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"I don't think there's anything wrong with age gaps! Me and my boyfriend is 6 years apart, but we're doing good now!" Gulf said confusingly.

"Really?! You and your boyfriend have a 6 years age gap?!" Gulf’s friend asked in disbelief.

"Well, how long have you two been together??"

"Er, almost a year now?" Gulf answered gleefully. He had always been proud to talk about his boyfriend.

"So, it's barely been a year is it? Sigh, no wonder you think nothing's wrong. Let me tell you, I've seen too many couples with huge age gaps falling apart! It's either the older one was too matured and couldn’t stand the younger one or the younger one was too childish and was fed up that the elder one doesn’t know how to be fun! And, there's always communication problem due to age gaps! Don't you ever have such issues? "

"Nah, he doesn't have these issues because Mew is always the one that compromise and tolerate with what he wants." Mild cut in and spoke nonchalantly.

"Nooo, I would compromise with him too........." Gulf whined like a child.

"Well, when did you ever then?" There was a slight pause as Gulf racked his brains to think over their interaction.

"There isn't any right?? Every time you throw tantrum, it was Mew that tolerated and appeased you, even though it was your own problems."

"And, I heard from Singto that Mew had ditched their study group despite being busy with his studies at that time because he got a call from you.”

"Yeah, yall remember that time he skipped a test paper because he knew Gulf was having a fever? I think that was-"

"Bright!!!" Mild interrupted. That was something Mew had forced them to swore to never tell the younger one. They had only known about it because they were very close to his group of friends as well. Plus, it was Mew's choice to do such things, that was one of the few things that wasn’t on the younger one.

“W-what? When did he do that?!” Gulf gasped as his eyes widen in shock.

Seeing that they were busted and no way of backing out, Gun could only say, “Yeah, he did that. I think it was 2 months back. But no worries, he had done many extra works to cover his lost marks.”


Still, at the end of the day, Gulf’s unwavering heart started to stumble.

Age gap?

Gulf clearly knows that he will never find his boyfriend boring. Despite that Mew can be quite nerdy at times, Gulf will always think that his boyfriend is the most attractive person in this whole world.

But what about Mew?

Have Mew ever thought that he was being childish?




It was their usual movie night and usually Gulf would just pick some random romance or cartoons movies to watch. But this time, while Mew was busy buying popcorns and drinks at the other counter, Gulf had selected a new sci-fi movie to watch.

He can watch sci-fi too! He’ll show Mew that he would be able to understand the movie and was matured like him! He decided that he should change Mew’s perception of him now before things gets worst.

Well, Mew was obviously surprised and skeptical when Gulf had waved the tickets before him.

“Are you sure, tua-eng? You know that I can watch it myself at home, right?”

“Yes! I’m perfectly sure!” Gulf smiled confidently.

“But you never liked these genres! Why the sudden change?” Mew wondered.

“Well, I’m 23 now, I’m pretty sure I’ll like it now.” Gulf said as he pulled the older into the hall.

At the beginning of the movie, he really tried his best to understand everything the movie was saying. But slowly, throughout the movie, Mew felt the head that had been leaning on his shoulders drooped down. He let out a small chuckle as he saw the younger boy dozing off. He readjusts Gulf’s stance into his shoulder until he was literally scooping the younger one.

It wasn’t until the cinema’s hall light up that Gulf was disrupted from his deep sleep. He was in a dazed for a few seconds before realizing he had really slept throughout more than half the movie! He was so embarrassed that he couldn’t even face his lover and had quickly walked out while feeling angry with himself.

It was only a 2 hours movie for god sake! Why was it so hard for him?! Gulf whined sadly in his heart.




“Khun phi, do you think I look…” Gulf stuttered off, finding a suitable word as he gestured the pajamas he was wearing, “erm, weird?”

He was wearing a ‘we bare bears’ pajamas that looks absolutely adorable on him.

Mew, who was going thru his PhD work, glanced up and raised his eyebrows at his words.

