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And the Award for Best Chemistry Goes To...

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There is no exaggeration that life as an archangel is hell.

Just ask Uriel about how the Eden nebulae and the others of the absolute good system are doing against the demon kings and the absolute bad system. It is a constant territory battle on great and good stories spread by the incarnations. This dominion power struggle has been going on for eons at the annual pinnacle event.

The Duet of Good and Evil. The overall narrative of the Star Stream will tilt either in the direction of good or evil depending on the most influential story.

And for this season, everyone believes that story will belong to Kim Dokja’s Company nebulae.

This is beyond conflicting for both absolute systems ever since Kim Dokja survived the First Scenario. Uriel has been supporting him from the very start, seen how he overcomes every challenge while harboring a humanity the archangel admires.

It’s no surprise that she grows attached to this incarnation. She was with him from the beginning and even as a demon king, Uriel casts her blessings onto him and his companions.

And speaking about companions, there is a special place in the archangel’s heart for these two Companions of Life and Death.

Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk. These two’s first meeting is not exactly ideal considering one threw the other into the mouth of a monster but Uriel can and will look pass that simply because of everything to follow. Both and strong incarnations in their own right but the way they care about each other, that puts skip in the angel’s heartbeat!

The earliest example would have to be the theater dungeon, a favorite of Uriel’s because of how fiercely Kim Dokja declared his need to save Yoo Jonghyuk. Then there when they faced the Disaster of Floods and Kim Dokja took the hit meant for Yoo Jonghyuk and it was that moment Yoo Jonghyuk declared Kim Dokja as his companion.

Oh how devoted these to are to each other, Uriel couldn’t just stand by when Yoo Jonghyuk was headed to the Demon Realm. She needed them to reunite almost just as much as they both needed to see each other again. Especially after that tragic prophecy, don’t get Uriel started about the fact that Kim Dokja got killed by the one he loves most.

This archangel was sobbing when Kim Dokja became a demon king and died in Yoo Jonghyuk’s arms. Their whole relationship is so deep and intense and Uriel loves it all.

So surely, they will win the Best Chemistry Award, right?

Uriel has been waiting years for this banquet. Sure yes this is an important even that will literally decide which absolute system will dominate the Holy War but before that the dokkaebi will announce the candidates for Best Chemistry.

The banquet hall for the two systems are seated to their designated factions. Unfortunately, Uriel was unable to have Kim Dokja sit next to her. She couldn’t help but pout as Demon King of Salvation moved over to sit next to Asmodeus. Well at least she and Metatron are seated by Yoo Jonghyuk. She has yet to understand why those two came here together but that’s not her focus.

All of her attention is on the Best Chemistry Award.

The dokkaebi host of the event is floating above the stage with a cute bowtie on. He spreads his arms out in great excitement and starts with award ceremony.

[This season’s ‘Best Chemistry Award’ nominees!]

Uriel smiles at Kim Dokja’s Company, containing how she wants to scream so loud.

[The first candidates are incarnation ‘Shin Yoosung’ and incarnation ‘Lee Gilyoung’!]

The spotlight shines on two wide-eyed kids as the main screen reflects on these two going from rivals to best friends. All in all, this is a good ship in Uriel’s book.

[The second candidates are incarnation ‘Jung Heewon’ and incarnation ‘Lee Hyunsung’!]

There is a strong obligation to cheer on her incarnation against the open wound in her heart that cries for her favorite ship. Uriel is torn. She still claps though and looks over to her incarnation. Jung Heewon is covering her face with her hands. Hmm,

[Next are the third candidates!]

This time Uriel did scream aloud as the screen projected scenes of Yoo Jonghyuk and Kim Dokja in the Giantomachina scenario.

[The third candidates are constellation ‘Demon King of Salvation’ and incarnation ‘Yoo Jonghyuk’!]

Besides her, Yoo Jonghyuk is frowning, “Stop that.”

“Ha,” Uriel coughs and regain her composure, “I’m just really happy for your and Kim Dokja’s nomination.”

Yoo Jonghyuk scoffs and glances over to the other table, “That guy.”

Uriel follows his gaze and no one’s surprise it’s on Kim Dokja. The demon king is frozen in shock while Asmodeus appears to be chuckling much like Jung Heewon and Lee Jihye on this side of the hall.

“Who else would be nominated with him?” Uriel asks Yoo Jonghyuk while also brainstorming the idea. She shakes her head, “I can think of no one but you.”

