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My Guardian Angel from Hell

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“Every human in existence is assigned with a guardian angel. Even if they’re not aware of our presence, we’re always there, looking out for them. All the possible emotions humans have, the angels' monitor.”

Taehyung’s eyes started to wander around the white room that was crowded with angels. They were all wearing white and gold robes and had beautiful glistening hair of brown, blonde, black, red, and even white, with their giant white wings behind their backs. They were all staring ahead at the podium to the one who was speaking. It almost made Taehyung want to let out a chuckle as he stared at the angel that had garnered all of their attention. 

“As you’re all well aware, we have a newcomer today. A special case, a case we’ve been allowing into our midst every or so millennium. Many of you might remember these varieties of cases through The Angel’s History and their predecessors. The last one recommended this new face, you see before you. Please introduce yourself to everyone.” 

All the angels turned to see Taehyung, who widely smiled at the unfamiliar faces that were stern once upon seeing who he was. “Thank you, my dear old friend,” Taehyung spoke loudly as he smirked at the angel at the podium. It was his old friend, his torturing buddy, who had managed to turn into a full angel. A friend he hasn’t seen in 1,000 years. His friend was once a demon who had also gone through the same procedure as Taehyung. He hadn’t seen his friend in a very long time, but he could tell Heaven was doing him wonders as his friend had a vibrant smile on his face. He was a short, brown-haired angel with chubby cheeks. 

He had a face that no one would have ever imagined being a demon beforehand. It almost made Taehyung laugh at how well respected his old friend, Jimin, was in comparison to how he was cruelly made fun of based on his angelic looks back in Hell. Taehyung let out a cough as he prepared himself for what was to come and said, “Hello, I’m Kim Taehyung, from the fifth circle.” 

The fifth circle was a place where only those with severe anger were kept. Most of the demons placed in this circle were known to be famous torturers in Hell, and Taehyung was no different. No mercy was given to anyone nor was anyone ever spared from the absolute violence the demons of that circle inflicted. The worse of the worse were kept there. 

He heard a lot of gasps going around the room, making him want to let out a sigh. He was fully aware the angels wouldn’t love the idea of someone who’s not only a demon, but someone who has serious anger issues, to become a guardian angel. But I suppose that’s the great news of being friends with the past demon who turned into an angel, he thought as he showed his smile towards the angels who were being noisy. 

Taehyung wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for the chance of a lifetime. Or more like after time. It was a special program that was started many many years ago. Heaven allows only one demon per millennium to be granted a “wish.” Of course, only if they are able to succeed in being a guardian because for some weird reason Heaven has always had a savior complex. 

The wish demons desire is almost always their salvation. Hence why his friend from Hell, was now currently the top dog of Heaven, even after all these years. 

“Now I know most of you would be wary of this circumstance, but I trust and have faith that Kim Taehyung will be able to guide and guard his human. Of course, he will have his century’s worth of training and I hope you all help and show Taehyung the way to becoming the perfect guardian. Now I will assign an angel for his training. Is there a volunteer?” his old friend, Park Jimin asked, scanning the room of the familiar faces he’s grown to love. 

Everyone looked away, either looking at the floor or looking up at the ceiling of the room. Jimin sighed and said, “then I will choose the wisest out of all. Kim Namjoon would you do us the honor of being Taehyung’s mentor?” The room erupted into whispers upon realizing who would be helping the fellow demon. The whispering was making Taehyung annoyed, but he couldn’t help but listen in as they were not as quiet as they believed. 

“I kinda feel bad.” The angel beside Taehyung whispered to the angel on his left side. “I know, that demon won’t stand a chance with him,” The angel replied. “He might be the first demon to fail this program.” There were some snickers coming from different areas, making Taehyung tsk. What could be so bad about this so-called Kim Namjoon? Taehyung couldn’t help but wonder as he scanned the room to see the angel who would be teaching him. 

Finally, he saw most of the angels staring towards the back. He looked further ahead and saw a tall man with black hair, staring straight at him with his arms crossed across his chest. Upon making eye contact, the angel smirked as he slowly stood up from his seat and made his way towards Taehyung who was seated at the front row. 

As he got closer, Taehyung soon realized what made this angel different from the rest. His eyes were filled with determination and annoyance. He was either really strict or he would be pissing –the demon of the fifth circle–off. Taehyung stood up and walked over towards the angel who was just about to reach him and held out his hand. “Hello, I’m Kim Taehyung and I’ll be under your care during this special program.” The angel stared down at the Taehyung’s hand and then firmly placed his hand out to shake the demon’s hand and let go after a few shakes.

“Pleasure,” He said and turned his attention to the angel on the podium at the front. “I will be making sure to train him hard enough so that we can overlook the placement this demon has in Hell.” Jimin nodded as he clapped his hands. “I’ll see you on the other side, Taehyung,” His old friend said, and soon the room filled with angels disappeared, only leaving the demon and his mentor behind. 

“I would like you to know that I won’t go easy on you. You have to prove to me, yourself, and the rest that you want to become a faithful guardian,” Namjoon said sternly, looking at the demon’s eyes. Taehyung’s lips curled into a smile and he said, “Of course.”