. He sighed and blushed when the handsome Russian kissed him. His lips were so soft and supple, and moved against his perfectly. He opened his mouth and their tongues danced together so sweetly. This time it was the same, they were passionate together, as he pushed his upper body against Rodion’s, and kissed him hungrily for several minutes.  They bonded so quickly and became so close. Something was different between them, there was a special link neither one could explain. They were falling in love, were already in love with one another.

  “Mmhmm, good. Is wonderful, my sweet Daniel. We get in the shower now and all cleaned up. If you are strong enough, I may give you some sweet pleasure,” Rodion teased, as he carefully lifted Daniel from the divan and moved them toward the glass-enclosed shower. 

  “Oh, yes, please, Rodion. I want that so much. I need something sweet on this cluster fuck of a day,” Daniel intoned, as he stumbled along the tiled floor and still clung to Rodion. 

  “Mm, so sexy and needy. I like it. We will see how you feel after a shower,” Rodion laughed softly, kissed the back of Daniel’s neck then moved them inside the shower. He closed the door behind them and turned on the gold taps and set the right temperature so Daniel would relax. He moved them both beneath the hot water and lathered his hair with the apple-scented shampoo. He moved his fingers through Daniel’s thick, soft hair, and massaged his scalp, to help him relax. 

  Daniel moaned when Rodion’s long fingers moved through his hair, he had goose bumps all over his body, as he leaned his head back into those massaging fingers. He stood with his back to Rodion and closed his eyes and tried to relax. His nerves rattled from the thought of the disgusting hunt, he would be their prey. All he could think about was how he would become even more injured and beaten after this action. 

  Rodion quickly cleaned Daniel’s entire body because he knew that would remove any lingering pain. He was glad the aloe vera had soothed the welts from Krik’s switch. He would use more of the aloe vera on his body after the shower. By tomorrow the welts would heal with the strong plant. Plus, Krik’s scientists had developed most of the healing properties from the aloe plant. 

  Even though Krik, Roman, and Dimitri would only inflict more pain on his Daniel, at least his charge could have some release now. When his hands moved slowly over Daniel’s ass, he smiled when the young man tensed at first, then relaxed a little. “Shh, my sweet Daniel, just relax. I’m going to clean inside you, to help your pain subside even more,” he informed him, as he moved his very soapy long fingers inside his tight heat and lathered him up deep inside. He massaged and cleansed away all that hurt and pain, all the tense muscles, and replaced it with calm and tenderness. He massaged for several minutes, as his fingers moved even deeper inside Daniel’s tight heat. 

  Rodion wrapped his free arm around Daniel’s waist and held his body close against his, as he massaged inside him. His long fingers found his sweet spot, and he rubbed it in slow circles and pressed against the soft bud.

  Daniel moaned loud and long when he felt Rodion’s long fingers as they massaged his prostate, and his body sagged hard against the sexy Russians. He closed his eyes as Rodion soothed and calmed him. This was just as good as sex because he massaged him deeply, and that eased all the horrible pain and anxiety away. 

   Rodion was pleased when Daniel relaxed again. He continued his ministrations for a few minutes longer, just to make sure his charge was calm. Once he was finished with his deep body massage, he placed a kiss to his supple lips and massaged his prostate one more time. Before he pulled his fingers out of him and soaped up his long hair legs and his large feet. 

   Next, he moved to the front of Daniel’s body and soaped up his shoulders, chest, and stomach. Then he moved to his groin and carefully soaped up his ample cock and balls. He massaged him tenderly, gently, slowly, and sensually because he knew Daniel enjoyed this part just as much as he enjoyed when he massaged inside his tight heat.

  Daniel mewled softly, as Rodion moved his gorgeous long fingers and hands over the front of his body. He was so completely boneless and relaxed now, as his eyes fluttered closed, and his sexy Russian made him feel so good. 

  When Rodion reached his cock and balls and massaged him so sensually, he sighed softly and had all to do not to fall to the shower stall in a boneless heap, even though that’s what he had become now. Daniel was completely boneless and totally relaxed and at one with his mind and body, and Rodion’s lovely hands and long fingers. This gorgeous Russian was so sensual and had the touch of a lover, he wanted to be as close to him as possible. 

  “Mmhmm, how do you feel, my sweet Daniel?” Rodion leaned over and whispered softly in his ear. He licked, bit, and kissed the soft earlobe, while his hands massaged Daniel’s cock and balls. He kissed his supple lips and slid his tongue inside. He moaned when Daniel responded so hungrily to his kiss. 

  “Rodion, yes, this feels so good. You are so fucking sexy, my Spetsnaz boy,” Daniel whispered. He liked how sexy and sensual Rodion was with him. Oh, he was definitely falling so hard for him, and he knew the other young man was too. 

  Daniel thought Rodion was so handsome and beautiful and sensual, a real lover, and that’s what he needed to get through all this captivity in Komarovo, with the bad Russians. He returned the heated kiss, opened his mouth, and slid his tongue against the Russian's, as he clung to him. 

  When their kiss ended, Rodion grinned at Daniel and was surprised when his charge suddenly did the same for him. It pleased him that Daniel was strong enough to return the favor and stood still in front of him. He moaned and sighed as his sexy American spy’s hands moved all over his body. His chest, arms, stomach, legs, thighs, and his cock and balls. “Oh, Daniel, your lovely hands feel so good…”

  Daniel smiled at the handsome Russian, as his hands caressed, massaged, and cleansed his gorgeous body. When he reached his cock and balls, he was just as sensual and slow, as his soapy hands moved up and down the Russian’s large cock, over the cock head, and down to his exceptionally large balls. He pressed another sensual kiss to his handler, and their tongues danced together for several minutes. 

He grinned wickedly as he stood behind Rodion, and over the next few minutes, he lathered up his sexy Russian’s shoulders and his gorgeous muscular back, his ass, then inside to his prostate. He moved his soapy fingers over the small bud.

“Oh, Daniel, you are very sneaky, but I love it,” Rodion groaned out his words in Russian.

“Mmhmm, I wanted you to feel good too, my sexy Russian,” Daniel murmured, as he kissed, bit, and licked Rodion’s earlobe, and moved his hands down his long hairy legs, and over his feet. He stood up again and moved to stand in front of the other young man. 

“Yes, that was wonderful, my sexy Army brat. You have hands of a lover too, very sensual,” Rodion murmured, as he grinned openly at Daniel. He wrapped his arms around his waist and held his body close.

“Well, thank you, but you know you do as well. You’re more sensual than I am, Rodion. You were meant to be a lover, and I’m glad you and I are together. We are together, aren't we? I mean, I feel something special. Don't you?” Daniel suddenly stammered over his words, as he blushed profusely, and lowered his eyes to the tiled shower floor. 

Rodion laughed softly, as he moved his fingers beneath his bearded chin and lifted it gently, so he could see his face. “You are so completely adorable, my sweet Daniel Miller. You don't have to be embarrassed to say I am your lover. I am pleased to be as such. We have a wonderful and clear connection. I am glad I can give you pleasure and protect you. Yes, I feel the same way as you do, is very special,” He leaned in and pressed another kiss to Daniel’s already swollen lips and caressed his bruised bearded cheek.

“I'm not embarrassed. I'm pleased you are my lover. Because you are, and I am here with you, and I am your lover as well. It’s really quite nice,” Daniel stammered over his words and smiled shyly at the sexy Russian. He was glad they were lovers now.

Rodion laughed loudly and kissed his lips tenderly again. “You are so adorable, my sexy American spy. Come, let’s get out of here, before we start to prune,” Rodion answered, as he switched off the water taps. He grabbed Daniel’s hands and moved them out of the shower to the sink and vanity. He grabbed two fluffy white towels and handed one to Daniel, while he used his to dry his body. He watched his charge as he did the same, then he moved to the sink. 

“There is an extra toothbrush on the sink, Daniel,” he offered, as he toweled off his hair first, then brushed it with the thick coarse brush. He used his toothbrush and stood beside his charge, as he watched him towel his own lovely hair.  “You can use my brush too, is good for thick hair like ours.”

“Spasibo, Rodion,” Daniel answered, as he flashed Rodion a relieved look and slowly brushed his teeth. He savored the feeling of being clean inside and out. He used the mouthwash too, pouring some into the extra glass on the sink.  Then he used Rodion's brush and made his hair soft again. It was a good sturdy brush. Russian made, with the thick black bristles.

“You are welcome, my Daniel,” Rodion answered, pleased when they were both squeaky clean. He patted Daniel’s ass, then they walked to the bedroom. He dressed in his clothes, his black button-up shirt, and black denims, with his Spetsnaz boots. Then he helped Daniel into, his own black shirt and black denims with his Spetsnaz boots. He looked so handsome all cleaned up and sexy, and now they were calling each other lovers, he was proud how lovely his charge looked.


At that moment, there was a brusque knock on the door. Rodion cursed as he moved toward the door. He remembered someone would deliver that fucking fire-retardant suit but didn’t know it would be, “Roman, what the fuck are you doing here?” 

“Good morning to you too, Rodion. I’m here on Krik’s orders. You know, to deliver pretty Daniel’s fire-retardant suit for the day. May I come in?” Roman asked but didn’t wait for a reply, as he pushed past Rodion into the room. 

“Fuck! Hold on, Roman! You cannot push your way inside here!” Rodion ordered, as he closed the door and rushed to Daniel’s side. 

Daniel stood up when he heard the familiar voice. He didn't want to be seated when the butcher entered the room. He stared silently at Roman, and despite his texts last night, he was still scared of him when he stood in front of him now. He balled his hands into fists at his sides, but his body trembled when he remembered the rape.

“Good Morning, pretty Daniel. Mm hmm, you remember our time together. I have to say, our Rodion has cleaned you up nicely,” Roman remarked, as he looked the young man up and down approvingly and licked his lips. He moved closer to the Americana spy, and it pleased to see how the prisoner trembled so sweetly. 

Daniel swallowed hard as he watched Roman closely. He couldn't forget what happened there with this monster. His body tensed and trembled even more now, as the man moved even closer. 

“Too bad we are going to fuck you up all over again, eh, little spy? You are so sweet to torture and to fuck,” Roman murmured and stood directly in front of Daniel. He saw the fear in his eyes, despite the haughty texts they shared last night, he could see the prisoner was still scared of him. Good. So, he should be. He thought to himself with a menacing smile.

Daniel bit his bottom lip and sighed when he heard the patronizing man’s words. “Oh, I know you enjoy it, the torture and the fucking, you fucking asshole! Stay the fuck away from me. You will have your fun later, I am sure of it!”

Roman growled and punched Daniel hard in his stomach.  He shoved him down to the floor and squeezed his neck. “You do not speak to me that way, especially not in person! I will fucking kill you-”

 Rodion surged forward and punched Roman hard in his side when he dared to act in this manner again in the safe haven of their room. He pulled him off Daniel and shoved him away, then pushed him against the far wall.  He punched him hard on his jaw and stood over him when he fell on his knees to the floor. “Roman, stop with the fucking violence, this room is a safe haven, I have told you that before! What are you fucking doing here, really?” He glared at the shorter man and helped Daniel up off the floor, then held on to his arm. His charge trembled again, so he stayed close to him to keep him calm. "That's for what you did to Daniel in here, fucking Suka!"

"Okay. Yes, I guess I was owed that. You fucking hit hard, Spetsnaz boy! I hope I don't have a bruise. We all know Daniel loves pleasure and pain, all together if he can help it," Roman grunted as he rubbed his chin then stood up from the floor. He expected Rodion to give him a smack down for raping Daniel, but he didn't expect him to really lay into him and hurt him.

"Shut the fuck up, Suka! Your mouth never stops," Rodion raged, as he punched Roman hard in his stomach and pushed him against the wall again. He knew he wouldn't stay there but for now he needed to keep Daniel safe. He knew his charge was petrified of Roman, and it felt good to give the little bastard another beat down.

“No, Rodion! Let him have his fun! I don’t care,” Daniel spoke defiantly, and though his voice wavered from fear, he still stood up again. 

“Hmm, you see, Rodion? Pretty Daniel Miller enjoys both pleasure and pain. Don’t you, sweet Americana spy?” Roman countered as he moved close to Daniel again, right up to his face. His jaw hurt a lot and his stomach didn't feel too good either from Rodion's punches. He laughed though and pressed his lips against his and kissed him hard, then moved his hand down to his groin. He groped him and rubbed him through his denims, then stroked his big cock with the heel of his hand. He laughed and smiled around the kiss when the sexy spy pushed his cock against his hand. Oh, he knew full well he enjoyed his attentions. 

Daniel couldn’t help it, he responded to sex, and anything to do with it, only because it was better than fucking violent torture. He growled in disgust and shoved Roman away from him. “Ugh! Get off me, fucking asshole! You always play Russian mind-fuck games. You know I prefer sex than violent torture. Chertov durak!” 

“All right, pretty Daniel Miller. I will lay off you for a while. Get undressed. Rodion and I will help you into the fire-retardant suit, it’s nearly time to meet the Major in the courtyard,” Roman ordered and grunted when Rodion yanked him away from Daniel. 

“Enough! Chertov durak!” Rodion exclaimed and punched Roman on his face for being so stupid.  He swung his right leg under the shorter man and knocked him on his ass, then he stood over him. "You will fucking stop this, or I will fucking beat you into a pulp. Stop being a fucking Suka. Have you got that?"

“Ow, fucking Spetsnaz asshole. Okay, okay. I get it, Rodion. Stand down now, I am still the first Lieutenant. You will fucking bruise me when the American spy is the prisoner here!" Roman raged. His head spun violently and his entire body ached. He needed to get his bearings. He groaned as he lay on the floor for a moment and glared up at the taller man. He knew he meant business, so he calmed down a moment and sat up with his knees pressed up to his chest.

"Shut the fuck up, Roman. We know what this is all about. Daniel knows what he is in the dacha. That does not mean you can act like fucking brut in this bedroom. It is a safe haven. If you continue in this manner, I will beat you more. Now get up, and fucking behave," Rodion warned. He didn't give the man time to react on his own, but instead he yanked him up off the floor and pushed him against the wall again. He held up his fist and glared at him to get his message across. He was glad when the shorter man relented.

"Okay, okay. Peace, Rodion. I won’t break your boy — perebor,” Roman shot back but kept his eyes on Daniel and smirked when he saw the pretty Americana spy shudder.

“Too much, my ass, Roman Platov. You’ve already hurt him enough! I just told you to stop your fucking nonsense. Shut the fuck up and behave. I will give you more of a beat down,” Rodion intoned, angrier at the smaller man now. He moved toward Daniel and helped him to strip. He knew his charge tried to show strength to Roman by not cowering to him, and he could tell he enjoyed the beat down he gave to Roman. He smiled so only his charge could see him and ran his hand down Daniel’s back to calm him. But then stepped aside when Roman walked up behind him.

"Yes, Rodion, I will behave. Don't worry. You won that round, you fucking Spetsnaz brut," Roman stated then clamped his mouth shut when the taller man glared at him.

"Shut the fuck up, chertov durak. Suka. Be nice, Roman, or my fists will fly again," was all Rodion said to the smaller man. He was glad when he finally stopped talking, but his behavior was still questionable. 

Daniel was glad Rodion gave Roman a beat down in their shared room. He deserved it after what he did to him yesterday. How he raped him in their safe haven. He only hoped he wouldn't take it out on him during the hunt. His body trembled as he quickly removed his clothes. He was glad Rodion helped him, and was there with him. He was so fucking petrified of the smaller man because he knew he was fucking insane. He signed softly, then stood in the middle of the room totally naked, his arms at his sides, with a come the fuck on asshole look directed at Roman.

“Very nice, pretty Daniel. Rodion trained you well already,” Roman intoned, as he reached for the fire-retardant suit. He stopped Rodion when he moved forward, then motioned for Daniel to lift one leg at a time.

Daniel sighed and glared at Roman from his disgusting behavior. But he slipped each leg into the bottom of the fire-retardant suit. He leaned his hand on the smaller man’s shoulders, so he wouldn’t fall on his ass. He felt the sleek muscles there and knew he was strong even as short as he was. Roman was a pain in the ass, and he knew how to push Daniel's buttons. There was no one else who did this to him. He loved to play Russian mind-fuck games with him. He did it to intimidate him, and fucking hell if he didn't succeed. He was petrified of the smaller man and tried hard not to show it.

Roman grinned when Daniel leaned on his shoulder and felt his muscles under his long fingers. Yes. This sexy Americana spy was something else. He pulled the suit up over the spy's long, hairy legs, then up over his ample groin. He daringly caressed his cock and balls.  Then he squeezed his peachy ass and tucked his large cock and balls into the vee of the suit but held on tight for a moment. 

Daniel grunted from the treatment by the Russian gave to his cock, balls, and ass. He glared at the man, as he shoved his hips forward, and tried to dislodge Roman’s hands. He was unsuccessful, when the man simply held on tighter, and groped him more. 

“Chertov, durak,” he murmured, as he stared down at the smaller man. His face all flushed and eyes blown wide, not only because he groped him, but because the Ecstasy had kicked in again. 

“All right, Roman, let me finish this. I will take over from here! Back off!” Rodion ordered, as he yanked Roman away once again.  He punched him hard in his side and smiled when he stumbled back against the wall.

“Ow, fucking Spetsnaz Suka. Okay, okay. Fine, Rodion. But while you do the rest, I will buckle the Iron mask into place on our pretty Daniel,” Roman answered, as he found the Iron mask on the table and slid it hard over Daniel’s head He smiled when the man glared at him, then pulled the strap tight for a moment. He laughed and smirked when Daniel struggled and tried to push him off, since he found it hard to breathe from the rough treatment the smaller insane man gave him.

Rodion pulled the fire-retardant suit over Daniel’s head. He tried to keep his charge calm when his body trembled with Roman’s rough treatment. He wanted to fucking kill the smaller man for his horrible actions, but instead he just hit him hard with his fist on the back of his head to stop his actions. He knew he tried to intimate Daniel. He knew his charge was petrified of the smaller man. So, all he could do was hit Roman to stop him. 

Roman grunted when Rodion pulled the fire-retardant suit over Daniel’s head, and he received a hard punch on the back of his head from Rodion’s fist again. He felt dizzy from all the taller man’s punches. He hit hard and knew how to bruise and hurt and break a person. Fucking strong Spetsnaz boy. He spotted a tube of lube on the table by the bed and swiped it then slid it inside his pocket.

Daniel sighed in relief when Roman finally stepped away, and Rodion took over. His heart raced again, and he felt dizzy, and afraid Roman was going to choke him to death. 

“Is okay, my Daniel. I am here, just relax. Your heart is racing. Let me fix the strap on the iron mask,” Rodion whispered softly to Daniel, as he caressed his neck with his fingers. Then he quickly loosened the strap and buckled it correctly. 

Rodion slipped the rest of the cumbersome fire-retardant suit over Daniel's body and zipped in place over and behind his head and upper back. He leaned his forehead on Daniel’s Iron mask covered face and whispered so only his nervous charge could hear him. “I am sorry, my Daniel. I hate this too, just remember that I’m here. I will be there to watch over you today. I will beat Roman more for his disgusting behavior. I will watch over him to make sure he doesn't hurt you too much on the hunt.”  He caressed Daniel's body through the fire-retardant suit. His hands roamed all over his charge's body. He needed him to be calm and relaxed as much as he could. He hated to do this to his charge, to put him inside this horrible fire-retardant suit and the iron mask. But it was for his protection against the fucking flame-throwers.

“Thank you, Rodion,” was all Daniel managed to say, as his breath shuddered, and he felt so completely claustrophobic and trapped as if he were being strangled. He gentled though when Rodion moved his hands up and down the fire-retardant suit, his strong hands calmed him, and he relaxed a little. 

“All right, let’s fucking go, pretty Daniel. Rodion, you can handle your boy now, since he is so fucking afraid. At least now he will stay on his toes for the hunt,” Roman retorted, as he moved toward the door. But then he stopped and groped Daniel’s peachy ass through the fire-retardant suit. “Oh, and I forgot to tell you, pretty Daniel, Dimitri and I will have our sessions with you. Alone. Krik has approved it.”

Daniel whimpered and shuddered and closed his eyes, then waited for Roman to move away from him. 

Rodion glared at Roman and held Daniel’s arm, then shook his head at the smaller man. “Nyet, is bullshit! Krik did not say that. You are trying to scare Daniel before hunt. He told me last night that I will be present for all sessions! Get the fuck out of here! We will see you downstairs, chertov durak!” He knew he couldn’t stop the fucking sessions, nor what would happen today, but he would be there to help his Daniel through the torture and beatings afterward.

“Fine, Rodion. You’re right. You’re just too fucking smart for your own good, I am lying. See you both downstairs, then,” Roman intoned, and laughed loudly as he exited the room, and made his way downstairs to wait in the courtyard.  His head ached and body was sore, and he limped a little once he met the others outside. He punched Dimitri when the fat man laughed at him for the beat down he got from the bean-pole Spetsnaz soldier. He glared at him then at Krik when they laughed and all the others laughed and teased him too.

“Come on, my sweet Daniel. Let’s get downstairs now,” Rodion spoke softly to his charge, as he held on to Daniel’s arm and helped him navigate the staircase. 



 Roman stood beside Dimitri, while Krik watched Rodion and Daniel as they approached from the front doors of the dacha. After they were done teasing him for the beatdown from Rodion, Roman told them that their prey was on his way down with his handler. He also said Daniel was nervous, which was a good thing because they would have fun with him being so scared. He told Dimitri how he enjoyed his time with Daniel in Rodion’s room the night before. He told him how receptive he was, even though he fought and sobbed, he told the fat man that he knew the prisoner enjoyed him fucking him.

 Roman saw Dimitri was intrigued and said he wanted a chance with the sexy spy too. He grinned when Roman laughed and patted him on his back the beamed when the younger man took out the tube of lube from his packet and pushed it into his fat hand.

 Roman Platov was a sick man and didn’t realize what he had just done would hurt Daniel more. He didn’t care, he was a prisoner and a spy, and needed to be taught a lesson for his disobedient behavior. He would play the good cop later, though, and hoped no one would find out what he just did. If Rodion found out, he would beat him within an inch of his life. He was a pitiful little man, and a mean little man. But as he told Rodion, he didn’t care. Being mean got him far and he was proud of that.

 Rodion finally helped Daniel outside and though the sun was still rising as it was clearly well before ten in the morning. He had no idea that Roman and Dimitri had spoken so openly about Roman raping poor Daniel. He had no idea what would happen during this particular hunt. How Dimitri planned to do the same to Daniel. If he had known, he would have shot the fucking Kremlin lapdog then and there. He had his pistol inside the pocket of his utility vest that Adrik handed to him when they made it outside. He was also handed a rifle only, and Krik told him to be mindful and to watch over Roman and Dimitri. He placed his hand on Daniel’s right forearm to let him know he was there.

 Daniel felt like a fucking piece of meat when he saw all the guns and the fucking flamethrowers but was ready for the insane shit-show. He was glad Rodion stood beside him. He could see his handler was kitted out in his utility belt, and had a rifle and his Russian Glock gun. He looked sexy to him, even though this was all about the other assholes hunting him with flamethrowers, he was glad that Rodion would be around to protect him, just as he promised. Or so he thought. He sighed in relief when he felt his handler’s hand on his arm and relaxed just a little.

 After Rodion was kitted out, he moved them past everyone and still held Daniel’s arm as he guided him toward the opening to the dense forest. He leaned in and whispered softly to him. “Begi Daniel Miller begi! Run fast and hard and far. Stay North. I know you are good with directions,” he instructed his charge, as he ran his hand down his back and squeezed his ass through the fire-retardant suit. 

 Run, Daniel Run, he translated in his head. Daniel nodded and suddenly ran fast and hard, just as Rodion had instructed. He whimpered but moved through the dense forest. He jumped over fallen tree stumps and lush undergrowth, while his heart raced madly, and his legs propelled him forward. He heard the men behind him they were literally all around him. 

 “Fuck!” Daniel swore as he turned in a bend on the path and tumbled down the steep hill. He cried out though when he landed hard and tried to get his bearings. He pushed himself up and ran again. But his mistake had cost him, when Krik, Roman, and Dimitri waited for him at the next juncture in the forest. 

It was Dimitri who hit him on the back of his head with the butt of his rifle and kicked him down into the small clearing on the deep lush forest floor. Krik laughed as he lit Daniel up first with his flamethrower.  Then Roman and Dimitri followed, they all blasted him with the hot flames and moved over his entire body. He was laying on his front, so they had to make do with blasting him on the back of his body. Over the back of his head, down his shoulders, his back and peachy ass.

Roman blasted that area to get back at him for the rough treatment he received from Rodion that morning in the bedroom upstairs. He laughed as he stared at Rodion and blasted the prisoner more when the tall Russian glared at him.

Daniel grunted when the butt of the rifle hit the back of his head, it disoriented him, and even with the fire-retardant suit, he saw stars, then fell to his knees. The hard kick to his lower back sprawled him onto the front of his body, as he lay prostrate on the lush grass. He howled in pain as the flames engulfed him like a house on fire. He screamed in pain and fear as his body trembled and lay still with his iron mask-covered face buried in the grass. 

He screamed in horror as he rolled along the forest floor while Krik, Roman and Dimitri blasted him for several minutes. He sobbed and believed that the fire-retardant suit, the mask, and everything would just melt away then he would be burned alive.  He heard Roman laughing as he blasted him and knew that was revenge for Rodion's beat down in their bedroom earlier. The heat became too much, and he lost his breath and panicked, his body convulsed. Then he heard a remarkably familiar and welcome voice as he shouted across the clearing.

“Is fucking enough, Krik! He is convulsing!” Rodion shouted in anger and grunted as he shoved Vassily, Roman, and Dimitri aside, then knelt beside Daniel. The suit was still hot, but he didn’t care, he easily lifted his poor abused charge off the ground. He spoke in Russian, so only Daniel could hear him. “I am sorry. Go now, my Daniel, Run. Stay North is denser there.”

Go now, Daniel, run. Keep running North, is denser there. He interpreted the Russian words in his head, as he panted and gasped, then nodded his head in understanding to his Rodion. He moaned in agony as he stumbled down the forest floor at first, then got his bearings and with a second wind he took off like a shot. 

Daniel ran faster now and moved further through the dense forest. He jumped over fallen tree trunks and thick undergrowth. He moved to the North and stayed there, and never turned away from that path. Rodion was right, it was denser this way. He sent a silent prayer to his gorgeous Russian lover and ran faster now. He felt the sun was over his head now, so it was probably ten thirty in the morning. The incline was steeper, but he started up the hill, and moved in earnest. His heart raced madly in his chest, while his lungs filled with air, the fire-retardant suit made him sweat horribly, it slid down his back and pooled in his ass and his cock and balls, but he ran up the steep hill. 

He was almost up the incline when he heard a loud grunt and screamed when a large body fell on top of him. This person was heavy and fat, and they knocked him to the forest floor, and winded him.

“What?! What's happening?!” he shouted but lost his breath when the fat body held him in place on the ground. Dimitri. Oh, fuck. What was this fucking asshole up to? He raged inside his mind and trembled in fear as he fought to get the man off him. He was strong like a bull, and he couldn't get him off.

“Mmhmm, I’ve caught you alone, pretty Daniel. We are far ahead of the others, so time for me to fuck you,” Dimitri’s voice rang through Daniel’s fire-retardant suit and his iron mask. He moved his body on top of Daniel when he squirmed to get free. He quickly undid the zippers on both sides of the hazmat suit and yanked the thing down off Daniel. His eyes went wide when he saw he was nude beneath. He licked his lips hungrily. The hot spy was ready to be fucked. Wonderful. Just as Roman said before, he was a prisoner and a spy and needed to be taught a lesson for his disobedient behavior.

“No, no, no, no, no! Get off me, you fucking pig!!” Daniel screamed through the iron mask, but it was no good, this Russian was just as strong and forceful as the others torturers.

Dimitri grunted as he shoved Daniel’s Iron mask into the mossy ground. “Shut up, pretty boy. Roman said you were a good fuck and to see if I could get you alone out here. So, I’m having you!” He pulled out the tube of lube Roman had given to him, the one the younger man stole from Rodion’s room. 

“No, no, no! Please, don’t do this! Get off me! I can’t defend myself against you! No, don’t do this! Please, fucking Dimitri, you pig! Please don't rape me! No! No!” Daniel sobbed, as he tried to push the man off, but he was fucking strong.

“Shut up, durak! They will hear you! I will have you, that is final!” He pulled Daniel’s ass into the air, held his iron mask-covered face down, then shoved the tube of lube inside his peachy ass. He pressed the plunger and grinned when it filled the pretty boy ass. Then he unzipped his trousers, coated his cock, and leaned over Daniel’s body. He slid in hard and smacked the young man's ass cheeks hard.  He squeezed his neck and shoved his iron mask-covered face into the grass to shut him up when he tried to unseat him.

Daniel sobbed and didn’t move when the disgusting man had his way with him, he felt sick and dizzy and wished he could fucking kill him. He tried to get the fat man off him, he moved his body from side to side, and tried to unseat the man but it was not good. He was just stronger than him. “No! No! Please! Don't do this! Stop, please, stop! I don’t want this.” 

“Yes, you do. You like to get fucked. Roman was right, you feel good, pretty boy. Tight and hot. So good. Going to fuck you hard. You need to be taught a lesson. You are disobedient. You will be subservient to your masters,” Dimitri murmured, as he bit into Daniel’s shoulder and thrust his cock harder inside the young man. He held his neck tighter and didn't get off him. He was crazed and filled with lust. Roman was right, he needed to be punished. He punched the prisoner in his lower back and his kidneys, and he pushed harder and deeper with punishing movements.

“No, no! I don’t want this. You’re bigger than me, you fucking pig! You forced yourself on me! Get off me, you fucking mad rapist,” Daniel urged, as he tried to push him off, but stopped when he felt the gun to his neck.

“Shut the fuck up, dirty spy!” Dimitri ordered. He punched the prisoner over and over, on his back, his kidneys, his ass as he fucked him hard and shoved his iron mask-covered face in the grass. He leaned over and bit his shoulder again, and left behind a mark, as he thrust harder and faster. He fucked him to bruise and hurt him.  He punched him and fucked him with punishing thrusts as he grunted to his completion.

“No, no! Get off me! Please stop!” Daniel howled through the mask and grunted when the fat man shoved his mask covered face into the grass. He tried to get him off him, and his body moved against the grass, but he cried out when the Brut grabbed his hips and held him fast.

“No! You don't move away from me! You are a fucking dirty spy! You will be punished!” Dimitri babbled as he pulled out his gun and held it against the young man's neck. That kept him still, but then he heard voices all around him, and he had to stop. He pulled out of the prisoner and hit him on the back of his head with his Glock gun, then quickly pulled the fire-retardant suit over his naked and abused body.

“Fuck you, you fucking fuck. Ow!”  Daniel groaned when the man suddenly stopped at the voices that drew nearer. He grunted when he hit him on his head with his gun, and he fell sprawled onto the forest floor. Then he cried out when the Brut forced the fire-retardant suit over his abused body.

Dimitri sighed in disgust as he tucked away his dirty cock, then kicked the spy to the forest floor for a moment. Then he forcefully lifted him up off the ground and shoved him forward. “Begi, Daniel Miller, begi.” 

Fuck! Run Daniel Run. He translated the same Russian words in his spinning head. What the fuck else was he supposed to do. He’d been running for a fucking hour now. He was in so much pain from the rape and beating he received from the fat Russian pig, Dimitri. He believed him when he said Roman told him to rape him. They were both fucking insane assholes.

Daniel was completely disoriented now, and his legs were like jelly, but run he did, faster and further than before. He headed North and noted the position of the sun as it shined above him, it kept him on his course. He ran for what seemed another hour, luckily he wasn't accosted by Krik and his men. He had run so fast he lost them for the time being. But, as he ran around another bend, the forest denser than before. It was Roman who found him first and kicked him in the middle of his back. He didn't see him crouched by a large tree because the Iron mask obscured his view.

Daniel cried out and tumbled to the forest floor, his body rolled fast down another steep hill, and this time he landed on his back. He quickly rolled over onto his side, though, and was lucky because Roman’s flamethrower hit his body in full force. He howled in pain and agony and swore it was burned in the fire-retardant suit, but he felt it on his nude body. He still felt the hot flames, and he sobbed miserably. 

“No, no, no, no!! No more fire! Please,” Daniel called out in terror, as he buried his iron mask-covered face in the lush grass and sobbed louder.

Krik soon joined Roman and pushed the prisoner onto his side again. “Blast both sides now, Roman!” He called out to his first Lieutenant, as they blasted both sides of Daniel's body, front, and back, they were fucking relentless in their fury of fire.

Daniel whimpered and sobbed when the two insane Russians blasted his body, front, and back. He screamed in pain as those horrible flames engulfed that fire-retardant suit with the double dose of fire. He was dizzy, sick, and disoriented again. He howled so loud the birds in the trees cawed and flew away.

Dimitri stood in the background smirking evilly. He remembered how not an hour ago, he had caught pretty Daniel Miller and had fucked him punishingly on the forest floor. He wanted to do it again, to finish what he started in the forest. He wanted to beat the fuck out of the prisoner. Make him pay for everything. He would meet with him further away from there. He knew there was an abandoned green dacha just North of there, and he would make sure to push the pretty dirty spy that way. He needed to punish him more. He knew if he got caught they would kill him, but he didn't care. He would get back at the spy and at Robison for his ill-treatment. He was fucking insane too, but again, this American was a prisoner and deserved to be beaten.

Once Krik and Roman finished with him, he turned and noticed Rodion stood ten feet away from Daniel, with a giant frown on his face. Dimitri needed to keep that one away from the spy too, or he wouldn’t get to fuck the pretty boy’s sweet peachy ass again. He wouldn't be allowed to punish him more if Rodion got in the way. He moved away from the rest of them and waited for Daniel to run again. He would make the dirty spy head for that dacha. Yes, that's what he would do. He thought to himself. Come on, any minute now they would release him, or the Spetsnaz boy would make them stop. No one noticed the way he was behaving, that was good. He would get away with beating the fuck out of the dirty spy. He just had to get him into that abandoned green dacha.

Krik stared over at Rodion, who was about to scream for them to stop. He smirked at him then waved his hand at Roman, and the flames soon ended. He reached down and yanked Daniel up off the forest floor, then pushed him to keep running. “Begi, Daniel Miller, begi!”

“Fuck you, asshole. Stop telling me to run. What the fuck do you think I’m doing!” Daniel cried out to them, as he glanced back to see Rodion’s look. He begged him to be quiet and just run. So run Daniel did. He took off like a rabbit and ran harder and faster. He moved further North. He felt like his unsteady legs would crumble beneath him, but he kept running. 


Dimitri tailed his prey, his pretty Daniel Miller as he followed him closely along with thick underbrush, and he ran just as fast as the Americana spy. Well, Daniel did have those gorgeous long hairy legs, and that gave the other man the advantage. Dimitri reached the dacha first and hid in the small basement, where he waited for his prey to arrive shortly.

Daniel heard something, or someone on his tail, and he panicked, as he looked back but didn’t see anyone there. Still, he whimpered as he ran faster and spotted the ugly abandoned green dacha ahead of him. He was confused and relieved when he finally came upon the dacha, then quickly decided he would hide in there, to rest his weary body for a while.  Daniel entered through the creaky old door and sat down on the threadbare sofa. He closed his eyes and stretched out his tired legs, as he sat there. He panted and gasped and tried to catch his breath and slowed his racing heart.

Dimitri walked up from the basement and found the prisoner seated on the sofa. He walked quietly up to him, gripped his long legs by his ankles, beneath the fire-retardant suit, and pulled him onto the floor. 

“What?! No, no, no! Not again, you fucking sex-starved pig. Get the fuck off me! Leave me alone, Dimitri! You fucking asshole!” Daniel cried out beneath his iron mask, as he struggled to get free, but the man was so much stronger than him, as he wasn't tortured and raped like Daniel had been.

“Shut the fuck up, durak! I will fuck you again to teach you obedience. You are a disrespectful dog, but you will learn respect, boy,” Dimitri punched him in his stomach and kicked him in his side, his kidneys, and his chest. Then he unzipped the hazmat suit and threw it aside. He eyed the naked young man again and stalked over him. He knew if he got caught Krik and his men would kill him. Especially that fucking Spetsnaz bean-pole. But he didn't care. He would beat the daylights out of prisoner if it was the last thing he did. He would cum, then beat the dirty spy.

“Go the fuck to hell, Russian pig! Please, no, don’t do this again. You disgust me, you’re fucking gross. I can’t fight you off, I have the ecstasy drug inside me,” Daniel pleaded and sobbed, as he tried to kick Dimitri away from him, but the man just grabbed his ankle and held his hairy legs. 

“Shut up, you fucking disobedient dog. I will do this again. I will finish what I started, then I will fucking beat the daylights out of you. You need to be punished, dirty American spy,” Dimitri ordered, as he flipped Daniel over, lifted him up, and pushed his iron mask-covered face into the cushions of the sofa. He lifted his ass in the air, but this time he didn't use the lube. This time he would hurt the dirty spy. 

“No, no, no, fucking fuck, get off me. I fucking hate you. You’re disgusting! I can’t fight you off me! Please, don’t do this!” Daniel begged, as he tried so hard to get the big man off him, but he was just too strong. He was much stronger than him, big fucking fat Russian dog. 

“Shut the fuck up, dirty spy. You will like this!” Dimitri raged. He punched Daniel in his kidneys and on the back of his head. Then unzipped his trousers and shoved his cock in without any lube.

“Ow! No! Get off me!! You fucking asshole. Oh. Fuck. Hurts. You fucking insane pig!” Daniel cried out in terror as he tried to push the man off him. He didn't use the lube this time and it fucking hurt. He sobbed and squirmed around.

“Shut up! You will be punished, dirty spy! I will fuck you into submission. Take that! You like to get fucked. You will be taught obedience, disrespectful dog,” Dimitri raged, and he tore poor Daniel's ass to shreds, and he punched his kidneys, on his back, and his sides, and the back of his head.

“Fuck… you…you fucking Russian asshole. You fucking perverted fucker! Get off me! Stop!! Please! You're fucking hurting me with your dirty cock!” Daniel sobbed and pushed his body back to dislodge the fat Russian, but it was no good, he couldn't remove him from him. He was tired and beaten and exhausted.

Dimitri didn't listen to the spy, he fucked him hard, he was close. When he had his release, he roared and then punched the dirty spy in his back so hard he watched as the spy coughed and fell to the floor.

“Ugh! Leave me alone! Get the fuck off me! You dirty fat pig!” Daniel sobbed as he curled in on himself.

“Shut up, you disobedient dog. I will beat you within an inch of your life,” Dimitri threatened, and in the next moment, he yanked Daniel by his hair and punched him in his chest. He threw him against the wall and kicked him in his stomach. When he went down, he reached for the key to the iron mask and unlocked it, then hit him on his back. He fell to the floor and he kicked him again. He raged against the prisoner. All his anger and hatred of him and of his treatment by the Spetsnaz dog. He would beat the shit out of the American spy and show him who was in charge.

“Please, no, no more, get off me! Let me go, you fucking pig! Stop! Please, stop!” Daniel begged and sobbed as the man Russian beat him up so badly. His head spun when he pulled his hair so hard he saw stars. When he was thrown against the wall and kicked in his stomach the wind knocked out of his lungs, and he coughed and held his chest. He didn't have time to react when Dimitri laid into him and beat the daylights out of him. He cried out when the crazed man hit him on his back with the iron mask. He went down hard onto the wood floor and sobbed. He was naked and the blows from the Russian thug hit him hard.

Dimitri raged more and punched the prisoner hard in his stomach. He kept hitting him with his fists and kicked him hard with his feet. He punched and kicked him in his chest, his stomach, his sides, his kidneys, his back. He punched him in his face over and over. He yanked his head up and punched him again and again. He pistol whipped the prisoner with the butt of his Glock gun and punched and kicked him more.

Daniel grunted and cried out from blows by the Russian Brut. He sobbed and couldn't fight back when Dimitri kicked and punched his naked, exposed body over and over. He landed blows everywhere to bruise him, and he felt his ribs were fractured now from the hard kicks of the Russian's boots.

Dimitri finally lifted the spy up by his hair and punched him in his face again. That made the prisoner's nose bleed, and he grinned at him. He hit the side of his head with the mask and dragged him through the dacha.

Daniel sobbed and was too weak to fight the burly man, so he let him beat the shit out of him. The next thing he knew he was being dragged outside, the man was rough with him as he pushed him down the stairs and threw him on the ground. “You’re fucking insane. You tackled me. You said Roman told you about raping me, and you did the same. You’re a fucking distorted Russian pig…” 

“Shut the fuck up, dirty American spy,” Dimitri kicked and punched Daniel all over his body and his face. He took his rage out on him. He knew his time with the Major was over. They would find out and would get rid of him. But not before he beat the shit out of the dirty American spy. He looked good and beaten and bloody. He punched his face, the sides of his head then pushed him on the ground again, until he lay face down all bloody and beaten.

Daniel went silent and just let the mad fucker beat the shit out of him. This wasn’t his fault, it was the Russian pig’s fault, he tackled him twice and fucked him like a dirty pig. Then he beat the shit out of him. He raged at him. He knew this was revenge for the way he was treated like a Russian dog by Rodion and Roman and even Krik. So, he let him beat him. He lay on the ground, raped, beaten, and bloody all over again. 

“Make sure you fucking tell them that I fucking raped and beat you, you fucking little bastard,” Dimitri threatened, before he took off in the other direction and moved to the South of Krik’s dacha. He knew Krik and his men, and Rodion would find him and probably kill him, but he enjoyed the rape and beat down he gave to the dirty spy. He didn’t realize he dropped his pistol beside the prone spy, but it didn’t matter. He was a dead man now, Krik would find him, would hunt him and Rodion would kill him. So, he just ran through the forest to get a head start on the hunting party.


Daniel groaned miserably and turned his head to the side. He laughed when he saw the stupid fat bastard dropped his pistol on the ground when he beat him. He cried out as his hand grabbed the gun and barely managed to get a hold of it. He was in so much blinding pain, his body throbbed and trembled. 

He easily slipped off the safety and fired three shots into the air, then he fell into blessed unconsciousness for an awfully long while. He hoped the others heard the shots, so they would find him and get him the fuck out of there.

The others heard the shots and ran in the direction of the sound. Roman reached the abandoned green dacha first and swore when he saw Daniel lying face down on the ground, naked and bruised and bloody. He knelt beside him, afraid to move him in case anything was broken, and sighed loudly. “Oh, Daniel,” he murmured then sent off a quick text to Rodion.


[outgoing text — Roman Platov to Rodion Volkov] I found him, Rodion. He's pretty beaten up. Bring the jeeps to the abandoned green dacha. RP xP


[Incoming text — Rodion Volkov] Fuck. Thank you, Roman. We are on our way. Please, do not hurt him any more than he already is. RV


[Outgoing text — Roman Platov] Don’t worry pretty Spetsnaz boy, I won’t hurt your lovely Daniel Miller anymore. I promise to look after him. RP xP


“What?” Daniel murmured when he heard Roman’s voice. “Ow, fuck! I’m in fucking pain. The fat pig raped and beat me. Great. It’s you. Have you come to finish me off? You and your buddy Dimitri planned this. He said you told him to rape me. You even gave him the fucking lube. I guess you stole that from Rodion’s bedroom. You're a crazy fucking asshole,” he sobbed as he tried to move but couldn’t. He dropped his face back onto the cool dewy grass and laid there for a while longer.

“No, I have not come to finish you off. You don't understand. I set Dimitri up so he would be gone from Krik's fold. Anyway, I'll explain more in a moment. Right now, I need to get you inside, Daniel. Rodion and the others are on their way in the jeeps,” Roman intoned softly, even though he didn’t want to move the spy. He feared anything might be broken, and he knew he was in pain. But he couldn’t leave him lying there on the cold forest floor, to bleed out. Rodion would never forgive him. 

“Wonderful. More fucking humiliation subservient to the fucking Russians. Whatever you say. That's probably the lie you made up to cover your own ass. Oh, fuck. I wish I could go home,” Daniel moaned miserably, as he pushed himself up off the ground and glared at the shocked face of Roman. But, as fate would have it, gravity wasn't on his side, and his legs gave out. He sobbed as he fell to the side and Roman stood up and caught him. He groaned as he fell hard against the other man. He didn’t realize he still held something in his other hand.

“Come on, Daniel. We really need to get inside. You’re a mess. I promise you I will not hurt you. I will look after for Rodion,” Roman easily caught Daniel in his strong arms and quickly wrapped one arm gently around his naked waist, then he helped him slowly up the stairs, and into the green dacha again. 

“Ugh, I fucking hate this shit-show now. I wish I could go home. I hate his place, this fucking place where all this fucking fuckery happened. I don't believe your story, Roman Platov. Are you telling the truth? Did you set up the fat pig Dimitri? He took off running to the South, you know,” Daniel sobbed, as he clung to Roman

“I am telling you the truth. Just, wait a moment and I will explain everything,” Roman sighed as he carried Daniel inside the dacha. He kicked the door closed with his foot, as his charge stumbled for a moment, but he grabbed him around his waist, and held him upright. Then he pulled his injured body against his strong body.

“Okay, so, listen to me, please, pretty Daniel. I planned to set up Dimitri. I know Rodion can't stand him, and Krik is tired of his bullshit. So, I swiped that lube from the table in your bedroom, Rodion's bedroom, the one you both share. Then I told him how scared you were of this hunt, and he asked me about the sex, I told him he should try it, and I handed him the tube of lube. He fell for it, the chertov durak that he is. I knew when he didn't join in on the second blast of the flames that he planned to rape you soon. He raped you here, right?” Roman finished his tale and stared at Daniel, who had a frightened expression.

“No. Not just here. He started in the forest. He tackled me there and raped me there, or tried to, but he got interrupted. He said over and over that I was a disobedient dog who needed to be punished. He said you told him to rape me. Oh, fuck, I'm in so much pain. I don't know if I should I believe you, Roman Platov? Maybe you are telling the truth, but I don't know. I just want to fucking go home. I want to get away from here with Rodion,” Daniel suddenly admitted. He was sick and dizzy, and didn't realize what he was saying. He wanted to sleep and run again, but he was so disoriented from the rape and beat down from the fat pig, Dimitri.

“I am telling you the truth. I knew the fat pig would take the bait. I'm sorry he did this to you. I'm sorry for what I did too. I'm being honest for once. I can't be nice, spy boy, it's not in my blood. I'm the mean one, there's a reason they call me the butcher. Hey, but this time I am honest,” Roman confessed as he checked the prisoner. He looked like hell froze over then warmed up again.

“Okay, okay Roman Platov. You've made your point. I guess I believe you. I'm so tired, I just want to go home,” Daniel repeated, although he wasn't sure if he meant the dacha or home back to Berlin, or anywhere other than where they were. Roman wasn't sure about that either. He sobbed softly, then stopped and stared up at the other Russian. He wanted to see if he were being honest. He saw something in his brown eyes, but he was in so much pain, he really didn't know what to think. For now, he would believe his story.

Roman stayed silent for a moment as he stared at Daniel when he gazed into his eyes. He knew the smart young man was looking for the truth. To see if he was telling the truth. He didn't hide anything. What he said to the prisoner was true. Then he suddenly spoke up, “I would love to take you home, Daniel Miller. I wish I could.  Both you and Rodion. We could leave here together but not right now. Maybe, when the time is right. I’m going away on business later today. I want to be part of the hunt for Dimitri now, and I'm sure Rodion will too. I know he will kill the fat pig,” he said, as he gently placed poor Daniel down on the sofa. That was where Dimitri raped him the second time that day, only a few minutes ago.

This wouldn't be the first time Daniel would be hurt in this dacha, there would come a time soon, when he would confront a demon from hell, much worse than Dimitri, Roman and Krik all rolled into one. 

“Wait, what? Did you just say you would take me home? You would take Rodion and I away from here? How? Wow. You're just so full of truths today. But are your words real? Yeah, I guess Rodion will kill the fat pig. I don't want to be in that hunt, but maybe I can watch,” Daniel stammered over his words, as he stared at Roman with a look of disbelief on his bruised and bloody face. He grunted loudly and mewled at being placed on the sofa, where Dimitri had defiled him so horribly. 

“Yes, I would, Daniel Miller. Maybe I still will upon my return. Good. I'm sure Krik will want to hear that. Now, sit here a moment,” Roman answered, as he reached for the blanket and covered Daniel’s naked body to keep him warm. “I’m going to look for some clothes and boots for you to wear. There is a bedroom through that side door. Will you be okay for a few minutes?” He added, as he kissed the top of Daniel’s head and moved into the back bedroom. He began his search for some much-needed clothes for the naked injured Americana spy. 

“Sure. Roman Platov. Off you go then,” Daniel shivered and wrapped the warm blanket around his naked body. He closed his eyes for a moment to soothe his aching head for several minutes. He was tired and bruised and battered, and just wanted to sleep for a fucking week. 

He drifted off into a dreamless sleep, but his body trembled and he sobbed in pain. He had visions of Dimitri as he raped and beat him again. Then he saw himself and Rodion, and was that Hector? They were in another city, at another time. Was this Amsterdam? Who was tall gentlemen with the light-blond hair and ice blue eyes. Did he have a British accent? He saw Rodion beside him, they were happy as they smiled and laughed and walked around by the canals. They held hands and his gorgeous Russian turned to him and kissed him. He heard him say he loved him. Then he heard his own voice repeat the words. He repeated the words in his sleep. “I love you too, Rodion. I love you, so much,” he murmured and shivered and sobbed in pain. Then he thought he heard Roman’s voice talking to him. Why was he there with them in Amsterdam. No, wait. He wasn’t in Amsterdam. Fuck.

Roman walked out of the bedroom a few minutes later. He carried some clothes. A green polo t-shirt, with green fatigues and black Spetsnaz boots. It was all he could find. When he moved to the sofa, he noticed Daniel murmured in his sleep. He smiled when he heard his words, his declaration of love to Rodion. He wondered what he was dreaming about, but he didn’t wait to find out, it was none of his business. He tried to wake him, but he hadn't done so yet. The others would be there soon. So, he sat down beside the sleeping spy and shook his shoulder. “Daniel, wake up? Daniel?! Please, wake up!” 

Daniel's eyes flew open, and he shot up from the sofa when he heard Roman calling his name. He gently shook him to wake him up. “Fuck!” he swore, as he stared at the Russian. He panted and gasped and was covered in sweat. Then he realized for the last ten minutes had been a lovely dream of him and Rodion and Hector in Amsterdam. That was nice. Then reality hit him and he was back in fucking Komarovo in the ugly green dacha. He sank down onto the sofa again and stared quietly at Roman.

“Did you have a nice sleep, pretty Daniel? You were out for ten minutes at least, while I searched for these clothes,” Roman spoke softly/ He placed his hand on Daniel’s forehead, and clicked his tongue. “You have a fever, this is bad. I hope you’re not getting an infection.” 

“Hmm, no, no, no more pain. Please,” Daniel murmured, as he shrunk away from Roman, and wrapped the blanket around his body.

“Nyet, Daniel. No pain now. I found these clothes, it took me a while to search through the back bedroom, but I found some green Spetsnaz fatigue denims and shirt, and black Spetsnaz boots,” Roman explained, as he placed the clothes on Daniel's lap.

“Hmm, I can see that. Green is not really my color, but it’s better than being naked,” Daniel said. He nodded his head and mewled when the pain shot through his head like needles. His temples throbbed and his eyes burned. “Spasibo, Roman, for the clothes and for being kind right now. I like this side of you, instead of your usual nasty self. Rodion will be happy you were nice for a moment.”

“You’re welcome, pretty Daniel Miller. Yes, I’m sure Rodion will be quite pleased,” Roman answered, as he smiled at Daniel, and clicked his tongue when he stared down at what Daniel held in his right hand. “Is that Dimitri’s pistol?” 

“What?” Daniel mewled and stared blankly at Roman. Then he followed his line of sight to see what he was talking about. His eyes widened and he held the pistol tighter. “Yeah, I guess it is. The fucking fat fuck dropped it on the ground after he raped me and beat the living shit out of me.” 

Roman laughed and gently patted Daniel’s shoulder, then noticed the bites on his neck. He gently caressed them but stopped when he felt his charge flinch. “Sorry.” 

“It’s all right, they’re from fucking Dimitri, fucking pig,” Daniel groused, and then placed the gun between them on the sofa.

“Mmhmm, that’s good, then, you can use it in the next hunt to kill that fat fucking pig if you want to. I know you said you don’t want to be in the hunt, but why not. You and Rodion can fucking kill the bastard,” Roman answered, as he smiled evilly at Daniel, when he saw the shocked look on his face. 

“Shut the fuck up. Stop bullshitting me now, you crazy fucking asshole. I don’t want to kill him, it will be nice to see someone else do it, though,” Daniel said as he stared at Roman. He was tired and in pain, and had a horrible headache.

“I love when it you talk back to me, it’s fucking sexy. I’m not joking about the hunt. Krik will be sure to organize it since the fucker is on the run now.” Roman revealed, as he ran his hand down Daniel’s back to soothe him when he noticed how he trembled at the mention of Dimitri.

“Mmhmm, good to hear. But I will not be involved in that hunt. I’m not a killer, Roman Platov,” Daniel deadpanned and shook his head. 

“It’s okay, Daniel. Someone will kill him, you can watch. Just so you know,  I will still have my session later, but for now, you are safe. I’m acting as your healer and handler until our Rodion arrives. I will say this, though, you look hot all beaten and bloody. Sorry, but it’s the truth,” Roman intoned, as he held up the clothes for his charge to see.

“Hmm, yeah, I know, asshole. It’s what you do, torture, rape, beat up. You’re right, though, I’m a fucking hot mess,” Daniel murmured, feeling his head reeling as he stared over at Roman. “Spasibo, Roman, for being here to help me. I can’t do this alone. I’m so dizzy, and in so much pain. My fucking head is killing me. Will you please help me get dressed? I’m freezing now,” he added, as he frowned deeply, trying to keep his eyes open. 

“Yes, that’s all true, you’re right about everything. You’re not here on vacation. Anyway, yes, of course I will. I’m just going to help you put the clothes on, that is all. I won’t hurt you,” Roman stated, and carefully moved Daniel’s bruised and bloody body around in the right way, so he could get the shirt and denims on. Then he carefully lifted each foot and laced the Spetsnaz boots into place. 

Daniel stared down at himself and frowned a little but shook his head and looked up at Roman. Fucking green Spetsnaz fatigues. Still, it was better than being fucking naked. All the Russians liked him naked. “I’m tired, really fucking tired now, Roman Platov. My head is throbbing like a hammer on an anvil.” 

“I know, Daniel. As soon as Rodion arrives, he will look after you. If you want to go on the hunt, you can. You should go. You can watch from the jeep. You should let Rodion go too. We can all go together. After that, after we find the fat pig and put him out of his misery, then we will return to the main dacha. Rodion will look after you there, and you will be able to sleep for a while, because I have to leave for my meeting later tonight with a new client Blake is bringing along,” Roman revealed, as he picked up the gun from the sofa and slid the safety on and slipped it inside the back of the waistband on Daniel’s denims.

 “Who is Blake?” Daniel asked, and bit his lip when he realized he had asked aloud.

“Relax, Daniel. I will not hurt you for asking a question. Blake is a roofer I have known for a year now. He has a Freeport in St. Petersburg, where Krik and I, among other oligarchs, keep some expensive items we are hiding from the Kremlin, or other spies like the CIA and NATO. He brings me blood oranges in September, perhaps you will meet him soon,” Roman explained, as he smiled fondly at Daniel, as he ran his fingers through his hair. Then kissed his bruised forehead, his cheeks and finally, his lips. Even all beaten and bloody Daniel Miller was still so beautiful. 

Daniel blinked his eyes and blushed at Roman’s attention and smiled when he kissed his face and then his lips. “All right, that’s fine. He sounds like a cool guy. Maybe I will if you allow it. I like his name, Blake,” Daniel intoned, as he closed his eyes to rest a moment, when Roman wrapped an arm around his shoulder and held his trembling body against his. 

“His full name is Christian Blake. Like you, he’s well over six feet, with blond hair, lovely blue eyes, like yours, oh, and he’s Americana too,” Roman revealed, as he stared off into the distance, excited about seeing his lovely Blake again. 

Daniel’s world slowed down completely from the description Roman had given him of this Christian Blake. That description could only be one person, the only person Daniel knew who could fit that. Hector Owen DeJean. But why did he use that name? Perhaps it was one of his many aliases. So, he was there in St. Petersburg, with some Freeport where all the rich Oligarchs kept their valuable items. It figured he would be wrapped up in something like that, it fit his character perfectly, and he was meeting with Roman Platov, that very same day. “So, are you bringing Blake back here, then?” 

“Mm hmm. He should be here by tomorrow. I will be gone until then, but you know, Krik will still want to continue your hunt, and that of Dimitri. You can still have your revenge, sweet Daniel Miller,” Roman intoned, and perked up at the sound of a Jeep when it finally approached the abandoned green dacha.

Chapter Text

Rodion burst through the door of the green dacha and looked at Daniel’s face, all battered, and bloody again. He crashed down on his knees in front of him, and gently reached out to embrace his charge. “Oh, my Daniel. I am so sorry. We will find him, he cannot get far, there is manhunt for him now.” 

“Thank you, Rodion. I’m so tired now, my head hurts, my body is on fire, my ass is killing me. Ah, Dimitri raped and beat me. He wanted me to tell you that. Roman wants us to go on the hunt, but I don’t know. I’m tired so maybe I can sit in the jeep. Do you want to on the hunt? Will you kill him for me?” Daniel asked as he stared at Rodion, tears in his eyes, then he glanced over at Roman. 

“Yes, my sweet Daniel, of course we can go on the hunt. We will go now. Roman, please help me,” Rodion said, as he carefully lifted Daniel from the sofa, and stared down at the Spetsnaz fatigues and boots his charge wore. “Roman, did you find these clothes here?” he asked, as he smiled at Daniel in approval. 

“Yes. I found them in the back bedroom. He looks good in Spetsnaz fatigues, yes?” Roman declared, as he supported Daniel’s left side, with Rodion on his right.

“Mm, yes, he does, my pretty Army brat indeed,” Rodion quipped, as he kissed Daniel’s lips and then the top of his head.
             Daniel mewled at the kisses, and leaned his body hard against Rodion, but was glad Roman was there to help keep him upright, since his legs felt like jelly. 

Once they were outside, Rodion bent down and picked up the Iron Mask, and moved toward the jeep. The fire retardant suit was already in the back, Adrik had placed it there. Krik stood beside the Jeep, several of his men there with him. 

Krik watched Rodion and Roman as they helped Daniel out of the green dacha, he liked that he was dressed in the green Spetsnaz fatigues and boots. Then he looked at Daniel’s face, grabbed his chin hard to see the damage Dimitri had done. He clicked his tongue, then spoke to Daniel. “My men have spotted Dimitri, ten miles south of here, he is on Timur’s property. Our men have him surrounded. So, we can go to him, and you will have your revenge, Daniel Miller.” 

“Okay. But I don’t want to participate. Maybe Rodion can kill him. I can’t do that,” was all Daniel said, at first, as Rodion and Roman helped him into the back of the Jeep, then sat on either side of him. “I don’t want to kill anyone. I have never done that, and I don’t want to start now. I would only do it for someone I care for, and I don’t care about that piece of shit, just do it for me. We can go on the hunt, then all of you can do the dirty work. I can’t kill anyone.”

“But he raped and beat you. Look at the shape you are in, Daniel Miller. You should have your revenge. You mean to tell me that you have never killed anyone, even in your line of work,” Krik intoned, as he leaned over the side of the jeep, and gripped Daniel’s ankle hard.

Daniel whimpered at the rough treatment but didn’t move when the man held his ankle hard, as if he would break it. “No. I have been almost blown up by terrorists, given a scar on my back for my troubles, and have seen people shot and killed in front of me for their wrong deeds. I have never taken someone's life on purpose, and I will not do so now. Just, let me stay in the jeep, and yes, Rodion will be on the hunt. I want him to take down the fucking asshole Dimitri.”

“Yes, Major, I will be the one to take the kill shot of Dimitri Sokolov. Daniel will sit in the Jeep, but no one is to touch him or sit beside him. We better go now, we don’t want to lose him,” Rodion said, as he sat beside Daniel, with Roman on the other side.

“That sounds good, my Rodion. I know you will kill that fucking bastard dead. This will be nice for a change, to see someone else run for their life,” Daniel admitted. He couldn’t believe he was talking like this, but he was tired and in pain, as he leaned his body against Rodion’s.

Krik raised his eyebrows at Daniel’s admissions, glad he wanted Rodion to take the kill shot. He would be sure to see the scar on the prisoner’s back later. He looked at Rodion and Roman’s stoic faces, and he shook his head, as he released his hold on the man’s ankle. “All right, Daniel Miller. We will go now, you will stay in the jeep. I’m glad you want Rodion on the hunt for Dimitri. Just so you know, we will continue our hunt for you tomorrow morning. And I want to see that scar from the explosion later. Roman will you join me?” Krik intoned, as he looked to his first lieutenant.

“Yes, of course, Major, but after that I’m going away on business tonight. I will return tomorrow morning,” Roman answered, and nodded his head and he climbed in the back of the Jeep with Rodion and the injured Daniel.

“Are you sure you are okay with this, Daniel? It will be rough to watch. Krik’s men are ruthless,” Rodion murmured as he held Daniel in his arms.

“Yes, my Rodion. I’m fine. I want to see this bastard die. I know you are a crack shot. Make sure you beat him up too. I want everyone to lay into him and fucking beat his head in, then kill him,” Daniel admitted. He was strung out from the rape and the beating, but he wanted this fucker dead. He didn’t know where these feelings were coming from, but he was in the moment, so he went with it.

“That’s good, Daniel. Don’t worry, Rodion and I and the rest of Krik’s men, Krik himself will take care of the fat pig,” Roman whispered to him, but he looked at Rodion when he gave him a warning look not to talk too much about it.

Rodion wasn’t sure why Daniel wanted this, but he would go with it. Then later once they were back at the Dacha, he would have to take care of his charge. He was shocked at how bloody and battered he was. His ire was up and he was in kill mode. His Spetsnaz solder mode kicked in, as he reloaded his Glock pistol and checked he had extra ammunition for the rifle too. His fists were primed and ready too.

Daniel watched as Krik ordered his men into the open Range Rover Jeep and drove off to the South to find Dimitri. He sat in the front of their Jeep as it raced along the grassy terrain. He closed his eyes and rested against Rodion’s side, while all around them four Jeeps and two dune buggies raced beside them on the southside of Krik’s dacha.


Dimitri ran for his life for the first time in twenty years. He knew he was a dead man. He heard the sounds of Krik’s men and the Jeeps and dune buggies all around him in the forests. He ran South, Southwest, always moved in the direction. He was sure he was now on Timur’s property, but maybe the man would take pity on him and not join the hunt as well.

He wasn’t sorry that he raped and beat the American spy prisoner. He had it coming to him. He wished he could have given that fucking beanpole Rodion Volkov a beatdown too. He knew his father in St. Petersburg. He knew he didn’t approve of his younger son being gay, and he kept in touch with him over the years to report to the man about his younger son’s progress in Krik’s fold.

Dimitri pushed these thoughts out of his head because they didn’t matter now. He was a man on the run, he ran for his life. It didn’t matter who he knew anymore. He was dead as soon as Krik and his men found him. He was sure Rodion would be on the hunt, and he knew what the Spetsnaz was capable of. He was strong and tall, and a very good soldier.

“Fuck! Fucking Suka. I am a dead man. Oh, fuck. They will kill me. I have to run. I have to get away. If only I can get away,” Dimitri sobbed as he ran. Even though he was a fat man, he was still in shape, he could run with the best of them.


Krik called out to his men to speed ahead. His GPS on his phone found the wandering Dimitri. He was South – Southwest on the outer most points of Timur’s property. He sent the man a text message and told him to stay out of this. The man was a rogue from his fold and he would take care of it.

“I understand that, Vassily, but he’s on my property. I have my men out there too. If they see him, they will shoot to kill,” Timur said.

“Nyet, Timur. Be reasonable. He’s my rogue Captain. I will take the shot and you will stand down. Do you understand?” Krik raged into his phone.

“Oh, Vassily, you silly little man. Okay, I will let your men kill him, but my men are chasing him now. He’s on the south outermost part of my dacha. I can see his little green light on my GPS. He runs fast for a little fat man,” Timur laughed.

“Okay, Timur, you fucking Suka. Do not let your men shoot him. We are on our way there now. I have the same thing on my phone, only he’s yellow. Do. Not. Take. The. Shot, you silly little man,” Krik raged and smiled at Daniel when he stared at him through the rearview mirror.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hear you, Vassily. Don’t worry, we won’t shoot him, much,” Timur laughed. He was in his own Jeep, watching his men chase down Dimitri Sokolov.

“Listen to me, you fucking pig head Suka, lay off of this. Get back inside your dacha and clean your guns. I have this. If you shoot him, I will fucking put a bullet in your brain. Suka!” Krik shouted into his phone and that seemed to do the trick.

