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Hailey’s First Bikini

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It was another beautiful Saturday on the beaches north of Santa Monica. Shaun and his big mutt Buddy were chilling in their favorite little cove. Shaun had found this place years ago, a nice, quiet spot that the tourists hadn't found yet. Shaun was a simple man. He was in his mid thirties, had acquired a bit of gut from easy living, and came to the ocean almost every day to unwind. He had money from a generous inheritance, letting him pursue his passions without worrying about an income. Shaun was single, mostly because of his personal tastes. He liked ‘em young and small, which tended to creep out any potential partners. It didn't bother him, as long as he had his dog and his cove, he was happy.

Hailey was beyond excited. Her mom had surprised her this morning with a trip to the beach. They never went, even though her mom said it was a short drive, but Mom didn’t have a lot of free time. The hour and fifteen minutes it took to arrive felt like forever to Hailey, the excitement making the car ride stretch out until the little girl was sure they would never arrive.

Hailey quietly rocked in anticipation in her booster seat as their Lexus pulled into the parking lot. It was already crawling with people, little kids, teenagers, families. It seemed like everyone had lawn chairs and at least three umbrellas.

By the time they were parked and Kim opened the door, Hailey had already unbuckled herself and slid out of the booster. She grabbed her favorite toy—a plastic horse, named Lady—and carefully climbed out of the car. She’d wanted to bring more toys but her mom had said she would lose them and could only bring one, so she chose the prettiest one.

In contrast to the other beach goers, Kim was carrying a shoulder bag but nothing else. She walked ahead of Hailey and the little girl hurried to keep up—it was hard to walk on the sand in flip-flops. They walked to a station and Hailey half paid attention to what her mom was saying—something about bringing an umbrella out over to the end of the crowd of people, she didn’t want to be around anyone. Kim pointed and the man nodded.

Hailey took off her flip-flops to make it easier to walk in the sand but the sand was so hot that she had to hop from foot to foot quickly and after only a minute she put her sandals back on.

Kim didn’t acknowledge her child’s antics but told Hailey that she didn’t want to be near all the ‘obnoxious’ people, so that’s why they were walking for so long down the beach. On the way to their spot, the man drove past them on the dune, scouting out a spot far away from everyone else. The country club employee set up their station by drilling a hole into the sand to set up the umbrella and put a chair underneath it. He waited for them to arrive and Kim tipped him before he left.

“These people always just want money. I already paid him to deliver the stuff, but nooo, he wants a tip..” she carried on for a minute, but Hailey wasn’t listening. She was struggling to pull off her shirt and jean skirt so she could go into the water. She’s only been to the beach once before. As soon as she’s just in her frilly bathing suit, she takes off for the water, so focused on getting in she doesn’t notice her mom is still talking to her.

“HAILEY CELESTE ANDERSON!” Kim bellows to be heard over the waves, “Come back here this instant! You need sunscreen or you are going to burn!!”

Hailey hesitated, already close to the water, but obedience won out. She ran back to her mom who squirted the lotion on her hands before running them along Hailey’s body. She moved the straps of the top of Hailey’s two piece to the side to apply sunscreen. Her hands traced wherever the elastic of the swimsuit met Hailey’s body, around her top, stomach, waist, and legs to make sure she wouldn’t burn. After applying it to Hailey’s face, Kim made sure to rub it in thoroughly, leaving Hailey smelling like coconuts and a little oily but without streaky residue.

“Okay, now tell me the rules,” Kim asked, reminding her daughter to be careful.

“Umm.. I can’t go deeper into the water than my waist. And if I see a shark I have to scream and get out of the water.”

“Okay, Sunshine, go have fun and be careful. Come back in an hour and I’ll put more lotion on.” She didn’t need to tell Hailey twice, the girl shrieked and grabbed her toy horse, running toward the waves. Kim watched her girl splash into them for a minute before covering herself in suntan lotion, laying down a towel, and closing her eyes.

Shaun smiled, leaning back in his beach chair. The sun was shining, the gulls were singing, the waves were gentle, and Buddy was playing. It was a perfect day. He never had Buddy on a leash at the beach, he was named Buddy for a reason. The dog never got into fights and was friendly to everybody.

Buddy was busy chasing birds, which ended up leading the mutt to the more public section of beach. He ran up and down the sand, tail wagging like crazy as he made the seagulls’ lives hell. He was easily noticed by other people on the beach, with many complaining about the dog not being on a leash.

