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The crazy thing was that Kagome, to her absolute horror, was starting to like running. Kind of.

It wasn’t the worst. Or at least, it wasn’t as bad as it had been in the beginning, when running for just twenty minutes had made her wish for the sweet embrace of death. Oxygen depravation wasn’t even really a thing anymore. Plus – plus! – she was hydrating. Hydrating! Actual water was entering her mouth of her own volition, even when she wasn’t on the running trail or jogging around the block surrounding her apartment building. Mind you, it was maybe two glasses a day, but that was technically a 200% increase than before so. Small wins, and all that.

Kagome, still jogging even at the forty-five minute mark, watched Inuyasha lap her with only a couple of heavy pants. They would have been sighs, but she was at the forty-five minute mark and so while she didn’t want to keel over into the nearest bush to forever commune with nature, she wasn’t exactly full of air.

“If you’re trying to be subtle,” Miroku said then, squinting his blue eyes down the trail, “you’re doing a terrible job of it.”

If Kagome hadn’t wanted to die before, she certainly did now. “Sango!” she whined, utterly betrayed. “You told him?”

Sango, at least, was smart enough to wince and angrily jab her husband in the side. “It just happened.”

“Title of our sex tape,” Miroku replied, earning yet another vicious poke. “Hey!”

“At least don’t advertise it to the world,” Kagome hissed, because surely even at that distance a half-demon could hear— “Oh god, he probably heard you.”

“What?” Miroku asked. “No way, have you seen him? That guy doesn’t pay attention to anything other than the trail he’s running on.”

Kagome was too breathless to answer – seriously, forget what she thought before, running was the worst – but she couldn’t help but mentally argue. There was no way that that was true. Inuyasha, who had gruffly wondered if she was okay when they first met as she stumbled over her words. Inuyasha, who had noticed she was dehydrated and gave her his water. From his Prada wattle bottle. Inuyasha, who remembered and was affronted at the realization that she’d forgotten her water, and promptly gave her yet another water bottle and his belt.

No, Inuyasha noticed things. Even if his words were followed by a strangled scowl, he clearly cared. The man was more than just overwhelmingly attractive, what with the hair and the eyes and the abs and the V. He was—

Oh no. Oh no. This was Bad Thought Territory. Kagome physically recoiled, repeating to herself fantasy bubble, fantasy bubble, fantasy bubble. Because that was all this was: a fantasy bubble. A place where she could enjoy the view and try not to die of shame if the thought of him rubbing those sweaty abs along her body accidentally popped into her head whilst…relaxing.

Suddenly far too tired, Kagome shook her head. “Guys, I’m going to walk.” She took another deep breath, waving at them haphazardly. “I’ll meet you by the cars.”

Sango shot her a slightly worried look, so she forced an easy smile to her face to convince her. It seemed to work, because her friend smiled before waving. Without changing pace, Miroku and Sango continued along while Kagome slowed to a walk, trying not to make it so terribly obvious just how out of breath and exhausted she was. She waited until her heart wasn’t threatening to pound out of her chest before grabbing the water bottle strapped to the belt – not the Prada one, thank you – and drinking. Water was delicious. In moments like these, Kagome didn’t know why she didn’t drink water more.

“Told you,” a smug voice crowed behind her, startling enough that Kagome coughed the last bit of water she hadn’t managed to yet swallow. Inuyasha, in all his hot, smirking glory, was walking backwards beside her.

“Inuyasha,” she groaned, trying for stern. The problem was that her throat was still clenched from the surprise, the sound more of a croak. “Why would you do that?”

“Do what?” His lips twitched and Kagome wondered for a brief moment if today was going to be the day she died. All Inuyasha would have to do is shift that smirk into a smile, and she was sure the view of it would have her ascend. He was just—Too much. Too hot. All sweaty with silver hair plastered to his temples while his golden eyes practically bore holes into her. He was even staring back, quick and furtive, and Kagome wished desperately that she didn’t look like a red, disgusting mess.

Self-consciously, she brushed back her bangs, wincing when they flopped back wet. “Have you finished running already?”

“Seemed like as good a time as any to stop.” Inuyasha shrugged. It moved his shoulder and chest muscles, and like a moth to a flame Kagome couldn’t help but look. Right. Those. The pecs. Her hand twitched by her side. Images of touching them danced inside her mind. “There are too many people out today,” he continued, but Kagome was focused more on the drop of sweat that was just casually hanging out by his nipple, precariously resting on—on—on only god knew what.

And then it fell, down to the earth, but Kagome was instantly drawn in by the abs – god, there were so many ridges, she wanted to ride him – and the V. The V. The—


“Yeah,” she answered, nonsensically because there was nothing to answer at all. If he had asked her a question, she didn’t remember it. All she’d be able to remember was her sad wish to be one of the droplets of his sweat, which was just— Gross. Alas, here be the life of the lust-addled. Shaking her head, Kagome tried for a smile and found his smirk a little more wicked.

“So you do know where my eyes are.”

“In a general sense,” Kagome answered, heart rate picking up and blood rushing to her face because god, could she be any more obvious? “I must be tired.”

“Right.” Inuyasha stared at her some more and it was a very good feeling. A tingling feeling. An awareness crept over her, a realization that as insane as it seemed, maybe the Adonis before her would like to rail her into her mattress as much as she wanted him to.


Kagome hadn’t ever particularly thought to herself that she wanted to be railed before. Previously, it had seemed like a lot of work.

Now, well. Not so much.

God, with that body, what kind of work would she even have to do?

“If you’re that tired,” Inuyasha said suddenly, smirk breaking into something less sturdy. A pursing of his lips, like he was preparing himself for something. “You should go to bed.”

A bed with a mattress to be railed on.

God, Kagome’s vibrator was going to cry by the end of this.

And what made it worse was that she liked him. She liked his weird scowling thing that had suddenly and strangely appeared, liked the furrow of his brow as he stared at her. He wasn’t just hot; he was cute. He was thoughtful and weird about it and Kagome wanted to lick him everywhere and this was horribly, terribly confusing.

“Kagome,” Inuyasha tried, and now he just sounded concerned.

God, her thirst was going to break her. “Sorry, sorry. I am tired, wow.” She giggled, nervous, and took a drink of water while internally screaming at herself. Get it together! “I guess I should just go home.”


“No sense in staying here.”

Inuyasha frowned at her. “You know we’ve already walked right past the parking lot, right?” Kagome blinked and twisted slightly, realizing that she had, indeed, walked right on by. In fact, Miroku and Sango were staring at her with matching smug expressions, waiting by the trail marker that led to the parking lot. “Should you be driving?”

“I’m not driving,” Kagome lied, giggling again and hoping that her red face – because it was undoubtedly red, she felt on fire – could just be construed as sweaty. Which, gross. God. What choices was she making in life that the best option was to be considered sweaty as a good thing? Turning on her heel, she made a desperate, hurried escape backwards, unable to stop looking at him. “So I’ll see you next week?”

