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One. 1988.

It wasn’t easy being discreet with the eyes of Sotenbori on you at all times, but Majima figured out how to manage it. He was trapped here, sure, but he didn’t have to give up everything just because Sagawa was an asshole. He didn’t give up his smokes, he didn’t give up his drinks, and he didn’t give up boys like this. Hot Tokyo boys with broad shoulders and deep voices and flushes on their faces that told him that his hand on their dick wasn’t something they were used to. No, there was no need to give up the finer things in life like this.

He met this guy earlier tonight, right outside of Shot Bar STIJL when he stepped outside to light a cigarette, taking in the night air after his drink. He was done with the Grand for the night but he wasn’t really looking to head back to his shitty studio just yet, not with its oppressive walls and unsubtle eyes. That’s when he spotted the guy. Cheap black suit aside, he was gorgeous – all long lines, sharp angles, and the most appealing little pout on his lips that told Majima he didn’t know where the hell he was. Majima watched him for a moment, as he read the signs of the shops around him and looked down at his beeper, before he called out.

"Oi, you lost?"

The guy startled before straightening up and grimacing slightly. Majima almost thought he was glaring at him, and was about to say something because what the hell, when the guy spoke and Majima realized that was just his face. Guess he was just one of those ‘angry all the time’ types. Hot. "Not exactly," he started before pausing for a moment and then approaching. "Looking for something to do."

"Yer bored? In Sotenbori?" Now, Majima might not like the city much but there was always something to do here. Kamurocho was the suburbs compared to this place. He didn’t like the idea of being a tourist guide for a nobody but there was something deeply appealing about the guy and maybe if he did do the tourist shtick, it’d end with some kind of happy ending.

And if not, at least he’d get to stare at him a while longer.

A shake of the guy’s head and, "Was here with my bro, but he met this girl and…" 

Ah. The guy got dumped for the night. Now the whole lost lamb thing made more sense. Majima thumbs back to the hallway behind him, not really thinking about it too much as the invitation falls out of his mouth. "Nice bar down here, if yer interested. Better than wanderin’ the streets lookin’ like a fish outta water. Ain’t everyone around here as nice as me."

The guy gives the smallest grin and a short bow, "Kiryu."

Majima snorts and replies with, "Majima." And then he reaches out to grab Kiryu’s shoulder and push him down the hall. Maybe a little forward but Kiryu goes easily and doesn’t seem to notice the way Majima appreciates the firmness of his muscle under his hand.

Of course, Majima also noticed the pin on his jacket, the cut of his suit. He was a yakuza grunt, bottom of the ladder, and Majima wasn’t sure what family – but if he was in Tokyo, he was Tojo. It’s all the kind of thing that he probably should’ve avoided but that reckless bubble of spite popped up again, sitting low in his stomach – Sagawa wouldn’t take everything from him. 

In the end, it only took two glasses of Yamazaki 12 for Kiryu’s eyes to start lingering on Majima’s mouth a little too long. Kid probably shouldn’t be this easy to read if he’s trying to be yakuza, but Majima’s not really in a position to teach anyone what makes a good yakuza in the first place. Still, he almost feels like he should warn him. Almost.

He doesn’t though. Instead, he shifts a little closer at the bar, lets their knees bump together and when Kiryu’s face goes a little more pink, Majima very discreetly drops his hand on Kiryu’s thigh and keeps his gaze as they look at one another for a while. No real words needed, but the intent is there and when Kiryu gives a small smile back, Majima counts it as a win.

Eventually, he convinces him to take a walk along the river. "It’ll sober ya up a bit, Kiryu-chan," Majima jokes, amused at the red flush of his face. Of course, Kiryu takes it at face value, thinks Majima’s really trying to help, and it’s the most charming thing in the world. 

Or, he knows Majima means something else, and it’s the hottest thing in the world instead. 

They make it halfway down the footpath before Majima tugs him into the little stair alcove behind Don Quijote. Maybe a little fast but fuck it, he’s been thinking about Kiryu’s mouth since the moment he spotted him. Kiryu’s instincts are either way too dulled from the alcohol or not registering Majima as a threat because all he does is lift an eyebrow in question to Majima.

So, here they are.

Kissing Kiryu is good. Some of the best kissing he’s had in awhile. There’s a bit of stumbling first as Kiryu adjusts to Majima’s mouth on his, the way Majima presses him back against the wall behind them and the way he kisses Kiryu like he’s hungry for it. Kiryu’s a quick learner though, because once he finds his rhythm, it doesn’t break. It makes Majima feel hot, everywhere. Makes him want to fight Kiryu. Makes him want to fuck him too. He can feel Kiryu’s hand clenching into the back of his jacket as Majima’s tongue slides deep into his mouth and licks up every single bit of whiskey in there. After all, all that whiskey was on his tab.

The hot panting against him as the kiss breaks has Majima… god, it makes him want to laugh. Makes him want to smile like an idiot against Kiryu’s face and call him all kinds of sweet, terrible things. He busies himself by ducking his head low and attaching his mouth to Kiryu’s throat, sucking hard on the pulse and letting the low moan that slips out of Kiryu slide down his spine. One of his hands moves lower, curls around Kiryu’s hip and grips that ass tight in his palm. 

There’s no way he can take him back to his place – too many eyes there for his comfort, and he ain’t a fucking exhibitionist. Still, there’s something sad about wasting Kiryu on a quick alleyway fuck. Maybe a love hotel? Too far though and Majima doesn’t want to let go of the guy for a second. So, fine. He’ll at least make it memorable and get his hand on Kiryu’s dick.

Of course, that’s when it all goes to shit. Everything’s perfect for a while – his mouth on Kiryu’s throat, Kiryu clutching at him, making those sweet noises into his ear, his own hand slipping into the front of Kiryu’s pants and fingers curling around that thick, hot cock that he would absolutely get his mouth around if he had the time. 

Then – "Hey, hey, Majima!" A sing-song voice, way too amused, the type of arrogance that pushes Majima to his breaking point. He wants to ignore it but he can feel Kiryu freezing under him and he sighs, pulling away to see Sagawa at the end of the alleyway, looking pleased with himself. He’s busy lighting a cigarette and Majima weighs the pros and cons of just giving in and killing the guy himself. Shimano would understand, surely?

"Sagawa," Majima grunts out and his eye glances at Kiryu who is looking very, very antsy now. There’s no discreet way to pull his hand out of his pants so he doesn’t bother, just getting it over with because he knows that’s it for him. There’s no way he’s getting laid tonight.

"Lost you fer a second there, Majima-kun. Then here I find ya, swappin’ spit with a, uh, well, I hope he isn’t as young as he looks."

Majima shoots a harsh glare at Sagawa and pulls off of Kiryu, straightening up. He glances back at Kiryu, beet red, not looking at either of them, and Majima curses every single deity he can think of. This isn’t how he wanted this to end. There’s nothing to do about it though, and Majima knows it, no matter how much he likes this guy. Instead, he adjusts himself in his pants, takes one last look at Kiryu before making his way towards Sagawa. 

