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My brother's best friend - Polca FF

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Tay's POV:

"Hey! Hey Phi!", Earth nudged me with his foot. I ignored him and snuggled into my pillow to snooze for a while. He started it again after a while which annoyed me to death. I hated one thing the most in the world and that was to be woken up early.

"What is it?", I roared at him throwing away my duvet. 

"P-phi...", A small voice stuttered from the edge of the bed. I rubbed my eyes to remove the sleep and see it was not my brother but some other guy. 

"Where is that little-", I stopped and stared at this nong. 

"Earth!!", he left shouting for my younger brother. I got off the bed and quickly entered the bathroom to wash up. 

I walked down to the kitchen and saw my whole family having breakfast including the nong who I woke me up. I settled in my usual chair and mae served me food. 

"Who is this?", I asked pointing my chin in the direction of the young guy.


"He is my friend, none of your business.", Earth cut him off

"Then what was he doing in my room?", I asked annoyed with his tone.

"Might have mistaken it for mine."

"How many times have I told you not to wake me up like that?"

"Mae told me to wake you."

"Enough both you!", Por said sharply which cut our banter short and we continued eating in silence.

"Will you drop us on the way?", Earth asked after a while.

"No, I'm going with Off and Tul."

"New, come on otherwise we'll be late.", he pulled the other guy up when he was not even done eating.

"Is this New?", I was surprised to Earth's childhood best friend.

"Yeah, you didn't recognize him?"

"Nope, he changed a lot over summer."

"Whatever, we are getting late-"

"Let him eat first.", I interfered, "I'll drop him after he is done."

"Why can't you drop me then?"

"You're a nuisance."

The whole banter was observed by the newcomer who was eating his food quietly. We finished eating and walked out together followed by sulking Earth. 

"I'll drop you both, now stop sulking.", I said to Earth and opened Off's car which was waiting for us.

"Hey Nong!", Off greeted my brother.

We squeezed the back seat as we all were bulky. I put my arm on the back of the seat for comfort. I felt New relax under my arm.

"Are you guys excited for your first day?", Tul asked everyone in general.

"Not much.", Earth replied.

"Kinda.", New followed.

"Tay might have already prepared his schedule.", Off mocked.

"Yeah", Tul agreed and I kept to myself while their conversation went on about meeting new girls in the university.

It took us about 10 mins to reach the destination. Earth and New waid at us before walking away.

"Penny for your thoughts, Tay?", Tul asked after the nongs left.

"Nothing much."

"Well, your face is saying otherwise.", Off watched me from the rear view mirror.

"uhh, are you guys ready for the first day?"

"Don't expect a lot, there is only going to be an induction program.", Off said nonchalantly

"Are the hazers going to be there?", I asked

"Most probably...", Tul sighed.

"I hope they go easy on us."

"I have heard engineering hazers are the worst, other facilities are fairly chilled.", Off added

"Aow, so we don't need to worry, Off." Tul snickered beside him and they clapped hands.

Tul and Off were my best friends and we had enrolled in the university this year. We had different faculties but we decided to go together everyday like we did in school. I knew Tul since he transferred to our school in 6th Grade where as Off was my friend from kindergarten.

"Hope I survive this." I sighed as the university came into sight.

We parked the car and looked for the way to our faculties. We parted ways as the directions changed. I found my way to the auditorium of our faculty. They started with the introductions of our seniors and the hazers. Everyone seemed scared of the hazers but when they started talking everyone visibly relaxed.

"Attention freshers!", a sharp voice called us from behind us. We all turned around and saw a stern looking senior approach us with a girl on his heels. 

"I'm Mark, the head hazer of this faculty.", he strode in front of us, "This is MewNittha, the head nurse."

He started explaining about the college and its norms. I thought we all will be spared this year but I was wrong. He looked scary but the girl beside him looked very cute. The program went on for about an hour, after finishing the program we were dismissed but I observed them joking around and snickering with each other. I wondered if I'll get such a beautiful girlfriend. I crashed into someone while looking at them.

"I'm sorry.", we both said simultaneously. I bent down to pick the scattered book while the other person followed the same. I looked up and saw a beautiful girl smiling at me while holding out a book. She looked shorter than me and her shoulder length hair bounced as she moved. 

"Are you a fresher?", I asked curiously.

"Yes! Even you are.", she stated.

"How did you know?", I ask confused.

"Your name badge.", she smiled.

"Ohh", I smiled sheepishly, "Which faculty?"

"Mechanical engineering."

"Me too, so we'll be seeing each other often. Can we exchange our line ids?"

"Smooth and sure.", I handed her my phone to punch in the id.

"Are you free now?"

"Umm, yeah...why?"

"Can we grab a coffee at the cafeteria while we explore the college."


"I forgot to ask your name..."


"Hey Mild, I'm Tay."

"I know"

"The name badge."

She smiled and started walking towards the exit. We walked till the cafeteria and found a place in a far corner as it was crowded with seniors. 

"What will you like to drink?", I asked her after settling down.

"Let's check out the menu and decide.", she said looking around.

We walked to the counter and decided on cold coffee. I insisted to pay but she said we should go dutch and I would be lying if I said I was not impressed. She had a cool kind of personality which was attractive. She could easily pass by as tom boy if her hair had been short. She was the kind of girl I wanted to date in the university. We talked for a while and her friends joined us. Tul and Off sauntered to our table looking at the beautiful girls. 

We talked for a while then dispersed for the day. I came back home and saw Earth and New studying the living room with their books spread around them. 

"What are you guys studying?", I asked them


"Oh my favorite subject."

"Thank you for the useless information. New, pay attention, I'll explain this concept for the last time now. Momentum is mass multiplied with velocity."

"I know the formula but I missed the concept there."

"Momentum is mass in motion, for example if you kick a football, it will go with fast speed at first but it slow slow down to a constant speed after a while and then gradually come to stop. The different speeds will help you calculate the momentums of the ball.", I explained to him but he still looked blankly at me. I tried to explain him again in layman language and he finally understood what I meant.

"Thank you Phi!", he said with joint hands in a wai.

"Its okay. Are you a weak student?"

"A little.", he said meekly

"No, he missed this class so he didn't understand it otherwise he scores well in every exam."

"Nothing like that, if I understand the concept everything gets easier."

"If you need help again, you can ask me.", I said before walking away to my room.

Later that night, I texted Mild to ask about the schedule for tomorrow. She replied quickly and I found out that we had most of our classes together this semester.  I smiled to myself thinking about her but New's innocent face floated in my mind.  I remembered how his face looked while he was trying to understand the problem I was explaining. I don't know when I fell asleep after that.


My first fan fic I hope you guys will enjoy this as much I enjoy writing this. It might have a few grammatical error, please excuse me for that and I'll try to edit it as soon as possible. Its a Tay New Fanfic with Earth as the support character. Tul and Off are Tay's bestfriends. I observed that on their IG's and I was quite impressed by that. this will be a series of stories so Tul  and Off both will get their own book soon. I would love to hear from you Polcas!! Love  love chings thank you reading and don't forget to  vote for this story.

P.S. Happy Republic Day to all Indian readers!