Inuyasha opened his mouth before closing it, scowling. His hands twitched by his sides and Kagome, at a loss, just beamed at him and waved.

“Bye!” she called out, spinning around and high-tailing it away.

She was an embarrassment to the horny human race. An utter embarrassment.

“Uh, what was that?” Sango asked, gleeful as Kagome speed-walked on by. “I thought you were going to do another lap or something. You actually know him? I thought you just liked to stare at the guy. Why haven’t you told me any details?”

“Not talking about this!” Kagome yelled, hurrying along.

At least all of this running was doing one good thing for her: escape from the fantasy bubble had never been easier.

A week later, horny and bored, Inuyasha answered his phone to a very cruel beginning: “Your girlfriend looks sad.”

He blinked, pulling his cell phone away to double-check the number. He knew it was Shiori, but as far as opening sentences went, that was pretty fucking wild. “Huh?”

“Your girlfriend. Gorgeous Newbie.”


“Oh,” Shiori exclaimed, excited. “That’s a nice name. You exchanged names?”

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. He was not getting into this, not now. Not when so many weeks had gone by without disastrous incident. “Why are you calling me?”

“I told you! Your girlfriend is all sad because you’re not here. I’m literally standing on the trail with everyone and she keeps sneaking glances around. Actually, she keeps looking at me. I think she’s going to talk to me.”

“No,” Inuyasha declared immediately. Images of the two of them chatting seared his mind. Shiori was so much nicer and so much more normal. Kagome would be smitten in a millisecond. That was the power Shiori had. “Run away. Fuck. Don’t talk to her.”

She snorted. Typical. “I’m only going to say nice things about you!”

That was worse. “I don’t want you to say anything at all. Start running. Do it. I don’t care how much earlier it is than everyone else.”

Unsurprisingly, Shiori ignored him. “Can’t I say that you’re sad you can’t be here, too? That the glamourous life of a hot-shot model is keeping you busy and out of the country? She might feel better.”

“I doubt she feels badly.”



His best friend sighed. “I can do this all day, you know,” she warned him, back to the motherly tone. “Why are you being so difficult about this? I thought things were going well. I mean, Gorgeous—uh, Kagome? Kagome always looks for you when she arrives and the two of you always walk the last bit together. How is it going wrong?”

It wasn’t. It wasn’t going wrong. Inuyasha groaned, immediately regretting it when the makeup artist fixing another model’s glam gave him the side-eye. He really shouldn’t be on his phone at all, but Shiori never called him and he had thought it was an emergency. If only he had more time. “It’s fine, okay? I don’t need you to meddle. You know what happens when you do. Do not make this the Incident of Summer 2019.”

“You mean the time when the girl from the bar thought I said you throttle when I actually said you model, and she thought you were into some serious kink and asked you to… What did she ask again?”

Jesus fucking Christ, he had repressed that. Inuyasha didn’t squeak but it was a close fucking thing. “No, fuck. Shit, Shiori, do you keep a fucking diary of this? How do you remember them all?”

“You made me have coffee with you the next morning post walk-of-shame. It was memorable.”

Inuyasha sighed.

After a pause, Shiori hummed. “I don’t get you. This isn’t another Incident, you know. She’s a sure thing. What’s holding you up?”

A sure thing. Right. Inuyasha didn’t really doubt that. He knew. He had eyes, for fuck’s sake. Kagome clearly was attracted to him. That wasn’t the problem. But that was the thing: if Inuyasha wanted to just fuck around, he could do that with anyone. Again, he had eyes. He knew what he looked like. Fucking around wouldn’t be hard.

But with Kagome—

It was the fucking the giggle. The goddamn, high-pitched, endearing-as-hell giggle. It had nearly toppled him the first time they spoke, and it ruined him every single time they interacted after. There was just something about it, about the way she gave that sort of awkwardness about herself freely. The way her eyes crinkled and her cheeks flushed and she looked horrified and electric and fond. And Inuyasha wanted to hear it all the time. He wanted to hear it directed at him for different things, even if he didn’t know what those things were. They had only ever interacted on the running trail and Inuyasha wasn’t an imaginative sort of guy.

Shiori sighed on the other end. “You do this every time you have a crush. It’s not a crippling infectious disease, Inuyasha. It’s a crush.”

Well, obviously. He wasn’t completely stupid. “I’m not talking about this.”

“This is a crush and you don’t know what to do, because you don’t ever know what to do with women.”

“This really isn’t the time to gloat.”

“You know I’m not,” she chided gently and Inuyasha couldn’t stop himself from rolling his eyes. She was too fucking nice. “I’m going to say this only once: I’m pretty sure she wants more than just the D.”

“I hate you.”

“I’m serious.”

“I am, too.”

Shiori laughed. “Whatever, Romeo. You know I’m right.”

Inuyasha bit his lip, watching in the mirror as one of the photographer’s assistants bustled into the room, checking for ETAs. He didn’t have long. “Look, I’m back in a couple days. You can get me drunk and force me to talk about this shit then.”

“Will you be free?” Shiori asked, forcing him to wince.

“Next week is pretty insane.” He was booked solidly, out of the country until Wednesday and then booked on back-to-back shoots Thursday and Friday. He had Saturday off, but Sunday would be a special brand of hell because of a meeting with his agent. Contract negotiations. “I’ll be free at some point.”

Shiori snorted again, inelegant and amused. “Just text me. Go take off your shirt and sell expensive shit with your smoulder.”

“I don’t smoulder.” But there wasn’t more he could say. Everyone was being called onto set and so Inuyasha gave her a hasty goodbye before tossing his phone with the rest of his stuff.

Maybe, he thought to himself, barely paying any attention to the cues they were giving him. Maybe, next time he ran into Kagome, he’d make an attempt. It couldn’t go that terribly, could it? He very much doubted that he would forget his own name again, and he no longer wore shirts to ruin him or ran with loose hair to attack himself with. Shiori thought Kagome was a sure thing and Inuyasha was inclined to believe her.

All he had to do was make sure she wanted what he wanted.

“I do not want this,” Kagome hissed, staring in dismay at her bag of paperwork that was nearly trapped in the revolving door. Besides the disaster that that was, she also was juggling the last remnants of her tea, her laptop in its slippery sleeve and her purse, which was overflowing and bound to drop something eventually. She tugged a little at the cloth bag holding the bundle of files, trying to pry it from the revolving door’s grip. How had it even managed to catch the corner of the fabric? Why did every tug feel like she was about to destroy the bag, ending in a shower of concept designs, heavily edited copy work and printed mood boards?