“Weird? No…” His brows furrowed as he wondered what was going thru the younger’s mind, then a thought suddenly flashed through his mind, “Ah, you meant if it looks old and faded is it? You can just buy a new set if you want right? I did give you access to my cards after all.” He chuckled as he ruffled the younger boy’s hair.

“Nooo, I mean if I look childish in this!!!” Gulf whined.

“What? Why would you look childish in this? You have always worn this haven’t you?”

Gulf pouted unhappily as he couldn’t get the answer he wanted from his boyfriend.

“What’s wrong, tua-eng?”

“Sigh, nothing!!” He said as he scrambled out of the room.

Either his boyfriend is just being very dense and truly doesn’t mind him wearing these clothing or he knows what he’s thinking and just trying to reassure him despite feeling the opposite!




On the next list to be more matured in front of Mew was, stop being a picky eater!

Since young, Gulf had always hated eating vegetables.

And most of the time during their meals, Mew would reprimand him again and again. But at the end of the day, those vegetables that Gulf didn’t want to eat will be on the older’s plate.

From now onwards, he’ll definitely eat those vegetables and show Mew that he’s not a picky eater kid! And he will eat vegetables without Mew’s nagging from now on!!!

Unfortunately, he almost failed on his first day of attempting it. The university had served bitter gourd for lunch and it was disastrously the vegetable that he hated the most.

“Tua-eng, you should eat the veg-” Mew’s words abruptly got cut off as he stared in surprise when Gulf shoved the spoonful of bitter gourd into his mouth.

That was truly a sight for Mew as he had never seen the younger one eaten any vegetables voluntarily for the past one year. Sure, he always nagged him and there were times when Gulf would eventually concede and take a spoonful of it. But never bitter gourd. It was just out of habit to nag him and he was already prepared to eat another serving of bitter gourd from the younger one.

But until the end of their meal, Gulf had not once asked Mew to take it from him. Even Mew himself was starting to get worried and said, “Tua-eng, you don’t have to force it all in, just some spoonful of it was already very good. You hate bitter gourd, didn’t you?”

Swallowing down the vegetables without much tasting it, Gulf shook his head hastily and said, “No, I think it taste quite good today.”

Obviously noting Gulf’s forced smile, Mew could only helplessly shake his head. Well, he was definitely not complaining if the younger one was eating vegetables. He should just look out for him just in case he wasn’t feeling well.




Mew had always been the one who took care of him. Despite having classes, the older would still make breakfast, occasionally some lunch box and dinner. Gulf used to think how fortunate he was to have such a lover, but now, it only made him realized how bad he failed as a lover.

He was never one to do kitchen work, but, how hard can it be? So, with the thoughts to impress his lover, he had bought plenty of cooking book one fine evening and had prepared all the grocery needed.

Unfortunately, things just don’t seem to go the way he wanted. Either the eggs were burnt or he added to many seasoning into the dish or the dishes were over cooked happened.

He had been fidgety when Mew came home to their apartment to see three brown and black dishes on their dining table, waiting for him.

Mew had been skeptical initially when Gulf told him that he would be preparing dinner and to be honest, he was just glad that the young man had not caused any explosion in the kitchen.

“Should we get takeout perhaps?” Gulf asked weakly as Mew just chuckled affectionately and pulled the younger one into a hug.




Ever since knowing that his boyfriend would drop everything for him, Gulf became even more conscious on clinging onto the older one. The reminder that Mew had skipped his test just to take care of him who had fell sick made him felt uncomfortable.

His boyfriend was so perfect but there he was, acting all childlike and petulant. If he had knew that his boyfriend had a test, he surely wouldn’t tell and asked for him. But, at the end of the day, it was still his fault. He hadn’t fulfilled his duty as a boyfriend by not knowing what the older had on his schedule. Unlike him, Mew was attentive with his events and programs and he was always observant of his own situation.

So, he decided he wants to return the favor by being the most understanding boyfriend as well.

Now that he knew that Mew was busy with his upcoming assignment projects, Gulf had kept silent that he had slipped and hurt himself on the way back on a rainy day.

