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The Princess and the Knight: A Catradora fanfic

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Art credit: @Byubiyubi on Twitter

Princess Catra's backstory:

Princess Catrina Liliana Horde was born on October 28 1578. Her parents, King Reginald and Queen Liliana were so in love with her. She was perfect. She had her mother's skin and hair color and she had her dad's smile and thick hair texture. But most important she had both of their eyes; one blue like her father and one amber like her mother.

The kingdom rejoiced and threw a huge party for the baby princess. Everything was perfect...until it wasn't...

On Princess Catra's 1st birthday her mother, the queen became very ill. A prophet named Light Hope said she'd only have 1 month to live before the sickness took her.

The desperate king searched far and wide for a cure for his dying wife. He called all the best doctors, sorcerers, and wizards but none succeeded. Not even the great Light Spinner the most powerful sorceress in the land could cure Queen Liliana. A month passed and the Horde Kingdom said goodbye to their beloved queen.

The day the queen was buried it was revealed that she had been poisoned using the dark moon flower exclusively found in the Bright Moon kingdom. The devasted and grieving king ordered his army to attack Bright Moon to avenge his wife. Bright Moon defended their kingdom and then declared war on the Horde for attacking them.

The fighting between Bright Moon and the Horde had gone on for a year before the battle of Bright Moon. King Reginald led his army through the Whispering Woods during a freezing period and attacked Bright Moon. King Michah led Bright Moon's army. In the battle many lives were lost, the most of any battle they had fought before. The battle was over when the kings attacked and killed each other.

Both kingdoms were broken after the lost of their kings. The people of Bright Moon and the Horde wanted to stop the fighting. With the King and Queen gone and the Princess being 2, General Hordak and castle sorceress, Light Spinner, took over the Horde kingdom. General Hordak continued fighting Bright Moon and formed alliances with the Crimson kingdom and the kingdom of Dryl. Queen Angella formed alliances with the Kingdom of Snows, Salineas and Plumeria. Etheria was divided because of the war and many smaller villages were destroyed over the years of fighting.

Light Spinner raised Princess Catra. She taught her how to be princess, what to wear, table manners etc. Catra put up with her nonsense but at night she would sneak out and play in the Whispering Woods away from the rules and fancy dresses. She befriended Princess Scorpia from the Crimson kingdom and Princess Entrapra from the kingdom of Dryl.

Princess Catra fell into a routine by the time she was 12. During the day she would have to listen to Light Spinner training her to be queen but at night she would meet up with her friends in the woods and play games until morning. Of course that meant Catra would fall asleep during classes and be woken up by Light Spinner's yelling.

Catra was happy with her little routine but what she didn't realize was how much her life was going to change when she turned 17....


A/N: I'm really excited about this story! I was totally inspired by @Byubiyubi (Twitter) amazing artwork! Plus I love Catradora 😻😻 so I just had to write this!!! This is a human AU but it will feature the characters from She-Ra Princesses of Power. Hope you guys enjoyed reading the first chapter!!

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Art credit: @Byubiyubi on Twitter


Adora's Backstory:

Adora didn't remember her parents. Her mom had passed when she was young. She was raised by a nice old lady named Madame Razz who lived in the Whispering Woods.

Since Adora could remember she'd wanted to live in Bright Moon and train to be a knight. Razz had said that her mom, Mara, was a brilliant Bright Moon soldier before she passed away in the Battle of Bright Moon. Mara's nickname was She-Ra and she was the most powerful knight in Bright Moon. Razz had kept Mara's sword of protection for Adora to use when she came of age.

Madame Razz had trained Mara when she wanted to be a knight. Adora begged her guardian to teach her as well. When Adora was 13, Razz caved and taught her the basics. With Razz's training Adora would become the most powerful knight in The Rebel Alliance which included the kingdoms Bright Moon, Salineas, Plumeria and Snows.

When Adora was 15 she applied to become a knight. She first had to work as a squire and then work her way up to knight status. Adora met Princess Glimmer and Bow and quickly became friends with them. They would have sleepovers at the castle and go on adventures in the Whispering Woods.

On her 16th birthday, Adora went to see Madame Razz and they baked a pie together. Adora told her guardian she was moving to Bright Moon officially and she was finally drafted to fight.

Razz was sad but understood and wished Adora the best and made her promise to come back to bake pies on her birthday. Adora promised and packed all her things up. She kissed Razz on the cheek and gave her hug goodbye. Adora went to Bright Moon and moved into the castle next to Glimmer's room.

When Adora was still 16 she became the captain of Bright Moon's army by order of Queen Angella. Her 17th birthday was only 3 months away but she still felt so young. She was excited but also slightly overwhelmed. On one hand she wanted be She-Ra like her mom but on the other hand she felt like she had a lot of responsibility that she didn't necessarily know how to handle.

The next day she visited Razz for advice. Razz told her that she believed that Adora could balance Etheria by being the captain of Bright Moon's army like her mother. Adora was confused about what she meant by balancing but thankful for Razz's support.

She stayed the night at Razz's in her old bed. What Adora didn't realize was that her life was about to change that night...


A/N: A shorter chapter again just to give background info on Adora. I'm so excited to continue writing this story. Leave a vote or comment if you like it so far!
FYI: Adora was born on January 19, 1578, so she is a little younger than Catra. Also both backstory's end at the same time aka the day before Catra's 17th birthday which is October 28 1595. Hope that clears it up!

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Art credit: @Byubiyubi on Twitter



"Princess please hold still"

"I would but you're crushing my ribs, Lonnie" I say to my lady in waiting who is tying my corset.

"I know, that's kinda the point of a corset princess" she says pulling tightly.

"Ow! I don't see why I have to wear my formal dress for my birthday. Why can't I just wear my day to day dress that doesn't need a corset?" I say grumbling.

"Because Light Spinner said you needed to wear this and what Light Spinner says-"

"Goes, I know I know" I say cutting her off. She smiles sympathetically at me a slides my dress over my head. She grabs my black petticoat and slides it over my hand. I smile, it's my favorite piece of clothing I own. The ruby on it was my mother's when she was my age.

"You are 17 today, my Princess, so you only have one more year of listening to her right?" Lonnie says adjusting my dress.

"Psh Light Spinner won't give up power that easily but I guess technically she has to...but it won't mean she won't try to prevent me from taking over" I say huffing.

Lonnie puts on my red gloves and special occasion earrings. She grabs my crown from its box and places it on my head.

"There you go my highness" she says curtsying.

"Hold on, I'm missing something" I say going over to my drawers. I open them all and throw my clothes out looking for it. Lonnie runs behind me trying to catch the flying garments. "Ah here it is" I say holding up my belt, "I couldn't go anywhere with knife belt."

"But Princess-" Lonnie starts, muffled from the clothes she's holding.

"Don't worry about Light Spinner, I'll deal with her. Besides I need it in case I run into rebels" I say drawing my knife dramatically.

"Whatever you say, now can you put that away, we mustn't be late for breakfast" Lonnie says putting my clothes back on their drawers.

"Yes fine ok" I say putting my knife back. I look at my mirror and then over to my parents picture on the wall. I smile thinking about how they would react if they saw me today.

"Princess Catrina, are you ready to go?" Lonnie asks.

"Princess Catra" I say.

"Yes, sorry Princess Catra" she says opening my door.

I rush down the stairs to the dining room with Lonnie on my tail trying to keep up. I swing open the doors to the formal dining room and yell "It's my birthday bitches!"

Lonnie smacks her forehead. Light Spinner is sitting at the head of the table. She glares at me across the long table.

"Princess Catrina Liliana Horde, how DARE you use that foul language" she yells. I smirk and walk over to my chair which is opposite hers. I jump into it and put my legs over the armrest and look at Light Spinner.

"Princess Catrina how many times have I told you about sitting posture!" she says in a shrill voice. I groan and sit upright with my hands laying on my lap. "Good" she says huffing. She rings a bell and two servants rush in carrying trays.

They come up beside me and say, "Happy birthday Princess Catrina!" They take off the the lid and there's a chocolate cake with raspberries on top with the words 'Happy Bday Catra!'

"Aw thanks Rogelio this is so sweet!" I saw to the tall man.

He smiles and Kyle says, "hey! I helped too."

I laugh and say, "You helped by giving the Chef someone to yell at."

Rogelio and I start laughing hysterically while Kyle turns red from embarrassment. Even Lonnie lets out a chuckle from the corner.

"Enough nonsense, where's my breakfast" Light Spinner yells, clearly unamused. I roll my eyes and Kyle rushes over to her and places a blackberry smoothie in front of her. He then runs back to Rogelio and they bow before exiting the room.

"Aw c'mon Light Spinner we were just having fun" I say annoyed.

"Fun is strictly for peasants and animals and you are a princess, unless I'm sorely mistaken" she says sipping her drink. I sigh and bite into my cake. It was amazing! The inside was filled with raspberry and chocolate syrup. "Now let's go over the schedule for today. AMANDA!" she yells the last part.

A small woman comes out from the corner. She was quiet that I didn't notice her until now.

"Yes, Light Spinner?" she says curtsying.

"Bring me my scrolls for today!" she says.

"Yes, Light Spinner" she says curtsying again before rushing out.

The only noise was the clinking of my fork. I look up to see Light Spinner looking at me.

"Yes, Light Spinner?" I say staring back.

"Do you have to scoff down your um...breakfast like a-a rebel?!" she says in a disapproving tone.

I scoff and say, "I do not eat like a rebel!"

"The frosting on your cheek says otherwise" she says sipping her smoothie. I frown and Lonnie hands me a napkin. I take it and wipe the frosting off annoyed that Light Spinner was right. I can tell she's smiling under that face covering she always wears.

Amanda runs in carrying some scrolls. She hands the top one to Light Spinner. She tries to curtsy but she drops the other scrolls of the floor.

Light Spinner scoffs and rolls her eyes. I get up and run to help Amanda.

"Thanks Princess Catrina, I'm sorry for my clumsiness" Amanda says standing back up. I stand up too and hand her a scroll.

I smile and start to say, "Don't worry abo-"

"Don't excuse Amanda's incompetent behavior" Light Spinner says to me. She turns to Amanda, "Now go, get out of my sight" she says waving Amanda off.

I look sympathetically at Amanda and she gives me a small smile before curtsying and leaving. The doors close behind her and I glare at Light Spinner before going back to my seat. I sit down and sigh.

Light Spinner sets down her glass forcefully and says, "What's wrong now?"

"You! You are! Why are you so mean to her?" I yell standing up fast.

Light Spinner stands up fast  and shouts, "Don't talk to me like that!"

We glare at each other for a minute before I give up and sit down. I cross my arms and look at the wall.

Light Spinner sits down and clears her voice, "Now today is a very special day Princess Catrina-"

"Catra" I say interrupting her.


I sigh and stand up. I curtsy and say "I'm dreadfully sorry for my behavior Light Spinner. I respect you and thank you for raising me to become the next queen of the Horde."

"Hmm" Light Spinner hums and the sits back down. I sit back down too. "Now as I was saying, today is a big day for you Princess Catrina. Today after lunch you will be meeting with suitors from different kingdoms as well as our own, for your hand in marriage."

"WHAT?!" I yell confused.

"Princess Catrina don't yell, it's not ladylike. As I was saying you must select a husband before your 18th birthday so I figured we'd start looking now" Light Spinner says. I just stare at her with disbelief.

"What?! No way am I going to marry anyone! Much less a man!" I say annoyed.

"Princess Catrina you are not allowed to rule on your own, you must choose a king before your 18th birthday or you lose control of the throne" she says calmly.

"No No NO! I'M NOT MARRYING ANYONE THIS IS-THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!" I yell storming out of the throne room. I hear Light Spinner yelling at me to come back but I ignore her. I run through the castle and sneak out through the servants entrance. I just keep running and running and running. I don't know where I'm going. Tears blur my vision and I trip and fall over a log. My dress is covered in mud. I look up and realize I'm in the Whispering Woods. I get back up and wander around.

I go to where Scorpia and Entrapta and I used to meet up. I smile looking at our drawings we scratched into a tree when we were little. Suddenly my eyes well up with tears and I slide down and sit and the base of the tree.

What am I going to do? I don't want to get married. I want to fall in love on MY time. Plus I...I don't think I  even like men. I've always paid more attention to the girls at balls with their beautiful smiles and tight corsets... It's not like I could tell Light Spinner though. There are probably more same sex couples in Etheria than straight couples but Light Spinner banned gay relationships when she assumed power. It's not fair! Scorpia has two moms and Entrapta has two dads. But Light Spinner doesn't care about them she just cares about controlling me and the Horde kingdom. I should just run away and live somewhere else. But what about my people? I can't just abandon them. I don't know what to do...

I get a shiver and I look up and realize the sun's setting.

Oh no

I get up and start walking back to the Fright Zone. It gets darker and without a lantern I can't see anything. I feel like I'm going the right direction but I don't know. All of a sudden I trip and fall into a big ditch.

"Owwwww" I shout. I clutch my stomach and realize my dress is ripped from the fall.

First the mud and now this, Light Spinner is going to kill me

My left arm hurts as well, I must've landed on it funny. I try to climb up but I can't without both of my arms and my left arm hurts too much to use. I slide back down to the bottom and start crying, thinking all hope is lose when suddenly I hear a voice from above.

"Do you need a knight in shinning armor, fair maiden?"

Happy birthday to me...



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That's all I wanted to say. Stay safe,


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Art credit: @sacha_art (Instagram)


I toss and turn in my bed. It's late but I haven't been able to fall asleep yet. My brain won't shut up.

What if I can't live up to my mom's reputation? I don't want to let down Queen Angella and the Rebellion. What if I fail?
No you can't think like that Adora. You are She-Ra and you will lead your knights to victory...hopefully

"Owwwwww" I voice cried out in the night. I jump out of bed. I grab my red jacket and my sword just in case. I don't have time to put on my full suit of armor.

Razz is fast asleep when I sneak out of the house. I light a lantern and roam the woods. I hear something to my right and I run towards it. There's a 6ish foot hole with a weeping maiden in it.

"Do you need a knight in shinning armor, fair maiden?" I say reaching my hand down to her. She grabs it and I pull her up. I lose my footing and fall backwards and she lands on top of me. "Oops sorry Milady" I say awkwardly. She gets up fast and smooths her skirt which is all muddy and tattered. She keeps mumbling stuff under her breath. "A thank you would be nice" I say smirking at her.

She turns to me and does a fake curtesy. "Why thank you my knight in um red jacket" she says teasingly.

"How'd you get all the way out here, Milady?" I ask her.

She looks me in eyes. The lantern illuminates her. She has amazing eyes; one like the sun and one like water. Her hair was beautiful, messy but beautiful. "I got lost" she says folding her arms.

She grumbles and sits down clutching her stomach. "Oh here" I say picking her up, "I'll give you some medicine for your wounds."

"Put me down! I can walk myself" she says struggling.

"Fine ok" I say putting her down but grabbing her right hand in mine. She blushes and turns away from me.

"Whatever let's hurry up I have to get back by dawn" she says.

"Whatever you say Milady" I say smirking. I guide her back to the cottage. "So where are you from?" I ask her.

She doesn't answer right away. She finally turns to me and says, "I'm not from anywhere but I need to get to the Fright Zone by morning because I-I need a rare medicine for my mom."

I look at her suspiciously. She scoffs and says, "stop judging me, the Horde has very advanced technology and weapons."

I put my hands up and say, "I wouldn't think about judging you, Milady. She rolls her eyes but smirks avoiding my eyes again.

"So where are you from knight?" she says.

Should I say I'm from Bright Moon? Would she get suspicious? I still don't know what side of the war she supports. Plus she is going to the Horde tomorrow...

"I live in the Whispering Woods with my um Madame Razz" I say hesitantly.

She looks at me confused. "What's a Madame Razz?" she says. I laugh while she side eyes me.

"She's my guardian but I call her Madame Razz" I say amused.

The girl rolls her eyes and says, "you could have just told me that in the first place dummy."

"I'm not a dummy!" I say fake offended, "I'll have you know I was the smartest in my class at knight school." We both look at each other and then burst out laughing. I steal a look at her again. Her smile was contagious and she had the cutest laugh ever. My eyes go lower to her pretty petticoat and her red jewel and then to her breasts...

"Whatcha starring at?" She says so suddenly it catches me off guard.

"Wha-me I'm not-I'm not starting at anything Milady" I say turning red. She smirks and comes closer to me. She twirls my hair with her finger. Her face was so close to mine that I could count all of her freckles if I wanted to.

She says, "I can feel your heartbeat from here my knight." She winks and backs away. My brain has stopped working. I gulp and try to slow my heartbeat.

"I-I don't know what your talking about Milady-oh look here we are" I say going around a tree. She trips on the roots and I catch her in a dip position. We stay there for a second just looking into each other's eyes wondering what happened if we got any closer...

"Mara dearie who's your friend?" a voice calls out. We both stand up straight. The girl smooths her dress and I clear my throat. We walk towards the cottage with our hands touching ever so slightly.

"Hi Razz. Sorry for going out so late I just heard this damsel in distress cry out and I couldn't ignore her" I say gesturing to the glaring girl.

"I am not a damsel in distress. You try walking around in a dark forest with a corset and heels" she says in retaliation. I smirk at her and for a second I forget that Razz was there.

I snap out of it and say, "so I was going to get her medicine and bandages for her wounds."

"Yes you are very smart Mara dearie" Razz says pinching my cheeks.

"Razzzz" I say annoyed but nice. The maiden laughs slightly trying not to be too loud.

Razz let's go of my cheeks and says, "if you girls need anything I'll be in my room." The old lady rushes off and I hear her door close in the distance. I was alone with the mysterious maiden again.

"Soooo" she says breaking the silence, "the medicine?"

"Ah yes hold on let me get it out um yes here it is" I say rummaging through a drawer. I hold up a bottle of basic healing remedy for non serious wounds. I give it to her and she drinks it. She hops on the counter with my help and I grab some bandages to wrap her stomach and arm cut. She takes of her dress so I can bandage her. She's just wearing a corset and an underskirt.


I am not okay

Focus Adora! Stop gay panicking!!!

I wrap the bandages around her stomach. Ever so often my fingers would graze her stomach, making me more and more flustered. I made sure the bandages were tight and she makes a gasp noise that I swear will haunt my dreams forever.

Please please stop thinking gay

I wrap her arm as well and help her put her tattered dress back on. She puts on her petticoat and adjusts it. I just stare at her. She is really the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

"Thank you" she says with smiling eyes.

"Yeah it was really no problem Milady" I say fake bowing. She giggles and then clutches her stomach and pain. I rush over to her but she waves me back.

"It's just the potion, it's starting to work but it just hurts a bit" she says a bit pained. She gets up slowly and walks over to the window. "Oh shit the suns coming up" she says.

I take her hand in mine and say, "well we better start going, my fair maiden." She blushes and pulls on my hand to start going. We walk outside and I lead the way to the Fright Zone. After about 5 minutes of walking she says, "oh! now I know where I am. I can go the rest by myself."

"Are you sure?" I ask concerned.

She smiles and says, "yes I have no pain now."

We're still holding hands. I don't want to let go. I want her to stay with me. She doesn't let go either.

Then suddenly she kisses me on the cheek. She backs away and blushes.

"A thank you kiss for my knight in shinning armor" she says still blushing. I blush too and smile back.

"When can I see you again Milady?" I ask.

She thinks for a second before saying, "the next full moon. A month from today."

"Aw so long?" I ask sadly.

"Yes I'm afraid so" she says disappointed.

I grab her hands again and gaze into her eyes one last time.

"Goodbye...?" I say waiting for her to say her name.

"Catra. My name's Catra and is yours Mara?" she asks.


"No Razz just calls me that sometimes. My names Adora" I say smiling at her.

"I'll miss you Adora" she says sweetly. She looks at me one more time before running off through the woods.


She's amazing

The sun is almost completely up now as I walk back to Razz's. She's sweeping when I walk in.

"So how was your date?" She says raising her eyebrows.

"What?" I say confused.

"With the pretty girl, how was it?" she says again.

"First it wasn't a date. And second it went good" I say smiling at the last part.

Razz smiles and continues sweeping.

"Razz?" I ask.

"Hmm" she says.

"I've decided to accept Angella's offer to be captain. I've decided to become the next She-Ra" I say proudly.

Razz stops sweeping and hugs me. "Mara would be so proud of you dearie." Tears roll down my face and I hug her back.

We stay like that for a moment before she says, "what are you waiting for? Go! Go! But come back soon before I miss you too much, dearie."

I smile and grab my things from my room. I give her a kiss on the top of her head and wave goodbye before starting towards Bright Moon. As I'm walking I make a mental note to get Razz a pet when I come back. I feel bad that she's all alone. I'll ask Glimmer and Bow what they I think I should get her...


Eyyyyy 4th chapter out! I'm really excited to write this story!!


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Picture credit (left to right): kckelleher11 on flickr, Eva Jobko on Etsy
A/N: The pictures are of Catra's room and her green dress




Did that just happen???

Did I really meet a beautiful lady knight

And kiss her!?!??

On the cheek but still I can't believe I did that!!!!

I'm running through the woods and I come across the clearing. I see the Fright Zone in the distance and I run across the clearing. I make it to the main gate. I was able to sneak out through the servant gate last night but I won't be able to today.

"Halt! State your business" a guard says to me.

I push my hair back and point to my crown giving them an annoyed look.

"Oh sorry, your highness, I-I did not recognize you. Light Spinner is looking for you" they say bowing.

"Ah princess there you are" a tall musclely woman says appearing next to the guards.


"I'll take her royal highness to Light Spinner right away" Octavia says to the guards.

"Yes Force Captain Octavia" they say bowing.

She grabs me by the arm forcefully and drags me inside. She drags me through the guard tower instead of through the village.

"Owwww! Do you have to pull that hard?!" I yell at her. She stops and yanks me around to face her.

"Oh I'm so sorry your highness, did you or did you not sneak out yesterday?" she says sarcastically.

I glare at her and say, "that is none of your concern."

She narrows her eyes at me and she grips me harder but then loosens her grip.

"Let's go" she says dragging me along again. She leads me to castle and we climb up the stairs to my room.

She pushes me in and says, "wait here for Light Spinner."

She slams the door shut and I hear it lock.

"No wait! Come back!" I yell. I hit the the door in frustration and curse at my now bruised hand. I sit on the floor out of frustration. I blow a strand of hair out of my face but it just falls back in the same place. I huff and cross my hands.

Suddenly I hear the servants door open. Lonnie is pushed in by the head lady who quickly shuts the door behind her. She looks angry but gets over it quickly and walks over to me.

"Oh my First Ones, are you ok?" she says helping me off the floor.

"I'm fine I guess I just got lost in the Whispering Woods last night" I say getting back on my feet.

"What were you doing in the Whispering Woods alone at night?" she says getting a washcloth from the basin.

"Yeah alone" I say under my breath, smiling.

"What was that?"

"Nothing" I say blushing.

"Hmm" Lonnie says skeptically. She wipes my face with the washcloth.

"Light Spinner told me I have to find a husband,  so I ran away" I say.

"Oh" she says surprised, "I knew you would have to get married when you were 18 but you turned 17 literally yesterday."

"I know! Light Spinner is insisting that I start looking now" I say gulping.

"Yeah that sounds like her" Lonnie says putting the washcloth back. She walks back and starts to help me take off my ripped, muddy dress.

"What happened to your arm and your stomach, princess?" she says concerned.

"Oh that's not a big deal. I just tripped in mud, fell down a hole and hurt my arm and stomach, but I'm fine I promise" I say seeing her freaked out face.

"Oh no oh no no no! Light Spinner's going to kill me. And you!" she says spiraling.

"Hey!" I say slapping her softly. She holds her cheek in surprise. "Sorry but she's not going to kill anyone and I feel fine so we don't even have to mention it to her" I say calming her down.

"Ok. You're right, sorry princess" she says curtsying.

"Psh. Don't worry about it Lonnie" I say smiling. She smiles back and hands me a simple white dress to wear. I take my corset off and put the dress on. It's much comfier than the formal one.

"Just letting you know that Light Spinner will be mad if you don't wear a corset" Lonnie says while buttoning up my dress.

"I know" I say smiling and winking. She laughs but shakes her head in disbelief.

"I'll take your dress to the washer maids and the castle seamstresses to get fixed up for you" she says. "Do you need anything, princess?" she asks.

"Can you stop Light Spinner from coming up here to talk to me" I say, batting my eyes.

Lonnie laughs and says, "no way sorry, my princess." She curtsies and knocks on the servants door. It opens and she walks through and it shuts fast behind her.

I jump on my bed and lay down, exhausted from the night's events. I've just sunk into my pillows when I hear a knock on my door and I sit up startled. Light Spinner comes in and I fix my posture instinctively.

"You are in so much trouble young lady" she says angrily. I raise my eyebrow and cross my arms. "Princess Catrina!" she yells. I flinch and uncross my arms and hang my head.

Light Spinner sighs and sits down next to me on the bed. "All I want is for you to be successful Catrina" she says softly. I look away. She puts her hand on my cheek like she used to do when I was younger whenever I was sad. I relax and melt into her hand. All of sudden the tears escape my eyes. I start sobbing and Light Spinner rubs my back.

"I-I'm sorry for sneak-king out yesterday" I say sobbing. "I-I was just scared, I-I don't-t want to get married Li-ight Spinner" I say sniffling.

"Aw Catrina" she says putting her hand back on my cheek. "I understand, that's why I helping you find someone now, so that you feel more prepared" she says smiling sweetly at me. I sniffle again and nod.

"I understand" I say, "but I want to get to choose who I marry."

"As long as he's of royal status" Light Spinner says strictly.

"Yes, ok" I say taking a deep breath.

"Since you ran out yesterday, you missed your suitor meeting yesterday" she says getting up.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that" I say nervously.

"No matter, now come we have to you get ready" she says grabbing a hairbrush.

"No wait!" I say putting my hands up.

"Princess Catrina, you must brush your hair" Light Spinner says through gritted teeth. She comes over and wraps me in her arms so I can't escape. She starts brushing my very messy hair.

"Neverrrrrrr" I say dramatically.

Truthfully I didn't hate brushing my hair, but Light Spinner always brushed my hair like she's trying to yank it out.

"Perfect" Light Spinner says finishing adjusting my hair. She then goes over to my dresser and picks out a fancy green dress. She hands me the dress as well as a corset, black gloves and my emerald earrings. "Lonnie will help you finish getting ready for the meeting. You will then meet me in the throne room in 10 minutes. Do you understand, Princess Catrina?" she says curtly.

I sigh and bow my head. "Yes, Light Spinner" I say. She hums and then leaves shutting the door hard behind her. Like on que, Lonnie comes back in from the servants door.

"Hello Princess" she says curtsying.

"Light Spinner noticed I wasn't wearing a corset" I say grimly handing her the corset.

"I'm sorry Princess but it's probably for the best, you want to look the best for the suitor, right?" she says helping me take of dress. I put on the corset and she starts tightening.

"Ow! Not so tight!" I say gasping for air.

"Oops I'm sorry, your highness" she says loosening it.

"Thanks" I say, grateful. She slips on the green dress and buttons it. I put on my gloves and then my emerald earrings. I go over to mirror and fluff my hair back up. The dress is really poofy and has a lot of black lace everywhere. I grab my father's black broach and attach it to the front of the dress to add my own touch to the ridiculous outfit. All of a sudden, Lonnie attacks my face with a powder thing and my face looks like someone accidentally blew cinnamon everywhere.

"Lonnie!?" I say annoyed.

"Sorry Princess, the head lady said that Light Spinner wants you to wear makeup" she says apologetic. She smooths the powder in and then adds some blush. She grabs a tube of red lipstick and puts it on before standing back to acknowledge her work. She stifles a giggle.

"What?!" I say turning to the mirror. I gasp. I look like a poorly made doll. "Lonnie!? What the fuck did you do to my face???" I say fuming.

She bursts out laughing. I run to the basin and wash off the makeup. Lonnie is still laughing and there are tears of joy running down her face. I go back to the vanity and grab some rose lip gloss and put it on quickly.

"Ok quit laughing, we have to go" I say grabbing Lonnie's arm.

"You're right, I'm so sorry Princess. I really can't do makeup" she says opening the door for me.

I giggle. "It's fine, I hate makeup so it works out" I say winking. I run down the stairs and Lonnie frantically runs behind me, trying to keep up. I run the whole way but stop right before throne room entryway. I take a deep breath and I feel a hand on my shoulder.

"Hey" Lonnie says smiling, "everything is going to fine."

Oh my First Ones I hope so

I nod and smile and she escorts me into the room. Light Spinner is sitting on the main throne speaking to a man dressed in fancy white robes. His back is turned to us.

"Ah Princess Catrina, thanks for joining us" Light Spinner says smiling. The man turns around and flashes a pearly white smile at me. He has white hair and piercing green eyes. I can't explain but I feel like I've seen him before.

"Let me introduce you to Lord Prime, brother of General Hordak, and leader of the Intergalactic Fleet"

"Wait? Isn't the Intergalactic Fleet the most powerful army in the galaxy? What are you doing in Etheria?" I say surprised.

"Yes, my Princess, I'm am the leader of the most powerful army in the galaxy" the lord says walking over to me. "I've been told about your little war dilemma by my dear brother, so I've traveled across the stars to meet you" he says smiling. He bows and kisses my hand. "With the merging of our armies we could crush the Rebellion for good, that is if you accept my proposal" he says smirking.

I look over at Light Spinner and raise my eyebrows in confusion. I turn back to Prime and he kneels and pulls out a giant diamond ring. My eyes go wide. Lonnie gasps and Light Spinner smiles with delight.

"Will you marry me, Princess Catrina?" he says with his signature smile.

What the hell am I going to do!?!?



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2. Instead of saying "oh my god" the characters say "oh my First Ones" because they think that the First Ones were some types of gods and also it sounds cool
3. I decided to make Octavia, Light Spinner's 'actual right hand woman' as well as a Force Captain in the story because I feel like it needed another small antagonist and it felt right


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Chapter Text


"Hey Princess" Rogelio says sitting next to me.

I look up from the ground a give him a quick smile before looking back down.

"So Lonnie told me what happened" he says.

"Hmm" I say still avoiding eye contact.

"How are you doing?"

"We I am just flee-flipping-tastic Rogelio thanks for asking" I say sarcastically.

I'm replaying the events that just happened in my head.

"Um I have to think about it" I say to Lord Prime before running out of the throne room.

"Catrina get back here!"  Light Spinner yells.

"Princess?!" Lonnie calls out.

I hear shouting but I ignore it. I run and run until I'm in the rose garden. It was my mother's garden. It was a small circular area with a dozen rose bushes. It was my favorite place in the castle.

What the hell just happened??? That guy was like 40 or something. I can't marry him!!!

But Light Spinner will probably make me. Lord Prime has a huge army that she wants to use to win the war. Plus he's the brother of General Hordak so the three of them will still technically be in power. I need to think of another way to get out of this but I can't think of any male royalty on Etheria. Wait but I don't even want to marry a man, ugh this is so confusing!!!

My thoughts drift to the mysterious lady knight I met in the woods. I wish she was an option...

"Hey I know that whole proposing thing was kinda sprung on you-"

"Kinda?" I say giving Rogelio a confused look.

"Ok totally sprung on you but Kyle, Lonnie and I just wanted to let you know we have your back" he says smiling.

I smile and say, "thanks I appreciate it. But I don't think even the First Ones themselves can get me out of this situation."

"Yeah..." Rogelio says awkwardly rubbing his arms.

Lonnie walks into the garden and sits down next to us. "Hey sorry to interrupt but Kyle's looking for you Rogelio" she says giving a smirk.

Rogelio blushes. "Will we see you later by any chance?" he flirts.

I side eye Lonnie and smirk. She avoids looking at us and turns red. Then through gritted teeth she says, "maybe."

Rogelio smiles before leaving the garden. Lonnie watches him go and when she turns back to me I'm smiling at her.

"What?!" she says embarrassed.

"Huh oh nothing" I say shrugging my shoulders. "It just seems like you have a crush on Rogelio and maybe even Kyle by the looks of it" I say smugly.

"I-uh-you-this is none of your business, Catra" Lonnie says flustered.

"Hmm" I say smirking. "You never call me Catra, you're really trying here aren't you Lon Bun" I say teasing her with her old nickname from when we were little.

"You make it so hard to be your friend sometimes" she says shaking her head.

"Aw you're no fun, I was just playing...but how big is Rogelio's you know" I say laughing.

"Catra!" Lonnie shouts while turning bright red. By now I'm on the ground laughing. My stomach hurts and I'm out of breath. I look up and Lonnie's glaring down at me.

"Are you done" she says crossing her arms.

"For now" I say getting back up on the bench. "So why'd you come out here anyways, I mean beside to organize Kyle's bootycall" I say.

She ignores me and says "well as you probably guessed this already but Light Spinner is looking for you. She's entertaining Lord Prime right now but she told me to find you but I decided that you hid from me really well. But I still need you to go back soon."

I sigh and get up. I go over to the rose bushes. I pick a bright red rose and smell it. Suddenly the memory of the blonde girl comes back.


I never realized she smelled like roses until now.

"Um Princess?" Lonnie says bringing me back to reality.

"You're right I should go deal with her now" I say dropping the rose. I walk out of the garden and start making my way back to the throne room. I take deep breaths and mentally prepare for the lecturing.

I walk into the throne room with my head held high. Light Spinner and Lord Prime are sitting on the thrones discussing something but they stop when they see me. Light Spinner starts glaring at me and Lord Prime smiles.

"Ah hello again my princess" he says getting up.  "Have you had enough time to think about my proposal?" he says with a smirk.

I gulp and avoid Light Spinner's hot glare. "I have and I-I um" I say finally giving in and looking at Light Spinner.

I sigh and say, "I am interested in your proposal but I would like to keep my options open, at least for now but I will let you know before my next birthday." With that I turn on my heel and walk out of the room. I run up the stairs and sit on my bed. About twenty seconds later Light Spinner storms in.


"But I didn't I simply told him that-"


I sit in silence and Light Spinner glares down at me. I take a deep breath. "You're right I'm sorry I'm being selfish" I say looking down.

Light Spinner's expression softens and she take a deep breath. "Oh Catrina" Light Spinner says sitting down next to me. "I hate fighting with you. I'm glad you understand the importance of this proposal now" she says cupping my face. I nod my head sadly. "I know Lord Prime isn't exactly your fairytale prince but there's not a lot of options and let's face it he's the best one" she says kissing my forehead.

"You're right" I say hugging her. "I'm sorry" I say muffled.

"Oh sweet Catrina, you know I only wants what best for you and your kingdom" Light Spinner says patting my back. I let go of her and wipe my face with a handkerchief.

"Now that you understand, I will set up a formal date with Lord Prime about a month from  now so you can adjust to the idea" she says standing up.

"Ok" I say.

"Perfect I'll go and let him know" she says smiling.

I assume. She's always wearing a covering over her mouth

"Ok" I say lying down on the bed.

"I'll see you at dinner, Princess Catrina" she says before leaving and closing the door.

"Great" I say quietly to myself.

I look over to the portrait of my parents.

Is this what you guys would have wanted for me? To marry a rich old dictator? I don't think so. But it doesn't matter I need to do this. For my kingdom!

I just wish it wasn't so hard...

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Chapter Text



"Adora!" a figure says ambushing me with a hug. I quickly realize that it's Bow and I hug him back. "Or should I say She-Ra" he says elbowing me and smiling.

I chuckle. "Yeah I guess so. As soon as I got back to Bright Moon I told the Queen right away that I'm taking the captain position" I say happily.

"That's so cool" Bow says with his eyes sparkling. "My two best friends are She-Ra and the Princess of Bright Moon."

I laugh again and Glimmer runs up next to us.

"Ugh finally, hey guys I've been looking for you everywhere!" she says out of breath.

"Hey Glimmer, what's going on?" I say.

"The Horde armies have positioned themselves on their edge of the Whispering Woods, we think they're preparing to trudge through and attack!" she says loudly.

"Yeah that's not good" Bow says sheepishly.

"Oh my First Ones! I have to go now! I have so much I need to do, Glimmer do you think you could call a war meeting, Bow do you think you could go and get the tech masters and blacksmith?" I say to my friends.

"You got it Captain" Glimmer says saluting with a smile.

"Anything for She-Ra" Bow says before running off. Glimmer follows after him. I take a deep breath.

You got this Adora

I run down the stairs to the first floor of the Bright Moon castle. I go to the war room to start a plan before the others got here.

After five minutes, soldiers start rushing in. The room has filled up with a lot of people. Besides the soldiers, there was General Netossa and Admiral Spinerella. There was Queen Angella and Princess Glimmer. Bow was with the blacksmith and the tech masters. All of Bright Moon's best and brightest were here.

"Hello everyone, thank you for being here. I have been told by our forest scouts that the Horde is planning on attacking Bright Moon relatively soon. Apparently Dryl has lent them new tanks and weapons. Now we can still fight them, we have Netossa's new net technology and Spinerella has been working with the tech masters, to use wind turbines to create a first defense mechanism. Not to mention we have strength in numbers" I say enthusiastically pumping my fist in the air.

The soldiers pump their fist and shout to show support. I smile and continue, "you are all brave, strong rebellion knights, so lets go show those Horde scum what happens when you mess with She-Ra and the Rebellion!" I say shouting.

Now everyone is cheering. "Ok, meet me on the training field in 10. Make sure you have everything you need for battle" I say to the soldiers. They nod and exit the room.

"Good speech Captain, now can you follow through on what you said" Queen Angella says coming up to me. I gulp and say, "yes of course, I meant every word, your highness." I bow and she nods to me before leaving.

"Sorry about her. Adora. She's just scared" Glimmer says putting her hand on my shoulder.

"Thanks Glimm, don't worry we can do this" I say putting on a brave face. But on the inside I was freaking out. Of course on the first day as captain the freaking Horde decides to attack.

"I'm going to go check on her, I'll find you after" she says walking away. I sigh and I jump when I hear a voice behind me.

"Oh sorry Captain didn't mean to startle you there" the blacksmith says.

"No it's ok, Levaron" I say to the tall blacksmith.

Levaron is genderqueer and they were a Crimson Waste gang member before we recruited them as Bright Moon's blacksmith.

"Levaron and I have finished the fans for Admiral Spinerlla and we have already set them up around Bright Moon's perimeter. But check in with us at the Star house before the Horde attacks" a tech master, Jewelstar says.

"Ok I'll be there after I talk to my knights" I say. They both bow slightly and rush out.

"Hey are you doing ok?" Bow says concerned.

"Agh oh sorry you scared me" I say shaking slightly.

"Hey what's going on with you, did you get enough sleep last night?" he asks concerned.

Last night, oh last night...

"What?! Psh of course I got enough sleep last night. It's not like I was awake helping a beautiful mysterious maiden in the Whispering Woods or anything" I say rambling awkwardly.

Bow raises his eyebrow and then he realizes what I just said and his eyes light up and he squeals.

"OH MY FIRST ONES?!?! IS THAT TRUE???" he yells excitedly.

"Shhhh, and no of course not!" I say in a shout whisper. I'm a terrible liar and Bow knows that.

"Hmmm, I don't believe you. Who is she?!!" he says shaking me.

"Ok OK! Stop shaking me and I'll tell you...maybe" I say quietly.

"Ok..." he says letting go but still looking at me intensely.

"Ugh fine. It's not a big deal but I met the most beautiful, amazing girl in the world last night" I say blushing.

"EEEEEEEEEEEE" Bow squeals.

"Shhhhhhh! Keep it down" I say worriedly.

"What is her name? What does she look like? Where is she from? Is she from Bright Moon? Do I know her?" Bow says fast.

I sigh and shake my head. "Bow I really can't talk about this right now. We are literally about to be attacked and I have so many things I need to do" I say starting towards the door.

"Yes, ok. But this is NOT OVER OK!!!" he shouts as I run out the room.

I run out to the training field and see the soldiers hanging around stretching, getting their things from the war tents.

"Attention!" I shout and everyone gets in a straight line in front of me.

"Let's go over the plan. The Horde armies will be attacking from the east aka the Whispering Woods. There will be soldiers, tanks and war bots attacking us. You all are trained in hand to hand as well as battle combat so that takes care of the soldiers. Thanks to General Netossa the perimeter is rigged with net traps to slow down the tanks and bots. I think that if we can direct all power to the wind turbines Admiral Spinerella help make, we should be able to push all of their machines back and then attack them!" I say enthusiastically.

"Hell yeah, let's crush these Horde scum!" Netossa shouts. The soldiers shout and then get ready for battle.

"Thanks General" I say winking at her.

"No, thank you Captain, without your plans we would be nowhere" she says smiling. "I need to go check on Spinny but honestly I think we're ready."

