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“No, Snape. We’re done with your shit. Get the fuck out of here.”

Remus had just walked out of the bar for a smoke break in the alley. The band from earlier that night was packing up their instruments and, apparently, kicking out their bassist.

“Fuck you, Potter,” the bassist with the greasy hair shot back, “This band is shit anyways.”

Remus lit a cigarette and watched with vague interest. The band had been good tonight. They had a nice mix between rock and indie, not to mention the drummer had been particularly attractive. But now the band seemed to be in total disarray. Over what? Remus didn't have a clue nor did he care. He did not get paid to break up fights.

“Whatever you say, Snivellus,” said the boy in the leather jacket - the drummer, Remus remembered. “You’re an asshole and a racist and if I never see you again, it would be too soon.”

The greasy bassist stepped up to lead singer - Potter, Remus remembered him saying - and Remus groaned internally. He was a pretty good fighter, you had to be when you worked at a bar like this, but he really didn't want any new bruises. 

The keyboardist, a short blonde boy, walked into the alley and looked between his bandmates, “What’s going on guys?”

“We’re kicking out, Snape,” the leather jacket man said, “and he’s trying to stick his big fucking nose in Potter’s face like he could ever take a punch.”

Snape turned on him then, “And you would know all about taking punches, wouldn’t you, Black?”

“Fuck you,” he said with real malice and raised a fist.

“Ay!” Remus yelled from the other end of the alley, “I don’t want any fighting here. Get your shit packed and get out of here.” The boys looked over at him. None of them seemed to have realized he had been there. Remus just stared them down as he blew out his smoke, “I’m not telling you twice.”

The bassist - Snivellus, they were calling him - stepped back, spit on their shoes, and stormed off. Once he finally left their sights, the rest of the band visibly relaxed. 

“Fuck,” the Potter boy said as he leaned against the wall, “What are we going to do?”

“Who needs him? We’re better off without him,” the leather jacket man replied.

“We do need a bassist though,” the blonde boy finally said.

There was a moment of silence as they all appeared to be racking their brains. Remus should probably get back to work by now, but he remained under a false pretense of making sure they weren't going to start another fight.

“I can ask Lily if she knows anyone,” Potter said.

“Asking Lily is exactly what got us into this mess.” The leather jacket man sighed and caught Remus’s eye. “Hey,” he called out, “can I bum a smoke?”

Remus would normally say no. He abhorred talking to strangers, but something about the band intrigued him. Plus, the drummer had looked beautiful under the stage lights. “Yeah, alright,” Remus replied.

The leather jacket man smiled and walked over to Remus. Remus dug in his jacket and pulled out a cigarette and a lighter, handing it over. The leather jacket man was indeed still beautiful, with unruly long black hair and bright blue eyes that made even the dark alley a bit brighter. Remus set fire to the lighter and watched as the soft orange flame illuminated the stranger’s face. 

The stranger leaned into the flame with the cigarette between his teeth. The dancing light caught on the sharp line of his cheeks and the soft chaos of his hair. Then, the cigarette was lit and Remus capped the flame and the alley returned to the same dark and cold it had been moments ago.

“So what’s your name?” the stranger asked.

“Remus,” he replied. There was once a time when he would've been nervous being in such close proximity to such an attractive man, but Remus had worked here long enough to know that musicians are all self-obsessed assholes and he immediately stopped caring what any of them thought of him. Yet still, his mother raised him to always be polite, “and yours?” he said after taking a drag.

“Sirius Orion Black,” he flashed a grin, “star drummer of the soon-to-be world-famous Marauders.”

Remus raised an eyebrow, “Do they have star drummers? Honestly, I can’t name one.”

“Ringo Starr.”

“He was a Beatle. Doesn’t count.”

“Travis Barker.”

“If I asked a random woman on the street who Travis Barker was, she wouldn’t be able to tell you.”

Sirius looked almost offended before reading the small smile on Remus’s face. “Well, then, Remus No-Surname. I guess I’ll just have to be the first.”

Remus looked at him. He truly believed that, and the worst thing was, some part of Remus wanted to believe it too. “Lupin,” Remus said.


“That’s my name. Remus John Lupin.”

Sirius cracked yet another well-practiced smirk, “Nice to meet you, Remus.” Sirius took a drag of his cigarette and then looked at his bandmates loading their equipment into the Potter boy’s car, “You wouldn’t happen to know a bassist, would you?”


