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Season of Love

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Hermione was numb. Seemingly working on auto-pilot, not really listening to Molly or Lavender, or even anyone else who had talked to her since morning. She just nodded and hmmm-d amd aahhhh-d when a response was expected of her.
But, it wasn't as if her mind was'nt working. Nah! She wasn't brightest witch of her age for nothing! Her mind-gears were turning quite rapidly, something she didn't think had happened since her NEWTS.
Hell! In her mind she was rapidly going through 14,000,605 possible futures, and there was one far off unlikely event where what she wanted happened.
Unrealistic. Right?
( Yep ! Its reference to Avengers Infinity war's Doc Strange's scenarios :P )
Yes. 1 in 14 million probability is worse than a sucker's bet. There is nearly no possibility that it could happen.
Urgh! If only she could make her rebel heart understand this fact.
Come on Hermione! You are supposed to be the cool rational thinker. You know how low possibly of- No How there is almost no possibility of what you want happening! You cannot let your stupid feeling ruin what you have! It is the single most cherished thing in yoir life! You cannot make that go away!
But you know what .... On the outside you may believe yourself to be a tough gal, but you are soft person Hermione. You cannot afford to take such a large risk. Harry was her rock. He lept her grounded.
There isn't amy way she could take that heartbreak.
Damn! She may even mot survive that heartbreak! ( Okay, so heartbreak illness scene was inspired by th3alchemist. If u r there, thnx, and if u don't want this part, then i'll delete it)
Was it really possible to die of heartbreak? Damn! She might have to research that.... Maybe St. Mungos could help... Or not.... Wait! Would it be something physical or mental? If magic could be real, maybe the bodies could also behave differently. Maybe it was like Willy Wonka's world. Everything is literally sound. Maybe Heartbroken wizards and witches actually have fracture or holes in their heart?
Or maybe its more psychological... She needed to see.... Oh no! She was rambling again. It was her failsafe mechanism to respond to being nervous. Start useless ramblings. Mentally spoken or otherwise. While useful sometimes, right now, it was irritating her to no end. She needed to think goddamnit! And it was taking her as far away as possible from topic on hand. Oh Merlin! She really needed to get a grip on herself.
(Oh geez! I had forgetten merlin ! Damn)

Okay Hermione. You can do this. If you can tolerate Harry's and Teddy's so 'coochie-cutie makes you wanna kiss them moments' , then you can do this too.
Play it safe. Harry loved her like a sister.
She herself had heard him say it himself back in their 'eight year' at Hogwarts.
The common room was empty, save for a pair heads lounging on a couch by the cackling fireplace. Everyone was out enjoying the open skies after exams. The flaming red head and jet black head were moving imperceptibly, talking amongst themselves of various things, thinking they were alone.
Hermione had just descended down from her dormitory and was about to call her friends when she heard Ron speak.
"So when are you planning to ask Hermione out"
She halted in her tracks.
Her heart was pounding out of her chest.
Could this be really true. Could her deepest desire actually come true. Could it be that-
"No Ron. I love her like a sister" she heard Harry speak calmy.
She let out a stranglsd gasp, barely muffled by her hand. Ger stomach plunged. An ice cold feeling wash over her, and she ran away, nigh without a sound.
Had she stayed , she would have heard Ron raze Harry's argument to ground without much protest, and then bury it even more by making some things clearly known to Harry.
But Hermione had long vanished.

"-right Hermione?" Lavender asked , breaking Hermione out of her thoughts
"Yeah! Ofcourse" she let out dazedly.
"Are you alright Hermione? " Lavender enquired, worried. " You have seemed out of sorts today.…maybe you should go home and take a long nap."
"No...Its not that ….Its just ….." Hermione trailed off under Lavender's pointed gaze.
" Okay.…yes you are right." She eventually sighed " Maybe I am overworked, and need a good nap. Maybe it just might to the trick."
"Yep! That's like a good Hermione" Lavender proclaimed Happily. " Now go dear! Off you trot!"
The both laughed as Lavender led Hermione to the Floo.
" But seriously Hermione, you need anyone to talk to , or any help, contact me" Lavender stated.
"Yeah sure. " She said, and stepped into the Floo. Her mind already made.


