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rising cloud: from dark to light

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3 months later
after waving goodbye to Tracy and her little family at the entrance of the airport ,totally relieved that their passport weren't flagged up or their real names,

the last three months have been hectic with all the packing shipping it making sure the home to be was all in place, making sure there was someone they could trust to look after their now holiday home, luckily a couple who had lived a few doors down kindly agreed to live there when their gone under strict conditions that they look after the house and keep them in the loop on repairs, the couple couldn't say no as they were pretty much living there rent free and having three kids and another one on the way it was a perfect situation for them

when they start putting the suitcases into the boot of the rented car, as the smaller blonde sorted the two little one into their seats laughing when she sees Noah giving her a look as to say you buckle me up and you won't have hair on your head when you next wake up.

" trust me it's not going to happen i wouldn't dream of it" still laughing as she heads to the front passenger seat looking behind the head rest, " it's gunna be a bit of a journey so we'll stop for something to eat soon"

quickly looking up and then back down to his console "yeah alright"

mean while after putting the cases in the boot the taller blond made a quick phone call " hi yeah long time no hear or see what ever one it is, was just calling to see if there are any up dates and if the cost was really clear"

" hey stop worrying your fine from what i can see but there is on thing though and it's only recently been out of the woodworks but there's one guy that had somehow survived that thingy he's recently been on a interview show and he has not mentioned anything relating to you or your partner, but it seemed like he was cagey about the questions that were getting asked, anyways i will let you know if anything else pops up "tapping away on his computer,

" okay thanks that just what we need typical cockroaches they somehow always survive and mate you better, you know how dirty they can play i need to be two steps head of them it's what im paying your wages for" walking to the drivers seat hand hovering on the car handle as he speaks again,

" oh before you go there is some good news about it though, you lot have a quite a fan base some people have hacked the CIA data base and pulled out you and your partner's documents and connected the dot's on what happened and at the end of the day it's all speculation people might ask but just deny it when it comes to that, oh by the way welcome home boss"

smiling she answers " thanks mate talk soon yeah" ending the call to get in the drivers seat looking at the smaller blonde grabbing her hand to kiss,

smiling at the affection the taller blondes giving " were having something to eat half way through the journeys as im sure these monsters will eat us both if we don't hurry up, was that the guy that helped us before"

shaking her head in a sarcastic manner knowing that vanessa can read her like a book, " no it's jimmy neutron on the phone of course it was him, anyways "looking at the rear-view mirror at noah" so have you any thoughts on what school you would like to go to because i know i resented my parents for forcing me to a school i hated and i don't want you to hate me"

"mum you made me die on a hard level, and umm not yet there's two that i have in mind but can't decide one one, and for hating you i do now i have to start that level again because of you" looking up smirking then back down,

" well im sorry for the inconvenience of wanting my son to be as happy as possible i won't bother next time" winking at vanessa who's been watching them talk struggling to not out right laugh at them bickering.

5 hours later

pulling up out side of their new home, the smaller of the blondes was about to pull the keys out but realizing she ain't got the key she looks to charity as to see if she has them but apon seeing the taller ones face said to her she ain't got them either,

pulling her brick phone out of her pocket dialling the estate agent number, looking back at the smaller blonde to speak whilst waiting for the phone to answer,

" i can't believe we totally forgot the keys, right if we leave the car here we'll all got to the local pub and wait for the key's there no point waiting in the cold for them we don't know how long it'll take for them to deliver them, and we don't want the kids to freeze to death do we their not used to the cold are they"

unbuckling the little ones, often peaking out above the car " yeah that sounds fine but what if we can't get them until tomorrow where will we go, because we're not sleeping in the car for the night, what if the village doesn't have a b&b or something what will we do" retrieving their coats ,which we're recently brought on the way to the village as the boy's were complaining about how cold they were as their teeth started chattering,

once the boys were ready they all started heading towards the pub" umm we'll think of something when the time comes and if not then we'll just have to break in" seeing the shock on vanessa's face she give's in " im joking babe, umm oh yeah hi i was just phoning we haven't got keys we're heading towards the pub not so if you could drop them off to us that would be really great" nodding her head as the guy of the other side of the phone replies,

"yes thank you if you can come as soon as possible then we'll you an amazing feedback on your company how does that sound" humming in an agreement " yeah we thought you might see you soon" hanging up the phone, putting it back in her coat pocket,

hurdling the kid's towards the table so they could order dinner and to keep warm whilst they sit and wait for the keys and food,

looking at the smaller blonde with a smile " you know for a estate agency you would think that the number one rule is to sell a house with the keys ready to hand over, remind me to never use them again" quirking an eyebrow,

looking up to reply, " you know for someone with a background like yours i would've thought you'll figure something out or magic a key out of nowhere, but i guess your skills only truly lie behind close doors" smirking knowing just what the taller blondes reaction would be,

outraged by the comment, " ummm what is that supposed to mean lady, you have just as much shade as me don't forget" poking at vanessa's side,

laughing at how easy it was to wined her up" yeah but the difference is i go by the rules and you charity don't, i mean look at the first time you saw me as a newbie, you stole my details to get my address not only that you broke into my flat whilst i was sleeping, i nearly killed you after you scared me half to death" poking back

blocking vanessa's pokes but also agreeing that yeah she's not one for rule when she wants something, " okay fair enough i like to bend the rules now and again, but isn't that why you fell for me, because that night was very sinful if you get what im saying" wiggling her eyebrows,

slapping charity's thigh making her stop the innuendos, "behave when little ears are here, but it's most certainly one of the reasons why i am" steering as to say just wait until i get you alone,

just as she was about to ask for details the waitress turned up with plates of food, " enjoy your meals and signal if you need anything else" leaving to carry on working, "

thank you " chipping in before digging in to her food as the rest had already dug in,

time flew as did the food, leaning back in the chair observing whats unfolded in the past years to get to where they are now happy,

snapping out of her daydream to her phone ringing, " hello who's speaking," nodding as an awnser "oh right yes we'll meet you there okay bye... bye" hanging up and explaining what the call was about as they headed towards the house,

hours later

having the main furniture already set up before they got there was a bonus and with the boys out like a lights in their own beds, it was just the two of them up relaxing in the Livingroom enjoying the quietness,

" well babe can you pass me the laptop please" watching the smaller blonde fetch the laptop knowing the extra moves were for her,

handing it over as she slides down beside charity, " oohh what happening with you know what and any news on that" watching charity doing stuff with the laptop which was make alot of glitchy noises every time she opened some data type thingy,

glancing back at the love of her life, " if you give me two seconds i'll show you whats whats but from what i can see there's nothing new from what our guy said on the phone before we got on the plane, there is good news though" satisfied that theres nothing to worry about for now but instead family is all that matters to her right now,

amused by the sudden shift of her partner's behaviour, within a space of six seconds the sound of the lid of the laptop slamming shut then thrown on some bean bag in the corner, anticipation started to build as charity eye's stalked her as she was coming closer,

vanessa hopelessly swallowed the dryness in her throat before speaking," oh yeah.... what might that be" unable to stop the high pitch in her voice,

knowing it was the perfect opportunity, gently stroking vanessa bottom lip leaning in so they're inches away from each other, " im pretty sure theres a built in hot hub that has our name on it now isn't there" giving a lungful kiss, " come skinny dipping with me i know a lot of ways to keep warm"

pulling away to get up, she holds a hand out for vanessa to accept, grinning devilishly she walks backwards towards the back door, by the time she gets to the door her top was gone in some unknown direction, she catches a glimpse of vanessa stumbling after her.