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déjà vu

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If it was possible to redo one day in your life, what day would that be?

"I used to be Yokosuka Highschool's top student, now I'm no better than any of the problem students in this school", the kid mumbled underneath his breath and reached for his leather bag as he headed out of his one-room apartment located on top of a café to attend another day of school.

Recently, he started to hate going to school more and more after the incident that severely tarnished his reputation after a false assault charge issued by a high-profile CEO, which caused him to end up with a one-year probation sentence. Due to this, many of his once close friends slowly drifted away from him and before he knew it, he was all alone with no one to turn to. Teachers no longer praised him as a model student because to them, he was no better than the troublemakers in school. His peers no longer looked up to him as an example but instead they would glare at him whenever he walked past the classroom corridors. Classmates in his class would often gather together in their cliques to gossip about him, majority of the time he would overhear them saying things like: "I didn't know Ibuki was a criminal" or "It's about time he got what he deserved" due to their unnaturally loud voices echoing throughout the classroom. Ibuki didn't really care that much after 2 months worth of false rumors spreading around the school. Initially, it was only the principals who were aware of his actions but word got out fast and it spread like wildfire.

Not only did Ibuki have a strong academic record, he was previously the captain of the Basketball Club who led his teammates into Nationals but had his position revoked when the coach found out about the charges made against Ibuki. If they ever got past Nationals and word about their captain having charges made against him by a well-known and high-profile CEO, it would definitely make news headlines and take a toll on the school's overall reputation towards the public.
Just one false accusation was enough to ruin Ibuki's high school life forever and practically turned him into an outcast in a span of just a few days. He wished he could tell everyone it wasn't true but he was well aware that his efforts would be in vain and it would be futile to fight back against the rumors about him. Who would agree with a teenage boy when accusations from a high-profile CEO was filing charges against him?