"Yeah" I say smiling.

Just breathe Adora , you've got this.

I run off to the Star Siblings tech workshop in the village, called the Star house. When I get there Levaron is already there talking to the three siblings.

The Star Siblings' planet was destroyed by a dictator named Lord Prime. They found refuge in Bright Moon just a few years ago. They are the reason that Bright Moon's been successful in the technology department.

"Hey guys where are we with the new weapons?" I say out of breath.

"They're going good, we're just fine tuning them" Jewelstar says.

"All the wind turbines and net traps are set and we can manage them from here" Tallstar says showing her tablet.

"Ok great!" I say exhaling. I sit down in a chair and lay back. The exhaustion has caught up with me.

"Oh Adora are you ok?" Starla says coming over to me. Her pet owl, Glory is sitting on her shoulder.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm just...nervous? I'm just scared that I'll fail I guess" I say.

"Don't worry, Captain" Starla says with big smile, "you have everything planned out and we're ready" she says rubbing back.

"Thanks Starla" I say hugging the star girl.

"Of course" she says with a smile. Tallstar's tablet starts going off and I run over to her.

"What's going on?" I say concerned.

"A net trap was tripped...they're here" she says. I run out of the house and back to the field. The soldiers are already ready, standing at the edge of the woods.

I go and stand in front of them, my eyes locked on the woods. I hear the sound of wheels and footsteps get louder and louder. The trees start to sway, signaling that the Horde has arrived.

I take a deep breath a yell. "For the Honor OF GRAYSKULL!" I raise my sword and we charge into the woods.

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Chapter Text

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The battle lasted 2 hours but we ended up destroying all the bots and tanks. Luckily there were only minor injuries on our side. I can't say the same for the Horde soldiers.

As soon as the Horde retreated we celebrated and tended to our wounded. Glimmer insisted that I take some time to relax in my room. I was hesitant but she kept persisting. She even prepared a bath with strawberry bubbly soap so I caved.

So now I was laying in the bathtub bored out of mind. I'm not good at relaxing. I lay my hair back and sink deeper so only my nose and up is out of the water. I try to blow bubbles but I get soap in my mouth.

"Pflt yuck!" I say trying to spit the soap out.

I look over at the clock. I've been in the bath for 20 minutes.

Well I think I've had enough of this.

I get up and grab my towel. I jump on my bed and grab a book while I wait to dry off a little bit more.

Hmm Romea and Juliet, the story of two women from separate families and their star crossed love story. Seems good.

I start reading and it was actually pretty good. I ended up reading about 50 pages when I hear a knock at the door.

"Hey Adora are you decent?" Bow's voice shouts from outside.

"Just a sec" I yell. I turn over my book and jump out of bed. I run to the closet and throw on undergarments, my casual red jacket, gray pants and white shirt. I run over and open the door for Bow.

"Hey how was your bath? Glimmer told me about her plan to get you to relax" he says walking in.

"It was er fine" I say lying badly.

"I can't believe you! You're the only person I know that doesn't do anything to relax" he says jokingly but still concerned.

"That's not true! I was just reading a book!" I say.

"You're still technically using your brain though to read. To relax you need to not use your brain, Adora" he says raising his eyebrow.

"Fine ok you're right, now what did you want to talk about" I say sitting on my bed.

Bow bats his eyes and gives me a knowing look.

"No, no no no. I'm not discussing this with you right now" I say waving my finger at him. He groans and flops on the bed.

"Come on Adora! Don't leave me hanging, I'm so invested in this" he says while giving me puppy dog eyes.

"Hmmmffff fine! But don't tell Glimmer yet, she is too judgy about this stuff" I say giving up.

"Ok I won't, now spill!" he says sitting up. I sit down next to him on the bed. I take a deep breath, in an attempt to still my racing heart.

"Ok so like I said last night I met this maiden in the Whispering Woods. She was hurt so I took her back to Razz's cottage and addressed her wounds and gave her some healing potion" I say.

"Oooooo, did you two play doctor afterwards" he says smirking. I scowl and punch him in the arm. "Ow!" he yells in pain.

"Oh sorry I forgot my strength for a second, but ew gross Bow no we didn't and I would never take advantage of a damsel in distress" I say crossing my arms.

"Ok true...but did you want to" he says smirking again. I turn away so he can't see my red face.

"No uh of course not" I say fast.

"Sureeee" he says.

"Well it doesn't matter because I'll probably never see her again" I say turning back around.

"Awww" Bow says frowning.

"Hi Adora I just came to check on you, is it ok to come in?" Glimmer says in the doorway with her eyes closed.

"Yes, come in!" I say. She opens her eyes and runs over to us.

"Hey! Why are you not in the bath? And why is Bow here?" she says with a hint of jealousy.

"Well I tried the bath but it was boring so I dried off and got dressed and then Bow came and we talked for a bit before you got here" I say explaining.

"Oh ok" Glimmer says relaxing a bit.

"Hey Bow do you mind if I talk to Glimmer for a bit" I say to him.

"Sure! I'll see you guys later" he says walking out. Before he leaves he winks at me. I roll my eyes and turn to Glimmer who has sat down on the bed next to me.

"So...what did you want to talk about" she says fiddling with her fingers.

"I know that you like Bow" I say smiling at her. She turns pink and chokes.

"I-augh-do not like-uoff-Bow" she says trying to clear her throat.

"Well whether you do or not" I say handing her a glass of water, "I do not like him and he does not like me."

"Ok ok" Glimmer says after drinking some water.

"Also I'm gay" I say to her.

"Like happy gay or like sapphic gay?" she says.

"Well both but I meant sapphic gay" I say laughing.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, that makes sooooo much sense!" Glimmer says, "I don't know how I didn't notice this before!"

"Yeah I guess you don't really have a gaydar" I say smiling.

"Um Adora I think I might be bi?" she says hesitantly.

"Bisexual or bipolar" I say jokingly. Glimmer laughs.

"Probably both but I meant um bisexual" she says awkwardly. I smile and then hug her.

"Cool" I say quietly.

"I know people don't make a big deal about being gay as much anymore but I don't know I still get nervous" Glimmer says.

I lean back to face her and say, "I understand and don't worry the nervousness will pass besides Bright Moon is like 90% gay so you'll fit right in" I say giggling.

"Heh you're right" Glimmer says with a chuckle. "Thanks Adora, sorry for snapping earlier. I should probably go see Bow and apologize to him too. See you later" she says getting up.

I smile to myself and grab my book. I lay down and start reading although my mind was going to fast to really focus on the story.

I smile and feel the butterflies in my stomach calm down a bit. I start reading again, this time imagining myself as Romea calling up to my Juliet, Catra on her balcony. I blush and get caught up in the fantasy.


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Chapter Text


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About a month has past since I've last seen the lady knight but not a moment has passed that I don't think of her.

I know that sounds so cheesy but it's true. My mind can't stop thinking about that dumb blonde.

"Good morning oh hi you're awake" Lonnie says entering through the servants door. She pulls my curtains open and I hiss at the sunlight. "Oh stop, you're so dramatic Princess" she says jokingly.

"Hmmph" I say putting a pillow over my face.

"Ya know Light Spinner should promote me for waking you up in the morning" she says pulling my sheets off the bed.

"Hey!" I say annoyed, sitting up.

"It's laundry day" she says simply. I growl and lay back down. "No no come on Princess we have a lot of stuff to do today" she says going over to my dresser.

"Ugh Lonnie don't do this" I whine putting the pillow back over my face. Seconds later Lonnie snatched it and throws it on the pillow of sheets on the ground. "Whyyy" I say dramatically.

"I know why you're resisting more today, Princess" Lonnie says softly.

"I don't know what you're talking about" I say avoiding her eyes.

"You mean to tell me you're not anxious about your date tonight with Lord Prime" she says sitting next to me.

"I'm not, I just...ugh Lonnie you don't understand" I say getting up and sitting on the window seat.

"I'm sure I don't, now Princess will you please allow me to get you ready today?" she says in a condescending tone.

"Fine" I say rolling my eyes. I walk over to the vanity and sit down in the chair. Lonnie takes a cloth to wash my face. When she's done she starts to work on my bed head. "Ow! Do you have to pull so hard?!" I yell.

"Sorry it's just um really knotty today your highness" she says. She continues to brush my hair until it's shiny and smooth. She hands me a corset and underwear and then turns around. I take off my nightgown and put on the underwear and corset. When I'm done she turns back around and laces up my corset.

"Ow why so tight Lonnie?!" I say annoyed.

"Oops sorry" she says loosening it a bit. "Hold on I'll be right back" she says leaving through the regular door. She returns a minute later with the most gorgeous dress I've ever seen in my life.

"Wow" I say under my breath.

"Yeah isn't it beautiful, Lord Prime had it specially made on one of his colonies. Feel this silk, Princess" she says holding it out for me.

Shoot it's really nice...I wanted to hate it.

"It's ok I guess" I say downplaying my excitement.

Lonnie gives me a look and slides the dress over my head. The gown was decorated with red rubies and the Horde emblem were sewn onto the sleeves. It fit perfectly on my body and made me feel powerful.

I hate how much I love this dress.

"Ok Princess all done" Lonnie says smoothing my dress. She grabs my crown that matches the dress. It's slightly more formal and has rubies like the dress.

"Thank Lonnie" I say smiling at her.

"Of course, your highness" she says. She grabs the laundry and gives me a wink before leaving through the servants door.

As soon as she leaves I grab my painting supplies and sit on the window seat. I flip in my sketchbook to an unfinished painting of a blue bird. I get out my brush and dip it into the light blue paint. I start painting the body of the bird. I've been painting for nearly five minutes when I hear the main door open.

"Put away those silly paintings and come sit down over here" Light Spinner's shrill voice cuts through the room. I frown at her and put away my painting supplies. I walk over to the vanity and sit down in the chair.

"They're not silly, they're relaxing" I say.

Light Spinner laughs and grabs my brush she starts brushing my hair which has become frizzy again. "Princesses don't get to relax" she says. I roll my eyes.

"Aw perfect" she says finishing brushing. I'm glad Lonnie had already brushed my hair or else this would've been torture. She grabs rose oil and works it into my hair so that it'll work better. She takes something out of her pocket and shows it to me.

No way.

"You will wear the ring Lord Prime got you today" she says firmly. I shudder looking at the sparkling diamond in her hand. I cringe and close my eyes but extend my hand and she slips the ring on my finger. "Wow, look how lucky you are Catrina. Marrying the most powerful man in the universe, the heir to the Horde throne and wearing the biggest diamond ring I've ever seen" she says putting her hands on my shoulders.

"Yeah" I say under my breath, "lucky."

"You look beautiful but let me add one more thing" she says rummaging through my vanity. She takes out some lip rouge and dips a wet lip brush in it. She paints it on my lips and it is a dark red color. She smiles and tucks a piece of hair behind my ear. "Perfect" she says smiling. I force a smile. "Ok you're ready. Come down stairs in two minutes to the formal dinning room. You and Lord Prime will spend the day together starting with brunch. Keep in mind I will be with you during brunch" she says sternly. She leaves my room and shuts the door behind her.

As soon as I can't hear her footsteps anymore I start sobbing.

Why is this happening to me?

I take a deep breath and wipe my face. I stand up and smooth my dress. I look in the mirror and frown.

Is this really my life now?
Parading around in fancy dresses for the rest of my life.
Having no say in anything about me.
Forced to marry a forty something lord who just wants to take my throne.
I'll find a way out of this.
Besides I'm meeting Adora tonight so at least I have something to look forward to.

I look back to my parents portrait on the wall.

I wish you were here

I sigh and open my door. I head downstairs and walk into the formal dining room. Lord Prime is sitting across the table in Light Spinner's spot. She's sitting adjacent from him.

"Welcome Princess Catrina" Light Spinner says.

I curtsy and say, "good morning." I take my seat across of Lord Prime.

"You lovely my dear Catrina" Lord Prime says with a smile. He eyes me as he raises his goblet in the air. I hesitantly raise mine and give a weary smile.


"So Princess, we were just discussing wedding details. Lord Prime has been married once before so he doesn't want a huge wedding but I was thinking we could have two. One more intimate and then a celebration with the public" Light Spinner says gushing.

I choke on my drink. "Wedding details this early?" I say confused. "I haven't even decided if well you know" I mumble.

"Well we need to start planning anyways because it is a royal wedding" Light Spinner says sweetly but stares me down with cold eyes.

"And don't you want everything to be planned out ahead of time, darling" Lord Prime says with a toothy grin.

Choke on your ego and die

"Sure" I say. Light Spinner clears her throat her loud and I add "dear". She looks satisfied and turns back to Prime.

"Well I have royal matters to attend to but Lonnie, Princess Catrina's lady in waiting, will escort the date I've planned" she says standing up. She leaves and I see Lonnie standing in the doorway. I give her a look

Did you know

She returns a look. I didn't know she planned all this.

I sigh frustrated at her meddling. "Is something wrong, Princess?" Lord Prime says chewing on food.

Ughhhhhhhh yuck

"No um Lord Prime-"

"Harold" he says interrupting me, "you may call me Harold dear."

Harold?!?? I'm going to have to marry someone named Harold?!??!!!!?

"Yes um Harold I'm fine I just didn't realize this was going to be a whole day of doing things" I say twirling my fork.

I've lost my appetite.

"Well I specifically asked Light Spinner for the whole day because I still have my other empires to look after and I will be busy on my days in Etheria, going over battle strategies, helping my brother you know boring stuff really" he says.

"So you have other kingdoms you rule then" I say, now curious.

"Yes on other planets" he says sipping from his goblet.

"Wow I've never been outside the Horde except for the occasional ball in Dryl or Crimson" I say.

"Yes well I have the largest intergalactic fleet in the universe like Light Spinner probably told you and I rule over almost all the planets in this galaxy, although most of them are watched over my younger brothers or one of my generals" he says finishing up his meal.

"You have more brothers?" I ask.

"Yes I'm the oldest of 12, a lot of them are twins and triplets though. Hordak is my youngest brother, the black sheep of the family if you will" he says. He rings a bell and Rogelio rushes in and takes his plate away. Before he leaves he gives me a supportive nod and I smile slightly back.

"Oh ok" I say sipping some more of my cranberry juice.

If this 'lord' has so many other planets he is the ruler why does he want to marry me? What does he want with Horde or with Etheria?

I don't trust him

"Well my dear Princess, I am done, would you like me to escort you to our next activity?" he says coming over to me.

Hell no

"Sure, thank you" I say as I take his arm and stand up. I hold onto his forearm and we walk out of the room. Lonnie is ahead of us and guides us through the castle and to the castle gate. There waiting for us was a beautiful roofless red and gold carriage with four white horses.

"Wow" I whisper under my breath.

"Consider this an early engagement gift from me, my dear" Lord Prime says with a smile.

Just because this is beautiful does not mean I will marry you

"It is the most beautiful carriage I've ever seen, thank you" I say curtsying slightly. He grabs my hand and helps me into the carriage. He helps Lonnie up too. He gets in after us and signals the driver to start. The carriage starts moving away for the castle and towards the center village.

"I'm glad you like your gift my dear, we couldn't have you walking around with commoners, could we?"

Um what did he just say???!!

"I don't mind walking" I say annoyed. "Please stop" I yell at the driver. He stops and I get out of carriage.

"Wait where are you going Princess?" Lord Prime says getting out of the carriage.

"I'm walking to the village, it's only a short way and I want to meet with the people of my kingdom" I say sternly.

"Oh my apologies Princess, I did not realize you felt this way. Let me walk with you, Lonnie can meet us in the village" he says bowing.


"Actually we can ride in the carriage until we get to village and then we can get out" I say climbing back in.

"Whatever you desire, Princess" he says joining us in the carriage. The carriage starts moving again.

Pretentious asshole

"So Princess, do you have any questions to ask me?" Prime asks.

"Why do you want to marry me?" I say looking straight ahead.

He smiles and I see him starring at me out if the corner of my eye.

"Well you seem like a smart young woman so I'm not going to sugarcoat my reasons. I want to rule Etheria and marrying you is the easiest way to do it. If I was king of the Horde I would be in control of the Horde army. That as well as my personal army will make it easy to take Etheria. I know I am not your first choice, Princess, but with me you can rule over all Etheria" he says with a smirk.

You disgust me

"Are you ok Princess?" he asks wrapping my hair around his finger. I flinch and move away. I sit in silence with my eyes locked ahead for the rest of the ride. Luckily we were close to the village.

"We've arrived your highness" the driver says as he stops the horses.

I look to Lonnie and she nods and escorts me out of the carriage.

"Actually Miss Lonnie do you think you could stay with the horses while Mr. Drim gets supplies in the village" Horde Prime's cool voice cuts through the air. I groan and roll my eyes.

"Of course Lord Prime" Lonnie says. She gives me an apologetic look before walking away. I feel an arm slip around my left arm and I look up to see Lord Prime smiling down at me.

"You ready Princess?" he says.


"Yes" I say and we walk into the village.

The villagers are gathered and greeting us as we walk into the town square. I smile and wave at my people. I rarely get out of the castle so I never really get to visit with them. I feel a tug at my dress and I look down. A little village girl is standing down there. She was holding up a pink flower. I smile and take it from her.

"Thank you little one" I say smelling the pink posy. I squat down next to her "What's your name?"

"Uh Sylvie" she says quietly.

"Well thank you Sylvie, would you like to be a princess with me for a day?" I say smiling.

"Yes! That sounds so fun, thank you!" she says hugging me. I hug her back and put the flower in her hair.

"Here this will be your crown" I say to the sweet little girl.

"Princess Catrina" Lord Prime's voice says from beside me. I turn to face him.

"Yes" I say mono toned.

"What about our date" he says in a bittersweet voice.

Shit. I forgot about the rest of the date.

"What if Princess Sylvie waits with Lonnie in the carriage and later we can ride around it together" I say smiling at the little girl hiding behind me.

Harold frowns but then smiles. "That sounds wonderful Princess" he says kissing my cheek.

Ewwwwwwwww ew ew ew ew ew ew

"Great. it's settled then" I say through a forced smile.

"Yay thank you Princess Catrina and Lord Prime" Sylvie says happily.

"Miss Jenever will walk her back to the carriage" he says motioning to a lady wearing a simple purple dress. He puts his hand around my waist and starts pushing me towards the opposite direction.

"Hey! I can walk by myself" I say pushing his hand away. He looks angry but then relaxes.

"I'm sorry Princess I was getting ahead of myself" he says bowing slightly. "Here come I've set up a flower display for you, darling" he says motioning to the flower shop.

We walk in and in the center of the store there is a huge bouquet of red roses.

"Do you like them" Lord Prime says in my ear.

Get away from me now

I shudder and step away from him. I turn around and force a smile. "Yes thank you, red roses are my favorite" I say.

"Yes they really are quite beautiful, like you Catrina" he says putting red roses in my hair. "Aw perfect" he says smiling at me.

I shiver in disgust when he turns away from me.

"So I've reserved the entire restaurant for lunch" he says motioning to the door.

"Oh I'm not really that hungry-"

"Please I insist, I had the chef prepare your favorite, grilled salmon with lemon butter, wild rice and for dessert chocolate raspberry cake and gray soufflé" he says opening the door.

Dammit those are my favorite foods

"Well I don't know, we really should be getting back to the carriage soon" I say but my stomach interrupts with a rumble.

"Nonsense, you barely touched your breakfast and you're clearly hungry" he says with a smirk.

"Fine ok a quick meal" I say folding my arms.

"Perfect" he says with a grin. A unsettling shiver goes down my spine when he takes my arm and leads me out of the florist shop.

"I'll tell Mrs. Lanae to bring the roses to castle later. Aw here we are Princess" he says pointing to a cute little restaurant in the center of town.

He escorts me in and a waiter brings us to the only table in the room.

"Here you are Lord Prime and your highness" the waiter says bowing, "the first course will be out soon."

"Perfect" Harold says with a nod.

Lunch was delicious and it was one of the best meals I've ever had, beside Prime being there of course. When we were done we walked back through the village. I waved to my people, I even tried to talk to some of them but Harold kept pushing me along saying we had to keep on schedule. Whatever he's an ass. When I'm Queen, I'll go to all my villages and greet all the villagers. We made our way back to the carriage where Lonnie, Mr Drim and Sylvie were waiting for us.

"Princess Catrina! Wow you look beautiful with those roses in your hair" Sylvie says excitedly.

"Here, now we can match" I say putting one of the roses in her hair next to the posy.

Her eyes sparkle and she hugs me. "Thank you thank you thank you Princess! This is the best day of my life!" she says hugging me tight. I smile and hug her back.

We ride the carriage through the countryside before returning back to the main village.

"Thank you so much Princess Catrina, Lord Prime, Miss Lonnie and Mr. Drim! This was so magical!" Sylvie says waving to us. Her father runs to her and hugs her before putting her on top of his shoulders. They wave goodbye to us as we start the ride back to the castle.

"Well she was just wonderful, don't you think" I say out loud, but directed at Lonnie.

"She was...loud" Lord Prime says mono toned.

I squint at him, "Do you not like children, Lord Prime-er-Harold?" I ask.

"It's not that I don't mind them I just don't want to be involved in raising them. I just need an heir, so I guess there is another reason for this union after all" he says. 

THE FUCK HE JUST SAY?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!???!?!?!

I clear my throat and try to restrain myself.


"I'm sorry but WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME???" I yell at him.

He looks shocked and Lonnie is trying her best not to laugh.

"I though you liked children, your highness?" he says hesitantly.

"Yes I would like children in the far future with a person who actually wants to raise them with me" I say angrily.


"Listen here Lord Prime, I am not 'your dear or darling', I am not a pawn in your play for power and I am CERTAINLY NOT A INCUMBENT FOR HEIRS AS YOU CALL THEM!" I yell.

All the anger, all my emotions have spilled over.

I don't care what they will do to me I needed to tell the dumbface off.

"I-I" Lord Prime stutters. He is as white as a ghost, in fact he looks like he's seen a ghost. Lonnie is gasping trying to stop laughing and she has tears in her eyes.

We've arrived at the castle and I get out by myself.

I turn back around before I'm too far away.

"And if you don't understand this, Harold, there's no way in Beast Island I'll marry you" I say coolly before turning on my heel and walking away.

I ignore the maids, butlers and guards hassling me about the date. I run up the staircase and flop on the bed.

The sun has gone down by now. If I leave now maybe I can escape before I have to face Light Spinner's wrath and I can see


I get to see Adora tonight!

The moon is going to rise soon, I better hurry.

I take off off everything except for my underwear. I throw on a simple black peasant off the shoulder dress. I grab a basket and throw in so bread, jam and strawberries.

I put my sketchbook in there as well in case I'm inspired. I take off Lord Prime's  ring and hide it under my pillow. I grab my beige poncho and leave through the servant's door so I can get out of the castle more easily.

 A/N: Catra's outfit :)

A/N: Catra's outfit :)

I manage to sneak my way out of castle, although I take a detour so I can grab a rose from my mother's garden. I run away from the Fright Zone and into the Whispering Woods. I run into the trees avoiding obstacles this time. I pass the the area I used to play when I was a kid and continue deeper into the woods. I avoid the hole I fell in last time and start to wander looking for for her.

I hear a noise in the bushes and I turn around. When nothing appears I shrug and turn back around. Unfortunately I don't see the tree root on the ground and I trip over it as I turn around.

I close my eyes and put out my arms to brace for impact when I feel strong hands grab my waist.

"We really should stop meeting like this milady" a sultry voice says in my ear.

They pull me up and I see bright sky blue eyes and a mane of tousled blonde hair.


"Adora!" I yell and hug her.

Um tell me I did not just do that

I pull back quickly and my cheeks heat up. Hers are a deep shade of pink and she has the biggest smile on her face.

It's stupid how happy she is to see me right now

"I've missed you too Catra" she says sweetly.

A/N: This is not the end of their meeting, the ne xt chapter will be all about it!!! Hope you are doing well !

Love y'all



Chapter Text


A/N: Adora's outfit, credit to @Gingerhazing on Twitter. This chapter takes place a couple of minutes before Adora and Catra meet in the woods in the past chapter



"You look nice dearie" Razz says coming out of her room.

"Oh sorry did I wake you up?" I say to her.

"No no dearie, I'm just getting some water" she says filling up a glass.

"Razz that's moonberry juice" I say confused.

a/N: Moon berry juice is a sweet alcoholic juice btw

"Oops my mistake" Razz says sipping the juice.

I laugh and kiss her forehead. "Just be safe ok" I say smiling.

"Excuse me dearie, but I'm older than you" she says smiling. "Have fun on your date, Adora" she says walking back to her room.

"It's not a date" I shout, then I do a double take. "Wait did you just call me Adora?"

"What was that Mara dearie, I didn't hear you" Razz shouts from her bedroom.

I sigh and smile.

Razz will never change and I love that about her.

"Nothing, goodnight Razz!" I yell and leave the cottage. I walk through the woods to where I met Catra last time. I hear something so I hide in the bushes. A person in a black dress and poncho walks near me but doesn't see me. She turns toward me and I see bright blue and amber eyes.


Suddenly she turns around and starts to trip and fall. I rush out and grab her waist and pull her up.

"We have to stop meeting like this milady" I say in her ear. She turns around, recognizes me and shouts my name while hugging me tight.

My heart stops and then quickly speeds up. I feel my cheeks grow hot and my brain can't process anything. She backs away suddenly with a look of shock on her face.

I snap back and smile at her. "I missed you too, Catra" I say happily.

She looks relieved but then shrugs it off. "What I didn't miss you...that hug was just a thank you for catching me, nothing more" she says stubbornly.

I smirk. "Sure" I say eyeing her smugly.

"I didn't realize you had such a big ego, my knight" she says rolling her eyes.

"All I am saying, is that your hug seemed like more than a thank you that's all" I say shrugging my shoulders.

She frowns. "Why you" she says pushing me.

I smile and push her back.

She scoffs and runs and tackles me to the ground. She gives a satisfied look but all I can think about is how close she is.

How her body is on mine

As instinct I push her hair behind her ear. She looks surprised and then flustered. She gets up and dusts herself off while avoiding my eyes.

I sit up slowly admiring her beauty in the moonlight.

"Is something the matter with your eyes knight? You can't seem to take them off me" she says smugly.

This woman

"Why no milady nothing's wrong with my eyes. But is something wrong with your legs?" I say getting up and moving closer to her. "For you seem to like them wrapped around me" I say lifting her chin to mine.

She turns bright red and squints at me.

"You flatter yourself too much soldier. I would focus more on how you allowed yourself to be attacked so easily" she says snarkily.

"I admit you bested me, milady" I say bowing slightly while remaining eye contact. She gives me a satisfied smile. "If you admit you missed me" I say smirking.

She moves closer to me so we are inches apart. She traces her long fingernails on my cheek before pulling me in by the back of me neck. She turns her head and whispers in my ear. "Never."

She backs away and laughs while making eye contact.

Will be the death of me

I smile and hold out my arm. "Shall we" I say grinning.

She looks at me confused but takes my arm and says, "we shall." She smiles up at me and I feel my heart do a double take.

We walk together through the woods until we get close to the place I set up the date.

"Close your eyes real quick milady" I say to her.

She gives me a look but closes her eyes. I take her hand and put my arm around her waist to guide her. I take her through the trees to the spot I've set up for tonight. I've chosen a spot by Mystacor lake and I've laid a blanket and hung lanterns in the trees.

"Ok keep them closed" I say

"Ok keep them closed" I say. I wave my hands and she doesn't flinch so I run next to the blanket and pick up the flowers I've picked for her. There are red roses, daises and Queen Anne's lace.

"Ok you can open them now" I say excited.

She opens her eyes slowly and eyes go wide with surprise. Her cheeks blush pink and she smiles sweetly at me, in such a way that melts my heart.

"This is so beautiful Adora" she says coming up to me. I hand her the flowers awkwardly which she takes and smells. "I love them" she says hugging them close. "Achoo" she sneezes suddenly.

She has the cutest sneeze everrrrrr!!!!

"I'm sorry milady, are you allergic?" I say concerned.

"No no I think they just tickled my nose that's all" she says embarrassed.

"Well I thought it was cute" I say moving closer to her.

She scoffs and slaps my chest lightly. "I am not cute" she says turning away from me and crossing her hands.

"Oh come on Catra that's the biggest lie I've ever heard" I say sitting down on the blanket. I smirk at her and she looks at me with her arms still crossed. I hold out my hand to help her sit and she scoffs but takes it.

I smile and pull her down quick into my lap.

"Ah-Adora?!" she says surprised and turning red. I can't help myself a start laughing hysterically. She growls and shoved me to ground and gets off of me. She sits at the other end of the blanket and gives me a mean glare.

"I'm sorry milady, how can I ever repay you" I say sitting up and calming my laughter. She continues her glare but she raises her eyebrow, then her frown turns into a smile.

"I know what you can do" she says evilly.

Oh no

She stands up and takes off her poncho, dropping it on the blanket

"Will you entertain me with a midnight swim my knight" she says with a wicked grin.

Ohhhhhh noooooo

I stare at her with my mouth dropped as she begins to take off her black dress. She throws it to the ground, with her back to me and runs into the lake. Ones

"Hurry up Adora" she says giggling from the water.

I nervously take off my clothes and wade in, in my cami and boxer-like underwear. Catra on the other hand is wearing nothing but underwear, and she knows that I'm aware.

She giggles and swims up to me. I maintain eye contact, determined not to let my eyes wander below her neck.

"are you having fun, Adora?" she asks circling me like a shark circle it's prey. Her curly hair is now wet and flowing behind her in the water. Her freckles shine in the moonlight and her eyelashes are dotted with water droplets. Her eyes peer out from the water, seductively starring at me.

"What?" she says wrapping her arms around my neck. She leans into my ear, "cat got your tongue" she says. I inhale sharply and pick her up. She wraps her legs above my hips and let's put a happy shriek.

"No" I say smiling up at her. She giggles and strokes my hair, pushing it out of my face. Suddenly the realization that she's half naked crosses my mind again. I set her down gently and disappointment covers her face.

"We should get back to shore" I say avoiding her eyes.

"Hmpff" she says and swims away from me.

"Catra? Catra wait I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you!" I yell as the brunette heads towards shore. I start to swim towards her as she gets out of water, and she drapes her cape around her body. She starts to head away from the lake and I run after her.

"Catra?! Catra! Wait please don't go" I say grabbing her hand. I turn her towards me and she keeps her head down, hidden by her hood.

"Catra, I truly didn't mean to upset you" I say still holding her hand. She embraces me quickly, wrapping her arms tight around my waist. I hear her sob against my chest and try to calm her by stroking her hair and rubbing her back.

When she's done she steps back and wipes her face. I don't say anything so she knows I'm ready to listen.

She takes a couple of deep breaths before looking up at me with red eyes and shuddering lips. "I-I'm sorry I don't know what came over me" she says slowly. I pull her back in and she clings to me. I let her step back and I stroke her cheek with my hand in reassurance.

"I just overacted early, I-I thought I messed up when in reality I did by overacting now" she says sadly.

"No no you didn't mess anything up"

"But when you suggested we go back to shore I-I though it was because I did something wrong" she says to me.

"No of course not! I...I just didn't want to um see something I um shouldn't-at least not yet" I say quickly. She chuckles and sighs with relief.

"I see" she says coming closer to me. "Well in that case I shall cover my exposed chest as to not cause you any um what's the word ah yes temptations" she says back to her normal self. She walks back to the blanket and put her dress back on. I put my suit back on to, while she wrings out her hair.

I smile at her, just admiring her beauty. She notices and smile goofily at me and laughs. "Whatever are you starring at, my knight" she says giggling.

"You" I say plainly. She's surprised by my honesty but recovers and smiles while grabbing her basket.

"I packed us a few treats" she says biting her lip. I cock my eyebrow and she passes me a rose.

"For you...Knight Adora" she says sweetly. I take the rose and smile at her. It was a very beautiful rose.

"Thank you milady" I say bowing from my sitting position. She laughs and I swear my heart fills.

"Here is some bread, jam and strawberries I've prepared for us" she says taking out at platter.

"Oo I love strawberries" I say grabbing one and eating it quickly. She smiles and eats one as well, slower than me.

How I wish I was that strawberry

"So is your mother doing better?" I ask in between bites.

"My wha-oh yes my mother is doing better, thanks for asking" she says spreading jam on a slice of bread.

"That is good" I say grabbing another strawberry.

"What about you Adora? What has happen with you this past month.

Should I just tell her?

Maybe not until I know more about her just in case

"Well I am a free reign knight so I've been going on quests by random citizens of different kingdoms" I say lying.

"Oh interesting" she says.

Huh either I've gotten better at lying or something's on her mind.

"Is something the matter, milady?" I ask concerned.

She ponders for a moment before responding. "Well I've not been truthful with you Adora" she says slowly.


"I...I am promised to someone else by my mother but I do not love them, you must believe me!" she says frantically.

I try to talk but no words come out.

"Adora?! Adora please say something, anything!" she pleads grabbing my arm.

"You truly do not love your fiancee?" I ask looking up into her tear filled eyes.

"I do not, have not and will not, I promise Adora" she says with her voice breaking.

"Well then let's run away together" I say.

"What?!" she says surprised.

"Let's run away together before your wedding" I say holding her hand. She doesn't respond for a minute, her mind racing.

"I-I don't know if I can" she says shuddering. She pulls her hand from mine and tears drip down her face.

"Why not?" I say confused.

"It's complicated, Adora, you-you wouldn't understand" she says.

"Try me" I say turning her face to me.

Her expression is pained and her face is red from crying. She closes her eyes and a tear rolls down her cheek.

"I-I'm sorry I can't run away, I have people I need to look after back home" she says crying.

I feel tears starting to form and I take a deep breath. "I understand" I say looking away.

I start to get up when I feel something pull my hand. Catra is holding my hand from the ground.

"Wait!...stay" she says sincerely. She takes a deep breath and stands up. She puts her hands on my cheeks and presses her forehead to mine.

"I don't know what the future holds for us, but I know that what we have, this, this is real!" she says tearfully.

I smile at her and she smiles back goofily. She then becomes more serious and wipes my tears away.

"Give me some time to sort things out. Maybe I'll find a way for us to be together without leaving the people that need me behind" she says calmer.

She brings her hands down and I hold them by our sides. "Ok" I say simply. I lift my head up and kiss her forehead. She nuzzles into my chest and I rub her back.

I don't know why but I have this need to protect her

I want to be with her, always

We stay like that for a little, just holding each other.

After a while she steps back while continuing to hold my hands. She takes a couple of deep breaths.

"Adora I have to tell you something else" she starts to say.

"Yes?" I say.

She takes another deep breath before meeting my eyes.

"I-oh shit the sun's coming up, I didn't realize it had gotten so late!" she says freaking out. She grabs her basket and hurries back through the trees.

"Wait Catra!" I yell going after her.

"I'm sorry Adora, will you meet me again next month?" she says turning to me.

"Of course" I say pulling her in. We hug and she strokes my cheek as we pull apart.

"I'll write to you, I'll send a messenger with letters to Razz's" she says.

"I'll cherish them and write back" I say smiling at her.

"I'll miss you, dummy" she says laughing goofily.

"Waitttt I though you didn't miss me" I say jokingly.

"If you tell anyone, I'll deny it and then kill you" she says leaning in.

"Well to be killed by a maiden as beautiful as you, would be an honor" I say playing along.

"Hmm I'm sure" she says inches away from my face.

We stare into each other's eyes, are bodies moving closer. Her lips coming closer, closer...closer.

Suddenly a large horn blows in the distance, startling us.

"I have to go" she says. I kiss her hand and she blushes before running into the woods.


She's amazing

Is this what falling in love feels like?


Better call UHAL moving carriages then

I clean up the space and haul everything back to Razz's. I drop everything off and change into my normal clothes. Razz is still asleep so I leave a note saying I'm going back to Bright Moon and I'll visit again soon.

I make my way back through the woods to Bright Moon. I take the scenic route enjoying the beautiful nature of Etheria. When I get to Bright Moon it's weirdly quiet. No one is outside. I hurry to castle and everyone is shouting at each other in throne room.

"What is going on?" I yell. Everyone stops and stares at me with disappointed faces.

Glimmer walks toward me and hands me a sheet of paper.

"What-what is this?" I say looking at her.

"Read it. It's from the Horde. They're calling for our surrender."

A/N: Oh the cliffhanger! Also this chapter had a lot more twists and turns than I originally planned but I liked how it turned out.

Also did you see what I did there...with the UHAL...did you see-did you get it?? (If you can't tell I'm proud of myself ok that's it)

Stay cool,



Chapter Text


Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit

I was currently running back through the woods towards the Fright Zone. The sun was well up now but my dress kept getting stuck on thorns and bushes.

Next time I'm wearing pants

I finally get to the field and I rush across I try to run to the servants entrance but someone's waiting there for me.

"Well well well. Where have you been, Princess?" Octavia says from the shadow of the doorway.

"I-" I start to say but she grabs my arm and pulls me inside. She doesn't let me go until I'm back in my room. She leaves and locks the door but I bang on it anyways. My arm still has red imprints from her fingers.


I lay down on my bed and get ready to face my fate. A tear rolls down my face as I ponder the impossible decision I had to make.

Adora or my people?

I hear the servants door creak open and Lonnie slowly steps in and closes the door behind her, quietly.

"Hey Princess, I heard the rumors but I had to come see you for myself. What's going on? are you ok?" she asks softly sitting next to me.

"Ughh" I groan and sit up.

"Woah um, your majesty do you want me to fix you up before um you have to talk to you know who" she says in a half whisper.

"Honestly I don't even care anymore. I'd be dressing up for my death at this point" I say. "But I guess it couldn't hurt."

"I'll prepare a bath right away, your highness" Lonnie says bowing and leaving.

Honestly I'm so sad right now that maybe washing everything off would help

Lonnie returns a couple of minutes later and we head to royal bathroom.

It's basically just a tub in tiled room but they call it 'royal' to make it sound fancy or whatever.

I disrobe and step in. The soap makes the water cloudy and I sink into the warm water, letting my tears mix in with the water. Lonnie has put rose petals in as well.

Man she really cares about me


I can't leave her and the others

"Are you sure your ok?" she asks again concerned. She's begun to rub my back with a loufa.

"I'm so torn Lonnie" I say sighing. I blow bubbles and let the bath melt away my problems.

"About Lord Prime, Princess?" she asks, pouring water on my hair.

I hiss but relax when she rubs rosemary smelling soap into my hair.

"Yeah I guess...what do you think I should do?" I say turning to her.

"Well I-I really can't say um" she says looking around nervously.

"Please" I say grabbing her hand and giving her pleading eyes. "Tell me, please."

She sighs and takes a deep breath.

"I think you shouldn't marry him. He's a creep, a dictator and an overall terrible person" she says quietly.

I lean back in the tub and sink under the water. I come back up a smile at her.

"Well then we need to think of a plan" I say smiling.

-time skip bc this chapter's really long-

We're back in my room and Lonnie is helping me get dressed.

"So we'll meet in your room at midnight tonight" Lonnie says tightening the corset.

"Yes and ow" I say.

Lonnie loosens it and puts a beautiful silver dress over my head. I pair it with my regular crown.

"Ok" I say looking in the mirror, trying to calm myself down

"Ok" I say looking in the mirror, trying to calm myself down.

"It'll be a little tricky sneaking up tonight but we should be able to meet without alerting any of the guards" Lonnie says adjusting my hair.

"Ok good" I say taking deep breaths.

There's three knocks at the door.

Lonnie turns to me. "It's time" she says.

I groan and go and open the door.

Two people are standing there. The guy looks like a younger Lord Prime and he's wearing white robes with Lord Prime's green symbol embroidered on the chest.

The second person is wearing a green silk cloak with black pants and a purple blouse.

"Hello future sister in law!" the guy says enthusiastically. He hugs me and I try to push him away.

"Sorry darling, he's loves hugs" the person next to guy says.

"Who..who are you?" I say confused.

"Oh sorry hun, I forgot to introduce myself" the glamorous person says doing a bow and curtsy.

"The name's Double Trouble but you can call me DT" they says smiling. They suddenly shift into me. I scream and fall back. Luckily Lonnie catches me, but she's as confused as I.

A/N: Double Trouble (human) credit to AutoConGirl0207 on DevinArt

A/N: Double Trouble (human) credit to AutoConGirl0207 on DevinArt

"You're a-you're a witch" I shout.

"Actually I'm a shape shifter, the term witch is sooooo two centuries ago. Besides most witches can't shape shift" they say rolling their eyes.

"Oh sorry" I say, still confused.

