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you are my sunshine (my only sunshine)

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There are snowflakes dusting Jimin’s black coat when he steps up the the sprawling front porch of Hoseok’s house. He makes an attempt to brush them off after he’s pressed the doorbell, doing a last minute assessment of himself before the door opens, revealing a grinning Hoseok, dressed in a bright red sweater.


“Oh my god, Jimin, hi!” Hoseok gasps, pulling the younger man in for a tight hug. Jimin smiles, letting the man wrap his arms around him. Hoseok smells like cinnamon and sunshine.


“It’s been a while,” Jimin says when the older man finally lets go, and he chuckles.


“It has,” Hoseok smiles again. “Come in, the party’s already started,” Jimin nods and steps into the cozy home. Every available surface has been strung with lights and garlands, there are candles on tables, the air smells like eggnog and Christmas, and lots of people Jimin doesn’t recognize mingling and chatting over glasses of wine.


“Hope I’m not too late. There was a lot of traffic,” Hoseok just waves his hand in dismissal.


“Don’t worry about it. Someone’s been waiting for you!”


“Oh?” Jimin had known a few old college friends might be at the party, but he’d never thought to ask who. He lets Hoseok lead him towards the back of the house, through the kitchen, and into the the sprawling dining room. There’s a fire crackling, and a large Christmas tree standing proudly in a corner, every branch strung with ornaments.


“Taehyung! Look who came!”


Jimin freezes.




Kim Taehyung.


Kim Taehyung is here.


A burning panic courses through him, and he fights the urge to flee, but that would raise more questions than Jimin is prepared to answer.


And then his eyes find him. It’s always been like this, even since high school. Jimin could spot Taehyung from a mile away. Maybe because the man always radiated with something so uniquely Taehyung, that Jimin couldn’t possibly miss him.


At the mention of his name, Taehyung turns slowly, and when he sees Jimin standing next to Hoseok, he smiles the most breathtaking smile. It knocks the wind out of Jimin and he would curse himself for being so weak except for the fact that he’s so weak for that smile. He would do anything for it.


“Jimin!” The way his name rolls off of Taehyung’s tongue makes Jimin shiver, and he stands stock still as Taehyung bounds up to him and engulfs him in a tight hug. He can’t bring himself to return it, because he feels like he’s suffocating.


Taehyung’s cologne makes him dizzy. When did he start wearing cologne? Jimin wonders. Taehyung had always smelled like coffee and ramen. He had always laughed when Jimin used it himself. Now Jimin can’t think of anyone better suited to the spicy clean scent. It’s different, but still Taehyung.


When Taehyung pulls away, he’s still grinning, and Jimin takes the proximity to examine Taehyung more closely. His face is thinner, more angular, all jaw and high cheekbones and warm brown eyes. His hair had been every shade of the rainbow in college but now it had settled into a nice chocolate brown.


He looks… beautiful. And grown up.


It makes Jimin wish he had stayed.


“I… can’t believe it’s really you!” Taehyung gushes, holding Jimin at arm’s length and looking him over, before his eyes meet Jimin’s, warm and affectionate. “I missed you,”


I missed you too.


But Jimin doesn’t say this. Because it would make him a hypocrite.


“You look well,” Jimin manages to choke out, and he hopes Taehyung doesn’t notice how distressed he is. He had spent the five years after graduation tryin to lock away his feelings for Taehyung, try to move on, tell himself that it wasn’t worth the grief of pining over your best friend.


And for a moment, there’s silence, as Taehyung continues to grip Jimin’s shoulders, and he just stares at him, as though searching for something. Maybe answers.


“I’ll… let you two catch up,” Hoseok says, and Jimin flushes, having forgotten that the older man was still there, witnessing what must have been a rather odd reunion.


“How have you been?” Taehyung asks, dragging Jimin to an unoccupied corner of the room, next to the Christmas tree. Taehyung really looks handsome like this, the lights casting shadows across his face, and it makes him look that much older. More mature.


“I’m… okay,” Jimin says slowly.


“I didn’t know you had left Seoul, much less come back, until Hoseok told me,” Taehyung laughs, as though the admission was the most natural thing in the world. Of course he hadn’t noticed, and Jimin tries not to feel hurt by it.


This is what I wanted.


“Yeah, I’m back for a while,” Jimin tries to smile, but it comes out more of a grimace. Either Taehyung doesn’t notice, or he decides not to pry, because he launches into his own detailed explanation of his own health. He’s a lawyer now. He also has a cat.


It feels like Taehyung is completely unphased by what had happened five years ago. Like he and Jimin are on two different wavelengths, which is unusual because growing up, they had always been completely in sync. They knew each other, maybe better than they knew themselves.


“Hoseok tells me you’re a pediatrician now!” Taehyung exclaims, drawing Jimin out of his morose thoughts.


