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A Divine Match Made In Sirius

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“Wen Qing, I’m sick of you all bringing a new person to my bed every week. They aren’t going to get pregnant, I won’t have an heir,” Wei Wuxian sat up in his bed, red silk robe parted open and pooling on his black satin sheets.



“Well, Your Majesty, in the event that your health keeps deteriorating, we’ll need someone to claim the throne,” Wen Qing, his doctor, assistant, royal advisor, and best friend, said as she went into his closet and picked out an outfit for him.


“I’m immortal,” Wei Wuxian said, tone bored.


“Yes, and? Every immortal can be killed. No immortal is truly immortal. And you most certainly are at risk due to the demonic wound on your back,” Wen Qing laid Wei Wuxian’s outfit out on the bed and stood him up, stripping him of his robe and helping him dress.


“I’ll be healed eventually, one little stab wound won’t kill me. I’m most likely not potent down there anyway. Don’t bring anymore people to my court,” Wei Wuxian sighed, putting on his royal robe above his clothes.


Wen Qing clucked her tongue and put on his crown, “It isn’t little at all and you complained too late. One’s coming today. A boy. From the Lan Family.”


“A boy? That’s rare. Not that rare though, considering they are Lans,” Wei Wuxian muttered, following Wen Qing out of his room.


“Yes, indeed. Then you have heard of the Lans, right?” Wen Qing asked.


“Yes, their family used to be quite influential when I was younger. Qingheng-Jun challenged me for the throne after my father’s death. It’s a shame someone with such great power has passed but I hear as powerful he was, he wasn’t a good father or a good husband,” Wei Wuxian said as they walked down the corridor.


“Lan Qiren is still the governor of Gusu but he’s ill I hear,” Wei Wuxian side glanced at Wen Qing as they walked to the throne room.


“Yes, he’s dying which is why he doesn’t attend the meetings anymore, a representative comes each time, I’m sure you’ve noticed. The family is a bit poor nowadays though yes, they used to hold a lot of power. Qingheng-Jun’s power.. It was almost comparable to yours. Anyway, Lan Qiren’s nephew came here to have you breed him and in return, his family would get paid a steady amount of money for the remainder of their lives,” Wen Qing replied, turning the corner.


“Admirable. A man willing to have my child to support his family. Are we going to see him now?” Wei Wuxian asked, the doors to the throne room just meters away.


“Yes, Your Majesty. The Lans are male fairies afterall and the boy’s mother was a fairy too so he’s quite fertile,” Wen Qing opened the doors once they reached them and everyone inside bowed as Wei Wuxian made his way to his throne, sitting on it gracefully.


As always, the King was a sight to see. His clothes were a rich black that was dark as ink, a red robe layered over it, rubies and black diamonds adorned as jewelry on his neck and fingers. His crown was as black as his hair that flowed down his back, pure and clear diamonds encrusted into the diadem. The darkness of his hair and crown brought out the ruby red color of his eyes.


“You may rise. Please bring in the man who’ll be with me for the evening, I’d like to meet him,” Wei Wuxian spread his legs and laid his arms down on the arm rests. Wen Qing nodded and looked to the door, the guards opened them immediately.


Guarded by two women, was a man wearing soft blue robes who walked inside, head bowed. When he was made to stand before Wei Wuxian, the guards left his side to return to their post. The man bowed with a courteous, ‘Your Majesty.’


“Come closer so I can see you. Fly, little fairy,” Wei Wuxian smiled, even more so at the surprised look on the man’s face. The man lifted up off the ground and slowly made his way to Wei Wuxian. The latter pulled the fairy down onto his thigh gently, side nearly touching Wei Wuxian’s chest.


“Tell me your name,” Wei Wuxian twisted a lock of the man’s wavy black hair in his finger and looked deep into the golden eyes that shyly and hesitantly looked back into his. He studied his facial features and the man really was quite beautiful.


“Lan Wangji,” the man answered.


“Lan Wangji? A beautiful name. I’m very pleased that you’re willing to try and carry a child for me, thank you,” Wei Wuxian smiled again and Lan Wangji felt a bit at ease at the warmness of it.


“Do not thank me, Your Majesty, I am but a lowly servant of yours who’s doing this for selfish reasons,” Lan Wangji looked back down into his lap. As he sat on the king’s thigh, so close to him, he wondered why he could smell.. blood.


It was strong and it wasn’t coming from Wei Wuxian’s mouth but.. his clothes. It was odd but he said nothing. Maybe he was wrong.


“It isn’t selfish, it’s for your family. Though I fear it will not work, it never does. But since you were so brave enough to come here, your family will be paid consistently regardless. The day is young, you may do as you wish, at nine in the evening, you’ll be directed to my quarters. I’ll see you then, Lan Wangji,” Wei Wuxian moved his hands away and Lan Wangji flew off of his lap, bowing in the air before returning to the solid ground.


A couple of guards led him away and Wei Wuxian sighed. “Your Majesty, Governor Yao has arrived to speak with you,” Wen Qing announced. Wei Wuxian groaned and put on a smile, “There goes the rest of my day. Bring him in.”




At nine in the evening, just after Wei Wuxian finished bathing and putting on a robe over his shirt and pants, a knock sounded on Wei Wuxian’s door.


“Come in,” Wei Wuxian said as he took off his inner robes. Lan Wangji quietly came inside and shut the door behind him. “Come and lay down,” Wei Wuxian let his layers fall to the floor until all he was wearing was a black satin shirt tucked into trousers of the same color.


Lan Wangji did as he was told and lied down in the middle of the bed as he worried his lip in between his teeth.


“Don’t be so nervous,” Wei Wuxian crawled over him and began to untie his robes, one by one, layer by layer until he reached his skin.


Lan Wangji shuddered at his touch and watched as Wei Wuxian parted his robes further and slipped them off his shoulders. He sat back suddenly on his calves and held Lan Wangji’s hand, pulling him to sit up.


“Stand on your knees and undress yourself. Let me watch,” Wei Wuxian whispered.


“Yes, Your Majesty,” Lan Wangji rose up to his knees and slowly dropped his robes to the floor, revealing his toned chest and arms. He untied the tie on his trousers before taking them off along with the rest of his undergarments until he was bare.


Wei Wuxian hummed appreciatively, “You’re very beautiful.”


Lan Wangji’s ears turned red as he looked down, prompting Wei Wuxian to laugh. “Come, undress me,” he tilted his head.  


Lan Wangji went over to him and sat in between his legs, unbuttoning his shirt and taking it off of him. When he came to face his chest, scarred all over, he gasped softly and his hand hovered over the skin before he pulled it back.


“You can touch, I don’t mind,” Wei Wuxian took Lan Wangji’s hand and pressed it to his breast. The pectoral was hard yet also soft and smooth under Lan Wangji hand, heavy.


He grazed his thumb over the brand mark that was on top of it and let his fingers slide down and across his chest, over his abs and his thick happy trail until he reached the waistband of his trousers.


He could already see the outline of Wei Wuxian’s cock through the material, even though it was soft, it looked big, a lot bigger than his own.


With a shaky breath, he pulled off the rest of Wei Wuxian’s garments and waited, eyes looking anywhere but below his hips. Wei Wuxian pushed Lan Wangji back down onto the bed and spread his legs before pushing them up to his chest.


He spread his cheeks to find that Lan Wangji’s ass was already lubricating on its own, stretched and ready for him. “I didn’t know fairies produced slick. Can I taste you, Lan Wangji?” Wei Wuxian asked, red eyes flashing. Lan Wangji was gasping in small breaths from nervousness and excitement.


Wei Wuxian frowned slightly and bent down to look at Lan Wangji closely, “If you don’t want to do this, you should tell me now. At any point you can choose to stop and I’ll respect that. If you’re uncomfortable with something, tell me.”


Lan Wangji felt himself grow more wet, pulsing out slick onto the sheets under him, his dick hardening against him. “I want to continue. Will it.. will it hurt?”


“Hurt? Perhaps a little but don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you. I’ll make you feel good,” Wei Wuxian rubbed the backs and insides of Lan Wangji’s thighs before positioning himself to get his head between his legs.


Lan Wangji held his legs to his chest, gasping at the warm breath of Wei Wuxian’s mouth over his wet hole. Wei Wuxian took a tentative lick and his eyes turned silver.


He looked up at Lan Wangji as he licked a broad stripe across his asshole making Lan Wangji jerk and moan in surprise at both the feeling and Wei Wuxian’s silver eyes. “You taste divine, Lan Wangji. Sweet and cool,” Wei Wuxian dipped his tongue into Lan Wangji’s sensitive hole and flicked.


Lan Wangji bucked his hips as he moaned. “B-Bixia! Ahh.”


Wei Wuxian thrusted his tongue in and out of Lan Wangji’s ass, licking around his rim and teasingly biting at it. Lan Wangji dug his fingernails into his thighs, crying out as he tried to stop jerking. Wei Wuxian gave a few more soft licks before pulling back and licking his lips.


Lan Wangji was flushed in his nose, ears and neck, chest heaving and he let out a breathy whimper as Wei Wuxian bent down to suck on his neck. Wei Wuxian bit and nipped at Lan Wangji’s neck until it turned red, moving his hand down Lan Wangji’s body, between his legs.


He pressed his middle and ring fingers against Lan Wangji’s hole and rubbing his slick over and around his asshole until Lan Wangji was whimpering non-stop, hips slowly moving in response to the fingers. He yelped when Wei Wuxian’s fingers slid inside with some resistance.


“Relax, it’ll feel better if you relax,” Wei Wuxian’s voice was patient, gentle.


“My apologies, bixia,” Lan Wangji said, feeling a bit ashamed for not being a good partner for Wei Wuxian.


“Don’t apologize, you’re doing so well. Although I’ve never met someone so shy, it’s very cute,” the moment Wei Wuxian said ‘cute.’ he thrust his fingers deep into Lan Wangji, making the latter shout as his hips jerked again.


Wei Wuxian chuckled lowly against Lan Wangji’s neck and began to fuck him steadily with his fingers which were growing soaked as Lan Wangji’s ass produced slick with each thrust. He crooked his fingers slightly, rubbing the pads of his fingers against Lan Wangji’s sensitive walls. Lan Wangji let out soft moans, growing used to the slow and steady movements.


Wei Wuxian took out his fingers and presented them to Lan Wangji. “Look at how wet you are. Taste yourself.”


Lan Wangji opened his mouth and hesitantly sucked Wei Wuxian’s fingers into his mouth, licking them thoroughly. Wei Wuxian watched with a slight smile and slowly removed his fingers, putting them on Lan Wangji’s thick thighs and spreading them again.


“I’m going to start now,” Wei Wuxian said as he positioned himself and began sliding into Lan Wangji, going as slow as he could. Lan Wangji was gasping breaths, willing himself to keep his legs spread as he gripped the sheets.


“Relax. You’re so tense, how can I go inside?” Wei Wuxian pulled back and grabbed Lan Wangji so he could sit up. Lan Wangji lowered his head in shame, “I am not suitable for Bixia.”


Wei Wuxian smiled a bit and pulled Lan Wangji onto his lap, “It isn’t your fault, you’re a virgin. When I was first made to do this, I was really nervous too. I probably hurt many of my partners with how jabby I was. Tell me how I can make this better for you.”


“I don’t know,” Lan Wangji mumbled, shaking his head. Wei Wuxian looked at Lan Wangji closely and traced a finger around his rim, watched Lan Wangji shiver. “Do you use toys on yourself? I bet you’re more relaxed then, aren’t you?” Wei Wuxian tilted his head.


Lan Wangji’s ears turned red as he fumbled over his words to for a response, “B-Bixia!”


“Yes?” Wei Wuxian smirked.


“Indecent,” Lan Wangji turned his head away.


Wei Wuxian laughed and squeezed Lan Wangji’s ass, “I’m about to fuck you, are we not past the point of indecency? It’s okay if you use toys, Lan Wangji. It isn’t indecent of you to want to feel good.. but I can make you feel better than any toy.”


Wei Wuxian’s eyes changed again from silver to a blood red Lan Wangji leaked slick right onto Wei Wuxian’s thighs, an soft and involuntary moan slipping from his lips.


“So? Do you use toys?” Wei Wuxian asked.


Lan Wangji lowered his head as he nodded, “Mn.”


“Okay then. Show me how you use your toys, using me of course,” Wei Wuxian leaned against the footboard and Lan Wangji got off of Wei Wuxian’s lap before looking at the wet mess he made on his thighs.


With one hand, he put all of his hair behind his back and lowered his head to lick Wei Wuxian’s thighs clean, moaning quietly at the taste of his own slick. Wei Wuxian watched Lan Wangji closely and spread his legs when Lan Wangji stopped licking his thighs.


Wordlessly, Lan Wangji brought his head down to Wei Wuxian’s cock, mouth going dry at the sight of it. While soft, Wei Wuxian still looked larger than any of his toys but while hard.. Lan Wangji’s mouth watered. He was long and thick, ridges and thick veins running up his shaft. The head was engorged and leaking precum continuously, Lan Wangji didn’t stop his tongue from darting out and licking up the liquid.