Which is how, the next morning, Remus ends up taking a train to the outskirts of town and walking 20 minutes to a seemingly abandoned warehouse. He would’ve completely turned around were it not for the fact that 1) he heard very familiar voices shouting over very familiar music and 2) if Remus was honest with himself, he’d played in worse. Hell, he’d lived in worse places.

He walked through a door that was barely on its hinges and walked into the open room. Inside, half of the roof had caved in, the walls were covered with graffiti, and there were shattered glass bottles littering the ground. Maybe it had been a factory at some point, but it seemed like no one had occupied in years. It was honestly quite beautiful but only in the way broken things are beautiful.

The boys were in the middle of practicing but when the Potter boy spotted Remus he immediately put down his guitar, “Remus! You made it!”

Sirius stayed seated at the drum kit but gave Remus a wave. He had forgone the leather jacket today for a sleeveless black tank top and his long hair pulled up in a bun.

“Thank you so much for doing this man,” Potter said to Remus. He was talking really fast and looking for a set of papers in his bag. “Snape was such a dick for leaving us like that, especially when we have a gig this weekend.”

“I thought you kicked your other bassist out?” Remus said. It was starting to dawn on him that he didn’t really know these people beyond some night at the bar.

“Well, he forced our hand on that one. I don’t have a lot of rules, mate. We all have our bad days, but I draw the line at bigotry,” at this, the Potter boy looked Remus straight in the eyes. It was all Remus could do to nod. “Wonderful. Okay, so the first song we’re doing is - “

“Wait,” the blonde keyboardist said, Remus still hadn’t caught his name, “shouldn’t we make sure he can play first?”

Remus was wondering the same thing himself, but Sirius spoke up, “Mate, there’s gonna be industry people at the gig this weekend. Talent agents, producers, people who could help us get somewhere. We don't have time to find someone else. All Remus here needs to be is not terrible and we can do the rest.”

The next twenty minutes were spent learning the song step by step. Remus picked it up pretty quickly, especially since he remembered most of it from last night, but he wanted to be absolutely sure he knew what he was doing at every moment. James - the first name of the Potter boy - was extremely patient with him the whole time.

“Okay, I think we’re finally ready to put it all together,” James said at last. “Count us in Sirius.”

Sirius started the count, hit the first few beats and the whole room exploded into a sea of sound. Remus dived in headfirst. It had been so long since he had last played with a band, or at least and a good one, and he had honestly missed it. The way you could completely surrender to the rhythm and focus only on the sound.

Halfway through the song, James shouted, “Okay Remus, bass solo!” and it was Remus’ turn to show off. James had barely prepared him, saying simply to do whatever and the rest of them would follow. Remus decided it was time to show off, playing the most complex bass lines he knows and trying to match the energy of the drums behind him. Sirius followed him perfectly. 

When he finished, the boys just stopped and stared at him. “Well,” Sirius said, “He’s certainly not terrible.”


The gig was on Friday night, which meant that Remus had to beg one of his coworkers to pick up his shift and also had to spend every waking moment he’s not at work practicing with the band.

They had fallen into an easy rhythm. Remus would arrive at practice at 5 pm where James would, inevitably, be writing some song in his journal and Peter would be practicing silently on his keyboard with headphones on. Remus would set up his stuff and do some basic warmups. 

Sirius wouldn’t get there until 5:15 because, “Sirius Orion Black has his own time zone,” which Remus learned is just asshole for “I’m always late and I expect you all to wait for me.”

Then they would practice the songs to death until 7 when Remus would rush over to the bar so he could start his shift as the closer and he would work until 3:30-4 am, go home, and start the day all over again. It was exhausting, but Remus liked the band and he needed the money.

The band didn’t talk much; James kept them much too focused on absolutely perfecting their songs. But Remus had managed to learn a bit about them. James and Peter grew up on the same street and had known each other forever. James and Sirius had met at boarding school and have been inseparable ever since. 

There were also things Remus learned that they didn’t tell him. For example, Sirius always had texts blowing up his phone and a growing number of hickeys on his neck. James was in love with some girl named Lily who paid him no mind. Peter was jealous of Sirius and James’ friendship but tried his best not to show it.

They hadn’t asked Remus many questions, which Remus was frankly thankful for. Remus knew what he looked like - tall with scruffy hair and enough scars to make people think twice about hiring him. Most people kept their distance from him which Remus much preferred to prying questions.

