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rising cloud: from dark to light

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huffing a big sigh after compensating for the last half an hour on weighing the pros and cons on this big decision, she lifts her head up from the arm rest on the sofa dragging the rest of her body towards the short path down to the beach where undoubtedly charity would be sunbathing, whilst the kids would be swimming like sharks, you can barely get them away from the water most of the time,

a toothy smile formed when she clocks charity unaware of her surroundings most likely asleep, creeping closer to scare her, pay back as some might say for the amount of times vanessa has been scared by charity she's surprised she hasn't had a heart attack by now,

getting into place crouching ready for herself to run as she knows charity will chase her for what she's about to do, she shouts right in the taller blondes ear,
"wake up you're on fire" stepping back quickly laughing when she sees charity was just about levitating a few seconds, the enormously of the fright was hilarious to vanessa,

jittering out of control " aarrhhhhh.... what......the......oh you're so dead vanessa, you're fucked when i catch you, you can't run forever" getting up as quickly as possible to run after her,

squealing with excitement as she runs away heading towards a couple whom were watching from a far with amusement, thinking it would be safe enough so that charity wouldn't catch her but it didn't she run right through them and almost caught her but vanessa just about slipped away from charity's fingers,

running around for about five minutes in sand takes alot of energy out of them, vanessa finally gives up and falls on her back giggling charity not far behind laughing as she lays next to her,

after catching their breaths and drank alot of water that charity had already brought down from earlier, she looks at the taller blonde "i've been thinking quite alot recently"

rolling her eyes at the idea that vanessa was thinking about something " hmm this doesn't sound good..... but go on im listening" interrupting the smaller blonde, giving a peck on the cheek,

poking charity's side at being interrupted " well as you know our business's are really blooming now, and tracy is settled down and has her own little family now making roots here, im not saying the past few years haven't been amazing because they have they've been out of this world....what im trying to say is that as much as i would love to make roots here it just feels like we're on this really long holiday, deep down i know that our roots are back in the uk"

watching the boys swimming in the sea with their friends having a laugh as she waits for charity to answer, she looks back at the blonde when she hears her speak

" i've had a feeling you felt like that, i also thought about it a few times as much as i love the sun, the beach and the pub, i've had a few promising buyers for it, let's just say i can snap my fingers at any moment and it'll be sold, im guessing that the vets is the same as i know everyone here loves you and the vet it's all i hear at the pub is how wonderful you are and what you've done with all their pets and animals" winking with her signature eye and the click of her teeth,

feeling delighted that their feelings are mutual she kisses charity on the lips she feels charity pull back a little but she seeks for them again and ends up on top of the taller blonde, " oh im soo glad that you agree we can keep the house as a second home as im sure the boys would love to come back on holidays, we'll discuss it all with them and tracy later when we go out for dinner as you know she can cause a scene and you know how stubborn she can be"

giggling seeing vanessa get all kiddish kissing her " wait who does that remind me of..... oh yeah it's you, remember when you threw the cake at the waiter" reaching her hand out to tuck a peice of hair behind the smaller blondes ear,

pushing herself up so she was now straddling charity her hands covering her face " oh my god don't remind me, anyways he was being a dick it was my birthday and i was drunk" pouting like when johnny and moses was told their not aloud to take the fishes they caught home

totally smitten with vanessa she swipes her thumb across the smaller blondes pouted lips " i know babe he was a rotten waiter wasn't he" vanessa nods a yes and leans down pecking eachothers lips,

after a few kisses she pulls back slowly to speak, " how about you try and get the boys out the water, i'll pack up and we'll head to the house to get changed if we're going out for dinner and i didn't want to say anything but you smell like animal droppings you'll force everyone out if you go smelling like that" laughing when vanessa gives her the death tickle, she doesn't stop intill charity cries out mercy,

standing up and heading towards the sea, looking over her shoulder " just wait intill later missy the s&m in me will be coming out tonight watch this space" biting her lip looking back towards the sea

chairty on the other hand was extremely excited as she fist bumps the air and starts packing up, once done she sat back in her original space before vanessa came and interrupted her by screaming in her ear, watching the smaller blonde struggle to get the boy's out,

enjoying the show meaning vanessa ended up throwing her overalls off and chased them out of the sea, however karma came round quickly as the boys ganged up on her and dunked her in before she came back up to breath which seem like a thunder storm drawing on her face, the boy's noticed the look and realisation hit them when charity saw them scurrying out the water quickly, as soon as their feet hit the dry sand they sprinted towards her.