“Well… not yet. I’m still barely out of med school. But I’m doing my residency,” Jimin explains. Taehyung nods enthusiastically, and he proceeds to toss a barrage of inquiries at Jimin, asking about his work, medical school, everything and anything he can think of to make up for lost time.


Question by question, Jimin unravels slowly. Taehyung’s drawing him out so quickly, he forgets about his hurt for a moment, and they fall into a familiar rhythm of conversation. It’s too easy to be with Taehyung. They hadn’t been best friends for no reason. And it seemed like even five years of complete silence couldn’t tamper with good chemistry.


By the end of the night, they’re sitting with their thighs pressed together on one of the couches, laughing over the pranks Taehyung used to pull in college, and their fingers are brushing.


“Those were really good times,” Taehyung sighs, more than a little buzzed on wine, tilts his head to rest it on Jimin’s shoulder. Jimin tenses for just a moment before relaxing. There was a time when little gestures like this were comfortable, normal. When they had been something more, been in more… intimate situations, and holding hands, kissing, sleeping together hadn’t been a big deal.


“I miss you, Jimin,” Taehyung murmurs, nose brushing against Jimin’s neck. The older’s eyes flutter shut at the sensation, tilting his head to the side just slightly, craving the feeling of Taehyung’s skin against his. It had been too long.


“What happened to us?” Taehyung whispers, and for the first time that night, he sounds genuinely hurt. Jimin’s heart surges, and he allows himself a shred of hope that maybe, when he had left, Taehyung thought about him.


Jimin and Taehyung had shared a lot of their firsts with each other. Their first kiss had been in a tree they had found at the park when they were thirteen. They had liked it, and did it often, for a few years, not really thinking too much about it, about them.


They had slept together for the first time after their high school graduation, more than a little drunk on freedom and their first push into adulthood. Taehyung had broken Jimin and put hi back together in every possible way, driving him to the edge over and over again, and it had been a fucking wild ride. Jimin wondered if it was really Taehyung’s first time, but he knew it was the truth, since they didn’t spend a moment without each other.


In college it had been the same. Fuck buddies. Friends with benefits. That’s what Seokjin called them, and Jimin had found himself uncomfortable with the terms. Because maybe… he wanted more. Maybe he didn’t want to be Taehyung’s friend with benefits. Maybe he wanted to cuddle and kiss instead of going out to get ramen and play video games after they fucked.


The thought had scared him, and he wondered if Taehyung felt the same way. The younger had never shown any indication of wanting anything more. Taehyung had always been a free spirit, he could never really be tied down. Jimin was afraid Taehyung would reject him. He didn’t want to stifle Taehyung with feelings he might not have been able to handle.


And then…


“Yoongi…” Jimin replies. A mutual friend, an underground music producer with a sharp tongue and a blunt personality. He and Taehyung were more opposite than the sun and the moon, and yet, Jimin still remembers the day Taehyung had come bounding into their apartment, yelling I think I like Yoongi hyung! and Jimin’s heart cracked. Just a little bit.


Taehyung had confessed, in the stupidest, most embarrassing way possible. But Yoongi had said yes. And just like that, Taehyung began to disappear from Jimin’s life. He was so enraptured with Yoongi, he forgot about Jimin.


“That’s right…”


And Jimin had backed away. He didn’t want trouble with Yoongi. He knew when he was becoming a burden. The final straw had come when Taehyung completely forgot Jimin’s birthday. They had made plans (painstakingly), and Jimin had waited at the restaurant for two hours, until he got a text from Taehyung about Yoongi wanting to go see one of the new movies at the theater, that he was sorry and would make it up to him later.


“We’re… not together anymore,”


“Oh?” Surprise colors Jimin’s voice. He had stayed quiet, silently suffering and throwing himself into his studies until their graduation. And without another word, Jimin had backed up his bags and left for medical school, without so much as a goodbye.


Maybe it had been cruel. But it was a coping mechanism. It was for the best. Jimin didn’t want to hurt. And he wanted Taehyung to be happy. And if happy meant that Jimin was out of the picture… then so be it.


“We broke up two years ago,”


“Why?” Maybe it’s not Jimin’s place to ask. But the alcohol destroys his filter.


Taehyung sighs, playing with Jimin’s fingers as they lay on his lap. “We… wanted different things. He wanted to focus on his music, I wanted to focus on law school. It just kind of… faded away,”


Jimin lets out a laugh, and he doesn’t know why he feels so damn relieved.


“We still talk all the time though,”


Of course. Taehyung never did like conflict. He was a kind, good-natured person. He didn’t like to burn bridges, or hurt people. He didn’t hold grudges. Jimin hopes that hasn’t changed.