“Okay, Vassily. You are nothing but a little brute of a man. My men won’t shoot him, but you better hurry, if he gets any further south, he’ll be way out of range. There are mountains coming up soon,” Timur laughed and disconnected the call. He motioned for his men to stop the chase. Then they turned around their Jeeps and went back to his Dacha. He had to get to St. Petersburg to meet up with Blake again. He didn’t want to keep the man waiting, nor did he want him to see little Roman Platov. His car waited to drive him away from his Dacha, and he texted Blake. He was pleased when the man answered and told him he would meet him.


Vassily swore when Timur hung up on him. “Chertov durak. How dare he do that to me. Roman make sure if you see him in St. Petersburg, you give him a nice hello from me,” he told his first Lieutenant.

“Sure, Major. I don’t know why I would see the fat slob, but I’ll make sure I fucking punch him in that fat gut of his,” Roman answered as the jeep sped up when they finally located the other fat pig, Dimitri.

“Are you okay, Daniel? I wish we would have gone back to dacha. This is ugly business,” Rodion whispered to his charge as he held him in his arms. He fell asleep for a while and that was good, but Vassily woke him up with his loud mouth.

“Yes, Rodion, I’m fine. I want to see that this bastard is killed. I’m not normally like that, but he fucking raped and beat me. Everyone else did too, but I can’t have them killed, so I will settle for this bastard,” Daniel murmured and clung to Rodion. Truth be told, his body screamed in pain. He had a horrible blinding headache, his ass was on fire, and the rest of his body burned from the blows. His face and head spun madly, but at least he was safe with Rodion.

“Okay, my Daniel, I understand. This will be over very soon. I take care of this. Well, I’m sure I will have some help. Is that okay?” Rodion spoke softly. He knew his charge was in so much pain, and he would need to look after him once they returned to the dacha.

“Yes, that’s great, my strong Spetsnaz boy. Make sure you all beat the fucking daylights out of him, then kill him and burn his body,” Daniel said to all of them. He gasped when Krik turned around and grinned widely at him.

“That’s not a bad idea, little spy. You see? You do have the capacity to kill. That’s nice. I’m sure Timur, the fat pig, won’t mind if we burn him. We have a gallon of petrol on one of the dune buggies. That will be a nice fuck you to Timur,” Krik said, as he motioned for Adrik to turn left when they came right upon Dimitri as he ran through the thick vegetation.

“No. I don’t have that capacity. I just want him to suffer as much as I did with all your mad Russians, and torturers,” Daniel shot back, then clammed up when Krik held up his hand to him.

“Be silent, little spy. We have to take care of this now,” Krik warned him, then turned around as Adrik moved the Jeep right behind Dimitri.

Roman called to him and waved when the fat man screamed and ran faster. His belly rolled and he almost lost his footing.

“No! Fuck you! You won’t catch me! I am almost in the mountains,” Dimitri called out as he ran faster.

Adrik sped up beside him and in the next moment, Rodion jumped from the Jeep and tackled the fat bastard on the ground. He pounded his head and punched him in his gut. He landed on his feet as Adrik stopped the Jeep and other other vehicles surrounded the two of them.

“No, no, please, Rodion, don’t do this. You’re going to kill me over a fucking bastard spy? Over that fucking dirty blyat?!!” Dimitri raged, as he punched the bean-pole in his chest, but that only made him angrier.

“Fuck you, Suka! You went against Krik, and his organization! You are a Captain, and you disobeyed orders! I’m going to fucking beat the daylights out of you, then I will kill you!” Rodion shouted, as he took the blow on his chest, but caught the fat pigs hand, and twisted his arm behind his back. He flipped him over his shoulder and landed him hard on the ground. He laughed at the sickening crack of the man’s arm.

“Ah! You fucking bastard! You broke my arm! Why don’t you punish Roman, he raped the blyat too! Why do I have to be killed?” Dimitri raged, as he pushed the strong young Spetsnaz off him and stood up. He pushed his arm back into its socked and screamed in pain.

At that moment, Adrik jumped out of the Jeep, with Krik, Anton, and Roman right behind him. Adrik ran up to Dimitri and punched him hard in his kidneys. He kicked him in his face when he went down, then Krik joined them and lifted the man up, then punched him hard in his face. He broke his nose and laughed when blood poured from his nose.

Rodion stepped forward and punched him in his gut, then his face and his kidneys. Adrik, Anton and Krik joined in, while Roman punched him in his sides. They beat him into a bloody pulp, but Dimitri fought back. He punched Adrik in his stomach and kicked Anton in his balls. But Krik stepped behind the man and hit him hard with the butt of his rifle in his kidneys.

Dimitri went down on the ground and everyone just laid into him. They punched and kicked him and beat him down. He stayed down for a little while, even though he couldn’t see anymore, he still pushed them away and ran again, in the opposite direction.

Just as he almost got away, Daniel stood up in the back of the Jeep and though his body swayed, he held up the fat pig’s gun in his hand and pulled the trigger. He hit the asshole in his lower back and still stood there with the gun in his hand. His arm and body shook with fear and anger at this horrible man who almost got away from them. How was he able to run and fight still? When Daniel was beat up  he couldn’t even think straight.

Krik smiled at Daniel as they all ran past the Jeep to retrieve Dimitri. He checked to see if he was dead, but he held up his hand. “He’s just wounded. Good shot, though, Daniel Miller!”

“Fuck!” Daniel cried out as he held the gun up again. He could just shoot Krik, and Roman and Adrik and Anton, then he and Rodion could leave there. He couldn’t move, as he held the gun up and Krik stared into his eyes with a shocked expression.

Rodion jumped up into the backseat of the Jeep and stood behind Daniel. He didn’t want his charge to have any kills on his hands. So, he reached up and took the gun from him. “Nyet, my Daniel. Please, let me take the kill shot. Is okay. I got this. You did good, you wounded him. Please, sit down now.”

“No, no, I want to do it. No, no, you can do it, Rodion. I just thought I could get them all, and we could leave,” Daniel sobbed as he turned around in Rodion’s arms and clung to him. He held the pistol in his hand, but let his handler take it from him.

“Shh, shh, shh, no, not yet. The time will come. Let me take care of Dimitri for you,” Rodion spoke cryptic words to Daniel, but he knew his charge would not remember them, nor would he acknowledge them. He was so scared, his heart raced and his body swayed. He held onto him for a moment and took the gun into his right hand. Then he sat Daniel down on the seat again and kissed his lips. “You just relax, my sexy Army brat. You wounded him, let me do the rest,” he whispered and ran his hands through his charges’ hair.

“Okay. Okay, yes, Rodion, my avenging angel. Go on then, finish off the fucking bastard,” Daniel said, and couldn’t believe he had spoken those words. He wouldn’t remember any of this, he would be too traumatized from it once they returned to the dacha. He closed his eyes and pulled his knees up to his chest. He didn’t want to see this, so he just blocked it out.

“Come on, Rodion. Let’s finish this bastard off already. It’s getting into the afternoon. I don’t want Timur to come out here with his big mouth,” Krik ordered his second Lieutenant.

“Yes, I am coming. Hold on a moment,” Rodion answered, as he kissed Daniel again, then jumped off the back of the Jeep. He stalked over to where Adrik and Anton held onto Dimitri. He could see his eyes were fading, and he wanted this done too.

“Fuck you, you fucking Spetsnaz asshole. Finish the job already. I can’t believe you are all doing this for a fucking blyat-“ Bang. Bang. Bang.

Rodion didn’t even give him a chance to say another word. First he shot him in his chest, then over his heart and finally he shot him in the middle of his head. “Fucking Suka! What a waste of a Captain.” He slid the gun into the second holster on his utility belt, and turned to see Daniel sat curled up in the back of the Jeep. “Fuck. Okay, do we burn him here? Or do you take his body back to our Dacha, then we burn him there?”

“No, Rodion. Let’s do it here. I want to leave a little message for fucking Timur Yardovsky. Fucking Suka Pig that he is. You know what, go back to the Dacha with Daniel Miller. I will have Adrik and Anton take care of this. Roman, you can return to the dacha too, if you want,” Krik told them.

“Yes, that would be nice. I need to have a shower and fucking drink. All in that order. I won’t be going to St. Petersburg until tomorrow it seems. Come on, bean-pole. Let’s get back to the dacha. Daniel Miller is pretty upset over this. You will need to look after him,” Roman commented, as he grinned at Rodion when he glared at the name he called him.

“Fuck you, Roman, short arse. You no tell me what I need to do. Okay, Major, we will see you back at the dacha. Thank you,” Rodion bowed to Krik, and then smiled at Adrik and Anton when they laughed at their funny exchange. He grabbed Roman’s arm and yanked him toward the Jeep.

Krik ordered one of his other men to drive his Lieutenants and the prisoner back to the dacha. The tall older Russian man sat behind the wheel of the Jeep, while Rodion climbed into the backseat and held Daniel in his arms.

Roman grumbled at being manhandled by the bean-pole. He pulled his arm free, glared up at the Spetsnaz boy, then jumped into the front seat beside the driver. He sent a quick text to his beautiful Blake and told him he wouldn’t be in St. Petersburg until tomorrow afternoon. He smiled when the man texted back that was all right. He would see his gorgeous ass tomorrow.

“Is it done?” Daniel suddenly asked when he felt the Jeep speed away from the scene. He didn’t open his eyes yet, he just clung to Rodion, glad he held him again.

“Yes, my Daniel, is done. Krik will handle the rest of it. We are going back to Dacha, and I will take care of you,” Rodion whispered as he held his charge close. His body trembled and he clung to him. He was glad when the driver took a short cut through the forest, and he saw the smoke rising up from Timur’s property. He knew Krik and the others wound return soon, but they had to let the body burn, then would bury it there on Timur’s property.



When they arrived at the main dacha, Daniel noticed it was heavily guarded. He flinched when Rodion touched his shoulder and motioned to the Iron Mask.

“I am sorry, Daniel,” was all the gorgeous Russian said to his charge.

“It’s all right, Rodion. Please, just do it now. I would rather be hidden from all these men around here,” Daniel insisted, as he lowered his head so Rodion could fit iron mask in place. He didn’t even flinch when his handler locked it into place behind his neck. Then he sat up straight, which the damned iron mask always forced him to do.

Rodion and Roman helped Daniel out of the Jeep, as they stood on both sides of his shaky body, they helped him walk toward the dacha at a slower pace. They stood on both sides of him and supported his body. His legs were wobbly, and his head spun wildly from the terrible beating Dimitri had given him. He stumbled more than normal, along the stone walkway, and nearly fell on his face a few times, but with Rodion’s strong arms wrapped around his waist, he made it into the dacha. 

Roman told Rodion he was going for a shower, then said his goodbye to Daniel. He was proud the little spy was present for Dimitri’s end. He received a text from Krik to say that they were on their way back to the dacha, and the problem was buried in Timur’s property. He laughed and replied back to the Major and told him the spy was with Rodion and he would take care of him.

Krik replied back that he wanted Roman present to meet his new Captain. He placed a call into he Kremlin, and they sent a new Captain to the Dacha. Someone named Bruno Gott.

Roman sighed and texted to Krik that he was going for a shower then would meet him and the new man in his office. Krik was fine with that, they were still on their way back to the dacha.


Daniel stumbled again, from the new injuries, the rape, and the humiliation made him feel terrible. He wasn’t even bothered by the fact that Dimitri was killed by Rodion and he shot him in his back. He was glad the bastard was gone. “Rodion, I feel sick, I’m so fucking tired.” 

“I know, Daniel. We are almost to our room now. I will make you some herbal tea to help you relax,” Rodion soothed, as he held Daniel so close in his arms.

“Okay. That sounds excellent. Can we just lie in bed together, though?” Daniel stammered over his words. He nearly lost his footing on the landing again but mewled when Rodion caught him fast with his arms around his waist.

“Yes, we can, my Daniel. Look, we are here now. I just need to find the key…” Rodion answered, as he unlocked the door and moved them inside. He bolted and double locked the door from the inside, and quickly moved Daniel to the bed, where he sat him down, so he could remove his Spetsnaz boots. “Do you want to sleep in your clothes?” Rodion asked, once Daniel’s boots were off.

“No. Can you please remove them? Do you have more blankets I’m cold, that would be good. Ugh! My head is fucking killing me. It’s throbbing like a hammer against an anvil,” Daniel gasped out his words, and swallowed down his pain for now. 

“Yes, my Daniel, I will make sure you have all comforts. First let me remove iron mask,” Rodion added, and made quick of the iron mask. He placed it on the table, then quickly removed Daniel’s green shirt and green fatigue denims. He slipped off his boots and was about to climb in beside Daniel, when the other young man stopped him. “Do you want the tea now?” he asked his charge.

“Nyet, my hot Spetsnaz boy. Later on, get your clothes off right now and get in here with me,” Daniel intoned softly, as he grabbed at the waistband of Rodion’s denims. 

Rodion chuckled as he pressed a kiss to Daniel’s lips. “Yes, of course, my sexy Army brat,” he quickly unbuttoned his black shirt, then slowly unbuttoned the flies of his denims, with help from his Daniel. He stood up and slipped them down his thighs and legs, and padded naked to the closet, where he retrieved more blankets. 

Daniel watched as Rodion walked toward him, his eyes hooded and a cheeky grin on his face. He laid down on the soft mattress and waited for his hot Russian to join him. 

Rodion enjoyed how Daniel watched him, and he was soon beside the bed again. He sat down first, then he moved his body in beside Daniel, covered them in the blankets, and quickly enveloped his tired and injured charge in his arms. “Sleep, my sweet Daniel. I won’t leave your side.”

“Spasibo, Rodion. Good night,” Daniel whispered, as he snuggled against his Russian’s strong chest, and fell fast asleep in second. 

Rodion kissed the top of Daniel’s head, and though it was still morning, he fell fast asleep, as he held his charge so close. Daniel slept most of the day and Rodion was there with him. 

Daniel had horrible nightmares about Dimitri. He raped and beat him over and over. He chased him around the forest in the dream, and he sobbed as he relived the rape and that beating over and over. He called out for Rodion several times, and as the dream repeated itself, he trembled and sobbed.

Rodion awoke to the sounds of Daniel as he called out to him. He sighed as he listened to his charge talk about Dimitri. He was still asleep and had a fever now. He stood up from the bed and moved into the bathroom, there he retrieved a syringe of pain killers and the European version of Tylenol. It was called Paracetamol. He filled the syringe with both liquids then returned to the bed where Daniel tossed and turned and sobbed out his name. He sat down beside his charge and slid the syringe inside a vein. He was glad when Daniel finally calmed down again, but he woke up.

            “Rodion, what’s going on?” Daniel asked, and forgot about the nightmare he had a few minutes before.

            “You had a nightmare, Daniel, so I gave you a sedative and pain killer. Don’t you remember?” Rodion answered, as he moved them to sit up against the headboard.

      “Oh, fuck. Yes. It was about fucking Dimitri. He raped and beat me over and over. Then you appeared in the dream and took care of him. Like you did today, in the forest,” Daniel said sheepishly.

     “Yes, Daniel, he is dead. I killed him. Don’t you want to talk about this?” Rodion soothed his charge and held his hands in his when they trembled. His entire body trembled, but not from cold, it was from fear and pain.

     “Sure, Rodion. We can talk about it. I’m not bothered by what happened. I’m glad the fucker is dead. I just am in pain, as you know. Oh, but the pain killer made me feel better. Can we have some tea now? I remembered how you made me tea on the ship, but I don’t want the sleepy kind. Can we have regular tea?” Daniel answered, as he smiled demurely at him.

    Rodion smiled softly at how evasive Daniel was about the killing of Dimitri. But he didn’t want to upset his charge anymore, so he didn’t discuss it anymore. He was glad his charge would forget about it. “Yes, of course we can, my sexy Army brat. I will mix it for us now, just regular tea, is Russian black tea,” he told his charge as he stood up from the bed and moved to the small kitchen area at the back of the room.

   Daniel watched Rodion as he moved to make their tea. He was tired again, but was glad they were alone in their shared room. He still thought about Dimitri, but the memory was not prevalent in his mind. He really was glad the bastard was dead.

    Rodion soon returned with a tray and two copper mugs of the black Russian tea. There was sugar and creamer on the tray too. “Do you want the milky sweet tea?” he asked his charge, as he set the tray on the table and sat on on the bed again.

   “Yes, that would be nice. Spasibo, Rodion,” Daniel answered, and smiled at the gorgeous Russian.

   Rodion prepared their tea the same way, and he grinned at Daniel when he realized his charged liked it the same way. He handed him his mug, then took his own and sat down beside him. They sat against the headboard and drank their tea. “Do you want to have a shower, Daniel?” he asked.

    “Yes, I would love that. We can do that after our tea. My ass fucking hurts so much. It’s shredded to fucking pieces. Can we shower together?” Daniel inquired as he sipped his delicious milky sweet tea. He was pleased Rodion enjoyed his tea the same way.

   “Yes, my sweet Army brat. I will not leave you alone at all. We are together in here now. You will rest until tomorrow. Krik promised me that. After today, we will not be bothered. Is the evening now too. So, we can relax and be calm together,” Rodion explained to his charge. He was worried for him. He had forgotten everything they had gone through prior to this day. But he put that down to the traumatic day.

   “Thank you, my sexy Spetsnaz boy. You’re so strong and virile. I am so proud of you what you did today. I love you, Rodion Volkov,” Daniel confessed. He remembered the vision he had of them walking around Amsterdam with Hector and some gray-haired man, but he didn’t speak of that aloud.

   “Oh, my sweet Daniel Miller, I love you too. I only realized this now,” Rodion stammered over his words. He blushed and pressed a kiss to his charge’s soft, plump lips. From that moment forward he would do everything in his power to always protect him and keep him safe.

   “Yes, oh yes. That’s a good thing because I only realized it too. Can we shower now?” he asked and blushed even more than the beautiful Russian.

    “Yes, of course we can. Come on, let’s get you cleaned up, then I will tend to some of your wounds,” Rodion laughed. He placed their empty mugs on the tray and carried it to the sink. Then he returned to the bed and carefully helped his charge to stand up.

  “Oh, fuck. Everything hurts like a house on fire. Oh, Rodion. My ass is torn to shreds,” Daniel cried out and fell against the strong Russian when he helped him to stand.

   “I know, my Daniel. I am so sorry. I will help you feel better. Do you want to have a bath instead, with some soothing herbs. Wouldn’t that be better?” Rodion asked, as he held his weakened charge in his arms and moved them to the bathroom.

   “Mmhmm, that would be lovely. We can soak for a while. Can there be bubbles?” Daniel giggled and clung to Rodion.

    “Yes, absolutely. I have nice cherry flavored bubble bath. Also, there are lavender and chamomile bath salts,” Rodion laughed at how adorable his charge was. Oh, he fell so hard for this gorgeous young man. He was glad he felt the same, he would protect him always from now on. He moved them into the bathroom, then sat Daniel on the divan first. They were both still nude. He moved to the cabinet and pulled out the bubble bath, and all the relaxing herbs that would soothe his charge and make him sleep as well. He moved to the large oblong bathtub in the middle of the room and turned on the taps to get the water just right. He first poured in the lavender and chamomile bath salts, then poured in the liquid bubble bath. He turned to see Daniel was asleep on the divan. So, he carefully approached and sat beside him.

     “Daniel, wake up, our bath is ready,” Rodion murmured softly to his charge, as he held his hands in his.

    “Hmm? Yes, okay. That sounds nice. I can smell all the herbs and the bubble bath. Can you please help me walk to the bath?” Daniel asked, as he smiled at his gorgeous Russian.

   “Yes, of course. Hold on and I will get us there,” Rodion laughed softly as he wrapped his arms around his charges waist then lifted them off the divan.

   Daniel grunted at the pain he felt when Rodion picked him up but he clung to him as they walked to the bath. He stumbled a few times and was glad when his strong Russian caught him.   

   They finally made it, and there was nothing for it, Rodion scooped Daniel up into his arms and he climbed into the bath, then he sat them both down in the warm, bubble bath filled tub.

    “Oh. Fuck. This feels so good. Thank you. You are so strong,” Daniel murmured as his body sagged against the other young man’s.

   “Yes, I know, I’m sorry. You relax now. I hold you and we rest in here a while. Come on, sit back against me,” Rodion instructed as he bent his legs up and out and carefully moved his charge.

   “Mmhmm. That’s lovely too,” was all Daniel managed to say. He tried to bend his legs, but he couldn’t accomplish it yet. So, he just sat back, glad when the strong Russian enveloped him in his arms.

   Rodion held Daniel close and let the herbs and the bubble bath soothe his bruised and battered body. He reached for a soft flannel, and filled it with the apple-scented soap from the dispenser, then he cleaned his face. He was gentle in his ministrations, and it took a few minutes, but once that was done, his charge looked better. He could tell he felt better too, as his body melded into his and he deflated.

   Daniel sighed when Rodion cleaned his bloody face, then he lifted his legs up and sank back into the other young man’s body. This wasn’t sexual, this was just the two of them relaxed in a nice hot bubble bath with soothing herbs. The water would do the rest to clean his body and soothe him, so he let it take him away as he closed his eyes and rested with his handsome Russian handler.

   They stayed in their lovely bubble bath for half an hour. Rodion knew Daniel was relaxed again, since he fell asleep in his arms. He used the soft flannel to wash his neck and his arms and hands. The bath cleaned the rest of his body, both of them smelled nice. He hated to wake up his charge, but he didn’t want them to prune, or the water to get cold.

    “Daniel, wake up. Is been half an hour in our bath. We should get out now,” Rodion woke his charge gently again.

   “Mmhmm. This was nice. My body feels so much better now. Plus, we don’t want to prune,” Daniel giggled. He opened his eyes and turned to his gorgeous Russian handler. “Can you please help me again?”

   “Yes, of course. You don’t have to ask, I will always help you. Come on, just lean forward a bit and I will pick you up,” Rodion instructed and once Daniel did, he scooped him up in his arms, stood up and then stepped out of the bath. He cradled him and pulled the plug from the bottom of the bath, then moved back to the divan. There were towels on the soft cushions, so he placed Daniel down, then used the soft blue towel to dry his body and his hair. Then he reached for his brush and ran it through his soft strands. His hair was growing nicely, and he looked even more handsome. He dried his own body, brushed his hair, then scooped Daniel up into his arms again. He smiled when his charge giggled and clung to him.

    “Spasibo, my gorgeous Russian,” Daniel said as he laid his head on his shoulder when he carried him to the bedroom.

   “You’re welcome, my gorgeous Army brat,” Rodion answered, as he moved them to the bed again. “How do you feel now?”

    “Good. Better. My body doesn’t ache so much. I’m sleepy though. Can we go back to sleep? Will you stay with me?” Daniel asked all these questions, and clung to Rodion as he slipped them beneath the blankets.

   “I’m glad you feel better. I am sleepy too. Yes, we will sleep now and I will stay with you. Come here, I hold you now,” Rodion told his charge, as he covered them in blankets, pulled his charge in his arms and soothed him until he was fast asleep. It took a while for him to sleep because he thought over the horrible day. He signed to himself and cursed Dimitri’s ghost. He saw the time was now half eleven in the evening, and soon sleep took hold of him too.


   Roman stopped his texts with Vassily and when Rodion helped pretty Daniel to their room, he went to the left when they reached the landing. He needed a shower and to have a drink to relax his rattled nerves. That day turned out to be a cluster fuck.

    He was glad Dimitri was dead. The bastard had fallen right into his trap. He never liked him. He was a pig and always tried to get with himself, Rodion, Adrik and Anton. No one could stand him. He was a letch. Now he was gone, he wondered who Krik would get as his replacement. The old man worked fast, and was sure that it would be another fucking letch who would end up dead. Why Krik always chose assholes as his Captains was behind anyone’s knowledge.

   He unlocked the door and stalked inside his bedroom. He threw off his dirty, bloody clothes and would have Anton burn them. For now, he moved into the bathroom and took a nice hot shower. He took his time in there, but didn’t do anything stupid. He was too fucking tried to even think about sex. Shit just got too real on this day, he didn’t want to do anything but drink himself into oblivion and relax. He knew Rodion would not join them on that night, he would be too busy taking care of pretty Daniel. He had to admit he was proud of the little spy for shooting Dimitri when he ran away. He didn’t like to admit it, but he had the capacity to kill if it meant his life was in danger.

    Roman laughed as he finished his shower and opened the glass doors. He slipped on his white bathrobe and brushed his teeth, washed his face and rinsed and flossed as well. He entered his bedroom again and dressed in a silk button-up shirt, and black trousers, then his nice Italian leather shoes. He brushed his hair and looked at himself in the full-length mirror in his room. Yes, he looked tired, but fuck it. He was ready for the evening. It was early afternoon, but he knew that Krik moved fast. By the time he got downstairs his new Captain was already there.

     Krik met him in the corridor at the bottom of the stairs and was surprised when he embraced him. “Come on, Roman. I want you to meet my new Captain. We are in the bar at the back of the dacha. I think you will love him. He’s German, but he’s a supporter of the Russian cause,” he told him as he placed his hand on his lower back and moved him toward the room.

   “Sure, Vassily. Whatever you say. Will we have dinner and drinks, then?” Roman asked, and let the old man take control of him. He was too fucking exhausted to resist him.

   “Yes, the cook is preparing dinner for us. We will eat in the bar room. Tonight’s dinner will be beef stroganoff. Is that all right?” Krik asked, with a smile.

   “Yes, of course, Vassily. If it’s one thing your chef does right, it’s that meal. Come on, I need a fucking drink and to meet your new Captain,” Roman stated as they walked toward the bar. He heard the sounds of laughter coming from Rodion’s men and his men, Adrik and Anton mostly, but there were others in the room.

   “I’m guessing Rodion will not join us tonight?” Vassily said to Roman.

   “Are you kidding me, Vassily? Come on, don’t even ask that. He is with the little spy. After today’s debacle, I expect you won’t see Rodion or pretty Daniel until tomorrow morning, on your continued hunt,” Roman answered honestly, and smiled wearily at Krik’s tight expression.

    “Yes of course. You are right, as always, Roman. Come on, let’s get some vodka,” Krik said, as they entered the room and everyone looked up.

    Roman spotted the blond-haired captain, Bruno fucking Gott. He was called the Butcher of Hamburg, and he hoped to fuck he wouldn’t be any worse than fucking Dimitri. He looked like a fucking Suka already. He kept that thought to himself as Krik steered them right to him.

     “Bruno, I want you to meet my first Lieutenant, Roman Platov,” Krik introduced with a huge smile for the German. He was tall, but not as tall as Rodion or the pretty spy, or even his pretty Christian Blake.

    “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Bruno Gott,” Roman said politely as he held out his hand.

     Gott smiled like a Cheshire cat and extended his meaty hand. “Oh, no, the pleasure is all mine. Your reputation proceeds you. It’s an honor, Roman Platov,” Gott gushed as he squeezed his hand in his and patted him hard on his back.

    Roman gasped but righted his body after the fucking German Suka nearly knocked him on his ass. He smiled that smile he used on assholes like this one.

   “Oh, yes, and so does yours, my friend. The Butcher of Hamburg. It seems we now have two butchers. I am the Butcher of St. Petersburg. Well, that’s because I have my restaurant there. Which you won’t be seeing since our Vassily will keep you busy here. Still, welcome to Krik’s Dacha, and your new Russian family,” was all he said, but he grinned when Adrik, Anton and the rest of their men laughed at his words. He was glad when Anton handed him a large double shot of vodka. He sank it back and pounded his hand on the bar top. “Another. Let’s give our new Captain a warm welcome with our finest Russian Stoli vodka!” he said and everyone cheered, as Anton poured more of the moonshine vodka.

   “Cheers to you, my friend. The Butcher of Hamburg and the Butcher of St. Petersburg. That rings true to my ears. Thank you for the warm welcome,” Gott voiced as he sank back his shots of the strong Russian vodka. It was like fucking moonshine, but it was good.

   Krik smiled and gently patted Roman on his back. He was so proud of his first Lieutenant. He was always so welcoming and so perfect. He knew he could always count on him to make the best of things. He was glad he liked Gott, and the two of them seemed to get along like a house on fire.

    Over the next hour they all drank the vodka, then moved onto the whiskey and scotch. Roman was glad when the cook finally brought in dinner, he was fucking starving. He would have bene at his restaurant by now, but certain events held that up until tomorrow. The beef stroganoff was amazing, and he tucked into his food with a hunger. They all sat around the large square tables Anton and Adrik set up, and were laughing as Krik told the tale of his deceased Russian captain.

   “Yes, so because he went rogue and went against my orders, he raped and nearly beat our prisoner to death. My second Lieutenant is not present this evening. He is looking after the blyat. But you will meet him soon enough. He is Spetsnaz Lieutenant Rodion Volkov. He is here with high honors, he fought as a good soldier, but now he is here with me. He is my loyal Lieutenant. You will enjoy meeting him as well,” Krik gushed as he grinned at Gott when he seemed intrigued.

   “Oh, that’s too bad he couldn’t be here now. Couldn’t you order him to do so, Vassily,” Gott suddenly said, and all the Russians at the table stared silently at him then back to the Major.

    “No, Bruno. I don’t order my Lieutenant’s around in any such manner. You will find that is not allowed in my dom. I told you, you will meet him tomorrow, and there is an end to that subject. You will find that here, my Lieutenants and myself garner your respect. So, you will do as such and not question my authority like this again. Is that understood, Bruno?” Vassily spoke in his low Russian baritone, as he glared at his new Captain.

   “Yes, of course, Major. It won’t happen again,” Bruno stammered over his words. That was a lie, of course. It would come to pass that both Roman and Rodion would clash with the new Captain, as they always did with all of Krik’s fucking Captains. The Kremlin always sent fucking assholes, and this one would turn out to be the same way.

   Roman sighed as he patted the German hard on his back and looked pointedly at him. “Make sure you keep in check, Bruno Gott. You don’t want to get on the Major’s bad side,” he teased, but he was serious, as he ate more of his stew. It was so delicious and cooked just right.

   “I understand, Roman. Thank you for the tip,” Gott answered the first Lieutenant quickly. He swallowed hard and then ate his own meal. He admitted that it really was very tasty, and made just right.

   After dinner, they all sat around in the bar and drank more. The vodka flowed, the whiskey and the Scotch, Glenlivet, which Bruno Gott brought with him as a gift to Vassily. It was over 100 years old, and tasted just right.

   Over the next several hours, they all plied Gott for stories of his best torture sessions. He boasted about how he always intimidated his victims. He described his brand of torture, and even Krik was amazed by it, while Roman turned his nose up to it. He feared for the pretty American Spy with this one, but again, he stayed silent and sat with Adrik and Anton. They drank the large bottle of Scotch and really liked the taste of it. He sent a text to Yuri and told him to get a few bottles at the restaurant. He was pleased when he replied in the affirmative. He would take care of it, and a case would be waiting at the Restaurant for his return there tomorrow afternoon.

   “So, tell me, Bruno, what is your idea for the American CIA Spy we have here lately as our prisoner?” Krik asked, as he drank the scotch and enjoyed the taste.

   “Oh, well, Vassily, for American CIA, I have a nice brand of torture. I use the electro shock treatment. Everything is connected to a 220 volt machine, it’s the highest that a victim can take. I enjoy the switches and the water boarding too. But my favorite implement is the bamboo cane. It’s made in Vietnam, and it’s a beautiful piece of work. It can leave behind wonderful broken bones, and large welts all over the victim’s body. I will keep the little spy in line, don’t you worry. He will sing like a fucking canary by the time I am finished with him,” Gott explained as he raised his glass of Scotch to his Major.

   “That sounds wonderful, Bruno. We can’t wait to see you put him through his paces. He is very defiant and will benefit from your sessions,” Krik admitted, as he sipped his own Scotch and smiled at his new Captain.

   “Yes, Vassily, I’m sure Rodion will appreciate all of that, and have to clean up the prisoner once Bruno is finished with him. Remember, I will have my session before the fine Captain,” Roman chimed in with a wry grin to the two old men. Truth be told, he couldn’t stand Gott from the first moment he met him. He knew the bean-pole would despise him. Good. If he got in some hits to the fat German Suka, that would please him. Rodion gave no quarter, he just punched and asked no questions later.

   “Yes, of course, Roman. You will have your next session when you return from St. Petersburg in a few days. In the meantime, the hunt for the blyat’ will commence in the morning. So, Bruno, you will meet the prisoner then and join us,” Krik stated as he drank more Scotch.

    Roman rolled his eyes at the old man, and switched his drink back to vodka. He sat with Anton and Adrik and they talked about what would happen once Roman returned with Christian Blake and his new investor.

   “Yes, I have yet to see who Blake brings to me. I’m sure he will be marvelous. You will meet him when they arrive with me upon my return. I can’t wait to see Blake, it will be lovely to see what he brings me this time,” Roman mused as he and the boys sank back more vodka.

  “It will be good to see Blake again, he’s always so sunny and warm. I’m sure he’ll have some great things for you, Roman,” Anton said as he smiled at the Lieutenant.

   Roman nodded his head and turned to Gott again. He stared at him and it made his skin crawl. “What’s on your mind, Bruno?”

    “Nothing, Roman. Are you in on the plan with Vassily for Russia’s takeover of Estonia?” Gott inquired.

    “Are you? He told me you are a Russian sympathizer. Is that true? Or are you just playing games?” Roman shot back. He was drunk now and his tongue was loose.

    “Yes, of course I am, Roman. That’s why I’m here. I cannot wait to assist Vassily with the takeover. I may be German, but I know to be on the winning side,” Gott gushed again.

    Roman sighed inwardly. Yes. This man was a fucking letch. He was so phony, and so disgusting. He kept his thoughts to himself and only nodded his head at the man. “Sure, Bruno. I’m certain Vassily will count heavily on you for that task. We shall see how things go.”

   “Very true, my friend. You can trust me, I am ready for the war,” Bruno stated and smiled when Krik patted him on his back.

   “That’s what we like to hear. We will discuss that at another time. Let’s just enjoy the drinks now. We must open up a bottle of bubbly and make a toast to new friends and colleagues,” Krik announced and smiled when Anton stood up and retrieved the best bottle of Cristal by Louis Roederer and the round champagne glasses. He opened the bottle and filled the glasses, then carried them on a tray. Everyone took a glass – well, Krik, Roman, Gott, himself, and Adrik did. Everyone else just toasted with their vodka or Scotch.

   “Dlya tvoyego zdorov’ya. To your health and wellbeing. May we all enjoy a rich and happy life. For the good of Russia!” Krik toasted and everyone cheered and spoke the words.

  “Proust. To new friends and for the good of Russia,” Gott toasted in German then spoke in Russian. Everyone cheered again and drank more of the bubbly.

   Roman rolled his eyes but raised his glass anyway. Then he drank the delicious champagne, it was the best Krik had. He carried it at his Restaurant, since Krik put in a delivery there as well.


  Over the next several hours, they drank and laughed and spoke about some of Roman’s escapades. He didn’t talk about their prisoner upstairs because he was a little guilty over what happened. How he bated Dimitri and the dead Suka actually went through with it. He was glad Daniel didn’t tattle on him, because Rodion would have ripped him in two.

   “You know what, Bruno, maybe at the end of the night I will text my Second Lieutenant and ask him nicely to come down and meet you. You will love him, I am sure of it. He has a good heart and he is very loyal to me and Russia. I took him under my wing a few years ago, and he has been an asset and very special to me. Both my Lieutenants are special, but Rodion is my Spetsnaz soldier. He’s strong, confident and has a commanding presence, not unlike my own and Roman’s, but he exudes strength and intelligence. He is my best hacker and always does my bidding,” Vassily told the German man. He was drunk now too, but asked Anton to make them all some Russian coffee. It was late now, and most of his men went to bed. There was only himself, Roman, Gott, and Anton left now.

    “Yes, of course, Vassily. That would be wonderful. Thank you,” Gott slurred his words, but appreciated the coffee Anton brewed for them.

    “I am off to bed now. I don’t want coffee, I need sleep. Goodnight to you all,” Roman excused himself. He was fucking wasted and wanted to sleep it off so he could get up and meet his sweet Christian Blake. He said his goodnight and bid them all farewell. Then he climbed the stairs and slipped off his clothes. He fell asleep with dreams of Blake, and sweet Daniel and Rodion.

   Anton excused himself as well, not before he asked Vassily if he needed anything else. He was glad he said no, he was exhausted after the day they had. He didn’t miss Dimitri because he was a fucking letch. He was glad he was gone. He just hoped Gott wasn’t worse than him. It would all depend what Rodion thought of him. He knew Roman couldn’t stand him, and he leaned that way too. He would be cordial, but he really couldn’t wait to see Rodion’s reaction. He too fell into blessed sleep himself, and didn’t dream of anything.


   It was around two in the morning when Rodion was wakened by a text message from Vassily. He sighed as he scrambled for his Samsung phone on the nightstand. He clicked the message and read it to himself. He was glad Daniel slept on.


     {Incoming message – Vassily Krik} Rodion. Please come downstairs. I want you to meet my new Captain. How is the blyat? VK


Rodion sighed again then quickly typed out a message to Krik.


{Outgoing Text – Rodion Volkov} Okay. But can’t I meet him tomorrow. Is two in the morning, Vassily. He is not a blyat. Don’t call him that. Daniel is asleep. Still in pain but is okay. RV


{Incoming Text – Vassily Krik} I would rather you came down tonight. If Daniel Miller is asleep, that’s good. Please just come down for me. VK


{Outgoing text- Rodion Volkov} Okay, Vassily. I will be down in a moment. :/ RV


    Rodion slid from the bed, glad his charge didn’t wake up. He put his clothes on, his black button-down shirt, denims and black Spetsnaz boots. He brushed his hair again, and rinsed his mouth, then made his way downstairs. Krik met him in the corridor and greeted him with a smile.

    “I’m sorry it’s late, Rodion. I really want you to meet him,” Vassily said to his frowning second Lieutenant.

    “Is okay, Vassily. Please, lead us to him,” Rodion answered. He could tell the older man was drunk, and wanted to make this quick. He followed beside him as they made their way to his office. Where the man sat drinking more Scotch from a crystal glass.

    Bruno Gott stood up when Vassily entered with his second Lieutenant. Christ he’s a fucking bean-pole. He looks like he can break someone in two. Gott thought to himself, and he gave a wolfish grin.

    Rodion sighed when he saw the man’s lecherous grin. Oh fuck, Vassily. Why you always do this. What the fuck are you, a lech magnet? He though to himself, but he smiled at the man and kept his arms crossed behind his back. He stood up to his full height and bowed his head.

    “Bruno Gott, please meet my second Lieutenant. This is Rodion Volkov,” Krik introduced. He frowned when Rodion didn’t extend his hand. He knew the boy was tired after their day, so he forgave him. Or was it that he already didn’t like the German man.

   “Is nice to meet you, Bruno Gott. You are German? Do you support our cause?” Rodion asked off the bat, to test the lecherous man.

    “Yes, to both your questions, Rodion Volkov. I am here from the Kremlin, and I support the Russian cause to the fullest extent. It’s very nice to meet you. I have heard wonderful things about you,” Gott said as he bowed his head to the young man. He could see he was cautious, and didn’t shake his hand yet. He was a true Russian born Spetsnaz soldier, they always tested new people who came into their fold.

   “Is very good then. I am sure you will do well. If you are here from the Kremlin, then it must be okay. If you will excuse me now, is been a long day. I am going back to bed. Good luck in your time here,” Rodion answered and this time he extended his hand and shook the German’s hand, really hard.

   Gott flinched at how hard and strong the Spetsnaz Lieutenant was. Yep. He could break a person in two if he wanted to. He had to be careful around this one. He liked him, but he could tell he was still wary of him. “Yes, thank you, Rodion. I will see you on the hunt with the prisoner.” He said, little did he know it would be pushed to two days from that time.

“Yes, of course. Goodnight, or good morning,” was all he said, as he bowed his head again and was pleased when Vassily walked him out of his office. Rodion already didn’t like the little man, as there was something that he didn’t trust about him. Once they were out in the corridor he turned to the Major and voiced his opinion. “Jesus Christ, Vassily. Why must you always get these fucking lecherous assholes. He is called Butcher of Hamburg. I don’t trust him, he has beady eyes and a weak handshake. I need to watch over Daniel even more with this German Suka.”

“Yes, I know, Rodion. It’s not me, the Kremlin sent him to me. Anyway, of course you will watch over your charge around Bruno Gott. He’s already begging me for a session. I told him not yet,” Vassily said to Rodion.

“Okay, Vassily. Whatever you say, but I can see you gushing over this German Suka. Is not my concern unless he gets too far out of line, then I break him in two. I must get back to Daniel now, he is asleep. He is still upset over yesterday. All that happened to him the torture, the rape, the beatings, have taken toll on him. Especially the killing of Dimitri, that dirty pig. I don’t want to be away from him for too long,” Rodion answered, as he crossed his arms behind his back, with a pleading look on his face. 

“Peace, Rodion,” Vassily intoned, as he patted the young man’s chest. “It will be so. I understand how he needs the rest. I need you both rested for the hunt in in a few hours. I’m sorry it’s late. Roman will be traveling to St. Petersburg in the afternoon. So, he won’t be here for the hunt. He will return possibly tonight, late. Go now. Be with your Daniel Miller. But know that Bruno Gott will have a session with him soon. We will meet in the courtyard at eleven in the morning. That is my compromise, since it is very late. It will still happen.”

“Yes, I know that Vassily. It does not mean I have to like it. Okay, is a good compromise. I wish we could make it the next day, though. Since Roman will not be here, and Daniel is still in pain,” Rodion tested the waters with the older man.

            “Well, maybe that would be a better idea. I know he’s chomping at the bit, but if the blyat is still knocked out, then he will be such an easy target. Okay, we’ll make it for the next morning. Stay with your charge, Rodion. I will keep Gott busy with other things,” Vassily relented as he embraced his second Lieutenant and patted him on his ass.

   “Okay, is good, thank you, Vassily. I appreciate it. Is weird because Roman needs to be here. He is always on the hunts. If this were earlier then it would be okay, but is two in the morning. So, Good Night. We see you in another day,” Rodion said, as he bowed to the Major and ran up the stairs. He took them three at a time, as his long legs stretched far and wide, then he finally reached the room he shared with Daniel. He was relieved to see his charge was still asleep. He didn’t like Bruno Gott, nor did he trust the nasty German, the Butcher of Hamburg, was his nickname around Russia all around Europe actually.

It was as if Daniel sensed Rodion’s presence, his eyes slowly slid open, and he smiled at him. “What’s going on, Rodion? Where did you go?” he murmured, and pulled the blankets up over his body, in fear he would be taken from his warm cocoon of blankets.

“Peace, my Daniel. Is okay. I spoke with Vassily. He introduced me to his new Captain. But we will talk about that soon. Is late now. We need sleep. Oh, and Vassily has agreed to allow you to rest today. The hunt will commence in another day. Is two in the morning. They stayed up drinking all night. Roman is going to St. Petersburg tomorrow. So, we can relax,” Rodion explained, as he quickly undressed himself and slid under the blankets again with his charge.

“Oh, all right, that’s good then. I wonder why he’s being so nice. I won’t question it though. Oh fuck, another Captain? That was fast. I guess things move quickly with the Kremlin.  Can I ask you something, Rodion?” Daniel spoke softly, as he stared into the handsome Russian’s green eyes. He was sleepy, but he wanted to talk to his friend, his handler and yes, his new lover.

“Yes, of course, Daniel, but why so serious? What is on your mind?” Rodion inquired, as he moved closer to his charge, and held him in his arms. Then he felt something else in the bed, his leg brushed against  something hard beneath the blankets. He lifted them up and found  the Glock Pistol

“Hmm, this was Dimitri’s?” he asked, glad to see the safety was on. He thought of Bruno Gott and slipped it back underneath the blankets.

“Yes, Roman let me keep it. Is that all right, Rodion?” Daniel worried, but calmed down when Rodion caressed his cheek. 

“Shh, shh, shh, shh, yes, Daniel, do not worry. You keep it,” Rodion soothed, as he enveloped Daniel in his arms. “I will give you holster for it. You can wear it around your waist and slide the pistol beneath the waistband of your green fatigues. That way it will be hidden from plain sight. Now, what did you wish to speak to me about?” 

Daniel sighed in relief first, then nodded, pleased about that. Then he bit his bottom lip and charged into his words straight on. “If I am ever rescued from here, would you like for me to get you an immunity? I mean for you to come with me. I can get you a whole new life, and you will be safe. I’m sorry because everyone here will go away to prison for a long time. I don’t want that to happen to you. I love you.  I care about you a lot, Rodion Volkov. My heart is just bursting with so many feelings, and — mrpf-” his words were cut off when Rodion surged forward and pressed his lips against his. 

Daniel guessed Rodion's answer was yes because he kissed him passionately, he agreed to his idea. Little did Daniel know Rodion would be the one to rescue him. He mewled and opened his mouth as their tongues danced together so sweetly. They shared that sweet, sensual kiss for several minutes. When it ended their lips smacked loudly and they both laughed softly. “So, I’ll take that as a yes, then, shall I?” 

“Yes, Daniel Miller. I would love to. Possibly even, I will help you get out of here. There are so many possibilities and variables,” Rodion said mysteriously, and watched his lovely blue eyes light up. He wished he could tell his charge what he meant by his cryptic words, but for now, he kept it to himself. The time would come soon, and all would be revealed.

“Really, Rodion? That would be wonderful. I know we have to be incredibly careful,” Daniel intoned. He brightened up suddenly, his smile brighter, as he cuddled closer to Rodion.

“Yes, maybe soon we will go. I will know when the time is right,” Rodion spoke cryptically again, and noticed Daniel was too sleepy and in too much pain to pay attention to his words. He guessed that was a good thing, for now, they were safe and together, and that was all that mattered to them. He kissed Daniel again, slow, passionate kisses, as their tongues danced together, and he smiled when his sexy Army brat mewled so sweetly. 

Daniel clung to Rodion for he was his lifeline, little did he know how true that would turn out to be. He would do everything he could to get his sexy Russian away from this place. He would get him a British passport into England. Yes, he would do that, no matter what anyone said. He would make that happen, and to hell with the CIA, Langley, and Berlin Station.

When their kiss ended and their lips smacked loudly again, they laughed again. Rodion caressed Daniel’s bearded, bruised cheek, and smiled warmly at him. “Mm, sweet Daniel, you must rest more. I can feel your body trembling. You must sleep now, until the late morning, that was the deal.” 

“Oh, no, don’t want to sleep. Want you to have me…” Daniel breathed out his words, as he clung harder to Rodion. 

“Nyet, my Daniel. You are not ready for that yet. We will be together in the morning. I promise. Is late now, is two in the morning. You must sleep more now,” Rodion intoned, as he soothed Daniel’s trembling body. 

“Mm, yeah, that sounds lovely. I didn’t realize the time. I’m still tired. Will you stay with me now?” Daniel inquired, his words so soft, as he smiled warmly up at Rodion, his eyes sleepy, and his body relaxed with his Russian’s soft caresses.

“Yes, Daniel. I will be right here with you,” Rodion answered, as he pulled the blankets over their bodies. He kissed his lips again, gently, though, so as not to arouse him. “Sleep now, and I will too. I hold you in my arms.” 

“Nice. I like that. Goodnight again, my handsome Spetsnaz boy…” Daniel’s words trailed off, and he was fast asleep, then Rodion followed right after him. 

Chapter Text

The next day dawned and everyone was up early. Krik told Gott the hunt was postponed for another day. He told the German they would go for a drive around Komarovo, and give him a tour of his greenhouses. He wanted him to meet the people who worked for him, and utilized everything on the estate. They cultivated and process aloe vera to make Gel, and all the other plants and items used. He promised Rodion he would let the blyat sleep another day. He knew Roman was on his way to St. Petersburg to meet with Blake and bring new investor. So, they all met at breakfast.

“Why isn’t the second Lieutenant here this morning?” Gott asked with a sour puss. Krik promised to show him around the estate and meet his scientists. He wanted to go on the hunt and meet the prisoner.

“You know, Bruno, you don’t run the dacha. Vassily is the Major of this Dom. Stop asking stupid questions. You met him late last night, yes?” Roman retorted as he glared at the German man.

“Yes, I did. He’s a tall strong Spetsnaz boy. I thought the hunt would be today too, but apparently, it’s been postponed until tomorrow. Will you be back then?” Gott asked a question and ignored Roman’s words.

Vassily sighed and shook his head at his new Captain. He was acting like a fucking childish Suka. “Bruno. I explained all of this to you last night. Please stop asking such inane questions. Things will be back into order on another day. Roman will return tonight, and tomorrow the hunt will commence. It’s not your concern why my second Lieutenant is not here this morning. Let’s just eat and go on our way,” Vassily retorted as he sipped his coffee. He ate some fruit and had some porridge, but that was all for him. Every one of his men and even Roman, Anton and Adrik ate the same thing. Gott had the bacon and eggs.

“I am sorry, Vassily. I didn’t mean to overstep myself. I understand, I won’t question things again,” Gott answered, still with the sour puss. He wondered when they would talk about the war in Estonia. But he realized he was only a Captain, and he wouldn’t really know about that. He sighed and finished his breakfast, then had himself a strong cup of Russian coffee. It was really good.

“Anton, Adrik, would you care to join myself and Bruno this morning? We will visit the estate Scientists?” Krik asked the two young man and smiled when they readily agreed.

“Yes, of course, Major. We would love to,” Anton answered for both of them and Adrik nodded his head in agreement.

“Very good. We will leave soon. Anton, you can drive the Range Rover,” Krik told Roman’s boy.

“Yes, of course, Major,” was all Anton said and he grinned when Roman winked at him.

   The rest of the men left to do the work Krik assigned to them on the estate. The house would literally be left lightly guarded. Krik wanted Rodion to bring the blyat downstairs later to have some breakfast. He was glad to get Gott out of the Dacha so he wouldn’t try to get into any trouble. He knew everyone really didn’t like him too much. He was annoyed by him, but he kept his cool with the man.

Vassily sent Rodion a text message to tell him of his plans to get the German Suka out of the dacha. If he wanted to eat breakfast with the blyat in the kitchen, he would be free to do so. He knew they were probably still asleep. He had a feeling Rodion would text him back once they were awake.

   He sent another text message to his head of security to make sure the dacha was empty. He was out and wouldn’t be home until later. He told him he wanted Rodion and the prisoner to go downstairs to the kitchen, and he didn’t want anyone to spook the blyat.

   He received a reply from his head of security in the affirmative, then he slipped his phone in his pocket and stood up.  He smiled when everyone followed, even Gott didn’t disobey. They all walked out to the drive and while Roman got into his black Mercedes A4, Vassily, Adrik, Gott and Anton chose the red Rover. Krik told Roman to be in touch with him, and reminded him if he saw Timur Yardovsky to give him a punch in his gut. Everyone laughed, then drove off in different directions.

Anton drove through the bypass viaduct, it was a disused roadway connected to Krik’s dacha. All around them were tall larch, pine, Siberian pine, spruce, oak, beech, birch and cedar trees. There were fields of lush green grass and bright Summer flowers bloomed with fragrant beauty. It didn’t take long for them to reach the large commercial greenhouses that were situated about a mile behind the dacha. They were the same size as a house, only they were over twenty feet high, and constructed of double paned glass with multi-wall polycarbonate. It was an industrial hothouse, sufficient to grown and cultivate the plants and herbs inside year-round.

Krik sent a text message to his operations manager, the lead scientist, to alert him of his presence with Gott, Anton and Adrik. The Russian man, who was in his forties, tall, with thick black hair and blue eyes met them at the main greenhouse, of which there were four.

“Good morning, Mr. Krik. It’s a pleasure and an honor to have you here with us today. We are excited to report that we have started the cultivation process for a set of our plants and herbs. The list includes the coffea arabica, aloe vera, lavender, chamomile flowers and leaves, the mint leaves, and jasmine flowers and leaves. We have also cultivated the cannabis and coca leaves,” the man said, as he reached out and shook Krik’s hand.

“Good morning, Mikhail. Please call me Vassily. You have worked for me for twenty years. I know your family. The pleasure is all mine. That sounds wonderful. Please, will you show me what you have done so far,” Krik answered as he squeezed the man’s hand, then motioned for him to lead the way.

“Wait, Vassily, did he say that you have cultivated cannabis and cocaine?” Gott asked as he walked beside the other man, with Adrik and Anton in front of them.

“Yes, Bruno. That is what he said. The Kremlin gave me full support and the funding to grow and cultivate everything in these greenhouses. The third greenhouse contains fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, and grapes. The cannabis and cocaine are a very lucrative part of my empire. Roman sells it for us in St. Petersburg, and so far we have made one hundred percent profit from our growth of the plants here,” Vassily explained to the curious German.

“Will we be able to sample them?” Gott shot back in return.

“Are you asking me if you can snort coke and smoke pot, Captain Gott?” Vassily teased him as he bumped his shoulder and grinned when Anton and Adrik snickered in front of him.

“Well, yes, of course I am, Major Krik,” Gott said bewildered. He wasn’t sure if the Russian oligarch was serious or joking.

“Don’t worry, you can sample anything you like. They will load the back of the transit van with the containers of the cultivated products. Ivan, Mikhail’s son and the assistants deliver it to the dacha. We cannot consume anything here, the stipulation of the contract is that we must go back to the dacha to sample anything. There cannot be a breach of contract, or all will be lost,” Vassily warned the German. He didn’t want him to breach the contract he had with his scientists and the Kremlin because he was eager to get high and stoned.

“I understand. I will not violate any of your rules, or breach any contracts,” Gott quickly countered with a bow of his head. He bit his lip when everyone around them laughed and Mikhail patted the Major on his back, as they shared a knowing look.

Mikhail opened the tall glass doors of the first greenhouse and the first thing Gott felt was a burst of hot air. “Wow! It’s hot in here” he said and smiled when everyone laughed.

“Yes. That’s why it’s called a greenhouse, or a hothouse,” Anton patted him hard on his back and pushed him inside, as Krik entered with Mikhail with Adrik behind them.

Inside this greenhouse were industrial sized tables in rows of 4 on each side, and a stone walkway down the middle and in between each table. The Table on the right contained large pots of aloe vera, lavender, chamomile and mint.

“That is Rodion’s table. He comes down here every week to collects the completed bottles of aloe vera. Also, the lavender, chamomile and mint bath salts, but those last three area also cultivated into tea leaves,” Krik explained to Gott and nodded to Mikhail.

“Yes, Rodion has yet to come down here. Do you want to collect his finished products? Or will we see him here, Vassily?” Mikhail asked tentatively. Everyone heard about the prisoner at the dacha, but not on purpose, one of the younger scientists was in the forest collecting some samples of a new plant, and he saw the hunt.

“If they are ready now, you can put them in back of the Rover. I will have Adrik or Anton deliver them to Rodion. He is occupied now, and will not have the time to visit,” Vassily told Mikhail as he patted him on his shoulder and motioned for him to continue.

“Very good. But, my son Ivan will load all the crates into the transit van we use to deliver them to the dacha. I will send him a text and tell him to load all the crates,” Mikhail said as he sent out a quick text to Ivan. He told him he didn’t need to reply because he was with Vassily Krik. Then he led the way through the rest of the greenhouse.

“That's right, they need to be delivered that way. Thank you, that's very good. Are there more herbs this year in this facility?” Vassily asked as he looked around and smelled different herbs.

“Yes. We have started to cultivate more herbs. We have basil, coriander, thyme, rosemary, arugula, parsley and Italian parsley, dill, ginger, sage and chives. We have cultivated all the herbs, so they are in the containers. If it’s all right, it was Roman who requested these herbs for the chef at the dacha,” Mikhail said cautiously. He didn’t want to tattle on the young Russian man, but he needed to answer his oligarch.

“Mikhail, you don’t need to be cautious. I think it’s a marvelous idea. I asked because the smell in here is wonderful. It’s a proper garden you have cultivated. The chef is better equipped with fresh herbs, it’s why the meals have tasted so much more delicious lately,” Vassily laughed as he patted the scientist on his back and smiled at him.

“Yes, of course, I agree. Thank you, Vassily. As you can see, the tables are filled four deep. The back of this greenhouse there is the coffea arabica which was put into the grinder and is fresh. We have also grown and cultivated green tea and the strong Russian black tea, along with the chamomile, mint and lavender and rose petals tea, Oolong tea and Chai tea leaves. We put the teas into the special silk packets since it’s easier to steep and can be left in the teapot too steep for three to five minutes. We split them into two separate containers. One container will go with Rodion’s aloe vera and the bath salts and you will receive a container for the kitchen,” Mikhail explained as he showed them the tables at the back of the green-house with the coffee, teas, and herbs.

“This is very impressive, Mikhail. You have done well. I am very pleased. Thank you for separating the crates. I’m certain Rodion will appreciate his gifts from you. I like the new additions. Can we see the next greenhouse?” Vassily complimented the man. He was very intelligent and was very good at his job.

“Yes, of course. That is the vegetable hothouse,” Mikhail nodded and opened the back door, then closed it when they all excited and they walked to the second hothouse to the left. All the greenhouses were built in a row, so they were easy to navigate. They were locked up at night, but during the day, work times, they were left open so the scientists and assistants workers could easily access them.

“Okay, so, inside this second greenhouse we have cultivated fresh vine tomatoes, potatoes and carrots, mushrooms, kale, broccoli, romaine lettuce, cabbage, turnips, Spanish and white onions, peppers, hot and regular, artichokes from the Mediterranean, peas, and black-eyed peas, butternut squash, leaks, and many more= They have been cultivated and loaded into the crates on the transit van. Ivan will make a delivery this morning, and will be met by the chef, or one of your Security men,” Mikhail showed them, and they all breathed in the fresh and sweet scent of the vegetables.

 “This is wonderful. I like the addition of the fresh vegetables. I am pleased I have the backing of the Kremlin, we can grow and cultivate so much more now,” Vassily intoned, as he patted Mikhail on his shoulder. They walked through the greenhouse and noticed the assistant workers, but they didn’t look up, they continued with their business.

“Now, I will show the third greenhouse, which contains the fresh berries and fruits. We moved the cannabis and coca leaves into the fourth greenhouse. The cultivation is better since it is further away from the other three greenhouses,” Mikhail explained, as they walked out of the second hothouse and into the third.

“That’s a very good idea. I can understand that. You are doing a magnificent job, so please keep up the good work,” Vassily complimented as they entered the third and were hit by the sweet smells of berries and fruits.

“Wow! This is magnificent. It smells wonderful in here,” Gott stated and smiled when the others laughed.

Mikhail moved them past one of the tables with the fruit already in baskets. He picked up a bowl of strawberries and handed on to each of them. Then he took one for himself.

Vassily hummed at the sweetness of the delectable red fruit. He hummed and smiled at Mikhail. Everyone agreed that it was the most delicious thing they had ever tasted. “This is magnificent. It is so succulent and sweet.”

“Thank you, Vassily. I am pleased you like it. There are no more samples, I’m afraid, everything was cultivated and packed into the boxes and crates for delivery to the dacha,” Mikhail informed him. He hoped he didn’t overstep himself.

“Mikhail, you don’t have to worry. You can speak to me honestly. I am pleased to hear you do so. This is wonderful what you are doing. Please just relax,” Vassily placed his hands on the man’s shoulders and squeezed them. He smiled at the relieved look on his face, then motioned for him to lead the way.

“Okay, so let’s make our way to the final greenhouse. You are in luck though, we are still cultivating more of the cannabis leaves and the coca leaves. So, you can watch the process,” Mikhail told them with a look of pride. He smiled when Vassily nodded his approval.


Back at the Dacha Rodion woke up first, around nine o’clock that morning. He kept still so he wouldn’t wake his charge. He was glad when he slept on peacefully, but he could see his face was so bruised. His eyes were bruised, his right cheek, his chin, and his neck. His forehead had cuts and bruises. He reached out and gently caressed Daniel’s face, his cheeks and eyes. His nose had some bruises too. He would use some aloe vera gel to help soothe these pains. He smiled though when Daniel stirred suddenly. It was as if he sensed when he was awake and his eyes fluttered open.

Daniel groaned and burrowed his body against Rodion. He moaned happily because they were still nude. He yawned and looked up at the gorgeous Russian and blushed when he smiled. His long dark lashes fluttered open and he clung harder to Rodion, he was in pain. “Good Morning, Rodion,” he murmured.

“Good Morning, Daniel. Are you okay? Did you sleep well?” Rodion asked and leaned in for a kiss to the other man’s soft, plump lips.

“Yes, I’m okay my sexy Spetsnaz boy, because you’re here with me. I slept okay, no nightmares or dreams of any kind. Just very restful. I feel achy. But, it’s nice to wake up to your beautiful face and strong body,” Daniel said and yawned again. He cuddled in his sexy Russian handlers arms.

“Is nice for me too. I’m sorry, Daniel. I need to look after you too, which I will do.. Are you still sleepy?” Rodion agreed and held his charge close.

“Yes, I am. I’m waking up, though. Can you help me to sit up, my Rodion?” Daniel admitted and grunted when his body twinged and his stomach growled. His face hurt so much, but he didn’t want to spoil their time together.

“Yes, of course, my Daniel. Are you hungry now?” Rodion asked, as he wrapped his arms around Daniel’s nude body, held him close, then moved them to sit up. He still held his charge in his arms and when he grunted in pain, he frowned.

“Yes, I’m starving. I know you will take good care of me, my sexy Spetsnaz boy. You have been and I feel safe with you,” Daniel admitted and blushed, then cuddled close in his handler’s arms.

“Me too. Yes, my sexy army brat, I will always take care of you,” Rodion answered, as his own stomach growled. He signed when his phone pinged with a text, a couple of texts from the sound of it. “Oh, fuck. Hang on, let me see who this is. I hope Krik didn’t change his mind,” he said as he reached over to the nightstand and picked up his Samsung phone.

“Is one text from Vassily. Oh, is nice. He took the German Suka out-“ Rodion read and smiled when Daniel giggled at his words.

“He called him a German Suka?” Daniel asked as he yawned again and leaned his tired, aching body against Rodion’s.

“Yes, he did, but he took that from me. He is a German Suka. I said that to Vassily, and he repeated my words. You see?” Rodion showed him the Russian text. He knew his charge read and spoke the language.

“Yes, he did. German Suka. German bitch, that’s funny. So, he has a new Captain from the Kremlin already. That was fast,” Daniel said, as he cuddled closer to Rodion while they sat against the headboard.

“Yes, I know, Daniel. Krik always acts fast on things as this. I’m sorry. The hunt will continue tomorrow morning. Is good we have our rest and respite today,” Rodion said, as he frowned and held his charge when he trembled in fear. He was so brave, after all that happened to him in the dacha. He vowed he would protect him.

“I know, it’s okay. I will have you there, to protect me. I’m glad we are alone in the dacha, and can rest today. Who was the other text from?” Daniel asked and yawned again.

            “Is from Anton, Roman’s assistant. He said Ivan, who is the main Scientist Mikhail’s son, delivered crates of things they cultivated there. The chef received them and left my crate with aloe vera, the bath salts and my special blended teas. He left in the kitchen, so we go down there to eat, I will bring it up here.” Rodion read Daniel the text, and showed him too.

            “That’s great. You mentioned the scientists and how you grew the aloe vera. It’s amazing when you used it on the welts, it soothed them,” Daniel confessed as he clung to Rodion, his body ached and his head throbbed.

            “Yes, I will use the aloe vera on you soon. So, Vassily took the German Suka to the greenhouses. Oh, is good, they went there. He said we can go down to the kitchen and have breakfast, no one is in the dacha this morning,” Rodion told Daniel. He felt him cling to him at the mention of going to the kitchen to eat.

            “Oh, right. Can we do that? I mean, no one is here, at all? I’m afraid, Rodion. What if Krik is lying? What if they are all down down and it’s a ruse to get you and I downstairs in the kitchen? Why would he say that?” Daniel asked, as he clung to Rodion. He was petrified and his body shook with fear as he clung to his sexy Russian handler.

            “Shh, shh, shh. Nyet, my Daniel. Is no ruse. Krik is not in dacha, no one is. His text is pinged from the greenhouses location. Look, I show you,” Rodion soothed his lover, as he opened the text on his Samsung phone and clicked on the properties of the text message. “See, at the top of the text the pinged time at 8:09 am, and the location is Greenhouses, Northern end of dacha.”

            “Oh, wow! Yeah, I see that, it’s good. Oh, my God. We are alone in the dacha. So, can we go downstairs to have breakfast? And we will be safe?” Daniel rambled on and even though he saw the text information, he was still afraid.

            “Yes, my Daniel, of course we can. We will be safe, I promise you. Listen, if it will make you feel better, I bring my Glock gun, okay?” Rodion stated as he held his scared charge tighter in his arms.

            “Oh, yes, that would be great. Can we go now?” Daniel asked and felt safer now that Rodion mentioned his Glock gun

“Yes, my Daniel. We go now. Let me help you get dressed first,” Rodion answered, but didn’t move them from the bed yet.

“Thank you. I’m really tired and achy now,” Daniel moaned and clung to Rodion. He didn’t move yet, he tried to catch his bearings.

“I know, is not good. You had electro-shock torture. That made you tired, you will experience bouts of tiredness and weakness, but I will take care of you, make you feel as good as I can,” Rodion explained to Daniel. He held him in his arms several minutes longer.

