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Anything, Really?

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It’s a week before Kaeya’s 18th birthday when Kaeya tells Diluc the truth. In the hushed, comforting darkness of their shared bedroom, Kaeya tells him everything, from the father who left him in the Winery’s vineyards to the curse that turned his nation into a barren wasteland. Kaeya holds Diluc’s hands as he confesses everything, grip so tight like Diluc will get angry at the truth and leave him. But what Diluc only does is hold Kaeya tighter, reassure him with a soft smile, even after Kaeya finishes his story.

Diluc lets Kaeya rest his head resting on the former’s shoulder, his heavy breath tickling Diluc’s skin. Let's Kaeya pepper kisses on his neck – one, two, three, and four – before sucking a particular spot that Diluc surmises is Kaeya’s favorite. Waits for Kaeya to get his bearings before speaking again.  

“My father told me I was their last hope,” Kaeya whispers. Sounding so fragile that Diluc sees Kaeya’s tiny form in him, stuck in the bushes, shivering under the freezing rain. “I’m loyal to Mondstadt and won’t even dare to betray you and Master Crepus, but…” Kaeya trails off, and Diluc rubs his thumb on the Kaeya’s nape, a spot Diluc learned soothes Kaeya almost instantly. “But, I need to save my country, Diluc. I can’t just leave them there.”

“I understand,” Diluc says. He feels the tension and the loneliness rolling off from Kaeya’s shoulders, all from having to hold responsibility on even fit on his shoulders when it was given him. Without any support, without any help. Diluc berates himself for not noticing sooner.  

“You don’t have to do this alone, you know,” Diluc says, and he feels Kaeya go still in his hold. “Let me help you.”

Kaeya goes quiet. Diluc worries that he outstepped his boundaries when Kaeya leans back and looks at him with a strange gleam in his eye. The diamond pupil seems to glow under the moonlight. “You want to?”

“Of course! I care for you,” Diluc says. “I’m still a Knight of Mondstadt, that will never change – “ Kaeya frowns at that. “– but I don't want you to go through this alone, not anymore,” Then he whispers in a softer voice. “You know I’ll do anything just to make you happy, right?”

“You’ll do anything?” Kaeya asks. Hopeful. “Anything, really?”

Diluc nods. Resolute. “Anything.”

Without warning, Kaeya pulls Diluc into a tight embrace. Diluc yelps and tries to protect his face from getting mushed by Kaeya’s chest but stops when he hears the muffled chuckles from his little brother. Diluc feels hands run across the expanse of his back with unconcealed giddiness.

“What?” Diluc asks. But Kaeya shakes his head.

“It’s nothing,” he says, clearly a lie. But Diluc lets that slide. “I’m happy, that’s all.”

Diluc nods in understanding and lets Kaeya hold him like this, reveling in the comfort of their private silence. They hold each other like this even when they are laid on the bed, tucked under the blankets as they try to fall asleep. Diluc is almost unconscious when Kaeya caresses his cheek, his nose, his forehead, his jaw, until Kaeya’s cool fingers make their way to Diluc’s neck, touching the spot where he planted a hickey. A low rumble reverberates from Kaeya, and Diluc, in his half-amused, half-sleepy state, thinks Kaeya acts more like a dog than a human.


The request comes in a form of an old scroll and a possibility to save Khaenri’ah.

Kaeya says he wants to try this spell he found from a scroll in the ruins long ago when he and his group of Knights were dispatched to investigate the gathering of Abyss Mages in the area. Written in an archaic form Khaenri’ahn, the scroll contained details of a spell that could purify any kind of curse using a person’s own Elemental Energy, drawn with a help of another party involved.

If the spell manages to heal his left eye, scarred and shut from something that Kaeya refuses to discuss, then he will be one step closer to saving his homeland.

But of course, like all ancient spells, it has a caveat.

“The two parties involved have to – how should I say this – exchange fluids for the spell to work,” Kaeya explains.  