“That’s… good,”




And there’s silence for a while, and Jimin stares at the fireplace, crackling as the flames dance before his eyes. There’s quiet chatter in the background, but nothing is louder than Jimin’s frantically beating heart.


“Jimin…” Taehyung whispers. Jimin hums in response. “I… really really missed you,”

And just like that, all the pent up feelings flood through Jimin, and he melts. Maybe this is their chance. Jimin doesn’t want to let Taehyung go so easily this time. Taehyung had always been his sunshine.

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The pastry shop is one of Taehyung’s favorite places to think. He likes the smell of coffee and sugar that pervades the air, the bustle of customers and employees calling out orders like sea salt iced coffee for number fifty three! and black forest chocolate cake for number eighteen!


It makes him feel like he’s taking part in something. Although he’s just another customer, he lets himself be swept into the pace of the shop.


Plus it’s just across the street from the courthouse, and he finds himself visiting the shop often during the breaks for cases. He’d gotten a bit addicted to the chocolate eclairs, they were an excellent stress reliever.


But today he’s not here for the eclairs. He’s not on a case at the moment. But he comes anyway, because his mind has felt muddled these days.


Ever since he and Jimin had been reunited at Hoseok’s party, there had been an odd feeling in his gut. Seeing his best friend five years after he disappeared off the face of the planet had been surreal. Taehyung had always figured Jimin had his reasons, but seeing the (only slightly) older man again reopened old wounds, hurt, and god he missed Jimin.


After graduation, Taehyung had continued on to law school, with Yoongi at his side. He was sure he and Yoongi were meant to be. Most people considered the pairing odd, but Yoongi took good care of Taehyung. He was mature, wise, and much cooler than 4D Taehyung.


But he was also blunt, and lazy with anything that didn’t have to do with music. Taehyung was a social butterfly, and a bit high maintenance. Yoongi really didn’t get him, couldn’t understand when Taehyung would want to go out on dates instead of sitting on the couch and eating ramen. Yoongi always complained about Taehyung being too loud when he was overly excited.


Maybe it would have worked. If they had tried harder. But Taehyung was busy in school and Yoongi spent all his time in the studio, and eventually it became a novel thing when they both even spoke to each other.


And Taehyung had found himself missing Jimin more and more. He regretted losing touch with the only person who understood him, stood by him all these years. He missed Jimin’s warm smile, his bubbly laughter, their stupid arguments over who hogged the blankets.


It wasn’t fair to Yoongi, and it wasn’t fair to himself.


So they broke up. There was no mess, no tears, nothing. Taehyung had brought it up, and Yoongi had stared at him with those deep, understanding eyes and said, yeah okay, I was thinking the same thing.


They still lived together. The apartment they had gotten had two bedrooms, and so they continued to split the rent and share the space. They lived well together, and eventually Yoongi started dating Namjoon, another underground rapper. Taehyung went to every show and cheered them on. Life kept moving on, and there was no use being hurt about it.


But thinking about Jimin hurt. He had, in the midst of jumping into a relationship with Yoongi, forgot that he was almost already in one with Jimin, even if they hadn’t explicitly stated it. And he hadn’t missed the longing looks Jimin always gave him. He had just figured it would pass over time. It was cruel.


And being with Jimin was different from being with Yoongi. With Yoongi, Taehyung always submitted to him. Yoongi liked it rough, with biting and minimal talking, and Taehyung was more than okay with that. But there was no intimacy.


With Jimin, he had more control. Jimin melted every time they touched, and he would wrap his arms around Taehyung and hold him close whenever they fucked. They loved watching each other orgasm. Loved pressing their foreheads together and telling each other how good it felt, how perfect they were when they were together like that. Taehyung knew Jimin, every little part of him, and it was comfortable, familiar.


Maybe he had mixed up the platonic love and affection with something more heated, passionate, all-consuming. But it was too much. He was afraid, and Yoongi was a really cool hyung.


Perhaps he had unknowingly hurt Jimin in the process. He had dropped his best friend like it was nothing. Consumed himself with Yoongi and completely ignored Jimin. It was the worst decision of his life, but by some miracle, Jimin is back in his life again, and Taehyung is determined to make the opportunity count.


“Taehyung?” a voice calls out, snapping him out of his morose thoughts, and he looks up to see Jimin, dressed in dark blue scrubs, waving and making his way to Taehyung’s table.


“Oh my gosh, Jimin, hi!” Taehyung replies, straightening his back out of reflex and running his fingers through his hair. Had he remembered to comb it this morning? Had he shaved?


“Is this seat taken?” Jimin asks, pointing to the vacant seat across from Taehyung.


“No, not at all,” Taehyung shakes his head all too quickly, shifting around his chair and trying not to think about his heart thumping uncomfortably in his chest.


“Great,” Jimin smiles, that beautiful eye smile, and settles into the chair, setting his coffee cup on the table between them.


