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Green Tea Days 2021

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It was supposed to be their day off. They’d covered all their bases, getting friends or colleagues to cover for them while their parents watched the apartment whenever they were out today, but work still came to them.

Of course, the villains didn’t know whose birthday it was, but they’d tried capturing a mall for the lost cause of “Quirk Liberation” while one of the most powerful hero couples was out shopping there during the busy afternoon.

He sensed the danger before they could even finish their battle cry when their bombs blew, leaping into action as a green blur that quickly dispatched a dozen amidst the ensuing chaos. Not to be outdone, she leaped into the fray with support gear at the ready, throwing trash and terrorists into each other when they weren’t subdued by her superior martial arts skills.

Between the two of them, these villains weren’t even a challenge.

“What, nothing for me?” Their black-winged colleague snarked when he arrived. Though they exchanged friendly greetings after giving the police their report, they bade him farewell for now and invited him once more to join them after work.

After all, a baby’s first birthday is only celebrated once.