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Blood and Promises

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Is it the blood on his hand as he knocks, fist shaking well before his knuckles hit the door? Is it his torn clothes? The tears streaming down bruises that he hopes his son won't ever remember seeing?

Please, please, be there

He knocks again, maybe too hard, but his hands already hurt too much to pay the ache spreading at the impact any mind.


He didn't expect Namjoon to answer the door himself, and a sob of relief flies off seeing the alpha.

"I need your help," he says after gulping to retrieve what's left of a voice hoarsened by the cries of terror and anger that stormed his throat not so long ago. "I-I have nowhere else to go," he pleads, uncaring if Namjoon even requests him to beg to be let in.

"What happened?"

Namjoon is smart, by his scent and the mess that he must look like, the alpha probably already started putting the pieces together.

"He hurt-" Cradling his son tighter against his chest, he pushes the words off a reluctant tongue. "He hurt Jungkook, and I-” His voice cracks, and he shakily exhales. “Namjoon, I tried to kill him but it didn't work, please, he's gonna come for him-"

Frenzy drips in his voice with fervor, but Jungkook already bears a bruise, he'll do whatever it takes for that stain to be the only one his baby ever has to suffer.

"Please, help us,” he whimpers, abandoning his pride for the sake of the little boy in his arms. “I'll do anything."


"Do you want me to kill him?"

Steady with his voice as he is with his fingers, Namjoon doesn't falter in his task when he asks the question, delicate in his hold as he bandages the trembling hands in his grasp.


A glance at him betrays hesitance on Seokjin's expression, one that fades with the omega's deep exhale after he nuzzles the top of his son's head, asleep and cradled against his chest as he has been since the pair set foot inside, only parting with his father for Seokjin to dress him in clean clothes.


Humming an approval of his decision, Namjoon senses the lingering fear in the omega's scent and chooses to ignore it.

"How?" he simply asks, "You can choose."

"Will-” Seokjin squirms on his seat. “Will you be the one doing it?"

Halting his task, Namjoon leans back and meets his eyes. "I can be,” he says, inwardly hoping for the omega to accept the implicit offer.

"Then-" Pressing a kiss on the side of Jungkook's head, Seokjin summons his courage to hold his gaze and grants volume to a trembling but determined request. "Beat him to death."

Had the shade of blue imprinted on Jungkook's abdomen not scarred his mind, he might have had remorse.

"He hurt my child," he murmurs, faintly rocking the little boy in his arms, "He deserves no mercy.”


"What happens if we stay?"

Glad to see Jungkook fast asleep in his father's arms for fresh crimson soaks his clothes, Namjoon closes the door behind him and steps into his room.

"You'll have protection," he declares as he takes off his coat and drapes it on the back of his chair.

"What do I have to do for it?" immediately retorts Seokjin, a fierce glint in his eyes despite the fatigue that must weigh on his every limb from his escape.

Cocking an eyebrow at him, Namjoon chuckles at his faltering confidence. "Nothing, who do you take me for?"

"A mob boss," reminds the omega, surprisingly unafraid despite the blood of the shirt he watches Namjoon unbutton.

Conceding Seokjin a right to be apprehensive, Namjoon curiously checks the omega’s pheromones before speaking again. "You can work for me if it'll put you at ease," he offers, "But I will provide for you and your son either way.”

"Why?” frowns the omega, suspicion souring his scent, “He isn't yours."

Stopping his fingers, Namjoon looks up with an odd stare. “The one related to him hurt him and nearly beat you to death when you stepped in, dare I say that doesn’t make Jungkook his son either.”

His words burn, and he sees the small step Seokjin takes away from him, so Namjoon sighs and softens his tone. "I've spilled enough blood to know it isn't what binds a family.”

Stripping the carmine stained fabric off his shoulders, he discards it but leaves his undershirt on before breaching some of the distance towards the omega.

"That little boy isn't yours because you gave birth to him," he declares, closing the space to stand in front of Seokjin, "He's yours because one hit on your child and your claws came out."

Darting his eyes to Jungkook, he then sees wariness mingled with a sharp focus in the brown orbs set on him, but neither fazes him.

"You were willing to kill for him, to get blood on your hands for his safety, that's what makes him your son."

Noticing the omega's slight gulp as he towers over him, Namjoon softly huffs before bringing gentle fingers to Seokjin's cheek.

"I regret that his pain is what you brought back to me," he hums, giving a rare spot of unscathed pale skin a delicate stroke, "But if you decide to stay, this time I won't push you away."

This is an offer he should have accepted years ago, when Seokjin tried to stay by his side despite the rivers of blood bound to accompany his future would he choose a life with Namjoon.

