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Miss Hei Pao Shi

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Nothing ever distressed Professor Shen Wei as much as the disappearance of his precious Zhao Yunlan did. He spent each second counting his heartbeat until they got a signal from Zhao Yunlan.

"Was it really necessary to use so much force? If you kick him dead, wouldn't we become the murderers?"

Shen Wei ignored Lin Jing's jab and focused on untying his boyfriend who despite being a smartass, was here, tied to a chair. Idiot!

Shen Wei took him directly to the apartment, not even letting him make a stop at the headquarters. While Zhao Yunlan did want some rest after having to deal with a kidnapper who almost strangled him to death, he could not resist his professor.

"Did he hurt you?" Shen Wei did not look up, just stared away from Zhao Yunlan's face, clutching onto the edge of the bed.

While the latter sat comfortably on the bed, he could feel his neck stiffening, "No, I'm alright, if that makes you feel any better."

Just a slight nod from his stoic, and now, fuming piece of porcelain, made Zhao Yunlan chuckle.

He went on all fours, the mattress sinking under his knees and hands, as he slowly advanced towards his possessive professor, and hugged him from behind.

The arms around his waist instantly relaxed Shen Wei. Next, the touch of warm lips on his nape gave way to the goosebumps on his skin. Shen Wei closed his eyes as a soft moan escaped his lips when the lips slightly parted, and the slippery tongue of Yunlan slithered on his skin.

Zhao Yunlan found it extremely arousing when his Hei Lao-Ge, the God of Dixing, was so vulnerable under his touch. He kept sucking and nibbling on the soft skin of Shen Wei's neck while his hand kept unbuttoning his shirt in the front.

"You... taste of... my aftershave..." Zhao Yunlan hummed between his snacking sessions on Shen Wei's neck, ear, and jawline, earning a slight chuckle from the other man.

Finally, Shen Wei just sat in his pants, his chest bare, a feast to Zhao Yunlan's eyes.

Now that the Chief of SID had done his job of waking the professor, he slid back with his back resting against the headboard, waiting to be taken by the other man.

"Are you carrying a gun, or just excited to see me alive?" Zhao Yunlan smirked as he gazed down at Shen Wei's pants.

The professor instantly blushed, to give away his innermost emotions so easily.

"Aiyya, you are a dish when you blush like...mmmm..." Before the smart-mouth Yunlan could complete, he found his lips in the possession of the professor's hungry ones while his hands were pinned to the headboard above his head.

The polite professor was a rude boy in the bed which drove Zhao Yunlan insane, craving for more.

Soon, Zhao Yunlan found his face smashed against the soft pillow as Shen Wei's long fingers pulled on his hair while he moved rhythmically in him.

"Ahh... you... Shen Wei... Ahhh..." Yunlan's broken words between his moans encouraged Shen Wei to go berserk and pace up with the thrusts, leaving the man beneath him with just the option to moan and scream his name.

"The... The only way... to shut you, babe!" Shen Wei strained huskily as sweat dripped down his temple while his eyes drooped at intervals in pure pleasure.

After what seemed like an eternity, Shen Wei came in Yunlan with a shaky breath.

Both men laid beside each other, panting, and gasping for air. Shen Wei on his back, Zhao Yunlan on his tummy.

"I think I will have to take the day off tomorrow," Zhao Yunlan gulped for air.

His words made Shen Wei chuckle, how he loved the man and the mouth he had. Mouth reminded him of something.

"Kiss me..."

The words were unexpected. Zhao Yunlan quickly turned, now facing his porcelain doll, to see what triggered such a sweet demand. Shen Wei turned his sweaty face towards Yunlan, "Kiss me like there's no tomorrow..."

Zhao Yunlan's smile vanished as he could see Shen Wei's eyes glisten.

And then Shen Wei felt Zhao Yunlan's plum lips, softly caressing his lips, his tongue licking the salty sweat off them. Shen Wei enjoyed dominating Zhao Yunlan in the bed, marking his body as his property, but he was a slave to the love Zhao Yunlan made to his lips, the way he savoured them like a hungry kid, the masterful tongue, the strokes on the lips, Shen Wei always wanted more and more of it.

Shen Wei was owned by Zhao Yunlan, submitted to the high and mighty.