Since Mew was being busy with his own assignment, he had mentioned to the younger that he would be staying over with his group mates for the whole week and would try to finish his work as soon as possible. Gulf, who tried his best to be understanding asked him to take his time. So, when Gulf slipped on the wet walkway on a rainy day, despite yearning for comfort, he forcefully stopped himself from calling his lover.

He had managed painfully with the help of some strangers to the hospital to get it treated. After bandaging and taking medicines, he had pushed himself to go back on his own that day.

He had sprained his leg and bruised his wrist, despite not being serious, the doctor had told him that it would take at least 2 weeks for it be fully healed. That night, he was in so much pain that he had rejected Mew’s video call, saying that he was feeling sleepy and wanted to rest soon.

He had no appetite and compelled himself to eat a piece of bread so that he could take his medication. Then, without doing anything else, he had dived straight into his bed while being careful of his injured leg.

The next morning, he woke up due to hunger and had quickly called for food delivery. Fortunate enough for him, the delivery came sooner than expected and he had took the order from the delivery guy with much effort.

As he hopped towards the kitchen with a leg, the takeaway suddenly slipped through his grasp and burst at the impact of falling onto the floor. The hot soup burst out and splattered around the floor and his feet.

"Aooww!!!" He immediately yelled out in pain as he felt the burn scorching his leg.

Right at that moment, his apartment's door was heard jingling with keys and the door was frantically opened.

"Gulf!!! Are you alright!?" Mew exclaimed at once when he walked in and saw Gulf's face in pain as the younger held the table for support.

Although he was surprised to see Mew now, the pain had stopped him from being excited.

He was in deep pain as Mew went over and bridle carry him up and rushed him to the toilet quickly. Gulf was shaking as he supported himself on Mew's shoulder as the latter was opening the tap to rinse the younger's feet.

Gulf had instinctively avoided the water as he felt pain shooting thru his body but Mew had held his feet firmly, not letting him move as he muttered, "Stay still."

They may not have been together for a long time, but Gulf had right away noticed that Mew was in a bad mood. In fact, he seemed to be angry. Worried that he may be the reason for the elder's bad mood, he forced himself to stay still. However, as the water felt like needles on his tender skin, he still couldn't help letting out soft whine. As though sensing he was being a bit harsh earlier, Mew comforted softly, "Shhh, just for a bit alright?"

Fortunate enough, the soup had not splattered onto his bandaged leg but now, he was unable to move about easily since both of his legs are useless now. His redden swollen leg would take at least a day to be better, Gulf thought unhappily.

Despise his cold demeanor, Mew had hoisted Gulf into a bridle carry gently as he walked back towards the living room. But after settling him down on the sofa and ordered a new delivery order, Mew has yet to say a word directly towards the younger one.

Gulf couldn't help feeling dismayed at their current situation. He wanted to be matured so Mew wouldn't be fed up with him, but why does it seemed like he was pushing the latter further and further away now... He felt dejected at his failed plans as tears started to pool in his eyes.

When Mew finally brought the first aid box and sat on the sofa beside him, Gulf couldn't help but grab a handful of Mew's sleeves and muttered, "Please don't be mad..."

Mew's hand who was holding the medicine stopped for a second then he went on with his work on Gulf’s feet without a word.

"Phi... Please don't be mad na? I didn't spill the soup on purpose na~~" Gulf tried to appease his way out as he saw how indifferent his lover was acting.

But instead of soothing his love one, it seems to angered him even more as Mew looked up and stared into his eyes angrily. "You think I was mad because you dropped the pack of soup and made a mess everywhere??"

"Gulf, I'm mad because you didn't tell me you were hurt last night! If it wasn't because Singto had told me that he saw you limping your way out from the hospital yesterday, I wouldn't even know you were hurt!!!" Mew exclaimed as his voice went higher and higher.

Shocked by his lover’s outburst, Gulf averted his eyes and muttered weakly, "Phi... It was nothing......."

"That was not nothing, Gulf Kanawut. Honestly, I knew you were acting weird for the past few weeks but I let it go because it didn't do much harm. But this! How could you not tell me that you had slipped and sprained yourself?" Not even slightly soothed by his words, Mew angrily counter back. But even despite his harsh words, Mew was holding the younger's feet gently as he inspected the injuries.