“It’s Friday,” she told the door, as if this would change its mind. “Please just let me go home to my cat and my ramen.” It wasn’t asking for a lot, she didn’t think. After an exhausting week, Kagome just wanted to collapse. She would use the evening to lavish and practice self-care – in the form of nutritionally vacuous food, possibly some ice cream, while never once leaving the sanctity of her couch – and then Saturday would be a new day. She’d meet up with Miroku and Sango, hopefully see Inuyasha, and then – inspired to live once more – Kagome would be productive Sunday and run herself into the ground so she could start the process all over again.

God, she hoped Inuyasha would be there. He hadn’t been last week and that had been—Well, not great. It was fine. She ran. It wasn’t enjoyable – was it ever, though? – but it felt harder somehow. Like without the knowledge that Inuyasha would eventually catch-up with her near the end to bug her, Kagome felt no desire to do well. Which was bad, honestly. The desire to do good things for her body should come from herself.

Whatever. This was like the stepping stone onto that level of caring. She’d get there. Probably.

Staring at where the revolving door had eaten part of her cloth bag, filled with paperwork that she’d need to go through before the weekend finished, Kagome assumed that level of care would not start this week. Or the next.

Well, there was nothing to it. She would have to pull and pray.

With a heavy sigh, Kagome gripped her tea tighter – the last thing she needed was for it to topple all over her, which, was highly likely at this point – and then she tugged, pushing her way through the last bit of the revolving door she’d been unwillingly stuck in for the last five minutes. The door gave way, the bag thankfully releasing, but the effort was too great and Kagome stumbled, flying through the opening outside. Her purse rattled, the sound of keys falling to the sidewalk, and just as she thought she’d drop her tea as well, a hand wrapped around her stomach and hauled her up.

Oh god. Oh god this was so mortifying. Basically as mortifying as that time she ran into Inuyasha on the trail, although maybe this was infinitely worse. She was, after all, a complete mess. Not sweaty or red-faced, but disheveled and exhausted and overloaded with papers like she was some kind of overflowing filing cabinet—


No. No, no, no, nono.

She looked up, momentarily confused because that voice usually went with a lot of skin and there was nothing but a dress shirt staring at her. No V. No abs. No pecs. No droplets of sweat she wanted to lick up, which was kind of gross?

But that face—

That was definitely Inuyasha.

“Oh no,” she groaned, tilting her head back and up towards the sky. “No.”

“Are you always this clumsy?” Inuyasha asked, smirk on his face. That stupid smirk. That stupid, beautiful, atrocious smirk. She wanted to lick that, too.

Honestly, Kagome thought, finally giving up on yelling at the universe to take in the man before her, this is cruel and unfair. For a number of reasons. She would list them:

  1. Even in a dress shirt, hiding the very same abs she wanted to get off on, he was immeasurably attractive. The dress shirt had to be fitted. It was practically painted on. Kagome wanted it gone.
  2. His hair was down and loose, for the first time ever, and it made her want to scream. Because she knew his hair was long but this was…more than her fantasies imagined. It looked silky and soft, slightly curled at the bottom. Had he just gotten it professionally styled? It looked that way. She hated him. She wanted him. She wanted him to lie on top of her so that his hair fell like a curtain around her and all she could see was him and those fucking golden eyes, sweet lord in heaven.
  3. Was he…wearing makeup?

“Is that makeup?” Kagome asked, a little incredulously. She leaned in, nearly losing her grip on her tea again in the process.

Inuyasha blinked at her before sighing, crouching down and making Kagome’s mind explode. It wasn’t like this hadn’t been a very specific fantasy or anything that she had had once, or maybe even like… Twelve times. Flabbergasted and struck still as she was, Kagome hadn’t been able to see the way he reached for something by her feet, rising steadily and flashing a familiar set of keys at her. “These yours?”

“Oh.” Kagome forced a smile and took them, feeling nerves run up her spine. Oh god, she had…what? Thought Inuyasha was dropping to his knees for her in the middle of a crowded sidewalk outside? Giggling, she tried to hide it behind a cough and bravely ignored the raised eyebrow he gave her. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m just coming from work,” he replied, gesturing with his thumb to some direction behind him. “I take it you are, too?”

“Yeah, this is… This is me.” God, could she sound any sillier?

But! But. This was unexpected. In fact, this was very much Inuyasha and her interacting outside of the fantasy bubble, which Kagome had promised herself would never, ever happen.

And yet.

Oh god, she really did want to climb him like a tree. And she was absolutely positive, staring at his face, that he was wearing makeup. Not a lot, but hints of it, mostly around his eyes to make the gold pop. It was—

Well, Kagome would be thinking about this later.

“Do you need help?” He pointed at her bags and the way they hung off of her forearms, clearly heavy.

“Oh, no, that’s okay,” she said weakly, trying to play it cool. But she was not cool. She was the furthest thing from cool because all she wanted was to drop the bags to the ground and then leap at him. Maybe he would hold her. Amongst other things. God, she needed to get out of here stat. “You’re probably busy.”

He scowled. “I’m not.”

Ah. “Are you sure?” Kagome inquired. “Because you’re pretty… You know, you. And I figure that means a lot of activities.” Like sex. “Like things.”

The scowl twitched, confusion seeping in. “What the hell are you talking about?”

I don’t know. “You’re all—” She was going to say it. She was going to blurt it out and it would ruin everything— “You’re all attractive even with clothes on so you’re probably doing things with other…attractive people.”

He blinked at her, mouth opening before snapping shut. The scowl returned, like his body was betraying him from saying whatever he wanted to say. That was better, in the end, Kagome figured, because she was a huge idiot.

“Anyways!” She forced a laugh and took a step back. Her laughter sounded like choked hiccupping giggles. This was so bad. Abort, abort, abort. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow? Maybe? You didn’t come last time. Not that I was checking!” Liar, liar, pants on fire, she thought, just as Inuyasha’s scowl worsened. Crap! Wrong thing to say. “I mean, I did look around. You’re pretty easy to spot, you know, being all…” Kagome, weakly, waved a hand at him and swallowed. She wished she had swallowed her tongue, too. “All you.”

“I don’t know what that means,” Inuyasha stated.

“Probably for the best.”

He growled, frustrated in something Kagome didn’t fully understand until the cloth bag with all of her papers was taken from her, oddly gentle in contrast. “I’ll help.”

“Don’t you have plans?” Kagome asked, desperate now. Any second she was going to say something far, far worse than she had already. Something along the lines of: kiss me stupid or let me lick your eight-pack or horribly enough, take me to bed and never let me leave it.

Inuyasha squared his shoulders, lifting his chin in defiance and scowling so hard Kagome was a little worried she had made him angry. If he could read her thoughts, she was fucked. “I do. With you.”

“With me?”

“Dinner.” It was only then, caught in a haze of surprise, that Kagome realized he wasn’t staring directly at her. If he had been, she was sure she’d burn up, cheeks already long flushed from embarrassment. But no, the man before her was staring right at her lips, parted in shock from his declaration.