They don’t exchange goodbyes and Majima feels a little sick as he hears the sound of dress shoes heading back down the stairs to the footpath. Fuck, that could’ve gone a lot better.


Two. 1994.


They didn’t talk about it. Not after everything went down and they realized who the other person was. Majima thought, maybe, for just a moment, there might be something there when Kiryu met his eyes while he was swearing back up to Dojima at Tojo HQ. Maybe there was something there and he shouldn’t be so scared of talking to some punk ass yakuza grunt. But then Kiryu looked away and Majima didn’t think about it again, not when his heart was already in shreds over Makoto. No, talking to Kiryu would’ve been reckless and stupid. He didn’t need more baggage right now. Fuck everything, right? He was going to live his own way. Makoto was happy. Kiryu was with Dojima. And he was… free to do whatever the fuck he wanted.

That’s probably part of why he stuck around Sotenbori. With Sagawa dead, Shimano still needed eyes (or, heh, an eye) in Osaka and as far as he could get from the guy, the happier he was. It wasn’t Kamurocho but maybe that was for the better, maybe he needed to be somewhere else for a while. It’s how he ended up working with Katsuya and then he met Mirei and everything was… good. For a bit. It was really fucking good. Maybe he didn’t have to go back to Kamurocho when he had this. He could be a real person, start a family, settle down –

It didn’t work out like that. Of course it fucking didn’t.

Majima returns to Kamurocho with a snarl on his lips and a growl in his throat and starts a different kind of family instead. People want the Mad Dog and that’s what they’ll get, right? When he gets back, Shimano looks at him with the kind of smirk that makes him think he knows exactly what went down in Osaka. Like maybe he’s the motherfucker responsible for it all happening. It takes everything in Majima not to shove his knife through the fat tub of lard’s throat out of paranoia and… well, mostly just hate.

So, he paces around his territory. Stews and snarls and makes everyone know that the Mad Dog is back and not to be fucked with. It keeps most people off his back and that’s good enough for Majima. Good enough for him to draw back and lick his wounds for a while as he settles into Kamurocho again.

It takes a bit and he’s not sure how Kiryu finds him but he does. The cabaret club he’s in is Majima family owned and the booth he’s loitering his night away is in the corner, obscured by the low lights. He dismissed his hostess a while ago, only waving a hand for her to send him a new bottle of champagne when he’s out of his current one. It’s a good place to hide, to mope, and most of his idiots know not to bother him when he’s having a drink alone here. His first thought is maybe Kiryu’s looking for a girl to drink with but Majima’s eye tracks the grey suit as it winds its way through the club and eventually, there he is in front of him.

Majima sips his glass and raises an eyebrow.

"Majima-no-niisan," Kiryu starts, giving a way too formal bow of his head that has Majima rolling an eye. "It’s good to see you back in Tokyo again, you’ve been missed."

That – that’s fucking funny. Majima laughs, cackles a little too loud and he can see a hostess and her customer in the booth nearby jump slightly in surprise. Kiryu doesn’t though, solid as a rock this guy. Majima just doesn’t get it. "Have I? Coulda fooled me, Kiryu-chan." Another, quieter laugh, and he shakes his head with a smile. "That old toad send ya to greet me? He ain’t gotta worry, I’m not lookin’ to take any a’ his turf."

In the darkness, Majima can spot the way Kiryu’s lip twitches slightly. Either to smile or push back, Majima can’t tell. He doesn’t worry about it though.

"It seemed like a good idea to check in," is all Kiryu says in response. Majima wonders why he didn’t send his brat though, the horny one. Kiryu didn’t have to come all this way unless he wanted to and Majima could’ve set the kid up with a real nice hostess, have him singing his praises all the way back to Dojima. Majima and Kiryu have kept their distance from each other for a bit after all, mutual admiration for what the other has accomplished but he didn’t really think Kiryu was interested in rehashing what happened between them in Sotenbori.

Or, fuck it, maybe he is. Majima’s eye glances up and watches him for a while as he asses.

"Ya gonna stand there the whole time?" Majima finally asks as he settles back into his seat. His arms spread to lay over the back of the booth and he lifts his feet to cross his ankles on the table, silver tip of his snakeskin shoes glinting in the light between them. Kiryu looks at his shoes and then to Majima again before seeming to make a decision. It’s the one that surprises Majima.

He sits with him, and not in the chair across from the booth but really with him, in the booth. He moves to slide in and sits on Majima’s good side, leaving Majima free to watch him with his good eye. Kiryu looks back and neither of them say anything for a while, but eventually Majima holds out his drink and Kiryu gets the hint, taking the glass to refill it.

They sit and drink for a while, making it through another bottle of champagne and the hostess is good about slipping a fresh bottle in before they even notice. It gives Majima an idea though and he turns his head to Kiryu, watching him sip from the champagne flute and admiring the swallow of his Adam’s apple for a moment. He’s still so god damn gorgeous, it really is a shame they never fucked.

"Yer sittin’ too far away, Kiryu-chan," is what eventually comes out of Majima’s mouth, impulsive and stupid, and Kiryu looks confused as he pulls away from his glass.


Soft and drunk, he points out, "If ya gonna sit here an’ fill my glass an’ keep me company as if yer my hostess, yer sittin’ way too far. Leavin’ me lonely an’ cold, no way am I gonna be inclined t’order another bottle like this."

Majima wonders if he’s pushed too far as Kiryu stares back at him but it’s only a few moments later that Kiryu moves in closer. He settles in the space beside Majima, where his arm has draped against the back of the booth and angles himself towards him. Majima doesn’t waste any time, lets his arm drop around Kiryu’s shoulders and his fingers brush up and down his bicep as he enjoys the warmth of the other man. God, he’s even bigger than he was back in Sotenbori and Majima appreciates the beauty.

"Are you inclined now, nii-san?" Kiryu murmurs and Majima lets his gaze linger on those perfect cupid bow lips. 

(A complete contrast from Mirei’s plush mouth, couldn’t even pretend it was his wife. Ex-wife. Fuck, he’s so miserable.)

"Gettin’ there."

His hand reaches out then and he takes Kiryu’s chin in his grasp, sliding a gloved thumb over his bottom lip as Kiryu looks back at him. Majima isn’t sure what the hell he’s really aiming for here but Kiryu seems fine with that, taking Majima’s mood in stride and letting him have his way. It only takes the softest press of the tip of his thumb against those lips before Kiryu takes it into his mouth, closing his mouth around the leather and starting to suck lightly. It’s the hottest thing Majima’s ever seen, for sure.

"You like that?" he asks, low and a little rough, and Kiryu’s eyes flick back up to his, staring right at him. He lifts his hand and wraps firm fingers around Majima’s wrist to tug him in more, taking more of his thumb into his mouth. The beauty about the leather gloves is Majima can feel every single slick slide of Kiryu’s tongue against his skin through the fabric and the hot wetness of his mouth only makes the gloves stick tighter to his skin. Majima swallows, mouth dry, and Kiryu’s eyes close as if he’s found a perfect bliss.

