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Home is far from here

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Edmund had always felt unworthy to be King of Narnia. It had been a whisper at the corner of his mind forever. He wasn’t worthy to rule.

To Edmund, he deserved to have Narnia snatched away from under him. It was only just, that he, the traitor, be banished.

Edmund couldn’t justify why his siblings were right there alongside him.

Sometimes Edmund dreamed of that awful day when Lucy had tried to return to Narnia. Her heartbroken cries haunted Edmund.

They didn’t belong in this world. Edmund had to somehow prove his worth so that his siblings could go home.

Edmund had done everything he could. He did all his house chores, he ignored every teacher but did what they asked. He put on his school tie and polished his shoes.

Edmund swallowed down his opinions and acted the part.

There was shouting coming from the underground. Edmund pushed his way through the school children. Familiar blonde hair flashed under the artificial light. Peter swung his fists and roared.

Edmund dropped his shoulders back, his body easily moved into a familiar fighting stance. Edmund whipped his school bag at one of the boys who had just been about to kick Peter from behind.

And for one single moment Edmund let himself fight beside his brother. King next to King. Magnificent and Just.

It didn’t last. Edmund slumped against the underground wall. He didn’t believe he could keep the act up.

There was a cold pinch and a forceful tug Edmund was on his feet shouting. Susan yelled for everyone to hold hands.

Edmund could hear a Narnian flute playing in the distance, he knew the tune. High summer and the evening was long, the air warm and filled with the smell of wine.

Tumnus had begun to play his set of pipes to the gathering in one of the low courtyards at Cair Paravel. Edmund could taste the wine on his lips.

The British Underground melted away and the four of them were standing in a beach cave. Lucy led them out onto the shore.

Narnia, Narnia, they were home. Edmund wondered if they were dreaming but the sand crunched under their shoes and the water was the clear Narnian blue.

The shocked silence they had held shattered as Lucy and Susan broke off running at the sea.

Peter shoved lightly at Edmund’s shoulder getting him to move from where he stood stunned.
Then Edmund was chasing after his brother kicking off his school shoes and splashing water at an utterly delighted Lucy.

Relief and joy echoed in their shouts and squeals. It was real. The water, the sand, everything.

Edmund drank in their surroundings, had he proved his worth? Were they home for good?