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A Bard and His Muse

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The last stretches of moonlight started fading along the grass and treetops as dawn crawled near. It was dusk, the golden hour where it seemed either most creatures were enveloped in either fleeting sleep or wakefulness. Save for some, that is. Dvalin let his feathers fan out wide as he soared over the region of Mondstatd. His form was like a cyan streak against the darkened Blue of the fading night. Even with the morning, until the sun rose and the sky lightened, his natural camouflage would only make him more distinguishable among the sky. Though such a thing didn't bother him. He was Dvalin! Member of the four winds and one of the protectors of Mondstatd. Anyone who happened to see him was lucky to do so. The Dragon angled his wings downward, letting himself sail in a circle, descending to the ground beneath wind rise's largest tree. Dvalin, as it was, was quite pleased with himself. He'd devised a surprise for His dear friend Barbatos, or Venti as some knew him, was to meet him here at the tree, and Dvalin meant to surprise him, so he'd come here early, when he was sure the Bard wasn't around, to prepare. 

Landing neatly in the grass, the Dragon began to work. His plan was to show Barbatos something he was sure his friend would enjoy, and Dvalin had worked tirelessly to fulfill the idea. See, often he'd found his friend mentioning his fated city. Off handed remarks here and there and even sad murmurs about how he'd wished he could introduce the Dragon to the city even take him to his favorite tavern. Dvalin, hungering to earn further affection from the Bard, devised a plan in light of this. He had seen The Geo Archon's transformation from a human likeness and a dragon's. He'd sought advice from him on how to perform such an action. With his knowledge equipped, Dvalin had dedicated himself to fulfilling the task, and in the end, he was able to a mostly faithful depiction of a human.. Save for some parts. 

With a determined flick of his tail, the Dragon postured himself. He was still a proud creature, and despite changing in size, he would even demand respect. Slowly, as he willed the power through him, he began to shrink in size. Scale and feathers receded, and hair grew in its place. Long fangs shortened to stubby canines and claws to normal nails. Though remnants remained. For example, though shortened, his horns were still visible along the crown of his now human head, and his tail still followed behind him. Though the latter was more of a deliberate choice. The Dragon found it impossibly hard to balance the stilts that were human legs without such a thing. By the time he'd finished, he'd been turned into something seemingly human.


The lyre was strummed with delicate fingers, nails gently raking down and up, a soft hum of a small boy's vocal melody as cool as the dawning air that he felt on his skin. The jug of cider was titled on his waist as he walked towards his favorite spot. He let the lyre fade away into pixie dust, as he called it. Finding the name fitting for his whimsical nature. He usually wasn't as expectant to see visitors. Still, as he left after Barbara's fantastic performance, it was a pleasant and unexpected surprise to be asked to come to his favorite spot, nonetheless Dvalin. Such a huge dragon would indeed cause onlookers to stare at his beauty. In fact, he was charming to look at, but that didn't change the fact he still had a childish ferocity to him. The Bard made his way up the hill, eyes glowing in the dawning light he hummed. He caught sight of a form present beneath the fledgling tree he so loved. In a pleasant surprise, a "Woah" escaped his lips as his expression considerably brightened. He leaped off the hillside letting the glider wings catch onto the air and held out his hands. His clothes fluttered behind him, and a sudden current whisking him up and carrying him towards his companion. The Bard laughed carefree as ever as he descended arms open wide for an embrace," Look at you! You so grand, Dvalin!" 

The Dragon let out a surprised noise as the Bard quite literally flew into his arms. He managed to catch him, but the lack of experience in this human form caused him to fall over with an oof, Venti now weighing on his chest. Venti being the low life he was, yelped suddenly and in the most provocative way possible as the taller, now half-human Dragon crashed into the ground with a resounding thump. He breathed out a heavy sigh, face planted into his chest. Laughing like a little kid who thought this was the funniest thing on planet earth.

"Barba-" the Dragon caught himself; he knew that the other went by a different name now.. Or at least whenever he lacked some of his prior key features. Dvalin, proud as he was, wished to keep to the wishes of his friend. Clearing his throat and starting again, "Venti!" he said, his tone light with affection. There was a smile clear on his face, much more comprehensive than it had been any other time he'd grinned in this form. He prized the Bard over the entirety of Mondstatd, after all. "I was beginning to think you were going to be late," he remarked with a grin. He didn't complain about the fact that the other had crashed into him. He found himself quite pleased to have his companion in his arms, and he tightened his hug for a moment drawing in a deep breath. This is the smell of freedom, he remarked to himself, though he could note a scent of something else in the air.

Venti's eyes had narrowed as he shot his head up to look at Dvalin in the face, quite clearly about to offer the Dragon a look of warning before his grin returned once he called him Venti." Val," he said a little too passively-aggressively." I would never be late to see an old friend after all! Oh wait-" he'd fished around on the side of his shorts and brought out his cider jug." I think somebody spiked it or something because it smells a bit off, but I am not sure I haven't had a sip of it yet. Whatever that means-." He'd muttered half-dazed, the words coming out much too fast for the Dragon to understand completely. He eyed the drink with a bit of suspicion, observing the flask that Venti had pulled from his hip. He'd never really eaten human food though he'd tried some things here and there, he'd always preferred plucking a boar from the trees or any other animal large enough. Even anemo slimes had their flavor, though he much preferred red meat. So he was surprised when the Bard mentioned things like 'spiked' as he didn't quite understand the human terminology, but he did recognize the scent, something he'd at times caught whiffs of from fermented fruits and the like. When he was young enough to speak comfortably to smaller animals, they'd often said they were delicious and cleared the head, but Dvalin didn't find much joy in doing such then. Now, however, he wondered...

Venti continued his ministrations, but as he turned around, he let loose a small yelp of embarrassment, his cheeks redder than the apples he bit into, although he liked green apples better. Dvalin started at the noise the other had emitted, perking up as the Bard buried his face in his chest. Though he wasn't sure why. Does he not like my human form? he wondered to himself. 

Venti pressed his face against the bare flesh, cheeks still flushed. He smells like dew and north air. He'd thought to himself warmly, but his mind swiftly returned to the subject at hand.

"Why in the nine realms do you not have anything on..down there?" he asked in a shaky voice. He didn't know much about dragon anatomy. Still, he did know that they had sheaths to hide ya know ..their tower..the thought of it made him flush again as he sat atop the beast." Whoo..boy, there's going to be some trouble trying to get you clothes that fit.. just trying to maybe cover that up." he'd breathed out as he met blue eyes with the reddest face imaginable. 

"Do I need them?" he asked, genuine curiosity on his face. He looked the Bard up and down. "I'm sure you could lend me some of your things," he said with an almost cheeky grin, though he wasn't quite as sarcastic as any normal man may be. Dragons tended to be literal, after all. Venti felt the urge to drink at such a question.

"Screw it. I am taking the first swig." He'd huffed in embarrassment as he brought the cider to his lips. It visibly went down his chin and throat. He hugged as he held out the jar. That isn't tastes like apples, though." Yes, child, you need them otherwise girls and likewise guys- I don't know what's your preference?! Would be gawking at you the knights would arrest you for public nudity hell knows what Kaeya might do you Diluc might beat the shit out of you-"He'd sucked in a breath." Clothes are required to tell a long story short." he looked at him." What could I possibly give you that would fit you?" 

"I don't know," Dvalin admitted at the mention of what may fit him. He didn't know what Venti had, though he realized that he was much bigger than Venti, so he supposed what he may have was too large for him. Though the thought didn't entirely register as the Bard continued to drink. He watched the Bard take a swig of the cider, watching his throat bob with almost feline-like attention. His eyes even trained down on a drop that drew down his chin. The former Dragon leaned forward and licked the drop off Venti's neck. His tongue had been another thing not as affected by the transformation. He let it slide over the flesh, not only tasting the cider but the Bard as well. He liked it. Drawing back and licking his lips. 


The Bard had been in mid-rant when he was interrupted just noticing the Dragon's eyes were trained on him before shuddering in barley holding in a breath as he moaned a soft questionable" ah-!" as felt his long, almost snake-like tongue lap at his neck." Dvalin, you're supposed to drink from the jug, not me-"Though he didn't mind, of course. Though he wouldn't praise the action out loud, it'd be trouble if Dvalin learned such a bad habit." I guess we can get clothes later.." he sighed as he shifted off his cloak. "Since we're going all carefree this morning, I suppose I'll indulge you. I am a tricky fellow, after all." He'd grinned as he started to undo his god-forsaken layers of clothing. He cursed his own sense of fashion as he found he was having more trouble than he thought... Dvalin observed quietly as Venti tried to strip himself. Watching as first the cloak fell off, and then the Bard had made to unbutton his blouse though he looked like he didn't much care for the task. Though Dvalin had become more and more interested as more skin had been revealed from the multiple layers of clothing until- 

Frustrated, the Bard's other hand grasped the flask of cider. With a huff, he moved, picking up the bottle, tilting it over his clothes before splashing it all over himself. Perhaps it was to feel the chilling coolness of the wine? Honestly, he was losing the tact to know. The cider drink made him shiver in delightful surprise. His gaze went up to Dvalin," Little help here I am kind of… struggling." The Dragon's feline-like eyes trailed over the now dandelion wine-stained clothes, and his tail seemed to curl with delight. 