He’s pushing it, he knows, but Majima moves his index finger in closer after watching Kiryu suck for a while. He’s half-expecting Kiryu to push him off as he slides it against his mouth but Kiryu just opens his eyes half-lidded, and then takes the next finger in. With his thumb and index finger in Kiryu’s mouth, it’s starting to get a little messy. Spit slicks up the leather gloves and he watches as a bit trickles down the corner of Kiryu’s mouth, the man either unaware or uncaring of the mess he’s making. Majima isn’t sure if he’s ever been this hard in his life.

He wants to kiss him, he realizes. It should’ve been obvious after watching Kiryu suck on his fingers for coming on five minutes now, but it’s only when he hears the slightest hitch of breath from Kiryu that he realizes exactly what he wants to do. He wants to pull his fingers out of that hot mouth and replace it with his own, lick into Kiryu’s mouth and devour him. He wants… he wants to press Kiryu down into this booth and kiss him until he’s breathless, wants to use the wet glove to slide into Kiryu’s pants and give him that handjob he still owes him. 

He wants Kiryu. A Kiryu who is so different from Mirei that it’s laughable. A Kiryu who is so different from Majima as well, with eyes so fierce that it makes Majima feel like a complete fool for feeling so… unmoored around him. How in the world the guy considers Majima his senpai when he’s held together with cigarettes and gum, he’ll never understand.

So, when the buzz comes from the inside of Kiryu’s jacket a few times in a row, Majima isn’t surprised by it. He watches as the bubble of bliss breaks around Kiryu and he pulls off Majima’s hand, using the back of his own to wipe his mouth and starts digging into his jacket for the source of the buzzing with his other hand. He pulls out a beeper, which buzzes again as Kiryu holds it and Kiryu’s eyebrows furrow as he reads whatever’s on it. 

When he looks up at Majima, Majima just gives him his widest, smarmiest smile. He isn’t disappointed Kiryu has to go and he doesn’t need Kiryu’s company to make him feel better. Whatever the hell Kiryu thinks is true is not and Majima won’t let him believe otherwise, even if it kills him. Majima waits for the excuse, a brush off on his lips ready to go, but that isn’t exactly what happens.

Instead, Kiryu leans in and kisses him. Insistent and sure, he kisses him into the booth seat, leaning his weight into Majima a little as he begins to stand up. Majima doesn’t think, just kisses back and curls his hand into the front of Kiryu’s shirt as he meets Kiryu back with whatever the hell kind of desperation this is, whatever ache they seem to both be feeling. Kiryu’s free hand cups Majima’s cheek and he kisses him and kisses him and –

And the beeper buzzes again. 

Kiryu pulls away and murmurs a "Thank you, nii-san" against Majima’s lips, way too soft for Majima to emotionally handle, before he starts back off through the club and leaves Majima in the darkness. It was his first kiss again since becoming a divorced man, and he’d rather die than ever let Kiryu know.


Three. 2005.


It’s been so god damn long.

It was funny, at first. Antagonizing Kiryu back in the day. He remembers their confrontation on that fateful day, so small an interaction considering how the whole thing ended for Kiryu. But he just thought it’d be fun, not sure whether he wanted to fight or fuck Kiryu and pouncing on the chance to rile him up a little after seeing him kick the shit out of one of his own guys seemed like a blast. He thought later that maybe he should’ve stuck around, invite himself to their stupid party at Serena, make a nusiance of himself. Maybe Dojima wouldn’t have plucked Yumi away. Maybe he could’ve saved Kiryu from the painfully stupid decision he was about to make. 

Or helped him hide the body.

See, the thing is, and no one ever seemed to notice, but yeah, they were fucking. He knew Kiryu’s heart was set on Yumi, who he wouldn’t make a damn move on because of Nishiki and Majima himself was still pretty hung up on Mirei but Kamurocho was small and they kept finding each other. So nature took its course. You can’t suck on a guy’s hand in a dark club without him wanting you to suck on something else, and Majima made a point of making sure Kiryu knew it.

Eventually, Majima was able to give him that handjob and then some. There was something sinful about the way Kiryu’s breath would hitch when Majima got him worked up, like he couldn’t bear to make a noise, let alone breathe when they were together like that. It wasn’t an everyday thing, and there weren’t feelings involved, but it was still pretty nice. Majima enjoyed himself and he’s pretty sure Kiryu did too. There was just this kind of unspoken rule, not to get too involved. So, yeah, maybe he could’ve helped if he went to Serena with Kiryu but that was too close. He’s pretty sure Kiryu’s head would’ve exploded if Majima and Yumi were ever in the same room so Majima kept his distance. 

And then it was over.

It’s a testament to how much Sera likes him that he didn’t tell anyone about Majima begging him to break Kiryu out of prison. He was drunk and angry and so fucking bored , stumbling into the Chairman’s office to beg for something so embarrassing… well, he knows Sera kept a lid on it because he’d probably be down a pinky if Shimano knew. Instead, Sera let him pass out on his couch and they didn’t talk about it. 

It was one of his many, many, many stupid and impulsive decisions over the years but he tends to lose brain cells when it comes to Kazuma Kiryu and ten years is a long fucking time to be missing a guy. Ten years of knowing Kiryu was wasting away trapped in jail with a bunch of pathetic pieces of shit. Ten years of watching Kiryu’s good for nothing kyoudai act like he had the biggest dick around when everyone knew he was nothing more than a charity case with a bad hairstyle. Ten years of smarter than everyone else but apparently not smart enough to not get his protege fucking arrested for murder Shintaro Kazama and ten years of, well, Shimano. The less said about him the better.

Ten years of being the most fucking boring yakuza clan in the history of yakuza clans and Majima was starting to reconsider his life choices.

Then Kiryu landed back in Kamurocho and Majima, who had the date of his release circled on his calendar for the past nine years, was there to greet him.

It wasn’t even about sex. He didn’t care if Kiryu refused to ever fuck him again. Nah, it was simply about the fight. He couldn’t bear it if Kiryu refused to fight him, refused to lift a god damn finger to him, but he did anyway and that’s what made that first fight so disappointing. What happened to the guy? Sure, prison could make a guy soft (he thought of his own brother a lot in that regard) but this was pathetic. In the end, it really was just his moral responsibility to make Kiryu better again. He couldn’t deal with a defanged dragon and there was no way to hide the disgust on his face at even the thought.

Thankfully, Kiryu rolled with the, mostly literal, punches.

Their history didn’t come up again, even with Majima baiting the hell out of him. Kiryu was hot, he was always so freggin’ hot, but with him toting around Yumi’s bloodspawn while trying to find the woman herself, Majima wasn’t going to press the issue. Nah, he just had fun. Fought him like crazy and even when he pulled off stupid bullshit like the zombie chase or Officer Majima, it was fun. It was only when Goromi happened that Majima was thrown off a little.

The hell did the guy mean thanks to you, the drinks taste great tonight. Fuck all the way off, Kazuma Kiryu.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending how you look at it, Shimano needed Majima to fuck around with Kiryu and while Majima didn’t exactly like the thought of kidnapping a little girl, he did what his patriarch told him to do. That was the law. It’s only after getting stabbed (and then later on, shot and left to drown ) for his troubles that he starts to think Kiryu might not be into him anymore. Ten years is a long time, right? The whole thing was starting to leave Majima in a bit of a state so he pulled himself out of the fight pretty quickly after Shangri-La.