“Oh, right, that makes sense. I feel like a weakened newborn colt. Oh, I know you do take care of me. I feel good and safe in your arms, always,” Daniel repeated, and rested his head on Rodion’s shoulder. They were both nude, but he felt warm and safe in the sexy Russian handler’s arms.

“Is okay, my sexy army brat. Come on now, I hold you and help you to stand, then I dress you so we can go downstairs to kitchen. Here we go, is good, keep your arms around my neck and I lift us,” Rodion spoke softly, as he wrapped his arms around Daniel’s waist and kissed his lips when he lifted them up out of the bed.

“Ugh. Fuck, everything hurts,” Daniel grunted as he held onto Rodion. His gorgeous Russian handler was his lifeline and kept him going. He didn’t see the bruises, but his body ached horribly.

“Okay, so your clothes,” Rodion added and spotted all the bruises on his poor charges’ face, chest, on both sides, on his back, lower down on his kidneys. It surprised him his charge could stand up or walk. He was so brave, and was only here as Krik’s prisoner for a couple of days. He reached for Daniel’s clothes on the armchair, first he pulled the shirt up over his head, and pecked kisses to his lips when he flinched and groaned. “Oh, hold on, sit on the chair, I have underwear,” he said, as he helped his charge to sit on the chair then approached the dresser. He pulled out two pairs, one blue and one green for himself.

Daniel grinned when Rodion bent down over the drawer to retrieve the underwear. He had a nice view of everything, his gorgeous peachy ass, his big balls and large cock. “Oh, look, those are the same kind I wear, the jockey briefs, they are comfortable,” he commented as his Russian returned to his side again. He stood up and though his body swayed, he stayed upright.

“Yes, my sexy army brat. They hold everything in nicely, and give you a big bulge,” Rodion teased as he pecked more kisses to Daniel’s soft, plump lips. “Okay, so here we go. Place your hand on my shoulder and lift your right leg first. Good. Now your left leg, perfect. I slide them up your gorgeous hairy legs,” he laughed as he slid them all the way up his legs, hairy thighs and gently tucked his large cock and balls inside before he pulled them up over his peachy ass.

Daniel signed and giggled at the gentle treatment Rodion gave him, and he smiled when he stood up again.

“Nice. They look good on you, Daniel,” Rodion whispered as he pecked more kisses to his soft, plump lips.

“Thank you, my sexy Spetsnaz. I love when you kiss me, it makes everything better,” Daniel giggled and blushed all at once.

“Yes, I love to kiss you. Your lips are so soft. I know it calms you. I want you to be relaxed. Okay, so now your boots,” Rodion offered and kissed him again. Then he helped his charge into his green fatigues.

“Can’t we go barefoot?” Daniel asked as he held onto Rodion’s shoulders.

“I wouldn’t suggest it. Is better to have your boots on. Okay, come on, we go now,” Rodion remarked and stood up. He didn’t realize he was still nude, but Daniel did.

“Rodion, you’re still naked,” Daniel giggled and admired his Russian handler’s gorgeous body. He was all muscles and sleek planes, with a big cock and ample balls, and a nice peachy ass.

“Oh, fuck. Yes, I am. Okay, hold on, I get dressed now too,” Rodion laughed and blushed as he stared down at himself. He noticed Daniel gazed at him with approval, and still blushed more.

“Mmhmm. I’ll sit here and wait, my sexy Spetsnaz boy. Very nice. Very hot. I mean it would be nice to walk around naked, but I don’t want other people to see you,” Daniel giggled as he sank down onto the armchair and watched Rodion got dressed in his clothes and boots.

“I know, my sexy Army brat. I don’t want that either,” Rodion laughed and blushed again. He got ressed quickly. He slipped on his green jockey briefs, his black button up shirt, black denims and Spetsnaz boots. He put his Glock gun in the waistband of his denims.

“Nice green jockey briefs, Rodion. You look gorgeous,” Daniel giggled as he watched his sexy Russian handler.

“Yes, thank you, Daniel. You are sexy too, my gorgeous army brat. Okay, come on, we go downstairs now. Are you sleepy?” Rodion asked as he helped his charge stand up from the chair. He wrapped his arm around his waist and held him close.

“No, I’m okay. Well, maybe a little. I’m okay, though. I’m hungry. Do I have to put the iron mask on?” Daniel confessed as he cuddled in Rodion’s arms.

“Yes, me too. I don’t think so, no one is here,” Rodion answered as he looked into his charge’s eyes. He looked scared again and that worried him.

“Maybe we should put it on just to make sure. You don’t have to put the lock on it, I’ll wear it just for safety reasons,” Daniel said, as he looked to his handler for approval.

            Rodion sighed but shook his head. If it made Daniel feel safer, than he would do it. “Okay, come here. I won’t put the lock on it.” He moved them to the table by the bed and reached for the iron contraption, then he placed it gently over his charge’s head. He latched it up but left the lock behind.

            After that they made their way downstairs, they walked cautiously with Rodion’s hand around Daniel’s muscular bicep. He guided his charge so he wouldn't and fall down the stairs. Rodion looked around with superior Spetsnaz hearing in check. They heard nothing but silence. No one was there and he nodded his head as he moved them toward the kitchen.

“Cook is gone too. We are honestly alone, Daniel,” he whispered to his charge to calm him when he trembled.

“Okay, yes, I can see that. That’s a good thing. Krik didn’t lie about that. I wonder what he’s up to. I think tomorrow hunt will be brutal, he’s not usually nice like this,” Daniel professed and stayed close to Rodion. He was glad his handler put his gun in the waistband of his denims. He sensed the Russian was still on guard, on edge, they didn’t know who would pop out at them at any moment. Nothing happened, and no one appeared, so they both relaxed a little.

“Yes, you are right, Daniel. I agree with that. Krik never yields like this. I wonder what he is up to as well. But for now, we are alone, no one is here. The guards are gone too. So, let’s get some breakfast. Krik said in text message he sent everyone away for this day. Now we see is true. You are safe, but I will still protect you,” Rodion murmured, as he held his charge close when they walked through the dacha to the back where the kitchen was located. Everything inside was stainless steel, fridge, oven, dishwasher. The cabinets were made of white oak, the countertops were Italian marble. There was an island in the middle, with four oak chairs to sit on.

Rodion looked around the room and made sure they were alone, but even his superior Spetsnaz hearing discerned no one was around. “Come here, Daniel. We sit down on the chairs here,” he said to his charge. He stood behind him and gently removed the iron mask and placed it on the island, then pushed it away from them.

“Can we see what they have in the fridge? Or do we make something?” Daniel asked and grunted as he sat down on the high wicker chair.

“We can see what is in the fridge. You can come with me, is okay. You stand by me, don’t be alone, is okay,” Rodion said, as he helped his charge to stand when he saw the pained expression on his face. He pulled him close with his arm around his waist.

“Okay, yes, that’s a good idea. I don’t want to be alone, not even for a second. I feel safe beside you and with you,” Daniel confessed. He was relieved when Rodion pulled him in close His body trembled, he really believed Krik, or one of his cronies would burst through the door at any second.

“I know you are scared. Being down here has frightened you,” Rodion told him and held him in his arms a moment.

“I don’t think we can do this. I don’t think we should. I just don’t trust this, at all,” Daniel sobbed and clung to his handler.

“Nyet, no, no no, is okay. We can be here. I promise you, no one is here. Come on, you need to calm down, your heart rate is high,” Rodion soothed Daniel. He leaned forward and pecked kisses to his lips.

“Are you sure? No one will just pop out of the cupboard, or burst into the room?” Daniel asked and looked around the room with frightened eyes.

“I am sure, no one is here. Hold on, we test this, okay? Hello! Is there anyone here? Nate? Cook? Guards?” Rodion called out to the heard security guard, the chef, whose name was Cook, and the other guards. There was nothing but silence. He looked to his charge and smiled when he blushed and giggled.

“That was cool. Thank you for doing that, my sexy Spetsnaz spy. I believe no one is here now,” Daniel giggled as he placed his head on his handler’s strong, muscular chest and stayed in his arms a moment longer.

Rodion sighed and kissed the top of Daniel’s head. He trembled a little bit, but he ran his hands up and down his back and held him close. “Are you okay now, my sexy army brat?”

“Yes, I am better, much better. Oh, being in your arms makes everything so much better,” Daniel murmured as he kept his face buried in his handler’s strong chest. He smelled so good, his musk drove him crazy, he was so sexy.

“Is true. I love to hold you in my arms. If it makes you feel better, then I am glad to do this,” Rodion murmured and kissed the top of his head. He gently moved his charge back and smiled at him. He was bothered by how battered and bruised poor Daniel’s face was. He was so brave as took all the pain and said nothing. Then he moved them to the fridge and opened the stainless steel doors to find something to eat. “Does your face hurt with all the bruises, Daniel?”

“Yes, Rodion, it does, but I’m starving. Let’s eat something first,” Daniel pleaded with his handler. His stomach growled again, as he searched the shelves.

“Okay, I am too. I will use some aloe vera gel on your face and neck after we eat,” the Russian told him.

“That’s fine. You said you had a delivery from the greenhouses. We can do it here once we eat,” Daniel agreed and turned his face toward the sexy Russian. He pecked a quick kiss to his soft, plump lips and giggled.

“Exactly. My carton is here somewhere. Once we eat and I find it, I will do that. I will also check in the bathroom for some Paracetamol,” Rodion explained to his charge as they looked through the shelves in the fridge. They saw something in a round Pyrex glass pie dish. It was a quiche and there was a note on top of the cling wrap. ‘For the Boys. Today.’

“Oh, look at this, is a note on here. Cook wrote this, I recognize his script,” Rodion pointed out, but didn’t take it out yet.

“Is this for us? Daniel asked incredulously. He started to believe Krik set up this day for them. He was still wary about all of it.

“I think so. Vassily must have spoken to Cook and asked him to make something for us before he left the dacha. Cook collects order from greenhouse when Ivan delivers it. Yes, this is for us,” Rodion rambled on. He was certain this was for them. There were no other boys it could be fore.

“Okay. Good. Can we eat it?” Daniel asked tentatively, as he bit his bottom lip. He really was hungry.

“Yes, we can eat it now. I have to heat it in oven,” Rodion answered as he squeezed his body against his. He kissed the back of his head and his neck. He didn’t like to see his charge so beaten and battered. If he closed his eyes now, he could picture them in this same scene, living a better happier life. He hoped that would happen soon, but for now he had to keep the secret he had from his charge. He would know when the time was right to reveal everything. He sighed and held his charge closer in his arms.

“What’s wrong, Rodion? Did you hear someone?” Daniel asked and clung to his handler.

“Nyet. Nothing, my Daniel. Is okay. Let me put quiche in oven. Once I do that, I will tend to your wounds, okay?” Rodion answered and kissed the top of his head.

“Yes, that sounds great, my sexy Spetsnaz boy,” Daniel giggled and turned toward the Russian, then stole a kiss from him.

“Mmhmm, nice kiss, my sexy army brat. Okay, I put quiche in the oven now. You sit at the island, just relax a moment,” Rodion stood them up and carried the pie dish to the oven, set it to 350, then placed it inside. “Okay, so oven on, bake, set time for forty-five minutes. This is quiche Lorraine, is good.”

“That’s the one with the Pancetta, isn’t it?” Daniel inquired, as he smiled at the handsome Russian, then leaned on his hand with his elbow on the island.

“Yes, it is. It will be very good. Cook started this, and I have to finish baking it,” Rodion explained and when his charge didn’t answer, he turned around. He noticed he fell asleep. He

was concerned for his charge, so he moved toward him. “Daniel,” he murmured, as he cupped his bearded cheek.

            “Yes. I’m sorry, I couldn’t keep my eyes open,” Daniel said loudly, as he sat up and stared at Rodion.

            “Shh, shh, shh, nyet. Is okay. You are safe, no one is here, just two of us. So, the quiche will cook for forty-five minutes. Okay, so, tell me, Daniel, how are your sides and back? Do they hurt too?” Rodion soothed. He took hold of his charges’ hands to calm him.

“My kidneys hurt, my back and lower back, my spleen, my ass, my ribs. That crazy fucker kicked me around so much, and I was naked, so his hits were direct,” Daniel explained as he stood close to his handler.

“Okay, so, there is bathroom to the left of the kitchen, down that corridor. I will take care of your wounds in there,” Rodion explained to him. He felt bad because Daniel was so sleepy.

“Mmhmm. It’s okay, thank you. I think your container is on the table against the wall over there,” Daniel pointed out.

Rodion turned around toward the table and he spotted his container right where Daniel said it was. “Ah,  yes, it is. It has my name on it with today’s date. Okay, good. Come on, my sexy army brat. Come with me.” He helped Daniel up from the chair and held him fast when he stumbled against him.

He knew the aloe vera was in that container, and he really wanted to use it on Daniel’s bruised face, possibly his sides and back and ribs. He didn’t know there were two versions in this batch. There was a clear version and the green version. He was pleasantly surprised to find the clear gel. Mikhail had produced both versions for him. He also didn’t know that the clear gel had a pain agent and also some prescription paracetamol mixed in. They knew about the prisoner present at the dacha. Ivan had seen the young man during the hunt for Dimitri. He was out in the forest collecting samples of the wild aloe vera that grew in the forest. No one saw him, but he reported what he had seen to his father, Mikhail. As a kind gesture to Rodion, and for the poor abused prisoner, he produced the clear gel with the pain agents. The green gel also had healing properties, but because of the color, he couldn’t use the pain agents, someone would spot it. That someone was Rodion. Mikhail and Ivan knew Rodion was also a healer, during his time in the Spetsnaz army. He was an intelligent young man, and he just wanted to give him something special to use for the poor abused prisoner Ivan had seen. He wouldn’t know what was in the clear gel, only that he could use it. He knew the young man would choose the clear one because it was new and he would be intrigued by that. Mikhail and Ivan always spoke with Rodion when he came down there. The last time was last month, but since Krik had the prisoner and Rodion was his handler, he wouldn’t come down there. Mikhail knew Krik wouldn’t allow that, and Rodion would never bring the prisoner down there. So, this was his special gift to Rodion and his charge.

“Oh, this is new is clear gel. Is very nice. I wonder why Mikhail made this for me. He is a very kind person, him and his son,” Rodion said, as he lifted the plastic bottle out of the container. “Okay, Daniel, come on, come with me to bathroom. I know you are tired and in pain, but I want to make you feel better.”

“Yes, Rodion. I am, but I want this too,” Daniel answered as he leaned heavily against his Russian healer. He was suddenly exhausted and this gorgeous Russian was his lifeline and his new love.

Rodion kissed Daniel’s lips again and moved them from the kitchen down the corridor toward the bathroom. He had the clear aloe vera gel bottle in his hand, but he had his right arm around his charges’ waist to guide him.

“When we eat breakfast, will we have coffee?” Daniel asked sleepily and clung to Rodion. He was glad for his arm around him, he felt safe.

“Yes, we will have coffee once quiche is done. I will brew it from fresh Arabica beans in coffee maker,” Rodion assured his charge as they continued down the long corridor to the bathroom at the end.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be bossy,” Daniel giggled and clung to Rodion.

“Nyet. You are not bossy. Is okay. I forgot to brew it. I will do it soon. I want to tend to your wounds first,” Rodion laughed and kissed the top of his charge’s head again. He led him through a door, then through the bathroom door. He left the first door open, even though the house was empty, he wanted to hear if anyone approached them. He would shoot first and not ask questions later. He knew Krik would keep everyone out until later in the afternoon, so they had plenty of time. He thought about Krik and took out his phone, then sent him a text message to let him know they were in the kitchen for breakfast. He smiled when Daniel watched him, then he sat his charge on the divan for a moment. He sat beside him, put the aloe vera gel on the table. The sink was on the left with the divan on the right and a table beside the divan. His fingers flew over the letters on his phone as he typed out the text.


[Outgoing text – Vassily Krik] Vassily. Is Rodion. Daniel is not a blyat. Please don’t call him that. We are in kitchen, heated up quiche from Cook. I am tending to his wounds. I wanted you to know. RV



Krik and his guests were inside the third greenhouse with the cannabis and coca leaves. Anton and Adrik assisted the migrant workers and cultivated the cannabis and coca leaves. Mikhail and his Assistant Scientists processed the leaves into the drugs, so Krik could take it back to the Dacha. Krik and Gott sat on the comfortable wicker chairs and watched the entire process. It was taking a long time, but Krik didn’t care. He made sure everyone stayed out of the dacha until late afternoon, to give Rodion and the blyat some alone time. He had given the blyat a reprieve of one day’s rest to recover from the rape and beating from his dead Russian Captain, Dimitri Sokolov.

Krik jumped a little when his Samsung phone pinged with a text. He smiled when he knew it was from Rodion, it was his ring tone. Everyone had a different ring tone so he would k now who it was who called or texted. “Excuse me, Bruno,” he said and stood up from the chair then moved out of the room for a moment. He read the text from Rodion and sighed at his words, then sent him a reply.


(Outgoing text – to Rodion Volkov) Yes of course, Rodion, to you he’s not a blyat. But I will relent and not call him as such. For now. It’s good to you know you and your charge are eating. The quiche is definitely for you. Cook made it this morning. Please enjoy your breakfast, make coffee when you are finished patching up your charge. Then relax and be together, wherever you wish to be. VK



Rodion read the text from Krik and showed Daniel, then kissed his lips to keep him calm.

“That’s great, Rodion. We are truly alone then. I don’t have to worry. I don’t care what Krik says, he will call me a blyat, I am his prisoner. All that matters is that you and I are together,” Daniel murmured as he laid his head on his shoulder.

“Yes, Daniel, we are alone. You are safe with me. I know, Krik is Suka. You are his prisoner, but I will take care of you. Always, my pretty army brat,” Rodion answered and jumped when a second text came in.


[Incoming Text- from Vassily Krik} . Just so you and the blat – ah your charge, know, we will not return to the dacha until later this afternoon. I sent away the entire household as well. You know Roman is in St. Petersburg. He will return late tonight, as he always does. VK


“Wow. He typed fast for an old man. It’s as if he read our minds, or something,” Daniel giggled but still felt as if someone would burst through the doors and hurt him, hurt them.

“Yes, he is remarkably knowledgeable about texting for his age. I supposed is because he has empire to run and stays up with the times,” Rodion admitted and frowned when his charges’ body trembled again. He held him so close now. “Is okay, Daniel, no one will be here. You are safe. Do you want to say something to him?”

    “No, Rodion. I better not. I don’t want to interact with him, or anyone else but you. I don’t want to give him a reason to snap and change his mind because of words typed in a text. He gave us this respite, so we should enjoy it. I am honestly frightened of him, and everyone else. I don’t want to text anyone anymore, the way I did with crazy Roman. Look what he did to me after that,” Daniel rambled on and clung to Rodion.

            Rodion signed and nodded his head at Daniel’s admission. He knew that he was afraid of all of them. So, he didn’t push his charge to interact on purpose. “Is okay, is good idea, Daniel. You are right with all you have said now. Is better to be silent, is safer. You know Krik’s moods already, and the others. So is good not to interact at all, with any of them. I am sorry for what happened with fucking Roman Suka, and with Dimitri Suka. The latter has been eliminated and the former is still fucking Suka, but the less we say and do, is good.. Know that I will protect you, from all of them. I am here with you, I am your handler, I will keep you safe and take care of you no matter what the duraks do to you. I love you,” Rodion soothed his charge when he clung to him. He leaned in and pecked kisses to his lips and just held him a moment before he replied to Krik.

     “Yes, I know, Rodion. I am so glad you’re here with me. I am so glad you’re my handler, I am so glad you will look after me. That you will protect me and keep me safe. I only want to be with you, always. I love you too,” Daniel professed and returned his sexy Russian handler’s kisses.

            Rodion picked up his phone and sent out a quick reply to Krik and smiled when Daniel watched.


[Outgoing text – Vassily Krik] Is good. Thank you, Vassily. Is good you have this day out and not work too much. RV


[Incoming text – Rodion Volkov] Yes, it is. It is also good you and the blyat – ah – sorry – Daniel Miller can have  a nice day in. Speak later. VK.


    Rodion bit his bottom lip when he read Krik’s reply. He knew he pissed him off his with words, but he didn’t care. He put his phone away in his denim pocket then turned his attention back to Daniel. “Okay, so I am going to use the clear aloe vera gel on your face and neck first. This will seep into your skin and soothe the bruises and cuts. Is not gloopy as the green one is, this one is gel. When I apply to your skin will penetrate and not leave behind any sticky film,” he explained as he reached for the bottle from the table.

   “Okay, Rodion. I trust you, that sounds wonderful. Thank you,” Daniel replied sleepily.

   “I need to check the rest of your body too. Would you mind if I removed your shirt?” Rodion asked tentatively.

   “Yes, you can, Rodion. It’s okay, I don’t mind because it’s just the two of us. There is no one here to interrupt us. I trust you,” Daniel answered, as he leaned in and kissed his soft, plump lips again.

   “Okay, is good. I will do that. I am glad is just the two of us. So, you relax and I will take care of you,” Rodion soothed and returned his charges’ kisses. Then he set to his work. Before he removed his charges’ shirt, he wanted to use the clear aloe vera gel on his face and neck. He stood up and opened the cabinet over the sink and found surgical gloves there. Okay. He didn’t question that, but he shared a look with Daniel. He slipped them on, popped the cap open on the clear gel and poured a liberal amount onto one palm. “I’m sorry about the gloves, Daniel. I don’t want you to get infection. Is safer to use gloves.” He said, as he carefully dabbed the gel onto his right cheek first.

   “It’s okay. I understand. You’re so intelligent. You’re an excellent Spetsnaz soldier. Right now, with the little bit you used, it feels tingly,” Daniel answered when he dabbed the first bit onto his right cheek.

   “Yes. I’m sorry, it will at first. Once it seeps in, you will feel relief,” Rodion remarked and pecked kisses to his lips. He dabbed more under Daniel’s eyes, not too close, just below them. It quickly seeped into the skin, it was such a concentrated gel, it worked fast. He didn’t know about the pain agents in this gel, but if he did, he would be glad, because they immediately stemmed the pain for his charge. That was a good thing.

    “Oh. Oh my God, it feels so good,” Daniel answered as he folded his hands in his lap. He trusted Rodion so much with his life. He loved him, and he knew he would take wonderful care of him.

   “Close your eyes while I do this. You are doing well, my Daniel,” Rodion instructed as he kissed his forehead.

     Daniel’s eyes slid closed and his body relaxed, while Rodion continued his wonderful ministrations. His actions were gentle and it calmed him right down.

    Rodion dabbed more of the clear gel with the pain agents on Daniel’s forehead, his cheeks, mostly his right cheek, since that sustained a lot of Dimitri’s blows. He spread some on his nose, chin and his neck. “Open your eyes now. How does that feel now?”

    “Better. It removed the pain I felt a moment ago. It was tingly at first, then once it seeped into the bruises, the pain subsided. I felt a little numb, but there’s no more pain. It relaxed the pain I felt on my face,” Daniel spoke softly, as his eyes fluttered open and he smiled warmly at Rodion.

    “Is good, my Daniel. I’m glad it worked in that way, is what aloe vera does. Is a calming agent, it soothes in this manner. Do you have headache?” Rodion murmured as he smiled at Daniel when he opened his eyes. He pecked kisses to his lips again.

     “No, not right now. I did before you used the aloe vera. I remembered when you used the green aloe vera on the welts the other day, that tingled and soothed, but this feels different,” Daniel tried to explain to Rodion.

    “Different how, Daniel? Aloe vera has same properties, the only thing is different is the color, is clear. Well, maybe is because is not sticky. Mikhail made it differently this time. He made gel, not gloopy gel,” Rodion clarified for his charge. He was worried for his charge. He seemed out of sorts. He wanted him to feel better because he was so in love with him. He knew he felt the same.

     “Yes, it’s silky, it’s not sticky and gloopy. It immediately removed the pain as soon as you dabbed it onto each bruise and scrape,” Daniel explained further.

    “Is because is a different strain, is clear gel. Is more concentrated, nothing to get in its way of the soothing properties. I am glad it worked quickly, and soothed your pain. Is the only thing that matters. I like this silky gel strain. I will send a text to Mikhail later, and thank him for this new batch. You are doing so well, my Daniel, just relax more,” Rodion spoke softly to Daniel and kissed his lips again. He removed the gloves and tossed them into the trash.

     “I am very relaxed, that’s what I’m trying to tell you. I feel better with this stuff. That’s great he sent you a new strain. I’m telling you, it is very different. It’s an instantaneous relief sensation. Mm, I love your kisses, they make everything even better. I love you so much, Rodion Volkov,” Daniel giggled and returned Rodion’s kisses.

    “Mmhmm, I love kissing you, and I love that you feel better. I love you too, so much, Daniel Miller. I am here for you, always. Yes, we will send him a text later, once Krik is back at Dacha. I don’t like Krik to know I am in contact with his main Scientist, he is over-protective of his things. Okay, so now I want to check the rest of your upper body. Can I remove your shirt?” Rodion asked tentatively. He didn’t want to upset his charge after he felt so calm and relaxed.

    “Krik is a chertov durak, Suka. He’s all about his worldly possessions. We are not like that, we care about each other. Mmhmm, yes, you can do that, Rodion, only you. I trust you completely,” Daniel confessed again, and smiled warmly at the sexy Russian.

   “I’m glad to hear this. I will always be here with you, Daniel. I will take good care of you, make you feel better. You are right about Krik and the others, but we are in tune with one another, is beautiful,” Rodion repeated and he smiled at his charge, then kissed his lips again. He carefully pulled up the green polo shirt over his body and off over his head. Then he placed it on the cushion beside them.

    “Mmhmm. It is beautiful. You are gorgeous, inside and out, my sexy Spetsnaz boy,” Daniel giggled and smiled sleepily at his Russian handler.

    “You are sleepy and cute, my sexy army brat. Is okay. You are same way to me. Okay, so let me tend to your other bruises,” Rodion said, as he gently touched the bruises on his ribs, both sides, his kidneys. He retrieved a new pair of gloves and got to work again. His hands beneath the gloves tingled too. He thought that was weird, but he continued. He applied the gel Daniel’s ribs first, and some over the wound on his chest. He stopped when his charge hissed loudly and waited for the gel to seep into the bruises and wounds. Once he was calm again, he dabbed the gel into the bruises on his spleen, his sides, his lower back and kidneys. He used a large amount of the gel in these areas, because they were black and blue and purple. He wanted his charge to be free of pain for now, even though he would receive more, he could relax in this moment.  

   “Oh, fuck, everywhere hurts so much. That bastards fists hit me so hard. Oh, Rodion, the pain is fucking palpable,” Daniel sobbed as he watched his Russian handler closely. He felt a little dizzy, but it soon subsided as the wondrous gel seeped into those bruises and stemmed the flow of pain. It was almost as if he had taken a pain killer, that’s what it felt like. He guessed it was the aloe vera properties doing its job. It was made to soothe and calm, and he felt better for it.

    “Yes, I know, my Daniel. I am sorry. How do you feel now the gel is in your system? I’m going to also give you something else for your pain,” Rodion asked. He noticed the immediate change over his charge, he was even more relaxed. He was glad of that, but he wanted to make sure he was really okay. He carefully slipped Daniel’s shirt on him again. He didn’t want him to be exposed any more.

    “Oh, much better. Thank you. That stuff is magical. Thank goodness you have a lot more of it. I have a feeling you will be using it a lot. I feel better and warmer with my shirt on,” Daniel rambled on and smiled when he noticed his sexy Russian stood up at the cabinet.

    “Mmhmm, you are right, my army bat. I’m glad Mikhail made me this fresh batch, is very good.” Rodion stood up for a moment, opened the glass cabinet over the sink again and reached inside for the bottle of Paracetamol and took out two tablets. He didn’t care because his poor charge needed them to remove his pain, and they were five-hundred milligrams. He also found five small bottles of pain meds, a few bottles of .5cc of cortisone, and a couple bottles of liquid Paracetamol. Then on the bottom shelf, he spotted a bag of auto syringes. He nodded his head and slipped everything into his pockets. Then he closed the glass cabinet doors and returned to Daniel’s side. He smiled at his charge when he watched him. He sat down beside him and pocketed the pills a moment too. He had another idea in his mind. He sent a quick text to Cook and mentioned those bottles. He was glad when he texted him back and told him to take them. He wouldn’t say a word, he liked the Second Lieutenant. After that, he returned to Daniel’s side and sat down beside him.

    “Who did you text just now?” Daniel asked, ever the observant army brat.

   “Cook. I think he uses this bathroom. So, I asked him a question and he answered me in the affirmative. He won’t say anything to Krik. He likes me, is okay. You are very intelligent, my army brat. Is good. So, now we have pain meds tablets and liquid pain meds. But first can you lean against me and rest a moment? Lean your body back against mine and we relax here a moment, okay?” Rodion instructed. He didn’t want to move Daniel yet. He waited to see how his charge would be first. He was glad when his charge didn’t question what he had done.

    “Yes, okay, I can do that. I’m glad Cook won’t say anything. It’s good that you have an ally in here. You’re my ally, and my handler. Cook and Mikhail are your allies,” Daniel said. He sighed as his fell back against Rodion.

    “Yes, my Daniel. You are right. Is good. I will always take care of you. Okay, can you put your legs up on the divan, in other direction? Here. Let me help you. I just want you to relax a bit before we go back to the kitchen. I want to make sure you are okay now,” Rodion explained as he gently lifted Daniel’s legs onto the cushions of the divan.

   “Oh, fuck, I’m so shattered, my entire body is one big pain,” Daniel sobbed as he sagged against Rodion when he lifted his legs up onto the cushions.

   “I know, I can tell. Is why I want you to rest here a moment. The quiche still has time. So, relax and I hold you gently. I don’t want to jar your injuries anymore,” Rodion spoke softly again. He supported Daniel’s tired, achy body when he sat back against him, and he gently wrapped his arms around his charge’s waist.

    “Spasibo, my Spetsnaz boy. I love being in your arms. I’m so tired, and still hungry,” Daniel giggled as he rested in the Russian’s strong arms. He smelled his musk and it drove him wild, he was so sexy and gorgeous and so strong. Gods. He could stay in his arms all the goddamn day long.

  “You are welcome, my army brat. I know you are hungry, I am too. We go in a minute. Close your eyes and rest and meditate if you can. We stay here a moment longer,” Rodion murmured in Daniel’s ear and kissed the soft earlobe. Then they stayed quiet for several minutes. He held his charge and just breathed in time with him. Truth be told, he loved to hold Daniel for hours, he enjoyed it just as much.

   After several minutes passed, they fell asleep, but soon woke up together. Rodion held onto Daniel in case he got spooked, but he was glad he was okay.

   “Okay, my sexy army brat, we fell asleep. How do you feel now?” he asked, as he kissed his neck and still held him close.

    “Mmhmm, that was nice. I feel okay now, less achy, sleepy and still hungry,” Daniel giggled when Rodion kissed his neck. He quickly turned his face and captured the Russian’s soft, plump lips in a gentle kiss.

   “Mm, very nice kiss. Very hot, my Daniel. I am glad you feel okay and less achy. This batch of clear aloe vera gel is very good. I am hungry too, we best get back to the kitchen. I don’t want to burn down the dacha with quiche in the oven. Krik and Cook will have my balls,” Rodion stated, as he carefully sat them up, then helped Daniel to stand.

   “Okay, my sexy Spetsnaz boy. Oh, you are so strong and virile. I don’t want anyone else to have your balls but me. So, yes, let’s go and eat that quiche, it must be done by now,” Daniel grunted when Rodion lifted them up, and clung to him when he felt like a newborn colt again.

   “Ha ha. Is a good one, my Daniel. I agree, I don’t want anyone else to have my balls. You are only one who matters to me,” Rodion admitted. He held his charge fast in his arms when he clung to him and stumbled a bit. He reached for the bottle of clear aloe gel and kept his free arm around Daniel’s waist. They walked out the door into the corridor, then made their way through the second door, turned right and they were back in the kitchen again.

   “Okay, so I will make some coffee now. You can come with me, my Daniel,” Rodion said as he put the bottle of aloe gel back inside his container. He would carry that upstairs once he and Daniel were finished with breakfast.

   “Mmhmm, that sounds good. I would rather be close to you in case we have to defend ourselves. We can protect one another,” Daniel said. He still believed Krik could fool them and walk in at any moment.

   “Yes, I know, is okay. We will stay together, as I promised. Okay, so, Cook usually keeps coffee that is delivered on counter by the machine. Yes, here it is, Arabica coffee, is good,” Rodion answered. He didn’t even think about it, he knew his charge thought that very same thing. It’s why he offered for them to stay together.

   “Wow! Yes, that smells amazing. It’s going to be good,” Daniel said, and he helped Rodion. He opened the top of the machine, while Rodion filled the glass pot, then poured it in. He scooped in for only 2 cups, because it was strong, so they would only need one cup each. He pressed the button, then turned to Daniel and moved them back to the island. “Okay, sit here and relax. I get quiche from the oven,”  Just then, the timer for the quiche went off and he went to the oven and removed the glass pie dish. He used the oven mitts and placed it on the ceramic cooling dish. Then he went to the fridge, filled some glasses with ice, then the water dispenser on the fridge, and finally he filled two small glasses of orange juice. He made the coffee in the two copper mugs, milk and sugar, milky sweet coffee. He carried the coffee, and cold drinks on a tray and while Daniel watched him, he retrieved the plates, two forks and two knives. Then he went back to the counter and cut two slices first. It was a small quiche, just enough for them to have two slices each. He carried the pie plate to the island so he wouldn’t have to get up again. In case they wanted more.

   “Okay, Daniel, before we eat, I want you to take these two tablets now. They are called Paracetamol. They will take away your pain. I got them from the cabinet in bathroom,” Rodion instructed, as he took out the tablets from his denim pocket, placed them in Daniel’s upturned palm and handed him his glass of ice water. He watched him for a moment and smiled as he took them right away.

   “Isn’t Paracetamol the European equivalent of Tylenol?” Daniel asked, as he drank more water, it was so cool and refreshing.

   “I don’t know. Yes, actually, I think so. Is good. It will make you sleepy, but it will also help to relieve your pain. I couldn’t take anymore, Cook would notice they were gone. So, for today, you have them for several hours to stem your pain,” Rodion explained, as he smiled at his charge and ran his hand up and down his back.

   “That’s fine. This is Krik’s place of torture. Like they all said, it’s not a vacation resort. But I understand. I don’t want you in trouble with any of the crazy people in this dacha, my Rodion,” Daniel rambled on. He felt good, between the clear aloe gel and the tablets for pain, it helped to stem that flow.

   “Yes, my Daniel. I’m sorry. I am here, though, always, to take care of you. No matter what these crazy people do, I will make you feel as good as I can. You are so cute,” Rodion confessed, as he leaned in and pecked kisses to his charge’s soft lips. He ran his fingers through his hair and kissed his bruised forehead. Then they tucked into the delicious quiche Lorraine, and it’s delicious. He smiled when his charge hummed and he nodded his head. “Is good, right?”

    “Yes, It’s really delicious, so creamy. Cook is a very good chef,” Daniel giggled at his words. He felt a little high from the tablets, but that was okay, at least he wasn’t in pain.

    “You are so cute. Yes, he is very good. I am glad he made this for us. He’s French. His name is Francois Cook. Is why we call him Cook, is his surname. Is nothing but the best for Krik at his dacha,” Rodion remarked with a wry smile.

    “Oh, I was wondering that. You kept calling him cook. I thought you called him that because he was the chef. That makes sense now,” Daniel admitted and blushed as he giggled again.

   “Again, you are cute, Daniel. Yes, I thought the same thing when I first came here. But I met him and I giggled too when he revealed his name. Krik glared at him, but Roman laughed. Chertov durak,” Roman laughed and pecked more kisses to Daniel’s lips. He sipped his coffee and it was so good.

   Daniel did the same, it really was excellent coffee. He ate the rest of his slice and sipped his orange juice. It was small, so he drank it right down. “Rodion, why is Krik being so nice?” he suddenly asked, as he put his fork down, done with the quiche.

    “I don’t know, Daniel. I wondered same thing. I am scared of this too,” Rodion admitted as he finished his quiche.

   “I guess tomorrow’s hunt will be bad. He will probably blast me more times than normal, or kick me about,” Daniel said ruefully and took a smaller slice of the quiche, then he placed the other half on Rodion’s plate.

    “Probably. You are right, my Daniel. I am sorry. Krik is chertov durak. Don’t worry, I will be on the hunt, anyone does anything bad, I will kick them about,” Rodion promised, and smiled when Daniel gave him the other half of his slice. There were still two big slices left in the pie plate. They sipped their coffee and drank their water, so they wouldn’t get dehydrated.

   “You know what, I don’t think I want to be down here anymore. It’s really freaked me out,” Daniel suddenly said, as he stared at Rodion with a scared look.

   “Yes, I agree. So, you know what, we go upstairs now. You want me to bring the rest of the quiche upstairs?” Rodion asked, as he stood up from the island.

   “Can we do that? It’s so delicious. I just don’t want to eat down here anymore,” Daniel confessed and he stood up too.

   “Yes, we can do that. I will wrap it in napkins. Hold on, Daniel. I will clean up in here. I will be quick,” Rodion said, and he wrapped the two slices in the napkins. Then put the plates, utensils, small glasses, water glasses and the copper mugs away in the dishwasher. Then set it going. He had a coffee maker upstairs, so he could make some coffee up there. He took a small Ziplock baggie and filled it with the ground coffee with a few filters. Took some milk and sugar in small containers, then he took the tray and put all that on there.

   “We can eat the slices with our hands. Is easy to do that,” he told Daniel as he smiled when he watched him again. He could tell his charge was nervous and freaked out. So, he wanted to get away from there as soon as possible. He was so fast in cleaning up, it was like they hadn’t been there at all.

   “That’s a good idea. The coffee is a good idea too. We have the maker upstairs. Well, you make me tea, so now we can have coffee when we want to,” Daniel answered and smiled as his sexy Russian cleaned everything superfast.

    “Okay, let’s get back upstairs now, my Daniel. Yes, I will make coffee for us in our room. I will feel better when we are up there too,” Rodion confessed as he kissed his charge’s lips again.

    “Don’t forget your crate, Rodion,” Daniel reminded his handler and smiled when he held up his finger.

    “Ah, fuck, yes, I almost forgot that. Can you carry tray, or do you want me to put it on top of this crate?” Rodion asked, as he moved back to the table and hefted the container in his hands. It was small, but deep and high, still easy for him to carry.

   “I can carry the tray, it’s not heavy,” Daniel answered and with a nod from Rodion, they made their way upstairs again. It didn’t take long for them to get up there, because they had long legs and navigated the stairs with ease.

   Rodion placed the container on the floor, took out his key and unlocked the door. He ushered Daniel inside then hefted the container on his shoulder. He closed and locked the door behind them, and placed the container on the table by the windows. When he opened it, he glanced inside. “Oh, look, Mikhail also made bath bombs as well as the bath salts. We also have the special blended apple scented shampoo and conditioner, and the apple scented hand soap. This is good,” he told his charge as he watched Daniel put the tray down by the bed.

   “Oh, that’s nice. I love the scents of apple. It’s green apple,” Daniel said as he moved beside Rodion.

   “Yes, is very nice. We can have a bath again, to relax. You know, Krik doesn’t know about the shampoo, conditioner and hand soaps. That is something Mikhail does for me. He has a private area where he grows and cultivates the apples. They are small apple trees and they are kept and hidden in a back room of the greenhouse with the fruit and vegetables. It’s a special thing he does,” Rodion explained as he showed him the items inside.

   “That’s very kind of this Mikhail. It’s okay, what the Suka Krik doesn’t know won’t hurt him. He’s an insane asshole, they all are. I’m glad that man does that for you, Rodion. You deserve the niceness,” Daniel confessed and kissed the Russian’s lips again.

    “You are so cute, thank you. You are right. We won’t tell him anything. Now, I have to unpack this crate, is okay. So, the packets of hand soap, shampoo and the conditioners are for the bathroom,” Rodion explained to his change. He could see he was tired and stayed awake, so he would make this quick too.

   “For the dispensers in the shower, right?” Daniel pointed out and smiled at his handler. He was tired, but he wanted to be with Rodion.

    “Yes, only in enclosed shower. I have a wooden cabinet with a lock in the bathroom where I store everything. I put the dispensers in the shower for the shampoo, conditioner and the body soap, is all apple scented. I leave the empty container outside my door, and later, Adrik will collect it. He will have all the empty containers returned back to Mikhail. They leave them at back of dacha and Ivan will collect them later tonight when everyone is asleep. He doesn’t know what is in containers, no one know but me, Ivan and Mikhail, and now you. You and the other two are the only ones I trust, my Daniel,” Rodion told him.

    “I know, my Rodion. I won’t tell a living soul. Why would I? It’s for the comforts in this safe haven. No one needs to know, and they won’t know. They’re all mean and vindictive and selfish, this is for you, and now for us,” Daniel answered and smiled when Rodion enveloped him in his arms and held him close.

    “Is very true, is just for us. You are safe with me, I protect you, and take care of you. Is for our pleasure,” Rodion agreed and pressed a soft kiss to his charges’ lips again. Then he moved them to the bed again. The tray was on the table by the bed, where Daniel had placed it.

    “How do you feel now?” Rodion asked his charge and held his hands in his. He rubbed the back of his knuckles with his thumbs.

    “I’m very tired now. I think all the things have taken their toll on me. Can we finish the quiche though, I’m still a little hungry?” Daniel giggled as he gently squeezed Rodion’s hands in his.

   “Yes, of course we can. Then you will sleep. We both will, but I’m going to put away all the products so I can have container out in corridor for Adrik. I don’t want him to knock on our door,” Rodion told him and kissed both his charges’ hands then his lips.

   They ate the other slices of the quiche and Rodion poured water from the cooler in the small kitchen area. He carried the glasses toward the bed and handed one to Daniel, then drank his. He put the glasses on the table and turned to his charge. He could tell he was exhausted. “Are you sleepy now, my army brat?” he asked, as he ran his hand up and down his back.

   “Yes, but can I help you put the stuff away?” Daniel spoke in a sleepy voice.

    “I don’t think you should, my Daniel. You look so tired now. Are you sure you’re okay? You are in pain, I can see it. Is best for you to just lay down and go to sleep now,” Rodion soothed his charge.

   “Okay. I am very tired now, still achy. Everything you used and gave to me has made me feel so tired, but the beating and rapes from Dimitri,” Daniel rambled on and then yawned hugely. “Ah, can I sit on the divan while you put things away in the bathroom? That’s a compromise, right?”

   Rodion laughed and clicked his tongue. “Oh, you are a clever army brat. Yes, of course you can. Come on then, I help you into the bathroom.” He laughed again when Daniel giggled and blushed then he helped him up off the bed. He held onto him as they walked, because his charge was exhausted, but was once again fighting sleep.

   “Don’t forget the container. I’ll wait here for you, my sexy Spetsnaz,” Daniel reminded Rodion, and though he swayed he stayed upright.

   “Thank you, you reminded me. I almost forgot it,” Rodion said, pecked a quick kiss to his lips, then took three strides to the table by the sofa and carried the bin. He returned to Daniel’s side then they walked slowly into the bathroom. He placed the container on the table next to the divan then turned to Daniel. He clicked his tongue when his charge swayed on his feet but he was fast and caught him in his arms.

    “Come on now, my sleepy army brat. Sit down here on the divan. Look, it has pillows for your head. Okay, so lay down now, I help you put your long legs up on comfy cushions. Is curved by your head, so it will be nice. Good. Very nice. Hold on, I get blanket in closet here,,” Rodion said to his charge, as he helped him to lie down, then he moved to the linen closet and got a nice warm blanket. It was thick green velvet and long enough to cover Daniel’s entire body, because they were both very tall.

    “Oh, but I wanted to help you. Mmhmm, okay, this is comfy with the pillows and now the blanket,” Daniel yawned. He smiled when Rodion covered him with the lovely green blanket. The air was  on in the dacha, it was central air, so it was chilly.

    “I know, but no, just stay here, Daniel. You need to rest. I won’t be long. I am superfast with this,” Rodion explained, as he leaned over and pecked a kiss to his charge’s lips.

   “Yes, I know, I’m so tired and a bit dizzy. This is so nice and comfy,” Daniel confessed and pushed his lips against Rodion’s when he kissed him.

    “Mm, sexy kisses from my sexy army brat. You just close your eyes and sleep. I promise you, I won’t be long,” Rodion repeated and when he stood up he was pleased to see Daniel had fallen right to sleep. He kissed the top of his head then got to work putting everything away from the container.

    Rodion moved to the cabinet over the sink. He opened the doors and took the items from his denim pockets. He put them inside, then closed and locked the cabinets with his key. After that he moved to the container, flipped open the plastic lids and hung them over the sides. He put the aloe vera gels, the clear and the green in the cabinet by the large bathtub. It was oak with two doors and brass handles that opened out. There were three deep shelves and he placed the aloe bottles on the top, with the green at the back and the clear at the front. Then he put the bath bombs and the bath salts on the second shelf. There was a large round basket, so he just put them there. He took the plastic containers of shampoo and conditioner and the liquid body soap, all apple scented and replaced the ones in the enclosed shower. They were large plastic dispensers and the containers slipped in the slot when he unlocked them with the same small key from his pocket. He faced the nozzle down so when the lever was pushed it would squirt into the palm of your hand. He placed the empties in the trash bag in the trash bin, he would take them down himself.  

   He went back to the container and found the boxes of teas Mikhail had made for him. He had forgotten about them. So, he locked the cabinet by the bath and carried the container out to the small kitchen in the bedroom. He let Daniel sleep on the divan for another moment, and with the bathroom door open. He went to put away the tea bags inside the ceramic tea jars on the counter. He e had the electric tea pot and the coffee maker with the copper mugs. He put the tea bags away. They had the silk bags with the silk strings on the ends, and were nicely constructed. They smelled amazing. There was Russian black tea, Chai tea, green tea, Lavender tea, Chamomile tea, Oolong tea, Rose Petals tea, Mint tea, Lemon tea, orange and black pekoe tea. There were a few others, but he put a few in each tea jar, then he put the boxes up in the cabinets and locked them.

    Once Rodion was finished he carried the container and the empty tray toward the door, unlocked it and placed the container out in the corridor. He placed the tray on top of the container, then entered the room again. He knew Adrik would collect the tray later. He locked the door behind him, and walked back to the bathroom. He was glad Daniel was still asleep as he knelt down in front of his charge.

  “Okay, nothing else to do,” he said to himself as he carefully scooped his charge up into his arms with the blanket still over his sleeping form.

  Daniel mewled in his sleep and cuddled close in Rodion’s arms when he carried him. “I’m in pain, so sleepy.”

    “Shh, shh, shh, I know, my Daniel. We go to sleep now. I take your clothes off. We are going to the bed now, okay?” Rodion spoke softly to his charge, and in three strides they were by the bed again.

   “Yes. You too, clothes off, sexy Spetsnaz boy. We sleep now,” Daniel murmured and clung to Rodion.

   “Ha ha, yes, me too. Clothes off, naked in bed, and we sleep together,” Rodion laughed as he placed Daniel on the bed again then sat down beside him. He quickly removed his charges’ boots, then his own. Next he carefully pulled his shirt up over his head and reached for his green fatigues. He unbuttoned the flies and pulled them along with the underwear down Daniel’s long, hairy legs.

   Daniel mewled and moaned when Rodion removed his shirt. He was so tired and in pain, he just wanted to sleep. “What’s going on?” he asked.

   “I am removing your clothes, then we go to bed, sleepy army brat,” Rodion murmured, as he smiled at his sleepy tousled charge.

   “Oh, okay, that’s nice. You too, don’t forget that,” Daniel reminded Rodion and smiled sleepily at him.

   “Yes, I know, cute army brat. Don’t worry, I get to it now. Lay down on the bed,” Rodion instructed, as he gently pushed his charge down with his hand on his chest. He smiled as he helped him beneath the blankets and laughed when he pulled them up to his chin and watched him.

   “Hurry. I need your arms around me. Everything hurts,” Daniel whimpered as he reached out for Rodion.

   “Okay. Yes, I be there in a minute. I’m going to see what I can find in my bathroom, okay?” Rodion said to his charge and before he could answer he stood up and went back to the bathroom. He opened the glass cabinet over the sink and took out the small bottle of liquid pain meds he got from Cook. He nodded his head and reached for one of the auto syringes. There wasn’t much inside the little bottle, but he could make it last. He knew it would help Daniel sleep for hours. He returned to the bedroom again and was glad when his charge slept on. He sat down on the bed and filled the syringe with a small amount of liquid. He had to make it last. So, he turned Daniel’s neck to the side and pressed the plunger. The auto syringe pushed the liquid into his charges’ bloodstream and he smiled when his charge sighed and opened his eyes.

    “What was that?” Daniel asked sleepily as he stared up at Rodion. He forgot about the pain meds Rodion brought back from the bathroom downstairs. That’s how tired and in pain he was.

    “It was a small amount of liquid pain meds I got from Cook. Don’t you remember I found them in bathroom downstairs, my sweet army brat? Each bottle has a small amount, but It will help you sleep, and take away your pain,” Rodion explained, as he ran his fingers through his hair to calm him.

    “Oh, yes. That’s right. I remember. Now I feel it too, it’s good stuff. Please, my sexy Spetsnaz boy, get in here with me,” Daniel asked again, as he held his arms up to him.

   “Okay, yes, my lovely army brat, I come now,” Rodion answered, as he removed his shirt and denims, then his jockey briefs. He plugged his phone in the charge on the bedside table, then he pulled the blankets aside, slid beneath them and held Daniel into his arms.

   “Mmhmm, that’s so nice. Goodnight, my sexy Spetsnaz boy,” Daniel murmured as he cuddled close to him.

   “Goodnight, my sexy army brat. We sleep until tonight, is good. I hold you in my arms. When we wake up later, maybe we have a bath,” Rodion whispered and kissed Daniel’s lips.  

   “Mmhmm, sweet kisses. Yes, sounds lovely. Sleepy, hold me, sleep now,” Daniel whispered his words and in seconds he was fast asleep.

   Rodion kissed the top of his head. He stayed awake a few minutes longer. He didn’t know what Krik would do later. He hoped he wouldn’t interrupt their sleep. He needed Daniel to rest for the hunt tomorrow. He had a feeling tomorrow wouldn’t be a good day for his charge. He would be there for him and protect him, keep him as safe as he could, and patch him up from whatever torture Krik and the other gave him. He knew they would wake up later that afternoon, it was eleven in the morning by the time they fell asleep. This was their day of rest, and Rodion made sure they did just that. He knew Daniel was sleepy and in pain from being raped and beaten by Dimitri, the dead Suka. So, he let his charge sleep and relax, and they were fine for now.


    Cook smiled when Rodion texted him about the pain meds. He put them there for the young Spetsnaz Lieutenant to find. He knew about the prisoner at the dacha, and he wanted to help. He liked Rodion, he was a good kid, intelligent, strong, and he had a big caring heart. So, he wouldn’t say a word to Krik. What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. There was only a little bit of liquid in each of the bottles, but it would help ease the prisoner’s pain and ease Rodion’s mind. Cook had a secret of his own, one that he couldn’t tell anyone. But as long as he was there, he would help Rodion and his charge as much as he could. When all the shit went down in a few days, he would leave from there and report back to his boss. That’s all that needed to be said for now.


   Krik remained down in the third greenhouse with Gott, Adrik and Anton. Mikhail and his assistant scientists processed the cannabis and coca leaves into the pot and cocaine. It took several hours, and they wouldn’t be done until later that afternoon. They stayed there and watched the scientists as they worked. Gott was glad Krik let him be there for this process. He enjoyed being part of something important. He made sure to keep the dacha empty for Rodion and his charge, and they would return later that afternoon, around five or six. Cook would prepare salmon with white and wile rice, fresh asparagus, and a fresh tomato salad with red wine vinegar and the Spanish olive oil, all processed by the scientists. They had a few small olive trees with the vegetables and processed them into the bottles of olive oil for Krik at the dacha. Cook loved this idea, he had fresh vegetables to use for his recipes and everyone in the dacha appreciated that as well.


 Roman reached St. Petersburg at eleven o'clock that morning. He parked his Mercedes A4 at the back entrance of his restaurant in his allotted spot. Then he entered his restaurant through the back door. He said good morning to all his staff and moved into the kitchen, where he met Yuri Ivanov, his personal body guard. After he checked in with his bodyguard, he donned his apron and made his fresh sausage and cut up his beef for that day’s special, beef stroganoff. Since Cook made it last night at the dacha, he wanted to try his hand at it. He also made another special, Russian sausage and vegetable stew. It was several hours later, early afternoon, when he looked up and saw his beautiful Christian Blake on the other side of the serving window. 

“Ah, my sweet Blake. It is so wonderful to see you. What have you got for me this time?” Roman beamed up at his tall, gorgeous American friend. Even though he could get the items from Krik’s greenhouses, he preferred not to ship anything to St. Petersburg. He didn’t want to put eyes on his restaurant. They backed the greenhouses at the Krik’s dacha, but he wasn’t sure if they would agree to anything being shipped to Petersburg. So, he was glad Blake brought him all these wonderful items from around the world.

“Good afternoon, Roman. It's good to see you again, my dear friend. I’ve got some figs, basil, bay leaves, fresh capers, yellow and red bell peppers, garlic cloves, and fennel from Italy, pickled cucumbers, potatoes and curry leaves from India, Spanish tomatoes and yellow Spanish onions, fresh Spanish lemons, Spanish button mushrooms, fresh Spanish egg noodles, Spanish beef broth all for you. Oh, here’s Hungarian Paprika too,” Blake said, as he handed all the items to his friend through the serving window. He didn’t tell Roman, but Ilia Antonovich helped him procure the items he had with him today. The last time he was with Ilia was three weeks ago, when the rich Oligarch flew him on his jet to Spain. He bought and paid for his villa in Ronda with the monies he received from Ilia, and working for Krik at the Freeport. Then he procured the contractors and sub-contractors to fully gut and renovate the house. He would retire there soon, well, sooner than he thought. He and Ilia flew all over the world to get the items he brought to Roman today. Ilia believed it was for Blake, but it was really for Roman. He would find out later that Ilia Antonovich was murdered by one of Jadovsky’s Russian lapdogs because of the incident that would occur in Roman’s restaurant on this very day.

“Oh, thank you, my beautiful Blake. Now my beef stroganoff and Russian sausage stew will taste so much better.  I love how you bring me all these wonderful items, but you don’t need to just to see me. I love to see you. You can visit me any time, every time, my sexy American friend,” Roman answered, as he smiled adoringly up at his gorgeous tall, American friend.

“Yeah, I know Roman. But you know I love to see your smile when I do. Listen, I’ve got someone I want you to meet. Well, some people. Do you have time to meet old friends with a new business opportunity?” Blake inquired, as he smiled down at the handsome Russian. 

“Sure, for you, all my time, Blake. Go sit down. I will be there soon. I have to prepare the items for my chefs to cook today’s specials,” Roman answered, as he smiled at his friend again. He was so handsome, so tall, and so American, but sexy as fuck, and they had fucked, every time they met, they fucked like rabbits. Or he let his sexy Blake fuck him into oblivion.

He loved it when Blake topped him, he was so strong and so commanding, and he bent like a fucking willow tree for this sexy American every single time. He thought of another pretty American up at Krik’s dacha in Komarovo, and how he had promised he could meet Blake. How he had fucked that pretty spy boy. He knew he had enjoyed every second of it. He didn’t want to think about that now, not after what happened with the dead Captain, Dimitri Sokolov. He got what he deserved, that bastard. He was glad he was gone, but now Krik had the new Captain, the German Suka. He hated this one too, and wondered if Rodion met him yet. Still, he was sure his blond-haired friend Blake would love Daniel Miller as well. Little did he know what would happen in the coming days. 

 It was twenty minutes later when Roman finally emerged from the kitchen, only to find his Blake sat with that disgusting fat pig, Timur Jadovsky. No, no, no, he wouldn’t have that piece of shit taking his sweet Blake away from him. He needed to get a message across to the pig, Timur, from Vassily. He smiled when he remembered how they had shot and buried fucking Dimitri on Jadovsky’s property. Good. He deserved that treatment, Timur was a smelly fat pig too. He would show him to the door, and let him know Krik was the only important Oligarch in this region.

Roman would not let that pig corrupt his dear friend. He wondered if Blake did this for money, or to make Roman jealous, which he was. He was jealous as a mad hatter. Hmm, he would see about that, he would listen, at first, and then pounce on that fat pig Timur Jadovsky, and put an end to his misconceived notions to steal his precious Blake away from him. 


Steven Frost bullshitted his way through this deal, as usual, and talked nonsense. He smirked when this Russian jerk, Timur Jadovsky, believed everything he said. He spoke about capital, and money placement, and how things in Puerto Rico were sinking, but with the right investor, the deal they had would make a lot of money. He looked to Hector when they saw Roman approach the table with a smile on his face.

Rafa Torres added in his bullshit and Puerto Rico and all the money that was still there, and not to worry, things were fine. He played the part of his alias, Manuel DeSanto, the rich Investor from Puerto Rico. 

Blake saw Roman was upset over something. Then he figured it was because Timur Jadovsky had wormed his way into the conversation. He spoke with him last night, and Timur begged to meet with Hector. They tried to get his attention, they talked about money and high stakes and the fat man homed right in, like a predator to its prey. But then he stood up and approached Roman, and embraced him. He laughed when the handsome Russian kissed his lips tenderly. 

“Ah, Manuel DeSanto, Steven Frost, this is my dear friend, Roman Platov,” Blake said, as they all stood up and each shook Roman’s hand.

“Hey, man, nice place you got here. You are the cook?” Manuel asked, as he grinned openly at the handsome Russian man. 

“No, my dear Manuel, I’m just always hungry. They call me the butcher, I do make my own sausage and meat cuts. It is all quite delicious. Today, I made my special beef stroganoff and the Russian sausage and vegetable stew. Still, I’m glad you like my place. I take pride in the ingredients being homemade, and homegrown here in Russia,” Roman answered, as he smiled warmly at the gorgeous Puerto Rican, Manuel DeSanto. He squeezed his hand and rubbed his knuckles with his thumb. He would love to fuck this pretty boy, and if things went well here, then he would add him to his list of pretty boys he liked to collect. He wanted to bring Blake and Manuel to Krik’s dacha. If this deal went though, then he would do that. First he needed to get rid of the fucking fat pig, Timur Jadovsky. He needed to get that message across from Krik.

“Hi, there, handsome,” Manuel said, as he squeezed Roman’s hand, and winked at him. He stared into his lovely eyes, and got lost for a minute. He laughed and his fingers caressed the Russian's hand and wrist in return.

“Oh, pleasure, it’s all mine. You are a child of the sun, and you are simply gorgeous,” Roman spoke softly to Manuel. He didn’t even flinch when Manuel caressed his skin with those lovely, strong hands. 

Their concentration was broken when he heard Jadovsky as he scoffed in the corner on the other side of the table. Then he turned to this Steven Frost, and shook the old man’s hand. He was not interested in him, he was just like Vassily Krik, a boring old man, who talked all nonsense. He smiled at him all the same, and shook his hand. “My pleasure to meet you, Steven Frost.” 

“Good to meet you as well, Roman Platov. You really do have a nice place here. I can see it’s very prosperous for you,” Frost said, as he smiled at the handsome Russian, who seemed to be taken by Hector and Rafa, good, those two were in, he had done his job. Now he would go on his way and get the things done that he needed to do. Talk to the Russian soldier, go to Afghanistan to speak with the leader of Al-Qaeda, to get the kompromat against Vassily Krik. 

“Thank you, truly kind of you to say. Yes, we do well here, in St. Petersburg, it’s a lovely city, with lots of young people, who like to have fun, myself, Manuel, and Blake included,” Roman explained, as he bowed his head to the man. He reached for a spare chair to sit on from the empty table across from theirs. It was too early for the lunch revelers, but the place soon filled up as they sat and had their discussion.

Roman motioned to the waitress and asked for a bottle of Stoli Russian vodka, and four glasses. Then he sat down on his chair and smiled at all of them. “Please, all of you, go on, pretend I’m not here. I will just listen to whatever it is you talk about. You will find I am a wonderful listener, who will seal the deal with you faster than this fat pig who is seated in the corner.” 

Jadovsky yammered on about the hurricane in Puerto Rico, and how it must have been devastating to all its people. He glared at Roman for his words, but ignored him. He had a bone to pick with that one. His boss, Krik, left the dead body of the Russian Captain buried on his land. He couldn’t tell anyone about it, he just had his men do the dirty work to remove it.

“Nah, man, things are good there. I’m telling you; the money is great. We have reserves of it. Well, I do at least. Not to worry, there’s still a lot of money there,” Manuel boasted, as he smiled at Roman, who listened and watched him attentively, just like he said he would. 

Rafa could tell Roman loved Blake, especially. This was good, they were in with him, they could get the job done they needed to do.

“Disaster capital of the country is all that is said about that,” Blake added, as he smirked at Manuel, who glared at him, then shook his head. “That storm took out most everything. But I still believe the money is good, as Manuel has said. I was there, working on some homes, to help rebuild. There’s a lot of good going on there.”

 Hector played his alias, Christian Blake, the builder, slash thug and ruffian and smuggler of rich peoples’ artifacts. He got in well with the Russian Oligarch’s and kept all their expensive belongings at the freeport. Thanks to Ilia Antonovich, he was the one who introduced him to Krik, and they all got along well. He received a lot of accolades, especially from Krik himself. He met him at the beginning of the year when he visited him at the Freeport and added some of his own things in there. He also met Roman, Rodion, and Anton, and some other Spetsnaz boy, Adrik on that same day. Roman fell for him instantly, and they became fuck buddies and very close together. He didn’t mind, the smaller Russian was gorgeous, and a fucking live wire in bed. He was a good little bottom. Just like Daniel was. He hoped his friend was okay, and if what Rafa told him was true and he was in the hands of Krik, he fucking feared for poor Daniel. He could be anywhere, could even be there in Petersburg, or Moscow. He would find out exactly where he was, and things would go pear-shaped in the next week. Hence why they met with Roman at his restaurant. He and Rafa needed to get in good with the small Russian, so he could bring them to Krik’s dacha and they could find out where Daniel was being held.

“Exactly, Blake knows too. We were there together, it was good, the money started to really pour back in. So, for the right investor, the weather is simply fine. Trust me, I know, it’s all good, man,” Manuel added, as he winked at Blake and looked to Roman, who still stared at him.

“Listen, anyone who is interested will not find a more lucrative way to move your money overseas. There is no better time than now, honestly. You can’t be afraid to take a risk, that’s what life is about. You take the risk, and a lot of the time, it pays off, at least for me, it has, and my friend Steven Frost as well, and Manuel. We are all risk-takers, and look how good we’re doing,” Blake put in, as he eyed Roman. He saw how he was a bit miffed he wasn’t in on this deal. He looked to Rafa and Frost, time to nail this coffin shut on the fucking Russians.

“I agree with Blake, I’m not afraid to take risks. My own private company, Kava Industries is thriving, and can afford to put out half a million, if I need to,” Frost put in, he played the game as only he knew best. This man had so many skeletons in his closet, but all would come to a head for him soon.

“And listen, with our guidance, you will be able to take advantage of the low tax exemptions and land regulations. Put up houses, million-dollar houses, on the water, by the beach, and you will make back triple what you put in. You will get a nice return, I can tell you that,” Manuel added, as he baited Roman. He smiled when he spoke up.

“Oh, really? What kind of return are we talking about?” Roman cut in, after he listened to all this talk. He just wanted to stick it to Jadovsky. He had to do this for Krik, to get the dog out of there, so the real boys could play it right.

Manuel smiled warmly at Roman and turned to face him. “Within two months, you will see a 45 to 50% on a fifty-million-dollar outlay. Not bad, right?” he answered, and played his part he had practiced well. 

“Yeah, Roman, that’s real. It’s good now, to get in and do this deal,” Blake added, and Roman smiled at his sweet Blake. He looked up when the waitress finally brought over the vodka and four glasses. “Mmhmm, so, tell me, my sweet Blake, you didn’t think that a deep pocketed mutual friend and lover might be interested?” He asked, as he poured four glasses and handed them to Blake, Frost and Manuel, but left out Jadovsky. 

“No, no, no, Roman, hang on, I didn’t want to presume. That’s why I asked if you wanted to meet Manuel. I was just being cautious, and didn’t want to overstep myself,” Blake countered, as he sank back his vodka and grinned openly at Roman, who smiled sweetly at him, then filled his glass again. 

Jadovsky growled angrily, as he glared at all of them. “Blake, what the fuck is this? A fucking bidding war now? I want no part of this shit. This little piece of shit and his boss are thieves and thugs. Krik is a fucking insane Suka.” 

“Hey, man, no one asked you to butt in any way. I was just talking with my friends, and you barged into the conversation, and this table. I really didn’t want you here, this is Roman’s place, but you cut in here,” Blake shot back, as he glared at Jadovsky. “And besides, it depends on who is doing the bidding? It’s there for the highest bidder, with the most money, and the most influential Oligarch, that’s all I’m saying.” he added, and smiled at Roman, then turned and glared back to Jadovsky.