about 2 hours later they were settled into a corner booth of their local restrant waiting for their meals to arrive, waiting for what felt like forever was only really 10 to 15 minute wait but after earlier in the day with all of them had been winding eachother up has caused their belly's to really rumble, it had finally arrived,

having eaten main and dessert and had let the food settled they had spoken to the boy's whom, with a bit of a fuss had agreed to move back to the uk with the promise of coming back here two times a year, which left only tracy to share the news with, the only reason they havn't told her yet is that her littlest was poorly so she couldn't make it.

by the time they got back home it had gone past midnight and the two youngest were asleep as soon as their heads touched the pillows, noah bided his goodnights and set off to bed,

having made two teas to take up, vanessa grabbing the laptop so they could find the home they could root in together, both agreeing that the countryside was a good starting base.

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3 months later
after waving goodbye to Tracy and her little family at the entrance of the airport ,totally relieved that their passport weren't flagged up or their real names,

the last three months have been hectic with all the packing shipping it making sure the home to be was all in place, making sure there was someone they could trust to look after their now holiday home, luckily a couple who had lived a few doors down kindly agreed to live there when their gone under strict conditions that they look after the house and keep them in the loop on repairs, the couple couldn't say no as they were pretty much living there rent free and having three kids and another one on the way it was a perfect situation for them

when they start putting the suitcases into the boot of the rented car, as the smaller blonde sorted the two little one into their seats laughing when she sees Noah giving her a look as to say you buckle me up and you won't have hair on your head when you next wake up.

" trust me it's not going to happen i wouldn't dream of it" still laughing as she heads to the front passenger seat looking behind the head rest, " it's gunna be a bit of a journey so we'll stop for something to eat soon"

quickly looking up and then back down to his console "yeah alright"

mean while after putting the cases in the boot the taller blond made a quick phone call " hi yeah long time no hear or see what ever one it is, was just calling to see if there are any up dates and if the cost was really clear"

" hey stop worrying your fine from what i can see but there is on thing though and it's only recently been out of the woodworks but there's one guy that had somehow survived that thingy he's recently been on a interview show and he has not mentioned anything relating to you or your partner, but it seemed like he was cagey about the questions that were getting asked, anyways i will let you know if anything else pops up "tapping away on his computer,

" okay thanks that just what we need typical cockroaches they somehow always survive and mate you better, you know how dirty they can play i need to be two steps head of them it's what im paying your wages for" walking to the drivers seat hand hovering on the car handle as he speaks again,

" oh before you go there is some good news about it though, you lot have a quite a fan base some people have hacked the CIA data base and pulled out you and your partner's documents and connected the dot's on what happened and at the end of the day it's all speculation people might ask but just deny it when it comes to that, oh by the way welcome home boss"

smiling she answers " thanks mate talk soon yeah" ending the call to get in the drivers seat looking at the smaller blonde grabbing her hand to kiss,

smiling at the affection the taller blondes giving " were having something to eat half way through the journeys as im sure these monsters will eat us both if we don't hurry up, was that the guy that helped us before"

shaking her head in a sarcastic manner knowing that vanessa can read her like a book, " no it's jimmy neutron on the phone of course it was him, anyways "looking at the rear-view mirror at noah" so have you any thoughts on what school you would like to go to because i know i resented my parents for forcing me to a school i hated and i don't want you to hate me"

"mum you made me die on a hard level, and umm not yet there's two that i have in mind but can't decide one one, and for hating you i do now i have to start that level again because of you" looking up smirking then back down,

" well im sorry for the inconvenience of wanting my son to be as happy as possible i won't bother next time" winking at vanessa who's been watching them talk struggling to not out right laugh at them bickering.

