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Kongou’s Valentine Surprise

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  “I dun’ wanna wake up”


  “But it’s an hour before twelve”


  “It’s a Sunday , Dess” She grumbled, her voice muffled by the pillow.


  Admittedly he had to chuckle, considering she had remembered what day it was, but not what was happening today.


  Leaning closer, he whispered into her ear, “But it’s Valentine’s”


  And that was enough as just a second later, she had shot up with an alarmed expression uttering, “Shit” in the process.


  Which honestly sounded like ‘ Siit ’ but at this point he was accustomed to it and even found it cute.


  As Kongou scrambled out of bed, to presumably take a shower, he had to reminisce, as he often did nowadays, at how their relationship had kicked off…


—Flashback: 2 Years ago—


  You’d always wanted to be in the navy, it was just familial heritage as the entirety of all males in your family were in the navy at some point in time, so it came as no surprise that the moment the war with the Abyssals started, you took this as an opportunity to enlist.


  What did come as a surprise was how quickly you went up the ranks, your peers had said it was due to your tactical skill, you said it was just you doing your job.


  An even bigger surprise was how badly had conventional means of warfare affect the abyssals...conventional for the 21st century at least, and to this extent, the human losses incurred in even pyrrhic victory. 


  Nonetheless, the awe of the entire Iowa -class of battleship thunder their guns and actually destroy abyssals was mesmerizing as they defended the country that had signed its surrender on the deck of Missouri .


  All within the first eight months of the war, disastrous as a way to explain the situation would be a severe understatement.


 Well, it was disastrous, until they came out…




  Your first encounter with them was after Naval Command reassigned you as the admiral of the Kure Naval Base. And you honestly wondered why you had deserved this, as the last time Kure had been featured... anywhere was when its major installations were burning after a large-scale Abyssal carrier strike.


  Your first encounter with a shipgirl would also be your first encounter with your future wife.


  “Are you the new Admiral, Dess?” She had asked, after you, not very professionally, bumped into her navigating the halls of the rebuilt base.


  “Yes, that would be me...why do you ask?” And her eyes sparkled ever so slightly than to be replaced with a burning passion.


  “Then it’s nice to meet you, Teitoku ...I am Kongou, the lead ship of the Kongou -class Battlecruisers, I will prevail in Love and War!” She exclaimed, her eyes ablaze.


  You gave an honest chuckle, you were already finding her adorable, really.


  And everything spiraled out of control from there.


  She gave you a tour of the base, which you severely appreciated, so much so, the moment she asked if you’d want to join her for tea in the afternoon, you immediately said yes.


  It was the least you could do.


  During tea time, you became acquainted with the rest of her sisters, who were all exotic in their own ways.


  By the time you were about to leave, a gift in your hand, courtesy of Haruna, Kongou had asked if you’d wanted to do this again tomorrow.


  Obviously, you answered yes, which was met with an expression of pure happiness and joy, making you think it was indeed worth it.


  Of course, not everything was sunshine for you still had a war to fight. 


  You were quite proud of yourself that a month after your arrival the IJN fleet you commanded was a force that could quite confidently be outnumbered three to one and win with minimal casualties.


  It would still be a grueling year and a half before the cessation of hostilities when the Abyssals surrendered and ending the war entirely but, all throughout, there was a source of motivation that rivaled your patriotism…


  You and Kongou had been bonding whenever you two had free time...which wasn’t a lot but it was sufficient(You still couldn’t get over the fact that she was a stuttering mess when she asked to kiss that first time).


  During the evening of the celebrations in lieu of the Abyssal surrender, you pulled her aside noting her confused expression. Reaching the balcony, which had zero people on it surprisingly.


  When Kongou asked what were you two doing here, you simply got on one knee, opened the box in your hand, and asked the fated words.


  Was it cheesy? Incredibly, but at the time you couldn’t have cared more.


  Especially when a flurry of emotions was overwhelming the both of you.


  In a few months after, you guys got a house, had your wedding(Which your parents were fully supportive of), and an absolute blast of Christmas and New Years’...


