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you're my beginning and end

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Yoongi's in trouble.

He's not entirely sure whether it's because of the way he watches his boyfriend with their best friend and thinks about how they'd be a good couple, or because he looks at his best friend and feels the same kind of butterflies he feels for his boyfriend.

Today, it's because Jungkook and Namjoon are play-fighting—well, Jungkook is play-fighting, and Namjoon's pouting, begging for Jungkook to stop. Same thing. For some reason, Jungkook decided to steal Namjoon's phone, hold him down with one arm and hold Namjoon's phone high into the air with the other. Yoongi thinks he heard Jungkook saying something about Namjoon refusing to listen to him while he was talking about the new HONNE album that Namjoon had sent to him the night before.

All Yoongi can do is sit across the room, watching his muscular boyfriend hold down his best friend, who makes Jungkook look tiny, with one arm, and let his eyes flick to marvel at how good Namjoon's lips look as he pouts.


"Hyung—" he hears the both of them whine in his direction, both of their heads whipping to face him.

He shakes himself out of it and raises his eyebrow at them, feigning ignorance.

"What now?" Yoongi sighs, though there's no malice behind it.

"I mean, is it not obvious? Your boyfriend has me tackled to the ground?" Namjoon whines.

Jungkook's cheeky grin turns to a pout as he addresses Yoongi, "Hyung sent me an album last night, asked me to listen to it, and now won't listen to me when I'm trying to talk to him about it!"

"Joon, why aren't you listening to him?" Yoongi directs towards Namjoon.

"I was replying to an email! About booking—" Namjoon uses his knee to hit Jungkook, "—us studio space for this weekend for the revisions on the track!"

Jungkook whines, and Yoongi feels his heart jump as he looks between the two of them.

"You're both as bad as each other. Baby, give hyung his phone back. Joon, listen to Kook once you're done writing that email, please."

"Oh, come on, you know I was going to. Why wouldn't I listen to Jungkook?"

Yoongi nods his head in agreeance, "You're right. Baby, Joon's phone. Stop teasing him, you're stronger than him."

"Hey, what the fuck—" Namjoon complains as Jungkook giggles and sticks his tongue out. He hands back Namjoon's phone and bounds across the room to climb onto Yoongi, wrapping himself around his body on the couch and leaning his head in the crook of Yoongi's neck.

Yoongi watches as Namjoon's eyes follow Jungkook the entire time, smiling wistfully at the scene in front of him. When Namjoon meets Yoongi's gaze, he clears his throat and fidgets uncomfortably before unlocking his phone and ripping his eyes away.





That evening, there's a small, dull feeling in Yoongi's chest.

"Hyung?" Jungkook whispers lightly, bringing Yoongi to his chest. "I can hear you thinking all the way over here. Talk to me."

Yoongi lets himself melt in the comfort of Jungkook's embrace, running through his head how he's going to bring the subject up to Jungkook for what feels like the millionth time.

"It's about Namjoon."

"What about him? Did he say something?"

"No, no. Nothing like that." Jungkook begins rubbing small circles into Yoongi's back. "There's just...this weird part of my brain, whenever I watch you two together. I just wonder if maybe it should've been you two instead of me."

Jungkook hums, "Sometimes I think the same thing about you and hyung, y'know?"

Yoongi lifts himself up from Jungkook's chest to look at Jungkook's face. "What?"

"I mean, you guys have known each other for longer. You've always been close, have had similar interests and stuff. You’re like, life partners. You used to live together, you work together, you’re basically joined at the hip. You two just get each other in a way that I don't understand, and I don't try to. When I met you both, I thought you were like, ten years married."

"We'd only lived together for six years when we met you, Kook." Yoongi rolls his eyes.

Jungkook huffs a small, fond laugh. "Yeah, hyung. You hadn't told me that like, four hundred times or whatever. You two just...have that bond, y'know?"

"But, so do you and Namjoon. You look up to him, he looks up to you. You giggle around him differently, Jungkook. You look at him like he hung the moon." Yoongi shakes his head, "I can't even bring myself to be mad about it, because I get it. The way he looks at you, too, Jungkook. Fuck. I can't stop thinking about it."