And God, Jimin looks wonderful. Even in the scrubs (which Taehyung had sworn couldn’t look good on anyone) looked designer, the way they molded to Jimin’s frame. He was still just as short as Taehyung remembered, but he had filled out considerably, and Taehyung’s eyes take in the way Jimin’s biceps flex as he pops the lid off the coffee and pours in sugar.


“Funny running into you here,” Jimin says, stirring the liquid around.


“I come here all the time,” Taehyung explains.


“Oh yeah! The courthouse is right there, huh?” He turns to look out the window, pointing to the large marble building, and smiles sweetly again. God, that smile. And the rectangular frame of his glasses makes him look all the more handsome, perched delicately on the bridge of his nose. He looked professional, classy. Beautiful.


“Yup. I come here to stress eat,” And Jimin throws his head back in laughter. Taehyung cracks a smile at the sound, glad that he’s still able to make Jimin laugh the way he used to in school.


“I just found this place the other day, it’s really nice,” Jimin says, taking a test sip of his coffee. He hums when it meets his satisfaction and places the lid back on it.


“Are you working right now?” Taehyung asks.


“Yeah. I’m just taking a break until someone pages me,”


“So you’re at the hospital down the block,” Jimin nods in affirmation, taking another sip. Taehyung crinkles his nose. “How is it? Being Dr. Park?”


Jimin huffs a laugh. “Exhausting. I thought things would be easier after med school but…” He shakes his head.


“I’m sorry to hear that,” Taehyung doesn’t know what else to say. He’s always been in tune with his feelings… but right now, he doesn’t know what to say.


Jimin clicks his tongue and waves the comment away dismissively. “I’m just joking. It’s worth it,”




“Of course! I’m glad that I can actually do something for people now, you know?”


And Taehyung understands. Jimin had always been selfless, almost to a fault. It’s too easy to imagine Jimin as the kind, hard working doctor, helping people and making the world a little bit brighter, one patient at a time.


“That’s really admirable of you, Minnie,” Taehyung says honestly, and Jimin pauses mid-sip when the old nickname slips out. Taehyung would be embarrassed, except he isn’t.


“I don’t know about that...” Jimin smiles shakily. He sets the cup back down hesitantly, and the silence is thick for a few moments.


“What you’re doing is good too!” Jimin blurts, desperate to fill up the gap in conversation. “Being a public defender, representing people who don’t have the money,”


Taehyung shrugs. “It’s only part time. I need to take private clients from my firm if I want my bank account to stay above zero,” Jimin smiles, and it’s softer this time.


“I wanted to do something to help, same as you,” And Taehyung knows Jimin will understand what he means. His family had lived just above the poverty line. And Taehyung’s father had been falsely accused of a crime at work that he couldn’t defend himself against. Taehyung had worked two part time jobs in high school to keep food on the table for his mother.


Once his father had gotten out of prison, money became less of an issue, and Taehyung got a scholarship to come to university, but the pain of the situation always stayed with him. And Jimin was always there, bringing by food whenever he could, making sure Taehyung wasn’t skipping classes and meals. He hadn’t judged Taehyung, ever, and Taehyung had found no other person who possessed the same kindness that Park Jimin did.


“How are they?” Jimin asks quietly, eyes solemn.


“They’re doing better. I send them money every chance I get,” Taehyung sighs.


“They’re not living with you?”


Taehyung shakes his head. “Eomma couldn’t acclimate to city air. Not good for her lungs,”


“Oh,” And it’s silent again, but it’s not awkward or tense. Both men frown down at the table, lost in thought, and wondering how so much could change in five years.


But it’s now or never. Taehyung knows he has to make things right.


“Jimin,” He puts his hand over Jimin’s resting on the table. The elder’s eyes dart towards their hands in surprise, before snapping up to meet Taehyung’s gaze.


“I’m sorry about what happened between us,”


Jimin opens his mouth to protest, but Taehyung cuts him off.


“I’m sorry I missed your birthday, I’m sorry we stopped talking, I’m sorry that I took your presence for granted. I didn’t realize how much I needed you until you were gone,”


Taehyung bites his lip. “I think about it all the time. About what happened to us. And… what could have been,”


He looks down, running his fingers across Jimin’s knuckles. He appreciates Jimin’s small, soft hands so much more when he’s not buzzed on wine.


“Do you mean…” Jimin sounds choked up. Taehyung looks up slowly. Jimin’s expression is unreadable.


“Yeah. I want to try. I always wondered… what could have been. Between us,” Jimin’s fingers twitch, and he turns his wrist so his hand faces upward. Taehyung runs his thumb across the soft palm.


“It’s been five years, Tae. How?”