“Exchange fluids,” Diluc repeats, mulling the words in his mind. “What does it – oh.” And he blushes beet red.

“Yeah,” Kaeya says, his single eye still set on Diluc. “I know this is a difficult thing to ask, but I don’t think I would want to do this with anyone but you.”

Diluc feels his face grow redder than before. “H-how can you say such sappy things?"

Kaeya chuckles. “You’re the sappy one! You promised you’ll do anything for me,”

“Don’t make me regret it!” Diluc says as he turns away and crosses his arms.

“I won’t,” Kaeya quickly assures him. Holds him by the hips, presses their bodies together like missing puzzle pieces. Diluc’s back is onto Kaeya's front, so Diluc feels the touch of Kaeya’s lips on his neck, followed by the nip of teeth that Diluc has been overly familiar with over the years. “It’s an old spell, but it’s relatively harmless. The best-case scenario, the spell actually works and it heals my left eye. But if it doesn’t, then we’ll just be fucking, yeah?”

Diluc splutters. “How can you be so frank when talking about sex?”

“What’s there to be embarrassed about? We’ve been intimate before,” Which is true. Diluc isn’t exactly sure when he stopped seeing Kaeya as the brother his father intended him to be. But there is an old memory that sticks to him like honey: a young Kaeya in the throes of the flu that he will eventually get for every three months of his life; a young Diluc who wraps his arms around his little brother like a lifeline. Diluc remembers the way Kaeya trembled from his fever, his desperate pleas to be held as he buried his face on Diluc’s neck.

Diluc feels a teasing bite on his nape as Kaeya caresses the front of his abdomen. The action almost tender, venerating. “So, will you do it?”

Diluc groans and squirms from Kaeya’s grabby touches. “What do I need to do?”


The days leading to Kaeya’s birthday comes in a heated blur.

Kaeya explains that it’s all because the potion is preparing his body for the Energy Transfer, invigorating the pyro energy inside his body into tip-top shape. Diluc wishes that Kaeya explained that sooner, right before he started taking the potions during his meals, because then he would’ve filed for a few days of leave or so. For the first time in his life, Diluc feels what is like to be burned by his own Vision, except instead of the quick, succession of flames, he feels the slow trek of lava in his veins.

“No one is going to stop you if you took a day off,” Kaeya says, the morning of his birthday. His hands cup Diluc’s forehead as Diluc lays on the bed underneath their shared covers. Upon contact, Diluc notices how warm Kaeya is, today; the beginnings of the quarterly flu.

Diluc frowns. “You’re burning up.”

Kaeya smiles. “That should be my line.”

“Will you be alright today?”

“Of course, I’m used to it,” Kaeya shrugs, presses a morning kiss on Diluc’s forehead. “How about you? Will you be alright?”

Diluc doesn't answer immediately. The temptation to stay in bed is strong, further bolstered by the weight of Kaeya’s body and the comforting presence of his brother and love. However, he is a Knight and a Ragnvindr, bound to duty before the self, and throws the covers down to his feet. “I’ll manage.”

And manage, he did. By the time Kaeya’s birthday party ends, Diluc is barely standing, his hip stuck to the edge of the bar as he leans. His vision blurs once or twice at a time, making it difficult to keep up with a conversation with the last of their customers, and Diluc almost drops the glass he’s been cleaning for a full minute.

Kaeya notices – he always does, extremely perceptive even with one eye – and swoops in to help him.

“Let’s get out of here,” Kaeya says after they’ve cleaned all the used glasses. Diluc looks at Kaeya incredulously.

“Father is here,” Diluc says. Not far away, their father is having a discussion with some of his business colleagues, completely unaware of Diluc’s struggle and the rest of the customers around them. “We can’t leave him behind.”