How dreadful a fate that the one who stole the first embers of love of his heart should be returned to him under these circumstances. Yet Seokjin sees the blood on him, the same he himself commanded, and when Namjoon leans in, he doesn't back away.

"You're free to stay as you are to go,” he announces, reluctant to leave a way out but too cautious to risk scaring Seokjin with overbearing wishes, “But know that whatever you need, I will provide."

Not a cloud of doubt hovers across Seokjin's expression, but his brows furrow and he asks, "What do you want?” he counters, “And I mean truly, Namjoon. Would you be fine watching me go without a fight?"

Honesty seldom does Namjoon the favor of helping him, not in this line of work, but right now he knows it's his best card to play.

"I want to fix my mistake," he simply admits, "I want you by my side, in my bed, as my mate, my king."

Seokjin could laugh if he didn't know about Namjoon's plan to build an empire with wits and violence since before their paths parted because of the alpha's reluctance to put him at risk.

"And Jungkook," continues the alpha, with a fond look to the little boy nestled against Seokjin's chest, "If you let me, I would earn the honor of being his father and raise him as my own.”

Barely a day since his eyes laid on the little boy, yet Namjoon is truthful to the last syllable when he adds, “He would get everything. As my son he will be a prince, no one will ever touch him."

Inhaling, Namjoon allows the joy his inner alpha feels to have Seokjin so close again to fuel the fervor of his voice when he carries on to deliver an apology put on hold for far too long.

"I'm sorry,” he yields, voice brushing the volume of a murmur before he rises it again because Seokjin deserves a proper atonement. “Not for pushing you away, but for not being strong enough to keep you by my side when I told you I would.”

His refusal to regret their separation surprises Seokjin, he can see it as easily as he senses it. “But our parting allowed this little miracle," he points out with a look to Jungkook, "And now I am as strong as I once promised I would be.”

A tinge of despair in the flow of his veins, Namjoon knows this is his second and last chance to make things right with the omega who, even at a distance, never stopped ruling his heart.

“Let me make amends, and if you can find forgiveness, let me give you all that I couldn’t back then."

The offer holds more than Seokjin would know after five years apart, for the heartache of letting the omega go fueled his intent to make the separation worth the pain, and the blood he shed built him a bigger throne than either of them could have imagined.

"Will you give me a second chance?"

Namjoon calls himself king, the way all those who fear and admire him do, but the true bearer of the crown is the one standing in front of him.

Pale bruised skin and parted plump lips pondering on an answer with the power none other than him can wield against Namjoon.

"If I stay," whispers the omega, eyes locked with his, "You have to promise you will mate me."

Many contracts and vows has Namjoon signed and swore, but none ever required his greatest wish as the key to sealing it.

"I promise." He leans in, heart thumping with thrill to have Seokjin even considering granting the request. “This and everything,” he vows, nuzzling the omega’s cheek, “Everything my king may wish." Their lips brush. "I promise I won’t fail you again, my love."

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5 years ago

Part of him wants to get angry, turn around and yell at the trio following him since he left the mall.

The other part of him sensed that his stalkers are alphas, and he doesn’t want to know what they’ll do to him if tries to deal with them on his own.

If his bodyguards were here, he wouldn’t care, but he’s unusually alone and the ones lurking in his steps must have known that the opportunity to get him unguarded would be rare.

Well screw you.

Fingers locked around his phone in his pocket, he doesn’t dare check the device for directions and simply hopes his memory won’t do him dirty.

Ah! There it is.

Inwardly sending prayers to anyone gracious enough to grant him some luck, he hurries inside the shop with a thumping heart, and an audible whine of relief escapes him when he recognizes the man behind the counter.

“Hello,” he says before his brain decides to make any other embarrassing noises, and the alpha politely returns the greeting before a whiff of Seokjin’s scent furrows his brows. “Is everything alright?”

Glancing above his shoulder through the window, Seokjin sees the culprits behind his unease and gulps.

“I’m being followed,” he says, deciding to be bluntly honest because if the alpha’s stature isn’t enough to discourage the other three tailing him, he needs to know if the man will shrug off his troubles, kick him out to mind his own business or be kind enough to allow him to take momentary shelter in his shop.

Hoping for at best an offer to call the police on his behalf, Seokjin blinks when his explanation prompts the man to snap his book shut with a clenched jaw.

“How many?” he asks as his eyes scan the outside, and something about his stance puts Seokjin on edge, but he still stutters out an answer, "Three.”

Nervous, he watches the man walk out from behind the counter. “If that’s okay I’ll just stay here until my body- friends, can come pick me up.”

To his surprise, the alpha’s tone turns gentle. “Of course, please make yourself comfortable,” invites the man, “There’s a seating corner over there, I’ll bring you some coffee.”