Hailey was getting tired of playing by herself. She was always playing by herself. She was the only child of two parents who didn't really like each other. They were both too busy being invested in their own careers and hobbies to worry about her. Hailey is used to being alone, but it still makes her sad.

So when a big, brown and white dog runs up to her while she's wading in the ocean, she is beside herself. She knows her mom doesn't like animals and is scared of dogs. Kim wouldn't want her daughter petting one. But with a quick check to look at her mom, who seems like she's sleeping on her towel, Hailey reaches out slowly to pet the dog's head. "Here, boy."

Between the people and Buddy's own efforts, the beach is bird free. The mutt looks around searching for something else to do when a little girl reaches out to him. His tail wags, having found a new friend. He licks her hand, before getting closer and licking her face all over. Then, he dips down on his front legs, before running away and coming back. He wants to play chase, and is encouraging her to join him.

Like most little kids would, Hailey laughed and laughed as Buddy licked her face--it tickled and he was being so silly. When he invited her to play, Hailey didn't even think about it. Her mom hadn't said she couldn't make new friends, so she jumped toward him and then ran away from him to get him to chase her. They wound up playing like that on the beach--the dog would chase the girl, then the girl would chase the dog. All the while, they were slowly moving down the beach, away from the other people.

Shaun was startled from his relaxation by the sound of his dog barking and a cute little voice laughing. He looked over to see a darling little girl in a swimsuit chasing Buddy into his cove. Looking at the girl, Shaun felt a stirring in his loins. She was younger than he'd ever had, and so adorably cute. He smiled, plans taking form in his mind.

"Hey Buddy! Come here boy!" He called his mutt over, hoping the girl would be lured over too. Shaun was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and shorts, and hoped that he looked pretty harmless to the kid. She couldn't be older than 6 or 7.

Hailey squealed as the dog ran over to her and poked her stomach with his nose before darting off--someone had called him. For the first time in a while, Hailey looks up and realized she didn't really know where she was and that she couldn't see her mom or anyone else--other than the dog's owner. He was wearing a funny shirt and Buddy had run over to him happily, so Hailey shyly approached him, not quite ready to leave her new friend. She wanted to say 'hi' and ask the man about his dog, but she got shy and clammed up, holding her hands nervously in front of her..

Shaun started giving Buddy skritches behind the ears, wanting to show that they were good friends. "Hello there! I see you've met Buddy, the friendliest dog in the world. I'm Shaun, and Buddy is my dog. He learned how to be friendly from me! What's your name pretty girl?" He laid back, smiling warmly. He wanted her to open up to him, to want to be friends with him before he tried anything.

The man was nice and she wanted to pet Buddy again, so Hailey walked up to join him. She beamed at Shaun, "Buddy IS the nicest dog in the world!! And he's really good at chase," she said conspiratorially, as if confiding a state secret.

She gets close enough so that she's scratching one ear and the man--Shaun--is scratching the other. Buddy's tongue is lolling to the side and he looks so happy that it makes her laugh. Then she realized he'd asked her a question and she hadn't answered it. Like she's been taught, she always answers adults respectfully, "It's nice to meet you, Mr. Shaun. My name is Hailey Anderson." The little brunette gives him a big smile.

He smiles wider, what a polite little girl. "It's nice to meet you too Ms. Haily Anderson. You know, Buddy seems to really like you, just look at that happy doggie face! And a friend of Buddy's is a friend of mine. Are you here with family?" Shaun can't help it—she's so cute up close—he starts getting hard. He has an average cock, but for someone like her, he'd be big. He wants to just grab her right now, but he knows if he can talk her into playing with him, she's more likely to keep things secret. Kids always kept secrets from their parents about their friends after all.

Hailey’s face turns a little sad. “Yes, I’m here with my mom but she didn’t want to play.” She smiles again, “but that’s okay because Buddy wants to play with me—if you don’t mind? Unless you were going to play with Buddy. I don’t have to.” She says because doesn’t want to be rude and seem greedy to the man, but she desperately wants to play with the dog—he’s so cute!

He's got her right where he wants her. "Why don't all three of us play together? I can help teach you all the games Buddy and I like to play. Some of them we needed a little girl just like you to play, so we are really glad you came along." He reaches a hand out to ruffle her hair, gauging her response. If it's positive, he can move forward. Negative, he'll need to take more time to warm her up. His cock is rock hard by now, and he resists the urge to rub himself for now.

