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The Princess and the Knight: A Catradora fanfic

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Art credit: @dash-n-step on Tumblr

⚠️Warning: This chapter contains themes of violence

Light Spinner/Shadow Weaver

When I was little there was a bedtime story the guardian sorcerers used to tell us before we went to sleep. It was about a demon named The Shadow Weaver. The Shadow Weaver had ancient shadow magic, that it would use to cast darkness onto the light. If you were caught under the demon's spell, you would become evil. Fortunately, the rulers of Etheria as well as the sorcerers of Mystacor defeated the demon sending it back to the depths of the planet's core. But be warned, it feeds on bad behavior. If you're not careful, the demon will cast its shadow on you and you will live as its evil-doing servant forever.

Obviously, the story was just an elaborate method to try to get us to behave better, but was enamored by the myth; a magical being that can create an army using powerful dark magic. I knew from that moment on that I wanted to become that powerful.

And I was...getting there. I was the best in my class and eventually became the best sorcerer at Mystacor. But I still needed more power.

Like I told Catrina, I absorbed all of Nowryn's power. With my new combined power, I was the most powerful sorcerer in all Etheria. Unfortunately, because the spell was incomplete it left a terrifying scar across my entire body. Now I have to wear long robes and a face scarf to cover them. A small price to pay for power.

I returned to the Fright Zone after my banishment from Mystacor. I didn't want to stay and waste my precious power on those half-wits anyway. As soon as I met the King and Queen I realized that being the Horde's castle sorceress was the perfect job for me. It wasn't a hard position to get. As soon as I showed some low-level illusions the King and Queen were hooked.

Now that I was a castle sorceress, I was able to continue growing my magic without bothersome worries from Mystacor sorcerers. Occasionally I was summoned for a simple task but the rest of the time I was free to do whatever I liked. I even found a secret room in the castle that I put to good use.

A little while after I became the castle sorceress, I found the Black Garnet, a gemstone from the planet's core. It granted me new powers. I was able to shoot lightning from my fingertips and move shadows with my mind like the demon in the story. I kept the gem in the secret room that was later nicknamed after the gemstone.

Then things went south. Queen Liliana and King Reginald were murdered by rebels, leaving behind their young daughter. I took in the orphan princess and raised her out of the kindness of my heart. Her parents were very dear to me and it was only right that I raise her in their place.

But Princess Catrina was a difficult child. She loved fighting me on everything. Whether it was clothes, food, or her hair she would always try to argue. We never got along, she never respected me as her mother. Honestly, sometimes she reminded me of myself, for Catrina always longed for more. She was never satisfied with her near-perfect life. For Eternia's sake, she was a freaking princess! But she was always unhappy. No matter what I did, all she ever wanted to do was run off into the woods...even now.

When the beloved King and Queen of the Horde left their only child to me, I made it my duty to raise her to be the best ruler she could be. And I tried really. But now she's a rebellious teenager and I don't know what to do. The best thing for her is to be in her room or learning her studies or planning her wedding. Of course, I know Lord Prime isn't her first choice but it's the best choice for the Horde and I wish she could understand that.

Now back to where we left off...

"I'm not scared of you sorceress," the woman says standing up. She tries walking away but my shadows grab her and pull her back.

"You're not leaving here, not know" I mutter walking over to the trapped woman. "How much did you see you freak!?" I yell grabbing her face.

"Like I would tell you," she says snapping back. She breaks free and blasts a hallucination powder at me. The room starts spinning as I try to grab her. Soon after, the powder wears off and I begin chasing her through the castle. She's not too far ahead...I can catch her.

I block the door with shadow magic and paralyze her with a lightning strike. She crumples to the floor and I smile.

Light Hope

My head hurts. I blink slowly as I try to open my eyes. I'm in this dungeon-like area, there's barely any light. There are shelves stocked with dark magical items, some are even banned. A plant snaps at me from its glass cage. I try to break free but there are lightning chains wrapped around the entirety of my arms and legs.

"Comfortable, physic?" her voice says. She steps out of the shadows towards me.

"You're sick, a demon! Let me out of here now!"

She laughs and low and evil laugh.

"And why would I do that, Light Hope?" She goes over to a giant rock and places her hands on it. It begins to glow red and she begins to change. Her outfit becomes a darker red and black robe. A hideous mask forms and covers her face. She looks demonic.

"I knew it!" I yell triumphantly, "you are Shadow Weaver!"

She walks over or glides over, I can't see her feet. "No that evil demon from the bedtime story doesn't exist but believe me I'm much more worse."

I gulp nervously. "I know what you did."

"You do, do you?" she says rearranging things on her shelves.

"Yes, you're involved in something shady involving the Princess, and when I found out what-"

"You'll break out of here, tell everyone, kill me? Please don't make me laugh" she says snarkily.

