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Heat of the Reaction

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In their defense, Albedo and Lumine didn't know that a Pyro Regisvine's corolla could burst into pollen once defeated.

It would usually disappear into black dust, carried by the updraft the fire created. No one, even the alchemist, could've predicted the millions of red specks floating around them. Lumine coughed into her arm, tugging Albedo with the other as they tried to escape. Even as the Regisvine disappeared like normal, they couldn't open the Leyline Blossom in fear of what the special pollen could do to them. 

However fast they ran, the pollen still clung onto them. The pair stopped by a nearby hilichurl camp, sluggishly clearing it before falling to the ground. Albedo was more graceful than the traveler, but he was still tired nonetheless. And very, very warm.

Too warm.

"Lumine," his voice was shaky, but it caught her attention anyway. She glanced at him. Her face was flush, beads of sweat rolling down her temple as she panted. It made for an alluring sight, though he couldn't focus on that now. "Do you have a vial of frosting essential oil in your bag?"

"O-Oh," she squeaked. The sound shot to more unsavory places, much to Albedo's dismay. Lumine summoned her bag, scrambling to find the vial before sighing. "I think w-we used the last one. I have a streaming one, though."

The Hydro essential oil. It could work by vaporizing whatever pollen the Pyro Regisvine left on them.

"It should do," he nodded, observing the miniscule amounts of liquid in the vial. Figuring how to share it would be their main problem here. Albedo was thinking of a way to divide it equally when the traveler cleared her throat.

"You should use it. You weren't able to get the Everflame seed, right?" she said, rubbing her thighs together. The alchemist's gaze trailed down her form before snapping back to her face. "I can just brush it off my clothes, no big deal."

Lumine turned away from him, restricting his view, but not before he noted all of her symptoms. Flushed skin, dilated pupils, and the incessant rubbing of her thighs…

Albedo gently put the vial down, letting it settle on the ground before crawling next to the girl. She made another noise of surprise, but at least now he had a theory on why it affected him like a fire threatening to consume him. With the aid of the Regisvine's pollen and Lumine's sounds, he could create an explanation for the growing tent in his shorts. 

The alchemist placed his hand on her thigh, applying pressure until she whimpered. She placed her hand above his own, but made no move to pull away. Warmth flared under her dress as he kneaded her plush thighs. 

"What are you doing?" Lumine asked, voice trembling with confusion. If he remembered correctly, she shielded him from the initial blast, and the heat that was fogging his mind should've been more powerful for her. Yet here she was, questioning him when she shouldn't even have the capacity to.

If it wasn't for the pollen, Albedo would have said he admired her for her tenacity. He would've prodded and examined her for more symptoms than the one she was displaying now. All that in his train of thought, cut off by a sharp moan of his name as he crept his hand higher.

"I'm starting to understand what the pollen is," he said, gently massaging Lumine as she squirmed under his touch. Soft noises fell from lips and spurred him on even more. "A few observed Flaming Flowers produce a similar, weaker effect, acting like an aphrodisiac that enhances your body temperature and sensitivity. I would've examined you if I hadn't—ngh—been affected as well."

The moment Albedo lifted his hand off her, he felt her vice-like grip around him soon after. She panted, trying to form any coherent thought, but even this was an uphill battle for someone as seasoned as Lumine. She settled on placing his hand back to where it was before murmuring, "Will it go away on its own?"

"I'm afraid your temperature would reach dangerous levels before it could subside," he answered, his mouth moving on his own as his gaze focused on her lips. The traveler stilled. "You have been affected by a higher concentration of the pollen, after all."

"... Sorry," Lumine groaned, tightening her hold around his hand. She looked ashamed, guiltily avoiding his eyes. "I can take care of myself. I didn't… I don't want our first time to be like this."

His heart twinged with affection and amusement. "I don't mind," Albedo told her, rubbing his thumb over her fingers. "Although being a little more comfortable wouldn't hurt."

The traveler weakly summoned her bag, rummaging through her things just to get a sleeping bag. He kept her occupied while she did so, inching closer to her core but never truly touching it. White fabric was still in his way, and he would still have to ask Lumine directly if they wanted to proceed.

The bag was thrown to the ground, the girl whimpering and panting as he patiently unfolded it. "This is fine for you, yes?" he directed his gaze towards her. She nodded desperately, moaning her affirmation before lying down on the bag. Her legs spread almost involuntarily, beckoning him to come closer. 

"Albedo," she breathed out. Deft hands were already on his shirt, sliding his clothes off his body as he watched. Next were her clothes, leaving both of them in their undergarments and yet it was still too damn hot. The layer of sweat gave her skin a nice sheen. Lumine looked ethereal, even as a sweaty, panting mess that was starting to faintly smell like her musk.

"Shhh," he murmured, unclasping her bra and setting it to the side. The stiff rosy buds called out to him. With a hesitant prod by one of his fingers, Albedo gave one of her peaks an experimental lick, drinking in the mewls that were rising in volume. Lumine looked and felt so impossibly warm. 