Hailey feels like it’s her lucky day. She isn’t going to have to stop playing with the dog and will even get to learn new games. And now she has two new friends—Buddy and his owner! She claps her hands with excitement, doing a wiggle like she can’t keep it all in her little body. “Yeah!”

When he ruffles her hair, she doesn’t really react other than smiling at him. Her parents are so distant that it’s not really natural for her to have someone touch her, but it’s not alarming. Maybe they’ll play ‘fetch.’ Buddy seems like he’d be good at it, he’s so fast. And Shaun seems really fun, too—he’s wearing a wacky shirt, so he probably knows some really good, weird games.

She seems really excited about playing with them. Shaun wonders where to start with her. With how young and naive she is, he could probably start with something sexual and she would be none the wiser. Of course, she seems more interested in buddy, so Shaun figures he'll start there.

*"You know Hailey, Buddy likes to play the doggie version of leapfrog. Have you ever played leapfrog before?" Please let her say no. It's always easier when they don't know better.

Hailey has spent most of her life among adults, so she hasn’t had much of a chance to play with children her own age. She might have seen drawings of kids playing leapfrog in a book, but she can’t really remember. She shakes her head ‘no.’

Yes! Shaun can't help his big smile. "Well, leapfrog is a game where you jump and crawl over each other like a frog. Dogs play the game a little differently though. When dogs play leapfrog, the boy dog usually jumps on the back of the girl dog and they sorta wrestle. Its a dog's favorite game to play! Buddy loves to play leapfrog, but we never have a girl to play with. Of course, dog's only play with their best friends. Do you know how to be a dog's best friend Hailey?"

Shaun knows what he is doing is beyond messed up, but he doesn't really care. This isn't the first girl he's manipulated and she probably won't be the last. Buddy has broken in his fair share of girls too.

The game sounds really fun!! Of course dog’s can’t play leapfrog like kids do, they don’t really have hands. She wants to play like a dog! Sometimes, when she’s at home alone, she crawls around on her hands and knees and barks, acting like she’s a dog. Well, she did until Kim saw her and told her to grow up. “Yes! To be a dog’s best friend you have to hug them and kiss them a lot,” she doesn’t really know if that’s true, but it sounds right and she thinks that Buddy might already be her best friend. He belongs to Shaun but he’s still being sweet to her, even in front of his owner.

Shaun laughs casually, "That's mostly right! That's how you become a dog's friend. But if you want to be best friends with Buddy, you have to do something different. You see Hailey, when dogs want to be friends they sniff and lick each other, and when they want to be best friends they sniff and lick each other on the butt. I'm sure you've seen dogs put their face in another dog's butt before. So if you want to be best friends with Buddy, all you have to do is pull off your clothes and get on all fours like a dog. Buddy will see that you want to be best friends and will start to sniff and lick you. I know it's weird, but that's just how dogs are. Once he is done licking you, he may jump straight to leapfrog if you are lucky."

He wonders if she'll fall for this or if he has misjudged her naiveté. If she does go through with it, he doubts Buddy will be able to line up his mark with a girl this small, leaving her cherry all for him.* "If you feel nervous about undressing, I can get naked first to show you that there's nothing to be nervous about?"

Hailey nods the entire time he’s telling her about the steps to becoming a dog’s best friend. it makes sense—she has seen dogs sniffing each other’s butts! And even her mom said it was the dog’s way of saying ‘hi!’ How didn’t she realize this before! She could have been best friends with her next door neighbor’s dog!

Then she remembered—she’s never supposed to get naked in public, it’s very bad. Her mom AND her dad had told her that. She had been reaching for her bikini bottoms and stopped..but then when the man said he would get naked with her, she yanked them down. Her whole life, Hailey has been raised to trust and respect adults— there’s no way that it’s bad if an adult is doing it, too.

Shaun almost drools as she starts undressing right in front of him. Her little tits and slit are so unbearably cute! Regaining control of himself, he starts taking off his clothes with her, and soon they are both naked. He catches her staring at his hard cock, "This is a penis, but you may have heard it called a weiner. Boys have them, including Buddy, but boy dog weiners hide until they really like you. Later you and I can play some games with my penis that are a lot of fun. For now though, get on your hands and knees like a dog."

Hailey looked at his wiener for a little while longer as she processed what he said, then quickly threw her swimsuit pieces on the ground and got down on all fours.

