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"Say," The single word earned him not only his classmates' but also the two second year's attention. He blinked once at that, unexpecting, before using his index finger to point at the third second year, sitting alone on the steps near the entrance to their school. "Inumaki-senpai looks excited. Is something happening?"

All eyes shifted to the white haired boy and everyone immediately noticed how fidgety he was. Sure, Inumaki wasn't the cold character despite his minimal vocabulary but he's not an over energetic one like Yuuji either. So it was kind of new to see him practically bouncing on his feet.

"You're right." Nobara agreed, looking weirdly at the cursed speech user.

Panda and Maki looked at each other, frowning as they thought back of what might have made Toge so excited.

"Okkotsu-senpai is coming back today, isn't he?" Bless Fushiguro Megumi. And while the upperclassmen gave out a knowing ' ah ', Yuuji and Nobara raised a curious brow.

"By Okkotsu.. you mean Okkotsu Yuuta? The guy who made me unable to go to Kyoto!?"

Fushiguro rolled his eyes before confirming. "Yes, that Okkotsu Yuuta."

Everyone totally expected the short haired girl to roll up her sleeves. "Let me go and give him a piece of my mind when he arrives." She growled.

"He's the special grade sorcerer like Gojo-sensei, right? He must be strong!" Yuuji concluded to himself.

"Yeah. He was such a wimp, though." Maki snickered at the memory of Yuuta when they first met though it was Rika's power who made him like that. "And forget it, you won't be able to lay a hand on him." She then said to the younger female.

"Hah? You just said he's a wimp."

"I said was . Past tense."

Panda put a hand on Nobara's shoulder. "Besides, Rika- no, Toge won't let you." He patted the shoulder twice before began pushing.

"Inumaki-senpai? Why?" Yuuji inquired and looked over his classmate who sighed.

"They're dating." Fushiguro helpfully told him and the three ignored the new students' surprise and urged them inside.

"Let them have their moments, it's been a while." Panda said and they all saw the way Inumaki got onto his feet, trying not to run towards a dark haired boy. 

Inumaki stopped when he's one step away from the other boy, looking up because throughout the year, Yuuta sure has grown up remarkably. Their eyes met and Toge swallowed the 'Konbu' he usually uses as greetings. Instead, he pulled down the zipper covering his mouth, eyes soft and a hint of smile on the corners of his lips as he spelled carefully : " Yuuta ." He didn't say anything else because there was no need to. However, he didn't cover the lower part of his face again.

Yuuta's gaze was gentle as he breathed in Toge's features, lifting a hand to brush away the hair from his face and to tug behind his ear. The smaller one instinctively leaned into the touch; he missed this, missed his warmth, missed Yuuta. "Inu-" A frown appeared on the boy's face and Yuuta corrected himself. "Toge." And it's cute how Toge relaxed yet again.

The cursed speech user then put his hand on top Yuuta's which was resting on his cheek, prying it off, and then using his free right hand, he pressed the tip of his index on the open palm and began to form a word. "Welcome home." Yuuta read out loud, turning his palm so he could hold onto Toge's hand, entwining their fingers together before bringing it onto his lips to press a kiss on the back of Toge's pale hand.

"I'm home." He whispered, chuckling to himself at the blush that bloomed on Toge's cheeks. He let their connected hand fall on their side and tugged the white haired boy so they could get into the building.

"Where are the others?" The newly returned sorcerer asked, swinging their hands absentmindedly while watching Toge for his answer which was a shrug of his shoulders. "Eh.. should we go look for them? I want to hand out the souvenirs I bought."

" Okaka. "

Yuuta raised a brow. "No?"

Toge nodded, maneuvering Yuuta to the direction of his room. " Tsuna. "

Yuuta thought it over for a moment. Oh. "You want me to get some rest first?" After receiving another nod, the boy chuckled, going along with what his boyfriend wanted. 

He wasn't so surprised to see his room spot clean. Toge must have cleaned it yesterday along with Panda, or maybe Megumi. "Thank you, Toge." He mumbled and received a shy ' Shake' in return.

Once their hands separate, Toge threw a towel which landed on the top of Yuuta's head and he didn't even have to think to know what the white haired boy was trying to get him to do. "Alright, alright, I'll take a shower. Wait here, okay?"


Toge was comfortably reclining on his bed- his jacket neatly folded on the nightstand, leaving him in a plain white t-shirt, his face uncovered- when Yuuta came out later.

The way Toge stared at him as he changed, too, didn't go unnoticed and for some reason, the intensity made Yuuta blush.

"What now?" The dark haired boy asked once he's all done. Toge's violet eyes were still trained on him and Yuuta waited for a gesture or something that'd tell him about what Toge would like him to do next.

He wasn't expecting him to speak , though.

" Come here. " Was the command and laced with cursed energy or not, Yuuta would still obey.

He climbed onto the bed and settled beside the smaller male who immediately fit himself in his arms, letting out a contented sigh and Yuuta too, found himself sinking into the familiarity.

His hands found each other and rested on Toge's back as he pressed them flush, burying his face onto the soft, light coloured locks. 

They both stayed like that for an extended period of time, just breathing in each others' presences, making up for the time they spent separated.

Then, just as Toge felt sleep coming his way, he heard Yuuta murmur against the top of his head : "You sure I shouldn't go and greet others first? I'm fairly curious about Megumi's classmates, you know."

Toge let out a displeased grunt, reaching for his phone in his pocket (because writing on his palm or hand would take way too long), typing easily with one hand before turning it around so Yuuta could see the screen.

" Panda and Maki said I can have you to myself today. " Yuuta spelled out and in the span of one second, he felt blush creeping up his neck and face. Oh . He took Toge's phone, setting it on top of his folded jacket and tried not to coo aloud because that's so freaking cute .

"Tuna?" Toge frowned at him when Yuuta spoke nothing. But then the boy shook his head and just held his boyfriend closer to himself, lips pressing against his forehead.

He wasn't expecting the smaller male to squirm in his hold, shifting until he's of the same eye level as Yuuta before pressing their lips together. Toge let his lids flutter shut and moved his lips experimentally (nipping on his lower lip and giving him a kittenish lick) to see Yuuta's reaction and he hummed, relaxing when the taller boy responded to his affection; closing his eyes and kissing back.

If his boyfriend wants to spend the whole day with him then who's he to deny him.

"I'm all yours today, Toge."