5 hours later

pulling up out side of their new home, the smaller of the blondes was about to pull the keys out but realizing she ain't got the key she looks to charity as to see if she has them but apon seeing the taller ones face said to her she ain't got them either,

pulling her brick phone out of her pocket dialling the estate agent number, looking back at the smaller blonde to speak whilst waiting for the phone to answer,

" i can't believe we totally forgot the keys, right if we leave the car here we'll all got to the local pub and wait for the key's there no point waiting in the cold for them we don't know how long it'll take for them to deliver them, and we don't want the kids to freeze to death do we their not used to the cold are they"

unbuckling the little ones, often peaking out above the car " yeah that sounds fine but what if we can't get them until tomorrow where will we go, because we're not sleeping in the car for the night, what if the village doesn't have a b&b or something what will we do" retrieving their coats ,which we're recently brought on the way to the village as the boy's were complaining about how cold they were as their teeth started chattering,

once the boys were ready they all started heading towards the pub" umm we'll think of something when the time comes and if not then we'll just have to break in" seeing the shock on vanessa's face she give's in " im joking babe, umm oh yeah hi i was just phoning we haven't got keys we're heading towards the pub not so if you could drop them off to us that would be really great" nodding her head as the guy of the other side of the phone replies,

"yes thank you if you can come as soon as possible then we'll you an amazing feedback on your company how does that sound" humming in an agreement " yeah we thought you might see you soon" hanging up the phone, putting it back in her coat pocket,

hurdling the kid's towards the table so they could order dinner and to keep warm whilst they sit and wait for the keys and food,

looking at the smaller blonde with a smile " you know for a estate agency you would think that the number one rule is to sell a house with the keys ready to hand over, remind me to never use them again" quirking an eyebrow,

looking up to reply, " you know for someone with a background like yours i would've thought you'll figure something out or magic a key out of nowhere, but i guess your skills only truly lie behind close doors" smirking knowing just what the taller blondes reaction would be,

outraged by the comment, " ummm what is that supposed to mean lady, you have just as much shade as me don't forget" poking at vanessa's side,

laughing at how easy it was to wined her up" yeah but the difference is i go by the rules and you charity don't, i mean look at the first time you saw me as a newbie, you stole my details to get my address not only that you broke into my flat whilst i was sleeping, i nearly killed you after you scared me half to death" poking back

blocking vanessa's pokes but also agreeing that yeah she's not one for rule when she wants something, " okay fair enough i like to bend the rules now and again, but isn't that why you fell for me, because that night was very sinful if you get what im saying" wiggling her eyebrows,

slapping charity's thigh making her stop the innuendos, "behave when little ears are here, but it's most certainly one of the reasons why i am" steering as to say just wait until i get you alone,

just as she was about to ask for details the waitress turned up with plates of food, " enjoy your meals and signal if you need anything else" leaving to carry on working, "

thank you " chipping in before digging in to her food as the rest had already dug in,

time flew as did the food, leaning back in the chair observing whats unfolded in the past years to get to where they are now happy,

snapping out of her daydream to her phone ringing, " hello who's speaking," nodding as an awnser "oh right yes we'll meet you there okay bye... bye" hanging up and explaining what the call was about as they headed towards the house,

hours later

having the main furniture already set up before they got there was a bonus and with the boys out like a lights in their own beds, it was just the two of them up relaxing in the Livingroom enjoying the quietness,

" well babe can you pass me the laptop please" watching the smaller blonde fetch the laptop knowing the extra moves were for her,

handing it over as she slides down beside charity, " oohh what happening with you know what and any news on that" watching charity doing stuff with the laptop which was make alot of glitchy noises every time she opened some data type thingy,

glancing back at the love of her life, " if you give me two seconds i'll show you whats whats but from what i can see there's nothing new from what our guy said on the phone before we got on the plane, there is good news though" satisfied that theres nothing to worry about for now but instead family is all that matters to her right now,

amused by the sudden shift of her partner's behaviour, within a space of six seconds the sound of the lid of the laptop slamming shut then thrown on some bean bag in the corner, anticipation started to build as charity eye's stalked her as she was coming closer,

vanessa hopelessly swallowed the dryness in her throat before speaking," oh yeah.... what might that be" unable to stop the high pitch in her voice,

knowing it was the perfect opportunity, gently stroking vanessa bottom lip leaning in so they're inches away from each other, " im pretty sure theres a built in hot hub that has our name on it now isn't there" giving a lungful kiss, " come skinny dipping with me i know a lot of ways to keep warm"

pulling away to get up, she holds a hand out for vanessa to accept, grinning devilishly she walks backwards towards the back door, by the time she gets to the door her top was gone in some unknown direction, she catches a glimpse of vanessa stumbling after her.