“Arf! Arf!” She imitates, barking up at him before crawling around in the sand toward Buddy, giving Shaun an unbeatable look at her tiny bottom. She stretched out her neck so that her face was close to Buddy’s tail, acting like she’s sniffing him from a distance. She opens her mouth and starts panting, sticking out her little pointed tongue and huffing. She feels proud—she knows she can be a good dog since she’s practiced so much before.

Buddy has played this "game" before, and he starts to get excited. He immediately starts circling Hailey, sniffing and licking her all over with his huge tongue. He finally gets to her butt, and his tongue get to work. He licks fast, from her slit to her backdoor, covering everything in slobber. Shaun can't help it, he starts to rub himself as he watches Buddy eat this little 6 year old girl out on the sand. He knows it's only a matter of time before Buddy pounces.

Hailey laughs and laughs as the dog licks down her sides, but when Buddy starts licking her private area, she shrieks and flips over, so her butt is in the sand. She starts giggling again, gasping while talking, “That feels funny! His tongue is really rough!! Isn’t it icky for him to lick my ...down there?” she asks before looking up at Shaun and seeing him touching his wiener. She wonders why he’s doing that.

Shaun laughs, trying to make it seem like everything is fine. "I told you, he's going to lick you down there a bunch. It's normal, that's just how dogs do things. Though, if you don't want to be Buddy's best friend, we can stop playing and you can go home." He puts on a sad face, hand still on his cock.

Her nose wrinkled when he said the licking is normal and just how dogs do things, but when he said that they could stop playing and she could go home, she jumped off of the sand back into ‘leapfrog’ position. “No! It’s okay! I want to be his best friend! It just felt slimy is all. But I’ll be better at acting like a dog, I promise!” To show him, Hailey started swaying her hips back and forth, imitating a dog wagging its tail.

Shaun wanted to jump her so bad when she started wriggling her cute little ass around, but he had to stick to the plan or else this would all be for nothing. Instead he stayed in his chair, watching as Buddy came back up to her and stated licking her again, this time with the red tip of his cock sticking out. Buddy loved the taste of Hailey, his tongue covering both holes every lick, and soon he started trying to work his tongue into her tight slit.

Hailey squirms underneath Buddy’s attentions—his tongue feels so weird! But no wonder best friend dogs did this to each other—after a little while Buddy focused more on laving her with more force and it kind of felt good? She wiggled her body back onto Buddy’s tongue to try to get more of that funny feeling. He was really licking her a lot—they are going to be best best best friends!! She hopes that she doesn’t also have to lick his butt for them to become best friends. She thinks it would only be fair but doesn’t really want to, since it seems dirty for a person to do that, even if it is normal for dogs. She decides she will wait and do what Shaun tells her to do—it seems like he really knows what Buddy likes.

Shaun couldn't believe his luck. He was a firm believer that karma was bullshit, that there wasn't a higher power. For all the messed up shit he had done, he shouldn't have half as good a life as he did. He wasn't crazy, he knew what he did was messed up. But he figured, fuck it, he liked doing what he did and he hadn't been caught yet so...

Buddy was finally ready, the girl in front of him obviously receptive of his advances. He pulled his tongue from her slit, leaping onto her back. Buddy's cock was at full mast, and he thrust his hips repeatedly trying to find his mark. Instead, the cock went high, due to Hailey's small size, getting wedged between their bodies. This was enough stimulation for Buddy, who started thrusting in earnest.

Hailey made an ‘Oof’ noise as Buddy mounted her back, grabbing at her hips with his front paws. He was probably as heavy as she was, and it was scary to feel so trapped under the weight. She looked over at Shaun with big eyes and remembered what he said—that Buddy liked playing leapfrog and would wrestle while doing so. Hailey felt like she may not be playing it right. It was really jarring underneath Buddy's powerful hips.“”she asks between thrusts.

Shaun almost came when he watched Buddy mount Hailey. He reassured her, "You are doing great Hailey, he's playing leapfrog with you. You just have to stay there until he get's tired. He is having so much fun, I can tell! He really considers you his best friend." Shaun's hand is working his cock vigorously now, unable to control his lust. With a grunt, he cums hard, aiming for the sand.

She flushes when she’s told she’s doing a great job, happy that Buddy is having fun, even if it isn’t all that fun to her. It’s kind of weird, and a little uncomfortable, but on the other hand it’s fun because Buddy’s face is right above hers and sometimes he bends his head down and pants in her face, which other people might find weird, but Hailey thinks is cute. She’s really pleased with herself that she’s able to make him so happy. She looks over at Shaun just as he pees on the sand. She wonders why he did that and thinks it’s probably because the bathrooms are so far away.