He hummed appreciatively and brought his mouth onto Wei Wuxian’s tip, sucking it lightly, wanting more of the liquid in his mouth. He tasted good; warm and bitter, slightly salty, fresh. His lips were stretched around him as he sucked on the tip slowly like he did with his toys.


Wei Wuxian was moaning deeply, throwing his head back as Lan Wangji took him deeper into his mouth. “Fuck,” he looked back down at Lan Wangji and wove his fingers in his hair.


Lan Wangji’s eyes were dark with lust as he came off of Wei Wuxian’s cock and mouthed at the shaft, sucking on the sides and licking the veins firmly, his saliva dripping down onto Wei Wuxian’s balls.


“Obscene,” Wei Wuxian muttered, moaning as Lan Wangji sucked his balls into his mouth while stroking his dick that was slick with saliva. Lan Wangji eventually released his balls in favor of massaging them while pressing wet kisses to Wei Wuxian’s length and giving it small licks.


“Ah, little fairy, as much as I love your mouth on me, I’d much prefer to cum inside of your ass,” Wei Wuxian gasped out when Lan Wangji took him into his mouth again.


Lan Wangji gave one long suck before coming off of Wei Wuxian’s cock with a wet pop and looked up at Wei Wuxian as he said, “I am showing you what I do with my toys.”


Wei Wuxian laughed, “You can show me more of that later. Show me the rest for now.” Lan Wangji licked his lips and straddled Wei Wuxian, held onto his shoulders.


“You can.. put it inside, Bixia. I will show you what else I do,” Lan Wangji said quietly.


Wei Wuxian brought a hand up to cup Lan Wangji’s cheek, “Look, isn’t it so much easier this way?”


Lan Wangji nodded shyly, stopping himself from doing something stupid like leaning into Wei Wuxian’s warm hand. Before he arrived he was told strictly to only pleasure the king so he’d cum. Nothing affectionate and under no circumstances was he to kiss the king. His first kiss was supposed to be reserved for his future queen.


Wei Wuxian looked up into Lan Wangji’s eyes and down at his lips, plush and red. He wanted to kiss him. Lan Wangji, recognizing the look in the king’s eyes, turned away, the tip of his nose matching his red ears. Wei Wuxian looked away also and grabbed his length that was still dripping before pressing it to Lan Wangji’s hole.


Just the slightest pressure made Lan Wangji have to hold back a whimper, hips jerking. “You’re so sensitive.. I could probably make you cum just by teasing you with my tip,” Wei Wuxian murmured, dragging the head of his cock over Lan Wangji’s hole repeatedly.


“Bixia,” Lan Wangji moaned, hands digging into Wei Wuxian’s shoulders.


“Mm?” Wei Wuxian looked up at Lan Wangji, sighing in pleasure as he kept sliding against Lan Wangji, precum mixing with his slick. “Put it inside,” Lan Wangji said needily.


“Put what inside?” Wei Wuxian asked.


Lan Wangji whimpered, “Bixia, please.”


Wei Wuxian laughed and relented. “Alright,” he pushed himself inside, relishing in Lan Wangji’s satisfied moan that went straight to his ear. Lan Wangji began to sink down onto him, crying out at the wide stretch as more and more of Wei Wuxian’s girth entered him.


“You’re doing so well, almost halfway in,” Wei Wuxian rubbed the small of Lan Wangji’s back. “H-Halfway?” Lan Wangji couldn’t help but blurt, looking down at Wei Wuxian with wide eyes.


Wei Wuxian bit his lip around a moan at how tight Lan Wangji was, how hot and wet. When Lan Wangji was eventually seated on Wei Wuxian, he closed his eyes, breathing heavily, “Deep.”


Wei Wuxian looked at him worriedly, “Is it too much?”


Lan Wangji looked at Wei Wuxian and swallowed, eyes flashing blue briefly, “Not too much.”


And then he rose.


Wei Wuxian sat back and watched how Lan Wangji rose on and off of him slowly and sensually, body curving deliciously. Lan Wangji closed his mouth tightly to quiet his pleasured sounds, finding a steady pace to bounce on and off of Wei Wuxian like he did with his toys. But Wei Wuxian was right, he was making Lan Wangji feel better than any toy.


He closed his eyes and lost himself in the movements, sliding on and off of Wei Wuxian with ease, falling so deep into it that he forgot to restrain himself, to be quiet. His moans were loud and unbridled, Wei Wuxian’s name falling from his lips over and over again.


He was beautiful, Wei Wuxian thought.


His cock, pretty and elegant in its own way, dripping continuously. There was an obvious bulge in his stomach as he bounced, took Wei Wuxian in deeper and faster. His chest was slightly flushed, Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed thickly. Lips swollen, the bottom one caught between his teeth. His eyes were like pools of honey, lashes falling over them gorgeously.


“Bixia,” Lan Wangji whined, fucking himself down onto Wei Wuxian faster and harder until he hit his prostate. The pleasure from Wei Wuxian’s cock dragging along his walls alone was nearly too much and just one thrust against his prostate threw him over the edge.


His eyes turned blue again as he came with a loud cry, clenching tightly around Wei Wuxian, cum spurting out of his dick. “Fuck,” Wei Wuxian gripped the sheets, moaning as Lan Wangji contracted around him.


“Mm,” Lan Wangji stopped bouncing as he attempted to catch his breath but the moment his hips stopped moving, Wei Wuxian grabbed him by his waist and pressed him to the mattress before spreading his legs wide and thrusting back into him all at once.


Lan Wangji’s mouth opened wide around a silent moan, more cum spurting out of him and landing on his abdomen. Wei Wuxian wasted no time, fucking Lan Wangji mercilessly, grunting and moaning in time with Lan Wangji’s cries.


His cock pressed against Lan Wangji’s prostate over and over and it felt too good, the pleasure was too much and Lan Wangji couldn’t take it. He kept screaming and moaning, tears falling down the sides of his face as Wei Wuxian kept giving them both the pleasure they so badly craved.


“Bixia, ahhh bixia! So g-good, mm,” Lan Wangji arched his back and threw his head back, his cock was already hard again. Wei Wuxian bent down and growled against Lan Wangji’s neck, hips smacking against his ass ruthlessly, their skin was red where it connected over and over again.


Wei Wuxian gripped Lan Wangji’s hips tightly as his thrusts faltered, he knew he was at his climax. “I’m close,” he whispered, voice rough. Lan Wangji sobbed and whimpered, hands tearing at the sheets, “Cum, bixia. Fill me up. Breed me.”


Wei Wuxian bit Lan Wangji’s neck harshly as he moved his hips furiously, mind going blank as he began cumming. Lan Wangji gasped as he felt it and the sensation made him cum again himself, eyes closed tightly as he clenched around Wei Wuxian’s cock. Wei Wuxian released broken moans into Lan Wangji’s neck, grinding his hips against him as he milked their orgasms.


Soon after, when he couldn’t move his hips anymore, he fell down onto Lan Wangji, nearly crushing him with his body weight. “Lan Wangji! Ah, sorry,” Wei Wuxian quickly rose up a bit so he wasn’t crushing him. Lan Wangji shook his head a little, chest still heaving, eyes still closed, “It’s alright.”


“I’ll stay like this for a while, better odds for having a baby,” Wei Wuxian said quietly. Lan Wangji nodded slowly, body relaxing. After some time, Wei Wuxian pulled out and laid down beside Lan Wangji, putting a hand over his belly.


“So, little fairy. How often do you play with yourself?” Wei Wuxian asked teasingly. Lan Wangji turned his head and opened his eyes that were still a bright blue, matching Wei Wuxian’s red eyes.


“Every night. If.. nevermind,” Lan Wangji shook his head and closed his eyes again. Wei Wuxian used his other hand to gently push Lan Wangji’s hair out of his face, “Tell me.”


Lan Wangji slowly looked over at Wei Wuxian and swallowed, “If you would like, I could show you the other things I do with my toys.”


Wei Wuxian looked at Lan Wangji carefully, “Are you offering to continue having sex with me tonight?”


Lan Wangji blinked innocently at Wei Wuxian although the king saw straight through him, “Better chances for a baby, right?”


Wei Wuxian’s lips lifted into a mischievous smirk, “I can’t refute that. I have to go to the bath for a moment though, wait for me.” Wei Wuxian got up from the bed, hair covering his back as he went to the bath and cleaned his back quickly, ridding himself of the blood but as he felt around, it seemed as though his wound had gotten significantly smaller. Wei Wuxian rose a brow inquisitively but remembered Lan Wangji was waiting for him so he returned to the bedroom and sat on the bed. “Go ahead then, Lan Wangji. Show me what else you know.”




By the time the sun had risen, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian were still going at it, voices so loud that Wen Qing cringed as she knocked on the door.


“Your Majesty, you have quite the busy day today and the fairy needs to go home! Plus that woman is here so stop fooling around and get up,” she shouted. Wei Wuxian rolled his eyes and slapped his hand over Lan Wangji’s mouth before fucking into him quickly until they both came again for the nth time.


“Wow,” Wei Wuxian laughed in surprise, falling down beside Lan Wangji. “Wow what?” Lan Wangji asked softly, turning his head. Wei Wuxian looked back at Lan Wangji, “Nothing, this was just.. the best sex I’ve ever had.”


Lan Wangji blushed heavily and looked away, “It’s a pity this will be our last time then.”


“Yes, it is unfortunate. But on the brighter side, your family can be at ease,” Wei Wuxian stroked Lan Wangji’s face gently.


“Mn. Thank you, your Majesty,” Lan Wangji whispered.


“Of course,” Wei Wuxian smiled.


They eventually got up and out of bed, Lan Wangji bathed first and got dressed, Wei Wuxian bathed privately before putting on his own clothes.


“Your carriage will be here in some time, I have to go though. Fate is not on my side it seems but in the event that something good finally happens to me.. I’ll see you again,” Wei Wuxian picked a flower from his bedside vase and went back over to Lan Wangji.


“Actually.. something good already happened. I met you. And I consider that a great privilege. You’re lovely, Lan Wangji,” Wei Wuxian took his flower and put it into Lan Wangji’s hair.


“I’m but a lowly servant,” Lan Wangji whispered, looking down and bowing. “You’re so much more than that. No matter what anyone says, alright?” Wei Wuxian cupped Lan Wangji’s face and tilted it up.


Their eyes met and then they looked at each other’s lips before looking back up into each other’s eyes. “Bixia,” Lan Wangji whispered, uncertain. “I won’t tell anyone,” Wei Wuxian shook his head. Lan Wangji bit his bottom lip which did nothing to satiate Wei Wuxian’s need to kiss him.


“They told me I was not allowed to kiss you. They said that was not allowed,” Lan Wangji shook his head. Wei Wuxian pulled Lan Wangji closer and brought his mouth close to his, lips brushing Lan Wangji’s as he said, “And who’s the king? Me or them? Who does my little fairy serve?”


“Bixia. I serve you, my king,” Lan Wangji said instantly. “Then kiss me,” Wei Wuxian whispered. Lan Wangji cupped Wei Wuxian’s face in his shaky hands and brought him down for a sweet kiss. Not only was it Lan Wangji’s first one, but Wei Wuxian’s too. They kissed and kissed for what seemed like hours when Wen Qing came inside the bedroom.


“Your Majesty, his carriage is here,” Wen Qing said quietly. Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji looked over at Wen Qing with wide eyes and Wen Qing laughed. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell. Say goodbye, Your Majesty,” Wen Qing left the room and shut the door.


Wei Wuxian pressed one last lingering kiss to Lan Wangji’s lips and hugged him, smiling when Lan Wangji hugged back, “I don’t know how I have such a strong attraction to you after only knowing you for a day.”


Lan Wangji felt his heart beat faster. “I hope I get the honor of meeting you again, Bixia.” He felt himself get emotional and quickly pulled out of Wei Wuxian’s hold, running out of the room. Wei Wuxian watched him go, heart thumping in his chest, “I hope so too, little fairy.”




“Your Majesty, Lady Wang is back again, she wants to have tea,” Wen Qing said as she and Wei Wuxian made their way to the throne room. “Oh, alright. She can come for lunch and we can chat. You and Lady Luo should join us. It can be a lunch between friends,” Wei Wuxian smiled.


Wen Qing looked at Wei Wuxian with a smirk, “You’d much rather have lunch with a little fairy.” Wei Wuxian snickered. “Now now. Lan Wangji is a very lovely man but I really do miss hanging out with my friends. Oh, I do hope I get to see him again.”


Wen Qing stopped them in front of the door to the throne room and held out her hands, “Let me feel your pulse.” Wei Wuxian held out his hands, palms up, and Wen Qing felt his wrists carefully, gasping in surprise, “That’s strange.”


Wei Wuxian blinked, “What?”


Wen Qing squinted, “I can’t really explain it. You feel stronger than the last I checked. You’re just stronger in general. More healthy and.. potent.”