She poked her tongue out to moisten them, a test, and Inuyasha’s gaze became dangerous. “What if I’m not hungry just yet?” Kagome asked because that much, at least, was true.

“Trust me,” he growled – and oh yeah, she was pretty sure her clit just throbbed – “You’ll be hungry.”

You'll be Hungry by Nartista

Breathtaking Art by Nartista

Kagome squeaked, head tilting back as Inuyasha closed the distance between them. His lips hovered a millimetre away, an enticing promise. “Is this a one-time thing or—”

“I’m going to date the fuck out of you,” Inuyasha declared and Kagome full-on ascended.

“Good,” she replied breathlessly, “because I want to ride you for days.”

In a flurry of movement, Inuyasha grabbed all of her bags – including her purse and laptop – and ushered her to turn around. “My apartment is two blocks away.”

“I may die.”

Tell me about it,” he hissed, and Kagome couldn’t help it. She giggled, eyes crinkling in mirth at the absolute absurdity of it all. When she looked over at Inuyasha, he stared at her with an expression she hadn’t yet seen before, but it didn’t feel like a bad one. In fact, she’d tentatively call it endeared. It made no sense, but neither did declaring oneself horny in the middle of a sidewalk on a Friday night. So. Kagome would table it for later.

The walk felt interminable. Worse still was the wait for the elevator in an apartment complex that had seemed somewhat familiar on the outside. Inuyasha crowded up close to her, a long line of heat at her back. There was an older man waiting with them and Kagome tried really hard not to fidget as they took the elevator up, very much not alone until Inuyasha hustled her out on the twelfth floor and pushed her towards a door down the hallway.

The second his keys turned in the lock, Kagome shoved at his shoulders – in, in, in – and Inuyasha obeyed, kicking off his shoes carelessly while he stormed into his apartment. Kagome followed behind, hopping as she attempted to remove her stubborn ankle boots and leaving them against the wall. Her stuff was placed gently on top of a couch – black, leather, Kagome wanted to get railed on the slide of it – but before she could imagine anything else, Inuyasha was grabbing her wrist and tugging her along.

Kagome was on-fucking-board.

“Off,” she demanded, using her only free hand to start untucking his dress shirt. God, it really was painted on. “This needs to be off immediately.”

Inuyasha brought them through a door, flicking on the lights and whirling around with a smirk. He dropped her wrist – a horrible shame – but quickly used his new freedom to unbutton the first three buttons of his shirt before tugging at the back collar and pulling it off.

Ah, yes. Kagome blinked, watching the play of muscles as Inuyasha tossed the offending shirt to the ground. His chest and his abs and that V.

Inuyasha grabbed her wrists again, a welcome distraction, and pulled her forwards as he fell onto the bed. It was a great idea – the best idea – and Kagome straddled his thighs and watched his gaze darken as she licked her lips again.

“So I’ve been thinking,” she started, immediately grabbing his belt to undo it. The leather was stubborn but Inuyasha only watched, amused and turned on. She could see the bulge in his pants. It was impressive. Kagome was going to die.

Actually, she was going to die if the stupid belt didn’t come off—any—sooner—

“Need help?” The smirk was especially filthy.

It was only then, distracted as she was, that the belt somehow managed to come free. She popped the button and unzipped his fly, not even caring a little at how desperate she looked when she tugged the waistbands of his jeans and boxers down just so she could get her mouth on the jut of muscle there, the fucking V she’d been salivating over for months.

“Shit,” Inuyasha hissed, hips thrusting up mindlessly.

Kagome didn’t even care. She tugged the waistbands lower and licked, a hot trail upwards towards his hip, a place that deserved equal attention with the nip of her teeth. It felt like she’d been dreaming about this for so long, and having it now – having him writhing underneath her and panting her name – was doing it for her. Kagome was positive she had never been so horny in her entire life, already so sure that she was dripping wet between her thighs.

Licking up the centre of his abs, feeling his muscles tense underneath her, Kagome hummed. Thoughts and images were popping in her mind, all of the things she desperately wanted to do and wasn’t sure if they’d have time for. This body worship was imperative and she whined, greedy, as Inuyasha slid his hand through her hair and tugged.

“I’m busy,” she chastised, barely able to get the words out before his other arm wrapped around her, pulling her into him and crashing their mouths together.

It was, oddly enough, the first time they had kissed. There was nothing tentative or careful about it. This was leading, consuming, stealing the breath from her lungs with an unmatched fervour. Kagome felt helpless against him, tingling thrill sliding down her spine at the sensation. For every moan he stole, Kagome grinded down against him, too short to press against what she desperately wanted.

“Inuyasha,” she panted, keening as his hands slid down her sides like a claim. There were too many clothes – far too many clothes. Pushing up, she discarded her blouse, hair falling messily around her in her rush. Underneath her, Inuyasha watched, and the desire in his gaze was a kind of power she rarely had felt before. She needed to kiss him again. Now that she had started, Kagome was sure she’d die without it.

His finger pressed against her lips as she tried to descend, a teasing smirk on his face as he lightly scratched her bare stomach, nails skimming up her sides. “Forgetting something?” he asked, even as a hand snapped at the band of her bra.

“If I am, you should take responsibility,” Kagome murmured, lips curving into a smile against his own.

Inuyasha hummed, golden gaze considering. “You were flustered before. That’s what it was, right? But right now, you’re anything but.”

“Hm.” She pushed back up a bit, the better to see him, and shrugged a little self-consciously. “Outside felt more real. I didn’t think this was even an option. Now I do.”

His hands were forever moving, sliding across her skin in a tantalizing, heated tease. They paused at her hips, thumbs dipping under the waistband of her jeans. “This doesn’t feel real?”

She groaned, sitting up properly to hide her face. “Inuyasha,” she whined.

“It’s a good question.”

“You’re killing the mood.”

“Am I?” Peeking from between her fingers, she found him smirking at her, even more devastatingly attractive than he’d been before. It was the way his hair was spread below him on the pillows, the slight flush on his chest and cheeks. The way his lips were slightly swollen, glinting wet from the overhead light.

All of it was going to end her. “A little,” she admitted, though staring at him shirtless was helping a lot. He was shirtless, in bed, underneath her and hard. That was— That was— Distracted, she whispered breathlessly, “You can’t be real.”

Welp, she did not mean to say that.

“I mean—”

“Oh no,” Inuyasha said immediately, sitting up – like a fucking proper sit up, god he was hot – and tugging her against him until their bodies were pressed tight together. His lips grazed her jaw, yet another tease, and Kagome swore she could feel the smirk. “Definitely real.” Teeth nipped down her throat. “I’ll prove it.”

Please do, she absolutely didn’t say.

The bra came off.