Zhao Yunlan parted from the kiss, looked into the eyes of Shen Wei.

"Like there's no tomorrow..." Zhao Yunlan whispered and again attacked Shen Wei's lips.

Next Day

Zhao Yunlan woke up with a throbbing sensation in his back. He realised that multiple sessions in one night with Shen Wei have never ended well for him.

He looked to his side, Shen Wei was still asleep, so unlikely of him. Zhao Yunlan smiled and traced the bareback of Shen Wei lying next to him with his fingers, only to make the sleeping beauty squirm under his touch.

He got up and limped to the bathroom. Though he was dying to take the day off and let his butt recover, he knew the mystery of Merit Brush was still unsolved which required him to be at the headquarters.

Days-off were a thing of the past for the SID now. Good thing, Zhao Yunlan had Shen Wei.

Zhao Yunlan jumped in the driver's seat, but he sensed something strange. He turned his head and saw Shen Wei just standing with his bag in his hand, low-key glaring at him.

Zhao Yunlan suddenly was nervous, "What?"

Shen Wei rolled his eyes, "The door is not going to open itself, Yunlan."

And Yunlan was taken aback but was there a reply to that?! He nervously grinned and quickly got off the car, only to quickly rush towards the other side of the car.

He opened the door for his king with a smile, making Shen Wei smirk and blush, "You always need an earful, don't you?!"

His playful remark made Yunlan chuckle.

Soon they were at the headquarters, Yunlan quickly got off and strode towards the entrance, only to pause on his trail.

He turned to find Shen Wei glaring at him, he quickly ran back and opened the car door for him.

"Idiot!" Shen Wei rolled his eyes and stormed off.

Yunlan's brows furrowed, "Idiot? Me?"

He entered only to find Shen Wei sitting on the sofa with his one leg resting over the other. He decided to ignore him and get to work. He walked straight into his cabin, waving Da Qing to follow him.


Chu's head jerked up, his jaws tightened, who dared call him with such disrespect, but was a bit surprised when saw Prof. Shen Wei beckoning him like he was a cat or... a dog, wearing an innocent tight-lipped smile on his face.

Chu Shuzhi grew suspicious, but he decided to ignore his instincts. He knew Shen Wei would never mean disrespect, to anyone.

"Yes, Professor?" He was respectful.

"Chu, I have this very bad headache, can you please make me some tea?" Shen Wei theatrically placed fingers on his temple as his face wore expressions of a damsel in distress.

Chu Shuzhi's eyes widened, he stepped back.

"What happened? Do you need permission from your Chief to get me tea?" Shen Wei snapped.

"I... I... I'll get you... the tea," And Chu Shuzhi ran.

Shen Wei rolled eyes, annoyed, and got back to looking at his nails.

- - - - -

"What?" Yunlan held his forehead.

"How can you be so sure?" Qing looked shocked, confused, and slightly excited to hear Chu.

"Watch your mouth before you doubt my credibility, Da Qing!" Chu Shuzhi snarled.

"Argh, shut up you two!" Zhao Yunlan shouted, "Where is he?"

"Sitting outside, waiting for his tea," Chu sounded weirded out.

_ _ _ _ _

"Here, Professor, your tea," Chu Shuzhi's hands almost shivered while handing the cup to the professor who took the cup delicately with his thumb and index finger.

"Oh, Chu, you are a sweetheart," Shen Wei cooed and took a sip of his tea, instantly moaning with delight, "God, Chu, you are so good at it!"

And with that, Shen Wei winked at Chu, making Chu look back at him with eyes ready to pop out of his head.

"You... were you just flirting with Chu?"

Zhao Yunlan's voice emerged, Shen Wei rolled eyes. He completely ignored his presence and continued enjoying his tea, holding the teacup with the grace of the Queen of England.

No response from Shen Wei infuriated Zhao Yunlan, making him completely forget that he was, after all, a victim of personality switch.

"Shen Wei, you were flirting with Chu!" Yunlan snapped.

Chu Shuzhi squeezed his eyes shut to see his chief being a complete idiot.

"I think we have bigger problems here, Chief Zhao?!" He tried intervening.

"See, everyone else has a brain here, except you, Yunlan!" Shen Wei sneered.

All mouths present in that room fell open on the remark.