“No, no, no fucking way that I am competing with Vassily Krik’s fucking lapdog. You can stick that idea up your fucking ass. I am done here, you fucking dirty traitor. Especially not after what happened on my land at my dacha. You left me that disgusting burned out husk of a dead Captain. Fuck you, Roman Platov, and to your boss, fucking Vassily Krik,”  Jadovsky shot back, and made to stand up.

“No, fuck you, Jadovsky. Krik asked me to give you something, and I mean to do it,” Roman raged, as he stood up and punched the fat man in his gut, then punched him on the side of his face with his fist. He punched him on his chin just for good measure. He grinned when the man fell back against the wall in pain. Good. He got his message across. Not to get rid of the fucker and get down to business with his Blake and the lovely Manuel DeSanto.

Jadovsky grunted when Platov hit him, he had fists like a fucking bull, and they hurt. He still raged at the little man. “You fucking little Suka, Roman Platov. You and your fucking boss, Vassily Krik, are nothing but murderers and thieves. You steal and claim something is yours. I will tear you into shreds. Tell Krik to go fuck himself. And as for you, fucking Blake, you traitor, I will never do business with you again. You can go to hell if you want to work with Krik’s fucking lapdog,

“You will never replace Krik and his empire, Jadovsky. You are a fucking dog, and should learn your place. Get the fuck out of here. You disgust me with your filth,” Roman glared at the man. He punched him in his face again, then sat down. He wasn’t pleased when Timur went charged toward Roman. He stood up again and punched him over and over in his gut, his sides, and kicked him in his balls. Blake stood up and gently pulled Roman off fucking Jadovsky. The placed filled up and people looked on toward their table. He smiled when Roman cupped his cheek and kissed him. Then he sat down again.  

“Stop fucking punching me, you little Suka. Fuck you! You can have it all, I am done with your shit. You are nothing but Krik’s little lapdog. Your bark is worse than your bite. You have a mean right hook, but it’s because you are a shortarse with an attitude. There should be no competition. I have more to offer than fucking Krik. Blake, you too, I am done with you. Go to fucking hell,” Jadovsky raged, as he balled his hands into fists. He didn’t care that Platov’s comrade, Yuri stood there. He knew the man would pounce on him, but he had nothing to lose.

“Come on, now, Timur, don’t talk like that. Roman isn’t anyone’s lapdog. I would shut up if I were you. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but like I said, you barged in on us, with your fucking lapdogs standing outside,” Blake intoned, as he stared at Jadovsky. He smirked inwardly, as he successfully played the two against one another. 

Roman grinned at Blake, glad he was on his side, he had won him back, and he was happy. He suddenly snapped his fingers for Yuri Komolov to come over. “No, Blake, Timur is correct, on that point, there is no competition. Mr. Krik would prefer to be the sole investor in this deal. Timur and his dogs can leave my restaurant or be made to do so. He is foul smelling and I want him gone,” he added, as he poured more vodka for everyone. 

Yuri walked behind Jadovsky now, and waited for him to stand up, but never touched him.

“You are a sad little man. When Krik goes down, you will go down with him. I will swoop in and take everything back. Fuck you, Platov, you shortarse Suka,” Jadovsky said calmly, as he glared down at the man.

“Fuck off, Timur Jadovsky, you fat pig. Your money is as disgusting and as foul as your breath. Get the fuck out of my restaurant. You speak nonsense, and I suggest you shut the fuck up. I am tired of you. You will leave now,” Roman stated, but his eyes were like fire, as he glared at the man, and Yuri escorted him out. 

Jadovsky glared at Blake, and shook his head, while Manuel sat wide-eyed. Frost had left the table by then. He knew Hector and Rafa had gotten in. He had his plans in play and would execute them. “Go to hell, Blake you fucking backstabbing asshole. You stay with Krik’s lapdog, but when it doesn’t work out, you come see me. I will help you and not hold it against you,” Jadovsky retorted, as he was escorted out of the place by Roman’s lapdog.

“Oh, yes, sure, okay.. I’ll see you there then, right? Fuck off, Timur, you dirty fucking asshole. Get the fuck lost. I didn't want you around in the first place. You pushed your way in. I’ll never work with you. You talk nonsense and are foul-smelling,” Blake shot back, as he grinned at Manuel. He knew they were in.

Roman laughed at Blake’s words, and handed Manuel his shot glass filled with vodka again, as he toasted. “Dlya vashego zdorov'ya! To your health!” and grinned when the other two men countered, and their glasses clinked loudly. 

They all drank more vodka and Manuel stared at Roman, he was handsome for a Russian guy, and so soft-spoken. He liked him already and wondered if he would get him to fuck him. He sank back his vodka as Roman, and Blake did the same. 

“So, lovely Manuel, you and Blake will be my guests tonight at my club. We will talk about an investor who will help make your time here worthwhile,” Roman said, as he leaned over and kissed the handsome Puerto Rican, then turned to Blake, and kissed him slower, more passionately. None of them were shocked, but in fact, enjoyed the attention of the handsome Russian.


After their meeting Roman embraced both Blake and Manuel, rubbed their backs sweetly. He made his excuses that he had to return to his kitchen to continue cooking before he could meet them later at his club. 

Roman sent a quick text to Vassily and let him know that he had a new investor for them, how Blake had introduced him to Russia. He was pleased when Krik sent a text and told him he looked forward to meeting the new investor and seeing Blake again.


Hector and Rafa exited the building, and he grinned at Rafa. “Come on, I want to show you something sweet,” he said, as he grabbed Rafa’s hand and pulled him down the street to where his new red Porsche was.

“Wow! Nice wheels, man! This is yours?” Rafa asked, as he stepped into the passenger seat and buckled in.

“Yeah, it’s one of the perks of getting in close to Oligarchs. You get certain privileges,” Hector answered, as he started the beauty up and took off, and raced down the street at a high speed. 

“So, tell me, Hector, how are we going to find Daniel in all this mess?” Rafa asked and smiled as the other man sped through the streets even faster in his sports car. 

“Well, when Roman gets us to Krik’s dacha, I will put you in charge of  the investigation, since I’m told you’re good at it. You can sneak around and just listen in,” Hector said, as he drove through the streets of St. Petersburg. 

“Aren’t you just a little concerned about Daniel, Hector? You seem too preoccupied with the part you’re playing, as Christian Blake,” Rafa countered, and held out his hands when the other man slammed on the brakes.

Hector parked the car and turned to Rafa, an angry look on his face. He turned serious by the second. “Of course, I’m fucking concerned about Daniel.  I’m fucking sick over it. Krik is a ruthless motherfucker. He is seriously wacked out. He loves to fucking hunt, and I don’t fucking mean deer, or any fucking animals,” he revealed, as he stared hard at Rafa, seeing him flinch at his reveal.

“Fuck, are you kidding me? He hunts humans. That’s fucking sick! I hope he’s not doing that to Daniel, if he’s there,” Rafa answered, and he turned green just thinking about it.

“Yeah, let’s fucking hope not. And about Roman Platov, don’t let that sweet smile fool you, he’s fucking good at torture. He’s into all the BDSM shit, which believe me, I have had previously with Daniel, in Chechnya, before all this shit happened. We’ve known each other an exceptionally long time, and I love him, Rafa. We will find him, and get him the fuck out of Russia, I promise you. About tonight, though, let me do all the talking with Roman. You’ll know when to speak, but I will take the lead with him because he can be very tricky and slippery.” 

“Okay, man, I got it. I’ll follow your lead and try not to fuck anything up. This is scary shit, Hector,” Rafa said, and nodded his head, then patted Hector on the shoulder. “All right, man, let’s keep fucking going in this beauty. This is fucking fun.” 

“It sure is, Rafa, so you better fucking buckle up.” Hector grinned at Rafa, as he reached under the driver’s seat and pulled out a blue siren. He placed it on the car and sped off again. “Hey man, it’s an Oligarch’s privilege. We can drive as fast as we want. They spent the day in the city, and Hector brought him back to the Freeport. No one was there, so he showed him around and explained to him how he came to Russia, via Ilia Antonovich, who found him in Cape Town, and fell in love with him. He had a small affair with the older man, but cut it off when he met Krik. Ilia still helped him with his home in Ronda, and gave him a lot of money, but Krik made him back off. They were still friends, and he would be heartbroken when he found out Jadovsky killed him because of the incident that day in Platov’s restaurant. They spent the day together, and ate at another restaurant. Platov wouldn’t know, no one would tell him. Hector found an our of the way place to eat, and they enjoyed their meal of Beef Stroganoff, and drank Russian Stoli vodka. He explained everything about Roman Platov to Rafa, so he would be well informed.


   Back at the Dacha, around five o’clock that afternoon, Krik finally returned home. Gott was with him, as was Anton and Adrik, and some of his other men. He read the text message from Roman and was pleased to know they had the new investor, Manuel DeSanto to meet. Krik told Roman to bring them to the Dacha tomorrow, and for him to have a good night.

     After that conversation, Krik spoke with Cook and he told the man he would make salmon, white and wild rice and roasted asparagus with some of the herbs from the greenhouse that night.

    They all retired to the bar at the back of the dacha and smoke some of the fresh marijuana, snorted the coke and drank a lot more of the Stoli vodka. By the time dinner was ready, it was six thirty now, and they ate at the tables in the bar. They just spent the rest of the night drinking and then had coffee, because Cook made a delicious Pavlova for dessert. It was a meringue-based dessert, actually named after a Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. It had a crispy crust and soft, light meringue inside and topped with fresh strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries, and a lot of whipped cream. All processed from the greenhouses. So, they ate and drank the freshly ground Arabica coffee, and played a round of Russian poker. It was a game in which each player tried to beat the dealer’s five-card hand with their own five-card hand. They didn’t play against each other, only against the dealer, who on that night was Vassily. Gott won a couple rounds, along with Anton, but Adrik bowed out and sat with the rest of Rodion’s Spetsnaz boys, they drank Stoli vodka, and smoked more pot and snorted coke. They could hear the others voices as they tried to beat Krik, they did a few times, but in the end, he was just too good. He only lost about ten times, and they played on for the rest of the night, and drank more coffee.


   It was around nine o’clock that evening when Krik tried to contact Rodion. He sent a text message and woke his young Spetsnaz Lieutenant.


{Incoming text – from Vassily Krik- The Major} If you want, you can meet Cook in the kitchen, he has supper for him and the blyat – ah Daniel Miller. It’s fresh salmon, wild rice and fresh roasted asparagus. Please come downstairs, my Rodion. VK


   Rodion sighed when the text message woke him up, but he was glad Daniel still slept on.


{Outgoing text from Rodion Volkov – to the Major} Okay, Vassily. I can’t stay for long. I have to look after Daniel. But, I will come down and meet Cook now. Please tell him I’ll see him a few minutes. RV.


Rodion just knew Krik would be there too, but he would deal with that. He was glad the sedative still worked and kept Daniel asleep. He got up out of the bed, got dressed, put on his Spetsnaz boots, slipped his Glock in the waistband at the back of his denims, then made his way down to the kitchen. He used the secret doors and made it there in five minutes. He clicked his tongue when he entered through that back way he used with Daniel earlier, when he saw Krik there. He stood with Cook and they chatted. He knew Cook wouldn’t rat on him, and he smiled as he entered the room. He heard the rowdy bunch in the bar on the other side, but ignored it.

   “Ah, Good evening, Rodion. How are you feeling? How is the blyat- your Daniel Miller?” Krik corrected himself and smiled at his Spetsnaz boy.

   “Good evening, Vassily. I’m fine, Daniel is still asleep. Please don’t call him that,” Rodion interjected with a frown.

   “I will call him whatever I wish to. Anyway, will you join me for a moment in the bar? I would really like you to make your presence known. Cook will prepare more fresh salmon, so you have time,” Krik offered brooked no quarter to the young Spetsnaz.

    Rodion sighed but he knew it was an order from Krik. He couldn’t refuse. “Yes, of course, Vassily. Please, I can’t stay too long. I don’t want to leave Daniel alone.”

   “I understand, Rodion. You will only stay for as long as it takes to prepare the salmon, about twenty minutes. Then you can bring dinner upstairs for both you and the blyat. I only ask you to stay with me for that time,” Vassily softened his voice. He knew Rodion would bend for him when he spoke in this manner. He offered his Spetsnaz boy a warm smile, as he placed his hand on his lower back. He caressed him through his shirt and smiled when he felt his Glock there. He nodded at Rodion, but didn’t give anything away.

   “Okay, Vassily, I understand. It sounds good. Please, lead the way,” Rodion relented and didn’t respond too much when the older man pawed at his lower back with his hand and caressed him. He was relieved when Krik didn’t say anything about his gun being there.

  “Come on, my dear boy,” Vassily responded and led him from the kitchen through the corridor, then turned left through the other door.

   When they entered the room, Vassily pulled Rodion beside him so everyone saw him. He smiled when Adrik joined them and he pulled Rodion to their table, where they were drinking, snorting coke and smoking pot.

   “It’s fresh from the greenhouses, Rodion. Anton and I helped Mikhail and the workers to cultivate the leaves. Don’t you want to try some? If only a little?” the young Spetsnaz soldier spoke quickly. He was stone and high on coke, and drunk from the Stoli vodka.

   “Nyet, not right now, Adrik. I will have some vodka, though,” Rodion answered and laughed when the young Russian poured him three shots in a row. He sank back each of them, and patted Adrik on his back.

   Vassily sat by Gott and Anton and watched Rodion with his Spetsnaz boys. He smiled when he caught his eye and motioned for him to join them at their table.

   Rodion excused himself from Adrik and his Spetsnaz boys, and joined Krik and Gott at his table. He sat beside Anton, and accepted another shot from him. He noticed they played Russian poker.

   “So, tell me, Rodion, how is the blyat doing? It was nice of Vassily to give you and your charge a day alone in the dacha, hmm?” Gott said to the bean-pole Spetsnaz boy. He spoke in Russian, but stopped when Krik shook his head at him.

   “You can speak in English, Bruno. There’s no need to scare everyone,” Krik warned and smiled when Rodion and Anton laughed.

   “Yes, Bruno, you don’t have to be up Vassily’s ass all the time. Give your ego a rest,” Rodion remarked as he and Anton and Vassily laughed.

   “Good one, Rodion. I missed this so much,” Anton laughed and noticed how Gott glared at them.

   “And you don’t have to be up the blyat’s ass all the time. Give your own ego a rest, Spetsnaz boy,” Gott shot back and regretted it instantly.

   “Fuck you, German Suka! You don’t speak to me in this manner. I am second Lieutenant. You are only little fucking Suka Captain,” Rodion said quietly, as he sucker punched the man in his side. There was loud Russian music playing and the bar was filled with his Spetsnaz boys and Roman’s and Krik’s men. He kicked the man in his shin and glared at him.

    Vassily clicked his tongue and punched Bruno on the back on his big German head. “Rodion is right, Bruno. Don’t speak out of turn. I already lost a recent Captain, I don’t want to put a bullet in your head now,” he warned and laughed when Rodion sucker punched Gott again.

    “Okay, okay, strong fucking Spetsnaz boy. Stop punching me. I am on your side. I made a joke, just as you said to me. I am sorry, Vassily, it won’t happen again,” Gott said and held his side where the strong bean-pole Spetsnaz boy knocked the wind out of him.

   “Don’t speak to Vassily that way. He is the Major. I suggest you stop this talk, or I will stop it for you” Rodion leaned in and spoke softly to the man. He didn’t hit him again, but he glared at him and showed him his Glock gun for a moment. He was glad that shut him up.

   Anton laughed and kicked Gott in his shin, then winked at him as he flashed his own Glock pistol at the man.

   Vassily clapped and smiled at Rodion and Anton, then turned to his Spetsnaz boy. “Rodion, will you please play a round or two of Russian poker before you leave to see the blyat again? It would please me so much.”

   Rodion sighed when Krik called Daniel a blyat again, but again, he relented. “Okay, yes, Vassily. I will play,” he answered, and over the next ten minutes he won every hand against Vassily. When Gott played the dealer, he beat him every time too. He didn’t keep the money, though, he won one thousand Euros. He tried to return it to Vassily, but the man shoved it back to his beautiful Spetsnaz boy.

   “Please, keep it, my boy. You won fair and square,” Vassily laughed and shoved the money back into the boys hands. He received a text from Cook, the salmon was finished. He showed Rodion the text and smiled as he stood up with him.

   “Okay, Vassily. Thank you, I must take my leave. It was nice to see everyone, enjoy the rest of your evening,” Rodion said as he bowed to Vassily and walked out of the room before the man could grope him again. He joined Cook in the kitchen and smiled when the man had just finished the salmon as he entered the kitchen.

   “Hello, Rodion. It is very good to see you again. Alone,” Cook spoke in his deep French accent. He shook the young Spetsnaz hand and smiled as he placed the food in the two plastic containers. Then put it on the tray again. The same tray Adrik had returned from upstairs outside Rodion’s bedroom.

   “Yes, Cook, is very good to see you too. Thank you, it smells delicious,” Rodion answered, as he watched the man.

   “You’re welcome. Enjoy. Please take care of your young prisoner and yourself. I know you will do so,” Cook said cryptically. How did he know about the prisoner? There was something mysterious about this Frenchman, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Still, he was glad he was nice to him, he liked him.

   “Thank you, Cook. Yes, of course I will always do so,” was all Rodion managed, as he nodded his head.

   “Okay, so, here is your supper. I added special bottles of Leninade soda as a special treat. I filled two glasses with ice so it will be nice and cold. Please enjoy. You know to leave the tray in the corridor for Adrik to collect. Good night, Rodion,” Cook answered in his French accent. He smiled at the young Russian Spetsnaz.

   “Very god. Thank you, Cook. It smells wonderful. The Leninade is nice too. Yes, I know.  Goodnight now,” Rodion said and returned the smile. He picked up the tray and carried it out of the kitchen.

   He heard the loud voices of revelry from the bar, and shook his head as he took the stairs three at a time and quickly returned to the bedroom he shared with Daniel. He hoped he was still asleep and didn’t wake in his absence. The thought moved his legs faster as he rounded the corner at the top of the landing. He placed the tray on the floor, took out his key, unlocked the door. Then picked up the tray and entered the room. He closed the door with his foot a moment, carried the tray to the table by the bed, then went back and locked the door again.

   He returned to the bed and sat down beside his slumbering charge. He was glad he was still asleep, and hated to wake him. But the food smelled delicious and he was hungry. He leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to Daniel’s lips.

   “Daniel, wake up. I have supper for us,” Rodion whispered, as he ran his hands through his hair. It had grown more during his stay there, and he looked good with it.

   “Hmm? Did you say supper, my sexy Spetsnaz? Your hand feels good in my hair,” Daniel giggled and yawned then his eyes fluttered open and he smiled up at Rodion.

   Rodion laughed and ran his hands through his hair some more. “Yes, my sexy army brat. Is fresh caught Salmon, white and wild rice, and roasted asparagus. All herbs and vegetables from the greenhouses. There is also a Russian specialty drink, is called Leninade. Is just special red pop, is red style lemonade soda pop, with hints of strawberry and bubblegum. So is sweet, I think this as a boy growing up in Moscow. We used to sneak it around and drink it. So, I think you will like it too. Cook gave it to us to enjoy. Krik lets him drink it, because he is French, and is a funny pun of a joke,” he explained, as he pulled the table with the wheels to the bed and lifted the large cloche.

   “I can see that by the name, that’s hilarious. I guess Krik can have a sense of humor when he wants to. Really? Cook gave us this food and drink? Krik approved of that too?” Daniel asked with a huge smile on his face. His stomach growled and he blushed when his gorgeous Russian smiled at him.

   “Yes. Krik sent me text message while you slept. I met him and Cook downstairs. He made me sit with them in the bar for a while, as Cook prepared more fresh salmon for us. He prepared the entire meal over again, so we would have fresh supper and not leftovers. I think Krik made him do that so I could spend time with them. And Krik can be funny when it suits him. He is in good mood today, so is why he allowed this. I think is because of what happened with Dimitri, and how he took him down. That makes him happy when he can be the great ruler,” Rodion explained, as he helped Daniel to sit up against the headboard. Then he kicked off his boots, took of his shirt and denims and joined his charge nude beneath the blankets.

   “Yeah, I can see that. I think it’s definitely why he’s in a good mood today. So, this is special. We will enjoy it because I bet Krik will really let me have it tomorrow. He was too nice today, because of the killing. I still don’t trust it. But I’m starving and this looks and smells amazing,” Daniel confessed and grunted when Rodion gently lifted him up. It scared him to think how much death pleased the insane oligarch. He was scared for tomorrow, and knew in his bones Krik would fucking torture him horribly. He didn’t think about that now, he just enjoyed the nice dinner and the Russian pop, and this alone time with his sexy Russian.

   “Yes, I know. Your words are true too. I think this same way. I don’t trust this either, but I am starving too. We no talk about insane Krik anymore. We eat dinner and then have bath, and rest more. I will give you little more pain meds. Is okay, my army brat?” Rodion spoke softly, as he twisted open the bottles of Russian soda pop, then poured them into the ice filled glasses.

   “That sounds wonderful, my Spetsnaz boy. Let’s tuck in now,” Daniel agreed, and leaned against Rodion.

   Rodion laughed as he pulled the table right over their legs. It was like a hospital table. He procured it from his time as Spetsnaz soldier, and it now came in very handy for his Daniel in Krik’s dacha of torture. This room was their safe haven, so they just enjoyed this respite for the rest of the evening.

   Daniel tucked into his food with fervor. He was starved and his stomach growled angrily, then felt better as he ate everything on his plate. The salmon just fell apart nicely with his fork, and the rice with the spray of lemon, with the roasted asparagus, it was coated with Parmesan cheese and baked to crunchy perfection. Everything was so delectable, but he enjoyed it nicely. He saw Rodion enjoyed it too. Then he took a sip of the Russian pop and his eyes widened. “Wow! This stuff is fucking amazing! It tastes so sweet and tart and is so bubbly and refreshing. I like it,” he mused as he sipped more of it from the ice filled glass.

   “I am glad you like it, my Daniel, and our supper too. Is very nice, we will feel better now,” Rodion agreed, as he leaned in and pecked a quick kiss to his charges’ lips. Then they finished eating their delicious supper and drank the rest of the Russian pop. They both sank back against the headboard with a satisfied sigh of relief.

   “It was good, yes, my army brat?” Rodion asked, as he enveloped Daniel in his arms.

    “Yes, it was. I enjoyed this very much. Ah, it’s nice to be in your strong arms. Can we have our bath soon?” Daniel rambled on, as he leaned his head against his Russian’s nude shoulder. He liked them being nude on this day, it was nice and he felt calm in the arms of his handler.

   “Yes. We can go now. I prepare the bath while you sit on the divan,” Rodion said, as he pushed the table to the left side of the bed, then slid their bodies to the right side of the mattress. He helped Daniel to stand and held him in his arms as they walked toward the bathroom again. He sat his charge down on the divan again, and made quick work of the bath. This time he used the lavender and chamomile both bombs. He made the temperature just right for a bath to relax in, added the bath bombs, and lastly added the cherry bubble bath. Then he returned to the divan and smiled when Daniel fell asleep again. “Daniel, wake up, our bath is ready.” He knelt down in front of his charge and gently laced their fingers together.

   “Mmhmm, that sounds wonderful. Thank you,” was all Daniel managed to say. He opened his eyes and smiled down at his gorgeous Russian when he knelt in front of him.

    “You are welcome. Come on, let’s go have a nice soak,” Rodion stood up then helped Daniel to stand. He laughed as he scooped his sleepy charge up into his arms and carried him to the bath. He stepped inside with his long legs, then sank their bodies down in the hot, soapy bath bomb filled water. He moved Daniel to sit between his legs, their knees touched as their legs bent together.

   “Ah. Oh, fuck, this is so nice. Smells wonderful. Those were the bath bombs? They’re so silky,” Daniel rambled on, as he pressed his body back against Rodion’s.

   Rodion laughed at Daniel’s words and kissed the side of his neck. Then he enveloped him in his arms, wrapped his legs around his charges’ then held him close. “Yes, I used the lavender and chamomile bath bombs and cherry bubble bath. We relax now.” For the next twenty minutes they sat together, their bodies, arms, and legs entwined and let lavender and chamomile relaxed them.

   Rodion reached for the soft flannel and filled it with some of the apple scented body soap, then gently washed Daniel’s face. He was still bruised and battered, but he would use more of the clear aloe vera gel after their bath, and also administer the small amount of pain meds to help his charge sleep through the night. He moved the cloth down his charges neck and over his shoulders. All areas on his body were bruised where the dead Suka Dimitri beat him with his fists and feet. He was glad that bastard was dead, but he worried about the German Suka. He didn’t tell Daniel about him yet, he didn’t want him scared more than he already was. He cleared his mind of those thoughts and just ran the soft flannel down his charges’ back, down his hairy chest. The wound on his chest was red and ragged, but he didn’t have anything for it there. He forgot about the medical items in his rucksack, but would remember them later. For now, he washed Daniel’s stomach, between his legs, over his cock and balls, then up his thighs. The bubbles mixed with the soap and calmed his charge even more. He was pleased by that. He ran the flannel up his legs, over his abused knees and down to his feet. Once he was done, he just held his charge in his arms and they both relaxed together.

   Daniel let out a long contented sigh when Rodion tended to him. He felt so relaxed now as his sexy Russian cleansed his body with the soapy flannel. He closed his eyes and his body sagged back against his and just let all his troubles go for the moment. He was completely boneless by the time Rodion finished and was glad when his arms wrapped completely around him and they sat in that lovely hot soapy, bubbly bath for another twenty minutes. They both fell asleep in that time, but it was good, they were calmed and relaxed again.

    Rodion was the first to wake up forty minutes later and he smiled when he saw Daniel was asleep, or so he thought. “Daniel, we must get out of bath now, and get into bed,” he murmured in his ear and kissed the soft lobe.

   “Mmhmm, I know, Rodion. I’m awake. I feel so calmed and relaxed. Can you help me again?” Daniel whispered and giggled when neither one of them moved yet.

   “Yes, I can do that. I will do that. Soon,” Rodion spoke softly. He felt completely boneless too. The lavender and chamomile and how he held Daniel in his arms made him sleep and relaxed too. There was nothing for it, again, when he used his body strength and scooped Daniel up into his arms, then stood up on his strong, hairy, muscular legs. He stepped out of the bath and moved them to sit on the divan. First he reached for two large bath towels and wrapped one around Daniel, then himself. He reached for his brush on the sink and moved Daniel’s body between his open legs. He puled him back and brushed his hair with his Russian brush. He kissed the side of his neck and frowned at the bruises still there.

   “I’m going to use the clear aloe vera gel and give you another shot of pain meds. Okay?” Rodion murmured in his ear and kissed the soft lobe.

   “Mmhmm,” was all Daniel managed. He felt completely boneless from his Russian’s wonderful ministrations. First the bath, now him as he brushed his hair and he sat between his open legs. 

   Rodion laughed at how completely relaxed Daniel was now. He liked that, it meant he would sleep well. “Daniel, can you open your eyes for me, and I move us to the bedroom?”

   “Mmhmm. Sorry, I feel so relaxed and sleepy again. We can move to the bedroom again,” Daniel answered and smiled sheepishly at Rodion.

   “You are so cute. Okay, my sleepy army brat. We go now. I’m going to lift you up from behind, then get things from cabinet over sink. Okay?” Rodion spoke softly and smiled when his charge nodded his head. He lifted them up slowly and carefully, he didn’t want Daniel to get spooked.

   Daniel grunted a little but held onto Rodion when he lifted them up to stand from the divan. “You’re just so strong and virile,” he smiled as he turned in his arms and pecked kisses to his lips. First they moved to the sink, flossed, brushed and rinsed their teeth and mouths, then they were done in the bathroom.

   “Yes, is okay. Come on, I get pain meds and aloe vera gel now. Oh, fuck, gel is in cabinet by the bathtub,” Rodion swore and helped Daniel to sit down. He smiled when his charge giggled and watched him closely when he moved to the cabinet again. He unlocked it before so the key was on top, so he opened the doors reached inside and took out the bottle he used before. Then he locked the cabinet and joined Daniel, first he unlocked the cabinet over the sink and got the small vial of pain meds, and some Paracetamol, then another auto syringe. Finally, he moved back to Daniel and helped him up, then walked them back to the bed. He placed the medical things on the table, slipped his denims on, then unlocked the door, then carried the tray out to the corridor. He placed it on the floor and closed and locked the door. Then he returned to Daniel by the bed, and smiled when his charge grinned at him. “What?” he asked and laughed.

   “You are superman. You do everything at once and just get things done. I get excited to watch you, you’re so sexy and virile,” Daniel giggled and pecked a kiss to his soft, plump lips.

   “Oh, Daniel, you are so sweet. I love your compliments, they make me smile and blush. Come on, let’s get into bed now. I sit you down and I will tend to your wounds and bruises,” Rodion admitted to his charge. He sat him down on the bed and ran his fingers through his hair.

   “Mmhmm. You are sweet too. Spasibo, my Rodion,” was all Daniel said and relaxed while his sexy Russian took care of him.

   “You are welcome,” Rodion remarked and reached for the aloe vera gel. He grabbed another pair of gloves from the side table, where he left a few earlier, then set to work. He dabbed a liberal amount on Daniel’s forehead, his cheeks, and nose, and chin, then carefully beneath his eyes.

   “Whoa. That is so tingly. It works so fast,” Daniel managed to say. He wanted to sleep again, but he knew Rodion had more work to do.

   “Yes, I can feel it tingly on my fingers too. Is just because is so potent and concentrated. Is right from plant. I know you are sleepy, I will be done soon, then we can sleep,” Rodion soothed Daniel and pecked kisses to his lips again. He covered more of the bruises and gashes on his charges’ neck, and chin. Then he slipped the gloves off and threw them into the trash bin. He let Daniel relax a moment, because he knew this gel was strong, he didn’t want him to become upset. He remembered something in his rucksack and moved to the closet, where he placed it. He pulled it out and brought it to the table. When he opened it, he grinned at Daniel and pulled out the medical glue. “I know you will have more torture, but if I just mend this wound on your chest, your pain there will be less.”

   “No. It’s okay, Rodion, it’s only going to be reopened. Can you put some aloe on it?” Daniel stayed his hand.

   “I can try. Hold on,” Rodion answered, and he slipped the gloves back on, then used the long cotton swab from his rucksack. He liberally spread the aloe on the wound and stopped when Daniel hissed.

   “Oh, wow! Fuck! That stings. It’s so tingly. It seeps right into my skin, it’s incredible,” Daniel said as he bit his bottom lip and placed his hands flat on the mattress beside his nude body. They were both nude and looked hot and sexy as fuck. These thoughts made his pain subside, but so did this aloe vera gel.

   “Is okay, then? Did it remove some of the pain?” Rodion inquired. He was glad to see his charge react in this manner, the gel really worked wonders on him.

   “Yes. Oh yes, it’s wonderful. It feels a little better. Can we get into bed now? I’m so tired? I’m sorry to moan about it. I just want to be in your arms again and sleep,” Daniel begged and sobbed, and it broke Rodion’s heart.

   “Yes, of course we can, my Daniel. Oh, I want you to rest. Okay, let me just give you the pain meds shot, and then we get into bed and sleep again,” Rodion said with a shaky voice. He reached for the small bottle and filled the auto syringe with the small amount. He smiled when Daniel turned his lovely long neck, and he stuck the auto syringe in. It hissed as it deposited the drug inside his veins.

   “Yeah, that’s good stuff too. Stems the pain. Now can we get into bed?” Daniel asked, his eyes were heavily hooded, his long dark eyelashes spread out over the top of his bearded cheeks. He looked so innocent, so angelic, it made Rodion’s heart skip a beat.

   “Absolutely, my Daniel. We go to sleep now. I’m glad this helped. Hold on one more minute,” Rodion said, as he quickly put all the pain meds and aloe gel away in the bathroom cabinet. He didn’t want anyone to walk in on them and find the medical supplies. Krik didn’t allow that sort of thing, so he had to keep it secret. He washed his hands, dried them on the towel, then quickly returned to Daniel’s side. He climbed into the bed and helped Daniel under the covers. His phone was on the bedside table on his left, and as soon as he enveloped his charge in his arms, he was fast asleep. He kissed the top of his head, and held him close, then he too fell asleep. He would sleep on until Roman returned. He always texted him and was always drunk. Chertov durak, shortarse Suka. He thought to himself, then was asleep again.


        Later that evening at Roman’s club in St. Petersburg, Hector waited for Torres. He stood by the front door and greeted the younger man when he finally arrived.

“Listen to me, it can get pretty rough here. I’ve known Roman Platov for a fucking year now. Like I told you this afternoon, let me deal with him. If you’re loyal to him, he will love you forever. Hey, guys, it’s me, let us through,” he said  as he motioned to the thug bouncers to let them through. He led them through the club, said hello to everyone he knew, smiled at some, pushed others around, but all the time he continued his rhetoric for Rafa. 

“If you’re not his friend, you’re in fucking deep trouble. Well, let’s just say you don’t want to be. The last time I was here, I was partying with a dead guy and didn’t even know it. This guy, Federman, was a close friend of Roman,” Blake continued, and said hello to the women there, kissed them, they were being polite. Rafa kissed the women too. They loved both the handsome American men because they had money. “You see, his thing is you go drink for drink, line for line, and all that shit. But this guy couldn’t take it, when the fucking lights came on, I realized he was dead. Platov owed him money. So, no fucking love lost there, right? We need to watch each other's backs, Rafa. You need to keep your head on straight.” 

“Wow, man, rough night. But I got it man, don’t worry about it. I can handle Roman’s shit. I think he has the hots for both of us, that’s easy shit. He really loves you, though, that’s for sure,” Rafa shot back, as they moved through the crowd, and walked toward the stairs that led to where Roman lair at the top of the stairs. Each door had a Russian thug, hired by Roman to guard him. They all knew Hector, so he got through easily. 

When they finally reached the table, Roman greeted Blake first. He kissed his lips and an embraced him hard, then held him a few minutes longer. “Hello, my dearest Blake. It’s always wonderful to see you again, my gorgeous tall American.” 

Blake laughed as he patted Roman’s ass and kissed his lips harder. He slid his tongue inside the handsome Russian’s mouth for a moment, then he sat down at the back of the table. “Yeah, you too, my handsome Russian friend.” 

Roman winked at him, then turned to greet Manuel in the same manner. He cupped his face and kissed his plump lips a little longer and embraced him. He ran his hands down his back and squeezed his pert little ass. “My dear Manuel, you looked even more handsome and sexy this evening. Please, sit here beside me.” 

Manuel didn’t even flinch at how intimate Roman was, he knew all about his sexual orientation toward both men and women. He himself was the same. He knew Hector was bi-sexual at time, but now he was gay. He loved the man already, respected him, and was glad they worked together. Rafa would go with the flow, man, and do whatever came his way, with men or women. “Thanks, man. You look great too, hot as ever. Nice place you got here, man.” 

    “Mm, yes, it’s filled with many beautiful men, and women. You and Blake at the head of that, though. You both brighten up this place, quite nicely,” Roman said, as he filled three shot glasses with Russian Stoli vodka.

    “Thanks, man,” Manuel said, as he sank back his vodka only for Roman to pour more.

    Roman reached for the glass mirror of coke and handed it to Blake. “Here, my friend.” 

    “Thank you, Roman,” Blake answered, as he shorted two lines and sank back more vodka. He handed the mirror back to Roman, who snorted three and handed the mirror to Manuel. 

Manuel took that mirror, glad he was having some real fun now, not to talk all that bureaucratic bullshit. He snorted three lines himself, and shook his head. Then sank back his vodka. Roman poured more shots for them. For the next several hours, they all partied hard.

“Hello, my sweet Manuel. You are a long way away from Puerto Rico, yes? How did you meet with Christian?” Roman asked, as he snorted more coke, and handed Blake the mirror first, then it made its way back to Manuel. 

He took two more snorts of the coke, shook his head as he tried to clear it, the coke and booze did his head in. “Ah, yeah, man, what was it, um, early ‘09?” 

“Yeah, ‘09, in Florida, a real shit-show of a time down there, but we still made lots of money,” Blake answered, as he sank back more vodka. He grinned at Roman when he smiled warmly and adoringly at him. 

“Yeah, Miami, blood on the water, mortgage crisis. Ah, man, the money was so good. I bought up whole neighborhoods. All those half built homes. And then you, man-” Manuel said, as he sank back a few vodkas. He tried to stay away from the coke, his fucking head was reeled hard from that shit. 

Blake snorted two more lines; he could take the drugs. “What man, I was fucking – fuck - wait a minute, this shit is so fucking good. I was holed up in this fucking mcmansion, ripping out gold taps, copper wiring. One day, I heard the fucking front door open. I didn’t know what the fuck to expect. In walked this sexy little fucker. He was so young, still is. Hot as fuck. I liked what I saw immediately.”

“Aw man, there’s fucking Blake, man, covered in sawdust, waving around a fucking crescent wrench. He told me he lived there, said he owned the fucking place. Yeah, he was doing some fucking weekend renovating, like, fucking-a man. I liked what I saw in Blake too. He gets shit done. He’s a real take-charge kind of guy. I needed someone like that in my life at the time. It’s good we still work together. Now we want to be with you, Roman,” Manuel babbled on. He was so high now from the coke and the vodka, his brain was on fire. He didn’t want to blow their cover by talking too much. That was why he hated to talk when he was high.

“Fuck you, man, you little Puerto Rican hot ass. I love you, Manuel. You get shit done too. No one will take shit from you. You beat their heads in every time. Yeah. It’s good we’re with you, Roman. We love you too,” Blake teased, and Roman laughed, as he winked at Blake.

“Nah, man, fuck you. I didn’t know if I should shoot the tall sexy fucker, fuck him, work with him, or all fucking three man. He’s such a fucking tall fuck, I was like, hey man, I’ll climb that fucking tree, and work with the sexy motherfucker. We made so much money together, it fell out of our pockets, it was stacked so fucking high,” Manuel said, as he sank back more vodka, but only did one more line of coke. 

“You should have shot him,” Roman teased, then he laughed at his words, everyone else following suit. 

“Oh, man, fuck, didn't I tell you, this sexy little Russian, he’s a killer. Roman’s a real fucking sexy ass, but he's a killer. They don’t call him the butcher for nothing. Yeah, Roman, you’re hot as fuck,” Blake laughed, as he snorted more coke like it was nothing, then sank back more vodka. He was just getting started and could go all night with Roman. He wasn’t so sure about Rafa, though, he was looked fucking green. “Oh, man, fuck, go, go, Manuel, do more, don’t be fucking shy.”    

Manuel snorted coke, and held his nose, and groaned at how it burned his entire system. “Man, I gotta hit the head. Be right back.” 

Roman laughed as he pointed down below the club, then kissed Manuel’s lips before he snuck off to have a fucking mindfuck.

Manuel stumbled down the fucking stairs and through the crowded dance floor and pushed people out of his way. He started to hallucinate, first he saw Daniel, then Rodion, then Sergei. He finally stumbled into the toilet and pissed hard and long, washed his hands, scrubbed his face with cold water, then stumbled out into the noisy club again. His head was fucking reeling and sighed when Hector found him wandering around the club. “Hey, man, did you see Sergei? Get down man, he’s here, he’s fucking here, he’s gonna kill us all, man. I thought I saw Daniel too.” 

“Fuck man, shut the fuck up. You’re the one who’s gonna get us all killed. Come on, over here. Hey, man, get us two bottles of vodka, and two shots!” Hector called to the bartender, then placed one in Rafa’s hand, as he sank back his own. “Keep it together, man, don’t fucking lose it. You need to fucking calm down. I wish Daniel were here, he is better at at this shit than you, kid. I wish you were Daniel.” 

“No, no, no, no, man, did you see him? Sergei is really fucking here. I'm sorry, man, I wish he were too, the fucking two of you would be excellent with fucking Roman,” Rafa went out, as Hector made him drink a bigger shot. 

Hector placed his hands on Rafa’s shoulders, then smacked his face to wake him up. “Right, fuck, you all right now? Fuck, you're right, Daniel would never do this. You’re too fucking out of it. You’re too fucking high and too fucking green. You need to get your fucking head together. You know we must get to Daniel we have to get him back. And to achieve that, we gotta go deep. We need to get to Krik, that means going deeper. We have to play this game with Roman. You got that you little shit?” Hector intoned, as he thought about his poor Daniel, if he were with Krik, he’d be hurt bad.

“Yeah, sure, man.” Rafa nodded at Hector, then shut up for the moment, as Hector shoved him up the stairs, back to Roman’s lair. 

Hector had two bottles of vodka in his hand, as they reached the stairs, but not before he turned to Rafa and looked down at him. “You good now?” 

“Yeah, yeah, I’m good.” Rafa mumbled, as he stumbled toward the table.

“Hey, look who it is. Guess he got lost heading to the john,” Blake said, as he sat in his chair, and placed the bottles of vodka in the middle of the table. 

“Mm, hello stranger. Glad you’re back. You’re a long way from Puerto Rico. Do you feel like you’re at home now, Manuel?” Roman asked him, as he yanked him in this chair beside him. He put his arm around him, and kissed his lips, while Blake poured their drinks.  

“Oh, no, man, honestly, I think these guys all around you are trying too fucking hard to impress you. They’re all playing a fucking losing game, man,” Manuel slurred his words, and shook his head, “Man, paying out thirty thousand euros to rent friends they won’t even remember.” 

“These guys, Manuel? What are you talking about? I’m one of these guys. Who the fuck are you to judge me? I welcomed you here-”

Rafa stopped listening and stared ahead. He thought he saw Sergei walk up the stairs and make for their table. No, it wasn’t Sergei, it was some shaggy haired Russian. He suddenly tackled Roman to the floor, just as the man threw a dagger where he and Roman once sat. 

The entire club went into a frenzy, as everyone at the table stood up, all but Blake, he sat there and drank his vodka, calm and cool as a tall fucking cucumber. Everyone watched as Yuri pulled out his gun and shot the man dead.

Manuel helped Roman up, and he hugged and kissed the gorgeous Puerto Rican, while his men took care of the would-be assassin. He released Manuel and moved to stand beside Yuri. “Is he one of Jadovsky’s lackeys?”

“Yes,” Yuri answered, as he stared down at the dead man on the floor and nodded his head.

“Good. Take care of him, then save the rest for my meat grinder. Make sure it’s discreet here, but send the body back to that fat pig. It’s his turn to receive his dead asshole,” Roman ordered quietly, as he made his way back to Manuel and Blake. 

“Hello, my lovely boys. This night is so much better now. Manuel, I love you. Thank you. You saved my life. Tomorrow we go to Vassily’s dacha. A car will pick you both up in an hour. I must leave, but will see you both very soon,” he added, as he kissed Blake first. He slid his tongue inside the taller man’s mouth for several minutes. When he moved to Manuel’s side, he pulled him close, wrapped his arms around his waist, and kissed him long and hard, his tongue moved against his for an exceptionally long while.

Rafa was so fucking high, so he returned that sensual kiss with fervor, and clung to the sexy Russian man. He pushed his hard groin against the other man’s and showed him he was game to play and fuck. When their kiss ended, their lips smacked and they both laughed, and Rafa murmured softly. “Mm, nice kiss. Extremely hot.” 

“Mm, indeed. I’ve been with Blake, so now I want you. Once we are at Vassily’s Dacha, I will visit you,” Roman revealed, as he squeezed Rafa’s pert little ass again.

“Sure, man, sounds good to me. I can’t wait. Bring your cock and vodka, and you can fuck me into the mattress, hard, with your big Russian cock,” Rafa intoned, and grinned when Roman agreed, as he groped Manuel’s cock with his hand. He winked at him and said goodbye to everyone, then he was gone.

Roman was off, probably to the dacha. Hector and Rafa waited for their car to arrive. It was fucking late, but they were high and didn’t care, so they stayed at the bottom bar and drank more vodka.


Rodion awoke to the sound of a text message going off on his phone and was pleased when Daniel still slept on. His charge had not been well on this day. All from Dimitri’s fucking rape and beatdown. He needed him to rest more, because he knew tomorrow would be such a bad day. He reached for his Samsung phone read the message then sighed.


[Incoming text — Roman Platov] On my way back to the Dacha. We need to meet with Vassily. Get dressed and meet me in the foyer. I should be there soon. RP xP


Rodion rolled his eyes but instantly sent out his reply. 


[Outgoing text — Rodion Volkov] Okay, chertov, durak. See you soon. RV


[Incoming text — Roman Platov] Damn fool indeed.  I wish I could fuck you. But I know that’s not possible, pretty Rodion Volkov. (smiley with tongue sticking out) RP. xP


{outgoing text – Rodion Volkov} Shut the fuck up, Roman. No more talk of this fucking. Daniel was raped and beaten, by you first, then Dimitri. You need to stop this. RV


[Incoming Text – Roman Platov] Yes, I know, Rodion. I am sorry for that. But like I said, this is not a vacation for the little spy. You know there will be more torture for him. I return, and tomorrow there is a hunt. For now, I will stop, but tomorrow it continues. I am bringing Blake in tomorrow and someone new. Someone for Krik. See you soon. RP


Rodion rolled his eyes again but didn’t respond. He carefully slid from the bed and put his clothes on, something told him to do the same to Daniel Miller. He dressed him and was grateful he slept on. Then he went to meet with Vassily as they waited for Roman to arrive.

What he didn’t know was that Krik's newest hire, Bruno Gott, had already spoken to Vassily, and he had been given permission for a late-night torture session with Daniel Miller. “How is our Daniel Miller, Rodion? Did he enjoy his day of respite?” Vassily asked, as he smiled at his handsome young Spetsnaz boy.

“He is good, Vassily, still asleep. Thank you for our special supper. We were hungry, and it was delicious. Yes, he enjoyed it, but he was still in pain from Dimitri’s rape and beating. I wanted him to rest more before the hunt tomorrow,” Rodion answered, as he bowed his head to the Major.

“Good. You are welcome, my Rodion. I know what he went through, Rodion. You can’t use that as an excuse for him not to receive more torture. This is not a vacation for him, for any of us. Still, I am glad the blyat – ah your Daniel Miller enjoyed it. The Hunt tomorrow. Yes, it will be quite amusing. So, our Roman returns tonight, and tomorrow Christian Blake will be here, as you know, you have met him before. He is bringing in a new Investor, Manuel DeSanto. Roman will no doubt spend a lot of time with them. He will get more sessions with Daniel Miller as well as Bruno Gott,” Vassily explained, as he poured them tumblers of scotch this time. 

“Okay, Vassily. I know that. I know why he is here. I will not stop anything. But if things go too far, I will step in. I am his handler, and you cannot deny me that. Mmhmm, Bruno Gott. He is ruthless bruiser. I read of him when I was in Spetsnaz army. I remembered that last night. Please, I ask to be present when the butcher of Hamburg has his torture sessions with Daniel,” Rodion intoned, as he sipped his scotch. He didn’t like it, so he put it on the table. He liked vodka. Krik knew that, but he always plied him with that disgusting scotch.

“Yes, he is called that. It’s why the Kremlin sent him to me. He is here to teach the blyat respect for us. For me. This is not a vacation, again, I repeat it, so you understand. I don’t want to lecture you, but you mustn’t stop the sessions too soon. The spy needs this. Yes, Rodion, I understand your point of view. You are his handler. The agreement was for us to torture him and you patch him up until the next session. I still want you to turn him into a Spetsnaz, so he can join us in our fight to win back Estonia and the rest of the Baltic states. Still, I digress. Not to worry, you soon will be in a session, or sessions,” Krik answered, as he moved to stand in front of his handsome boy. He cupped his bearded cheek, and his thumb caressed softly. He leaned in to kiss his lips, and smiled warmly at him, as he effectively calmed him from his rattled nerves. He sipped his scotch and thought of the next day’s hunt in the morning. 

Rodion wondered what Vassily’s cryptic words meant, and why he was so willing to allow this fucking butcher, Bruno Gott, to harm Daniel. He knew this wasn’t a resort. It was ap lace of torture. Krik was so fucking antiquated. Roman thought so too. Fuck him, and his Gott lapdog. He would stop the sessions if they were bad for his charge. Hmm, perhaps he would help Daniel escape sooner, just to get them both away from this fucking hostile environment, or maybe Vassily was really a fucking crazy Suka, as Daniel said. Daniel was right, this was just a trick to make them both calm so Krik could pounce on his charge tomorrow with the hunt and more torture. Fuck. He didn’t see it as Daniel had seen it. It was another fucking game he placed. He just loved to see people tortured. He should have just taken Daniel away from here, but he couldn’t do that. He had to see this fucking shit through. 

At that moment, his mobile pinged with another text message from Roman. “Fuck!”


[Incoming text — Roman Platov] Rodion, I have arrived. Meet me in the foyer Spetsnaz boy.. RP xP


[Outgoing text — Rodion Volkov] Chertov, durak. Shut the fuck up, I am on my way. RV.


Rodion looked to Vassily one last time and cringed when he smirked at the playful way his beautiful boys texted one another. He blushed and bowed his head, then exited the man’s office and made his way to the foyer, where he waited for Roman to arrive.

Roman sighed as he entered the dacha, happy to be home again. He looked up and saw Rodion waiting for him, just as he had requested. “Oh, Rodion, you are as loyal as ever. What would I do without you? What would we do without you? You are so fucking gorgeous and hot. I wish I could fuck your sweet ass,” he singsonged his words, as he reached up, grasped Rodion’s bearded cheeks and planted a hot kiss to his lips. He moved his hands down the hot Spetsnaz body, and gripped his ass hard, then smiled when the taller young man grunted at the attention. 

“Come on, Roman, you are drunk. Is disgusting now. Stop this. I don’t want you. You will have Blake here tomorrow. Go to bed and sleep it off. We have the hunt in the morning. I have told you already, I will not fuck you, you are fucking insane,” Rodion intoned, his deep voice was playful, as he gently shoved him away from him, to stop his groping hands. He didn’t really care for it. He hated Roman when he was drunk, he acted like a love-sick school boy. He just got embarrassed by the smaller man’s attention sometimes. He didn’t want them. He had Daniel, and everyone else there paled in comparison.

“Yes, my pretty Rodion Volkov, and I’m high too. Don’t you want to continue my party with me?” Roman tried one more time. He reached up and grabbed at Rodion’s crotch through his tight black denims, then leaned up and kissed him again. 

Rodion growled and pushed him away when they heard Krik’s booming voice behind them.

“Roman! What the fuck are you doing?!” Vassily shouted, as he entered the foyer and stomped over to the two men. “Rodion, go be with Daniel Miller now! I need to talk with Roman!” 

“Yes, Major,” Rodion grinned and bowed to Vassily, then glared at the shorter man. He sighed and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Then he took the stairs two at a time to be with his sleepy charge.

Roman sighed as he held his hands at his sides, they were balled into fists. “What is it, Vassily? Are you going to spoil my high again?” 

“No, Roman, I wouldn’t dream of it. I wanted to know how the meeting with Blake and our new investor went,” Vassily spoke more calmly to Roman now that he wasn’t groping Rodion.        

“Yes, it went well. I think you will love Manuel DeSanto; he has a lot of money to give for the cause, and many great ideas. That’s what young people bring to the fold, Vassily. Brains, beauty, money and Braun,” Roman spoke much calmer now, his high started to dissipate. 

“Good. I look forward to meeting him, and to seeing your Blake again,” Vassily input, as he smiled at Roman, and cupped his cheek with his hand. 

“Right, Vassily. I know you don’t like Blake, but I love him,” Roman answered, as he frowned at the older man, then pushed him away. He was so antiquated, not forward thinking at all, like his lovely Blake, and his Manuel DeSanto. Like he said, young people ruled the new world. He wished he could be rid of Krik and his old men he always brought in. If he had this empire, it would thrive with more young people. Estonia and the Baltic States would have already been his, but instead they had this withered up old man.

“Don't touch me, old man. You make me sick. You know Rodion doesn't care for you either. He just puts up with your nonsense. Well, with you and your ass-kissing Kremlin Lackeys,” Roman said quietly, as he glared at Krik and shook his head in disgust.

“All right, Roman. I don't know what you're talking about. You are drunk and high, and are stupid when you are like this. But you were just flirting with Rodion yourself, I don’t mind, I like to see my boys together. You may go to your room now. Blake won’t be here until the morning. Go sleep off your drunkenness,” Vassily retorted, as he glared at his Roman. 

He knew Roman was just drunk and didn’t want him to ruin that. He didn't care how he felt about him. Furthermore, he knew when the time came he would help him with the war in Estonia. 

“So, what, old man, I am not only drunk, but high. I don’t want you to ruin that, so goodnight,” Roman turned and stalked off to the common room. He met with his men, and Rodion’s Spetsnaz boys and they partied on their own. When he joined them, they all cheered and welcomed him with hugs and more vodka and scotch. 

Bruno Gott was there, but he was silent as he watched Platov when he entered the room. He exuded sex and power. There was a playful friendliness about him. What was it about all these fucking Russians, they exuded sex and power. Well, not Vassily. He was old like him. The young ones made the world a better place. They were smarter. He wanted to be more in with them, it was why he was there now, he drank and smoked and did coke from Krik’s greenhouses.

Roman was way too high to even acknowledge the man at first, but he raised his glass to him, eventually. “Bruno, why don’t you come over here and say hello. We don’t bite. Perebor.”  All his men laughed, and Anton patted his boss on the back, but they noticed the German pig just stared at Roman. 

“Come on, now Bruno. Get up off your fucking Nazi German ass and join us here for a drink,” Roman ordered this time.

 “Where is your pretty Spetsnaz boy, Rodion Volkov?” Gott asked, as he grinned at Roman.

Roman smiled and patted the seat beside him. “Rodion is with Daniel Miller. Never mind about that, it’s not your business. You will have your session with him, soon enough. I will have mine before you. Tomorrow we have the hunt. So shut the fuck up, you will join us for that.” 

When Bruno still didn't sit down, Roman got pissed off. He yanked him down, hard. “Sit the fuck down, chertov durak!” 

Bruno grunted when Roman pulled him down. “Don’t call me a fucking idiot, Roman. Give me some of that fucking vodka, pretty boy.” 

Roman laughed as he poured all of them shots of vodka. He toasted everyone. To your health my friends. Bruno laughed inside his head. These fucking Russians were so clichéd, but they were loyal to one another. He had to say that was a good thing, the unity, and familiarity they had with one another. All the young ones in the room. Yes, he liked it. He  raised his glass and sank back his drink, then he turned to Roman. “So, Roman Platov, word is you’ve actually been with Daniel Miller.” 

Roman glared at Bruno for a moment, then smiled sweetly. “Well, yes, I have had him, in a short torture session on his first day, then on a more personal level. He is truly quite responsive, but word of warning, Rodion is very protective of him. He is his handler. I imagine he will be present during your sessions.”        

“Not if I can help it, but if he insists on watching, I will give him a good show. When you say responsive, what do you mean?” Gott inquired, as he smirked at the handsome young Russian.

“Bruno, shut the fuck up. I am not going into details, just drop it, or I will make you do so,” Roman warned, as he moved back from the man, then joined the conversation with his Anton, Adrik, and all the other young people again. 

They all continued drinking and laughing into the wee hours. Roman couldn’t wait for Blake to arrive. He knew it wouldn’t be until the sun came up, so he stumbled back to his room and slept well.


   Hector and Rafa were in Roman’s hired car, and while Hector was wide awake, Rafa was asleep on the seat beside him. Hector was thinking about Daniel, and he hoped to hell he was at Krik’s fucking dacha. They needed to get him the fuck out of Russia because he feared what Krik had done to him, and hoped he wasn’t in too bad condition. Since they had a few more hours to drive, Hector sat contemplating even more about how he and Rafa would get Daniel out of there. 


    Rodion had entered the room he shared with Daniel and was pleased to see his charge was still asleep. He quickly stripped his clothes off and climbed into the bed beside him. He wrapped his arms around him and held him close. 

   Daniel mewled softly when he felt Rodion beside him again, and slowly turned his body around, then he burrowed against his sexy Russian. “Rodion, my gorgeous Spetsnaz boy, welcome back. What’s going on? Did Krik send for me? I knew this day was a ruse.”  

    “Shh, shh, shh. Nyet, is not for Krik tonight. Tomorrow is hunt. The chertov durak gave us this day to make us pliable to his nonsense. You were right. But we will be on our toes. Now, I am here. I hold you, and protect you, keep you safe. Go back to sleep, my beautiful Army brat, I will not leave your side for the rest of this night,” Rodion whispered, as he kissed the top of Daniel’s head, then held him closer.

   “I knew it, I said, fucking insane asshole. I feel safe in your arms, Rodion. You are right, we will be on our toes. Sleepy, let’s go back to sleep again,” Daniel murmured and buried his face against his sexy Russian’s gorgeous naked hairy chest. He was fast asleep again and cuddled in Rodion’s arms.

    Rodion sighed and held Daniel so close when he spoke his words. He squeezed his body against him. He kissed the top of his head again and then he was fast asleep again too. Tomorrow would be a cluster fuck, but he would protect Daniel and keep him safe through everything.

Chapter Text

Early the next morning around six, Daniel was dressed in that horrible fire-retardant suit again, and the claustrophobic iron mask.

   Rodion prepared his charge in their bedroom, around half four. He reluctantly delivered Daniel to them in the front courtyard. He hated to release him into this hunt, but he had to do so, to keep them all satisfied. 

   Daniel stared through the tiny eyeholes on his Iron Mask and saw Krik there, and some other guy whom Rodion told him was Bruno Gott. Roman was there, but only for a while, he was told.    There were also some of Roman’s men, the tall guy, Anton, and a whole group of Krik’s men, probably some of Gott’s men, since they were blond. Krik, Gott and some other men held the flamethrowers and rifles, and his heart raced again. It was that German Bruno Gott who fired his pistol into the air, and shoved Daniel out into the forest.

   Rodion was with them, with his rifle, but he would not hunt Daniel. He was only there to watch over his charge. He told Krik he would keep an eye on his charge to make sure that German Nazi pig Bruno Gott didn't blast him too much. He didn’t like him, nor did he trust him, especially the way he leered at Daniel. He saw the hatred for Daniel in his eyes. There were stories about the Butcher of Hamburg. When he had his sights on a prisoner he disliked, they received the full extent of his fury and his brand of torture was worse than anyone Krik ever employed.

From the tales of the few survivors of this horrible little man, his victims were left broken, some insane, and some weren't able to function well in society again. He knew Daniel was strong, he knew his charge would be okay, but it still scared him to see the man on the hunt, that look of determination and loathing on his scrunched-up face. Rodion would definitely watch this brut closely during the hunt.

  Rodion didn’t want another incident like the one with the now-deceased Dimitri Sokolov. He swore he would be ready with his automatic rifle to shoot the fucking Nazi if he had the need to, just to keep his Daniel safe from any real harm, at all costs.

  Daniel ran fast through the forest again, his heart raced his body ached, but he kept running and running. His legs tripped over fallen tree stumps and thick undergrowth, but he kept his balance and kept running. He knew the terrain by now and knew to keep running North, that was a place with a lot of cover, but that was also the place where Dimitri had raped him, still he kept running that way. He leaped over fallen branches and tree stumps; his legs just carried him away from the hunters. 

  Only his eyes could see what was in front of him, and he knew Krik, and his men were behind him with their flamethrowers and rifles. He panted and whimpered as he ran down a long slope of a hill, his heartbeat loudly in his ears, his Adrenalin pumped, and made him run like a deer. 

Daniel moaned when he tripped over a large tree stump and heard the men as they shouted behind him. He quickly righted himself and took off running again, but someone tackled him from the side. He tried to break free, but the man kicked him in his stomach and he was down for the count. Then he heard the man shout in Russian. There he is. Which was strange because this man was German. He thought in his mind, as he lay on the ground in pain and caught like a bear in a trap.

 “There he is!” Bruno Gott shouted in Russian.

   Daniel swore when the man pressed his booted foot hard on his back. He grunted and tried to push him off, but this fucker was strong. He looked up and saw Krik and his men had caught up. 

  “Excellent, Bruno, step back now,” Vassily ordered, and all of them blasted Daniel with the scorching hot heat of their flamethrowers. 

  Daniel screamed in pain and anguish, as the flames seemed hotter and more concentrated this time. He buried his iron mask covered face in the cool lush grass, but then the flames stopped, and someone kicked him in his ribs. He rolled over on his back and groaned. Then heard the familiar voice as it called out, and he was relieved. He lay on the cool grass in a destroyed heap. He panted and gasped for air, then he felt dizzy and sick.

 “Fucking Bruno stop kicking him, chertov durak!” Rodion shouted, as he shoved Bruno away from his charge. 

   “Fuck you, Rodion, this is a hunt, not a picnic! He had his day of respite yesterday. Today is all about the torture! I mean to show him who is in charge here! He is a dirty spy, and is our prisoner and prey. We will punish as we see fit!” Bruno shouted and blasted the front of Daniel’s body with his flamethrower. 

    “You are not in charge here, Bruno. You are only my Captain. Do not antagonize my Second Lieutenant, or I will beat you with my Glock pistol in front of everyone. Shut up now. Do not overstep yourself, little German man,” Vassily warned, as he bumped Gott's shoulder and moved him out of the way. Then he too blasted the little spy with his flame-thrower.

    Gott was intimidated by Vassily. He knew not to overstep himself, because of what happened to the last Captain. He was hunted and shot to death, then burned and buried in a field five miles from the dacha.

    Daniel screamed in terror and his body shook violently. He tried to shield himself with his arms over his iron mask-covered face, but the flames moved over his body so hotly. He cried out when Krik kicked him hard in his side; the same side of the now-deceased Dimitri punched him on. He groaned when Krik pulled him to his feet. He knew Krik had planned this the whole time. He told Rodion this would happen today, and there he was, Krik, Gott, they had tortured him and their flame-throwers were blazing hot all over his abused body.

   Krik growled when the blyat's legs buckled and he fell to the forest floor in a heap again. “Get up and run, little rabbit! Get up! Now! Run for your life, Daniel Miller!” Vassily ordered as he spoke in Russian. He tried to lift the young man up onto his feet, but he couldn’t do it. He looked to Roman, but he wouldn't interfere with Rodion’s charge. He promised he would only be there to make his presence known. He didn't even carry a gun or a rifle, not even a flame thrower.

     Daniel sobbed and found he couldn’t get up, so he lay on the ground. His body ached, his head was spinning, and he felt sick to his stomach. He panted and gasped for air, as he tried to push himself up off the ground, but his legs had locked up on him again, and he fell down to the ground again.

  Rodion watched Daniel as he struggled to get up. He sighed and ran to his aid, just in time to stop Bruno when he kicked him again. Instead, Rodion smashed the butt of his rifle into Bruno’s kidneys and knelt beside his charge. “Go, now, my pretty army brat, run fast and far. Stay North, my Daniel,” he whispered through the iron mask and helped him stand up. He pushed lightly against his lower back, and made him run away.

  Daniel whimpered and sobbed but ran fast. He could hear Rodion arguing with Bruno Gott. He needed to get away and run so fast and far. He was scared, even more so now because this was a hunt he feared he wouldn’t survive. 

  Bruno Gott was there, and as he ran, he remembered what his title was. He heard all about him through old CIA cables when he was in Berlin, in his second year. This man was called the Butcher of Hamburg. He heard about his horrible torture sessions, where the victims ended up broken. He hated the fact that this madman and murderer was there. He hated it even more because he knew he would a session with him, so he ran and ran, far away.

  Bruno went down hard when Rodion smashed his rifle into his kidneys, but he got back up and stormed toward the tall Russian Spetsnaz. “What is wrong with you? This is a hunt for the prisoner and our prey! You don’t play fair,, Spetsnaz bastard!” 

  Rodion punched Bruno in his face and kicked him in his ribs several times when he went down. “You don’t speak to me in that manner, German Suka. Here are more kicks for you! See how you will like it!” He kicked Bruno in his ass and stopped when one of his men pulled him away.

  Roman grinned at the rough treatment Rodion gave to the German Nazi. He couldn’t stand the man and would like nothing more than to shoot him himself, but he kept back.

  Vassily stepped forward and yanked Bruno to his feet. “Get up. Come on, let’s go now! He has a long lead now. Suka! Stop patronizing my second Lieutenant!” 

   Rodion glared at the German and stayed behind with two of his Spetsnaz and spoke to them in Russian. He told them to watch over the German Nazi, to make sure he didn't harm Daniel Miller, and to shoot him if he did, on Krik’s orders. That was a lie, but he was desperate to keep his charge safe. 

   “Yes, Lieutenant Rodion,” they answered in Russian and ran in front of him. Rodion ran at a pace, always close behind the German Captain.

  Daniel panted and sobbed as run faster. He jumped over fallen tree trunks and thick underbrush. His foot caught on the ground, and he fell forward. He grunted and whimpered as he rolled over and took ran again. He was exhausted, and the fire-retardant suit made him boil, as sweat ran down his naked body. 

He heard their shouts in the distance. Krik spoke in Russian, but he kept ran fast and hard and moved North. He followed the sun, through the thick forest, so fast and so far. He remembered his Rodion had instructed him to run North. For some reason, he thought he ran to the west now. He didn't care, if he was on his feet and ran, he was safe from that hot fire from the flamethrowers. 