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sitting opposite a goofy look on her face that was fixed on the smaller blonde, who was now passing the bottle of whisky over, taking it to swig on and pass back, she appreciated these moments quite moments where not much words are spoken but a lot of deep connection was getting transferred, swiftly sliding so that she was closer to her partner in crime, her finger automatically tracing around the outline of vanessa's face she watches as the smaller of the two speaks about plans and minor things she's not really listening she just transfixed, she can't believe that they are here living a life she thought was impossible after what they had been through, but now it's all here her boy's her dream partner, and damm she is looking stunning,

leaning in slowly smirking when she sees vanessa tongue sticking out, catching it with her teeth before releasing it with a pop, seeing vanessa eyes widen,
"you shouldn't of done that" toppling of charity so she could straddle her who was all to willing to play this vanessa's way,

impressed by the steadiness of still holding the bottle after shuffling around, gently grabbing the smaller ones jaw pulling down to peck her " oh yeah why's that then" her voice hitching as she feels the women on top move against her,

it's only when she feels the friction between her legs she realises she a bit tipsy and with that come dirty thoughts, with a devilish smile and a hand sneaking between them, she leans in to whisper in charity's ear, " if you open your mouth i'll let you in on a little secret" carefully pouring a shots worth in charity's mouth when she opened,

with the bit that spills down her throat collecting at the collarbone, she put's the bottle down, and goes straight to the little puddle sucking the path it ventured from,

charity was blown away she of all people knew that everyone has a dark side to them and knew that vanessa wasn't all roses either she knew vanessa is wild in the sheets but this, this was untamed savageness,

she was lost in all feelings, the burning whiskey down her throat whilst getting sucked on like a vampire who hasn't been fed in years, on top of that the pleasure she getting between her legs it was getting all to much too soon, with her right hand gently pulling vanessa's head so she could see her eyes before moving her left hand between the smaller blondes legs, she needed to be more closer so she pulls in for a heated kiss as they reach their peak, they jitter it through together with hushed whispers to eachother which seamed like it was never going to end,

in the distance where they could barely see the corner of the garden, noises where heard leaves were being crunched, they vastly moved out of the hot tub and into clothes that was nearest to them which was minimal clothing,

vanessa ran in to fetch their coats that were flung on the sofa, rushing back out to charity " here babe be careful god knows what's over there, might be a fox or something " whispering as they started to walk towards the interruption,

swallowing her laugh when she hears charity speak " i have a shotgun and i won't hesitate to use it" failing to make a sound of a shotgun getting loaded,

of all things in the world to come out from the bush they weren't expecting a young woman to come tumbling out, " right this is not how i expected this to go, firstly im not a creep that's not what this looks like" as the two figures stand over her, " im a neighbour from down the road, it's been going around the last few weeks that a couple brought the house," dusting her self off once she got up from the floor, " hence this whole awkward situation we have here, oh i nearly forgot there were a group of girls hanging around a week ago" winking "it's safe to say that we know why they were here"

watching the young woman free run the wall, " wait we don't even get to know your name seeing as you scared us half", getting interrupted by a laugh

" life's reason is unknown, i like to know things, i observe" disappearing behind the wall before the two women start talking,

"and she gone, well that's great what a bizarre way to end the night" as her hand still points to the wall as she looks to vanessa in disbelief

in shock of it all vanessa could say was " well you got to hand it to her, she good at climbing walls" leading charity to the house to go to bed,

a month later

having settled in fully and the house becoming more like a home now that all the furniture had finally arrived, vanessa had brought into the vets and is now a manager as well luckily doing the courses when they where away for years paid for it now, charity on the other hand was struggling with what she wanted to invest in,

in the last month revelations after revelations were coming out knowing her past she knew that a few relatives were last know to be some parts around here what she didn't realise was that most of her family were living in the same village,

on one hand she has an option she buys the pub and basically swap houses with chas, on the other hand it's completely open,

as she strolls back up the road towards home, ideas start to toying around in her mind if she brought the whole pub, what things that they would change, what it would look like.

hearing the door slam followed by two thuds against the wall she instantly knew who had just erupted the house, it boggles her how charity manages just by simply opening a door make her so giddish, yet so bloody angry the amount of times she's asked charity to put her shoes away nicely and that the wall won't put them away for her, she's worse than the kids sometimes,

looking up from the chair of the dining table when she see charity walk into the kitchen to flick the kettle on, " how was your day babe," lips ready for pecking as charity approaches, " as you can see my hands have been busy with mosaicness" showing her hands and then point to the table,

looking towards the table, upon see a half done mosaic piece, she can just about manage to see in one corner she assumes is a rocket, in another was some sort of dragon, the middle looked like a splodge of colours,

