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He's Mine Not Yours

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After the success of his first self produced series, Mew decided to make another one but the only difference is, he won’t be in it. Mew wants to give other actors and actresses a chance to showcase their talents. He wants to be behind the scenes at all times to make the magic happen. He wants to feel the satisfaction of seeing something he worked hard for, come to life.

After months of discussing the storyline, concept and genre, everything is finally finalised and it is time for casting. To be honest, casting is one of Mew’s favourite part of producing a series. He gets to meet a lot of new faces and also learn about other people's ways of getting into characters. He might be an experienced actor but that doesn’t mean he can’t learn more about the art of acting. 

“Your casting is tomorrow right?” Said a voice as a man took a seat beside Mew on the couch, wrapping an arm around his waist.

“Mm,” Mew hummed in response, wrapping his arm around his boyfriend’s shoulder, before kissing the crown of his head. “You smell different” he said, kissing the man’s head again.

The younger chuckled. “I smell like you? I ran out of shampoo so I used yours”

“I like my smell on you,” Mew said as he diverted his focus back at the show playing on the tv, slowly rubbing the younger’s shoulder.

Mew and Gulf have been together for almost 3 years now. Although they are no longer working together much as a shipped couple, they still come back every night to each other’s arm. However, no one knows about this except for their families and friends. The fans and medias know that they are still close but no one knew their actual status.

Despite not caring about people’s opinion on their relationship, they decided to keep it a secret. It was Mew’s idea to keep it on the down-low. He wants to protect what they have without people invading their privacy.

While both were busy paying attention to the tv screen, the younger suddenly sat up straight and started giggling as the elder looked at him confusedly.

“What’s so funny?”

“Won’t it be funny if I decided to come tomorrow and cast for your series”

Mew was stunned at the younger’s remark. Don’t get him wrong, he would love to have Gulf in his series but they made a decision to not interfere with each other’s personal career so that they could grow individually. 

“I would be surprised but it would definitely be nice to have you on set. You’re a great actor and it would be a great pleasure to have Gulf Kanawut in my series” the elder grinned before continuing, “the series would be an instant hit to have a talented and extremely hot man in it”

The younger playfully hit Mew’s chest at the complement as he laughed. “I think you should just announce that you have filled in the main role spot”

“That wouldn’t be fair, tua aeng. You need to audition like everyone else”

“What?? But I’m your boyfriend. Don’t I get any special treatment” whined Gulf, looking at Mew with his big Bambi eyes.

“Life needs to be fair, Gulf,” Mew said in a serious tone. Mew was all about fairness when it comes to life. He believes that only hard work is the shortcut to success.

Hearing Mew’s sudden serious tone, the younger laughed. “I’m just kidding. Although I would love to be a part of it, I would probably die from exhaustion if I add in any more works into my schedule”

Gulf was recently cast in a new series that was bound to be filmed in a month time. He is also busy in the studio. For someone who didn’t like singing, he truly enjoyed rapping, hence, he made himself a household name in the rap scene. 

“What a bummer. Would be nice to sneak a kiss or two or do ‘something’ during break like last time” Mew said, remembering their Tharntype days.

“You’re always so horny, Mew,” the younger said rolling his eyes.

“Said the one knocking on the door while I was in the shower to join me” Mew receives a smack on the arm as he laughed at the blushed man in front of him.



The casting was a success. The number of participants that attended was beyond Mew’s expectations. Everyone did a great job. It was so great that Mew and the team are having a hard time picking the man for the main role, Song. There are currently four shortlisted actors and all four of them are equally good.

Hence, came a plan that Mew had thought of last minute. He had decided to let the four shortlisted actors attend two weeks worth of workshops. That way, he can see the actual potential and evaluate which actor could bring Song to life. It was also a good opportunity for the actors to learn something new even if they’re not chosen.

With the sudden workshop that started two days ago, it was a bummer for Gulf. Gulf had cleared off his schedule for the week and took a week off as they had initially planned to go on a trip together. But with Mew’s sudden plan, they had to put the trip on hold. Gulf didn’t mind, he was sad but he understands. He knows Mew takes the series very seriously, hence, he wants the best for the elder. 

Also, Gulf took this opportunity to do what he loves best - sleeping. For the past month, he had only managed to get four hours of sleep daily. With packed schedules, he works every day from morning till night and his body definitely needed the extra sleep. However, just like everyone else, sleeping and doing nothing for two days straight would bore anyone.