Yes she will just say Teddy was going on about nothing, and he had some frand delusions from some movie he saw, and talking with Uncles Gred Forge and Ron.
Yes. That was for the best. She'll enter the house. Enter the kitchen. Make a quick lunch( or atleast try to) then talk to Harry, assuring him the morning incident was nothing, just a freak accident. Then they'll have a quiet and nice lunch. And maybe in the evening, they'll talk to Teddy, explain the situation to him , atleast in terms of child, and then maybe go out as a 'family-not-family' on the evening for a dinner and trip to Teddy's favourite park.

She had planned everything.


Ber plans did not anticipate walking to smell of cinnamon, almonds, chocolates and fresh cookies.
Harry- special cookies.
In distance, Romantic music could be heard.
Oh No! She realised with a pang. Harry had a date, and she might be interrupting them. Damn! She knew this would happen. Then why does it freaking hurt so bad. She better tiptoe to her room to get a good cry out so she can be happy for him. Or atleast pit a facade. Yes that would be for the best.
"Hey! There you are!" A voice proclaimed. Harry's she realised. "I have been waiting for you."
" Umm.…yeah don't worry I understand." She mumbled.
"You do!" He proclaimed, relief palpable on his face "Oh great then! Come on then"
" Yeah I mean you dont really need my blessing.…urgh what am I saying.…I didn't mean that.…I mean sure have fun, I'll be out of your way. Infact, I'll just go to my room now. Dont worry" Hermione let out in a strange voice, in one breath.
"What are you going on about?"
" Your date? .…You have a date for todat rigjt? Dont worry. I'll take care of Teddy. You don't really need to worry about us. Its all cool …I just hope that you don't- Urgh! I didn't mean that...Of course you won't how can I even suggest.…Reallt sorry Harry Yeah...Go out Have fun. Dont worey about Teddy or me . i'll ju- mhhhhh"
Hermione's monologue was interrupted by a pair of lips on hers.
Oh my god! Whats happening? Oh Merlin! Harry is kissing me he really is.
She was so stunned that she forgot to move any part of her body.
Almost as abruptly as the lips had touched her lips , they left.
" Oh my god! I am so sorry Hermione!" Harry exclaimed in horrendously worried voice " I thought maybe you liked me so I thought -"
What was Harry rambling about? Oh no she realised .She hadn't kissed him back! Well she oughta revtofy that grave oversight now!
" - so please i just had thought - mwaaah"
This time , ot was Harry who was silenced by a pair of lips on his.
When Hermione hadn't responded to the kiss his nlood ran cold. He immediately withdrew and started apologising. His replies weren't….lets say any eloquent, bit even before they could finish. The lips he had just kissed were on his kiss.
This time there was no surprise. Just plain love , affection, desire , and care both had for each other.
If you asked the pair, neither would remember for how long the kiss lasted, both would go on and on about how awesome it was. Just mind-numbingly perfect.
Too soon either of them would have liked, the couple broke apart from shortness of breath.
"Yeah! Wow" they breathed out lost in each other's eyes.
" Hermione" Harry breathed out " I know this may sound abrupt , bit would you marry me? Hell it may be the shortest courting period in human history but frankly I don't care! What else do we need in lives. I mean we already have what many vie. We even live in same house, sleep in same bed. We have already surpassed all those things, and I don't wannna waste a minute more of oir time that I lost due to my cowardice. All we need is a name to our relationship.
We dont need to marry now. Maybe next Valentine's day would be great. Teddy could be ringbearer. After all it is due to him that.……oh! Shit"
" Language Harry" Hermione tearfully chided.
" I mean that is if you like me that way. Urgh what did I do. If you are not comfortable, I can obliviate us both or maybe you can since you are obviously better and we can forget all that and live like we used too and-"
" No" Hermione whispered " I don't want too forget it"
"Are you sure"
"I love you Harry. Yes! A thousand times Yes!"
She responded with a kiss which was eagerly reprocitated.

Yep Now All was Well

; )