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GSNK but it's made using a predictive text generator

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Sakura thought about kissing nozaki. She sighed at the idea that she had. Fortunately, nozaki was already busy with his manga.
Suddenly, nozaki looked up at her and said, " sakura, you should find out what kind of paper we needed. "
sakura jumped up and ran to the table. She quickly gripped the end of the two pieces of paper on the table and ran over to the door. Now that she had settled down, sakura could help him out. She walked to the train station. Then, mikoshiba was going too.
Mikoshiba said excitedly, " sakura! You should definitely learn about a really good romantic gesture! "
sakura jumped up in the middle of the train. " what do you mean? " she asked.
Mikoshiba replied, " i was able to get the best solution for the date with a surprise party! "
sakura grumbled, " that sounds like a pain. "
mikoshiba whined, " it was a good idea! " he eventually got out of the train, and then ran away.
Sakura still seemed embarrassed at the idea of getting closer to nozaki. Even so, she silently made a quick sketch of a tsundere. After jotting down the best places to look at flowers, she walked off the train to go get stuff.
When she had finished, she headed to nozaki 's birthday party. Then, kashima and sakura sat awkwardly. They weren't invited to nozaki 's party.
Sakura exclaimed, " i'm sorry for being so upset. I just remembered that i'm not better than these kinds of paper. "
kashima says, " i understand why you want to go to nozaki 's party. Nozaki 's birthday is delicious. " sakura smiled.
She sighed and ran to the door. Nozaki looked surprised that sakura would join him. He remembered that sakura left to get him a slice of paper. Even so, he decided to take her up to his apartment. Suddenly, mikoshiba properly frolicked into the kitchen. " i have guessed that sakura might enjoy a surprise party! " he realized. "
it looks like fun " sakura responded.
Nozaki nodded. " i already have a large picnic basket and grabbed a cheesecake. It 's really important. " he said.
Wakamatsu pulled out his phone and sent a quick text to nozaki. " i need to discuss some strange circumstances that i have been imagining. " it said.
Mikoshiba quickly stood between his friends to help with all the things. Once they realized that this moment of wakamatsu 's trust tended to be very violent, he decided to turn his phone over.
Sakura thought that perhaps she could offer to celebrate this moment. " nozaki, you always have been getting the best time with everything. I love you! " she then joked that they should definitely spend time alone somewhere to celebrate.
Nozaki looked inquisitively at her and grabbed sakura. He blushed slightly and said, " i understand. I want to be with you always. "
sakura jumped up and reached for nozaki 's face. Nozaki continued to take her heart with a kiss.
Without thinking, mikoshiba said, " i'm running out of your apartment to go home. "