"And I'm William Prime but everyone just calls me Wrongdak" the guy says cheerfully. He starts shaking my hand vigorously. "It is soooo nice to meet you sister!" he says excitedly.

I pull away and continue to stare at the strangers at my door.

"Um so why are you here again?" Lonnie says coming beside me protectively.

"Well I was hired by Light Spinner to be your um guide I guess" DT says smirking.

"And I'm here too on behalf of my brother, who sadly had to leave Etheria, to help you with wedding planning and to prepare you for becoming Lady Prime. There is lots to learn before you marry the great Lord Prime" Wrongdak says.

Um what the hell????

"Thank you but I don't need a guide or a um wedding planner, now if you excuse me I must get going, I'm late for breakfast, come Lonnie" I say trying to move past them. DT puts an arm up.

"That's why we're here Princess, Light Spinner told us to escort you downstairs" DT says.

"Lonnie is perfectly capable of escorting me herself" I say frowning.

"Actually I believe Lonnie is needed in the gardens today" DT says squinting their eyes.

"But-" I start.

"Light Spinner's orders not mine" they say holding their hands up.

I grumble and Lonnie gives me a sympathetic look. I hug her goodbye and start walking downstairs. The two strangers follow close behind.

When we get downstairs DT walks in front of me. They lead me to the throne room.

"Are you ready?" they say with a knowing look.

"Yeah whatever" I say pushing past them and through the doors.

Light Spinner is on the throne and is talking to General Hordak.

When she notices me she glares and stops talking.

"Hello brother!" Wrongdak says hugging Hordak. Hordak frowns and Wrongdak lets go.

"Thank you Double Trouble, Wrongdak, you both are excused" Light Spinner says.

They both bow and exit the room. I gulp and turn back to the conniving pair sitting in front of me.

I curtsy and say, "good morning Light Spinner, General."

"I'm glad you're here Princess" Hordak says in his usual low tone.

"Yes I'm glad you're here as well" Light Spinner says in a forced tone.

"We need to discuss our next move in the war" Hordak says addressing me.

"You-you want me to be apart of the discussion?" I say confused.

They never include me in anything war related

"Yes, it's time you know how to command your army and plan war strategies" Light Spinner says to me.

"Ok" I say as professionally as I can.

"Because of the alliance with Lord Prime, the Horde will be stronger than ever. Now my brother refuses to intervene until the alliance is official but we have started to prepare for the future" Hordak says.

"Just this morning a small group of soldiers delivered a surrender notice to Bright Moon. The note states that Lord Prime's armies and technology will support us in less than 11 months due to the union" he says.

"Isn't that being a little too confident?" I ask

"What do you mean?" Hordak says confused. Light Spinner squints at me.

Just say it

"Well I have not decided if I will marry Lord Prime yet" I say. I hear a crash. I look up and Light Spinner has thrown a glass at the wall. General Hordak just looks overwhelmed.

Light Spinner turns to him and says, "do you think I could have a moment alone with her royal highness."

"Um sure I-I'll just check up on the cadets, I'll be back in 10" Hordak says before rushing out.

Ohhhhhhhhh shitttttttttttt


I'm dead

As soon as the doors close, Light Spinner gets up and walks toward me.

"I'm sorry but I just had to-"

She slaps my face and I fall to my knees from the force.

Did she just-

I hold my face and try to stop the tears from coming out.


"I'm sorry" I mumble in a wavering voice.




I sob on the floor and she goes back to her throne.

"Get up child, and tell you understand" she says in a harsh voice.

I get up slowly, the tears have stopped forming but they continue to fall down my cheeks.

"Do I have to repeat myself Catrina?" she snaps.

"No, I understand" I say looking down.

Light Spinner smiles. "I'm glad you understand, my child. Now go freshen up and wash your face" she says.

"Yes, Light Spinner" I say biting my tongue.

I walk to the doors.

"And Catrina" she calls out.

I flinch and turn around slowly. "Yes?"

"When Lord Prime is back in town, you will tell him you accept his proposal and marry him on your 18th birthday" she says.

I look down and don't say anything.

"Catrina! Do you understand?" she says bitterly.

"Yes, I understand" I say and hurry out the room. I run and I don't stop until I'm in the rose garden. I lie on the bench and cry for what seems like hours.

Out of the exhaustion from staying up I ended up falling asleep on the bench.

I'm woken hours later by someone shaking me.

"Wha-what?" I say drowsily.

"Good morning sleeping beauty" the unmistakable voice of Double Trouble says.

"Ugh what does Light Spinner's new pet want" I say snarkily.

DT's smile falters for a moment. "I see that we've gotten of on the wrong foot, darling. allow me to explain why I'm here" they say, sitting down next to me.

"I'm here because I wanted to learn magic from Light Spinner but I don't approve of her horrendous plan" DT says playing with my hair.

"And when she said she would train me if I looked after you and convinced you to do what she wanted I accepted because it's the easiest way to get what I want. But now that I know the whole story, I can't possible assist in such a blatant bad idea" they say sincerely.

I look at them. "How do I know you're not lying to me?" I ask.

"Well I have nothing to gain from telling you the truth, and everything to lose" DT says.

"I guess that's true, but what can you do?" I say sadly.

"Well darling, I'm a shape shifter and I'm training with one of the most powerful sorceresses in the land. Besides that I can come to your little midnight meeting tonight and help with your plans" DT says with a smirk.

"Hey how do you know about that?!"

"I arrived early" DT says with a shrug. "I wanted to listen in to see if I could learn anything useful."

"But I'm still confused on why you want to help me. What's in this for you?" I say raising my eyebrow.

DT sighs and then turns back to me. "To be honest I don't want Prime to take over Etheria. I don't trust him. Besides your the future queen of the Horde, it'll be good to have you on my side" they say whispering to me.

"Ok, I believe you...for now" I say.

"That's fair" they say with a nod. "Light Spinner wants me to escort you back to the throne room so you can do queen stuff."

"Fun" I say sarcastically.

I stand up and we walk to the throne room. Light Spinner is on the throne talking to Wrongdak when we arrive.

"Ah hello your highness" Wrongdak says happily.

"Hi" I say in the happiest voice I could make.

"Come sit Princess, we are meeting with the queens of Crimson and the kings of Dryl for lunch" Light Spinner says motioning to the other throne.

I nod and sit down.

"You both are excused, and it was lovely speaking with you William" Light Spinner says.

They both bow and leave the room.

"Is Entrapta and Scorpia coming too?" I ask.

"Rephrase that Princess Catrina" she says looking straight ahead.

I roll my eyes and sigh dramatically.

"Will Princess Scorpia and Princess Entrapta be attending the meeting with the queens of Crimson and the kings of Dryl?" I say in a formal tone.

"I believe not, today will just be their majesties" Light Spinner says.


"I miss them" I say softly.

"I know Catrina, but Princess Prom is only a few months away and you'll surely see them then" she says a little nicer.

With all the drama going on I haven't seen them in months

"If I may ask, what is the purpose of this meeting?" I say, turning to her.

"To inform their majesties of our plan, so they will be prepared" she says smiling.

Oh right her brilliant plan to set me up with a galactic dictator

Just then Amanda busts through the door out of breath.

"What is it Amanda?" Light Spinner says while crossing her arms.

"Oh sorry, your Grace, I've been running through the castle all day and-"

"Cut to the chase Amanda" Light Spinner says annoyed.

"Yes right, the Queens from Crimson have arrived.

"Well don't just stand them bring them in, now!" she yells.

"Right away your Grace" Amanda says while curtsying and running away.

Light Spinner closes her eyes and rubs her forehead.

Seems like I'm not the only person disappointing her great moodiness

The doors open and a tall ripped woman enters wearing a fancy Crimson soldier outfit.

"Announcing Queen Scorpiana and Queen Dresmelda of the kingdom of Crimson" the woman says.

"Announcing Queen Scorpiana and Queen Dresmelda of the kingdom of Crimson" the woman says

A/N: Scorpia's moms. They are human (like Scorpia) in this story.

Two beautiful women enter the room. Queen Scorpiana is shorter with platinum blonde hair like Scorpia. She is wearing a silver and white dress with a black garnet crown and red garnet necklace. Her father was the ruler of Crimson before her.

Queen Dresmelda is taller and has dark black hair. She's wearing a burgundy and black dress with a red garnet crown. She was the blacksmith's daughter who fell in love with a princess. Their story is truly something out of a fairy tale.

"Good afternoon, your majesties" I say getting up and curtsying.

"Catrina?! Is that you?! You've grown so much!" Dresmelda says coming up and hugging me tight.

"Dresmelda, love, please let the child go before she bursts" Scorpiana says coming up beside us.

"Oops sorry" Dresmelda says and lets go.

"It's fine" I say smiling.

And I meant it. I didn't hate hugs that came from Scorpia and her family

As soon as Dresmelda lets go Scorpiana wraps me in a softer but equally sweet hug.

"I've missed having you around the castle Catra" Scorpiana says while stepping back.

"I've missed you guys too, so much!" I say happily.

"Ahem" Light Spinner says while clearing her throat.

"Oh sorry. It is very nice to see both of your majesties on this very fine day" I say in a formal tone.

"The same to you, Princess Catrina" Scorpiana says with a formal tone. But when Light Spinner isn't looking she winks and Dresmelda ruffles my hair.

"Ok, now all we're waiting for is-"

"Attention. King Scimon and King Robert from the Dryl kingdom have arrived" a robot man says.

 King Scimon and King Robert from the Dryl kingdom have arrived" a robot man says

A/N: Entrapta's robot dads. They are human in this story.

Two well dressed men enter the room. King Scimon (pronounced as Simon) is slightly taller, is fair skinned with a black mustache and purple eyes like Entrapta. He's wearing dark purple robes with a black crown.

King Robert is slightly shorter with purple hair and dark olive skin, slightly darker than Entrapta's. He was born blind and wears special high tech glasses to help him see what he hears (like sound waves). He's wearing light blue and navy robes with a silver crown.

"Hello Catrina! How are you today, dear?" Scimon says with a smile.

"I'm doing well! How are doing Scimon?" I say smiling.

"Catrina! I haven't seen you since, well ever" Robert says with a laugh.

"My dear sweet husband, do you have to make that joke every time you greet her?" Scimon says jokingly.

"Oh stop, Catrina loves it, right Catrina?" Robert says while he and Scimon come up the stairs.

"I have no comment" I say with a smirk.

"See! It's obvious that she doesn't like your dad joke" Scimon says with a huff.

"First off you don't know that and second I can't see anything" Robert says sticking out his tongue.

Scimon scoffs and Robert kisses him on the cheek.

After a moment Scimon says, "Fine your jokes aren't that bad" while rolling his eyes.

Robert smiles and then walks over and hugs me.

"He is so dramatic, that one" Robert whisper shouts to me.

"I heard that!" Scimon yells.

"Your majesties please settle down" Light Spinner says loudly.

The room goes quiet and Robert tries not to laugh at Scimon.

"Let's move into the formal dining room to discuss everything over lunch" Light Spinner says with a smile.

Everyone chatters excitedly as castle butlers escort us out of the room. Light Spinner gives me a side eye but doesn't say anything. I take a deep breath and follow them out of the room.

We head to the formal dinning room where maids wait and pull out chairs for everyone. Then the maids and butlers bow and leave.

"Would your guard like to join us for a meal?" Light Spinner says motioning to the buff woman in the corner.

"Yes Huntara, you must join us for lunch" Scorpiana says.

"I'm good, your majesties, I will just observe from over here with um, what is your name?" Huntara says.

"My name is 4X2170 but you can call me whatever you prefer" the robot man responds.

"Oh-kay" Huntara says slowly and confused.

Light Spinner rings a bell and waiters come out from the kitchen with trays of food. Among them are Kyle and Rogelio. I give them a little wave and a smile. They smile back and Kyle tries waving and almost drops the food he's holding. I stifle a laugh.

Once all the food platters are placed down, Light Spinner rings her bell again, and the waiters lift up the covers to reveal a feast of food.

"Thank you, you may go now" Light Spinner says to the waiters. They hurry out of the room and we start putting food on our plates.

"Please help yourselves to anything, and if there is anything else I could get you, please let me know" Light Spinner says.

"Thank you for the wonderful feast and for having us here" Robert says happily.

"The pleasure is truly mine" Light Spinner says back.

Ugh her personality is so fake right now

"So let's get back to business. I'm sure your aware that this war has gone on for way too long and I have a plan to finally end it" Light Spinner says with a true smile.

"I have organized an alliance with the legendary Lord Prime and with his mighty army we can crush the rebellion for good!" she says enthusiastically.

"I was actually hoping for another way to end the war" Scimon says to Light Spinner.

"In what way?" Light Spinner says through a now forced smile.

"What if we came to a peaceful agreement with the rebels, so that no more lives are lost and everyone keeps their respected territory" he suggests.

A crash comes from beside me. Light Spinner has dropped her glass of wine on the floor. Her eyes are wide and her hands are clutching the table.

"How dare you" she says in a sinister tone.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend-"

Light Spinner stands up slowly still looking at the ground.


An uneasy silence fills the room. Light Spinner slowly sits down. Eyes turn to me.

Sometimes I forget why this war started. How both my parents are dead because of the rebels. The shock hits me suddenly.

I sit there with my eyes focused on my plate. The fork I am holding is suspended in my trembling hands. My eyes are wide and tears start to form but I refuse to let them fall.

I feel someone touch my hand. I look up and see Scimon with a sad and guilty face.

"I am so sorry Catrina. I was not thinking. Please forgive me" he says softly and sincerely.

I take a deep breath and calm down.

"It's ok" I say to Scimon with sad smile.

I turn to Light Spinner and say, "please continue with the telling of the plan."

"Certainly, your highness" she says nodding her head and Scimon returns to his seat.

"As I was saying, we have formally called for the rebels to surrender, threatening the use of Lord Prime's army if they don't. All we need from you and your kingdoms is support and a continuation of troops and tech until the alliance is official" she continues.

"All that sounds good, but when will this alliance with Lord Prime be official, and are we sure we can trust him?" Scorpiana says.

"We can, his brother is the general of our army and I have personally gone over the term of agreements with him. And the alliance will be official about 11 months now" Light Spinner says to her.

"And what are the term of agreements?" Dresmelda says while raising her eyebrow.

"Lord Prime will provide his armies and new tech for us to crush the Rebellion for good in exchange of ruling over the land as king" Light Spinner responds.

"Light Spinner?! You surely don't mean?" Scorpiana says confused.

"Yes I do mean. On Catrina's 18th birthday, she will marry Lord Prime and they will rule over the Horde as well as the conquered rebels."

The clinking of silverware stops and everyone looks at Light Spinner in horror of what they just heard.

Scimon speaks up first saying, "But Catrina's still a child you can't possibly-"

"This is an outrageous plan I-"

"Isn't Lord Prime like 48?"

"There's got to be another way, Light Spinner, surely-"

"ENOUGH" Light Spinner's voice cuts through the room and everyone stops talking.

"That is the plan and Princess Catrina has already agreed to it." Light Spinner says in a chilling voice.

Everyone looks to me once more and I nervously start sipping from my wine glass to avoid eye contact.

"If Princess Catrina has agreed to this plan of yours, than you have Dryl's support" Robert says breaking the silence finally.

"As will Crimson, on the condition that Catrina is safe and happy" Scorpiana says.

"Trust when I say that I have Catrina's best interest at heart" Light Spinner says calmly.

"Please, your majesties, let's continue eating this wonderful food now that we have come to an end on this discussion" I say trying to calm the tension in the room.

Everyone hesitantly goes back to eating their food and soon we started chatting again about less stressful things.

The rest of the lunch meeting goes smoothly. I hug both the kings and queens goodbye and they leave with their persons. Both sets say to reach out if I needed anything and that they are there for me. It is nice but I know that they can't get me out of this situation. I say thanks and to say hi to Scorpia and Entrapta for me.

After they leave Light Spinner and I return to the throne room.

"I must say I'm impressed with your behavior today" Light Spinner says while sitting back down.

"Thank you, Light Spinner" I say curtsying slightly. "May I go hang out in my room now?"

"Yes, you may" she says with a smile.

I curtsy again and walk to the stairs. Once I'm out of eyesight I run to my room and shut the door and lock both doors.

I go to my desk and grab some parchment and a quill. I sit on my window seat and start to compose a letter.

To my dear Adora,

I didn't mean to spring my unfortunate engagement on you last night. I truly meant what I said to you last night. Forgive me if this is to soon but I feel like I am falling in love with you.

I stop writing and mentally curse at how stupid that sounds but I continue to write.

I can't wait to see you again, next time I'll plan a date for us. (Don't worry in the next one I won't remove my clothing).

I have not stopped thinking about you, my knight. Please write back as soon as you can, for I long to hear from you.

I miss you dearly.


I sit back and admire my work. I consider crossing out the love at the bottom but I don't.

Should I call them?


I'll try

I hide my letter under the window cushion. I go over to the servants door and call for help. A maid comes and I ask her if Double Trouble is available. She says she will go find them and ask.

A few moments later she returns with DT and then closes the door.

"Whatcha need me for, your highness? " DT says with a smirk.

"Shhh, it's not safe here, let's go to the rose garden and discuss there" I whisper.

They nod and I grab my letter and hide it in my dress before we go downstairs. We sneak around the hallways so we don't draw attention to ourselves before making it to the garden.

"Now that we're here, Princess, can you please tell me what's going on?" DT says dramatically while sitting down on the bench.

"Certainly" I say joining them. "Now I need you to do me a favor, in return I can pay you as well as owe you favors in the future" I say in a hushed tone.

"Ooo! You're speaking my language" DT says with a grin.

"Can you deliver this letter to a cottage in the Whispering Woods?" I say handing them the sealed letter. "I can give you a map of how to get there. The lady who lives there is named Razz. You will give her the letter and say it's for Mara. If she has a letter for you, you will take it and bring it to me without causing suspicion or notice about it." I say seriously.

"Do you understand?" I ask.

"Yes, but why did you want me to do it, if I may ask" they say.

"Well you can easily sneak in and out of the castle unnoticed and I was hoping you could shape shift as like a common peasant girl or something."

"Hmm ok I'll do it, I do like money but the favors from a future queen really do it for me" they say with a gleam in their eyes.

I smile at them and shake their hand. "And one more thing DT, you mustn't read the letters or let anyone else know what your doing, besides me and Razz of course" I say.

"Deal" they say with a toothy grin.

I smile and draw a map on a spare piece of paper and give it to them.

We both get up and I pick a rose.

"Please deliver this along with the letter" I say.

"As you wish. I'll go now and I'll update you tonight at the Midnight Club" says DT.

"Perfect" I say with a smile.

And with that we go our separate ways.

I return back to my room and lay on my bed. I smile thinking about the Midnight Club and Adora.

I'll find a way for us to be together

I promise

A/N: This is the longest chapter I've ever written. I hope you guys are enjoying it so far. I've been trying to balance writing and school so that's fun. Also I'll write the midnight club stuff I just wanted to end it there for now!

Thanks for all the support and love,



Chapter Text

Art Credit: @artofkace on Tumblr and Twitter

A/N: Trigger warring: This chapter discusses drug use, mental illness, and depression. Please skip this chapter if this is a trigger for you.



"But I-I don't understand who is Lord Prime?" I say to group of overwhelmed people in front of me.

"He's the monster who destroyed our home planet" Tallstar says bitterly.

"But what is he doing here, on Etheria?" I say confused.

"According to this note, he's marrying the princess of the Horde" Bow says.

"Yes, I remember Liliana and Reginald having a daughter but she must not be more than sixteen or seventeen" Angella says.

"Isn't Prime like fifty" Starla butts in.

"It has to be arranged, no doubt the works of that evil sorceress and that power hungry general" Glimmer mutters.

"Can't we talk to Princess...?" I say.

"Catrina" Angella answers.

"Yes, can we talk to Princess Catrina about this?" I repeat.

"I doubt it, Princess Catrina is one of the most secretive people in Etheria. After her parents died she was raised by a dark sorceress named Light Spinner and is kept under lock and key. It's virtually impossible to meet with her, especially with people from the Rebellion" the head guard, Juliet says.

"Not exactly" Glimmer says, "What about Princess Prom?"

"Princess Prom?" I say confused.

"Princess Prom is this ball that is hosted every 5 years by a princess. Everyone attends and all fighting is forbidden. I believe this year's ball is going to hosted by Princess Scorpia of Crimson. Since Crimson is an ally of the Horde, Catrina will most likely be in attendance" Glimmer says.

"So that's it then, we go to Princess Prom and try to talk to the Horde Princess. And for now we continue to hold our ground and try to beat them back" I say feeling more confident.

"Princess Prom's in May so that gives us six months to plan and find a way to defeat the Horde once and for all" Glimmer says smiling.

"Ok that sounds good" I say to everyone. I turn to the Star Siblings and say, "do you think you can come up with information on Horde Prime that I can brief everyone on?"

"Yes, certainly" Tallstar says.

"Thanks" I say.

"Ok then this meeting is dismissed" Angella says and everyone goes their separate ways.

Glimmer, Bow and I head to Glimmer's room.

"Where were you last night?" Glimmer asks me.

"I went to Razz's" I say.

"Just for the night? Doesn't she go to bed early?" Glimmer says with suspicion.

"Hey Glimmer, do you want to play Princesses and Dragons with me?" Bow says holding up the board games.

"Not now Bow" Glimmer says jumping on her suspended bed.

"She didn't go to bed as early as usual" I say sitting on the rug.

Glimmer groans dramatically. "Sorry Adora, I'm just frustrated. I don't want my kingdom to be taken over by a weird dictator" she grumbles.

"Do you want to play princesses and dragons?" Bow says smiling.

Glimmer groans but gets up and sits down next us.

"Sure let's play. I call the purple princess!" she says.

-time skip-

"So how was your date?" Bow says with a big grin.

We were in my room now after playing many many rounds of Princesses and Dragons. Glimmer got called into a meeting with her mom so Bow and I went to my room to talk. I was sitting on the window seat and Bow was on my bed on his stomach with his legs moving up and down behind him. He's starring at me with puppy dog eyes.

"It went good" I say slowly.

"Uh oh what happened?" he asks.

"She's engaged Bow!" I say loudly before falling back on the seat.

"Oh noooo" he says sadly.

"Yeah" I say, "but she says she's going to try to get out of it. Apparently she doesn't like him like at all and everything was set up by her mother."

"Hmm ok" Bow says processing everything. "So what are you going to do, are you still going to see her?" he asks.

I sit up. "Yeah, I think I will. I don't know why but I feel like I've known her my whole life. Like I want to be near her and protect her. Ugh I sound so dumb" I say putting my face into my hands.

Bow lets out a soft giggle. "You don't sound dumb, You sound like you're in love" Bow says in teasing tone.

I blush red and get defensive. "Wha-what? Pft I'm not in could I be in love, I've only met with her twice. You can't love someone you've only met twice" I say.

"Surrrrrrrre" Bow says rolling his eyes and smiling.

"What?!" I say still freaked out by what he said.

"Oh's just that you're completely, utterly, hopelessly in love with this maiden" he says giving me a knowing smile.

"Me?!!" I say completely flustered.

Am I?

Do I love her?

No that's crazy



"What about you?" I say regaining confidence.

"Me?" Bow says confused.

"What about you and Glimmer? I see you guys making goo goo eyes at each other all the time! When are you going to admit that you love her and want to be with her?!" I say accusingly.

Bow's eyes go wide with shock and his dark cheeks flush.

"'s complicated Adora" he says finally.

"Huh? What do you mean?" I say walking over to the bed. I sit down next to him and he rolls onto his back and looks up at me with a worried face.

"Well she's a princess and I'm just an archer" he says sadly.

"Please Bow, that's bullcrap" I say giving him a look. "Glimmer doesn't care about those kind of things, and Angella loves you! She would love if you guys started courting" I say smiling.

"You really think so?" Bow says sheepishly.

"Please! I know so" I say laughing.

"Because I was thinking of asking her to Princess Prom but I know it's your first one as She Ra so I didn't know-"

"Ask her!" I shout, interrupting him.

"Are you sure" he says with big eyes.

"Yes!" I say excitedly.

"Ok!" he says matching my energy, "I'll ask Angella later, when she's not as stressed. Now going back to you-"

"Oh look at the time I got to go. I need to check in with Perfuma in Plumeria and I was going to stop at Razz's on the way" I say getting up.

"Fine but we're talking about this later!" he yells as I run out of the room.


That was a close one

I run out of the castle and through the village. I stop at the stables to get Swift Wind, my horse. Usually I like walking but Plumeria is kinda far away.

I mount him and we head into the woods.

He steadily trots through the woods as my brain scrambles everything I've just heard.

"I don't know Swift Wind, do you think I'm in love?" I say out loud.

Swift Wind stops and starts munching on some grass.

"Am I seriously talking to a horse right now?" I say frowning.

Swift Wind lets out a neigh and I rub his mane. "I wish mom were here, I bet she could tell me what to do" I say to myself.

I look up at the sun shinning righ above me.

"I have time, I should probably go to Plumeria first then Razz's."

I lead Swift Wind towards Plumeria and when we arrive we're greeted by happy villagers.

"She Ra!" they shout excitedly. I was wearing my normal white and gold armor just in case there was any trouble on the way.

"Hi!" I say getting down.

Perfuma comes forward from the crowd. She's the princess of Plumeria. Plumeria is mostly farmers, florists and astrologists. It's a small kingdom, a safe haven that promotes peace and kindness. Perfuma is the daughter of Willow, the queen of Plumeria. Willow is technically retired and Perfuma handles all royal duties.

"Hey Perfuma! How are you doing?" I say greeting the blonde.

"I have been fantastic, we've built three new yurts today and we've been experimenting with swamp vines for new weapons against the Horde" she says happily.

"That's great news" I say smiling.

"Yes it is, would you like to join me in the tree castle to talk strategy over tea?" she says sweetly.

"Sure!" I say excited.

I love the tree castle. It was this huge tree house, with dozens of rooms and smaller treehouses on top of the heart tree in the center of Plumeria.

We climb up the staircase and open the doors to the main room. Queen Willow is sitting on the couch sipping green tea.

"Oh hello darling what are you doing here?" Willow says aloof.

"I live here mom" Perfuma says slightly annoyed.

"Oh yes that's right, silly me I forget these things" Willow says chuckling.

Perfuma is less than amused.

"We'll be in the tea room in you need anything" Perfuma says before pulling me upstairs. She doesn't stop until we're in the kitchen.

"Whoa whoa whoa, are you alright?" I ask concerned.

"Yeah I am sorry" Perfuma says taking a deep breath.

"Are things still bad?" I ask while putting my hand on her shoulder.

A little more background on Willow:

Willow was raised in a traveling tribe. Her parents were the tibe's cheifs. She was 14 when her parents and her tribe settled in Plumeria. Her parents changed their title to King and Queen and formed an alliance with Bright Moon. Her tribe began farming and practicing astrology as well as developing a love of flowers.

When Willow was older she became queen. She fell in love with a sailor from Salineas. They would send letters back and forth and talk about getting married and starting a family. The sailor, Blue, visited her regularly and they would sneak around with each other.

Then the war started, Blue was called back to Salineas to work in the navy. Willow found out she was pregnant and wrote to them with hopes of them coming back and the two of them getting married.

She didn't hear back from Blue for three months. She finally got a letter from Blue's friend, saying Blue had perished at sea in a battle.

Willow wept for days, months and years even. To this day she has not stopped crying over her dead lover. Willow became detached from the world. She removed her alliance with Bright Moon. She locked herself in her room and wouldn't eat for days.

Perfuma's mother got so deeply depressed she became mentally ill and has become very forgetful. Willow also turned to crimson lettuce (a type of hallucinate drug in Etheria that is banned because of the nasty side effects from consuming it) after having Perfuma to cope with post pardem but became addicted to it and often hides it in her green tea.

Perfuma was raised by her grandparents and when they passed, maids and nannies. She also had to basically take over the throne when she was 10, after her grandparents had passed since her mother was unfit to rule. Perfuma has, to this day not forgiven her mother for not caring for her and for losing her childhood.

"Ugh she makes me so so" Perfuma says angrily but then stops and takes a deep breath. "Never mind let me make us some tea."

"I'm sorry Perfuma" I say sincerely giving her a sad look.

"No no. I can't believe I'm bitching about my mom when you lost yours" she says while putting the kettle on the stove.

"You're not bitching, besides your mom can be a handful so I understand" I say.

"Yeah, I guess I'll have to go do extra meditation later though" she says laughing slightly.

Perfuma was usually the happiest, calm person in the rebellion. She is also the most responsible person in the rebellion, though before now I never really understood why.

The tea kettle screeches and snaps me out of my head.

"Are you excited for Princess Prom?" I ask her as she pours the water into mugs.

"Yeah I am!" she says in her usual happy tone.

She puts these dried plants and flowers in the water and starts stirring. She puts the cups on a tray and I follow her out of the kitchen and we go to another room. It's filled with plants and the walls are glass. There's a table with two chairs in the middle of the room and Perfuma puts the tray down on it. We sit down and Perfuma starts sipping her tea.

"Um Perfuma, what's in this?" I ask peering into mine suspiciously.

"Chamomile flowers, rosemary and lemon peel" she says happily.

"Huh" I say and take a sip hesitantly. It burns my tongue and I spit it out and make a pained noise.

Perfuma just stares at me with wide eyes and concern.

"Sowry I don't dwink tea ulsually" I say with my tongue still out.

"Do you want me to get you some water?" she asks.

"No no, see I'm fine now" I say putting on a smile.

She smiles back and sips her tea. I push mine away and say, "so are you going to Princess Prom with anyone?"

"Maybe, I was thinking of asking Bow, what do you think?" she asks.

"Ummmmm, well uh, you see um Bow is um well he uh um I guess what I wanted to say is that well Bow is um" I mumble.

"He's going with you isn't he" she says sadly

"No!" I shout


"I mean no he's not going with me but I think he's going to ask Glimmer" I say softly.

"Oh awwwww" she says smiling.

"Wait you're not sad?" I ask.

"Well not really, I totally ship them and I'm glad Bow is finally going to admit his feelings. But now I'll probably have to go by myself now" she says frowning a bit.

"No you won't, we'll go together, as friends of course. You can come to Bright Moon before the dance and we can all get ready together!" I say excitedly.

"Aw really" she says gushing.

"Yes, of course! Besides I don't want to be Glimbow's third wheel" I say with a laugh.

"Thanks Adora, or should I say She Ra" she says with a smirk. "How do you feel about being an honorary princess this year at Princess Prom?" she says smiling.

"The same honestly, though I'll probably wear She Ra's colors and Glimmer will probably make me wear a crown or one of those tiara thingies" I say rolling my eyes at the last bit.

Perfuma laughs and says, "I'm sure she will but you'll look great in one."

"Thanks" I say smiling.

"So is there anything new that Plumeria needs to know about?" she asks.

"Well we've come up with a plan to try and talk to the Horde princess, to see if we can come to an agreement with her" I say to her.

"I don't think I've ever met her" Perfuma says, "but to be fair I don't think I've met with any of the princesses in the Horde alliance."

"Ok I wasn't technically suppose to tell you this because Angella doesn't want to cause panic but Lord Prime is going to marry the Horde princess and if he does it will mean the end to Rebellion" I say.

I glance over at the blonde and she has stopped drinking her tea in midair. Her eyes go big and her teacup starts rattling in her hand.

"Umm Perfuma...are you ok?" I say hesitantly.

"Lord-d Prim-me is a here!?" she squeaks out finally.

Under my breath I say, "does everyone know who Lord Prime is except for me?"

"Adora you have to tell the rest of the Rebellion!' she says hyperventilating.

"Whoa hold on, breathe, breathe" I go over and rub her back. "Everything's going to be fine! We'll talk to Princess Catrina and get her onto our side" I say a little too optimistically.

Perfuma continues to freak out so I add, "and I'll talk to Angella about telling the rest of the Rebellion once we finalize a plan."

"Ok ok that sounds good" she says out of breath.

"Do you want me to get you anythin? Maybe some more tea?" I ask her as she chugs the rest of it.

"No no I'm good I was just nervous because a world destroying dictator is marrying our enemy but now that I know you're talking to her everything's fine" Perfuma says in a high pitched tone.

I'm a little taken aback and Perfuma snaps back to her calmer self. "Oh no I'm sorry Adora that was mean" she says sympathetically.

"No it's alright I understand" I say now going in an internal loop of what she just said.

"I believe in you and the rebellion" she says smiling, "and if anyone can fix this it's She Ra."

"Yeah" I say with a half smile but now I wasn't so sure.

I said goodbye to Perfuma and the people of Plumeria before mounting Swift Wind and heading towards Razz's. My head was now spinning with everything that Perfuma had said.

What if the plan doesn't work?

What if I mess everything up?

What if I'm not as good as She Ra as my mom?

I look sadly at my sword.

I wish you were here mom

I make it to Razz's in the early evening. The woods have become foggy with peaks of sunlight through the tress. I get off Swift Wind and tie him to a tree and place some apples on the ground for him.

I go over to the door but it opens before I can touch it. Razz looks up at me with a sad and bewildered look on her face.

"Razz? Is everything ok?" I ask surprised.

"Adora dearie there is someone here that you need to meet" she says softly.

She leads inside where a tall woman stands. She has pale skin and bright blue eyes. She has long white-blonde hair hidden behind a purple hood. She's dressed in purple and blue cloaks with an eye necklace, the symbol of gifted prophets, around her neck. She looks over at me and her eyes go wide and she opens her mouth with a gasp

Razz motions to her and says, "This is Light Hope, she's a powerful traveling prophet."

"Um hi?" I say with a little wave.

"I can't believe it's you" the stranger says in disbelief.

"Yeah it's me, I'm She Ra" I say awkwardly.

"Adora um I don't know how to say this but um I'll just go for it, I'm your mom, well your other mom" she says shyly.

My eyes go big and my mouth drops. If I had a glass of water I would spit water out and drop the glass on the ground.

I turn to Razz slowly.

"Is this true?" I ask in high voice.

I feel like I can't breathe

I have another parent

I have a mom!


"It is dearie but I did not know" Razz says glaring at the woman.

"To be fair, Mara didn't tell me she was pregnant" the woman says sternly.

"Well you probably left before she could tell you" Razz says raising her voice.

"STOP!" I yell and both women look at me.

"Razz let's hear her side of the story ok?" I say calmly to the tiny woman.

She nods but gives the other woman a look.

"Let's sit Adora, I have a lot I need to tell you" Light Hope says.

A/N: Hi everyone! Hope ur doing good 😌

I've had such a good week so far and I hope u are too!

Etherians can have biological children no matter what gender btw, so Mara and Light Hope are Adora's biological parents in this story.

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Chapter Text

A/N: ^art credit @ahahoahaha

A/N: ^art credit @ahahoahaha

^art credit: @Katorius_K1 on Twitter

A/N: Pictures are what Light Hope looks like. Light Hope is in her late 40s but looks slightly younger. She has bright blue eyes like Adora but is fairer and has platinum blonde hair. Mara has tan skin, brown hair and blue gray eyes. Adora is a combination of the two so she has dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a rosey skin tone.


Light Hope sits down and I join her at the table. She takes a deep breath and begins.

"I met Mara 20 years ago when I was the strategizer for the Rebellion after the war began. Because of my abilities I was able to advise the King and Queen of Bright Moon by seeing visions of the future. Mara was 18 when she joined Bright Moon's army. After her first battle she became the captain and was given the title of She-Ra the Princess of Power."

"We met formally at a war meeting when she was around 19. We became friends and eventually we became lovers when she was 20 and I was 28. We went on dates when we weren't busy. She took me to Plumeria and planned a picnic. She made me a headband of flowers. That was the day she told me she loved me. I told her I loved her too. I still have the headband and I carry it everywhere even though it's dried out now." Light Hope says pulling a dried flower headband out of her satchel. She gives it to me and I hold it in my hands while she continues talking.

"When I was 30 I got a vision that changed my life forever. It warned me about the Battle of Bright Moon. No matter what I did nothing would change the battle from happening. I told Mara first. I told her that the only way for her to survive was to not fight during the battle of Bright Moon. I told her that we could live just the two of us away from everything and be safe and happy. She refused saying she had a duty to the Rebellion. We got in a huge fight about it."

"Afterwards I went to King Michah and Queen Angella to talk to them about the battle. I explained how there would be huge losses on both sides. King Micah said he would stand his ground to protect his kingdom. Queen Angella was a little more worried but agreed with her husband, putting their kingdom first. I then explained how I could no longer work for them since I could not stay and watch them go through with this. They understood and I packed my things. When I left Bright Moon I stopped by Mara's room in the castle. I told her I was leaving and she broke down. I stayed the night with her because she didn't want me to leave after a fight and neither did I. When morning came I kissed her goodbye and told her I'd always love her. Little did I know leaving her would be the biggest mistake of my life." Light Hope pauses a tears form in her eyes.

"Mara became pregnant with you the night before I left. When she found out later she decided not to contact me or tell me about you. She had you 9 months later and then um she-um-she passed away in battle 3 months later in the Battle of Bright Moon." Light Hope's tears fall and her mouth wavers. But she bounces back quick and dries her eyes. She takes another deep breath before continuing.

"When I left Bright Moon I became a free lance prophet, earning a living by sharing my visions to the people of Etheria. I had no idea about you until I met Razz today. We met in a market I was working at, in Elberon. She had accidentally dropped her bag and stopped to pick it up and when I handed it back I brushed her hands and got a vision of you, my daughter. I confronted Razz and she told me everything. I'm sorry for leaving you and your mother but I'm here now." She finishes with a guilty look on her face and her hands placed on my hand.

My head hurts

"Oh and I go by she/they pronouns so you don't necessarily have to call me mom or anything if you don't want to" Light Hope adds awkwardly.

"I-I um need some air" I say before running out of the house. I untie Swift Wind and mount him. I hear Razz and Light Hope trying to talk to me but I ignore them and ride Swift Wind fast away from the cottage.

I have another parent

This whole time, I had another parent

I don't realize I'm crying until I feel my tears hit my hands.

Swift Wind is galloping fast but I'm not paying attention to where we're going.

My mind hurts

The clouds darken and suddenly the rain begins falling down mirroring my mood. The rain soaks my hair and blends into my tears.

But I don't care. I couldn't care less about the weather when my entire life feels like a lie.

All this time I thought that both my parents were dead and now I have another mom? or Par? or Ren? Or do I just call her Light Hope?

Fuck! I can't do this

Swift Wind stops suddenly and I'm thrown forward. I scramble and latch my arms and legs onto Swift Wind's neck. Unfortunately because I angle I was upside down and hanging from my horse.

"Um are you ok?" a voice says so suddenly I let go and fall on the ground.


I close my eyes and hold my hand to my head.

It feels like my headache has grown two sizes.

"Oh First Ones I'm so sorry are you okay?" the voice says.

I slowly open my eyes and the shadow of figure stands over me. My eyes slowly adjust and the figure focuses.

It's a young woman. She's holding a parasol which is shielding her from the rain. Her hair is in long double ponytails and is a lilac purple. She's wearing a purple dress with a matching choker necklace. She also wearing this fancy cloth thing over her head.

A/N: Art credit @tkmz0 on Instagram

A/N: Art credit @tkmz0 on Instagram. What Entrapta's wearing and looks like (except for the baby ofc).

She uses her free hand to reach down and help me up. I take it and I stand up. I get a head rush and my legs feel kinda woozy.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you or your horse" she says apologetically.

"Oh it's fine really" I say to the shorter girl.

"Are you sure?" she says concerned.

"Yeah" I say. I go over to Swift Wind who has been eating grass for the last couple minutes. I try to mount him but I fail and land on the ground on my stomach.

"Oof" I say groaning.

"Oh my! Hold still I'll get you some concussion medicine, give me 10 minutes" she says fast. I hear her running away and my vision slowly goes black.

Next thing I know someone is pouring liquid down my throat. I gag and sit up.

"Whoa whoa, you're ok it's just healing potion" the voice says. Bright pink eyes look down at me as I open mine slowly.

The rain has stopped and the sun has started its descent though it still shown bright yellow casting a golden dream-like haze.

"My name's Entrapta, what's yours?" the girl says sitting next to me.

"Um uh Adora" I say. My head still hurts but the potion has started to kick in slightly. "Thanks for helping me" I say to the cheerful girl.

"Of course! I couldn't just leave you there silly" she says.

"Wait! Where's my horse?" I say looking around quick.

"Oh I took him to the stables so he wouldn't run away while you um took a nap" Entrapta says.

"Oh I didn't realize there were any stables out here, where do you live Elberon, Plumeria?" I ask.

"Oh no those are pretty far away, I live in Dryl" she says.

I reflexively get up and draw my sword and point it towards her. "Dryl is part of the Horde Alliance, what are you? Some sort of Horde spy?" I accuse.

