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In your arms

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Katsuki had decided he has to try out this whole bullshit of ‘being vulnerable around others’. He blames his therapist. He also blames his boyfriend, who made him go to a therapist in the first place. He kinda also blames All Might because he agreed with his boyfriend that “Yes, Bakugou-shonen, this might be helpful to you, since bla bla bla capital bla.”

But in the end, that’s a lie and he blames no one but himself because he’s the one who drove himself into this shitty situation where he thinks that sleeping on a fucking couch in a fucking common room is a sign of vulnerability. When it really isn’t. His brain knows that because he’s smart. But his heart is irrational.

He feels like a failure.

For fucking sleeping.

It doesn’t make any sense and it’s his own fucking job to make sure his heart and soul can accept that.

So now he’s here, lying on the Common Room couch while a bunch of his and Deku’s squad are mingling about. Shitty Hair, Sparks, and Floaty are playing cards at the table right next to him, Halfie is in the kitchen with the Class Rep. Alien and Soy Face are being loud somewhere in the background.

He has long accepted them as friends. He can just… doze off a little bit in their presence, right? Can’t be that hard. He turns, facing the sofa, keeping his eyes closed and waiting for sleep to take him.

His friends don’t even notice him drifting off. They continue playing, chatting, and laughing their asses off as the sun sets and it gets colder. Someone is bringing in blankets to stay warm and cuddle. What do you need a heater for if you have incredibly squishable friends?

Only then do they notice that Katsuki isn’t with them anymore. They laugh and tease but ultimately get another blanket to place on top of him.


When Katsuki starts to wake, he feels warm and fuzzy inside out. He’s laying weirdly on his arm and his toes are cold. But his body is warm and comfortable still.
He can make out voices, remnants of a dream, and bits of reality seeping in. His cheek feels weird, smooshed against the sofa. He tucks his toes under the blanket, grabbing it and pulling it over his shoulder, effectively trapping the warmth inside.

He can faintly hear a door open and closing, his friends voices getting louder, then:

“Oi, Deku! Your boyfriend is sleeping. Take him up to your room!!”

Deku’s here.

Katsuki feels his grip on the dream state slipping more, but he feels so warm. He doesn’t want to get up. Not yet. This is actually kinda okay.

He grunts.

He really doesn’t want to move right now. He’s warm under the blanket, his toes are warm and his shoulders and ears too. His arm is still squished weirdly but he has been lying in this position too long for it to still be uncomfortable.

Katsuki doesn’t want to move.

He feels a presence by his side. They kneel down and then he feels soft lips press against his temple, making him sigh.

Missed you, he thinks, but is too drowsy to actually say.

“Kacchan.” a hand is placed on his shoulder, ever so softly. He feels so warm. So mushy. This is so much nicer than he ever imagined.

Another kiss is pressed against his skin, his cheek this time, barely there, lingering, but he can still feel the smile on his boyfriend’s lips.

“Come on, Kacchan, let’s get you to bed,” Deku says more to himself than to anyone. But Katsuki still doesn’t want to move or leave at all for that matter so he grunts annoyed.

And again, he’s still super sleepy and drowsy and just wants to stay where he is so maybe he has no real control or idea of how loud or quiet his sounds actually come out.

So when he hears a “Wow okay, Bakugou is a grumpy morning guy,” he feels kinda bad because he isn’t grumpy. He just doesn’t wanna be moved. Like, at all.

Thankfully, Deku is the most patient person on earth, who loves him so much, it would be sickening if he didn’t love him just as much.

“You don’t wanna leave?” he asks, cooing at him, talking in his stupid baby voice, while brushing over his hair. No, he doesn’t want to fucking leave. Right now, right here, is pretty good.

So he grunts again, hoping it’s not too loud and sounds affirmative. Only a puff of air escapes his lips.

“That’s fine, we can stay as long as you want,” Deku answers, pressing more kisses to his face.

Katsuki feels an arm reaching over his body and planting itself next to him on the couch. He’s so close. Not close enough. The warmth is good but there’s missing something.

Katsuki decided it’s okay to move a bit, just a bit. He’s too tired to care about much, too warm to care about much. So he turns his head, eyes still closed and just hoping Deku will get the hint.

Another kiss is placed on his forehead this time, then his temple. Katsuki sighs, but it’s not exactly what he wants.

“Deku,” he croaks out, voice deep and sleepy.

“Hmm?” he answers.

Katsuki grumbles a bit more incoherently, trying to open his eyes but his eyelids feel too heavy. He grumbles a bit more before his mouth decides to do its job and forms a word without sound.

“What did you say?”

Ah, damnit. Work mouth, work.

He tries to add his voice. Lips moving, with no sound. “” He says.

He tries again.

“Kiss,” he mumbles.

“Kiss,” he says again, stretching his neck out to the general direction where he can feel his boyfriend.

“Oh,” Deku says stupidly, instead of fucking kissing him. “Kacchan wants a kiss?”

Katsuki’s cheeks warm when he hears their friends snicker, but he doesn’t really care.

He nods, still trying to reach his boyfriend, a voiceless “Please,” following.

He can feel Deku’s breath on his face as he breathes out and then finally leans down to press a kiss to his lips. They feel good against his own. They feel right, feel warm and mushy. When Deku parts, Katsuki doesn’t want it to be over but Deku’s still there and then he’s kissing him again, hand coming up to stroke over his tousled hair and being as soft as Deku can be.

This is good, this is fine. He’s warm, he’s safe and he’s feeling good. Deku’s right by his side, so close and kissing him, and nothing else matters, really. Katsuki wants to be even closer so he moves his arms and struggles out of the blanket to reach over his boyfriend’s shoulders, keeping him close. Kissing him deeper, while still feeling so impossibly warm and safe.

Deku moves to kiss his temple and his cheek, burying his head in Katsuki’s shoulder and kissing his shoulder, peeking out of his shirt. He turns his head to whisper into his ear.

“You’re okay?”

Katsuki nods, pulling him closer into his arms, inhaling his boyfriend’s scent, feeling comfortable under his body weight and the snickering and giggling and chatty voices in the background.

He’s okay.

Deku leans back and Katsuki finally manages to open his eyes, albeit still sleepy and barely there. Deku finds his eyes, a soft smile reserved for only him on his lips. A hand stroking over his cheek and Katsuki leans into the warmth like a cat reaching for a sunny spot, cupping the hand in his own and kissing the palm.

“Wanna sleep,” he mumbles and turns, still holding Deku’s hand close, forcing him to go with him.

“Wouldn’t it be more comfortable in your own bed, Kacchan?”

“Mmmh, yea… ” Katsuki sighs, but still doesn’t want to move.

“Don’t wanna move,” he says. “This’s fine.”

“So you’re gonna stay here?”

Katsuki nods and smiles when he feels Deku shifting closer, body draping next to him and hugging him closer. Deku interlaces their fingers, before leaning in and kissing his cheek again, holding him closer, keeping him warmer.

He adjusts the blanket and keeps Katsuki warm for the rest of the evening, till it gets too late, till their friends are leaving one by one and Deku finally carries a sleeping Kacchan to his own room, laying him down, keeping him warm, kissing him and cradling his cheek.

When Katsuki wakes the next day, he’s still warm, still comfortable but now squished against his boyfriend’s chest.

This is fine.

This is nice.

He kisses their interlocked fingers and falls asleep once more.