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Someone You Love

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Someone You Love


This was it. The day had finally arrived. After months of non- stop running, touring, preparing, checking, and rechecking to make sure everything was perfect, the wait was over. All the last minute changes had been made, revised, and were gone from his mind. Now, Adam only had to focus on one thing; two words; “I do”.


Adam marched first. Not to categorize anyone, but as custom, the groom waits for the bride at the altar. With two grooms and Adam’s Jewish background, they revised the ceremony a little bit. Adam marched down the aisle with his parents on either side of him and Sauli soon followed. Halfway down the aisle, Adam descended the altar and met Sauli. Mr. Koskinen handed Sauli to Adam, a rite of passage that put Sauli into Adam’s hands. He was no longer a part of his father’s house. From this day forth, Adam would provide for him. The two grooms then marched to the altar, hand in hand. Neither groom was really religious, so Brad officiated. Needless to say, he looked nothing like a proper priest of rabbi.


The two said simple, but heartfelt vows, and slipped smooth platinum rings onto the other’s finger. The rings had no engravings and no stones. The smooth metal was not interrupted in any way, just like nothing would get in the way of their marriage. It was forever, like a circle. It had no harsh edges, and no ends.


After the ceremony, Brad got on the microphone and called Adam’s old band up. Tommy climbed to the stage, followed by Monte, Sasha, Brooke, Lisa, Terrance, and Taylor. Adam watched, totally clueless, as they took their places. He thought Brad had put the stage and instruments up as a wall decoration… a centerpiece… an ornament… not for his band to perform! Eh, he expected much, much worse from Brad. He wondered what they would perform. Who would sing?


He heard the introduction to “For Your Entertainment” and smiled. His first single- it took him back. Then they all starting singing, Tommy the loudest, and he almost fell out of his seat.


(Put it to the tune- I know you’re singing along!)

Someone who’s truthful, Someone who’s kind,

Someone you can’t get out of your mind.

Someone who’s giving, Someone’s who’s sweet,

Someone who can tell when he’s beat.


Someone who can say when he’s wrong,

Someone with whom everyone gets along.

Someone who knows when to speak and what to say,

Someone who knows when to walk away.


Someone who counts to ten when he’s mad,

Someone who knows what’s good and what’s bad.

We’re all looking for someone to help us get through

So glad you found that someone; he was waiting for you!


Adam should’ve known better than to think they would finish the song on a sweet note. They continued with the chorus.


Oh! Do you know what you got into?

Can you handle what you’re ‘bout to do?

‘Cause it’s about to get rough for you

Married life ain’t all entertainment!


Rounds of laughter rang out from the audience; the loudest being Adam’s boisterous chuckles. He always could out-scream a room.


Oh! I bet you think it’ll be soft and sweet

That it’ll sweep you right off your feet

(And over the threshold!)

But it’s time you and cleaning should meet

Married life ain’t all entertainment!


By the time they finished the last off-key note, the audience was rolling in their seats, or in Sauli’s case; on Adam’s lap. It was a perfect end to a perfect wedding.