"Whoa whoa no" she says nervously eyeing the sword, "wait is that first ones tech, can I touch it" she says trying to poke it. I swish it away and she stands up.

"I promise I'm not a spy, I'm just a princess but I like to think of myself more as a scientist. Ooo and a tiny food enthusiast!" Entrapta chirps happily.

I eye her but shield my sword.

"Your a princess?" I ask confused.

"Yep" she says.

"Why do you support the Horde?" I ask in a cool tone.

"Oh I don't get involved with war stuff, I mostly just invent things" she says while eating a tiny cookie I didn't see her have before now.

"Do you think we could walk back to Dryl to get your horse now? I need to meet someone later" Entrapta says while looking at a device around her wrist.

"Um...sure" I say slowly.

Maybe I can get info about Dryl when I get Swift Wind

"Ok! It's like a fiveish minute walk from here" she says happily. She starts skipping in front of and I speed walk to keep up.

She turns around so she can face me while she skips. "So what's it like being in the Rebellion, wait you're in the Rebellion right?" she asks.

"Um it's good I guess" I say suspiciously.

"I noticed you're wearing a First Ones uniform, I didn't know there were any artifacts left" she says stepping around a puddle.

"Yeah it was my mom's, as well as the sword" I say before she can ask.

"Oo maybe your mom's a First One" Entrapta says still skipping.

"No that's impossible, the First One's haven't inhabited Etheria in 1000 years" I say shaking my head.

"I heard some of them stayed behind to live on Etheria when the others left" Entrapta says turning around again to face forward.

Could it be true?

Could my mom be a First One?

It's not the first lie she kept from me and Razz

"Ok we're here!" Entrapta shouts happily pointing. She points toward a huge wall.

"Um where?" I ask her.

She grabs my hand and pulls me towards the wall.

She knocks on the metal three times and a robot thing pops out of it.

"Password?" it says mono toned.

"Imperfections are beautiful" Entrapta says smiling.

The robot thing goes back into the wall and it starts to separate from the middle, leaving a passageway to walk through. I follow her inside and it closes once we make it to other side.

Inside the gate is a bustling town square, the villagers are happily going about their business. I was in shock.

I thought Dryl was completely different from this

Ok the stables are this way. We don't have any real horses just robotic ones but I read horses need water and hay so I made sure that Quincey fed him before I left" Entrapta says fast while pulling me.

We arrive at the stables. A little girl is brushing Swift Wind's mane while she stands on a stool. She's wearing a purple and yellow dress with a matching bow in her hair. She has curly purple hair to her ears and purple pink eyes. She is tan like Entrapta and has freckles on her face.

"Entrapta Entrapta look it's a horsie!" the little girl says excitedly.

"Oops sorry, this is my sister, Emily. She's only 6" Entrapta says while picking Emily up and placing her on the ground.

"Oh no it's um fine" I say smiling at the little girl.

"See she says it's fine" the girl says while pouting at her older sister.

"Ok you can brush the horsie for 1 minute and then my friend, Adora, needs to take her horsie home" Entrapta says fluffing the little girls hair.

"Yayyyy!" the little girl shouts and goes back Swift Wind.

Entrapta turns to me and says, "do you want to eat some tiny cupcakes before you go?"

I shrug and say, "sure."

She smiles and links her arm with mine. She leads me towards this fortress looking building away from the town. I look up at the dark building towering over me. I gulp with fear at the trap that might await inside.

Robot guards open the doors for us and shuts them as soon as we're inside.

"Ok so this place is kinda a maze but my watch tablet has the directions. Ok so it looks like the kitchen is um this way" Entrapta says pulling me to the right. I follow her as she pulls my arm. I take this time to look around.

Red carpet decorated the floors. The walls were seemingly built out of stone, unlike the metal exterior. On the walls hung lit torches and portraits of people. I recognized one of Entrapta when she was younger. Behind her stood two men wearing crowns who resembled her. They were probably the kings of Dryl.

In the portrait they didn't look evil or malevolent..

Ever so often we would pass a robot doing some chore.

"Are all the servants robots?" I ask the purple haired girl.

"Yeah but the rest of the people of Dryl live in the town" she replies, "ah here we are" she says yanking me into a room.

Three nervous bakers stood making something.

"Oh except for Trish, Sundae and Fizz, they are humans" Entrapta says pointing to the three awkward humans. They all wave slightly.

I wave back and Entrapta says, "can you please make some tiny cupcakes for me and my friend here" in a high pitched voice. She folds her hands and gives them big eyes.

She kinda reminds me of Bow.

Except a little more crazy and energetic.

"Oh we actually made an extra batch, Princess" the main baker says handing Entrapta a plate of tiny pink cupcakes.

"Oooooo thank you!" she says happily. She grabs my hand and pulls me out of the room before I can say goodbye.

When we're walking she hands me one of the cupcakes and stuffs another in her mouth.

"Oh thanks" I say and stuff it my mouth. The flavor of strawberry, cherry and vanilla fills my mouth.

"Umm" I say with my mouth full. I swallow and try again.

"These are delicious!" I say surprised.

"Yeah Sundae really knows how to make them" Entrapta says before eating another one. I reach and grab another cupcake from the tray, this time savoring it more.

"Hey, will you be at Princess Prom this year?" I ask the shorter girl.

"Yeah" she says looking at her watch for directions. She pulls me to the left and asks, "are you?"

"Yeah" I respond.

"Are you a Princess?" she asks starring at me.

"Not really, well I gues um it's complicated" I say mumbling.

"Hmm, First Ones armor, First Ones sword, and possible First Ones mother...your She Ra aren't you" the girl says, her eyes lighting up.

"Shhh" I say putting my hand over her mouth. "You can't say that here."

"Ohhhhh right, sorry" Entrapta says clenching her teeth. "I honestly don't know why we're fighting this war in the first place-"

Entrapta suddenly stops talking because of the voices in the distance. We turn the corner and two men are talking in a room. We start to sneak around the room when I hear something that catches my ear.

"What are we going to do about Catrina, Scimon? We can't very well leave her there, can we?" a voice says.

"We have no choice, Lord Prime is here" the other man's voice says.

"I know but she is going to have to marry that horrible man, Sci!"

I hear Entrapta gasp and say something under her breath. I don't hear what it is.

"No, we won't let it come to that, maybe we can arrange a meeting with the rebels or-or we could try to defeating them before the wedding gah I don't know" the second man says annoyed.

"Light Spinner will have our heads-"

"I don't give a damn about Light Spinner or any of them!" the second man yells. "This isn't what Liliana and Reginald wanted for Catr-"

I accidentally back into Entrapta and the tray drops on the ground, making a loud clatter.

"What's that?!" the first man says nervously.

Entrapta and I run away from the room. We don't stop until we're out of breath and far away.

"Wow that was close, sorry" I say to her. I look at her, her normal happy go lucky face has darkened.

"Is everything o-"

"Sorry but I really need to do something right now, just take two rights and a left and you'll be out. It was nice meeting you, Adora" she says before running back the way we came.

I say goodbye but she was probably out of ear shot. I get out of the maze castle and back to the stables. Emily has gone and I take Swift Wind and lead him out of Dryl.

As I ride him back to Razz's I try to make sense of everything that happened today.

If you told me I would meet my other mother and then infiltrate any enemy kingdom and eat cupcakes with an enemy Princess I would've laughed in your face.

Now I feel like laughing and crying at the same time.

My head feels better but my body feels like it's going to collapse. I need rest. Sleep to give me a break from this madness.

When I get back to Razz's the sun has just set and the cold night air sinks in, now that the moon is up. I tie Swift Wind to the tree and make sure he has everything for the night and then I trudge into the house.

I expect fighting but Razz is stirring something on the stove and Light Hope is sitting on the floor with her eyes closed. Razz sees me first and drops the spoon she was holding.

"Dearie! You're back! You had me so worried" she says hugging me.

Light Hope opens her eyes and stands up. "Ah-Adora hi, I'm glad you're back and safe" she says sincerely and awkwardly.

Razz turns to her with a frown, "I told you your little meditating thing wouldn't work" she says.

"I wasn't done locating her, besides I haven't formed a strong enough connection with her yet" Light Hope retaliates. "Your little finding spell didn't work either" she says pointing to the stew boiling on the stove.

"My spell wasn't done either" Razz says huffing, "besides who's fault is it that you don't have a strong connection with her."

"Are you serious?! For the last time, Mara didn't tell me!!" Light Hope yells.

"I thought you could see the future, but you couldn't figure out Mara was pregnant" Razz says walking over to Light Hope.

"First it doesn't work like that, and second I needed to come in contact with someone that has been in contact with Adora which didn't happen until today, and third I was pretty preoccupied at the time because of this recurring vision saying the love of life was going to die in battle!" Light Hope yells walking closer to Razz.

"Well you never came back!" Razz shouts in Light Hope's well stomach because Razz is super short and Light Hope is a giant.

"ENOUGH!" I shout and both women look at me. "Enough, I'm going to bed, if you're going to keep fighting like children can you please try to keep it down" I say walking towards my room. The women's faces fill with guilt and they mumble apologies as I leave the room.

When I get to my room I take off my outer armor and flop on the bed, my mind bubbling over with everything that has happened in the last two days.

I close my eyes and try to imagine nicer things.

I dream about blue and yellow eyes locking with mine. Long fingers with sharp nails grabbing my hands. and a contagious smile featuring the most perfect lips I've ever seen.

Slowly I drift off to sleep not bothering to take off my clothing or take out my ponytail.

Right now I only wanted to think about Catra.




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Chapter Text


I wake up in a field of pink flowers. The sky is a golden yellow. Wispy clouds dot the sky. I look around, there's nothing else there. I turn back around and a tree has appeared in the distance.

Huh weird

I walk towards it and two figures come into view.

"Stop it Reggie, you're going to hurt the baby" a woman says while laughing.

"Relax Lily" a man says while picking up the woman and spinning her around.

"Reggieeeeee! Put me down!" she screams.

The man laughs and puts her down. She lightly shoves him and then puts her hands on her stomach.

"Liliana, the baby's fine, I promise" the man says while cupping the woman's face.

"You don't know that" she says while huffing and walking away from him.

"Lily? Liliana?! Come back, I'm sorry" the man shouts.

She walks back and shoves his chest. "You know how hard it was to get pregnant. The last time I was this far along the baby-the baby didn't" the woman starts crying and the man pulls her into an embrace.

"I'm so sorry, my love. I didn't realize you still felt all this pain. I have been insensitive" the man says while tears roll down his face.

Suddenly the woman smiles. "Reggie did you feel that?" the woman asks while sniffling. She looks up at the man who is confused. She grabs his hand and places it on her stomach.

"The baby! The baby kicked!" the man says excitedly. The woman smiles and nods and the man wraps her in a big hug. Tears of joy stream down their faces and they erupt into joyful laughter.

"I have a name already, even though the baby isn't due for five more months" the woman says.

The husband stares down at her and she continues. "If it's a boy, Raelm, if it's a girl, Catrina."

"I like Catrina" the man says, "but I was thinking Reginald Jr if it's a boy" he playfully says.

"No" the woman says rolling her eyes. "And I don't care about the gender but I really hope it's girl" she says leaning in.

"Me too" the man says kissing her with a smile.

Are those my-my parents?

Am I dead?

No I can't be dead, I just had dinner and then past out on my bed

Suddenly the scene changes. The sky is a dark purple with huge storm clouds. The flowers start dying all around me. The man and woman have disappeared.

A bed appears in the distance and I run towards it. The same woman lays on it. Her eyes are closed and her breathing is heavy. The man from before appears, standing next to her. He starts talking.

"But I don't understand how is she sick?" the man says.

"I'm sorry your majesty, I don't know, I can run more tests-"

"Just hurry doctor" the man says, his voice is strained.

"Yes sire" the other voice says.

The man kneels and holds the woman's hand. He begins crying, his sobs sounded so painful.

"Your majesty?" another voice says.

"Yes?" the man says standing up and composing himself.

"Your daughter she-"

"Yes, I'm coming" the man says. He kisses the woman's hand and then walks away.

The scene changes again. The earth is now scorched, small fires appear everywhere. The sky is black and thick with smoke.

Clanging of swords and the screams of soldiers can be heard in the distance.

Suddenly a sword swings over me. I back away quickly and my eyes adjust to scene in front of me. Two men are sword fighting. One man is the same one I've seen before.

"How dare you attack Bright Moon, Reginald" the other man says blocking himself with his sword.

"Bright Moon killed Liliana" the man says jabbing his sword.

"My people would never attack your Queen, we aren't heathens like you" the first man says swinging his sword forward.

"Micah, dark bloom was found in her blood, the same deadly flower that only grows in the caves of your kingdom" the man says lowering his sword. His hard, angry face now fills with sadness.

"I'll launch a search party to locate all the dark bloom black market sellers. I can help you find out who poisoned her" the dark haired man says while lowering his sword. "But call off your armies first."

Suddenly a sword goes through the dark haired man's back. He falls to the ground and the sword floats in the air.

The other man's eyes go wide.

"You-you-" he begins stuttering.

The sword lunges and stabs him through the heart. He falls to the ground.

"Dad!" I yell but the scene changes once again. Thick fog circles me. The sky has turned a bluish purple, though I could barley see it.

The fog clears a path and I follow it.

A figure appears in the distance. as I get closer I see it's a different woman. She's wearing big robes and a hood over her head. She was a holographic purple. She's sitting on the ground with her eyes closed.

She notices me and opens her eyes. "Hello, who are you?" she says while cocking her head to the side.

I'm confused but I sit down anyways so I'm facing the strange woman.

"I should be asking you that" I say crossing my arms, "this is my dream after all."

"Hmmm I was trying to locate someone else but I must've gotten into your head instead, sorry" the woman says getting up.

"Wait" I shout I reach and grab her hand. My hand goes through her but she turns around, her eyes are glowing white.

"Beware Princess, of the shadows that lurk nearby,
Your friends close and your enemies closer,
If you want to find the truth about your power,
You'll have to find the dark flower" she says in a weird mono toned voice.

Her eyes stop glowing and she looks down at me as if nothing happened.

"Well um I have to go now" she says slowly backing away.

"But wait what did you mean? What is the dark flower? What do you mean?" I shout as she disappears into the fog. I run after her but I trip over something and land in water.

I start sinking down in the water. Black tentacle things wrap around my legs pulling me down faster. I frantically move my arms to try to get back to the surface but it doesn't work.

I look down as the black goo monster that's pulling me. It pulls me to the bottom of the pool and then the darkness consumes me.

"Catra wake up" a hushed voice whispers.

I lunge up. My breath is going a million miles per hour.

"Hey are you ok?" Lonnie says holding up a candle.

"Yeah, just a bad dream" I say feeling my forehead. I wipe away the sweat. Lonnie lights some more candles and the room grows brighter.

I get up and Lonnie puts a robe over my nightgown. She goes to the servants door and opens it. Kyle and Rogelio fall down on the floor when she opens it.

Lonnie crosses her arms and frowns. "Why were you guys pressed against the door?" she says frowning down at them.

"We were eavesdropping" Kyle says quickly.
"We were kissing" Rogelio says at the same time.

I stifle a laugh at them as they both turn bright red.

Lonnie rolls her eyes and helps them up.

"Next time come up with better excuses" Lonnie says glaring at them.

"Sorry Lon" they both mumble.

She rolls her eyes but her face softens and she smiles slightly.

A knock at the other door startles us. I go over catiuosly and open it.

When I see who it is my eyes go wide with fear and my face fills with dread.

"Why are you up this late young lady?" Light Spinner says in cold voice.

"I-I um" I stutter. I was frozen in fear.

Suddenly Light Spinner shifts into, Double Trouble?!

"Hi darlings, sorry if I gave you a scare" they say amused.

"Seriously DT?!" I whisper shout.

They just shrug their shoulders and smile.

I close the door quietly and I sit down on the window seat. DT sits next to me and Lonnie, Rogelio and Kyle sit on pillows on the floor.

"So thank you all for being here" I say to the group of people in front of me. "Everyone here knows about my um situation, and this 'club' is for trying to get me out of it" I say using finger quotes on club.

I look around the room at the pairs of blinking eyes. "Um so does anyone have any ideas?"

"Murder" DT says.
"Peace treaty?" Lonnie says.
"War?" Rogelio says.
"Marry someone else?" Kyle says.

"No. The marriage is the peace treaty. We're already fighting one right now and well Kyle that's actually not too bad of an idea" I say smiling at the nervous boy.

"But what about murder" DT says doing jazz hands.

"No" I say directed at them, "only as a last resort" I mumble at the end.

"So here are the requirements that Light Spinner has for my um husband" I say trying not to gag. "Rich, of royal status, an army to defeat the Rebellion and the most crucial, according to Light Spinner, a man" I say rolling my eyes.

"What about Prince Peak-a-Blue?" Lonnie suggests.

"No, he's neutral in the war, and he's been off the grid for a while" I say.

"What about Duke Tongue Lashor of Crimson?" Rogelio asks.

"Eh, he's too low on the chain for Light Spinner's liking, plus I don't like him" I say frowning.

"Is there seriously no other males in Etheria?" DT says dramatically.

My thoughts go back to Adora

"Can we change Light Spinner's rules or more specifically one rule?" I ask the group.

"I don't know, I think you have to be Queen before you can change laws put in place by Light Spinner" Lonnie says.

"But Light Spinner isn't even a queen, she's an advisor or acting ruler while you grew up" Rogelio adds.

"Where can we find the old rules, the ones that were in place during my parents reign" I ask them.

"I feel like I've seen official stuff like that in the castle library" Kyle says.

"Can you two sneak it out" I ask the two boys.

"Possibly, I'll ask Light Spinner if we can work in the library tomorrow" Rogelio says.

"Darling I don't mean to be rude, but why are scourging up old dusty documents anyway? Shouldn't we be taking action?" DT says turning into a Horde soldier.

"Eventually" I say as they transform back. "But first we need to do research and lay the groundwork to make sure our actions will work" I add.

Everyone nods in agreement.

"That's all for tonight, let's go back to sleep, we have a big day tomorrow" I say to the group.

Everyone gets up and starts getting ready to leave. I pull Double Trouble to the side.

"Did you deliver the letter?" I ask them.

"Yes, your highness" DT says doing a dramatic bow, "I gave it to Razz, though she was kinda preoccupied when I went there."


"Oh nothing she was just arguing with some woman, I don't know it wasn't important" DT says.

"Do you think you could go back tomorrow?" I ask them.

"Ugh I guess. You're waiting on that return letter aren't you" DT says with a grin.

I blush. "No well yes I mean never mind" I huff. DT laughs.

"I need you to do one more thing for me" I say recovering. "I need you to look through Light Spinner's things to see if you can find anything suspicious or helpful."

"Princess, do you have a death wish?" DT scoffs.

"Please! You're the only one who can shape shift. Pick a day and I'll distract her so you can sneak around" I plead.

"Fine, but you owe me hun" they say. I smile as they exit through the door, closing it behind them.

I sigh and get ready to jump on my bed.

"I see your trusting the shape shifter" a voice says.

"Aghhh" I scream and fall down.

"Shhh, Catra, it's just me" Lonnie says coming into the light to help me up. "Sorry I didn't mean to scare you" she says as we sit on the bed.

"I'm fine" I say catching my breath. "What did you mean by that?"

Lonnie takes a deep breath. "It's just-I don't trust them" she mumbles.

"Well I don't trust them either, at least not yet not fully. If you can, can you hang around them and see if they're doing anything shady?" I say.

"Sure" Lonnie says smiling. I wrap her in a hug and she does the same.

Lonnie would do anything for me. I need to make sure I help her get her dream life once I finally get to rule my kingdom.

I let go and say, "I should go back to bed now and you should too."

"Of course Princess, do you need anything? Can I get you anything?" Lonnie says getting up and blowing out the candles.

"No no Lonnie, I'm good" I say getting under the covers.

"As you wish your highness-I mean Catra" she says when I look at her.

I smile and she returns it as she shuts the door. I blow out the last candle and the room is dark.

My mind wanders back to the weird lady in my dream.

What did she say again?

Something about enemies and shadows?

Ugh I don't remember it all

No wait wasn't there something about a flower

Yes something about a dark flower and finding power or something

Ok that just sounds like nonsense maybe it was just a dream after all...

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Chapter Text

Art credit: Anderdoodles on Tumblr



I woke up late, well later than usual.

I usual woke up at dawn but today the sun woke me up as it came through the curtains.

I got up and took off my clothes from last night and put on fresh ones. I ran a brush through my hair, though it was proving difficult to do so. I gave up on my hair and put it in a low pony. I splashed my face with water and prepared myself mentally for the awkward breakfast.

I walked into the kitchen. Razz was cooking something on the stove and Light Hope sat at the table drinking something from a mug.

"Good morning dearie" Razz chimes, "I'm making maple oatmeal, do you want any?"

"Sure, thanks Razz" I say. I turn and look at the  tall woman in front of me. Even sitting down, she looked giant.

"So um how did you sleep Adora?" she says.

"Good, you?" I say as Razz places a bowl of oatmeal in front of me. "Razz, you washed the pot before you made this right? I don't want any weird spell thing" I say.

"Oh of course dearie I washed it!" she says with a smile but as she walks away I hear her mumble, "I think I did."

I sigh and smile but decide to pass on the oatmeal, just in case.

"I slept ok, Adora. The couch was a little small but I'm gracious for you and Razz for letting me stay the night" she says.

"Oh I'm sorry was the couch too small for you, you, your royal highness" Razz says sarcastically.

"Razz! She was just being honest, and she wasn't mean about it" I snap.

Razz looks guilty but she quickly frowns when she looks at Light Hope.

"You know, it doesn't help that you've two are always at each other's throats" I say.

"Fine, for Adora's sake I call a truce. No more fighting" Razz says.

Light Hope smiles. "Deal" she says.

For the first time in awhile I smile. Maybe things would work themselves out.

"Oh and with the heticness last night I forgot to give you this dearie" Razz says handing me a letter with a red seal.

"Thanks, do you know who it's from?" I ask.

"I'm not sure, some village girl from Thaymor dropped it off, said it was for you" Razz replies.

"Hmm ok" I say looking at it. "I have to go meet Bow, Glimmer, Sea Hawk and Mermista at Sea Worthy's tavern. I'll order food there" I say getting up and kissing Razz's head.

"I have some business over the next few days but I really want to spend time with you" Light Hope says to me. "If you want to reach me, you can find me in this location" she says drawing a map.

"You live in the Whispering Woods?" I ask.

"No well yes, I travel around but every so often I stay in my childhood home" Light Hope replies. "But I'll come around Razz's now that-I-well know you" she says smiling.

"Ok" I say returning a weak smile.

The whole second secret mother thing is still a lot to wrap my head around.

"Bye" I say to the two of them. I wave and grab my bag before closing the door behind me. I stuff the letter in my pocket. I'm wearing regular clothes today but I still have my sword just in case there's any funny business. I strap my bag to Swift Wind and we head off to Sea Worthy.

About 20 minutes later the smell of salt and the cold breeze alerts me that we're in Sea Worthy, the small port town on the way to Sealineas.

Mermista's guards stand outside the tavern as I ride up. I greet them and one of them take Swift Wind to a nearby stable.

I walk inside and the tavern is empty. Suddenly Sea Hawk jumps up on the bar counter.

"Ahoy friend! Would you like a breakfast drink" he says jumping back down an going behind the bar.

"Would this drink perhaps be alcoholic?" I ask peering over the counter.

"Why yes" Sea Hawk says standing up holding a bottle a moonberry syrup. He pours it into a glass filled with light blue liquid. he swirls it around and it turns a glittering purpleish blue. He hands it to me and I eye it suspiciously.

"What's in this?" I ask the tipsy pirate.

"Hell" Mermista says groaning in a booth. I didn't see her until now.

She gets up and and walks over to us slowly.

"Wild night?" I ask her smiling.

"What?! Don't look at me like that, it was ladies night last night. and we never pass up ladies night" Mermista says in a scary voice.

"Ok ok. I get it" I say putting my hands up. She stops giving me the evil eye.

She goes behind the counter and starts mixing this gray sludge drink. She makes two and hands one to Sea Hawk. She chugs hers and Sea Hawk complains but drinks his as well.

"Hangover drink?" I ask.

"No shit Mermystery" Mermista grumbles.

"You two are quite the couple" Glimmer says sashaying in.

"Hey Glim, hey Bow!" I say hugging the both of them.

"Ughh! We're not a couple" Mermista says coming back around the bar.

"Of course not dearest! We're more than that" Sea Hawk says laying on the countertop.

Mermista groans and Bow and I laugh.

"Just get married already" Glimmer says smirking.

"I didn't invite you here for you guys to get into my personal relationships" Mermista says sitting at a table.

We join her and Sea Hawk goes into the kitchen to get some food.

"Soooo what's up" Mermista says.

"Ok so first thanks for holding down the seas for us. And second we are hatching a plan to stop the Horde once and for all" I say.

"We're going to talk to the reclusive Horde Princess and try her to get her on our side" Glimmer says.

"That's kinda dumb, no offense" Mermista says.

"What do you mean?" Glimmer says frowning.

"Well she's the Horde Princess. What do you expect? For you to sit down with her at a tea party and ask her nicely to stop sending bots to destroy are kingdoms?" Mermista says.

"Trust me, she's not the mastermind behind the war. She's a bystander who will have the power to stop this war very soon" I say.

"That seems a little bold of you to assume" Mermista says, still unconvinced.

"Mermistaaaa" a sing-songy voice says. Sea Hawk comes out of kitchen holding four plates of eggs and bacon. He places them down in front of us and kisses Mermista's cheek before going back into the kitchen.

Mermista blushes as she starts eating her food.

"Awwww! You guys are the cutest" Bow says smiling.

Memrista makes a frustrated noise as she tries to hide her face.

"Ok so as I was saying, I understand that you think it's a long shot but she was a baby when all this started" I say.

"Yeah a baby, who's parents were supposedly killed by rebels" Mermista says in finger quotes.

"My dad never killed anyone!" Glimmer yells.

"Shh lets calm down everyone. What Mermista means is that Princess Catrina believes that rebels killed her parents even though we know that isn't true. The dark bloom could've been used by anyone that had access to the black market and nobody truly knows what happened during the Battle of Bright Moon" Bow says while rubbing Glimmer's back.

"Yes that's what I meant" Mermista says in agreement.

A light bulb goes off in my head

"I have to go now actually" I say. I shovel the rest of the food into my mouth and get up.

"Wait why?" Glimmer asks.

"I need to um go do something, I'll see you guys back in Bright Moon tonight and I'll tell you everything" I say to them.

"But what about mimosas" Sea Hawk says sadly, holding up a tray of orange colored drinks in fancy glasses.

"Seriously Sea Hawk?! No more alcohol" Mermista groans.

"But it's morning alcohol Mermista" Sea Hawk whines.

"Ok see you guys later!" I yell running out of that mess.

The guard leads me into town and I mount Swift Wind. I head back to Razz's and hope she's still there. When I get back to cottage I tie Swift Wind to the tree and rush inside.

Razz is sweeping the floor when I come inside. "Hi dearie, back already? How was Sea Worthy?" she says smiling.

"Um it was good, do you know where Light Hope is? I really need to talk to her" I say giving Razz a quick hug.

"She left towards Thaymor thirty minutes ago, you can probably catch her" Razz says.

"Ok thanks I'll be back soon!" I yell running back outside. I get on Swift Wind and we take off towards Thaymor. We arrive and I drop Swift Wind off at the stables. I walk through the town when a familiar woman in purple robes.

She was looking around for someone as I walked up to her.

"Um hi" I say tapping her shoulder awkwardly.

"Oh! Hi Adora, um hi-how are you?" Light Hope says turning around.

"I'm good, but I was hoping we could talk. I need your help with something" I say seriously.

"Um yes, yes of course! Um I was going to get bubble tea and moochi. Do you-do you want to go sit down and eat and talk" she says fiddling her hands.

"Sure" I say smiling. She smiles back and we walk to a nearby food stand. After ordering food we sit down on cushions outside the stand.

I start shoving my face with food as Light Hope swirls her drink around.

"So um what did you want to talk about, Adora?" Light Hope asks.

"Oh um" I say swallowing. "So I know you can see stuff in the like the future so like um I need your help with something like that" I say while poking my food.

"Sure! What do you need darling-uh-daughter-um-Adora" Light Hope says nervously.

Poor Light Hope, she's trying so hard

"I need your help. I need you to go on a mission for the Rebellion to the Horde kingdom. I have a plan but it involves the Horde Princess being on our side" I say.

"What exactly do you need me to do?" she asks.

"I need you to go to the Fright Zone and say you're there to give readings to the Royal family. Get Princess Catrina alone and tell her how we wish to talk to her during Princess Prom" I tell her.

"Who wants to talk to her?"

"Sorry, me-well I guess She Ra, and Princess Glimmer of Bright Moon."

"Ok, ok I can do that" she says.

"Thanks" I say sincerely smiling at her. "and do you think you can snoop around to see if you can find out the truth about how the war started?" I ask.

"Ok I can do that. So I have some business to attend to for the next couple weeks but I can probably go to the Fright Zone sometime in February. Is that ok?"

"That's perfect thank you" I say, smiling.

She smiles and sips her tea.

"Thank you so much for this, I know you're busy so thanks" I say getting up.

"Of course, Adora" she says sincerly, "thanks for reaching out."

"Oh and I'm having a small birthday dinner at Razz's on January 19th, and I would love for you to be there" I say.

"Yes, I'll move things around and definitely be there and you're turning um 17 right?" she asks.


"Ok yes! I'll be there!" she says excitedly.

I smile and wave as I walk away. She waves back as I disappear into the crowd. 

I get Swift Wind and ride back to Razz's. When I arrive, I feed Swift Wind some apples and give him some water before securing him to a tree and going inside.

Razz is reading in her room so I don't disturb her as I tip-toe to my old room. I flop on the bed and the letter falls out of my pocket. I pick it up and and open it. As soon as I read the first line, I know who it's from.

My heart flutters and I feel my cheeks heat up as I read the letter from Catra. As soon as I read it (twice) I rush to my drawer to get a piece of parchment. I grab a quill and prepare to write a letter back.

Dearest Catra,

I loved your letter and I miss you dearly.

Don't you dare apologies from showing skin, while I am a woman of honor, I am still a raging bloody lesbian.

I was wondering if our next meeting could be January 18th? It is my birthday at midnight and I want to spend it with you.


P.S. I am falling in love with you also

I seal the letter with a gold wax seal and put it on my desk for safe keeping.

"Hi dearie, how was you're meeting with the princesses?" Razz says coming into my room.

"It was good, Mermista's a little skeptical but I think I've found a way to ease her worries with Light Hope" I say sitting back down.

Razz subtly rolls her eyes and sits down next to me.

"Razz? What's the deal with you and Light Hope?" I ask.

She sighs. "I don't know. I think I'm just mad at Mara for not telling me. And I'm mad at Light Hope for not coming back. And I'm mad that you have to deal with all this" she says choking up.

I hug her and rub her back, to calm her down. "Shh it's ok, I'm fine. I'm more than fine, I have another parent! I mean that's exciting!" I say.

Razz lets go, her eyes are filled with tears. "Is this truly how you feel dearie?"

"Yes, yes of course. I just really want you and Light Hope to get along" I say.

"Ok yes, I'll work on it" Razz says sheepishly.

"Thanks Razz" I say kissing her cheek.

"Ok dearie" Razz says while getting up, "I'll be in my room, reading, if you need anything before you go back just let me know."

As she leaves I say, "ok I'll just pack my things and go, bye!"

She disappears behind the curtain in her room and I get up and pack everything in my bag. Once I have everything I grab the letter so I can put it on the kitchen table. When I walk into the kitchen I hear a small knock on the door.

I put my bag down and answer it. A tiny girl with rosy skin and pink hair is at the door.

"Hi I'm Flutterina! I'm here on behalf of Pr-er-Catra, who are you?" the girl says.

"I'm Adora, are you the vilage girl that dropped of the first letter?" I say.

"Yes!" she says happily.

"How do you know Catra?" I ask, slightly suspicious.

"I uh am her neighboor" the girl says, "and you're the girl who she's in love with right?"

My heart races and I gulp. "She um she said that?" I say feeling my ears and cheeks burn.

"Oh why of course, silly" Flutterina says batting her eyes.

"Well er tell her I um lovehertoo" I say fast.

"I will" she says smiling.

"And here" I say giving her my return letter, "for Catra."

"Ok, I'll give it to her bye!" the girl says heading towards Thaymor.

Does Catra live in Thaymor?

"Hmm" I say as I make my way to Swift Wind. I pack my things on his back and climb on. When I'm about to head out I see a flash of green in the woods. I brush it off and start towards Bright Moon.

When I get home I drop off Swift Wind and walk to the castle. I say hi to various people before finally making it to my room and passing out on my pillow-filled bed.

"Ahhhhh" a voice yells. I turn around and Glimmer is flying towards me.

"Aghhh!" I yell and move out of the way as she hits the bed.

"Glimmer?! What the hell?" I yell.

Bow drops down from the ceiling with a grappling arrow. "Hey Adora! Me and Glimmer wanted to surprise you so we were hanging up on the ceiling in one of my new net arrows" Bow says joining us on the bed.

"Yes but why attack me?!" I say glaring at Glimmer who is buckled down laughing.

"Hahaa-Sorry Adora but the look on your face was priceless" Glimmer says turning reddish purple from being out of breath.

"Ok congrats you got me, now can I please relax now" I say.

Glimmer stops laughing and sits up. "Wait you can't relax to save your life, what are you hiding?" she says seriously.

"Um ok a lot of things have happened in last couple days that I need to tell you" I say softly.

"Well spill" Glimmer says while her and Bow get comfy.

"Ok" I say taking a deep breath. I then tell them about everything, from Catra, to Dryl, to Light Hope, to my side plan.

When I'm done both their mouths were wide open.

"So um yeah that's what happened the last couple of days" I say.

"Um WHAT?!" Bow squeaks.

"I'm sorry, you are in LOVE WITH SOMEONE LIKE FOR REAL?" Glimmer shouts.



"Yeah um it's a lot" I say as they freak out. 


I shrug my shoulders. "I guess I'm just sorta used to crazy" I say nonchalant.

"Do you really think your mom-er Light Hope can help us?" Bow asks.

"Yes, but I was wondering if we could talk to Angella too, since she knew her and all" I say.

"Yes ok" Bow says and flips over to tickle Glimmer.

"Ow Bow stop" she says pushing his hands away from her stomach.

"You're too tense Glim, I was trying to de-stress you" Bow says smilling.

"Ew guys, go be gushy somewhere else" I say putting my hands on my face.

They both turn pink and look away from each other.

"Well um I should go now" Bow says getting up, "I want to work with Tallstar on some new arrows."

"Bye Bow" I yell and Glimmer does an awkward wave. Bow returns it before slipping out the door.

As soon as he leaves Glimmer groans and flops backwards on the bed.

I lightly chuckle, "lover boy blues?" I say teasingly.

"Ughhh, I don't know how to talk to him anymore! Things are so weird between us since I've started liking him. It's like everything we used to do is now romantic or sexual" Glimmer says.

"I'm sure that's normal" I say laying next to the sparkle girl.

"Aghhhhh" she screams into a pillow.

"You guys just need to date already" I say giggling.

Glimmer whacks me on the head with a pillow.

"Ow!? What was that for" I complain rubbing my head.

"I can't!!" she says.


"Because if we start dating then my mother is going plan a wedding!" Glimmer says dramatically.

"Angella isn't going to plan a wedd-"

"When I was 14 I held hands with a girl in my class and by the end of the day the whole kingdom was buzzing about the Princess' girlfriend. Not to mention the fact that she badgers me everyday to find someone and settle down so she can leave the throne in capable hands, as if I'm not capable enough!" she shouts.

"Whoa who's Glimmer calm down. Angella's tough but she loves you, she just wants you to find love and-"

"Besides I don't even know if Bow likes me like that, I mean we've been friends forever. I just don't want to fuck it up" Glimmer says leaning on my shoulder.

I wrap my arm around her and lean on her head. "Glimmer you're not going to fuck anything up. Bow likes you a lot! Even if things don't work out for you guys I know he'll still be by your side! But I personally do think you guys are endgame" I say smiling down at her.

"Thanks Adora" Glimmer says letting out a long exhale.

"Hey, do you want to go steal some cake from the kitchen and then have a slumber party?" I say smirking.

"As long as you don't get butt hurt because I beat you in pillow fights" Glimmer says sitting up and smirking.

"What?! You don't beat me in-"

I'm interrupted by a pillow colliding with my face. Glimmer is already ready with another one her face determined and smiling.

"Oh it's on!" I say grabbing a pillow.

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Chapter Text

January 17 1596


A lot of shit has happened this month.

For starters Light Spinner has been preparing me for my coronation everyday from morning to night. She says that I must assist Prime in ruling over the conquered rebel lands. But I don't fucking care about any of that! All I want is Adora. Having her in my life has made me realize I don't really want revenge or vengeance. I just want to be a good ruler for my people with my beautiful knight by my side.

Rogelio managed to sneak out one of the old law book from the library. Kyle tried sneaking out the other one but he got caught and Light Spinner sent him to work in the village. Lonnie won't admit it but she's sad and Rogelio goes to the village everyday to see Kyle. It's really cute actually. I feel bad for them.

I've been reading through the book at nights. I light a candle and read through the old texts, trying to decipher them. So far there has been nothing about forbidden romances or the banning of homosexuality. Maybe I could confront Light Spinner and plead my case? I don't know I think that might make it worse.

Lord Prime hasn't been in Etheria since our disastrous first date. Wrongdak has been running all over Etheria to get everything for the 'perfect wedding'.


DT came back with a letter from Adora. I think I actually purred when I read it. I've never purred before in my life?! Damn you Adora!


I love you.

Anyways, I have the most perfect plan for her birthday tonight! While we haven't known each other for too long, I know enough to plan a birthday she won't forget. I've picked out a new dress just for the occasion. Nothing special just a casual dress in my signature color. I have a whole elaborate plan that DT and Lonnie helped me carry it out. Everything is ready for tonight.

Fuck I'm nervous...

So far I've yet to decipher the weird warning that dream lady gave me. Honestly I was probably so tired that my brain made up a weird story, though I can't help but wonder about the mysteries of my past.

"Whatcha thinking about lover girl" Lonnie asks coming into my room.

"Agh!" I let out out a high pitched scream. "Jeez Lonnie you scared me!" I say smoothing my hair.

"Oops sorry, but every time I see you you're blushing and thinking about your dear Adora-"

"Shhh, are you daft?! Someone could here!" I say interrupting her.

"You worry too much Princess" Lonnie says while picking up clothes from my floor and putting them into the laundry basket.

"How are dealing with your throuble breaking up" I ask quietly.

"It's hard to be honest. Kyle's barred from the castle for the time being and I can't leave because I'm a lady-in-waiting so Rogelio has to split his time between us"  Lonnie says sighing.

"Doesn't he already spend his time between y'all" I say snickering.

"Catra?! Can you please try to be serious?!!" Lonnie screams. Her face is red and she is shooting daggers at me.

"No your right. You're sad and I made a sex joke-"


"Right right sorry. A making love joke" I say laughing and putting making love in finger quotes.

"This is why I'm your only friend Princess Catrina" Lonnie says walking away.

"Aw no I'm sorry please don't leave me" I say dramatically falling on the floor and grabbing her ankles.

"Catra let go! I have stuff to do" Lonnie says laughing.

"Fine meanie" I say sticking my tongue out at her. We both start laughing and she helps me up.

We are so loud we don't realize that the door has opened.

"Please tell me you were not just on the floor Princess Catrina" Light Spinner's cold voice rings through the room.

I jump a little and the hair on the back of my neck sticks up again.

"Excuse me Light Spinner" Lonnie says curtsying and walking away with the laundry.

"Make sure to address her highness correctly, lady in waiting" Light Spinner says, her eyes squinting at Lonnie.

"Yes right, I apologize Light Spinner" Lonnie says bowing her head. She turns to me "your highness" she says curtsying and then leaving quickly. The servant's door shuts and Light Spinner turns to me.

"Why do you disgrace yourself this way" she says coming over to me. She begins dusting off my dress.

"We were just having a bit a fun-"

"Princesses don't have fun, Catrina. How many times do I have to remind you" she says still fixing my dress, even though it's fine.

"Now come child, we must talk about something serious" she says motioning me to follow her.

"What?" I say trying not to sound too nervous as I follow her down the staircase.

"I will tell you what it's about when we get to my bed chamber, we can't let anyone overhear" she says moving swiftly through the hallway.