“Yeah, we can,” Kaeya says, tugging Diluc’s wrist. A little harsh and insistent. “Come on, Charles is here and Master Crepus will be occupied for a couple of hours. And besides, haven’t you promised me something?” he says, reminding Diluc of their little arrangement tonight. “I hope the potions I brewed for you won’t go to waste.”

Diluc huffs but surrenders to Kaeya’s grip. It’s hard to say no to Kaeya sometimes. “Fine, but you’ll be the one to explain to Father why we had to leave your own birthday party.”

Kaeya smirks. A silver gleam flashing in his single eye for a quick second. “Leave it to me.”

They make it back to their shared apartment nearby in a record time, but only because Kaeya decided to carry him halfway back. Diluc would’ve protested against this because, one, he can still walk just fine and two, it hurts his pride to be carried away like this. But, most probably due to the exhaustion and potion’s effects, he stays pliant in Kaeya’s arms, quietly enjoying his proximity to his brother’s chest, feel the strength in the curves of his muscles. He feels like he’s about to fall asleep –

– before he gets tossed back on their shared bed, jolting his body awake. He tries to sit up but Kaeya crawls on top of him, presses their bodies closer. His single eye gleams in the dim room.

“Kaeya!” Diluc says, pushing his brother off one last time. Kaeya stills for a moment before reluctantly sitting up. Diluc huffs a labored breath. “Not so rough!”

“Sorry, sorry, I’m just a bit excited,” Kaeya says. He hooks a finger on his collar and pries the buttons off before shrugging his shirt and his coat altogether. Diluc wants to scold Kaeya for ruining the buttons of his shirt like that, but he finds himself tongue-tied when all that’s left on Kaeya’s body is his pants and the tight, black undershirt that left nothing for the imagination. Kaeya dips his knee dips in between Diluc’s legs, and the heat flares inside him, pooling in the bottom of his stomach and in between his legs.

“If this spell works, Khaenri’ah could be saved,” Kaeya whispers, twirling a red hair strand laid on Diluc’s shoulder. “And I get to fuck you, too – my two favorite things.”

“Please don’t say it like that,” Diluc says, feeling a bit mortified. “How do we go about this?” He asks to avoid the topic altogether. He doesn’t really want to know the implications if the spell does actually work and Khaenri’ah has to employ its scandalous methods to save his people.

Kaeya lets out a chuckle that sounds a little restrained. “Let’s take this off,” Kaeya says before he starts to undress Diluc. His movements are a little clumsy today, his fingers fumbling against the ascot. Frustration was clearly written on his face. Diluc finds out why, though, because when he reaches out to touch Kaeya’s cheek, to comfort his brother, he feels nothing but warmth and sweat. The flu.

“Kaeya, you have a fever,” Diluc voices out. He tries to stop Kaeya from unbuttoning his shirt but Kaeya pulls away from his grasp. “Do you feel ill? Do you want to see a healer?”

“No, no! It’s just, a little hot here, that’s all.” Kaeya says, even though the look in his eye was fervid. “Let’s just focus on the ritual, shall we?”

Diluc frowns. “You don’t have to force yourself. We can always continue tomorrow – “

“No, it has to be now!” Kaeya shouts and Diluc flinch on his spot, fighting off the instincts to push Kaeya away and restrain him. Kaeya must’ve seen through this because then he drops his head on Diluc’s shoulder, his hands gripping on Diluc’s forearms with a sense of urgency. “Please, Diluc, we’ve come this far…We can’t wait any longer.”

“Kaeya,” Diluc starts. He’d only seen Kaeya like this when they were younger when Kaeya was hit by these strange fevers and demanded Diluc’s absolute attention. He lets Kaeya breathe into his shoulder while Diluc runs his fingers through Kaeya’s hair. He grimaces at the beads of sweat sticking on his brother’s hair but chooses not to comment about it.

“If you’re sure,” Diluc says, and he feels Kaeya breathe a sigh of relief. “But, if you start feeling nauseous or anything, we’ll stop. Okay?”