Then Shimano dies and honestly? He’s never breathed easier. 

He doesn’t see Kiryu again after that. Not for a long while, not until Majima Construction is up and running and Kiryu taps in. Which, you know what? It was pretty nice of him to help.


Four. 2009.


Majima’s getting the feeling that Kiryu doesn’t know what he wants either. 

"You can visit," Kiryu says, too soft for Majima’s liking and they both know he won’t.

Majima lays there on the dirty concrete of the Millennium Tower roof, letting the blossoming bruises settle across his skin and he feels the blood trickle out of the corner of his mouth. Majima rolls his eye and pushes to lean up on his elbows as he looks up at Kiryu, who is looking down at him with way too much concern. They never went back to being lovers, but they are friends and Majima’s pretty sure he fucking deserves better after the shit he’s gone through for Kiryu. He didn’t say anything when Kiryu was making moon eyes at that lady cop and he didn’t say anything when Kiryu put an Omi guy in charge of the Tojo. He didn’t say anything when Kiryu dragged him back to the Tojo and he didn’t say anything when he put Daigo of all people in charge after the shitshow that was Terada.

He didn’t say shit and now Kiryu is leaving to fucking Okinawa of all places and asking him to be Daigo’s guard dog. This is the time to say something.

He still doesn’t say anything.

His head drops back down to the ground and he laughs and laughs and laughs. He laughs so hard he runs out of breath and he’s gasping for it when he feels Kiryu grabbing both of his wrists to tug him back up to his feet. There’s no fighting there, he just shakes his head and goes with him, still laughing, and Kiryu pulls him in close and... hugs him. He fucking hugs him. That’s when the laughter stops.

"I can only do this because I know you’ll be here," Kiryu murmurs, voice low and muffled against Majima’s hair. Majima sighs and drops his face against Kiryu’s shoulder, feeling Kiryu’s arms tighten around him a little more. His entire body feels heavy and he’s suddenly fucking exhausted. "I’m sorry for asking so much of you."

Majima’s voice is quiet against Kiryu’s skin, "Ain’t ever gonna say no to ya, Kiryu-chan."

"I know."

There’s no way he’s ever going to be pathetic enough to beg but there’s a real moment there where Majima wants to ask Kiryu to stay. Maybe if he said it, genuinely asked him to rethink this and stay in Kamurocho, he might – but Majima knows better. Once Kiryu’s decided something, it’s done. There’s no changing his mind. So, Majima breaks the hug and pulls away from Kiryu, taking a step back to straighten up and really look at him for a moment, burn Kiryu’s image into his memory because who knows when he’s going to see the guy again. 

"Alright, get outta my face," Majima grunts and there’s the smallest smile on Kiryu’s face as he picks up his shirt from the floor, and then he’s gone.

Sometimes he wishes the dog comparison wasn’t so apt but when Kiryu swings back around, he’s glad it is. Majima’s loyal to a fault and a bulk of that loyalty lies right with Kiryu. It makes him breathe a bit easier when Kiryu returns, knowing there’s no way Kiryu thinks he’s involved in any of this bullshit more than he has to be. Makes it easier to immediately throw himself right behind Kiryu as he fixes all the Tojo Clan bullshit once again.

It makes it easier as well, later on, to skip out on Mine’s funeral and sneak into Kiryu’s hospital room to get a look at the guy. Haruka’s nowhere to be found and he’s kind of glad for it since he doesn’t need her around to see him be creepy and pathetic. Instead, he flops down in the seat next to Kiryu’s bed and watches him for a while. Which is only fair because when he wakes up later on, Kiryu’s watching him back.

He rubs the sleep out of his eye and grimaces, "Still livin’ and breathin’ then, Kiryu-chan?"

"Pretty sure if I wasn’t, you’d come down to hell and get me," is the warm sound of Kiryu’s voice in response and Majima cackles, a little too loudly, before covering his mouth to stifle himself.

Quieter now, "Yer damn right, ain’t gonna hang out up here without ya. Be too damn boring."

Kiryu smiles at him from the bed and Majima lifts a hand to tug his glove off with his teeth before reaching out, pushing the soft hairs that have fallen into Kiryu’s face to the side and letting his fingers run over his cheek. His skin is so warm and something about that makes the anxiety in Majima completely dissipate. 

"I know yer going back soon an’ I–"

"Kiss me?"

Majima doesn’t hesitate. He pushes out of his chair in order to lean over Kiryu, curling that hand a little more against his cheek and kissing him, insistent and sure. A decade later and kissing Kiryu is still good. It still warms up the right spots inside of Majima, even when Kiryu’s stuck in a hospital bed and his mouth tastes a little gross. The grossness doesn’t matter though when Majima’s missed Kiryu like a dull ache and now he’s got him back. Something about Hamazaki getting a knife in Kiryu in broad daylight like that shook Majima to his core. None of the stupid rooftop fights or Tojo squabbles made him afraid for Kiryu, but stabbing a guy like that? In front of his own daughter? Absolutely sickening.

The only reason Hamazaki isn’t dead is because he knows Kiryu wouldn’t forgive him (though, he’s willing to bet Haruka wouldn’t mind). He’s glad he made the right call though because if that’s what ended up with Kiryu kissing him like this, he’ll make that choice a hundred more times. He can hear Kiryu’s hand feeling around on the bed for something and a few moments later, the bed is rising to help Kiryu sit up. Majima breaks off to let him move, letting their noses bump together and chuckling a little against him. 

When he’s upright, Majima clambers into the bed with him, straddling his thighs and pulling off his other glove so he can take Kiryu’s face in his palms. They start kissing again and Majima can feel Kiryu’s hands across his stomach, caressing the skin before settling on either side of his hips. It’s been a while (fuckin’ years ) since he felt Kiryu’s hands on his skin like this and he hopes the shiver that runs through him shows Kiryu just how happy he is to get them back.

They kiss and Majima’s not paying attention to anything but Kiryu. He’s definitely not giving mind to the beeping monitors nearby and the slowly increased pace of them as they track Kiryu’s heart rate. No, all he’s focused on is the way Kiryu’s hands slide down a little lower to take Majima’s ass in his palms and dig his fingers into him, the way Kiryu kisses up into his mouth like he’s been waiting for this as long as Majima has and the way Kiryu’s hot skin feels against Majima’s palms as he runs his hands over him. 

The entire world narrows down and goes quiet as he sucks on Kiryu’s tongue and when Kiryu moans into his mouth, Majima just keeps going. He pushes his hips forward and grinds down against Kiryu over his hospital blankets and it’s only then that there’s a hiss from Kiryu underneath him and the door behind them jerks open as a nurse rushes in.




That last one comes from a resigned sounding Kiryu as he looks over Majima’s shoulder to the nurse standing there in shock. Once she gets over it, Majima grimaces as her expression turns apoplectic and she rushes forward towards him.