Wei Wuxian looked at Wen Qing with wide eyes. “Does it have something to do with Lan Wangji?” “Perhaps. We can’t be sure at the moment though, I’ll have to test you further. Let’s go in, Wen Ruohan and his son is here. Probably to ask for marriage to myself and Lady Luo as if we aren’t married to each other already. Just tell them no as usual,” Wen Qing led them inside and everyone bowed as Wei Wuxian took his seat.


“You may rise. Wen Ruohan, Wen Chao, Wen Xu. What can I do for you today,” Wei Wuxian asked, eyes a friendly grey.




At lunch, Wang Lingjiao was already in the garden, seated at an outdoor table. Servants were setting up food on the table and Wei Wuxian thanked them kindly before sitting down himself with Wen Qing beside him. Mianmian soon came and sat beside Wen Qing, immediately taking some grapes from the platters of food.


“My lady,” Wei Wuxian smiled at Lady Wang and took her hand, kissing it politely. “My king,” Wang Lingjiao smiled at the affection that seemed romantic in her eyes. Wei Wuxian only considered them as friends but it was no secret in the kingdom that Wang Lingjiao was madly in love with Wei Wuxian.


Their betrothal was set up when Wei Wuxian’s parents were still alive but Wei Wuxian didn’t dissolve the proposal once he was crowned king after his father’s death because he knew that it would only upset Wang Lingjiao and he wanted to respect his parents’ decision.


He didn’t have to do anything with her, just marry the woman and crown her as his queen. Easy enough. But although Wei Wuxian had his oblivious moments, he was not an idiot by any means. 


He was well aware of the looks his betrothed would give him but he simply couldn’t see her as anything other than a friend. He liked women but she was too much like family to him. All he could offer her was his friendship.


“So.. how are the newlyweds doing?” Wei Wuxian wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at Wen Qing and Mianmian. “Wonderful,” Mianmian piped up, hugging Wen Qing’s shoulders.


“Yes, it’s lovely. Though I don’t know if anyone can match the king’s passionateness,” Wen Qing chuckled.


“What do you mean?” Wei Wuxian asked as he peeled a grape. Wang Lingjiao and Mianmian both turned to Wen Qing.


“Oh, you know, just how you were making a certain fairy scream,” Wen Qing chuckled. “Did you kill someone?” Mianmian asked. “No, he didn’t kill anyone. I’m trying to say that he had sex with a fairy,” Wen Qing explained.


Wang Lingjiao looked down into her lap in jealousy while Wei Wuxian giggled and hid behind his hands.


“Oh? Do you think she’ll get pregnant?” Mianmian asked.


“He,” Wen Qing corrected.


“A male fairy? How rare, is he a Lan?” Mianmian exclaimed.


“He is. Knowing my luck, him getting pregnant is unlikely but we both enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, I’ll say,” Wei Wuxian smirked. Mianmian squealed and threw a grape at Wei Wuxian which he caught in his mouth.


“Can we talk about something else? Like our wedding, when are you going to set things up, Bixia,” Wang Lingjiao pouted up at the king. She knew better than to speak on Wei Wuxian getting an heir. She herself couldn’t have children as she was infertile so she never minded Wei Wuxian bedding other people in order to have a child but she certainly didn’t want to hear about how much fun Wei Wuxian had in bed with some fairy.


“Lingjiao, once I have a child that will be able to take over for me should I die, we can start preparing for our wedding. There’s no reason to rush,” Wei Wuxian gave her a stern look to say that the conversation was over. Wang Lingjiao looked down at her lap as she nodded.


“You have that meeting with the governors in three weeks,” Wen Qing reminded after a few moments of awkward silence.


Wei Wuxian scoffed as he spoke, “Those power hungry old men just want to see if I’m any closer to dying than before so that they can have my throne. I cough up blood one time and suddenly they want to have more meetings. They’ll be in trouble if I have a child before I die. One even tried to poison me.”


“Ah, yes, Governor Jin. You beheaded him with your sword and there was peace in the kingdom for years afterwards,” Wen Qing sighed, shaking her head.


“I don’t know why people try to cross me when the only thing they’ll get in return is death. Anyway, I’ll attend the meeting,” Wei Wuxian sighed and waved his hand.


“Yes, Your Majesty,” Wen Qing nodded and picked up a coconut bun.




“Come sit,” Wen Qing patted the bed in Wei Wuxian’s room and sat across from him when he did sit down. Wei Wuxian held out his hands and Wen Qing felt his pulse.


“Yes, see you were much weaker before that fairy came here, this is why I told you that you needed to get an heir. The only reason you’ve been so weak was because of that demonic battle wound from the last war, it’s been sucking away your life energy. While you are immortal, the wound could have cost you that immortality and then your life. Take off your clothes,” Wen Qing said with a curious look on her face.


Wei Wuxian stripped down to his trousers and turned around so Wen Qing could see his back. Just a day ago, there was a large gash across Wei Wuxian’s back, wide and deep. It had looked the same as it did seven hundred years ago when Wei Wuxian was only a prince, bloody and painful. The excessive bandages he wore on his back were useless as they did nothing to stop the blood.


It was the reason Wei Wuxian only wore red and black, the reason why his sheets were only black. His robes would have blood on them at night time.


But now, as Wen Qing examined it, the scar was a lot smaller, only as long as her hand, as wide as three of her fingers.


“Does it hurt less? Do you think Lan Wangji saw it? Surely he’d notice,” Wen Qing questioned as she took notes.


“I became numb to the pain years ago but I did feel like a weight had been lifted off me.. the moment I tasted him. Tasted his slick. I felt lighter and lighter as we continued having sex.. and my bath water seemed not to be as red as it usually was when I cleaned up. It was more of a lighter.. magenta. It’s strange,” Wei Wuxian replied.


“But he was never in a position to see or touch the wound, he only saw the scars on my front,” Wei Wuxian shook his head.


“I see. The scar is very small now it doesn’t take up much of your back at all. Your blood.. the color is red right? Black when it isn’t exposed to light?” Wen Qing asked curiously.


“Yes,” Wei Wuxian nodded.


“Now.. there seems to be blue accents in it. Light blue. This would explain the color change of your bath water and why there wasn’t as much blood. The gash is healing. I don’t know, Your Majesty.. if you keep having sex with this fairy then your wound might heal completely,” Wen Qing said in wonder.


“I’m not going to use Lan Wangji just to heal myself, that isn’t right,” Wei Wuxian crossed his arms.


“Yes, Your Majesty,” Wen Qing stood from the bed and turned away as Wei Wuxian dressed himself.


“Wen Qing,” he called in a low voice.


“Yes,” Wen Qing turned to him.


“Tell no one of this. Nobody needs to know but you and I,” Wei Wuxian said seriously.


“I understand,” Wen Qing bowed and left his room.




Three weeks later, Wei Wuxian arrived in his throne room with Wen Qing by his side, the governors of the cities were already seated at the smaller tables that were on the sides of the room. Wei Wuxian looked straight ahead as he walked up to his throne and sat down, forearms pressed to the armrests, legs spread, facial expression neutral.


The governors all bowed and Wei Wuxian waved his hand in dismissal, “What do you need to meet with me for? The cities are doing well as far as I know and I haven’t heard any reports about any revolts or large issues so what do you want?”


The governors all looked around at each other and Governor Yao stood up, “Your Majesty. We’d first like to know how you’re doing, we know that your health has been getting worse, we fear-.”


“You fear what? You dare to say that I am dying? In my presence? I could kill you for treason, watch your mouth, Governor,” Wei Wuxian’s eyes turned to a bright red and he leaned his head onto his fist.


Governor Yao quickly shut his mouth and took a breath, “Of course not, Your Majesty. We are simply making sure you are doing well. We just hope you’ll be able to produce an heir.”


“Oh? Is that what you hope?” Wei Wuxian laughed incredulously and sighed, “My health is none of your concern. If I am dying then you won’t know about it until I die. And if I were to die, do you all think you would have my throne? I will have a queen soon. If I die, she’ll take over.”


“But you certainly have made no moves to marry Wang Lingjio,” Governor Ouyang spoke up.


Wei Wuxian scoffed, “I could marry her this second, would that please you, Governor?” He watched Governor Ouyang’s face pale and he laughed again.


“You all are so ridiculous. You all want me dead so bad, power hungry fools, have you forgotten who I am? I’ll kill every single one of you in mere seconds, please do not test me,” Wei Wuxian’s smile was still on his face, though it was sadistic and sharp. His eyes changed from a bright red to the color of blood and the room turned cold.


“Do not forget who you are. I am your king but I am not a weak one like those before me and my father. I am not a silly cultivator like you all that will live up to two hundred years at most. Now. Please tell me that this silliness is not the only reason you bothered me,” Wei Wuxian took off his crown and twirled it around his finger.


“We wanted to discuss Yi City,” Governor Jiang stood up.  


“Jiang Fengmian.. it’s been a while. You just had two children right? Congratulations. Now what’s this about this city?” Wei Wuxian smiled.


“It is an ungoverned city. We’d like to know who will take it over so that it may become something other than an abandoned wasteland,” Governor Jiang said.


Wei Wuxian glanced around the room, looking at the governors. Not all of them were prude pricks. Some of them were alright. But none of them needed more power than they already had.


“Wen Qing,” Wei Wuxian turned his head to Wen Qing who looked at him, “Your Majesty.”


“Bring Xue Yang inside,” Wei Wuxian whispered.


Wen Qing nodded and left the throne room, returning some minutes later with a messenger and Xue Yang.


“Your Majesty!” The messenger called.


“Just a minute,” Wei Wuxian held up a hand and motioned Xue Yang over. “Governors. This is a friend of mine, Xue Yang. He’s always been very helpful to me, assisting me in past battles and doing investigations when necessary, he’s very bright. He’s the reason I found out Governor Jin was trying to kill me. Xue Yang,” Wei Wuxian turned to him.


“Wei Wuxian,” Xue Yang grinned, smile turning into a smirk when some of the governors gasped at the use of the king’s name.


“Would you like to govern Yi City? Get it back into shape?” Wei Wuxian asked.


“Sure, no problem,” Xue Yang said easily. Some of the governors stood up in outrage and protested strongly but one look from Wei Wuxian and they were all silent once more.


“Then it’s settled. Once you finish getting Yi City together, return to the palace,” Wei Wuxian smiled. “Yes, Sir,” Xue Yang grinned and left the throne room as quickly as he came.


“Now you. What is it you needed,” Wei Wuxian turned to the messenger. “The male fairy! Lan Wangji!” The messenger gasped out. Wei Wuxian stood up, “What is it?”


“He’s pregnant, Your Majesty! Lan Wangji is pregnant with your child!” The room erupted in gasps of surprise and whispers went around the room.


“Please bring him to me,” Wei Wuxian looked at the messenger who nodded and bowed before he left the room. Moments later and in came Lan Wangji with another man beside him whose facial features were similar to his.


“Lan Wangji, is it true? Are you sure?” Wei Wuxian flew down to him and held his hands. Lan Wangji nodded and gave a small smile, “Three different doctors checked.”


Wei Wuxian smiled broadly and picked Lan Wangji up, flying into the air and hugging him tightly while laughing, “I can’t believe it.”


Lan Wangji hugged back with a fond expression, infected by Wei Wuxian’s happiness.


“And who might you be?” Wei Wuxian said when he put them back on the solid ground. “Lan Xichen. I am Wangji’s brother,” Lan Xichen bowed deeply.


“So nice to meet you. I’m a bit excited, don’t mind me,” Wei Wuxian chuckled.


“Oh, no worries. Wangji is quite happy himself. He’s very honored to be carrying Your Majesty’s child. I hope that you’ll take care of him while he’s here,” Lan Xichen smiled warmly.


“Of course. I’ll make sure he’s as comfortable as possible. Thank you for trusting me with him. I’ll take him away now. Governors, this meeting is over and someone please take Lan Xichen home, in a nice carriage. Thank you,” Wei Wuxian smiled at Lan Xichen once more and Lan Xichen turned to his brother.


“I’ll come visit you soon, alright? Stay safe, didi.”


“And you, Xiongzhang,” Lan Wangji squeezed his hand and let himself be led away, all too aware of the angry eyes of the governors on him.




“Bixia,” Lan Wangji called quietly while Wei Wuxian walked him to his quarters.


“Yes,” Wei Wuxian glanced at him and opened the door and led them inside, closing it behind them.


“The governors are not pleased with me,” Lan Wangji said factually.


Wei Wuxian waved his hand dismissively, “They’re just mad because you are going to give me an heir which means they can’t take over if I die, no worries.”


Lan Wangji put his hands over his stomach and Wei Wuxian sat on his bed, slowly taking off his outer robes along with his shoes and setting them aside. Lan Wangji did the same and sat down beside Wei Wuxian.


“Will I be safe?” Lan Wangji asked.


Wei Wuxian looked at him and said with full assurance, “Should anyone dare to lay a hand on you, I’ll kill them myself.”


Lan Wangji left it at that.


“Bixia, will I have my own room?” he asked after a while.


“Don’t call me bixia anymore, call me Wei Ying, okay? And yes, after tonight, you’ll have your own room,” Wei Wuxian nodded.


“Oh,” Lan Wangji said sulkily.


