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It had been some time since the last time Nina had seen her mentor, Veronica Ananko. Even though Nina had come to terms with the fact that she was no longer an active duty Logicalist and was now just a student at Pirari Academy, she was still affiliated on some level with ALCA. That said, Septpia was still at peace – and as those peaceful days continued, the amount of Logicalists who remained on active duty only continued to dwindle.

Nevertheless, Nina would still occasionally visit the Naien branch to check in with her superior. Today was one such day.

Nina walked into the chief’s office; the plodding sound of her footsteps was quickly accompanied by the whirring of the mechanical door behind her, as it shut with the softest of thuds. She faced Chief Ananko, who seemed to have a brooding look upon her face.

“Ah, Nina. Timely as usual. How are things at the academy?” Veronica asked, her expression unchanged.

Nina hesitated for a second, as though she was trying to deduce the purpose behind today’s meeting without her mentor having to say it, but eventually gave up, and hesitantly responded, “...Things are going well. I, alongside Miss Tachibana, got full marks on the written portion of our midterms. On the practical exam, I scored second, only behind Lion-er, Miss Yelistratova…” and trailed off for a second.

The silver-haired woman only nodded, and replied, “Ah. Well, I’d expect nothing less of you. After all, you were one of our best Logicalists when you were enrolled in active duty. But is there anything else you wish to tell me?”

Nina blinked. Her memory flitted around, as she recalled some of the most recent events that had transpired – and her face immediately flushed, as the only thing that flooded her mind was the post-exam date between her and her blonde-haired girlfriend.

This didn’t get past her superior, and her tight expression softened somewhat, which allowed a slight smile to form at the corner of her lips, and said, “Well, I’m glad that you’ve found someone important to you,” and before Nina could have sputtered out a response, Veronica continued, “...but I still feel as though you have much more to learn.”

Though the blush was still somewhat visible on the twin-tailed young woman’s visage, Nina looked slightly forlorn. The muddled emotions didn’t linger upon her face for too long, though, and she glanced back up at her superior, awaiting her next statement.

Veronica then straightened her posture and said, curtly, “...And that’s why I have an assignment for you and your closest peers. There’s a new facility in Pirari Town, and I’d like for you and your comrades to pay it a visit and peruse its amenities. I’ve managed to procure a time slot for all of you, so feel free to invite up to five additional friends.”

A gift card that had been glued to a piece of cardboard with a time and date hastily scrawled upon it was thrust into Nina’s hands, and she read the details on the card. Nina didn’t recognize the name of the place from the last time she had been in Pirari Town – sure enough, it must have been a newly created facility.

Nina bowed slightly, and only responded, “Thank you, chief.”

Their meeting continued on for a few minutes, but mostly went on uneventfully. Veronica didn’t pry on the details of the relationship between Nina and Lion, nor did she talk about the facility that she’d just given Nina a pass to in any sort of detail. It seemed as though their meetings were getting shorter and less frequent as time passed on, though Nina knew that this could change at any moment.


Before Nina knew it, the day that Veronica had arranged for the six of them to visit the facility had come upon them.

It was so obvious who Nina would bring with her that she had to wonder if her superior had done the research to figure out just exactly who Nina was close with – this was entirely possible, if not extremely likely – that she hadn’t even needed to think about it. After all, Yuuko had graduated, and she tended to be busier these days, so inviting her wasn’t really an option.

Nina also had spoken somewhat with her underclassmen, though this tended to be Lion’s specialty, but she couldn’t say in any honesty that she was particularly close with any of them. In fact, she barely remembered some of their names. Thankfully, Lion was almost always at her side, and was able to pick up on Nina’s slight face-blindness, so would find ways to subtly whisper the names that slipped out of Nina’s memory into her ears. But inviting them wasn’t really an option.

At the end of the day, it was obvious – invitations went out to Yayoi, Mahiro, Karen, Karin, and, of course, Lion – and accepted in a way that was equally matter-of-fact.

The six of them were aboard the anachronistic train, en route to their destination, as it chugged along enthusiastically towards the campus town.

Mahiro looked out the window, her mobile phone in her hand, and said quizzically, “So, like...I looked up this place, and like...are ya sure we got the right place? Something seems….kinda...weird, you know?”

Nina nodded, and replied, “I’ve triple-checked the location of the facility. It matches the Chief’s description, as well as the description on the card,” with a serious look.