None of the Marauders had said anything to him about it, but he knew they were curious. He once overheard James whispering to Peter, “I don’t care where he got them. He plays damn good bass and that’s all that matters,” and sometimes Remus caught Sirius staring at him. Whenever it happened, Remus just raised a silent eyebrow and Sirius would go back to his drums. After living with the scars for so many years, Remus knew how to handle them.


By the time Friday night came around, Remus was pretty sure he could play the songs in his sleep. James had texted him the address and time but Remus was still the last one there, even Sirius was there before him.

“Am I late?” Remus asked as he approached the stage where they were setting up.

James looked up with a bright smile, “Not at all!”

“Yeah, but Sirius is already here.”

“Hey!” Sirius called from where he was setting up his drums. “I can be on time.”

“Only because James drove us,” Peter said from his keyboard. Remus nodded but he was acutely aware of the two trains and a bus that he took to get to the venue. 

Remus stood by his corner of the stage and began setting up his bass. Sirius was warming up, playing a tune Remus recognized from one of the songs. Peter had his headphones in and was essentially dead to the world. James was pacing the stage like he was going for the Olympic medal for anxious walking. 

“Jesus Christ, Prongs. I can feel your nerves from here,” Sirius exclaimed. “Sit the fuck down and chill.”

“This is important, Padfoot. This could be the beginning of everything.”

The weird animal nicknames was another thing Remus had noticed. Prongs for Potter, Padfoot for Sirius, Wormtail for Peter. This, combined with the million other times the boys would mention some name they all knew or an inside joke from secondary school, it was like watching someone make plans without you.

The Marauders were cool and they made great music, but Remus had no illusions. He was just here until they could find someone better.

“Oh no,” James said from where he was sitting cross-legged on stage.

“What?” Remus said quickly. He looked around the stage. They had all their instruments. The amps were set up. Even the lighting seemed to be working.

“Lily is coming tonight.”

Sirius exploded into a ball of laughter, “No pressure, mate.”

James ran a hand through his hair, “Fuck, what are we going to do?”

“Are we not just gonna do the set?” Peter asked.

“No, of course not. We can’t just sing our normal shit. This is Lily we’re talking about.”

Sirius came up beside Remus and whispered, “Lily once told James that she would rather die than, and I quote, ‘watch your piece of shit band indulge in the self-obsessed male delusion that is performing.’”

Remus chuckled. He liked Lily already. “What changed her mind?” Remus whispered back.

“No clue,” Sirius said.

James had gone into a full spin frenzy. “Remus, how fast can you learn a song?”

“Pretty fast,” he replied.

“Okay, guys. Scrap ‘Only Losers Live Forever,’ we’re gonna do 'This Side of Paradise.'”

“Absolutely not,” Sirius yelled. “We can’t be changing shit this close to the set, just because your crush is coming. Industry people will be here.”

“Lily will be here! I wrote this song for her! This could be my only chance to show her how I feel.”

“I think she knows how you feel,” Peter mumbled, “That’s kind of the problem.” Sirius gave this a laugh and Remus really wished he knew who the fuck this Lily was. 

“Why don’t you just teach me the song, James, and then if we have time at the end of the set, we do it then?” Remus said.

Sirius looked a bit pissed he even suggested it but James broke out into a smile, “Wonderful. Okay, so it starts with these chords.”

Remus spent the next thirty minutes learning the new song, meanwhile, Sirius huffed and only played the drums after James asked him three times. By the time Remus had learned the song, he was unsure Sirius and James were still on speaking terms. But, it was almost time for the set, so they went offstage to get ready.

Backstage, Remus found Sirius sitting on the ground applying eyeliner in some dark corner of the green room while looking at a dirty hand mirror. “I won’t play it if you don’t want me to,” Remus said to him. 

“No, no. Don’t worry about it." Sirius sighed, "James just has this complete fucking blind spot when it comes to Lily.”

“Mmmm,” Remus said, thinking about all the boys he once wrote love songs to. “I think we all have people in our lives who we’re like that with.”

Sirius glanced at Remus for just a second and then returned to doing his makeup. “Maybe,” he said, “I’m not sure I have one.”

Remus laughed and sat down next to Sirius, “Please, your phone never stops buzzing. I know you have someone.”

“That’s just a bit of fun,” Sirius said dismissively. "No one I'd write a song about."

“Well, you have James at least. He’d do anything for you, that’s clear.”

“Yeah,” Sirius sighed, “and I'd do anything for him.”

Remus smiled, “Even play a song for some girl he’s never gonna get?”