“What’s wrong?” Wei Wuxian brushed his knuckles over his cheek. “Why can I not stay here,” Lan Wangji asked.


Wei Wuxian sighed, “It is indecent for you to sleep in the same bed as the king every night. It’s better for you to have your own room.”


“Then what will we do tonight?” Lan Wangji asked hopefully.


Wei Wuxian shrugged, “Nothing, I suppose we’ll eat and then we’ll sleep. Did you have something you wanted to do?”


Lan Wangji shook his head and looked down, “No, Your Majesty.”


“Lan Wangji, didn’t I tell you to call me Wei Ying,” Wei Wuxian asked.


Lan Wangji’s head sunk even further, “My apologies.”


“Come,” Wei Wuxian opened his arms upon seeing Lan Wangji’s defeated expression and Lan Wangji slowly crawled onto his lap, hiding his face in his chest. Once again, he smelled blood but it was more faint this time.


“Lan Wangji-.”


“Lan Zhan. You can call me Lan Zhan,” Lan Wangji said, forcing his mind to stop wondering about the blood.


“Lan Zhan. I know.. what you want and it isn’t that I don’t want that also but we can’t,” Wei Wuxian shook his head.


“Why not?” Lan Wangji sat up on Wei Wuxian’s thighs and looked at him, waiting for a reason.


“I am betrothed to Wang Lingjiao. Although I hold no romantic feelings to her, she is to be my queen. I could have a consort but it isn’t fair to you or Lingjiao and I won’t do anything to cause you both harm,” Wei Wuxian watched Lan Wangji’s eyes get dimmer and dimmer.


“Wei Ying can’t be mine and I can’t be Wei Ying’s,” Lan Wangji mumbled to himself, only the two of them could hear his voice.


“Unfortunately not, little fairy. But this doesn’t mean we can’t be close. I do adore you and I want you to be happy and healthy, please don’t be sad,” Wei Wuxian held Lan Wangji’s hands.


Lan Wangji nodded though his expression did not change. Wei Wuxian was only worried about his baby, not about him. How stupid was Lan Wangji to think that he could be in a relationship with the king?


“I’ll go to sleep now then. I have no appetite for dinner,” Lan Wangji got off of Wei Wuxian and went to the far end of the bed, lying on his side away from Wei Wuxian.


“A-Alright then. Goodnight, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian let out a soft sigh.


“Goodnight,” Lan Wangji mumbled, closing his eyes.


Although Wei Wuxian upset his fairy, a certain woman listening on the other side of the door was quite happy. The king was still hers and hers alone. The fairy was simply the one giving birth to the king’s child, nothing more. Wang Lingjiao was at ease. With a happy chuckle, she skipped down the halls and continued her evening.


Wei Wuxian, conflicted, had no appetite either. He went to his bath to change the bandages on himself. Now that the gash was smaller, the blood was manageable. He discarded his bandages and put new ones on before returning to bed.




When Lan Wangji woke up, Wei Wuxian was gone. As he sat up and pulled the black silk covers back, he noticed a small wet spot no larger than the size of his palm on the side of the bed that Wei Wuxian slept. He ran his finger over it and his eyes widened in concern when he saw blood on his finger. He lowered his head and sniffed the sheets.


Aside from Wei Wuxian’s naturally fragrant scent, was the sharp smell of blood. Just as Lan Wangji was about to investigate further, the door was knocked on and a woman came inside. Lan Wangji quickly wiped his finger on the bed and stood up.


“You must be Lan Wangji. I’m Wang Lingjiao, the king’s betrothed,” Wang Lingjiao smiled at Lan Wangji who bowed respectfully, “Lady Wang.”


“The king left early today to go to Mo Village, investigating a case since Xue Yang isn’t here to do it. He’ll return later. I’ll go have some servants come set you up a bath and bring you breakfast,” Wang Lingjiao stuck her head out of the bedroom and moments later, servants came in with buckets of hot water.


They filled the tub up and put in aromatic oils. “Thank you, Lady Wang,” Lan Wangji bowed again and Wang Lingjiao smiled, “You’re so polite. This child will have good qualities. I’ll raise them well.”


Lan Wangji’s eyebrows furrowed and he put a hand over his stomach, “What do you mean?”


“Well.. once you have the child.. you’ll return to Gusu. And the baby will be the king’s and since I’m marrying him, the baby will be ours. I’ll be their mother,” Wang Lingjiao explained.


Lan Wangji felt sick. Literally. He took a quiet breath and turned to Wang Lingjiao, “Please excuse me. I’d like to bathe privately.”


“Oh! Of course. I’ll have someone bring you breakfast in thirty minutes!” Wang Lingjiao left the room and closed the door.


Lan Wangji sat down and put his hands on his knees, having to take several deep breaths to keep himself from feeling more ill than he already did.


He knew when he got into this that the child was for Wei Wuxian to have an heir. He was never told that he wouldn’t have a part in the child’s life. He was never told that the child would not be his after he gave birth.

He didn’t want to give them up. He didn’t want some woman to be the child’s mother. But.. did he have a choice?  




“Oh, don’t be apprehensive. They’re excited to meet you. Wen Qing wants to meet you properly and Mianmian is just over the moon. You met Lingjiao so there’s that- ah! There they are, come along,” Wei Wuxian took Lan Wangji’s hand and led him over to his friends where they sat in one of the studies. He’d wanted Lan Wangji to properly meet his closest friends, wanting to make sure Lan Wangji was comfortable with everyone there.


“Ladies, this is Lan Wangji, the father of my unborn child,” Wei Wuxian introduced. If Lan Wangji wasn’t a man of quietness, he would’ve scoffed at being called the father of the child when Wei Wuxian knew he wouldn’t be around to be a father in any way.


“Lady Wen. Lady Luo. Lady Wang,” Lan Wangji bowed.


“Consort Lan,” Mianmian and Wen Qing bowed back and Wei Wuxian laughed nervously, “Lan Zhan isn’t my consort.”


“Lan Zhan? You’ve already given him your intimate name?” Wen Qing smiled slyly.


“Yes. Wei Ying has given me his as well,” Lan Wangji replied.


Mianmian squealed and Wen Qing laughed brightly. Wang Lingjiao’s face changed from confusion to disbelief to anger and jealousy.


“But he isn’t your consort? You seem quite compatible though,” Mianmian clucked her tongue.


“Don’t they? Imagine Lan Wangji being the Queen,” Wen Qing gushed.


“No, he’s a man, he’d be the King Consort. Oh, we could make him some robes that would match Wei Wuxian’s! Red and azure, perhaps. Oh think of the jewels and flowers we could put in his hair,” Mianmian squealed again and Lan Wangji looked over to see Wang Lingjiao was about ready to scream.


“I am not to be the King Consort. Lady Wang is to be the Queen. You all should make robes for her and put jewels and flowers in her hair. I am but a lowly servant who is to have the king’s child and return to Gusu. I shouldn’t get attached to anything for I will leave once the baby is born. I know my place,” Lan Wangji bowed and gave Wang Lingjiao a sympathetic look before turning to leave.


Wei Wuxian looked at him with wide eyes, “L-Lan Zhan.”


“I know my place,” Lan Wangji said more firmly, walking out of the study and quietly shutting the door.


Mianmian’s lips pouted sadly and Wen Qing had an inquisitive look on her own face.


“I’m a bit tired. I’m going to go rest for a while,” Wang Lingjiao left the study as well and Wen Qing gave a small hum, “Sorry, Wei Wuxian. I think that’s our cue.”


Wei Wuxian’s mouth gaped, “But what just happened?”


Mianmian scratched her head, “Your betrothed and your fairy are both jealous of each other. I think we made it worse.”


“Aiyo,” Wei Wuxian clucked his tongue and sighed.


“Maybe you should just break off the engagement and Lingjiao can get over you and then you’ll be able to marry the fairy,” Mianmian suggested.


Wen Qing mouthed Wei Wuxian’s words soundlessly as Wei Wuxian said, “Our parents set the engagement, it’s only proper for us to go through with it. And I hardly know Lan Zhan, how could I marry him?”


“I asked him the same thing when we were in Mo Village last week,” Wen Qing said to Mianmian who sighed helplessly.


“He’ll regret it soon enough. Let’s go, wife,” Wen Qing smiled and locked her and Mianmian’s arms together.


“Okay, wife. Good day, Your Majesty,” Mianmian and Wen Qing bowed to Wei Wuxian before skipping away out of the study.


“Jealous of each other? And how will I regret this?” Wei Wuxian muttered to himself.




Lan Wangji didn’t expect things to be like this. Over the past couple weeks, he’d either see governors side-eyeing him whenever they were in the palace or Wang Lingjiao bragging about her betrothal to the king and incessantly telling Lan Wangji that his child was not his at all and that they were her’s.


And Wei Wuxian.


Wei Wuxian was nowhere to be found half the time. Ever since Lan Wangji came here he didn’t experience anything good. He missed home. He missed playing his guqin and talking to the plants in the garden, braiding flowers into his hair.


He missed his brother, he missed caring for his uncle. He also missed his king. He missed being cuddled. Helpless and wounded, he shut the door and laid himself down on his bed, playing with his hair as his pillow became stained with his iridescent tears.



The next month wasn’t easy for Lan Wangji. He stayed inside of his room whenever he could, only leaving his bed to let the doctor in and get his food. While he had no appetite, he had to care for his baby.


Sometimes, Wei Wuxian would knock at the door, ask to come in but Lan Wangji would always send him away. He didn’t wish to avoid him but he didn’t want to see anyone. He didn’t feel okay and somehow the thought of seeing Wei Wuxian made him feel worse.


Maybe it was because the man he had admired and fell for was marrying some woman. But he’d get over it eventually. He just had to give birth and leave.. live with the realization that he’d most likely never see his baby or his king again.


As the days went on, Lan Wangji looked out at the courtyard from his room. And one day, tired of looking at the same things every day, he decided to bathe and leave his bedroom to go ask Wei Wuxian if he could go out to the garden.


As he made his way to the throne room, he saw Wei Wuxian there playing Go with Wang Lingjiao. He kept his head down as he walked over to them, bowing a perfect ninety degrees. “Bixia, I will be going out to the garden.”


Wei Wuxian and Wang Lingjiao looked up in surprise.


“Not locking yourself away anymore?” Wang Lingjiao asked.


Lan Wangji rose and gave her an unimpressed glance before looking at Wei Wuxian. “Bixia. I’d like to go out to the garden. I simply came to tell you this.” he turned around to walk away only to have his arm grabbed lightly by Wei Wuxian.


“I’ll take you. I’ll take you to the garden, Lan Zhan. Lingjiao, let’s finish playing later on, hm?” Wei Wuxian didn’t even spare her a glance, leading Lan Wangji out of the throne room.


Lan Wangji wordlessly walked with Wei Wuxian out to the gardens. There were flowers and plants of many different kinds, making the garden bright and colorful. This could be his safe space. Instead of staying in his room, he could come here instead. Get away from his thoughts and focus on the nature he loves so dearly.


Lan Wangji looked around at all of the vibrant blooming flowers and saw that the blue poppies, however, were struggling. There were only a few growing and the ones that were there were wilting already.


“We had the poppies imported but they aren’t doing well. I might just have them thrown out,” Wei Wuxian crossed his arms.


“Leave them,” Lan Wangji said quietly, looking at the flowers carefully.


“..Alright. As you wish. So, Lan Zhan, are you free to have dinner with me tonight?” Wei Wuxian asked. Lan Wangji looked from the flowers to Wei Wuxian and it was hard to keep himself composed and neutral when Wei Wuxian was looking at him so softly.


Lan Wangji looked away as he felt the urge to have Wei Wuxian’s arms wrapped around him, hugging him tightly and whispering in Lan Wangji’s ear about how good he was.


“Lan Zhan?” Wei Wuxian brushed a finger over Lan Wangji’s cheek and he looked at the king once more. “I can join you for dinner,” he nodded.


“Lovely. I’ve missed seeing this wavy hair,” Wei Wuxian ran his fingers through Lan Wangji’s luscious locks that flowed down his back and Lan Wangji brought his hand up to Wei Wuxian’s but the latter just took it and laced their fingers together.


“Lan Zhan. Have you been avoiding me?” Wei Wuxian asked.


Lan Wangji shook his head, “No.”


“Well good then. I’d like to spend more time with you. I miss you, Lan Zhan. I miss talking to you and teasing you,” Wei Wuxian smiled as Lan Wangji looked away to hide a blush.


“You just want to make sure that your child is healthy and safe,” Lan Wangji muttered softly.


“Our child, one. And two, do you think I don’t care about you?” Wei Wuxian turned Lan Wangji to face him.


Lan Wangji sighed, “I already know that I’m leaving once the baby is born. You don’t have to lie anymore. I know you plan on taking them from me.”


“Who told you that,” Wei Wuxian guffawed and Lan Wangji looked at him in confusion. “Lan Zhan, you’re the father of my child, of course you’ll stay to raise them. I assumed that you’d visit Gusu often because that is your home but I never intended on keeping you from the child that you are giving birth to. I may be somewhat evil and sadistic but I’m not a monster,” Wei Wuxian laughed.