" oh wow bless them but what an ugly piece of art that is, what on earth are they meant to be anyways" laughing as she see vanessa face drop thinking she being serious " babe im joking it looks loverly, im guessing the empty parts are for us to fill in right,

nodding in agreement "yes you would be correct and no getting out of it and nothing you can say or do will change that" giving charity the look that says try it and watch what will happen if you do
" uhh fine i'll do it just stop giving me that look, it's borderline toxic when you pull that face just to have it your way" giggling she pulls out the chair opposite vanessa and relaxes,

they chit chatter along as they create the rest of the mosaic, suddenly remembering what she wanted to talk to vanessa, " oh babe i was talking to chas earlier and we got talking about her selling up you know quite live and all that, so i thought of an idea, which brings me here talking to you"

intrigued by charity's sudden burst of excitement when she starts explaining her grand idea, " that actually sounds rather interesting, so we basically house swap with chas but we stay with chas in this house until the renovations are done, then we move in and you own a full pub, it does sound perfect picturing it now"

glad that their on the same page, " thank you babe, i can't believe we are going to do this, i'll talk to chas about all that, we'll give her a healthy sum, she can't complain then, and im sure she'll be more than happy with us saying until it's done" struggling to keep the grin of her face,

satisfied with the final master piece, she carefully put it to the side for the rest of the night so it can dry, they leave their cups and head up stairs quietly until they enter their room as their kids are either in game land or asleep,

" you know im having the most say in what gets done if chas agrees with the deal," peeling her clothes slowly as she head towards the en-suite, " now instead of perving you could join me, or you know do both" posing at the en-suite door frame,

" oh im most certainly doing both more the first one beggars can't be choosers can they " following vanessa's steps into the bathroom, latching lips as soon as they are close enough.

it's about three in the morning when she decides that a hot drink might help her finally get a bit of sleep, although it doesn't help when you have charity shuffling around in bed all night,

as she passes the landing window she catches a figure lurching around the street lamp that's in her view, the slight unease that get's stuck in that split motion whilst also feeling a lot of ease knowing that at this time the windows with the house lights off gives an advantage of seeing out without people seeing through, she watch for a few seconds and all but sees the figure walk away pulling out some sort of device,

she heads downstairs to make her drink to take up, as she gets settled again she pulls out her journal and writes down what had just happened, she makes a mental reminder to tell charity all about it,
as she cuddles into charity she closes her eyes evening her breathing out something inside of her knows that something drastic is about to explode.

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it's been a few day's since vanessa had told her about the strange occurrence, since then something about it feels eerie, there's a handful of people that want to harm them, which brings her here in the cafe to confront the women they met a few months back,

moving forwards to sit opposite, " have you been stalking us, don't think you can worm your way out of this one like you did last time" glancing at the papers scattered around the table,

feeling annoyed at the hostile tone charity was giving, but knew why she was being like this, " firstly im pretty sure you don't own me so quit talking to me like you are, and secondly as you can see im not tall or bulky so that counts me out doesn't it " seeing charity realising the logistics of what she was told to what she's seeing,

shifting the laptop a little into charity's view, " it's this guy that's watching you guys i saw him creeping about a week ago he approached me and asked if i knew these two women, obviously i said no and been keeping tabs on him since, a thank you would be nice though" leaning back in her chair,

finally it's clicking the who, what, why " well well well never thought I'd see that face again," glancing from the screen to the young women, "sorry for talking to you like that i didn't mean for it to come out the way it did" getting up to leave the café to speak to vanessa about who's following them, she get's to the door before looking back " thank you by the way, your a weird person and i still don't know your name" she knew she wasn't going to get a name but it was still worth a try, "anyways thank you you've helped alot" walking out the café door.