Sirius laughed, “I guess I don’t have much choice when you put it like that.”

Sirius capped his eyeliner and leaned against the wall He stared at Remus and Remus stared straight back. Remus became very aware of everything around him: the cheap carpets, his ill-fitting jeans, Sirius’ tight-fitting black ones, the three inches separating Sirius' knees from his own, Sirius' bright eyes and chapped lips.

He didn’t know much about Sirius Black but he did know this: the man was fucking attractive.

“This is important to all of us,” Sirius said as he shifted his gaze down to the carpet, “but I don’t have a backup plan. Peter has his government job. James has his rich parents. I don’t have any of that. All my cards are here. I can’t fail.”

Remus looked at Sirius, with his posh voice and perfect posture, and wondered how he ended up sitting in the dingy green room of some rundown bar. “This is all I’ve got too.”

Sirius gazed at him and somehow, Remus felt like he was talking about more than just the music.


Eventually, a stagehand came out to grab them. They walked out on stage to a crowd of densely packed strangers. The stage lights were still low, so Remus could vaguely make out the faces of a few of them.

“Which one is Lily?” Remus said to James as he put his bass around him.

“Pale skin, red hair, a beauty that rivals the Gods,” James responded and then got up to the mic. The stage lights were turned on which effectively blinded Remus from ever being able to find the infamous Lily in the audience.

“How are we doing tonight?” James asked the crowd and a chorus of drunken woos responded. “Wonderful. My name is James Potter and we’re the Marauders.”

They launched into their first song and Remus focused himself on the music. He heard Peter’s keys, James' voices, and the steady beat of Sirius’ drums. Distantly, as one song moved into another, he was aware of the crowd swaying and dancing along to the music. If Remus could spend the rest of his life one way, it would be like this. 

The music should’ve been difficult, but James’ militaristic training had turned it into muscle memory. By the time they got to his big solo, there wasn’t a single nervous atom in Remus’ body. He gave his entire being over to the music and it showed. 

When their set was up, they were all drenched in sweat and the crowd was absolutely fanatical. There was a flood of screams and even calls for an encore. James looked at the rest of them and mouthed the word, “Lily?”

Sirius nodded and they all prepared for the next song as James got up on the mic. “Thank you, guys. Thank you. Here’s one last song for the night. It goes out to someone special. You know who you are.”

Remus played the opening notes. It was only him and he was focusing so hard on getting it right. Then Sirius came in with the drums and he knew it would all be okay.

James got up to the microphone and sang his heart out:


Ask me why my heart's inside my throat

I've never been in love, I've been alone...


This song felt different than all the others. So much of the Marauders' music seemed like they were trying to make a popular song. This one felt like James had taken his heart out and poured it into musical notes. 

As they hit the chorus, the energy of the song took over. Every single one of them, even Sirius after his blatant distaste, was putting everything they had into it. It felt like they were all one being, all on one plane.


So if you're lonely, no need to show me,

If you're lonely come be lonely with me


The crowd was loving it but Remus honestly didn’t care. Just being a part of it was enough.

Once the song ended, the crowd screamed and cheered as they all exited the stage. They filed into the green room with exhausted smiles on their faces. “Great job, boys,” James said to them. 

“Yeah, we were killing it out there,” Peter said excitedly.

Remus looked to Sirius to find him already staring back at him with a wild smile. “You really know how to play bass, huh?”

Remus just shrugged, “I’ve had a lot of practice.”

Sirius looked like he was about to say something else, but at that moment the door of the backstage burst open and a head of bright red hair marched into the room. “Lily!” Potter called out but she walked right past him and stood in front of Remus.

“Remus John Lupin. How fucking dare you?” Remus stared wide-eyed at the furious ginger before it dawned on him.

“Lily Evans! What the fuck? It’s been forever.” Remus pulled Lily into a massive hug. 

“I take it you two know each other?” Sirius said from beside them.

"Yeah, we went to school together for like three years,” Remus said. He had let Lily go but still had an arm around her. “We were absolutely inseparable.”

“We were the scholarship kids at the posh school,” Lily recounted fondly.

“An alliance like no other," Remus said. "Then I moved away and you went to that fancy boarding school. God, I always wondered what happened to you.”

“What happened to me? What happened to you?” Lily was smiling but then she reached out a hand and traced one of the scars on Remus’ jaw. She was the only one he would ever allow to touch them.