"So, what we're saying to each other right now is that we want each other to date hyung?" Jungkook asks, an amused smile on his face.

"I guess so?" Yoongi replies.

"So, what does this mean?"

Yoongi sits up straight and looks at Jungkook, "Do you have feelings for Namjoon?"

Jungkook mirrors Yoongi’s posture and takes Yoongi's hand into his. "I feel that I like hyung and if you feel the same as I do, then we could try talking to him and seeing how he feels about the entire thing."

Yoongi nods, squeezing Jungkook's hand. "Okay, yeah. Yeah. Me too."

He lets out a sigh of relief, his shoulders slumping.

"Hyung, please don't carry such a weight on your shoulders again." Jungkook frowns, letting go of Yoongi's hands and holding his arms out for a hug.

Yoongi smiles fondly, bringing Jungkook into his arms and planting a kiss on his head. "I mean, telling your long term boyfriend that you've been thinking he should be dating someone else who is also the same person you're not sure you have feelings for...that's a lot. It's been tricky to figure out."

Jungkook hums.

"I've just always assumed I got lucky that you chose me. I was willing to let you go the second you'd realised it."

"Realised what?"

"That you're in love with Namjoon hyung."

Yoongi pulls back to look Jungkook in the eye.

"I'm in love with you, okay? I've only recently discovered and accepted that maybe Namjoon is more than just my ex-roommate that I pretend to barely put up with, so can we please cut me some slack?"

"Yeah, yeah, hyung. Whatever you say. As long as I get to have both of you, I'm not bothered. If not, I could totally watch from the sidelines and yearn dramatically. Wait, no, but, like, I'm also cool with watching you both—"

"Enough," Yoongi giggles, planting a kiss on Jungkook's lips, "We don't even know how Namjoon will react to this, okay? Maybe he doesn’t like either of us."

"Hyung, it's quite literally impossible to not fall for you, but okay."

"Did I not say enough?" Yoongi shakes his head and pulls Jungkook down on their bed, "C'mon. Sleep time."

"Mmm, goodnight hyung. I love you." Jungkook hums, fidgeting to get comfortable in Yoongi's arms.

"Goodnight, sweetheart." Yoongi whispers, awkwardly leaning to switch off their bedside lamp and wrapping his arms tighter around Jungkook.

If Namjoon isn't okay with the situation, then that's okay, too. Yoongi wasn't sure what outcome he thought would come from being honest with Jungkook, but knowing that he wants the same thing is enough to settle the anxiety that was bubbling in Yoongi's chest, enough to let Yoongi fall asleep that night.





"So, hyung and I had a conversation about you last night." is what Jungkook starts with, and Yoongi feels a small bloom of pride in his chest at how Good Jungkook is. With a capital G.

"Well, that definitely doesn't settle my nerves, but okay." Namjoon's face falls into a frown as he fidgets with his hands. They're all sitting cross legged on the floor of his and Jungkook's living room.

"We spoke about how you're single, right?" Yoongi asks, and Namjoon turns to him, his eyebrows furrowed.

"Yes...?" Namjoon looks suspicious, "Am I third-wheeling too much, or something? I can leave—"

"No, no. Nothing like that." Yoongi waves him off.

"More like, we were wondering if you wanted to date anyone?"

"Are you trying to set me up with someone?" Namjoon looks almost overwhelmed already, and that fills Yoongi with concern.

"No." Yoongi interjects, "I guess we'll stop trying to give you hints. Look, I saw the way you looked at Jungkook yesterday, and well—all the other times..."

Namjoon's eyes widen, "Hyung, I swear. I'm sorry! It's not—"

Jungkook giggles, reaching over and taking Namjoon's hands into his. "Hyung! Calm down. It's just us." he smiles, and Namjoon faces Jungkook. He visibly calms, a small smile forming on his face.

"Okay?" Namjoon says, and fuck. The trust Namjoon has in Jungkook should make Yoongi feel sick to his stomach, but instead, it fills him with an inexplicable feeling of hope in his chest.

"Hyung told me he looks at us and thinks that we'd be good together." Yoongi notices Jungkook squeeze Namjoon's hands gently, and Namjoon looks between Yoongi and Jungkook with a guilty look on his face. "But then I told hyung that I thought the same about you two."