Oddly at ease with the instruction, Seokjin wonders if the alpha’s pheromones are to blame because after a few minutes of conversation, the three rascals that soured his scent with fear can’t hold to the front of his mind anymore.

Instead the thought of them slips away, surrendering his focus to the alpha with the kind smile seated across from him.

“I can drive you home if you want,” offers the man once the two of them have talked long enough for Seokjin to know he’ll definitely make their paths cross again.

And the alpha, Namjoon as he’s now registered in his phone, seems to be more than on board with that plan.

Seokjin can tell because Namjoon kisses back without even a muttered protest about the few hours that have stretched since their first proper conversation.

Because Namjoon’s hands are around his waist and ass when the alpha carries him to his bed, keeping him diligently quiet with his tongue until clothes part ways with the limbs they then eagerly tangle.

“If someone follows you again, come to my shop,” instructs the alpha once he’s done making a skillful mess out of the omega, and Seokjin, lazy grin and flushed cheeks, can’t help teasing, “Why? You’re gonna throw books at their faces?”

The hunch he had about Namjoon’s strength from the sole visit he ever paid the little library was right, and the lingering sensation of the alpha’s touch tells him Namjoon may just be able to tear a limb off as easily as he would a page from the books neatly displayed around his shop.

But Seokjin isn’t one to shy away from a cheeky taunt, and the amused huff his words prompt precede a controlled surge of pheromones that pulls a faint gasp out of him.

“I don’t know,” hums Namjoon with a sly smirk, “Maybe I should try that out as my plan B.”

Fingertips lightly waltzing on the omega’s bare shoulder as Seokjin’s lips part to inhale and steady his thoughts, Namjoon grins and, kissing the corner of his jaw, leans forward to nuzzle his neck.

“I can send them running with just my scent,” he declares, falsely humble only his tone because a shiver tumbles down Seokjin’s spine at the claim.

“I believe that,” surrenders Seokjin with a gulp after Namjoon playfully grazes his teeth below his scent gland. “Good,” smiles the alpha against the skin of his throat, “So you’ll come to me if you need?”

Palm drifting along a pale thigh as he asks the question, Namjoon lets out an amused exhale sensing what the touch bursts in Seokjin’s scent, but pulls away before the omega can try to entice him into another round.

“If you want more, come by again,” he declares, delighted by the whine the delayed reward pushes off the lips he kisses one more time before leaving, confident that he won’t have to wait long before getting Seokjin under him again.


Two weeks later

“I’ll come with you.”

Snorting, Seokjin is about to chide him that empty offers hold no interest to him, but instead decides to tease. “Aw, you’re gonna fly to Japan just because you can’t spend a week without fucking me?”

“I have business there anyway.”

“But part of why you’re coming is my ass?” notices Seokjin with a chuckle.

“Yeah,” confidently admits Namjoon, too keen to fluster the omega to choose anything but the playfulness of blunt honesty for his reply, “And I’ll be picking it up when you leave so text me what flight you’re taking.”

Clicking his tongue in mock annoyance, Seokjin grins picturing the satisfaction that will etch on his partner’s face once his phone buzzes with the requested details, for Namjoon likes obedience, and he rewards it very well.

“Good boy,”  praises the alpha, “I’ll drop by tonight, you want anything?”

“Dinner, I don’t feel like cooking,” he replies with a soft sigh, and agreement to his demand echoes through the line with Namjoon’s amused chuckle. “As my prince wishes.”


A few days later, in Japan at their hotel

“You could at least look surprised.”

Settling on the alpha’s lap, Seokjin huffs. “Baby, I know you walk around with a gun, if I didn’t have a hunch by now I’d be dangerously stupid.”

Amused by the retort, Namjoon moves his legs to slide Seokjin closer to him and circles his waist. “True,” he concedes, “But for more than a pretty face, you still don’t seem too fazed.”

Shrugging, Seokjin drifts his fingers along the surface of the clear water of the onsen hosting a conversation he had been expecting for a while now. “You fuck me good and you can protect me, what else should I care about?”

Eyebrow cocking at the omega, Namjoon grasps his chin to make their gaze lock. “Why do you think I came with you here?”

“You said you had business.”

A pointed stare, but Seokjin shrugs instead of attempting a second response.

“You’ve been seen with me, prince,” hums the alpha as his thumb strokes Seokjin’s cheek, “That puts a target on your back.”


The explanation made sense when Namjoon said it.

But while a concern that lingers at the back of their mind after the alpha shares it, it isn’t until a bullet grazes Seokjin’s shoulder to greet them back home that he truly realizes what his partner meant.

“I’m fine, you can come and see me now,” he grumbles to the phone, unnerved by the alpha’s absence since Namjoon drove him home the day before after getting his shoulder examined by a doctor.

“I won’t.”

