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Summer Cruise Night

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Joined by his young boyfriend, Tohru Hidaka who turned 21 years old; Tohru Matsudo, who’s 35 years old has been cruising his ship for the last three weeks and they only have tonight to have some fun with Tohru, who has to go for training camp tomorrow. He’s wearing his navy blue captain’s uniform while Tohru is wearing his baseball uniform. He’s holding Tohru’s hand leading them to his own personal room on the ship. Outside his room, Tohru hugs him and he kisses his boyfriend and grabs onto Tohru’s ass as their kiss gets more passionate. Both panting and moaning between every kiss. He slides the key card into the slot beside the door. The door opens and he gently pushes Tohru into their second bedroom. He closes the door and locking it as he wraps his arms around Tohru kissing him. They toe off their shoes by the doorway and they walk over to the bed, collapsing onto the large bed, entangled in each other’s arms.

He and Tohru break their passionate, heated kiss. He gets off the bed as he begins to strip off his captain’s uniform by unbuttoning his navy blue coat and loosens his black tie. Tohru is sitting at the edge of the bed, looking at him with a blush on his cheeks. He tosses his hat as Tohru catches it in his hands. He licks his lips and gives his boyfriend a seductive look. He unbuttons his white dress shirt shrugging it off then removes the white t-shirt underneath. He slides his hands up and down his slightly hairy chest. He unbuckles his belt, pulling it off and letting it fall onto the carpeted floor. He balances one leg each as he removes his argyle black dress socks. Barefoot, Tohru walks toward his boyfriend leaning down to kiss him on the lips before standing straight again. He unbuttons and unzips his black pants pulling down his pants and kicking them away revealing him to be wearing a pair of navy blue briefs with a noticeable bulge. With both hands on the waistband of his briefs he pulls them down and kicks them to the side with his foot. He grabs Tohru’s hands with his own pulling him off the bed, as they switch positions. He sits at the edge of the bed with his legs spread with his right hand stroking his hard cock.
“C’mon babe. Strip off your clothes.”
“Yes sir, captain.”
He laughs as he watches his boyfriend strip off his clothes.

He strokes his cock slowly watching strip out of his baseball uniform. Tohru unbuttons his shirt and unbuttons and unzips his pants. Tohru removes his shirt then white undershirt. Tohru pulls down his pants and removes his black long socks. Tohru is wearing white briefs.
“Wearing classic old-school tighty-whities, huh babe! Well, you do look sexy in them.”
“Yeah. These were my last pair of briefs that were clean.”
He loves seeing Tohru walk around in his briefs at their house. He’d be in either his boxers or briefs depending on the day. They will have a relaxing time at home, just him and Tohru wearing only their underwear watching a movie, cooking together or cuddling on the couch or having sex in their bedroom or their veranda outside. He does miss being at home with Tohru and his son, Yuuto.

He grins as Tohru pulls down his briefs and kicks them aside. He takes his right hand off his hard cock and motions at Tohru in a come here gesture. Tohru kneels down in front of him and strokes his cock with his own right hand. He moans pleasantly as they look at each other with love and desire in their eyes. He caresses Tohru’s blonde hair with his left hand.
“Oh god, yes. Good boy, good boy, good boy. You make me feel so good, Tohru. Daddy’s very happy.”
“Glad to be of service, Tohru.”
He reaches for a box of condoms and lube that’s on the bed beside him.
“I think that’s enough, Tohru. I don’t wanna cum on your hand.”
Tohru stops and look up at him with a bright smile on his young face. He loves this man so much and he does want to marry him in the future when the time’s right. He rips open one of the condom wrappers taking out the condom and was about to put it on. Tohru stands up and sits beside him on the bed.
“What’s wrong? Talk to Daddy, Tohru!” He looks at his boyfriend with a concerned expression.
“Well, I want you to give me a rim job, and I wanna fuck you tonight! Can I?”
He looks surprised for a second before he hugs Tohru and tells him happily.
“Of course. Oh, I’ll give you the most intense and pleasant rim job ever. And I was wondering when you wanted to fuck me. Aww, I’m so proud of you!”
He ruffles Tohru’s hair again as he laughs. Tohru gives him a warm smile that makes his heart beat with love.

Tohru turns onto his back and gets on his hands and knees on the bed. He pulls down Tohru’s tighty-whities and he gets on his knees behind Tohru and spreads his boyfriend’s ass cheeks with his hands. He licks Tohru’s ass tentatively at first to ease Tohru into it.
“Keep going, Tohru. I wanna feel your beard against my hole.”
He leans his face and sucks and licks Tohru’s ass like a hungry dog. His beard tickling Tohru’s puckered pink hole. He hears Tohru’s pleased moans and groans.