Should I visit Mew at his workshop? The younger thought to himself. He’s sure that Mew wouldn’t mind. He does it before with Mew’s first series where Gulf would come and visit whenever he has free time.

After an hour of getting ready, he is finally ready to leave the house. He grabbed his things and head down to the lobby with a smile on his face. He is excited to see Mew.



“When it comes to acting, don’t be afraid to improvise or put your twist into the character. If you’re just following what the director or producer say then you’re not acting, you’re just following instructions” Gulf could hear Mew’s voice from afar. Those were the exact words Mew had told Gulf when they first met. The experienced actor had taken him under his wings and guided him to what he has become now. Gulf would forever be grateful to be partnered up with Mew for his first main role.

The closer he walks towards the room, the louder Mew’s voice gets. As he reaches the room where the workshop is being conducted, he entered quietly. He was now facing all the actors’ backs, except for Mew who was looking directly at him. When they locked eyes, Mew smiled widely but quickly go back to what he was saying; hence, no one noticed his presence. Gulf quietly sat on the stool near the door as he watched the workshop unfold.

Gulf was busy on his phone while waiting for break time. However, something that came out of Mew’s mouth suddenly grabbed his attention.

“You know who would give the best advice when it comes to emotional scenes? Gulf Kanawut!” Mew said, pointing at Gulf, grinning.

Everyone turned and was shocked to see the other actor sitting behind them. Whispers could be heard around the room as their eyes went wide.

Gulf had no choice but to go to the front of the room and introduce himself. “Hi everyone, my name is Gulf. It’s really nice meeting everyone”

“Will you be in the series, P’Gulf?” One of the actors asked.

“Oh no, I’m just here to visit”

“Actually” Mew suddenly said wrapping an arm around his shoulder, “Gulf is here to be one of the mentors for a few days”

The young man was shocked at what came out of the elder’s mouth. “What?” He whispered, loud enough for only Mew to hear.

“Come on, it will be fun. Plus, I miss spending time with you” the elder whispered back.

“Anyway, Gulf, what tip would you give them to bring out pure emotions of the character you’re portraying?”

Gulf thought for a while before saying “to feel the emotions of the character is to be the character. In your head, don’t think that you’re acting, instead, think that you are the character. For example, if it’s a sad scene, try to put yourself in his shoes. The best way to do so is to understand your character well. If there’s no backstory then create one. That way, you’ll know what he went through and how to channel the emotions” Everyone nodded their heads and took a mental note to Gulf’s tips.



“Alright everyone, Let’s start our first exercise. Right now, I want you to act spontaneously, without a script. You can choose to act with anyone, including me and Gulf and you will need to start the first line. The genre or storyline is completely up to you but your partner will also need to catch up fast so that the acting is smooth. Got it? Alright, who will like to go first?” Mew said eyeing the actors to see who is brave enough to go first.

Without any hesitation, one actor proudly raised his hand. “I would like to go first”

“Nice! Who would you like to act with Bank?” 

During the casting, Bank was known to be very determined and was never afraid to do whatever that was told. Mew remembered telling him to improvise as a psychotic person and he managed to perform wonderfully, which is how he was shortlisted.

“I would like to act with you,” the young man said without any shyness.

Mew smiled and nodded his head. He would never say no to acting “Let’s do it then”

Bank stood up and went beside Mew all eagerly.

“Alright, you can be anything or anyone you want. Okay? Let’s start”

Everyone was looking at them with anticipation. Not knowing what will come out of their mouth.

On queue, Bank’s eyes started getting watery as he looked at Mew straight in the eyes.

“I can’t do this anymore... I’m sorry phi, it hurts too much”

“What hurts? I don’t understand... Please tell me, let me fix this. I can’t lose you” Mew replied without any pause.

“I can’t stand being around you. It hurts phi! It hurts every time you’re close to me!” Bank sobbed, clutching the sleeve of his sweater.

“But why?! You’re my best friend... How could you say that? I never did anything to hurt you” Mew said, coming close to Bank, tears building in his eyes.

“But you did!” 

Mew titled his head, confused. “All my life, I did everything I could to make you happy. I was there for you through your ups and downs. I would drop everything and go to you if there’s an issue with you and you dare to say that I hurt you???”

“That’s the point, phi! You’re making it hard for me to move on!”

