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HB Department - Casual Cases

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Slow day it was. Well, for his HB division. Though Zhang Jiale appreciates the extra room to breathe, wouldn’t want to be stressed like the Batu division, scrambling over the Lord Grim case.


A gentle knock was the door. It slid open softly, revealing a young man. Fluffy brunette hair, with a bit of a puppy-like gaze. 


“Is this the HB division?”


“Yeah, you got the right place. What’s up?”


“I was just assigned here.”


“Oh! A rookie huh? Well come in. There’s plenty of desks open.” Zhang Jiale gave a grin as he pats the wood of the desk.


“So. I’m Zhang Jiale, a bit of a senior in this division. Today’s a slow day but that means it’s peaceful.”


“Sun Zheping. Pleased to meet you.” 


He was cute when he smiled.


It took a few minutes to get situated before they received a call.


“Ah. A missing cat it seems.”


“Do we take these cases often?”


“When we’re not busy. Helping the civilians is our duty too. Come on!” Zhang Jiale gestured for Sun Zheping to follow.




They had arrived at the location of where the kitty, Mittens, was last seen.


A kitten that young couldn’t have gotten far.


“Mister. Will Mittens come back?” The little child tearingly asked.


“Of course. Don’t worry! Leave it to Gege!”


It was a small park not too far from the residential district. Though there was wire fencing around most of the park to keep the fauna from overgrowing onto the sidewalks.


“Mittens~ Mittens where are you?” Zhang Jiale called. He scanned around and searched in the many bushes.


Sun Zheping wandered around the other side of the park.


It took awhile but Sun Zheping heard a faint mewing sound from a bit further.


He slowly approached the sound, trying not to startle the kitten. Gotcha!


“Oi. Is this the little rascal?”


“Mittens!” The kid ran over to hold the kitty. The little cat nuzzled it’s furry head against their hands.


“Well, seems like that’s taken care of.”






On the way back from the park to the station, they got a call. 


“Huh? Back up? What for?”


His superior had called to assign them as backup at the Void Museum. Lord Grim was to strike there in about a few hours.


“Seems like we’re headed towards the Void museum. Wonder how the Batu division is taking it?”


“Isn’t Lord Grim that thief that steals gems and such with tricks?”


“Yeah. The Batu division were assigned to that case for a while now. Still no luck.”


“Is he really that hard to stop?”


“Slippy as an eel. Though I heard he took a liking to Batu’s captain.”


“Han Wenqing?”


“Yup!” They made their way to the museum, slowly chatting about their days.




In the end, not much different happened. Lord Grim had this time decided to turn the entire floor into a sticky mess of webs, trapping the rest of the officers in their place. He ran off with the Palia’s Pearl in hand after making a few remarks towards Captain Han Wenqing as usual.


“Ugh. So sticky. This’ll take forever to wash out of my hair.” Zhang Jiale complained.


“You could always cut it shorter?”


“No no. My beautiful locks are what makes me special~”


Sun Zheping chuckled. He then smudged some more webbing on Zhang Jiale, they got into a small tussle.


“There! Now you’re also covered in it!”


“Hehe. How about we get some food to make up, my treat?” Sun Zheping offered.


“Sure! Sounds fun!”