hours went by, charity revealed who it is that was behind it, vanessa was soaking it all up the feelings of relief, anger, fear knowing who it was, what she didn't like was not knowing what this guy was planning on doing if he had the chance to do so,

sighing as she tilts her head back, thinking that life they lived back then was well behind them " do you know what i can't get my head around " trying hard to sneakily wiping a tear without being noticed, " that no matter what we do or don't do we'll have targets on us, that means as long as we're still breathing they're after us, i don't think i can cope im too tired to constantly look over our shoulder, say if that maniac was to be caught do you not think they'll just call in another guy to to finish the job," crying fully now, jumping when charity suddenly stands and starts pacing,

hearing Vanessa say the words (i don't think i can cope) put her in a spiral of thoughts and conclusions, she couldn't believe vanessa had doubts about them after all they went through what they had fought for to get here just for her to think it was all for nothing,

she couldn't breath " what.. you saying you want.... tto break up, i.... i need to go for a walk around some greenery" tearing up as she spoke, not giving vanessa a chance to correct her as she left the house out into the street slamming the door behind her,

it's about 20 minutes into her walk when she nears the bridge, she notices a figure looking over the bridge and into the stream thinking it was just another villager, as she draws closer her skin runs cold when she see who the figure is, the noise of the leaves under her feet when she stops in the tracks causes him to look up,

"oh shit" running as fast as her legs can go back the way she came, for a second there she thought she had got away, as she was running she felt a sharp poke in her back, then everything started to get all fuzzy before blackening out,

crouching down to pull the syringe out whilst zip tying her hands together, standing up to pick up charity's dead weight body to put into the boot of his car,

opening her eyes did not feel good as she tried to reach for her head she felt the restriction of them being tied, as she rolls around getting a look at where she is she barely notices objects as she still has the effects of the tranquilizer in her system, blinking a few times helps a little just enough to notice someone else was in the building but wasn't the same person that kidnapped her that she was sure of, before drifting in and out of consciousness, last thing she see is a little puddle of blood forming around where her head rests,

with the kids asleep vanessa was left alone on the sofa with nothing but dread and worry to keep her company, tears fall into a cup full of red wine as she downs it, looking at the clock on the wall she see it's just gone midnight and still no sign of charity, a rapid knock scared her which made her spill the rest of her drink on her beloved white rug, settling the now empty cup on the coffee table so she could answer the door,

" TRACY " flabbergasted that her sister is here at her door step crying with a baby in one hand and a toddler beside her, stepping aside to let them into the warmth, " what the hell happened why you here what's got you crying, where's nate",

" he cheated on me with this women, she was my best friend sis how could they do this to me, i let her look after my kids and she does this to me... and before i knew it i took the kids and got on a plane to here .." sobbing as reveals everything that had happened, after the venting she settles her kids on the sofa,

about an hour later the two sisters end up sitting at the kitchen table catching up with each other, " the last time i saw charity was her pacing up and down the frontroom crying thinking i wanted to end our relationship, she stormed out before i had the chance to correct my self or reassure her, it's been hours tracy" looking to her little sister for some advice,

she knows charity doesn't just disappear without at least saying something about where she's going and she knows charity would always find anyway possible to let vanessa know if she'll be late, so hearing that charity has not contacted vanessa in anyway for hours rises tracys spider senses straight away " try not to panic but hearing what's been happening to you guys lately sounds like there's a possibility that this guy could of caught her and if that's the case, in his eyes you two tried to kill him and if hes out for revenge wouldn't that mean he's out to get you an all,"

listening to her sister actually calmed her down she spoke sense, which gave her a clear mind to plan, rising from her chair fast racking to the door "sis you are a genius, could you look after this lot for us until i get back" gesturing her hand around the house,

watching vanessa run through the house," yes yes go go be careful okay like if you see any danger call for help anyway possible, please come back in one piece"

rushing to the family car, she's behind the wheel when she forces herself to think like charity, where would charity go, would she leave clues, how would " that's right the bridge it's surrounded by green" heading straight for the bridge whilst still making sure there's was torch in the compartment of the car, thankfully there was.

after a ten minute journey in the car and walking she finally arrived at the bridge, flicking on the torch to shine towards the floor for anything, she starts looking, it's not long before she see's what seems like some sort of track mark looking at it in more detail she see's an abrupt stop of mud where a skidded footprint, shining the torch around the track mark she see's dig prints, which suggest that something or someone made or tried to leave quickly as possible in the direction they came from, in her gut she knows this is charity and she's in trouble.

with the drug wearing off now charity was able to keep her eye's open for much longer, she could finally scope the place she's currently lying on to the left of her was a stack of hay which meant she was in a barn, " great a farm surrounded by fields, just when i thought crying out for help would be useful" looking to her right she sees the body she saw earlier still lying in the same position, looking at the feet she recognized the blue and white trainers, it's that ninja women,

she's about to call out, when the barn door opens and the man is standing there with a cross bow pointing at her, " oh your awake this was not part of the plan but now i don't have enough time because this one" pointing to the other body, " got nosy and tried to warn you, got to give it to her though she's small but she quick like really quick" standing up walking around charity to intimidate her,

seeing at the corner of her eye she see's the other women shift a little, knowing what she had to do, she tried to get the man whole attention, quickly thinking of something that will make his head turn, suddenly laughing hysterically