"I'd be happy to help," he began leaning forward. Venti looked again at his mess of half undone clothes realizing that their position may prove difficult. He purred, shifting his position to rest his back to the ground." You can taste the rest later." He'd muttered.

Dvalin eagerly proceeded. Wantonly gripping some of the cloth and letting his tongue slide along Venti's neck and drawing it down as he finished off taking the vest that had been left partially undone. The sweet tang of the wine washed over his tongue, but he could also taste the sweat and wind on that skin and could smell the heady scent the Bard carried beneath it. Venti shudders, his face a light pink. How did the Bard end up drunk so quickly? He sighed, blinking as he felt the Dragon's gaze on his body shivered as he watched him struggle with blatant curiosity. A grin plastered his flushed face. He was enjoying this. He thought to himself as he felt his wet clothes slowly be peeled off of him. The air making him shudder as wind chilled his exposed chest, nipples showed pale pink in contrast to the rest of his body, only to be stopped as a moan of pleasure escaped his chap lips as he felt the distinction of a long, soft, and warm tongue lick up the residue of Dandelion wine on his skin. He sunk into the feeling letting Dvalin do what he willed, his back arching a little. 

The Dragon purred himself feeling compelled to say something. "I can see why you like it," he commented, though his enjoyment was based on something much different than the Bard's. "but I think it tastes even better on you," Dvalin commented. He thought he'd likely never want to drink wine again if it wasn't presented to him just as it was now.

 "T-thank you for the compliments," Venti said, stammering on his words. His whole body smelled like wine, the tang still fresh on his tongue, but he swore he felt much drunker because his skin was sucking it up than his tongue was.

"mhm," the Dragon replied, engrossed in his task. Though he felt quite pleased from the sounds and reactions he'd elicited from the Bard. He enjoyed the way he arched his back, making all the best parts readily available. But the Dragon felt particularly enamored by the moan. The sound enticing him to be all the more brazen. A little breath of warm air escaped from the Bard's lips as his fingers, delicate as they were gripped at Dvalin's abdomen. Sliding along the taught muscles and smooth skin. Still, the influence of the reptile's tongue earned him his much-coveted reaction. 

"That tickles… and it's embarrassing-"He'd muttered under his breath as he stared at Dvalin toying with his neck. His breath felt hot, almost making his skin sticker than when the wine was initially splashed on him.

"there's nothing to be embarrassed about," Dvalin remarked, glancing up at Venti's. Despite never having toiled with clothes before, the Dragon had managed to free the Bard from at least his top layer of clothing. It laid in a heap behind him in the grass. Amidst his pride, Dvalin purred himself, enjoying the feeling of the Bard's hands along his chest and neck. The soft-touch was comforting and warm as it danced along his skin. His tail curled in pleasure at the sensation. Eager to earn more reactions from the other. He flattened his tongue along one of Venti's nipples letting his dexterous tongue curl around the raised flesh before he sucked on it. 

Venti let out a hiccup as he breathed out, shocked by the sensation" D-Dvalin!- n-not there." he breathed raggedly, trying to lower his voice. He stared down the Dragon as he inhaled through his open hanging mouth." ah...~" The tongue that touched his body when he was at his most vulnerable and sensitive. Delighting in the action, Dvalin only continued, and though the Bard wasn't going to produce any milk, the Dragon sucked on the area just as eagerly as an infant to his mother's teat. The Dragon was beginning to lose his taste for the drink and desire something more. 

Venti most certainly saw stars at this point. It was not the first time he did, no, but he was definitely seeing the fuzzy outline of them dancing across his vision. Feeling Dvalin's body beneath his palms..warm and powerful, also a tad muscular from the way they clenched when he thought it. His lovingly long tongue that could quickly wrap around the Bard's finger, among other things, was even more so a cause for this pleasure. The perks of being a dragon, he guessed off-handedly amidst the onslaught. Dvalin, wanton in his actions, drew his gaze up, and their eyes met again, and Venti looked away, greenish eyes muttering... He doesn't understand humans anyway..not like anybody's out there. Just for a moment, observing the prospect that there may be a surprised onlooker witnessing the occasion. The thought was swiftly washed away by a shudder of pleasure as the Dragon nipped at him. His mind only further considered the facts, which became all the more evident. Dvalin probably knew that from hunting prey after all, and he was definitely prey. The Bard was singing an excellent tune with his body, and Dvalin was just a curious beast who didn't even know he was playing him like an instrument. The Dragon was delighted by the reaction. His own arousal spiking up as Venti shuddered in his grasp. Of course, part of him knew what he was doing. Dvalin was old enough to see the type of reactions he'd spurred from his counterpart. Though just because he knew their nature didn't mean he wouldn't seek to have more of it. In fact, it was his growing understanding that further encouraged him. 

"The other one too.." he'd whimper at his touch as he removed his hands to grip below himself. He was half-hard already..damn alcohol. He shivered once more. At the request, the abused nipple was released with a pop, leaving it slick with saliva. As the Dragon began with the other, however, he noticed Venti's actions, a sly glance following his hand before Dvalin withdrew his head to admire it for a moment. His own, already exposed length was hard to a degree as well, though he was much more interested in the fact that Venti had managed to get to such a state. Venti's breath was drawn out, and his chest heaved, longing for oxygen. He flinched, closing his eyes and turning his head in the other direction. As he opened them with a foggy gaze, he could see the flowers drifting in the wind, what pretty dandelions. Dvalin's tongue flicked his skin upwards; he let out a deep moan of relief as the cold air touched him once more in a gentle cradle as if to ease his lust. 

"L-Lets get this off.. I'll show you something even grander." He'd hummed as he looked down at the Dragon. An idea brewing in his head. As aloof as the Bard was, Dvalin hadn't suspected he'd lose his tact so soon. Upon the instruction to get it off, the humanoid reptile swiftly proceeded. Before the other was swiftly attacked, though, during that time, Dvalin's gaze was on something else..oh, his hard-on. He'd blinked as his gaze suddenly winded even more. Dvalin's hard on. He groaned to himself on the thought of how he was going to half to handle that. He had an idea for it, though. Dvalin was too busy to notice the Bard's pondering. He discarded the 'vision' strapped to the Bard's waist and moved to the belt, which he woefully struggled with. After all, he hadn't worn clothes a day in his life. Most things were simple, if not already half done for him. The Dragon growled, having half the mind to just rip the thing apart. Almost too proud to request assistance with it.

"I want you on the bottom." he'd muttered as he watched Dvalin struggle looking smug as he fiddled with his last remaining clothes. The Dragon could feel the arrogant gaze and, pouting as he did so, managed to get the clothes off. Dvalin had found himself surprised by the strength of the command. He hadn't anticipated Venti to command him so, but he abided willingly to the words interested in what the Bard had planned. As Dvalin did as he was told, he laid himself down and began to kiss him lightly on the lips. It was soft and gentle." That was probably your first… shall I taste you now too?" He'd hummed seductively. This was all to fulfill his plan and give them Botha a pleasurable experience.

Dvalin was taken aback. He, of course, hadn't planned for a kiss. The soft brush of the other's lips on his caused him to shudder. It was a foreign sensation and much more gentle compared to the brazen behavior he'd exhibited just before. He flushed at the question, just coming off the fuzz that was just the kiss. Embarrassed somewhat by his own ignorance, though he refused to pout. Venti observed the action with hooded eyes. Though he didn't know if Dvalin was so certainly seemed like he was. He wondered something." Hey Dvalin..think you could teach me some dragon customs?" he probably didn't know about those, but it was worth a shot.

"Dragon customs..." he began in a listless tone. His eyes narrowed at the thought. There weren't many customs; it was the simple case of a fight, win your mate, and do as you pleased. "Usually, the females ask for all the special customs... I'd much prefer cutting to the point," he admitted though he felt a bit odd saying such as he'd spent all this time licking the human up and down. "Though with you, it's different," he admitted. I want to do more with you. He'd omitted that part out of pride. He didn't want to admit he was so easily swayed by the Bard's actions. Venti's eyes looked curious despite his lustful look. 

"Special customs..?" He'd muttered under his breath, pondering what they could be. He looked a-bit amused as he said, "to the point." He'd chuckle," Ok, I'll get straight to my point. You can teach me your customs later." It was different with him? He wondered why that was so. Was it because he was a or in a human-like form? Or was it because he wasn't female or that of a dragon female? He shook his head from the thoughts as he pecked Dvalin's lips once more, this time a little more aggressive by sinking his teeth in. The Dragon had observed Venti, examining his reaction to his words and halfway worrying he'd said something wrong only for that thought to be relinquished as he was taken by the kiss. He winced slightly at the bite, though he felt as though it was due payback for his own nipping just earlier. When the Bard withdrew, Dvalin ran his tongue over his lips in anticipation. What is he planning? He wondered. His eyes watched his form as Venti stood, all the while admiring what he was growing to consider his despite himself. Though he wouldn't admit such a thing to the Bard.