"You’re not supposed to be here!"

"I – I was takin’ his temperature!" 

"With your mouth?!" She’s got him by the back of his collar though and there’s not much Majima can do as he’s dragged off by an angry nurse. He looks back at Kiryu helplessly, who just sort of smiles and shrugs. "Now, get out! And don’t come back – you’ll tear his stitches!" 

"Oh, come on, gimme five more minutes!" He’s being shoved towards the door now, she really is quite strong. Maybe he should hire her? She’d probably be great at construction work.


"But – "

"No! "

And as he’s gripping onto the edges of the hospital door, trying to get a little more time, Kiryu’s voice cuts through their arguing. 

"Hey, wait," is all that comes as three eyes look over at Kiryu. He looks serious as he looks back at Majima, voice firm when he says, "Nii-san, for real this time, alright?" 

It takes a moment for it to register for Majima but then a smile breaks out across his face. Yeah, for real this time. They’re not just fooling around. They’re old, they know what they want, and Majima’s pretty sure if Kiryu breaks his heart again, there’s not going to be any repairing it. They’ll make it work, however the hell they need to. They’ll make it work.

Majima’s hands pull off the edge of the hospital door and he presses a kiss to his palm before pulling his hand away with a wet noise, blowing it to Kiryu. Kiryu’s eyes crinkle around the edges a little in amusement and that’s good enough for Majima. "Ya got it, Kiryu-chan. For real, for real. Nothin’ more real than this, sweetheart." And he blows a kiss with his other hand, alternating between the two as the nurse finally catches up to what’s happening and continues to shove him out. 

He lets her, cackling down the hallway as he winds his way out the hospital.


Five. 2012.


It was good, until it wasn’t. It’s his fault at first, really. He was making the trips between Kamurocho and Okinawa, pulling his weight to really make a crack at something with Kiryu. All the little brats were getting used to him showing up and hell, he had his own kind of affection for them as well. It’s just he knew Kiryu didn’t want to be involved in Tojo affairs and when Yasuko popped up, he knew it was something for him to handle – not Kiryu.

The last night he was in Okinawa, he remembers laying there next to Kiryu and knowing he wasn’t sure when he’d get a chance to come back. He just curled against him, letting his fingers brush over Kiryu’s face as he kept his eyes closed and enjoyed the touch. There was a content smile on Kiryu, a relaxed aura to him that Majima never saw in Kamurocho. It was his favorite thing about coming to visit, seeing Kiryu’s sun-kissed face and loose muscles. It made him want to give that to him all the time.

He couldn’t help it, he leaned over and kissed him. Slow and sweet, they kissed for a while and if Majima knew what was to come, he might’ve pushed for more. He didn’t though, just brushed their noses together and smiled against Kiryu’s lips. 

"Wish I didn’t have t’leave ya, when yer this fuckin’ cute, Kiryu-chan," Majima murmued against his mouth and Kiryu laughed, low and quiet as his eyes cracked open again. 

"When’s your flight again?" Kiryu asked, his own hand reaching up to curl against the side of Majima’s neck, thumb rubbing circles against the space under his ear.

"Nine. Think Nishida’s startin’ to hate me a lil’ bit," and Kiryu gave an amused hum as he tugged Majima in for another kiss. It’s slow again, no need to ruin the mood. The kids were all fast asleep in their rooms and they were here in Kiryu’s room, in the quiet darkness with the only sound being the soft snoring from nearby and the rolling ocean waves outside. Both of them were freshly showered, in their pajamas, and even Majima was without his eye patch. It was good. The type of night Majima knew he needed before he headed back into the fray.

"If he did, he would’ve booked it at seven. He’s keeping you responsible," Kiryu replies and Majima laughs a little too loud, before remembering to quiet down and muffles it into Kiryu’s mouth. 

It was a nice night.

The next time he saw Kiryu, he was being thrown into the back of a police car because of Daigo fucking Dojima and if Kiryu didn’t beat the shit out of him, he was definitely going to the moment he was loose. Thankfully, he could always count on Kiryu to beat the shit out of someone.

Then, they were at Tojo HQ for a… tense reunion with Daigo and a long overdue swearing in for the Saejima family. Majima would’ve relished in drawing out Daigo’s apology a little longer, but Kiryu was looking a bit antsy and he knew why a few minutes later, when he was dragged into a closet and his throat was being gnawed on by an overgrown dragon.

"T-Take it ya missed me, e-eh, Kiryu-chan?" He manages to breathe out with a gasp as he feels Kiryu’s hands working on his belt and his thigh between his legs. Sweet mother of god, he’s going to faint before Kiryu even touches his dick. What the hell.

There’s something muffled against his throat, Kiryu’s voice too low to be heard, especially with the way his mouth is still attached to Majima. Majima lets out a "Hm?" and Kiryu finally pulls away, pressing his forehead against Majima’s to look him in the eye.

"You should have told me."

"Told ya what?"

Kiryu lifts a hand, gesturing in an all encompassing sort of gesture. "All of it. About Yasuko and Saejima. What was going on with Daigo. Everything."

Majima pauses, clenching his jaw slightly and looking off to the side. "Wasn’t yer problem to take care of, Kiryu-chan."

"That’s not–"

"Weren’t ya about to suck me off? Ya should get to it," Majima interjects and the two stare at each other for a long moment, tension thick in the dark closet. No longer the positive tension from before but something upset and hurt. Majima should apologize, tell Kiryu he’s right. He knows what Kiryu is asking for – if they’re really something , if what’s between them means anything, Majima should be able to share with Kiryu when bad things are going on. It’s just not in his nature though and he can’t apologize when he knows he’ll fuck it up again.

So, Kiryu leaves him in the closet (he really wishes that was in a funnier context) and Majima has to go back to his apartment alone that night, knowing Kiryu’s flying out to Okinawa without him. This? Definitely his fault. 

When they end up drifting apart a little after that, definitely his fault too. He shouldn’t have let it linger. He tried to call Kiryu a few times after that but, well, something always came up and he just… never really did. He threw himself into the Tojo Clan as a result and he could tell Daigo knew something was up but they never talked about it. It wasn’t really their type of thing, to talk about how Majima was feeling.

It means that while he wants to blame Kiryu for disappearing on him, he really just has to blame himself. He got the rundown from Haruka, who called him out of the blue one day which was strange, but the girl’s always had Kiryu’s sensibility without his stubborn self-sacrificial bullshit so he really shouldn’t be surprised.

She starts with – 

"He’d want you to know he’s leaving."


And after hearing the story, he’s stuck. A Park-san from Osaka, who is in the idol business. It couldn’t be, right…? He doesn’t let on what he’s thinking though, just rubs at his face and sighs because here Kiryu is again, fucking off into the yonder without telling him anything. He decides that this one, it’s Kiryu’s fault.

"Yer gonna be okay, Haruka-chan?"

"Are you?"

"Uh," Majima startles suddenly and rubs the back of his neck, glad she can’t see how awkward his face looks right now. "Kiryu-chan knows how to take care of himself, and it ain’t like this is some sorta forever thing, right? Just ‘till yer famous or whatever."