“Wei Ying isn’t evil,” Lan Wangji protested and pursed his lips together immediately after.


“Oh? I’m so happy that my little fairy is coming to my defense. I suppose it depends on how you look at it,” Wei Wuxian shrugged.


“Wei Ying is a good king. Your people love and admire you,” Lan Wangji said stubbornly.


Wei Wuxian chuckled, “Alright, alright.”


Lan Wangji began playing with his sleeve and broke the silence, “Wei Ying. Do you.. do you really care about me? Not just.. our child?”


“Yes, of course,” Wei Wuxian cupped Lan Wangji’s face and smiled at him. Lan Wangji decided he’d give into his urges just this once and leaned into Wei Wuxian’s touch, earning a pleased smile from the king.


“It’s very difficult to be around you when I can’t do the things I’d like to do with you,” Lan Wangji whispered out loud.


Wei Wuxian shook his head, “Just be yourself when you’re with me. Don’t hide yourself from me, okay? I don’t know what I can promise you now but I’ll do my best to keep you happy.”


“Alright,” Lan Wangji nodded and Wei Wuxian smiled again before pulling him into a tight hug, sighing contentedly when Lan Wangji hugged him back.


And as they enjoyed each other’s warm embrace in the garden, Wang Lingjiao watched them from a far window, a bitter and resentful look on her face. She had tried to play nice with Lan Wangji. Tried to be a good person but she would not let some fairy from Gusu steal the king, her king, her betrothed, away from her.




Lan Wangji strained to get out of bed the next morning. He had stayed up well past his usual sleeping time, just eating and talking to Wei Wuxian about any and everything.


He sighed as he put a hand over his stomach and got off of the bed, walking over to the bronze mirror and untying his inner robe, examining his body. His hips had become even broader, thighs even thicker, and his stomach was growing too. He was two months into his pregnancy at this point.


Lan Wangji had always been tall with an hourglass figure. Small waist, a round butt, thighs with no gap when he sat down and broad shoulders. He thought he wouldn’t be this big so early in his pregnancy but he supposed it wasn’t unheard of in male fairies such as himself.


Aside from his belly growing, his chest had gotten bigger too, breasts beginning to round and swell so he could breastfeed the child. Just as he was about to examine himself further, someone knocked on the door.


“Come in,” he called after tying his robe. Wen Qing walked inside and went over to him.


“Good morning, Lan Wangji. The king has assigned me to be your personal doctor for the rest of your pregnancy, I promise you’re in good hands. You should go lay down and undress and I’ll give you a check up!” Wen Qing helped Lan Wangji get onto the bed and began her examination.




When the sun had set and the moon began to shine, Lan Wangji snuck out of the palace and went to the gardens to see the wilting poppies.


Like he’d asked, the flowers hadn’t been removed. He went over to the blue flowers and rose up in the air above them, the moonlight shining on his face. He focused his mind on the flowers and held his hands out to them.


He thought about them growing, the four petals blooming into a beautiful azure color, the stems a bright and vibrant green, the yellow pistil bringing out the highlights of royal blue on the edges of the plant.


Lan Wangji’s eyes opened wide and turned blue as spiritual energy of the same color flowed out of him and down to the field. Instantly, flowers began to bloom and the blue poppies were more vibrant than ever.


Wei Wuxian watched from the window in his room with an inquisitive look on his face. He hadn’t seen power like that since Qingheng-Jun was alive.


Eventually, Lan Wangji lowered himself to the grass and admired his work. The field of poppies that was once nearly bare and dying, were now bustling with flowers that shone under the bright moon.


Lan Wangji picked a poppy and took it inside with him to his room. He set the poppy on his bedside table and laid down under his covers, putting a hand over his stomach and closing his eyes.




“Hanguang-Jun? Lady Wang and His Majesty would like to have breakfast with you this morning. Will you be attending?” Lan Wangji was soaking in a bath, trying to ease away the headache he gave himself by using so much spiritual energy at once the night before. “Yes, I will be out momentarily,” Lan Wangji replied.



When Lan Wangji arrived at the small banquet hall Wei Wuxian and Wang Lingjiao were eating at, he felt uncomfortable immediately. Wang Lingjiao was laughing a bit loudly at something Wei Wuxian must’ve said and laid a hand on his arm. Wei Wuxian chuckled and patted her hand before picking his chopsticks back up. Lan Wangji took a breath and walked to the table, sitting at the far end of it.


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian greeted in a cheerful voice with a sly smile.


“Your Majesty,” Lan Wangji kept his face neutral and looked down at his empty plate.


“Come sit by me, you’re so far,” Wei Wuxian motioned him over.


“How rude, you haven’t even greeted me,” Wang Lingjiao scoffed, pushing her hair behind her back.


Lan Wangji turned to her and bowed his head, “My apologies, Lady Wang. I am not feeling well, excuse my behavior.”


Wang Lingjiao scoffed again and crossed her arms, “That isn’t a good reason at all. Have some respect for those above you! Have you not forgotten who I am and who you are?”


Lan Wangji was trying to stay straight-faced but Wang Lingjiao’s shrill voice did nothing to help his headache.


“Wang Lingjiao, don’t be so rude, what is wrong with you? He doesn’t feel well and in any case he is from a noble family. Until you become Queen, you are of the same rank. Little fairy, come here,” Wei Wuxian held his hand out.


Lan Wangji shook his head which was still bowed, “I think I should go back to my room.”


“Lan Wangji,” Wei Wuxian’s tone was patient but Lan Wangji understood he wasn’t being asked anymore. He stood up slowly and made his way to the king.


“Tell me what’s wrong? Should I tell Wen Qing?” Wei Wuxian whispered.


Lan Wangji shook his head, “It’s only a headache, it will pass.”


“Oh. Maybe you exerted too much energy last night,” Wei Wuxian said casually.


Lan Wangji’s head snapped up, though he wished he didn’t do that because it hurt like hell, “Your Majesty?”


“Oh I just mean doing too much in one day might not be good for you. You should rest more. Did you think I was talking about something else?” Wei Wuxian asked, studying Lan Wangji’s face carefully.


“..No, Bixia,” Lan Wangji shook his head.


“No? My little fairy isn’t lying to me, is he?” Wei Wuxian asked with a head tilt.


Lan Wangji shook his head again and began playing with his sleeve, “I’m not.”


“Alright. Go back to bed and I’ll come bring you some food later. You still have to eat,” Wei Wuxian caressed Lan Wangji’s hair.


“Yes, Your Majesty,” Lan Wangji bowed to both him and Wang Lingjiao who was looking at him like he kicked her puppy or something.


“Stop it,” Wei Wuxian said to Wang Lingjiao when he saw her face. She humphed and looked away. Lan Wangji kept in a sigh and walked out of the banquet hall, back to his room.



Lan Wangji was curled up in his bed when Wei Wuxian came inside with a plate of pastries and a bowl of soup.


“Bixia,” Lan Wangji greeted, trying to stand and bow only for Wei Wuxian to gently push him back down.


“You don’t have to bow when you see me anymore, that isn’t necessary,” Wei Wuxian sat on the edge of the bed and set the plate of pastries down on Lan Wangji’s bedside table, picking up the bowl of soup.


“I noticed that the poppies seem to have grown beautifully overnight,” Wei Wuxian said as he fed Lan Wangji a spoonful of the soup.


Lan Wangji averted his eyes, “Oh. I will go look at them when I feel better.”


Wei Wuxian smiled, pretending he didn’t notice the blue poppy on Lan Wangji’s other bedside table.


“I’m full, Wei Ying. You don’t have to stay anymore.” Lan Wangji shook his head at the next spoon of soup he was offered.


“I want to stay. And you need to eat more. I’ve hardly seen you at all lately.” Wei Wuxian picked up a pastry and fed it to Lan Wangji who obediently ate it.


“You should spend this time with your betrothed,” Lan Wangji said, giving Wei Wuxian a brief look.


“About that.. I’m sorry she was so rude earlier.. I actually have been thinking about our betrothal. I don’t know if I want to go through with it. I’m thinking of declaring our betrothal null and void all together. It’d take me a month or two to figure everything out and inform her family but I can’t marry her.” Wei Wuxian shook his head.


“Why?” Lan Wangji asked, his heart rate picking up.


“I just don’t think it will work. It would be an unhappy marriage and I’m not blind, I can see that she doesn’t like you, I don’t want any harm coming to our baby,” Wei Wuxian responded. Lan Wangji rolled his eyes.


“She won’t harm them. She thinks that my child is hers and that she will raise them. She wants to take my baby from me.” Lan Wangji’s eyes were cold and he put his hand over his stomach protectively.


Wei Wuxian scoffed. “She can’t take care of herself, how does she expect to take care of a whole child? This is our child, Lan Zhan. No one will take them from you.”


“Why else are you ending this marriage?” Lan Wangji asked, looking at Wei Wuxian inquisitively.


“I just told you.” Wei Wuxian fed Lan Wangji another pastry.


“No.. you already knew that it would be an unhappy marriage and you can easily protect our child from her so what other reason are you doing this for?” Lan Wangji shook his head.


“Goodness, do you want me to marry her, Lan Zhan?” Wei Wuxian asked. Lan Wangji frowned.


“Just answer my question.”


“Because I don’t want to marry her! I like you, not her. But I don’t want to have you as a consort when I could have you as my husband,” Wei Wuxian blurted.


The happiness he expected to see in Lan Wangji’s face was not there.


“You cannot,” Lan Wangji whispered, shaking his head.


“Why not? I like you and you like me too.. why can’t I do this for us?” Wei Wuxian looked at Lan Wangji in confusion.


“We cannot be selfish. She has wanted to marry you her whole life and she already hates me for stealing your attention. Should you dissolve this engagement, who will bare the brunt of the consequences? I will and so will this child inside of me. She will kill me and she will kill this child too out of anger, then this would have all been for nothing.” Lan Wangji looked down at his belly.


“I won’t risk anything for them. ..Not even love. And you shouldn’t either. Go through with the marriage,” Lan Wangji mumbled, looking off to the side.


His words only had the opposite effect on Wei Wuxian though. He was looking at Lan Wangji with hearts in his eyes.


“You’re so admirable, Lan Zhan. Very selfless. But I can make sure Lingjiao only gets upset with me when I explain this to her. She’ll understand and she knows that if she tried to harm the father of my child, the man I care for, I’d kill her,” Wei Wuxian assured, squeezing Lan Wangji’s thigh.


“You can’t be sure,” Lan Wangji shook his head.


“I can. Just trust me, Lan Zhan. Please? Once I dissolve the engagement.. you and I can be together. Get to know each other more, become closer.. Please.” Wei Wuxian took Lan Wangji’s hand in both of his, squeezing it.


Lan Wangji looked down at their hands, feeling the shared warmth. He looked back up at Wei Wuxian, seeing the sincerity and hope in his eyes, and for the first time, since ever knowing that he was his king, he saw fear and vulnerability.


“Are you afraid?” Lan Wangji asked, whispering as he looked into Wei Wuxian’s red eyes.


Wei Wuxian looked away so Lan Wangji couldn’t see his eyes anymore. He was being read so openly, his true emotions being seen.


“It makes you a good king to be fearful sometimes. To know when you are being risky, when something may end in a way you don’t want. That’s a good trait to have, look at me.” Lan Wangji gently turned Wei Wuxian to face him, gently rubbing his cheek.


Wei Wuxian closed his eyes and leaned into Lan Wangji’s comforting touch, speaking when the silence stretched on.


“I’m fearful. Of losing you and our baby. Of losing the chance to love you, be with you, even of hurting Lingjiao,” he said honestly, waiting for judgement. It didn’t come.


“Then.. let’s do everything we can to avoid what you fear. By facing them head on. To start, you haven’t lost the chance to love me. You haven’t lost the chance to be with me.” Lan Wangji smiled as Wei Wuxian’s eyes shot open, turning silver.


“Lan Zhan? You’ll be with me? You’ll be mine?” Wei Wuxian asked, sitting his head up straight, Lan Wangji’s hand immediately following, staying pressed to his cheek.


“Yours,” Lan Wangji confirmed.


Wei Wuxian smiled broadly as though he were given his favorite treat, causing Lan Wangji to let out a soft chuckle. Wei Wuxian immediately melted at the sound of amusement, cupping his hands over the swell of Lan Wangji’s cheeks.


“If you agree to be mine, I won’t let you go. You’ll be my King Consort. You’ll be able to do anything you ever want. But I’m possessive, Lan Zhan, you can’t take any other husbands or wives, I will take none either. Me and you. And this little bun of ours.” he looked down at Lan Wangji’s growing tummy.


“Our little bun? That’s cute,” Lan Wangji said quietly, smiling.


“Our little bun. And my little fairy.” Wei Wuxian said, gazing at Lan Wangji who blushed and looked down, settling his hands in his lap. Wei Wuxian got up and sat down on the bed beside Lan Wangji and gave him a look, motioning him over.