Anger sparks, but he gives Namjoon another chance. “What do you mean you won’t?”

He has a hunch, of course he does.

“I can’t see you anymore, little prince, I’m sorry.”



“You don’t get to leave me.”

“The more I rise, the more eyes there are on me. I can fight back, you can’t.”

“So teach me.”

“Whatever I could teach you wouldn’t be enough, not against the kind of people who’d come after you.”

“Then keep it a secret.”

“It’s too risky. They won’t take a fling for a serious target, but if I see you for any longer they’ll realize you’re more than that.”

“I told you I was okay with your life.”

“I know. But I’m not okay with your blood on my hands.”

“Then protect me, Namjoon! You said you would.”

“I want to. But I won’t do it unless I know I can do it well.”


“Things are moving in my clan, Seokjin, it’s for the be-”

“You’re a liar.”

“... I’m sorry, little prince.”

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A few years later

“Papa, Papa, Papa, can I go play?”

Endeared by the giddy rush framing the request, Seokjin ruffles the young alpha’s hair with a fond grin.

“We have to get ready, baby, we’re going out tonight, remember? You can go play before we have to go if Daddy says there’s enough time.”

Pouting until he remembers what going out entails, Jungkook hops on his father’s lap with a beaming smile. “Will the hyungies be there?” he asks, small fingers finding their way to the front of Seokjin’s shirt to play with the soft fabric as he waits for an answer.

“Yes, I think so,” hums the omega with a little smile that his son welcomes with a delighted giggle, for Jungkook is thrilled to know he’ll get to spend the night playing with both his fathers and his friends. “Papa, you gotta play with us, ‘kay?”

Sensing the hint of a chide in the demand, Seokjin easily recalls what prompts Jungkook to voice it.

“I will, bunny,” he assures, hopeful that the closer committee of the party will be secure enough not to strand him away from the festivities for his own safety.

He doesn’t mind it that much, too used to these procedures to be bugged by them anymore. Especially when he has to spend them in good company and Yoongi, for the little he tends to talk, perfectly matches that description.

More than himself, Seokjin has long been able to erase fearful panic from his system during these situations for uncle Hobi as Jungkook likes to call the alpha in charge of his safety, is as skilled in making his son laugh as he is protecting him.

But Jungkook, much like his father, never seems to be truly at ease unless he knows the exact location and can access where Seokjin is, and even the fun of shenanigans with the little Taehyung and Jimin can’t distract him from that.

“Promise?” insists the little boy, and Seokjin, smiling at the pheromones supporting Jungkook’s determination, pinches his cheeks before peppering them with little kisses.

“Yes, I promise, baby,” he accepts, offering his son his pinky to seal the vow because promises, no matter their might, hold a special place in their family.


“You did good tonight, my heart,” praises Namjoon once the two of them are done slipping into more comfortable clothes and huddled under the covers.

Scent sweetening, Seokjin smiles and nestles against Namjoon’s chest. “Being pretty has its perks,” he lazily teases, more focused on the wrist rubbing small circles on his mating mark than on his words, and the alpha chuckles before pecking the top of his head.

More compliments demand to tumble from his tongue to delight his omega with the warm buzz of adoration, but Namjoon can sense his mate is tired, so he uses a different way to reward Seokjin for tonight’s success.

Gently stroking his back, Namjoon fondly smiles feeling the omega gradually melt under his touch until Seokjin’s mind drifts off with a mumbled good night and a feathery brush of lips to his mate’s collarbones before sleep takes over his senses.

Fatigued as well, Namjoon doesn’t quite surrender to the feeling yet.

He wants to watch a little longer, because Seokjin is always beautiful. He is when he beams with joy anytime their son is in the room or even mentioned in a conversation. When he bares his teeth through well-polished smiles that warn those foolish enough to attempt a threat, that Kim Namjoon’s mate can bite too.

But in their bed with just the two of them, Seokjin’s beauty enthralls him differently.

The body he continues to idly caress to accompany the omega’s mind towards his dreams is one Namjoon has conquered and claimed, from every inch to every moan, he has roamed, kissed and scented to his heart’s content and more.

The pheromones subtly floating in the air are completely set loose, and Namjoon knows them well. He’s smelled fear, anger, love, jealousy all the way to euphoria in the scent of the one he never forgets he has the privilege to call mate.

“My darling king,” he hums to himself, fingers delicate as they trace the curve of Seokjin’s sleeping features before his palm drifts lower, carefully gentle when it finds the warm skin of the omega’s stomach. “And my princess.”

Not entirely sure if Jungkook knows yet because the bump hasn’t begun to form and only their mating bond allows Namjoon to sense his daughter, he doesn’t dare spoil the surprise, content to let Seokjin decide when he will let their son know another little one will soon be laughing with him.