God, the strength of him. His hands palmed her ass as he lay back down, sliding her further up his body until he was able to lick a line between the swell of her breasts. Kagome keened, bracing herself up on her elbows to watch as he sucked at them, teasing all around, breathing over her nipple before avoiding it entirely. She had never thought of her nipples as sensitive before but it was like Inuyasha lit a match within her, the way his hands pinned her down against him and limiting the movement of her hips as she writhed, desperately seeking friction.

“Inuyasha,” she gasped, seconds away from grabbing at his face and demanding he take her into his mouth. That would probably be rude, but the very image of it inside of her mind was enough to make her close her eyes, inhaling sharply as teeth bit into the side of one breast before switching to the other. He was marking her up, staking a claim, and Kagome hadn’t realized just how much she wanted that until it was happening. “Inuyasha, Inuyasha, Inuyasha,” she chanted, far better than any of the other thoughts clouding up her mind.

“Fuck, what do you want?” he asked, and her entire body jolted at the first press of his tongue against her nipple, a teasing lick that shot fire up her spine. God, she wasn’t going to survive.

“Touch me,” she begged, squirming. “Just touch me.”

Inuyasha rolled her to the side, hands immediately unbuttoning her jeans to slide them off. It was the least sexy she’d felt so far, but he tossed the jeans aside and took his own off, an immediate distraction. The jut of his cock was unmistakable, hard and large against the tight press of his black boxer briefs. Her mouth watered, desperately wanting that, and like he could read her mind he was back on top of her, claiming her lips and swallowing down the eager noises she made. 

“Shit,” he cursed, pausing only to mouth at her neck before returning, like his lips couldn’t be without hers for a moment longer than necessary. Her legs wrapped around his hips and Kagome had to tear her mouth away to breathe as the hard line of his cock pressed against her, tormentingly close to where she wanted it.

But she had plans, and Kagome knew that it was now or never.

She shoved at his shoulders, pushing him to the side. Inuyasha went willingly, dragging her up and on top of him like the thought of separation was unbearable. It was too hot to contemplate and Kagome was already so ready, so into it that she didn’t even care as she straddled him, just above the hips. She panted against his mouth. Any attempt at kissing now would be a falsehood, barely more than open mouths and desperate pleas. Grinding down against the hard line of his abs, Kagome shuddered at the feel, the friction of her underwear making everything within her light up. God, how long had she wanted this? How many times had she thought of this, alone in her bedroom, teasing herself with her fingers or her vibrator and wanting this exact, damn thing.

“Touch me,” she breathed into him, begging.

Inuyasha growled, and like all he’d been waiting for was permission, the hands that were holding her against him slid down. Kagome didn’t get any warning as he peeled the wet cotton to the side, a groan ripping from her chest as he slid a finger inside of her. The first press felt like relief, overwhelming her senses. Her clit throbbed, still rocking against his stomach and seeking the spiral that would take her apart. She needed more, she needed it, and the relief transformed into greed. His finger, teasing and crooking inside of her wasn’t remotely enough.

“More,” she pleaded, and was that her voice? But there was no time to dwell, not when Inuyasha was shifting her upwards once more. He pulled out of her, leaving a streak of wetness on her hip as he tugged down her underwear. She kicked them off, breathing heavily as he manhandled her back against him, her chest in line with his face. Without warning – not that she wanted any, not when she wanted everything from him – Inuyasha took one of her nipples into her mouth and sucked, hard, forcing her to gasp in a breath just as he slid his finger back inside of her.

Every part of her tingled, overwhelmed at the sensations. She wanted to hold him against her chest, wanted to feel the suction and hint of teeth against her breast while her hips rocked, over and over, sucking his finger in again and again. Warmth suffused her – too hot, too hot – and she could feel her climax building even though she wanted it to last, wanted to feel the build up and heat and yes, god, yes

Another finger pressed inside of her, the thickness of his digits so much more, and Kagome rubbed against his abs like if she stopped, she would die. There was only the chase, the desperate need to make the warmth spread, to make her head as dizzy and full as she needed to be. He crooked his fingers, just so within her, and the fullness and press of him was so perfect she could feel him hit that spot, the spot that made her groan, unhinged, unbelievably eager. She was so wet and Kagome could feel it, could feel it against his skin. If he kept that up, if didn’t stop—

Beneath her, Inuyasha growled her name, his free arm holding her down against him to add to the friction, and Kagome was lost, taken, overcome by sensation. His fingers refused to slow, incessantly working within her, moving her hips until she came again, keening, aware that she was dripping but unable to do anything to stop him. It was too much, now far too much, and Kagome batted at his shoulder beneath her until he pulled out.

Fuck,” Inuyasha whispered, reverent. Kagome had her eyes closed, unable to do more than nod, when she felt herself being rolled onto her back. Her arms splayed against the pillows, gaze seeking him out, but Inuyasha was crawling down her body, golden eyes ablaze. It took her addled brain far too long to recognize what was happening, his hands spreading her thighs as he continued, lower still. The sight of him disappearing was the only warning she got before his ducked, intimately close, and licked inside her pussy, tongue curling where she was the most wet before sliding up, flicking at her over-sensitized clit.

Kagome cried out, back arching, and the only reason she didn’t accidentally kick him was because his hands were pushing at her thighs, giving him room to drag his tongue against her again and again. It was the sweetest torture, overwhelming at first and then insanely pleasurable the next, the curl of his tongue within her making her eyes roll back in her head. It was yet another tease, yet another part of him that broached her, and it felt so fucking good that she was helpless but to whine, hips making aborted little movements. She needed him to touch her, needed his fingers or his tongue back on her clit. She wanted to come, wanted to scream from it. Inuyasha ate her out like a starving man, sucking her until she was a writhing mess, on the edge of coming but needing more, desperately needing a harder touch to take away the knife’s edge of pleasure that curled up her spine.

She babbled his name, endlessly his name, over and over. Unable to stop herself, Kagome dragged her hand down her body, shivering at the feel and crying out as her fingers circled around her clit. It was almost instantly too much, still not enough, and Kagome was sobbing with the need for release.

Inuyasha was there, suddenly, his hand tugging her own away so he could wrap his lips around her clit and suck. The jolt of it had her arching, the hard flick of his tongue had her keening, and when he relentlessly dragged his tongue against her again and again, Kagome seized up, bit by bit, screaming her release and squirting as Inuyasha carried her over entirely.

She couldn’t get enough air in her lungs.

It was reminiscent of the first day she met him, bent over the grass and desperately trying to catch her breath. The thought made her giggle, unrestrained and giddy, breathing all the harder but all the more worth it. When she came back to herself, still out of breath but far more coherent, Inuyasha was sucking a bruise into her hip, hands idly scratching up and down her sides.

“God, you’re perfect,” she said, just for a reaction.

Kagome got it in spades. Inuyasha jerked his head upwards, golden eyes blown dark and intent. His lips were so swollen it was insane and she wanted to lick inside of them, wanted to taste herself while he thrust inside of her, claiming and claimed.

