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Out of Spoons

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After a long day, Wei Wuxian was looking forward to a nice big bowl of ice cream. A tub of rocky road was sitting in the freezer, waiting for him to devour it. He got out a bowl from the cabinet. He took the ice cream out from the freezer. He opened the drawer with all the utensils. 


The slot for the forks was full. The slot for the chopsticks was also full. In the slot where all the spoons would usually be, there was nothing. In the drying rack by the sink, there were no spoons. There were quite a few spoons in the sink, waiting to be washed.


Wei Wuxian figured if he was going to wash spoons, he might as well wash all of them. First he stopped by the coffee table, where a plate and a spoon from an earlier snack were left behind. Then he stopped by the bedroom, where 3 different unmatched mugs sat on his night stand, 2 of which held spoons. One was used to stir in the hot chocolate, and the other was used to add honey to the tea that Lan Zhan kindly pressed into his hands when he complained of a sore throat. Finally he stopped by the overstuffed armchair where his husband was reading a book on economics. At his side was a mug of tea with a spoon sticking out of it. Wei Wuxian took the spoon and pressed a quick kiss to his husband’s cheek.


In the sink, Wei Wuxian turned on the water to a medium power and a lukewarm temperature. He held each spoon under the water at an angle to avoid spraying himself. On the spoons with the tougher remnants, he used the blue dish brush and some extra elbow grease. Once all the spoons were cleaned, he put them in the drying rack, save for one, which he dried with a clean dish towel.


Spoon in hand, he served himself a nice bowl of ice cream.