  Daniel was a good runner. When he was in Berlin, he ran ten miles a day and cycled to work on his electric bicycle. He was in good shape in Berlin and was proud of it. Not here, in this insane place, he was tired and in pain, because of their torture, and their rape and beatings. This was not a pleasurable run; this was scary because he ran for his life. 

He bolted into a small clearing with a copse of trees all round him and gripped one of them to keep his balance. He heard Vassily as he shouted in Russian again. There he is. Oh, no! They found him again, he whimpered and ran more.

   Daniel jumped over a pile of fallen tree branches and moved behind them for some cover. But his leg caught in the underbrush, and he rolled over and landed hard on his side, the wind knocked out of him. He watched them as they approached him, and when they were about ten feet away, Vassily moved over his body and blasted him head on. He lay on the ground on his back his body prostrate and his head reeled, and he thought he would die right there.

   Daniel felt the hot spray as it moved over the fire-retardant suit, over the iron mask. He kept his eyes closed, but he thought his eyelids would burn off, not that it was direct heat there. His face was protected by the mask, but it sure felt like it. He screamed so loud as the fire moved over him, again and again. He sure felt that hot heat as Vassily moved the flames over his entire body from head to toe, up and down, and blasted him for longer this time.

  He howled miserably as the bald insane Russian asshole blasted him for what felt like ages. “Please, stop! I Can’t take any more heat! No more! Please, I can’t take it any longer!” 

  Vassily suddenly stopped for a moment and allowed his prisoner to relax a moment. After five minutes, he listened to the blyat as he sobbed, then he motioned Bruno forward.

   Rodion moved forward, but Roman stopped him with a hand on his forearm. He leaned in and whispered to him. “Don’t overstep Vassily, Rodion. Only do so if Bruno Gott plays dirty.” 

 “I will kill him if he hurts Daniel too much. Yes, Roman, I know. I will not overstep the Major,” Rodion answered, and he nodded his head. He gripped his rifle and watched the German as he blasted Daniel at close range. 

 “Good. I must get back to the main dacha now and get showered. Blake will arrive soon, and the new investor, Manuel DeSanto. Be safe, Rodion, and look after your Daniel Miller. Bring him back to the dacha in one piece,” Roman said, as he kissed the tall, gorgeous Spetsnaz. He took off down the path to the left and moved in the opposite direction of the hunt. He knew this path would take him directly to the main dacha. 

  Bruno turned up the heat and moved closer to Daniel Miller. He didn’t care when the man howled so beautifully in pain, he scared the birds from the trees and the fauna from the forest floor.

 Rodion knew this German fucker went too far. When he received a look from Vassily, he charged forward and smacked Bruno in the back of his knees with his booted foot. Then he shoved him to the ground. “Is enough, chertov, durak.” 

  Daniel lay on the ground and sobbed as his body shook in tremors. He buried his iron mask-covered face against the cool dewy grass. 

  Bruno was livid with Rodion when he continuously undermined him with the stupid cat and mouse game he played. He would teach this Russian fucker a lesson and would be sure to have his men hold him at gunpoint during his session with Daniel Miller, that would show him he was in charge. He stood up abruptly, kicked Daniel Miller in his stomach again, then stormed up to the tall Russian. He threw down his flamethrower, too close to Daniel’s body. 

  “What is wrong with you, you Russian dog? We are on Vassily's hunt! Are you a wimp who is against violence? How are you even a Lieutenant of the Spetsnaz Army?"

He didn’t finish his words before Daniel suddenly jumped to his feet and tackled him from behind, even in his fire-retardant suit he laid into him. He didn’t care what the consequences were, he just punched the man in his chest, his kidneys, his face with his gloved fists, and they hit their mark with each blow. 

  Bruno grunted and tried to hit Daniel Miller, and even tried to dislodge him, but for some reason he had gained strength, and continued to beat the daylights out of him.  He wasn't bloody, more bruised pride, because they were only leather gloves. He grunted when the prisoner suddenly gave him a bloody nose and lip when he laid into him with blow after blow.

 Vassily watched in amusement, and Anton recorded the assault on his phone, so he could show Roman later. They all laughed, but no one did anything to stop the prisoner as he beat the daylights out of Bruno Gott. 

Rodion smirked as he watched his Daniel beat the German bastard. He was proud of him when he stood up to man torturer. He knew that he not only did this for himself, but also to defend Rodion when he heard Bruno berate him.

  After a few minutes of the beat-down, Vassily motioned for Rodion to go to his charge and stop him now. 

  Daniel sobbed now and berated Bruno Gott, he cursed him. “Go to hell! I will kill you. I’m tired of you. You're a tyrant and insane.  I can’t stand it anymore. You crazy Nazi butcher. You German pig! Suka! Grebanyy Mudak!” He said the last two insults in Russian, he called him a bitch and a fucking asshole. He punched Bruno in his stomach, chest, groin, and face, but he was suddenly thrown off and he landed on his feet, when Gott found his strength and punched Daniel in the middle of his chest. Then he went down hard to the ground and clutched his chest when the wound there re-opened. He fell on his ass still in the fire-retardant suit and sobbed as he gasped for breath.

 Bruno picked up his flame thrower and pointed it at Daniel’s face, but Rodion moved toward him and shoved him to the ground. 

  “Nyet, chertov durak. Is enough now!” Rodion intoned, as he pulled out a pistol from the holster at his hip. “Stay there, German pig!” 

  Bruno glared at Rodion but didn’t move, he was sick of this bastard Spetsnaz ordering him about. Yes, he was a Captain, and Rodion was a Lieutenant, but that didn’t mean they had to undermine him all the time. 

  Rodion kept his Glock pistol pointed at the German, then knelt beside Daniel. “Come on now, my Daniel, let’s go. Get up and run again,” he spoke softly to his charge, and sighed when he shook his head. 

  “No, no, no, no. Why do you have your gun out, Rodion?” Daniel asked, as he stared in fear at the other man, his eyes blinked behind his iron mask. 

Rodion sighed and put his gun away in the holster on the waistband of his denims, then held up his hands for Daniel to inspect. “See, they are empty, my Daniel.” 

Daniel nodded, stood up, and ran again. He never looked back, as his long legs carried him far ahead again.

Rodion laughed as he placed his hands on his hips and watched his charge run away again. He thought how even in that fire-retardant suit his ass looked good.

  Vassily stood over Bruno to make sure he didn’t attack Rodion, or the blyat’ as they shared their tender moment. But once Daniel was about five minutes ahead, he motioned for all of them to start their pursuit again. He pulled Rodion alongside of him and smiled at him. “One more round, my Spetsnaz boy, then we will go back to the dacha.” 

 “Yes, Vassily, thank you,” Rodion answered, as he ran instep beside the Major.

 Bruno was livid and made another promise to torture Daniel Miller to the edge of his life when his turn came. He didn’t care if Rodion was present. He would get his own back and beat the daylights out of the Blyat. He realized to accomplish that he would have his men to help him.

 Rodion’s men ran behind and around their Lieutenant and the Major to protect them from the German. They saw how angry he was from Rodion’s treatment. Anton couldn’t wait to show Roman the hilarious video of Daniel Miller beating the crap out of the crazy Nazi. He knew he would laugh about it, and they would all tease Gott.

 Daniel ran fast and hard, but his foot caught on another tree stump, and he righted himself again, then ran like a shot. He whimpered and panted as he gripped trees to keep upright when he got up more momentum. He heard his pursuers as they closed in on him again. He cried out when a large tree stump caught his foot again and sent him flying twenty kilometers into the air. He felt as if it lasted a long time before he landed hard sprawled out on the front of his body. He was winded and dizzy and couldn't get up, so he just stayed there and waited for his pursuers to find him. 

   Daniel lay face down on the grass and panted, gasped, and sobbed when he tried to stand up. But his legs wouldn't carry him away anymore. His arms and legs screamed at him, they throbbed in pain, and he mewled softly when he heard the men come upon him.

 Rodion stared down at Daniel’s prone body in horror, as he lay on the ground and for a moment his heart skipped a beat. But then he saw Daniel flinch, and he was relieved he was still alive.

 Bruno shoved past Rodion and smiled as he knocked him hard on his shoulder. Then he joined Vassily as they blasted the prone Daniel with their flamethrowers for a long time. 

  Daniel moaned loudly, then screamed when he realized he received a double dose of fire and went silent as he let them have their psychotic fun. He lay there limp and didn't move, because when he tried to everything on his body screamed in pain. 

  Vassily kicked his side and turned him over, and they blasted the front of his body with their hot flames. 

  Daniel moaned miserably and didn’t move, then he heard Krik’s voice calling in Russian for them to stop. Enough he said to Bruno Gott. He stayed there on the ground and didn't move for a while. He found he couldn't move anymore. Then he heard Vassily’s voice again, this time he spoke in Russian. 

  “Rodion, fetch the Blyat’. Our vehicles are around this bend in the forest here. Let’s get back to the dacha.” 

  Daniel sighed as he turned over onto his side. He groaned when his entire body protested. His legs were the worst. He knew his knees swelled up from all the running and were jarred when he fell over the large tree stumps. Not to mention how he was boiling beneath the horrible fire retardant suit.

 Rodion rushed to Daniel’s side once Krik and the others were gone. He shouldered his rifle, so his charge wouldn't panic again. He knelt beside his charge and reached out to gently caress his shoulder through the fire-retardant suit.

 “Daniel, come on, let me help you stand up. We are going back to dacha. The hunt is over, my pretty Army brat,” Rodion soothed, as he ran his hand down Daniel’s back, in a gentle caress, to show he was there with him, and the worst was over now. 

  “Yes, Rodion. Please help me up now. My legs don’t want to move anymore,” Daniel stammered over his words, as he stared up at Rodion through the iron mask, the contraption made him feel so claustrophobic. 

 “Yes, of course, my Daniel, hold on to me,” Rodion said, as he moved his strong arms beneath Daniel’s upper body and carefully lifted him up off the ground. He held him fast against his body when he stumbled like a newborn colt. 

 Daniel grunted and stumbled more on his wobbly legs, glad when Rodion held him in his strong arms and against his body because he would have never made it anywhere on his own. He was too weak and beaten and exhausted, after what felt like hours of running and being burned by the horrible flamethrowers. He hated how the German torturer always kicked him in his ribs, they hurt and were probably bruised as well. “Oh, everything hurts again, Rodion, my entire body is on fire with pain.” 

   “I know, my Daniel. I will take care of you when we return to Dacha. It will be total bedrest for you, and I will take care of you, always, my army brat,” Rodion promised, as he wrapped his arms around Daniel’s waist over the fore-retardant suit. He knew Daniel boiled beneath the thing. He couldn't wait to return to the dacha, so he could remove it. 

   Rodion was sure his Daniel wanted it off too, but not yet because he was naked underneath and he would not put his charge through that humiliation. Especially not in front of that Nazi, Bruno Gott. He moved them toward the vehicles, but it took a few minutes because Daniel stumbled with every step they took. 

   Daniel sobbed each time he stumbled, and one time he fell to the ground, with Rodion over him, but the strong Russian lifted them up again and moved slowly, to accommodate his charge. 

   Rodion was very patient with Daniel, and he soothed him with soft words as they carefully moved along the path, while he held his charge in his arms the entire time. It took about ten minutes, but they finally reached the Jeeps and all-terrain vehicles. He watched as his fellow Spetsnaz, Adrik Petrov, leaped out of one of the all-terrain vehicles and tried to assist him. Rodion shook his head and stopped him. He helped Daniel into the back of the Jeep, then he sat beside him. Adrik drove them carefully through the forest and back to the dacha. 

  Adrik was loyal to Rodion. He was by his side when they fought in that first battle in Chechnya. He was wounded in his leg, while Rodion received a bullet in his clavicle that almost killed. They survived that horrible battle though, and were at the Dacha now with Vassily Krik, and their lives were so much better.

   Anton drove the Jeep with Vassily in the front and Bruno Gott in the back, while Adrik drove the other Jeep with Rodion and Daniel Miller in the back. He saw how tired the American spy, but there was nothing he could do about that. He knew Rodion would look after him. He would report everything to Roman and show him the video he recorded of the prisoner beating the daylights out of Bruno Gott. 



   Meanwhile, in the driveway of the dacha, Christian Blake and Manuel DeSanto arrived and were greeted by a freshly showered Roman. “Ah, my dear Christian Blake, I am glad you made it. Welcome to Vassily’s dacha,” Roman said, as he cupped the tall man’s face and kissed his cheeks then his lips tenderly. 

 Blake laughed at Roman’s treatment in front of his men, but didn’t care, as they all stared at him appreciatively. He returned Roman’s kiss and patted him on his pert little ass, just for fun. “Thank you, Roman, it’s nice to finally be here.” 

  Roman winked at him, then turned his attention to Manuel. “Mm, and my luscious Manuel DeSanto, welcome to Vassily’s dacha. I know you will love it here.” He kissed the man’s lips harder and pressed their bodies together and told him he couldn't wait to be alone with him in his room, then he stood back and motioned to his man start the security search of both.

Manuel looked to Christian, who just shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head for him to go with it. 

 “My apologies, Manuel, we cannot be too careful. Christian knows the drill. Please follow his lead,” Roman cautioned the young man and then stepped back, so his security guard could begin.

Manuel sighed but spread his arms and legs wide, while the tall Russian man approached him first. 

 The man grinned at Manuel, as he checked his arms, he squeezed his muscles, and slowly moved his hands down his arms, and over his chest. Then he knelt in front of Manuel and moved his hands over his legs, calves, up to his inner and outer thighs, his grown and up over his pert ass. He used a small metal detector and nodded when Manuel was clear. 

 Roman stood beside Manuel and grinned, as he patted him on his back while his man repeated the same treatment to Blake. 

 “Hey Roman, your guy is very handsy. Loves groping my cock and balls,” Blake commented dryly. He rolled his eyes but let the man continue his search. He swore when the man groped him again, but he didn’t really care. He had nothing to hide, so the fucker wouldn’t find anything. 

 “Mm, yes, he’s very thorough, sweet Blake. You can't blame him, though? He loves tall hot blonds with big cocks, just like me,” Roman quipped, as he eyed Blake’s body then licked his lips. He knew the tall American would screw him once they were settled.

“Yeah, I know Roman. Don’t worry, I’ll be fucking your tight Russian ass soon enough. Your eyes are as good as rolled back,” Blake retorted, a wicked grin on his face, as he winked at the man. He sighed when the handsy guy used the small metal detector then gave Roman an all clear signal.


   Just then the Jeeps and All-Terrain vehicles raced around the corner, from the forest, and they all turned around. 

  Blake stood beside Manuel and whispered softly to him “What is this shit-show? I told you he liked to hunt humans.” 

  “Hmm, flamethrowers for the man who has everything. Yeah, you were right. I don’t like this, not one bit. This is a dangerous place, we have to be on our toes,” Manuel retorted. They watched as the all-terrain vehicle with Rodion, another Spetsnaz soldier, and a person dressed in a fire-retardant suit, and an iron mask over his face, drove past them and parked against the stone wall at the back of the long driveway. 

 They both shared a look and Manuel knew Blake was right. Krik enjoyed this crazy hunting theme with humans. What they didn’t know yet, was that the man in the Iron mask and fire-retardant suit was Daniel Miller, the one they had come to Komarovo to rescue. 

  Daniel was asleep in the back of the all-terrain vehicle. He leaned his head against Rodion’s shoulder, but when the Jeep stopped, he jolted awake. “What? Where are we?” He was disoriented and exhausted and his legs were like jelly.

 “We are at Krik’s dacha, Daniel. Come on, let’s get inside now,” Rodion spoke softly, as he helped his charge from the back of the all-terrain vehicle. He saw Blake and Manuel with Roman and frowned. He didn't want anyone to see his charge, especially those two. He didn't trust them since they were there to work with Krik and were with the butcher.

 Daniel groaned when his sore legs hit the ground, and he almost fell to his knees, but Rodion caught him. When Adrik moved him forward, Daniel pulled his arm away and called out to him in terror. He spoke in Russian though. “No! Don’t fucking touch me!” 

  “I told you not to touch him. He is skittish around other people. Let me handle him,” Rodion spoke angrily, in Russian, then shoved Adrik away. He gripped Daniel lightly around his waist and tried to move him along, but realized his charge wouldn't move yet. He stared ahead at something.


   Blake and Manuel stared at the man in the Iron mask when he screamed in Russian. Blake tilted his head when he turned and saw blue eyes as they stared at him from across the driveway. Those blue eyes looked familiar to him. But could that be him? Really? He thought to himself. “No, that can’t be possible.  Krik wouldn't be that stupid.” He said to himself, as he continued to watch the man in the iron mask. 

Vassily's entourage raced into the driveway in the other vehicles and Krik shouted in Russian for Rodion to move “Rodion, Idi nakhuy na dachu. Seychas!

 Blake translated the language in his head. Rodion, get the fuck back inside the dacha. Who was he calling a fuck? That poor man in the iron mask? Was that really Daniel Miller? His Daniel? If it was, he would be so livid with these Russian assholes. If it was his Daniel, he would kick some Russian ass soon. Still, he couldn’t be sure if it was Daniel, he had no proof yet. Nothing tangible. He and Rafa were on alert now and would be on the lookout for Daniel. He turned to Manuel and whispered softly. “Rafa, do you think Krik is stupid enough to keep Daniel here?”

 “Yes. Yes, I do, Hector. I don't know. He spoke in Russian. That's weird. But don’t worry, I’ll snoop around, see what I can find. That’s my specialty, being a ghost. I always get all the good Intel. If that is our Daniel Miller, then we need a plan to get us all out of here and call in exfil,” Rafa whispered as he smiled and patted Hector on his muscular chest.  They turned when Roman called them to attention.

 “Blake, Manuel, come meet Vassily Krik!” Roman said with a warm smile for the two of them. 


   “Come on, Daniel. We have to get back inside the dacha now. You need to rest. Krik promised you can rest for the remainder of the day,” Rodion spoke softly and finally pulled his charge from his rooted spot. 

    Daniel mewled and still dragged his feet though. He couldn’t believe that it was Hector, his dear friend, his old lover. He was there, at Krik’s dacha. Who sent him? Was it Berlin Station? No, he didn’t have ties to them anymore. Why was he there? How did he know about him? Maybe he didn’t. Maybe it was just a coincidence. He didn’t understand why Rafa was there too. What was his play in all of this?  It didn't occur to him they were there to save him. But he would soon forget all about them since they were in deep with Krik and Roman. His mind would believe something else very soon.

   Daniel didn’t know what was going on. He was confused and in so much pain now. His legs threatened to give out, as he clung to Rodion. He mewled and sobbed when his sexy Russian dragged him toward the entrance to the dacha. He knew he had to do something to let Hector know it was him. His mind went back to the second year at Berlin Station. He was under deep cover with Neo-Nazi's. He was in so much trouble with them, so he contacted Hector because he needed his help. They needed to stop the terrorist plot between Otto Ganz and the Bfv. Hector used his old alias, Andrew Chevalier. He and Daniel devised a code work they would use whenever they were in trouble, or deep undercover in a dangerous place.

   Daniel's thoughts were cloudy. He couldn't remember what they said. He couldn't recall because his mind was muddled from all the torture he suffered. He was jolted from his thoughts when Rodion pulled him harder. 

    “Daniel, what is wrong with you? Come on now. I don’t want Krik to get angrier. Let’s get inside. Now!” Rodion ordered. He spoke softly, so only his charge could hear. This time he pulled him roughly and was glad his charge finally complied. 

   “Thomas Shaw,” Daniel murmured, when he finally remembered the two words he and Hector had agreed on. He wore the iron mask, and the fire-retardant suit, and he looked ridiculous. He hoped his friend heard him. He turned his head toward Hector, and their eyes met for a minute, before Rodion pulled him further inside the dacha.  He wasn't sure the other man heard him. He thought he spoke louder, but he hadn’t. He was in too much pain to raise his voice.


    Hector watched the man in the fire-retardant suit as he dragged his feet and fought with Rodion. When he turned his head toward him, he saw blue eyes behind that iron mask. “Fuck,” he whispered to himself, as he stared after the man. Could that be him? His friend and ex-lover, Daniel Miller? No. It couldn’t be him. He would have called out to him if it was. This man was Russian, since he spoke the language. But maybe it was Daniel. He spoke all languages. He battled in his mind over this. If it was Daniel, he and Rafa definitely had to find him and high-tail it out of Komarovo. But how would they do that? Little did he know there would be a way for all of them to get out of there. Things would happen over the next few days that would push things forward for all of them. Things that involved a certain Russian Spetsnaz Lieutenant.

 Blake turned to Krik, Roman and Manuel, as the short, bald oligarch approached them. Roman introduced them, but his mind couldn't comprehend anything. At that moment, it was on poor Daniel. Even if that were his ex-lover, he still didn’t have confirmation, because he didn’t see his face. He only had half the information, only small things to go by, and until he saw Daniel's face, there was nothing he could do. 

 “Vassily, this is Manuel DeSanto, the investor from Puerto Rico we spoke about,” Roman said, as Krik moved toward Manuel and Blake.

 “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. DeSanto. I look forward to our further conversation. I am glad you are here. Welcome to my DOM,” Vassily intoned, as he shook and squeezed Manuel’s hand, then rubbed his thumb over the backs of his knuckles. 

  “Nah man, the pleasure is all mine, Mr. Krik. You have a nice place here. I like it very much. I'm glad to be here too, and to talk more about the deal we can offer you. Please call me Manuel,” he returned, as he squeezed Krik’s hand when the older man's thumb caressed his knuckles. He smiled and nodded, then waited for him to release his hold. 

  “Thank you, Manuel. Blake, it's a pleasure to see you too. The last time was at the freeport in St. Petersburg. Welcome to my dacha, it’s good to finally have you here,” Vassily added, as he smiled at Blake, then actually hugged and kissed his cheeks then his lips.

  Blake returned the hug, a sickly sweet smile on his face. He hated every second of being around this slime ball. He thought in his mind. You Russian asshole, if that is Daniel, I will fucking burn this whole place down just to get him out of here. “Same here, Vassily. You look good. It's nice to finally be here. You do have a nice place,” he stated. Only to show he paid attention to the conversation, but he didn’t really care. He just went through the motions. 

  “Shall we go inside now, my friends? Roman will show you both to your rooms,” Vassily remarked, as he motioned for them to finally enter the dacha. Roman, Vassily, and Bruno Gott walked ahead.

  Hector dragged Rafa behind, as they carried their duffle bags over their shoulders. “Listen, when you had your little gab fest with Vassily and Roman, I took the time to study the man in the iron mask and fire-retardant. I think it's Daniel,” Blake explained in hushed tones, so only Rafa heard him

Really? How can you be certain?” Rafa spoke softly, as they lagged behind and pretended they admired their surroundings. 

  “I don’t know for sure, but he kept looking over his shoulder at me. He dragged his feet when Rodion pulled him inside. He did speak Russian, so I might be wrong,” Hector told Rafa the short story, they didn’t have time to elaborate. 

  “Well, if that really is Daniel, we have to devise a plan to get out of here. We need to stop the war in Estonia too,” Rafa answered, and sighed when Hector glared at him. 

  “Fuck the war. I don’t care if these Russians kill one another. My mission is to find Daniel and get out of here. I won't to be around for that. He and I will go to Southern Spain and we will be done with this shit-show,” Hector whispered heatedly. He spoke in soft hushed tones, a look of indifference in his eyes. They were pulled from their quiet reverie when Roman spoke again. 

  “Christian, Manuel, your rooms are upstairs in the South wing of the dacha, beside mine, Bruno Gott, Anton and Adrik's rooms. Most of the Spetsnaz and my men are on this side of the dacha, so you will see them around. There are some rooms at the back of the dacha, where we have other people as well. Vassily and Rodion have rooms on the Northside. Come, I will escort you now, then we will have brunch,” Roman explained, as he grabbed both their free hands and led them upstairs. 

   Blake looked down the hall to the North side of the dacha. He had a feeling that was where Rodion kept Daniel. He would definitely let Rafa do some Intel, or perhaps he would just do it himself. 

  “So, my dear Christian Blake, this is your room. Nice view of the grounds and forest behind the dacha,” Roman intoned, as he unlocked the door, then handed him the key. He stood behind him and pressed his body against the gorgeous tall blond American man. 

  “Mm, very nice, Roman, thank you,” was all Blake said, as he dropped his bag on the floor. He turned and embraced Roman, just to keep him happy. He leaned over and kissed him hungrily, for several minutes, and ran hands up and down his back then grabbed his pert little ass. He pressed his groin hard against Roman and grinned down at him. “Soon, I will fuck you hard into either my bed or yours, or both.”

 “Oh, Blake, my sweet man, both, please, make it both. I have missed you so much. Please, I will return when I’m done with Manuel,” Roman pleaded, as he pushed his groin harder against the tall American's.

   “Mm hmm, not now, Roman baby, go be with Manuel first. Please, be patient. We will have our time. I don’t want it to be rushed or interrupted,” Blake said, as he kissed Roman again, and their tongues danced together for a moment. Then he stepped back and smirked at him. Honestly, his mind was on Daniel on the North side of the dacha. His mind was filled with the thoughts that was him in the iron mask and fire-retardant suit. But the prisoner spoke in fluent Russian. Still, Daniel spoke all languages perfectly. He was a genius, but for him to speak Russian so fluently filled his mind with doubt that it was him. Maybe the prisoner was from Estonia and Krik tortured the poor kid to turn him to their side. Bruno Gott was there too, so maybe Krik enlisted his help to turn the prisoner. Gott was the Butcher of Hamburg and was known for his disgusting brand of torture. But if it was Daniel and Gott tortured him, his poor friend would be broken. He noticed Rodion took care of the prisoner, so if that was Daniel, maybe he had the Russian Spetsnaz on his side. Who the fuck knew? He sure didn't. He had a headache, so he stopped his thoughts for now.

“All right, sweet Blake, I agree. I will wait for you when the time is right. Perhaps tomorrow, or the next day, if we can,” Roman stated, then walked out of Blake’s room to show Manuel to his. 

“Come, my dear Manuel. Your room is across the hall,” Roman said, as he took hold of Manuel’s hand and led him there. He unlocked the door, then handed him his key as they moved inside, and he closed the door behind them. 

“You also have a wonderful view, Manuel. Perhaps we can share it one night,” Roman whispered, as he removed Manuel’s bag from his shoulder and tossed it to the floor. He grabbed the handsome young man’s face and kissed him hungrily.

Manuel returned Roman’s kiss, as he wrapped his arms around the gorgeous Russian’s waist and opened his mouth and their tongues danced together. “Why wait?” He breathed out as he moved them backward onto the bed. They landed with Roman on top of him. He played the spy now, doing what he always did. He always adapted to his missions, and this was no different.

“Why indeed,” Roman breathed out, as he helped Manuel out of his clothes, then for the next hour Roman screwed him hard, and enjoyed how receptive his sexy Puerto Rico boy was.

Blake sat in his room and thought about the man in the iron mask, and if it was definitely Daniel. He was so overwhelmed by his thoughts, and he was so exhausted that he fell asleep for a while. He woke up a couple of hours later and went downstairs for the brunch Roman mentioned. He was a bit peckish after their long night of drinking. He sighed when he found Bruno Gott there, with some of Rodion’s Spetsnaz boys. “Fuck,” he swore, as he moved to the buffet table. 

   “Christian Blake, long time no see,” Gott said, as he stood beside the table and bumped his shoulder against the taller man. He was a gorgeous tall, blond haired American and his Cologne smelled wonderful. 

   “Yeah, so it has, Bruno Gott. What are you doing here?” Blake asked, as he filled his plate with some scrambled eggs, salmon, and fresh fruit. He wondered where the chef got his produce and food. Everything looked fresh and green and bright.

  “Oh, you know, just making sure I’m on the right side of the war,” Gott revealed, as he filled his plate with eggs, sausages toast, and salmon. 

  “Ah, yes, that. I’m not here to get involved in anyone’s politics. I’m just here to introduce a new investor to Krik, and get out with a ton of money in my pockets,” Blake retorted, as he filled a cup with the fresh coffee and sat at the table.  Everything tasted delicious and so fresh. He wondered again where the chef got his products. He hadn't tasted anything this good in St. Petersburg. Even the coffee was fresh, and the cream too.

“Mmhmm, Manuel DeSanto. Are you close to him?” Gott asked, as he followed Blake around like a puppy.

“Yes, very close. I've known Manuel for years. He is a live wire, that one. Why do you ask, Bruno? You know you're not his type,” Blake retorted, and ate his breakfast He drank his coffee, and it was good, stronger than the coffee in Germany. Again, he wondered where the chef got his items from. But then he thought this was Krik's dacha, backed by the Kremlin, he could have anything he wanted.

“Hmm, yeah, he likes those young, dumb, and hung guys, like you, and that other hot American we have here-” Gott started to say, but stopped short when Krik, Roman, Manuel and Rodion entered the room.

“Fuck! We’ll talk later, Gott!” Blake shot back, as he stared at the hot mess Manuel was. He noticed the shit-eating grin on Roman’s face. Good. So, the little Russian got laid, that would give him more time to snoop around to see who the man in the iron mask was. He needed to find out if it was really his Daniel. But he would fuck Roman tomorrow, or later, and maybe he would sing like a canary.

Chapter Text

On the Northside of the dacha, Rodion moved Daniel into their shared room, but his charge was manic. He fidgeted when Rodion helped him out of the fire-retardant suit and iron mask.

“I don’t know what’s going on. Please, Rodion, stay with me. I can’t be alone now. My body is on fire. I can’t think straight. There’s too much going on. I’m afraid of Bruno Gott. He’s going to kill me. I know he is,” Daniel sobbed, as he wobbled around the room on his shaky legs. He was still naked and his body on fire, his blue eyes manic.

“No, my Daniel. I will see to it Bruno Gott doesn't torture you in that way. I will kill him if he does. Please, come lie down on our bed now. I know you are in pain. Come now, my sexy Army brat,” Rodion reasoned, as he walked beside his poor manic Daniel. He could see he was so afraid of Bruno Gott. There was something else he was afraid of too, but he didn't know what he meant.

“No, no, no, it’s Thomas Shaw. I knew Krik played us yesterday. He made us calm, so he could pounce on me today. The hunt too, with Bruno Gott. I know he had it in for me. He wanted to burn me alive in the fire-retardant suit. His flames they were so close. I was so scared. I don’t want to be in that session with him. Rodion, he’s the fucking butcher of Hamburg. His torture sessions left his victims so broken or even dead. Please don’t let me go to him!” Daniel cried out, and his legs buckled under him as he crashed to the floor, a manic hot mess.

Rodion crashed down beside Daniel and pulled him into his arms. He held his charge and ran his hands down his back, as he tried to calm him. But fear and panic filled Daniel's mind. Rodion scooped him up into his arms and carried him to the bed. He couldn't get him to lay down. “No, no, no, no. Please, don’t leave me alone, Rodion. He will come in here, I know it. He will take me away and murder me with his torture. Please, I’m so scared now. Don’t let him take me away. He'll kill me. But wait, listen to me there is a code name. It’s Thomas Shaw,” Daniel rambled on in his panicked state, as he gripped Rodion’s shirt, his body trembled. His heart raced, and he was manic, there was fear in his usually beautiful blue eyes.

“What? I don’t understand what you’re saying my Daniel. What is Thomas Shaw?” Rodion asked, as he placed his hands over Daniels when he gripped his shirt, and he pulled them away. He wrapped his arms around Daniel, tried to calm him, and placed his hand on the back of his head. He gasped when Daniel moved closer to him and whispered in his ear.

“No, no, not what, Rodion. Who. It’s Thomas Shaw. That’s the code. There’s a code, it’s Thomas Shaw. Worked it out, it’s a code word,” Daniel whispered in Rodion’s ear and his body trembled harder. With that code name, Hector came to mind.  He pulled back from Rodion and his eyes were filled with fear when he remembered the Butcher of Hamburg again. “Bruno Gott might come in here now. Please don’t leave me here alone. He will kill me. He wants to kill me, Rodion. Please, stay with me.”

“Shh, shh, shh, shh my sweet Daniel. Nyet, no one is coming in here. He will not get to you. I promise,” Rodion soothed his charge. Oh, he had fallen in love so hard and so fast with this handsome American, and he couldn’t help himself. He leaned over and kissed his lips, and tried to stop him, but he sobbed more.

“He won’t let you. I know he won’t. He’s insane, Rodion. I’m so scared of him. I can’t stop thinking about it. Gott will get me in there alone,” Daniel cried louder. He clung to Rodion and his body trembled harder as tears streamed down his face.

“Nyet, my Daniel, he won’t do that. I will be there for his session. I will stop him when he gets too rough. So sorry, I wish I could stop all this from happening, but I can’t. Not yet. Vassily is in charge, I cannot go against him. Not yet,” Rodion reasoned, as he held his panicked Daniel. He knew he wouldn't rest, so he decided to give him a sedative to help him sleep and calm down. He hated to give Daniel any drugs, but he had to do this, so he could sleep and rest and not be so afraid.  He released his hold on his charge and moved to the bathroom for a moment to retrieve the bottle of prescription Paracetamol, extra strength. This was stronger than the tablet form, it also had codeine in it. That would calm Daniel down and help him sleep. He unlocked the cabinet with the key from his denim pocket and took out the small glass bottle, and took an auto syringe from the bottom shelf.

Daniel sobbed and reached out for Rodion. He pounded his fists on the pillow and shouted how he was afraid of Gott, so afraid. At that moment, he even forgot Hector was there, that thought slipped from his mind, his fear was so horrible. 

He thought his Russian had left him too, as his body trembled, and he sobbed louder. Then he looked up with relief in his eyes when he saw Rodion return, but he carried a syringe. He scooted to the other side of the bed, then almost over the edge. “No, no, no, no! Please, no more drugs, Rodion. I can’t be sedated. He will come in here and take me away. Please stay with me hold me. I can’t do this!”

“Oh, my sweet Daniel, I will stay with you, but I need you to sleep now. You won't be able to if you are panicked. Please, my sweet army brat, you must relax. I will hold you while you sleep. Please rest now, you are overwrought,” Rodion intoned, as he smiled at his beautiful Daniel. It broke his heart to see him this afraid. He would talk to Vassily and try to cancel Bruno Gott’s session, He couldn’t have his Daniel like this. His heart raced dangerously, he was afraid he would have a heart attack.

“Oh, oh, okay, Rodion. I trust you, my beautiful Spetsnaz boy. Please do it now. But please don’t leave me alone. Please, Rodion,” Daniel begged, as he stared up at his sexy Russian. He fell so hard in love, so fast with Rodion too. He couldn’t help himself, he was so kind and so gentle with him, and he always looked out for him.

“Yes, of course, I promise I will, my sweet Daniel,” Rodion answered, as he sat on the bed beside his frightened charge. He placed the syringe on the table, then helped Daniel down onto the soft mattress.


Rodion covered Daniel with the warm blankets when he shivered. He still panicked and he worried about him. He kissed his tear filled eyes, then his cheeks, and then his lips He enjoyed their kiss for several minutes, as their tongues danced together.

Daniel mewled at the sweet kisses from his Rodion. He opened his mouth and their tongues danced together. He clung to his handsome Russian, his lifeline, his new love. They kissed for several minutes, and when it finally ended, their lips smacked. He sobbed as he bared his neck to his Russian lover.

Rodion smiled and reached for the syringe. He filled the plunger with the mild sedative Cook gave him. He didn’t want to use it on his charge, but he had to because his heart raced, and he needed to sleep. He was panicked and manic. He slid the auto syringe into his neck and pushed the plunger down. He was relieved when it instantly calmed his charge. 

“Oh, more drugs. This one is strong. It's the one Cook gave you. That's nice you used it. Rodion, please, don’t leave me. I want you to make love to me,” Daniel stammered. He smiled up at Rodion, then his lovely blue eyes fluttered closed, and he was finally asleep.

Rodion sighed and leaned over and kissed Daniel’s lips. He was about to remove his clothes to join his charge, when his mobile pinged with a message. He rolled his eyes and took his phone out of his pocket. 


[Incoming Text: Vassily Krik] Rodion, please join us for breakfast, if the Blyat’ is asleep. VK


“Fuck,” Rodion swore, then replied to the text, his long fingers moved over the screen.


[Outgoing text - Rodion Volkov] I would rather not, Vassily, Daniel is not in a good way. He is manic. Please. I can’t leave him alone now. RV


[Incoming text - Vassily Krik] Rodion, I want you here with our guests. You are charming and will brighten up the room with your sweet smile. I won’t keep you long. Please, come down for me. VK


[Outgoing text - Rodion Volkov] Very well, Vassily, if you insist, then I will be there. Daniel is finally asleep, I hate to leave him alone. But yes, I will see you soon, RV


Rodion stood up from the bed, then leaned over and pressed another kiss to his Daniel’s lips. He ran his fingers through his hair and spoke softly. “I will be back soon, my sweet Daniel. Please, sleep now.” Then he exited the room and locked both the front and antechamber doors with his key. He made sure no one would get in. He wasn’t surprised to meet up with Vassily, Roman and Manuel on the landing above the stairs. He bowed his head to the other two men and let them go down the stairs first, before he turned his worried face to Vassily.

“Rodion, what is wrong?” Vassily asked, as he cupped Rodion's face with his hand and caressed his bearded cheek with his thumb.

“It’s Daniel Miller, he is afraid of Bruno Gott. He thinks he is going to kill him in his session. He really believes it will be so. I don’t like Gott either, Vassily. Is there any way we can get Daniel out of this?” Rodion sprouted all his words to Vassily in Russian. He stared down at him with a pleading expression.

“Nyet, Rodion. I can't do that. Daniel Miller is not here for a vacation.  You know Bruno Gott was sent to me by the Kremlin. We can’t stop his session, or anyone else's sessions for that matter. I'm adamant about it and you know that. Oh, but we can be there to keep him under control. I promise you, my boy,” Vassily said, as he spoke in Russian and smiled at him.

“Now, come, let us go to our brunch. If Gott is too out of control, you have my full permission to put him in his place. You do it so well, and besides that, Anton will show Roman the video of Daniel Miller when he beat the daylights out of the German on the hunt. Everyone will see it, and it will be wonderful. Please, let me see your lovely smile again, yes?” Vassily soothed Rodion, as he hugged him for a moment, then stepped back, and smiled up at him.

"Okay, Vassily. I know all you have said. I understand is no vacation for Daniel, but I hate to put him in the session with the German Suka. Okay, fine. I will make sure I keep him in place when he goes too far," Rodion said as he stared down at the sad little man. Roman was right, he was antiquated in his ways. He smiled for him but still didn't want Daniel in the German's session. He feared for his life and his safety.

"Yes, of course. On that we can agree. That's the only compromise I will give you, and the blyat- sorry - your Daniel Miller," was all Vassily said, as he smiled up at his tall, handsome Spetsnaz Lieutenant. He kissed him again and patted him on his peachy ass.

Rodion sighed at all the attention Vassily gave him. He didn’t want it, but the older man calmed was enamored with him. Krik played him well and always calmed him down. He knew the Kremlin sent him Bruno Gott, but he needed to keep the German in place. Daniel was petrified of him. Truth be told, he was too. He couldn't stand the German butcher. “Yes, Vassily, as always your words are true and bring comfort. Thank you for being on my side,” he said. He smiled at the Major, then blushed when the man caressed his bearded cheek again and kissed his lips.

“Good. Come now, let's go to brunch. I'm starving and need some of Cook's strong coffee,” Krik told him. They walked down the stairs, and Roman and Manuel waited for them outside the dining room. Anton was there and smiled at Roman. He was itching to show him the video he recorded on the hunt in his absence.

“Roman, there’s something I want to show you from the hunt today. You will enjoy it,” Anton said, as he grinned at the man and smiled.

“Yes, of course, Anton. Please show me inside. We will eat now. I'm starving,” Roman answered. He patted Anton on his cheek. Then they followed Rodion, Vassily, and Manuel into the dining room, with Anton behind them.

Rodion sat beside Blake and grinned at him. He patted him on his back and gripped his shoulder. “Dobro pozhalovat' na dachu Vasiliya, Blake.”

“English please. I hate to speak Russian language all the time, it gives me a fucking headache,” Blake complained, and glared at Rodion. He met the young Spetsnaz a few times that year. When he accompanied Roman and Vassily to his Freeport in St. Petersburg. “But thank you for the warm welcome to Vassily’s dacha, sexy ass Russian.”

“My apologies, Blake. Not all Americans speak our language, without getting a fucking headache,” Rodion teased. He patted Blake hard on his back and winked at Roman. “And you are another sexy American in our midst, hmm?” He laughed and bumped his shoulder against Blake again.

“Come on now, Rodion, please don’t tease my Blake. He’s not the Blyat’,” Roman intoned. He smiled when everyone at the table laughed. Rodion and Blake excluded. Blake didn’t laugh because he had no idea what they were talking about. Roman slid his foot up Blake’s denims and caressed his calf. He grinned and licked his lips.

“I’ll take that as a fucking compliment,” Blake retorted, as he rolled his eyes then turned to Rodion again. “Tak skazhi mne, Rodion Volkov, a kto takoy?”

“Mmhmm, so you do speak the language, Blake. You sound sexy when you do. Is very nice. So, you want me to tell you who the fuck is, do you?” Rodion answered in English, in his thick Russian accent. And everyone around the table laughed. He wanted to get a rise out of Manuel and Blake, and he tested them.

Blake sighed and shook his head at Rodion’s vagueness, as he shared a look with Manuel again. He placed his hand on the handsome Spetsnaz boy’s shoulder. “Well, if you won’t tell me outright, I’ll suck your big Russian cock and make you sing like a fucking canary, hmm?”

“Mm hmm, promises, promises. But I suspect Roman, and Manuel will take up most of your time. For the record, I'm not remotely interested,” Rodion shot back. He winked at Blake, then at Roman.

“Hmm, you never know, Rodion. I may sneak into your room one night and fuck and suck your brains out,” Blake countered. He smiled and moved his hand to the Russian’s cock and massaged it with the heel of his hand.

Rodion smirked and spread his legs wider, then pushed his hips up off the chair. “I will leave the door unlocked,. But if you do, then I will fucking shoot you,” he teased, as he grinned at the handsome blond American. That was another cryptic message that went over Blake's head.

“Enough, Rodion! Stop it now!” Roman interjected. He pounded his fists on the table and glared at his second lieutenant. Then stared at Blake with a pleading expression.

“Don't worry, Roman Platov, unlike you, I do not take what is not mine, chertov durak,” Rodion shot back. He grinned at the butcher and popped a grape from Blake’s plate into his mouth. Then he waggled his eyebrows at them. He teased them, though he liked Blake, he wasn’t interested.

Roman held up his hands to his handsome Spetsnaz boy, a playful grin on his face. “Peace, Rodion. You win that round. I will still have my session with the Blyat-”

“Not before I do, Roman, that was the fucking deal. I want it tonight!” Bruno Gott shot in. He glared at them, especially Rodion, who mouthed words to him, ‘Fuck you. Chertov, durak’.

“Nyet, Bruno. Tomorrow. We have already spoken about this. Rodion has requested that the Blyat sleeps tonight,” Vassily said. He cut in before his Spetsnaz boy could answer. He smiled when Rodion bowed his head in respect.

“Fine, but make sure it happens as you have said it would,” Gott said, as he finished his food..

“Fuck you, Bruno Gott. I am the First Lieutenant. You do not tell me I cannot have my session, Suka. I will have mine before you do, and there is an end to that. German pig.” Roman shouted. Everyone laughed as he stared hard at the red-faced man.

“Fuck you, you Russian dog. Whatever you say, it makes no difference to me. I want my session with the Blyat, and there is an end to that,” Gott shot back and glared at the younger Russian.

“Enough!!!” Vassily roared after the German spoke his words. He slammed his fist on the table, and everyone went silent.  He had a deep, commanding voice, and spoke in his Russian accent, but in perfect English. He commanded attention for all present. “Bruno Gott, I care not that the Kremlin sent you to me. You will show respect in my DOM. If you cannot, then you will leave! This is how it will be. I am the Major! Roman will have his session with the Blyat’ first, in the afternoon. Then you will have yours in the evening. Is that understood?” Vassily answered. He slammed his hand on the table again and glared at the German. Then smiled at Roman when he grinned at him when he defended him.

“Yes, of course, Major. I understand. Thank you,” was all Gott said. He was enraged by their horrible treatment, but Vassily was in charge, so he couldn't disagree.

Vassily laughed and sipped his orange juice, and ate some fruit, and the eggs with bacon. Everyone ate and enjoyed themselves. He saw Gott was not happy about this, but he didn't care. Roman was his First Lieutenant, and he had first call on everything that happened in the dacha.

Rodion sighed and shook his head. Now he had to tell Daniel about Roman’s session. He knew his charge would not be happy. He would be there to make sure nothing untoward happened at both sessions.

“So, Roman, I need to show you something, it's from the hunt today. When you returned to the dacha to meet Blake and Manuel, this happened,” Anton intoned. He leaned over Roman and took out his iPhone, then clicked on his video app. He lowered the volume, so it wouldn’t be loud, then he handed it over to Roman, who grinned at his man in charge.

Roman pressed the play button, and all his men and Rodion’s men gathered around him. He saw Daniel Miller lay into Bruno Gott, and beat the living daylights out of him. Of course, he and others knew that it was Daniel Miller, but Blake and Manuel didn’t.

Manuel peeked over his shoulder and watched the video. His eyes went wide when he saw the man in the iron mask beat Bruno Gott. He gave him a hard beat-down. He stared over at Blake but looked away when Rodion smirked at him.

Rodion didn’t watch the video, he had lived it. He was proud of his Daniel. He smirked when he remembered the incident from that morning.

Roman laughed hard, as he showed the video to his men, they were all in stitches now. In the next moment, they stared at Gott.

Gott was furious now. He felt humiliated by these Russian assholes. He would show all of them. He would torture Daniel Miller within an inch of his life, and no one would stop him. He had it planned out.

“My goodness, Bruno Gott, you are tagged as the Butcher of Hamburg, yes? But you let the Blyat’ kick your ass, in front of everyone? How is that possible? You're not so tough if a man in a fire-retardant suit and iron mask can beat you down, hmm? I cannot believe that is true now,” Roman laughed. He smirked at the German Nazi, then handed the phone back to Anton when the video stopped. The video ended before Rodion pulled Daniel off the German. Anton only recorded the CIA agent and the beat-down he gave to Gott. He received a bloody mouth, bloody nose, and a black eye, the latter of which he still sported..

“Fuck you, Roman. You are all Russian brutes. The Blyat was lucky and he caught me off guard. He won’t do that again. When I have my session with him, payback will be wonderful for me!” Gott shot back, in his thick German accent as he glared at them. He stood up from the table, stormed out and searched for his men. He planned for Daniel Miller’s torture session to be one of his best. There was still time to get the items he would use, and make sure the little spy suffered. For that, he called in a few of his men from Hamburg.

Everyone laughed again when Gott stormed out of the room. Roman laughed the loudest, as he smiled at Rodion and tipped his head to him. Yes, Roman was proud that Daniel Miller had kicked that Nazi’s ass.

“This is the best thing I have seen in an awfully long time. Look at this, it is so amusing. Oh, I cannot wait to have my session with the Blyat’ tomorrow. Thank you, Major,” Roman said, as he watched the video again, and he and his men and Anton laughed and ate their food.

Rodion didn't laugh. He remembered how he calmed Daniel from his panicked state earlier. How his charge was so frightened for being in Gott’s session. Now, he knew his charge had a good reason to be afraid, he was too.

Daniel would have both Roman and Gott torture him. Rodion looked to Vassily and only received a warm smile, but he shook his head, and couldn’t wait to get back to Daniel. He looked around the room and sighed when an idea came to him.

“Does anyone here know what or who Thomas Shaw is?” He asked. He crossed his arms over his large chest, then sat back in his chair. He waited to see if anyone knew anything about it.

Everyone around the table looked at Rodion, and Roman grinned at him, as he leaned forward. “I thought that was a myth the CIA made up, Rodion. I heard it was something about a whistleblower outing them for their acts.”

“I agree with Roman, I don’t think that was real, Rodion. You know how the CIA makes up lies and stories to protect themselves. Why do you ask?” Vassily added. He grinned at his Spetsnaz boy and wondered where this came from.

“Oh, no reason. I searched on the internet the other day. I came across some trolls with that name in it, but there was nothing else about it. So, you think it was myth?” Rodion lied to them. He hid the fact that Daniel spoke to him about it before he came downstairs. He couldn't risk his Daniel getting hurt. He frowned when he looked at the silent Blake and Manuel, for their opinions, but received nothing from Blake.

“Yeah, man, there was some chatter down in Puerto Rico. It was something about some crazy guy who was outing CIA Spies. I don’t think it was real, but if it was, there’s nothing out there about it now,” Manuel added. He grinned and raised his eyebrows as he popped more grapes in his mouth. He looked to Rodion, who grinned at him.

“You heard chatter down in Puerto Rico? I guess is because you are this investor, but if you think it wasn't real, then maybe is just myth. I don’t know about that, Manuel DeSanto. The things I found made it sound real to me, and some others said it was only myth too,” Rodion answered Manuel. He ate grapes and strawberries and drank orange juice. He wasn't starving now, he was worried about Daniel. He reached for a bowl and filled it with the delicious grapes, some strawberries, and kiwi fruit, the blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. They were all from the greenhouses, and they were for Daniel. He didn't know if he would eat, but he would bring it upstairs anyway. He noticed Blake was silent and wondered why? Did he know something and didn't speak about it? Or was it that he didn't care? He wasn't sure. He really worried about Daniel now. No one knew about Thomas Shaw. It could be Daniel was just overwrought and worried over Gott’s torture. Now there was Roman and his torture added in as well. He knew this would throw Daniel into another panicked attack.

Hector stayed silent, but he became antsy. Why did Rodion talk about Thomas Shaw now? Where did this come from? Unless Daniel was there at the dacha. No. That couldn’t be, Krik wasn't that stupid, was he? He thought to himself. He knew something was going on, but he couldn’t prove anything yet.


Anton, Roman and Adrik, and the rest of the Russian crew still watched the video. Everyone else talked about Thomas Shaw. Was that video Daniel? They were calling the man in the fire-retardant suit the Blyat. The fuck. Rodion mentioned it before. Again, Hector couldn’t tell.

Hector watched it with everyone else, even Manuel saw it, but couldn’t tell if it was Daniel. It burned Hector up, that he didn't know. He had to find out soon. Manuel talked with everyone too, but he shut down now. He had to change the subject and get it off Thomas Shaw. He was glad when the younger man did it for him.

“So, Roman, tell Vassily about the deal we brokered while at your restaurant,” Manuel said. He cut into the strange conversations going on all around him and Hector. He grinned at the Russian and rubbed his knee against his.

“Mmhmm yes, Manuel. I would love to, but you should do so yourself in person,” Roman answered. He moved his hand under the table and groped Manuel through his denims.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. Mr. Krik. We went to tell you what I can offer,” Manuel said. He ate his eggs and fruit and popped some delicious grapes in his mouth.

“Please, Manuel, call me Vassily,” he said. He reached across the table and placed his hand over Manuel’s. “You and I should get better acquainted anyway. After our brunch, I want you to join me in my steam room, and in my private sitting room. Then I would be happy to hear your ideas.”

Manuel glanced at Blake and when the man nodded, he turned back to Vassily. “Sure, I would love to.”

“Good. Once you are done, then we go first to my private sauna,” Vassily offered. He squeezed Manuel’s hand for a moment longer, then sat back to observed everyone at the table. He turned to his Spetsnaz then. “Rodion, I’m sure the Blyat is all right.”

“No, Vassily, but he is asleep. I’m still worried about him,” Rodion answered, as he stared at the Major and shook his head. “I had to give him a sedative because he was all worked up over Bruno Gott. It took me a while to calm him down. He finally fell asleep,” Rodion worried. He sipped his coffee, his appetite was gone now, and in fact he felt sick for his poor Daniel, and what was to come.

“I’m sorry, but he must face Bruno Gott, Rodion. I wish I could stop it, but I told you before, I can't,” Vassily murmured to his Spetsnaz boy. He sat beside him and placed his hand on his shoulder to calm him. He saw Rodion was very upset over this.

“I wish he didn’t have to. That man was so livid after everyone watched the video from Anton. I'm afraid for him now more than ever,” Rodion spoke with concern. He sipped more coffee, his hands shook in fear for his poor Daniel.

Hector sat and sipped his coffee; he had no idea what they were talking about. Who was this Blyat’? He did know how much he hated Bruno Gott. He didn't know if they were talking about Daniel. Was he there? Fuck. 

Hector wasn’t sure if it was Daniel or not. How could he be sure of that? Then this Thomas Shaw shit came up. Why? Where did that come from? 

“I know, Rodion. I am sorry. Go to him now. I do not want him to wake up to any more terrors. The hunt was rough for the Blyat. Bruno Gott was even worse for him than Dimitri,” Vassily murmured. He smiled at his Spetsnaz boy and patted his hand, then squeezed it when he felt the tremors.

“Thank you, Vassily,” Rodion answered, as he smiled at him, and bowed his head. He turned to Blake and again noticed how silent he was. He sat and sipped his coffee. 

Rodion leaned over and squeezed his shoulder, then whispered to him. “Listen to me, if you want to talk later, or whenever, you know my room is on the Northside. Come find me.” 

Blake nodded his head at Rodion. Then he caught the eyes of Roman, who glared at the Spetsnaz boy.

“Rodion!” Roman called out to him. He was furious how Rodion flirted with his Blake. “Get the fuck out now. Go to the Blyat’!” 

“Stop calling him that, chertov durak. He’s not a fuck Roman, that would be you. I will go now,” Rodion retorted. He winked at Blake and laughed at Roman when he glared at him as he walked out of the room.


 Blake turned to Roman and grinned when he stood up and motioned for him to follow. He stood up from the table and followed Roman out. He excused himself, everyone knew where they were going, but no one cared. 

   As soon as they were in the corridor, Roman grabbed Blake’s hand and dragged him into a smaller room. He closed the door behind them and pinned the tall handsome American against the wall, then pulled him down into a hard kiss.

   Blake grinned around the kiss and opened his mouth, and their tongues danced together. He moaned and wrapped his arms around the smaller man’s waist. He held Roman close as they shared their sensual kiss for several minutes. He pushed his groin hard against Roman's to show his interest. Then their kiss ended with a loud smack, and they gasped and laughed. 

   Roman smiled up at Blake. He knew his handsome blond American hunk would have him, but he stared hard at him for a moment and pouted as he spoke to him. “Blake, please stay away from Rodion. You are mine, and I want to keep it that way. I will not share you with him. He has his own interest anyway,” he pleaded. His frowned and pouted, and it turned into a warm smile again.

   “All right, Roman. Don’t worry. I’ll only be with you. You're my gorgeous shortarse. My hot little Russian,” Blake assured, and wondered what Roman meant by Rodion had his own interest. Again, was he talking about Daniel Miller? Was he there? Fuck. He really needed to find out. He needed to talk with Rafa about how they would get the three out of there.  

   “Good. Now since we have time, can I take you to my bed and beg you to fuck me?” Roman intoned, as he pressed his groin against Blake to show his interest.

  “Sure, Roman. I’ll fuck you till next Tuesday. But I’ll be right there, I gotta hit the head. I’ll meet you in a second,” Blake quipped, as he smirked down at the smaller man, but motioned for him to go to his room. He laughed when Roman pulled him out of the hidden alcove, then they walked up the stairs.

  Roman went to the Southside of the dacha, while Hector waited then made to go the bathroom he saw down the corridor. He really needed to take a piss, so he used the nice bathroom, then he washed his hands, and went out into the corridor again. He snooped around on the Northside of the Dacha for a second. He heard voices coming from Rodion's room, but it wasn't clear. The old dacha had thick walls. He didn't want to get caught, so he turned around to meet with Roman in his bedroom on the Southside.


   Rafa worked his cover as the new investor for the Oligarch. He was downstairs in Krik's sauna with a towel wrapped around his waist, sat across from Krik, also draped in a towel around his waist. “So, Vassily you stand to gain a lot of money from this deal. I can assure you that once you sign the contracts you will be happy. Blake and I will send them forward, and I will bring you back 150% capital gains. Blake will be our middleman,” Rafa bluffed his way through the deal. He knew full well he had Krik’s attention, since the older man smiled at him.

 “Platov showed me that, yes, 150% is very impressive. Manuel, it's not that I don’t want this, I will need to read through the contracts once we are finished here. But why must you bring in Blake into the deal?” Vassily intoned, as he stared at the handsome young man.

 “Oh, man, you don’t like Blake?” Manuel asked, as he smiled at the man. “All you need is an office, with four employees, which I would oversee. We can cut Blake out of this deal. I will oversee things for you. You and I will close the deal then. But you know, Blake has been my partner for ten years now. We had a nice relationship. I mean to the fullest extent. I was a kid when he found me. He helped me a lot, taught me so much. If you don't want him, though, I understand.” 

 “I understand that, Manuel, and it's sweet. It’s not that I don’t like him, I don’t trust him. Why do we need him? I only put up with him because Roman adores him. Blake's been with Roman for a year now, and because he helps him procure things for his restaurant. Blake would be better suited if he stayed with Roman. I have greenhouses here on my property. My scientists grow everything from fruits, and vegetables, herbs, plants, but I can't let Roman have any of that in Petersburg, the Kremlin only allowed me to use the items for the dacha,” Vassily revealed. He poured more water on the coals in the middle of the room and sat back against the wooden wall.

 “Yes, that would be a good idea, but he is my partner in this deal. Still, if you don't want him there, then I don’t have a problem with it,” Manuel said. He raised his eyebrows and licked his lips. 

 Rafa knew Hector wouldn’t care. He needed to snoop around Krik's dacha to find proof of Vassily's involvement with the War in Estonia. Also, to find out if the man in the iron mask was Daniel Miller.

 “Good, then it's settled, you and I close this deal. You catch on so well, for only being in Russia a short time. We will prosper here with this deal. I will read and sign the contracts later in my office. For now, let’s sit back and enjoy the quietness of this steam room, my handsome Manuel,” Vassily commented. He winked at the young Puerto Rico boy and licked his lips. 

 Krik stared down at the young man’s nude body, even beneath the towel, he could see he was well-endowed. He wasn’t sure the young man would be with him, so for now, he sat back and closed his eyes while they sat in the steam room. 

 “I knew I liked you, Manuel DeSanto. You have a big heart, like me; But my heart aches for those that don’t have anything. I want to share the wealth. To do that, I need to make Russia one with the entire country, not only in the provinces,” Krik added. He held out his hand to Manuel and smiled when he shook it without hesitation.

 They soon exited the steam room and got dressed in their clothes again. Vassily took Manuel on a tour of the dacha. He showed him all the rooms downstairs and then led him to his office, and they sat on the chairs in the middle of the room. It was a large office.

 “So, Manuel, show me the contracts we spoke about, and I will read through them all. I’m sure they are in order. I want to be sure they are lucrative,” Vassily intoned, as he smiled at the young man, and reached for the contracts.

 “These here have all the figures, capital, intake, outgoing monies. If you read the first page, it shows you what I will put in, 45% off the top of the amount you wish to invest. We should start off with $50 Million. The capital on that will triple the amount I offer up,” Manuel explained. He handed Vassily the pages that were most important.  This was a bogus contract Steven Frost worked up for him while they flew over on the jet from Berlin to St. Petersburg, but it was authentic, just with fake numbers. If Krik checked it out, it would still show up as a real contract.

  Vassily read all the account information Manuel showed to him. Then he glanced at the other pages in the contract. “This looks very well planned out, Manuel. I like the numbers, they are good, and the capital amount after the initial investment. I see we will end up with $500,000 million, that is a perfect amount. We should get this going, leave the contracts with me, and I will sign everything. You will have it all by the end of the week once my people in the Kremlin look this over. It won’t be that long, this is a good capital, they will be happy with this.” He reached for the bottle of vodka and poured some shots for them, then handed Manuel his.

 “Good. I’m glad to hear it, Vassily, but my people are asking for some money upfront, if we can talk about that. They are breathing down my neck about this,” Manuel pushed, but took the shot and sank it back.

 “Yes, tomorrow I have something for you, my dear Manuel, I promise. We will meet again, under the table, and seal this deal. Let’s relax now,” Vassily told the young man, as he poured more vodka for them. “To your good health. To our friendship,” toasted, as he clinked his glass against Manuel’s. 

 “Mm, yes, salute,” Manuel answered, as he sank back another shot of vodka. He laughed at the older man’s words. We meet again, under the table. Oh, if you only knew, I want to cut your head off, under the table. If that man in the iron mask is Daniel, I want to get him and Hector and I the fuck out of here. He felt sick, when he thought about all the shit he had to do with this dirty Russian bastard. Then he leaned over and threw up on the floor.

 “Whoa! Whoa, I’m sorry, dear boy! Too much heat! You drank that too fast. It’s strong Russian moonshine vodka, Are you all right, dear Manuel?” Vassily called out, as he stood up over Manuel. 

  “Yes, I’m fine, Vassily. You’re right, it’s strong stuff. I’m used to Tequila. I’m from Puerto Rico, we like the gold-colored liquor. Your Russian vodka is too much for me, I’m a child of the sun,” Rafa said, as he smiled at Krik. He was Manuel DeSanto now. He knew the older man was captivated with him. 

  “Yes, you certainly are. You're gorgeous. I am sorry, Manuel. Let’s go into my bathroom, I’ll help you clean up,” Vassily offered, as he reached out and held the beautiful young man’s hands in his. 

  “Okay, sure, Vassily. I’m really okay now, but we can do that,” Manuel answered, and he squeezed the man’s hands in his. They got up and entered into the bathroom. 

  Vassily handed Manuel glass of mint mouth rinse and watched as he bent over to rinse out his mouth. He ran his hand up and down his muscular back and squeezed his perfect little ass. He was so sexy and so hot. He wanted to have him. 

  Manuel rinsed his mouth more, then stood up, and smiled when Vassily caressed his back and grabbed his ass. “Perhaps you’d like to grab something else?” He teased the man, then smiled as he surged forward and locked his lips with the older man. 

 Vassily was so turned on by this gorgeous child of the sun. He loved how hot he was, and was so much fun. He shoved his mouth open and their tongues danced together. He was glad he wanted to be with him. He lifted the young man up into his arms and deepened the kiss as he sat him on top of the counter by the sink.   

   Come on, Vassily, give it to me good. I’ve got some lube in my pocket. Fuck me hard, make me feel better,” Manuel played the older man. He liked having sex and would do it with anyone. He needed to get into Krik’s office, so if he let him fuck him, then he would be able to do that.    

   “Oh, you clever, sweet boy. Yes. I will fuck you right here and now,” Krik said, as he reached inside the boy’s front denim pocket and pulled out the lube. 

   “Now you got it, Vassily. Please, just fuck me. I’m so horny. Get your big Russian cock deep inside me,” he begged and was glad when the older man obliged him.   

   Vassily made quick work as he removed Manuel’s shirt, then his denims and underwear. Gods. He was gorgeous, all thick muscles, hard planes, six-pack abs, and a big cock. “First I fuck you, then I suck you off,” he said, as he pushed the boy’s legs up and slide the tip of the lube inside his tight ass. He was perfect, so hot and sexy and so willing. Once he was lubed up, he used the rest to coat his own cock. He pulled it out of his trousers and it was big too. Then he screwed sweet Manuel for an hour. He started in the bathroom, then he moved them to his office and screwed him on the sofa. He was glad when the hot boy rode him hard. He came so hard deep inside the sexy young man and howled in pleasure. He was pleased when Manuel did the same. Then he sucked his big cock and swallowed down his release. 

  Manuel played like he was tired as he lay on the sofa and closed his eyes. He smiled sleepily up at Krik. “Is it okay if I sleep here for a while? You screwed me into oblivion, Vassily. You're a wonderful lover.” 

 “Yes, of course, sweet Manuel. I have to leave now, but you can stay here as long as you like. You are a magnificent creature of the sun. So hot and sexy and so receptive. Thank you for a wonderful time. I will see you later, downstairs in the bar at the back of the dacha,” Krik answered and kissed his plump lips. He put himself away in his trousers, then he left and closed the door, then joined everyone in the back bar. 

  Rafa smiled when Krik left him alone in his office after he feigned sleep. He got dressed again and did what he had to do, but he enjoyed the sex. The old man really knew how to fuck. He was good. His legs felt like jelly, but he would be fine. He worked the older man and was where he needed to be. He used his equipment to make a print on a piece of tape, so he could open the safe. Once finished, he found the financial information, took a picture, and sent it off to Robert.

  He smiled when joined Krik again and just as he said, he found him in the bar with Anton, Roman’s men, and Rodion’s Spetsnaz boy, Adrik. There were others, and that German bastard Bruno Gott. They were in the banquet room, where they were enjoying more food and booze. He felt better now, he had done his job and was closer with Krik when he screwed him. He ate some small things and drank some tequila they had on hand. They teased him about being a lightweight, but he laughed in with them, and they all patted him on the back. He knew that this shit would all take time, so he let himself relax. He wondered if Hector was with Roman and shook his head, and hoped he would get some info from him. Rafa relaxed more and waited to see what would happen next. He had fun now. This lasted for the rest of the day into the night. They tried to contact Rodion, but they surmised he was with his charge, so they stopped texting him. It was Krik who texted Rodion, and it was Roman who told the old man to stop. He knew the two lovers were resting together. They would need to for the double torture session tomorrow.