Haruka goes quiet on the other end and Majima realizes the mistake he’s made, wincing and quickly trying to recover.

"A-And if it is forever, that’s fine too! Listen, we’re all here t’ support ya, whatever the hell yer tryin’ to do. If that means keepin’ our distance, then we do it. Yer the light of his life, kid, and this is yer dream. Ain’t any of us old farts gonna stop it." 

Haruka doesn’t say anything immediately but finally, softly, her voice comes back with, "Thank you, Uncle Goro. I really, really, really appreciate this." And he can only laugh because it’s not like he’s doing much of anything to help. This is all Haruka.

"See you on TV, Haruka-chan. I’ll be rootin’ for ya."

Then, quiet, and, "I’ve missed you."

"I’ve missed ya too, kid."

It really takes a lot for him to not go seeking out Kiryu but it’s not like he doesn’t have his own shit to handle either. The Omi head honcho is probably going to kick the bucket and Daigo’s getting all scheme-y again as a result, so he better keep his good eye focused on whatever hell is about to break loose. Of course, he doesn’t expect to die in the process, but life’s full of surprises.


Plus One. 2016.


Kiryu going to jail really was the cherry on top of the dog shit sundae the Omi handed to them. He never even got much of a chance to talk to the guy either, the cops rolling into his hospital room before anyone could get to him. Saejima gone, fucking again, and Daigo recovering too, it was a pretty bad time all around. There was just one time – late at night, Majima conked out asleep in the chair next to Kiryu’s bed, when he’s shaken awake by a rather insistent hand on his arm.

"Fuck’s sake, ‘shida–"

"It’s Kiryu."

"Haw?" And Majima blinks awake, staring at Kiryu in the darkness and shifting in his seat to rub at his face, looking at the man. "Kiryu-chan, yer awake! … And yer speakin’ to me. Kinda two for two here on wins, y’know."

Kiryu just stares at him in the darkness and after a moment, Majima laughs a little nervously.

"Er, gonna say anythin’, Kiryu-chan?"

"You were married."

"Well, maybe say somethin’ else."

"Did Park-san ask me to leave because she knew about us?"

And that sure as hell was the question, wasn’t it? He never got a chance to ask her that, and her murder is a barely healed over wound at the moment, if he’s being honest. Not one he really wants to talk about. He knew her though, knew her well enough to know she wouldn’t stoop that low. She asked what she knew she had to ask and considering how shitty Majima’s yakuza life impacted her, she probably knew better than any other agent Haruka could’ve run into what could be told to the public and what couldn’t. So, Majima sighs and shakes his head.

"She ain’t that type of person. She asked ‘cause she thought it was the right thing for Haruka-chan and for the other kids. She knew better ‘n most what havin’ a yakuza in yer life would mean for ya, especially the bigger yer dream was," And Majima pauses for a moment before, "Sorry for not tellin’ ya about her. Ain’t somethin’ I try and think about a lot."

Kiryu watches him a little in the darkness before eventually, he shifts on the hospital bed, not too much but enough that Majima can get the hint. It doesn’t take much for Majima to crawl in beside him, propping his head up on his elbow and looking down at Kiryu, who is looking a little more at ease. 

"Ya got old on me, Kiryu-chan," Majima murmurs, lifting his hand to cup Kiryu’s cheek and drag his thumb across the skin, caressing his face softly. "Did Fukuoka treat ya right?"

Kiryu lifts a shoulder in a shrug, letting his eyes close and Majima watches as he takes a long breath, seeming to allow a weight to finally drop off of his shoulders. Majima hopes it helps. He stays quiet for longer and Majima doesn’t think it’s worth it to break the silence, so he just leans in and presses his lips to Kiryu’s forehead. Then, another to his temple. His cheek. His nose dragging across Kiryu’s cheekbone as he breathes him in. He’ll press a final kiss to Kiryu’s hair and curl his arm around him a little, letting Kiryu shift to press into him and Majima just holds him for a while. Like a dog, curled protectively around its hurt master.

It’s eventually Kiryu’s voice that breaks the silence, "I thought you were dead."

Majima remembers telling Saejima that no one would miss them, how he put that idea on the line as he fought him for Kurosawa’s stupid game. He knew it was a lie, but when it came between Haruka or himself, there was only one answer there. Kiryu would get over him, but he’d never be able to heal from losing Haruka. He sighs and lifts his hand, poking Kiryu right in the nose, making him look up at Majima and meet his gaze.

Those eyes he loves looking so miserable, it breaks Majima’s heart a little.

"Ain’t gonna die on you like that, Kiryu-chan. Gonna die when I’m old an’ stinky, still hasslin’ ya about yer cold ass feet pokin’ me at night. Fuckin’ wear some socks or somethin’, not all of us got all that muscle keepin’ us warm."

Kiryu lets out an amused breath, the smallest smile, and quietly, "Promise?" The orphan in him rises to the surface for a moment and Majima presses another kiss to his forehead.

"Cross my heart an’ hope t’ die."

"Stop it," And Majima laughs into Kiryu’s hair, grinning against him as he holds him again. Then, "I wish you came back to Okinawa with me."

Which just confirms what Majima knew all along – it was his fault, their drifting apart. If he just picked up the phone and called, Kiryu would’ve answered. Instead, he had to find every excuse in the book not to until Kiryu had no reason not to say no to Mirei. His arm tightens around Kiryu and he nods, pressing his face in closer and breathing him in. "I know."

Then, "I need to let them arrest me."

And, "I know that too."

Kiryu smiles against Majima’s skin. "Reading my mind now, Nii-san?"

"Yer just predictable as hell, Kiryu-chan."

Kiryu laughs before wincing at the pain from his wounds and Majima just continues to pet his hair, letting him relax again before tightening his grip back up. They stay like that for a while, until the sun comes up and filters in through the window blinds and the hallway outside starts to fill with the low murmur of voices. Majima doesn’t pull away just yet, since he has one more question to ask.

"Should I visit?" 

Kiryu glances up and their eyes meet before quietly, "No."

He thought as much. Kiryu needs to wash off the yakuza stink and no one smells as bad with it as Majima does. Whatever they are, they can decide that after he gets out. Maybe shit will be a little less complicated by the time that happens.

But of course, it’s not a little less complicated and it takes everything in him not to explode out of his skin as he rides back to Tojo HQ with Daigo and Saejima after they’re released from their own prison stints. As Daigo reads the letter to them, Majima drops his forehead against the window, watching the cars roll past and trying to contain his scream. Of course Kiryu doesn’t want them to wage war on Hiroshima, Majima’s pretty sure he’d burn it all to the ground if Daigo would let him. 

When Daigo goes silent and Majima looks back, the other two are staring at him. He’s not that fucking obvious but apparently the other two never got the memo. All he can manage is a, "Typical, Kiryu-chan" before going quiet again. That seems to satisfy them for now.

What Majima wants is simple. A shower. A drink. A fight. Two out of three he can get back at his apartment, the third requires figuring out where the hell the coliseum is holed up at the moment if it ain’t Purgatory. He feels like breaking out Hannya-man and fucking some poor asshole up, which is precisely what he intends to do when he gets to his apartment and realizes someone else is in there.