Buddy thrusts happily away, his cock rubbing against the soft back of the little girl below him. Shaun still rubs his cock, once Buddy is done he will be hard again and ready for his turn with Hailey. The dog keeps up his pace for a few minutes before he thrusts one more time and sprays his cum across Hailey's back. He pants for a bit, before jumping off Hailey and starting to lick and clean her.

A minute in, Hailey starts being less concerned and having a better time, trying to wrestle with Buddy by moving her weight back and forth. He would shift his weight on top of her to try to keep her still and it became a fun little game.

Out of what seems like nowhere, there is something hot and liquid on her back. She freezes as Buddy hops off and starts licking it up—dogs are gross!! Her eyes start to tear up, thinking she did something wrong. “Why did he pee on me??”

Shaun gets out of his chain and kneels next to her, putting his hand on her shoulder and his cock near her face. "Hey, it's okay Hailey. He didn't pee on you, what happened was what happens with all boys when a girl makes them super happy. You made Buddy so happy, his penis shot what adults call cum on you. He only does that with girls who make him the happiest, same with me." He hopes she believes him, if she starts crying right now it could attract unwanted attention.

"If you still don't understand, I can show you, but I will need your help. Buddy will need some time to rest after playing, so that lets us have some people play time." He gently strokes her hair, trying to be as comforting as possible. His cock is hard again being so close to her young body.

Hailey is able to blink the tears back, but she still looks pretty skeptical. As Shaun keeps explaining, Hailey starts to feel a little proud of herself, because she was one of the girls that made Buddy the happiest.

Since Buddy is tired, she rearranges herself so she’s sitting cross legged next to Shaun. “Do you want to play in the water?” She is with adults like Shaun a lot, but none of them ever want to play with her so she doesn’t really know what to suggest. He’s probably too old to think playing with toys is fun, plus she only has one.

Shaun smiles at her, "That sounds like a lot of fun! I'd love to splash around. Plus, the waves are pretty calm right now, so it's the perfect time to get in the water. You're so smart!" The rocks extend far enough into the water that they should still be safe from prying eyes, so Shaun feels safe getting in the water with her. He picks her up, hands under her shoulders to help her to her feet. His cock lightly rubs against her, but he acts like it's nothing, like it's not a big deal his adult cock is touching a child.

Hailey leans away from his wiener because it’s weird to see. She’s never seen one before and didn’t even really know that they existed.

She grins at him, flattered that this adult man thinks she is smart. It’s nice to hear positive things from an adult, it makes her feel all warm and happy inside. Once she’s steady on her feet, she turns and grabs her swimsuit to put it back on, since they are going swimming. It’s the cutest one she’s ever had—the one from last year was pink and blue, which she liked, but it, like all the ones before it, was a one piece. This is her first grown up bathing suit.

*Shaun sees her pick up her swimsuit to put it back on and attempts to stop her, "Hey, no need to get dressed. You and I are friends now so we can play without clothes. I wasn't going to get dressed after all." He keeps a smile on, keeping everything casual. "Besides, you look so pretty right now. Your swimsuit is cute, but I think you look cuter without it." He starts walking into the water, naked, hoping she will follow his example and stay nude.

Hailey frowns briefly. She would prefer to put on her swimsuit, but if he says she doesn’t need it, she doesn’t want to be rude and put it on. And if he says that they can play without clothes, she guesses they can, although usually her mom makes her keep hers on. She runs off to the water, buck naked crashing into the surf. The sound of the ocean’s wave drown out the shriek of excitement she lets out as a whitecap knocks her on her ass.

Shaun laughs, before walking over and picking her up under her shoulders again from behind. His hard cock sticks out, trailing down her back as he lifts her, while his fingers can play with her nipples a bit from this angle. "That was really good. You are so brave running into the water like that. I know a lot of girls would be afraid of the waves!" Once she is on her feet again, he reluctantly lets her go. "Want to play a game with me?"

Not expecting any danger from a friend and not really knowing what to look for, Hailey isn’t really concerned about Shaun touching her body. Sure, she knows she shouldn’t let a person touch her special place but otherwise, the little girl doesn’t think there is a problem. Plus, this is the most attention she has gotten from an adult in weeks, and she is loving it. “Yeah!”