“Move on from what???”

And the next line that came out of Bank’s mouth had everyone shocked. 

“Move on from my feelings! I love you!!! I fell for you since the first time I met you and it hurts that you only see me as a friend!”

Mew was shocked. There was a short pause before he continued. “Y-you love me?”

And what happened next made everyone gasped. 

Bank pulled Mew and kissed him on the lips. Mew’s eyes went wide but he stayed in character.

Bank pulled away before saying “I love you so much and I’m sorry for ruining our friendship” before pretending to walk away.

Everyone clapped at the short performance, complementing Bank’s acting as the young actor sat back down on the floor.

Mew cleared his throat. “Alright Bank, good job! You did well! I like how there’s no pause or any hesitant from your side. Okay, who wants to go next?” Mew said, unaffected by what just happened like a pro actor he is but no one noticed how he secretly glanced at Gulf who had an unreadable expression. Since the kiss happened, Gulf was quiet throughout the whole workshop and only spoke when needed too.



The drive back home was quiet. Mew could tell that the kiss was bothering Gulf but he didn’t understand why. They were acting and he had kissed other people in his other series before so why is it different now?

When they walked into their shared condo, Mew grabbed Gulf by the wrist before the younger could go inside their room and ignore him further.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Why wouldn’t I be okay?” The younger said nonchalantly.

“I’m not dumb Gulf. I know something’s bothering you. It’s the kiss right?”

Gulf winced at the memory, before slowly pushing Mew’s hand away. “Yes but don’t worry. It’s not a big deal and I will get over it”

But Mew didn’t take that as an answer, he wants to further understand the issue.

“Why are you affected by it anyway? We’re just acting”

“I don’t know why I’m upset too but I guess it’s because your series is not a BL series so I didn’t expect that, plus, it’s a workshop and to add it up, you’re not in the series so, I don’t know” Gulf replied, not understanding why he is upset too.

“But you kissed me during our first workshop”

“That’s different Mew! We were partners! A kiss was bound to happen!” Gulf didn’t know why that remark angers him. He just couldn’t believe that Mew had compared Bank’s situation to his.

“Hey, hey relax. I’m sorry for saying that. Look, it’s just acting okay tua aeng? To be honest, I was caught off guard too but that’s what improvisation is all about, isn’t it? I’m sure he didn’t mean anything. Plus, I love you and my heart only belongs to you. So please don’t be angry over this. Okay?” 

Gulf sighed and nodded his head. “Okay” he knows he has no reason to be upset over this.

It was just merely acting....




The next day, they went to the workshop together. Since Gulf is free for a few more days, he decided to take Mew’s offer and be a mentor.

To him, he takes it as an excuse to spend time with Mew. It’s been a while since he worked together with his boyfriend and he really misses it. Being around Mew was always a nice feeling for Gulf and regardless of how tired he was, just looking at Mew will immediately energise him.

When they entered the room, only Bank was there, sitting by the corner, playing with his phone.

Upon hearing footsteps entering the room, the young actor looked up and had a big smile on his face.

“Good morning P’Mew, good morning P’Gulf!” Said the young man.

“Morning, Bank,” both of them said simultaneously.

“Ready for today’s workshop?” Mew asked.

“Always ready phi!” The man beamed.

Mew laughed at the new comer's eagerness. But suddenly stopped as he starts to look around for something.

“What’s wrong Mew?” Asked the boyfriend.

“Shit, I think I left my phone in the car. I’ll be right back” the elder said, leaving the room.

When Mew left. Gulf put his things on the table before sitting on the stool placed at the front of the room. Deep down, he cursed Mew for leaving. As an introvert, he was never good at talking to strangers. Usually, there will be other people in the room with him so it wouldn’t be that awkward but now he is all alone.

“So,” Gulf started. “What made you audition for this series?” 

“I’ve always been a fan of P’Mew so when I found out that he’s making another series, I took the opportunity to audition. I think being in his series would be such a great honour” the man responded.

He audition because he’s a fan? Gulf thought to himself. For some reason that didn’t sit right with him. He expected the younger to say something along the line of how he always wanted to act but not because he is a fan.

“I see” Gulf said. “Is this your first acting gig?” 

“Yes. To be honest, I don’t really like acting but I suddenly have the urge to act when I found out about this series”

Yeah. Whatever coming out of the younger’s mouth definitely did not sit right with Gulf. The younger’s intention didn’t seem right.