Lion beamed and added, “I’m sure it’s going to be so much fun! It’s been a while since the last time we’ve been able to go out with everyone! It’s a shame that I couldn’t bring Belle, though...” and grabbed Nina’s arm. While Nina blushed slightly, she didn’t detach herself from the other girl’s grasp.

After having rolled her eyes somewhat, Yayoi quipped, “Well, haven’t the two of you just been spending plenty of time by yourself?” which only made Nina’s blush deepen further, while Lion’s smile attained a slightly sheepish quality.

Nina mumbled, “It’s not like you can talk…” thinking that it wouldn’t be audible, evidently, but was proven wrong with Yayoi’s quick retort.

“W-well, I may have a point...,” Yayoi grumbled. Mahiro looked relatively unaffected by the banter, and continued to tap away at her mobile phone.

With a giggle, Karen spoke up, and said, “Yeah, it’s like, love is in the air! Good for you all, though!” and munched on her seaweed snack that she’d procured from...who knows where.

Karin added, “Well...yeah. ...Good for you,” and grabbed a piece of her twin sister’s seaweed snack, which was followed by a somewhat inhuman noise from the taller twin, who then proceeded to down the rest of the contents of the bag with a single dramatic gulp, the crumbs falling slightly onto her outfit.

Her sister sighed, but got a napkin out for Karen, who cleaned the crumbs swiftly and proceeded to pocket the napkin.

“...Still though. Can’t get over it. It’s...weird," murmured Mahiro, who had evidently taken it upon herself to read even further about the facility that the six of them were visiting.

Before she could have given them any more details, however, their train arrived at the proper stop, and the six of them shuffled off of the train without much fanfare.

It didn’t take long for them to walk to their destination – after all, Logicalist training required all of them to be in great physical fitness.

Nina squinted. Perhaps she should have paid more attention to Mahiro’s warnings, but she hadn’t thought of that at the time. She got out her gift card – which she’d double-checked and made sure that she had on her person – and verified.

Sure enough, the name of the location was the same, and the neon sign adorned by a cartoon anthropomorphic mouse, which was already lit up and emanating an unnatural buzzing sound, seemed to reflect as such – the six of them were right outside Pirari Town’s brand new facility – the new….Chuck E. Cheese.

Lion looked undeterred, and said, “Oh boy! This looks like it’s gonna be fun!” and ran indoors, the automatic glass doors immediately having opened up as soon as she got close enough. She was immediately followed by Karen. The other four girls looked at one another. Karin sighed, and made a motion to follow the two more rambunctious members of their party inside.

Nina said, slowly, “...Well...I guess there hasn’t been a mistake...This is the same logo that’s on the card...and the same time and date…” and pointed the details of the card out to Yayoi and Mahiro.

Yayoi hesitated slightly, and said, “It….appears to be.”

“Yeah….” added Mahiro, who still looked unnerved.

After having gulped, Nina responded, “Well, we’re already here. Chief Ananko said that I still have much to learn. Maybe this place has something to teach me.”

They quickly joined the rest of their party, who had stopped shortly after their entrance.

Immediately upon entering the building, Nina had noticed that there was an unidentifiable, yet pungent, smell in the lobby area. She wondered, briefly, if she was going to be smelling that unpleasant odor the entire time – but her ears were also offended by how loud the volume on the PA system was. It seemed to just be playing some radio station, but Nina wasn’t sure, since she didn’t make a big habit of listening to the radio.

Nina, who was quickly followed by Lion, walked up to the slightly disheveled employee, who only said, upon the party’s entrance, “So. Uh. Party of six?”

“Yes. I have a card, by the way. Here," said Nina, as she handed over the gift card, with the cardboard still attached to it.

The employee tore the cardboard backing off of the gift card and threw it off to the side, and the girls watched as it narrowly missed the trashcan – bouncing off of the outer rim and landing somewhere in the world behind the employee’s podium, as they scanned the plastic card unceremoniously.

“Aight, you guys got two hours of play time, and your pizza will be ready at 7:00,” grunted the employee curtly, as they printed out a receipt and handed it to Nina, and also printed something and stapled it to the plastic gift card, using an inappropriate amount of force on the stapler to hold it down.