Kaeya lifts his head and smiles, and from this angle, Diluc can see the silver outline on his diamond-eye pupil.

“Yes,” Kaeya breathes out. Presses kisses on Diluc’s neck when his shirt and coat got tossed on the floor with Kaeya’s. “Thank you.” And starts nipping on Diluc’s skin.

“Kaeya,” Diluc says. His hands trying to find purchase on Kaeya’s back. Necking with Kaeya is more for Kaeya than Diluc, to be honest since early on Diluc finds that Kaeya has some weird obsession with necks and napes and shoulders. So, he finds it unusual, but not entirely unpleasant, that Kaeya’s touches send delicious shivers down his spine.

“You smell so good,” Kaeya says before nipping at a particular spot between his neck and shoulder with more teeth and force than usual. Diluc hisses, whether from the pain or pleasure he’s not sure, but he does relax when Kaeya starts licking the spot that he bit.

Diluc feels vibrations on the skin that Kaeya’s lips have touched, as Kaeya leaves a trail of kisses along his neck and jaw. His free hand sliding across the expanse of Diluc’s exposed stomach. Diluc shivers, feeling sparks on the areas that Kaeya touched, and when Kaeya presses against a spot where all the heat is contained right now, prodding at it like a stick against an inflated balloon, Diluc jolts and lets out a choked scream. His cock now erect and stiff from just that moment alone.

“You’re absolutely marvelous,” he hears Kaeya say before Kaeya dives in. Thrusts a tongue in between Diluc’s open lips, swallows all of Diluc’s moans, and mentions 'Kaeya’ completely.

Diluc knows that this is all just an experiment. A necessary motion to do whatever that needs to do for some Energy Transfer thing that Diluc knows nothing of. But Kaeya just makes him feel so good, makes him feel soft and pliant, even as Kaeya’s mouth is now focusing on sucking his nipple while he toys another with his rough fingers. It stokes the fire inside of him – this whatever energy thing that Diluc does not care about anymore – and all he wants is release, wrapping his legs around Kaeya’s hips and canting his hips to find friction before the heat consumes him.

“Kaeya,” Diluc whines one more time, hoping it gets the message across. “I-I can’t…Just fuck me already…!”

“Patience, darling,” Kaeya mumbles after licking a long stripe against Diluc’s abuse nipple. Teases him by rubbing their clothed erections together. “It’s not enough yet.”

It is! Diluc wants to answer back, but at least Kaeya unzips his pants, pulls Diluc’s cock from his underwear. How Kaeya can still rub and squeeze his cock is unknown to him because Diluc feels like his cock burning, skin and nerves expanding and ready to pop. When Kaeya presses a thumb on his slit, Diluc arcs his back and screams as if he was scorched.

Kaeya lets out a breathy laugh, and despite the blur in Diluc’s eyes, he can see the manic look in his eye. His instincts protest weakly, flaring at a sign of potential danger, but this is Kaeya. Kaeya always takes care of him.

“I do,” Kaeya says and Diluc realizes that he might’ve said his thoughts out loud. But Kaeya doesn't care, hooking his hands below Diluc’s thighs and pushing them onto Diluc’s chest. Diluc hitches his breath when he realizes what Kaeya’s about to do.

“W-wait, Kaeya,” he says, but not still keeps his legs and thighs folded. “I d-don’t think…”

“Then don’t,” Kaeya says as he gives Diluc’s cock a firm stroke. Diluc feels his eyes roll in the back of his head when Kaeya presses his lips on the leaking cock. “Let it happen.”

Then Kaeya swallows him whole and his vision flashes white.

