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My friends like to say that I am naive. Well, they aren’t wrong, I guess. But I try, or my name isn’t Kosuzu Motoori!


The noren of the shop was pushed aside, I looked up. “Welcome to my shop!” The figure in the entranceway didn’t move. I couldn’t tell who it was due to the sunlight creating a silhouette. Time seemed to slow down. I opened my mouth to call out to them when the person finally moved,

“Oh! Hello Futatsuiwa-san.” It was just Mamizou Futatsuiwa, one of my regular customers. “What are you looking for today?”

Futatsuiwa-san just waved her folded fan and gave her signature closed-eye smile. “Oh, nothing much Kosuzu-chan~! I’m sure you can handle it~!” Futatsuiwa-san was so silly sometimes. “I was just wondering if you had any youma books.” I did but Reimu-chan said that I should be careful of who I give them to.

But Futatsuiwa-san was a regular, so I know her pretty well. “We do have some of those Futatsuiwa-san. But they can be very dangerous.” The woman just smiled again. I think she is a very nice, kind, and friendly person. Surely someone like that wouldn’t cause any trouble.


I waved Futatsuiwa-san goodbye. “Thank you for coming! Please return your books soon!” Futatsuiwa-san waved goodbye and left the shop. I returned to the book I was reading earlier, Futatsuiwa-san is so nice.