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He ran as fast as he could. Why had he to chase after their suspect? He was not a runner, not the physical guy. “Jenko?”, Schmidt jelled in exhaustion. Where was his friend? His breathing began to hurt in his lungs, the air rushing painfully in his organ and his body rebelled of beginning exhaustion. Suddenly, his buddy appeared above him, running along the concrete wall, sprinting confidently on the small surface. Schmidt looked up to him and saw the athletic body moving so fast, like a strong, agile cheetah. Unfortunately, this few seconds of not looking straight ahead of him, let him crush into an obstacle their suspect had jumped over easily. Schmidt saw the obstacle too late and crushed with a scream into the trash cans in his way.
“Schmidt!”, Jenko heard the scream of his partner and looked back. He couldn’t see him anymore and returned forward to focus on the pursuit to catch the fleeing suspect, what made him even more suspicious, to end their run and he was able to help Schmidt. Whatever happened to him. He increased his speed one more time, felt his muscles working and the heat in his body, the sweat. He finally caught up and jumped from the wall down on the suspect. He fell on the man, holding him tight. The man began to fight with him, insulted Jenko vocally, but Jenko was stronger. He handcuffed him and said the words, the four sentences followed by that one question, he had to say when he arrest somebody. In his thoughts Schmidt said these words with him but he wasn’t here. After the suspect lay captured on the street, Jenko looked back the road but Schmidt wasn’t anywhere to see. “Stand up!”, Jenko pulled the man on his feet and dragged him to a street lamp where he cuffed the man with second handcuffs to the mast. Then he ran back the street where his partner had been lost.
He found Schmidt lying on the ground near the trash cans and saw that he tried to calm down his heartrate. “Are you alright?”, Jenko asked and offered a hand to help his buddy back on his feet. But Schmidt didn’t take the offer. Jenko was concerned and he crouched down beside his friend. “You’re hurt?”
“No,” came the answer too fast from Schmidt so Jenko could not believe that it was the truth. “Yes, … I don’t really know.”, Schmidt added.
“Can you stand up?” Jenko helped Schmidt to sit up but his friend whimpered of pain.
“Yeah, yeah. I think it’s just a strain. I strained my back.”
“Do you want to go to the hospital?” Jenko seemed really concerned.
“No.”, Schmidt stood up and tried to change the subject, “Did you get him?”
“Yes.”, Jenko nodded and watched worried how his best friend took his first steps with his hurting back. But it seemed he wasn’t that bad injured so Jenko stopped bothering his friend.

Later that day they came home in their sharing apartment. For their actual mission the captain rented them a place for their new undercover identities. They were still playing brothers but not Doug and Brad McQuaid anymore. It would have become too obvious if they had used their first identities a third time. Drug dealers are not that stupid the captain said.
Schmidts back really hurt, but he didn’t complain about it. The captain was satisfied with their work and so they went home to chill out for the rest of the day.
“Hey, joining me going to the police academy for a swim?”, Jenko suddenly asked.
“After all that running you want me to go swimming now?”, Schmidt replied exhausted and relieved to sit on the comforting couch. Nobody could make him standing up from the soft cushions and the final decrease of the pain in his back.
“Yeah,” Jenko shrugged his broad and muscular shoulders, “Would help your back. And we can use the sauna there.”
Okay, maybe nobody except his best friend. “Fine.”
Jenko drove and Schmidt stopped not complaining about his back. “Dude, when it hurt the whole time you should have said something.”
“Last time you complained about my complaining. Now I didn’t complain for the first time and you complain about my not complaining?”
“Now I’m confused.”
“Shut up and dive.”, Schmidt grunted.
“Oh man, that’s exactly that Rihanna song!”, Jenko slapped Schmidts left tight and began to sing the chorus of said song because it was the only part he could remember.

The bath was empty. At this hour nobody used the pool area. “Great, free house!”, Jenko jelled and jumped with a perfect header into the pool. He came back to the surface in the middle of the pool and shook the water out of his short hair. Meanwhile Schmidt sat down on the edge slowly and held his feet into the water. He watched his friend swimming one lap after another. He did the crawl in perfect technique, which was amazing to watch. Yeah, Jenko had always been the sports guy. Schmidt finally released himself into the water and began to swim his first lap. The breaststrokes hurt on his back, but he kept going. After some laps the pain really began to decrease. Schmidt was glad that Jenko had persuaded him to do this. He was a very good friend – the best. And he was so concerned about him. It made Schmidt smile and he watched his best friend racing from one end of the pool to the other in a speed he would have won the whole tournament if this had been one.

“How do you feel?”, Jenko asked after he had finished his amount of laps. He sat on the edge of the pool and watched his buddy coming closer and closer to his end of the pool.
“Why are you asking me this the whole day? I’m fine.” Schmidt reached the end of the pool and grasped the edge out of breath.
“Sauna?”, Jenko asked and Schmidt looked up to him. “To relax.”
That sounded like a really good idea.

