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My brother's best friend - Polca FF

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We sat on the edge of the pool after our toe-curling kiss in the pool. I had wrapped the towel around myself waiting for Te to come back with some dry clothes. 

"Here.", he sat beside me dipping his feet in the pool, handing the dry set of clothes which I took.

"The kiss doesn't solve everything Tawan!", I said haughtily and left leaving him dumbstruck. 

I never dared to call him by his name but after that stunt and everything we have gone through, I think it was okay. I quickly washed up with a quick shower and walked out wearing Te's old clothes. I walked to the pool but he had disappeared, a sudden fear of abandonment filled me and I started looking around frantically. 

"Who are you looking for?", he came from nowhere and I turned around to face him. 

"WHAT THE HELL TE!", I shouted, "Where were you? I told you to wait na?"

"I was just in the storeroom, babe..."


"No Newwiee, okay calm down.", he stared at me intently and held my shoulders to calm me down, "Breath with me...."

"In...", I followed his lead and breathed in, "and out...", I followed.

"Are you okay?", he wiped my cheeks. 


"Talk to me.", he cupped my cheeks as I looked away with my eyes blurry from tears.

"I was scared..."


"I thought you left."

"I can't run away from here."

"With you, it's always like that, I didn't confess to you all these just because of this. I knew you would run away, far far away from me the moment you know I'm in love with you all my life. I didn't want that so I kept it to myself and finally when I decided to confess, everything changed. We were doing good and I talked to Earth about everything but again you assumed things and- "

He pulled me into his embrace and my voice muffled as I rested my head on his shoulder, "I'm not leaving Hin, I just needed... some time..."

I sniffled in response as my tears were free-flowing, "I'm not leaving.", he said more firmly, tightening his hold around me. The next that happened made me gasp, he lifted a little and let me wrap my legs around his waist like a momma Koala bear. I didn't know where we were headed but I enjoyed the ride till he sat down with me in his lap. 

"Are you okay now?", he pulled me back slightly but I kept my head buried in his neck.

"Hmmm...", I suddenly started feeling shy as our crotches rubbed against each other under the thin material of our pants. 

"I liked you too, New. I really did but things that happened after Earth confessed made me rethink a lot of things. Mom sent me to Chiang Mai to figure out my feelings. She wanted to put some space between me and Earth for us to think."

"That night, Mix told me how he felt about Earth and when he confessed to you, it hurt him so much. He drank and cried himself to sleep. I sat there thinking how some of our selfish decisions could destroy things but also could make things better and when I should have intervened but I didn't... I'm sorry New, I hurt in my process of acceptance but now I want to say this to you officially.", he tugged at me and I sat up. 

"Will you be my boyfriend?", His eyes were sincere and I knew that he meant it this time. My eyes welled up again and I nodded. He closed the distance between us and captured my lips. It was a slow and soft kiss just like he was tasting them for the first time. A quick bit on my lower lip followed a hot trail invading me. I held his shoulder for support as he tilted my head slightly for more access. The kiss poured his love for me. 


"Oh, you both are back, thank god. It was getting late and I was going to send Earth to look out for both of you.", Grandma Nart said as soon as we walked into the house, "Tay, you look better now...", she commented smirking. 

"Yes... my faen is here, Yai"

"Take good care of him now.", she said sincerely while I looked away as my ears burned from embarrassment. 

"I should...", Tay leaned near my ear whispering, "take a bite, it's tempting."

"What are you saying?", I pushed him away as he chuckled. 

"If you both are done, P'Tay can we talk?", Earth asked us bringing us out of our bubble. Tay immediately got serious and nodded. 

"Tell Yai that we'll be back.", he said before walking out. 

I nodded and walked away to help Yai Nart in making the famous papaya salad. She told me a few tricks in cooking and some of Tay's favorite dishes as well. These two were talking till late so I video called Mew and P'Kay. They talked to Yai Nart like always. Mom and Dad also came to say Hi once. Grandma kept praising me while Mew kept telling her to give me more work.

"New", she said after we hung up the call. 

"Yes, Yai."

"I'm so happy to know that Tay has you as a partner. I know you are younger than him but you both are a perfect match still. I see the way you both have cared about each other since you were 5 and 6 years old and I hope you can do that for a long time. Our Tay can be a little handful sometimes but he will learn..."

"Yai... Thank you for your blessing. We will be together for a long time."

Just then the brothers walked in laughing about something. Grandma and New exchanged knowing looks as they called them for dinner.