Taehyung smiles softly. “I want to try. If things don’t work out, that’s that. But… I want to try,”


Jimin’s eyes soften, lips tugging up into a hesitant smile. “I’d... like that,”



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“Fuck you, Kim Taehyung!” Jimin yelps, practically jumping into the younger’s lap as the ghost on the screen pops out.


Taehyung throws his head back in laughter, and Jimin whines into his neck. “Why did you pick a scary movie?”


So I could hold you like this, Taehyung thinks, wrapping his arm around Jimin’s body as it curls in his lap. He brings his fingers up to run through Jimin’s silky hair .


“You did this on purpose, didn’t you?” Jimin’s voice is muffled against Taehyung’s shoulder. Of course Taehyung picked a scary movie. It was common knowledge that Jimin scared easily, and Taehyung was not above using that to his advantage.


“Maybe,” Taehyung sings. There’s a loud scream coming from the television, and Jimin’s fingers tighten into the material of Taehyung’s sweatshirt.


“I hate you,” Jimin mumbles, and Taehyung can’t help the wide grin that forms on his lips. Jimin looks so damn cute like this, fitting perfectly against Taehyung’s chest, not paying attention to the intimate position they're in.


“You don’t mean that,” Taehyung sings, wrapping the other arm around Jimin’s body and pulling him closer. Jimin tenses when Taehyung presses his cheek against his hair, and he takes a shaky breath, but he just gets a nose full of Taehyung’s damn cologne.


“You love me,”


Jimin lets his eyes close because god yes he does love Taehyung, with all his heart. And the last two months were a testament to the fact that despite five years of separation, there was no one Jimin’s heart beat this fast for besides Taehyung.


They had gone on dates, held hands, and spent all their free time together- which admittedly wasn’t much, considering both their time consuming careers. But there were rare days when they could get together like this and fall into a comfortable routine.


Taehyung had a habit of visiting Jimin at the hospital whenever he was on break. He would take Jimin out to lunch, walk him back to his department with their hands laced, and would kiss him sweetly on the cheek before letting him go.


They had kept everything relatively PG. Somewhere in the back of Jimin’s mind, he’s afraid that if they were to go any further so soon without talking about where they stood, it would turn into the senseless fucking in college all over again.


But Taehyung’s hand is stroking his hair, fingers brushing against his scalp, and he’s so warm. He’d missed being close with Taehyung like this, and although he hadn’t actually meant to end up in Taehyung’s lap, he’s not really complaining.


“Hey… I’m sorry. I’ll put on a different movie if you want,” Taehyung says, voice softer. Jimin’s lips curve into a small smile. The younger must have confused Jimin's silence for anger, when all he was really thinking about was how nice it feels to be held by someone who knows him better than he knows himself.


“No, it’s fine,” Jimin laughs softly. Taehyung gently lifts Jimin’s chin until his brown eyes are searching the older’s face.


“Are you sure?” Jimin doesn’t like the way Taehyung is pouting. He brings his fingers up to gently touch at Taehyung’s lips, brushing over the corners, and up to the cupid’s bow.


“Of course,” Jimin murmurs, and there’s screaming coming from the television, but it’s all just background noise. All he can really hear is the rapid beating of his heart as Taehyung winds a hand around Jimin’s wrist, and leans closer.


Jimin can count all of Taehyung’s eyelashes from this close. There’s a tiny birthmark on the tip of Taehyung’s nose, and his breath is warm.


Taehyung opens his mouth as though to say something, but he closes it quickly, choosing instead to take his hand and cup Jimin’s jaw. He leans closer, until their noses are brushing, foreheads touching. Their mouths are so close, and Taehyung parts his lips.


Taehyung wonders if this is it, the moment when the floodgates will open and he won’t have to hold back anymore. He leans forward, and-


“I’m going to get more popcorn!” Jimin squeaks, scrambling out of Taehyung’s lap to grab at the very much still full popcorn bowl and darting into Taehyung’s kitchen.


Taehyung frowns in confusion, taken aback for a moment before switching off the movie and going after Jimin. He finds the older man gripping the counter tightly, shoulders tensed.


“Did I do something wrong?” Taehyung asks. He want to be careful with Jimin. He knows how much he had hurt the elder, and had taken great care to not push him past his boundaries. But a few moments ago, he had been so sure…


“Taehyung…” Jimin murmurs, and the younger steps closer. Jimin turns around, and he looks so… sad. It makes Taehyung’s heart flop, and he gathers Jimin in his arms.


“What’s wrong? Just tell me and I’ll fix it. If it was the kiss-” Jimin shakes his head, and Taehyung closes his mouth.


“I…” Jimin sighs, tilting his up to meet Taehyung’s gaze. “I need know what this is. What we are,”


Taehyung’s eyebrows furrow in confusion.