 Venti turned around, his gaze falling over the other's form, allowing him to get a full look at Dvalin's lower body. He flushed at sight. There was a clear outlier over the view. The Dragon's cock was clear to see throbbing, hard, and looking it needed something to ease it. After all, amidst his moments of admiration, the appendaged twitched almost impatiently. 

Luckily, Venti had just the trick. He looked over at the bottle seeing they had only a significant amount of drink left for the occasion both ways. He looked back at Dvalin's face. He grinned as he caught the Dragon observing him. Watching as his fingers traced the hem of his boxers before pulling it up with a finger and pulling it against, making him gasp." mh..~" he rubbed against his own briefs for a while before taking it off entirely and throwing it away into the heap of clothes. The Dragon's cock twitched again, all the more eager now. 

Venti listlessly sighed as he sat atop Dvalin, seemingly enjoying his showboating." Ready to drink some more?" he said as he gripped the wine and began pouring. Dvalin watched as the wine ran against Venti's skin, dribbling down his side and along his back, even between the soft mounds of his buttocks. His eyes were particularly captivated as they ran between there and dripped on his chest, forming a little pool that quivered with the Dragon's heartbeat. Dvalin flushed beet red as he watched, barely even finding human words to describe the arousal he felt from such a thing. All the while, Venti generously poured the remains of the bottle letting his own small body flush against his larger body before he finally poured the last over Dvalin's stiffened dick, which begged for attention. Why the Dragon would have dived in immediately if not for the teasing of the Bard's hand along his shaft. Venti gripped it with his hands, stroking the shaft before curiously cupping two round points that weren't like humans...He also noticed that it felt prickly, so to those annoying little burrs some flowers had. Though in this case, the burrs didn't seem quite as sharp." Ah.. what's this?" He'd question. Venti's unveiling lust started to fully blossom as he felt the wind chill into his body, albeit it not down his throat but rather the other way around. He felt Dvalin watching him. Although he didn't move for a while, he could feel the weight of his gaze as he was watching the show he put on. Boldly, Venti wiggled himself in front of Dvalin, teasing him further, fishing for the Dragon's response.

At a loss for words, the Dragon in question released a growl, the sound rumbling in his throat. Still, he was even more enticed by the equivalent of a prime rib wiggling provocatively in his face. Of course, Venti was none the wiser to this. Then he felt large hands seize his cheeks, promptly spreading wide to the open air. He once more, a hidden smile on his face as he breathed through his nose." Mmmh!~" He'd gaped as he covered his mouth to hide his provocative noises, but he failed miserably. The Dragon had put his tongue to work. 

Another sound was forced from the Bard despite his attempts to smother it," Mmm—fuu." Starting at the dangling testes, Dvalin wantonly curled his tongue under, catching what wine was left dripping from his body before drawing his tongue up over his taint and then against his readily presented hole. The god shuddered. With a subdued sigh, he submitted without a fight. Don't go in, don't go in. He thought to himself, telling himself a lie at that point. His cock twitched pervertedly just from Dvalin's tongue...if just his tongue could make him feel this way, he could only imagine how he felt when he was..inside...of- he broke his chain of thought quite embarrassed." Ah..~ ah...Dvalin..please." He'd muttered.." answer me."

The Dragon huffed shamefully, finding this daze of arousal could easily make words escape him. "Barbatos.... Don't tease me," he managed, looking away as to not meet Bard's gaze... 

The air was heavy with lust, and for every heartbeat which passed, the Dragon felt it harder and harder to keep any sort of composure. He fantasized over what sensation may befall him if he acted simply on this feeling alone. Pressing his friend into the earth and then following suit by having his way. His flush only reddened at the thought, realizing he'd been led to such conclusions. 

"I want to," he fished for the right words... "Get to your point," he finished, seemingly proud of himself for saying instead of acting. He felt Venti may have scolded him, and he simply got to the point out of his own volition.

Venti panted as he didn't turn around smiling; a mischievous glint was in his eyes. He'd heard all that the Dragon had to say." I'll tease you all I want, Dvalin..." He'd muttered smugly as he pressed himself against him, wiggling in his hands." Come on, taste me more, Dvalin." he'd gripped and prodded the Dragon's hard on, only doing soft touches, barely touching it all watching it bob for attention. There was a sound of frustration urging from the Dragon. His eyes were quickly drawn to the movement, and he tensed for a moment shuddering from the faint touches and tingles he felt from the other. His head swam. Each goading word only further suggested he act on his growing impatience and desire. He'd acted in such a way before and now was starting to become no different. He still had Venti's behind still pressed in his hands and the thought which he'd conjured up so wistfully before reared its head.

"I won't do anything if you don't do what I want. Or are you just scared of getting to a point where you absolutely lose it?" The Bard grinned, shaking his head. "No, no, No, that would be easy. Why should I just give you what you want." The Bard huffed as he stopped all his motion. Suddenly depriving the desperate Dragon for what he yearned for. Wanting to see what his friend would do." If I don't, what would you do? eat me?" 

Dvalin growled again as if trying to control himself, but the other's enticing actions made what inhibitions the Dragon had flown away. Not to mention the wine, the sweet scent mixed with Venti's own natural one had intoxicated the reptile completely. Venti smirked in victory as he was delighted with Dvalin's growing upset behavior, like a dog being scolded. A purr sat smoothly in his voice as he wiggled just a little bit more. Intoxicated drunk and horny, that's all he felt right now, and he knew his partner felt the same. The words rang in his ears again, eat me. Dvalin had decidedly had enough.

"there's no going back from this," He'd warned, leaning forward. 

"Oh, I- know." He'd muttered half dubious Dvalin's breath felt hot against his skin. His first action was, of course, finishing what he'd started. Venti had been zealously presenting his backside to Dvalin; he didn't even second guess himself as he let his tongue slide over and then into the pink rosette. The hapless Bard was about to speak again before his mouth flew open and he saw stars. If Dvalin could see his face, surely he'd even see small hearts in his eyes." D-Dvalin! N-not there!" he'd cried. The tongue sunk in as deep as the Dragon could manage, filling the crevice with the thick and slimy appendage. Venti dipped his head. His whole body trembled, his shivering along with each movement of the tongue. His hole clenched around the Dragon, allowing him to enjoy the feeling of the flesh pulsing around him. Venti's mouth was open and hot as he painted Dvalin's lower body with drool with his tongue. The assault only continued. 

 "A-ahh..ahhh~ I- I was just teasing-Please!~" the boy cried out again. As naive as the Dragon seemed. There were some things he did know. He took advantage of that knowledge and curled his tongue against the wall of Venti's insides, rubbing against his prostate. Earning such a delightful reaction. If he could get any redder, the Bard had indeed reached that point. He could hear himself and the other sounds they made bouncing off the tree's sturdy trunk. The noises he heard...such a perverted noise he was making did that make him a pervert? He didn't have the time to consider it as Once Dvalin's hand wrapped around his cock it the thought had washed from his mind. The Dragon pressed his thumb against the tip, and as soon as he felt it, he thrust his hips into it with a resounding moan trying to fulfill his own selfish desires. He could feel the alcohol and dripping saliva cool against his skin but getting hotter every time Dvalin licked or breathed in such a state. He was helpless. But he wasn't going to help was sort of payback for what he was doing to him.

Dvalin felt overwhelmingly pleased by his earned reaction. His assault was far from letting up even at the rhetorical command from Venti. Just from the way he shuddered and flexed around him, the Dragon knew that the Bard couldn't get more than enough. With every slick and movement of his tongue, he'd earned a chorus of pleasure. Venti bit back a particularly loud moan as he gripped tightly onto his thighs. He heard the 'squelching' produced with every movement of Dvalin's tongue inside of him. The sound felt awfully loud and shameless despite their location. He shuddered, unable to form words due to the pleasure he was feeling. The appendage was ravaging his insides, unlike anything before it. The sensation was new, foreign, and it felt good. Shit, I didn't mean actually eat me, Dvalin the Archon muttered internally as he let out a relieving shudder go down his back. He could feel the Dragon's saliva dripping down his quivering gaping ass, now significantly loosened due to Dvalin's handiwork with his tongue. Despite his enjoyment of servicing the Bard, the Dragon was growing painfully hard himself. The desire he was starting to harbour was growing to be a lot less measured and controllable. His cock twitched mournfully in neglect. Having previously devoted all its attention to Venti and the Bard, its owner has abandoned it out of stubborn spite. It twitched again, the tip flushed angrily, and Dvalin noticed as such. 

