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Legendaries of the Present World

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In a place beyond space and time, they slumbered.

Sometimes their rest was dreamless, and at other times, their mind's eye wandered to the small blue planet. The world they had crafted.

It was an imperfect world, for they had made it that way. Only then could the life upon it flourish, change, and become many differing things. An endless number of possibilities, an unfurling blossom of hearts and souls and minds, each one distinct, unique. The planet grew in any way it so pleased, and it was beautiful.

From their dreams, they could watch life on the small planet unfold. They could see creatures co-operating, building, fighting one another, creatures with sorrows spilling from their eyes. And, they could see living beings smile, their souls shining with warmth. All was as it should be.

And yet, the original one was dissatisfied. Something was not right.

They contemplated it for an age, unable to find an answer even as a dreamless sleep washed away their thoughts. A soothing oblivion.



And then, colours gently washed through their mind. More dreams, more visions of the living.


They stirred. A realisation.

Struggling into full awareness, their turned their attention to the small world. Their visions of the world had brought them such joy, and yet, some kind of sadness. A yearning. They knew what they needed to do.

Gathering their spirit together, they began to manifest in the universe, for the first time in an eternity.


Traversing the living plane was a different experience, but a welcome one. It was easy to forget the simple joys of inhabiting a body, to reach with corporeal limbs and to feel the energy of the universe around them. With the strength of the full awareness of their mind, locating a being with an ideal heart was as simple as merely crafting a star.

They descended before the human, grass and flowers sprouting where their hooves touched the soil. As the human staggered back in uncertainty, cradling her tiny sunkern friend, they tilted their head and regarded her with a certain fondness. They could see that this human had experienced a difficult life, and yet had grown a beautiful soul through her own efforts and through the love for her Pokémon. Despite the hardships, she had persevered - a worthy soul.

Realising the extent of their incredible stature, the original one settled into a sitting position in front of the unsure human. They were still, yet, gargantuan in comparison, but it had been eased some amount. Sending forth a feeling of amicability with their mind, they beckoned the small human forward.

Leaning down to meet them, they got what they had arrived for. The human was petting their head. They were soothed.

Enjoying the feeling of head scratches, feeling the gentle breeze and the nurturing light of the sun, they yet considered more possibilities. They posed a question to the mind of the human.

Taken aback once more, the human "hmm"ed and "ahh"ed to herself, before retrieving a communications device from her pockets. The little sunkern nestled himself comfortably against the original one whilst his human friend was busy, no doubt feeling the warmth of their divinity. They watched the human, and they patiently waited.


Several humans of different shapes and sizes had come to meet the original one, summoned by the communications of the girl they had originally met. Among them were also various species of Pokémon. They were pleased to see so many different creatures with such thriving friendships, in yet such an incredibly small part of the world they had made - all of them, fully willing and ready to come forth to aid their friends.

The conglomeration had quickly gotten to work at petting the divine being, and had even brought treats. They carefully picked a PokéPuff out of the hands of a short boy, savouring the sweet senses of taste that the pastry evoked. Some of the Pokémon, not having hands nor petting-capable limbs, merely huddled and nuzzled against their physical form, among the bed of flowers that their presence had called forth.

Overcome by the comfort their attention brought, the original one carefully rolled over upon their side, allowing the eager humans access to some tummy pats. They were finally content.

All was as it should be.