" your pathetic you know that, kidnapping not only me but an innocent party into this, let's face it your just shit scared that at any point in time, all the things you did will be thrown back in your face" feeling the impact of his foot hitting her ribs, " im guessing the shoe fitted then, if that was your answer"

as he aims the cross bow towards her "any last, wo..." before he knows it he on the ground struggling to keep the upper hand whilst the ninja women tries grabbing the bow, in doing so she get's shot, she falls back gasping for air,

the man stands up to reload the cross bow with another arrow and again attempts to aim it at charity, at this point only charity saw who was watching from the window and she was glad,

creeping around quietly as possible so she could sneak in through the door without him seeing her, holding a scrap piece of metal that she picked up along the way when she was searching the closer barns first,

the second she got closer to him she spoke "any last words, turning his head in confusion before having the chance to dodge it, the crap metal gets swung knocking him out in seconds his body crumbles to the floor.

"babe you need to call the ambulance she's bleeding to death, just kick me over those i'll sort myself out, just make sure your putting pressure on there until they get here, don't let her die" unclipping the zip ties, the immediate release was a blessing, cradling her ribs as she got up,

Chapter Text

if today wasn't exhausting enough, charity and vanessa had been sitting in the waiting room for about two hours now, after charity had been checked over and had been cleared of any broken bones, but does have badly looking bruises around her body face,

the nerves are getting to them quite abit now they arrived at the hospital with the ninja women, last seeing her with a very faint heart beat they tried their hardest to stop the bleeding, it just wasn't looking good it and it didn't help that the ambulance turned up 30 minutes later than they said,

" i can't believe this is happening what if she doesn't come out of surgery alive, it'll be all my fault i won't be able to live with the guilt......" gently flopping her head on the smaller blondes shoulder, letting the tears fall silently

kindly cupping her charity's face to make eye contact, " ehy babe that's not going to happen, you can't think like that from what i saw she's a force to be reckon with and she'll fight through this just like your doing now, looking like a big bruised peeled potato "pleased with her new joke she giggled, quickly covering it with a cough " but seriously babe, this aint your fault, it was all him he pull the trigger on the weapon not you,"

listening to vanessa made sense she tried her best to deal with this whole situation fairly, smiling when she hears her joke a new one at that and to be fair at this moment she does feel like that, " owwhh babe you can't make me laugh, and yeah you're right she's in the best possible hands to keep her alive", hearing the door open and someone's voice speaks.

" patient 371's family members here" noticing only two people were in the waiting room,

quickly getting to her feet the smaller blonde heads towards the surgeon for details, " yes that's us, what's happened is she okay" after hearing how the surgery went, good news finally she's out and recovering,

" she'll be awake any moment now she'll be a bit groggy and confused so fill her in slowly, you can go and see her if you like i'll lead you to the room " gesturing towards the door,
charity managed to catch up with vanessa, " yes lead the way please" holding vanessa's shoulder for support as they follow.

hearing echo's swirling around the room, carefully fluttering her eyes open to get some sort of sense of where she is, the first thing she see's is a really bright light lifting her hand up to block it she immediately felt a sharp pain when she stretched, "arrrrhhhh " the second thing she notices is the massive needle in her hand, beginning to panic she pulls it little blood squirts come out by the force,
charity jumped out of her seat by the sudden burst of movement " holy shit" rushing to try and stabilize the women to stay on the bed speaking when the women starts to calm down after recognizing her " hey it's alright, you got stab with an arrow you had to have surgery and your in recovery now, it didn't hit any main organs, it's just going to be a painful wound " releasing her grip as soon as the younger women had calmed down,

hearing the door open vanessa walked in through with a doctor following behind her, as the doctor explains about the aftercare plans and what not do list's, charity had taken the time to grab the women's phone whilst she was distracted talking with the doctor, and curiosity got the better of her,

vanessa was watching her partner the whole time shaking her head as she watches her slip out of the room thinking she wasn't seen, knowing that charity still doesn't know what the women's name was had been bothering her for months now and seem like now was the time for her to find out, she laughs to herself thinking her partner can be a right twat sometimes,

quickly scanning the mobile for any information she could find, she goes through the contact list and sees the name (babycakes<3) she presses call because she doesn't really know why she done it but now it's ringing and someone answers,