“Phi,” the younger said, breaking Gulf’s train of thought.


“Why are you here?” The younger asked and to be frank, Gulf was quite offended by the question.

“To be a mentor” he replied, trying not to show any emotions.

“Yes but you’re not involved in the series” the young actor replied again.

“Mew asked me to help him out. That’s why” Gulf answered.

“I see” the younger nodded. “Can I ask one more question, is that alright?”


“Are you and P’Mew together?”

Gulf was appalled. He did not expect that question at all. The question was invasive and wasn’t something to be asked especially when you barely know someone.

But being a good actor, Gulf managed to contain himself. He put on a fake smile and shook his head. “No, Mew is like a brother to me” he lied.

“Good” the new actor whispered to himself softly but not realising that it was loud enough for Gulf to hear.

The experienced actor was about to question him but before he could, the rest of the actors along with Mew walked in.

Gulf kept an eye on Bank. He was definitely not in his good book.



Aside from what happened in the morning, the workshop ended smoothly. Although Gulf was bothered with the incident, he was professional enough to not let it show during the workshop. He still treated Bank as he normally would. However, Gulf wasn’t afraid to be vocal about it to Mew.

“I don’t like Bank” Gulf suddenly said after keeping his feelings to himself throughout the day.

Mew who was typing on his laptop, stopped and sighed. “Are you still bothered by the kiss?”

“What? No! I’m over that”

“Then what?”

“He auditioned for the series solely because he is a fan of you” Gulf explained.

“Okay? And what seems to be the problem?” Mew didn’t understand where this was going.

“It means his intentions are wrong. He might have other ulterior motives”

“Come on, Gulf. I know you didn’t get a good impression of him but let’s not think negative. It doesn’t matter why he is here, as long as he can deliver then it is fine. It means he still deserves it”

Gulf kept quiet. He knows Mew is right but he can’t help but feel as if something bad was going to happen.

“He even asked if we were together! So invasive!” Gulf said, pissed at the thought of it.

Mew was stunned. “What did you answer?”

“Of course I said you’re like my brother. I’m not going to spill our secret to show territory”

Mew sighed in relief. “Okay, that question did cross the line but maybe he was just curious” Mew tried his best to reason with his boyfriend.

“No, Mew! You don’t get it! Do you know what he said next? He said good! What does that suppose to mean???” 

Mew finally understood why Gulf was offended and angry. He would too. But he can’t let Bank go solely because of this issue. That wouldn’t be fair and it might just be a misunderstanding.

“I can’t let him go, Gulf. I have a process to follow”

“Then just don’t pick him as the main role, change the concept and eliminate him” The younger demanded.

Mew sighed and massaged his temple “I’m not the only one making the decision, Gulf. Plus, maybe this is just a misunderstanding. We’re both experienced actors Gulf. Let’s be professional please?”


“I know you’re not comfortable and I understand that but please trust me on this, okay? I won’t let anything happen. I promise” Mew said pulling Gulf into a tight hug to assure him.

Gulf was speechless but agreed anyway. It wasn’t his series so he had no say.



Despite not being comfortable around Bank, Gulf still comes every day to the workshop. Bank didn’t do anything but sometimes Gulf could see him glaring at him whenever he is close to Mew.

Today, was no different. Gulf and Mew are currently having lunch together during break time. They are sitting together with the rest of the production team while the shortlisted actors are sitting at the table behind them. Gulf was facing their table and Bank is sitting facing him.

Whenever Mew would feed Gulf or tease him, Gulf couldn’t help but notice the burning glare from the new actor. It was subtle but obvious to Gulf. He wasn’t comfortable but he ignored it. He also felt a sense of pride in him because he’s the one with Mew, not Bank. So sometimes, he would initiate something to piss Bank off. 

Right now, Gulf is wiping Mew’s mouth with his finger, purposely touching Mew’s lips. There was no smudge but he just wanted a reaction from the new actor and Bank was throwing daggers at him. Gulf could see the jealousy in his eyes and he felt content because, at the end of the day, Mew was his. 

After a few seconds, Bank looked away and Gulf is smug. Call him immature but he didn’t care. The looked on the man’s face gives Gulf so much satisfaction.



“Are you guys ready for another improvisation exercise?”

Great. Gulf hates this. He knows Bank would take this opportunity to get close with Mew.