He narrows his eyes at her, something no human would dare do to an archangel but Yoo Jonghyuk is a special case. “You’re lying.”

Uriel blinks. Of all things to be accused on, it’s her devotion to her favorite pairing. Apparently, nothing gets passed Yoo Jonghyuk if it concerns Kim Dokja.

“I know that there really is no one like you for Kim Dokja,” she reassures, “but I can’t deny how well he is next to people like Yoo Sangah.”

At that name, Yoo Jonghyuk’s stiff face barely twitches. Uriel knows that Yoo Jonghyuk would be the least openly sensitive about Yoo Sangah’s recent development. The lovely and smart woman’s is still technically dead but Kim Dokja has a plan for her, Uriel knows it.

Therefore, seeing how much Kim Dokja is doing for the woman is proof of a chemistry that could potentially rival Yoo Jonghyuk. Not that Uriel believes that, no she will always support Yoo Jonghyuk with Kim Dokja above all.

“Oh don’t worry Yoo Jonghyuk,” Uriel clapped her hands, “I’m sure you two will win this award.”

Yoo Jonghyuk just stares at her, blankly, and looks away. Huh, maybe he is nervous about not winning.

The screen finished another highlight reel of all the nominees and does dark as the dokkaebi finally announces the winner.

[The season’s Best Chemistry Award goes to constellation ‘Demon King of Salvation’ and incarnation ‘Yoo Jonghyuk’!]


“Uriel, calm yourself,” Metatron chided but really, that did nothing to tamper down the archangel’s excitement.

Uriel nearly jumped out of her seat, clapping and flapping her hands. It’s probably nice to mention she’s the loudest cheering of course. The other constellations and demon kings aren’t particularly against the results since there is a lot of whistling in the audience.

“Yoo Jonghyuk, Yoo Jonghyuk!” Uriel nearly grabs onto the man’s arm but he scooted away. Her manic grin is the opposite of his frowning but pretty face. “You and Kim Dokja won!”

It’s so sweet at how shell-shocked the strongest incarnation is right now. It makes sense thought, as strong as he is, to be disarmed by his bond with Kim Dokja must be the best overwhelming feeling ever.

Over at the demon king table, it’s clearly seen that Kim Dokja is also in a state of shock and Asmodeus is dying from laughter.

“That guy,” Yoo Jonghyuk hissed and before Uriel could grab his arm in excitement, the incarnation abruptly stands up and starts marching to the stage.

Sniffling, Uriel hastilty wipes tears out of her eyes to witness this all, “They won! I am so happy!” She doesn’t see Metatron’s judgey stare but she feels it. “For them, I am happy for them!”

The archangel of fire and justice cheers again as Kim Dokja belatedly makes his way up the stage. The young constellation has a smile ready for the crowd but the closer he gets to Yoo Jonghyuk, the more Kim Dokja’s smile seems stiff.

Maybe he’s just embarrassed about all this attention. Uriel knows that whenever this couple gets dramatic it’s at the height of danger and having an audience is the last thing to note. Oh Uriel might just cheer louder at the thought of Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk just lost in their own little world. They’re quite an intimate pair in her eyes.

“Thank you for the award,” Kim Dokja waves to the crowd politely. “I honestly did not expect this.” His eyes flickered to his companion and back to the audience, “I really didn’t.”

The audience of godlike beings applauded again, with Uriel being the loudest, and the host dokkaebi drops the award into Yoo Jonghyuk’s hands.

A dark look overcomes his face and Yoo Jonghyuk promptly shoves it into Kim Dokja’s arms without ever looking at him. He marches off stage as Kim Dokja is aghast and struggling to keep a nice face for the crowd. The Demon King of Salvation does a wave worthy of a princess diary and walks back to his seat.

Meanwhile back sitting with Uriel is Yoo Jonghyuk who is grumpy as ever.

“Ah, you let him hold the award,” Uriel coos. Yoo Jonghyuk glares at her. She merely bats her eyes, “I think he’s very happy, all things considered.”

That immediately has Yoo Jonghyuk look over to his companion of life and death. Kim Dokja is tiredly showing it off to Asmodues who appears to be very impressed but mercilessly annoying him about it. Only up close can Uriel see Yoo Jonghyuk’s frown lessen.

It’s the softest thing she has ever seen.

As the dokkaebi continues onto the next award, Uriel can’t help but feel like nothing will top this moment. Well, until the last award for the night, the Duet of Good and Evil.