  — Flashback: Ends—


  And now here we were, I nearly lost myself in thought, though it seemed as my attention returned at the right time since Kongou was coming out of the shower now.


  “Teitoku, stay here for the moment will you, I can’t have my surprise being spoiled,” She said and I thankfully responded with a nod.


  Her hair was in a ponytail, which was rare, accompanied by her more trademark hair buns and ahoge.


  The real highlight was her outfit, a beige turtleneck sweater complemented by a white apron that doubled as a skirt, rounding up her outfit were a pair of black leggings.


  Honestly, you would have pulled her back down to the bed for more cuddling, but she seemed to have much planned, so you let her do her thing.


  Getting up from the bed after she left the room, you decided you might as well take a bath yourself.




   30 Minutes Later,


  Kongou was quite pleased with what she'd managed to make. 


  Having the foresight to pre-cook some of the food yesterday, thus only requiring it to be reheated.


  She had cooked up several dishes, among which were some grilled fish, some Onigiri, rolled Omelette, and lastly, something she took much pride from, her own blend of Black Tea.


  “Teitoku, you can come down now!” She called, and soon his footsteps echoed from the stairway.


  “Hey, I smelled something good and-woah,” He said as he reached the dining room, his eyes scanning the table.


  “Now, I’ll have you know that I did as you said to ‘ not go overboard ’ since this is a perfectly reasonable lunch” Kongou declared, as they sat down.


  Well, that’s what she wanted him to think at least.


  “No no, you did a very good job here,” He said.


  Beaming, she uttered her thanks, several times. After this, the pair had their Valentine’s Day lunch, with short conversations exchanged.


  “What should we do later?” He asked.


  “Honestly, can we just put on something to watch, then cuddle?” She provided and several minutes later, they were doing just exactly that.


  “So what are your sisters doing for today?” He asked as they sat on the couch.


  “Actually, I haven’t asked them yet...later though” She nonchalantly said.




  20 Minutes Later,


  “Teitoku, don’t you dare begin to snore, and neither sleep” Kongou chided.


  She had taken his lap and turned it into her pillow. She had also looked up at the perfect moment to see his eyes begin to droop and his mouth just short to releasing a yawn.


  “I...Mkay, we did just wake up a while ago” He mused.


  “Although, this movie is getting boring…” Kongou said, finding the remote, which was handed to her by him.


  “...anyway, let’s talk,” She said, looking up at him.


  “What do you mean?” He asked, an eyebrow raised.


  “Just talk, about anything, Dess!” She exclaimed.


  “Well, how about that time you accidentally walked in on me naked?” He provided, which was met with a few moments of silence before,




  Kongou’s face was alight, it would probably still be seen even in the dark.


  She was also intensely berating, whilst screaming multiple curse words, that really carried no weight.


  Eventually, they were now just laughing, Kongou ending up behind him, now also nuzzling his back.


  “You said you wanted to talk about anything” He chided after they had calmed down.


  “Well yeah, but c’mon, we explicitly agreed to never talk about this...meanie,” She said, the last part more of a whisper.


  “Mm, but you love me” He chuckled


  “Well, maybe, ” She said, shrugging.


  “Maybe? How about I change that” He declared, turning around to face her.


  “Oh? And how do you plan-” 


  Kongou was cut off by her lips being taken, namely by his own, and she let herself evaporate.


  They lingered for...god knows how long in that, both enjoying the kiss as much as the other.


  Eventually, though, they both pulled away and Kongou had to release a breath she didn’t know she was holding.


  “Damn, Dess, if that wasn’t a Valentine’s Day gift, I don’t what was,” She said, still a bit breathless from that.


  “Heh, just spending time with you is a gift in of itself,” He said and she beamed at him.


  “I can say the same thing too!” She exclaimed and they laughed a bit more.


  After a while they unconsciously, shifted into a position where they were both snuggling on the couch, Kongou nuzzling his chest.


  “And you told me about staying awake” He joked.