A lump forms in Yoongi's throat as Jungkook finishes his sentence, and if Namjoon tries to meet his gaze, he doesn't notice. He focuses his attention to the top corner of the room, because he is not mentally equipped to face Namjoon after this just yet.

But, it's all out in the open. And that's something.

"All I'm saying is that I completely understand if this isn't of interest to you, or if you only have feelings for Jungkook. I get it, and if that's what both of you want, then I'm happy to figure something out." Yoongi says, his eyes still trained to the ceiling.

"No." Jungkook says, moving closer and cupping Yoongi's cheek, bringing his face down to tip his forehead against his own. "That's not what we discussed, hyung."

Jungkook sighs lightly and moves away from Yoongi, turning back to face Namjoon who has his bottom lip in between his teeth and his eyes staring straight at the wall.

"You don't need to give us an answer now, hyung. We understand it's probably overwhelming." Jungkook offers, and Namjoon nods lightly.

"Yeah. It's a lot, but like. In a good way, I guess."

"Yeah?" there's excitement in Jungkook's voice, and Namjoon looks to Yoongi as he takes Jungkook's hands in his.

"Yeah. Really good." he smiles. "Are you sure you want this...with me?"

"Of course we do." Yoongi replies, looking Namjoon in the eye for the first time since the confession, and there it is again, the thump, thumping of Yoongi's heart as he truly looks at Namjoon.

"Okay," Namjoon breathes, pushing himself up from their floor, "I'll uh. Call you guys later? I have a lot of thinking to do."

"Oh. Of course, hyung. Talk to you later!" Jungkook says, standing up and following him to the door.

Yoongi waves and watches as Namjoon leaves, his gut swirling with a mixture of emotions he wouldn't be able to put a name to. He knows that Namjoon leaving is what he needs to do—nothing about this is an easy decision. Yet, for some reason, his heart takes it as a rejection.

When Jungkook walks back into the room after showing Namjoon out, he leans over Yoongi's back and nestles his head in Yoongi's neck.

"You're worried." he states.

"I'm worried." Yoongi repeats, and Jungkook nods against him.

"Me too, a little. But, I don't think there's anything for us to worry about, okay? We're not going to lose him, and we've got each other."

"You're right," Yoongi says, taking Jungkook's hand that's draping over his chest and holds it tight against his heart, feeling his hammering heartbeat between both his and Jungkook's hand, "We won't lose him."





It's later on that evening when Yoongi's phone lights up with Namjoon's contact photo. They'd bathed and eaten, but Yoongi couldn't shake the bad feeling and the weight in his chest.

He feels light when he answers the phone and puts it on speaker.

Jungkook looks at Yoongi and rests his hand on his thigh reassuringly.

"Hyung?" Namjoon's voice sounds from the speaker.

"Joon." Yoongi replies.

"Hi hyung," Jungkook supplies, letting Namjoon know he's listening, too.

They hear the sound of Namjoon taking a deep breath before he begins talking.

"I just wanna start this off by saying that I'm scared. I don't know how to do this, or navigate this. I didn't think I'd ever have the chance, never even imagined what it'd be like to have the feelings reciprocated by either of you. Especially after you two started hanging out without me and then told me that you were officially dating, I just. I closed that chapter of my life that was having feelings for either of you. Like, I'm sure the feelings didn't go away, I just knew it was wrong to feel that away around you. It felt like I was taking advantage of you or something. So, earlier today—I just didn't know what to say, or how to process it. This is terrifying to me. I don't want to mess this up."

Jungkook squeezes Yoongi's thigh during the short silence between Namjoon speaking and Yoongi responding. "Joon. It's okay to be scared. I can't speak for Jungkoook, but I'm scared, too. This is terrifying, and I think the fact that this is new territory for all of us means that I'd be a little concerned if we weren't frightened about how to navigate this entire thing. But all I know is that we're going to figure out how to communicate and how to be emotionally available for one another at all times."

"Okay," Namjoon whispers, "Yeah."

"We can do this, hyungs." Jungkook adds, a smile on his lips. "I believe in us to make this work."