He crawled up her body, head bent to kiss and nip a trail upwards, intent on making every inch of her flesh his. Kagome pushed at him to roll over, refusing to be pulled in this time even as his arms encircled her. It was her turn, she thought dizzily, needing this. She wanted this.

Inuyasha hissed a noise, indecipherable, but his eyes watched her as she knelt between his legs. Running a hand up the stiff line of his cock, Kagome watched as his head collapsed back onto the pillow, overcome from even the slightest touch. She wanted to make him lose his goddamn mind.

The boxer briefs came off and as Kagome bent down, lips inches away from his cock, she flicked her gaze upwards. He was back to watching her, heat sizzling between them. She smiled, playing coy, and gathered up her hair. “Hold it for me?”

Hold it for me by Nartista

Breathtaking Art by Nartista

Inuyasha groaned, cursing out her name, and Kagome didn’t even bother to wait before she swallowed him down, as far as she could. Gasps and cut off moans sounded above her, hands clenching tight against her skull, and she held onto his hips as she dragged her mouth slowly up and down his shaft, getting him wet all over. The head of his cock fit so snugly within the curl of her lips, thick and hot. The weight of him felt good, tongue full on his dick, and Kagome groaned before sucking him down, bobbing her head over and over to her very limit.

Everything was a mess. She was a mess, uncoordinated and sloppy. She’d barely recovered from her own orgasms, breathless still, and the width of his cock had her gagging on it, willingly, licking him up. His hands combed through her hair, gathering strands that fell, a constant reminder of his attention. Saliva dripped down his length to the base, enough that she took a hand and wrapped it around him, needing to drive him to the edge as much as he had her. Kagome sucked him hard, held him tighter, wringing sounds from his mouth that were filthy, his hands sharply tugging at her hair. She loved it, the brink of pleasure-pain when so relaxed, and each pull reminded her of how strong he was, how he had hefted her up and held her down and taken her apart with his fingers and his mouth.

She wanted to ride him, wanted to bounce on his cock and have his thick head tease at her entrance again and again. Kagome wanted to feel it, craved it, riling herself up and pushing her mouth further and further down his cock. It was far too much, far too difficult, cutting off her air and making her pull back when the need to breathe was paramount. Over and over again, the same result. She couldn’t stop though, couldn’t put an end to the way he held her head between his hands, fingers tangled in her hair, cock sliding in and out of her mouth while he slowly unravelled. She bobbed her head faster, holding his dick in place while she worked her lips up and down until her throat rebelled, gagging her and Inuyasha was pulling her up so fiercely that she had no option but to comply.

The minute his cock slid from her mouth, Inuyasha let go, his arms draping across his eyes and chest heaving. “Fuck,” he said, voice barely more than a rumble. “Fuck Kagome, you have to stop.”

That sounded like a terrible idea. Gathering her own hair in one hand, she bent down and licked him from root to tip, his cock shining in the overhead light. Inuyasha groaned, hips blindly thrusting upwards, but Kagome didn’t stop. She tasted him again, kitten licks around the head before going lower, open-mouthed kisses at the bottom.

“Shit, god, Kagome—”

“What?” she asked, guilelessly.

Inuyasha’s arms flew to the side, his golden gaze wide open and imploring. “You know what,” he croaked out. He reached for her, tugging her upwards by the shoulder until she was hovering above him. He stared at her, so hot and intent that Kagome thought she’d burn up entirely. When his lips parted, she didn’t stop herself from dipping downwards, licking inside. Could she still taste herself on his tongue?

“Can I?” he whispered, the moment they separated for air.

Sex stupid, she blinked at him. “Can you what?”

“Fuck you,” he said, like it was that simple.

Kagome didn’t know how to tell him that she had thought that was always part of the program, so she simply nodded instead. Inuyasha pressed upwards – one last kiss – before he rolled to the side to the nearby nightstand. She stole the condom from him the moment he brought it back, tearing open the package and sliding down so that she could roll it onto his length, a slow, teasing slide that had his breath hitching, hips thrusting.

He tried to sit up again but Kagome pushed him back down, straddling him and smiling. “Yeah?” she asked, watching the way the gold in his eyes darkened, his hands instantly framing her hips and holding on tight.

“Fuck yes,” he hissed and Kagome didn’t wait a second longer, she couldn’t.

The first press of his cockhead against her entrance stole her breath, a huge tease of her own making. The way it pressed against her, made room for itself inside, was the sweetest torture. Kagome gasped, bent over Inuyasha as she twisted her hips, tiny rocking motions that sent sparks dancing along her veins, heating her blood.

From the way Inuyasha gasped, mouth parted and eyes hazy, Kagome was sure he felt the same way. His fingers clung to her, tight and desperate, and she hoped they bruised come morning, a reminder of how much he wanted her, of how he let her take and take and take until she was satisfied. But she wasn’t satisfied yet, the need within her aching. This was so much better than any fantasy, outside of the bubble or not.

Slowly, she sank down the tiniest amount. She wanted to play, wanted to feel every inch of him sink inside of her. Hands braced on his abs – those fucking abs – Kagome rocked up and down, dangerously close to the edge. Beneath her, Inuyasha watched. Those golden eyes swept all across her body, making her shiver at the attention. She wanted it on her always, feeling a sort of power she’d never felt before. Sex in the past had always been good, had always been fun. This was—Something else entirely. There was a desperation Kagome had never felt before, the clench of his hands on her hips, the way he panted underneath her thighs. She could feel his muscles straining, felt them twitch below her hands as she continued her slow, shallow assault on his cock. How much more would he let her take? How much longer would he let her tease?

“Inuyasha,” she whined, gasping when those golden eyes lifted to her face. Kagome was burning beneath his gaze, unable to take the rest of it. It was too much, too hot, and with a loud moan she leaned back, sinking down achingly slow on his thick cock. Even though she was the only one in control, her breath left her, punched out of her. Head tilted back to the ceiling, Kagome keened, hands shifting behind herself to grab at his quads.

There was a growl, low and nearly a whine. “Fuck, look at you.”

She wanted him to look. She wanted him to take.

Kagome rocked her hips, more a swivel of movement, grinding herself down on his cock. She moaned, overwhelmed. “Come on,” she pleaded. “Inuyasha, take me.”

Cursing, those hands tightened immeasurably, the strength of him sending her. Kagome was at a loss as Inuyasha practically lifted her, just high enough to brace over his thighs before he thrust up into her, sharp and hard and fucking perfect.

Oh, she thought, or said, between curses and pleas and Inuyasha’s name. Her hands on his legs helped her to bounce, moving against him, meeting each thrust. It was all too much, body overwhelmed and clinging. She was coming, she realized, pussy clenching around him. Oh fuck, Kagome thought, belated and shocked, the pounding of his cock again and again had her gasping, keening, loud and wild as she squirted. Everything was wet, sopping, her thighs slick and sliding as his hips kept working within her, unrelenting.