If his cock is already burning by itself, then now Diluc feels he is melting, Kaeya’s mouth so hot and tight around his cock. If his mind was clearer, he would’ve expressed his concern over Kaeya’s temperature, the weird flu bidding its time in Kaeya’s body. But now, Diluc is more concerned with actually self-combusting, because the heat in his abdomen is growing rapidly with each suckle and slurp of Kaeya’s mouth. And when he tries to get away, Kaeya grabs – no, bruises – his hips

“K-Kaeya, stop, ah – I-I’m!” Diluc pleads, hands reaching and pulling Kaeya’s hair. But Kaeya doesn't budge, lets out an animalistic growl that would've sounded like a snarl if his mouth isn't stuffed full of cock. It's the vibrations that make Diluc cum, tears prickling in the corner of his eyes as his cock spasms in its release, and heat in his belly spreads away, to his sluggish limbs, to his hazy mind, and his wetness between his thighs –  

Wait. What?

“I see, they’ve formed nicely,” Kaeya comments, his voice too calm as he tears through Diluc’s pants. Hikes one of Diluc’s legs over his shoulder when Diluc is too tired to hold his legs. A strange scent rolls from Kaeya – a mix of calla lilies and pine and something else that is uniquely Kaeya – but it undulates in thick waves, suffocating Diluc. “The potion really did work.”

“What?” Diluc still manages to ask. He forces his hand to touch the wet substance there, finding that it coats his thighs. “D-Did you mean the ritual?”

Kaeya chuckles, but this time Diluc finds no comfort. He takes Diluc’s hand, positions it right underneath his cock, and where his balls should be is a soft pair of soaked lips.

 Panic flashes in Diluc’s eyes. With the last of his adrenaline, Diluc pushes Kaeya off with his foot, scrambling and clawing the sheets to pull himself away. But, Kaeya doesn’t budge, even appears to be liking the whole struggle, and pulls Diluc’s ankle and flips Diluc on his stomach.

Diluc hates the way his body reacts against the Kaeya’s weight on his back, his body arching even when Kaeya pins his nape and forces his head on the bed.

“Stay still,” Kaeya growls, making him sound more like a beast than a human. "I'm not really in the best of state right now because of my rut, so please don’t make this hard for the both of us. I want your first time to be safe, you see?” He says, and Diluc feels the ghost of Kaeya’s breath on his nape. “Aren’t I a good mate?”

“A what?” Diluc says. “What the hell did you do to me? This wasn’t what we talked about!”

“But you said you’ll do anything for me, right? You said you’ll help me, right?” Kaeya says. His tone now mocking and cruel, so unlike of the little brother he shared his bed and soul with. “And that’s what you’re doing – saving Khaenri’ah, serving its King, carrying the next heir,” Each word feels like icicles stabbing him on the gut, the frost stinging the wound and making its way inside. “I’m going to make you mine.”

“Y-you, y-you,” Diluc stammers. He feels his throat burning, not from the potion this time, but from the fact that he’s laid his heart bare and Kaeya made him watch it break. “You lied to me!”

“I never wanted to do! But, I know you’ll never agree to this – not with Mondstadt and Crepus on the way – so I had to resort to drastic measures,” Kaeya says. “You understand, right?”

“Unhand me!” Diluc screams, lifting his head when he feels Kaeya’s hold on him go loose. He hits Kaeya’s covered eye, the eyepatch slipping from its hold, and when Kaeya looks back at him, Diluc finds a pair of open eyes: one blue and the other gold, surrounded by a black sclera – both never injured, both never scarred shut. Seeing that hurts way more than what monstrosity Kaeya did to him down there.

Kaeya takes advantage of this pause, pouncing back on Diluc and pinning him again with more force this time.

“Let go of me!” Diluc demands before he feels Kaeya pulling hair and baring his neck to the world.

“Don’t make me do this!” Kaeya warns.

“Do what?” Is all Diluc manages to say before Kaeya bites onto Diluc’s neck.

It’s as if the world goes underwater. His vision blurs, his ears clog; the heat in his body is doused, now reduced to a simmering, manageable warmth. All the body in his strength is washed away, leaving him limp and pliant, along with the thoughts in his mind. He knows that something is wrong, that he needs to get away, but Kaeya bites even harder, and that too, gets wiped out.