Alright, skip right to the fight then. He’s got his knife out and ready to go while he creeps his way towards the kitchen, making not even a sound. He’s ready to pounce, until what he finds in the kitchen is enough to make him drop the knife completely.


There he is, suit jacket missing and sleeves rolled up as he microwaves some noodles. He looks up at Majima and gives a tired looking smile as the microwave beeps and he reaches in to grab his snack. Majima just stares, a little dumbfounded, and watches Kiryu slurp up some noodles with a pair of chopsticks. He holds out a helping to Majima, who just opens his mouth and lets Kiryu feed him as he tries to realign his worldview. Kiryu stands there patiently, letting Majima work through it and by the time the noodles are gone, Majima’s got some of his senses back.

Which means he skips right to the real question, too old and too experienced about the world to know that if people think Kiryu’s dead, there’s a damn good reason for that. No, why he did it doesn’t matter. What really matters is –

"Why’d ya come here?"

Why let Majima know? Sure, he was crushed to hear the news and the weird deflated feeling of grief that’s settling in his stomach was going to lead him to some pretty fucked up behavior but, Kiryu didn’t need to risk it by telling him the truth. Kiryu seems to think otherwise by the wry look he shoots Majima’s way and Majima frowns.

"Two people in the world know the truth. Date-san," Kiryu gestures to Majima with his chopsticks, sucking sauce off of them for a moment. "And now you, Majima-no-niisan." 


"Can’t know."

"That’s cruel."

Kiryu pauses, looking away for a moment before nodding, firm. "I know."

Majima breathes out heavily and crosses his arms, leaning against the wall nearby. He watches Kiryu, something about seeing him move through the space, tossing out his noodle cup, washing his chopsticks, getting a glass of water and looking over at Majima as he drinks from it. Seeing all that soothes something in Majima, the feral dog that was pacing inside of him, ready to tear something limb from limb. It settles, making his shoulders drop and he reaches a hand up to rub at his eyes, fingers moving under his eyepatch to rub at sore skin and reminding him how much he needs that shower.



Majima drops his hand and reaches out as Kiryu steps closer, hooking two fingers into his belt loop and dragging him into his personal space. He presses a kiss to Kiryu’s jaw, then the corner of his mouth, before bumping their noses together and kissing him firmly. He tastes him, the noodles, the cigarette he smoked earlier, and he feels Kiryu’s arms loop around his shoulders as he stands between Majima’s spread legs. They kiss for a while, reacquainting their mouths with one another and Majima swears, it’s always too damn long between kisses. He’s sick of it.

When they break apart, Majima lifts his hand to take Kiryu’s chin between his fingers, letting his thumb rub over Kiryu’s wet bottom lip. He just admires him for a bit, taking in the sharp angles of his face and the warm brown eyes. He’s always gorgeous, especially when his face is relaxed like this. It makes Majima’s heart hurt, but a good hurt.

"You stayin’?"

"For a little bit."

"And then?"

Kiryu shrugs and Majima’s hand moves higher, pushing through the loose hairs on his forehead. It slides around, settling on the curve of Kiryu’s throat, his thumb resting against Kiryu’s jaw. 

"Take me with you."

Kiryu doesn’t answer, just stares at Majima which eventually gets him to sigh. 

"Fuck it, fuck ‘em. I’m sick of achin’ for ya, Kiryu-chan. Sick of waitin’ fer life to let us get back to each other. Yer sick of it too, or ya wouldn’t have come here an’ let me in on yer secret."

"Maybe I didn’t want you to do something stupid."

"Yeah? Then let me be stupid. Ain’t got a reason to raze Hiroshima anymore, so let me come with ya."

Kiryu’s quiet, dropping his forehead against Majima’s and the two just stare at each other. Majima hopes his sincerity is apparent and, more than that, he hopes the feeling is returned. This isn’t 1988 anymore, but it isn’t 2009 either. They’re too old and too, let’s be honest, lonely to keep depriving each other of something this good. Majima knows Kiryu well enough to know he’s going to be even more lonely now that he can’t go back home. So, fuck it. Majima will be with him. It’s a bit of a gamble but he thinks his luck might be hot right now.

"Yeah, okay."

Hot damn, he should buy a lottery ticket next.

"We’ll need to plan a bit but… okay."

Majima grins and leans forward, pecking Kiryu on the nose before dragging him in close with an arm around his waist. "Got some time to figure it out. No one’s gonna interrupt us here. S’just me an’ you, darlin’."

Kiryu nods and if Majima had to guess, this seems to be the resolution he was looking for. The way he melts against Majima, dropping his forehead against his shoulder and curling his arms tight around Majima’s middle, it all reeks of the same sort of exhaustion that Majima feels sometimes. That kind of bite when life doesn’t seem to let you just rest for a while. Majima strokes his fingers through Kiryu’s hair and kisses his temple, murmuring quietly to him. "Dunno about ya, but I think I could use a helluva nap right now."

There was only the slightest huff in agreement but it was all Majima needed.

When he wakes up later, it’s to the lights of Kamurocho streaming in through the window and Kiryu fast asleep, arms curled around his waist and face tucked against his throat. Kiryu could get kind of clingy during sleep, which was always pretty cute, and tonight was no exception. Majima wondered about the last time he slept somewhere safe, with someone he loved. He doubts it was anytime recent. It’s what compels him to nudge Kiryu a little so he could roll over in his arms, facing the other man while he dozed. Face slack like this, it was easy to see how the exhaustion colored his features and it made it hard for Majima to look away.

Kiryu must’ve sensed it though because it’s only a few minutes later that his eyes twitch a little and he blinks awake, looking back at Majima as he yawns and rubs his face. Majima gives a small smile and moves in, dropping his head onto the pillow Kiryu’s using and minimizing the space between them.

"Sleep well, Kiryu-chan?" Voice soft, quiet, and he gets a nod in response as Kiryu’s arms go back to circling around his waist, fingers skimming over his back. Majima lifts a hand to cup his cheek, thumb brushing across his skin tenderly.

"Got somethin’ to tell ya," Majima murmurs after, leaning in to kiss Kiryu ever so gently for a moment.

A sleep soft mumble of, "Nii-san?"

Majima smiles, kisses him again, on the corner of his mouth. "I love you. Whole of my heart, down to my toes. Been a while since I told ya, thought it needed some reiteratin’." 

Kiryu’s eyes widen then, fully awake after that, and he leans in to take Majima’s mouth in a firmer kiss. After, he responds with, "I love you too. And I – I’ve missed you, while I was away."

That makes Majima feel light, tingly all over. He reaches out for Kiryu’s hand, taking it in his and entangling their fingers together, lifting it up to his mouth to kiss the back of Kiryu’s hand. Another kiss comes, this time pressed to Kiryu’s cheek, then his nose, his mouth. He kisses him firmer on the mouth, pushing Kiryu onto his back as he rolls over to straddle him, making a point to kiss him deep.