"jackie if this is you calling to apologize for missing our date you can forget it, forget us" the voice sounding angry

realising that she might have just made a massive mistake she speaks up to fix it," umm hello sorry this isn't jackie it's a neighbour, umm she doesn't know im calling you im not sure how to say this through the phone, but she's been in a incident and was a victim of a stabbing," hearing the voice mumble with panic, she rushes to continue what she was saying "no no no she's alive and recovering she's just come out of surgery," nodding her head at the voice " yes i think that would be best okay see you soon then" getting cut off before she could say bye, " rude" as she walks back into the room to explain what she had just done.

eyebrows shooting up at what she is hearing," YOU DID WHAT" wincing as she shouts," you're telling me you stole my phone to get my name but instead you called my misses told her i nearly died, and now she panicking all the way here, bearing in mind she only days away from popping out a baby, i can't believe you've done this," flopping her head back in frustration.

about an hour later charity had finally convinced the women we now know as jackie to forgive her at the cost of free drinks for a year, thinking back on it, it was nothing compared to almost losing an unexpected friendship with the young women.

a while later,

the comfortable silence bubble was popped by a mad sounding women demanding things, i wasn't long after the door had flown open with a very heavy looking pregnant women standing ready for war, she marches towards the younger women who's on the hospital bed, charity and vanessa watch the whole scene unfolding amusement,

the pregnant women leans in for a relief kiss and then suddenly slaps the injured women lightly in the face, " that for leaving me with a half done bedroom for the baby which i might add is arriving any day now, and now you've gone and nearly killed yourself, you're all good though right" quickly looking around before whispering the rest,

laughing when her partner finishes whispering " yes babe it's all good, in fact the doctor said the more activities i do the better" squinting an eye trying to persuade her unconvinced partner,

hearing what the injured women was saying vanessa had to say something, " well that's a big fat lie" giggling when the other women give her the evil eye, the laughs louder when she see's charity in shock by her out burst, catching her breath " what i wasn't going to stand back and watch her cause permeant damage"

the atmosphere stood still rather comically, when all you could hear was an echo of water dripping, and then a loud scream, the three heads turned to the pregnant women who was slightly crouched over one hand holding her belly and the other holding the bed frame, "oh this is Devine timing this is " looking to the other couple," you couldn't do...." screaming when the first contraction happened" do us a favour could you and finish decorating the room, i know it's alot to ask for after everything you guys have been through but we're desperate and are in no fit state to do it" trying to control her breathing she pull out her house key and dangles them for one two to take it,

charity without hesitation takes the key, " yes we'll take care of it, you guys focus on bring" gesturing to the belly " that into the world and we promise the room will be done before you get back, we'll go and get the doctor to come through and head straight there" following vanessa out after saying the goodbyes.

sitting in the back seat of a taxi, vanessa turns to face charity, " i know you had an hidden agenda" trying her best to keep her face stern,

" come on babe are'nt you just a little curious to who this jackie women is because i most certainly am, and also i do want to help they seem like lovely genuine people who deserve a little help" trying to justify her reasoning,

having paid the taxi driver who had driven off as soon as the money was in his hand, they were now left alone in front of this mystery house, cautiously they enter the front door closing it behind them, walking through the closest room they see,

as they stand in the middle of the livingroom taking in the surroundings " well i wasn't expecting this, i don't even know what i was thinking but it wasn't this" spotting something she recognised in the corner or the room, " it like a mini museum, check this out 18th century tiger statue damm investing at a young age smart, babe remind me to start going to antique shops" carefully putting it back in it's place,

"yes babe noted right let's crack on the decorating ain't going to do it's self is it" walking towards the stairs she past earlier,

"alright alright chill your boots im coming now" following vanessa up the stairs " and i swear to god if you flick any paint on me what so ever we will not be having sex for a very long time " slapping the smaller blondes bum to hurry her up the stairs,

stopping dead at the top quickly turning a devilish look planted right on her face " don't make promises you can't keep"

for a second she was completely stunned by the sudden change, she was floored not only does vanessa rarely show this side to her and she was very grateful when this vanessa came out to play, " oh i can keep it alright" kissing her cheek as she walked past to find the undecorated bedroom.