Chapter Text

After the mid-morning brunch with Krik and the others, Rodion made his way back to the room he shared with Daniel. His bedroom. That’s why it was so special, and a safe haven, they shared his bedroom. He entered through the antechamber door, then closed and locked it behind him. He didn’t want anyone barged in on them tonight. Little did he know Roman had all the keys to every room in the dacha and could enter at any time. He didn’t know that Vassily had given them to Roman.

  Rodion moved to the bed, where his Daniel lay fast asleep. He frowned when he looked so vulnerable and so troubled. He sighed and decided to join him on the bed.  He slipped off his boots then slid beneath the warm blankets. He pulled Daniel’s warm body against his own, then laughed when his charge turned his face toward him. He held him close when he burrowed against him, like an adorable little kitten.

 “Mmhmm, my sexy Spetsnaz boy. I’m so glad you’re back. I’ll sleep much better now,” Daniel murmured. He leaned up and pressed his lips against Rodion’s plump red lips.

 Rodion moaned and returned Daniel’s sensual kiss. He slid his tongue inside his hot mouth, and he squeezed his body against his own. 

  "Nyet, Rodion. Why do you still have your clothes on? Please remove them?” Daniel complained. He moved back to help his sexy Russian remove the offending garments.

 Rodion laughed again. He let Daniel undress him but smirked when he fumbled with his shirt buttons. 

  “Rodion, help me, please! Fuck!” Daniel moaned but couldn’t get the buttons to cooperate with his shaky fingers.

 Rodion leaned forward and kissed Daniel’s pouty lips, then made quick work of his shirt. He removed it, then tossed it on the chair beside the bed. Then he spread his legs wide, and Daniel unbuttoned the flies on his denims. 

  “Mm, my sexy Spetsnaz. I can manage this now,” Daniel mewled. He moved long fingers between the buttons. Then he slid his hands inside the waistband and down his Russian’s slim hips. He moved them all the way down his thick, large cock. He gasped when it bobbed in front of him. He licked his lips at the delicious sight but slid the denims down his long hair legs and off his body. He grinned when Rodion kicked them off and onto the floor.

 “May I please — suck your big thick cock, my sexy Spetsnaz boy?” He asked. He stared up at his Russian through his long dark lashes. 

  “Mm, yes of course you may, my sexy Army brat,” Rodion whispered. He spread his long legs wider and supported his body with his elbows on the mattress.

 Daniel groaned then leaned over Rodion’s muscular body. He sat between his spread legs and moved his lips over the large cock head. He licked and sucked around the head and dipped his tongue into the slit. And he swallowed the sweet pre-cum.

 “Oh, my sweet Daniel is so good your hot mouth. Mm, so sexy, my gorgeous Army brat. Oh,” Rodion groaned, and he tried so hard not to push his hips up off the mattress, glad when his lover continued. He was so hard, but he enjoyed this so much.

 Daniel opened his mouth wider and slid his lips down Rodion’s thick, hard shaft. His tongue licked and laved around the circumference, all the time he slid his lips further down the shaft. 

  Rodion moaned loudly now, as he lifted his hips up off the mattress and slid his long fingers inside Daniel’s thick hair. “Oh, Daniel, I can’t control myself for much longer. I will come soon. Oh, my sweet lover.” 

  Daniel groaned around his large mouthful then bobbed his head up and down Rodion’s thick shaft. His tongue licked all around the circumference, as he licked at the flat side of the cock head. Then he slid the thick cock all the way down his throat, as he swallowed around it, his tongue lapped at the cock head. He hummed softly, as he slid his mouth up to just cover the thick cock head. He sucked and hollowed out his cheeks and lapped at the cock head. He slid his tongue inside the slit and licked out more pre-cum, then swallowed it hungrily, as he licked harder around his cock head. 

   Rodion groaned louder as he pushed the head of his cock inside Daniels how mouth. He couldn’t help it, his lover was so good. He slid his cock all the way inside his lover’s mouth.

Daniel swallowed him right down his throat, his wild tongue licked and lapped around the thick circumference. Then he moved his head up to the circumference.

 When Daniel moved his mouth to the cock head, Rodion lost it. He couldn’t stop himself, as he leaned over his lover’s body and shouted as came so hard in his lover’s mouth. “Oh, Daniel….” 

  Daniel mewled and swallowed Rodion’s sweet release. He drank him down hungrily. He swallowed every drop of the sweet ambrosia. He moved his tongue over the slip to coax it all out, then removed his mouth from his lover’s thick cock. He smiled demurely up at Rodion as he licked his lips and hummed appreciatively.

 “Come here, my sweet Daniel,” Rodion coaxed, as he pulled his lover up, so he lay on top of him. He wrapped his arms gently around his body. He kissed his lover’s lips hungrily for several minutes.  He hummed when he tasted his release there, and he kissed him harder. Their tongues danced together so sweetly. When they finally came up for air, their lips smacked, and they both laughed softly. 

  “You know, you don’t need to do that, my sexy Army brat,” Rodion said. He ran his hands up and down Daniel’s nude back, gently because he knew he was still in pain from the morning hunt.

 “Do what? Give my lover pleasure? The same as you give to me. I wanted to do it, my gorgeous Spetsnaz boy. How could I not want to? You know you are my sexy Russian, while I am just a hot mess,” Daniel teased. He cuddled his body closer against Rodion, where he sought that strength and safety and love. 

  “Nyet. You are not hot mess, my Daniel. You are my pretty and sexy Army brat, my lover, as I am yours. Even though I do love your sexy mouth giving me pleasure, it is not necessary-” Rodion intoned, but Daniel silenced him. 

  “Shh, no, no, Rodion Volkov,” he stated. He placed his fingers over his kiss-swollen lips, which matched his own. “Do not argue with me over this, my sexy Russian. I enjoyed it, very much.” 

  Rodion smirked at Daniel’s adorable action, then sucked on his fingers. He licked them with his tongue, before he released them. “Very well, Daniel, then thank you, it was hot. Ah, I have to tell you something else. Is about Roman.”

 “Oh, no, don’t tell me, he wants another session with me?” Daniel surmised. What else could it be? He could tell from the look on Rodion’s face.

 “Yes, my Daniel. He is to have his session tomorrow, before the Brut, Bruno Gott,” Rodion revealed and sighed as he reached out to his lover. “I am sorry, my sexy Army brat. I will be present for both. Now, please just relax for the rest of the morning. You had an extremely hard time. You are still in pain from the other Suka,” he added, and spoke about Dimitri, but didn't say his name. Then he moved Daniel on the bed and covered his body with the blankets.

 “Yes, I am. But you take such good care of me. It's okay, my sexy Spetsnaz boy. There is nothing I can do about this. It’s what my life is now. At least I have you to patch me up after all this fucking torture. We have professed our love, so I am happy about that,” Daniel deadpanned as he clung to his gorgeous Russian. Yes, he fell so deeply in love with him. Little did he know, Rodion felt the same way.

 “Yes, my Daniel, I will always be with you. I am glad to be with you,” Rodion murmured as he held him in his arms. They slept the entire day now, so Daniel could be rested, but they didn’t even realize they had done so. Rodion had put his phone on low, so they wouldn't be disturbed.  They didn't know the next day, Krik would not be happy, and when he wasn't happy, he sought out his revenge and gave pain.

  It was so cozy in their bed, and they were both exhausted, his Daniel especially. They didn’t even realize they had slept past dinner; they were so tired. The texts on Rodion’s phone went unanswered. He couldn’t help it, he wanted his charge to sleep. Krik had promised him he could. Rodion knew of his mood swings when things didn’t go his way, so he and Daniel would suffer. It was an innocent mistake, but one Rodion would also suffer from. Krik would be out for blood, and poor Daniel would suffer again from the old man’s insanity. 

 They all must have known they wanted to be alone, so the texts stopped. Everyone was together. They ate, they drank their dinner that night, with Vassily’s special guests, Blake, and Manuel DeSanto. They didn’t know it was Roman who stopped Krik from texting Rodion. He told him he was with his lover resting up for the next day’s double torture session. He told Vassily to stop his nonsense and leave his Second Lieutenant alone. So, he did, but he was very angry, and someone would suffer. That someone would be poor Daniel again.



   No one in the dacha was up early that day. Blake and Roman had spent the night together again. They fell asleep in Roman’s room, but in the early morning hours around seven-fifteen, Hector tried to snoop around again. He walked down to the Northside, by Rodion’s room, but again, he didn’t hear anything. He was afraid Krik would find him, so he made his way downstairs to the breakfast hall around half seven. He was glad no one was awake yet, when he met Rafa there first, before anyone, around half seven.

 “Good morning, Manuel. Did you sleep okay, kid?” Hector asked, as they stood at the buffet table but only made coffee for themselves. Both of them used the cream, and Rafa used sugar too.

 “Yes, Blake. I slept like a baby. Did you find anything out from Roman?” he teased and bumped his shoulder.

   “No. Not last night, after we went upstairs from drinking with you and everyone, he just wanted me to screw him all night long. He showed me the sales from his restaurant in Petersburg. They’re pretty high. I didn’t see anything that would suggest he laundered money for their war,” he explained, as they sat at the table. 

  “Yeah, there has to be something there, though. Maybe I should screw him and ask questions. I’m good at that, it’s what I do best, the Intel,” he teased and smiled when Hector scoffed at him. 

  “I’m good at it too, boy, I just didn’t find the opportunity. You can do that, I’m sure he’ll sing more like a canary for you. I went to the Northside of the dacha a couple of times. I heard voices, but the walls on this place are thick. Maybe Roman will give me a tour if I screw him more,” Hector joked, but he was serious. 

  “Mmhmm. I can do some more Intel too. Listen, I wanted you to know that I did my job well. Krik screwed me, after we went in his sauna and had some of that piss-stained Russian vodka. I feigned sickness and got him into his bathroom. The plan is going well. He wants to work with Manuel, and not Blake. My point is, I was in his office and took pictures of his financials. He is laundering money for the war in Estonia. It’s not done through Roman, he brings it here and Krik sends it to the Kremlin. He told me they have greenhouses, and they have fruit, veg, plants, herbs, and other stuff. They must have drugs too. It’s why Krik always gets these insane Captains, they come from the Kremlin. Anyway, I hope you’re not mad at me,” he finished his tale and watched Hector’s reaction. 

 “I’m not mad at you. I’m proud of you, that’s good for you and your bosses at Berlin Station. I've already told you that I don’t care about the war, that's not my concern. We need to find out about Daniel, and if the man in the iron mask was him. I didn’t know about the greenhouses, but he has to make money somehow, right? Good job, kid. Let’s talk more later, I hear them coming in now,” Hector said, as he patted Rafa on his back, and then they sat up. They faced the door, and the others soon entered the room. Well, not all at once, but near enough.


   Cook entered the room with Vassily. Krik didn’t look too happy, maybe because Rodion wasn’t around. Hector found that odd, why was he absent so much. Cook's assistant chef's carried the tureens of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, salmon. Also, his specialty French toast with cinnamon. There was more fresh fruit, all the luscious berries.  Everything was placed on the buffet table against the right wall.

 “Good morning, Manuel, Blake. I’m glad you are here early. Cook just finished breakfast. Come join us at the buffet,” Krik offered as he smiled at the two of them. He remembered his lovely time with the gorgeous Manuel, and he smiled warmly at him. 

  “Sure thing, Vassily. Thank you,” Hector said, as he pulled Rafa up from the table and joined Krik, just as Roman, Gott, Anton, and the others joined them in the room. Adrik joined the Spetsnaz boys, and they sat together with Anton and his security men. Roman and Gott sat with Krik, Blake and Manuel. 

  “Good morning, Vassily. Thank you so much. This all looks so good,” Manuel said, and smiled when Krik kissed his lips and patted his ass. 

  “I’m glad you are enjoying it. The papers are on their way to Moscow. We should have them back by the end of the week,” Krik informed the lovely child of the sun. 

  “That’s great. I’m excited about our deal,” Manuel said quietly, as he filled his plate with everything Cook prepared. 

  “Good morning, my sweet Blake. You left me early,” Roman complained, as he kissed his lips and embraced him.

 “Yeah, sorry, Roman. You know I’m an early riser. This food looks good,” Blake changed the subject. But, returned his kiss and patted his ass. 

  Krik sent another unanswered text message to Rodion. He was angry that his Second Lieutenant wasn’t there. He planned to invite him down to his office for Spetsnaz business and the War in Estonia. He had reports from Sergei Bassarov, and Anton had news as well. He hoped Rodion would return his texts from last night. He would send another one after breakfast and hoped he would see it. 

 They all sat down and enjoyed their breakfast and Krik invited Manuel and Blake down to see the greenhouses. He trusted Manuel since they were intimate and their deal had gone well. “I want you both to see them. Anton and maybe Roman will show you after breakfast. If you want to. It won’t take long,” he told them, as he patted Manuel on his knee and squeezed it. 

  “Yes, of course, Vassily. I would love to see the greenhouses,” Manuel said quickly. 

   “Yes, me too, Vassily. That sounds wonderful. Roman, will you show us along with Anton?” Blake asked, as he squeezed his knee and winked at him. 

  “I would love to. I haven't been to the greenhouses for a while. Anton can drive us in the Range Rover,” Roman agreed and grinned at Vassily when he beamed. 

  “I am glad to hear this. I will send a text message to Mikhail and let him know you will arrive there within the hour,” Krik beamed and quickly sent the text to his Lead scientist. He told them it was all set, and they ate more of the delicious food Cook prepared. They didn’t rush things, it took them all a couple of hours to eat everything, and they drank coffee and orange juice. It was a lovely affair. Krik wished Rodion was there, but he remembered how he told his second Lieutenant the blyat could sleep yesterday. He didn’t expect it to be all day. Still, he stopped his pout when Roman stared at him.


“Vassily, you must stop this. Please leave Rodion alone. He is not your lapdog you can have at your beck and call all the time. He has his own duties to take care of. I can see you pouting all the way over here. He will wake soon and reply to your texts. He is with the blyat now. You know that, and you granted him a day of rest because of what happened with the Suka Dimitri. Your precious Captain Suka. Please, stop this already, it is so boring. You’re acting like a jealous old man. You make me sick to my stomach,” Roman sprouted off his words. He was so sick and tired of this old man. He was antiquated and didn’t have the mind of all the young people around him. He knew his words meant nothing, but he had to get it off his chest already. 

  “Yes, I know, Roman. You are correct. Rodion is a busy young man. He is not at my beck and call, I need him by my side to complete the tasks that I ask of him. Oh, look at that, it’s nearly time for all of you to go to the greenhouses now, isn’t it? Anton, please take them in the red Range Rover. I will see you all later,” Vassily said and stood up from the table. He excused himself and made his way to his office. He slammed the door and moved to his liquor cabinet, then he poured himself a double scotch and sent one more text message to his Second Lieutenant. He was angry but not livid, and he would have his revenge on the blyat for keeping Rodion from him.

 “He is such an antiquated old man. He pines like a little girl. Sad old fool. Nothing I said even touched him. He behaves as a love-sick school-girl. You know the kind, with the pony tails and in a poufy dress,” Roman said and everyone laughed. He sighed and rolled his eyes then clapped his hands together. “Okay, my sweet Blake, Manuel, Anton, it’s time for us to visit the greenhouses. Don’t worry, it won’t take long, about an hour. Gott won't join us since he was there already.”

 “I don’t understand how you are his first Lieutenant, and Rodion is his second. Neither of you respect him,” Gott retorted at the little man’s words. 

  “Fuck you, Bruno Gott. You pout because you are only a Captain. Vassily is not upset over you not being around and at his beck and call. It is only Rodion he pines over. There is a reason we are his Lieutenant's. You are just his Kremlin lapdog. You torture and give pain, and torture some more, but that is all you do. I do not see you in his office now to discuss the points of the war, even though you say you support the war. I don’t have time for another verbal spar. I must go now. Go to your room and dream of your next torture session with the blyat, or with anyone. It is all your slow mind cares about,” Roman retorted, as he smacked him on the back of his head, then walked out the side doors to the driveway. 

 “I will do more than dream, Roman Platov. You will all see what I have planned for the blyat, and for the glorious Second Lieutenant,” Gott said, as he stood up from the table, turned on his heel, and stormed up the stairs. He was livid with Krik for keeping him from the torture. He made another phone call to make certain his men would arrive from Hamburg. He was pleased to know they were right on schedule. He told them to make sure they packed a lot of heat, and again, was pleased by the affirmative reply. 


 Vassily was in his office, and he took out his phone then sent one more text message to Rodion. He hoped he would answer this time. 


The next day dawned so quickly, and Rodion didn’t even realize it. He swore when a text message pinged on his phone. When he reached for it, he saw it was from Vassily. Oh, no. There were several text messages from Vassily. “Oh, fuck.” He read the older ones first then the latest one. 



   [Incoming text — Vassily Krik] Rodion, please meet me in my office at half eleven for Spetsnaz business. Make sure you are there. I sent many texts, and they went unanswered. It is imperative you are down in my office. Don't keep me waiting. VK



 Rodion sighed as he let Daniel read the all the texts. He knew his lover could translate the Russian words.

 “Fuck! Is the next day? We slept the entire day yesterday, Daniel. Vassily wants an emergency meeting with me. He sent me all these texts, but I didn't reply, and now he is angry,” he said in a panicked voice. Then he stared at his pouty Army brat. “Maybe I will bring you with me, my sexy Army brat,” he quickly added, as he kissed those plump pouty lips. 

    “Really? Oh, no. He does sound angry. We were so exhausted after all the things that happened over the last couple of days. He said I could rest, and you could be with me. Suka! Today is my double torture session with the two butchers,,” Daniel complained and clung to Rodion.. He signed in disgust of what was to come for him on that day. Then he realized something else. “Fuck. But will I have to wear the iron mask?” Daniel complained. He still pouted until Rodion kissed his lips, and he eagerly returned the kisses.

 “Yes, Daniel You know is only way you can come with me,” Rodion reasoned. He ran his fingers through his hair and tried to calm him again. 

 “Do you think he will mind?” Daniel asked tentatively. He moved his head against Rodion’s fingers, like a cat seeking the sweet attention.

 “I don’t know, let me ask him. He is in a foul mood. I'm afraid what will happen,” Rodion answered and sent a quick text in reply. He saw the time was nearly eleven in the morning. “Wow! We slept long time. Is good you are rested for today’s fucking double torture with the butcher and fucking pig. But he is livid with me.”


[Outgoing text — Rodion Volkov] Vassily, I will be there soon. Would you mind if I bring Daniel along, if he wears iron mask?” 


[Incoming text — Vassily Krik] Yes, you may bring the Blyat’ as long as he is silent. Yes, he must wear the iron mask.


[Outgoing text — Rodion Volkov] Please don’t call him that. Will be there soon. RV


[Incoming text — Vassily Krik] My apologies, Rodion. I will call him that as I see fit. But for your sake, bring Daniel Miller. I am alone in my office. Roman, Manuel, Blake, and Anton have gone off to see the greenhouses.. Please don’t be late again. I will see you downstairs. VK



Rodion let Daniel read all the texts. He kissed him again, before he wrapped his arms around him and pushed them to sit up.

 “Oh, no. He is angry. I know he will do something We must get dressed now, Daniel. I am sorry. We do not even have but fifteen minutes,” he stated, as he helped Daniel to stand, and caught him in his arms when his legs buckled. “I am sorry, my Daniel. Do you want to stay here and sleep? Krik is so angry now. I don’t know what he will do.” 

  “Nyet, Rodion. I’m okay, I’ll be fine. I just needed to get my bearings. Let’s get dressed. I’m not here on a vacation. I’m sure he will do something. He’s insane and can never truly be nice. He has to be mean after that. Whatever he does, we will take it. What else can we do. It’s okay,” Daniel answered quickly. He honestly didn't want to be alone in case someone broke into the room and tried to hurt him again. He knew Krik was angry because they slept the entire day, but he said they could. He would be ready for whatever the insane Oligarch did to him.  That didn't mean he wasn't scared now, for himself and for Rodion.

 Rodion knew the real reason Daniel didn’t want to be alone, but he didn’t argue. He agreed with his charge anyway, he didn't trust anyone there to not hurt Daniel. He knew Krik would do something, but he would protect Daniel. He dressed his lover first in his green Spetsnaz fatigues his green shirt and black boots, then he placed the iron mask gently over his head. He lifted Daniel’s hands to the back, so he could buckle it in place and then snapped the lock on. He sat his charge on the chair for a moment then quickly dressed himself in his clothes and boots. 

  When they were ready, he led them through the antechamber doors, and down the stairwell at the back of the dacha. This would take them to Krik’s office through a private door. Just before they entered the room, Daniel halted and was unsure about going inside. Then he felt Rodion’s hand on his lower back, and moved inside with him. 

  Vassily turned to see Rodion and the blyat as they entered his office through the secret door but didn’t question that. He bowed his head to his second Lieutenant and spoke calmly to him. “Good morning. Welcome, Rodion.  I see you slept all this time, from yesterday, that’s fine. I know you will say I agreed to this, but I actually believed you would be more responsible. It’s fine, boy, just forget about it. Please sit Daniel Miller on the sofa by the window. I don’t want to see him, nor do I want any interruptions,” he said, and didn’t really look at the Blyat. He was still, even though Roman said he shouldn’t be. He was disappointed, and barely looked at his second Lieutenant either. 


   “Yes, of course, Major. I am sorry. I did not mean to be so irresponsible,” was all Rodion said to Krik. He nodded his head and sat Daniel on the sofa. “Please, Daniel, just stay quiet now. I don’t want him to put too much ire on you. I can take it, is what he does,” he spoke softly to him.

“I will, I promise, Rodion. I’m sorry,” was all Daniel said. He felt Krik watching them. He curled his legs up to his chest and closed his eyes. 

Rodion squeezed his shoulder then returned to Vassily at the large desk. He sighed when he spotted maps of Estonia, Turba, Komarovo and St. Petersburg. 

“I have been informed by your Spetsnaz men, who are out there working hard, that there was an unsympathetic German spying around in Turba. We have since taken care of the problem. We need to go over the particulars of the takeover in Estonia,” Vassily spoke in Russian, but Daniel still interpreted the words in his head. 

“Yes, of course, Major. Show me the reports of the weapons and how many men are there,” Rodion countered as Vassily rattled the paper maps to find the reports. He could feel the tension between them, but he ignored it. He even ignored the jibe he made about his fellow Spetsnaz out there working hard. He was so childish sometimes. He didn’t own Rodion, he was a grown young man. He would ignore him and concentrate on the job in front of him. 

Daniel was too tired to listen anymore, so he closed his eyes and laid his body down on the sofa, then was fast asleep in seconds. 

Vassily kept Rodion busy as they looked over the maps. They talked about the tactical plans of the Spetsnaz men on the ground. He worried over the NATO men who would arrive, but Rodion assured him the men would handle that as they saw fit. He looked over the messages from the Spetsnaz and security men on the ground and told Krik that everything was in order. He assured the Major things would run smoothly. He told him they would have no problem turning the lights off in Estonia with the takeover. They finished up with a message from another Russian Captain in Turba, who told them they would be ready to move on Vassily and Rodion’s signal.

“Do you want vodka, Rodion?” Vassily asked, as he poured out two shots for them. 

“Spasibo, Vassily. What about Sergei? Is he in place?” Rodion asked, as he sank his vodka. He grinned when Vassily poured another. It was the good Russian moonshine vodka, the real stuff, not the watered-down alcohol found in stores. 

“Yes, he is in place with the troops in Turba, they will make their way to Estonia. He escaped capture from the CIA but could not take down Sofia Vesik. She had help from the young CIA Agents April Lewis and Robert Kirsch. I was told the latter suffered a horrific wound and is in hospital,” Vassily explained, as he sank back his second vodka, then filled their glasses again when his Rodion finished his. 

“Hmm, well, we will still be able to take down Estonia when the time is right, Major. That is not our concern, our plans are still in play to make it dark when we need to. If you want, I will send Anton after Sofia Vesik and April Lewis,” Rodion offered, as he sank back more vodka when Vassily kept pouring them out.

“That is perhaps a good idea. He is an excellent assassin. We will use him in the field as well. He is a crack shot, not unlike yourself, my boy,” Vassily intoned. He seemed to soften a little with the alcohol they consumed, as he looked over the maps. He looked up at his boy and smiled warmly. “Rodion, I want you to stay here in Komarovo and work with Roman. You understand that, right?” 

“Yes, I do, Vassily. I am honored to have that distinction and position,” Rodion answered, as he bowed his head to the short bald man. He knew he was still angry with him. He kept his words light, and he was civil, because he didn't want to get into any verbal spars. He kept his words light and he was civil. His main concern was to protect Daniel at all costs, nothing else mattered at that moment. Not even the anger he felt from Krik.


“Good. I am glad you understand. I must ask you a question, though, your Daniel Miller, can he be turned into Spetsnaz?” Vassily asked. He leaned in closer to Rodion and placed his hand on the younger man’s shoulders. He squeezed hard and stared into his green eyes.

“I don't know, Vassily. We spoke of it, I told him he would be good Spetsnaz. He agreed half-heartedly. I don't think this was true.  I believe it was only in jest. I don't know. You can please let go of me in this manner,” Rodion spoke in his deep, low baritone, as he stared at the older man when he squeezed his shoulders hard. His Spetsnaz training kicked in, and he roughly pushed his hands from his shoulders, then stepped back from the shorter man.

“That's fine, Rodion. Very good, you are still a Spetsnaz and can fight me. Have you really tried to turn him, or have you gone soft? You behave like a love-sick puppy where he is concerned. I understand, though, you need love in your life. It is something you don't want from me. I want him to be a Spetsnaz. Still, we shall see in the coming days. It's why I want and need you here, in Komarovo. Not only to oversee the Blyat- ah your Daniel Miller, but to assist Roman with the tactical measures and the maps.  You will oversee the coordination with the armies in Estonia and Turba, and the technical side of things. You are my best hacker. You have done so well in the past, I know the future is bright for you still. Don't let me down when the time comes,” Vassily explained. He stared over at the slumbering Daniel Miller. He wanted to make sure he really was asleep, so he moved toward the sofa with Rodion right behind him.

 "Okay," Rodion said in a low tone again. He frowned and shook his head at Vassily's words. He wanted to break his neck right there, the urge was so strong to do so. He sighed when the sad little man walked over to the sofa. He didn't know what he was up to, but he would be ready to react no matter what he did. He knew he was angry by the things he said to him. He kept his eyes on the older man. He was sure that he was up to something, and it would be bad for Daniel.

 Vassily grinned at Rodion and stopped his talk. He suddenly knelt by the sofa, and in the next moment he raised his hand and smacked Daniel’s ass hard several times. 

  Daniel groaned loudly but didn’t wake up. He simply shuddered and whimpered, then curled more in on himself at the sudden violence. He slept on, afraid of what more would happen to him, or what would happen if he dared to wake up and open his eyes. He knew Krik would do something, he just hoped Rodion was safe.

 “Was that really necessary, Vassily? I told you he was asleep. You can hurt me if you like but please leave him be. He has two torture sessions with two fucking butchers,” Rodion sighed and shook his head at the older man. He glared at Krik when he stood up, laughed, and moved back to the maps on his desk. Rodion stayed behind a moment to see if Daniel would wake up and was relieved when he didn’t. 




Roman, Anton, Manuel, and Blake arrived at the greenhouses. Anton was called away on a security matter. He told Roman to text him when he was ready to return to the dacha. He would just be around the land with his men. Roman told him to go, and he would be in touch with him. He reminded him to return in an hour and not keep him waiting. 

  They walked toward the main greenhouse and were met by Krik’s man in charge, his operations manager, Mikhail. He smiled and shook Romans hand. 

  “Good morning, Roman, it’s wonderful to see you again. You are looking well, my friend. I am pleased you are here,” Mikhail said, as he patted the man on his shoulder. 

  “Good morning to you as well, Mikhail, my friend. The pleasure is all mine. You are looking well yourself. Please allow me to introduce to you my friends, this is my dear Christian Blake, and this is our Manuel DeSanto. Krik wished for them to see the action at the greenhouses. So here we are,” Roman introduced and motioned them forward. 

  “It’s nice to meet you, Mikhail. I’m Christian Blake,” he said, as he moved forward and shook the tall Russian’s hand with both of his. 

  “It is nice to meet you, Christian Blake. Welcome,” Mikhail said and smiled at the handsome tall American. He could see why Roman loved him. He was so tall with lovely blue eyes and a very strong handshake. 

  “Good morning, Mikhail. I’m Manuel DeSanto. I’m happy to meet you and to be here,” he said and shook the man’s hand.


    “The pleasure is all mine, Manuel DeSanto. You are a child of the sun, yes?” Mikhail laughed as he shook the gorgeous young man’s hand with both of his.

 “Yes, I’m from Puerto Rico,” Manuel answered with a smile, then turned to Roman.

 “Okay, yes, now you have met my two beautiful friends, Mikhail. Please, show us around the greenhouses. Vassily said you have many new things down here,” Roman said and smiled at both Manuel and Blake. He patted them on their little asses, then held their hands as they walked toward the first greenhouse. 

  “Yes, Roman. I think you will be pleased by what you see. Please, follow me now, we will look into the first greenhouse,” Mikhail lead them through the grass and then the stone walkway, as they entered inside. 

  Neither Blake nor Manuel commented on how hot it was, they knew it would be. They looked around in awe at everything. The greenhouses were an impressive twenty feet high and constructed of double-pane glass with multi-wall polycarbonate. Each greenhouse contained large industrial-style tables, four deep in each row. The walkway and floor were concrete. The pots that contained the herbs and plants ranged from small, medium and large, round and square and constructed of lightweight GFRC concrete and FRP fiberglass materials. There were two colors, gray and light green. 

  “As you can see, this greenhouse contains the herbs that are used by Cook at the dacha. Roman, thanks to you, Vassily approved the growth of more herbs. There are aloe vera, lavender, and chamomile flowers and leaf, and many others. So, we have grown and cultivated them here in this first greenhouse,” Mikhail explained as he showed them. 

  “Did he? Well, that’s wonderful. I’m glad he agreed to something I suggested. Cook is especially pleased he can prepare better meals. Thank you, Mikhail, for speaking to him,” Roman said, as he patted the man on his back. 

  Hector’s eyes widened at all the herbs right there in this greenhouse. He had gone through a lot of trouble with Ilia Antonovich to procure the herbs and other items for Roman. Then he realized that the greenhouses here were probably for use at the dacha. “This is really nice in here, it smells amazing,” he said to Roman with a smile.


   “Yes, my sweet Blake. Unfortunately, it is only for use at Krik’s dacha. The Kremlin won’t allow me to touch any of it for my restaurant. I wouldn’t want to anyway. I don’t want to put eyes there. I only want you to bring me things to my restaurant. You make me happy,” Roman told him truthfully. He placed his hand on his lower back and smiled up at his gorgeous American. 

  Mikhail moved them through the greenhouse and showed them the area where all the herbs were located. They admired the pots filled with every herb one could imagine from Italian and regular parsley, basil leaves, bay leaves and many more. They were very impressed by how lucrative this business was for Krik. “Here we have the tea leaves and coffee Arabica beans that are cultivated for use at the dacha. We have the special Russian black tea, Oolong tea, orange and pekoe tea, lavender and chamomile tea, green tea, and mint tea. They are processed and placed inside the special silk packets.” 

  “Wow! Yeah, this is amazing. I can smell so many things, it’s wonderful. What do you think, Manuel?” Blake turned to the silent young man.

 “I’m overwhelmed. It’s smells so good in here. Very impressed,” Manuel said, as he smiled at Roman when he turned to him. 

  “Yes, it is all of those things and more, my dear Manuel. Okay, Mikhail, can you show us the second greenhouse? Which one is that?” Roman asked, as he held Blake and Manuel’s hands when they exited the first greenhouse. 

  “That is the vegetable greenhouse, Roman. Come with me,” Mikhail led the way. 

  Hector noticed the doors were unlocked, but the Mikhail guy used his badge to open everything. They walked inside and noticed the rows of tables with the round planters. They contained fresh vine tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots, mushrooms, kale, broccoli, romaine lettuce, cabbage, turnips, Spanish yellow and white onions, peppers, green, red, yellow, and orange, and the hot variety, artichokes from the Mediterranean, green, and black-eyed peas, butternut squash, leaks, and so many more. They followed the tall Russian Scientist as he led them through the rows of tables. Hector wished he could have everything in this place. He shared a look with Rafa that meant maybe they could cease everything after they were out of there. They could get this guy and his fellow Scientists immunity and make sure they were set up in a nicer place, somewhere out of Russia. 

  “Mikhail, this is impressive. No wonder Cook’s meals are so much better. You have done a wonderful job down here. You are to be commended for your magnificent work. How is your family?” Roman spoke to the man, while Hector and Rafa looked around in amazement at everything.

 “Thank you, Roman. That means a lot to me to hear you speak those words. They are doing well, my son Ivan helps me here. He delivers all the products to the dacha, but he is also a Scientist in training. I have taken him on as my assistant. He is doing well,” Mikhail smiled at the handsome young Russian. 

  “You are welcome, my friend. I’m glad to hear it. I’m sure he will follow well in your footsteps. So, may we see the next greenhouse? Would that be the fruit?” Roman inquired, as he held Blake and Manuel’s hands again. 

  Blake smiled and squeezed Roman’s hand, while Manuel caressed his knuckles with his thumb. 

 “Yes, Roman, that is correct. Please, come with me. You can all have some samples of the delicious berries. They are so fresh and ripe for the month of July,” Mikhail said proudly, as they walked out of the second greenhouse into the third. He used his badge again to unlock the doors.


When they entered this greenhouse Hector and Rafa sighed and smiled at the wonderful scents that kindly assaulted their senses. “Wow! Now this is more like it. I love the smell of fresh berries,” Blake said, as he squeezed Roman’s hand and smiled when the short Russian leaned up and pecked a kiss to his lips.

 “Thank you, Blake. I’m so glad you are enjoying the greenhouses. It means a lot to me. I asked Mikhail if he could produce more herbs, fruit and veg, and he greatly obliged,” Roman said, as he smiled at Blake, then bowed his head to the Russian Scientist.

 “Yeah, Roman. They are tremendous, it’s very nice,” Blake added and squeezed Roman’s hand again. 

 Mikhail led them through the aisles, and since there were bowls of some samples they all partook of the sweet berries. They tasted the strawberries, the blueberries, raspberries, blackberries. The last few tables at the back of the greenhouse contained ripe cherries and green and purple grapes. Everything was so ripe and fresh and sweet and tart. He handed his guests napkins to wipe their hands but laughed when Blake and Manuel simply licked the juices from their fingers. 

  “I haven’t tasted anything so fresh and sweet as the fruits here in this greenhouse. I am from Puerto Rico, and though the fruits are fresh, they don’t have the same quality as the ones in here,” Manuel admitted, as he ate more of the raspberries and blackberries and the strawberries. He licked his fingers, but he also used the napkin to wipe his mouth and hands. 

 “I am glad to hear you say this, Manuel. It gives me great pride to say that we are growing the finest fruits and vegetables. Thank you, very much,” Mikhail said, as he placed his hands over his heart and bowed his head to the handsome young man. He really was quite beautiful, as was Blake, the tall blond-haired American. Roman knew how to pick the prettiest boys in all of Russia. Of course, there was also Rodion, he was a tall, gorgeous Russian boy. 

  “Okay, so Mikhail. The last greenhouse is the best one. That’s where we grow the cannabis and coca leaf, correct?” Roman asked, as he smiled at the shocked faces of Blake and Roman. 

  “Yes, Roman. Please, come with me. I will show you the last greenhouse. I think you will all agree, it is the best. I may even let you try some finished products. If you don’t tell Vassily,” Mikhail whispered to them and laughed when Roman’s two guests beamed at him. They both agreed vehemently that they would not tell a living soul. 

  “Don’t worry, Mikhail, my two dear friends will not say a word to Vassily. Please, lead the way now,” Roman assured the Scientist, as they followed him out of the present one into the fourth one. 


     Mikhail bowed his head to Roman and used his badge to unlock the doors. He was instructed by Vassily to use this process on that day. Since the doors were open when the Oligarch was there the other day. This tall Russian spoke perfect English, but his Russian accent was still present. “So, in here is where magic happens. Welcome to Vassily Krik’s greenhouse of cannabis and coca leaves.” 

  Hector and Rafa laughed and smiled as they sniffed the air and smelled the glorious scents of cannabis. The coca leaves had no scent, but when it was processed into its powder or liquid form, Hector loved it so much. This was the greenhouse he really wanted to cease, so many he could see how to make that happen. Maybe Roman would work with him on that. 

  “Please, Mikhail, lead the way. We are most intrigued and excited to have some samples. Isn’t that right, Blake and Manuel?” Roman laughed, as he pulled both of them close and pecked kisses to their soft lips.

 “Oh, abso-fucking-lutely, Roman, baby. Let’s get this show going,” Hector laughed, and he embraced the short Russian and pulled him up off the floor. He smiled when Mikhail and even Manuel laughed but he was glad when the handsome tall Russian Scientist with thick black hair and blue eyes, led them through the tables, and rows of planted cannabis on the left and the coca leaves on the right. 

  Hector believed he had died and gone to narcotic heaven. He touched the leaves of the cannabis plants, and they were so pliable. So fresh and green and lovely. “Are these the Sativa strain?” He asked the scientist. 

 “Yes, Blake. Well, most of them are Sativa. The strains of Indica are on the back tables,” Mikhail answered with a huge smile. He was pleased to see how knowledgeable Blake was about the cannabis leaves.


Oh, Blake was very knowledgeable about this fucking amazing plant. So was fucking Hector Owen DeJean. The Sativa strain was the skinny, light green leaves with the tall, slim plants. Its effects were more stimulating and mainly used during the day. The Indica strain were short, bushy plants, with broad, dark green leaves. They were mostly used at night because it was more relaxing. It was used to relieve pain, and use as a sedative. If you wanted to really kick back and just fucking relax, after a long day of dealing with picky, insane Oligarchs, then you would smoke the Indica Strain. If you had a full fucking day of meetings and business to take care of with the fucking picky and pain in the ass Russian Oligarch, you smoked the Sativa. He thought to himself. He didn’t say anything of that aloud, but he did say something to that effect.  “Yeah, I like the Sativa for the daytime, and the Indica for the night. They are two totally different strains. One will keep you awake and wired to get things done. The other will help you relax after a busy fucking day of running around. It’s nice you have both here,” Blake rambled on, as he moved to the back table and examined the Indica, after he had palmed the Sativa for longer. 

  “I am very impressed with your knowledge, Blake. Would you all like to see the coca leaves now? Then we can move to the back office and partake of some samples,” Mikhail offered as he smiled at them. 

  “Yes, my lovely Blake is a very intelligent man. He knows so many things. He’s gorgeous and I love him to bits,” Roman said, as he grabbed Blake’s hand and pulled him into a quick kiss. He smiled and laughed when the man blushed. “Okay, Mikhail, please, show us to the coca leaves now, this is so magnificent.” 

  Mikhail smiled as he led them across the concrete floor to the other side of the greenhouse. He watched as Blake and Manuel grinned openly when they saw the coca leaves. 

  “Oh, yeah, this is good stuff. Wow. I have honestly never seen so many coca leaves, or cannabis leaves in my entire life. That’s saying something,” Blake joked as he turned to Roman and the Russian scientist with a shit-eating grin. 

  “I agree with you, Blake. This is really mind-blowing. Being from Puerto Rico, though, the coca business down there, along with my investor business, is actually quite prosperous, but not to this extent. This is amazing,” Manuel laughed and clapped his hands in amusement. 

  “I know, my Manuel. It’s all those things. I’m so glad you and Blake are here to see all of this. You are my two lovely boys,” Roman professed to them, as he cupped their faces and kissed both of them on their lips. He smiled when they both blushed, then motioned for Mikhail to lead them through.


   Mikhail smiled as they walked through the four deep tables filled with the smaller pots of coca leaves. They were a bright green oblong leaf on tall stems with six to eight leaves from top to bottom. They had no scent to them at all, but when they were cultivated, processed, and mixed into the drug, they would be the freshest cocaine around the region. 

 “Okay, Mikhail, now we’ve seen the plants. You mentioned having some samples of the cannabis and cocaine. Can you please show us?” Roman asked so pleasantly. He was nice when it came to this sort of thing. Oh, but he was being very nice. If this Scientist was to make him angry, then the butcher side of Roman would spring forth. 

  Mikhail knew of Roman’s reputation. He wasn’t going to get himself or his family, or fellow scientists killed by displeasing the little man. He smiled and clapped his hands together. “Yes, of course, Roman. Please, all of you, follow me to the back room. I will show you where all of this — is processed.” He led the way through the concrete walkway, then turned to the right, then left again. Finally, he used his badge to unlock the large stained-glass doors and pushed them open. 

  When they entered the backroom, Hector and Rafa whistled at what they saw. Everything from the cannabis and coca leaves were fully processed. There were shelves of cultivated cannabis, placed inside the Ziploc baggies on the left side of the room. The shelves were ten feet high, and each shelf contained about one hundred bags of marijuana ready to smoke. On the right side of the room was the same thing for the cocaine. Ten feet high shelves, with Ziploc bags filled with the wonderful white powder. 

  “Please, follow me back here. I have a table set up for our perusal. We can have any of the samples we wish to. Also, Blake, Manuel, if you both want to take back a bag each of the finished product. With Roman’s approval, of course. Then I will do that for you,” Mikhail told them as he smiled at them. 


“Oh, ha, ha. You’re a man after my own heart, Mikhail. Roman, if it’s okay with you, can we do that?” Blake asked, as he turned to the shorter man and grinned openly. 

  “No, Blake, you cannot,” Roman said at first, and everyone in the room became scared he would take out his Glock pistol and shoot all of them.  He suddenly spoke his next words with a huge grin, as he clapped his hands. “Yes, of course you can. If you all thought I was going to say no to this, then you are all crazy. Please, let’s try some of these delicious products.”  He laughed again when they all visibly relaxed again.

 “Oh, Roman, you shortarse. You scared us all half to hell. Thanks, baby, you’re the best,” Blake breathed out his words. He held onto his heart because he thought it would leap out of his chest. 

 Manuel visibly relaxed too, but he was too fucking scared to say anything. So, he just followed them to the back table. He walked behind them. His heart stopped for a real second too, but he was okay now. He just stayed silent. 

    They all sat down at the table, with Mikhail at the front of the table. There were mirror trays filled with cocaine, and glass ashtrays with rolled-up joints. The Sativa was there now because it was still daytime. He motioned to the three of them take what they wanted. Hector and Roman picked up two of the mirrors and snorted the lovely white powder. Rafa took one of the joints and used the lighter from the table. He sat back and enjoyed the wonderful gentle high from the Sativa strain. Hector and Roman laughed as they snorted three lines of coke each.

 “Oh, fuck yeah! Hey, Roman, isn’t this the stuff you had at your club?” Hector asked, as he smiled at the man.

 “Yes, it is, my sweet Blake. You are just so intelligent and informative. It’s good, isn’t it?” Roman asked, as he and Hector snorted one more line each. 

  “Oh yes, it’s fucking sweet. Let’s try the pot now.  This is the Sativa, Isn't it, Mikhail?” Hector asked the Russian scientist. He noticed he didn’t partake and figured Krik and Roman didn’t allow him to do so in front of people. Maybe he had this own stash for when he was at home. 

  “Yes, Blake, that is correct. Please, enjoy. The hour is almost up and I believe Anton has returned from his business,” Mikhail answered, as he looked ahead on the video monitor over the door.  He saw the tall young Russian Security man as he walked through the greenhouse. 

  “Ah yes, Anton is here. He’ll love this,” Roman said, as he stood up and walked toward the door when they heard a knock. 

  “Oh, Roman. I’m back, my business is finished. Oh, okay. We are going now,” Anton said, as he stopped his talk when the short Russian pulled him into the room and toward the table. He pushed him down in a chair and slid the mirror of coke in front of him. 

 “Have some, it’s wonderful,” Roman laughed, as he squeezed and massaged Anton’s shoulders, then sat beside Hector again. 

  Anton laughed as he nodded his head to Blake and Rafa, then he snorted four lines at once. He smiled and sighed. “Oh yes, this is good stuff. Mikhail, you are excellent at your craft. I commend you, my friend.”


    Everyone laughed, and for the next twenty minutes, Roman, Anton, Blake snorted coke, and Manuel just smoked the rest of his joint. He snorted one line when Roman thrust the mirror in his hand. He didn’t want to make the little Russian angry, so he snorted two for good measure. This Russian coke was stronger than the stuff from even the Bolivians, or the Ecuadorians, and Peruvians. He was glad he didn’t say that out loud, but he didn’t snort or smoke anything else. His head reeled and his body was so relaxed. 

  Hector snorted a few more lines, but he enjoyed a joint and a half, then shared the rest of the second joint with Roman. Anton smoked two joints and snorted a few more lines. He felt so good and was ready to have some drinks back at the dacha. 

  After the twenty minutes were up, Mikhail stood up and smiled at all of them. He moved to one of the shelves and produced four cloth bags with handles for all of them. They contained bags of coke. One bag of Sativa joints and one bag of Indica joints. 

  “All right, my friends. I have to end the tour now. We have a lot of work to do for the rest of the day. I will walk you out to your vehicle. It was nice to meet all of you,” Mikhail told them and smiled as they all shouldered their cloth bags and followed him out a back door. They walked around to the where the Range Rover was parked, and he shook Roman’s hand. Then, did the same for Blake and Manuel and Anton. 

  Anton sat behind the wheel. He was okay to drive because it was only the service roads back to the dacha. Roman sat in the back with Blake and Manuel, as they made their way back to the dacha. It was now one thirty in the afternoon. The four of them made their way to the bar at the back, where they joined the rest of the security team, and the Spetsnaz boys. They all drank vodka and the Scotch. Manuel stayed away from that vodka, it was the devil to him. He drank the scotch, he was better suited to the gold liquors. Blake was the same way, he drank one or two of the vodka, then moved to the scotch. They waited for Vassily to join them, but Roman knew he was in a meeting with Rodion. He wondered what the crazy old man was doing to him and Daniel Miller was there. His session with the blyat would be soon, but he didn’t speak of that now. He enjoyed the drinking with everyone. He had put their cloth bags in a safe at the back of the bar and would retrieve them later. He didn’t want Krik to see them, so it was best to hide them for now. 


  Vassily was pleased with himself. He was glad for what he did with the Blyat. Rodion tried to defend him again. He knew the two of them had fallen for one another. He was still angry at his second Lieutenant because he hadn’t been around for an entire day. Yes, he knew he said the blyat could rest, but he really believed Rodion would have joined them for one meal yesterday. He sat at his desk and spoke with Rodion about the war in Estonia. He showed him the new messages that came in on his phone and computer. They spoke with Sergei Bassarov on a video chat on his Apple Mac. Krik was satisfied with all the reports, it was going well, and their invasion would go off without a hitch. He offered more vodka, but Rodion turned it down. Krik sank back a few shots, then an idea flashed into his mind. He turned to Rodion, and smiled in his insane manner. “Wake up your Daniel Miller for me. I wish to speak with him about something.” 

   “What? No, Vassily, leave him be, he needs sleep. I told you already, he has double torture session today, once Roman returns from the greenhouse. I want him to rest as much as possible,” Rodion countered. He stared at the old man with a concerned look and shook his head in defiance. He knew that look on Krik's face. It always meant trouble. The older man was definitely insane, just as Roman said he was. 

  Vassily slammed his hands hard on the desk and stood up. He stared up at his way too tall second Lieutenant.  “Do not question me, Rodion! Just do it! Now!

   “Yes, of course, Major,” Rodion sighed and glared down at the bald oligarch. He sighed and moved to the sofa, then knelt in front of his slumbering Daniel. He hated to wake him up now. He was sleeping so peacefully. It was the first time he had done so, been able to sleep, and now that was about to be interrupted because Vassily wanted to interrogate him.

   “Daniel, wake up my beautiful Army brat,” he whispered softly, so only his charge could hear him.

 Daniel mewled softly when he heard Rodion’s voice, and his eyes fluttered open. He stared up at his sexy Russian through the iron mask, which still covered his face. He hated the thing because it made him feel so claustrophobic. “Mm, yes, Rodion. Are we going back to our room now?” 

  “Nyet, Daniel. Vassily wants to have a word with you,” Rodion whispered softly, as he helped his sleepy lover to sit up, then sat beside him.

 “What? Why?” Sleepy Daniel asked, as he clung to Rodion and watched through the iron mask. He was glad his handler sat beside him. He was petrified of Vassily. He knew he would do something and it was about to happen now.

“Shh, just stay calm, my Daniel. Please don't be confrontational now,” Rodion warned, as he reached out and grasped his hands.

Daniel sighed but nodded his iron mask-covered head at Rodion’s words. He kept his head down until Vassily approached the sofa.


“Mmhmm, you are wonderful, Daniel Miller. Rodion has trained you very well,” Vassily said, as he moved to sit on the chair by the sofa. “You may look up at me now.” 

Daniel raised his iron mask-covered face and waited for Vassily to speak.

“Good, even better. I like this. You are very well-trained. Now, what I wanted to ask you the first question. Do you love my Spetsnaz boy?” Vassily as he stared right into Daniel’s eyes to see if he would tell the truth.

“Yes,” Daniel answered without any hesitation. He spoke as clearly as he could through the suffocating iron mask.

Rodion blushed and smiled at Daniel’s response, and he squeezed his hands to keep him calm.

“Good. Now, I know that Rodion loves you as well. I can tell by his actions, and reactions time and again where your welfare and well-being come into play. My second question is. What would you do to save his life if the opportunity ever arose?”

“I would make sure he got immunity, so he could come away with me. I want him to be safe from any harm, no matter who it is from,” Daniel answered. He stared into Vassily’s eyes, through the eyeholes in the iron mask. He didn’t know where any of these questions came from. He could tell Rodion was equally confused by them, but he went with it. He let his true feelings known for his Russian lover. 

Rodion heard this one before from Daniel, that night he had spoken to him, and told him of this eventuality. How he would protect him from all the stuff going down here in Russia. He smiled more at Daniel, and his thumbs caressed the back of his knuckles. He let him know he was still there and he loved him,. He squeezed his hands again to let him know he agreed with all he said to Krik.

“Good. I am pleased to hear it. I may take you up on that offer in the future. I want my Rodion to be safe as well. I have watched you and I believe you will be the one to make that happen,” Vassily revealed, as he smiled from the Blyat, then over to his precious Rodion. He turned his gaze back to the prisoner and smiled sweetly at him, or what passed for a smile with him. “Now, my third question is very vital for my ideals. Will you become Spetsnaz and fight with me in the war against Estonia?” 

Daniel hesitated on this question because he spoke with Rodion about this. They joked about how maybe he would become a Spetsnaz. He thought about all the horrible torture, rape, and humiliation he had been through at the hands of this insane little man, and shook his head at Vassily and frowned. “No. I am not a soldier Vassily Krik,” he said flatly. He watched the oligarch’s face fall, so he quickly added more to his words.  "I will protect Rodion Volkov with every bone in my body. If anyone tried to hurt him, or even tried to kill him, I would kill them first.”


Vassily slowly nodded his head and smiled at the Blyat. Then he glanced at Rodion with a wicked look on his face. “Good. That’s fine, Daniel Miller. It’s a wonderful answer, not one I really wanted to hear. If you reconsidered the first part of the question, I may let you live-”

“What?!” Rodion suddenly interrupted. He bolted up from the sofa and stood in front of Daniel, to protect him. “Vassily, no! You cannot do that. I will not allow you to do that, to harm Daniel. Please!” 

“Peace, Rodion, stand down,” Vassily remarked, as he reached up and pushed his second Lieutenant back on the sofa beside the strangely calm Blyat. “I spoke in jest. It was a test to see who would react first. I am pleasantly surprised to see the Blyat’ — ah your Daniel Miller was calmer than you.”

Daniel kept silent, his eyes still trained on Krik, then he spoke calmly. “I have been through so much pain and suffering in my entire life, Vassily Krik, dying wouldn’t surprise me. I will say in my defense that I do want to live, so if anyone were to threaten me, or Rodion, if I could, I would kill them.” 

“Mmhmm, now that is the answer I wanted to hear. Perfect. You still have Dimitri's Glock pistol, correct?” Vassily intoned, as he stood up from his chair and moved back to his desk.

“Yes. Rodion gave me a holster, I wear it behind my back,” Daniel answered, then stood up, lifted his shirt and turned around and showed the oligarch. He noticed the look of pride and noticed the small bald man eyeing his body with a look of longing? Or, no, not that. Well, he wasn’t sure, he leered at him from across the room. 

  “Good. Here, take some extra mags. You must keep them inside the holster with the pistol. I want you to always be prepared to defend Rodion when the time for the war comes,” Vassily revealed as he opened one of the draws on his desk, then quickly stood up and moved toward the Blyat again. He handed him four mags packed full of bullets. Then he handed Rodion a box of them. He smiled and winked at his Spetsnaz boy, and calmed his rattled nerves.

Daniel looked at Rodion, who smiled and nodded his head. Then he helped Daniel slide the mags inside the section on the holster and sat him down on the sofa again. 

Vassily moved to the liquor cabinet, where he poured three glasses of scotch beckoned Rodion to remove the iron mask from the Blyat. 

Rodion did so quickly. He removed the lock and placed Daniel's hands behind the iron mask. He helped him open the latch, his longer fingers made quick work. He smiled when his charge handed him the mask, and the Russian placed it on the table. 

Daniel caught his breath when the iron mask was removed, it always made him feel constricted and claustrophobic. He was so confused by all the actions that occurred in this man’s office. He just shook it off and watched as bald oligarch poured glasses of scotch.

Vassily carried the three tumbler glasses on a tray, then placed one in Daniel’s hands, and another in Rodion’s. Then he tossed the tray on the chair and raised his glass. “To our health and prosperity.”

Daniel raised his eyebrows but toasted all the same. He stayed silent as he clinked his glass with Rodion then the mad oligarch, then they sank down the scotch. He tried not to cough too much, but the stuff was strong. He hated scotch, he was a vodka drinker. This stuff made him feel nauseous. He made a disgusted face at the bitter taste of the aged scotch and shook his head. “It’s very smooth. I don't like the brown liquor but thank you,” he commented and instantly regretted it, when Vassily grinned evilly at him.

“I'm sorry you disliked it, it's not for everyone. Yes, it should be smooth. It is one hundred and fifty years old, from my great grandfather’s distillery,” Vassily revealed to the Blyat. He looked at Rodion when his Spetsnaz boy raised his eyebrows at the information he just shared with his charge. 


Daniel was going to say something else, but he felt Rodion’s hand on his lower back. He knew he didn’t want him to reply to Krik. So, he just bowed his head in respect. He knew his lover tried to protect him and he didn’t want him to get into a verbal match with Krik. They both knew he would lose and end up hurt in some manner. 

Rodion knew Vassily tried to bait Daniel, but he put a stop to it when he gently touched his lover and stopped him from talking. He wanted to protect his lover from the oligarch and was glad when Daniel got his message just from his gently touch. 

“So, Daniel Miller, you spoke of the scar you received in Chechnya, from that Al-Qaeda bomber. Might I see that scar now?” Vassily goaded the young man and smiled when Rodion glared at him.

“Nyet, Vassily. Is not the time for this? Please, don't torment Daniel any more than he already has been,” Rodion insisted, as he held Daniel’s hands in his. He was surprised when his lover spoke.

“It’s okay, Rodion. I will show him if you can help me take off my shirt,” Daniel answered, as he smiled at his lover and squeezed his hands.

Vassily smirked at the brave young man and nodded to Rodion to do as the blyat asked.

Rodion didn't like this, he knew Vassily was up to something. He signed, though, when his lover squeezed his hands. He motioned for them to stand, he helped his lover up, then gently turned him around and removed his green polo shirt up over his head.

Vassily grinned widely, as he moved toward the two beautiful boys, and motioned for Rodion to stand aside as he approached the prisoner. He stood behind the young man and was pleased when he trembled in fear just a little.

Rodion glared at Vassily. He quickly stood in front of Daniel and grasped his hands in his. He growled when Vassily shook his head.

“Nyet, Rodion, just let me do this. Do not touch your charge yet,” Vassily ordered his boy and then smiled at him.

“It’s okay, my Rodion, I’m fine,” Daniel assured his lover. To be honest, he was a little scared of what the creepy bald guy would do.

Vassily smiled again, as he moved even closer to Daniel. First he lifted his hands up to the impressive scar. He placed both hands on the young man’s upper shoulder and caressed it. He noticed it was about four inches long and the skin was puckered from the explosion. “How close were you when they detonated the vest bomb?” He goaded the young man and glared at Rodion when he clicked his tongue. He smiled evilly when he stopped.

“I was about twenty feet away,” was all Daniel managed to say. He tried to stay as still as possible. He was nervous about this. Krik had his hands on the scar and caressed it with his fingers. 

“Mmhmm. It's very impressive how you survived. Does this still hurt, or is it numb?” Vassily went on, as he caressed the scar with his fingers. His hands were warm, and Daniel's body even warmer. He could feel the strong muscles all over him. He moved his body even closer and stood with the front of his body against the young man's back. 

Daniel gasped at the action and stared at Rodion with a frightened expression. Rodion glared so hard at Vassily. Daniel knew he had to answer the insane man, or he would become angry. “Yes. It hurt like hell, and I was in recovery in the hospital for four months. They operated on it as much as they could, but the scar still puckered on my skin, it’s just numb now,” he explained, and he closed his eyes a moment when the bald oligarch stood right behind him



“Mm, yes, I imagine it did. You are a strong young man. My Rodion was the same way. He has a scar on his clavicle, and he survived. You survived this, that is impressive,” Vassily murmured. He leaned in and removed his hands, then pressed his lips to the scar and kissed it but kept his mouth there.

“Vassily, please stop-” Rodion protested but Krik cut him short.

“Rodion, be silent! Your charge doesn't tell me to stop!” Vassily countered, as he stared at the young man, and kept kissing the scar. This was another test for the young American to see how far he could go. 

“Please, Vassily,” Rodion begged, but he received no quarter, as the Oligarch continued his disgusting actions. 

“You don't want me to stop, do you Daniel Miller? Don't like this attention? If you want me to stop, then tell me,” Vassily cautioned, as he moved one of his hands down the young man’s muscular sides and wrapped his arms around his waist.

Daniel whimpered in fear because now the Oligarch was more intimate. He asked another question, but he was afraid to answer. He was afraid he would get hurt by him. 

“You give me no answer, so that tells me you like it. Or are you afraid I will hurt you,” Vassily stated. This wasn't a question. He laughed as he caressed the young man’s six-pack abs and moved up to his chest. He pulled the young man’s body closer to his. He pressed his groin against his pert little ass and smiled when the boy whimpered again. 

“Vassily, please stop this! Is mind games. Is lunacy. My Daniel is too afraid to ask you to stop!” Rodion insisted, but when he moved forward, he stopped at Vassily’s next act.

Vassily pulled out Daniel’s pistol from the holster and pointed it at his head. “I told you to be silent, Rodion! Your lover didn't ask me to stop yet!” 

Daniel whimpered and stiffened his body when the insane oligarch pulled his gun and held it to his head. He stared at Rodion, and then finally spoke up. “Please, Vassily, please stop. I’m asking you to stop this.”

“Nyet, it’s too much fun. I will stop soon, but before I do, pull your trousers down, little spy,” Vassily ordered and held the gun harder against the side of his head when Rodion moved forward.

“No, please, Vassily, stop this!” Rodion begged and halted when Vassily made his next demand. He knew that the insane oligarch would do something like this. He and Daniel both knew.

“Shut up, Rodion. Daniel Miller, do as I ask, and this will end. This is just a fun game,” Vassily ordered again.

 “Okay, okay. Please, just calm down,” Daniel said bravely, as he moved his hands up to his green fatigues. He unbuttoned the fly and slid them down to his ankles. Now he stood in front of the insane bald oligarch in just his blue jockey underwear.

 Vassily laughed as he eyed the gorgeous young man’s perfect muscular body. He saw the outline of his big cock through his underwear, and his next action was even bolder. He moved his free hand over the area and gripped his cock, then lightly rubbed it. “You are very brave and very sexy. I will not fuck you, but I will hold this memory with me when I go to bed at night. I know now why my sweet Rodion loves you so much. You are brave and strong like him. Push your cock against my hand and I will stop in a moment,” he gruffly ordered the young man.

  Rodion growled angrily, as he glared daggers at the insane oligarch. He stopped when Vassily glared at him and held the gun harder against poor Daniel's head.

 “You’re fucking insane, but since you hold a gun to my head, I have no choice but to comply. So, fuck you,” Daniel said, as he did just as the asshole oligarch instructed.

 “Good, Daniel Miller, very nice. We will stay like this for a few minutes longer,” Vassily spoke softly, as he rubbed the young man’s cock through his underwear and pushed his groin into his ass for several minutes longer. He kept the gun pointed at his head and breathed into the young man’s ear. “So sexy and hot, and beautiful. You are so young and fresh, just like my Rodion. Just like Manuel. We had a wonderful time, I screwed him, and he enjoyed it. I love my young men when they are so receptive to me.” Krik rambled on.

  Daniel whimpered as he ignored the insane oligarch's words. He didn't know who Manuel was, and he didn't want to know. He kept his eyes trained on his Russian handler. Rodion knew who Manuel was, and he felt disgusted with the old man. This turned into an insane mind-fuck, shit-show. What could they do? The asshole oligarch held a gun to his head. He knew the chamber was full of bullets. Dimitri had done so before the hunt.


Rodion stared at his lover with adoration in his eyes and mouthed the words to him. ‘I am sorry, my Daniel. He is insane.’

 'I wish we could kill him, kill them all, and get the out of here.’ Daniel mouthed his words to Rodion, as he kept doing what the insane asshole wanted of him. He didn’t get hard because this was just another Russian mind fuck from the sick bastard. He showed him how powerful he was again, and he felt like the lowly prisoner. 

  “Mm, okay. We will stop now since didn't get hard. Thank you, Daniel Miller, this was nice,” Vassily remarked, as he moved his hand inside Daniel’s underwear and rubbed his cock one more time. He laughed evilly then pushed his cock against the boys' ass. He continued to rub and tried to stroke the young man’s cock. He didn’t care that he wasn’t getting hard, he still loved the feel of the boy’s big cock in his hand. He ran his thumb over the slit and squeezed the shaft hard. “You are so nice and sweet, so young and hung, nice big cock. I know you like this, it feels so good to be touched,” he murmured in the boy’s ear, as he continued to rub and stroke his cock and pressed his cock against his underwear-covered peachy ass.

 Daniel whimpered at the action, but he could do nothing. He let the insane Oligarch use him in his disgusting manner.

 “Mm, okay, that is good. Thank you, Daniel Miller,” Vassily said, as he held his body against his for a moment.  He kept his hand inside the young man’s underwear and still rubbed his cock with his hand. He reluctantly stepped back from the distressed young man, with a satisfied grin on his face. “Get dressed now. No, Rodion. Don't help him with this. I want to see him do it himself,” he ordered. He stopped Rodion when he moved toward his lover.

 Rodion glared at Vassily, with murder in his eyes. He motioned for Daniel to get dressed and gave him another look of love.

 Daniel sighed and glared at the Oligarch over his shoulder. He huffed then bent down and pulled up his underwear and his green fatigues at the same time. Then he moved to the sofa and picked up his shirt, and slipped it on over his head.

 Vassily watched him with an approving smile. He rushed to his cabinet and poured himself a double scotch. He sank it back, then poured another and sank it back quickly. “Very well done. You passed my first test. You impressed me with your total self-control and discipline. I still say you would make a great Spetsnaz, so just think about that,” he announced, to the total disgust of Rodion. He slipped the gun back in the young man’s holster at his back, groped his cock through his green fatigues, then stepped around him.

 “Chertov durak. I knew you were up to something bad. You are so childish. All because I didn't answer to your beck and call. I am not your lap dog. I am Spetsnaz Lieutenant, and I have my own mind,” Rodion swore his words in Russian to Vassily. He was so angry right now, and couldn’t stop himself. He turned to face the insane oligarch and punched him hard in his right side, then in his gut. “Fuck you, Suka.” He spat out his words and glared down at the old man when he sank down onto one knee to the floor.

 Vassily grunted and went down hard on one knee when Rodion punched him in his side. His fists were strong, and it knocked the wind out of him when he punched him in his stomach. He stared up at his Spetsnaz boy and knew he had really angered him. He grunted again when he stood and held his hands up. “Okay, peace, please Rodion. I know I probably deserved that. I hope you feel better now. Your words may be true, but I still care for you. You do have your own mind, I never doubted that. I am not sorry for what I did. This is not a vacation for the blyat. You know, Roman said the same thing. So, Daniel Miller is yours. I would never take him from you. You both passed the test because he showed self-control. You passed the test because you defended him. Very well done, both of you,” Vassily revealed, as he smiled at them, and sank back another double shot of the good scotch.