"Don't underestimate me, Shadow Weaver. You might be using dark magic but I have First One's magic, you are no match for me."

"Is that so?" she said stopping and turning to me.


"You're a First One? I thought they were smart?"

"I'll have you know I was top of my class in physic school!" I try to rebuttal, unaffectedly.

"Well I was going to kill you or erase your memory to the point of insanity but you're much more useful to me alive," she says gliding back over.

She walks away and I shout, "you can't just leave me here! People will know I'm gone! They'll come looking for me!"

"Who? Your estranged daughter, your bitter mother-in-law, that's right, I can read minds too. Trust me, physic, no one will care if you aren't around for a bit" she says leaving. The room is dark again. My chest hangs heavy as I internally panic about my situation. I try pulling on the chains again but they shock me violently. I have no magic left. My only hope is Adora.

Shadow Weaver

Her face was priceless

I open the magic seal and step out of the Black Garnet room and into my room. The wall seals back up behind me. There's actually more than one entrance to the secret room but that way's easiest. When I sit down, I notice a letter on the table that wasn't there earlier.

I pick up the letter and open it.

I need to see you.

Meet me as soon as possible.


I roll my eyes and grab my teleportation dust. I draw a sigil on the ground and teleport out of the castle. The next thing I know, I'm on a nearby Prime ship that's orbiting Etheria. Hordak stands next to me.

"He called you too? Great, this can't be good" I muttered, crossing my arms.

"Greetings comrades," Prime's voice says. He walks from behind us and sits on his throne in front of us.

"Why did you summon us here, your lordship?" Hordak asks bowing.

"Well, I heard there was an infiltration at my future residence today and I just wanted to clear up a few details with you," Prime says with an uneasy smile.

"Oh no, it was nothing, my lord I-"

"Don't make excuses, Hordak. Just tell me what happened. I'm a very forgiving person after all"

I step in front of a very flabbergasted Hordak. "Lord Prime, there was an infiltration but I took care of it, there is nothing to worry about."

He smiles and says, "aw yes, I see you did, Shadow Weaver. Is that what you are called now, in this form?"

"Yes, my lord" I respond bowing slightly.

"I trust the threat is eliminated then" he continues.

"Yes, my lord" I respond.

"Well that's wonderful, I'm so glad we cleared that up. You are both excused" he says with a smile.

Hordak and I bow and then I teleport both of us back to the Fright Zone. When we get back Hordak turns to me angrily.

"Did you have to undermine me like that?!"

"I didn't undermine you and I do recall you were the one who indulged our threat" I reply spitting venom.

"Well I recall you did as well, you practically escorted her through the door and into the Princess' arms. I mean what were you thinking allowing a prophet of all things to get so close to Catrina?!"

"Watch your tongue, Hordak! Don't forget who's in charge here!" I yell. Shadows start forming in my hands. I see him reach for his weapon. I relax and take a deep breath. My outfit turns back to my daily castle sorceress outfit with my regular face scarf.

"Done playing dress-up Shadow Weaver? Or should I call you Light Spinner? After all, you wouldn't want the Rebellion or especially Catrina to find out about your true identity-"

I slash his throat with a shadow extension. He drops to his knees and coughs heavily. I grab his hair and pull his face up to mine. "Don't you DARE TALK TO ME LIKE THAT" I yell, slamming his face into the floor.

I casually walk over to the bell-rope. I pull on it and a minute later a servant rushes in.

"What can I help you with-OH MY!" the girl yells when she sees Hordak on the ground.

"General Hordak tripped and hurt his face badly. I need you to take him to castle doctor immediately" I say to the servant girl.

"Yes right away, Lady Light Spinner" she helps him up and escorts him out of the room. Hordak avoids my eyes as he leaves like a dog with his tail tucked.

I close the door behind them and sit back down.

I'm bored

I decided to check on Catrina. I go over to the basin and mix in ingredients needed to do a seeing spell. The water swirls and reveals Catrina laying in her bed. She's looking at something intently in her's a painting. A very bad painting so not one of hers. There's a badly drawn version of her and then a bad drawing of a girl with blonde hair.

I bite my lip angrily and swirl the vision away.

So this is what has been wrong with her...she's become distracted.

I throw the table over angrily with a yell.

All my hard work, ruined by this-this distraction! How do I fix this?

I look around the room at all my many potions.

I can't erase her memory, or put her under a sleeping spell...what can I do?

Suddenly an utterly evil idea pops into my head.

What if I get rid of this...distraction?


But how do I find her?

I scrape my chin as I think and then I smile. I glance over to the sealed wall.

I don't know of the blonde girl, but Catrina knows and that would mean the physic  would  know as well...

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