The six of them walked into the play area. Karen gasped, and said, “Pizza? I wasn’t told there would be food involved….ehehe…”

Karin sighed and said, “Well, let’s see what they mean by ‘play area’...You never know, this could be some sort of hidden facility--”, but then walked further inside.

Yayoi grimaced slightly, and muttered, “So….uh….at least we’re not the only ones here?” quietly, but loud enough for the rest of the group to hear. Sure enough, there were other visitors – but they seemed to mostly be children between the ages of 6 and 10. There was also a small smattering of older people, though – mostly clustered towards the neon, iridescent arcade machines in the other corner of the room.

Nina shook her head, and said, “...I’m going to send her a message and make sure this was the right place,” and then immediately turned to pull out her phone and started to rapidly tap upon its screen.

“Ah! But look at this! It’s kind of like a swimming pool!” Lion stated with glee, as she ran forward, and, with a calculated jump, dove in before anyone could warn her--

--and just as quickly, the multicolored, air-filled pieces of cheap plastic bounced upward upon Lion’s impact, and she fell down an impressive distance – Nina saw that it had to be at least eight feet – and evidently hit something, because Lion disappeared from everyone's view, which was immediately followed by an impressive thud.

After she shook her head and put her palm to her forehead for a few seconds, Nina passed her phone to Mahiro, who struggled to catch it for a few seconds, but then had a firm grasp on the mobile device, and walked over to the ball pit.  She looked at it for a few seconds. There were all sorts of brightly-colored, quickly-constructed plastic spheres, some of which already looked discolored from use. Hadn’t her superior said that this was a new location for this establishment? Nina shook the thoughts off, though, and also jumped into the pit.

However, since she didn’t propel herself forward with all of her force, she didn’t fall down too far – but when she looked down, she could just barely make out Lion’s blonde hair near the bottom of the pit.

“Well, here goes nothing…” Nina said as she gasped, and straightened her body to try and slowly wiggle her body lower into the pit.

It was, needless to say, uncomfortable. There was plenty of breathing room – after all, the balls were so cheaply constructed that she could have easily crushed them with her hand – and they were easy enough to move around if she tried to move them. Her vision was blocked by rather slimy bright lemon and lime-colored spheres, but she slowly made her way over to where Lion was.

Lion winced slightly, and said, “Ehehe, I guess maybe I shouldn’t have just jumped in like that. It’s a good thing I landed on my butt, though, it woulda been pretty bad if I had landed on my arm…”

Nina sighed in relief, and then mumbled back, “...I think this is meant to be….for kids, Lion.”

Lion scoffed and retorted, “We still count. We’re students, after all.”

“...I mean, like, little kids. Not teenagers who are bordering on being adults," Nina muttered back, a blush forming on her face.

“Ehhh? If I wanna go in the ball pit, it’s not like it has a maximum age or anything," Lion retorted, while rolling her eyes slightly.

Nina sighed and said, “Maybe not officially, but maybe if you can fall to the bottom when you’re doing a cannonball, that’s a sign that you’re too--”

But Nina was cut off when Lion swam towards closer to her – the plastic spheres making a clacking as she did so – and gave Nina a peck on the lips.

Lion smiled and said, “Shut up, Nina~”

Nina was shocked for a second, a blush forming upon her face. After all, she was only just getting used to the idea of having friends, much less a girlfriend – and Lion was only getting more and more bold with her advances and her public displays of affection.

Though, it wasn’t really like Nina minded. At least, not under normal circumstances.

But Nina stepped backward, her feet now firmly at the bottom of the pit – and realized, with a sudden horror, one of the possible causes of the occasional slimy plastic balls that she’d encountered.

“Uh. Lion. My foot’s….wet….” Nina said, with a sudden grimace.

Lion said, “Ah….I guess some of these balls are kinda wet….but this isn’t supposed to be like, a swimming pool, or anything….what gives?” as she looked legitimately confused.

The gears turned quickly in Nina’s head.

“...This doesn’t have a minimum age either, does it?”

Lion hesitated for a few seconds, but then, her face grew slightly pale.

She stammered, “Y-yeah, actually….on second thought, maybe it’s time for us to be grown-ups…”

But then, just as quickly, a third person joined them – with a clattering of the balls being strewn so far upward that they fell outside of the bounds of the ball pit’s plastic containment onto the outside of the attraction.

Nina looked to her right.

“That was an impressive dive, Karen,"  Nina stated flatly.