“Alright, who would like to start first?”

And as usual, Bank put his hand up first. Mew glance at Gulf and if looks could kill, Bank would be dead by now. Gulf was clenching his fist and the elder could tell that his boyfriend was trying to contain himself.

“Alright, Bank. Who would you like to act with?”

“I would like to act with P’Gulf please”

Both Mew and Gulf was surprised at this. They expected him to say, Mew. 

“Alright, bring it on,” Gulf said, pretending to be playful.

“Okay Bank, you can start whenever you’re ready,” Mew said moving to the side to give them space to act.

“You’re really something aren’t you?” spat Bank.

“What do you mean?” Gulf continued without hesitating.

“You think you’re all that but guess what? You’re not!” Continued the inexperienced actor.

Gulf couldn’t tell if Bank was acting or if he was using this as an excuse to curse him out but he kept in character.

Gulf scoffed. “And what? You think you’re better than me?”

“Let’s be honest, anyone is better than you,” Bank said walking towards Gulf.

Gulf needs to push his personal emotions aside and remember that they were just acting; hence, he shouldn’t take any offence. But he wanted to test the water. He wanted to see if Bank was acting or not.

“Please, you wish you were me. You’re just jealous that you’re not in my position” Gulf smirked at Bank’s reaction. Bingo! It’s clear that the new actor was using this to taunt him.

Before Bank could say anything, Gulf continued. “Remember this, you’ll never get what I have and you’ll never be good enough so it’s better for you to just give it up now than to embarrass yourself later”

And that definitely pushed Bank’s buttons. Instead of saying anything, he launched forward and pushed Gulf hard making the experienced actor fell to the floor and before anything could escalate, Mew stopped them.

“Okay! Okay! We can stop now” Mew said, getting in between them and helping Gulf out.

“Oh, is something wrong P’Mew? Is my acting bad?” Bank asked innocently.

“No, no” Mew was confused. He didn’t know if they were acting or if they were serious. “But next time, try not to do anything physical. I mean you can but just pretend. We don’t want an actual injury” he continued.

“Oh, I’m really sorry. I’m so sorry P’Gulf. I didn’t mean to push you. I’m new to this so I didn’t know the do’s and don’ts” Bank said with his palms clasped together.

Gulf could clearly see that he was faking it but nodded anyway. “It’s okay, don’t worry about it”. He didn’t want to cause a scene. 

Bank thanked him before going back to sit on the floor. While the other actors were improvising, Gulf could see through the corner of his eyes that Bank was glaring at him. Gulf was annoyed. 



Today was Gulf’s last day as a mentor. Starting from tomorrow, he would go back to his busy schedules. To be honest, he couldn’t wait to be out of this. He took this opportunity to spend time with Mew but only ended up getting pissed every day by a newcomer.

Plus it’s also affecting Mew and Gulf’s relationship. They would argue every day regarding this issue. Gulf kept forcing Mew to kick Bank out but Mew kept telling Gulf to be professional but how could he when the young man kept stepping on his boundaries? 

Whatever. Gulf thought to himself. At least after today, he would be free from Bank. He knows that Mew wouldn’t choose Bank, he already had someone else in mind. Plus, after what happened, he trust that Mew wouldn’t even take him into consideration, so he had nothing to worry about. In a week time, Bank wouldn’t be able to see Mew anymore.

Right now, Gulf was alone in the room. The rest of the actors were in another room, waiting for their turn for a one on one evaluation and discussion. Mew asked if Gulf wanted to be a part of the evaluation but he refused because he is not involved in the series and he didn’t want to be biased.

As Gulf was busy playing his phone, the door of the room opened. He looked up and cursed to himself. Why did he have to be the first one to finish the evaluation. Now I have to be alone with him.

He didn’t want to be alone with that man, hence, he stood up to leave. But before he could do so, Bank said something that made Gulf stopped on his tracks.

“I know you’re doing shit just to get to me”

Gulf looked at him all innocently before asking “I don’t understand what you’re trying to say”

Bank walked up to Gulf and gets in his face but Gulf was unfazed, clearly not scared of the younger man.

“Don’t act stupid you piece of shit!” Spat the new actor.

Gulf scoffed at the angry man. Gulf would love to give the man a piece of his mind but he knows it’s not worth it. So he pushes his anger aside. “Look, I don’t want any problem with you okay? So if you could excuse me,” Gulf said moving to the side to pass the man but was quickly pushed by his chest.

