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A Day for Firsts

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‘What am I doing? I just went to this library yesterday!’  


Hermione didn’t know what was going on. Talking to Harry had never felt so awkward before. She’d said the first place that came to mind and instantly regretted it, but Harry hadn’t even seemed to hear her. Then he put that obviously fake smile on his face, as if she would ever fall for that. It was easy to let it go though. She had a lot of confusing thoughts on her mind about Harry at the moment, and she could pretty easily trace them back to the older couple who had spoken to them. 


‘Love? That’s ridiculous. That lady had no idea what she was talking about.’ She thought to herself indignantly. 


‘Then why were you blushing around him so much?’ Another part of her argued. 


‘He’s my best friend! We love each other platonically, that’s all.’


‘You’re practically living with him in the Head’s Quarters and you’ve been sleeping in the same bed for months.’


She blushed at that thought. ‘It’s for comfort! Neither of us has had nightmares for months because of it.’ 


‘Sure. And the fact that he goes to bed shirtless and wraps his arms around you really tightly has nothing to do with that, right?’


‘NO! Not at all.’ Even to herself, that denial sounded feeble. 


‘Hmph.’ The voice in her head coughed deliberately and Hermione faintly caught the word “fanciable”. ‘Well, would you ever trust anyone else to do that?’


‘Don’t be silly; of course I wouldn’t.’


‘You also just told him that he would always be the most important person in your life.’


‘Of course I did! He had just said such a sweet thing to me and I had to make sure he knew I felt the same way!’


‘Did you mean it any less?’


‘... No. We’ve always been there for each other.’


‘Exactly. He could have found any other girl to spend Valentine’s Day with to fend off the hordes, but you asked, and he said yes. When you needed someone, who did you turn to, knowing he would never let you down? He loves you and you love him.’ 


“Hermione?” Harry gently pulled on her hand, shaking her out of her thoughts. “We’re here.” 


She nodded and began walking inside, but Harry held her back. 


“Are you okay?”


“I’m fine,” she said quickly, plastering on a fake smile. 


He gave her a look, but made no comment. “Let’s go then.” 


She followed him inside, but she could not stop herself from mulling over that last thought. 


‘He loves you and you love him.’