"I just didn't want to bother you with this..." Still trying to explain for himself, Gulf said. "You had that important assignment, didn't you? I didn't want you to be distracted by me..." He said weakly.

Mew felt his heart became soft at once. Sigh.

"Gulf baby, you're the most important one for me, do you know that? Having a sprained leg isn't easy to walk about and something worst could have happened! I don't blame you for not calling me right away when you slipped, but I'm furious that you hid it from me, okay? You could have tumbled down the stairs or just hit yourself on the bath tub and god, Gulf, I can't have anything happen to you, you know?" Mew muttered as he leaned his head against Gulf's shoulder.

"I'm sorry, boo..." Gulf pouted as he said. Despite having his own reasons, he could understand how Mew feel now.

"Sigh, what should I do with you, tua-eng." Mew muttered as his fingers tangled with the younger boy's black locks.

"How did you even take your bath last night, huh?"

"I... Didnt?" Gulf said as he gave him a sheepish smile.

"Then how about your dinner?" Mew said abruptly as he looked at Gulf solemnly.

"I ate..."

"What did you eat, Gulf kanawut?" As though already knowing that the younger's answer wouldn't please him, he asked him seriously.


When Gulf did not give him an answer, Mew could only sigh dejectedly as he knew the answer. When did his little kid became this stubborn?

He had always loved Gulf for being honest and direct with his affection and his wants. Despite many people had teased him saying that he was taking care of a kid, he was still very glad to do so.

“Baby, your antics have been cute for the past few weeks but we really have to talk clearly this time.” Just when Mew finished putting ointment on Gulf’s feet, the doorbell rang. “But we’ll do this after you finish your meal, alright?”

And with that, Gulf had peacefully finished his meal on the sofa as Mew stopped him from moving anywhere.

He needed plate? Mew grabbed for him.

He needed water? Mew got it for him.

He needed tissue? His lover had it.

He was literally not allowed to move anywhere else. And if it wasn’t because of Gulf’s insistence, Mew would have hand feed him when he saw the bruise on the younger boy’s wrist.

And after he finished his meal, Gulf had told him honestly about what he was feeling for the past few weeks and of what he had heard from the others.

“Bii, you can’t possibly be insecure of our relationship just because of other’s opinion, right?”

“I’m not! I just, just didn’t want there to be any reasons for us to be…apart…”

“And we won’t. Tua-eng, I don’t know about you, but for me, I think I know a lot about you and I love you the way you are right now. Maybe you could be childish and silly, but I love your pureness and childlike thoughts. I’m someone complex and think about a lot of unnecessary things. But because of you, I felt that, perhaps I could see things easier and clearer.” Mew said as he caressed the younger’s cheeks.

“But…I don’t want you to drop everything you’re busy over just for me…I don’t want you to do that anymore.” Gulf said as his eyes cast down. 

“Tua-eng, I’m sorry but I can’t agree to that, I will not ever compromise you for anything else in the whole damn world, you hear me? You are the most precious thing I could ever ask for and I hope that it is drilled deep in your head this time. Whatever decision that I had made it was for my own sake. I would go crazy knowing you’re in trouble and I couldn’t do anything about it. Please, let me do this, alright? That’s what lovers should be doing." Pausing for a moment, he then continued in a lighter tone, "And, if you really don't want me to do those things, then you should take better care of yourself, alright? And I'll promise to try to not overreact too much.”

"Phi..." Gulf looked at Mew with teary eyes obviously at a loss of word.

"Tua-eng, maybe you didn't realize, but you have always helped me in all your own special and unique ways, so, never doubt yourself, okay? I love you so much and I pray that you will never ever change that side of yours." As he finished his sentence, Mew leaned forward and gave a peck on Gulf's forehead lovingly.

And, Mew had stick beside Gulf the whole 2 weeks and the only time he left him was if he needed the toilet. He would take care of the younger needs and then he would complete his assignments. And at night when they sleep, Mew would murmur all the sweet words about how precious the younger one was to him.