He withdrew his tongue, the thing lolling out of his mouth as he breathed heavily, his breath coming out in steamy jets as he sat there enjoying the view of the hole he'd left gaping. In fact.....with a swift and measured movement, the Dragon pulled himself from beneath his quarry, his previous position being replaced by the grass below as he adjusted himself behind the Bard. As he was lifted away from Dvalin, the Dragon seemingly trying to catch his breath Venti had thought he too would be offered a moment of respite. Dvalin, on the other hand, had a different idea. He attentively took either side of the human's backside and pressed his flesh into the soft flesh, and spread the offender's hole. Confused and befuddled, Venti turned back to look at the eager Dragon. The Bard looked in shock as he saw what Dvalin was about to do him." A-ah! Dvalin, wait, wait!" The Bard could see the look in the Dragon's blue eyes. He gazed down at the view lustfully without the proper words to express the pleasure he'd felt. A tiny edge of panic arose in the Bard's voice. "D-Dvalin," he yelped but was quickly shut off as he felt the dragon hump against him. The feeling of the Dragon's stiffened shaft rubbing against his ass made him moan. "huu..~ wait Dvalin, I am sorry-" he flinched, closing his right eye as he let out a somber cry of innocent blissful pleasure." Ah!~" The Dragon, greedy for more, pressed his cock into the Bard's awaiting hole. Venti groaned at the feeling. The tip was foreign, an intruder, yet his body somehow came to the conclusion that the two should be together, and it was instantly sucked on by the Bard's ass as he gripped the grass beneath him. Part of him cursed himself for such eagerness. He wouldn't be coming back from this. Futily he fished for an out." Dvalin, please, I am sorry ok?! I didn't mean it was just me having fun!" the Bard tried pleading with the Dragon." I'll give you attention..." Dvalin gruffly took hold of Venti's hips to prevent him from escaping and eased his way in. 

"I told you," he began, his voice husky and rumbling like a growl, "That there was no going back" With a jerk of his hips, the Dragon closed the distance between his pelvis and Venti's backside, thrusting himself to the hilt inside of the Bard. The Dragon groaned himself, the sensation of pleasure washing over him. He adjusted himself for better leverage, just barely giving the Bard any time to adjust to the sudden and profound intrusion. He began to repeat the motion, pulling out before slamming back in. Tears formed in the Bard's eyes as his pale fingers clenched the grass. The Bard's neck was stained in purple and red bruises, his upper body facing the same punishment. Doing this..outside- Dvalin really had no tact! Trying to scramble away, the boy was stopped as he was pulled back and entered further his eyes widened." G-Guh!" Dvalin's voice rang in his ears as he shook his head as he bent forward, words tumbling from his mouth. He felt the Dragon full stretch him out as the Bard screamed his name." Dvalin, I told you to wait!" tears poured down his face as his tongue hung out his mouth, his face red up to his ears. His pace started at a relentless rhythm, causing a symphony of slaps from skin touching skin to sound about the tree. Pat! Pat! Squelch~ Pat Pat!~ was all the Bard could hear aside from his own mewls. He coughed as he arched his back." Dvalin-! I- HA!~ ahh. it's too much you're going to rip me apart!" the Bard cries out, unable to find the words without being caught off by his own moans. Had a passerby heard such sounds, they might have imagined someone was clapping for some phantom performance or perhaps practicing ham boning without context. None may have even dared consider the anemo Archon himself was performing some unsavory acts with the former storm terror. Alas, this was true, and the Dragon felt no remorse for the pleasure he inflicted and received.

"so... fussy", the Dragon grunted, just barely finding enough sense to offer a reply. By this point, he'd been swept up in the throes of instinct. He couldn't stop now, even if he wanted to. His body had been caught in the motions, the very air around them saturated with lust and desire. Amidst the Bard's cries, Dvalin could catch fragments, his name for one and the desperate edge in the other's voice, but the meanings were lost to him as he panted, breathing gusts of hot air along the Bard's nape as he leaned in. The action only helped increase the speed of the thrusts, further tenderizing the Bard's backside.

 Suddenly there was a force pressing against the Bard's ass. Then a 'pop' between the thrusting..he trembled in surprise, knees weak from the bolt of pleasure that clawed through him." D-Dvalin what-aghhh..~ what is that answer me you stupid reptile!" he scolded him before dipping his head again alcoholic tears pouring from his chin..or was it sweat. Every part of him was burning like he was being set on fire. He felt Dvalin go into him, almost breaking what he could fit into- please don't tear, please don't tear into me. He'd thought to himself." uh..ah Dvalin~ p-please."

The that in question was none other than the Dragon's knot. Amid Dvalin's relentless actions, the accessory pressed ever so threateningly against Venti's poor and abused hole. Venti was going to be loud; after all, he did have a singer's voice, but now it was growing hoarse and sore. His eyes dilated as he bowed his head, trying to support himself as his 'supposed friend' slammed against his walls, which proceeds to clench tight around, sucking around him with eagerness almost as if it had been waiting for something to finally explore it. Venti groaned as he felt Dvalin lean in close; he looked back at the Dragon, his hot breath visible with every moan and slap of skin. He could barely even think of insults, not when he had a rock hard massive dragon dick in his ass. His cock bobbed with pre-cum he shuddered. 

"D-Dvalin ughhh~ p-please your..gonna..break.." the Bard's words caught in his throat. Dvalin had acted on his desires with a growl, and a forceful push the 'pop' Venti's eyes widened drastically as he felt Dvalin's knot pop into his ass. "Me!" he barely managed to finish the sentence, the plea obstructed by his own moans. The knot fit into him snuggly, pressing brutally against his prostate, making the Bard simply ooze with pleasure. He screamed into the morning air. An orgasm racking his body, letting cum spray the grass below. The Bard twitched and grunted, still holdfast by his companion who was riding the waves of pleasure. Dvalin groaned at the sensation. Venti's ass squeezed around his knot, pulsing and gripping at him with its slick heat. The Archon's high of pleasure fettered to a buzz. He sagged, huffing tiredly. He felt his ass feel heavy with the intrusion. Venti made to beg for Dvalin to pull away before realizing- Dvalin wasn't done making him his fuck toy.

"Venti...." he managed to mumble, "you feel so good" Most would have done that and been done, but the Dragon would not settle for such a thing as once. He pulled back, feeling the natural resistance one would when pulling out a knot; of course, it had undoubtedly swelled upon its entry. 

"Dvalin..your gonna mess up my- body..." Venti swiftly choked out his words as he felt Dvalin pull against his ass. But he far from relented and pulled again with a little more force." w-wait..wait.." the Bard pleaded in pain as he choked out the Dragon's name with a high pitched cry." Dvalin! That fucking-" The words were cut off by a strangled yelp. The Dragon had succeeded in his venture, causing a loud squelch POP to resound in the air. Despite his protest, the Bard moaned at the sensation of pain as he was forced to endure. The knot had left him gaping and empty, and he desperately wanted the swollen appendage back. Dvalin repeated the action without restraint, forcefully pushing the knot back into the Bard and then with a jerk popping it back out. The boy's tongue lolled out of his gaping mouth. His face screwed up in pain and pleasure, his hands grasped desperately at the earth, seeking any purchase to ground him outside of the onslaught of sensations." Guh..! Uh!~ ahhh...~ ahhhmmm~" he felt his stomach churn..was Dvalin going deeper- he hoped not. It felt as though with every thrust and re-entry of the knot, the dragons reached further and further inside him." D-Dvalin..please, your gonna hit more than just my prostate- I uh..!~" The Bard was losing his senses, his head spun as another pop sounded, and he felt the overwhelming pressure inside his loins." P-please ill suck your dick- I'll do anything just cum in me already and have mercy Dvalin!" he'd sobbed out.

Dvalin could hear the desperate plea. Anything he thought. Though the Dragon found he already had everything he wanted, he wanted Venti. He leaned back, sitting the Bard into his lap. Venti hiccuped as the position changed again. He'd moaned at the sensation. He could really feel Dvalin's rod spread him wide and pushed further into his stomach, producing a small belly bulge as the Dragon pounded inside of the bard paft!~ Pat!~ Pat~ Pat~ paft!~ He could tell the Dragon was close. Dvalin leaned his head forward, allowing himself access to his mouth. As much as the Dragon loved to hear Venti's desperate cries, pleas, and protests, he yearned for the sensation of the kiss they'd shared before he'd gone rabid from lust. Of course, with the Dragon at the helm, the action had lost its tenderness and had taken up a primal and greedy nature instead.
The Dragon pulled back Venti's head and pressed his mouth over his, the thick and long tongue violating the Bard's mouth and drowning out his plea for mercy. The appendage filled the wet cavity, curling over and slithering around Venti's tongue, mixing their saliva. They kissed messy, wet, and almost like a comforting place despite being so rough in nature; the Bard sulked and gave in. Venti tried his best to lick back, but the human tongue was much shorter than a dragon after all. He licked at the tongue, suckling on it like a lifeline. He closed his eyes, making sure to just feel that tongue against his. The position the two were in only allowed for the excess to dribble out down their chins and onto the Bard's already sweat covered form. His cock bobbed and twitched in the air as he bounced up and down against Dvalin's shaft. His groans, pleas, and sounds of pleasure drowned out by what could be described as having candy in your mouth too long, and as soon as you go to move it around, the drool spills from your mouth. All the while, the Dragon continued to have his way, his knot slipping in and out and of Venti with growing ease. Suddenly, with a furious jerk, The Dragon's grip tightened around the Bard. 