  “Fuck you, Suka. Is no test to pass. You are insane. You disgust me. I am loyal to you, and you don’t care. Daniel will always be mine, and I will be his. There is nothing you can do to stop that, stupid old man,” Rodion retorted, as he glared at Krik with his fists still at his sides.

  “Yes, Rodion, I have already said so. I will not stop you from anything, boy. I know of your loyalty. I wonder if you are still hold that loyalty, after all of this?” Krik retorted, and stepped back when the young Spetsnaz kept his fists at his sides.

 “Shut up, chertov durak. You know I am loyal. You are insane old man. I have heard enough from you,” Rodion retorted, and balled his hands harder at his sides. He wanted to lay into this sad old man, but he refrained. He didn’t want to upset Daniel anymore than he already was. So, he stood down and shook his head at Krik. He smiled when Daniel suddenly spoke up.

 “You’re absolutely insane, Vassily Krik. All you have is your power and control. You bully and intimidate with your insane Russian mind fuck. In the end, you are alone, and that’s sad. I don’t care what you do to me, nor what the other insane torturers do to me. I love Rodion, and I know he loves me. No one will ever keep us apart,” Daniel said, as he turned and glared at the old asshole oligarch.

 “Chertov durak. Suka,” Rodion swore, as he sighed and shook his head. He glared one more time at Krik, then moved to Daniel side and held him in his arms. He sighed and sat them down on the sofa for a moment. “I am sorry, my Daniel. Is okay. I am here now. I hold you in my arms,” he soothed his distraught lover.

   “No one will ever do so, Daniel Miller,” Vassily murmured, as he watched the two lovers together. Their words were true, he was a sad old man. But he was also a rich and influential old man This had gone too far, but he didn’t care. He looked forward to the two torture sessions with both his butchers, Roman and Bruno Gott. He signed and sat down at his desk again, then poured himself another glass of scotch and sank it down. His side and stomach still hurt from Rodion’s punches, but he let that slide. He did what he had to do with the blyat, and Rodion, and he felt much better for it.

  At that moment, someone pounded on the door. Vassily motioned for Rodion to put the iron mask on the blyat. He was pleased when his boy buckled and locked it in place in record time. He noticed Daniel Miller didn’t flinch from the sudden action. He was very satisfied with the power he exuded over the Blyat’ today and would keep that memory with him. Rodion was right, he did this because he wasn't available when he texted him.

 Daniel sighed, but he didn’t protest when Rodion placed the iron mask on his face and sat him down on the sofa again. He folded his hands in his lap, but still had his pistol in its holster on his lower back.

 Rodion placed the extra box of mags behind a pillow and sat beside Daniel. He placed his hand on his shoulder and calmed him. He still glared at Vassily, and the insane oligarch was lucky that someone was at the door because he didn’t know what he would have done had they not been interrupted.

 “Enter!” Vassily called out and sighed when the door flew open and Bruno Gott entered the room, like a bull in the ring. His face was red with rage. “What is it now, Bruno?” 

  Bruno glared at Rodion when he suddenly stood up in front of Daniel Miller to protect him. “I want my session with the Blyat. Now! I will not wait any longer!” He voiced, as he stared from Rodion over to Vassily, his eyes manic and his hands balled into fists.

 Vassily sighed loudly and rolled his eyes, then he stalked over to the German Nazi, and smiled at him. “You will have him tonight,” he answered, as he waved his hand at the pushy bastard.

 “No! I want him NOW! I have waited too long. Please, Vassily. Why are you treating him so kindly? Isn't he a prisoner?” Gott insisted, as he squeezed his fists harder. He didn't want to hit the major. He knew he would be dead in a second. He was sure Rodion would shoot him if he did. 

  “I have already told you. You will have your session tonight! Do not question me again, or I will torture you! Go now! Get out of my sight! Rodion will bring Daniel Miller to you later!” Vassily ordered, as he stormed over to the man and pushed him toward the door.

 “Fine. That will be fine, bring him down to the dungeon then at sundown!” Gott retorted, as he bowed his head to Vassily, then glared at Rodion and the Blyat, and stormed toward them.

 Rodion had enough of everyone’s bullshit. When Gott stormed toward them, he lifted his right hand and with the palm up and out, then smacked the Nazi hard in his nose. He knew how to inflict pain without breaking anything. 

  “Fuck!!!! You Russian dog!!! You broke my nose!!!!” Gott swore as he lifted his hands to his nose to stem the flow of blood.

 “Shut up, Nazi Suka! I did not break it. I just made it bleed, to shut you up!” Rodion retorted, as he glared at the German.

 “Fuck you, you Russian dog! Hündin! I wish I could teach you a lesson too. How dare you treat me this way!” Gott complained, as he reached behind him to pull out his pistol, bloody nose be damned.

 Daniel glared at Gott when he called his Rodion a bitch in German, and he balled his hands into fists. He wished he could shoot this Nazi right there. He was glad when Krik stopped Gott from his next action.

 “No! Stop it right now, Gott! Suka! Don’t you dare reach for your weapon!!” Vassily called out, as he reached inside his drawer and pulled out his own Russian Glock pistol. He stood up from the desk and approached him. “How dare you pull a weapon on my Second Lieutenant and me in my private office! I told you to get the fuck out of here! Go now, before I put this bullet in your head and send you back to the Kremlin — in a body bag! Get out now! Go clean your face up. You looked like a hot mess,” He roared, as he moved closer to the man. He held the gun to his head and smiled when he saw the injury Rodion inflicted on him.

“Yes, Major, I am sorry. I will leave now,” Gott said, as he tried to stop his nose bleed.

  “Suka! You better keep that blood on your body. Don't you dare drop any of it on my tiled floor.. Here! Take this handkerchief and get out. Go fix yourself up. You will have your time tonight. Please get the out of my sight!” Vassily swore and glared at him. He reached inside his pocket, pulled out a dark blue handkerchief, and threw it at the German Nazi. 

  “Fine, good! I am glad to hear it. Again, I am sorry, Major. I will repeat myself though, tonight Daniel Miller will have my best session ever-” Gott threatened.

 “Out! Suka!!!!” Vassily roared, as he shoved the German toward the door. He kicked him in his ass with his foot.

 “Yes, Major!” Was all Gott managed. He stormed out the door again and slammed it behind him. 

  “Chertov, durak!” Rodion shouted after Gott left the room and sighed when he shouted back.

 “Fuck you, Russian dog! Hündin. Daniel Miller will have his time with me tonight,” Gott shouted, as he held the handkerchief against his nose and stormed down the corridor. He climbed the stairs and went to his room to fix his nose. He decided to take a shower now. That Spetsnaz dog always got in the way. He would make sure he gave Daniel Miller his worse session ever. He had a plan in place that would also show Rodion Volkov he couldn’t push him around anymore. They called each other a bitch in their own languages. He didn't care anymore because he would have his fun that night with the American spy.

 Rodion shook his head and sat on the sofa beside Daniel. He felt his lover 's body tremble. He wanted to go after the Nazi bastard and kill him with his bare hands. 

  “I’m not afraid of the torture, Rodion. I love you, and how you are quick to defend me,” Daniel suddenly said. He stared at his handsome Russian lover. The iron mask was constricted his movement, but he didn’t care, he was used to that as well. “You know that I have accepted this from all of them. So, why put it off when we can get it over with?” He added. He reached for his lover’s hands and laced their long fingers together. 

  “Nyet, Daniel. I know you’re not afraid, but you should be. I don't want to rush your torture with that one. He is fucking butcher. You don’t know what I have heard about him. I will be there with you and stop him if he gets out of hand. Please don't wish yourself to be in his presence too soon,” Rodion spoke softly to Daniel.  He wanted to kiss him, but he wore the iron mask. So, instead he kissed his hands and kept their fingers laced together.

 “Rodion is right. We don't want to rush it away. We wait until sundown. It is not long away, but you have Roman's torture soon,” Vassily added. He smiled warmly at his boy, Rodion, and then in sympathy at the Blyat’. 

  “Vassily, may we go back to our room now? I want Daniel to sleep and rest for a few hours?” Rodion asked, but he didn’t look at the insane oligarch. He remembered what he had done to his Daniel a few minutes ago. Instead, he kept his eyes on his lover. He kissed both Daniel’s hands again, to stop them from trembling. He knew he shouldn’t have said anything to his lover, but he couldn’t help it. He didn’t want him to face the German butcher, but it was set in stone. He would have to be there to help his lover heal. First he had Roman’s torture, and that butcher was insane too.

  “Yes, Rodion, go now. But remember, Roman will have his torture session in a couple of hours. So, make sure he does sleep. He looks tired,” Vassily answered, as he watched the two of them together, then he spoke to the Blyat..

   “Daniel Miller, I will say this again, you are a very brave young man. You will need that bravery today and tonight. Both men are sadist’s, they love to break their victims. Make sure you give your pistol over to Rodion. He may need to use it. Oh, but you know, this is not a vacation. Don’t be late to either session, it will only worsen it for you,” Vassily went on as he glared at the young man and at Rodion when he glared at him. He waved them away now, he was tired too. He stood up and moved toward the two of them.

  “Vassily, you can talk. You are sadist too. What you did just now? That was insane. You don’t need to tell us what we have to do. We know Daniel has torture session with both butchers. You are torturer too. We are done here,” Rodion retorted and glared so hard at Krik, his eyeballs should have exploded.

  Daniel listened to Rodion’s words. He nodded at all he said. Then he stared at the insane oligarch. It was as if the asshole had forgotten what he had done to him only a few minutes ago. Or was it that he didn’t care and was a ruthless tyrant. He turned away from him and waited for Rodion to stand. He was tired now. But only because the insane Oligarch had put him through a power trip. It was just another Russian mind-fuck. He knew Roman and the German butcher Nazi came in to add more fear into him. He wanted to be in bed with Rodion, so they could sleep and hold one another. If only for a few hours, he wanted to be alone with his Russian boy, and not be around anymore insane assholes who would exert power over him.

  “Remember what I said, don't be late. Make sure you answer your phone,” Vassily warned again. He glared at Rodion when he spoke his words. He wouldn't retaliate anymore. Roman and Gott would take over and teach the blyat, and Rodion a quick lesson in obedience.

   Rodion sighed and stood up, then took hold of Daniel’s arm. “Yes, Major. We won't be late. I will answer my phone. Chertov durak,” was all he managed to say, as he glared at the Oligarch. He was angry at him for what he did to Daniel just now. He sighed and shook his head, then helped his Daniel to stand. Then he led them from the room. He used the secret door again, climbed up the back stairs, then they were upstairs by their bedroom door in no time. 


Blake and Manuel were still in the bar at the back of the dacha and drank scotch and tequila. Blake wondered where Gott had gone. He wished he could put a gun to his head and kill the bastard. Anton, Adrik, and more of Rodion’s Spetsnaz, Krik’s men, and Roman’s team drank more, but Bruno Gott was absent. Blake feared he was gearing up for his session with whoever the prisoner. Little did any of them know what happened in Krik’s office. Blake knew he and Manuel had to be present for that shit-show. Then there was also Roman’s torture session, that was a fucking cluster fuck.

 “So, Roman, what’s going on for tonight?” Blake asked, as he sank his tumbler of scotch and patted the sexy little Russian’s ass.

 “Hmm, besides being screwed by you, again? You and Manuel are welcome to attend my torture session, and the Nazi pigs. Isn't that right, don't you want to attend?” Roman intoned, as he pushed his hand into Blake’s groping hand, then leaned over, and kissed his sexy lips. 

   “Sure. Whatever you say, Roman. I have to ask you, I heard some news through the grapevine, that the fucking German BND was snooping around St. Petersburg and my Freeport. They say there is a CIA agent around in Russia. Please tell me Vassily doesn’t have him here. I don’t want the CIA on my ass, nor to cease all our expensive collectibles at the Freeport,” Blake complained, as he stared down at Roman when he poured them vodka instead of the scotch, which he quickly sank back.

 “No, Blake, of course not. There is no CIA agent here. Please relax, lover, and have fun now,” Roman lied, as he sank his vodka, then poured them more.

 “Okay, but I don’t want them to take away my livelihood in my Freeport. If Vassily has him, then you need to tell me,” Blake countered, as he sank back more vodka and watched as Roman brought out the coke mirror.

 “Christian, my sweet man, listen to me, Vassily Krik is not a fool. Yes, he likes to play his games, but only with weak people, and he doesn’t like to lose. He's an old man, who should be sent down. His ways are so antiquated. You have to trust me, though, there is no CIA agent here,” Roman lied through his teeth. He saw his lover believed him, and he smiled. He snorted two lines then handed the mirror to him and watched when he snorted two lines then handed the mirror to Manuel. He snorted one then passed the mirror to Anton, who snorted three. Adrik snorted two and handed the mirror back to Blake. He took it again, snorted two more, then handed the mirror back to Roman. “Okay, Roman baby, I believe you. Give us more of that Russian moonshine vodka.” 

  Roman took the mirror, snorted two lines then kissed Blake hard. He cupped his face with his hands, then poured more vodka for all of them.  Except Manuel, who wasn't allowed to have vodka. Roman smiled at him and kissed him then poured another tequila shot. They still teased him from when he got sick on Krik's special reserve of vodka. So, it was the brown liquors for him.

 Vassily entered the room and sat down between Blake and Manuel. He wrapped his arms around their shoulders and kissed both on their lips. 

 Roman quickly poured Vassily a tumbler of vodka and waited for him to toast. He looked as if he was up to something stupid again. He could see the mania in his eyes. He shook his head, though, and watched the sad old man.

 “Here is to new friends. A very lucrative and prosperous business and a good war for Russia. Dlya vashego zdorov'ya!” Vassily stated as he clinked everyone’s glasses and smiled when they all sank them down together.

 To your health indeed. Blake translated the words in his head. These Russians loved to make their speeches, and they were so clichéd. He looked to Manuel anyway and sank his vodka with all the others in the room. Manuel smiled as he sank his lovely shot of tequila. The liquor of his home. Puerto Rico. He wasn't surprised Krik had a bottle there, he was just glad he did. They still teased him after he got sick when he drank with Krik.

 Roman watched Blake and only thought he wanted this man to have him again. He realized he had feelings for him because he was so charming and had a fucking explosive personality everyone loved. He knew he had to wait for more intimacy with him because he had his torture session with the blyat. Oh, the lovely Daniel Miller. He spoke with Vassily and told him how he invited Blake and Manuel to his session.

 “Is that wise, Roman? We never allow anyone to be in the torture sessions. Why do you wish to do this?” Krik asked, as he drank more vodka. He smiled when he noticed Manuel drank his Tequila. He bowed his head to the lovely young man. Pleased he was having such a good time.

“Yes, Vassily. It's wise. Blake asked me what was happening, and I told him. Relax, old man, I didn't say anything about the blyat's identity. I denied there was a CIA agent here,” Roman retorted, as he scoffed and sank back more vodka. The coke mirror made its way back to him, and he snorted two lines. Then he passed the mirror to Krik. He laughed when the old man snorted two lines then passed the mirror to the other side of the table for Blake and Manuel.

  “If you say so, Roman. That's fine. You must make sure you don't use his name. I will keep the two of them by the door at the back of the room with me,” Vassily spoke quietly with Roman.

   “You don't need to tell me how to have my session, Vassily. Don't worry, no names will be used. I will play my music loud, and everything will be drowned out,” Roman laughed as he patted the old man on his back and poured more vodka for them.

  “Good. Then it's settled. Your torture session is soon. Let's just enjoy some drink and the coke and relax,” Vassily pointed out and smiled when the coke mirror made it back to them. He snorted two lines and held the mirror for Roman. He held the mirror as his first Lieutenant snorted three lines.

 Roman had a feeling Gott planned something wicked for the blyat in his torture session. He wasn't present at their little party, so he was probably off in a pout somewhere. Or maybe he gathered his thugs for the session. He told Krik they needed to be in that session, and he agreed. For now, they just enjoyed more drinking. They had all snorted enough coke to keep them awake for hours, since they were in for a long night of torture

Chapter Text

   Upstairs in the bedroom, Rodion quickly removed the cumbersome Iron mask for Daniel and threw it on the floor. Then he knelt in front of his lover and removed his boots, but he kept his Spetsnaz fatigues and green shirt on his charge. Only because he had the horrible torture session with the Roman, then the German butcher.

 Rodion moved them toward the sofa by the windows. The curtains were open and the sun shined down into the room, it warmed them.  “Vassily Krik, is insane with his mind games. I am so tired of all of them and that Nazi Suka, Gott!  I am sorry, my Daniel,” he groused. He was angry, but when he looked up at his lover his anger went away. He looked tired now, and he pulled him into his arms for a moment. He sat them down on the blue sofa. 

  “Yes, I agree with all you have said, but I’m so tired now, Rodion. I wish I could sleep until tomorrow. I don’t know why Bruno Gott is being so persistent. I keep forgetting about Roman's torture,” Daniel murmured. He sat back against the soft cushions of the sofa and reached out for his sexy Russian.

 Rodion removed his boots, then grasped Daniel’s hands, as he sat beside him on the sofa. He carefully enveloped him in his strong arms and placed a kiss to the top of his head, then his soft lips. He stretched their bodies and legs out on the sofa cushions, so they lay down comfortably. Then he reached for a blanket and covered them from head to toe.

 “I don't know. Is perhaps he is jealous of how freely you are now. He believes I undermined him. I dislike him, and he knows it, but this feeling is quite mutual. Yes, Roman is first. He is insane butcher number one. I will protect you all I can from both of them,” he reasoned and held Daniel closer. He made sure his charge was on the inside, his body pressed against the back of the sofa, while he lay in front of them. He wanted him to feel safe as he held him in his arms.

 “Chertov, durak. I’m not looking forward to this evening, at all,” Daniel complained, but cuddled closer to Rodion when he wrapped his strong arms around him.  He was glad to be against the back cushions of the sofa, he felt safer that way. “I know what Vassily did to me was a fucking power trip, to show us that he is still in charge. I know you wanted to blow his brains out. I love how you punched him though, that was exciting. He went down hard, it was nice to see him in pain for once. Then you made the German pig’s nose bleed, that was wonderful.” 

   “I know, my Daniel, I agree about Vassily, and his power trips. I cannot stop him when he does them. He is insane. Yes, it felt good. I punched him, so I wouldn't shoot him. It was safer option for us. Yes, and Gott was livid. I am afraid of what he will do to you tonight to retaliate. I will be there to protect you. You may not be able to have your pistol, but I will. Vassily at least agreed to that. Mmhmm, but sleep now, lyubovnik. I will wake us both up in an hour, for Roman the butcher's torture,” Rodion murmured, as he kissed Daniel’s lips again and held him so tightly. He wanted them to stay in their room and sleep, but it was not to be.


“Mmhmm, yes, lover. We are that to each other now…” was all Daniel said, then was fast asleep. Rodion followed him. He set his timer to two in the afternoon, for the torture session with Roman. He wondered who would be in attendance. It didn't matter yet because they both slept peacefully and cuddled in each other’s arms. They didn't dream, so it was a restful sleep. They both needed it after the morning they had with all the insane torturers.

Rodion's phone alarm went off too soon, and he sighed as they both woke up. He pushed their bodies up on the sofa and frowned at his charge. He hated for this to happen, but if they didn't go down there, one of the assholes would come upstairs to retrieve Daniel. He didn't want that to happen.

 “Oh, fuck, I can’t believe I have to go through this now,” Daniel complained, as he and Rodion put on their boots. He didn’t know why he got dressed, crazy Roman would take his clothes off anyway.

  “I am sorry, my Daniel. I hate this too. Roman is chertov durak, but Gott’s torture later will be insane,” Rodion added, as he pushed them up off the sofa. He quickly put the iron mask on his poor lover. That’s what they were now, to each other, lovers.

  “It’s okay, Rodion, this is my life now. I’m fine, though because I have you, my Knight in Shining Armor to always protect me,” Daniel confessed, and they smiled and shared more kisses.

 “Yes, you do, my Daniel. I will always protect you, from the mad, insane torturers,” Rodion added. He sighed as they made their way downstairs to the dungeon, where Roman waited impatiently. .

  Rodion kept his arm around Daniel’s waist as they slowly climbed down the stairs to the dungeon. He knew his lover was reluctant to do this, and so was he. \Vassily had claimed this day for the torture, so there was nothing they could do. The oligarch started the torture in his office that morning, and now it continued with the two insane butchers.

  They reached the bottom of the stairs and Rodion pushed open the metal doors with his hands. He reluctantly ushered Daniel into the room. He was relieved to see only Roman there, no Blake, or Manuel DeSanto, but he saw Krik there, seated against the wall. He was on his iPad but looked up when Rodion and Daniel entered the room.

 “Ah, yes, finally, welcome, pretty Rodion and pretty Daniel. I am so excited for this,” Roman greeted them and grinned as he had all his devices set out.

  “Shut the fuck up, Roman, chertov durak,” Rodion shot back and glared at the shorter man.

  “No. I don’t think I will, Rodion. Get Daniel undressed and chain him up in the shackles. Oh, and leave the iron mask on the blyat. No names are to be mentioned,” Roman retorted, the smile gone from his face.

  “What the fuck are you up too, Suka?” Rodion suddenly asked. He punched Roman in his side and gritted his teeth when Blake and DeSanto suddenly entered the room through the back door.

 Roman grunted when the bean-pole punched his side, but he ignored it for now. The Spetsnaz boy had strong fists and they hurt. He sighed and shook his head. He knew then he would make the little canary sing to punish him for Rodion's fists hitting him.

  “Okay, Roman, we’re here. What’s going on?” Blake asked, as he and Manuel sat down on the bench beside Vassily.

  “Oh, hello, Blake, Manuel. I wanted you to be present for this little torture session. Please sit  down and enjoy,” Roman told them with a smile. He watched Rodion remove Daniel's clothes.


 Daniel was frozen on the spot with fear when he saw the blond-haired man at the back of the room. He concluded that he wasn’t Hector. He looked mean, and he was complicit with his Russian torturers. No. This was definitely Christian Blake. He was another criminal, just like all the others, except for his Rodion. He was his savior, and his lover. He was the only one he trusted. He clenched his fists at his sides and looked at Rodion when he spoke to him.

  “Come on, Daniel. I am so sorry, I didn't know they would be here,” Rodion whispered to his frightened charge. He felt his body tremble but saw his fists clenched, and he carefully opened his fingers, so he could be calm. “Is okay, I will be right here. If he is too much, I will knock him out to stop,” he murmured and undressed his lover. All the way down to his underwear, but he didn't remove them yet. He would be nude in front of everyone. He hated for his charge to be humiliated more, but what could they do? Vassily was there, and in charge. They were at the mercy of all of them.

  Blake watched Rodion with the man in the Iron Mask. Was this Daniel? What the hell was going on? He shared a look with Manuel and wanted to kill everyone in the room. Well, not Rodion, he seemed to be his handler and looked after him.

 “Come on, already, Roman, this is taking way too long. Get the Blyat’ chained up already. Gott would have started by this time,” Vassily suddenly spoke up as he kept typing on his iPad.

   Roman growled as he pulled Daniel away from Rodion and moved him toward the shackles. He pushed the tall Russian back when he tried to be gentle. There wasn't time for gentle, he was rough as he shackled Daniel’s wrists and his ankles into the chains on the ceiling and in the floor. He reached up and tore away his underwear and smirked when Rodion growled.

   Blake sighed and shook his head, while Manuel just watched this shit-show. He wondered too if this was Daniel Miller. He couldn’t tell because the poor young man had the iron mask on his face.



  Roman moved to the table and switched on some loud dance music. He needed to drown out Daniel’s cries of pain. He didn’t want to give away the ghost to Blake, who had asked him if this was Daniel Miller. “Okay, here we go, it’s time for some fun!” He shouted, as he first reached for the nipple clamps and the ball clamps. He moved to Daniel’s front and clamped them to his nipples hard, then did the same thing to his balls.

 Daniel howled in pain because the charge was already going, and his body rocked in his bindings.

 “Roman, no! What the fuck are you doing?” Rodion called out and stalked toward him. He growled when Roman stopped him with a gun to his chest.

 “Nyet! Stand back, Rodion! This is my time! You will not stop me or interrupt me,” Roman raged, as he pushed the barrel of the gun harder against the tall Russian’s chest.

 “No, Roman. Stop it, chertov durak. The charges are going. I can hear them,” Rodion swore as he smacked the gun away from his chest and stepped back. He didn’t leave the area though. He wanted to be ready to rescue Daniel if he needed to.

 “Yes, they are, it's not a vacation, Rodion. This is my torture session! Now the fun begins. Let’s have some fun!” Roman shouted as he moved to the machine and turned the dials up higher. He slipped the gun into his waistband and smiled at Rodion. He shoved the bean-pole out of the way and laughed, then clapped his hands as he watched pretty Daniel's body convulse so wonderfully.

 “Oh!! No!!! Stop!!!” Daniel raged, but his voice was drowned out by the loud music. His body convulsed, as all the toys on his body thrummed and electrified him. His veins were on fire, his pressure points would burst at any moment. His heart raced and his vision swam, and he felt dizzy and disoriented. Everything around him was distorted as Roman continued with his electroshock torture.

  Roman laughed as Daniel’s body convulsed. He loved it because Blake didn’t know this was the CIA Spy, not yet anyway. He was having fun and didn’t care. “Let’s see if you can take more!” he turned up the dials and laughed when Daniel shrieked, and his body convulsed again. Then he turned down the dials and reached for the medium-sized dildo. He lubed it up a little, switched it on, then moved behind Daniel. “Come on pretty Daniel, I want to hear you sing louder like the pretty canary you are,” he whispered in his ear then shoved the dildo right inside his ass. 

   “Oh! No! Stop! Please! I can’t do this! I can’t take this!! It's more electricity!” Daniel shouted and his body shook in his bindings.

  Blake's stomach churned as he watched Roman electrocute the young man. If this was Daniel, he was going to break that little bastard in two.

  Manuel was disgusted too and shook his head. He stopped when Vassily glared at him and Blake.

 “If you both cannot stomach this, then perhaps you should leave,” Krik told them with a grin as he looked up from his iPad for a moment.

  “No, it’s okay, Vassily. We’re good here. We can take it,” Manuel answered for both of them. Then he and Blake shared a look that said this was insane.




  "Yes, that's it, Roman. Keep going! Give him more! Punish him!" Vassily laughed and clapped his hands as he crossed his legs, with his iPad on his lap. He smiled at Blake and Manuel and made sure they laughed too.

   Roman shoved the dildo in and out of Daniel’s ravaged ass and laughed as he reached around and squeezed the electrified nipple clamps. He pressed his body against the back of Daniel’s and pushed that electric dildo in harder and faster.

   Daniel sobbed and begged for him to stop. He was in so much pain, as more electricity raced through his system. The iron mask made the charges through his body more electrified because it was metal. His heart raced, his body thrummed in pain, and his balls and nipples and ass were on fire.

   Rodion raged inside when Roman used all his electrical torture devices. He wanted to break his neck. Why did he have to do this? He realized it was all a show for Blake and Manuel, and Krik had agreed to it.

  “So good pretty Daniel. You take my torture so well. You are perfect,” Roman whispered in his   ear and shoved the dildo in harder. He moved it in and out and reached around his body to his cock. He pulled and squeezed the shaft hard to set off the charges of electricity. Then he pushed the dildo harder inside his ass. In and out. In and Out. The charges electrified his body everywhere. He knew his prisoner saw stars. He could tell by the way his eyes rolled back in his head and his body convulsed. Good. He thought to himself. He needed to be punished.

   “Keep that in there. If it falls out onto the floor, you will suffer more,” he said and moved back to the table. He reached for the riding crop again and this time he whacked Daniel on his ass, several times and smiled when his body shook wildly in his bindings.

   “Oh, no, no, not the riding crop! Please, stop! I can’t!  I can’t take much more!” Daniel sobbed. The music was so loud, and the room was large, so, the others on the bench couldn’t hear them. He clenched his ass to keep the dildo inside. He was afraid of what Roman would do if it fell out. He was in so much pain now from the electricity pulsing through his veins. He was dizzy and disoriented, his head swam and his vision blurred. Roman didn't use lube this time, he shoved the thing inside him. It hurt too because it vibrated and electrified his insides.

  “Yes, you can! You're doing wonderfully,” Roman laughed and smacked his ass hard with the crop then moved to the front of his body and kept the crop under his arm. He moved back to the table and found the cock ring and the cock cage, then he returned to his prisoner and placed both on his cock. The metal cock ring vibrated more, and the cock cage became more electrified. He slammed the riding crop down hard on the prisoner's cock and balls, his chest and his stomach, his sides. His arms and legs, then he moved back to his ass and smacked it hard over and over.  He smiled at the red marks it left behind. He loved this implement, it inflicted just the right amount of pain. He smacked him everywhere on his body over and over, his chest, which reopened the wound again. On his stomach, his caged cock and balls, then his thighs trembled as he smacked them over and over. He moved behind him and while one hand pushed in the dildo, he smacked his ass with the riding crop. He laughed when the prisoner howled through the iron mask and his body convulsed. The music blared loudly from the Bluetooth speaker, it was dance music, it drowned out Daniel's cries of pain and anguish.


  “Please stop! My body is on fire! Please! I can’t take it!” Daniel sobbed, but his voice was drowned out by the loud dance music. Normally he loved this music. He and Hector frequented Barbarella’s in Berlin almost every night. They would drink, smoke, snort coke, and dance all night long. But this wasn't Berlin, Hector wasn't here. This wasn't fun, this was torture at the hands of Roman Platov, the insane butcher. He enjoyed this horrible show he put on for his complicit criminal friends. They stood at the back of the room and enjoyed everything. They were all complicit criminals. 

    “Sorry, not sorry, this is going to hurt a lot,” Roman growled as he whacked Daniel’s cock and balls, covered with the devices, several times.

   “Stop! No more. Please stop! Oh! Stop! Please,” Daniel howled as his body convulsed and thrummed from all the devices all over.

   “No! Not stopping, pretty boy! You are here for torture, not pleasure!” Roman shouted and whacked Daniel’s cock and balls. Then he ran behind him and smacked his ass several times. He laughed when the pretty spy convulsed and howled in pain. He shoved the dildo hard up his ass with the palm of his hand and then smacked the end of it with the riding crop against his ass several times. He loved his cries of pain and anguish, they made him hard.

  “Roman, he will fall unconscious! Stop now! Chertov durak! Is enough of your crazy mind!” Rodion shouted and walked toward him, but a shout from Vassily stopped him.

   “No, Rodion! Stay back! Let Roman continue his session. He will be done soon, then you can take the Blyat to your room to rest before Gott has his fun later! This is exciting! We enjoy this! If you cannot, then you will leave the room and wait in the corridor!” Vassily stood up and stalked toward them. He put his iPad on the table, then he grabbed his second Lieutenant by his arm and pulled him back. He whispered heatedly in his ear. “Stop trying to interrupt. He will have his torture now. You know this, you won't interfere! You cannot stop this.” He grunted when Rodion turned on him again punched him hard in his side for the second time that day. It was just like he did earlier in his office. Goddamn it, the Spetsnaz boy’s fists were as fast as lightning. 

  “Yes, okay, Vassily. Fuck you and fuck you, crazy butcher Roman!” Rodion retorted. He smiled when Krik grunted from his hard punch. He glared and pulled his arm free from Vassily’s grip. He would not be able to stop Roman now, since Vassily stayed beside him. He was glad the oligarch punched him again. He was such a tyrant, but his fists never failed him.  He would get his own hits into both of them. That was the only way he could protect Daniel from his suffering.

   Vassily grinned manically up at his disrespectful second Lieutenant. He would show him who ran this show. He would show the blyat, and his defiant Second Lieutenant not to be defiant and disrespectful. He moved to the machine and turned up the dial higher. He laughed when Daniel Miller howled in pain and his body convulsed violently. He locked his gaze onto Rodion’s and smiled when the Spetsnaz boy glared so hard at him. 

    “No! Stop! Fuck! No more! Please! I can’t take it! Stop. No more electricity. I can't take it, my heart will stop!” Daniel howled as his eyes went blurry and his heart raced madly in his chest. He sobbed and his body convulsed more when Krik turned up the knob higher.

   Roman laughed as he shoved the dildo in and out of Daniel’s ass. He smiled when the blyat’s body thrummed as all the electricity raced through his veins. He didn’t want him to have a heart attack, so he moved to the machine and pushed Vassily away. “Stop that, this is my session. You can’t interrupt me because you are playing this mind fuck with Rodion. Go sit down old man! Take Rodion with you!” He ordered as he glared at the tall Russian.

 “Nyet, Roman. Rodion will stay here, but I will leave here now. Don’t do this much longer. I think the Blyat’ is going to pass out,” Vassily whispered to him.

 “Fuck you! I’m still awake. You complicit assholes! Give me all you got. I can take it! Roman Platov, you insane butcher,” Daniel suddenly shouted in anger, as he pulled on his bindings.

 Vassily glared at him and pulled the riding crop from Roman’s hand. He stalked toward Daniel Miller and whacked him on his cock and balls, his thighs, then around to his ass, and over his nipples. He did the same thing for several minutes and wouldn’t let Roman stop him.

 Krik shoved the dildo so hard inside his ass over and over. In and out, in and out. He whacked his nipples, his cock and balls and his ass and his thighs hard with the riding crop. He was strong for an old man. He knew how to land blows that hurt. He smacked him everywhere on his body, and laughed when the blyat howled in pain. 

   Roman got angry and stalked toward him, then yanked the crop from his hand. He growled as he shoved him aside. “This is my session. Get out of here! Go sit down, old man!”

   Rodion glared daggers at Krik, then at Roman. His fists wanted to fly and inflict pain on both of them. He punched Krik in his kidneys when he walked past him.  He punched him a few times in his kidneys, his sides, his stomach. He wanted him to feel the pain his Daniel felt in this torture session.

 Roman laughed when Rodion punched Vassily a few times. He didn’t know why that happened, but he thought it was hilarious. He liked to see Rodion fighting back against the stupid old man. 

   “Rodion! Stop hitting me! I am your Major!” Krik raged and grunted at the hard punches his Spetsnaz boy gave him. He glared at Rodion and grunted when he hit him a few times.

   “Nyet. I want you to suffer too! You and Roman! I punch him too. I punch until the torture stops,” Rodion said quietly, as he punched Krik in his kidneys again.

   “Stop. Hitting. Me! I am your superior!” Krik raged, as he turned around and swung at his Second Lieutenant. He grunted when the tall Spetsnaz boy stepped aside and pushed him to the floor.

“  Nyet. You are a sad little man. Get up now,” Rodion said, as he yanked Krik up off the floor and shoved him away.

   “You disappoint me, Rodion, but I understand why you behave in his disobedient manner. That's your boy over there. So, you want to inflict the pain he feels onto me. I won't punish you, but Roman will punish him. Make sure you hurt the blyat harder now, Roman,” Vassily said as he glared at both of them.

  “Whatever you say that you feel better. Is okay. I did what I did.  I will say what you say, I don't care,” Rodion retorted and glared down at Krik.

   “The more disobedient you are to me, the more your boy will suffer. Roman, start up again. I'm done here for now,” Krik retorted, as he grabbed his iPad from the table then stormed from the room and climbed the stairs.

  Hector and Rafa couldn't believe what they saw. Rodion hit Krik a few times. His fists hurt, he was a strong Spetsnaz soldier. They shook their heads and sat down on the bench against the wall. They couldn't hear anything, but they saw everything. It was quite a show. Hector stood up and pulled Rafa with him. The exited the room, and he slammed the door behind them. They had seen enough and both needed a drink.

  Krik couldn’t believe Rodion punched him again. He grunted in pain and held his side and his back, then and went into his office and slammed the door closed. He took out his phone and put a call into his masseuse, Maxim. He begged him to come to the dacha, so he could relax his sore muscles from where Rodion’s fists punched him. He was glad the man relented and within a half an hour, he was there and Krik received the full massage therapy. He was one of the Scientists in the greenhouses, a young man named Maxim. He was also a licensed masseuse. He usually gave Vassily his therapy a few times a week, but he had skipped the sessions since the blyat arrived. He felt so much better after this session and sat in his office for a while with the young Scientist, slash masseuse. He shared some vodka with him, then sent him on his way again. He thanked him for his services of course and tipped him three hundred Euros for his continued silence and session. 


  Roman took over for Vassily and used the leather riding crop the same way. His blows were harder. He punished the blyat on Krik’s orders. All because something happened between Rodion and Krik, and now the Spetsnaz boy beat the Major. Oh, he loved to see it, the old man deserved a beat-down. He thought it was hilarious, but he had to do what Krik asked of him. His blows and torture were harder. He moved to the front of his body and slammed his hands against the nipple clamps and whispered to Daniel. “You are so pretty when you scream and cry, little spy,” he whispered, as he whacked his cock and balls with the crop.

  “Fuck you, Roman! You crazy bastard!” Daniel sobbed as his body shook in his bindings. His vision was blurry, and he was slowly losing consciousness. 

  Roman slammed his hands harder against Daniel’s nipples as he watched him fall into unconsciousness. “Stay awake, Blyat’! I am not finished yet!”

  “Ah! You crazy butcher! I am awake!” Daniel shouted as he pulled his bindings.

 “Roman, please stop! You had your fun! Suka! Stop this! I will kill you!” Rodion roared but couldn’t go near them when Roman glared at him.

 “No! Not yet!” Roman shouted as he removed the clamps and smashed his hands against Daniel’s nipples. He moved his hand down and squeezed his balls and his cock. He turned up the charges and made them sting Daniel's pressure points more.

  “Ah! Stop punching my nipples, you sick bastard! Stop! I can’t do this! It’s too much!” Daniel roared and his body convulsed and in the next moment, he passed out unconscious. The last thing he saw was Rodion as he elbowed Roman in his side.

 “Stop, Roman! Are you happy now?! You are done, chertov durak!” Rodion shouted and heard the back door as it slammed closed. He looked and saw Blake and Manuel as they left the room.

 “What did you do?! Why did you invite them? This is no show!” Rodion raged, as he punched Roman in his kidneys, then in his stomach. He snatched his gun from his waistband and pointed it at him. The music was still blaring, but he soon put an end to that. He raised the pistol, took off the safety and shot the radio and speaker to stop it.

  “It was just for fun, Rodion! I wanted them to see me in action! Unf!” Roman grunted when the strong Russian punched his kidneys, his sides and his stomach. Strong Spetsnaz fucker.

   “Fuck you! Get Daniel out of these shackles. You fucking Suka! Now!” Rodion raged as he pointed the gun at the shorter Russian's head.

   “Okay, okay! Why did you have to shoot my music box!” Roman complained. He unshackled Daniel and caught the unconscious young man in his arms when he fell forward. 

    “Shut up, I don't care. You get another one. Krik will buy it for you. He is happy from your torture session, Suka! You get me Daniel’s clothes, chertov durak,” Rodion ordered as he still pointed the gun at Roman. He put the safety on and threw it on the table, then he surged forward and scooped Daniel up into his arms. “Put them on top of his body, Suka!”

   Roman grumbled as he bent down and picked up Daniel’s clothes and boots then put them on top of Daniel’s body. He moved with Rodion then opened the door for him.

   “Don’t be late for Gott’s torture, Rodion. He will be much worse than me. I was pretty tame!” Roman called out to Rodion and followed him up the stairs.

   “Shut up! Think I don’t know that? Chertov durak! Stay away from us,” Rodion raged as he carried Daniel up the stairs to the main part of the dacha. He didn’t know where Blake and Manuel were, but he didn’t care. Vassily waited for them at the top of the stairs.

   “Roman, come into the bar with me. Everyone is there. Rodion, take care of the Blyat. Don’t be late for Gott’s torture. Don't make me come and get you. If you are late, his torture will be worse,” Vassily repeated and as he glared at his second Lieutenant.

    “I fucking know, Vassily. Fuck you! I am aware of what Daniel must go through. Stop repeating yourselves. Suka!” Rodion said and pushed past them and nearly knocked Krik and Roman on their asses. He growled angrily as he took the stairs two at a time to get them to their room.


    Vassily sighed as he watched Rodion run up the stairs with the blyat in his arms. He shook his head, then pulled Roman toward the bar at the back of the dacha. He didn’t want to bother Rodion because the boys’ anger was clear. He knew everything that happened between them, he deserved. But he was adamant about Gott’s torture, the blyat would be punished more. 

 “What happened between the two of you, Vassily? Why is Rodion punching you?” Roman asked the old man. He had a huge smile on his face.

  “Something happened in my office. Something with the blyat, and Rodion didn't approve. I told him this was not a vacation. He is our prisoner and must be punished. We have all told him the same. I did something to exert power over the blyat,” Vassily explained further to Roman before they entered the bar. He didn't want the others to know what happened.

  Roman laughed and shook his head when Krik told him what he did. “You are a dirty old man, Vassily. That's disgusting, even I find that revolting. Oh, well, I guess you deserved Rodion's ire and his fists. I would do the same thing if I were him. Come on now, I need a drink after that magnificent torture session.” This time he yanked Krik by his arm as they entered the bar by the back door.

  Vassily sighed and shook his head. Roman was right about him being a dirty old man. He didn't think what he did was wrong, but everyone else did. He didn't care, he was in charge there. So, he would do as he pleased with his prisoner. He couldn't wait for Gott's torture.

  Blake and Manuel were there and they shared drinks with Anton, Adrik and Bruno Gott. Both men informed everyone how brutal Roman’s torture session was. Gott clapped his hands and patted the small Russian on his back when he entered the room with Vassily. Everyone stood up but then sat down again when Krik motioned to them.

"Yes, Gott, it was good. Our prisoner was so pretty in his pain,” Roman said, but didn’t mention the prisoner’s name. He sank back the shot of vodka Anton handed to him.

Gott still wondered where the prisoner and his handler were as he glanced at his men hidden in the corner of the room. He would leave soon to meet with his men and make sure his torture session went well. He would keep Rodion at bay. He had it all planned out. He would show these Russians how to really torture a prisoner.

  “Bruno, I have told you before. That is not your concern. Stop asking inane questions that are none of your business,” Vassily warned Gott. He glared at the German man as he sank his shot and Anton poured him another one.

Blake and Manuel were nervous now.  They wondered if that was Daniel in Roman's torture session. They didn't know because the prisoner wore the iron mask, and there was loud music. They both knew they wanted to be at Gott's session, though, or maybe not. They were scared for the poor young man in the Iron mask, and if it were Daniel, they were even more scared for him.


   Upstairs in their room, Rodion opened the door and carried Daniel to the bed. He threw his clothes on the chair for now, and his own hands shook nervously. He needed to calm down, so he could take care of his charge. The Russian feared for him because his body trembled in his arms. The young man knew he was in pain from Roman’s torture, it was brutal for him. Electricity raced through Daniel’s veins even in his unconsciousness. Rodion noticed the sensation as he held him in his arms and carried him through their bedroom door. He placed his charge on the mattress and massaged the pained areas to offer some relief. 

   Rodion had tears in his eyes because Daniel was still unconscious from the torture. He needed his charge to wake up for the Nazi pig’s torture. His anger was high and couldn’t believe Roman had given Daniel so much pain.  He was livid with Krik as well, for his disgusting torture session in his office that morning. He was glad he punched him, he would do it all over again. He didn’t understand why Roman had invited Blake and Manuel to the session. That was something he never did before. The young Russian was livid with Roman and Vassily for doing this.  He was glad his fists punched them both, they deserved it. He wasn’t thinking straight because his anger for Daniel’s horrible treatment raced through his mind. Roman didn’t have to do this, Vassily planned it with him, he knew he did. Just like Vassily didn't need to perform that disgusting act of power over Daniel in his office. He really feared for his charges' life in Gott's torture session. He didn't want to deliver him there. He wished they could stay up here in their safe haven. He remembered how Krik had shouted for him not to be late. If someone had to retrieve them, Daniel would suffer horribly. He massaged Daniel to remove all the electricity from his body, but it wasn't enough.

   Daniel moaned when he felt someone massaging his body. He opened his eyes and stared up at his gorgeous Russian handler. “What happened? Where are we? Oh, that feels so good?” He murmured sleepily. Everything on his body was on fire. It hurt to move, let alone speak. He loved Rodion's massage thought, that helped him feel better.

   “In our bedroom. We came back from Roman torture. Don't you remember? I am massaging your body,” Rodion leaned over and pressed a kiss to his lover’s lips.

    “Mmhmm, it feels good. I love your hands on my body. But can we take a bath now? That would relax me so much,” Daniel asked. He was numb, his body ached and was on fire. His lover’s gentle massage helped him. Roman had the charges on high, and Vassily turned them up higher.

 “You want to take a bath, my Daniel?” Rodion asked and smiled as he massaged Daniel’s body even more.

 “Yes, that would help a lot,” Daniel said in a sleepy voice and groaned as his body thrummed painfully.

 “Yes, of course we can. I will carry you there now,” Rodion whispered and scooped Daniel up into his arms and off the bed, then he carefully carried him into the bathroom. He sat him down on the blue divan then prepared the water in the deep jetted oblong marble bathtub. He filled the water with all the relaxing herbs, lavender, chamomile bath salts. He also placed some lavender bath bombs and filled the water with the cherry-scented bubble bath.  He made sure the water was good enough for them to sit in. Not too hot, but hot enough to make Daniel relax. 

  “Mmhmm, that smells lovely. Can we get in there now? Please, get your clothes off, my sexy Spetsnaz boy,” Daniel murmured as he smiled when Rodion turned to him.

 Rodion laughed and smiled as he quickly removed his boots and his clothes. Then moved to the divan and scooped Daniel in his arms and carried him to the bath. He placed him in the tub first, then climbed in behind him. He just held his lover in his arms beneath all the bubbles and pulled his body against his.

  "Is okay, my Daniel. I've got you," Rodion raised their legs up, but he stopped when his lover groaned.

“Oh! Fuck! It hurts!! Fucking Roman,” Daniel sobbed and sagged his body against Rodion’s. Everything was on fire again, with this electroshock torture.

 “I know, I’m sorry, my Daniel. You just relax. The herbs and the bath bubbles will calm and soothe your body. I used the stuff Mikhail sent me from greenhouses. Is so fresh and it will take away your pains. So, we just stay in here,” Rodion murmured and held Daniel gently in his arms.

 “Yes, that’s true, it is helping me more than anything. It feels nice to be in the bubbles, in your arms. I really want to be alone with you, only you, just you, and me,” Daniel rambled on. He was in pain, but he had to be strong. He still had Gott’s torture to get through but being in Rodion’s arms in the bubble bath helped him so much.

 “Agreed. I feel same way. We relax in here a while. I hold you like this and let everything soothe your pains and your body,” Rodion repeated as he buried his face in his lover’s neck. He sobbed quietly and feared for his lover and the German Nazi pig’s torture.

 They stayed in there for forty minutes. Rodion wanted Daniel’s body to be calmer and for the herbs to soothe him. They eventually fell asleep in that hot bath, the bubbles all around their bodies. Rodion woke up first. It was still daylight, so it was early. He gently woke Daniel up and kissed his lips, then lifted him up out of the bath. He pulled the plug out of the bottom of the tub and reached for two towels, then carried his sleepy lover back to their room. He wrapped them both in towels, then cuddled with Daniel under the warm blankets. He smiled when Daniel giggled and cuddled closer to him. He kissed him and held his trembling body close. It was there they fell asleep for the rest of the time. 

  Daniel felt a little better, the herbs and bubbles had soothed his entire body for the time being. He was still in pain, but being in Rodion’s muscular arms, he always felt better. They slept so peacefully and didn’t care what happened in the world around them. They were together and safe for the time being.


A couple of hours later a text pinged on Rodion’s mobile, and he groaned when he unlocked his phone to read it. “Fuck! We overslept again. Vassily will be livid!” 


[Incoming Text — Roman Platov] Rodion, wake up pretty Daniel and yourself. You are late for the Bruno Gott party. The Nazi Suka is on his way up — mad as a hatter. Krik is as mad as a bull. RP xP


 “Fuck! Daniel, wake up, lyubovnik. We are late, we have overslept! The Nazi Suka is coming up here, Roman just sent a text. He said Krik is mad too,” Rodion intoned, as he leaned over and kissed his lover awake. 

   “What?” Daniel asked sleepily and mewled when Rodion kissed him. 

   “We are late for Gott’s torture session, not that is a bad thing. I really don’t want you to go, not after what fucking Roman did to you. I know you don’t want to go, but I don’t want you hurt even more because of that. Come on, Daniel,” Rodion said, as he helped Daniel to sit up, then knelt down to put on his Spetsnaz boots. “How are you feeling, my Daniel?”

 “Oh, fuck. I’m a little stiff but can’t help it. Roman is a chertov durak, Suka,” Daniel said as he clung to his lover and laughed when he laced up his Spetsnaz boots. “Rodion, I don’t think I need those. I’m going for another torture session. This time with the German madman, not the Russian madman of Roman. He’s only going to take them off me again, like Roman did earlier.” 

  Rodion smirked as he slipped into his boots, laced them up, and planted another kiss to his Daniel’s sweet lips. “I know, my sexy Army brat, but I want you to feel protected. Especially after fucking Roman’s torture session. I fear this one will be worse.” 

  “Ah yes, because the German pig will torture my feet,” Daniel teased, as he pressed a kiss to his Rodion’s soft lips. Little did he know, the German bastard would torture him all over his body. “But thank you, my sexy Spetsnaz boy, for always taking care of me,” he added and returned the kiss more. He pressed their lips together for a moment. “You know Gott can’t be running too fast if he’s not here yet.” 

  “Hmm, maybe he tripped on the stairs and cracked his skull open, or broke his fucking Nazi neck,” Rodion retorted, and they laughed then shared more kisses. 

  Daniel reached for the iron mask, buckled it in place, and waited for his Russian lover to put the lock on it.  Rodion sighed and reluctantly placed the lock on the back. He put his hand on Daniel’s shoulders and helped him stand. He reached behind Daniel’s back, took his gun, and slipped it inside the waistband of his black denims. 

  “Come on, my Daniel. Let’s wait outside in the corridor for the Nazi-” Rodion said. Suddenly the bedroom door burst open and Bruno Gott stood on the other side. 

  “What the fuck is wrong with you — you Nazi Suka! This is a safe haven! How dare you burst through the door! Get the fuck out!” Rodion growled angrily as he moved to stand in front of Daniel. 

  “Step aside, Russian dog! Give the Blyat to me!” Gott raged as he tried to push Rodion aside, but the Spetsnaz was too strong.

 “I will deliver Daniel Miller to you, Captain Gott. Stand down, now, or I will knock you down so hard you will drink and eat from the same fucking straw,” Rodion threatened, as he stood up to his full six-foot two height. He grinned as he stood over the German and glared hard at him.

  Gott swallowed hard as he stared up at the tall Russian. He knew Rodion was the second Lieutenant, and he feared him because he knew he was strong. “Fine. Let’s go now, though.” 

Rodion motioned for Gott to exit the room first and crossed his arms over his large muscular chest. He stared down hard at the German and smirked when he turned to leave the room. He lifted his leg and kicked him in his ass, and smiled when he landed hard on the floor.

   “Make sure you don’t break Daniel Miller, or I will snap you in two, Nazi bastard! Suka!” Rodion threatened, as he placed his foot on the man’s back and pressed hard for a moment.   

    “Get off me, you Russian dog!” Gott retorted, as he turned his body over then got back on his feet. 

    Get the fuck downstairs! We will meet you there!” Rodion shoved the man and grinned when he whimpered, and all but ran down the stairs. He smiled when he almost tripped over his own two feet. 

  “Chertov, durak,” Rodion swore, then turned around and noticed the frightened look on Daniel's face. He saw how his body trembled, but he still stood his ground, with his hands balled into fists He rushed to Daniel’s side and wrapped his arms around his lover and soothed him. “I am sorry, Daniel. I wish we didn’t have to do this.”

   “I know, Rodion. I hate this too, but let’s just get it over with. It's the second one today. I've grown used to it,” Daniel intoned, as he clung to Rodion, and tried not to shake too much. He was like a scared little puppy who had peed on the floor and waited for his master to punish him. There was nothing wrong with being scared when going into a torture session. This man would beat him within an inch of his life. He had a bad reputation of breaking his victims, tenfold, but he was ready, or, so he hoped. The iron mask was so heavy and constricted around his throat, and he felt so claustrophobic.

   “Oh, my Daniel, you are very brave, but just remember I will be there with you. I will be beside you, and I will keep him under control,” Rodion soothed Daniel, as he ran his hands up and down his lover’s back.

   Daniel sighed and clung to Rodion. He tried to bring up his reserve of courage, and it worked for a few seconds and calmed down again. He breathed heavily through the iron mask. “All right, my sexy Russian, let’s get this over with.” 

  Rodion squeezed Daniel’s body against his, then moved his hand down his charges' arm, and laced their fingers together. He led him downstairs to the torture dungeon through a private entrance and tunnels only he knew about. They built them into the dacha years ago, in case of invasion from the enemy. It didn't take them long to reach those horrible doors.

   Daniel felt dizzy and so frightened out of his mind, and he clung to Rodion. He was ready for whatever this insane torturer did to him. Little did he know just how horrible this session would be.

Chapter Text

Vassily and Roman were about to make their way to the dungeons when a message pinged on Krik’s phone.  It was from Anton. He was in Krik’s office on his laptop, and he received a request for a video chat with Sergei Bassarov. The Spetsnaz soldier had news.

“We have to take this call, Roman. We will be late for Daniel Miller’s session with the Nazi Suka,” Vassily claimed.  

“Yes, Major. Let’s go. We will do our best to make it quick,” Roman said, as he pulled Krik down the corridor to his office, and they met with Anton. He sat on the sofa, with the laptop on the table. He had Sergei Bassarov on a video chat from Tallinn. He had more news about his encounter with Sofia Vesik, April Lewis, and Robert Kirsch, the latter from the CIA.

“Good afternoon, Major. I am sorry for this urgency, but I have some news,” Bassarov bowed his head, as he spoke. Then he saluted the Oligarch on the video screen.

“Yes, Sergei. Good afternoon. What is this news?” Vassily spoke sternly, as he and Roman sat on the sofa with the laptop on the table. Anton stood behind the sofa, since the Major and Lieutenant Platov were present.  

“Yes, Major. You know that I had a confrontation with Sofia Vesik. I found out she was at a safe house. The CIA Agents April Lewis and the desk man, turned Field Agent, were there," Bassarov went on. He repeated what had already happened.  

 “We already know this, Sergei. Please tell us the news you have from today, not last week,” Krik ordered. He was impatient with the young man. He was being cagey because he had failed to murder Sofia Vesik.  

“Yes, Major. I am sorry, I am trying to tell the full story. I tried to abduct her, but I got into a tussle with Lewis and Kirsch and the other agents there. I pulled my gun out to shoot her in the leg, but Robert Kirsch stepped in front of her. I shot him in his stomach for his troubles. But, you see, the other agents pulled Vesik and Lewis out of the house. Kirsch didn’t die at the time. The doctor did the operation, but the wound was too deep, a bullet in his stomach, it killed him. It was my best shot. No one can survive with this wound. Well, he died this morning, Our sources tell us this. I wanted to share the news with you,” Bassarov reported, as he smiled at the Major and Lieutenant Platov.

“Okay, Sergei, that is good news and bad news. Bad that you didn’t get Sofia Vesik, but good that you took down one of the CIA agents, Robert Kirsch. It is still good work. Your wound killed the desk man. We are pleased to hear this. So, tell me what else is going on in Estonia and Turba? I will send down Anton and Adrik soon to help you with the invasion. They are two of my best assassins, besides yourself, but I think you would benefit from their assistance. Adrik will stay in the field, and you will lead the troops into Estonia. Anton will be at Tervik to make sure the lights go out and stay out,” Vassily stated, and for the next hour they went over what their tactics were. They would not make it in time for Daniel’s Miller torture session, and that would be unbelievably bad.

“Yes, of course, Major. I agree. You can send them down if you can. I understand you have a lot of work to do up there. What will Rodion do? Where will he be? If I had him down here with me, we could get a lot more done. He is a very good soldier, I need that extra help,” Bassarov said.

“Lieutenant Volkov will not join you down there, Sergei. He will remain here in Komarovo to assist Lieutenant Platov with the tactical maps and placement of the troops.  He is better suited here, his expertise will be needed,” the Major told the young Spetsnaz assassin. He was disappointed that he didn't complete his mission. So, he would send down two more of his best men to get the job done.  

 “Yes, of course, Major. I understand. I have Captain Romanov here. He has more news about the tactical measures we have in place,” was all Bassarov said. Then, from there, Bassarov and Captain Romanov told the Major and Roman the rest of the news they had about the tactical measures they had gone through and would go through. They would unfortunately miss Gott's torture with Daniel Miller.


Rodion and Daniel reached the dungeon in the basement of the dacha in five minutes. He moved them through a side door at the back, then them through the eastern end of the dacha, not the main door, because he didn't want anyone to see them.  

Blake and Manuel stood at that main door, and tried to get in, but Gott's thugs held them at gunpoint. They wondered where Roman was, since he was supposed to get them into the room. Blake tried to explain to the German dogs who they were, but they didn't let them through, instead they held them at gun point the entire time. They wouldn't get into the session either, and their nerves were on edge about the prisoner.  

Rodion held Daniel’s arm, when his charge trembled in fear. He hated to deliver him to this monster, but he couldn't do anything to prevent it. They finally entered the dungeon and, again, he didn’t want to release him to Bruno Gott, so he still held his charge’s arm and stood close to him when he trembled even more at the sight of the German.

Gott turned around and watched them enter the room through the back door. He shook his head in disgust at the sneaky Russian. He glared at Rodion and stepped forward. “Bring the prisoner here, Rodion. Now!”  

Rodion moved Daniel forward and glared again at the man. He wanted to kill him right there, but he knew he couldn’t do that.  “You do not order me around, Captain Gott. I am still the second Lieutenant.”  

“I don't care what you are, Russian dog. Vassily isn't here, so you don't have a say in my torture session. Stand down and shut up,” Bruno retorted as he grabbed his charge’s arms and quickly pulled his green shirt off over his head. Then he made quick work of the prisoner’s green fatigues and pulled his boots off his feet. He smirked at Daniel, then moved them to the middle of the room, where he had all his implements set up. He laughed and raised his arms over his head, then he reached up for a long chain suspended from the ceiling.  He connected the metal shackles to Daniel’s wrists and locked them in place. Then he spread the prisoner’s legs wide and connected metal shackles around his ankles. The chains were connected to a large metal ring on the floor. He grinned at his bound prisoner, and liked the bruises, cuts and scrapes already on his body from his previous tortures. Good. He would certainly give him a lot more than that.  

Rodion moved close to Daniel when he felt him tense up, and he started to tremble again. He sighed at his poor charge’s naked body, but there was nothing he could do about that.  

“Fuck!” Daniel swore under his breath when he realized he was naked again.  He saw all the horrible implements on the table and his heart raced in fear.  

“Rodion, move away from the prisoner now! This is my time, so if you can’t stand it, then you will leave. This is a torture session, not a love in!” Gott ordered the tall Russian, as he glared up at him with defiance. His eyes were manic, and he was already in the Butcher of Hamburg persona. He aimed to hurt this American spy, to show him and the Russian dog who was the boss of this session.


 Rodion held that look for a long moment, just as one of Gott’s men appeared in the room. He watched as the German thug stepped toward him and was about to manhandle him, but he glared at him. Then he punched him on the side of his head and stepped back from Daniel’s bound body.  “Don't touch me, German Suka. I don't know why you are here, but you will keep your hands off me, or I break them,” Rodion threatened but was pushed to the back wall, and there the thug held with a gun to his chest, with the safety off.  

 “He is there to keep you away from the prisoner. You will not interfere with this session, Rodion. If you try, he is ordered to shoot you,” Gott told him and smiled at him when his man pressed the gun harder against the Russian's chest to prove his point.

 “Oh, really? Who approved that? I cannot imagine Vassily agreed to this,” Rodion challenged the German.  

 “Shut your mouth, boy. Vassily approved of everything. He said I can do whatever I see fit for the prisoner's torture. These are my men, and they will assist me in any way I tell them to. Even if that means they hold you at gunpoint to keep you away,” Gott retorted, and held up his hand for silence. There would be no more talk, only torture, and pain.  

 “Chertov durak. I kill you if I get half the chance,” he muttered under his breath as he stood against the wall with the ugly German thug's gun held hard against his chest. Oh, he could disarm this fucker if he wanted to, but he didn't want a bullet in his chest, nor did he want Daniel to suffer for his actions. So, he just let the German Suka Gott have his time.  

 Bruno grinned evilly at Rodion then at Daniel, because he saw the fear in the prisoner’s blue eyes through the iron mask. Good. He saw that he was afraid. He could work with that. He got right to it as he turned the metal crank in the middle of the room. It was hooked up to the metal chains that held Daniel’s arms over his head. He turned the crank in a circular motion and stretched Daniel’s arms taut over his head.  The prisoner was suspended in mid-air with just the tips of his toes on the concrete floor.  

 Daniel cried out in terror when his arms were stretched over his head and felt like they would be torn from their sockets. He tried to keep his balance on his tiptoes, but his ankles were shackled hard against the floor too.

 Rodion stepped away from the wall and made to move toward Daniel, but he stopped when the German thug pushed the gun harder against his chest and shook his head.  

 “You don't move, Russian dog. The whole point of my being here is to keep you away from the prisoner so Herr Gott can have his session," the man spoke in his deep German accent and grinned menacingly at the tall Russian. He was tall too and mean-looking. He wasn't a soldier, though, he was a hired thug, probably a hitman too.

 “Fuck!” Rodion cursed, as he glared at the blond-haired man when he spoke to him. He wanted to kill him, kill all of them. He would start with this bastard who held the German Glock against his chest. 

  “Stop! Please! Stop!” Daniel screamed as Gott turned the lever one more time. It was the most painful thing he ever felt in his life, his arms almost being torn off. He was sure the ligaments would suffer after this horrific torture


   Outside in the corridor, Hector and Rafa were held at gunpoint by two more of Gott’s goons. They heard Daniel’s horrific screams, and Hector wanted to go into the room and kill Gott. “Fuck! Bruno Gott is really hurting him. I’m going to kill him.”  

 “Who is this guy anyway? What do you know about him?” Manuel asked and cringed at poor Daniel’s horrible screams.  

“What? More to the fucking point, why don't you? Manuel, get your head out of your ass. He’s a fucking butcher, the Butcher of Hamburg. Why don't you know this? What is wrong with you? He’s much worse than Roman and Vassily Krik put together. If that is Daniel in there, he's going to be so broken after this,” Blake whispered heatedly to Manuel, so the guard didn’t hear their conversation now. “I need to get in there, but these goons of his are fierce with their Glock pistols.  

“Yeah, tell me about it, Blake. We can’t get in there to stop Gott's torture session anyway. Our cover will be blown,” Manuel whispered heatedly, as he eyed the goons with guns. He could take them, knock their guns from their hands, and knock them out, but Hector was making him nervous. “Relax, man, you know Rodion’s in there. If that is Daniel, then he will protect him.”  

“So. He won’t be able to stop Bruno Gott this time. He has Krik’s full approval. You don't get it, but you will once this session ends. No one will be able to stop him, not even Rodion,” Blake shot back, his voice low but angry.

“I don’t think so, Blake. I'm sure he will stop him if he gets too rough. Besides that, Rodion really likes him. He loves Daniel. Like you do, man,” Manuel whispered softly, as he eyed the goons with the guns trained on them. They stood together against the wall, right beside the door they couldn't get into.  

“Yeah, well, Daniel needs love, especially in this place. I don’t mind if Rodion loves him, and Daniel returns that love. It’s a good thing. We don't even know if that is Daniel yet. It could be anybody, even someone from Estonia. We know the prisoner speaks Russian. We don't have proof yet that it is Daniel. All we have is hearsay,” Blake whispered again and kissed Rafa’s lips. “Mmhmm. That's nice, very hot kid. You know I could screw you, too, and I know you would enjoy it. Maybe I will, just to show you I'm better than Vassily Krik.”

“Mmhmm, you too, man. Sure, I'm game if you are. I don't need to you screw me, though, I already know you are. But, hey, we can anyway. I'm up for it. I know we don't have proof yet, but I'll work on that too. Trust me, if that is Daniel, I will find out. Then we will get out of here and back to safety,” Rafa intoned, as he patted Hector’s chest and kissed him again. He pressed the front of his body against the front of Hector's and smiled when the man laughed. So, they stood in the corridor and listened to the anguished cries of the poor prisoner as Gott beat the living daylights out of them. Little did they know, it was Daniel in that room, but when they found out, all hell would break loose.


“Please, stop!” Daniel screamed when his arms were stretched hard over his head, then the pulley suddenly stopped. He was lowered to a normal level, but he sobbed and gasped as his body shook in his bindings.  

Gott didn’t let Daniel rest before he picked up something else. He hefted a long, thick bamboo cane, and slammed it hard into the prisoner’s stomach, chest, ribs, then his lower regions, his cock, and balls, thighs, then finally he slammed that bamboo cane hard several times against his prisoner's knees. He lifted it in the air and landed it hard on his kneecaps.