Hesitantly, Lan Wangji moved closer to Wei Wuxian until their thighs were pressed together. Wei Wuxian tilted his head, giving Lan Wangji an unimpressed look. Lan Wangji let out a little breath and sat himself down on Wei Wuxian’s lap.


“I’m heavy,” Lan Wangji mumbled. “You are perfect,” Wei Wuxian pulled Lan Wangji closer and wrapped his arms around him.


“Do you really think that?” Lan Wangji asked, voice a whisper.


“Yes. You’re perfect,” Wei Wuxian replied immediately, smiling as Lan Wangji blushed.  


“Bixia is too kind,” Lan Wangji murmured. His side was pressed against Wei Wuxian’s chest, head resting on his shoulder, hand resting on his belly.


“Hmm, does my little fairy think so?” Wei Wuxian smiled, hesitantly bringing his own hand up to Lan Wangji’s baby bump.


Lan Wangji smiled and put his hand over Wei Wuxian’s, holding it over the swell of his stomach.


“I do,” he said, nodding.


“Then.. since your king is so kind, surely if you had anything to tell me, I’d be understanding about it, right?” Wei Wuxian rubbed his thumb over Lan Wangji’s belly, smiling down at it.


Lan Wangji went still, knowing exactly what Wei Wuxian was referring to. He looked over at his nightstand and saw his poppy. With a tiny gasp, he tried to get up and grab it but Wei Wuxian tightening his hold on him before he could do more than lift his arm.


“No need to retrieve it, I’ve seen it already. And I won’t steal your flower, it’s just.. I never saw any of the blue poppies look so fresh. Yet suddenly, they’re blooming so beautifully in our garden.” Wei Wuxian chuckled quietly, rubbing his hand over Lan Wangji’s belly to relax him.


“Our?” Lan Wangji repeated, looking at Wei Wuxian.


“Lan Wangji,” Wei Wuxian said sternly although Lan Wangji could see the slight curve of Wei Wuxian’s lips despite how hard he tried to hide it. He bookmarked the conversation.


“Bixia already knows, why am I being questioned?” he muttered, hiding in Wei Wuxian’s neck. Wei Wuxian laughed and moved his hand to pinch Lan Wangji’s cheek.


“Brat.” he turned Lan Wangji’s head to face him and pecked his lips, eyes and smile going wider as Lan Wangji gasped and covered his mouth.


“Wei Ying,” he scolded.


“What? Can’t I kiss you?” Wei Wuxian chuckled again, moving Lan Wangji’s hand away, kissing him more fully.


“No. You’re to be married,” Lan Wangji shook his head and turned his head away.


“Soon I won’t be,” Wei Wuxian reasoned, kissing Lan Wangji’s cheek.


“Kiss me when you aren’t marrying her then.” Lan Wangji tried not to melt with each of Wei Wuxian’s kisses, tried not to give in.


“That’s too long.” Wei Wuxian shook his head.


“Well I’m not going to be your concubine,” Lan Wangji said more firmly.


Wei Wuxian smiled and his red eyes flashed silver. He moved Lan Wangji and pressed him to the mattress, hovering over him with an excited and dominant look in his eyes.


“You won’t be my concubine. You’ll be my husband. My King Consort. The father of my child,” he said, kissing Lan Wangji’s lips again and smiling into it when Lan Wangji finally kissed him back.


“Okay, bixia,” Lan Wangji murmured.


“Come. You still have something to come clean about, don’t you?” Wei Wuxian tilted his head and watched Lan Wangji avoid his eyes.


“Mn.. I wasn’t honest with bixia before. I went out to the garden and I healed the poppies myself with some of my spiritual energy. It made me have a headache in the morning,” Lan Wangji explained quietly, looking up at Wei Wuxian once he’d finished.


“You have a lot of raw energy that you haven’t learned to harness. If you’d like, I can teach you how to control it. You could be very powerful in the future if taught properly. Would you like that?” Wei Wuxian asked, smiling as Lan Wangji looked at him in surprise.


“Really? You’ll teach me, Wei Ying?” he asked, excitement showing in his quiet voice.


“Mhm. But my little fairy has to be honest about his actions from now on. Lying isn’t a very Lan thing to do,” Wei Wuxian scolded. Lan Wangji whined sadly and closed his eyes.


“My apologies, bixia. I won’t lie again. Never,” he promised.


“Good boy. Don’t be sad, Lan Zhan, I won’t punish you. My little fairy just has to promise me he’ll be a good boy for me,” Wei Wuxian murmured, kissing Lan Wangji’s lips once again.


“I promise. I’ll be a good boy for you, Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji said, immediately blushing afterwards. Wei Wuxian smirked and Lan Wangji whined, hitting Wei Wuxian’s chest as the king laughed brightly.


“Wei Ying! That’s naughty, very naughty. Your mind is impure,” Lan Wangji accused.


“Oh? My mind is impure!” Wei Wuxian made a grab for Lan Wangji and picked him up off the bed like he was a feather, causing Lan Wangji to gasp and cling to Wei Wuxian only to be dropped down gently on his fluffy mattress.


“Bixia, I’m carrying your baby, you should be careful with me,” Lan Wangji said, putting his hands over his belly.


“Yes. My little fairy is delicate, I have to treat him like the finest jade.” Wei Wuxian traced Lan Wangji’s full lips.


Lan Wangji kissed his finger and when Wei Wuxian kept it pressed to his lips, Lan Wangji darted his tongue out to lick it. Wei Wuxian’s breath hitched and he pushed the tip of it into his mouth, red eyes darkening as Lan Wangji immediately began sucking on his finger.


“And you call me naughty. How sinful, little fairy.” Wei Wuxian took his finger away, watching Lan Wangji chase it. “Calm. I’ll fill your mouth with other things.” Wei Wuxian’s lips curved into a smirk.


“What other things?” Lan Wangji said, trying to hide his excitement as he sat up.


Wei Wuxian smiled and sat down on the bed, grabbing the platter of pastries. “Food. Come here and eat.”


Lan Wangji pouted but listened obediently and sat on Wei Wuxian’s lap again, eating everything he was fed.


“Don’t worry, my little fairy. I’ll give you what you want soon enough,” Wei Wuxian said, watching Lan Wangji chew.


“Mark your words.” Lan Wangji turned and kissed Wei Wuxian’s lips before turning back around to eat more. Simply being around Wei Wuxian made his headache go away. Lan Wangji smiled around his meatbun and bit into it.



Although Wei Wuxian wanted to talk to Wang Lingjiao as soon as possible, he had to head away to Yi City as Xue Yang requested that he come. He could be gone for months.


Lan Wangji and Wang Lingjiao both saw him off, going back into the palace once Wei Wuxian had flown away into the distance. Lan Wangji was about to return to his room for his checkup when Wang Lingjiao grabbed his arm, her sharp and red fingernails digging into his skin over the sleeve of his hanfu.


“I won’t let you take him away from me,” she hissed.


Lan Wangji kept himself calm, pulling her claws away from his arm. “He was never yours to begin with,” he spoke simply, walking away.


“Lan Wangji! Mark my words, I will kill you and that wretched child before his majesty dares to break our betrothal!” Wang Lingjiao shouted into the hall. Lan Wangji said nothing, steps never faltering as he walked back to his room, locking the door behind him.



Wang Lingjiao took action immediately. She wouldn’t let some poor fairy have the man she dreamt of her entire life. She took a month to organize a meeting with the governors, only the ones she knew would help her, and finally set a date. On that day, she entered the meeting room with them, shutting the door and sitting at the head of the table.


“Wang Lingjiao. Just what do you want from us?” Governor Yao asked. Aside from him, the other governors included Governor Ouyang, Governor Chang, Governor Mo, ans Governor Qin. Wang Lingjiao smiled sharply and tapped her red nails on the wooden table.


“I need your help. I want to get rid of a fairy and you all want to get rid of the king’s heir. I propose we find a way to get what we want at the same time.” The governors looked around at each other and at Wang Lingjiao, humming thoughtfully, evil thoughts already filling their minds.




Over that month, while Wang Lingjiao was busy scheming, Lan Wangji was exchanging love letters with the king and singing to his baby, massaging his stomach as he lay in bed resting.


Some days he would go out to the garden and heal the flowers that were starting to wilt. Wei Wuxian taught him through their letters how to properly give the plants energy and how not to exert too much of his strength.


Months passed this way, and soon, Lan Wangji had forgotten about Wang Lingjiao, not even seeing her once since the day Wei Wuxian left the palace.


He struggled more to get out of bed as the months went on as his stomach and breasts had grown immensely, making his back hurt.


But Wei Wuxian was to be returning today with Xue Yang, Lan Wangji learned through Wei Wuxian’s most recent letter, and he wanted to play in the garden for a while with some of the flowers and midnight black bunnies he’d brought out there.


He was already six months pregnant and didn’t dare to think about how much he’d grow by the time he was ready to give birth. He gathered some treats for his furry friends and left to the garden, sitting amidst a field of yellow roses.


The sky was already getting dark and he smiled as a few bunnies hopped over to him, snuffling. He fed them the treats he brought, caressing their fur as they ate and smiling down at them. He breathed in the fresh air, looking up the purpling sky that was dotted with stars as he began taking some smaller flowers and weaving them into a crown.


He could give it to Wei Wuxian later to welcome him back. He was the only one who knew Wei Wuxian would be returning today.


His eyes were still looking up at the sky as a few thorny vines from the roses began moving, sneaking up on him and quickly wrapping around his wrists before he had a chance to react. Lan Wangji’s head snapped down and he whimpered as the thorns began to prick him as the vines tightened on his wrists.


The bunnies all scurried away out of fear, more vines wrapping themselves around Lan Wangji’s body. “N-No! Help!” he called desperately, feeling a sudden pain all over as he was lifted into the air, vines holding him up. His eyes flashed blue and he screamed into the air, making all the vines snap and break away.


He tried to fly away, but couldn’t go far before more vines snatched him back, squeezing his body. He couldn’t snap them again, head and body aching too much for him to focus on anything.


He looked around to try and see if anyone was around, heart dropping to his stomach when he saw Wang Lingjiao and many of the governors standing near the edge of the garden, looking directly at him.


“Help me, what are you doing?” he shouted, the pain growing worse by the second.


“How long will this take?” Wang Lingjiao asked, turning her head to the governors who stood behind her.


“It won’t be long,” Governor Yao said grimly.


“Stop this! Let me go, please. My baby,” he cried, more worried for his child than he was for anything else. As the pain became too much to bare, mind swirling with thoughts of regret and hurt, he blacked out then and there.



Wei Wuxian knew something was wrong. He could feel Lan Wangji’s pain, could tell something wasn’t okay with him. He didn’t waste any more time thinking about every possibility of what could be going wrong, flying through his palace until he reached the garden.


When he saw the fairy in the air, passed out with blood streaked robes, vines and thorns wrapping around him and breaking his skin, his eyes turned bloody red and his face went pale.


His head snapped to the side and his expression became even more grim as he saw Wang Lingjiao and the governors on the other side of the garden, staring at Lan Wangji.


“Xue Yang,” he roared.


The governors and Wang Lingjiao all whipped their heads towards the king, faces becoming white as sheets as they saw the murderous expression in his eyes.


Xue Yang came instantly, needing nothing from Wei Wuxian to be said as he made his way towards the governors and Wang Lingjiao after seeing the state of Lan Wangji.


“I want them alive,” Wei Wuxian said, rushing higher into the air to snatch the vines away, sucking out the energy from them and holding Lan Wangji in his arms. The man was still unconscious but breathing.


Wei Wuxian quickly went into the palace, calling for Wen Qing as he took Lan Wangji to his bedroom and laid him down on the mattress, carefully undressing him.


“I’m here. What the hell happened?” Wen Qing asked, opening her bag and putting her fingers to Lan Wangji’s pulse. “Take care of him. I have to go,” Wei Wuxian’s voice was low, and a dark cold feeling fell over the room like a blanket. Wen Qing eyed Wei Wuxian as he left, not wanting to imagine the pain he was about to induce.



Xue Yang stood in front of a row of cells, pacing back and forth unhurriedly, sword resting on his shoulder.


“Leave us,” Wei Wuxian said to Xue Yang when he entered the room, eyes glazed over with indifference.


“Alright,” Xue Yang nodded and left the room, shutting the door behind him. The moment he did so, he heard the screams of a man fill the room and smirked, skipping away with a soft hum.



Lan Wangji’s eyes opened slowly, blurriness leaving after he blinked a few times, getting used to the sunlight that filtered into his bedroom. He looked around curiously, feeling light, a little sore.


As his mind began to catch up to him, his heart began to pulse faster in his chest and he began breathing heavily, fear clouding his expression as the memories of the night before caught up to him. He immediately put his hand over his belly, sighing thankfully as he felt it still big and round.


“You’re safe, you’re safe, Lan Zhan. Calm down, my little fairy,” Wei Wuxian whispered in Lan Wangji’s ear, rubbing his belly and soothing him.


“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji sobbed, whining as Wei Wuxian picked him up and sat him on his lap, cradling him against his body.