He gets a worried face, acting like he is having second thoughts. If this goes right, she will practically throw herself at him. "Actually, I don't know. This is usually a game that grown ups play. I don't want to scare you or anything. I mean, you seem like a brave girl, and if we play this game we will be best friends, same as the game you played with Buddy. But, I don't know? Are you a big, brave girl? Will you not chicken out from a grown up game?"

Hailey listens to him talk about a great game they can play, but starts worrying when he says she might not be grown up enough for it.

“I’m almost seven! I’m good at like every game!”she says indignantly. “I’m not a scaredy cat.” She looks at him and grins, looking like a trouble maker, “You are probably scared to play with me because you might lose. You saw how good I am at games.”

Shaun grins. That was exactly what he wanted to hear. "Well...okay, we can play. So, for this game, the goal is make me happy like you made Buddy happy. If you do that, you win! Remember what I said earlier, when you make a boy really, really happy, his penis will shoot cum out. Now, cum is bad for other animals like birds and fish. That is why Buddy licked it off of you. Now, he is still resting, so you will need to clean up my cum if you win. Believe it or not, but a lot of grown up girls like it. I know you are young, but you seem really mature for your age. You might like it too!"

Hailey listens carefully, nodding solemnly as Shaun carefully explains how bad cum is for fish and birds. She’s going to be really careful, because she loves animals.

Shaun wriggles his hard cock in the air, teasing her. "The way you make me happy is you play with my penis. It feels really good for boys when you play with their penis, and if you ever want to marry a nice boy you will have to play with theirs. The way you play with a penis is you rub it with your hands, and put it in your mouth. If you do it right, it will make me really happy! I know this sounds like a lot, but I assure you, it is so much fun!"

The little girl is eager to prove that she can be good at this, so once Shaun tells her how to play the game, she doesn’t really even think about how weird it might be. It doesn’t cross her mind to second guess her friend. She reaches out and grabs the head of his cock a little too hard. “Would my dad like his played with?”

Shaun winces a little, "Hey, easy there Hailey. You have to be gentle, otherwise it hurts." He admonsihes softly, curling her fingers into a more comfortable grip. "This isn't a game for parents though, it's only for best friends like me." Moving her hands in a slow jerking motion, he continues. "What you want to do is rub it, up and down the long part like this. Then, you can put your mouth on the end and suck on it. But be very careful with your teeth, they can hurt me if you don't cover them with your lips. And if you really want me to feel good, you can also lick on my balls. That is the sack beneath my penis, and it feels really good if you lick and suck them."

Hailey frowns and then grips him like he showed her to, her two hands grasping his shaft lightly. She moves them up and down, and with the water, his skin is slick enough to let her do it with minimal discomfort to him. The 6 year old looks up at him as he talks about being careful with her mouth and ever-so-gently puts her lips on his tip, almost like she’s kissing his slit. It’s salty from the ocean but it isn’t worse than getting seawater in your mouth, so she opens wider and wider and wider, until she can finally actually suck the head of his penis into her mouth. It’s so big that once it’s there, the glans almost fills up all of the space by itself, but she tries moving her tongue to make him feel good, being cautious not to accidentally hurt him again.

Shaun is loving Hailey giving him head. Sure, she is inexperienced, but the fact that it's her, a child, giving him the blowjob, that really gets him off. He gently takes one of her hands and puts it on his balls, using her hand to rub them until she gets the gist of it. "You're doing so good Hailey. Keep sucking more of my penis into your mouth. The more you fit inside, the more impressive you are. Big girls can fit the whole thing, but you are still young so it's okay if you can't yet. You know, you can't tell others about this. This is something only true best friends like you, me, and Buddy can do. Other people will get jealous, and stop you from seeing me and Buddy. You wouldn't want that, right?"

Hailey’s hand starts rubbing at his balls once he redirects it there. There is a lot of stuff for a little kid like her to remember, and she’s getting overwhelmed—no teeth, not too hard, rub his ball sack, rub his shaft, suck him in. She really wanted to make him happy, so even though she knew it wasn’t going to fit, she tried to get as much of his penis in her mouth as possible but it ended up being a little over a third before he could feel the back of her throat start to spasm in protest. She couldn’t believe that big girls could fit the entire thing in their mouths. It makes her feel like she’s not good enough.