"Wait I get to go in the North wing?!" I say walking up beside her.

"Yes Catrina, this once you are allowed in my corridors.

"Um do you think I could visit my parents room after we're done" I say timidly.

The North wing of the castle contained Light Spinner's and my parents quarters. As well as Light Spinner's supposed secret sorceress room, which I've never seen. When I was little I used to sneak around the North wing but I never found her secret fortress.

"Sure Catrina" she says after thinking for a second.

"Light Spinner?" I ask walking backwards in front of her.


"Where is the Black Garnet chamber?" I ask.

"You are a Princess, Catrina. You do not need to know such matters. Trust that if you need my help once you become queen then I shall assist you."

I visibly slump slightly as we continue walking and face forward again.

We walk to a black and silver door. Light Spinner takes out a key an unlocks it.

The room is fairly dark. The windows are covered with thick black curtains that barely let any light in. The ambience of the room was cold and unwelcoming.

Light Spinner leads us over to a small table with chairs. We sit down and she pulls a string attached to the wall. A bell sound echos through the castle and a few seconds later Amanda comes in through the servant's door.

"You called, your grace?" she says curtsying.

"Earl gray stat Amanda" Light Spinner says in a cold voice.

"Yes my lady, right away" Amanda says curtseying once again before heading out the door.

"You're always so cold to her" I say turning to Light Spinner.

"With all due respect, your highness, she is a subordinate and I will talk to her like one" Light Spinner says not missing a beat.

I roll my eyes and cross my arms. The room was so drafty and with no sunlight it felt like the Kingdom of Snows (not that I've ever been I'm just assuming).

"Can I open the curtains?" I ask.

"No" she says.


"Are you a vampire, Light Spinner?" I say smugly.

"Child don't patronize me" she says her eyes piercing into my soul.

Luckily Amanda comes back with tea and cookies. I take half the cookies onto my plate much to Light Spinner's disapproval.

"Is there anything else you need my lady and my highness?" Amanda says to us.

"Can I have more of the chocolate cookies?" I ask.

"No Catrina, you won't be able to fit into your wedding dress if you continue to eat like a miscreant" Light Spinner scolds.

I groan dramatically like a child, sprawling in my chair.

"A wedding I don't even want" I mumble.

"CATRINA!" Light Spinner shouts hitting the table.

"I'll excuse myself your grace, your highness" Amanda says curtsying and heading to the door fast.

"Not so fast Amanda" Light Spinner says stopping Amanda in her tracks.

Light Spinner gets up and glides across the floor to Amanda. She turns to me and says, "stay here and don't touch anything, I'll be back soon."

Amanda trembles as light Spinner escorts her out the door and slams it behind her.

I put my ear to the door and I hear Amanda's frantic whispers as Light Spinner leads her away.

I've heard rumors that Light Spinner used dark magic in her youth but stopped once a spell messed up her face causing her to wear that scarf over her mouth. Though DT has told me that she still uses dark magic when teaching. I've heard of stories of exiled people that had their memories erased mysteriously. I wonder if she was going to do that for Amanda. And it's because of me and my big mouth.

I go to a dark place but snap out of it once I realize Light Spinner left me alone in her room.

First I go and open the windows. Light Spinner's room has big beautiful stained glass windows that castes beautiful multi colored light in the room. I felt warmer immediately.

Next I took a little time to look around the newly lit room. I open a chest on the floor. It's filled with small glass bottles that contained different herbs, dried flowers and powders. The smell is pungent so I close it. Unfortunately the smell was too much for my nose and I let out a high pitched sneeze.

Next I look at her dresser. The top was covered with ashes. There was also a picture frame with a little girl in it. Upon closer look I realize it is of young Light Spinner. In the picture, she is in her teens and she is smiling. She isn't wearing her mouth scarf and she looks happy, the happiest I've ever seen her. There are other people in the picture but they have been cropped out.

I glance up at her official portrait on the wall. She is older in the painting and she's wearing her scarf. Her eyes are intimidatingly starring forwards and it's hard to imagine that's the same person as the smiling girl in the other photograph.

A/N: The portrait picture

A/N: The portrait picture

I put the photo back on the dresser and walk over to the bookcase. I trace my fingers along the books and read some of the names.

Beginner's guide to potions
Moonwater properties
Horde History
Flowers and their magic properties
Potions & more
How to train a queen

The last one made me laugh out loud.

My eyes wandered over to a beautiful silver wardrobe. I open the wardrobe and I see a bunch of beautiful robes and dresses that I've never seen Light Spinner wear. I take out a sparkling purple dress and hold it up in the mirror. The fabric was like nothing I've ever seen before. It was exotic and the material felt like soft water (if that makes sense). I hold it up on me and twirl it around, smiling.

"Mystacor" a voice says. I turn around quickly and I realize in horror that Light Spinner is back.

"Sorry I was just-"

"I got that dress in Mystacor" Light Spinner says coming up behind me in a calm demeanor.

"I'll put in back-"

"Try it on" she says nonchalant.


"Consider it an engagement gift. I haven't worn it in years, besides I understand you're still struggling with everything that's going on" she says turning me to face her. 

I just stare at her with disbelief.

"Go on Catrina put it on" she says shoving me behind the divider.

I take off my dress and slide the velevity dress over my head. The fabric feels like silky water on my skin. I feel like a sorceress in it.

A/N: da dress

A/N: da dress

I come back out and twirled around in it. "You look beautiful Catrina" Light Spinner says looking sad.

I walk over to her and she cups the tuffs of my hair. "My sweet girl, your parents would've been so proud of you" she says a tear falling down her cheek.

I hug her tight and she continues stroking my hair. "What were they like? My parents?" I say softly

Light Spinner steps back and sits back down in her chair. She begins to sip her tea, not mentioning the cool temperature, as I sit down.

"Your mom was kind, but tough. She was hot headed and didn't take crap from anyone" she says smiling.

I laugh and she looks at me disapproval but her eyes are smiling.

"She grew up in the Fright Zone. She was the daughter of the nobleman but grew up learning sword fighting with local cadets. She was promised to Prince Reginald at a young age, when she found out she ran away and camped out in Crimson, where she met Reggie, a traveler at a tavern. He asked her out even though she was flirting with the bartender. She said yes and they went out for dinner that night."

"When they were heading home they ran into bandits. Reggie was ready to defend Lily but before he could she knocked both of the thieves out with a precise kick and punch. That's when your father fell in love with your mother. Completely smitten, he asked her to court him. She agreed, thinking this would get her father off her back and not at all because Reggie was a charming and dashing young man."

"When they went back to the Horde they were intervened by Reggie and Lily's parents as well as other members of the court and knights. No surprise to say that they were shocked to learn their true identities. Lady Liliana was mad at King Reginald for misleading her but your father sweared that he didn't know who she was when they met. They built their trust up and eventually eloped in a remote part of Plumeria I think. After an off the grid honeymoon they returned to the Fright Zone and wed again in front of the entire kingdom."

"King Reginald and Queen Liliana were one of the greatest rulers of the Horde in all history. They got married pretty young and ruled for about five years until conceiving their first child. Unfortunate Queen Liliana miscarried in her fourth month. Still they tried and tried with no success. Eventually they sought the help of the healer. Apparently there is this type of rare flower that only bloomed once every 100 years. It was said to cure infertility. The reclusive healer had said flower and gave it to your parents. Nine months later and you were born."

"Did you have to include the part about how my parents had a bunch of sex?" I say frowning.

"Catrina please! I'm telling your story please try to be mindful" Light Spinner says scowling.

"Sorry jeez" I say.

"Anyways" Light Spinner say clearing her throat, "you know what happened next don't you, I don't want to tell you that again. Just know that your parents loved you" she says her face falling.

"Yeah" I say looking to the floor. "Tell me more about you?" I ask.

"What do you mean?"

"Well we never really sit down and just talk like this" I say shrugging.

Light Spinner sighs and sips her tea. "I'm an orphan like you Catrina. I grew up in an orphanage in the Fright Zone. When I started exhibiting magic powers, Mystacor took me in with the other children they recruited from other Etherian villages. I worked hard and was top of my class, though I never earned the respect of my teacher, Master Norwyn. He always thought my ways of making my magic more powerful was 'dark'" she says doing dark in finger quotes.

"When I was old enough I was sworn into the sorcerers guild but I had to give up my advanced magic. I agreed and stuck to traditional magic. I began training the newest children of Mystacor. I actually taught the former king of Bright Moon, Micah. He was an exceptional sorcerer, it's a shame he ran off and became a queen's lapdog" Light Spinner says rolling her eyes.

She takes a deep breath before continuing. "When I was 19, Mystacor was on the brink of war with another kingdom. The guild was unsure of what to do. I suggested a dark magic spell that would increase our powers and enable us to defeat them. Norwyn said my idea was outrageous and banned me from future meetings. In a rage I used Micah to help cast my dark enhancement spell. In the middle of it he panicked and left which caused the spell to go berserk and attack me leaving a scar on my face. The spell also consumed Norwyn causing me to absorb his powers."

My eyes go wide. "You-you killed him?" I stutter.

Light Spinner sighs. "It was the biggest mistake of my life. From that day on I gave up dark magic."

"But what about memory wiping?" I ask.

"That is technically gray magic, not dark or light, and I only use it in dire situations, which reminds me. Don't ever say something like that again, in front of anyone" she says cooly.

I nod and look towards the ground.

She looks satisfied as she peers over her cup of tea. "Now where were we, ah yes. After being cast out from the guild, I went back to the Fright Zone, my home. I preformed my skills for the king and queen at the time, Reginald's parents. They loved me so much that they offered my a full time job as the castle sorceress. And I've been here serving ever since" she says, her eyes are glassy.

"Did you ever think you would raise a child?" I say softly.

I've wanted to ask her this since before I can remember.

Light Spinner is quiet for a moment before she speaks up. "I was never fit for motherhood but I became close friends with your father and mother and after their passing-" she gulps. "I-I needed to raise you to be a strong queen, a strong woman, that's what they would've wanted" she says.

I smile at her.

She clears her throat. "Um-ok we actually need to discuss what we came here for" she lowers her voice to a whisper. "I think there is a traitor among us."


"Catrina! Keep your voice down" she says through gritted teeth.

I fidget with my hands. 'Wha-what do you mean traitor, I don't see any traitors, there are no traitors here haha" I say awkwardly.

Light Spinner looks at confused. "Please Catrina, this is of urgence matter. One of the original rule books has been stolen from the library. Octavia caught that blonde boy sneaking one out but he doesn't have the other one. Also my prodigy, Double Trouble has been lurking among my things and disappearing throughout the day."

"Huh you don't say" I say acting surprised.

"I do not tolerate thieves in this castle Catrina. As the future queen you need to keep a lookout on these things, for instance what if there is a rebel hiding here" she says frantically.

"Pfew I don-don't think so."

"I'm going to gather ingredients for a truth spell. It should work on even the toughest of liars like Double Trouble."

Oh shit oh shit oh shit

"Actually Light Spinner I have a strong suspicion of who did it" I say suddenly.


Shit shit shit

"Um it was um Amanda!" I blurt out.

I am so so sorry please forgive me

"I saw her reading the book the other day in her room" I lie.

"Hmm are you sure Princess?"

"Yes, absolutely besides I told DT to look through your stuff so they could find some more of the rose oil you make, I-I um didn't want to bother you, sorry" I say sheepishly.

"That..makes sense" she says slowly. "I'll have the guards search Amanda's room at once but with this memory wipe she won't remember even taking the book so that'll make things more complicated" Light Spinner says contemplating.

"Aw bummer" I say trying to act disappointed.

"Ok thank you Catrina, your excused" she says motioning to the door. I get up and leave, closing the door behind me. I exhale and let the door support my weight. I take a second before standing back up straight.

I walk down the hallway to a gold trim door. I open it slowly and peer into the room. The room was filled with a dark gold light. The white cloth that covered the windows cast an eerie glow. The rest of the furniture was also covered with white cloth. A ghost room. The floors were dusty like no ones been here in...
17 years.

I walk around the room. I go to the bed and open the drawer of the bedside table. Inside there's bobby pins, a hairbrush, a dried rose and a couple pieces of blank paper. At the bottom of the clutter lay a shiny gold heart locket. I pick it and notice there's a red jewel stone on the top.

 I pick it and notice there's a red jewel stone on the top

This was my mother's

I open the locket. Inside there was a picture of my parents and me. We were on a picnic and my parents were smiling. I smile, I've never seen this photo before. I close it and keep it as I close the drawer.

I take another look around the large room. A huge portrait of my parents hung on the wall. It's their wedding portrait. My mother wore traditional Horde red royalty gown and a beautiful diamond tiara. She's smiling up at my father who's wearing dark red robes with a traditional king cape and matching crown. They both look so happy, so caught up in their happiness like they don't have a care in the world. My heart flutters as I hopelessly wish that was me and Adora in that picture.

I get ready to leave when a red shine catches my eye. I go over to a table where a red wooden box lay not covered by cloth.

Huh weird

I try to open it with no luck. It's locked. I inspect it and realize there's a heart imprint on the top.

Could it be?

I take the locket and press it to the box. It clicks open and a clunky melody starts playing. I open it fully as the song plays. A little figurine dances inside. I realize it's my mother holding me as a baby. Under the figurine is a inscription whittled into the wood.

To my dear Catrina,
Listen to this song when you feel down,
The words will help you find your crown
Love, Mom

Another fucking riddle?!

At the bottom of the box there is a simple black book. I pick it and dust it off. I open it to the first page.

July 5, 1560.
Mother had given me this book to practice my writing and to let out my feelings in a 'healthy way'. I was perfectly fine taking out feelings by sparring with the local cadets. But nooo mother says that's not 'ladylike'. It's so fricken annoying being the daughter of a nobleman. I have zero freedom and I can't do anything fun. I know I sound like a spoiled brat but some days all I want is to be a simple peasant. I wish I could travel Etheria and fight bandits. Unfortunately I'll never get the chance...or will I?

This is my mother's diary?!

Why has she left me this?

I look up at my parents portrait in confusion.

And more importantly

What secrets have they been keeping from me?

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Chapter Text

Art credit: @Lava_Shots on Twitter
Song is coffee breath by Sofia Mills


Dear my knight,
I long to hold you near to me again.
I miss your golden hair
Your bright blue eyes
That dashing smile
You light up my heart in a way I've never known before

I've planned a birthday surprise for you. It's kinda funny to me that you're younger, I guess that's why you're so much more immature.

Now don't get your hair poof in a knot I'm only joking dummy.

I'll see you soon love


I read the letter over again and hugged it to my chest.

This girl, this woman sets off a fire within me. She makes me feel out of control in the most wonderful way.

I wonder what she has planned?
She's definitely bolder than any other maidens I've come across...

"Mara dearie come out" Razz's voice yells.

I sigh and get up.

Sometimes Razz's memory acts up

"I'm here Razz what's up" I say walking into the kitchen/living room.

Razz looks confused and looks up. "The ceiling is up, why are you asking Mara? I did not realize you were dumb" she says plainly.

What's with people calling me dumb??

"Um I meant, you know what never mind. Why did you call me in here?"

"Well we're baking a pie today Mara dearie, you didn't forget did you?" she says scolding.

"Aw was that today, I was hoping on taking Swift Wind for a ride and then maybe go to the hot springs at Mystacor-"

"No! We must make it today, the pie must be ready before tomorrow!" she says grabbing a bunch of random things.

"But Razz-"

"Hold this dearie" she says handing me a bunch of miscellaneous items.

I sigh, blowing a piece of my hair out of my face. "If we bake the pie now, can I take a nap before I go out tonight" I ask.

Razz turns to me with a smile. "Why of course dearie" she says with a wink.

I pretend like I didn't see that and carry her 'supplies' outside. She follows behind with her walking stick.

She looks around before walking off in a random direction.

"Razz-RAZZ!" I yell running after her.

I catch up and walk beside her. "Don't run off like that" I say.

"Relax dearie, ah here we are" she says walking over to a bush. "Hand me that basket dearie"

I hand her the basket and she begins picking the purple berries off the bush.

"Are these safe to eat Razz?" I ask worriedly.

"Of course dearie. These are moon berries which are perfectly safe to eat...or they could be jungle berries which look the same as moon berries but will kill you instantly if you eat them" she shrugs.

"Well then how do you know which ones are which?" I ask looking at the berries.

Before I can stop her Razz pops one of the berries into her mouth.

"RAZZ! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?" I yell freaking out.

She just stands still for a couple seconds. "Well I didn't die, so that most mean these are moon berries" she says continuing to pick them.

I faint to the ground and just lay there for a sec.

"You gave me a panic attack Razz" I grumble from the ground.

"Sorry dearie" Razz says smiling innocently.

I groan and stand back up to help her pick the rest of the berries.

After a while the basket is filled with purple berries.

"So where to next Razz" I say wiping the sweat from my forehead.

"Hmm sugar!" she says running off.

"Here we go again" I mumble under my breath before chasing after the old woman. She's surprisingly fast for her age.

When I catch up with her she's outside Thaymor's city borders. I put my hands on my knees and try to catch my breath.

"Huh Razz huh can you slow down huh next time" I say breathing heavily.

"I thought you were the captain of the knights? You should be able to keep up with a woman as old as me" Razz says innocently.

Damn...she got me

"Thanks for reminding me, I just haven't run like that in a while" I say standing back up straight.

"Oh ok dearie" she says smiling.

She knows very well that she was calling me slow. I need to start working out more...

We start walking in Thaymor. It's more quiet today, families are at home spending time with each other.

"So what are we looking for again?" I ask looking around.

"Sweatie the sugar lady obviously" Razz says happily.


"Razz are feeling ok?" I ask concerned.

"Yes of course Mara dearie, why do you ask?" she says smiling.

I sigh. "Nothing Razz lets find Sweatie the sugar lady ok?" I say putting my arm around her.

She smiles up at me. We continue to walk around Thaymor. After walking around for what seems like hours we end up back at the city limits.

"Ok we should go home now" I say walking away. Razz reaches out and grabs my jacket collar.

"Not so fast young lady" she says yanking me back. "If she isn't in Thaymor she must be in marshland that borders Plumeria."

She starts walking off and I groan and follow her. Soon the ground become more mushy and the smell of mud and leaves is thick. I step in a mud puddle and fall back. Razz sticks her walking stick out to stop me from falling.

"Heh thanks" I say awkwardly.

"We're here" she says looking straight forward.

"Where?" I say looking out at the swamp. All I saw was more muddy water and some mangrove trees.

"Razzle Dazzle is that you?" a voice echoes loudly.

"Sweatie! Long time no see dearie" Razz says walking forward. She disappears suddenly.

"Razz!" I yell out panicked. I rush forward to where she was standing and look around anxiously.

"Razz?!" I yell again.

"Come here dearie" Razz's voice echoes.

"Wha-what where are you?" I say confused. I walk forwards and it feels like a wave of energy has come over me. I look up and see Razz standing next to a pink haired woman around the same age as her. Behind them is a huge tree that's hollowed out and converted into a home.

"Wha-what's going on?" I say confused.

"It's an illusion border sugar" the pink haired lady says. She has dark olive skin and bright green eyes. Her hot pink hair is curly and in a ponytail. She's wearing a light pink flowy top and brown trousers. "I can't have my competitors find out my sugar workshop can I?" she says waving her arm.

I notice she's motioning to a field of sugar cane next to the swamp house.

"Razzle Dazzle! What's it been like 20 years" the pink haired lady says again to Razz.

"Why I believe it has Sweatie, how's the sugar biz?" Razz replies.

"It's been good, how bout you? How's Mara?" she says.

Razz's face falls and I look at the two of them uncomfortably.

"Mara, I mean my mom has passed" I say speaking up.

"Oh no" Sweatie says horrified, "I'm so sorry Razz. Did you say Mara was your mom?"

"Yes, my name's Adora" I say awkwardly.

"It's a pleasure to meet you sugar. And I'm so sorry about your mom, I wasn't aware about her passing. But to be fair I don't really keep up with the outside world" Sweatie says apologetically.

"You didn't know dearie, don't beat yourself up. Now about that sugar, I'm baking my famous moonberry pie for this one's birthday" Razz says motioning to me.

"Aw happy birthday sugar" Sweatie says happily.

"Thanks" I say smiling.

"Come this way! I need to select the best bag for my favorite costumer" Sweatie says walking towards her house. We follow her. It's surprisingly spacious inside the tree. Razz and I sit on the couch as Sweatie stirs something sweet on the stove.

"So what's so special about this sugar, um no offense um Ms. Sweatie" I say.

"No problem sugar I'm glad you asked. My sugar is special. When you eat it you get one wish. But it's not so simple as that. The wish only lasts an hour and you can never wish for the same thing twice. Also if you have ill intentions the wish won't work at all" Sweatie says doing illusion magic to create scenarios in pink clouds.

"Oh wow! Why haven't I tried this before Razz?" I ask the purple haired lady.

"Oh well you know stuff happened and life busy and yeah" she mumbles. I just stare at her with a confused look. "Alright well let's get the sugar, come on Adora" she says pulling me to Sweatie.

Sweatie smiles and grabs a pink bag and hands it to us before continuing to stir. Razz tries to reach into her pocket but Sweatie stops her.

"No no. The sugar's free, for the birthday girl" Sweatie says winking at me.

I smile big. "Thank you so much" I say happily.

As we leave Sweatie shouts, "don't forget to visit Razzle Dazzle and fam!"

"Bye Sweatie" I yell and Razz smiles as we step through the barrier. The tree and the magic sugar cane disappears and we're back in the normal swamp.

"Ok where to next Razzle Dazzle" I say nudging her shoulder slightly.

Razz rolls her eyes and 'accidently' whacks me with her walking stick as she steps in front of me.

"Dryl. I need some of their fancy fast rising dough" she says heading off.

"But Razz isn't Dryl like dangerous" I say in a half whisper.

She stops and looks at me. "Come on dearie, you know it's not" she says starring into my soul.

Huh, weird.

"Ooookkkkkkaaaaaayyyy" I say drawled out, in confusion.

We walk back through the Whispering Woods and soon Dryl's wall comes into view.

" do you know the way to Dryl?" I ask.

"Dearie, I have lived on Etheria for a long time and witnessed many things, I know where Dryl is" she says snarkily.

"Yeah ok you're right, I'll shut up now" I say sheepishly.

Razz laughs and ruffles my hair. "You're too stressed dearie, relax."

I start to say something but leave it be.

Razz knocks on the wall and says the password. We walk through the village and Razz makes a beeline for a bakery stand. I try to keep up with her but I feel a tug on my skirt.

I turn around and big pink eyes look up at me.

"Adora! You came back! Did you bring your horsie?" Princess Emily says jumping up and down.

"Hi Princess Emily, no I didn't sorry" I say kneeling to the small girl's level. She frowns but then grabs my hand and leads me away from the village.

"Um where are you taking me, Emily?" I say confused.

"You'll see" she says smiling. We go to the castle area and she leads me to a cellar. She opens the doors and shoves me inside. For a six year old she has incredible strength.

"Um where are we?" I ask the little girl. I try to look around but it's pitch black except for a candle in the far corner.

"You'll see" she says with a wink.

Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

A figure falls from the ceiling down in front of me. It moves into the light and I scream and fall down.

It's a creature with a terrible bug face! This is how I end, in a cellar, in an enemy kingdom at the hands of a bug monster...

"Oh Adora hi! Sorry I didn't mean to scare you" the creature says in a high pitched voice that sounds strangely familiar.

"Wha-Entrapta?!" I ask sitting back up, still confused.

The creature lifts up the bug mask and Entrapta's smiling face emerges.


Emily is on the floor laughing hard and Entrapta pulls on something that lights up the whole room like magic.

"Sorry" Entrapta says sheepishly. Today the purple haired girl was wearing a white t shirt and overalls with grease stains on them. I look around at the once dark room. There was a table filled with vials of different colored liquids, a giant version of Bow's tablet and lots and lots of metal scraps.

"Heh it's ok" I say standing up. Entrapta smiles big again.

"So what brings you to my lab?" she says grabbing tools out of a box.

"Well your sister for starters" I say smirking at Emily who has stopped laughing and now looking nervous.

"EMILY! What did I say about sneaking up on people and causing trouble" Entrapta says scolding the small girl.

"Not to do it" Emily mutters.

"NOT to it" Entrapta repeats with emphasis.

"Sorwy" Emily says making puppy dog eyes.

"Ugh stop it! You know I can't resist it when you make that face" Entrapta sulks.

"Promise you won't tell dad or papa" Emily says crossing her arms.

"As long as you promise not to cause any more trouble" Entrapta says waving the wrench around. I duck and narrowly miss it.

"Finnnnneeeeee" Emily groans and walks out of the cellar. Before she closes the doors she blurts out, "today!" and closes the doors fast.

"EMILYYYYY" Entrapta shouts but gives up chasing after her little sister. She takes a sip out of tiny milkshake on her desk.

"Trouble in paradise" I ask sitting next to her. She hands me a tiny milkshake and I drink it in two sips.

"Emily's a handful, sorry she dragged you here" Entrapta says tightening a bolt.

"Nah it's fine, how have you been by the way?"

"Good good, you?" she says preoccupied.

"Same yep, everything's good."

We both let out heavy sighs and then burst out laughing at the syncopation of our sighs.

"Are things as messed up for you as they for me?" I say wiping away laugh tears.

"You have no idea" Entrapta says snorting.

"Well hopefully things will get better, since it's my birthday tomorrow"

"Agh Happy Birthday!!" Entrapta says excitedly.

"Thanks" I say smiling.

"Um here I didn't plan on giving this to you today but here" Entrapta says reaching for something. In her hands is a golden warrior crown. "I um found it with metal scraps on the outskirts of Bright Moon. I recognized it as First One's material and brought it back here to fix it up for you" she says handing me the beautiful headpiece.

Without realizing tears form in my eyes. I hold the crown in my hands and feel as though I'm close to her again, my mom.

"Was-was this my mom-I mean She Ra's helmet that was lost in the battle of Bright Moon?" I ask softly.

"Yes, I did calculations on the type of metal er gold of this particular headpiece and determined that it was in fact-"

I cut her off by hugging her. She's surprised but hugs me back with one hand and pats my head with her other.

I let go and try to stop crying. "I um-thank you for the gift" I say coughing at the end.

"You're welcome" Entrapta says happily.

"But-but I don't understand, aren't we supposed to be enemies?"

"No, just because are parents were enemies doesn't mean we have to be" she says sincerely.


"You're right. I'm glad we're friends Princess Entrapta" I say sincerely.

"I'm glad we're friends too, Princess She Ra" Entrapta says happily l.

"Oh I don't really go by tha-um thank you...for everything" I say awkwardly.

"No problem" she says giving a thumbs up. I start to open the doors. "Oh and Adora...I'm um having a mini tea party in the Whispering woods near the Fright Zone in two months. Would-would you like to come?" she says shyly.

"Sure" I say smiling.

"Awesome! Jerbalt add Adora to mini tea party guest list" she says to the giant tablet.

"Um ok thank you, bye Entrapta" I say heading out. When I close the doors I hear a giant crash followed Entrapta screaming curse words and running around.

I think about going back to help but then I realize I don't know anything about science or technology. I head back to village and see Razz waiting for me with a bag of dough and two lollipops in her hand.

"Hi dearie! You'll never guess the adventure I just went on" Razz says as we walk back through the wall.

"I'm sure I won't" I say grinning at the small woman.

"I got us Dryl pops, they're like regular lollipops but they're supposedly good for you or something" she says handing me the red one. She takes a bite of her purple one (because she's crazy) and smiles. "I got prune! What did you get?"

I hesitantly take a lick of mine. "Ugh mine's tomato" I say in disgust.

"Oh I would've thought it would be strawberry, oh well" she says shrugging her shoulders and continuing to eat hers.

I pack mine away for later to see if I might be able to trick Glimmer or Bow.

"Hey Razz, I need to show you something" I say grabbing the helmet from my bag. I hold it up and hand it to her.

She recognizes it immediately and holds it like a baby in her hands. She smiles and tears of joy fall down her cheeks.

"I thought this was lost in the battle, they only found her sword on her when it-it was over" she says shivering. I wrap an arm around her and she buries into my side.

"I'm sorry dearie, I've been crying so much in front of you nowadays" she says, her voice muffled.

"Hey, it's ok" I say calming her down. She stands back and hands me the crown.

"She would be so proud for you to wear this" Razz says tearfully.

"Oh Razz! Come on now I'm crying!" I say wiping away my tears. We embrace in another tearful hug, laughing about the wierd and fun rollercoaster today has been.

We head back to the cabin and I pass out on the couch. I couldn't make it to my bed. I feel Razz put a blanket over me before she begins cooking the pie. In my dreams I'm looking at Catra. Instead of freckles, her cheeks were filled with stars. It's a very beautiful dream...

I wake up to the scent of Razz's famous moonberry pie baking in the oven. Razz is nowhere to be seen as I get up and stretch. I head to my room and get ready for tonight. The sun has begone to set so I hurry getting ready. I put on a flowy white shirt or my pirate shirt as Sea Hawk calls it and some olive trousers. I decide to leave my hair down and tie a little back in a bun. I put on my brown belt and tuck my mom's helmet in my dresser.

I head back through the cottage and walk outside. I look around and realize that there's a note pinned to the door.

My charming knight
If you wish to see me
Follow the trail of lights
And find your surprise

I giggle and then clear my throat in embarrassment. I look around and notice a floating light in the distance. I follow them for what feels like forever until finally I see her...

There she was, Catra, illuminated by a thousand floating lights. Her long hair was tied back in a low pony with a bow. She had a beautiful red dress that was flowy yet embraced her curves. Her eyes shone like two bright embers and her pupils dilate as she notices me. Her mouth turned into a smile when she notices me, her teeth poking out from her top lip.

"Hey Adora"

Oh My Heart

A/N: Thanks for all the support on this story! I love writing it (even with occasionally writer's block). When I'm done with this story in far far future I have some different books that I think would be fun to write:

1. Cinderella AU with Catradora

2. Lumity Future AU

3. Catradora Highschool AU (yes I know there's a million highshcool AUs)

So yeah let me know if you would want to read any of those, thanks!

See you soon,



Chapter Text

Art credit: @kaifu_ato on Instagram

Warning: This chapter contains a lot of very cute Catradora moments, do not read if you are prone to crying (like me)



I nervously twist my fingers as I wait for Adora to get here. I decided to wear a really girly outfit, I even put a bow in my hair. I don't even know why I did that...she just makes me feel young and beautiful.

Gah that sounds so fucking cheesy

I hear some leaves rustle and I look up. There she is, her hair looks golden under all the lights. She's wearing this flowy white shirt that made her look like a pirate and she had her hair mostly down. I smiled as she came closer.

"Hey Adora"

-4 hours before-

"Are you positive everything is ready for tonight" I say to Lonnie in a hushed whisper as we walk around the grounds.

"Yes" she says with a knowing smile. I lightly shove her and roll my eyes.

"It's not like I like her or anything, it's her birthday I'm just being nice" I say looking away.

Lonnie begins laughing so hard the grounds workers stare at us. I shake her to stop her and she slowly stops.

"Are you trying to get us caught?!" I say in a hushed whisper.

"Ha no you're right, I'm's just the fact that you think you're not in love with this girl is hilarious" she says giggling.

I frown and stretch my leg and she falls in the fountain. With the big splash some of the workers rush over to help her out of the shallow water. I just whistle calmly, observing the situation.

Lonnie growls at me as she wrings out her dress. "You're lucky you're a princess or I swear to First Ones I would-"

"Let's call it even for the jokes I make about you, mkay" I say dusting off her shoulder with a smile.

She scoffs and rolls her eyes. Under her breath I hear, "that poor girl has no idea what's she getting into liking you."

I smile and link arms with hers. "So has DT finished the light magic for tonight?" I say skipping.

-back to the present ;)-

"Wow...this is beautiful" Adora says with big eyes that make me weak.

"Well I um had some help with everything, it's pretty low key if you ask me" I say shrugging.

Before I can react Adora's big strong arms are around me, her face is buried into the crook of my neck.

"This is beautiful, thank you milady" she says muffled. I giggle and stroke her hair.

"You're welcome princess" I say giddy.

She steps back suddenly and looks at me weird. "Princess?"

"Eh just something new I'm trying out, do you like it Princess" I say sticking out my tongue.

Adora blushes pink and frowns. "No-noo" she says blowing her hair out of her face.

I laugh and put my arm around her waist. "Come on, let me give you the grand tour of your birthday celebration" I say as she puts her hand around my waist. I blush furiously, which she notices because she smiles wide.

I clear my throat. "Uhm so over here we have a table for two with a special dinner I had prepared for us because I cannot cook. But I did attempt to make a cake which we can have dessert" I say leading her over to the small table I made Kyle drag out here.

"Wow this beautiful" she says admiring the table set up.

"Ok after dinner we can paint over here" I say leading her to the base of a giant oak tree where I had laid a blanket and pillows earlier. I put out painting supplies and new paints.

Adora's eyes go wide. "I didn't know you liked painting milady?" she says smiling at me.

Butterflies form in my stomach. "Um yeah I dabble a little" I say awkwardly.

Adora reaches out and holds my chin. "You're adorable" she says smiling.

Catra.exe has stopped working

Adora steps away and looks up at the lights again. I let out a breath and try to calm my racing heartbeat. Then I snap back to my normal self.

"HEY! NO! Your name is Adora so you're adorable not me" I say jabbing my finger into her face.

"No no, I'm pretty sure you're the adorable one here" Adora says winking. I turn into a tomato.

"Oh my First Ones, you're burning up Catra. Are you feeling ok?" Adora says feeling my forehead. I swat her hands away.

"I fine! Let's go" I say pulling her. I pull back the vines to reveal a hidden wildflower field. The magic lights follow us and illuminate the multi colored flowers.

"Wow" Adora says looking at everything.

I snort. "You have a limited vocabulary, my knight" I say laughing. Adora just grins at me.

"Wha-what are you doing, hey wait no stop-"

I'm cut off my the tall girl picking me up and throwing me over her shoulder.

"ADORA PUT ME DOWN NOW!" I yell beating her back with my fists.

"Ok" she says simply. Suddenly my body is swung back over her shoulder. She puts me down fast and carefully in the soft flowers, pinning me to the ground. I look up at her smug face admiring my frustrated one.

I cross my arms. "Are you going to get off now so we can eat" I say snarkily.

"Nope" she says smiling stupidly.

"You know what I'm just going to get up-" I say struggling to get up. Adora moves at the same time we end up losing our balance. We both fall back down on the flowers sending petals into the air. This time I land on Adora.

"Oof" I say catching myself by putting my arms out.

I look down at big beautiful blue eyes starring up at me. The smug Adora is gone, instead is a nervous and flushed girl who is careful not to do anything rash. I feel my cheeks heat up as I stare at the beautiful girl that lay underneath me. 



I feel like I've been staring at her for hours. Slowly moving closer to her gorgeous face.


Adora seems to be getting closer too. I can feel her heart beating from the limited distance between us.


I just want to grab her face at this point but I am a lady so I don't...


Fuck it

Suddenly a owl hoots loudly in a tree above us startling us. We both scram to get up, brushing off our clothes and refusing to look at each other.

I finally clear my voice. "So um food?"

"Yes, great, let's go do that" Adora says smiling awkwardly.

Stupid owl

We go over to the table and I lift up the tray covers. Adora gushes.

"Quail? This is super fancy, how'd you get this?" she says examining the decorated dish.

"Um well I have connections so I got it for cheap" I say lying through my teeth.

I can't very well tell her my royal cook made it , can I?

"This is amazing" Adora says with her mouth full. I laugh.

"Um you got something there birthday girl" I say pointing to her cheek which had a spot of sauce. Adora struggles to get it so I reach over and wipe it off with my thumb, not really thinking much of it. Suddenly she starts choking. She chugs from her cup but spits it out.

"Is this red wine?" she says bewildered.

"Oh um yes, it's a special occasion so" I say nervously sipping from my own cup.

"Oh no it's fine! I love alcohol, I mean I don't love alcohol, I mean I just was expecting water" Adora rambles. I just smirk at her lovingly.

We eat the rest of the meal in comfortable conversation. Adora tells me about how she was raised by Madam Razz a knight trainer since she was a baby, and how she has always wanted to be a knight. I tell her about my old adventures in the Whispering Woods.

"So um as much as I love your mysteriousness milady, I can't help but ask if you live in Thaymor" Adora says.

I've begun to clean up and the question catches me off guard.

"Well um you see it's kinda complicated" I mumble stacking the plates.

Shit shit shit

"Well your letter messenger said that you were neighbors and I noticed she was heading towards Thaymor so I just thought I'd ask" she says trying to catch my eyes.

I rush away carrying the plates and put them in a box that DT will pick up the next day.

"Ok here's the thing" I say sitting back down. I grab Adora's hands in mine.

Just say it!

" family moves around a lot, we-we don't have a permanent home. I was neighbors with Flutterina for a bit but we moved again, though I'm still in contact with her so she delivers letters for me" I say.


"Oh ok" Adora says kinda sadly.

No no no

"Painting?" I blurt out. Adora raises her eyebrow. "Would you like to go painting now?" I say nervously. Adora smiles big.

"Of course milady" she gets up and holds out her hand. I take it and we go over to the oak tree. I sit down next to her and I help her get started on hers before outlining mine. I've decided to paint Adora as a constellation in the sky. Before I know it I'm in my groove. I was completely in sync with the brush strokes letting my mind go on auto pilot.

"Andddddd I'm done!" Adora says snapping me out of my rhythm. She smiles giddily and shows me her painting. She painted our faces (badly). I was a cat with my hair flowing free and she was sporting her ponytail and hair poof. I giggle.

"Wow, it's um something" I say trying to be nice.

Adora does a fake frown. "You hate it!"

"No no! I don't! Here" I say taking the canvas from her. "I love it so much I'm keeping it."

Adora smiles so sincerely I literally feel my heart fill.

"Ok ok show me yours" Adora says trying to peek.

Hold on I'm almost done" I say flicking white paint to create smaller stars. I add some glitter to the bigger stars as well as Adora's dress before putting my brush down.

I smile happily and turn the painting around. I painted Adora in a white and gold sparkling dress with her hair down. I filled in the constellation so you could clearly see all the details. I look as Adora's face goes from shock to happy and then back to shock.

"Soooo? What do you think?" I say giddy.

" the most amazing thing I've ever seen" Adora says calmly. She looks at me with her eyes shinning. "I love you-it, I love it thank you so much" Adora says turning crimson.

I smile back at her. "Happy birthday Adora" I say leaning closer.

"This is the best present I've ever gotten" Adora says admiring the painting.

I don't know why but my confidence goes all the way up suddenly

I lean in closer and grab her face. Inches apart I say, "are you sure about that?" I can feel her panic as she pulls me in and kisses me. I kiss her back...hard. She holds onto my waist as I run my hands through her messy blonde hair. I love the taste of her lips, how she smells like roses and rain water. I love this woman. And I've wanted to do this since we met.

We pull apart, running out of breath. I both catch our breath and I wipe my lip. I look and realize Adora's lip is bleeding.

"Oh my, are you ok?" I say inspecting her face. She just smirks at me.

"I am wayyyyyy more than ok"

I get shy and roll away from her nervously facing the other way.

"I-I'm sorry I didn't realize I bit your lip" I say mentally beating myself up. I feel and hand on my chin and Adora pulls me back to face her. She tucks my hair behind my ear and softly kisses my lips. I blush furiously as she pulls away.

"Wow, kissing you gets better and better each time" Adora says smirking. I smirk back giddy.

"Okayyy come on princess let's go pick some flowers" I say pulling her up. She groans but gets up. She interlocks her fingers with mine as we walk to the flower field. I smile up at her and rest my head on her shoulder. The lights illuminate the field in a warm golden glow. I remove myself from Adora and start picking some red wildflowers. Adora continues starring at me as she picks blue ones next to me. Without realizing it I begin to hum a song under my breath. As I put the flowers in the basket I get louder. Suddenly Adora's muscley arms wrap around mine.

"Whatcha singing there milady?"

"Nothing" I say trying to not think about Adora's thin shirt pressed against her back.

She turns me around to face her. She smiles and holds out her hand.

"Dance with me?" she says sincerely.

I scoff. "You're such an idiot" I say but take her hand. She puts a hand on my back and I put my other hand on her shoulder. I begin singing again and we begin dancing.

Song: All I've ever needed by AJ Michalka (Catra's voice actor)
A/N: play it now:

We waltz in the flower field, every turn sends up a new color of petals. The lights follow us creating a trail wherever we go.