“What is your problem??” Gulf had the urge to push him back but he knows it would put a negative effect on his career if people found out that he got physical with someone.

“You’re my problem! You don’t deserve P’Mew!” 

“Oh, and you think you deserve him? Wake up. He will never be interested in you. Plus, I don’t get why you’re so worked out. We’re just brothers” Gulf rolled his eyes and tried to leave again but this time the man grabbed him by the collar of his t-shirt. Gulf tried to push him away, make him let go, but the gripped tightens, almost choking Gulf.

“I know you’re not just brothers! I’m not blind! I fucking hate it whenever you’re close to him! You’re only with him for the fame! You’re a fucking user! P’Mew deserves better!” The man spat in his face. The man was so close, he could smell his breath.

“First of all, I am not using him. If I was, I wouldn’t be with him for this long” Gulf realised he just spilt the beans but right now, he didn’t care. He just wants to set the record straight. He is sick of people accusing him of using Mew. “And secondly, let’s be real, the only reason why you’re so pissed is because you’re not dating him. Guess what? That would never happen! Sorry to break it to you, but you’re not Mew’s type and you’ll never be. But you know who is? Me. I’m the one Mew’s hugging every day at night, I’m the only one who can kiss Mew whenever I want and most importantly, I’m the only one he loves. So moved the fuck on!” 

If Gulf thought that would wake Bank up, he was wrong. Very wrong. Instead, that pisses the young man even more. He looked like he wanted to kill Gulf.

The new actor raised his arm and clenched his fist, ready to strike Gulf’s face. Gulf was ready for the pain to come. He knows he can’t fight back for the sake of his image and career so he has no choice but to bear the pain.

But before the pain could come, a voice stopped them. 

“I wouldn’t do that if I was you” 

“P-P’Mew” Bank startled, letting Gulf go. 

“It’s not what you think! He was provoking me!” the man lied, trying to defend himself.

“Bullshit! The staff came here to call you back and saw everything that happened!” Mew was fuming. Gulf could see that he was trying to contain himself from doing any damage.

“But I didn’t do anything!” Bank tried to reason with him.

“I’ll count to three. If you’re still here after three then I won’t hesitate to beat the shit out of you. So leave and never show your face here ever again! Also, don't you dare speak of this to anyone, I have all your actions caught on the CCTV so if you don't want any backlash in your life then keep our names out of your mouth”

Bank stood still, looking at Mew in disbelief. Clearly heartbroken.

“One” Mew starts counting.

“Two” Mew paused for a while, eyeing the man.

“Don’t make me count to three because I promise you’ll regret it”

The man is now a sobbing mess. He didn’t want to leave but he was also afraid of Mew’s threats.

“Th-“ and before Mew could finish saying ‘three’, Bank grabbed his bag and ran out of the room with tears flowing non-stop down his face.

Once the man left, Mew left out a sighed of relief and walked towards Gulf and pulled him into a tight hug. He was filled with regret for not listening to Gulf.

“I’m sorry for not listening to you. I didn’t know it was that serious” Mew whispered as he laid his head at the crooks of Gulf’s neck.

“I wouldn’t know what I’ll do or feel if he actually managed to lay a hand on you,” Mew said, tightening the hug. Gulf could feel tears escaping the elder’s eyes as he felt the wetness on his neck. Mew was known to be sensitive and expressive so things like this would definitely affect him, especially when it involves Gulf.

“It’s okay Mew. I’m okay. Nothing happened. Don’t be sad alright?”

“I feel guilty for not listening to you. I should have listened to you” the elder said. 

“Hey, come on, stop it. You didn’t do anything wrong. Plus, you were just being professional. I will never blame you if anything were to ever happen. So don’t feel bad, okay? He’s gone now” Gulf is currently rubbing Mew’s back.

Mew slowly pulled apart and looked into Gulf’s eyes. “I’m sorry”

Gulf chuckled. “There’s nothing to be sorry about Mew. I’m from an all boy’s school. This kind of shit doesn’t scare me” The younger man caressed his boyfriend’s cheek. “Now stop feeling guilty for something you didn’t do”


Before Mew could say anything, Gulf kissed him. The kiss was short and sweet but it definitely shut Mew up.

“No buts. I’m okay. We’re okay. Nothing could ever break me or us”