“I know exactly how I feel, Taehyung. But I don’t want a repeat of college. I don’t want to give my heart away if you’re not ready to accept it,”




And it makes Taehyung pause. He knew he loved Jimin, but he had never really thought about what kind of love it was. They had been best friends for so long, taking care of each other, looking out for each other, and putting each other first.


But now… it was a bit different than that. While many of the parts of their friendship had carried over, some things had changed. His heart beat faster whenever Jimin smiled at him. All Taehyung wants to do is hold Jimin’s hand, hug him close. Spend every moment he can with him. He has a burning desire to take care of Jimin, in a different way. Not as friends… but as lovers.


“I understand,” Taehyung says slowly, and Jimin’s eyes search his face. There’s a sort of resigned hope in his expression.


“But…” Taehyung brings his hands up to cup Jimin’s face. “I’m ready now. I wasn’t before, but I am now,”


Jimin’s frown deepens, and Taehyung wishes he wasn’t the reason for the sadness. “I need you to be sure, Taehyung. I don’t…” He sighs again. Taehyung strokes his face, running a finger along his cheekbone before drawing up his jaw and tipping his face up.


“Now that I have you here, I won’t ever let you go,”


And Jimin doesn’t know who leans in first, but suddenly they’re kissing. It’s slow, tentative, and it makes Jimin’s toes curl. They’re more experienced than they were growing up, and Jimin can tell by the way Taehyung so effortly manages to get Jimin to open his mouth to him.


Jimin sighs, going up on his tip toes, and presses closer, winding his arms around the younger’s neck. Taehyung’s hands go to his waist, holding him steady, and tilts his head for a better angle.


It’s a slow burn, kissing Taehyung, and within minutes, his entire body is flushed, tingling with warmth and pleasure as the younger effortlessly takes him to the edge.


They pull apart breathlessly, cheeks hot, bodies a little more than aroused, and not quite ready to pull away.


“God, I missed doing that,” Taehyung murmurs, his breathing labored. Jimin strokes his hair, pressing their foreheads together.


“What else did you miss?” Jimin asks, and he doesn’t mean for it to come out so suggestive, but Taehyung raises his eyebrows in amusement, pulling Jimin flush against him, before kissing him again.


It’s still slow, almost painful, but it feels so good to have Taehyung’s mouth on his, kissing him like he’s trying to steal the oxygen from his lungs.


Jimin’s hands tease at the hem of Taehyung’s sweatshirt, darting underneath the fabric to brush at the soft skin.


“Take it off if you want,” Taehyung mumbles into the kiss, and it takes Jimin a moment to process the words, before he’s tugging at it, pulling the material over Taehyung’s head.


“When did you start working out?” Jimin asks breathlessly, drinking in the lean, tight muscle of Taehyung’s chest and stomach. His skin is beautifully golden and soft to the touch.


Taehyung quirks an eyebrow. “How do you know I didn’t just get them naturally?”


Jimin just rolls his eyes and presses forward again, letting his fingers press into the solid muscle of Taehyung’s back. He finds himself growing more and more needy and bold, and his hands wander lower of their own accord.


He plays at the waistband of Taehyung’s jeans, thumb brushing across the button. He’s not sure if this is what Taehyung wants, but he wants to make it damn clear that he himself does. And it’s Taehyung’s move next.


“Nope, not yet,” Taehyung smiles into Jimin’s mouth, before whipping the older man around and pressing his back flush against his bare chest.


“It’s your turn,” Taehyung whispers into Jimin’s ear before nipping at his earlobe, and a violent shiver wracks down Jimin’s spine.


Taehyung’s long fingers unbutton Jimin’s dress shirt slowly, each pop of the button making a fresh wave of lust course through the elder, all the while mouthing hotly at the skin behind Jimin’s ear. When the shirt is completely undone, Taehyung rakes his large hands down Jimin’s front, pressing at his nipples, playing at the ridges of his abdomen, before going lower.


“Taehyung…” Jimin moans breathlessly, letting his head loll back onto Taehyung’s shoulder as the younger man runs his hand down Jimin’s clothed member, already straining against his pants.


His hands drag further down Jimin’s thighs, squeezing at the insides, before coming up again, rubbing hard against Jimin’s erection, and he tilts his hips into the sensation. It’s almost painful, the friction, but so so good.


“Do you like that?” Taehyung asks, voice almost playful, but it’s too rough, too sinfully low, and jImin knows he’s just as affected by this. He repeats the motion, palming Jimin’s length slowly, with the just the perfect amount of pressure that has Jimin babbling incoherently.


Taehyung chuckles, and it’s a deep, throaty sound. “I think you do, Minnie,” Another stroke. “Keep moaning for me baby,”


God, Jimin wishes he wasn’t so turned on by the raw dominance, that he wasn’t moaning so loud that the neighbors might hear. His body is shaking, turning to putty in Taehyung’s arms, and neither of them were even naked.