Yoongi smiles at Jungkook and nods his head lightly.

"Come over tomorrow?" Yoongi asks.

"I'll see you both in the morning, and I'll bring breakfast."

"Alright. We can talk more then. Sleep well, Joon."

"Goodnight, hyung!"

"Goodnight, guys." Namjoon says before hanging up.

Yoongi falls asleep in Jungkook's arms that night, wondering how it would feel to have another body pressed against his back.





When Namjoon arrives in the morning, they have a good, steady conversation. Namjoon has outlined his fears and his boundaries, and Jungkook holds both of their hands as Yoongi outlines his own. Throughout all of this, Jungkook has been Yoongi's anchor. He's the youngest out of all three of them, and his faith and hope in their blooming relationship has been refreshing; but he has also been the most rational one, constantly reminding them to keep their feet on the ground and remember that they're all only human, and that this is a new territory for all of them.

Yoongi's about to mention this aloud before Jungkook takes a breath, ready to speak. Both he and Namjoon give him the space, ready to hear him out on what he has to add to the discussion.

"I think we should all kiss." Jungkook states, confidently.

Namjoon's lips curl into an amused smile at that, and Yoongi scoffs.

"I was really about to compliment you about how you've been so rational and thoughtful throughout this entire thing. I take it back."

Jungkook pouts and whines, "Hyung, no. You don't mean that."

"I don't."

"So, kiss?"

Namjoon looks at Yoongi for confirmation, and Yoongi shrugs.

"Go on." Yoongi fondly smiles at Jungkook, who leans towards Namjoon over the table.

"Okay?" Jungkook asks, and Namjoon nods slightly. Yoongi watches as Namjoon closes his eyes and leans in towards Jungkook. The kiss is so soft, so gentle, that it makes Yoongi's heart ache as he watches their lips move against each other so tenderly. They've wanted this for so long.

Jungkook giggles as he pulls away from Namjoon.

"That was nice, hyung." he flutters his eyelashes, and Namjoon blushes.

"Yeah. That was nice." Namjoon agrees.

There's a short silence before Jungkook claps. "C'mon hyungs. Your turn. I need these ten years of complete awkward sexual tension to unfold in front of my eyes, please."

Yoongi raises his eyebrow towards Jungkook. "Stop teasing."

Jungkook just smiles triumphantly in response, and Yoongi turns his attention to Namjoon, who's already got his eyes trained on him.

And, fuck.

This is it.

Namjoon's gaze flicker from Yoongi's eyes to his lips before their eyes meet for a short moment. Yoongi's heartrate picks up as Namjoon leans closer to him, closing his eyes as he moves. Yoongi mirrors his action, closing his eyes the second their lips gently meet. He's certain that times stops in that moment; every memory and laugh, every lingering stare and stolen smile they've ever shared has lead up to this kiss. He feels and hears the way that Namjoon's breath hitches as their lips meet again and again, and Yoongi's drunk on the feeling. He's always wanted this.

It's Namjoon that pulls away first, the pink dusting on his cheeks from earlier has spread all across his face right to his ears. He looks sheepishly between Yoongi and Jungkook and then averts his eyes to the table.

"That was so intimate." Jungkook whispers, "I knew it!"

Yoongi shakes his head, feeling the heat rise in his cheeks as he smiles. "No discussing what just happened. Putting a ban on it."




"Shh, baby. Should we watch a movie?" Yoongi brushes Jungkook off as he gently caresses his cheek, "We've had a heavy morning, I think the three of us should relax."

"Hyung?" Jungkook directs to Namjoon, and Namjoon looks back up and nods.

The three of them pile onto the couch, and Yoongi lets Jungkook search through for a movie he thinks all of them will like. Jungkook is sitting between the two of them, and he takes it upon himself to take both of their hands in his and squeeze them.

"Hyung," Jungkook whispers to Namjoon. "Stay tonight?"

Namjoon looks from Jungkook to Yoongi, who smiles at Namjoon, giving him an approving nod.

"Okay, yeah. I'll stay." Namjoon replies, and Yoongi's not sure if his heart would ever feel so full like this again.