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A kiss out of greed

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“That will be 500 yuan.”

Xie Yuchen looked over at the man who was smiling at him from behind dark glasses and holding out a card payment machine. Hei Xiazi didn’t even need the money – they both knew that as well as they knew that Xiazi wasn’t his name – but that never stopped him from asking for payment at every opportunity.

“I’m pretty sure I haven’t accepted anything from you that would cost me money,” he said, forcing himself not to smile back. This was part of their routine, their own ridiculous form of flirting (even if neither of them would admit that was what it was), and the way they dealt with the myriad horrors they encountered on a far-too-regular basis.

“See, that’s where you’re wrong, pretty boy.” Hei Xiazi stepped closer towards him, into his personal space. Xie Yuchen surprised himself by not stepping back. There were very few people he allowed to get that close to him, and despite everything, he hadn’t thought that Hei Xiazi was one of them. “You’re about to owe me a lot of money.”

Xie Yuchen raised an eyebrow and didn’t comment.

“Oh shit, not like that,” Hei Xiazi spluttered. “I didn’t mean that…that I… for money…”

The blush that coloured his cheeks made him look younger than however old he was; Xie Yuchen didn’t even think that Hei Xiazi himself was sure of his age anymore.

“If I’m going to get charged so much–“ not that 500 yuan meant anything to either of them really –“I’m going to make sure I get my money’s worth,” Xie Yuchen said. He’d thought about this for a while, but hadn’t quite been able to figure out if Hei Xiazi meant what he was saying, or whether it had just been for fun. But the way he’d blushed and the way he was trying not to look at Xie Yuchen, even behind his glasses, was a pretty good indication that they were both on the same page.

Xie Yuchen was the one who made the first move, reaching up and cupping Hei Xiazi’s cheek. When he leaned in and kissed him, it took less than a second for Hei Xiazi to get on board with the plan and kiss him back.

After a few minutes, when they finally broke for air, Hei Xiazi wasted no time in holding out his card payment machine, his smile even wider than before.

“Put it on my tab,” Xie Yuchen said, pushing the machine out of the way and moving back in for another kiss. “I’m going to owe you a lot more before the end of the day.”