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The Wrong Idea

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Wei Wuxian whined as he met his husband’s forceful thrusts as best he could.

“Lan Zhan! Lan Zhan!” He gasped out as he was repeatedly filled up by his husband’s length. He felt Lan Zhan’s fingers grip his hips tighter, but he knew that he could push it further. Even after being together for such a long time Wei Wuxian took so much pleasure from getting his husband past his deeply ingrained Lan teachings. Lan Zhan completely unrestrained was a sight to behold.


Of course, Wei Wuxian was not thinking that clearly, all he could think in the moment was that he needed more. “Lan Zhan, you feel so good!” He groaned, dropping his head down between his shoulders. It was not often that Lan Zhan took him from behind like this, his husband was far too much of a romantic and liked to see Wei Wuxian’s face. The air surrounding them was clammy despite it being a cool morning, the two of them generating more than enough heat.

“Lan Zhaan, do you want to fill up your husband?” He asked breathily, feeling his husband’s responding groan through his entire being. He smiled; this always did the trick.


Wei Wuxian reached and placed one of his hands on Lan Zhan’s hip, stilling the other’s steady thrusts. Lan Zhan panted in his ear and Wei Wuxian had to turn his head to reach his husband’s lips. They shared a languid kiss until he deliberately clenched around Lan Zhan, who had to break away with a gasp.

“Wei Ying.” His voice was hoarse with need and lust.

“Mmm Lan Zhan you feel so good. Won’t you fill me up darling? Breed me? Make your Xianxian pregnant?” Wei Wuxian asked with faux innocence, grinding back against Lan Zhan teasingly.


The tensing of Lan Zhan’s entire body was Wei Wuxian’s warning, and then the hands on his hips tightened painfully. Lan Zhan pulled out and slammed in, hitting Wei Wuxian’s prostate dead on with his sizeable length.


The wail Wei Wuxian let out echoed around the Jingshi but Lan Zhan did not let up, he was now a man possessed.

“Mn. Will breed Wei Ying.” All Wei Wuxian could do was take his husband’s thrusts, sobbing in pleasure. They were inching up the bed with each thrust and he had to put his arms out to stop himself from faceplanting into the wall.


“Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian chanted, entire body tightening up as multiple things happened at once. He lost all strength in his arms as his orgasm tore through his body and he choked on his husband’s name. Then Lan Zhan thrust once, twice, three times before coming with a groan of his own. Finally, Wei Wuxian’s face was thrust into the wall above their bed as his arms no longer offered any protection.


Pain cut through his blinding pleasure, the entire left side of his face aching from its impact into the wall. Wei Wuxian barely paid it any mind, focusing on the sensation of Lan Zhan honouring his word and filling him up so deliciously. His husband was pressing sweet kisses onto Wei Wuxian’s shoulder as he reluctantly pulled out, Wei Wuxian pouting at the emptiness. He melted into the mattress bonelessly, face throbbing annoyingly as Lan Zhan left to get a washcloth. He stayed face down and mumbled contentedly as Lan Zhan cleaned him up with his normal dedication.


He rolled over onto his back when he felt that Lan Zhan was done. “Mm come kiss your husband Lan Zhan.” He mumbled, eyes closed and a soft smile on his face. He had to open his eyes a moment later when no obliging kiss followed. He pouted, ready to complain about his husband being mean when he saw the stricken look on Lan Zhan’s face.


“Wei Ying.” Oh no that was not a good hoarseness he detected.

“Lan Zhan?”

“Your face.”


Wei Ying brought his hand up and winced when the pain became sharp at the touch, Lan Zhan’s face crumpled further. “Ah this is nothing, I just fell against the wall! You distracted me too well!”

“Hurt Wei Ying.” Oh, now Lan Zhan was pouting and that just would not do.

“Did you hit me?”

“No.” Lan Zhan said firmly, upset at the mere suggestion.

“Did you pay the wall to hit me?”


“Then we can blame this on my clumsiness, ok?”


It was very reluctantly that Lan Zhan nodded in agreement. “Now come and kiss your poor injured husband.” Very carefully Lan Zhan did so, and Wei Wuxian sighed in contentment despite the ache in his face.


Ok this does look quite bad; no wonder Lan Zhan was upset. Wei Wuxian stared at his face in the mirror as he got ready later that morning. The few hour delay had allowed the left side of his face to develop a large purple bruise. He did not quite have a black eye, but it certainly looked like he had been backhanded rather spectacularly.


Wei Wuxian was not looking forward to the questions, though maybe he could scandalise a few of the stuffy Lans with the story. The thought made him grin. Sadly, he was not able to delay much longer as he was supposed to be meeting with Jiang Cheng in the pavilion. His brother was visiting Cloud Recesses for once and he did not want to make him grumpier by being late.


He walked from the Jingshi to the pavilion, proud when he arrived before Jiang Cheng. Try getting mad at me now! He thought triumphantly.

“Wei Wuxian!” Never mind he has found something else to be angry about.

“Jiang Cheng! Look I am not late!”