"S-sensitive—!" she cried out. One of her hands found purchase on his platinum locks while the other held onto the sleeping bag. The alchemist continued to suck on her buds, flicking the neglected one with his finger. 

"So good for me," he whispered against her, placing a final kiss on the valley between her chest as she stopped twitching beneath him. It was impressive—and flattering—to see someone as beautiful as Lumine to come under such small actions. A single climax should've been able to help her, but her skin remained as red as it was when they started.

The bloomers were taken off, a thick string of her slick connecting the fabric to her core. The pollen might've caused her to become more potent, Albedo thought, as he slathered her slick all over her pretty little cunt.

"Waah, stop—teasing," her pleas were broken, moans interrupting her voice as the alchemist continued to play with her outer folds. They were swollen and wet with her juices, and he found himself entranced with how they spasmed with each touch. "Al—Albedo…"

"I have to stretch you first," he reminded her, slipping a finger in. Lumine mewled, grinding her hips against his palm. Albedo clicked his tongue and slid his thumb over her sensitive clit. "What an impatient girl, though I suppose you can't help it."

"Mm!" another gasp as he added a finger. The scissoring motion created an obscene squelch every time, but it only added fuel to the fire as precum stained the front of his underwear. It was so mesmerizing to watch the Honorary Knight come undone like this, and he wasn't one to waste opportunities. 

Albedo was fixated on the way her walls seemed to suck him up, happily accepting his fingers. More viscous liquid oozed out, fogging his brain with the musk it carried. So perfectly Lumine.

The girl in question wasn't too keen on waiting and being observed. She bucked her hips, almost hitting his face with her sopping cunt.

He tutted, keeping an even visage under the pretense of disappointment. "Is it the pollen that's making you needy, or are you naturally this desperate?"

She mewled, walls fluttering in response to his words. In the few months they had been together, and in the few moments things had gotten heated between the two of them, Albedo had an inkling of what Lumine might've wanted in bed. Now, whimpering and squirming beneath him, he was happy to test them out. 

It was truly such a shame that they had to do their first time here. They were in public, and she wasn't in the right mind. Had she been a little less affected, he would've taken her back to his room at the headquarters. That was a more fitting place to make love to her, not mindlessly tease her next to the cavern that housed a Regisvine.

His train of thoughts was derailed the moment she keened. Lumine bit her lower lip, trying to keep them in, but Albedo was stronger and more alert. He hummed, caressing her cheek as he added a third finger to her core.

She let out a cry as he curled his fingers, brushing against the spongy spot. Tears pricked at Lumine's eyes as she came, tightening around his fingers. He was starting to enjoy the shaky crescendo of her voice. "Albedo!"

"Good girl," he cooed, taking his fingers out. They were slimy and sticky with her cum, but that didn't deter him from experimentally tasting the liquid. It was sweet, sweeter than he expected. He wanted to form a hypothesis about the Regisvine affecting the taste, but the uncomfortable heat reminded him of his own predicament once more. 

Lumine spread her legs for him, using two of her fingers to present her pussy to him. Slick dripped down from her lips to the sleeping bag under her. "Albedo, please take me," she begged. He watched as her core clenched around nothing, entranced with how the movement seemed to push more of her slick out. "It hurts, it hurts…!"

"I'll take care of you, Lumine," he whispered, pressing a soft kiss on her lips as he slipped out of his uncomfortable undergarments. White beaded at the slit of his cock. The head was a violent shade of red, a painful reminder of how much the pollen affected him (or was it Lumine in her debauched state?)

Albedo aligned himself with her entrance. Even when he had his hand to keep steady, nothing prepared him for her warm and velvety and tight walls—

He shuddered, gritting his teeth as he tried to keep himself from coming. Lumine looked so blissed out. Her flushed skin, closed eyes, and slightly agape mouth almost sent him reeling. 

"Mm, Albedo…" she purred. The alchemist was reminded of a pleased cat, but his mind went blank when he felt her walls tighten around his shaft. Albedo's grip on her waist tightened, leaving red marks in the shape of his fingers. A warning. "Wanna feel you move—"

She gently rocked her hips. His cock dragged along her walls, feeling every flutter and pulse her body made. He stilled her a second time, moving his other hand from her face to rest on her hips as well. "Lumine," Albedo started, voice low. Goosebumps appeared along her body. "Be good and wait."

Lumine whimpered. Her body stopped moving, though. For that, he was thankful because he didn't know how long he would last if she didn't. Based on his own increased sensitivity, Albedo could only imagine how it felt like for her. He'd have to ask her later. 

In only a few more seconds, he had completely bottomed out in her. A few whines and mewls escaped her even as she abused her bottom lip to muffle herself. The man waited until Lumine's lips parted again, capturing her in a fervent kiss. He started to move, earning a high-pitched shriek that his mouth suppressed once more.

The kiss made him feel light-headed and dizzy. Meticulousness gave way to incoherence, thoughts getting tangled as Albedo continued to thrust into her. Ideas and inquiries were replaced with the pollen's warmth, Lumine's scent, and the feel of her perfect pussy massaging him with every spasm.