Venti's back arched as he tried to breathe through his nose." Mmmmfpp!!~" Dvalin had managed to get his cock, knot included, buried as deep as he could manage into the Bard, swelling to what it could only naturally accomplish in such a form before semen gushed into the helpless bird. The liquid poured into him in thick waves filling Venti's insides greedily. All the while, the Dragon's tongue wriggled in Venti's mouth as he came only coiling its full length into the waiting orifice. It didn't take long for the Bard's own cock to spray his load against his stomach. A tired, halfway moan spilled from his taken lips. He could feel the semen go further; he visibly saw the bugle get more prominent in his stomach. Barbatos felt entirely full in his mouth, ass, and stomach. His eyes opened as he looked dazed in lust and drooping sad eyes. He couldn't breathe..he choked on Dvalin's tongue; he felt their saliva spillover over his chest, over his bulge, and downwards still. He felt Dvalin's cock twitch; he felt a lot of things... lust, pleasure, pain, and a sense of euphoria in his orgasm. The last shudders of pleasure coursed through Dvalin like a heartbeat, strong and furious. He could feel Venti, Barbatos, tighten and jolst around him, the action coaxing more semen from his loins, practically milking him. So much so that the usually tight lock that was a knotting even had some excess seeping out. He hadn't realized he'd produce... so much. Withdrawing his tongue, the Dragon observed the fruits of his labors.
Venti's tired gasps echoed loudly as he leaned entirely against Dvalin's body. His mouth dripped out saliva as he Dvalin slipped from his mouth with a pop!~ he took long gasps of air to fill his tired, heaving lungs. It much..too much for him to take. He felt the dribble go down his legs. He'd looked up Dvalin weakly tears stained his beet-red face. Dvalin slid his hand down Venti's chest, moving it to feel the noticeable bulge of his stomach that sloshed under the Dragon's touch. He flinched, shuddering as Dvalin's felt down his body. He even moaned a bit as he felt the belly bulge. The Dragon grinned, offering a chuckle.

"Luckily, you can't get pregnant," he sneered as if now was any time to mention such a thing. In fact, as his head became apparent, the Dragon quite prominently realized what he'd done and why he didn't necessarily feel guilty... He knew perhaps Venti wouldn't be so pleased when he came to his senses either. I mean, how does he suspect being able to go back into town without dispelling the semen in him first, that in of itself may take who knows how long. For a fruitive moment, the Dragon pondered the idea of cleaning it out himself. By the Bard's request, he'd get another chance to get his tongue to work, but he also liked the idea of Venti filled with his cum and resented the idea of having to clean it out himself. After all, he much preferred it stayed in. Venti bristled at the remark. He's laughing?! Seriously this bastard. He didn't know Dvalin could be like this. It pissed him off, but he supposed it would be useless. That's just how dragons were. In a low, tired voice, he croaked out. 

"Maybe you're right..maybe At Least...." he winced as he tried to move slightly. The knot had them firmly locked together. He whined." bastard..I can't- I can't move..I don't even think I can walk!" though he supposed Dvalin was way too rough on his was a nice change of pace he just didn't expect it to be so..painful in some ways. Now that it was over, he was starting to sober up lust wise At Least the 38 bottles of wine did dull the pain. He didn't want to tell Dvalin to know he..wanted more, but it was evident enough on his face. Venti brought his hands up to tiredly slap Dvalin's face." bastard...I hate you."

"Hate me?" Dvalin blinked as he ducked away from the hand, surprised to hear such a thing. He'd expected the Bard to be angry, but hate? He huffed, leaning his chin on Venti's shoulder. "Surely you can forgive me?" he asked, nuzzling against the cheek still wet from tears. His mind gradually began to filter through what had occurred, precisely the words he'd so selectively ignored. The numerous stops and no's had blown over his head, and with a recount of his actions, he realized he did go a bit overboard. Though the Dragon couldn't deny it'd made him feel good, and in fact, he would do it again... Though perhaps in better conditions.

Venti sighed into his nuzzle," I don't actually hate you. for what you just uh..caught me off guard...I forgive you." He'd muttered, Though he'd be more..relaxed when he did..the next time. NEXT TIME?! What was he thinking?! 

"If you'd like," he added, "I can take it out now" of course, the proposition had a bit of an edge to it. Dvalin, having picked up a mischievous edge from his partner's influence, was not opposed to the idea of prematurely pulling out the knot. It would seemingly be the last hoorah of this whole ordeal. Not only that, but it'd allow him to observe the aftermath from a different view. 

Venti coughed as he looked away sheepishly. His eyes widened" Goodness no! It already aches enough just without moving your hips.." he'd growl. He said even quieter.." I'd be lying to say it didn't feel good..I actually" he looked up at him" it was a nice change of pace..and I kinda needed that?" he fell against his chest..." What are we gonna name our child Dvalin?" our child... Dvalin blinked, the words sitting in his head for just a moment before offering a boisterous laugh, clearly bit taking the comment seriously. 

"A child? You jest with me clearly, Venti. Do you plan on adopting one or something" the Dragon snorted, clearly not taking his counterpart seriously. Of course, he'd never seen something like this understandably, he'd deny its possibility. 

Venti chuckled lightly," Yes, our child silly...At Least not now but give it 9 months.." 

He'd chirped as he laughed as he felt his belly being rubbed." Your many kids. Seriously there's so many inside of me right now."!" I can do you a make up lost time..would you like that?"

Venti pouted," So you wouldn't want kids with me?" He'd sniffled sadly." Fine then...I thought I could have polymorphed my body to handle a child, but it seems you don't want to raise a kid!" He'd snapped," And it is possible we can change forms."

"that's not it," the Dragon began with a huff. At the remark, it was more like he didn't particularly understand what taking care of the type of offspring they may produce would entail. He especially didn't want to get Venti pregnant after his first time with the Bard. 

Venti was strictly pouting," Then what exactly is it, Dvalin?" the Bard as clearly knowing Dvalin probably wanted to wait. It was a joke, and he couldn't take one. Dvalin was still mulling over the words of the other. If this was the last time, he could indeed use and abuse the poor Bard without restraint... He began to lift Venti, tugging at the knot which had been securely buried into his arse with a sudden movement. 

 Venti gasped as he felt Dvalin grips his thighs and slowly pull upwards with ease. The Bard shook his head.." Don't move the- "he let out a whimper of pain as he felt his insides slush around the sticky semen still coating his walls..and his own on his body. 

"Well, if you're so adamant about it," he growled. He pulled slowly, edging the shape out of the Bard until pop he released his still surprisingly erect cock. However, his cock wasn't the only thing to escape the Bard at that moment. The overwhelmingly generous amount of cum started to flow out of him as well. Venti shuddered, the pressure he'd felt inside himself as the semen gushed out in sloppy droves. Dvalin felt pleased with the sight. "While I have you now, I'll do everything I want."

"Ho-how the hell do you still have stamina.." he already knew the answer, but- he was or maybe was already eagerly ready for another round of that..big dick in his ass. He shuddered once or twice as he sunk back, looking at Dvalin with a slightly submissive gaze. "Fine...I submit myself to you...Dvalin.." he'd muttered, "Sate your curiosity with my body. You already ruined it. Ruin it some more, why don't you?" The god's face was red as he looked away in embarrassment. He could already guess the other's intention. The Dragon reveled in the sight he was presented with. Venti, cheeks already red and puffy from tears, welts, and red lines pressed on his sides, shoulders and hips. His rump was already thoroughly abused and still leaking semen. It was a sight he wouldn't forget. Venti flushed, reddening the already red cheeks. He huffed in exasperation as Dvalin looked over his handy work, knowing full well how prideful he was.

"State my curiosity..." Dvalin repeated aloud, showing his pondering at the question. He knew it'd best he exhibited a little mercy and left Venti's backside be... At least for the time being. Instead... The Dragon bent down, reaching a hand forward to grasp the Bard's face. He grinned. 

"Say ahh." 

Venti blinked at the statement. This day they would both remember...At least he would more than Dvalin. He was sure the pain in his ass would never go away. He'd gritted his teeth as he locked eyes with Dvalin..he slowly opened his dripping mouth. Like he was just thinking about food. 

”Fuuah? Whaffh mef to shhhfck yoffur fingfahhhers?” (What? Want me to suck your fingers?)

Dvalin looked at Venti with a measuring glance. Of course, he'd had intentions for something when asking the Bard to open his mouth, but as it naturally was, he loved to enjoy the view. His eyes fell down to his own cock for a heartbeat as he tried to measure how much the poor god could manage before things got too rough. Regardless, his eyes having had their fill of the view, he made to proceed. His mind milled back to his lessons in attaining a 'human' form from Rex Lapis. The Adeptus had told him that he could do what he pleases with the proportions as long as they wouldn't be unnatural for himself or for a human appearance to support. So he decided now was the perfect time to experiment. 