"And if praising someone's cooking skills is flirting, then I think it's about time you stop flirting with Uncle Li," Shen Wei again snapped and threw a slighting smile in the end.

Zhao Yunlan squeezed his eyes shut, such humiliation. He then swallowed hard, reminding himself that Shen Wei was not himself.

"Shen Wei, I think we should take the day off, you and me, maybe relax at home. What do you say?" Zhao Yunlan gave his all to sound genuine.

Shen Wei smiled sweetly, his lips twitching at one corner, "A day off for you, Yunlan. I will be cooking and cleaning as always!"

Zhao Yunlan's eyes swelled, he looked at all the faces present in that room, looking back at him with disgust.

"I do feel bad for Prof. Shen here," Chu suddenly spoke.

Yunlan creased his eyes in confusion.

"Sometimes I feel like I'm a maid," Shen Wei suddenly was more dramatical with his hands moving the rhythm of his words, "Cooking, doing the dishes, doing his dirty laundry, I get so tired," And soon Shen Wei was sobbing into his handkerchief with his head on Chu's shoulder.

Yunlan glared Chu who sat like a rock with his strong shoulders at Prof. Shen Wei's service.

"I despise you, Chief!"

Yunlan's eyes swelled when he saw Da Qing joining Chu and sitting on the other side of crying and sobbing Shen Wei.

Yunlan wanted to get swallowed by the ground beneath him but there was more to come.

Entered Zhu Hong

Shen Wei lifted his head, his eyes and nose red from crying but his face now wore anguish to see his rival.

"You!" He pointed his pointer at Zhu Hong as he sprung up, right at his spot. Yunlan hid his face in his palms.

Zhu Hong jumped. Her eyes swelled as she saw Shen Wei walking towards her. She couldn't help but notice the sudden shift in Shen Wei's walking style, his steps gracious than any supermodel.

"You like Zhao Yunlan, right?"

Hong was frozen with the direct attack, she just watched him while she could see Yunlan, Qing, and Chu in the back, gesturing her to remain quiet.

"Answer me!" Shen Wei snapped as he placed one hand on his waist.

"Umm, no... yes?!" Zhu Hong was hardly nervous but today she was.

Shen Wei chuckled with his hands on his lips, his grace immaculate, "I would politely ask you to back off!"

He went dead serious on his face by the end of his sentence.

"Professor Shen, you alright?!"

All three men slapped their foreheads loud enough to make Shen Wei jump and turn around.

"Were you three mocking me?" Shen Wei placed his index finger on his chest, suddenly sounding hurt most dramatically, "You people making fun of me?" Shen Wei now placed his hands on his mouth, ready to burst out in tears.

"Shen Wei!"

Shen Wei jumped. It was his boyfriend with his fists on his waist.

"Don't you dare cry again!" Yunlan walked towards him, "I don't understand, why are you so mad at me. Don't I love you? Tell me!"

Shen Wei was suddenly taken aback, "I... yes... you..." He stuttered but was again cut off.

"You know that I do. You know that I love you and I will keep loving you till the end of this world and beyond that. Yes, I'm a bit... a lot careless and I promise, I will help you with everything. Dishes, laundry, cooking... if you are ready to eat dead possums!"

Shen Wei smiled through tears as his boyfriend now had his arms around his waist while intently looking back into his eyes.

"And I will always kiss you like there is no tomorrow..."

And Shen Wei found his lips being passionately devoured by Zhao Yunlan while his face was cupped delicately. Shen Wei could not stop and already started running his fingers through Zhao Yunlan's hair.

All the people present had left long ago, not wanting to risk their salaries for the month for watching soft porn featuring their Chief.

"Like... there is no... no tomorrow..." Zhao Yunlan mumbled between the kisses.

But suddenly his lips were left vacant and empty, he quickly opened his eyes to find Shen Wei unconscious on the floor.

* * * * *

Shen Wei opened his eyes; his vision was blurry. It took a while for his vision to clear, he looked around to recognise his surroundings. It was his apartment.

The sound of water splashing and dishes clinking took his attention.

"What are you doing?" Shen Wei asked as he rubbed his face, trying to gain a hold of his senses.

Zhao Yunlan's hands paused that till now were scrubbing the dishes.