Karen jumped back up, causing even more balls to be strewn across the floor, and said, “At least I didn’t hit the bottom! I just did a nice belly flop!”

Nina nodded and said, “Yeah, yeah. I guess. Anyways, let’s look at some of the other stuff.”

“Aww….we’re not gonna have a ball pit fight?” whined Karen, looking dejected.

Lion straightened herself and swam up to where everyone else had been before she’d made her brave dive into the multicolored pit, only to find that her three other friends had decided to move over to the area of the attraction that seemed to be chock-filled with bright, loud arcade machines.

“I’d do it...but everyone’s already over there…” said Lion, sighing. After all, even though she wasn’t afraid to get dirty relative to most princesses, she couldn’t argue with Nina’s logic.

Nina said flatly, “I’m getting out of here. If you two want to throw down, you can, but I think you should all take baths once we get home,” and then hoisted herself out of the pit, as the balls bounced upon her departure.

Lion looked back and forth between Nina, who was walking towards the others, and Karen. She clasped her hands together, and said, “Sorry, Karen! Next time!” and ran after Nina.

“Well, I can’t compete with Nina," she said, shrugged, and joined the other two as they reunited with the group.

Mahiro’s eyes were fixed on the redemption machine directly in front of her. It read ‘Stack the Boxes!!’ and had an LED display screen where little boxes would move around at an increasing pace. She had an intensely focused look upon her own face, and said, “….Ah! That’s it!”

A few seconds before the machine stopped, Mahiro jammed an unknown device – after all, she was constantly carrying around all sorts of contraptions – into the electronic coin slot on the antiquated, lit up machine. She then jammed the button multiple times.  Everyone else blinked, but then, in what was movement so fast that even the girls (who were training to potentially join an interdimensional militia, mind you) couldn’t follow it, all of the blocks seemed to instantly line up perfectly.

“Er….Mahiro, isn’t this...cheating?” whispered Yayoi, as her eyes moved around shiftily.

Karin murmured, “I don’t think I’ve seen anyone other than that one person at the entrance who works here..”

It was Yayoi’s turn to put her hand to her forehead, as she muttered, “That’s not the point…”

Mahiro sighed and said, “Well, yeah, but...these machines are super rigged. So I was just….leveling the playing field, a little…”

Yayoi scoffed and said, “For what?”

“The Gamestation 5," whimpered Mahiro.

“You already have a Gamestation 5, Mahiro--”, Yayoi said, her voice no longer in hushed tones.

Mahiro simpered, and responded, “...Yeah, but I wanted to have one that I could hack...I wanted to see if I could get it to run a different operating system, and if I won this one, I could check it and see if it was running on a low enough--”

“—but you still already have one—” said Yayoi, as she started to rub her temples slightly.

Nina looked at Lion, and the two of them nodded. They took off silently towards the redemption counter.

“ looks like that Gamestation 5 is really expensive. Whoa…” stated Lion in a slightly hushed tone.

Nina replied, “Well, I’m sure that if you asked, your dad would buy you all the Gamestations you want…”

Lion smiled weakly and said, “Yeah….he might try to buy the company if he got really encouraged. It’s best to not say anything sometimes.”

Nina’s eyes scanned the platform – and they got caught on a plush bunny. She averted her eyes, after all – she knew she didn’t need it – only to find that Lion had already procured a large pile of bronze-colored coins and began placing them into various machinery in the area.  She must have been too obvious. Nina looked back to Mahiro and Yayoi, where it seemed that Mahiro had chosen – perhaps unwillingly – to distribute some of her illicitly-procured tickets to some of the random children in the area.

Karin looked back at Karen. She was less interested than the others seemed to be with winning the redemption prizes.

“You still up for that ball pit fight, sis?” she asked, though somewhat flatly. After all, she wasn’t sure what else there was to do.

Karen grinned and said, “You know it!” and the two of them headed back towards the loud cacophony of brightly colored orbs.

Before the six of them knew it – and with just barely enough time for Lion to exchange the handful of tickets she’d gotten in exchange for her mountain of tokens to obtain Nina’s desired plush bunny, the pop music that had been blaring over the PA system subsided, and was replaced by the uninspired-sounding employee.

“Uhh. Party for Nina, come to the dining area. Your pizza party is ready," the employee said over the PA, as they shuffled over from behind the dining counter.