Opening his own mouth wide, he leaned forward and captured Venti's mouth with his, just as before filling the crevice with his own tongue, like a snake coiling into a hide. Save for this time, the Dragon willed his tongue to change, the appendage growing and filling Venti's mouth nearly slipping down his throat. Had the dexterous appendage not sought to wriggle into the space left by the Bard's cheeks squirming and taking over the area which seemingly once belonged to the Bard.

Venti watched at how the Dragon gazed at him for a whole minute before his gaze went to his own cock.. that was before Dvalin leaned down and caught his open mouth with his tongue. 

" hnnrk?!" the Bard was confused, but he went along with it semi closing his eyes before salvia gushed out his mouth as Dvalin's tongue started to change. He raised his hands to grip Dvalin's cheeks with protest as he felt himself get deep throated just by his tongue. That same damn tongue that drove him mad with lust. So being his turn on, his cock bobbed eagerly, much to Venti's evident suffering. His mouth was full of Dvalin's saliva and tongue. There was no space left. It even brushed against his teeth" fmmmm~ humph~" He'd gripped Dvalin's thighs as his hands dropped to his sides. He tried to get his tongue to move against it, but it was helpless to stop the invasion. He smelled of Dandelion wine on his tongue, lust, semen, and want on his body. He felt the saliva dribble once more onto his chest he pleading grabbed Dvalin's free hand and begged him to help him with his growing hard cock that was twitching against he thrust his hips against his hand." mmgggh..!~" he wanted to cum. He wanted Dvalin tongue all over it..he wanted to be fucked by that tongue. He needed it. No, he wanted it to be exact. But since he was at his'  master's mercy,' Dvalin could play with him however he liked, and as much as he would try to resist, deep down, he wanted everything Dvalin had to offer. He narrowed his eyes as he pressed his chest against the taller Dragon pushing his abused back to him.  Showing that he was fully submissive to him, he showed his shoulder and neck to him. He assumed Dvalin knew what to do with what he had seen..some things animals making bite marks to establish dominance..he already was dominated in more ways than one. 

The Dragon removed his tongue from the Bard's mouth, a line of saliva dripping between their mouths as he sucked in a few breaths. He enjoyed the Bard's taste in all forms and areas; he wanted to stake a complete claim to his prize. Venti shuddered as he felt the tongue finally leave his mouth. He'd swallowed whatever he could before staring at Dvalin with half-lidded eyes.  Instead of proceeding, his eyes instinctually were drawn to the Bard's bared throat. The feline-like eyes narrowed to slits as it focused on the tender flesh. Catching Dvalin's cat-like gaze made Venti shiver again. It was like he really was going to be his next meal. At some point, he was surprised the Dragon didn't actually kill him during intercourse that or he was half concerned about his life more than his poor ass, at least. Dvalin leaned forward, pressing his tongue to the skin at first, just as he'd done at the start of the altercation. Gingerly he nipped at the flesh, judging each spot with equal measure. Of course, he could hear and feel Venti's heartbeat under the skin, the quickened and intense pulse of life of something which belonged to him. . Venti winced in anticipation, being vocal about being tested like some new brand of food along his neck. Barbatos's heart was like a drum beating loud against his rips. He felt his hot breath against him before he told himself to stay completely still. The Dragon opened his mouth and bit the nook between the Bard's throat and shoulder. Of course, it was not quite hard enough to cause him to bleed but sufficient to place noticeable welts along the skin to accompany the multiple other hickeys which now took residence on the once unblemished skin. 

" Fuuuuuuuuuuuoooooock!"* he cursed under his breath as he put his head back to stare up at dvalin, chirping with an edge to his voice," I seriously can't go back to the village now." He'd muttered

"I'm sure they wouldn't mind" dvalin chuckled at the comment pridefully. He grinned, pleased with himself. "Now everyone will know who you belong to," he chuckled with a growl. He thought about how he'd observed, at least from afar, the bard's dealings with others. Now they'd know who's property he was.

" Well, that's true..I am yours." Venti returned with a smirk." How does it feel?" He'd breathed against his chest taking in the scent of him again. He reached a hand up and traced the fangs that marked his neck. He sighed clearly. He had no way to explain why he was limping, looking more prominent in the stomach, and had an oddly bruised neck and throat. What could he possibly put up as an excuse so crazy and wild nobody would believe just a rambling of a bard. Dvalin was obviously pleased by the aspect and even wondered if he could stake such claims to the Archon. 
"It feels good," he added, nipping at his ear. The Dragon's arousal had still yet to wane, and while he loved to play rough with Venti, the sensible part of him knew that perhaps if he played a little too harsh, he might end up hurting him. Still, if he hoped to be any kind of gentle, he'd have to quell the remaining desires burning in his chest. Venti could tell the Dragon was considering a more tame- gentle option. Venti wanted nothing more than for the Dragon to completely undo him. He could handle it for sure after all, he wouldn't be one of the seven archons for a reason! If dvalin thought less of him just because he liked to mingle with humans, he would have indeed turned the other cheek, which dvalin would have proceeded to...he didn't want to fantasize it again. It could happen again if chosen too.

"Hey..." he began as his eyes trailed down at Venti. "Can you open your legs just a bit?" he said, his cock poking at the Bard's thigh. An idea was brewing in his head to satiate his remaining wants. Venti felt Dvalin nudge him as he looked down, finally noticing what was poking him. He grinned as he looked up at him. 

" You will never be satisfied, will you?" he slightly opened his legs as pressed them against his rod." This what you want?" He'd cooed, feeling Dvalin's head between his fingers. The Dragon shivered in something like a purr enjoying the sensation of the fingers touching along his cock. His tongue lolled out as a shameless gesture. 

"When in your presence, I'm never satisfied," he remarked, feeling the soft flesh against his cock. He was adjusting his position as the Bard proposed his question.

"  I'd probably have sucked you off too...but I think I felt good enough, so it's my turn to pleasure you." he noticed that he was still semi-hard, practically awaiting more. Dvalin..probably just made him the horniest Archon alive. He thought about it...Who else could have the same urges."  You'll put back in, right?" He'd question as he moved his legs against it, pressing them together to rub. 
"Oh?" he began pressing his cock between the gap in the Bard's legs pleasure coursed through him at the sensation. He considered the statement despite how his head started swimming again. "Do you want me to?" he grinned, thinking what it may be like to pump the Bard full even more to the brim. But he didn't mind the idea of some being on the outside. Thinking about how he could cover Venti with the remainder of what he had in the tank. "I'll take you either way," he purred. Venti continued to stroke the head between his index and thumb. He looked back; he seemed to enjoy hiding from his expression. 

" Is that so? So...I am the only one who can sate your appetite for a really good fuck?" He'd smirked a little embarrassed at the thought. It made him feel very proud." hmmm~ yes, I would like that...I am already loosened up enough I can definitely take more." He'd held his legs together as he felt dvalin starting to move against his thighs. He felt the barbs and sticky dried cum.." You can put it in but let me clean it off." He'd muttered as he brought up some of the cum on Dvalin's head and brought it to his lips. Giving his fingers a lick before going back for more, he stuck his fingers in his mouth, pulling them out until they were coated with saliva as he continued to clean..only making more of a mess, he extended two fingers from his right hand and held up to dvalin" Could you please?"

The Dragon raised a brow at the fingers initially, confused by the action, but he followed the example his counterpart had provided. He took the fingers in his mouth and wet them with his fingers, enjoying the taste on his tongue as he saturated the appendages in his saliva. Venti gently sighed at Dvalin's tongue, observing as it lapped on his fingers. Moments later, the Dragon drew back moments after licking his lips. The Archon kissed his chin affectionately. 

"Barbatos," he began, the name still an unfortunate habit when he was more severe with the Bard. "You allow me to abuse you so, yet you still sit on your knees so eager to please me." The Dragon let out a huff feeling a bit guilty for his actions. He hadn't realized before, but he had definitely changed something. He squinted at the subtle realization that he should have perhaps listened to some of those pleading cries. Regardless at this moment, Dvalin was still at least gratefully for Venti's handiwork. After all, he hadn't done anything like this during his slumber or even directly after when he'd gone under the name of storm terror.

 The Bard showed much contempt with his former name being used, but he didn't mind it as much." Is there something wrong with me wanting to please you? After all, you deserve such a reward for doing such a good job the city has never looked so good." he'd sighed. He could see the wary Dragon would need some further coaxing. With another sigh, he started to finger his messy hole; cleaning around the semen that spilled and dripped from it, he slipped inside himself with a deep moan. The Dragon tried to follow the words, as meaningful as they were. His attention was acutely being commanded by his friend's nonchalant actions, or rather lover, amidst his words.

"I-" he began, but the words fell in his throat at Venti's moan, letting him continue. 