🎵Honestly, its time for honesty
My heart is on my sleeve
Oh will you hear me out?
I've got nothing left to give of me
I gave up everything
So there is nothing left to lose for me now
Would you forgive me somehow?🎵

Now that I'm singing out loud, Adora is starring at me in awe. I smile and continue.

🎵I've chased a million things
Bright lights and empty dreams
Now here I am
Right where I thought I wanted to be
I'd trade it all right now
Leave it all and lay it down
To get back to where I belong
Oh, all I've ever needed was your love🎵

Adora keeps her hand on my back, leading us around the field. We sway to the imaginary beat.

🎵Truth be told, I've made this world my home
I let it steal my soul
But now I want it back
Cause all I need is waiting
In your arms, a place
To hang my heart, where I am known at last
You're the one true thing I have🎵

I press my forehead to hers and sing from my heart.

🎵I've chased a million things
Bright lights and empty dreams
Now here I am
Right where I thought I wanted to be
I'd trade it all right now
Leave it all and lay it down
To get back to where I belong
Oh, all I've ever needed was your love🎵

Adora twirls me around and then swings me back to face her.

🎵And I know that I was meant to be
More than just a melody
I know that you had hopes for me
I hope you still believe in me🎵

Adora lightly kisses my forehead and I feel my heart pound in my chest.

🎵I've chased a million things
Bright lights and empty dreams
Now here I am
Right where I thought I wanted to be
I'd trade it all right now
Leave it all and lay it down
To get back to where I belong
Oh, all I've ever needed was your love
Adora, all I've ever needed was your love🎵

Adora stares into my eyes lovingly. At the end of the song Adora lifts me up and spins around creating a colorful flower and light vortex around us. She brings me down slowly, our eyes locked the entire time. I rest my hands on the back of her head and she pulls me in. Our lips collide, once more in blissful harmony. Her lips taste like strawberries. I breathe in her scent not wanting to ever forget it or let go. I wrap my legs around her waist bringing her closer to me. She pulls out my bow and my hair falls down, hiding our faces from the world. Teasingly, I pull her hair back sharply and force her to look at me. I smirk as she stares at me breathlessly.

"Happy birthday princess"

"I love you Catra"


"I love you too Adora"


Chapter Text


Art credit: @summerfelldraws on Tumblr


We ended up falling asleep on the cushions by the oak tree. My arms were wrapped around her stomach as she snored softly. Each breath sounded like a purr.


I look in the distance as the sun begins to rise. I smile down at the soft girl asleep in my arms.

How did I fall in love with this girl so fast?

I plant soft kisses on her neck and she slowly wakes up, smiling. She looks up at me and giggles before tackling me and launching her lips onto mine. She lays on me and stares into my eyes with so much love as she plants kisses on my face. Then the sun catches her eye and she shoots up.

"No no no no! I've got to go!" she says tying her hair back.

"Nooooo whyyyy?" I groan and sit up slowly.

Catra gives me a soft smile and kisses my cheek.

"I love you, my knight. I'll write soon" she says before running off into the forest. I smile and sigh leaning back down.

It feels like my heart is beating out of chest. I'm so in love with this girl it's crazy

I blow my hair out of face and stare up at the sunlight coming through the trees. Today I was having breakfast with Razz and then Glimmer and Bow were throwing a 'surprise' party in Bright Moon with everyone. Then later I was having a family dinner with Razz, Glimmer, Bow, Angella, Light Hope and Swift Wind. Yes and Swift Wind lol. But first I should probably get cleaned up. I find my way back to Razz's. I open the door, completely dazed after last night, to a burst of confetti in my face.

"Happy birthday dearie!" Razz says smiling big.

"Thanks Razz" I say sleepily but happy.

Razz wraps me in a hug and I pat her hair. She lets go and looks me up and down.

"Wild night?"

I gasp. "NO!" I blush deep as Razz laughs cheerfully.

"Nothing happened, she just made me a nice dinner that's all" I say crossing my arms.

"Of course dearie, now go get dressed, I'll warm up the pie" Razz says smiling. I walk in my room and sigh happily against the closed door.

Did last night really happen? Did Catra really kiss me?

I touch my lips. They were slightly scabbed from where Catra bit down. I smirk and my heart rushes. Suddenly a knock at my door startles me.

"Stop day dreaming lovey" Razz says.

"I-I wasn't aghhh...I'll be out in a sec" I say defeated.

I take of my clothes and put on new everything. I decide to go with something different today, a gold flowy dress with tiny gold sparkly stars. It's a little more fancy than I'm used to but I like it. I decide to let my hair down today but I brush it because it was a mess. Lastly I put on some light red lip gloss. I smile in the mirror.

Today's going to be a good day

Today's going to be a good day

I exit my room and do a twirl.

"Soooo how do I look?" I say giddy.

Razz has the most genuine smile. Her eyes are big and slightly teary.

"You look so beautiful Adora dearie" she says choking up.

"Aw Razz come here" I say wrapping the old woman in a hug.

I walk with one arm around her to the kitchen. There sitting on the table is a giant moonberry pie. On top there is strawberry drizzle and powdered sugar. I can feel myself drooling.

"This looks amazing!" I say practically jumping into my seat. Razz chuckles and cuts me a generous slice of pie. I gobble half of it before she can put it down.

"Sorwy" I say with my mouth full. Razz smiles and kisses my head. I smile and resume eating slower. Razz sits down across from me. She adds some fluffy whipped cream to another slice and hands it to me just as I'm finishing the first one. I smile big and take a bite of the whipped cream.

"Yummmm" I say in complete bliss.

"I'm glad you like it dearie. I was thinking we could save the rest for tonight and we can do wishes then" she says.

"Sure" I say with my mouth full. She smiles as I finish eating the second slice.

"So what are you doing the rest of the day?" she asks

"Well after this I have to go to my 'surprise party' in Bright Moon, and then I think Glimmer mentioned a quick trip to Mystacor for the hot springs and then family dinner back here. Do you need help setting up?"

"No no dearie, I've got it. You go and have a wonderful birthday, I love you" she says kissing my cheek.

"I love you too Razz" I hugging her. I smile and wave as I leave the cottage. Swift Wind is sleeping in his tiny stable outdoors. I built it a couple weeks back so he didn't have to sleep tied up to a tree.

"Hey buddy, you ready to go?"

Swift Wind lazily gets up. He's a great horse, though he has a slight attitude problem.

"C'mon Swifty, Glimmer and Bow are waiting for us" I say trying to get him excited. He just stares at me blankly. I sigh and give him a handful of sugar cubes. He greedily eats them all up and I mount him. It was little more difficult in a dress but I wore pants underneath so it worked. We take a nice fast paced trot through the woods. Soon the towers of Bright Moon come into view. The trees thin out and the border of Bright Moon is yards away.

As we ride closer I see balloons, banners and people. When we come out of the woods everyone cheers.

"Happy Birthday She Ra!" everyone yells. I look around at the group of people. There's Glimmer, Bow, Perfuma, Frosta, Mermista, Sea Hawk, Spinerella, Netossa, Starla, Tallstar, Jewelstar and many more.

"Thanks everyone" I say getting of Swift Wind. A villager takes him from me as I go hug the princesses.

"Happy birthday Adora! Were you surprised?!" Glimmer says bouncing up and down.

"Yes totally" I say lying. She pumps her fist excitedly.

"I made you a cake, with Perfuma's help" Bow says pointing to a ten layer cake in the middle of the celebration.

"Oh my First Ones, that is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen" I say with my mouth wide open.

Perfuma giggles. "I'm glad you like it! Each layer is a different flavor and there's enough for everyone" she says motioning to the party goers. Now that I take a closer look, I realize there are people from all the Alliance kingdoms and not just Bright Moon.

Wow they really went all out

"Guys this is so sweet" I say sincerely.

"It was like so not a big deal or whatever" Mermista says.

"My darling Mermista spent all of yesterday turning one of my many ships into a water park" Sea Hawk whispers to me with a wink.

"Ugh" Mermista groans putting her hand on her face.

"I made snow cones!" Frosta speaks up.

"Thanks Frosta" I say giving the girl a hug. She squirms out of my arms.

"Me and Spinny set up a trampoline area over there if you wanna check it out later" Netossa adds. I admire how cute her and Spinerella are together. I hope me and Catra can have a future like this.

"Oh and we all worked together to make you this" Jewelstar says. He hands me a small blue orb.

"Oh cool, I've always wanted a...?"

Starla giggles. "It's attaches to your sword and allows you to transform it into anything you want" she says.

"No wayyyy. That's so cool!... wait did you say anything?"


I'm just kidding, get your mind out of the gutter ;)

"Yep, just attach it and it'll work with the sword's technology" Tallstar says.

"Thanks guys! I love it" I say hugging the three of them.

"I got you a gift too but it's for another day" Glimmer says. I turn to face her.

"Ooo what is it?"

"It's a surprise, I can't tell you. Now c'mon what do you want to do first?!"

The party was so much fun. I basically hung out with Glimmer and Bow the whole time but it was nice seeing the other princesses and it was so cool to meet with people of the villages I've know in better circumstances. Mermista's waterpark was amazing. She basically turned one of Sea Hawk's ships into a huge water slide, complete with some diving boards and a lazy river. It must have taken her a least a whole day. Frosta's snow cones were yummy, she brought snow all the way from her kingdom in a cooler. Netossa and Spinerella trampolines were so much fun, we jumped for what felt like hours. Lastly it was time for cake. Bow used a giant arrow to cut it. Everyone sung happy birthday as I blew out the candles on my slice of cake. I tried a bite of it and it was strawberry chocolate.

"Guys it's so good" I say with a mouthful of cake.

After everyone ate cake, Glimmer dragged me to the next activity. Apparently Glimmer had asked her aunt (aka her dad's sister, in case you didn't know) to send a special carriage to get to Mystacor quicker. There in the middle of the clearing was a beautiful roofless gold carriage with winged horses on front. Swift Wind was starring at them with jealousy.

"Wowwwww" I say in a high pitched voice.

"I know right! Pegasuses are so rare, well let's go!" Glimmer says. All the princesses plus Bow and Sea Hawk join us in the carriage. We wave goodbye to everyone. Spinerella and Netossa were staying behind to help clean up with the villagers and the Star siblings.

The pegasuses take off and I look down in awe at everything. Glimmer snorts at me and Bow shushes her.

"This is the best day of my life!" I say letting the wind flow through my hair and throwing my hands up. Everyone else is enjoying themselves too but I'm by far the most excited.

We travel over Mystacor lake and I blush remembering that night that seems so long ago. The clear blue water reflects the carriage back to us.

"Do u think we could go lower?" I ask the driver. She nods and we start descending. I lean out the side and run my fingers through the water. I giggle like a child, just enjoying everything. I feel arms snatch me back as we start climbing again. Perfuma lets go. She has a surprisingly amount of strength. Probably from basically building all of Plumeria.

"Thanks 'Fuma, sorry I got carried away"

She laughs softly. "Don't worry about it! I just wanted to make sure you didn't fall out" she says cheerfully.

The carriage starts climbing into the clouds. The condensation clears and Mystacor comes into view on top of the mountain. The carriage lands on the plateau and we all shuffle out. Glimmer's aunt waits for us with two sorcerers at her side.

"Glimmer! How's my favorite niece? Is your mother doing ok? Why aren't you wearing that sweater I knit you?" Castaspella says wrapping Glimmer in a bone-crushing hug.

"Eeugh I'm good Auntie, can you let me go now?" Glimmer manages to say.

"Oops sorry" Castaspella says releasing her. "Hi everyone! Happy birthday Adora" Castaspella says addressing everyone and then me.

"Thanks for inviting us!" I say smiling big. I love Mystacor. Seeing the sorcerers and sorceresses was so cool! If I wasn't a knight I would desperately try to learn magic.

"I have to go check on the beginner classes but Jeán Locke and Violet can escort you to wherever you want to go" Castaspella says motioning to the smaller sorcerers beside her. She waves goodbye and hurries off.

"Hi! I'm Violet but you can just call me V. I'm a third year sorceress and I've lived in Mystacor my whole life. Oh and I'm majoring in magical creature care and health potions" a girl with the dark purple bob says.

"I'm Jeán Locke, my family's from the planet Za. I'm a second generation Etherian. I'm a second year sorcerer and I'm majoring in illusions and elemental magic" a boy with slicked back blonde hair says.

"Hi guys! My names Adora and these are my friends Glimmer, Bow, Mermista, Perfuma, Frosta and Sea Hawk" I say enthusiastically.

They both bow suddenly. "My apologies Ms. Castaspella did not inform us that you were royalty" Jeán Locke says. Him and Violet stand up again.

"Psh it's so not a big deal. Anyways can we go to the hot springs now" I say happily.

"Sure follow us" they say. We chat as we walk. Mystacor was truly a magical place. The grounds were beautiful and a magic barrier protected this haven. You could walk down the mountain to the lake, or spend all day at the enchanted cloud beach but I personally preferred the hot springs on the south side of the mountain. We walk through the main building to get there. I love walking through the sorcerers hall and seeing the statues.

"Ugh Light Spinner" Glimmer groans under her breath.

"What's her story?" I ask.

"She basically used dark and forbidden magic to consume the head sorcerer at the time, so she could gain more power" Glimmer responds.

"That-That's possible?!" I say horrified.

"Yep" Jeán Locke says walking past us. "But it's forbidden for a reason, it screws up your mind and your face" he says turning around to face us. He puts blue powder on his face and his face swells up. Glimmer and I scream and his face poofs back to normal. He laughs.

"Don't be so dramatic J, sorry about him, ok we're almost here" Violet says leading us through a large door. The heat and mist hits my face suddenly. I go to the girls room and change into the white wraps. Everyone starts getting cozy in the springs. There's one big enough for all of us so we decide to sit together.

"So are you seeing anyone Adora?" Violet says out if the blue. I turn red.

"Um kinda I mean yes" I say. Everyone looks at me.

"Spill" Mermista says seriously.

Bow giggles and slaps his hand over his mouth. Glimmer shakes her head at him.

"Well I um have a girlfriend and we're courting" I say nervously. Everyone just stares in shock.

"WHAT?!" Sea Hawk says surprised.
"Fucking finally" Mermista says.
"Rad" Frosta adds.
"Aw congrats!" Perfuma says happily.
"Congratulations" Jeán Locke says.
"Awesome!" Violet says supportively.
"Freak yeah!" Glimmer says pumping her fist.
"Aw my little baby's all grown up" Bow says tearing up.

I playfully shove him. "Oh relax, you guys are so dramatic.

"So who is this mystery girl?" Mermista says. Everyone leans in.

"Er-well I'm not quite sure" I mumble.

Glimmer smacks her forehead and everyone else just looks at me confused.

"How can you not know who you're dating?" Frosta says skeptically.

"Well I know her but I just don't know her know her, ya know?" I say.

Everyone stares at me blankly.

"Ugh nevermind, who wants to play never have I ever?!" I say. Everyone starts agreeing.

-la time skip-

After getting dried off, I change back into my dress. We say goodbye to our new friends before taking off in the carriage. Glimmer braids my hair as we go home. When we get to Bright Moon I say goodbye to the princesses and Sea Hawk. I tell Glimmer and Bow I'm going ahead. I grab Swift Wind from the stables and take a quick ride through the woods. I never really take advantage of the peaceful feeling I get while horseback riding. The smell of pine needles and mist of the woods is lovely.

I wish Catra was here now

I'm going to find her...


I ride back to Razz's. She's set up a table outside with lanterns. I tuck Swift Wind in his stable before going inside. Razz was cooking something that smelled amazing.

"Hi dearie! You ready for dinner?" she says stirring.

"Yep! I have to get something in my room but I'll be back" I say walking away. I close the door and shuffle through my dresser I grab my helmet and Catra's letter falls to the ground. I pick it up and look at it closer. Maybe there was a hint to where she's from or going?

Maybe I can ask Entrapta? Would she even know where to find certain types of paper? She's like the smartest person I know. Maybe I can ask her at that tea party?

"Dearie? Are you ready? People are starting to arrive" Razz calls out.

"Yep, one sec" I say adjusting the crown on my head. I head outside. Sitting there is Glimmer, Bow, and Angella. Razz is placing down platters of food. Everyone stares at me.

"Oh my First Ones?! You look amazing!" Bow and Glimmer say in sync.

"Happy birthday Adora, you look beautiful" Angella says smiling.

"Well we're waiting on us Light Hope but she doesn't have the best track record" Razz says sassily.

"Razz?! Come onnnn, give her a break" I whine.

Just then the purple robed woman walks toward us. She's holding a gift box awkwardly and smiling.

"Adora! Happy birthday! I missed you!" She says putting the box down and hugging me.

"Thanks Light Hope, I missed you too" I whisper the last part.

"Thanks for coming Lighty" Razz says patting the other woman's back.

"Of course Razzy." Razz lets out a laugh before starring down Light Hope.

"Never call me that again, capiche?" she says deadly serious. Light Hope looks frightened and sits down fast, away from Razz.

I snort and sit down at the head of the table. Glimmer's sparkle balloons are tied to the chair's arm. Swift Wind is sitting on the ground next to me fast asleep. There's a bunch of apple cores around him. I smile as I look around the table at my family. I raise my glass.

"Thanks for being here everyone, I love you all" I say happily. Everyone leans in a clinks their glasses together. There's a couple happy birthday Adora's scattered in there.

"Well enough chit chat, let's eat!" Razz

Razz uncovers the dishes and it looks like a feast for an army. Everyone digs in and begins talking among themselves. I take a turkey leg as I talk to Light Hope about my recent adventures.

After dinners done, Razz brings out the pie with candles and everyone sings happy birthday. I blow out the candles and take a slice of pie. Everyone grabs a slice too.

"Remember one hour and one wish, make it good" Razz reminds everyone. I thought about all the possibilities but one thing outshines the rest. I take a bite of the pie and whisper. "Show me where Catra is." Suddenly there's blue all around me. My body is covered in sparkles. Then I'm standing on a spiral stone staircase.


I'm startled by a pounding sound. I walk up the stairs and find a locked wooden door.

"Let me out of here Octavia, I promise I won't sneak out anymore!" a girl's voice says.


"Come on Octavia I've been in here all day" Catra whines from behind the door. I'm about to open it when I hear footsteps. A scary lady with a face covering walks right through me.

Huh I'm not really here

She's about to open the door when she turns around and stares at me.

Can-can she see me?

She pulls something out of her pocket quickly and blows in my face. I cough out black powder. I feel dizzy, like the worlds spinning. Next thing I know I wake up on the floor. I look around and realize I'm in some sort of spaceship. I've read about them in Bow's dads' library. The control chair turns around.



Chapter Text

Art credit: TheSleepyNebula

Mara's POV

Many many years ago

"Adora dearie!" an old woman says hugging me. I giggle.

"Sorry I'm not the person you're looking for" I reply politely.

The old woman takes a step back and examines me.

"Ah not's you Mara isn't it?" she says. I'm caught by surprise.

"How-how did you know my name?" I stutter.

The old woman smiles up at me. "Don't be silly Mara dearie, you know your Madame Razz" the old woman says putting an arm around me.

Suddenly my head hurts and I wince in pain. I lose conscious and fall down. Next thing I know I'm laying down on a bed. I look up and see the old woman muttering something under her breath. This purple glowing liquid is placed on my head and wounds. Then just like that the pain is gone.

"Now tell me child, how did you get here?" the woman says seriously.

"I-I don't remember" I say holding my head. I try to remember but I can't. I remember waking up in a crashed space ship and then limping around and then running into Razz.

"How old are you dearie? You can't be more than fourteen?" the woman says handing me a bowl of soup. I take a long sip.

"I'm sorry I don't know" I say sadly. The old woman cups my cheek lovingly and wipes my tears away.

"It's okay dearie, just get some rest ok?" she says softly. I nod and she places a blanket over me. I fall asleep quickly, hoping to find more answers tomorrow.


A year later

"Razz look! I'm totally doing it" I say sparring with a tree. Razz chuckles a plucks the sword from my hands.

"Dearie you're going to hurt yourself" she says patting my head.

"Razz I want to learn how to fight, will you teach me?" I plead giving puppy dog eyes.

She chuckles. "Me? I'm just an old woman who lives in the woods who dabbles in healing magic, I don't know how to fight" she says.

"Come onnnn! I saw you fight off the bandits at the fair last month, I know you know how to fight!" I argue.

She thinks for a minutes and then sighs. "Fine, I'll train you to fight but first you have to prove you know how to do chores. Good knights know how to clean."

"Razzzzzzz" I groan. I frown but give in. "Fine deal" I say cheering up.

The sword, helmet and armor were the only things in the spaceship besides me. And I was planning on using them.


3 years later

Being 'crowned' She Ra was a big honor. I was the head knight of Bright Moon and the protector of the King and Queen. I loved living in Bright Moon, the bay, the food, the people, everything and everyone were so cool. Though I still desperately wanted to know where I was from.

I would spend hours in the library researching. George and Lance were always finding new things for me to look at, when they weren't chasing around their kids. They said I was fluent in First Ones, an ancient language of the mysterious settlers of Etheria.

I took my armor to Dryl and talked with the blacksmith there. They took me to see the Kings and they inspected the metal for me. They determined it was a rare metal that was similar to other First Ones' artifacts.

I went back to Razz's after that.

"Razz?" I say walking through the door.

"Adora dearie! I knew you would be back soon. Come, we are making a pie today" Razz says grabbing my hand.

"Wait, Razz" I say pulling my hand away. Razz looks at me confused.

"Sorry, um...I think I'm a First One" I says softly.

Razz smiles. "I'm glad you figured it out Mara dearie" she says. Then her face twists into sadness. "I suppose you want to go home now."

"No, no I want to stay here" I say leaning down an placing my hands on the old woman's shoulders. "With you" I say smiling.

Razz smiles back and hugs me. Suddenly I smell smoke.

"Razz? Is something burning?" I say.

"No! My smeldering stew!" Razz shouts and runs to the stove to turn it off.

I giggle and for the first time I finally realize that I was home.


2 years later

I was leading a war room meeting when I saw her for the first time. I was discussing the increasing amount of dark moon flower bandits, when I notice bright blue eyes starring at me. I mean everyone was starring at me, but her gaze felt different. It was as if she saw me for the first time and decided that there was nothing else more important.

After the meeting, I got a better look at her. She was pale, with her long white-blonde hair wrapped inside her purple cloak. Her eyes were like sapphires and she was incredibly tall. I felt my heart skip a beat as she approached me.

"Captain Mara I-I mean She Ra, um sorry" she mumbles and tries to run away. Before she can I grab her waist and pull her back.

"Mara's fine" I say smiling up at the tall woman. She's red in the face and I realize I'm still holding on so I let go. "Sorry I didn't mean to grab you" I say.

"Oh um it's ok" she says nervously.

She nervously looks down at me. Her face was still red.

When she doesn't say anything  I say, "so what's your name?"

"Oh um it's Light Hope, yep that's my name" she says laughing awkwardly.

I giggle and smile at her. She looks surprised and happy.

"So where are we going to lunch, Light Hope?" I ask.

"Oh I well I'm not that hungry so I was just going to have soup at home-oh you meant together, a date oh a date!?" she says freaked out.

"Relax" I say putting my hand on her arm, "it's fine, we can hang out another day" I say waving goodbye.

Though she was awkward, I couldn't help but want to get to know her better. She made my heart flutter in a way no one else had before.


5 years later

I was about four months along now and I was freaking out. I had not thought this through. I kept passing out during combat practice and was ordered to be put on bed rest. So now I was staying with Razz in my bedroom, in my bed forever.

"Razz the windows need washing, I'll do it!" I yell and start to get out of bed.

"Nuh uh. Dearie get back in bed" Razz demands rushing into my room.

I groan and lay back down and cross my arms. "I feel so useless, I need to do something!" I say pleadingly.

Razz sighs and sits down next to me. "You're creating a child, Mara. You're doing something incredibly important, all the time in fact" she says trying to cheer me up.

I sigh and hold my stomach.

Oh little one...I hope I don't disappoint you


5 months later

It has been two days since I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. But I have yet to name her.

"Mara! Good morning!" Razz says cheerfully coming in holding a breakfast tray. I sit up, holding the baby.

"Hey Razz" I say groggily.

"I'll take her, you eat up dearie" Razz says taking the swaddled baby from me. She made a lot of food, though I felt sick to my stomach.

How could I not tell Light Hope?

I can't keep her daughter from her


But she left

I'm alone now.

"Mara! Look how cute she looks" Razz says coming back in. The baby was now dressed in a ducky onesie. I snort.

"She looks adorable"

My mind goes back to what Razz used to call me.

"How about Adora?" I say. Razz smiles and passes the girl to me. I hold her in my arms. She yawns and opens her eyes. She had the most wonderful bright blue eyes.

"Adora is a wonderful name dearie" Razz says sitting next to me. We both smile down at the little Etherian. She reaches up and grabs my finger. I look to Razz siting next to me and smile.

Maybe I'm not so alone after all...


Present day

Adora's POV



"Where am I?" I say looking around. It looked like a spaceship with a purple interior.

"This was my spaceship, when I crashed into Etheria" she says standing up.

"Are-are you real?" I ask hesitantly walking up to her.

She ponders for a moment. "I mean I'm dead...oh the sugar" she says smiling.

"The sugar?"

"Tell me did Razz give you one of her special pies?" she asks smirking.

"Um yes"

"Then you wished me back, oh darling I've missed you" she says hugging me. My mind is swirling with a thousand thoughts but it doesn't matter because my mom is hugging me.

"I miss you" I whisper.

"I miss you too" she whispers back. I wipe tears as I step back. She looks the same as the portraits except she was in a simple blue dress.

"I found your helmet, mom. And I'm wearing your armor and using your sword. I'm the next She Ra" I say happily.

Her smile falters.

"What? What is it? Did I say something wrong?" I ask nervously.

"No's just I never wanted this life for you. I wanted you to grow up without the war, without the responsibilities of She Ra" she says sadly.

We stand in silence for a moment.

"I-I understand but I'm helping my friends turn the tide of the war towards our favor, I can't give up now" I say passionately. 

She smiles at me and tucks my hair behind my ear. "You've become such a beautiful strong woman, Adora" she says with tears in her eyes. "I only wish I could've been there for it. You see I too wanted to help my friends and help my kingdom. Light Hope warned me of what would happen if I did but I didn't listen." She looks me in the eyes and in a serious tone says, "it's ok to put yourself first, Adora. It's ok to want things."

"I want to protect my friends. I want to defeat the Horde" I reply.

She looks saddened and turns away. "Just-just don't make the same mistake as me. Your worth more than what you give to other people, my daughter" she says turning back.

For some reason this causes me to cry. I don't know why but I never realized the amount of pressure I put on myself until she said that. She wraps me in her arms and rubs my back while singing softly. It's the lullaby she sung to me when I was a baby.

"Mom" I say looking at her. I take a deep breath. "I won't make the same mistake as you. I promise" I say seriously.

She smiles and kisses my forehead. "I'm so proud of you, Adora." I smile and hug her once more.

"So what have you been up to these past seventeen years" she says smiling.

Seeing her smile was like watching the sun come out from the clouds.

"There's been a lot of things" I say smiling.

I told her all about my life, then she told me all about hers.

"So Razz would call you by different names too?" I say laughing.

"Yes! She would call me Adora, which is ironic because I ended up naming you that" she says laughing as well.

We were sitting on the floor laughing and talking for what felt like days. I learned about her past, she learned about mine.

"So I met Light Hope" I say awkwardly. 

"Oh! Ohhhh, Adora I'm so sorry I should've told you I-"

"It's ok, really. I mean I understand why you didn't tell me or Razz. But I'm glad I know her now"

"How is she?" Mara says guiltily.

"She's good, I mean she misses you, um yeah" I say rubbing my shoulder. Mara sighs.

"Our relationship was rocky at times but I wouldn't trade it for anything else, especially because I got you" she says smiling and cupping my cheek.

Her hand slowly passes through.

"Mom?!" I say startled. She's become a hologram.

"I guess our time is up, Adora" she says sadly.

"No no no, wait! I'm not ready! Please don't leave me" I say falling to my knees and sobbing. I feel a hand on my cheek and then arms around me. Mom hugs me goodbye as she turns in white sparkles. I hold on until she's completely gone. My tears keep flowing after she's gone.


"Adora dearie!" a faint voice says. I slowly open my eyes. I was back in my chair at the dinner party. Razz is standing beside me. a single tear falls down my cheek.

"I saw mom" I say happily. Razz smiles and hugs me.

-time skip-

After the party I lay in my bed looking up at the ceiling. I twist my hair with my fingers.

"Adora dearie, shouldn't you be asleep?" Razz says coming in.

"Yeah sorry Razz, I was just thinking about the pie. I-I had another wish that I wished for before I saw mom" I say confused. "Why didn't it work? Like it did for a minute and then-"

Razz comes closer to me and opens my mouth. She cocks her head and then lets go.

" Razz?"

"Did you eat anything in your first wish?" she says thinking to herself.

"Um...yes? Well I was in this stairwell and then this lady blew black powder at me and some got in mouth and-"

"Don't move I'll be right back, oh dingle berries" Razz says rushing off and cursing under her breath. I hear crashing and clanging in the distance. Then Razz comes back with a golden elixir.

"Drink this quickly dearie" she says giving it me. I chug it and hand it back.

"Huh it tastes good, like sunshine if sunshine was a flavor...what is it again?"

"Oh just the strongest healing potion" Razz says nonchalantly.


"The black powder that messed up your wish is dark bloom flower ground up with sleeping magic. Not that you would need it, I mean the dark bloom itself would kill you, maybe it was to slow down the effects" Razz rants. I just stare at her with my mouth open and eyes wide. I rub my throat and gulp.

"Dearie, you're going to be fine. It was a small dosage and since you weren't really in the stairwell the person probably just wanted to send you back where you came from...with extreme methods. Did you get a good look at their face?" she says sitting next to me.

"Yeah kinda, they had dark hair, bright green eyes and they wore a scarf over their mouth" I say.

"Light Spinner! What we're you doing in the Fright Zone Adora?" Razz says questioning me.

Light Spinner? Catra?

Catra's in the Fright Zone?!

Chapter Text

Artist credit: edited by Certified Lonnie Stan on tumblr

A/N: This story will feature side chapters about and from the perspective of another character. This one's Lonnie :)


I honestly don't know what I want to do with my life. Rogelio, Kyle and I  are  all orphans. When we were old enough, Light Spinner 'adopted' us and taught us how to work in the castle. I worked in the kitchen and  played with Rogelio, Kyle and Princess Catra. When I was older I was promoted to lady in waiting, Catra's lady in waiting to be precise.

Now I didn't hate this. I mean it was a little weird but Catra was always nice to me...even if she was moody. I've always dreamed about leaving the Horde and traveling somewhere else. And I've always had feelings for Rogelio. I mean come on he was a tall tan buff guy with green hair! But he and Kyle have been flirting so I  didn't  know if it's going to work out. Honestly I've also have had feelings for Kyle recently too. Which is crazy right?! I mean it's  Kyle.  But I don't know, he's sweet, kind and actually really funny. But even if I liked him it's not like we could all be together. The Fright Zone has a strict monogamous, heterosexual only rule...but what if we left?

Not yet I can't leave Catra. She is about to have a lot of trouble coming up and I need to be here for her.

I really feel bad for her. She has no control over her life. I try to help when I can but there's  really nothing  I can do except for  bringing  her treats and sneaking her out of boring meetings.

But recently things have gotten so much worse. I've heard stories about Lord Prime, the world-killer. And now he's set his sights on Etheria, on Catra. If I were in her shoes I would run far far away from here. I'm honestly kinda surprised she hasn't already. She puts a lot of pressure on herself,  and  she honestly cares for her people so much.

Ugh but Lord Prime is such a creep. Poor Catra. I'm trying my best to help her but I'm worried I'm not doing enough.

"Lady Lonnie, come here please" Madame says.

"Yes Madame?" I say walking over to the head woman.

"Here. Make sure the Princess is dressed in 10. Light Spinner wants to talk to her" Madame says handing me folded fancy clothes.

"Yes Madame" I say curtsying slightly. I hurry off through the servants door. I climb the wooden stairs up to the tower.

"Catra? It's me" I say lightly knocking at the door. I hear a muffled groaning and take that as my sign to go in. I open the door and see Catra under the covers.

"Princess? Time to get up" I say opening the drapes. She hisses and goes back under the covers. I roll my eyes and tug the covers off. Catra growls at me.

"Knock it off Lonnie, I'm trying to sleep away my life" she says annoyed.

I laugh. "I understand but it's my head on the chopping block if you don't get up" I say jokingly (even though it was true).

"Fine fine but you need to appreciate the lengths I go for you" she says dramatically getting up.

"Catra! Your face?!" I say startled. I haven't seen her since two days ago, the day of Adora's birthday. She's been locked in her room since Octavia caught her sneaking back in.

She turns towards me and I see a large purple bruise on her face.

"Oh yeah it's nothing" she says turning away.

"Catra, did Light Spinner hit you?" I say my heart breaking.


I react right away, flinging my arms around her. "I got you" I say.

"Thank you" she whispers back.

" need to leave here. Run away, go live with Adora" I say touching my hands to her shoulders.

She looks down and bites her lip. "No."


"If I leave she wins, they all win. No, I need to stay for my kingdom. I'll change the law, marry Adora and kick out Lord Prime and Light Spinner.

"But your highness-"

"I know you think I'm naive, Lonnie. Light Spinner raised me, she was practically my mother but that does not excuse her behavior. I've put up with it because as long as I cooperate I still have control. Once I become Queen I will no longer be subjected to her influence" she says in a serious tone, one I have never heard before.

I can feel the tears glisten in my eyes. I smile sincerely. "Of course, your highness, I understand completely" I say.

She nods and I start to get her ready for the day. Afterwards I escort her downstairs. DT stands by the throne room doors.

"Hi darlings, you ready Princess?" they say. Catra nods and they both go in.

"Good morning Catrina"

"Good morning Light Spinner"

The door closes and I can't hear anymore. Suddenly I sense someone behind me. I quickly sweep their legs and tackle them to the ground.


"Hi honey" I say smiling down at Rogelio.

"I should know better than to sneak up on you" he says sighing.

I smile and help him up. "I hope I didn't damage that beautiful face of yours" I say smirking.

"Luckily you didn't" he says leaning in.

"Lady Lonnie! You better not be fraternizing in the corridors" a voice yells.

"Go, before she catches you!" I whisper-shout to Rogelio pushing him away. He quickly pecks my lips before dashing off. Madame storms up to me.

"Lady Lonnie, your behavior is completely inappropriate. What do you have to say for yourself?" she says arm crossed and fuming.

"Sorry Madame, I'm very sorry about my behavior. It won't happen again" I say.

"Hmm, come Lady Lonnie, you are needed for your daily chores" she says waving at me to follow her. I sigh and follow.

Luckily it was a slow day. I did laundry, and hung it out to dry. Then I prepared lunch for Catra. After that I ate my lunch in town and saw Kyle. I attended Catra's queen lessons and helped her with them. Then I fixed her royal dresses when she had dinner with Light Spinner. On my dinner break Roeligo surprised me with an extra cupcake from the kitchen. He's the sweetest. And lastly I went back up to Catra's room to get her ready for bed.

I open the door slowly. Catra was starring out the open window. The room was cold due to the wind and dropping temperatures. Paint supplies lay around her and she was gripping a canvas tightly.

"Princess Catrina?" I say softly. She jumps, startled and relaxes when she sees it's me.

"Hi Lonnie" she says, sighing softly.

"Busy day?"

"Yeah I guess, long boring all the same" she says sighing.

"I didn't realize it was this bad?" I say concerned. Suddenly she runs across the room and hugs me. I lightly pet her hair, soothing the shorter girl.

"What if I can't do it, Lonnie. I'm scared. I'm scared to do this on my own. I'm scared Adora will hate me when I tell her of my fate, I mean when I told her I was engaged her reaction broke my heart" she says her voice wavering.

"Hey hey, it's ok, you're not alone, Catra. You have me, Kyle and Rogelio. And Adora loves you! She won't care that you come with baggage...even if that baggage is a Kingdom" I say sincerely.

I hear her chuckle a little and I smile. "Everything will be fine, Catra. I promise."

"Ok" she says calming down. I help her get ready for bed and say goodnight. Then I go downstairs.

"You ready to go?" Rogelio says handing me a bag.

"Yes" I say. We sneak out of the castle through the servants entrance and head to the outskirts of the Fright Zone. Kyle is waiting with a horse.

"Where'd you get this?" I say confused.

"From work, I'm a driver so I just took one after lights out" he says confidently.

Rogelio hugs him and I try not to smile. Before I can argue Rogelio pulls me into the hug. I won't lie, it felt good to be with both of them again.

"Ok enough sentimental crap, we have to go" I say mounting the horse. Rogelio and Kyle climb on behind me and I take off. We head west until the Crimson desert comes into view. We ride through until getting to the place Scorpia described. It was a run down bar with lots of sketchy people inside. The door slams open behind us and everyone holds their breath.

Suddenly the bartender stands up. "Scorpia!" they shout and everyone else cheers.

"Guys! I'm glad you made it!" the buff girl says wrapping us in a bone-crushing hug.

"Ugh thanks Scorpia...can you let us go now" I say wincing.

"Oh right sorry" she says letting go.

I swear that girl 's  hugs are worse than a corset.

"Let me treat you to some Scorpion beer, don't worry it doesn't actually contain scorpion" Scorpia says walking us through the bar.

We sit down at a booth and a waiter brings over five glasses of this red liquid. I take a sip and cringe. It was really strong and spicy? Like a cinnamon.

"We're just waiting on Entrapta" Scorpia says after chugging half her glass. Rogelio has taken a few sips, he can hold his liquor pretty well. Kyle was trying and failing to drink it.

"Darla! Heel girl!" a voice yells from outside. Entrapta dismounts a robotic horse and comes inside.

"Hi everyone! Sorry I'm late I had horse troubles" Entrapta says smiling and sitting next to Scorpia.

"No biggie, we haven't started yet" Scorpia says.

"So what are we going to do? We need to help Catra" I say worriedly.

"I've talked to my moms and they said that as long as Light Spinner's rules stand, Catra can't assume power without a king" Scorpia says frowning.

"No but I mean there has to be a way around that, right?" I say looking around at everyone.

Everyone looks down or away.

"Damnit! She can't marry that old man! It's not fair!" I yell slapping the table.

"Can we get the rules changed?" Rogelio suggests quietly.

"According to my calculations, laws can only be changed by the ruler of said country and because Catra is not of age, she can't change it...buttttttt" Entrapta says typing on her tablet.

"Yes?" I say.

"'s possible for Catra to overrule Light Spinner's laws with a signed document stating Catra is the true leader of the Horde eh....with the signatures of the leaders of all the kingdoms of Etheria" Entrapta says gritting her teeth nervously.

I slump down and everyone reacts the same.

"Well that's a bust" I say disappointed.

Entrapta perks up. "Wait I'm friends with Bright Moon's She Ra! Maybe she can help?" she says excitedly.

"WHAT?!" we all seemingly shout together.

"You're friends with She Ra? The head knight of our enemy?" I say confused.

"I heard she dyed Bright Moon's grass red with all the blood she's spilt" Scorpia says nervously.

"Nooo she's not like that at all! She's really nice. You can talk to her at the tea party in a couple weeks!" Entrapta says cheerfully.

The four of us look at each other in confusion, to make sure we had heard the purple haired girl right.

"Oh-okay" Scorpia says stuttering a bit.

"Do you really think She Ra will help?" Kyle says speaking up.

"Yeah! She is super nice, you'll like her Scorpia."

"Ehhh I don't know" Scorpia says raising one of her eyebrows.

"Our only plan shouldn't be trusting the enemy!" I say loudly. I'm frustrated.

"Mind if I cut in darling?" a familiar voice says.

A bar person shifts into DT as they swagger over to the table.

"Hello darlings! You didn't think you could have a secret gathering without me noticing right?" they say sitting next to me.

"What do you want Double Trouble?" I say glaring at the trickster. They smirk.

"I've found something interesting when I was cleaning the Black Garnet room."

My eyes widen.

The Black Garnet room?
It exists?!

"Can you run diagnostics on this, Entrapta?" DT says throwing a small bag on the table.

Entrapta warily takes it.

"What is it?" Scorpia says.

"All I know is that Light Spinner really didn't want anyone to find it" Double Trouble says with a bone chilling smirk.

We look at each other nervously.

"No need to thank me or anything, but I do expect you'll inform her highness about my bravery so I can rewarded handsomely" they say getting up and disappearing into the crowd.

"They give me the creeps" Kyle says breaking the uneasy silence.

"Entrapta what is it?" I ask as the girl cautiously opens the bag. Her eyes go wide and she closes it fast.

"Entrapta?" Rogelio asks.

