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do we have to make this a competition?

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"Hey Rui."

"What is it, Yukko?"

"It's been like... a few months after you started dating Shiorin."

"Yeah, that's true."

"Have you tried to kiss her?"

Silence. For a mere minute, the room was completely silent before...

"You... WHAAAAT!?"

Rui screamed high-pitched.

Valentine’s day, the day where Rui’s locker almost fully filled with her fans’ love letters. Her locker would explode from year to year and she couldn’t do anything much. The number of letters ascended drastically like a rocket after the Performance Department had been combined with the General Department.

But even so, Rui would always gaze upon Shiori. They had dated since a few months ago.

That means, they had already done what a couple would do, right?

Not so fast.

Rui would get so embarrassed that her face became as red as a tomato. She couldn’t take it. She wants it, but she can’t. Shiori giggled whenever Rui flustered.

Every time Rui told Yuyuko about her relationship progress, the beige shook her head in disappointment or facepalm. “Good lord, you’re so gay for her yet you two haven’t even kissed? Rui, you sweet pure child.”


“Listen here, Rui,” Yuyuko darted her eyes on the brown-haired girl who was covering her face with her hands. “Look at me and Yachiyo-san. Have we started dating? Yes. Have we held our hands together? Of course. And have we kissed each other? Definitely.”


“Don’t lose to us.”

Rui gulped.

What sort of competition is this!?

The two birds chirped, blooming in love as they snuggled together on the branch.

The blonde held Rui’s hand while strolling around the shopping mall. Shiori’s hand was delicate, small, and warm, making the taller girl’s heart throbbed fast.

Lots of valentine’s day discounts inside. They had just bought a couple t-shirts. Rui wished the day was longer. Spending time with a beloved one made her happy. This was the first time she went out with someone on Valentine’s day. Inexperience as it might seem, but both enjoyed each others’ presence.

With a long white dress coat Shiori wore for the date, Rui could only gasp “My girlfriend is so cute…” in her breath. Tucking one of her hand into the jacket pocket while palming her fist inside, she swore she wouldn’t lose to her best friend and Shiori’s senior.

Get your head straight, Rui. You’re going to do that today! Don’t lose to Yukko!

After bits of window shopping, they finally walked back home. While accompanying Shiori to arrive safely at Siegfeld’s dormitory and finally head back to her own dormitory, Rui told her that she had something to say later in the small park. This time, Shiori sat on one swing while waiting for Rui to speak up.


“Yes, Rui?”

“Y-you know… I’ve been always thinking of this…”

This isn’t good I’m starting to get embarra—

“Rui, your face is red. Are you okay?”

O-of course I’m not!

I want to scream for real!

“Y-Yes I’m fine! Don’t worry, Shiori!” Rui quickly shook her head.

“Hm…” Shiori stood up from the swing, walking towards the currently panicking Rui. Her hand moved gently above the taller girl’s and began to pat her head. “It’s okay, Rui. Calm down, alright? Take a deep breath and let it out.”

Inhale… Exhale…

Calm down Rui. Calm down…



“Umm… C-can you hold my hand while p-patting my head?”

“Of course!”

Shiori sat beside Rui and held her hand. Their gazes locked, and the blonde let out plaster of smile. Her pat was gentle, making Rui’s heart throbbed fast. She felt loved.

Until Shiori suddenly wrapped her arms around the ponytail-haired girl, causing her to jump in surprise. A warm feeling soothed her as Shiori tightly hugged her. Rui fell and entrapped into a pure bliss. A peak of happiness.

“Are you feeling better?”

“Um,” Rui nodded.

“Rui, I love you okay? You can talk to me about anything. I’m all ears.”

“I’m sorry Shiori, but I’m just... I’m getting embarrassed whenever I think about this…”

“Tell me what it is,” she pleaded.

“T-thank you for being my valentine! Today is such a wonderful date! A-and”—Rui took a deep breath, burying her face on Shiori’s shoulder—“d-do you want to kiss…?”

I said it. I said it! I can die peacefully now! My heart is going to pop off! Send help...

“Oh, Rui you finally said it.”



“I’ve been waiting until the day you make a move. Tee hee!” she giggled, slowly pulling Rui’s face closer. “You can kiss me anytime. I mean, we’re girlfriends, right?”

“Eh? Will that be fine?”

“Mhm! It’s fine.”

Another pat from Shiori. Rui still couldn’t believe what she just heard before. A kiss? To her beloved girlfriend? Would this be a further step to her relationship? Rui’s eyes glanced at Shiori’s rosy lips. Was this a dream all along? She wanted to try kissing her girlfriend all these times, but her mind would be on fire and soon enough, the temperature on her face would be raising high like a hot pot. Her head was full of thought.

“T-then… I’ll do it.”

Their noses bumped, and slowly, the lips met with each other. Rui could say that Shiori’s was soft. She liked it. Every tiny bit of it. They closed their eyes as if time had stopped while enjoying the glittery moment. Without waiting any longer, Rui’s right hand crawled onto the back of Shiori’s head, pulling her into a deeper kiss. A fluttery feeling emerged from each of their hearts.

When Rui felt the panting of breath, she pulled her lips from the blonde. Her cheeks warmed and Shiori might see that her ears became flushed red.

“Shiori,” Rui put her arm around Shiori, giving her another tight hug. “I feel so lucky that I’m yours. You know? Your lips are smooth...”

“Same here, Rui. I love you. Let’s do our best for this year, shall we? And yours too, Rui…”

With a tender look, Rui pulled herself closer before tying their lips together once again.

“I love you too, Shiori.”

“Welcome back. How was your date with Shiorin?”

As soon as she came back to the dormitory, Rui was welcomed by Yuyuko who was eating tomato salad in the dining room.

“We were doing good, but”—the taller girl stepped closer to Yuyuko before she suddenly smacked the beige’s head softly—“thanks for making me embarrassed again, Yukko, but at the same time… thank you so much.”


“I did it.”

Another silence. Yuyuko’s expression changed and her eyebrow raised. Rui questioned herself.

“Rui… aren’t you skipping some steps?”

“Wait what do you mean by ste—”

Oh God.

“Yukko, that's not what I meaaaaaant!”

Yuyuko wheezed.

And Rui died in embarrassment.