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Season of Love

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It has been more than 6 years since The Day.…
The years thereafter had been one of the most momentous ones in recent history. During this time, 'The Magical World Of Great Britain' was introduced to something it had earlier just read in dictionaries........ Change

The Magical World, understandably, has a remarkable history, both recorded and prehistoric, that has been passed down as days of yore
In its extensive lifetime, Many evils have risen, but so have great heroes to combat them.
But, it was first time that two of greatest evils of all time had arisen in such a short span of time, that some, luck or I guess unlucky ones were able to witness and experience both the dark times in their lifetimes.
Many have theorised, that most dangerous terrorists are those that believe they are actually doing good for society.... If not for the whole, then a part of them..... And our history is riddled with such self righteous diabolical zealots. From Hitler to Thanos ( Yep! That Thanos)...
And, this world's personal favourites, Grindelwald, and Lord Voldemort.
Grindelwald had believed in Magic is Might, and had successfully subdued large parts of Europe, But it is Lord Voldemort that pertains to our tale. Him and his bigoted beliefs.
But it wasn't actually Voldi the Mouldi that was the ultimate evil...... It was the beliefs of general populace of magical world . Their sense of superiority over mundanes, or muggles as they called them, and ignorance.
It was the same supposed superiority, and Ignorance that allowed Lord Voldemort to flourish. The common public may not be hostile, but, as they say, a single spark is enough to fan the flame.....
And thus began the dark days of Britain.…The days when the bravest started losing hope. The dark reign of Lord Voldemort and his dreaded Death Eaters.
So, it was nothing short of a miracle, when those days were suddenly over, and it was even more astounding that it was because of a baby,hardly even a year old. He was quickly heralded as their saviour, his status now next only to merlin, a week was spared to celebrate ending of the dark chapter of their lives, and then it was quickly shut, people eager to put those days behind them.……
This eagerness to be a ostrich and bury their heads in sand, was the mistake that would cost Magical Britain greatly.….
Trials were fast forwarded, and more or less nothing was done to eradicate those same beliefs that gave rise to Voldemort. Many Death Eaters, who were not caught with their pants down were able to quickly spin stories of supposed 'Imperius Curse'.…ofcourse, liberal greasing of government officials' hands helped quite a bit.….
All in all, 3 years after Voldemort's 1st Downfall, things were back to normal in Magical World.….there were no major revolutions or breakthroughs, everyone eager to maintain the previous status quo...

But, this story changed after the 2nd Downfall of Voldemort, spearheaded by Kingsley Shacklebolt and other members of Order Of Pheonix….
The-Man-Who-Won, or The Lightbringer's known support for the Order also helped quite a bit.….

So... here we are, Two Years , some odd months and some more odd days past The Day, looking into life of , as proclaimed by The Daily Prophet, Magical World's Lightbringer.
Where are we? You may ask? Are we in some wild forest clearing, where our hero is practicing dome long forgotten obscure magic, or are we in some, dingy bar or dungeon in some seedy part of town
awaiting our 'The Guy' chasing the remaining death eaters, or are we at The Ministry of Magic , where 'The Guy' at Wizengamot, looking at 'The Guy' in his resplendent robes of Acromantula Silk, befitting his status as a Lord of the Realm, watching him, as he brings forth sweeping refirms, or are we at Hogwarts, as 'The Guy' has decided he has had enough, and the old soul is imparting his experiences to the next generation, readying them.…

Nope. Harry Potter is not at any of those places .For, you see Harry has always had a tough life.
Growing up with his Aunt wasn't so kind to him...not that he was outright abused per se, but suffice to say his childhood years weren't filled with tales of love.Period.
For all of his teenage years, when normal people worry about there marks, family, friends, and dates.
Harry had something to worry about that most people do not worry about in their whole lifetimes.
Their very life.
Obviously evil - degenerate - megalomaniacs aren't that common. Duh!

Now that Harry was free of the Prophecy, he wanted to enjoy himself, atleast for some time. He wasn't exactly hurting financially...thanks to his Grandfather's invention of Sleakzy's.
He wanted to enjoy the life. A thing that had eluded him for so long. So, as soon as Hermione had tentatively asked would he like to come with her to Australia to recover her parents memories, he packed up his bags, though only after confirming thrice that he wouldn't be burden and make things difficult for her inevitable reunion with her parents.
And four months later, life was good. The Grangers were united again. There had been quite a few bumps along the road to Grangers' memory recovery and their acceptance of the fact, but eventually things had worked out well.
Grangers were now based in Australia, and thanks to Apparation and Portkeys, Hermione could vosit them as often she would like. Surprisingly for Harry, he had built a great relationship with both Dan and Emma, such that he was permanent resident at their weekly family dinner of four.
Harry also wanted to have an active role in his godson , Teddy's upbringing. Initially, he was reluctant to meet Andromeda 'Andy' Tonks, for he had immense guilt about Remus' and her daughter's fate, and had believed she wouldn't really like him, considering her whole family had been wiped out due to him. Andy, though smacked him the head when he voiced his concerns couple of months after over a cup of tea. By that time, Harry and Andy had built an effective relationship, bonding over their love for Teddy. Andy he found was a brave woman, a true Black who bowed to no one, and proud of her Husband, Daughter and son-in-law's achievements.

By the time 6th Anniversary of Victory Day rolled out,
Harry was a successful entrepreneur. He had started with WWW as tribute to Fred, and had quickly built his way from there. In span of next two years, he was a proud owner of Wizarding World's first prank-zone cum Game Zone cum eatery, largely inspired by WWW and Muggle World's Gaming Zones.
Understandably, it was quite successful.
Hermione, to everyone's surprise declined Ministry Jobs, but instead had started to work as Magical Researcher cum Inventer. Her main goal was to integrate Mundane Inventions like Television Network and Telephones with magic.
She and Harry shared a home, and raised Teddy together, ever since Andy had passed away in her sleep last year. Before passing, she had basically ordered Harry to adopt Teddy if he wanted to. She had said that Remus and Tonks would have wanted that.
Teddy was a bright star in both their lives. He was a little bunch of energy, always zipping around.
Life was good. They had weekly dinners at Grangers' and at Burrow. The Weekend was spent outside, at various places, both Mundane and magical. On weekdays, they would have breakfast together, that Harry prepared for them, after which Teddy would go to School, while Harry and Hermione both did their respective work. In the afternoon, when it was time to pick Teddy up, one of them would be responsible for that, and remain with him for the afternoon, so other could work. In the evening, they would have dinner together, and hangout, have fun.
Ron was going strong with Lavender. They both had matured a lot since their infamous relationship back in the sixth year, Neville and Luna had recently married, and Ginny was dating her Arrows' teammate Kevin Coates. Harry and Hermione, though had not been in any relationship. When prodded upon their love life, or lack of , they would proclaim they didn't really have time for such trivialities right now. The Grangers had Weasely's had long abandoned their efforts to make them realise their feelings, and had unknown to the owners, named their house 'Denial Palace' .
Teddy may be young, but kids are smart and notice things that adults are too stubborn (or scared) to admit.

"Will you get married today?" He asked one February morning and the two people he had taken to calling "Mum" and "Dad" promptly choked on their breakfast.