Karen jumped up, the balls flying everywhere again, and said, “Oh boy! Pizza!”

The six of them made their way over to the dining room table, and Lion noticed a different, yet equally unappealing, odor – one that was different from the one permeating the place, which she’d presumably adjusted to a while ago.

The same employee who had been staffing the front entrance ran out, holding two pizzas, and said, “Here’s your pizza. Enjoy.”

Karen started drooling, but as soon as the pizza was dropped onto the paper tablemat with a slight thwack, the rest of the party looked unsure.

She immediately filled her plate and started chowing down, but everyone else grabbed one slice of the pie.

Yayoi mumbled, “...I don’t think I’ve ever seen pizza like this before…”

Mahiro nodded, and added, “Yeah, and….like, how come our pieces of pepperoni don’t line up? They were next to each other, right?”

“My piece has sausage on it," said Lion, with a somewhat confused look on her face.

Nina mumbled, “I don’t think we even ordered a sausage pizza…Should I say something?”

“I’ll eat it if you don’t want it, Lion!” offered Karen, who was already shoving the pizza down her throat, seemingly without a care in the world.

Karin sighed, and took her first bite of the pizza. She chewed it, and said, “...Well, it’s pizza, but….”

“But?” said Yayoi, who was looking at her pizza with an increasing amount of uncertainty.

“It isn’t very….good," she mumbled, seeming to not want to speak badly of the pizza too loudly.

“Well, sis, if you don’t want your pizza, I’ll eat it too!” yelled Karen, who was already helping herself to her fourth slice.

Karin said, “I’ll eat it. It’s edible. It’s just….that’s all I can really say.”

With that said, the other girls slowly started eating.

Nina took a bite of her pizza – and grimaced slightly. The cheese hadn’t fully melted, yet the pepperoni on her piece was burnt. There was also lots more grease and salt than she was used to on pizza – and Nina barely ate pizza as it was. It wasn’t that she hated it, it was nice for a change...but this pizza was definitely among the worst she’d had.

Lion said, “Ah...well, it’s not great, but I’ve had worse!” and started to eat the pizza with some amount of gusto. After all, she was hungry.

They finished their meal, and eventually began talking amongst themselves in the dining area. It mostly consisted of Nina petting her newly-won stuffed rabbit with glee, Lion smirking triumphantly at having actually won something from redemption machines, and Mahiro rambling about the history of Gamestation hacking. From where they were sitting, they could peer into the back, behind the curtains - where there appeared to be a bar, with a few scattered adults either sitting at the bar or at the surrounding tables.

“Ehhh? This vodka tastes like shit….but they have an all-you-can-drink special tonight, haha!”

“Don’t complain about how it tastes when you were the one begging to go out tonight but didn’t want to spend more than twenty dollars.”

“Shut up! I’m poor! Working for a school doesn’t bring in the money, and it doesn’t bring in the guys,” the brown-haired woman said as she sipped at her drink.

“Well, I’m not sure what you were hoping to accomplish here, either. I think we’re the only two here who don’t have kids. We’re at Chuck E. Cheese, for fuck’s sake,” said the other brown-haired woman.

The woman simpered for a little, and said, “...You’re not even my normal drinking buddy,” and downed the rest of her glass.

“You need to be careful. That’s vodka, it’s not beer. If you overdo it, you’ll regret it," said the other woman.

“Like you can talk…” said the pigtailed woman.

Nina and the rest of them blinked. Weren’t those their teachers?  Who worked at their very own Pirari Academy?

The conversation continued for a while, the two of them downing more and more booze as time passed. It seemed as though it took effect quickly, and just as quickly, the conversation seemed to have degraded.

“Huh??? What do you mean, stop complaining about not having a husband??? Well, fuck you--” they suddenly heard from over the curtains, and the six of them turned to look through the curtains as surreptitiously as they could manage.

“What the fuck didja say about my hair??? Huh???”

The six of them looked at each other, panicked. It seemed as though they’d overheard some parents scoffing at their overly-loud conversation….though, to be fair, the two of them were probably talking way too loudly if their students could hear them from several tens of feet away, with a noise-muffling curtain in the way, at that.

The other parents snapped back, “You’re just here to get drunk!”

“Is that a fucking crime???” the brown-haired woman yelled.