“I’m here, Lan Zhan. I’m here. They can’t hurt you anymore. I’ve got you.” Wei Wuxian let Lan Wangji tuck himself into the king’s chest, sniffling.


“What happened last night? After they restrained me,” Lan Wangji swallowed roughly, mouth dry. Wei Wuxian reached for a cup of water and helped Lan Wangji drink it, only speaking when the cup was empty.


“I could feel your pain. I followed it and I found you in the air, unconscious. Xue Yang took the governors and Wang Lingjiao away, I took you here and had Wen Qing treat you while I.. took care of those treacherous fools.” Wei Wuxian smiled bitterly.


“What did you do?” Lan Wangji asked, looking up at Wei Wuxian.


“...I did what I had to do,” he said simply.


“Are they alive?” Lan Wangji asked carefully, watching Wei Wuxian sigh.


“Don’t worry about it. All that you need to know is that you never have to worry about being harmed again,” Wei Wuxian said, running his fingers through Lan Wangji’s hair.


“I’ll tell you that Lingjiao is still alive. I don’t know what to do with her..” Wei Wuxian sighed as he twirled Lan Wangji’s wavy locks of hair in his fingers.


“Just leave her be. I know you two grew up together, I wouldn’t want her to be killed for this. Do.. what feels right to you,” Lan Wangji said, rubbing his belly slowly in a circular motion.


“It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have let her do this, I should’ve ended our engagement sooner and taken her out of the palace so she couldn’t come near you. I’ll talk with her later. But she will be punished, her actions are inexcusable. Let’s forget it for now. I am working on a little surprise for my fairy.” Wei Wuxian gave Lan Wangji a smile, winking.


“What surprise?” Lan Wangji asked, voice soft but filled with wonder. Wei Wuxian gave him a helplessly fond smile, leaning his head down to kiss the fairy’s nose.


“You’ll see.” Wei Wuxian grinned, chuckling when Lan Wangji pouted.



Early the next morning, Lan Wangji woke up before Wei Wuxian, slowly sitting up and looking down at Wei Wuxian’s sleeping form. His mouth was parted, eyes shut, face peaceful.


“Bixia is really pretty,” Lan Wangji whispered. He took his hand off of the sheets to bring it up to stroke Wei Wuxian’s cheek but stopped when he caught a flash of something red on his palm.


He turned his hand to himself and fear filled his heart as he saw blood smeared across it. He himself was not bleeding but when he put his hand back on the bed, close to Wei Wuxian’s side, it came back up with more blood on it.


As Wei Wuxian began to stir, Lan Wangji swiftly hid his hand from Wei Wuxian’s view and looked at him with a soft smile.


“You’re awake. Why are you up, lie back down with me.” Wei Wuxian’s voice was no higher than a whisper, hand coming up to stroke Lan Wangji’s face.


“I have to go bathe, Wei Ying, and then Doctor Wen is giving me a checkup. I’ll come see you later, okay?” Lan Wangji shyly leaned into the king’s touch, lips curving when he felt Wei Wuxian’s thumb stroke his cheek.


“Okay,” Wei Wuxian whispered loudly, eyes softening when Lan Wangji turned his head just slightly to kiss Wei Wuxian’s palm before getting off of the bed and leaving the room.



Lan Wangji’s pregnancy check-ups resumed as normal. He lied down, bare on his bed as Wen Qing did her work on him. As she began pressing gentle touches to his round belly, Lan Wangji spoke, breaking the peaceful silence that had filled the room.


“Doctor Wen-.”


“Just call me Wen Qing, Lan Wangji. No need to be formal,” Wen Qing interrupted, not unkindly.


“Then.. you may call me Wangji,” Lan Wangji replied, smiling amicably. Wen Qing returned the smile with one of her own and began taking notes in her journal.


“Continue with what you were saying,” she said as she wrote.


“Why.. may I ask why His Majesty smells like blood sometimes? It isn’t from his mouth as if he’s coughing blood but it is his clothes. I’ve smelled the same smell ever since my first visit. And I’ve seen blood on the sheets. Just this morning there was blood as well. Is he ill?” Lan Wangji asked after a moment, voice apprehensive.


Wen Qing looked at Lan Wangji briefly before speaking, “I cannot say.”


“But you know something? Please tell me, I won’t say a word to anyone else.” Lan Wangji sat up slowly and looked at Wen Qing with inquisitive eyes.


“..Lan Wangji. I absolutely cannot tell you that His Majesty has a seven hundred year old wound on his back caused by a demonic sword from a war. I cannot tell you that this wound has been slowly killing him and I cannot tell you that by having sex with you.. his wound is getting smaller and is bleeding less. I cannot tell you that His Majesty refuses to use you to heal himself because he doesn’t want you to think that he only wants you for his survival,” Wen Qing put away her things.


“I cannot tell you about any of this so please stop asking,” Wen Qing looked at Lan Wangji expectantly and the fairy nodded. “I understand.”



“Lan Zhan. Come, I drew you a bath. You must be getting sore lately so a nice warm bath should soothe your muscles right? And I added in some rose petals and scented oils too,” Wei Wuxian said with excitement as he carefully helped Lan Wangji over to his tub, beginning to undress him.


“Wei Ying.. come closer,” Lan Wangji whispered, tugging on Wei Wuxian’s robes. Wei Wuxian stopped untying Lan Wangji’s clothes and moved closer to the fairy, looking down at him with a smile.


“What is it?” he asked, moving Lan Wangji’s hair out of his face.


“Don’t move, bixia,” Lan Wangji murmured as he put his hand on Wei Wuxian’s cheek, holding it in his palm. Wei Wuxian’s eyes turned grey and he leaned into the warm touch, gasping as he began to feel a weird sensation throughout his body.


“W-What are you doing?” he asked, still not moving because he trusted Lan Wangji and couldn’t see any ill intent in his expression. Only worry, care, and love.


“Fairies can heal any wound, bixia. Even demonic ones. Since you taught me how to properly use and exert the energy I have, I can do this. My essence began to heal you the first night we met. I know you didn’t want to tell me about your wound but I want to do this for you, my king,” Lan Wangji watched as a blue energy began pouring out of his hand and into Wei Wuxian as he held his cheek.


The immortal’s eyes turned blue and his back arched slightly, mouth parting open. “Because..,” Lan Wangji continued, cheeks going pink, “I love you.”


Wei Wuxian could feel his back growing lighter and lighter, more comfortable. He could feel the dull pain he’d grown to live with going away.


“There,” Lan Wangji took his hand off of Wei Wuxian’s cheek and hugged the man close as he fell against Lan Wangji, breathing heavily.


“Isn’t that much better, bixia?” he asked with a smile, voice still soft and quiet, happy. Wei Wuxian tucked his head into Lan Wangji’s neck, squeezing him and sighing softly, a gentle and light smile on his lips.


“Lan Zhan. I love you too,” Wei Wuxian whispered, pulling back to look into Lan Wangji’s eyes.


“Mn.” Lan Wangji smiled and nodded.


“I suppose that the reason you needed an heir was because of that wound, now that it’s gone, there’s no need for a child but I still hope that bixia will allow me and this baby into his life,” Lan Wangji spoke carefully, closing his eyes as Wei Wuxian’s hands moved to undress him, slowly dropping all of his clothing to the ground.


He opened his eyes however, when Wei Wuxian dropped to his knees, looking up at Lan Wangji with patience. “Bixia! Stand up, please,” Lan Wangji said, voice panicked.


“Listen to me, Lan Zhan. You and this child are my life. You are the most important thing to me and I will never let you go. I am your king, Lan Zhan, but I want to be your husband too. The father of your child. The pillar of support in your lives.” Wei Wuxian held Lan Wangji’s belly in his hands and kissed it gently. Lan Wangji blushed and turned his head.


“So I hope you know that I will never make you leave. That you’ll always be the one that I love and cherish. Do you understand?” Wei Wuxian asked.


Lan Wangji nodded briskly, face turning more red with each passing second. He gasped when Wei Wuxian kissed his belly again, feeling the baby kick in the same spot.


“Oh? Our child understands as well,” Wei Wuxian said in wonder, kissing Lan Wangji’s tummy in another spot, feeling another kick right after. Lan Wangji smiled and winced, rubbing his hand over his stomach. “Bixia and our baobao should be good. Don’t play anymore,” he scolded gently.


“Does it hurt you?” Wei Wuxian asked in concern.


“A little bit. Can I sit in the bath now, Wei Ying?” Lan Wangji asked, looking at the bath that was set up so nicely for him.


“Oh! Yes!” Wei Wuxian waved his hand over the tub so the water was warmer again, soapy suds and petals fresher than ever, the scent of vanilla and sandalwood from the essential oils filling the air. He helped Lan Wangji into the tub, letting him soak inside.


“I love you, Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji said, playing with the water.


“I love you too, little fairy,” Wei Wuxian replied, lowering his head to get close to Lan Wangji’s belly. “And I love you too, little bun.”



A little while later, after Lan Wangji had a checkup with Wen Qing while Wei Wuxian was present, Wei Wuxian stayed behind with Wen Qing and took off his own clothes, letting her examine his back and asking her if he really was healed forever.


“Yes. There’s a long scar but that’s it. The wound is healed,” Wen Qing said in awe, nodding.


“Why did you tell him? I told you not to,” Wei Wuxian muttered as he dressed himself, looking at Wen Qing expectantly.


“He asked me and I told him. He doesn’t think you’re using him. My loyalty is with you, Wei Wuxian, and I will do what it takes to keep you alive as I am your doctor and your best friend. Now. You have a meeting with the governors you didn’t kill and you need to appoint new ones so let’s go,” Wen Qing said, hands on her hips.


Wei Wuxian scrunched his nose at her before walking out of his bedroom and to the throne room. When he seated himself at his throne, he looked down at the few governors that were left, the only ones that hadn’t been involved in the plot to kill Lan Wangji and the unborn heir to the throne.


“This meeting will be brief. I am only here to say that, one, I will be appointing new governors soon. You all may take this as a warning. I will not stand for any treason in my kingdom and I will not hesitate to kill anyone who dares to murder other people unlawfully,” Wei Wuxian’s voice rang strong and powerful throughout the room and the governors all went white, eyes wide.


“For attempting to assassinate the heir to the throne as well as the future King Consort of this kingdom, the governors involved, Governor Yao, Governor Mo, Governor Ouyang, Governor Chang, and Governor Qin have all been sentenced to death. Unless you wish to have the same fate, I suggest you learn to respect me and those that will stand beside me,” Wei Wuxian continued.


“Yes, Your Majesty. We will serve you,” all of the governors spoke together as they bowed and Wei Wuxian sighed, waving his hand dismissively.


“My second announcement comes in two parts. The first part is that my betrothal to Lady Wang Lingjiao has been declared null and void due to her recent acts of treason. She will be stripped of her royal title and will live the rest of her life in a prison cell, thinking about what she’s done. If your future King Consort decides to be merciful then that is another story. This brings me to the second part of my announcement which is Lan Wangji and I are to be married and he will become the King Consort. Any objections?” Wei Wuxian smiled threateningly and not a single person spoke up.


“Lovely. Again, I will be taking people into consideration to govern the cities. Once things are settled, we’ll have another meeting to discuss it all. Thank you all for your time,” Wei Wuxian nodded in conclusion and the governors bowed once again.



“Lan Zhan, it’s finished. The betrothal is gone. I’m not engaged to Lingjiao any more,” Wei Wuxian said, walking into Lan Wangji’s bedroom. Lan Wangji immediately looked up from the bouquet of poppies he was healing and went over to Wei Wuxian. “She’s been jailed for her crimes,” Wei Wuxian added.


Lan Wangji nodded and played with his fingers, “So we’ll be safe now?”


“Yes. The governors involved have been punished, they won’t be able to hurt you ever again,” Wei Wuxian confirmed.


“And.. me and you? We can be together now?” Lan Wangji asked, looking at Wei Wuxian hopefully.


“Yes. That’s my surprise. I can finally marry you. Make you my husband, love you forever,” Wei Wuxian said with a smile, readily hugging Lan Wangji back when the fairy wrapped his arms around him and hid his face in his neck.


“Would you like to have dinner with me? I’ll have someone move your things to my room in the meantime,” Wei Wuxian spoke softly as he rubbed his back.


“Our room now,” Lan Wangji said with a little moody tone.


Wei Wuxian laughed brightly. “Yes, our room.”


“Mn,” Lan Wangji nodded in agreement and pulled back, looking down at his belly.


“Bixia, I can’t even see my toes,” he commented.


Wei Wuxian smiled again, “Want me to look at them for you?”


“No!” Lan Wangji said with a small squeal when Wei Wuxian tried to lift his robes.


Lan Wangji flew off the ground and Wei Wuxian followed him into the air.


“Ah,” Lan Wangji gasped.


Wei Wuxian’s smile fell and he pulled Lan Wangji close to him, lowering them both to the ground.


“What is it?” he asked.


Lan Wangji put his hands over his stomach and winced, “The baby is kicking. They’re really excited.”