“Inuyasha,” she panted, shifting to plant herself down, to kiss him on those swollen lips. Any more and she’d die. Any more and she’d fall apart completely. “Please, Inuyasha.”

Her hips were suddenly free, cold air brushing against her sensitive skin as his hands curled around her nape, buried in her hair. Inuyasha claimed her mouth, stealing the very breath from her lungs as he continued to fuck her, thrusts erratic. There was nothing smooth about what they were doing now. Even their kisses, slick and open, were barely more than gasps of lost breath shared. Inside her mind was a mantra, please please please, a constant plea.

Please,” she whispered and Inuyasha growled, pulling out and pushing her down, tilting her to the side. Kagome collapsed willingly, exhausted and strung out and so fucking needy she thought she’d die if he didn’t come inside of her.

A big hand was pressed against her upper back, right between her shoulder blades as he pushed her down into the mattress. Inuyasha loomed behind her, his lean body pressed against her entirely. She could feel his cock, hot and heavy against the crease of her thigh and ass. “Kagome,” he murmured, the feeling of teeth scraping along her spine. “So fucking good, Kagome.”

There was nothing to say to that, nothing more than the desperation as her hips tilted up, ass rubbing against his length. Kagome needed him back inside of her, needed to feel him filling her up again. Needed to have him come apart entirely, over her and within her.

“So fucking good,” he repeated, hushed, and with one last bite to her shoulder, Inuyasha disappeared.

Kagome whined, twisting her head to see but his big hand pressed her back down onto the bed. It was the barest pressure but she remained still, letting him use his other hand to lift her hips, to get her knees back underneath her. It was pretty simple to get with the program, and anything that would get him inside of her faster, would make him take her once more, would make the constant begging plea of please please please inside of her head cease.

Ass up, head against the plush duvet of his bed, all Kagome could do was stretch her arms forward, sliding under the pillows to rest against the headboard. Her fingers barely touched, but it wouldn’t matter. At Inuyasha’s first thrust inside of her, slow and deep, Kagome was rocked forward. Her eyes instantly rolled, the feeling of him too much. The angle, fuck, whatever it was. Sounds that she had never made before clawed up her throat, jostled out with each powerful thrust of his hips. She could barely stay up on her knees, palms sliding against the wood of his headboard. Each rock of his hips was so overwhelming, pleasure pricking along every inch of her skin. Far too much, too much. She couldn’t stop her keening, couldn’t help the noises that were ripped out of her. Tears sprung to her eyes, unbidden, so overwhelmed that she buried her face in the duvet to scream as Inuyasha continued to pound into her.

Those bruises on her hips would be a band, a collection of colours, a reminder of this night. Kagome pushed back into him, meeting each rock of his hips, desperate. So fucking desperate, chanting come, come, come for me into the mattress. How much more could she take? How much longer could he last?

But each thrust of his hips was like another break in his control, rhythm stuttering. Inuyasha growled, her body tightening in response, automatic and primal. His groan above was close, closer than she expected, and then she was being pushed fully into the mattress, legs spread wide as he lay on top of her, fucking into her, his hands grabbing her forearms and clinging.

Kagome,” Inuyasha panted against her neck, face tucked into the crook. “Kagome, fuck, Kagome.” And all she could do was whine back, too lost for words, his body so heavy as he railed her into the mattress, her clit throbbing against the duvet. Kagome could feel it building, fire hot and explosive. The realization was there and then too soon, she was burying her face into the bed, screaming as she hit her climax again, whiting out entirely.

Inuyasha pounded into her before freezing, every part of him clinging tight to her before collapsing against her. His weight was heavy and solid at her back but Kagome didn’t want him to move. She liked the weight. Inuyasha was the rock to hold her down as she floated, post-orgasmic haze still blurring the lines of reality. Taking a deep breath, Kagome groaned its release.

She would be mortified, if she wasn’t so sex stupid.

The heat at her back disappeared, Inuyasha rolling off of her. Kagome didn’t even bother to move, content to lie buried in the duvet until her limbs felt like working. The mattress shifted slightly, the soft sound of footsteps on hardwood floor the only indication that Inuyasha was going somewhere. A bathroom, probably. She took a deep breath and floated.

“You still with me?”

Blinking sleepily, Kagome twisted on the bed, half-rolled onto her side. The sex stupid part of her brain made her unselfconscious, completely at ease. It wouldn’t last, but if Inuyasha kept looking at her like that, Kagome didn’t think it’d be a problem anyways. “Hm?”

Instead of answering, Inuyasha gave her a small smile – too endeared to be a smirk, and too gentle to be a grin – before he shoved at her, hands pressing like warm brands against her skin as he made room for himself. Kagome rolled willingly, only to be pulled back in and manhandled somehow under the duvet. Lying there, facing each other, Kagome took in the overwhelming attractiveness that was Inuyasha.

“You’re really far too hot.” She buried her head into the pillow a little, torn between feeling coy or embarrassed. Muffled, Kagome forced herself to continue, “And you’re definitely wearing makeup.”

Inuyasha snorted, or maybe it was a laugh. His eyes, when she finally met his gaze again, were soft. “I didn’t have time to take it off at work. Thought I’d do it at home. Then I ran into you.”

“At work?” He hummed an affirmative, making her frown. “What do you do?”

“Model,” Inuyasha answered, with a shrug. “Here and there.”

Kagome had a feeling he was underselling it a little. Or a lot. She blinked at him, letting the pieces fall into place. “So you’re the hottest man I’ve ever met, with a body like a god, and you’re a model.”

“Don’t forget the Prada water bottles.”

“Oh, trust me,” Kagome squeaked. “I have not.”

Inuyasha smirked, rolling onto his back. His arms – those muscular arms that had manhandled her into several orgasms – stretched above his head. Kagome watched, captivated. If Inuyasha preened any more, she’d have to blow him again and she was still far too sex stupid for that. “What do you do?”

“Huh?” she asked, like an idiot.

“For work.”

“Graphic design,” Kagome answered, barely paying the words any mind. Involuntarily, she leaned forward and bit at his bicep, kissing it better before nipping at it again. It became a need, a sated part of her straining still for closeness, as Kagome shifted closer until she was pressed against him and licking at those fucking pecs.

His arms wrapped around her. “How am I going to learn anything about you if you keep getting distracted?”

Kagome broke into a giggle, tiny and embarrassed. “I’ll be good.” Oops. “Uh, better.”

She swore his gaze darkened. “I’m sure.”

“A reward system,” Kagome suggested, pushing herself up to stare down at the gorgeous man she was in bed with. Inuyasha really was stunning. Still, he had a point. Besides his prickly care and stunted scowls, his love of running and demand for hydration, there was a lot to learn about him. A lot she wanted to learn.

Especially if there were rewards.