" After all...I needed something too, so I think of it as nothing much when you're rough. You're a dragon. It's in your nature..that or just really really really love me?~ Are you overprotective of me so badly that you claimed and marked me, dragon?" He'd questioned as he left Dvalin's flushing tip to pull his head down to run his hands over his horns.

The Dragon tried to persist, "I suppose you're right-" he began, but he shuddered as the Bard ran his hands over his horns, enjoying how he'd grabbed them. It'd pulled the sense away from the Dragon, and his head began to filter back to pleasure. He hadn't anticipated the Bard to go so smoothly for his weak point like this. His eyes drank in the sight of such a lewd occurrence before him, reveling in the shared air between them. Venti looked at Dvalin's curious face as he tried to speak but was bewildered by his actions. He smirked as he rubbed at his horns again. 

" Like that? Is that the spot?~" He'd cooed. He could see how wanton the Dragon had become. Dvalin offered a growl in response, the words clearly having left him." So can I please you?" He awaited Dvalin's reaction as he continued pumping his fingers into himself; he started to feel hot again, beginning to pant as he lifted his hips using Dvalin's horns and hands to steady himself as he rode himself on his fingers." Ah..~...ha..." his dick throbbing lewdly new pre-cum spilling from it." Have you been taking care of yourself? Because it felt like you were really pent up, so of course you were going to act wild... it's in your nature. I can't blame you. I" He'd added before breaking off with a groan.

"It's true," Dvalin said in a sultry tone, "It has been a long time" his words slurred into a mutter as the Bard groaned, his cock twitching attentively tapping against Venti. He realized perhaps that exhibiting self-control after barely scratching the surface of his rather large appetite for this sort of thing would only hinder the experience. He growled. "Forgive me" his hands gripped either side of the Bard's buttocks, kneading the soft flesh. "as always, you know best" Venti had been rather absorbed in his task. Listening to Dvalin as he thrust his hips once more against his fingers before he took them out, feeling Dvalin's hands grab at him, he raised his finger to his lips and tasted. slooch! he pulled out his finger and held the other to dvalin. 

" I do forgive you...and your right. I do know best." He'd smirked as he gripped one of his horns, raising himself just a little to lick at it." Would it better if I faced you?" He'd muttered sheepishly. He was kind of flushed with bashfulness, Dvalin having not really seen his..lewd expressions he made when he was... doing. The Bard suddenly was overcome with biting emotions, mainly embarrassment, embarrassment, and embarrassment." Y-you know what n-never mind." the bird croaked. The Dragon himself was surprised by how he felt by such actions. Being a large creature just moments before, most didn't even have the opportunity to grab his horns, much less pull at them and use them as the Bard had. The action made him shudder with pleasure, but his moment was washed away by his sudden interest in what the Bard had said. 

"Nevermind?" he repeated, hearing the statement. The Dragon could see the blush reaching the Bard's ears and sat his chin on Venti's shoulder meanwhile, his tail curled around his leg. "What happened to your boldness, love? don't tell me you don't want to see me?" The Dragon gaining an almost mischievous glint in his eyes nuzzled the Bard. "You'll only look at me when you want to kiss me, hm?" he asked, sticking out his long tongue in a teasing gesture.

Venti nodded slowly as he shivered, feeling the cool feathery end of his tail brush against his naked thigh. He let out an annoyed hum of embarrassment." So we are lovers now?" He'd turned with a smirk as he nuzzled back. Venti sighed as he gave in to the Dragon's cheek in tongue joke. He sighed, getting up only to hop onto Dvalin's lap firmly, his braids brushing his cheeks."  I'll look at you when I want, my love." He'd muttered with a smile as he leaned in toying with Dvalin's." Do you mind...if I- suck you off?" He'd questioned as he pulled away, leaning in once more, teasing dvalin blowing air onto his lips.

The Dragon offered Venti a noise, starting to lose his patience with the Bard. He teased him again, yet the Archon had become bashful despite his boldness and the offers he was getting to the point where he may consider taking matters into his own hand again. The Dragon would have shaken his head to dispel the thought had the Bard not been playing with his horns. You're only thinking stuff like this cause it's been a while, he told himself, then looked back at Venti. 

"I hope you won't keep me waiting much longer," he remarked. That whimsical nature was very much fun to play with, but he decided that he would lose it again if he kept teasing Dvalin's. Which is what he wanted. So he granted Dvalin some peace for now. Venti descended on his knees almost as if he was himself, pun intended. Venti gripped Dvalin's shaft, stroking it up with his hands. He muffled in awe."  it's almost as big as my head.." He'd added his other hand, taking it up more. Stroking it with big kisses and small tiny touches of his tongue." I can't believe this was inside of me..that.." he broke off his thought to not give the Dragon any more praise. Bard venti clearly enjoyed being dominated like that, but he wouldn't say to dvalin. Who knows what might happen next. Thoughts ran wild with what could possibly happen? How would he sound? What face would he make? And what dvalin would do? He shook his thoughts away and began to use his tongue as he played with Dvalin's present throbbing knot, With his fingers cupping it. As he began to nip at it. Before running his tongue along the shaft. Dvalin, glad the Bard had started to get to business, let out a satisfied hum as he felt him touching along his length. He did his best from jerking or twitching, trying to accept the Bard's actions without forcing the appendage down his throat. Eagerly a hand reached down, slipping the Dragon's human fingers between the black locks on the Bard's head. Dvalin had to suck in a breath as he did so, willing himself to keep a semblance of control. While he had had sex before, something like this, an action purely done from pleasure and not instinct, it was throwing his senses askew. Thus, to quell his burning desires, he watched, blue eyes like a smoldering flame as he overlooked and reveled in each movement Venti made.

Venti looked up at Stormterror as he used his tongue to lap on his knot. He pulled away, letting his mouth hang open as he felt the saliva cool his lips. He then used his agape mouth to devour Dvalin. He made sure to go as deep as he could go. If he couldn't do this properly, what kind of god could he be.  He leaned into Dvalin's touch while making eye contact. He breathed out through his nose, sucking down a few more times before coming up with a loud slurp, slightly panting. Dvalin groaned at the sensation. The wet heat enveloping him and throbbing around him, of course, in some places, it wasn't as good as, say, the Bard's backside, but he couldn't say he didn't love it just as much. The Dragon's length throbbed inside the wet cavern, and he'd begun to melt away into the ecstasy of the feeling when Venti pulled back for air.

" I am sorry I just want this to last." He'd breathed as he went back to using his hands. He couldn't help but wonder who Dvalin had coupled with before. He was a beast, after all; he was bound to have had lovers before him. Suddenly a question blurted from his mouth." How many?" the Bard felt his cheeks heat up as he pulled away from his hands and brought Dvalin's free hand to his cheek to hold it close, nuzzling it. He closed his eyes." I just do I say this...jealous?"  He'd wondered, biting his lip, if he had done this with Dvalin in the past. The alcohol made it fuzz and blurry.

The Dragon perked up at the remark, having been encompassed in the feeling of pleasure it took him a few moments to gain the sense to craft a human response. A rumble sounded in his throat. Dvalin drew his hand up his face moving aside some of the long strands of hair that covered his view. He let out a huff. 

"Venti," He hissed. His blue eyes stared down at his companion as his hand pressed against his cheek. His irritation waned for a moment as the question persisted. "How many what?" He asked with a growl. Venti decided that maybe he would stop the questions at this point. He felt Dvalin visibly throb in disappointment and dissatisfaction. It kind of made him proud he wanted this blowjob so badly. Venti visibly twitched when he heard Dvalin's angered growls. To be fair, he was used to them, but it made him want to tease him all the more when he heard it like this. Just so he could listen to that growling, his ears making him shiver, hell couldn't even hold back the moan he had imaging him growling in his ear as he was..fucked.

 He chuckled slightly" ehe." he opened his eyes as he kissed his palm, tracing his fingers with his tongue."  It's nothing..nothing at all." He'd hummed, pulling away as he began to start again, but this time at a much much slower pace than before. Kissing his knot slowly. Gingerly bringing his tongue across his tip into the slit before pulling away and tapping Dvalin's head on his tongue, all while looking at him with a playful lust-filled expression. Dvalin had to tell him what he wanted now, or else he might stop all together." Dvalin..what do you need." he asked his final question before he brought his hands into a death-like grip around Dvalin's still hardened cock. He stroked it upwards with a jerk. If he wanted to be gentle, Dvalin would have to growl in his ears. If he tried to stop, he'd probably had to hold him back, which wouldn't be hard to do. He actually lied about that being his final question. Go figure. "What do you want from me?" He'd said as he pulled his hands down with a soft stroke. He would repeat this pattern hard up soft down. The Dragon growled again, feeling as though his desires were clear enough for Venti to see. As eager as he was, Dvalin was a proud creature and wouldn't admit his desires. His hips jerked into the Bard's hands.

 "You know what I want," he said gruffly with a haughty breath. He was nearly at the point of just doing it himself, relieving the pent up stress that was starting to cumulate. The ease he'd felt from his last orgasm was waning. 