Wei Wuxian pressed a hand to Lan Wangji’s stomach and felt a kick, chuckling afterwards. “It isn’t funny, it hurts,” Lan Wangji grumbled, rubbing his belly in an attempt to calm the baby down.


Wei Wuxian got on his knees and pressed his lips to Lan Wangji’s stomach through his robes, “Be good for your diedie, okay, little bun?”


Lan Wangji blushed heavily and looked away. Wei Wuxian continued cooing at the unborn child and soothing them with his voice. Soon enough, the kicks stopped.


“Good child,” Wei Wuxian kissed his belly and as he rose up from the floor, he brushed Lan Wangji’s chest and the man gasped again.


“Did I hurt you?” Wei Wuxian asked in concern.


Lan Wangji shook his head, ears hot, “N-No. I’m just sensitive there.”


Wei Wuxian ran his fingers over one of his breasts curiously and Lan Wangji gasped louder, whimpering softly. Catching on, Wei Wuxian smirked and groped one.


“Bixia,” Lan Wangji’s back arched as he moaned.


Wei Wuxian’s eyes widened as he saw wet circles forming on Lan Wangji’s clothed chest. “Lan Zhan.. is this your milk?” Wei Wuxian asked, biting his lip.


“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji put his hands over his chest protectively. Wei Wuxian giggled excitedly, pushed Lan Wangji down onto the bed so he was sitting down and started opening up his robes.


Lan Wangji let him, breathing growing heavy as Wei Wuxian stripped him down until he was naked.


No pants could fit him anymore so he hadn’t bothered wearing them. Wei Wuxian’s eyes roved over his chest and he smiled in appreciation.


Lan Wangji’s face grew hot at the attention but he didn’t hide himself away, allowing Wei Wuxian to look at his body. His breasts were large and perky, sort of sticking outwards, lying on his very pregnant belly. His nipples were large and pink, erect and leaking steady streams of milk.


Wei Wuxian held them in his hands, as much of them as he could anyway. They stuck out in between his fingers and Wei Wuxian couldn’t fit one into both of his hands.


“Mm,” Lan Wangji tucked his lips into his mouth, shuddering as more milk leaked from his breasts, dick hardening.


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian called as milk ran down the backs of his hands.


“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji replied, voice shaky.


“Your milk is going to waste.. let me clean it up,” Wei Wuxian tilted his head and Lan Wangji nodded briskly, a blush on his cheeks and his nose. Wei Wuxian laved his tongue around one of his nipples and licked up the dripping milk.


Lan Wangji gasped moans and wished he could reach his cock to touch himself, squirming in pleasure, slick making the sheets and his thighs messy. “It tastes so good. Sweet and warm,” Wei Wuxian sucked Lan Wangji’s nipple into his mouth and Lan Wangji cried out, hands digging into the sheets.


Wei Wuxian took more of him into his mouth, biting down on the supple flesh and massaging it with his hands, drinking down the milk given in return. He bit down on Lan Wangji’s nipple and Lan Wangji came untouched, making a mess of himself with cum, slick, and milk that leaked from Wei Wuxian’s mouth. “Mm!”


Wei Wuxian pulled back and licked his lips, admiring his work. Lan Wangji was leaned back, chest heaving, eyes lidded. “You taste delicious, Lan Zhan. Let me do the other one too, okay?” Wei Wuxian kissed the plump flesh of Lan Wangji’s other breast.


“It isn’t for you, it’s for the baby,” Lan Wangji muttered. Wei Wuxian rolled his eyes, “The baby is unborn.” He squeezed Lan Wangji’s breast and started licking at his skin. Lan Wangji whined, pleasure making him tremble. “B-Bixa.”


Wei Wuxian sucked on his nipple harshly and Lan Wangji moaned as he pulsed more slick and milk spurted out of his breasts. He gripped the sheets as Wei Wuxian kept sucking and biting and kissing his boobs, playing with them and fondling them while Lan Wangji came over and over again, making a mess of himself and the sheets.




“P-Please Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji said, sobbing as he was on the verge of passing out. Wei Wuxian had him on his side, fucking him rapidly while squeezing his breasts and running his fingers over his nipples.


Lan Wangji had lost count of how many times Wei Wuxian had cum inside of him, lost count of how many times he orgasmed, lost count of how many times Wei Wuxian said once more.


Wei Wuxian slapped his hips against Lan Wangji once more and grunted as he came again, filling Lan Wangji up. Lan Wangji just moaned weakly as his cock dripped a few weak streams of cum.


“You’re insatiable, Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji whined. Wei Wuxian chuckled darkly, “I’m not a human, Lan Zhan. I could fuck you for.. oh who knows how long. Technically speaking, as a fairy, you don’t need any other nourishment, my cum is enough.” Lan Wangji whimpered when Wei Wuxian pulled out and semen dripped out of his gaping hole.


“I don’t care, Wei Ying, feed me real food,” Lan Wangji huffed, shakily getting up from the bed with Wei Wuxian’s help and walking to the bath.


“Yes, Lan Zhan. Everything you want,” Wei Wuxian relented with an easy smile as he carried Lan Wangji in his arms, taking him to the tub and readying a bath for him.


“Sit and relax while I go get some food for you.”


“Yes, bixia.”



Two months later..



Lan Wangji woke up early, sleepy and rather cold. The weather grew colder as the months passed and snow began to cover the outside ground like a thick blanket. After observing the snowfall from his window, he called in a servant and politely asked her to help him dress in his more formal robes. They were black and azure, matching with Wei Wuxian’s.


He put on his crown and put his hands over his stomach as he walked down the hall and to the throne room where the servant told him Wei Wuxian would be.


“King Consort Lan arrives!” Once the doors were opened for him, everyone bowed down and Wei Wuxian’s dull expression focused on one of the dukes quickly turned light and happy, attention shifting to his fairy.


“Lan Zhan. Why are you awake so early, my love?” Wei Wuxian asked, flying down to the floor and pulling Lan Wangji close to him.


“Missed you, bixia, I’m cold without you,” Lan Wangji whispered.


“I’m in a meeting, do you want to sit with me? I’ll keep you warm.” Wei Wuxian smiled as he carefully flew back up to his throne, sitting Lan Wangji on his lap with his side pressed to his chest.


Lan Wangji curled up against him, tucking his face into his neck while Wei Wuxian began talking to the duke again, mood visibly lighter than before as he held his fairy close. Lan Wangji felt warm and safe in Wei Wuxian’s hold, protected.


He also felt a bit.. horny.


His moods were changing drastically and one second he never wanted to talk to Wei Wuxian again while at other moments he wanted nothing more than to be tucked into the man’s chest. At the moment, he wanted to be fucked and played with.


“Bixia smells really good,” Lan Wangji mumbled, darting his tongue out to lick Wei Wuxian’s neck, face hidden enough that no one could see the action. Wei Wuxian felt it though, giving a soft hum in response.


“My breasts are pretty full today, Wei Ying. It’s been a little while since you had your last drink. I should feed you after you’re done here,” Lan Wangji whispered, tone low and soft.


Wei Wuxian swallowed dryly and kept talking to the duke without faltering in his speech, although his hand had tightened on Lan Wangji’s thigh. The moment the meeting was over, Lan Wangji smiled as Wei Wuxian flew them out to his bedroom.


Once seated on the bed, Lan Wangji began undressing, carefully folding up his robes as he got naked. Once he was bare for his king, now husband, to see, he cupped the undersides of his breasts and pushed the heavy things together, trying his damndest not to smirk as Wei Wuxian eyed the soft mounds.


“Which one do you want first?” Lan Wangji asked, squeezing his breasts and shuddering at his own touch, milk dripping out of his nipples. Wei Wuxian slowly moved forward, taking one of the tender breasts into his hands and squeezing it a few times before wrapping his lips around the nipple, giving it a long suck.


Lan Wangji moaned, leaning his head back as he sighed thickly with pleasure, stroking Wei Wuxian’s hair and holding his head closer to his chest.


“Drink it, Wei Ying. You can’t waste any,” Lan Wangji mumbled, focusing his eyes back on Wei Wuxian as the man pulled on his nipple with his teeth, flicking it with his tongue and sucking on it, biting a little while drinking down every drop of warm milk that Lan Wangji leaked.


The fairy whined and bit his lip, slick leaking onto the sheets as he was suddenly made aware of how aroused he was, dick hard where it resided between his thighs.


Wei Wuxian was sucking his nipple harshly, letting it go with a wet pop before moving on to suck on Lan Wangji’s other one, hungrily drinking down his milk while he teased his nipple with his teeth, flicking the other one with his finger, twisting it.


“Fuck! Bixia! Ah!” Lan Wangji shut his eyes tightly, mouth falling wide open from the moans he released openly into the room, trying to grind down on the bed to get some friction while taking in all of the deliciously overwhelming pleasure Wei Wuxian gave him, mouth alternating between nipples, twisting and teasing both with his fingers at one point while Lan Wangji squirted milk from them.


Wei Wuxian watched his fairy carefully, drinking in his moans and cries, his pleas for more and his sobs of absolute bliss. He groped Lan Wangji’s breasts and licked his lips, putting his mouth back on one and flicking the nipple with his tongue while Lan Wangji’s near screams grew louder and longer, more lewd and whorish.


“Wei Ying!” Lan Wangji cried, body tensing as he came between his thighs, gushing slick onto the mattress and milk into Wei Wuxian’s waiting mouth and fingers. After a few minutes, when Lan Wangji was spent and satisfied, Wei Wuxian licked his fingers clean and peered at his husband with bright eyes.


“Bixia’s turn,” Lan Wangji said, slowly catching his breath. “No worries, Lan Zhan. That’s okay,” Wei Wuxian waved his hand in dismissal but Lan Wangji pushed Wei Wuxian off the bed anyway and made him stand up while he carefully got on his knees with a pillow under them, opening Wei Wuxian’s robes and taking them off of him along with his pants and underwear.


Wei Wuxian looked down at Lan Wangji with his lips parted, eyes fluttering a bit as Lan Wangji began planting soft kisses on his throbbing cock, dragging his tongue across the length from the base up to his tip before sucking the tip into his mouth, slowly taking Wei Wuxian into his mouth and looking up at the king expectantly, staying still.


Wei Wuxian threaded his fingers in Lan Wangji’s hair and began rocking into his mouth, groaning softly as Lan Wangji sat there, mouth wet and hot, pliant and ready to be used for Wei Wuxian’s pleasure.

“Fuck, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian groaned and closed his eyes, rolling his hips against Lan Wangji’s mouth, pushing down into his throat, growing harder on Lan Wangji’s tongue, cock heavy inside of his mouth.


Lan Wangji whined a little as Wei Wuxian tugged on his hair, sending delicious vibrations straight to Wei Wuxian’s cock which made the king’s moans grow louder, hips thrusting faster against Lan Wangji’s mouth, taking advantage of the slick heat he kept sliding into.


Lan Wangji’s eyes grew teary as Wei Wuxian moved faster, fucking Lan Wangji’s mouth faster, obscene groans of pleasure spilling from his mouth, the sensations making his cock dribble precum into Lan Wangji’s waiting mouth. Lan Wangji hollowed his cheeks, making the space in his mouth as tight as Wei Wuxian’s thick girth allowed, his cock slamming in and out of his throat.


“Fuck, Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian bucked his hips and went ridgid, hot splashes of cum hitting Lan Wangji’s tongue as he came, mouth opened in a long moan. Lan Wangji slowly sucked him through his orgasm, eyes lidded as he swallowed down everything Wei Wuxian gave him.


Eventually, Wei Wuxian pulled out and watched a thin string of cum trail out of Lan Wangji’s mouth after him, his breath hitching when Lan Wangji darted his tongue out to break the string, licking his lips after.


Wei Wuxian lifted Lan Wangji from his knees and pushed their mouths together, tongue immediately finding Lan Wangji’s and sliding against it, lips sucking gently.


“You’re sinful, Lan Zhan, do you know that? A little incubus,” Wei Wuxian muttered against Lan Wangji’s lips, feeling the fairy smile against his mouth. He was about to respond but yawned before he could say a word, pushing himself as close to Wei Wuxian as he could.


“Sleepy, my love?” Wei Wuxian asked with a gentle tone. Lan Wangji murmured something soft and incoherent, nodding. “Let’s get you to bed then,” Wei Wuxian whispered. “Okay. I love you, Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji whispered like it was a secret. Wei Wuxian sighed with a smile and stroked Lan Wangji’s hair. “I love you too, little fairy.”


He picked the fairy up and held him while changing the sheets. Afterwards, he laid Lan Wangji down onto the mattress, lying down right beside him. Lan Wangji was already asleep, mewling softly when Wei Wuxian pulled his body closer to his, resting his hand over Lan Wangji’s growing stomach.


He’d gotten so big, come so far along.


“My pretty fairy. How lucky am I to have someone as lovely as you,” Wei Wuxian whispered, using his free hand to stroke through Lan Wangji’s wavy hair.


“I’ll protect you, my love. I’ll stay by your side and keep you safe. You and this child of ours. Forever, alright?” Wei Wuxian continued whispering, smiling down at his lover. His fairy. His husband. His King.