Daniel howled in terror at the terrible attack from a horrible bamboo cane. It was like nothing he had ever experienced. The pain level was off the charts as the cane slammed every part of his body and harder into his knees several times. He sobbed miserably from the terrible attack. The cane left his knees bruised and swollen and left behind large welts all over his body, his legs and chest. The wound on his chest opened up again, and more bruises formed all over his body. This Nazi was brutal. It was no wonder Krik hired him.  He heard the stories of his horrible torture sessions, and now he was another victim at his hands. He sobbed as several blows of the cane slammed against his kneecaps, and then his backs of his knees. Blow after blow rained down on his kidneys, and his ass. He shook in his bindings, and screamed horribly, but actually shrieked in terror.

Rodion’s balled his hands into fists, and all he wanted to do was kill Gott and his stupid thugs. His poor Daniel would be so broken after this. All his hard work would be for nothing to his charge. He would have to start all over again.  “Please, Gott, stop this! He's had enough!” He shouted at the German Suka, but knew it was no good. He ignored him and smacked that cane harder on poor Daniel's knees and all over his body. Then the German thug shoved him against the wall and completely knocked the wind out of him. He didn't expect that to happen, but it silenced him and deflated him.  

The German thug shoved Rodion hard against the wall and smiled when the act silenced the Russian dog. He held the Glock gun against his chest and grilled triumphantly at him.  

“Yes! Yes! Blyat, that’s it, scream for me! Sing like the little canary you are!” Gott shouted, as he slammed the bamboo cane hard against Daniel’s knees again. He ignored the Russian dog's pleas for him to stop and instead beat the prisoner harder. He smiled when the little spy screamed louder as he slammed the cane harder on his knees.  

Daniel couldn’t scream anymore, though, his voice was completely hoarse. He whimpered at the blows. He was so numb by now his vision was blurred, and his head swam from all the pain he felt everywhere.  

Gott growled when he didn’t get the response he wanted from Daniel, so he dropped the cane and stalked toward the table, where he grabbed the cat-o’nine tails.  

“No! Gott! Don’t fucking use that, Chertov durak!” Rodion swore and tried to move forward, only to be stopped when Gott’s man shoved the Glock pistol harder against his chest.  

 “Shut up, Rodion, you Russian dog! I told you already, this is my show. I will say what goes here!” Gott shouted at him. He smacked the cat's tails on the floor, then grinned when the prisoner jumped in his bounds, and whimpered. “Mmhmm, much better, my little canary. Now, let’s see how prettily you sing for me.”  

Gott let the cat-tails whip fly, and it landed hard on Daniel’s chest. He laughed when his prisoner screamed as the wound opened up and bled again. He slammed it harder against the wound, then on the prisoner’s stomach, his arms, and his chest to his nipples with the nipple clamps. Then, on his cock and balls. He moved around behind him and smacked the whip on his back, his kidneys, and his peachy ass. He loved the welts it left behind. He was satisfied with the wonderful device.

 Daniel shook in his bindings when those cattails assaulted his body.  It left behind large welts and opened the wound on his chest. He screamed so loud the walls in the dungeon reverberated, and his heart was raced madly in his chest.  “No! No! Please! Stop!!” he howled. He tried to move out of the way of the tails, but the German torturer hit the mark every time.  

 Gott didn’t stop, though, He slammed the cattails against Daniel’s chest, his stomach, and genitals; Then he moved to the back of his body, where he slammed the cattails hard against his kidneys, and his ass, over and over the cattails landed on his prisoner’s muscular body. He was made to be beaten and tortured with his muscles and his strong body. He whipped the cattails hard across his peachy ass and the back of his knees. Then he picked up the bamboo cane and smacked Daniel hard on the back of his knees, his ass, and his kidneys. He swung the cattails hard against his chest and stomach again, his shoulders and his lower back.  He slammed the bamboo cane over the same areas he used the cattails whip.

Daniel howled and shook so hard in his bounds, his skin on his wrists and ankles were cut into by the cuffs that held him in place. His arms ached so much; they were so numb. His knees were throbbing and felt swollen now. He just moaned as he hung limply in his bounds. Oh, but he perked up in the next moment and stared over at Rodion who was held prisoner too, against the wall with a gun at his chest, by Gott's German thug.  

Gott glared when the two lovers shared glances. He stopped that action immediately, as he whipped the prisoner hard and fast across his chest, his stomach, his legs and thighs, his cock and balls, and knees. He moved behind the prisoner and whipped his back and shoulders and peachy ass. He whipped him over and over, for ten minutes he let the cattails fly over his prisoner's body. He was satisfied that he was completely covered in welts and sobbed loudly. He moved to the table and picked up a large vibrating dildo, with a cock cage attached. There was also a lead attached to the nipples. He grinned when he approached the prisoner and held the items in his hands.  

“No! No! Gott! Please, don’t use those! Roman hurt Daniel horribly!” Rodion roared as he pushed himself against the wall. He tried to move, but the German thug punched his chest and shoved the Glock gun harder.  

“Shut up, Russian dog! Don't think I will stop because you say these things to me. I don't care what Roman Platov did to the prisoner. It's what he deserves. My torture will continue,” Gott shot back. He approached the prisoner, then moved behind him and shoved the dildo up his ass without any lube. It was soft leather, and he was pleased with how it slid in perfectly. Well, the prisoner didn’t think so when he howled, and his body trembled.  

 “Ah! No! No! That fucking hurt! You fucking German asshole!” Daniel screeched loudly and sobbed as his body sagged forward, and he hung in his bindings.  

 “Yes, that’s good, little canary. I love to hear you sing! That’s the point of this, it’s torture, not a fucking vacation!” Gott shouted, as he moved to the front of the prisoner and attached the cock cage. It covered the prisoner's cock and balls and all the way down the shaft. Then he quickly attached the nipple clamps and grinned when the Blyat sobbed.  

 “No! Please don’t do this! Please!” Daniel begged as tears streamed down his face. His body was already on fire from the bamboo cane and the whips, and the other electroshock treatments.  

“I love to hear you beg, little canary. Let’s see if I can make you sing louder,” Gott growled, as he punched the prisoner on the side of his face, then moved to the machine again. He turned the dials all the way up and flipped the switch.  

“AHH! No!!!!!” Daniel screeched in pain as his body was jolted with electricity that felt like a fire moving through his veins. His body shook in his bindings and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. His nipples took most of the surge, then his cock and balls and his ass thrummed, and his body rocked harder.  

 “Bruno, please stop! You’ll fucking kill him! Krik wouldn’t approve of this-Ugh-“ Rodion stopped talking when the thug punched him in his stomach, and he doubled over for a second. Then he grunted when the man pulled him up by his hair.

“Shut up! You do not speak to Herr Gott! That prisoner will have his torture, and you will be silent, or I will break you in two!” The thug threatened as he shoved the gun harder against his chest and put his finger on the trigger.

“Stop! Please, leave him alone. I will take the torture. Please, don’t hurt him!” Daniel suddenly called out as his body bounced in his bindings, and he felt unconsciousness approaching.  

“Daniel, no please don’t speak to them. Is what they want, so they can hurt you more,” Rodion pleaded with his poor abused lover. He wanted to kill this thug and do the same to Gott, but this thug was stronger than he looked, and he had a gun to his chest.  

“I told you to shut up! I will shoot you right here-“ The thug threatened  him, but stopped when Gott screamed at him.  

“Hans! Leave the Russian dog alone. I didn’t tell you to hurt him, only to watch him. Shut your mouth now. You just keep your pistol on him, that is all,” Gott told his thug, then turned to the prisoner, and he noticed he would black out soon. “Don’t you dare fall unconscious on me!” He shouted, as he slammed his palms harder against his nipples and set off the charge again.  

“Ah! That hurts, you German Suka! Stop abusing my nipples!! I’m awake! Give me all you've got!” Daniel howled, as the electricity surged through his nipples, down to his cock and balls, and inside his ass.  

Gott growled and this time he moved behind his body, shoved in the rubber dildo over and over, then reached around and squeezed the prisoner’s cock and balls through the electro-cock-cage. “You do not speak to me like that, little canary! The only thing I want to hear from you is how you sing so prettily!” He shoved the dildo in harder, over and over. He slammed it in deeper and faster, and harder. 

“Oh, no, please stop!” Daniel sobbed as the electricity raced through his veins and his body sagged in his bindings.  

 “Wake up! I am only getting started!” Gott screamed, as he moved to the table and turned down the charge a little. He picked up Roman’s riding crop and smacked the prisoner on his nipples, then his cock and balls and his peachy ass cheeks. He shoved the dildo harder inside his ass and beat the prisoner with the riding crop against his ass cheeks, his shoulders, and back, then the backs of his thighs. On his cock and balls, his thighs, and his knees.  When he didn’t get a response anymore, he feared the prisoner had fallen unconscious. He removed the vibrating toys, then punched him hard across his cheek. He smiled when the prisoner's eyes shot open, and he growled when he stared at his Russian lover.  

Daniel was so done in. He wanted to fall unconscious, but his eyes locked with Rodion’s. He saw the love and sympathy there. He also saw strength there, so it gave him strength.  

 Gott glared at the boy, then reached for the cattails from the table, and smacked the prisoner on the front and back of his body, on his cock and balls, his ass, and his thighs. He laughed when the prisoner sobbed. Then he picked up the bamboo cane and hit him hard on his knees and his stomach and kidneys, on both sides of his body.  

Daniel only sobbed and shook in his bindings. His entire body was riddled with pain and covered with large welts and cuts and bruises from the monstrous bamboo cane. His extremities were on fire and throbbed with all the electricity that raced through him again. He hated the bastard electroshock torture, it burned like hell.  

 Gott suddenly stopped all his actions when all he got from the prisoner were soft sobs. He was still satisfied with the sounds he made and for another shot of the bamboo cane against his knees. He smacked his knees once, twice, three times and grinned wickedly when that produced a loud scream from his prisoner 

 “No! No! NO!! Please, no more bamboo cane. Please, stop!” Daniel screamed again and sobbed, as tears streamed down his bearded cheeks. His eyes felt heavy, his heart raced, and he felt like he was on fire everywhere in his body.  

  “Yes, you are so pretty when you beg and cry. You are my little canary! Now, for some sexual fun. I see with this strong body of yours you can take it. Oh, but it will not be pleasurable. These implements are different from the others,” was all Gott said, as he moved to the table and wheeled it toward Daniel, who only whimpered more when he saw the implements.  He looked up at his prisoner and smiled wickedly, then quickly reached for the steel nipple rings, and clamped them in place over his prisoner’s nipples. He watched as the prisoner's body rocked in his bindings. Good. He would enjoy what he was about to do to the little spy. He wanted him to beg more and to hear his sobs and screams of pain.

“Here we go, little canary. You make sure to sing for me again,” Gott remarked. This time he reached for the cock ring, attached to a chain and a regular cock cage on the head of his cock.

 Daniel swore beneath his mask but braced himself for this part. He knew it would be worse than the other sexual torture, Those items before were just vibrating and electrical. His extremities were all strung up with the cock cage and the cock ring. Fuck. He wished this was Rodion, or even from his memory of when Hector played with him. Oh, but it wasn’t, it was a fucking Nazi. Hector had been right all along, never fucking trust the Germans. He knew once this part really started, he wouldn’t be so receptive.  

 “Gott, no, please. Don’t do any more of this to Daniel. He will fall unconscious, is too much,” Rodion begged this time.  

 “Shut up, Rodion. You are not in control of this torture session. This is my time, be quiet, or his torture will be worse,” Gott retorted. He glared at the beanpole. He slid the cock ring around the base of the prisoner's shaft, then snapped it into place. He gripped the head and snapped that cock cage into place around the large head. “Mm, very nice little canary. You have a gorgeous body just made for torture.”  

 “Fuck you, Gott, you Nazi Suka! Is not made for that!” Rodion shouted, as he balled his hands into fists, and wanted to kill this German bastard. He wanted to cut his head off and ship it back to the fucking Kremlin, because that’s where this fucker came from. He is here for Krik on the recommendation of the Kremlin.

“I told you to shut up, Russian dog!” Gott retorted, as he glared at Rodion again. He watched as his thug slammed the tip of his pistol into the Russian’s stomach, then pushed him up against the wall. He had a menacing look on his ugly face to silence him.

“Suka! Chertov durak. I will break you in two if I get half this chance,” Rodion growled at the German.  

Gott laughed and turned his attention back to his prisoner. He picked up a large dildo from the table. He moved behind the prisoner and jammed the thick dildo inside his ass and flipped the switch. It vibrated and moved around inside his prisoner. He laughed again when the boy howled and shook in his binding.

“Ah! Oh, no!! What is that? Please, turn it off! Please! It hurts!” Daniel sobbed and glared at the man. He tried to push it out but screeched when the monster pushed it back in and turned up the switch. “No! Please! Stop!! You’re killing me!”

“Shut up, pretty boy. Now, clench down and don’t let it go. I will fucking beat you senseless with the bamboo cane again if it falls out of your peachy ass,” Gott threatened, as he smacked his prisoner’s ass hard with his hand and left behind a nice red mark there. He smiled when the prisoner held it in, but he didn’t turn it down. He moved to the front of his body and punched him in his stomach. He laughed again when he doubled over in his chains.  

“Go to hell! I hate you. You are nothing but a bully,” Daniel groaned as the bindings dug into his wrists and ankles when he doubled over. His arms ached from being stretched when Gott punched him. But he kept that electro-dildo clenched in his ass. He sobbed when it brushed painfully against his insides as it moved around inside him. The electric vibrations shocked his system and he sobbed more. He watched the German when he approached the implement table.  

“Oh, look what we have here! What happens when I flip this switch?” He ignored the prisoner's jibes and flipped the switch on. Then he laughed as he turned the knob higher, and the prisoner howled in pain again. It was music to his ears. He was lovely in his pain and just made for torture.

Daniel howled as more electricity surged through his entire body. His nipples tingled as the electricity ran over his cock and balls and up his ass. His nervous system and veins were on fire. This man didn’t keep the settings low; his machine was at the highest settings, it was different from Roman’s. It was bigger and hummed loudly, then dimmed the lights.

“No! Please! Turn it off!!” Daniel screamed so loud, his voice went hoarse, and his throat was raw. His entire body felt like a fucking fourth of July fireworks. He shook and shouted and sobbed in his bindings now. His heart raced as his vision blurred, and he threatened to fall unconscious now. He really wished he was dead or would faint, but unfortunately, he didn’t.

“Bruno, please stop! That’s enough!” Rodion shouted at the man. He grunted when the thug punched him in his jaw and pushed his head back against the concrete wall. He pushed against the man and glared at him. He knew then that this thug would be the first to die. Then Gott, then his other fucking goons.

“Shut up, Spetsnaz boy! Each time you protest for him, he will suffer!” Gott shouted, as he reached for the bamboo cane again, and slammed it down hard on the vibrating nipple clamps, a few times in a row. He smiled as they swelled up and turned red and raw. He slammed the cane on the prisoner’s cock-cage and really slammed it down hard on his cock, and his balls. Finally, he slammed the cane down on his knees. He slammed them over and over and grinned when the prisoner screamed until his voice was hoarse. He grinned and shouted in a mock-tone along with him. Then he stood behind him and slammed the cane hard on his shoulders, and his kidneys, his left, and right sides, several times, over and over. He slammed the cane down on the backs of his knees, finally over his peachy ass. He moved to his front again and slammed the cane down over and over, several times, really hard, on the prisoner's knees. He saw them already turning black and blue and that pleased him. He turned up the voltage on the electricity and all the implements shocked the prisoner’s body. He slammed the cane on his knees and his thighs, and his cock and balls. His knees took the brunt of the blows from that horrible bamboo cane.

Daniel sobbed and howled in pain. His body was on fire from the electricity that raced through it. He swayed uncomfortably in his bindings, as the electricity continued to race through his system, and his eyes rolled back in his head. He begged the man to stop when he beat him with the cane. He cried out in terror as the blows landed everywhere, but especially on his knees. It caused so much pain and anguish, and he just wanted to die. His wrists and ankles ached as the shackles dug into his skin from being pulled as his body shook and jerked in every direction.

Gott was incredibly pleased, as he dropped the cane and used the cattails again. He let it fly over his prisoner's body, then he turned up the electricity. He was pleased when the prisoner’s body convulsed in his bounds. He picked up the metal fronds whip and belted the young man’s body when he convulsed. He hit his chest, his stomach, his cock, and balls, his thighs, over his knees. He moved to the back of his body again, then smacked the whip against the floor to scare his prisoner again. He slammed the metal fronds against his shoulders, his ass, and the back of his knees, and over his calves and feet. He went on in this manner for several minutes, then switched back and forth from the metal front whip to the cat-tails whip, to the bamboo cane. He turned up the electricity more and laughed as the young man howled in pain and sobbed in anguish.

“Yes, my little canary, sing for me, it is music to my ears. You will bend to my rules and show me the respect I deserve. You and your Russian dog will pay for your actions against me!” He shouted, as he smacked Daniel’s stomach and knees and thighs with the bamboo cane in one hand, and then whipped him with the metal fronds whip in his other hand. He laughed at the young man’s cries of pain.

“Stop! No! Please, stop!!” Daniel howled. He was so close to unconsciousness, and he couldn't see straight anymore. All he knew was that he was in so much pain and so broken from this horrible torture session.

“Bruno stop! Please! Is enough!” Rodion shouted. He stepped forward but stopped when the thug turned off the safety and pointed the gun at his chest. He held up his hands and glared at the German Suka, then stood against the wall again.

“Please, don’t hurt Rodion. Take your anger out on me!” Daniel sobbed, as the insane Butcher of Hamburg beat him to within an inch of his life.  

 Gott didn’t stop. Each time the young man begged him to, or Rodion swore at him, he kept going. He used the bamboo cane, the cat-tails whip, the metal fronds whip. The electricity sparked higher, and he laughed madly, the insane German bastard. The time turned into an hour and a half of misery for Daniel, as Gott turned off the electricity. He slammed the bamboo cane harder on his knees. Then he switched on the electricity again and laughed when the boy howled. “Music to my ears, blyat. You sing so sweetly for me!” Gott shouted, as he continued with more torture over the next hour.  He used the bamboo cane on his knees, his cock, and balls, his back and his ass, his thighs. All over his body, but he kept going back to his knees. He loved how he screamed in pain when the cane slammed into that area. He wanted him to suffer for what they had all put him through. He laughed as Daniel screamed and begged for him to stop, but he didn’t, he kept going with his insane torture. The Butcher of Hamburg was back and had a wonderful time as he tortured this dirty spy. He beat the prisoner over and over, with the bamboo cane on his knees, the cattails all over his body, the metal fronds whip. He shoved the electro-dildo hard inside his ass. He slammed his hands on the vibrating nipple clamps. He used Roman’s riding crop on his cock and balls, on his upper back and shoulders, on his kidneys, then on his peachy ass. Oh, he would make him pay. He would make them all pay for his ill-treatment.  

Rodion had enough of this insane German Suka. He was held prisoner by Gott’s thug, with the gun to his chest, but he needed to stop him before Daniel died. So, he raised his elbow, brought it down hard on the thug’s arm. He grinned when he heard the satisfying crack of bones, and the thug shouted in pain. Next, with his Spetsnaz stealth, he grabbed the gun from the thug's hand and shot him in the head, then the chest a few times, just for good measure. When the thug fell to the floor dead, he kicked him hard in his ribs, his stomach, and his face, his groin, and shot him again. He stalked toward Gott, who was still beating Daniel with the cattails on his body and the bamboo cane on his knees. He moved silently behind the Nazi and pointed the gun at his head. “That’s enough, German Nazi Suka. Step back, or I kill you, like I killed your thug. Step back from Daniel. Turn that electrical device off. NOW,” Rodion ordered. He spoke in his low, angry, menacing Russian baritone. He pressed the pistol harder against the German’s head, his finger on the trigger. The safety was off, so if he didn’t do as he asked, he would blow his brains out. He moved behind him with the pistol still against his head, and his hand was steady. He glared at the bastard, as Gott moved to the table and flipped off the switch.

“Get all of these things off and out of him. Chertov Durak! SUKA!! DO IT NOW!!!” Rodion ordered, his eyes filled with rage and anger. He stayed behind the man and moved with him. He didn’t trust him, so he kept the gun pointed at his head.  

Daniel sagged in his metal shackles when the electricity stopped, but he was so far gone he didn’t even realize it was Rodion who had saved him.  

Gott whimpered as he removed all the devices quickly. The gun was still pointed at his head and he knew this Russian was serious, because he was a Spetsnaz soldier, and he would blow his brains out.  

Rodion growled angrily once Gott removed all the devices and turned off the machine. In the next moment, he slammed the butt of the gun against the side of Gott’s head. He grinned when the wound bled and the Nazi Suka fell unconscious in a heap on the floor.  He kicked him hard several times with his Spetsnaz boots. He left behind a lot of bruises. He slammed his boot down on his knees, and then he kicked him in his kidneys, kicked him hard in his cock and balls, his sides and in his chest. He landed his boot on his back and his shoulders, then on the bottom of his chin. He did all this just to give some back to the German Suka, so he could feel the pain he inflicted on Daniel.  

He turned the safety back on and slipped the thug's gun in the waistband of his denims. Then moved quickly to Daniel’s side again. “Oh, Daniel, I am so sorry. I am here, my love, is okay. You are safe again. I’ve got you,” he murmured in his ear, as he carefully released the shackles on his wrists and caught him fast in his arms when his body sagged. He slid down to the floor with him and cradled his bloody, bruised body. Then he quickly released the shackles around his ankles. His entire body was so abused, bloody, and he would need so much care. He didn’t know if he could do it on his own. Then, an idea formed in his head and he nodded his head. He knew where he would take him, but first he had to get them out of there. He held his battered Daniel in his arms, then found his clothes on the floor. He sobbed as he dressed the other young man in his clothes, then slipped on his boots. He didn’t want to carry him nude through the dacha. He needed to get to his Range Rover, but first he had to get them out of the disgusting dungeon.  

Rodion scooped Daniel carefully into his arms and carried him from the dungeon room. He kicked open the doors and gasped when he saw Blake and Manuel being held at gunpoint by two more of Gott’s thugs. He stared at them as they stared at him, then he reached for the other thug's gun still in his waistband and quickly shot the two goons in the head. He grinned as he tossed the gun to Blake and made his way to the staircase. He growled when he came face to face Vassily and Roman, who stormed down towards him.

“Rodion. I am so sorry, my boy. We were in an emergency video meeting with Anton, who had Sergei Bassarov on the computer,” Vassily intoned, as he stared down at the bruised and bloody body of Daniel Miller. He saw he had on the iron mask, so his face wouldn't be as bad as the rest of him. His words stopped at the death glare he received from Rodion.

“That German Suka said you gave him permission to have his thugs in the room and told him he could do whatever he wanted. He said he gave him permission for everything. Suka! No more torture, this is it, Vassily Suka! Chertov durak! Roman durak. No. More. Torture!!” Rodion raged, as he shoved them both out of the way with his shoulder, then continued up the stairs.

“Rodion, that’s not your call to make!” Roman called after him. He was about to follow after him, but Vassily pulled him back. They both received the death glare from the Spetsnaz boy at the top of the stairs. “I will help you take care of Daniel.”

“Nyet, stay back! Fuck you, Roman! You had your sessions, Suka! I do not need your help, chertov durak, leave me be! I know what to do! I am Spetsnaz soldier! You will not see us for three days, chertov durak! Do not bother to contact me. Do not pout and punish if there is no return text or phone call. Do not punish him, he has been punished and tortured enough. He is broken, I have to fix him. Fuck you! Suka! No torture for three days! That is my final word! Chertov durak!” Rodion shouted, as he stormed up the stairs again. He was relieved that Daniel was still breathing, but he was unconscious. That was all right. At least he wouldn’t feel the pain he was in. He stopped at the top of the stairs when he remembered something else. “Oh, go pick up the dead bodies of Gott’s thugs and the Nazi Suka on the floor in the dungeon. I knocked him unconscious with one of his stupid dead thugs pistols. They are all bleeding out on the floor of Roman’s dungeon,” he added, as a last effort. He noticed how Roman started up the stairs after him, but Vassily stopped him.  

“No, Roman, leave him be!” Vassily ordered, then pulled Roman downstairs to the dungeon.  He made a quick call for Anton and his security men to come down to the dungeons. They needed to clean up the dead thugs of Gott’s. Then he asked his private security men, Leonid, to carry the German Suka to his room, so he could sleep off the beat-down Rodion gave him.

Rodion disappeared up the stairs to the left, then moved through a secret door with another set of stairs, then led down and outside to a secret driveway at the back of the dacha where his Range Rover was parked. Vassily gifted him this Range Rover when he joined him at the dacha a couple of years ago. He reached over the door stop for the keys and beeped the locks open, then he gently placed Daniel’s body in the passenger seat. He found a blanket draped over the back of the passenger seat, and he wrapped it around him carefully, then he hopped into the driver’s side. He gripped the steering wheel, as he backed out of the car park and drove as fast as he could out the back entrance of Krik’s property. He knew of a small private hospital about an hour away, deep in the mountains of Komarovo, with only one doctor and two registered male nurses. He himself was registered as a triage nurse, which he had received during his training as a Spetsnaz, but he couldn't fix Daniel, there were just too many wounds this time. He didn’t have time to make the phone call to the doctor, so he drove there, in the hopes that the doctor would agree to see him.  Rodion didn’t see Vassily as he watched him from an upstairs window in the corridor. He had come upstairs to search for Rodion, but when he didn’t find him in his bedroom, he walked out into the corridor again. It was there that he heard the sounds of Rodion’s Range Rover, and that was when he moved to the window which overlooked the back driveway.  

 Vassily sighed and took out his phone, then made a quick call to that same doctor at the hospital in Northern Komarovo. He told the doctor who Rodion was on his way with the prisoner, how he had received a horrible torture session. He reminded him that he couldn’t interfere too much, because of the deal they had in place. He sighed when the doctor told him not to interfere with his practice. He would do as he saw fit for the prisoner and for Rodion. The phone call ended on a good note, when Vassily told the doctor he could do as he must, and they both rang off.

When Rodion arrived in the parking lot an hour or so later, he was relieved to see it was empty, but it was late at night now. He parked the Range Rover by the front entrance and didn’t care that he blocked anything. He was in a hurry to help his poor Daniel. He moved to the passenger’s side, where he quickly and carefully lifted his charge up into his arms. He decided to remove the iron mask now. He didn’t care if this doctor saw Daniel. He knew he wouldn’t say anything to anyone. He grunted as he placed his charge on the passenger seat again and removed the lock, took it off, then tossed the iron contraption onto the back seat of the vehicle. He scooped Daniel up in his arms again and moved them toward the entrance. He was relieved when the doctor met him at the door. He saw the look on the doctor's face and wondered if Krik had called ahead. He was the only one who knew about this place, and he figured it must be true. “Aleksei, I need your help. Please don't turn me away. I don't know where else to go,” Rodion begged, as he pushed past the doctor and carried his unconscious lover inside the hospital, while the other man followed him.

The doctor frowned when he saw the state of the man in Rodion’s arms and shook his head. “Oh, Rodion, of course, mladshiy brat. Please bring him into this room, so I can assess the damage,” Aleksei said, as they moved into an empty ER room.  Rodion gently placed Daniel’s body onto the empty bed and kept him inside the blanket.  

“Rodion, you need to remove his clothes and boots,” Aleksei spoke softly, as he smiled warmly at him.  

“Yes, of course,” Rodion’s voice broke for the first time ever. He carefully removed Daniel's clothes and winced when they peeled off his body with a sickening crunch. He sighed loudly and carefully removed his boots.

Daniel mewled and sobbed but did not wake up. He was in too much pain to even think. He was still semi-conscious and caught small bits of the conversation between Rodion and another man.

 Aleksei hissed and shook his head as he examined the younger man’s injuries. “Which one did this, Krik or Platov?”  

“Roman was the first this afternoon, but his torture was tame. He has multiple injuries from all of them. Even from a dead Captain Dimitry. But this time it was a German Nazi Suka, Bruno Gott, the Butcher of Hamburg,” Rodion explained, as he caressed Daniel’s cheek, and tried to calm his whimpering.  

 “Stop that, leave him be. That's how he deals with his pain while he is unconscious,” Aleksei scolded but smiled, and bumped Rodion’s shoulder.  

“Sorry,” Rodion said and removed his hand from Daniel’s battered and bloody face.

“All right, so we have welts and bruises, open wounds, burns on the genitals, slight burns around his eyes, bruises, and cuts on his face and his entire body. Oh, my God, they did a lot of damage to him. I can use high-grade antibiotic creams and use the stitcher band-aid on the wound to his chest,” Aleksei said, as he moved to the cabinet and retrieved the items he would need to calm the poor young man’s wounds.  

 “Fine, Aleksei, just do what you can for him. Is too much for me to do on my own,” Rodion whispered, as he sat down on the chair beside Daniel’s bed.  

“You know I’m not allowed to fully heal his wounds, that’s the deal I have with Krik-”

 “Goddamn it! I know that, Aleksei! Please just do something for him!” Rodion shouted, as he threw up his hands at the other man. He felt helpless over all of this.  

“Rodion, mladshiy brat, relax. I will give you the items, and you can do it. You know that I can't really interfere. If you want, I can assist, that's the deal. I’m sorry, Krik called me before you arrived,” Aleksei revealed, as he stared at Rodion, an apologetic look on his face.  

“Fuck! I figured as much, starshiy brat,” Rodion swore, as he stood up from the chair and moved to the other man’s side. He held out his hand. “Okay, just give me the things, and I will do it myself.”  

“Nyet, I will do it, Rodion, and to hell Krik. But only enough to soothe the welts and use the stitcher bandage on that open chest wound. The adhesive bandage will hold the wound closed, but only if it doesn’t get aggravated again,” Aleksei said, as he wheeled the table with the supplies to the patient’s bed. He placed his hand on Rodion’s shoulder and squeezed it, then kissed the top of his head. “You always had so much hair, mladshiy brat.”  

 “Spasibo, Aleksei.  And you were always very wise, starshiy brat,” Rodion whispered and blushed when the other man spoke his words and kissed the top of his head.  

Daniel murmured in his unconsciousness, images, and words moved through his mind. Big brother, little brother. The same face, one younger, one older, hospital smells, antiseptic, bright lights, pain, so much pain, unbearable pain.  

 Aleksei didn't have to ask who the handsome, but very beat up other young man was. He knew of Rodion’s position at Krik’s dacha. Vassily told him about the prisoner they had captured, and how Rodion was set up as his handler. He could tell Rodion was in love with this other young man. He looked to be the same age as Rodion, so he would do everything he could to make the patient feel better. There were restrictions in place from Vassily, that he didn't interfere too much, just enough to make the patient comfortable.  

 First Aleksei cleaned the welts with a soft, wet, soapy flannel. Then he used antibiotic cream with the soothing aloe vera and pain meds, mostly morphine. He gave a tube to Rodion and motioned for him to spread some on the other young man’s lower body, and his groin. He spread the gel all over the patient’s shoulders, chest, arms, and stomach. He watched as the man’s body trembled in pain from the action.  

 Rodion squirted the aloe vera pain meds gel into his hands and carefully spread it over Daniel’s groin, his thighs, knees, legs, and feet. He looked at the other man, and they carefully turned the patient over onto his stomach, and while he spread the gel on his ass and lower body, Aleksei did the work on his shoulders, and upper and lower back.

  Aleksei sighed when he saw the mess this young man was in. He shook his head when he looked at Rodion and saw the deep frown. “Rodion, make sure you get some pain-gel inside him. I’m sure he’s just as bruised in there, as everywhere else. Just insert the tip and squeeze it, it will get to where it needs to go and soothe any pain he may have there.”  

  Rodion nodded his head and did as instructed. He squirted the aloe vera gel inside Daniel’s ass and was still horribly upset over this whole incident.  

 They turned Daniel over on his back again, and Aleksei cleaned out the wound on his chest, which he thought looked like a wound from a sword. He noticed how Rodion frowned when he looked down at the wound, and he clicked his tongue, then set the adhesive bandage around the wound. He pushed the tongs together, then snapped them in place, and sighed as he looked at Rodion.  

  “All right, little brother, that’s all I can do for now. Let him rest here for half an hour, then drive back to the dacha. I will give you some pain medication if you want, in case he needs it, but you cannot tell Krik that I did,” Aleksei cautioned as he handed Rodion a vial of liquid pain meds and some auto-syringes.  

  “Thank you, big brother. I know the drill. We will be gone from here soon,” Rodion said, as he grinned up at his big brother and slipped the vial of pain meds into his pocket.

 Aleksei was eight years older than Rodion. He had green eyes, though, he was clean-shaven with short black hair, styled in a layered shorter cut. His hair was just as thick though, that ran in their family. They all had thick black hair. They were born in Moscow but settled in Komarovo to work with Vassily Krik.  

 Aleksei arrived there first, while his little brother Rodion fought in the battles for their country. He was a very well-trained Spetsnaz and came to Vassily Krik with high honors, after having been wounded badly in a battle in Chechnya a couple of years ago.

 “You’re welcome, little brother,” Aleksei answered, as they embraced a long time, and Rodion wiped tears from his eyes. After that, his big brother left him along with Daniel Miller.  

 Aleksei sent his two male nurses home after Vassily Krik called him, so no one would ever know Rodion and Daniel Miller were there. Krik told Aleksei to send them home anyway. He told Aleksei of Rodion’s pending arrival with the American spy, Daniel Miller.

 Krik also told Aleksei Rodion had taken the black Range Rover he kept hidden in the back driveway of the dacha, but he didn't tell his little brother all Krik said to him. He didn't want to upset him more than he already was over his charge. He knew Krik had given Rodion the Rover as a gift when he first joined him at the dacha. Aleksei still lived in the mountains of Northern Komarovo, with his wife, Natasha, and their two young sons. So, he didn’t want any trouble with Vassily Krik. That’s why he was only allowed to do the bare minimum of healing. He only ever used the strong antibiotic ointments and creams, which were manufactured by Vassily’s scientists in the greenhouses on the property at the dacha.  He sat in his office and made his own notes on the patient, Daniel Miller. He knew all too well, this would not be the last time he would see Rodion and his patient there. He knew his little brother, he would probably call upon him a few more times to help treat Daniel Miller's wounds. He didn't care what Krik said, he would help his little brother all he could.

 Rodion texted Aleksei that he was on his way out with Daniel. He thanked him in the message, because he couldn't come out of his office to see them off. That was another stupid order from Krik. He dressed his lover again and put his boots on, then he made his way outside to his Range Rover. He had tears in his eyes as he looked up one more time and saw Aleksei standing at the window of his office. He stared down at him, and they both waved and smiled at one another. He gently sat his lover in the passenger seat of the vehicle, strapped him in, and climbed into the driver’s side. Then he drove away from the hospital and back to Krik’s dacha.  

 Aleksei watched Rodion drive away and decided he wouldn't contact Krik, Fuck him. He knew he would see his little brother and Daniel soon enough. Instead, he sent a cryptic text to someone.


[Outgoing text] The Mission to the moon is rare and full. The Sun rises in Four. AV


His phone pinged with a return cryptic reply.


{Incoming Text} The Sun will also set in six on the dark side of the Full Moon. SR


Aleksei smiled as he read the cryptic message. Then he closed his phone and pocketed it. “Please be safe, little brother. All will be over soon,” he said to himself, then returned to write up the file for his new patient, Daniel Miller.  


 Rodion reached Krik’s dacha in under an hour and parked his Range Rover in a secret spot in the driveway at the back of the dacha. This entrance was never used by anyone but him, it was something else Vassily gifted to him. His own entrance and exit with his own vehicle. He knew he had to put the Iron mask back on Daniel. He sighed when his lover whimpered, but he kissed his lips for a moment and that calmed him. He ran his fingers through his hair and kissed the top of his head. Then he reached for the iron mask in the backseat. He kissed his lover again, then gently placed it over his face, and slid the lock in place.  

 He scooped Daniel up into his arms again, kissed his neck just below the Iron mask, and carried him through the secret passages of the dacha. He climbed up the private staircase that would lead to the second floor. Then he moved through the door from the back stairs that led directly to the antechamber door of his bedroom. He wasn’t surprised when Vassily opened the door to meet him. He didn’t care about that. He brushed past him and placed Daniel gently on the bed. He quickly removed the iron mask and tossed it onto the table beside the bed. Then he removed his charge's Spetsnaz boots and covered him in the blanket. He finally turned to face Vassily, who was standing behind him in the middle of the room. He was disgusted when he saw a soft expression on his usually Stoic face.  

 “I am not angry with you, my dear Rodion. I am only sorry I didn’t arrive earlier to Gott's torture. Roman and I were called into an emergency remote meeting by Anton, who had Sergei Bassarov on a video chat on my laptop. We discussed the war in Estonia. I am sorry for what Bruno Gott did to Daniel Miller. I didn't approve of his thugs being there. I also didn't approve of how they held you at gunpoint, nor of Manuel and Blake. Bruno Gott will not have another session with Daniel. Well, at least not for a few days. I may postpone it for another week, so your charge can recover,” Vassily explained, as he watched Rodion closely.  He saw the creams Aleksei used but didn’t say anything, because he knew they would soothe the prisoner's aches and Rodion’s mind somewhat.

 “I understand all you have said, Vassily. I thank you for that. Not to let that fucking Nazi Suka have another torture session with Daniel for a few days. If you postponed for the week, I would appreciate that. Just know, though, I will be present and actively protect Daniel at any other sessions. I hope you do not agree with it at all, as a favor to me for once. If you do approve of it, I ask that Daniel have three full days of rest. He and I will stay in our room, so he can recover mentally and somewhat physically, and myself from my anger that I have now,” Rodion stated, as he covered Daniel’s body with all the blankets to keep him warm and protected.

 “Very well, Rodion I will call off any other sessions for three days for Daniel Miller and for you as well. I know you are angry, and you have the right to be. After that torture session with Gott and his thugs, it was a traumatic thing for both of you. As I said before, I didn't know Gott brought in his German thugs. I only told him that he could have his torture session. He is insane and believes we all have it in for him. I think he's been at this torture business for too long. I'm glad you gave him a beat-down, he deserved it. He is pretty beaten up from that and is still asleep in his room. He will probably be so for a few days. Still, I will let everyone know of the plan for the Blyat — Daniel Miller to stay here with you to recuperate for three days. Please, send me texts on how he is doing, my boy,” Vassily said, as he moved toward Rodion, reached for his hands, kissed them, then kissed him lightly on his lips. He felt how tense he was with him and knew they would no longer have the close relationship they had in the past. He knew the Spetsnaz boy was enamored with the prisoner. He would let them be together for now, but he had a plan in place that came directly from the Kremlin.  He wouldn't inform the young Spetsnaz boy just yet, only when the time was right would he tell him of his plans for Rodion and the prisoner. He also knew Rodion was angry with him over what happened between them in his study that morning. This thing with Bruno Gott, would remain a sore spot for the boy for now, but he would do his best not to push any of his buttons.  

 “Okay, Vassily, I will let my anger subside, for now. Thank you, for respecting my wishes. Is all I ask of you,” Rodion answered, as he nodded his head at Vassily. He still didn't smile at the sad old man. He didn't want to be with him in that sexual manner the old man wanted from him. He was repulsed by him, but he let him kiss him to keep the old man even-tempered. He was still afraid of what Krik might do to Daniel. Every time he stepped back from the old man and protected Daniel, or spoke against the old man, he always retaliated. He knew something would happen in three days, but he would be ready for it.  

  “Yes, of course, my sweet boy. All you must do is ask anything of me, and you will always have it. I bid you, and Daniel Miller, goodnight, Rodion. Sleep well, my boy,” Vassily said, and pressed another soft kiss to his boy’s unresponsive lips. Then pulled him into his arms and held him close. Before he released him and exited through the antechamber door.  

  Rodion locked the door when Krik left the room. He sighed and scrubbed his bearded face, as he walked into the bathroom. He brushed his teeth, flossed, then rinsed his mouth with the minty mouthwash. He was so disgusted with the old man's attention. He made his skin crawl. He washed his face with a soapy washcloth, splashed the warm water on his face, then dried it with a hand towel. Then another idea came into his mind. He filled a metal bowl with cold, soapy water and placed a soft washcloth inside. Then he returned to the bedroom and placed the bowl on the table beside the bed. He pulled the thug's gun out of his waistband and placed it on the bed, almost beneath Daniel’s pillow. He stripped off his own clothes and boots and climbed into the bed and gently embraced and held Daniel close. He was pleased when his lover mewled and sobbed, then burrowed against him. He held him closer and kissed his lips, then his forehead and held him close, then he fell asleep too. Not long into their sleep, and they both had nightmares about the Butcher of Hamburg. He raped and tortured both of them in Roman's dungeon, all while his men watched and cheered him on.  


 Daniel woke up several hours later, in the middle of the night. He screamed in terror as his mind replayed images of the horrible torture Bruno Gott put him through. It was something he wouldn't ever forget.  

“No! No! No! No more, please stop!!” He called out and was pushed the brute away when he felt hands on him. He didn't realize it was Rodion who tried to calm and comfort him.

“Daniel is me, Rodion. Is okay, my love. You are safe. I am here,” Rodion soothed, as he finally took hold of his lover's hands when they punched and flailed out.  

“What?” Daniel murmured, as he finally opened his eyes and stared up at his lover. His eyes were filled with fear and anguish. “Oh, Rodion, it’s you, I’m so glad to see you. He tortured me, tortured us -and raped us. He beat me with that bamboo cane and electrocuted me, all over again. Then he did the same thing to you,” he confessed, as he clung to his lover and sobbed.  

 Rodion had tears in his eyes, as he held his lover close and spoke in a broken voice. “Yes, my sweet Daniel, he did. I had this same dream. I could see us both being beaten, tortured and raped by that Nazi Suka, all while his thugs watched and jeered their approval.”

“Oh, my Rodion, how is it that we had the same dream? How were we in this together?” Daniel asked, as he clung even harder to his lover, and they both sobbed.  

 “I do not know, my love. Perhaps we have something special, something has happened to us. We became close. We were both traumatized by that beating you were in. I felt your pain. Is only thing I can think of, my sweet Daniel,” Rodion surmised, as he held his lover closer and kissed the top of his head.

“Yes, I think so too, my beautiful Rodion. We have become close, remarkably close. I only trust you and only want you to be with me,” Daniel confessed, and they both laughed around their tears.  

 “I agree, sweetheart, is true,” was all Rodion could manage. He gently cupped his lover’s bearded cheeks and kissed his lips so tenderly.

“Oh, yes, me too. Mmhmm, sweet kisses make everything better. Ugh! I’m in so much pain, though, it’s much worse than before. I can't really move anything. I can't take this pain anymore. I want to go home now. I want us to go home and be together,” Daniel sobbed, as he choked on his words, and clung to Rodion. He could barely move his bruised body. When he tried, he felt stiff, and he ached everywhere.

 “Shh, shh, shh, shh, Daniel, my love, I’m sorry. He is not here. I am here with you. You are safe, and I will help you feel better. I can help soothe your pain. I have more special creams and pain medications. Yes, we will go away from here very soon. I promise you,” Rodion spoke cryptically. He had tears in his green eyes too, and he still held his charge close. He kissed the top of his head and ran his hands gently up and down his back, over his shoulders, then he kissed his plump lips.  

 “No, no, no, no, please, don’t do that right now. I don't want the creams. Please, just let it be for now, just hold me in your arms, as you are doing,” Daniel moaned and blinked when Rodion kissed him. He couldn't help it or couldn't stop himself from this mania. He sobbed harder and buried his face against his lover’s chest, and he just sobbed harder for several minutes.  

 Rodion held Daniel closer and let him get all his pain and anguish out. If he had tears in his own eyes, no one would know, because it was just the two of them there now. He caressed his lover’s body with gentle strokes of his long fingers. He kissed his lips, his cheeks, and his eyes.  He reached for the metal bowl with the soapy flannel and moved it gently over his charges' face.  

 Daniel finally calmed down and sighed when Rodion reached for a flannel from a bowl on the table. He sighed as he closed his eyes as his lover cleansed his face. “Spasibo lyubovnik,” he murmured and laid his head on his lover’s chest, resting there.

“You’re welcome, lover,” Rodion answered in English, as he leaned down and captured Daniel’s lips in another tender kiss. He was happy and pleased when Daniel called him his lover.

“Rodion, can I ask you a question?” Daniel spoke softly, as he looked up at his gorgeous Russian.

“Yes, of course, Daniel. Why so serious again? Do you need any pain meds? As I said before, I have some,” Rodion inquired, as he stared into his lover’s troubled blue eyes.  

 “No. Well, yes, maybe, that would be good, but not yet. You say you have pain meds. I remembered the ones Cook gave you the other day. But I also remembered vaguely, in my pained stupor, being in a hospital. There was someone named Alek?”  

 Rodion sighed but nodded his head, as he carefully sat them up against the headboard.  

 Daniel mewled and gasped at being moved but clung to Rodion when he moved them to sit. Truth be told, he felt better that way.

“Yes, I brought you to a private hospital in the mountains of Northern Komarovo. That was my older brother, Aleksei. He is a doctor at hospital there,” Rodion answered, as he smiled warmly at Daniel and laced their fingers together.  

 “I thought so. I only caught bits and pieces, because of the pain I experienced from the torture. You both used some creams on my body?” He asked tentatively, as he ran his thumbs over Rodion’s knuckles. He blushed again, but didn’t know why, maybe it was because their fingers were laced together. He liked it and had fallen so in love with his gorgeous Russian.

“Oh, my sweet Daniel, you blush so prettily,” Rodion murmured, as he pressed more kisses to his lover’s plump lips. He pushed open his mouth and slid his tongue inside. Then kissed his charge, and for several minutes their tongues danced together.  

 Daniel mewled and opened his mouth for Rodion’s tongue. He responded wonderfully when their tongues danced together. Their plump lips fit together perfectly. They were so plump and so sweet, like ripe cherries. They both laughed when their kiss ended, and their lips smacked loudly. “I have to say this now, and please, don’t get upset, but — I’m so in love with you, my sexy Spetsnaz boy.”  

 “Mmhmm, yes, I have to say too, I am so in love with you. So hot, my sexy Army brat,” Rodion confessed, in his low thick Russian accent in broken English. He kissed his lover’s lips again, but they were soft and short kisses. “Well, to answer your previous question, it was the only thing Aleksei could do. He is still under Vassily’s control and cannot interfere, but his creams and his ointments and pain medications are manufactured by Krik’s scientists at the greenhouses here. That's something that is not known to anyone. They are strong medical grade. We know about everything else at the greenhouses, but never that.”  

 “Your lips are so plump and soft and sweet, like ripe cherries. I could kiss you all day and night, my love,” Daniel whispered, as he licked and sucked on Rodion’s plump bottom lip. He shoved his tongue inside his hot mouth, and their tongues danced together passionately again. Once again, their lips parted with a loud smack, and they both laughed.  “So, that’s what the tingling sensation was on my skin? All of Aleksei’s special ointments and creams?” Daniel asked, as he smiled sweetly at Rodion when they kissed each other again. Then he moaned when the muscles in his thighs contracted painfully.  “Ow. Oh, my God. That really hurts.”  

 “Yes, my love, he gave me more to use tomorrow,” Rodion murmured, as he kissed Daniel’s hands and caressed his long fingers with his own. “I'm sorry, my Daniel. I know it hurts. I think you should have the pain meds now. They will also help you sleep, my sexy Army brat.”

"Everything just hurts, so that sounds good to me. I feel tired and dizzy because I can't breathe without pain. Please, help me, my love," Daniel begged for help as he grabbed Rodion and held on to his hands.  

 “Shh, shh, shh, shh, I know, my sweet. Please, let me just give you the pain meds, and that will remove all your aches,” Rodion intoned and was about to get out of the bed, but Daniel grabbed his hands and wouldn’t let go.

“No, no, no, love. Please don’t leave me. He’ll come back and hurt me again. He would hurt us both. Please,” Daniel begged, as he stared up at his lover, a frightened look in his eyes. He couldn't stop thinking about that mad German torturer.  

“Nyet, my love. He can’t get you, anymore, he won’t hurt you. I am only going to the table right beside the bed. See? Right here, lover,” Rodion soothed again, as he kissed Daniel’s hands, pulled them free, and ran his fingers through his lover’s soft, thick hair.  

“No, no, please. You don't understand, I can’t be alone,” Daniel sobbed and mewled at the kisses, but frowned when his lover moved away quickly.  

 “Is only for a second. I am right here, see? I pulled this table closer to our bed. Is like hospital table, it has wheels on it."  Rodion slid from their bed and padded nude to the table, then he pulled it close to the bed. He didn't know how it got moved so far. Once he was back, he retrieved the vial of liquid pain meds and an auto syringe.  

 “No, no, no, Rodion, I don’t want that. Can you just give me ecstasy, that’s much better,” Daniel begged, and stared up at his lover with a miserable expression. He liked to see him walk around nude with his sexy body for him to see.  

“No, lover, this will help you sleep too, so you can heal. Please, let me do this,” Rodion reasoned, as he sat closer and kissed Daniel’s pouty plump lips.

“Yes, okay, my sexy Spetsnaz boy. Will you stay with me?” Daniel asked and panicked again.

“Shh, shh, shh, shh, stay calm, lover. I will stay with you. I am not going anywhere,” Rodion assured as he ran his fingers through Daniel’s hair and soothed him.

“Yes, I like that. I want to be in your arms. That is the only place where I will relax and sleep, very well,” Daniel murmured, as he yawned hugely. He was so bone-dead tired. All he wanted to do was sleep. The horrible torture took so much out of him. It was ten-thousand times worse than Roman torture.

 “I know, my sweet Daniel. Please just relax now. You lay back and turn your lovely long neck for me,” Rodion instructed as he smiled warmly at Daniel. He knew his lover's mind was scared since that torture session with Bruno Gott. His thoughts were scattered, and his body was trembled with fear. He was pleased, though, when his lover turned his head to the side, and he quickly slid the auto syringe and plunger into a vein and released the pain meds.  

 Daniel groaned when the drug filled his system and was relieved when all his pain subsided so suddenly. “Whoa. This stuff is high grade. It is better than ecstasy, but that drug is amazing. My cock gets so hard, and I just want you to fuck me, my beautiful Russian lover….” his words were scattered. He rambled on, and his eyes became unfocused, then his body sagged against the mattress.

“Mmhmm is good, I know, lover. You just go to sleep now, I will be right here with you,” Rodion soothed again, as he leaned over and kissed Daniel’s plump lips. He was happy and relieved when his charge drifted off into a peaceful sleep in a matter of seconds.  

 ‘Thank you, Aleksei,’ Rodion whispered to the air, because he didn't want to disturb his sleeping lover. He jumped a little when another phone hidden in a secret compartment of a different backpack pinged with an incoming text.  


{Incoming text} Will the Full Moon also rise when the sun sets in the west? IG


 Rodion sighed after he read the text. He carefully got out of the bed and moved into the closet, where he kept this other rucksack. He knelt down and opened the compartment, then pulled out an iPhone. He input his code and opened the text, then read its cryptic words. This was strange, because didn’t he have a Samsung Galaxy phone Krik gave to him?  It was actually another phone, but who was it from? He didn’t send a reply, instead he stood up, slipped on his black button-fly denims, and his black-button up shirt, then walked out of the room. He found a small private unused bedroom just down the corridor to the east. Then he dialed the number for that person who had just texted him and spoke for only a few minutes.

Chapter Text

  Roman and Blake were inside Roman’s bedroom after they had sex all night. They sat on the sofa dressed in their clothes again, but no shoes.  

 “Oh, my Blake, you are so wonderfully commanding. I could have you screw me all night,” Roman murmured, as he leaned over and pressed a kiss to his lips.  

 “Yeah, I know, my pretty Russian shortarse, but we just spent at least six hours doing it. We need to rest now, so my cock doesn’t fall off,” Blake remarked, and he returned Roman’s kiss for a moment. He really wanted to sneak around and find Daniel, but he had to be careful and play the cat and mouse game.

 “Mmhmm, you and the other pretty American who we have here at the dacha, are so receptive to give and take, and sex. Now I have had both of you, my life is complete. I told him all about you, my beautiful Blake, I told him if he behaved, he could meet you,” Roman started to say. He always sang like a canary after being screwed by Blake nearly ten times.

“Ah, okay. What other pretty American are we talking about, Roman? The one from the crazy torture session you had this afternoon. The same one from Gott’s torture session? Tell me,” Blake asked his sexed-up Russian. He was glad he had started to spill the proverbial beans.

“Mm, yes, it is the lovely CIA spy you asked me about the other day, the pretty Daniel Miller. I hope you enjoyed the session. Rodion was angry that you and Manuel were there. Oh, I have had Daniel Miller before, a few days ago. He was quite nice, I might add. He was so receptive and so scared, but I think he enjoyed the hot torture sex I gave him. The prisoner also loved both my sessions, although he will deny it, he loves pleasure and pain together,” Roman revealed, as he leaned over and kissed Blake hard. He shoved his tongue inside his mouth, as they shared a heated kiss, their tongues danced together. He didn't care that he was a little unresponsive and ended the kiss.

 Oh, man, this was worse than Hector thought. He stared down at Roman with a frown. “So, you have that American CIA spy here? Roman, that’s just great. I’m going to be finished if this gets out! Why are you so insane? What is wrong with you? You screwed him too? Jesus Christ! You can’t keep your dick out of anyone, can you? You do know that’s rape, and I don’t go for that sort of thing! I don’t do that! You crazy bastard!”  

 “Blake, relax, relax, nothing will get out. Now you know who it is. You watched the session I had with pretty Daniel Miller. They will say it was rape, but he enjoyed it. Rodion wanted to kill me, but it was fun. Didn't you enjoy the session?” Roman intoned, as he laughed softly when Blake glared at him.

“Ah, yeah, sure. That was a fucking barrel of laughs. So much fun, Roman,” Blake lied. He just wanted to get to Daniel and get them out of there. “Yeah, whatever, it’s not my thing, BDSM torture. BDSM sex is different when it's consensual between two people. That I have done, but never rape and your brand of torture. You must take it easy, man. You’re too hyped up. It won’t be a good thing for any of us if word gets out the CIA spy is here. We’ll lose everything, Roman,” he raged again. He wanted to break this little Russian bastard's neck. That he could do, that he had done. He was livid with all of them, Roman, Gott, Krik. Rodion seemed to be the only normal one. There was something off about him, but he didn’t know what it was. He would find out, probably, eventually. He hoped. He had to get to Daniel and smiled when Roman finally asked him.  

 “Don’t you want to see the pretty Daniel Miller, my lovely Blake? I have a key and can access the room he shares with Rodion. Well, it's actually Rodion's bedroom, and it’s on the Northside of the dacha,” Roman stated, as he grinned up at his lover and kissed him again. They were dressed lightly, both in loose white button up shirts and tan pants, no socks, or shoes.

“Okay, sure, Roman baby, show me,” Blake said, as he lifted Roman up off the sofa, and they padded barefoot down the hall. They moved to the north side of the dacha. 

 When they reached the area of the house where the bedroom was, Hector’s heart was raced madly in his chest. He was just seconds away from finding Daniel Miller, his ex-lover, but he was a very dear friend. They had been in a very long relationship that started in Chechnya and ended last year when he had to fake his death and leave Germany behind. Daniel saved him that time, and the time before that. Now he had to do the same for him. 

 Roman unlocked the door and pulled Blake inside with him. He looked around and was pleased to find Rodion wasn't there, but he was sure he would return soon, from wherever he was.  

  “Come on, Blake, pretty Daniel Miller is over here. He's asleep on the bed,” Roman whispered, as they moved toward the bed.

 Hector stopped beside the bed and stared down at his friend, Daniel Miller. His beautiful ex-lover was all broken, bloody, bruised, and beaten. He was so livid about what Krik, Roman, and Bruno Gott had done to him.  

 “Isn’t he beautiful, my sweet Blake?” Roman intoned, as he caressed Daniel’s bloody cheek.

 “Sure, if you enjoy looking at a beaten and bloody guy,” he remarked. He glared at Roman and shook his head. “Why did you lie to me?” He asked with a deep frown. He watched Roman as he caressed poor Daniel’s bloody and bruised bearded cheek. Hector thought Daniel was a hot mess now. His beard was fully grown, but his face was all bruised and battered. He has bruises on his cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and neck, and a large gash on his upper left cheek. It looked like it had been tended to, it was clean, but it was still a bloody mess. His face was cleaned, probably by Rodion. That was a good thing, but everything still looked sore. That wound would need to be sewn up. He was about ready to snap some necks.  

 “I had to lie to you, Blake,” Roman said, as he caressed and touched Daniel's face, his bearded cheeks, his neck, his chest, all the bruises and welts. He had a deep cut on his chest, then he stopped and looked up at Blake.

“Who did you tell this lie for? Was it for yourself, or Vassily? Come on, Roman, just tell me,” Blake retorted, as he glared down at the shortarse Russian.  He had been with the Russians since last year and played his alias, Christian Blake, so well. Now he wanted to murder all of them and get out of Russia for good.

 “Yes, for Vassily, and for me. It was for all of us, to protect ourselves from prying eyes. Relax, Blake, you will not be affected. It will all be on Krik. He will be the one to go down hard. I already made sure of that. I have my own plans to play,” Roman assured, as he moved to Blake’s side and kissed him. He placed his hands and his chest and pouted hard.

“Mmhmm, I figured as much, but Daniel Miller is still beautiful.  He is that CIA Spy you said wasn't here. This is great, Roman. I better not lose all the expensive things at that Freeport because of this shit-show,” Blake retorted, but still returned Roman’s kiss. He stared down at Daniel, asleep and unconscious. He wrapped his arms around Roman and held him for a moment.

“Yes, he is their star agent, and they are scrambling to get him back. Well, that's what my sources tell me. We have men, Spetsnaz soldiers, a whole regiment located in Estonia. Whatever it is, he will stay here, indefinitely. Krik has told me so. The Kremlin knows about him and wants him to stay here, with Rodion as his permanent handler,” Roman added and smiled when Blake embraced him. “Come on, Blake, let’s go. I’m sure Rodion will return soon.”  

 “Sounds like a good plan then. We should all be safe. So, this will be kept a secret. That's a relief. Listen, you get back to the bedroom now. I’ll meet you in your room in a few,” Blake told him, as he released him and smiled sweetly at him.

“Blake. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of Rodion’s anger,” Roman cautioned his lover.

“I don’t think I will be. He likes me, remember?” Blake challenged, smiling cheekily at the shortarse Russian. He kissed him hard again to soothe him and assured him of his return to his bedroom.

“All right, but be careful, and exit through the ante-chamber door when you’re done,” Roman said as he leaned up for another kiss.

“I know. I’ll see you later, okay?” Blake said, kissed Roman again. The shortarse always gagged for the kisses and the rough sex. He patted his little ass and shoved him away.

Roman smiled and left through the ante-chamber door, then was gone in the blink of an eye. 


 Hector sighed, and his shoulders sagged as he sank down on the bed beside Daniel.  Now he caressed his ex-lover’s cheek, then leaned over and pressed a kiss to his lips.

“Oh, Daniel, why do you always get yourself into so much trouble? You’re always in these messes. I’m always here to pick up the pieces because I love you,” Hector spoke softly to Daniel, as he stared down at his battered ex-lover, wishing he would wake up.

“How do you know Daniel Miller? Why do you say you love him?” Rodion’s deep baritone voice sounded softly in the quiet bedroom, as he entered through the ante-chamber door. His thick Russian accent filled the room, and his broken English was just about passable.

“Fuck,” Hector swore under his breath, then smiled up at the tall Russian. “Hello, Rodion.”

“You know him? How is this?” Rodion asked, as he glared down at Hector. He watched him closely and motioned for him to move away from Daniel.  

“Come and sit down, then I’ll explain,” Blake reasoned with the angry Russian. He knew Roman was right, this guy was dangerous, and he just angered him more by being in his private bedroom. He thought he was safe, for some reason, because he hadn’t pulled a weapon on him yet.

“Mmhmm, okay. I will concede to your explanation,” Rodion answered with a frown. He still glared at him, as he moved fully into the room now. In two steps, he stood beside Daniel by the bed. He leaned over and kissed his lover’s lips, then pulled the blankets up over his shivering body. He signed, then turned to Blake again.  

“You sneak around really well. I’ll give you that, Rodion,” Blake countered, as he grinned at the tall Russian. He was gorgeous and handsome up close. He looked just like a Russian doll. He approached the bed and was about to sit down again.

“Spetsnaz training. You know that from when we met last year,” Rodion retorted and made sure his Daniel was still asleep. He caressed his poor lover’s abused face, then pushed Blake away from the bed when he tried to sit down. "Nyet. You stay away from there, Blake.”  

“Mmhmm, yeah, I know that too, pretty boy. I remember from when we met last year. I guess we’ll sit down on the armchairs or sofa, by the window then, since you are behaving like a protective mother hen,” Hector retorted, as he moved to the chairs, but noticed Rodion still standing by the bed.  

“Shut up, Blake. You still didn't answer my questions. Tell me how you know Daniel Miller?” Rodion challenged, as he glared harder at the other man. He didn’t move from his spot by the bed. He knew he needed to protect his Daniel, no matter what.  Blake was different from the way he was when they met in Petersburg last year, but then again, so was he. Krik's war had done that to him, to all of them, made them harder. 

“Well, I'm here now, right? You got me here now. You said you wanted me here. Don't you remember? You told me to find you any time, right? You invited me up here the other day, after breakfast,” Hector shot back, as he glared up at the stern Russian.

“Nyet. You ramble on and make no sense. You were never like that, when we first met in Petersburg last year. That was the other day, and not this day. Besides, It was only in jest. You should not be here. Is a safe haven. No one should be here, not even Roman,” Rodion said. He shook his head at Blake’s words and crossed his arms over his chest. “How did you get here to this bedroom?” 

“I know Rodion, you are different too. You are harder than you were last year. It's because of Krik's war, I know it is. It's affected everyone in some form. You have to know, Roman let me in. He has a key to every room in the house, that includes this one. Don’t you find that odd?” Blake asked, as he watched the Russian closely.

“Nyet, is not odd, is normal. Hmm, at least you didn’t break in this room. I would need to hurt you if you did. Vassily probably gave Roman keys. I have a set of my own too, is the right of the Lieutenants. He is first, I am second. You are right about Krik's war, is insane, but what can we do, we must survive. I am just doing my job, as Second Lieutenant Spetsnaz soldier,” Rodion spoke in his broken English, as he worked over the words. His Russian accent was very thick, with its deep baritone dulcet.

“Didn't you pass him in the hall just now?” Blake asked, as he raised an eyebrow at the Russian's words. Now he felt a little scared. He said he shouldn't be in the room, and he would hurt him. Plus, he still had the death glare on him.  He was definitely different from the boy he met in Petersburg last year, that was for sure. He just nodded his head at his words. 

“Nyet. I did not see Roman, not since his torture, then Bruno Gott’s torture,” Rodion retorted, as he still watched Blake closely. He hadn’t told him how he knew Daniel yet. He was playing a cat and mouse game, and he didn't like that. He still glared at the man.

“Yeah, he’s gone already, then. You Russians are fast. You can stalk around in the dark, like rats,” Blake commented, as he too watched over the Russian.

“How did you meet Daniel Miller?” Rodion countered. He completely ignored his words, his arms still crossed over his chest in defiance.

“I don’t think I can tell you that right now, Rodion. Sorry, but I’m not ready to tell you that,” Blake avoided the question again. He was just as good at playing cat and mouse games as this sexy Russian was.  

“Oh, I see. Are you CIA too?” Rodion shot back, like a slingshot. Nothing stuck to this guy, and nothing fazed him. His frown had deepened into a scowl now.

“No,” Blake shook his head. He folded his hands in his lap, as he smirked and sat back on the comfy armchair.

“Okay. How do you know Daniel Miller? Stop playing games with me, Blake. You will not win this,” Rodion argued, as he lowered his arms to his sides and balled his hands into fists. He gave him that Russian death glare again.  

Blake stalled for a minute. He took a breath, then sat forward, with his arms on his skinny knees. “Our paths crossed in 2006 in Chechnya.”  

“Really? How interesting, go on,” Rodion motioned for him to continue. He still didn’t move from his spot by the bed. He guarded and protected his Daniel at all times.

“Yes, really. Why do you always answer my question with another question? That’s not how this works, Rodion. I’m good at this cat and mouse game, probably better, because I’m older and wiser than you. I've been in so much stupid shit in my life. So, quit it with the Russian gangster act,” Blake retorted, as he glared up at the Russian. He shook his head at the ridiculousness of all of this. They had been so close in Petersburg, and now they were acting as if they hadn't met. He knew it was because Rodion was conditioned by Vassily Krik to be tough and forget about all the niceties they shared last year. It had to be that way, and Blake had to pretend he hadn't met any of them to save face in front of Timur Jadovsky. He hated that deal, but now they were all together, he thought it would be different.  

“What were you doing in Chechnya?” Rodion stayed neutral. He still ignored Blake’s words, and his threats. They were playing a game, since Krik planned it that way. Rodion was different from the boy he