“Tohru. I love your tongue and beard against my hole. Oh god. Ahh. Mmm. Ahh.”
He loves the musky scent of his boyfriend’s ass against his tongue and lingering scent on his bearded face.
“Tohru, fuck me please.”
He stops licking his boyfriend’s ass. He puts a condom on his hard cock then lube. He applies lube on Tohru’s prepared ass as Tohru shivers a bit. He lines up his cock to Tohru’s ass, sliding easily into Tohru as he begins to thrust in and out of his boyfriend’s ass getting into his usual rhythm. He leans his body down onto Tohru’s back clasping onto Tohru’s hands and kissing his neck.
He slams into Tohru again and again as they moan, grunt and groan in pleasure. He slam once more in Tohru as he feel his cock twitch and spasm as he shoots his load of cum into the condom, filling it up. He pulls out and removes the cum filled condom off his cock. He lays on his back on Tohru’s left side as Tohru turns around onto his back too. He holds the cum filled condom in his left hand. Tohru trails kisses between his pecs licking his chest hair. He runs his right through Tohru’s blonde hair ruffling it. Tohru’s grabs the condom out of his hand as he opens his mouth as the cum drips down into his mouth, swallowing it all. He looks at Tohru with a fond smile as he loves watching Tohru eat his cum after he fucks him. Tohru swallows the last of it licking his lips afterwards. He puts his arms around Tohru as they kiss each other passionately tasting himself on Tohru’s lips and tongue.

After their make out session, Tohru gets between Tohru’s legs and starts to suck on his boyfriend’s cock, his head bobbing up and down. He deep throat’s Tohru’s cock his nose tickling his blonde pubic hairs.
“T-Tohru. I’m about to cum. I’m close.”
He looks up at Tohru’s eyes giving him a seductive look. He says while sucking on his boyfriend’s cock, “Cum in my mouth. Daddy’s gonna swallow all of your delicious cum, good boy. Go ahead and orgasm, good boy.”
He feels Tohru’s cock spasm and twitch inside his mouth then feels warm streams of cum shooting into his mouth and down his throat. He swallows and gulps taking Tohru’s load. He sees Tohru’s flushed and blushing red face. He loves making Tohru feel good while they have sex here on the cruise ship and at their home.

He gazes at Tohru lovingly and strokes his blonde hair.
“Are you ready to fuck me, good boy.”
“Yes. Captain Daddy!”
He quickly preps himself by putting lube on his ass.
He lays on his back with his legs up exposing his ass to Tohru. He gives Tohru an encouraging smile. He watches as Tohru puts a condom on his own cock then lube, moving his right hand up and down. He groans and moans as he feels Tohru’s cock enter his ass and starts thrusting into him, slow at first before picking up speed. Tohru’s hands are gripping onto his thighs. He clutches the pillows as his ace boyfriend fucks him. His own cock is already leaking cum onto his slight hairy chest. He lets go of the pillow to his right as he scoops up his cum and licking it off his fingers. He looks at Tohru seductively while licking and swallowing his own cum as Tohru fucks him. Tohru thrusts into him as he shouts, “I’m gonna. Gonna c-cum. I’m cumming! Tohru! D-Daddy!”
He shoots another load of cum onto his chest, the third time tonight. He and Tohru are panting from their orgasm. Tohru slides out of him and removes the condom. Tohru gets off the bed and tosses the cum filled condom in the trash can by the balcony doors. He gives Tohru a pouting, sad look.
Tohru looks at him with a smug smile.
“I would have eaten your cum, babe.”
“No. I think you had enough protein for one night!”
He laughs out loud.
“Come to bed, babe!”
Tohru walks over to the bed and lays next to him. He puts his left arm around Tohru’s shoulder as they share gentle, soft kisses.

“I’m gonna miss you while you are at your training camp. I’ll just be at home by my lonesome.”
“You’re being dramatic, Tohru. I’ll be back home in two weeks.”
“Yeah, yeah. I know. I’m a few years till I’m forty. I hate being at home without you there with me. I get lonely and super horny.”
He gets on top of Tohru. He feels Tohru running his hands though his black hair.
“I get lonely too without you.”
“Will you marry me, Tohru?”
“Yes. Yes, I will Tohru.”
He and Tohru share a long, passionate kiss as their naked, sweaty and sticky bodies rub and slide against each other. He and Tohru make plans to get married a year from now. He cuddles Tohru with Tohru’s head against his chest.