They didn’t talk. Both were enjoying the heat and steamy air, both relaxed on the wooden bench, a white towel wrapped around their waists. They felt comfortable in this warm silence around them, just the two of them chilling out, spending time together. No running, no shooting, no investigating, no pretending to be someone else. Schmidt laid down on his back on the wooden bench and heard Jenko standing up, going down to the hot stones. He had his eyes closed. He heard the wooden spoon plunging into the water bowl and the following hiss of the water evaporating on the stones into the air. A wave of hot and moisturized air swept over his body and he released a moan because he felt so comfortable. Then Jenko climbed his way back to the spot he had sat. This was by far the best relaxing evening he had in months.
After another spoon of water on the hot stones Jenko broke the silence. “Cooling.”, he just said. Nothing more. He had never been a man of big words. Schmidt understood, of course. He sat up and followed his best friend out of the sauna into the small pool beside to cool their sweaty bodies from the heat.
“Ahh”, Schmidt sat down on the small, flagged bench inside the small pool. He closed his eyes again and put his head back. He felt Jenko sitting close to him but he didn’t mind.
“Does it still hurt?” Schmidt looked up when his friend directed the question at him. He opened his eyes and looked silently at Jenko. “Your back.”, the tall man added.
“Em, yeah. But it’s much better!”, he hesitated to answer. A small smile appeared on Jenkos lips.
“I’m not a professional, you know. But I could massage it.” Schmidt still looked at his best friend. “I think it would help.”
“Turn.”, Jenko said calm and soft. His voice was low and Schmidt turned around to offer Jenko his back. Big, warm hands laid down on his shoulders and the thumbs started to massage his shoulder blades. Schmidt cramped at the first touches and he heard his partner chuckle. Circles. Just small circles Jenko applied to his flesh and the pressure increased after every round. It felt good.
“Here?”, Jenko asked.
“A little lower. Aah! Yeah. Uh.”, Schmidt responded to the parts his best friend treated at the time.
“Ah, I found it.”, was the last thing Jenko said after he concentrated the work of his fingers and hands on the spot where Schmidt was strained. He stood up to attend more pressure to the back and Schmidt moved with him, grasped the edge of the pool with his hands, underlining every touch of his buddy with moans. “Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.”, he begged.
Jenko heard the words of his best friend, heard the moans, the gasping because of his touches and he recognized arising feelings inside his body. He really cared about this person in front of him. Schmidt who became a brother for him, a partner in professional ways, but there were other thoughts lately. Thoughts in the cause of upcoming needs. Needs of touch, of being close – inappropriate stuff. Heat flushed trough his body. The body under his hands was so soft and it felt so good touching it. His fingers began to tingle and the heat rushed down in his groin.
“Shit!”, Jenko gasped in a suppressed whisper and stopped his movements immediately. He grasped Schmidts shoulders and dropped his head soft on his partners neck. His forehead touched the skin of Schmidts neck and his nose and lips were so close to the delicate skin. There was no way he could say anything now. He closed his eyes and heard his own breathing. It was fast and he tried to calm it down. He could smell his best friend – a nice and exciting scent – and he tried to withstand the urge to rub his nose against the others skin. And then he heard Schmidts breathing. He listened to it. Seconds. It was … it was as fast as his own. Jenko opened his eyes immediately. No way, man. No way! He turned Schmidt around and their eyes locked. Time froze and the sound of their breathing echoed in their ears. Jenkos heart stopped for that moment and then he kissed him. As their lips touched his heart began to pound again – fast and powerful against his chest. When he moved away from Schmidts lips he felt fear rising inside him. Jenko had done something that would definitely change their friendship. Either way.
“Sorry.”, he said. A simple apology was the best he could do.
“Don’t be.”, the voice of his best friend – soft and calm – reached his ears. And his eyes flew open and focused Schmidt in surprise. The blue eyes looked up to him in such a warm way and as the lips he had kissed seconds ago started to turn into a smile, Jenko couldn’t resist and kissed Schmidt again. Schmidt grasped him on his sides, pulled him closer and increased the pressure of their kiss on his own accord. Jenko opened his mouth and pushed his tongue between Schmidts lips. Who volunteered. Their tongues touched and an electric shock ran through their bodies. Both gasped into the kiss. Jenkos hand stroke through the short and soft hair of the smaller man and kept him with the other one close. Their kiss was passionate now. Schmidt started his investigation of Jenkos body while his partner took the lead of the kiss. He glided over the strong arms, down to the big hands and when his hand had reached the forearm of Jenkos left arm, the taller man laid his hand on Schmidts cheek. Schmidts hand rested finally on Jenkos that was touching his cheek. The other one slit down the athletic body, over the chest, the defined chest musculature and finally over every single hill of the strong six pack. When he reached the waistband where the towel still was, Jenko bid goodbye with his tongue to the other one and ended the kiss. They slowly brought space between their bodies. Jenkos hand still remained on Schmidts neck, but the touch was soft and without any force.
“That was amazing.”, Schmidt said between their heavy gasps for oxygen. Jenko answered with a warm smile.

Surprisingly, there was no uncomfortable silence between them after what happened. Both left the small pool and together they went to the showers. After all it was rather late and they should return to their apartment.