  “Can’t I appreciate your chest?” She humored back.


  “Oh very much, appreciate it to your heart’s content” He responded and so that’s what she did.


  “Why do we always end up spooning?” She asked in the middle of the impromptu snuggling session.


  “...I just find it comfortable,” He said, shrugging the shoulder that wasn’t pinned.


  “That’s because you're taller!” Kongou exclaimed.


  “It’s only by three inches!” He countered.


  “STILL,” She said, exasperated.


  “Fine, I’ll let you spoon later” He conceded, it was Valentine’s Day anyway.


  He heard her utter a cute little ‘ yes !’ and he had to smile, she was adorable and no one was changing his mind on that.


  They snuggled and conversed for a bit a bit more, the sun was dipping beyond the horizon by the time they finished.


  “...That was nice, Dess,” She said, sitting up to stretch her arms.


  “Certainly, we should do this more often...” He mused, doing the same.


  “...anyways, since Lunch was so good, I’ll let you do your thing for Dinner, I’ll be outside,” He said, standing up.


  “Oh, you’ll be surprised for what I have prepared” She teased, also getting up, to head to the kitchen.


  “Dazzle me once again then” He chided before stepping out onto their porch.


  Whilst he waited for the evening to properly set in, he tended to the flower bed they had grown, the other plants they had, and the small fish pond which housed several guppies.


  Eventually, he did finish going about these tasks and watched as the Sun dipped below the horizon, the sky a streak of calming orange and yellow.


  As he let out a calmed sigh, he had to smile at the life he had set up with Kongou, and just how fulfilling it was.




   3 Hours Later


  When Kongou said that she'd ' catch up in a bit ' was something that instantly raised a red flag.


  So instead, you thought about how utterly surprised you were walking into Kongou's Valentine's Dinner.


  First of all, it was Candlelit , with an atmosphere to match.


  Then next was the fact she'd provided a decently sized tray of Lasagna along with Garlic bread to eat...these tasted like the food of the Gods.


  And lastly, the fact that she had still retained her previous outfit from the day, whether you two were supposed to change or that was intentional was something that would be asked later on.


  It was even better when the conversation just centered on both of you two geeking it out in Naval History.


  Honestly, you couldn't have asked for a better First official Valentine's Day with your wife.


  And it seemed it would still go on into the night.


  You had taken a shower already, in anticipation for bed. It was also when you were sat on the bed that you heard her knock and ask if she could come in.


  Of course, agreeing, the sight in the doorway nearly burst your eyes from their sockets.


  She was in Lingerie .


  And a damn good set at that. It was a black pair, with small white flower patterns adorning the rim.


  The upper portion of the set greatly accentuated and highlighted her, ahem , upper assets.


  Then the lower part complimented her curves quite nicely. 


  Overall she looked absolutely stunning in the Lingerie and you couldn't wait to tackle her to the bed.


  “How does it look?” She asked, taking note of your staring.


  “...amazing” Was all you managed out, still in a trance.


  “Glad you like it then, this wasn't to find, or buy, Dess” She mused, moving over to the bed.


  The moment she got into your arm range, you immediately yanked on the bed and began kissing her senseless.


  “I dunno what you did, to both me and your looks, but I don't care, and I would prefer it this way,” You said following your attack.


  “Hehe, glad to know you really do like it Dess...I have another one since it was a two-for-one sale” She responded, the last part of a whisper.


  With this information in your head, you reopened your offensive, only to find out Kongou was prepared.


  'No Worries…' You thought, '... That'll just make it interesting'


  So, that's what you two did, until of course both of you eventually tired out and by then it was just a few minutes past midnight.


  Staying true to your promise, you let her be the one to spoon for tonight, and considering what she was wearing, that was quite the bonus.


  “Mm, G'night Kongou” You muttered as you nuzzled her neck.


  “Good night Teitoku…Happy Valentine's” Came to her response, she already sounded sleepy.


  “Happy Valentine's to you too Kongou” You mumbled and soon thereafter, both of you were asleep in each other's comfortable embrace