And then the six of them blinked – sure enough, it was their school’s Vice-Principal, and she had managed to Trance – even though, as they were frequently reminded as students, that you could only trance under controlled situations, and definitely not in the middle of public, much less with what was evolving into a drunken brawl between them and some of the scattered parents at the Chuck E. Cheese…

Nina flipped out her Tranceunion card – she was ready to go.

Lion whispered, with a slightly panicked tone, “Nina! We can’t!”

Nina hesitated, and said, “...But this could turn pretty bad…”

“It’s already not great," whispered Mahiro, whose wide-eyed grin betrayed her bated breath. It would have only been more stereotypical if someone had brought her popcorn.

Yayoi said, “Well...I don’t know. They’re not...winning?”

Karin sighed and said, “Maybe we should get them out of here….the two of us could manage that--” as a bottle narrowly missed their heads, and the situation was getting more and more dire. Alcohol was getting strewn everywhere, to the point where Mahiro managed to grab a half-full bottle of mid-air champagne herself and take a swig.

“And we’ve kissed with that mouth that’ll just drink whatever? Wait, that’s not the point. You’re underage….” Yayoi muttered incredulously.

Nina sighed and put her card back. After all, it didn’t seem like Trancing had even helped out the unfortunately intoxicated faculty members – the entire back was just a mess of drunken people throwing things at each other while their children played unwittingly in the front. The barkeeper looked completely unfazed. Was this a normal occurrence?

Suddenly, from behind them, the sole employee who they’d seen earlier – excluding the bartender – appeared behind them with what looked like some sort of plastic rocket launcher. They fired it off, and plastic balls – the same ones from the ball pit – pelted all of the drunken adults, who had long since forgotten the reason they started their fight in the first place. In the spare moment, Karin and Karen nodded at each other, and moved as fast as they could. They grabbed the two teachers, and just as quickly, the two of them vanished.

Nina sighed, and still clutching the rabbit plush to herself, said, “Well, I guess that could’ve been worse," and turned around to a now-obviously drunk Mahiro, who was wobbling around while blushing fervently, and hugging Yayoi, who just looked so overwhelmed at the situation that she was just standing there, a blank expression upon her face.

“Urp….yeah…..” said Lion, her face now a very pale color – almost green.

Nina replied, “Uh, Lion, are you o----k….aay….” but before she could even finish her sentence, Lion emptied the contents of her stomach onto the floor.

“Aaaahhh….she’s not even the drunk one," muttered Mahiro.

Yayoi put her hand over Mahiro’s mouth, and hissed, “You shouldn’t just say that out loud! You’re still too young to drink!”

The staff member approached the four of them and said, still with the same deadpan expression, “Uh, you’re gonna have to pay extra for that cleanup, by the way….”

Even though it wouldn’t have been reasonable for her to come along, Nina was suddenly regretting not having Yuko along for the visit. After all, she was old enough to Trance outside of an academic setting, so it would have been useful--

But Nina’s thoughts were cut off by a loud BOOM that emanated from the direction of the redemption machines, and the employee ran off towards the origin of the sound.

They quickly returned, holding Mahiro’s now-sizzling contraption in their hand.

“Uhh….I guess the cost of that redemption machine’s also gonna go on your bill...I don’t get paid enough for this," and sighed, after having shaken their head.

Nina held her head in her hands, and, for the first time since receiving it, the plush bunny fell to the ground, landing rather unceremoniously in Lion’s pile of vomit.


A few days later, Nina finally got a text response from her mentor. She was in her room, and just so happened to have been looking at her freshly-washed bunny plush, probably the sole positive aspect of the entire visit, when she happened to notice her phone's notification.

The screen of her phone read, ‘Of course it was intentional! I saw in a commercial that it’s a place for a kid to be a kid, and well, you spent your childhood as a child soldier!’

Nina gulped. She hadn’t thought of it like that.  She'd had a number of things ready to say to her superior, but she hadn't expected a response like that.

Did you have fun?’

She sighed. She knew that, since she was gifted the card with good intentions, she had to just be thankful – even if she’d ended up having to pay a fine several times the cost of entry for the cost of damages. Thankfully, they hadn’t realized Mahiro had been helping herself to the alcohol, nor had they apprehended either of their teachers for illicit usage of their powers in public.

I...suppose I did.’

Nina didn’t like being dishonest with her superiors, but this time….she’d let it slide.