"Um it'-it's I'm unable to determine what it is, I'll need further study back at my lab, goodbye" she says rushing off.

It must not be good

"Welp I guess that's it, you guys are welcome to stay, drinks are on me" Scorpia says smiling.

"Thanks Scorpia, but we should get back, we have a long day tomorrow" I say getting up. Rogelio and Kyle follow me out. We ride back to the Fright Zone and sneak back into the castle. I pass out as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I enjoy my life but it can be so tiresome sometimes.

I'll get you out of this Catra.

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Artist credit: @tanimaichi on Twitter


February 20 1596

The familiar smells of Bright Moon float through my window as the sun comes up. The birds sing happy tunes as the villagers get up and start going about their day. My eyes hazily open to my bright pink princess room. Sweaty laundry is strewn on the floor, my armor and sword lay in a pile on the floor covered in mud, and the remnants of last night's sleepover were scattered throughout the entirety of the room.

"Glimmer get up" I whisper shaking the purple haired girl who was snoring heavily.

"Wha-what?" she says yawning.

"We were supposed to come up with an escape plan last night, remember? Instead it looks like a pillow threw up all over my room" I say sighing heavily.

"Hmm" she hums going back to sleep. I roll my eyes an try to get out of bed. Unfortunately I trip over Bow who is sound asleep on the floor.

"Oof!" I yell as I land on my stomach.

"Huh!? Adora! Why are you on the floor?" Bow says startled.

"I could ask you the same thing" I say pointing to his makeshift bed. He shrugs in response. Glimmer's snores cut through the silence. "Well I'm going to go get breakfast now, do you want anything?"

"Can you get some toast with sugarberry jam please?" Bow says interlacing his hands together.

"Yep" I say walking out of the room. I walk through the hallways nodding at the guards I pass on the way. I make it to the kitchen and see Queen Angella  starring off into space.

"Your majesty?" I ask as I curtsy (very badly).

"Huh? Oh hello Adora, good morning" the majestic woman says smiling slightly. She was so reserved compared to Glimmer.

"I was just getting breakfast, I didn't mean to get in your way" I say awkwardly rubbing the back of my neck.

"Oh no it's fine, I was just getting some coffee, please help yourself" she says cheerfully. I nod and begin preparing Bow's toast.

"Glimmer told me you were planning a infiltration mission of the Horde Kingdom" she says sipping her coffee nonchalantly.

"Uh your majesty I didn't mean-"

"It's ok, Captain, relax. My daughter told me the reasons behind your devotion to this secret mission" Angella says with a concerned look.

-a month ago, the night of Adora's birthday-

"Light Spinner! What we're you doing in the Fright Zone Adora?" Razz says questioning me.

"Um I didn't mean to-I-I wished to see Catra" I mumble, my head racing with questions.

Razz's eyes widen. "Did you see her?"

"No, I heard her, she was locked in a room. I was going to find out more when I ran into that lady-I mean Light Spinner and well you know what happens next" I say.

Razz looks mad and almost frightened. "Stay away from the Fright Zone Adora, promise me you won't get involved with the girl in the woods anymore" Razz says grabbing my hands.

I gulp. "Ok" I say lying through my teeth. Razz hugs me and I feel the guilt go down to heart, causing it to race with the unsettledness of all of this.

-back to the present-

"I-I just need to make sure she's ok, that at least she's safe" I mumble softly.

The queen sighs, almost like she understands.

"This a reckless mission, Adora. If you fail, you put yourself and countless others at stake" she says seriously.

"But your majesty-"

"She-Ra, your responsibility is to the people first, not yourself. I thought you understood that when I gave you this position."

"I do understand, your majesty" I say hanging my head.

I hear someone clear their voice. We both whip our heads around to see Glimmer standing in the doorway with a scowl on her face.

"Seriously mom?! Stop stressing Adora out! She literally constantly puts herself last, in fact we have to force her to spend time on herself. Besides that, the Rebellion's goal is to liberate people from the Horde's rule, so Adora's er friend would fall into the category" Glimmer says storming up to her mom.

"I didn't mean it like that Glimmer, I just meant that going on reckless missions without the supervision of a higher official-"

"I don't care what you meant! Adora isn't endangering us! We're choosing to go with her!" Glimmer shouts. Angella steps back.

"Don't speak to me that way, we will discuss your involvement later. Good day Adora" Angella says walking away. Glimmer glares at her as she leaves.

"Ugh! I can't believe her! She's so strict! She never lets me do anything!" Glimmer groans.

I sigh heavily. "No she has a point." Glimmer stares at me in confusion. "I mean I can't believe I was going to drag you guys along on a half-baked rescue plan" I say leaning my head on a cabinet.

All of a sudden Glimmer starts laughing. I lift my head and give her a 'why are you laughing I'm being vulnerable' look. She finally stops and talks in between giggles.

"Ha that's just hilarious that you think you were 'dragging us' into this rescue plan. I mean you do realize that me and Bow live for adventure. And on top of that we know how much Catra means to you. I mean she's  not just some girl you met in the woods anymore that's for sure" Glimmer says nudging my shoulder with a snort.

I exhale my negative feelings. "You really want to do this?" I say in a serious tone while looking at her.

She smiles back big, "hell yeah!"

"Hey!" Bow shouts from the doorway, he's frowning. "Were you guys having a best friend squad moment without me?" he says sniffling sadly.

"No no no" Glimmer and I say at the same time. We run over and hug him.

"Aww you guys are the best!" Bow says happily hugging us back. Behind his back Glimmer and I let out the breath we were holding.

I let go smiling, "who wants breakfast?...Also can someone else cook because I forgot that I can't."

Glimmer and Bow snort.

"I'll make eggs" Glimmer says walking to the fridge.

"I'll make toast" Bow says grabbing bread.

"Oh I can spread the jam!" I say grabbing a butter knife with a comedically big  smile.

Glimmer and Bow exchange a look and then simultaneously respond with, "ok Adora."

-time skip-

After breakfast I mentally went through the makeshift plan in my head as I cleaned my armor and sword.

Ok before I do anything rash I'll talk to Entrapta to see if she knows anymore information on Catra.

Maybe to pay for medicine for her mother she had to pay by offering herself into servitude?

Or maybe she works in the Horde palace as like a lady in waiting?

Why was she in the Fright Zone? And why was Light Spinner going to see her?

My armor and sword shine, reflecting my worried face. I sigh and place them aside and clean up the rest of the room. It killed me that Catra was stuck there while was here. I've gone to Razz's almost everyday this past month but there hasn't been anymore letters. I worry something bad happened to her...

No don't think like that Adora. Catra's strong, she can handle herself...right?

My stomach churns uneasily, sending chills throughout my body.

I just wish I could talk to her...

I look outside and realize it's almost midday. I finish cleaning and put on my red jacket. I tuck my sword in its sheath attached to my side. I but on some shoes and leave my room.

Entrapta didn't tell me a specific time for her tea party thing but she did send a letter a week ago letting me know that she was hosting it today, just outside Dryl in the Whispering Woods. So that's where I was headed. I wave at friendly faces as I make my way out of Bright Moon. I decide to go on foot and run instead (for my own good, not because Razz is faster than me).

I take off in a steady jog, heading into the woods. The air is brisk and filled with scents of pine, fresh grass and sweet smelling flowers. I feel my heart thump remembering how Catra's hair smelled like flowers after we fell in the field.

I shake my head and force myself to focus on the situation at hand: finding Entrapta's mini tea party. I take the path to Dryl. I remember taking it with Razz. There's no one else on the path so I continue jogging. After a couple minutes the air smells of metal and ash. Dryl is close. I break off from the path and wander around. She should be around here somewhere.

Suddenly I hear laughter. I walk through the trees and see a decorated table with well dressed people around it. I pick at my jacket and mentally curse myself for not dressing up as well. I head towards the table and the people turn around to face me. A man with red eyes and dark blue hair stares at me with a furrowed brow. All of a sudden he scowls and stands up.

"You?!" the man shouts angrily.

"You!?" I say realizing he's the Horde General. I reach for my sword and he reaches for his dagger.

"Whoa whoa stop stop! Please" Entrapta says jumping between us. "Hordak this is my friend Adora. Adora this is Hordak."

"Oh I know who you are She Ra. You're the one who took out half my fleet in the Sealines battle last month" Hordak growls.

"I thought you would be scarier but you're nothing without your army or your tech" I say crossing my arms.

"Rebel Princess!"
"Horde scum!"

"Enough!" Entrapta yells. We both look at her. She looks mad, I've never seen her mad's scary.

"Entrapta? I brought muffins because I didn't really know what to bring oh hello what's going on here?" a tall girl with white hair says walking towards us.

"Can you sit down Scorpia? I have some things I need to explain."

Chapter Text

Art credit: @kaifu_ato on Instagram

⚠️Warning: This chapter contains themes of intense anxiety and panic attacks. Please skip if this is a trigger for you.


February 20 1596

The last month has been hell on earth. Light Spinner found out that I was still sneaking out so she placed guards on me 24/7. And not nice guards either, mean ones like Octavia.

DT has been so busy helping Light Spinner that I barely see them anymore. So that means I haven't been able to talk to Adora.

Lonnie is still my lady in waiting but we can't discuss anything because of the guards. I can never get a moment of peace anymore.

On top of that Light Spinner took away my painting supplies and barred me from having sweet treats after dinner. Yesterday's dessert was lemon meringue pie and she wouldn't even let me have a sliver! Apparently it's punishment for 'sneaking out' and 'hiding things from her'.

Because I can't do anything fun anymore, my days have become even more boring. I get up and then I'm escorted to breakfast with Light Spinner, it's always something healthy like fruit salad (blegh). Then I attend Light Spinner's daily 'queen complain' where she points out everything I'm doing wrong. Then she tries to fix my mistakes while saying things like "you are to be Queen, Catrina so you must not slouch when you sit in chairs blah blah blah." It's literally torture.

Next I visit the south wing (with guards and Lonnie of course) to see William, Lord Prime's younger brother. Honestly he's very sweet but his sole purpose is to plan my wedding to Lord Slime (ew). We usually chat over tea and biscuits, then I'm either trying cakes, picking color schemes or trying on dresses (ugh).

Then after that I have lunch in the courtyard with Light Spinner, General Hordak, William, and Lord Prime when he's in town (which is basically never and I'm perfectly fine with that). The lunch is usually just Light Spinner and Hordak yelling at each other about battle strategies. After lunch I'm locked in my room for 'quiet time', in which I'm supposed to read books about etiquette and queenly duties. But in reality I goof off, writing letters to Adora that I can't send, planning fake scenarios in my head or admiring Adora's painting that I hid from Light Spinner when she took away my stuff.

Before dinner I'm allowed to take a walk on the grounds with Lonnie and two guards that follow close behind. The fresh air was something I took for granted before my 'castle arrest'. Besides the Horde palace had a wonderful arrangement of topiaries, flowers and hedge mazes. After getting some fresh air I get changed for dinner. Light Spinner requires I wear my finest dresses and jewelry during dinner time. Sometimes we eat with royalty from allied kingdoms, or sometimes we eat with the Prime brothers. And sometimes it's just me and Light Spinner. The sad thing is that I feel more alone when I'm with her than if I was by myself.

Tonight was one of those nights. I scowled as I glumly picked at my food on the plate.

"What's wrong Catrina? It's fish and rice, one of your favorites" Light Spinner says condescendingly from the other end of the long table.

"Oh please you know what's wrong" I mutter under my breath.

"What was that?"

"I said YOU KNOW WHATS WRONG, STOP PLAYING DUMB!" I yell slamming the table with both hands and standing up. Light Spinner glares at me across the table. She wipes her mouth with a napkin under her flowy mask and stands up slowly.

"Don't raise your voice at me Catrina" she says coldly glaring at me.

My chest rises and falls rapidly, the adrenaline coursing through my veins. "I'll do whatever the beast island I want!" I yell. Light Spinner raises her eyebrow.

"Really Catrina, you're still a child. A silly child who can't ascend to the throne without a husband of royal status" she says slowly walking over to me. "So no...that means you can't do whatever the beast island you want" she says so coldly it sends chills down my spine.

I try to speak but the words don't seem to make it past my throat. Instead I gulp and lower my head. Light Spinner returns to her seat.

"Good girl Catrina, now finish your dinner and go to bed" Light Spinner says as she resumes eating her dinner.

Hot tears sting my eyes. I clench the table with my sharp nails. Before I can stop myself...I react.

"No" I growl.

Light Spinner glares at me once again. "What did you just say?"

"I said NO!" I throw my plate hard across the room. I hear it crash as I run out of the room. Running off of the adrenaline high, I steal a horse from the stables and begin riding through town. I don't stop until I'm at the gates.

"Stop!" the guards yell running up to me. I act like I'm surrendering but when they relax I kick and punch them. They're startled enough to let me ride through. The gate starts closing but I make it through just in time. I ride across the field towards the Whispering Woods. I look back at the panicking guards and smile.

I can't believe I actually did that!

Oh no I can't believe I actually did that!?

Regret starts sinking in as I ride through the woods. The adrenaline that once filled my body was now replaced with fear and anxiety.

I just ran away from home!

I have nowhere to go now!

What do I do?

I grip the reins tightly, pulling the horse to a stop. I dismount and ditch my formal dress, for there was no way I'd be able to walk around the woods in that thing. I also leave my jewelry and shoes or anything else that can be used to track me down. I hesitantly remove my crown and hold it tenderly in my hands. It was my mother's...but I need to leave behind. I place it gingerly in the bush and then take off running through the woods leaving everything behind.

My heart thumps rapidly as I speed through the unfamiliar surroundings. My throat feels like it's closing up even though my breathing is fine. I just keep running and running. Away from old life, away from the Horde...

The Horde.

My family. Lonnie, Rogelio and Kyle. I left them.

I left my kingdom.


I'm a terrible queen.


Before I even realize it I'm on the ground. I'm sobbing uncontrollably. My chest feels heavy and my head feels like it's throbbing in pain even though I feel fine. I just lay on the ground for what feels like hours, trying to get in control of my emotions. Even though I'm safe, my body acts like I'm dying.

The sun has gone down now and the warmth of day is long gone. Cold wind blows through the trees. I shiver and hug my body, trying to keep warm. I mentally curse myself for not bringing a shawl or something to put over my corset and slip skirt. 

Every time I try to sit up, my body feels too heavy and I sink back down into the ground. The feeling of hopelessness and fear is so strong. I can't fight it. I just close my eyes, trying to relax.

I dozed off for I don't know how long, but I'm awaken by someone holding me in their arms. The person smells of strawberries. I open my eyes slowly.

"A-Adora?" I say weakly. The blonde is holding me, her face is is determined. But she looks down at me in her arms and smiles.

"Hey Catra" she says with so much love I feel my heart beat out of my chest. I relax and lean my head against her shoulder. She carries me all the way back to Razz's. I feel her place me down in a bed. She pulls the blankets over and then gives me a soft forehead kiss. I open my eyes and with the last bit of strength I grab her hand to stop her from leaving.

"Wait...stay...I don't want to be alone anymore" I say softly. I feel Adora join me in the bed. She wraps her strong arms around me but softly like if she squeezed me too hard I would break. I nuzzle my face into her chest and for the first time in a long time I finally feel safe.

Chapter Text

Art credit: @evisamora on Tumblr and
@Arualpaca on Twitter



Hello! Entrapta here. Today I'm going to be sharing data about my life.

The earliest memory I can recall is my third birthday. It was science themed, of course, and my dads gave me my very first robot. It was a E.T. 27 so very primitive compared to the technology of today's age.

Anyways, my life has always been centered around science. Both my fathers are talented scientists so I guess I inherited my love for science from them. Obviously I know you can't inherit learned behaviors but the way my brain processes science things is most likely inherited by genetics.

But I'm getting off track, let me fill you in on the day of my mini tea party. I wore a big fluffy purple dress like the one I wore when I met Adora. I had invited my best friends for the party. Scorpia sent back a letter saying she would definitely be there. Adora said she would try to make it. Hordak said he didn't have time for silly parties but he said he would come for me. I sent a letter to Catra but I didn't hear back from her.

Fizz, Trish, and Sundae prepared a feast of tiny treats for me to take. I loaded everything into picnic baskets and started to head off. I programmed my robots to carry the decorations and furniture behind me. Emily walked along with me asking a million questions a minute.

"Where are you going? Why are you carrying so much food? Who are you meeting? Can I come? Does dad know your doing this? Does papa know your doing this? Why is your dress so poofy?" Emily asks skipping along, next to Entrapta.

"Emily Robotica Dryl! Can't you see I'm busy?" I scold the energetic girl.

Emily sulks and drags her feet. "But Entraptaaaaa, I want to play too!" Emily whines clinging to my arm.

"Later Em, please this party is important to me. Besides you know what I tell you: social events are the perfect place to-"

"To collect data, I know I know" Emily sighs and let's go.

"I'll see you later Em!" I say happily as I begin setting up in the woods. The robots set down the furniture and we begin decorating the table with purple, pink and yellow decorations. After setting the utensils and plates at each spot, I tie polka dot balloons to the chairs.

After I finish with that I turn to one of the robots. "I can finish setting up if you could go back and get the fresh tea. It's brewing in the castle kitchen" I say.

"Right away, your highness" they say and leave. I put the final touches on the decorations and begin putting out the tiny food on platters. I hear a crunch behind me and I turn around. Hordak stood there dressed in a navy tailcoat and white formal pants. His dark blue hair was slicked back and he starred at me with bright eyes.

"Hordak" I yell happily running up to the tall man. He awkwardly stands there as I hug him.

"Ahem, hello Princess Entrapta. I'm delighted to be in the presence of Dryl's crown princess" he says formally. I let go and lightly slap his shoulder.

"Stop that! You don't have to address me so formally, we're friends!" I say smiling.

Hordak's cheeks turn pink and he looks away. "Ah yes-s, my apologies Princ-er-Entrapta" he says stumbling over his words. I smile and take his hand, leading him over to the table.

We sit down and I place some tiny pastries on his plate. "Try these they're very good" I say taking some for myself.

"Thank you Entrapta" he says and then eats one. His eyes bulge and then he shoves the rest in his mouth. "Wow these are so good!" he says in awe. I laugh.

"You look silly like that, hold still" I say reaching across with my napkin. I wipe the crumbs of his face and he turns bright red. "Goodness! Do you need some water?" I ask concerned.

"Em no...I'm fine" he says still bright red. I giggle again and he laughs with me. We're so loud that I don't realize Adora's arrived.

She walks over nervously, wearing her classic red jacket. She stops before reaching the table. She looks angry.

Hordak stands up quick. "You?!" he shouts angrily.

"You!?" Adora says confused. She reaches for her sword and Hordak reaches for his dagger.

"Whoa whoa stop stop! Please" I say jumping between them. "Hordak this is my friend Adora. Adora this is Hordak."

"Oh I know who you are She Ra. You're the one who took out half my fleet in the Sealines battle last month" Hordak growls.

"I thought you would be scarier but you're nothing without your army or your tech" Adora says crossing my arms.

"Rebel Princess!"
"Horde scum!"

"Enough!" I yell. They both look at me. I take a deep breath trying to calm down.

"Entrapta? I brought muffins because I didn't really know what to bring oh hello what's going on here?" Scorpia says walking towards us.

"Can you sit down Scorpia? I have some things I need to explain." I say sitting back down. Everyone else continues standing and stares at me bewildered.

"Sit now!" I yell and they all scramble into their seats. I smile and fold my hands on the table. "Let's start at the beginning."

-6 months ago-

"Today is July, 17 1595. Today I am collecting some everwood oil from the south quadrant of the Whispering Woods to use in an a experiment of cleaner energy" I speak into my tape recorder.

I was walking through the woods, following a paper map to a secluded part where the everwood trees supposedly grew. There was no modern record of them though. If I am able to collect the oil from the trees, I can bring Dryl into a new era.

"Stop! State your business in this area of the Whispering Woods" a low male voice says. I turn around. A tall man stood, pointing a sword at me.

"Whoa, calm down. My name's Entrapta, what's yours?" I say smiling.

The man raises his eyebrow. Realization sinks in and he kneels on the ground.

"Forgive me Entrapta, crown princess of Dryl. I did not recognize you" he says with his head lowered. I walk over and pull him up. He's startled but complies. I hold his hand and stare up at him. He had dark blue hair that swooped to one side. His eyes were a reddish brown and were staring with intent down into mine. His skin was peculiar. He was tan but he had white spots on his skin. I had read about this skin condition before.

Art credit: Starr Nostalgia on Tumblr

Art credit: Starr Nostalgia on Tumblr

"Vitiligo, a skin condition that causes the loss of skin color in blotches" I say without thinking. I slam my hands over my mouth. "S-sorry I didn't mean to say that."

The man cracks a smile. "You're very blunt."

"Yeah...sorry" I say rubbing my head nervously.

"I like straight forward people, Princess Entrapta" he adds.

"Oh ok" I say smiling while twirling my hair.

"So what are you doing in the woods for? the man says.

"Forgive me but I do not believe you have told me your name. I will not give information away to a stranger" I say crossing my arms.

"Of course, my name is Hordak. I am the general of the Horde Resistance" Hordak says bowing.

"Well, Hordak, what are you doing in the woods?"

"I um that information is classified, your majesty" he says nervously.

I squint at him. "Are you withholding information from the crown Princess of Dryl?" I tease.

"Ah no! I'm on a mission to find this ancient tree oil that will supposedly power all the new bots with a single drop" he says.

"You aren't by any chance looking for everwood oil?" I ask smiling.

"Yes!" he says surprised.

"Well your in luck, I'm looking for some too. Would you like to look together?" I say cheerfully.

The man gulps and his cheeks flush red.

"I um I would be honored to escort her majesty through this treacherous forest" he responds seriously.

I giggle and grab his hand. "Let's go then!"

We start walking through the woods. I notice he's very stiff.

"Are you uncomfortable Hordak?" I ask stopping.

"Erm no" the man squeaks still bright red.

"Are you sure? You have symptoms of stress and flustered-ness" I say worriedly.

"Hehe no, I'm fine, let's go" he says linking arms and rushing off. I skip to keep up with his broad steps.

"So according to my calculations the tree or trees should be located about 100 paces right" I say pointing.

"Alright" he mumbles and we head that way.

I notice the tree right away. It's tall, stretching up to the sky, 100 feet tall. It has a beautiful golden brown color but no leaves. I take out my tiny drill from my bag. Out of the corner of my eye I see Hordak grab an ax.

"Wait! Don't use that! If you chop the tree down it won't be able to grow" I yell running up to him. He looks startled.

"But this is the quickest way to get the oil, your highness."

"No. We're doing this the right way. We'll use my drill and collect the oil that way. When we're done we need to cover the hole with cloth or leaves so it will be able to continue growing" I say matter of factly.

I turn back to the man. He's starting at me intently but whips his head around when I notice.

"Yes ok" he mumbles. I smile.

"Thanks Hordak."

The man continues to face away from me but he makes unintelligible noises.

"Are you sure your ok?" I ask touching his shoulder. He jumps around to face me.

"Ehm yes" he says, his cheeks flushing red.

"Alright" I say smiling.

What a funny man

I start drilling a small hole into the tree. I put a bucket underneath to catch the oily sap.

"Ok, now we just have to wait for the bucket to fill up" I say sitting on the ground.

Quickly Hordak places his cape underneath for me to sit on.

"Thanks" I say and tap the spot next to me. He awkwardly sits down next to me.

I take out some finger sandwiches and hand him one.

"Thank you, your highness" he says accepting.

"Please call me Entrapta, Hordak. After all we're friends" I say smiling.

He starts choking on his sandwich. I run behind him a quickly preform the Heimlich maneuver. He stops choking and sips water from his canteen.

"Forgive me, Princess. I'm not usually this clumsy" the man says embarrassed.

I reach out and hug him. He is startled but hugs me back lightly. I let go and smile.

"Your not clumsy, and it's Entrapta remember" I say sincerely.

"Yes right Entrapta sorry" he says lowering his head. I lift his head, forcing his eyes to my level.

"Don't apologize"

He gulps and I feel his face heat up. I feel my cheeks heat up as well. My body seems to gravitate towards him. He leans down gazing into my eyes. My heart seems to be racing even though I'm not exerting myself.


The sensor on the bucket has gone off. I get up and seal the hole back up.

"Here let me give you half" I say pouring the oil into his canister.

"Thank you very much Pri-er-Entrapta" he says.

"You're welcome Hordak" I say smiling. "Farewell" I say waving as I walk away.

"Wait!" he yells. I turn around.

He twists his hands nervously and stares at the ground.

"I um would you like to keep in touch?" he asks nervously.

I smile big. "Of course!"

He smiles big too, he has such a lovely smile.

"Ok I'll send you a letter soon your high-erm-Entrapta" he says doing a little wave. I smile and wave back before heading back to Dryl.

-back to the present-

"Hordak and I have stayed in touch since then, sending updates on our experiments and talking about science. We've become good friends" I explain to the group of confused people.

"Then a couple months later I met you, Adora" I say smiling at the blonde. Adora raises her eyebrow. "Adora is She Ra-"

"You are?!" Scorpia says surprised. Adora gives her a small nod.

"Yes, anyways I wanted to gather you all today because I want us all to get along" I say smiling. They all stare up at me, blinking and starring with empty eyes. "Tea?" I ask taking a pot from one of the robots.

All of the sudden they start yelling.

"Are you serious-"

"There's no way I'm getting along with She-Ra-"

"I'm sorry Entrapta but She-Ra's evil"

I groan and rub my forehead. They keep arguing, now standing up.

"SHUSH!" I yell loudly. They stop and stare at me with bewildered expressions. "Please, please try to get along" I say sinking to my chair in exhaustion.

They look to each other and sigh. I feel a hand on my shoulder. Adora looks down at me.

"I'm sorry" she says sincerely. Scorpia comes up behind her.

"I'm sure we can have one tea party without fighting" she says optimistically.

I look over at a Hordak. He's grumpily avoiding my eye contact. I get up and walk over to him. I gently turn his head to face me.

"Please Hordak" I say placing my arms around his head. He turns away.

"Hmmmm...fine" he mumbles.

"Yay! l I say happily. "Thanks Hordak" I say kissing his cheek. "Thanks guys!" I say turning to Adora and Scorpia.

We all sit down once again and I start pouring tea into their cups.

I smile as Adora and Scorpia begin comparing biceps.

Everything is going according plan.


Chapter Text

Artist credit: @BangDacy on Twitter
Slight NSFW warning 


I woke up with arms wrapped around me. Adora's chest rose and fell with each breath, like a calming metronome. I kiss her chest and lay my head back down, listening to the sweet sound of her relaxed heart. I hear her sigh and shift her head. I look up at sleepy bright blue eyes starring back at me.

"Good morning beautiful" she says in a low croaky morning voice. I feel my heart do a double take. I swallow those feelings.

"Hey Adora" I say wrapping my arms around her neck. She pulls me close to her and gives me Eskimo kisses as I giggle. She stops and I kiss her lips. Even with morning breath, there's no one else in all the worlds that I would rather be with.

"Mhmm" she sighs as she stares at me. She then turns red and gets up, facing away from me. "Sorry milady, I forgot you are not properly clothed. Would you like to borrow a dress of mine?"

"I would prefer pants if you have any, and you can turn around, it's nothing you haven't seen before" I add cheekily.

I can hear her gulp and throw clothes over her shoulder.

"I'll change in Razz's room, pick out anything you'd like" Adora rushing out and closing the door behind her.

I sit up stretching my arms and back before taking a look around the room. It was cozy, there was a wardrobe for clothes, a simple basin, a small desk and a side table stuffed with books. I pick up one and read the title.

"101 steps to becoming a knight" I read aloud. I snort and put the book back. Next I go over to the wardrobe. There's a lot of white shirts and gray pants, Adora's signature look. A bright jacket catches my eye. I grab a black shirt and some brown pants as well as Adora's red jacket. Everything was a little big but I was comfy.

I strutted out, happy to be free of my corset, when I notice her standing there. She was leaning against the wall. Her white shirt hung loosely on her large frame. She was pushing back her messy golden locks and starring me down with those ocean blue eyes.

I nervously swallow, now aware of her presence. She walks over with a giddy smirk.

"You look good in my clothes kitty" she whispers in my ear. I purr and lock my lips with her. We begin making out hungrily, inhaling in each other's presence. Suddenly I feel something whack our heads. Adora and I look up startled. A short old woman with purple hair, shakes her head disapprovingly at us.

"Uh Razz!? We were just-well you-um there was-"  Adora mumbles as Razz holds her hand up.

"Dearie I do not care who you kiss. But I do not want to see it" Razz says scolding. She walks into her room mumbling, "kids these days..."

I look at Adora and we both burst out laughing.

"Oh no! I forgot you lived here with your guardian" I say catching my breath.

"Yeah...I forgot too" Adora says rubbing the back of her neck. I smile and grab her hand.

"So my knight, what are we doing today?" I say smiling. The girl turns pink.

"I um didn't have any plans, is there anything you want to do?"

"Whatever we want" I say with a mischievous grin. Adora is taken aback and turns crimson. I laugh and playfully hit her arm. "Relax, I don't mean that. Get your mind out of the gutter."

The girl frowns at me teasing her. With one swift motion she throws me over her shoulder.

"Adora! Put me down!" I yell hitting her back.

"Nope, not until you apologize" Adora says sternly.

✨A little more spice✨
I kick her chest but she doesn't let go. I sigh. "Fine, I'm sorry for teasing you, your royal highness" I say sarcastically. All of a sudden Adora swings me back over and I land on the couch. She straddles me, pinning me down. 

"Oof! Seriously?!" I complain. The taller girl smirks down at me. Strands of blonde hair tickle my face. She slowly leans down. My heartbeat quickens as her familiar scent fills my lungs once again. She stares at my lip while licking hers. She's inches away, her beautiful lips leaning toward mine. Just as she's about to make contact she swerves and whispers in my ear.

"Maybe next time kitten."

I yell and push her back. "How dare you!" I scream flustered. I sit up, hitting her chest, annoyed. She laughs as I huff, crossing my arms.

"I'm sorry" she says wrapping her arms around me. She kisses my cheek as I scowl still mad. "What can I do to make it up to you, my love" she say sweetly.

A smile comes across my face. I smirk up at the girl who was currently rethinking her life choices.

"I want to go on an adventure."

-Some time later-

I was currently wearing Adora's two sizes too big boots with her red jacket on and my hair is a ponytail. I anxiously waited as Adora went to get 'Swiftwind'. When I asked who that was she said it was a secret.

I close my eyes, inhaling the clean forest air that I have been deprived of. The birds sing happy melodies above. The wind accompanies them, adding a whistling background. It's so relaxing that I don't hear Adora return. I open my eyes to a snout in my face. I hiss and back away.

"Whoa whoa, it's alright Catra. This is my horse, Swiftwind" Adora says running to my side.

"You could've said that earlier" I say taking a deep breath. The horse walks over to us and Adora smiles at me.

"Have you've ever ridden a horse before?"

Only carriages

"Um not for a long time" I say nervously.

"Here, I'll help" Adora says. She places her hands on my waist and lifts me up, effortlessly placing me on the horse. She jumps up behind me and wraps her arms around while grabbing the reigns. "You ready?"


Before I can respond Swift Wind takes off. I yelp and Adora holds me steady as we gallop through the woods. I close my eyes and cling to Adora, burrowing my face in her chest. I feel her kiss my head and I peek up and her determined face. I take a deep breath and turn back around and open my eyes.

Green rushes past us. The sun sends a kaleidoscope of colors down onto us. I gasp as animals fly through the air and run across the ground. Different colored butterflies fly up from bushes as we ride by. It's a glorious sight. I watch in awe at the tranquility of the woods.

"We're here, Catra" Adora says. I'm surprised, I hadn't realized we had stopped. I look forward. In front of me was a tall abandoned Horde building. We were still in the woods, this building had been abandoned years ago.

"What are we doing here?" I ask as Adora hops off. She gives me a puzzled look.

"You've been here before?" she says surprised.

"Yeah, I used to play in these woods when I was little" with Entrapta and Scorpia. I think the last part.

"Darn, I wanted to surprise you" Adora says sulkily. I smile and reach down placing my hands on her shoulders. She grabs my waist and I hop down beside her.

"You did surprise me, besides I haven't been here in over 10 years, let's explore it together" I say grabbing her hand. She smiles at me as I lead her inside. Most of the building was deteriorating, flowers and weeds wove around poles and poked through the floor.

"It's so beautiful in here" I say running around.

"Yeah it is" Adora says softly. I look at her but she blushes and whips her head around. I giggle and run away. I start climbing the ladder to the second level. The wood creaks uneasily under me. I make it up and look around. A huge circular window was at the far end of the room. I walk towards it, minding the broken floorboards. The window was dusty. I wiped it off and the light shone through brightening up the room. Red stained glass was arranged into the Horde symbol on the large window.

"Boo" a voice says behind me. The hair on the back of my neck stands up as I jump around. Adora's there with a wide grin. I roll my eyes.

"It's not polite to sneak up on a lady, knight" I scold.

"I'm terribly sorry, milady. Whatever can I do to make it up to you?" she says playing along.

I smirk and walk closer. I extend one finger under her chin and lightly scratch. "I can think of a few...things" I say teasingly. The blond gulls nervously. "You can rub my feet later" I say teasing.

The blond visibly frowns. I laugh widely. It was hilarious teasing Adora.

✨Last one✨
"But my fair maiden, why stop at the feet. You deserve a full body massage" the tall girl says leaning into me. No people it's my turn to gulp. I push her away and look behind me. My cheeks have become hot. Adora laughs and I groan in embarrassment.

I ignore her loud laughter and jump across the floorboards. In the corner is a half broken rope ladder. It seems to go up to the roof. I start climbing it and Adora calls out to me. "Where are you going?"

"On an adventure" I yell down. I climb to the top and pull myself up. The top was a normal flat roof, some broken tech was strewn about . But the view. The view was amazing. You could see the whole forest from here.

"Is this safe?" Adora's voice echoes from below.

"Sure" I yell back.

I hear a grunt as Adora pushes herself up on the roof. I smile and help her up. She stumbles and lands on top of me. I giggle and push her hair out of her face.

"You're a very clumsy knight" I say cupping her cheek. She rolls her eyes and I pull her to me, pushing my lips on to hers. We stay like that just kissing on the roof. When we finally stop the sky has turned orange. The sun has started its descent.

"Damn..." I say recovering from our rooftop make out session. Adore helps me up.

"You wanna go?" she asks.

"Wait" I say grabbing her arm. I lead her to the edge and sit down. I pat the spot next to me. She sits down and I place my head on her shoulder. She holds my hand. We watch the orange sun go down. The sky turns red and then purple and then black.

"This was the best day of my life" I whisper with me eyes closed. I hear Adora rustle. I open my eyes. She has a nervous smile. In her hands is a...oh can't be... "Adora what are you doing?"

"It's a promise ring, they're a big thing in Bright Moon but I don't know if you've heard about them before" Adora says giddy.

In her hands is a simple ring box. She opens it and a ring sparkles up at me. It's beautiful. It's gold with a red diamond in the center. The diamond isn't a complete circle, it looks kinda of like a heart.

"Adora you didn't have to-"

"I love you Catra" she says holding my hands. My heart swells as I stare into her wonderful eyes.

"I love you too, so so much!" I say giddy, I hug her tight and she hugs me back. I let go and she holds up the ring again.

"So, will you court me, Lady Catra?" Adora asks formally.

"Hmm I don't know" I say teasingly. She scrunches her nose and tickles my side. "Ok ok! Yes I'll court you, knight Adora" I say kissing her lightly.

I hold out my hand and stare down in dismay. Prime's ring already occupied my ring finger.

"I can choose a different finger-"

Before she can finish I snatch his ring off and throw it far into the woods. I turn to her with a smile and extend my hand.

"Nope, now it's free" I say to the surprised girl. Adora smiles and slides the ring on my finger. She kisses my hand gently and I get butterflies.

"Will your mother or fiancé get mad?" Adora asks worriedly.



"I love you, my girlfriend" Adora says pressing her forehead to mine.

"I love you more"

"Not possible"

"Wanna bet"


Chapter Text

Artist credit: @Fawnduu on Twitter


I woke up in the middle of the night because of a strange nightmare. I was in the woods and there was a woman there in red and black clothing. She had a mask covering her entire face and black magic surrounded her. I don't know why, but I was scared of her. I tried running away but she would appear in front of me, wherever I would go. Finally she grabbed me and I stared into her cold black eyes. "I've found you Catra."

It was startling to say the least. Adora stirred in her sleep. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her shoulder gently before going back to sleep. When I woke up it was morning. Adora's hand was in my hair and she was still sleeping with her mouth open. I giggle and stretch. The movement wakes up the blonde. She lazily wraps her arms around me and kisses my neck.

"Good morning love" she says muffled. I giggle again and turn my head towards her. I lean in a kiss her. It's sweet and soft, we're both still just waking up.

"Good morning, my girlfriend" I say brushing my lips against hers.

"Wow, possessive this morning aren't we?" Adora teases.

"Yes, because of this" I say holding out my newly bedazzled ring finger. Adora takes my hand and kisses it lightly.

"That's fair" she says leaning in for kisses again. I giggle and enjoy being with her, my girlfriend! It feels so right...

There's a loud knock at the door. Adora jumps off me and walks over to open it. Razz is standing there with her eyes closed.

"It's safe to look Razz" Adora says laughing. Razz skeptically opens her eyes.

"I am just taking precautions" she explains. She leans in a whispers to Adora. "You are acting like respectful young lady I raised you to be right?"

Adora turns red. "Of-f course! We haven't-we're not..." she says panicking. Both Razz and I laugh as the girl turns a brighter shade of red.

"Well then, I just wanted to tell you dearies that breakfast is ready" Razz says excusing herself. I get up as Adora recovers.

"Come on, I want food" I say tugging at her sleeve. She rolls her eyes and chuckles.

"Fine, get on my back"


"I'm giving you a piggy back ride to the kitchen" she says smiling.

"It's literally like ten steps and I'm not a child-"

"So you don't want to?"

"...I never said that." I hop on Adora's back. "To the kitchen" I say enthusiastically. Adora laughs and she runs to the kitchen. I hold onto her shirt as she runs, enjoying the pure joy I was feeling.

We get to the kitchen and she puts me down on the bench. She sits next to me as Razz brings plates over.

"Thanks Madam Razz" I say happily.

"Oh please dearie, call me Razz" the woman says rustling my hair.

"Ok, thanks Razz!" I say smiling. Adora wraps her arm around me and gives me head kisses as I giggle.

"I think she likes you" Adora whispers in my ear.

"Really!?" I say giddily. Adora nods and goes back to kissing my head.

"Adora! Can you help me with something dearie?" Razz calls from the other room.

"I'll be right back kitten" Adora says kissing my cheek before rushing off. I start eating the food in front of me. Sure the castle food was good, but Razz's food had this homemade goodness about it. I enjoyed my food as I the two talked in the other room...


Adora's POV

"Hey Razz, what did you need?"

Razz turns to me with a concerned look.

"I put a protection spell on the house last night. I'm hoping my magic is strong enough to prevent attacks" she says seriously.

"Attacks from whom? Only Glimmer, Bow and Queen Angella know where you live."

"No. Now Catra knows too, and if Catra is here then Light Spinner can't be far behind" Razz says worriedly.

"No, I won't let Light Spinner get her hands on her, I'll protect her-"

"You're too naive Mara!" Razz yells. Then her face softens. "I-I mean Adora" she says sighing.

My face falls. I had been so caught up spending time with girl I love, I forgot about the mysterious dangers that came with it.

"I'm sorry Razz, you're right, let me ask her about it for your peace of mind" I say placing my hand on her shoulder affectionately.

"Ok dearie, I'm going to lie down now" Razz says walking away. I leave her room and close the door lightly. I head back to the kitchen. Catra is eating her food and smiling. She looks so cute.

"Hey love" I say sitting down next to her.

"Adora! You have to try this" Catra says shoving a spoonful in my mouth.

"Uhmm oh good thanks, Catra I wanted to talk about-"

"Do you know what this is called. Is it ginger wheat?" Catra asks.

"Um I think so but Catra-"

"Did Razz go to sleep, I wanted to thank her again for this wonderful food-"

"Catra, I wanted to ask-"

"Hey did you know that this type of plant is only grown in Salineas? I've never been but I've heard wonderful things about-"

"Catra!" I yell. Catra's ears flatten and she looks at me with a sad and confused expression. "Sorry! I didn't mean to yell, I just really need to ask you something."

"Oh yes sorry, sure" Catra says.

"Um" I take a deep breath, "what's your connection with Light Spinner?"