When Kaeya lets go, Diluc drops on the bed like a ragdoll. Whimpering and vulnerable. Kaeya licks the blood from the spot, and Diluc shivers from his touch.

“I’m sorry, I really am,” he hears Kaeya say. His voice sounds louder in his ears, an authoritative figure that he needs to obey but also love. It doesn’t sound right, though. “I didn’t want to claim you like this, but I had no other choice. You’ll forgive me right?.”

Kaeya lifts his hips and spreads his thighs, placing a pillow under his stomach. “We’ll work everything out, just like we always do. When we return to Khaenri’ah, I’ll shower you with a lot of gifts, treasure. You’ll look lovely in gold,” he rambles. “Just say the word and I’ll get it for you.”  

Diluc lets out a meek moan when Kaeya thrusts a finger inside of him, in his newly-formed hole, his cunt. The intrusion burns, but not painful; it feels strange, all because it’s a new part of his body but also because of how wet it feels. How it clenches on Kaeya’s single finger and never letting go. Kaeya adds another finger in and feels those digits stretch his walls. It feels so nice that Diluc mewls.

He knows he shouldn’t be reacting like this right? Shouldn’t be so submissive and willing to Kaeya like this, as if he actually wants to bend over and have Kaeya have his way with him. But then another finger comes in, and rubs a spot that makes Diluc claw the sheets beneath him. He’s not supposed to like this, but…it also feels good?

“Gods, your cunt feels so heavenly,” Kaeya whispers to his ears. His fingers move vigorously in him, reaching for spots that Diluc didn't know could exist. More of the slick oozes from his hole, spreads onto his thighs. “If I knew you’d feel this good I would’ve done this soon enough. So perfect – and to think they want me to choose someone else.”

K-kaeya,” He says, but he struggles to find the next words. What does he want to say? “I – “

Shhh, it’s okay, I’ll do the rest of the work for us for now,” Kaeya says. His thumb rubbing his sensitive clit. “Let me take care of you. Don’t you always say I’m so reliable, well, rely on me again this time,” Then Kaeya removes his fingers and Diluc feels a whine bubbling in his throat. “Everything will be okay.”

Something in the back of Diluc’s head screams a resounding 'No!' but the voice is so far away, echoes in the empty walls of his mind. Another part of him whispers close to his ear: 'Give in, give in, give in – '

He wants to, but Diluc is nothing short but stubborn.

“K-Kaeya,” Diluc speaks again, this time with more resolve. “N-no…”

Kaeya frowns, displeasure evident on his face. “No? What do you mean no?” he asks. “Are you sure you don’t want this?” This being Kaeya’s now-freed cock. He’s seen Kaeya’s cock multiple times before, even put his mouth on there, once. But this is the first time that the very sight makes his mouth water.

“N-no, no, I don’t…?” but it comes out as uncertain that even Diluc begins to doubt himself. “T-this isn’t…”

“What you want? But look how your body is right now,” Then Kaeya grabs his hips, pressing against a bruise that Kaeya left there, and the pain shoots towards his slobbering cock and his stiff, erect cock. He has half a mind to reach out and stroke himself to completion.

As if they’re sharing the same thoughts, Kaeya grabs his neglected cock and gives a tight squeeze. Diluc chokes from the drool in his mouth. “Let me make you feel good, just like old times, yeah?” Kaeya beckons, words as sweet as honey. It takes Diluc back to the first time they were intimate, when Kaeya holds him exactly like this, pressing kisses on his nape, hand rubbing his cock into completion.

Gods, Diluc wants that. Wants Kaeya to make love to him. Want to chant Kaeya’s name like a fervent prayer. He wants to be filled and fucked and bred.

“Kaeya,” He absent-mindedly chants. “Alpha.” The word sounding so foreign and familiar at the same time.