“Not to break up this happy reunion,” a voice said from the doorway, “but I’m afraid I must cut in.” Everyone turned to look at the young woman walking in. She had dark brown skin, large curly hair, and a sleek yet professional look that one would not expect for this kind of bar. 

“The name is Marlene McKinnon. I’m a manager for Phoenix Records. I know it’s late so I’ll make this quick. I like what you guys did out there. I liked your energy. I especially liked that last song. I think you guys could be the next big thing and I want to be the person to take you there." Marlene took a business card out of her jacket and handed it to James, “This is my card. I’ll be in my office starting Monday at 10am. If you’re interested, call me. Have a good night boys,” and just as soon as Marlene had walked into the room, she had left it. 

James stared down at the card in his hand, “Did that really just happen?”

Sirius walked to stand behind him and peer over his shoulders at the heavy white business card that laid in James’ fingers. “I think it did.”

Peter broke out into a smile, “I guess that Lily's song was a good idea then.”

“The what song?” Lily accused.

“Doesn’t matter,” James said quickly. “What does matter is that Remus here has known The Lily Evans this whole time and never mentioned anything.”

“You guys never said which Lily you were talking about.”

“Why are you guys even talking about me?”

“Isn't it obvious, Evans?” Sirius hummed, “Prongs, here, is in love.”

Lily pulled a face of disgust, “Ugh, get over it, Potter. It is never going to happen.”

“Just wait, Evans,” Sirius said with a smirk, “One day you’ll see the light.”

“You came to the show, didn’t you?” Peter butted in.

Remus watched as Lily’s face turned practically indignant. “I’ll have you know I only came to the show because Severus asked me to find out about their new bassist.”

“So you came to spy?” Sirius fired back.

“I came as a favor to a friend, Black. It’s not always about some stupid feud between you and Snape.”

“He’s a bigot!” Sirius exclaimed.

“Not he's not! He’s just had a hard life!” 

“Yeah, well so have I! You don’t see me shouting conspiracies.”

Remus looked at the two of them shouting to no abandon. He hadn’t met Snape long but from what he gathered he was bad news. But he also remembered all the stories Lily had told him of summer adventures with Sev growing up. Like always when he hung around the Marauders, he felt like he was missing several crucial pieces of information.

“I don’t want to pick sides because I really don’t know what’s going on,” Remus said, “but it’s been a long day and I just want to go home and sleep.”

This seemed to quiet both of them as Lily and Sirius looked at him with kind eyes.

“Right,” said James, hopping on the quick moment of peace. “I’m with Remus that we should start packing up. Do you need a ride home, Remus?”

“That’d be great, actually. Thank you.” Remus did not want to lug his bass around town this late. He wasn’t sure the trains were even still running. “Can I give you my number, Lils? We should get lunch soon.”

Lily smiled at him and started putting her number in Remus’ phone. As this happened, Remus saw James mouth “Lils?” at Sirius which only earned him a shrug. Lily gave back his phone, “Right, well then. Great job everyone. It was so lovely seeing you again, Remus.” She placed a kiss on his cheek and walked out the door.

Everyone resumed packing, except for James who simply stared at the closed doorway. “She really is something else, isn’t she?” he said dizzily.

Sirius patted him on the shoulder, “Keep dreaming, Prongs.”


The next day, Remus found himself on the way to James and Sirius’ place. James had called an emergency band meeting about the whole manager situation. Their flat was in a nice part of town, far nicer than where Remus lived. It was the kind of flat for young professionals or people just out of college who had nice parents who could pay their rent. Remus suspected that James was the latter.

Remus knocked on the door only to hear Sirius shout, “It’s open!” from someplace on the other side. That's another thing - Remus would never leave his door unlocked, even if he was expecting company. Just another luxury we couldn't afford.

Remus walked into the empty living room. The furniture was clearly picked out by someone’s mother; it was all clean and modern. Yet The decorations were something else entirely. The walls were covered with instruments and band posters. The style was the cross between an ecletic musician and 15 year old boy. And there was the framed photos of James and Sirius that were littered on every surface.

Remus went to look at one by the windows. It was seemingly a family portrait with a mother and a father, both with dark skin like James himself, who stood between their shoulders, but right next to them, under the woman’s comforting arms was Sirius. He and James couldn’t have been older than 17 at the time. 

The one next to it was a photo of James and Sirius in what Remus assumed was their dorm at university. Sirius was still wearing that stupid leather jacket with one arm around James’ shoulder and wide smiles on both their faces. They looked completely at ease with the world.