Catra's eyes go wide and she starts choking on her food.

"Oh my First Ones! Are you ok?!"

"Wa-water" Catra chokes out.

"Yes, yes sorry!" I say running to the basin and getting water. I run back to her and she drinks the cup. She takes a deep breath as I look at her nervously.

"I'm fine now, thanks" she says in a croaky voice.

"R-right s-sorry" I say nervously twisting my fingers.

She takes a deep breath. "What do you know about her?" she asks.

"Well, I know she's an evil sorceress who was cast out of Mystacor and now lives in the Fright Zone as the castle sorceress, why?"

"Because" Catra takes another deep breath, "she's my mother."


"Shhhh, you'll wake up Razz?"

"You-you're related to her?" I say in utter disbelief.

"No, she's my adoptive mother, I was raised by her along with other orphans in the castle."

"So wait, does that mean you know the Horde Princess?"

Catra looks nervous and stays quiet for a bit. "...Um yes I know her" Catra finally says awkwardly.

"Oh my First Ones! I can't believe I've never realized this before!"

Catra inhales sharply.

"You work for Princess Catrina don't you? That's why you haven't told me where you live, because you have to stay in the Fright Zone!" I say happy that I figured it out.

Catra looks surprised and almost conflicted. "Oh yes uh huh yep, you got it yep" she says laughing awkwardly.

"You can stay here, I won't let Light Spinner or the Horde Princess get your hands on you. Don't worry your safe from those evil people" I say hugging her.

"They're not evil, Adora. Ok Light Spinner is kinda've but the rebels paint them in a bad light" Catra says pushing me back.

"The rebels? The Horde attacked first Catra!"

"Because the rebels killed their queen, our queen!" Catra yells.

"There was no proof-"

"The flower that killed her only grows in Bright Moon, Adora! You can't just walk right in and take it!" Catra yells and runs back to my room, slamming the door.

I sigh and lean my head on the table.

This is not good...

Catra's POV

I slam the door and dive under the covers. Hot tears sting my face and I choke on tears.

Never did I think my love would support those-those evil rebels!

I punch the pillow until feathers come out of it. I cry in the flattened pillow, hugging it tight to my body. There's a quiet knock at the door.

"Catra? May I come in?" Adora's calm voice says from the door. I don't move my face from the pillow.

"Hey" she says rubbing my back. I don't move. I hear her sigh and lay down on her side next to me. "So I was thinking about what you said and you made some valid points. It happened such a long time ago and the details are...fuzzy.

I sit up fast and angrily glare at the startled girl.

"I don't want to talk about it, Adora" I say coldly. Her mouth twists nervously and she avoids my eyes.

"Oh-ok...can I hold you?" she says tentatively. I close my eyes and take a deep breath before lying down. I grab Adora's hand and wrap it around my body. She snuggles in behind me, and I feel a wave a calmness wash over me.

"It's a difficult subject for me" I whisper softly.

"I understand, let's just stay like this and not fight anymore" Adora says nuzzling her face into the nape of my neck.

"Yeah" I say exhaling heavily. We cuddle like that for awhile, ignoring the tension we had buried deep inside.


The rest of the day went by smoothly. The fight was a distant memory and things met back to normal. Adora and I walked around the forest and picked berries to help make a pie with Razz. Afterwards, Adora took me to the lake spot we went on our first official date. She pushed me in the water and then I chased her around the beach. After playing around we went home for dinner. Razz made this yummy thing called chicken pot pie. And for desert we had the berry pie. It was delicious! Adora started helping Razz clean up. I was about to get up to help too, when I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. A chill runs down my spine.

"Come here now Catrina" a haunting voice says in my head. I whip my head around but there's nothing there. I sinking feeling fills my stomach.

"You ok, Catra?" Adora asks picking up the plate in front of me.

"Ahhmmm...I'll be right back" I say getting up.

"Ok I love you"

"I love you too"

I gulp, feeling the tears rise up in my throat.

If she finds Adora, she'll be in danger. I can't risk her safety .

I leave the house and run through the woods. I find her standing on the edge of the woods in the clearing. Her eyes are closed and she's moving her arms in a swirling motion. Suddenly her eyes open and she throws her hands out in front of her. I feel my body go stiff. I can't move. She walks up to me with an evil glare. There's a small cut on her forehead that wasn't there before.

"You are in soooooo much trouble" she says walking away. Whatever magic she casted on me moves along.

"Do you have any idea how worried I was?! What if you died?! You're the last of the Horde dynasty, with you gone we would fall to the rebels! You're so selfish-"

"I know!" I yell. Light Spinner looks at me with surprise.

"I know" I say sobbing. Light Spinner stops and looks at me with a softened expression.

"Why did you run away, Catrina? Why did you hurt me?" she says referencing her cut.

Because you hurt me!

"I'm tired of having no control over my life!"

"You think I want to marry you off to that horrible man?" the woman says.


"Yeah, kinda."

Light Spinner sighs and we begin walking again.

"Some things are done for reasons you will never understand" she says looking ahead. I swear I saw a tear drip down her bony face. We silently walk as she takes me back to the castle. We go through the guard tower as to not draw attention. When we get to my room she turns to me.

"Remember Catrina, you are never to leave the Fright Zone ever again. Do you understand?"

"Yes" I sigh. With my heart broken, my door locks. I was alone again, in a room that didn't feel like home anymore. I tuck the ring from Adora in my pillow case for safe keeping.

I made my choice, now hopefully Adora will be safe...

Chapter Text

⚠️Warning: This chapter contains themes of depression (it's also in the chapter title but just in case)


I circled the entire woods at least three times. There was no sign of Catra. She's disappeared once again.

"Any luck dearie?" Razz calls out to me. I dismount and put Swift Wind back in his stable.

"No, she's gone Razz. I bet those evil Horde cadets took her back to work for that Horde Princess and her dark castle Sorceress!" I yell angrily.

"Aw dearie, I'm sorry" Razz says rubbing my shoulder affectionately.

"You know what, I'm going to go get her" I say walking back outside.

"No no dearie! Your going to hurt or captured or worse!" Razz says chasing after me.

"You think I can't save her?"

"No dearie. But you're rushing in without a plan. Think before you run off" Razz says seriously.

I sigh and lean my head all the way down to Razz's shoulder.

"I've failed. I let her run away again, back to that terrible place" I say defeated.

Razz scoffs and I stand up straight and look at her surprised.

"You're too dramatic dearie" Razz says waving her hand in the air.


"Take Swift Wind back to Bright Moon and lean on your friends for a bit. I'll look out for her here" Razz says seriously. "You need to relax dearie, take some time for yourself. There's nothing more you could do now."

"But-but I could sneak in and hide in the Horde castle and-and then-"

"Adora! You're too reckless! I know that you care for Catra but I will not let you throw yourself into danger like this!"

I sulk realizing that she wasn't wrong. "I'll grab my stuff. But could I take a nap before I go back?" I ask softly.

Razz softens. She smiles sympathetically. "Of course dearie. I'll make you some nice tea and soup for when you're feeling better" she says walking with me inside.

My heart aches terribly as I trudge to my room. I pass out on the bed and grip the sheets tightly. The smell of roses and forest are heavy where she used to lay, beside me. My voice croaks and pained wails escape. Tears flow down my face, soaking the pillow.

She's gone

She's gone

She's gone

The voice in my head repeated over and over again.

And there's nothing you can do about it.


I woke up with my bed sheets messed up. I had held onto part of it while I slept. My pillow had partly dried. My throat was sore and my eyes were wet. On my beside table lay a bowl of soup and a cup of tea. Still steaming but not too hot.

I groan sitting up. My emotional state was hindering my physical state. I was feeling weaker than I ever had before. I start drinking the tea and eating the soup as Razz came in slowly.

"Hi dearie, how are you feeling? You slept for a bit" she says softly.

"My head hurts and my heart hurts and everything hurts" I whine in pain. Razz comes over and hugs me. My throat becomes strained from holding back tears. My chest feels heavy and my breathing is more strained than normal.

"I sent a messenger bird to Bright Moon. Glimmer and Bow should be here soon" she says stroking my cheek. She was taking care of me like I was sick, I was not.

"No this is nonsense. I need to go back to Bright Moon, Queen Angella needs me, everyone needs me." I try to get up but Razz pushes me down.

"Nope, you're not going anywhere dearie" she says sternly.

"Yes I am" I say trying to get up but I feel woozy and fall back down on the bed.

"No, you're staying here until you're better. Call if you need anything, I'm going to go greet your friends!" Razz calls out while leaving.

"Razz, Razz! No! I-I need to-to" I mumble. I can't seem to string a coherent thought together.

"For the love of First Ones, RELAX DEARIE!" Razz yells from down the hall.

I grumble and lay back down. I start sipping the soup and I feel a little better. Then all of sudden Glimmer seems to appear next to me.

"Adora! Razz told us what happened, how are you feeling?" she says giving me a soft hug.

"My poor baby, come to mama Bow" the arrow-obsessed boy says hugging me as well.

"Uh guys...thanks but I can't breathe" I strain. They murmur apologies as they let go right away. I take a deep breath. "You guys didn't have to come, I'm fine really."

"Haha good one, I'll got the board games, Bow you're on ice cream duty" Glimmer says determined.

"On it" Bow says rushing off. Glimmer grabs a bunch of games out of her bag.

"Ok we got Monopoly: Socialism version, Ladders and ladders ya know because of equality and Pretty Pretty Princess" Glimmer says reading the boxes.

"Oo! I vote Pretty Pretty Princess! I like wearing all the jewelry" Bow says cheerfully while carrying bowls of ice cream. He hands one to each of us.

"Guys I really don't feel good-is this chocolate strawberry" I say digging into the delicious dessert. Glimmer and Bow exchange a sympathetic knowing looks before enjoying their own ice cream.

"So can we play Pretty Pretty Princess now?" Bow pleads, interlacing his hands together. Glimmer and I chuckle.

"Sure Bow, let's play" I say smiling.

After an hour of playing, I lost all of my jewelry to Bow. Glimmer still had hers and Bow had his and mine.

"I tired, are you guys done yet?" I ask looking up from my book.

"No! I'm this close to beating him" Glimmer says pinching her fingers together. Bow flashes a smug smile as he adjusts his tiara. "I bet you the Bright Moon armory that I beat you on the next roll!" Glimmer says shaking the dice.

"Ok, I'll give you my secret sweet yam recipe if you win" Bow says playing along. Glimmer looks even more determined and throws the dice. The dice lands on one, landing Glimmer in Bow's trap and declaring Bow the winner. "Yay I win!" Bow says snatching Glimmer's tiara off her head. Her face turns purple and steam comes out of ears (metaphorically ofc).

"You cheated!" she yells, pointing at him angrily.

"Here we go again" I say sighing under my breath.

"How did I cheat?!" Bow says crossing his arms.

"I-I don't know, but you totally did!"

"Alright you guys work this out. I'm going to get some air" I say getting up. They're too busy arguing to notice which is fine. I hate it when they baby me.

I walk out and the smell of fresh rain and grass hits my nose. I inhale deeply trying to breathe out my negative emotions. It doesn't work. I break down crying again. I sit by a tree and let my emotions out, because maybe if I cry it all out, then I won't have this suffocating sadness anymore. A foolish hope...

I walk over to the stables, mentally deciding to take a ride, somewhere, anywhere but this sickening forest. I'm about to mount Swift Wind when I notice something tucked into his saddle. I unfold the piece a paper to find a badly scribbled letter.

My dear Adora,
I'm so sorry.
I don't know what else to say except that.
Just know that I want you to respect my decision and not come to get me.
I went back to not put you in danger.
I love you and I'm sorry and I'll tell you everything soon, I promise.

There's an event called Princess Prom in less than three months time. It will be hosted by the Crimson kingdom. Will you sneak into the castle garden to meet me? I won't be let out of the castle before that time.

Please don't send me anything and  don't come here  no matter what. I'll be safer if you don't come here.
I love you so much. You're my everything, the sun to my moon ~~~
I'll see you soon Princess,
Love yours

Tears fall on the parchment. I smile happily down at the letter. Knowing she's safe fills me with so much joy. I relax and snap out of it. I'm back. I run back to the house and into my room. Glimmer and Bow are hugging.

"Uh guys?"

They jerk their heads up, startled. They both jump apart with awkward smiles.

"He-hey Adora! Where'd you go?" Bow says blushing red.

"We-we were just making out-making up, you know after the whole game fiasco. We-we didn't kiss I don't know why I said that" Glimmer stumbles over her words while her cheeks blush pink.

"Yeah I mean Glimmer is such a good friend so we were just making up" Bow adds.

I squint at them. "Riiiiigggghhhht" I drawl while smiling.

They better court soon, this is getting ridiculous

"Anywayssss, we need to get Bright Moon ASAP. I need help with coming up with a new Princess Prom plan" I say determinedly.

"What's wrong with the old plan?" Bow asks.

"Nothing, it's just Catra will be at Princess Prom and.."

"..And you wanna go back for her. Fine fine I understand, but we still have a mission" Glimmer says teasingly.

I smile big. "Of course, so let's come up with a new plan...and possibly make an obstacle course...I can hear your eye rolls."

Chapter Text

Artist credit: Donella-and-Orin on Devinart


Light Hope
March 11 1596

It has been an interesting couple months to say the least. I met my daughter and went to her birthday party when she turned 17. I invited her to visit the Crystal Castle of our ancestors and train her to become a prophet to help with her She Ra goals. Now I'm traveling to the Horde Kingdom to investigate the mysterious death of Queen Liliana, which I had predicted nearly two decades ago. As well as talking to the Horde Princess.

"We're here Madam" the driver says.

"Thank you" I say stepping out of the simple wooden carriage. I hand the driver ten silvers and head to the gate with my prophet bag in hand.

"Halt! State your business in the Fright Zone" a muscly teal hair lady says wearing a Horde uniform.

"My name is Light Hope. I am a powerful traveling prophet. I would like to do business in the Fright Zone and I can give readings to the royal family" I say calmly.

The guard mumbles something to the other guard. The other guard runs into the gate tower and disappears. Another guard takes their place a minute later.

"Ok follow me, Miss" the teal haired woman says. The gates open and I follow her into the main town. The villagers hide when they see the guard lady as if they were scared of her.

"Are the villagers scared of you, soldier?" I ask.

The woman rolls her eyes. "Not that it's any of your concern, outsider, but the villagers respect Horde soldiers. We protect them. Why would they be scared of us?" she says.

I peer suspiciously at the people. They didn't look at her like they respected her, it was definitely fear.

What has happened here? Things weren't like this when I was here 18 years ago.

We stop at the edge of the village at the stables.

"A guard went ahead to let the royal family know you were coming" she says turning to me. She turns to the stable. "Kyle! Get your butt out here!" she yells. A small blonde boy runs out and salutes the woman.

"I'm here Force Captain Octavia. What can I help you with?" the boy says eyeing the ground.

"Take this woman to the castle. Force Captain Cobalt should be waiting there for her" Octavia says. She then turns and walks away.

"But um Octav-um-sir-miss-Force-ugh she's too far away" the boy mumbles. He turns to me and smiles awkwardly. "Please let me help you into a carriage, Madam" he says escorting me into an open carriage. He attaches a horse and sits in the driver's seat. He heads down the road towards the castle. He's having a little a trouble guiding the horse.

"What is your name?" I ask him.

"My name is Kyle, ma'am. Sorry if the ride is bumpy, I have not been a driver very long" Kyle says turning his head slightly.

"You're doing very well" I say offering a small smile.

The rest of the ride went pleasantly. We talk about casual things as we make our way to to the castle.

When we get there a big man with blue hair is standing on the castle drawbridge. I recognize him earlier as the other guard. He must've taken a shortcut to the castle.

Kyle helps me down before heading back to the village. I walk across the drawbridge towards the buff blue haired man.

"Hello Prophet Light Hope, my name is Force Captain Cobalt. I'll show you around the Horde castle today" the man says.

"Thank you" I reply and we head into the castle. We go past the main hall and into a medium sized room. There is a circular table and it's chairs. On the table are a variety of fruits and pastries.

"Please wait here, Lady Light Spinner will meet with you in a minute" Cobalt says before closing the door behind me.

I sit down at the table and look around the room. There were a few Horde decorations and paintings on the walls. 

After a few minutes the door opens and a tall woman enters. She's wearing Horde kingdom colors and she has a scarf over her mouth.

"Greetings, I'm Light Spinner, the castle Sorceress and acting leader of the Horde" the lady says in a curt tone.

"Hello, my name is Light Hope. I believe we've met before, nearly 17 years ago correct?" I respond.

"Hmm, yes I remember you, the prophet" she says in a sarcastic tone.

I squint at her in annoyance. "You're a magic wielder yourself, do you not believe in my practices?"

"No, I never said that" she says waving her hand in annoyance. "So why have you come to the Fright Zone, Light Hope?" she asks impatiently

Well certainly not to see you

"I've come to give complimentary predictions to the royal family" I say flashing a fake smile.

The woman cocks her eyebrow and stares at me for what feels like a really long time.

She finally sighs and says, "sure, wait here. Cobalt will escort you around the castle." With that she leaves and slams the door behind her.

I'd hate to deal with her 24/7

Speaking of which...

Catra's Pov

I bounce a ball up against the wall while I lie on my bed, starring at the ceiling. There's been nothing new that's happened. I'm on lockdown. I can only leave my room with castle guards, plural, and for "mandatory" activities liking wedding planning and queen training. So yeah, life sucks at the moment. In my spare time I paint with the supplies I hid from Light Spinner (they're all of Adora) or write poetry (also about Adora) or stare at the ceiling (and think about Adora).

I hid my promise ring in my corset before Light Spinner found me in the woods, weeks ago. But she still punished me for "losing" Lord Prime's engagement ring. A few weeks later a new ring showed up from him and it's even more tackier than the last one. And Light Spinner insists I wear it all the time even though it doesn't go with my outfits at all. AND I WEAR FANCY DRESSES, THAT'S HOW TACKY THE RING IS!

Anyways it's not so bad, Lonnie, and Rogelio still visit me sometimes. Kyle's still working in the main village. DT has been radio silent. I assume Light Spinner's got them locked up somewhere, doing busywork.

But yeah...that's my life heh...I hate it.

Light Spinner bursts in my room suddenly. I'm caught off guard, I forget I threw the ball and it bounces back and hits my face. I rub my face in pain. Light Spinner shakes her head and rubs her temple.

"This is why I have worry lines Catrina" she groans. I roll my eyes and sit up.

"Is there something you need, Light Spinner?"

"Just checking in, you know, because I can't trust you!" she says loudly.

Like I trust you

"I'm sorry you feel that way" I say in a polite tone, bowing head.

She grumbles and says something her breath. "Come on Catrina, you're going to be late for your meeting with Mr. Wrongdak" she says grabbing my arm. Her nails sink into my arm as she drags me out of the room. She literally hands me to a guard and says, "escort her to William's corridors and don't let her out of your sight" threateningly.

"Yes Lady Light Spinner" they respond as she walks away with a glare.

"Let's go your highness" one turns to me.

"I can walk by myself" I say squirming out of their grasp. I storm ahead as they follow closely behind me. When we arrive to Wrongdak's room they guard the door as I slam it angrily behind me. I roll my eyes and sit down at the table.

Wrongdak bursts in the room carrying a plate of cupcakes.

"Princess Catrina! It's so wonderful to see you again!" he says genuinely as he places the cupcakes on the table.

I smile. "Hello Will, how are you doing?"

"I have been absolutely lovely, I hope you don't mind, I invited my friend to join us for tea."

"Hi kitten" a familiar voice says behind me.

Light Hope's POV

"And this is a painting of Revus the Great. He ruled from 1009 to the late 1030s when he died from the plague" Force Captain Cobalt says.

For the last hour I have been on a tour of this extremely boring castle. So far there has been no sign of the Princess or any other royal members.

"Now this is Chlamydia, the great granddaughter of Revus the Great. She is best known for keeping rats as pets and then dying from the diseases they carried-"

"Excuse me Mister-erm-Cobalt, do you think we can skip the rest of the tour? I'm very tired and I would like to give the readings before heading back to the Crystal Castle" I say politely and also slightly annoyed.

"Oh yes of I guess we can go see General Hordak first, he's probably training cadets outside the guard tower, please follow me" he says as he walks away. I follow him and we walk back through the castle and to the drawbridge.

He walks up to a guard and begins arguing with him. He comes back seconds later with a glum face.

"So um Miss Prophet-"

"Light Hope is fine."

"Yes, Light Hope. So unfortunately there are no available carriages at the moment. Would you mind walking to the guard towers? I know a very scenic shortcut" Cobalt says with a customer service smile.


"Sure" I respond apathetically.

"Please let me escort you" Cobalt says trying to link his arm with mine. I maneuver out of the way.

"Just because I'm a lady doesn't mean I don't know how to walk Force Captain" I say taking off down the hill towards town.

"Oh yes of course! My sincerest apologies" the blue haired man says embarrassed as he follows me.

After a hike down the hill, we arrive at the guard towers. Like Cobalt said, General Hordak was training cadets outside. He looks very similar from when I saw him years ago.

"General Hordak" Cobalt says bowing, "the Prophet, Light Hope has come to speak to you."

Hordak turns towards us with an unamused look.

"And why should I care" he growls. One of the cadets tries to strike him, since they were still training, and Hordak punches him before walking our way. "As you see, I'm very busy so hurry up please" he grumbles dusting his armor off. The rest of the cadets swarm the injured one and start to help him.

Is it possible that he's gotten meaner?

I stare intently at the equally tall man. Without any magic I can tell there's confliction is his eyes.

Without hesitating, I roll out my picnic blanket and sit down. I begin to get out my herbs and powders as the Horde people look at me strangely. I light some moon berry smelling incense and pat the spot in front of me. Hordak looks disgusted but sits down with a low sigh.

I smile and grab his hands. I place the powder on them and add a bit of charged water to put the magic into effect. Then I place my hands on his and close my eyes.

At first all I see is darkness, just a lot of black. Then after a minute he relaxes and I get my first vision.

Hordak is a baby. A child with white platinum hair and sly green eyes watches him with a disgusted expression. Large shadows cast over the boy.

"Say hello to your younger brother, Harry" a woman's voice says.

The boy rolls his eyes. "He's ugly, a defect" the boy says cruelly.

"Now Harold, that is not nice. Remember if you have anything mean to say, keep it inside" another lower voice says.

"Yes guardians, may I go plan my world domination now?"

"Yes of course my little dictator" the woman's voice says sweetly.

The boy leaves the room and the memory changes.

Hordak is five. He sits at a long table with the rest of his brothers. Prime sits at the head. He's wearing a pointy crown and sipping from a gauntlet.

"Brothers! Let this mark the liberation of Hualla from their evil ways. Now they are in Prime's light and all is well!" he says enthusiastically.

"Glory be to Lord Prime" the brothers chant in unison.

The memory distorts again. Hordak is an older teenager now. He is arguing with his oldest brother.

"What do you mean I have to leave?!" Hordak shouts.

"As I have told you, little brother, I have no need for you here" Lord Prime says, sitting on his throne.

"B-but I don't know how to live on my own, please don't abandon me brother!" Hordak cries at his brother's feet.

Lord Prime grabs Hordak's face and raises him up. "Poor defect, you were never good enough to be my brother. Be gone with you, now!" he yells. Guards grab Hordak and drag him away.

The memory distorts again. Hordak is an adult. Very similar to how he looks now. He's talking to a purple haired woman. He feels happy and loved. He's never felt like this before. But now he has also earned his way back into his oldest brother's heart by securing him a place on the Horde's throne. His conflict is tearing him apart on the inside.

The ground breaks open and we fall through.

I open my eyes, we're back to the present. Hordak is bewildered, tears stream down his face as he looks around in confusion.

After the vision I give an accurate assessment of the future. My eyes glow and begin telling his fate. "General Hordak, I have seen your future. You have two paths. If you choose loyalty you will feel happy, successful and your life will be very similar to how it is now. But if you chose love, you will be free, free of the chains that bind you, that imprison you and prevent you from loving yourself. You will find happiness with a special person and you will have a life very different from your life now" I say monotoned. I snap out of the seeing and my eyes return to normal. Hordak and the other people are just starting at me in confusion and concern.

"Ahem, well that was utter nonsense and I will not be participating in any more of your readings" Hordak says with a humpf as he gets up and walks away. He starts scolding the cadets as I wrap everything back up into my bag.

"He's a very interesting guy" I say to Cobalt.

"That he is, come, let's find a carriage in town. I don't want to walk back up that hill."

Catra's POV

"DT?!" I say surprised.

"In the flesh darling" they say smirking. I run over to them and hug them. Then realization sinks in and I let go and pretend like I didn't just do that.

"Missed me kitten?" DT asks slyly.

"Nope" I sneer and we both walk back to the table and sit down. "Where have you been!?"

"Around. Light Spinner's been up my ass about organizing and proper potion cleaning and other boring stuff."

"I though she erased your memory in the Black Garnet room" I say teasingly.

"Naw, I haven't even seen that blasted room. Are you sure it even exists?"

"Uh yeah, Amanda-oh shit AMANDA!"

"Who's Amanda? Ooo do I need another place setting?" Wrongdak says coming back with the tea.

"No no, she's Light Spinner's old assistant. Last time I saw her she was getting her memory erased in the Black Garnet room" I respond spookily.

"Heh right" DT says sarcastically. "I saw her working at a flower shop in town a couple of weeks ago, she's fine...but she does go by Ariella now."

"Oh no! She forgot her name?!" I yell.

"No no, she just doesn't want Light Spinner to find her...I think" DT responds half-heartedly.

"Ughhhhhhh" I groan nervously feeling guilty.

"Hey relax, she's fine, we're fine, it's all fine" DT says rubbing  my back.

I respond with stuffing cupcakes in my mouth...I'm a nervous eater.

"Woahkay" I say with my mouth full.

"So would anyone like to try my lemon crumble next?" Wrongdak speaks up with a smile.

"Yes!" DT and I respond together.

Back to Light Hope

"That was very interesting, the way you could see into the future and all" Cobalt says as he opens a castle door for me.

"Yes, it's an ability that few have" I say mysteriously to freak him out. "By the way, I would like to meet the future queen. Do you know where I can find Princess Catrina?"

Cobalt stops suddenly. "Er you see...the problem is well, I would have to talk to Lady Light Spinner, wait here!" With that he dashes off leaving me alone. A determined smile spreads across my face.

"Let's see where you are" I speak out loud while closing my eyes. I feel her energy close. I start walking down the corridor. I'm about to turn the corner when I bump into someone.

"Ow watch it!" a girl's voice says.

I stumble backwards and two guards approach me from behind the girl.

"Apologize to her highness!" they say angrily.

"No stop" the girl says and helps me up. She looks up at me with curious blue and yellow eyes. "Light Hope?"

Back to Catra again

After DT and I stuffed our faces with Wrongdak's cooking, I had to start heading back to my prison-oops I meant room. The guards followed close behind me as I began walking. I kept up the pace so I could stay as far away from them as possible. I didn't realize that I was going to run into someone as I turned the corner.

We both fall back and I cussed them out as I got up. The guards swarmed them so I ordered the doofuses to stop.

I help the woman up and she towers over me. Her face is so familiar like a forgotten dream. Before I realize I say, "Light Hope?"

Have I met her before???! What?!

" Catra right?" the woman says gripping my hands tightly.

"How dare you speak to her highness that way!" one of the guards screams.

I turn to them, "respectfully shut up, thanks" I say and without missing a beat, I turn back to the tall woman.

"Do I know you?" I say hesitant.

"Not technically, I believe I might've accidentally invaded your dreams a few months backs" Light Hope says awkwardly.

"Oh yes, now I remember you but you never told me your name how did-"

"A side effect of my abilities is basic telepathy with touch. Sorry!" she says rubbing the back of her neck. She was surprisingly awkward for a seven foot tall lady.

"Oh that's what did you see?" I ask weakly.

"Oh just the name you preferred to be called" she responds sweetly.

Thank the First Ones

"So um what are you doing here?"

"Looking for you actually, I wanted to give you a reading, if you're up to it?"

"Uh Princess-"

"Zip it, it's fine" I say to my annoying shadows. "Sure" I say with a smile. Light Hope smiles, pulls out a blanket and sits down. I follow her lead and sit down as well. She pulls out a bottle with strange looking mush in it. She spreads some on my hands and then places her hands on top of mine.

All of a sudden I'm transported to an empty white space. Light Hope's there too. The scene shifts to Razz's cottage. Light Hope's eyebrows twist with confusion. I gulp.

Maybe this was a bad idea...

Adora and I run out of the cottage, chasing each other. I tackle her to the ground and smile at her lovingly as she laughs. This was from when I stayed with her after I ran away.

"You know my daughter?" Light Hope says turning to me.

"Your daughter?!" I yell.

The memory distorts away. The scene shows Adora and Light Hope talking at Razz's table. They are smiling and laughing about something. I stare in confusion.

Huh...small world.

"So you're the maiden my daughter is so smitten with" Light Hope says with a smirk. I feel my cheeks heat up.

"I-uh-I mean it's very nice to meet you-uh Mrs Adora's mom?" I mumble frantically.

Light Hope bursts out laughing and I facepalm to hide my increasing embarrassment. 

"Ha-oh my child-ha that was adorable" she says wiping tears from her eyes. I frown at her with disamusement. When she finally stops the memory shifts again.

We're in a dark room. A red light glows in the distance. Two people begin yelling loudly.

"Watch your mouth when you speak to me!"

"Don't tell me what to do!"

"If you ruin this for me I swear-"

A young Catra bumps into a pile of stuff and it falls down making a large clattering noise.

"What's that?!"

"You idiot!"

The red light fills the room and a monster with a scary mask moves out of the shadows.



My eyes jump open. A very angry Light Spinner stares down at me while tapping her foot.

"What are you doing? Get up!" she yells pulling me up. "You!" she shouts at the guards, "put that physic in my office and guard the door."

"Yes Lady Light Spinner" they say as they drag Light Hope away.

Light Spinner basically drags me behind her as she speed walks up the tower stairs to my room. She opens the door and throws me inside.

"You're not to leave this room for week Catrina! How dare you associate with strangers! She could've killed you!" she yells.



I sigh. "You're right Light Spinner."

"Of course I'm right, now get ready for bed. Lonnie will be here soon to help you" she says starting to leave. She turns to me before closing the door. "I love you Catrina, sleep well." With that she leaves and the door locks. A single tear falls down my cheek as I hug my knees to my chest.

I don't know how much longer I can live like this.

Light Hope

I tap my fingers on the desk. I wait impatiently for the bad tempered castle sorceress. Finally the door creaks open, casting a shadow across the room. The angry woman walks silently over to me with an unreadable expression.

"You're playing a very dangerous game, Light Hope" she says sitting across from me.

"How so?" I respond calmly.

"Well for starters disobeying my orders and running around the castle without an escort."

"My apologies, I was trying to find you after Captain Cobalt ran off" I say smiling sweetly.

Light Spinner raises her eyebrow. "Well whatever the reason you're still banned from the Fright Zone, effective immediately.

This bitc-

"Are you scared of me Light Spinner? Scared I've seen to much? You might've tricked the Princess but I'm not so easily swayed by memory alterations" I say smiling.

Light Spinner's eyes widen and I can feel her shock from across the table.

"You see, I can see things that you make people forget and things you even try to forget yourself" I add smugly.

"How dare you-"

"No how dare you! You hide behind that mask because you know if you take it off, people will see who you truly are...Shadow Weaver."

She narrows her eyes at me. A sinister look creeps across her face. I feel tense as her eyes start glowing bright green. Shadows of the room gather behind her.

"You've made a terrible mistake physic."


Chapter Text

Art credit: @dash-n-step on Tumblr

⚠️Warning: This chapter contains themes of violence

Light Spinner/Shadow Weaver

When I was little there was a bedtime story the guardian sorcerers used to tell us before we went to sleep. It was about a demon named The Shadow Weaver. The Shadow Weaver had ancient shadow magic, that it would use to cast darkness onto the light. If you were caught under the demon's spell, you would become evil. Fortunately, the rulers of Etheria as well as the sorcerers of Mystacor defeated the demon sending it back to the depths of the planet's core. But be warned, it feeds on bad behavior. If you're not careful, the demon will cast its shadow on you and you will live as its evil-doing servant forever.

Obviously, the story was just an elaborate method to try to get us to behave better, but was enamored by the myth; a magical being that can create an army using powerful dark magic. I knew from that moment on that I wanted to become that powerful.

And I was...getting there. I was the best in my class and eventually became the best sorcerer at Mystacor. But I still needed more power.

Like I told Catrina, I absorbed all of Nowryn's power. With my new combined power, I was the most powerful sorcerer in all Etheria. Unfortunately, because the spell was incomplete it left a terrifying scar across my entire body. Now I have to wear long robes and a face scarf to cover them. A small price to pay for power.

I returned to the Fright Zone after my banishment from Mystacor. I didn't want to stay and waste my precious power on those half-wits anyway. As soon as I met the King and Queen I realized that being the Horde's castle sorceress was the perfect job for me. It wasn't a hard position to get. As soon as I showed some low-level illusions the King and Queen were hooked.

Now that I was a castle sorceress, I was able to continue growing my magic without bothersome worries from Mystacor sorcerers. Occasionally I was summoned for a simple task but the rest of the time I was free to do whatever I liked. I even found a secret room in the castle that I put to good use.

A little while after I became the castle sorceress, I found the Black Garnet, a gemstone from the planet's core. It granted me new powers. I was able to shoot lightning from my fingertips and move shadows with my mind like the demon in the story. I kept the gem in the secret room that was later nicknamed after the gemstone.

Then things went south. Queen Liliana and King Reginald were murdered by rebels, leaving behind their young daughter. I took in the orphan princess and raised her out of the kindness of my heart. Her parents were very dear to me and it was only right that I raise her in their place.

But Princess Catrina was a difficult child. She loved fighting me on everything. Whether it was clothes, food, or her hair she would always try to argue. We never got along, she never respected me as her mother. Honestly, sometimes she reminded me of myself, for Catrina always longed for more. She was never satisfied with her near-perfect life. For Eternia's sake, she was a freaking princess! But she was always unhappy. No matter what I did, all she ever wanted to do was run off into the woods...even now.

When the beloved King and Queen of the Horde left their only child to me, I made it my duty to raise her to be the best ruler she could be. And I tried really. But now she's a rebellious teenager and I don't know what to do. The best thing for her is to be in her room or learning her studies or planning her wedding. Of course, I know Lord Prime isn't her first choice but it's the best choice for the Horde and I wish she could understand that.

Now back to where we left off...

"I'm not scared of you sorceress," the woman says standing up. She tries walking away but my shadows grab her and pull her back.

"You're not leaving here, not know" I mutter walking over to the trapped woman. "How much did you see you freak!?" I yell grabbing her face.

"Like I would tell you," she says snapping back. She breaks free and blasts a hallucination powder at me. The room starts spinning as I try to grab her. Soon after, the powder wears off and I begin chasing her through the castle. She's not too far ahead...I can catch her.

I block the door with shadow magic and paralyze her with a lightning strike. She crumples to the floor and I smile.

Light Hope

My head hurts. I blink slowly as I try to open my eyes. I'm in this dungeon-like area, there's barely any light. There are shelves stocked with dark magical items, some are even banned. A plant snaps at me from its glass cage. I try to break free but there are lightning chains wrapped around the entirety of my arms and legs.

"Comfortable, physic?" her voice says. She steps out of the shadows towards me.

"You're sick, a demon! Let me out of here now!"

She laughs and low and evil laugh.

"And why would I do that, Light Hope?" She goes over to a giant rock and places her hands on it. It begins to glow red and she begins to change. Her outfit becomes a darker red and black robe. A hideous mask forms and covers her face. She looks demonic.

"I knew it!" I yell triumphantly, "you are Shadow Weaver!"

She walks over or glides over, I can't see her feet. "No that evil demon from the bedtime story doesn't exist but believe me I'm much more worse."

I gulp nervously. "I know what you did."

"You do, do you?" she says rearranging things on her shelves.

"Yes, you're involved in something shady involving the Princess, and when I found out what-"

"You'll break out of here, tell everyone, kill me? Please don't make me laugh" she says snarkily.

"Don't underestimate me, Shadow Weaver. You might be using dark magic but I have First One's magic, you are no match for me."

"Is that so?" she said stopping and turning to me.


"You're a First One? I thought they were smart?"

"I'll have you know I was top of my class in physic school!" I try to rebuttal, unaffectedly.

"Well I was going to kill you or erase your memory to the point of insanity but you're much more useful to me alive," she says gliding back over.

She walks away and I shout, "you can't just leave me here! People will know I'm gone! They'll come looking for me!"

"Who? Your estranged daughter, your bitter mother-in-law, that's right, I can read minds too. Trust me, physic, no one will care if you aren't around for a bit" she says leaving. The room is dark again. My chest hangs heavy as I internally panic about my situation. I try pulling on the chains again but they shock me violently. I have no magic left. My only hope is Adora.

Shadow Weaver

Her face was priceless

I open the magic seal and step out of the Black Garnet room and into my room. The wall seals back up behind me. There's actually more than one entrance to the secret room but that way's easiest. When I sit down, I notice a letter on the table that wasn't there earlier.

I pick up the letter and open it.

I need to see you.

Meet me as soon as possible.


I roll my eyes and grab my teleportation dust. I draw a sigil on the ground and teleport out of the castle. The next thing I know, I'm on a nearby Prime ship that's orbiting Etheria. Hordak stands next to me.

"He called you too? Great, this can't be good" I muttered, crossing my arms.

"Greetings comrades," Prime's voice says. He walks from behind us and sits on his throne in front of us.

"Why did you summon us here, your lordship?" Hordak asks bowing.

"Well, I heard there was an infiltration at my future residence today and I just wanted to clear up a few details with you," Prime says with an uneasy smile.

"Oh no, it was nothing, my lord I-"

"Don't make excuses, Hordak. Just tell me what happened. I'm a very forgiving person after all"

I step in front of a very flabbergasted Hordak. "Lord Prime, there was an infiltration but I took care of it, there is nothing to worry about."

He smiles and says, "aw yes, I see you did, Shadow Weaver. Is that what you are called now, in this form?"

"Yes, my lord" I respond bowing slightly.

"I trust the threat is eliminated then" he continues.

"Yes, my lord" I respond.

"Well that's wonderful, I'm so glad we cleared that up. You are both excused" he says with a smile.

Hordak and I bow and then I teleport both of us back to the Fright Zone. When we get back Hordak turns to me angrily.

"Did you have to undermine me like that?!"

"I didn't undermine you and I do recall you were the one who indulged our threat" I reply spitting venom.

"Well I recall you did as well, you practically escorted her through the door and into the Princess' arms. I mean what were you thinking allowing a prophet of all things to get so close to Catrina?!"

"Watch your tongue, Hordak! Don't forget who's in charge here!" I yell. Shadows start forming in my hands. I see him reach for his weapon. I relax and take a deep breath. My outfit turns back to my daily castle sorceress outfit with my regular face scarf.

"Done playing dress-up Shadow Weaver? Or should I call you Light Spinner? After all, you wouldn't want the Rebellion or especially Catrina to find out about your true identity-"

I slash his throat with a shadow extension. He drops to his knees and coughs heavily. I grab his hair and pull his face up to mine. "Don't you DARE TALK TO ME LIKE THAT" I yell, slamming his face into the floor.

I casually walk over to the bell-rope. I pull on it and a minute later a servant rushes in.

"What can I help you with-OH MY!" the girl yells when she sees Hordak on the ground.

"General Hordak tripped and hurt his face badly. I need you to take him to castle doctor immediately" I say to the servant girl.

"Yes right away, Lady Light Spinner" she helps him up and escorts him out of the room. Hordak avoids my eyes as he leaves like a dog with his tail tucked.

I close the door behind them and sit back down.

I'm bored

I decided to check on Catrina. I go over to the basin and mix in ingredients needed to do a seeing spell. The water swirls and reveals Catrina laying in her bed. She's looking at something intently in her's a painting. A very bad painting so not one of hers. There's a badly drawn version of her and then a bad drawing of a girl with blonde hair.

I bite my lip angrily and swirl the vision away.

So this is what has been wrong with her...she's become distracted.

I throw the table over angrily with a yell.

All my hard work, ruined by this-this distraction! How do I fix this?

I look around the room at all my many potions.

I can't erase her memory, or put her under a sleeping spell...what can I do?

Suddenly an utterly evil idea pops into my head.

What if I get rid of this...distraction?


But how do I find her?

I scrape my chin as I think and then I smile. I glance over to the sealed wall.

I don't know of the blonde girl, but Catrina knows and that would mean the physic  would  know as well...

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