Hailey’s standing naked in the water, wet all over, trying as hard as she possibly can to make her new best friend happy, but maybe he was right—maybe she’s not good at this game. Then Shaun started talking about how if she tells people, then she could never see him and Buddy again. That sounds terrible! She wants to play with them again. But they don’t even know where she lives or know her parents, probably after today she won’t ever see them again anyway, even if she doesn’t tell anyone. It’s not fair!

Shaun can see how upset she is getting, and smiles. Despite her amateur efforts, he is getting close to cumming, her small, soft mouth and hands driving him wild. He reaches down, stroking her hair and subtly guiding her, "Hey sweetie, it's okay. I know you would never tell. You are so brave and smart and pretty, and you are making me feel so good. Just a little bit more and I am going to shoot my cum into your mouth, so get ready."

He’s always so nice to her! She takes his direction beautifully, moving her head and body just like he wants. She’s glad that she’s not letting him down, that he’s still having fun playing the game and that he’s getting ready to do what Buddy did. She’s a little unsure about getting it in her mouth, because part of her is still really suspicious it’s pee, but if Shaun says it’s not it must not be. She suckles, massaging his cock with her tongue and starts really working her hands, paying special attention to his balls and rubbing them carefully. She looks up at him, wanting to see if she’s still making him happy, if he’s still about to cum.

That look in her eyes, that desire to do good and please him, that is when he knew he had her. "Oh Hailey, I'm going to cum in your pretty little mouth!" Seconds later he does just that, groaning in pleasure with a big smile on his face. His cock throbs in her mouth and she can feel his balls twitch as they fill her mouth with his seed. He pants, face red as he catches his breath, a supremely satisfied look in his face.

Hailey thought she was ready but she wasn’t. How could she have expected it to be like this? It feels like his wiener is shooting it directly into her throat. She starts coughing and his cock slips out of her mouth, but she coughs with her mouth closed because she doesn’t want to let it out and poison the fish. She coughs for almost a minute before she gets herself under control and is able to actually swallow his deposit.

Her eyes are watery from the effort of holding the coughs back as she says suprisedly, “It wasn’t pee.”

He crouches next to her and rubs her back, "I told you, that was my cum. We're officially best friends now, you did such a great job! I was really impressed that you swallowed it all. How was it big girl?" That was one of the best orgasms he had ever experienced.

"You know, Buddy and I come here almost every day. This has always been our little cove, but now it's yours too. But remember, only we can hang out here." He wanted to do more, but they had been playing for a while now, and her mother might come looking soon. It was about time to send her on her way.

“It was fun,” she lies, but it wasn’t bad—it was okay. “Next time I’ll be better at it since this was my first time learning the game.”

The thought that she would never see her best friends again made her sad. “I’ll try to get my mom to come again, but she doesn’t have a lot of free time. And we live in Santa Clarita so it takes forever to get here,” she pouts, hugging him around the neck, liking the feeling of his hand on her back. She likes him more than any adult she’s ever met, because he actually cares about her.

He hugs her back, loving the feeling of her naked little body against his. "Just be sure to tell her how much you love the beach. I'm sure she'll bring you back soon. And one day you'll get your own phone and we can exchange numbers. Next time you visit, we can play more games, but for now you should head back to your mom. Make sure to get dressed first." He releases her, giving her a kiss on her forehead.

Instead of going over to put on her bathing suit, Hailey runs over to Buddy and throws herself down on top of him, hugging him and trying not to cry. This whole day had been so different, so much fun, that it felt so big to leave, even if she knew she had to. Why couldn’t she live on the beach? She could sleep under the overhang of the rocks, and then Buddy and Shaun could visit her every day.

Buddy wags his tail and licks her face, comforting her. Shaun walks over, "Hey, it's okay Hailey. We'll always be here in our little cove, waiting for you to come back. I know we will see each other again soon." He drops to his knees, giving them a big group hug. She's really growing on him, maybe one day he could casually meet her mom and work out a babysitting deal. He doesn't need the money, but it would give him more time with Hailey, who has become his favorite playmate.

Hailey clung to them both before eventually pulling back, sniffling. She pulls on her frilly, zebra-like bottoms and her light green top. She kisses Shaun’s cheek first, then Buddy, before grabbing Lady and walking back to the other side of the beach as if the weight of the world was on her shoulders. She kept walking until she was at the same place she started. She walked up to her mom, ready to explain where she had been, but her mom is fast asleep. She hadn’t even noticed Hailey was gone. The little girl sniffles and sits down in the sand, playing with her toy horse.