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Green Tea Days 2021

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She walked towards U.A. with a smile and a purpose. While the big city was a little difficult to navigate at times, it was almost impossible for her to lose her way to the world-famous hero academy.

A nervous energy was in the air. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of teenagers like her were giving their best shot today. She’d have to do even better than them if she was going to stand out. Her parents, her dream, they were all depending on how she did today. She couldn’t get distracted now.

“Move aside, Deku!”

Some people just have all the energy to be like that, she guessed.

When she turned to glance at whoever made that noise, she saw a plain-looking boy just standing there as she failed to notice the explosive blond walking away.

It was obvious why he was here, same as her, and she couldn’t help but think that he looked a little lost, too.

I hope he does his best, she thought sympathetically.

Then he tripped, so she reached out and caught him. It’d be bad luck if he fell today, right?

She didn’t realize that she’d have to do it twice in one day.