Inuyasha raised a brow, one side of his mouth curled in a smile. “Pretty sure we can work something out. Focusing isn’t your problem, after all.”

Oh god, so embarrassing. Laughing, Kagome shifted on the bed, pulling away. She should go to the bathroom and freshen up. She should take a solid few steps away from him so that the sex stupidity could properly wear off, and Kagome could become a functional adult in society once more. Or at least, a functional adult within the confines of his apartment. “I’ll be back,” she told him, crawling out of the duvet only to straddle him and kiss at his still-swollen lips. Impossible. Impossible to break away. This had to be come kind of witchcraft. “I’ll just be a minute.”

But Inuyasha’s arms wrapped around her, tugging her down and against him. They made out lazily for several seconds – probably minutes, she was a goner – before Kagome laughed and pushed away, stumbling off the bed on shaky legs. In order to not crawl back on top of him, she looked around the room. She had barely noticed before but Inuyasha’s bedroom had large windows, their curtains wide open. There weren’t any buildings so close that Kagome could check voyeurism off her list, but it still was open. Exposed.

She shivered, about to turn around and hide in the bathroom until her sex stupid brain decided to work again, when a familiar sight stopped her. Kagome paused, and peered back out the window, squinting. “Is that…?”

“What?” Inuyasha asked, pushing up onto his elbows to look too. He frowned, confused. “What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s not—Is that Sacred Lake?” Because that was what it looked like, the familiar curve along a bend in the running trail barely visible between shorter business buildings nearby. “You live this close?”

“Why do you think I’m so good at running?” Inuyasha asked, looking pleased. He folded his hands behind his head, the picture of lax amusement. “Also, it’s a goddamn pond.”

Kagome rolled her eyes. “Lake sounds more magical.”

“Don’t you dare agree with Shiori,” Inuyasha growled, making her body even more of a quivering mess than it was before. God, the sound of it made her ready for round two now. “That’s the last thing I need.”

Still stuck on the thought of another round, Kagome thought hazily that sex was definitely not the last thing he needed. Shit, would he even complain if she tore the duvet off and climbed on top of him to lick at his abs again? She prayed he had a short refractory period. Fuck, she prayed.


“Yeah,” she murmured, stepping away from the bed and towards the door she hoped was the bathroom. “I’ll be back.”

Inuyasha smirked like he knew exactly what was going through her mind. “Should I order dinner for us? I’d cook but I’m—” And here he paused, smug as fuck, “Not really in the mood to prepare food.”

Inuyasha. Inuyasha in a kitchen. Inuyasha in a kitchen making food. Inuyasha in a kitchen making food while naked, which was absolutely a health hazard and probably a massive concern for the safety of his dick, but dear god—

“Yeah,” Kagome breathed out, blinking stupidly. “Yeah, I’m hungry.”

Staring blearily at his coffee maker, Inuyasha nearly jumped at the sound of his phone, vibrating away on his kitchen counter. He reached for it, frowning as Shiori’s name flashed across the screen.

Oh yeah. Right. Saturday.

“Shiori,” he greeted, wincing only a little at the sound of his voice. The coffee maker beeping in completion was a welcome distraction.

“Where are you?” his best friend asked, genuinely confused. “I thought you’d be here today.”

“It’s been a morning,” Inuyasha deflected. He grabbed two mugs from the cabinet. “Sorry I didn’t text you.”

If he knew Shiori – and he did, after all these years – Inuyasha could easily imagine the way she frowned, brow furrowed as she tried to dissect his meaning. “You’re okay?” she asked.


“Your girlfriend is going to be sad you’re not here again,” Shiori told him sternly. “How are you going to ask her out if you never see her?”

He smirked, rather smug. “I’m sure she won’t care that I’m not there.”

“Inuyasha, no,” Shiori rebuked, concerned. “I told you. She’s a sure thing—” If only she knew. “I’m positive she likes you.”

With a hum, Inuyasha poured the coffee.

“Well?” Shiori asked. For the first time all conversation, she sounded irritated. “Are you coming or what?”

“Already did.”

“…What?” Inuyasha smirked. He let it sink in and imagined the look on her face, horrifically pleased. “Oh, ew, god. Inuyasha, no.” This time, however, she was very much not on his side. “With who? What have I missed? Weren’t you working yesterday? Wait—Never mind, I really don’t want to know. What about Kagome? She’s going to be sad!”

“Pretty sure she’ll be sadder if I leave the bedroom for too long. Anyways,” he went on, hearing her gasp and feeling smug about it, “I’m going to go. Have fun.”

“Wait—Inuyasha, are you—”

“Bye Shiori,” he said loudly, hanging up. He left his cell phone in the kitchen, taking the two mugs of coffee instead.

In the bedroom, mostly naked and covered barely with a sheet as the duvet was gloriously ruined, Kagome was talking on her own phone. Her face was gloriously flushed and when she spotted him, her dark brown eyes lit up. Friends, she mouthed to him. Inuyasha had a feeling he understood exactly what was going on.

“Sango,” she said, and it sounded like an interruption. “I appreciate that you’re encouraging my running habit but trust me, it’s better I don’t come.”

Inuyasha held back on a snicker. Barely.

Kagome glared at him half-heartedly as if she could read his mind. Maybe she could. Inuyasha wouldn’t be all that opposed. “Sango,” she whined, and then sighed when she was clearly cut off. “Sango, I’ve already gotten my cardio in for the day. I’m good.”

There was a pause, poignant. Inuyasha chose that moment to finally put down the cups of coffee on the nightstand beside her, revelling in his newfound freedom to lean over on the bed. Kagome watched him, eyes dark and darkening still. He pulled down the sheet and admired his handiwork from last night. Some would need a refresher.

“Sango,” Kagome said then, voice a little breathless. “I love you but I’m going to go now, okay?” A pause and then she giggled, high and glorious and oh so cute. Inuyasha never thought he’d be smitten, and yet. “I’ve got some more cardio to do. Call you later!”

And then she hung up, tossing her phone onto the nightstand and wrapping her hands around his neck to pull him close. Her lips were so close but Inuyasha waited, too entranced watching the slow spread of a smile crossing her face. “Hi,” she murmured.

“Morning.” His voice was still rough, a near growl in the quiet. Kagome’s smile deepened.

“Breakfast?” she asked.

“Right now,” he promised, closing the distance between them. He paused, once again hovering over her, lips barely brushing as they breathed. He watched the way her eyes darkened, mouth parting in anticipation, and he couldn’t wait anymore. Inuyasha growled her name, a warning and a promise, as he closed his teeth around her full bottom lip. A bite. A taste of what was to come.

And she would be coming, Inuyasha vowed as he licked the sting away, only to bite again.

Kagome gasped, back arching, and it was only then he properly kissed her: a slick slide of mouths, licking inside of her, claiming.

And stealing her breath away.