“Omega,” Kaeya whispers, a fond smile creeping on his lips. Diluc can feel Kaeya rubbing his cock between the folds of Diluc’s cunt, the slick coating the entire length, –  “My Omega, my queen, all mine,” before slamming his cock right and snug inside.

White flashes in Diluc’s vision, a guttural scream erupting from his throat. His cock twitches as he cums, semen dripping on the sheets, while his spasming weakly against the intrusion. His walls try to accommodate the girth of Kaeya’s cock, producing more slick to make the penetration bearable. But, Kaeya pulls right back just as he pushes in, digging in so deep, so full, that Diluc feels like he’s about to be split open.

 It hurts, but feels so good at the same time.

Diluc, Diluc, Diluc – ” Kaeya murmurs, thrusting inside him with wild abandon. Slick and precum squelching inside of him. Diluc wails when the head of Kaeya’s cock hits something inside of him, and Kaeya adjusts his angle so he could hit only that spot as he cants his hips.

“Do you feel that, omega?” Kaeya asks, forcing Diluc to think and listen to him. He feels Kaeya’s hand presses a spot on his stomach. A bump that appears and disappears alongside Kaeya’s thrusts. “Do you feel me hitting your womb? Fuck, you’ll let me fuck your womb, right? Cum right there, knock you up, make our heir here, wouldn’t you like that?”

Diluc manages to answer with a mewl, choosing to focus on Kaeya’s cock. Heat is building up inside him again, bearable only because of Kaeya. He feels his cock go hard again as more of this weird slick trails down his thighs.

God, he wants it, whatever Kaeya is going to give him. An heir, a womb, whatever. So long as that cock doesn’t stop bullying his insides so deliciously like this.

Diluc must’ve voiced it out loud because Kaeya growls, leans onto him, and bites his neck anew. That finally makes the heat burst, his cunt squeaking as he squirts, his juices running down like a small waterfall, along with the drops of semen which serves no purpose but a show to his Alpha. Then Kaeya shoves something into him, thick and hard, rubs his clit as Kaeya rides out his high. And Diluc feels another wave of orgasm, racking through his oversensitive body, as Kaeya cums inside of him. It feels so nice.

“There’s no way you’re not pregnant after this,” Kaeya whispers as he lays them both down on the side. His hands gently stroking his abdomen. From this position, Diluc can feel the sloshing of Kaeya’s seed inside. “In your first heat, no less. I have to thank those mages for sending me that recipe for the potion – I didn’t expect that it would work so fast to modify your body.”

Diluc probably says something back, or mumbles incoherently, because Kaeya is pressing soft kisses on his neck, nipping the bite mark on his shoulder. The wound throbs, but in a good way.

“I wasn’t lying when I told you I needed to save Khaenri’ah,” Kaeya confesses to him and Diluc, in this strange haze, chooses to believe him. “I needed an heir to save our bloodline. But I’m picky – I want you to be my mate even if you’re not Khaenri’ahn, even if you were not originally an omega.”

“But that doesn’t matter anymore,” Kaeya chirps. A pair of possessive arms wrapping themselves around Diluc’s waist. Diluc wants to squirm. “You’re my mate now, bred with my, no, our child. We’ll reign over Khaenri’ah together, bring the kingdom back to its former glory. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

Diluc probably answers Kaeya, because Kaeya is pressing soft kisses on his neck, nipping the bite mark on his shoulder. A small part of him is trying to remember something, anything, to get out of the fog inside his head. but then Kaeya tilts his head, smiles, and kisses him. Diluc melts, and so does the last remains of his struggle.


The next day, Diluc and Kaeya Ragnvindr are reported missing. A few days after that, Crepus Ragnvindr is found dead, ambushed by a group of Hilichurls along the road. The Winery then gets taken over by a group of Abyss Mages, which were quickly dispatched, but at the expense of the manor.

When Mondstadt burns, several years later, the Abyss Mages are singing a celebratory tune – a story about the Abyss King and his bride, and the birth of their first heir.