And then Taehyung’s hands are leaving his groin, brushing up Jimin’s arms, drawing back the shirt until his shoulders are exposed. Taehyung presses wet, open mouthed kissed all over the skin, while stepping back just enough to pull Jimin’s shirt completely off.


He grips Jimin’s hips with a bruising force, pushing their bodies closer together, and continues to mouth at Jimin’s shoulders. Jimin grinds his hips into Taehyung, desperate for anything and everything, and it draws out a long groan form Taehyung that has heat pooling in his belly.


“Taehyung…” Jimin moans, voice cracking as he rolls his hips again, pressing into Taehyung’s erection, and he thinks that if something doesn’t happen soon, he’s going to pass out.


But before he can say anything, Taehyung’s whipping him around, pressing him against the counter, and their erections rub against each other, eliciting a gasp from both of them.


“Do you want this, Minnie?” Taehyung asks, voice strained, as he cups Jimin’s face. Jimin stamped down his burning arousal for a moment to really consider.


Do I want this? And the answer is simple. It was in the fond looks, the respect of space, the pure, genuine desire, and Jimin knows he’s made the right choice.


“Yes,” Jimin murmurs breathlessly, throwing his arms around Taehyung’s neck and bringing their lips together into a heated kiss that makes Jimin’s toes curl. They stumble out of the kitchen and into the hallway. Taehyung fumbles with the door to his bedroom before they burst inside, tugging at each other’s pants before landing on the bed.


Jimin had seen naked Taehyung too many times to count, but it’s different after five years, in this situation. He had definitely filled into himself- he had been lanky, awkward, and tall growing up, but now he was all broad shoulders, lean golden muscle, and raw power. It sends another wave of hot, stabbing arousal through him.


“Lube,” Jimin murmurs, and Taehyung reaches over into one of the nightstand drawers to produce a small bottle. Just as Taehyung goes to uncap it, Jimin holds his hand out. “Let me,”


Taehyung’s lips curve into a smirk. “Want to put on a show for me, Minnie?” And Jimin’s entire body flushes, because yes, he wants to put on a show for Taehyung, show him how much better he is at this now, make sure that he has the best fuck of his life.


He grabs the bottle and uncaps it, squeezing the liquid onto his fingers, before laying back on the pillows and spreading his legs, bending his knees so he has the best angle… and Taehyung has the best view.


The younger man kneels in front of him, watching with dark eyes as Jimin rubs his fingers together, warming up the lube, before pressing them to his entrance. He rubs tight circles around the rim, before sliding two fingers in at once.


Taehyung’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise, to which Jimin just smiles, the cheeky brat, and throws his head back in a shaky moan as he swirls his fingers inside him, scissoring with a precision that takes a lot of practice, and Jimin isn’t ready to tell Taehyung how many times he’d touched himself thinking about the younger these past few months.


“More,” Taehyung growls, and Jimin had almost forgotten that he was there, lost in his own delirium of pleasure, but now he can feel Taehyung’s large hands on his knees, gripping them tightly, pushing them further apart. His expression is dark, intent, focused, and Jimin shivers.


Jimin nods, pushing in a third finger while dragging his free hand down to stroke at his member, lying hot and thick against his stomach. He lets out a hiccuped moan, the pleasure just two degrees from painful, and he touches himself with tight, slow strokes.


“How much do you want me, Jimin?” Taehyung asks, sliding himself closer, not taking his eyes off of Jimin’s hands as he works himself into a frenzy.


“So... much,” Jimin manages to choke out between stuttered breathes. He can feel his body burning, hair matting on his forehead with sweat. He twists his fingers, and he brushes against his prostate. His hips buck up of their own accord, and Taehyung’s hands are on them, pressing them down.


“Now?” Taehyung asks, hovering over his body. Jimin nods. If he waits any longer, he’s going to come all over himself without Taehyung doing a damned thing.


“God yes,” Jimin moans, and Taehyung’s eyes glint. He looks predatory, body caging Jimin in, and he feels small, but he likes that, likes Taehyung taking control and owning him, because Jimin had always belonged to him.


And suddenly he’s being flipped over onto his stomach. He hears Taehyung slicking himself up, and his mouth waters in anticipation. No one could fill him like Taehyung could. No one knew his body and his limits like Taehyung did, and he can’t wait for the younger to bend and twist him to his limit.


“Tell me Minnie,” Taehyung drawls, pulling Jimin up by the hips until he’s on all fours, and Taehyung’s cock is pressed against the cleft of his ass. He rubs it up and down, teasing at the older man, and lets out a soft groan himself.


Jimin keens, pushing his body back into the sensation, and he can feel his dick practically dripping with precum. “How do you want it?”