"I thought you learned your lesson, not to tease me," He added, seeing as the Bard was clearly goading him. Venti's ears moved a little as he felt him growl again, that damn growl that made his heart fluttered and beat faster than when he was enjoying a nice breeze while flying as he felt him thrust upwards to his hand.' he was reaching his limit again.'  "Or is that what you want, Venti" there was an edge to his voice.

" I need to hear you say it, my love." He'd chirped with a smug ass face.  He thought about this for a while as he shook his head" Dvalin, whatever do you mean? Teasing you? Lesson?" he said, utterly faking his confusion. He brought Dvalin's flushed tip to his tongue and again and wrapped his tongue around it like a warm blanket." I really don't know. Can you teach me also perhaps step by step so I can get the full lesson in one go?" He'd said as he pulled away and looked up at dvalin, getting up a little putting his hands on Dvalin's thighs." Please?" he put a hand to his head."  Who's Venti?" He'd smirked. By this point, Dvalin knew this had been precisely what Venti was asking for. His arousal had made the idea of his friends' mischievous nature slip his mind. He gave the Bard a toothy grin. 

"You're such a glutton for punishment now, aren't you, Barbatos.",  he remarked. Venti tilted his head dvalin never actually smiled before..that was kind of terrifying. He looked evil. 

" Punishment?" He'd blinked wide-eyed.  With a swift movement, Dvalin hoisted the Archon into his arms. There was a squeak from surprise from the Bard as he stepped closer to the tree, placing him so his back was pressed firmly to the trunk. He'd been appropriately sat with his face still at eye level with the Dragon's cock, the space between them filled by the long length. The Dragon pressed one arm against the tree to steady himself while the other reached down at the Bard's face, hooking a thumb on the edge of his mouth and with a commanding growl. "Open your mouth."

Venti stared at the dick in front of him. He inhaled, but all he smelled was the wine from when he sucked it, the semen still longing on his tongue. Barbatos's head was jerked up as he looked at Dvalin submissively and nodded as he trailed his tongue across his thumb. He brought it into his mouth, putting his hands between his legs to hide as he focused on anything but Dvalin's gaze. On his wrist or chest, anything but his eyes. Those damn eyes. Visibly, he was throbbing for punishment internally; he was begging for it to not stop. He could see the aversion of his gaze. The meek behavior coming out as the dragon's own commanding one took charge. His azure gaze bore down onto Venti like a hungry animal he watched as that same sense as before came over him, this rampant possessiveness.

As if who he had before him was nothing more than property to be toiled with. He pressed the pad of his thumb against Venti's tongue, feeling the soft muscle against it. He let his other fingers curl under his chin, coaxing his mouth open further. Eagerly he pressed his cock to the Bard's face forcing the flushed appendage into his partner's awaiting Gob. He wondered just how much he could get Venti to fit down his throat.  As vengeful a creature as he was, the Dragon decided that a brutal fucking of Venti's throat would be due punishment. For now, he'd use gentleness to ease his companion into a false sense of security.

Venti felt him watching. He flinched as he felt the Dragon's gaze on him. He felt his fingers shift under his chin, bringing his head upwards as he felt his open before getting his mouth filled he coughed as he took in Dvalin's length. He tried to look away, but he couldn't break his gaze from Dvalin's hungry-looking eyes. He shut them instead, focusing on the penis inside his mouth. He let his tongue do the work, only he wouldn't move his head. Defiant still. Barbatos fixed himself on stroking his own cock instead. His mind went fogged as he did long strokes with a soft grip.  Soon he got hard again. So he forced himself to focus on himself instead. He imagined things that dvalin would do next. He was in control after all, so why was he fighting him so much? He was the god of freedom. He wouldn't do it if he didn't want to. That's what he kept telling himself. He let his warm cavern lap up dvalin. He'd moaned as he rubbed his tip and went down again, eagerly pinching his balls. He wanted to cum. He wanted to see Dvalin's face.

When he did, he wanted to know the arousal come back as he was fucked in this ass again. Such a perverted thought, his ass quivered at such an idea. He thought himself hard again, spewing out his load repeatedly every time Dvalin came into him and embraced his lonely walls. So eager to see his friend again, a longing reunion. Dvalin sucked in a breath delighting in the lewd display Venti was putting on for him. He could feel the shudders and the tongue against his head. His eyes ate in the sight greedily, and he found himself almost jealous of the pleasure that his counterpart was indulging in. 

"Look at you," he growled, gripping the thick strands of hands on the Bard's head to secure him in place as he pushed the remainder of his length into Venti's mouth as far as he'd be allowed shuddering with pleasure as he felt the slickness around his cock. Venti felt his hands emerging in his hair, and he opened his eyes to gaze at himself like dvalin said. Dvalin looked jealous, almost angry that he was doing this to him. Did he want him the same way? He wouldn't mind if Dvalin could eat him in one go. He managed to take his length whole into his warmth and saliva before Dvalin's rod was gone from his lip. He pulled out only moments later, saliva having completely coated the appendage. Dvalin continued thrusting his hips forward and beginning in a rhythm, practically forcing the poor (or perhaps fortunate) Bard to deep throat the massive appendage, only just barely giving him time to breathe. Venti's eyes widened significantly as he took in Dvalin's thrusts, unexpectedly sputtering gasps escaping him as Dvalin got into his throat. He closed and opened his eyes, taking in the appendage readily with the Dragon's assault/

The sensation of it all was riveting to Dvalin, his hips moving in rapid succession. No mercy was to be had, and he treated the Bard's mouth just as brutally as he had the Archon's backside. The loud, sloppy squelching of the actions beating through the air. It would be hard to mistake such a sound for anything else. With the morning Sun's warmth on his back, the humanoid Dragon was far from concerned about anyone witnessing such a thing. Why if a bystander were to arrive, they might have simply quietly excused themselves from the premises of the tree. 

Dvalin gripped his hand tightly onto the strands of hair his face scrunched up in pleasure as he continued to fuck down the Bard's throat, the tight passage coaxing him ever closer to his orgasm. All the teasing and goading had brought them to this. The last remnants of the Dragon's pent up energy from his years of solitude were to be emptied into the Bard once again. Venti tried to keep up with the Dragon's movements. Saliva spilled from his mouth, covering his chin dripping onto the grass below. He forced his body to take it all while trying to keep his mouth from not clamping as it gagged down many times, he lost count. It was bright out now..people would definitely see, and the thought of it made him hard as he went back to thrusting his hand against his cock. Dvalin really was cruel to him. Barbatos didn't get a blowjob or handjob, not even a second cream pie to satisfy his gaping hole. Which was still leaking heavy amounts of fluid. Dvalin's grip on his hair was tight. The sounds were sloppy and louder than before. Venti could only wish he had it inside his ass! How could he eat an apple ever again? He felt sick. 

Dvalin thrust inside Venti one last time, pressing himself inside the Bard's maw as far as he could manage. He suppressed a roar of pleasure, the sound coming out as a deep, almost guttural growl, and he shot thick hot jets of semen down the Bard's throat. The Bard's eyes flew open. *MGHHG?!" he felt the hot sticky semen fill his throat. Dvalin could see it eagerly gulping it down just to make room for more. It continued like that for a while. Venti was draining the drops like a newly born mammal eager to drink. Expect this milk was very thick and sticky. It continued for several moments, but the Dragon, sensing he might choke the Bard, pulled back, slipping his cock out of Venti's mouth and letting the last numerous helpings of cum shoot on Venti's face, chest, and bulged stomach. 

" Fuuuu...ahhhh~" He'd gasped as he flinched from the spray painting, his open mouth prominent with saliva and loads from his face. It dripped off his tongue as he let it hang out. He looked like a tired dog. His mouth hurt, and he felt parched. He winced as finally let out a pathetic mewl of orgasm as he came in his hand. Dvalin admired the sight, offering his cock a few final Strokes for good measure to ensure he'd been milked dry. When the last shots had been fulfilled, the appendage sagged as it softened. Venti watched dvalin sag. A little bit pleased.

 " I guess you don't have that much stamina in this form..." He'd coughed, wiping his chin." But I, Barbatos, don't think there is any lesson to be taught here..expect I should have taught you manners." The god fell back on the grass. It was everywhere really he felt it on his back in his ass on his body he was completely covered from head to toe marked in more ways than one by dvalin." I changed my mind...Can we go back to Celestia? I'll have to disappoint my fans." He'd said sadly.

"They can stand to wait while you recover," the Dragon cooed as he stooped next to Venti. He kissed him lightly on the head. Of course, it couldn't make up for the rude behavior from before, but he still offered the Gesture to the Bard. "You look nice like this," he began, still feeling playful. "A plump belly Covered in marks and my 'present' Barbatos, you truly look best as someone who belongs to me," he hummed. His back against the tree. Though he hadn't received an answer as the Bard had dutifully passed out into a fitful sleep. 

With a chuckle of his own Dvalin shifted his form into its former glory, strong wings, and bright blue plumage. Carefully he scooped the Bard up in his class, delicately grasping him with a mighty gust of wind, he ascended into the sky.

To be continued...