“One of my favorite photos, that one,” Sirius’ voice came from directly behind Remus. 

Remus almost dropped the frame he was holding, “Jesus Christ, Sirius. A warning.”

“Sorry,” he said, not looking sorry in the slightest. “It is my flat, after all.”

Remus put the photograph back where he found it, “My fault, shouldn’t have been snooping.”

“It’s not snooping to look at framed photos, Remus.” Sirius was still standing close to him. Remus liked the way his name sounded on Sirius’ voice. He said it gently as if the word itself was rare. 

“Can I get you anything?” Sirius asked as he walked into the kitchen. “Water? Soda? A beer?”

“It’s 11 am,” Remus responded following Sirius. The other boy had reached into the fridge and already opened a beer can for Remus.

“Time is a social construct,” Sirius said, wiggling the can in front of him.

“I have to work later. Sorry."

“God, do you ever rest?” Sirius said as he sat himself on the counter across from where Remus was standing and took a drink from the can.

“With rent this high? Never.” Remus reached out and grabbed the beer can out of Sirius’ hands, took a large sip, and handed it back to him. Sirius' face broke out into a mischevious grin.

“I didn’t know you were such a rebel, Lupin.”

Remus crossed his arms, “You don’t me very well, Black.”

“We should change that,” Sirius said, leaning in slightly. 

Before Remus could even begin to process what that meant, (didn’t Sirius have a girlfriend?), James burst loudly through the front door.

“You would not believe the line at the grocery store, Pads!” James shouted, oblivious to Remus' prescence in the kitchen. 

Sirius rolled his eyes dramatically for Remus’ amusement and hopped off the counter, “Really?”

“Yeah!” James said and dropped some bags on the counter, “Oh, hey Remus. What are you doing here?”

“You called an emergency band meeting?”

“Oh shit, what time is it?” James checked his phone, 11:10 am. “Okay, we still have at least five minutes until Peter gets here.”

“I thought Sirius was the late one.”

“Oh, I am,” Sirius said, “but Peter always sleeps in on the weekends.”

“Plus, Sirius is only late when he’s with some girl,” James added as he unpacked the groceries, “What’s her name? Amelia?”

“Shannon,” Sirius sighed. “You’re thinking of Emily. Amelia was years ago.”

“Oh yeah, whatever happened to Emily? She seemed nice.”

Sirius rolled his eyes, “You barely talked to her.”

“Yeah, but she was pretty. You should’ve seen her, Remus. Long blonde hair and such a beautiful body.”

"Hey! We don't objectify women here," Sirius said, though he was wearing a smirk and clearly recounting a fond memory. 

“You have a girlfriend, Remus?” James asked.

“Nope. Just me,” Remus said. He looked over at Sirius briefly to gage his reaction but Sirius was wearing the same self-satisified look he always does. Was he into Remus or is he just a flirt? It wouldn't be the first supposedly"straight" musician Remus had met.

“Well, if you ever want a girl, just ask Sirius. He’s probably hooked up with half of London by now.”

Remus raised an eyebrow to Sirius. “Don’t scare away Lupin with my sex life. We need him.”

James had finished putting away the groceries and turned to the two of them, “Right. I guess it's a good time to get down to business.”

James walked into the living room and they all followed. Sirius dramatically laid down on the couch while Remus sat in the armchair next to it. James stood as he outlined the plan.

“So on Monday, we’ll call Marlene and set up an appointment to go in and see her. When we go in, we need to know what we want. She’ll probably suggest small-scale touring which I think would be a good move and if that goes well - an album. What we need to know is if you’re in?”

Remus realized James and Sirius were staring directly at him. “Yeah, I’m in,” he said casually.

“Not just now,” Sirius said. His body looked completely relaxed but his voice was dead serious, “this could be the next few years of our life. If we’re touring that means spending every hour of our day together for months.”

For some reason, Remus didn’t hate the sound of that. 

“I know we just met, but you are a god on that bass and honestly, you seem pretty chill,” James said, “If you wanna leave, tell us now so we can find someone else.”

Remus looked at them. Logically, he didn’t really know these people. They could be serial killers or just general dicks. But what did Remus have now? A dead-end bar job he mostly hated and a hundred songs he’s never performed. Why not take a chance?

“Who said I’m going anywhere?” Remus said and James broke out into a wide grin. Remus stole a glance at Sirius and saw a crooked smile on his lips.

“Well, Remus,” Sirius said, “Welcome to the Marauders.”