"Fast—er, please," her requests came out broken, inciting something warm in Albedo's belly. He would have to find a way to make her like this again without the danger of a Regisvine. Lumine looked ruined after two orgasms, but she was somehow asking for more. "Albedo, I want you…!"

She had been reduced to mindless babbles, gasping and keening as he picked up the pace. No one in their right mind would deny her such a thing, anyway.

Skin slapped on skin. The volume of Lumine's whining had increased, along with Albedo's own quiet groans. It created a cacophony that was purely about sex, one that would be engraved in their minds forever. 

"Lumine," he murmured, carding his hand through her locks as the other pulled her closer to him. Albedo slotted his mouth on hers, desperately nipping at her bottom lip as his thrusts became inconsistent. He had been staving off his own orgasm for far too long. Her name was like a mantra to keep him sane. "Lumine. Lumine."

His own must've been the same for her. The two of them broke off, but she was quick to pull him closer as she sucked on the flushed skin of his neck. Her lips hovered over the strange diamond, placing a light kiss and eliciting a hiss from Albedo.

He started fucking into her, rougher and faster. Lumine moaned, throwing her head back and exposing her throat for him to bite and nip and bruise.

"Albedo! I'm close, so close," she sobbed. The man hummed, snaking a hand down to her clit. He moved in tight circles, relishing in the pleased sounds Lumine was making. 

Whatever thread she was holding onto snapped. Her thighs tensed, core spasming and clamping down on his shaft as she came. More of his name spilled from her lips as her toes curled. "Albedo—fuck—!"

It wasn't often that one could hear the traveler swear. Her sweet voice uttering curses was what brought him to the edge, combined with the overwhelming feeling of her cunt as he helped her through her climax. Albedo groaned. "Lumine…!"

He spilled inside her with jerky thrusts of his hips. Overwhelming clarity washed over him the moment he looked down on the traveler, all fucked out. On their uncomfortable sleeping bag, Lumine's gold hair was splayed out to create a halo under her head. Her body was still warm, but Albedo noted that his own had cooled down considerably.

Cautiously, his fingertips skimmed across the expanse of her tummy. He didn't miss the little shiver she made.

"Miss Lumine," Albedo started. It was laughable how he would be formal in the afterglow, but he had to make sure. She turned to him at the call of her name. "Are you feeling better?"

"Only just a little," she confessed. Her eyes were glazed over, but they held the tiniest bit of alertness to them. "Let's try heading back to Liyue Harbor. I… think I can manage?"

As it turned out, Lumine can't.

The two of them had taken too many detours on the way. Albedo's mouth was latched onto her sensitive little cunt during the first one, eating her out against a tree. Her knees almost turned to jelly, and he had to support her to keep her from falling down.

They stopped near a camp of members from the Guild during the second one, quietly fucking behind a boulder as her ruined bloomers stayed on the ground. The alchemist figured it was his cum that was keeping her grounded, and he made sure to come inside her that time. With her underwear gone, Albedo used an empty vial to keep her plugged and full.

And if that wasn't generous enough, they took a third detour with Lumine insisting on sucking him off when they were so close to the village next to Liyue Harbor. She said it was to 'keep her full' despite leaking his cum. Albedo was curious, anyway, and he let her have her way with him until he was tugging at her hair.

His hypothesis turned out to be true. They made it to the Harbor without any more interruptions, ignoring questioning glances as the pair checked into an inn. 

"It's been six hours since we have been hit with the Pyro Regisvine's pollen," Albedo commented, checking his watch as Lumine squirmed on the bed. His cum could only last so long, apparently. "While its effects on me have already subsided, you have climaxed five times and been ejaculated in three times during those six hours."

"Albedo…" she whined, pumping the vial in and out of her in an attempt to seduce him. 

Now that they were in a safe place, she would have to put up with his true, unaffected nature of being a researcher.

"The results of this observation would be thoroughly skewed, as I did not start from the very beginning. I could ask someone else to bring back the pollen," Albedo looked back at her, his gaze softening. "I don't want you to deal with such a powerful aphrodisiac on your own."

Lumine pouted. "You're already making me deal with it on my own."

The man's gaze travelled to where the vial was placed, shiny with her slick. Half of it was already inside her pussy, but then she started moving again. Albedo watched as her core enveloped the whole thing in her warmth.

His cock, however spent, throbbed in his shorts again. That vial could've been him.

He cleared his throat. "I apologize, but I'd like to watch this with a clear head. If you require assistance, I will be able to provide it for a short amount of time."

The vial popped out of her cunt as she clamped down on it, a thick string of slick and cum and bodily fluids acting as the connection between the container and her core. Lumine gathered her slick with two of her fingers, slathering it over her lips.

She maintained steady eye contact with Albedo, eyes half-lidded as she played with herself. "Aren't you curious if there are any more changes that you can only recognize up close?"

The man answered coolly. "Of course. I aim to be precise and accurate when conducting experiments. All you have to do is be a good specimen for me."

Lumine whined. Under the intense and focused gaze of Albedo, she could only obey. 

She'd need to find more of that Regisvine pollen for him later.