“Like hell you aren’t, I had to go looking for you!” Jiang Cheng strode into the pavilion, “You invite me here only to make me wait!” He was starting to rant but stopped short when he was actually face to face with Wei Wuxian.


“What the fuck happened to your face?” He demanded, face beginning to turn red. Wei Wuxian did not want to tempt fate by teasing his brother with the details, so he waved the question off.

“Ahh Jiang Cheng, you know I am clumsy!” He chirped.

“Was it Hanguang Jun?”

Wei Wuxian flinched at the question, not expecting it. Jiang Cheng’s face flushed completely red and his lips thinned into nonexistence. Now he was truly mad not normal mad.


Jiang Cheng’s arm shot out and gripped Wei Wuxian’s firmly and turned on his heel, going straight to the guest quarters that he was staying in. There were Jiang disciples waiting around and Jiang Cheng threw Wei Wuxian into the middle of them.

“You! Watch him closely. Prepare to leave for Lotus Pier as soon as I return.” He barked out, sounding like very much like a Sect Leader about to go on a warpath.

“What? Jiang Cheng! Come back!” Wei Wuxian called after his brother’s retreating back. He tried to follow but was stopped by insistent disciples. He shrugged them off easily enough (none were quite brave enough to go up against the Yiling Patriarch) and rushed off after his brother, following the sound of loud cursing.


Lan Qiren is going to suffer Qi deviation if Jiang Cheng keeps the language up. Wei Wuxian thought desperately, dread growing in his stomach as he realised that Jiang Cheng was going to Lan Zhan and Lan Xichen’s shared office space. Jiang Cheng tore the door open and stormed inside, Wei Wuxian having caught up with him.


“Stop Jiang Cheng…” He tried to tug at his brother’s sleeve before he got inside the office, but Jiang Cheng would not be deterred and entered, leaving Wei Wuxian no choice but to follow him in. He winced seeing both Lan Zhan and Lan Xichen looking at them, Lan Xichen’s face growing concerned as he looked directly at Wei Wuxian.


Right, the bruising. It was easy to forget about it when he was worried about Jiang Cheng.

“To what do we owe this visit?” Lan Xichen asked, ever diplomatic even if he was desperately confused.

“You dare!” Jiang Cheng roared, pointing at Lan Zhan.

“Sect Leader Jiang this is hardly appropriate.” Lan Xichen reproached.

“Appropriate?” A harsh laugh came out of Jiang Cheng at that, “Is it appropriate for Gusu Lan to allow spouses to hurt each other? Do you so easily allow your precious Hanguang Jun to lay his hands on my brother?” He was well and truly yelling, gesturing wildly at Wei Wuxian’s face.


Oh. OH. Wei Wuxian felt like an idiot when he finally realised what was going on. “Jiang Cheng…” He tried to interject but his brother was not having it.

“If I were not here would anyone hold him to account?”

“Wangji… did you…” Lan Xichen trailed off, clearly not wanting the suggestion to be true.

“Mn. Hurt Wei Ying.” Lan Zhan looked like a kicked puppy.

“SEE HE DOES NOT EVEN DENY IT!” Jiang Cheng was fuming, Zidian sparking purple. “I am taking him back to Lotus Pier!”

“Not taking Wei Ying.” Lan Zhan said firmly, “Will not allow.”



Wei Wuxian snapped out of his stupor when Jiang Cheng released Zidian with a snap of his wrist. He ran in front of his furious brother and stood between him and Lan Zhan. Lan Xichen was still looking crestfallen at the entire situation.

“Please this is a big misunderstanding!” Wei Wuxian tried to explain.

“He admitted it!”

“Because Lan Zhan is far too protective and caring.”

“Wei Wuxian, you do not need to make excuses.” Weirdly it was Lan Xichen who responded, “There is no reason good enough for violence between spouses.”


Everyone has gone mad. Wei Wuxian thought hysterically. “No! I got this” He waved at his face, “Because Lan Zhan was pounding me so well from behind that I hit my face on the wall! He is guilty about it, but it really was an accident!”


Lan Xichen’s face turned magenta at his words and he looked between his own brother and Wei Wuxian with mute horror. Jiang Cheng choked, Zidian coiling back around his finger with a hiss. Lan Zhan still looked far too guilty.


“Really? He did not punch you?” Jiang Cheng asked, face red from embarrassment now.

“Would never punch Wei Ying.” Oh, now Lan Zhan defended himself. Wei Wuxian yelped as his brother punched him hard in his arm.

“You fucking idiot! You worried me for nothing and then had to share… that!” Jiang Cheng flailed; his anger dimmed once he realised that his brother was not being beaten.

“Yah! It is not my fault you jumped to conclusions!” Wei Wuxian claimed, rubbing at his sore arm.

“I am done, I am never coming back to this fucking place ever again!” Jiang Cheng claimed, leaving the room as quickly as he entered.


“Sorry for the interruption Zewu Jun, see you back at the Jingshi Lan Zhan.” Wei Wuxian bowed to Lan Xichen and shot Lan Zhan a wink as he ran off after his brother.

“Jiang Cheng! We were supposed to have tea!”

“Fuck off!”

“Jiang Cheng, my face hurts, show some care for your brother.”