“Hard,” he gasps. “Fuck me hard,” Taehyung’s fingers dig tightly into the flesh of his hips as he moans out the words.


Taehyung bends forward to press a wet kiss on Jimin’s tailbone, lips lingering, nose brushing over the skin, and Jimin’s toes curl at the intimacy. “Whatever you want, baby,”


And then Taehyung is sliding inside him, smoothly, quickly, filling Jimin to the brim, and they both let out gasps. Jimin’s walls tighten around Taehyung’s cock instinctively, and he throws his head back, groaning, as he holds himself back from ramming into Jimin.


Jimin opens his mouth in a silent scream, Taehyung’s hilt brushing gently against his prostate, and he rocks back against the younger. He doesn’t need as much time to adjust as he did when they were younger and new at everything.


Taehyung picks up on Jimin’s cue, and draws his length out slowly, before pushing back in at the same pace. His hilt taps lightly against Jimin’s g spot, and he lets out a small squeak, biting his lip because he really doesn’t want the neighbors to hear.


“I thought… ungh… you were… going to… ahh… fuck me… hard,” Jimin chokes out, as Taehyung keeps the same, brutally slow pace. He feels like he’s going to go insane, standing precariously on the edge, Taehyung bringing him so close to his high before drawing him back down again.


Taehyung chuckles darkly, mouthing at the base of Jimin’s spine, drawing his cock out before ramming it in quickly, slamming against Jimin’s prostate. Jimin’s hands almost buckle, and he moans so loud his face flushes in embarrassment.


“I can fuck you nice and hard and go slow like this,” Taehyung murmurs, licking at Jimin’s skin, before drawing himself out and slamming in again, the force of his thrust tipping Jimin forward on the bed. He smiles in satisfaction as the older man’s entire body shakes. He loves seeing Jimin like this, vulnerable and sexy and all his.


He rams himself in again and again, until Jimin’s arms give out and he collapses on the bed, sweating and shivering. Taehyung pulls his length out, before turning Jimin over on his back. He takes a moment to just look at Jimin, his hair dark and damp, eyes glazed and fluttering closed, entire body fucking glowing with sex.


Taehyung leans in to take Jimin’s length into his mouth. He groans at the taste of precum, sucking and licking at his cock, until Jimin is sobbing, fingers tugging desperately at Taehyung’s hair.


“Taehyung… please,” Jimin begs, and Taehyung loves it when Jimin begs. He comes off of Jimin’s dick with a lewd pop, and pulls himself up to kiss Jimin as he slides himself into Jimin again. The older man’s mouth opens so fast for him, and he growls with satisfaction as he licks in to Jimin’s mouth, tongue pressing at every corner, and he just wants Jimin to know, for the elder to understand how much he means to Taehyung, to have him like this.


Jimin cries out in desperation as Taehyung’s hips snap into him at the same, achingly slow pace, so he winds his arms around Taehyung’s neck and presses him closer. His hands latch around Taehyung’s hips and he wishes he could just get sucked into Taehyung, merge their souls or something because Jimin needs this, needs Taehyung.


“God, Jimin… you’re so…” Taehyung groans again in response to Jimin mewling into his mouth. He runs his hands up Jimin’s biceps, tugging the older’s hands away from his neck and above their heads so he can tangle their fingers together.


“Beautiful,” he finishes, panting against Jimin’s jaw as his thrusts shift their bodies on the bed, using the position of their arms as leverage so he can ram into Jimin’s prostate harder. After that, it takes just a few more thrusts before they both come in unison.


Jimin tilts his head back, sobbing out moan as his body wracks with shiver after shiver, and Taehyung clamps his mouth down on Jimin’s shoulder, muffling his own groans as he spills himself inside Jimin.


Jimin’s come is sticky between their bodies, and there’s some on his neck, so Taehyung licks it off, humming in satisfaction as he slides his length out finally, and rolls over next to the elder.


They catch their breath in silence, staring up at the ceiling as a warm feeling settles between them.


It is Taehyung who breaks the silence. “How was that?”


Jimin huffs a laugh, too fucked out to respond properly.


“Better than college?” Jimin can feel Taehyung grinning at him.


“Definitely…” Jimin sighs in satisfaction, body still thrumming with energy. He turns his body to face Taehyung, and the younger man mirrors the action.


His throat tightens, as Taehyung’s hand comes up to stroke his face, push his fringe back, and he smiles adoringly. This is what he always wanted. The intimacy, the love.


He wiggles his body closer, until his nose is pressed against Taehyung’s collarbone, and Taehyung’s long arm is draped across his waist, stroking down his side.


“I’m happy you’re here, Minnie,” Taehyung murmurs into his hair. Jimin’s lips curve into a smile, and his eyes flutter closed.


I am too.