Kiryu seems to get with the program pretty quickly, his fingers clenching in the sheets and then unclenching, reaching up to slide over Majima’s hips and hold him in place as they spend the next few minutes purely just enjoying each other’s mouths. It’s been way too long and Majima blames himself for the utter cockblock that has been the last few years, really. Curiosity gets the better of him too, has him breaking away and nuzzling Kiryu as he murmurs –

"I’m gonna assume you haven’t found someone else to take care of ya while locked up, yeah?" A pause. "Or in Hiroshima."

Kiryu stills for a moment, which has Majima immediately spiraling into worry before he hears the soft, muffled laughter into his shoulder and his own cheeks bloom with red hot heat. 

"H-Hey! S’a valid question, Kiryu-chan. Yer a bit of a looker and it wouldn’t do if someone snatched ya away from me."

Which just makes Kiryu laugh more, a little louder now and Majima’s torn between his pure love for Kiryu’s laughter and the utter crushing embarrassment of Kiryu laughing at him. What the hell.

"Nii-san, don’t – don’t pout," Kiryu finally says, a little breathless as he smiles up at Majima, who is definitely not pouting (more of a scowl) down at him. "To be completely honest, if it wasn’t you, I wasn’t interested."

Now that lifts Majima’s spirits immensely. 


"Yeah," And then Kiryu seems to hesitate before looking back at Majima. "I would understand if it was different for you though."

Which Majima doesn’t quite understand, looking back at Kiryu in confusion before, like a ton of bricks, it finally dawns on him. "Oh!" A little too loud of a reply before, yeah, he cackles and ignores the way Kiryu looks at him indignantly from underneath him. "Kiryu-chan, ya absolute ding dong. Nobody’s touched my dick since Okinawa. Remember?" And he looks a little lecherously down at Kiryu. "That blowjob ya gave me before I went back to Kamurocho. Lips all pretty ‘round my dick, fueling my jerk off fantasies since."

Kiryu makes a face, like if he could disappear into the blankets he would. Majima relishes in it.

It has him leaning down, nuzzling in against Kiryu and murmuring into his ear as he rocks his hips down into Kiryu’s lap. "Had me thinkin’ a lot too, about what woulda happened if I weren’t a fuckin’ idiot sometimes, an’ we got to go all the way back at Tojo." And it’s clear that Kiryu remembers the insistence he had that time, the need for reunion that was so promptly cut short. They never really got to resolve that ache, now did they?

"Coulda had yer mouth around my dick, right there an’ then. Fuck yer mouth till anyone who took a look at ya would know exactly what just happened to yer pretty lips." Kiryu is squirming underneath him now and Majima grins, squeezing their still conjoined hands and lifting them to press their hands down next to Kiryu’s head. His other hand lifts up to take Kiryu’s chin between his fingers like earlier and press his thumb against that bottom lip. Kiryu’s eyes glance up to meet his and like absolute perfection, he takes Majima’s thumb into his mouth a moment later.

"Fuck, yer so damn hot, Kiryu-chan. Ain’t nothin’ compare." Kiryu hums around his thumb and Majima sinks it in a little further. "Can barely get my dick up if it ain’t you, just absolute fuckin’ perfection."

Apparently that’s enough to get Kiryu to laugh, him breaking off from Majima’s thumb with a chuckle, even if Majima meant it with all seriousness. Majima grins as he watches him, poking him in the chest and pressing his point, "I ain’t touch a soul other than you since we got together, after Hamazaki stabbed ya. ‘Fore that, I jerked off thinkin’ about ya more often than not and if ya didn’t keep gettin’ hung up on people who weren’t god damn me , we probably woulda had a lot more sex before now."

Kiryu smiles up at him, reaching up with his free hand to curl it around the back of Majima’s neck and pulling him down to kiss again. They kiss for a bit before Kiryu murmurs, way too amused for Majima’s liking. "Jealous, Nii-san?"

"Possessive," Majima corrects.

"Then we should make up for lost time."

"I–" Majima falters for a moment before shaking his head. "Yeah, I got nothin’. M’ gonna fuck ya till ya scream, Kiryu-chan."

Which is the last thing he says before he takes Kiryu’s face with both hands, kissing him with the pent up frustration of not just three years, or seven years, but the past twenty eight years of pent up frustration. Kiryu seems to understand what Majima’s feeling though, because he kisses back with the same crippling need as they fall right into each other. 

It’s easy, to shed their clothes and get even closer. No one’s going to come and kick Majima out, or interrupt the two of them. Majima’d rather die than say some stupid shit that gets Kiryu to stop touching him as well. It’s finally just so easy this time, to let each other have each other. Majima admires the sleep soft, freshly showered look of Kiryu under him, hair loose and messy across the pillow as he looks up at Majima. He lifts his hand and curls it against Kiryu’s cheek, holding his face as he leans in to take his mouth again, slow and deep and making sure Kiryu gets every drop of what’s in his heart for him.

Shirts go first and then Majima’s got his fingers at the hem of Kiryu’s pants, skimming across the hot skin. He leans up, pressing kisses across Kiryu’s chest and lingering near his pecs where his kisses get wetter and messier as he nuzzles the soft bit of chest hair there. "Gorgeous tits," is murmured out against them as he takes one of the nipples in his mouth, biting lightly first before sucking.

There’s a breathless sounding, "Nii-san…" and when Majima’s eye flicks up, Kiryu’s flushed a pretty ol’ red and looking embarrassed as he bites into his bottom lip. It’s the hottest thing Majima’s ever seen and he smiles around the nipple before getting a little more insistent on the sucking. Kiryu’s increased breathing is encouragement enough and his fingers tap against Kiryu’s hips to get him to lift slightly so he can pull the sweats and underwear down in one fell swoop. It’s just a little more wriggling until Kiryu’s naked under him, and his mouth moves on to the other nipple.

This is what he’s been missing for ages, and when Kiryu’s hand gets tangled in the back of his hair, he lets him keep his head there, sucking wet and eager as the little bud gets swollen and red under his mouth. He makes an embarrassingly loud slurping noise against it and that seems to be what does Kiryu in, as he lets out a deep groan and rolls them over so he’s sitting on Majima instead. When Kiryu shoves him down against the mattress, Majima just grins back up at him, without any regret.

"Where is –"

Majima’s chin jerks towards the nightstand next to them and Kiryu reaches out for it, digging in the drawer until he comes back out with the small tube of lubricant, which Majima is quite relieved to see there’s still enough for tonight’s activities. Kiryu looks determined to get down to business though, the type of furrow to his eyebrows that tells Majima he’s got a narrow minded focus on something, on them. It’s cute as hell and makes him want to ravish the guy, reaching out his hand to grab Kiryu’s wrist and make him stop for a moment. 

"I wanna do it. Get on yer knees, Kazuma," Majima murmurs and Kiryu looks back at him intently for a moment before he does, shifting over to kneel, grabbing a pillow to use as a cushion as he bends over. Majima watches, knowing that this sure is a sight he’ll never get used to, but also sorely missed. A soft whistle follows and he moves up to get behind Kiryu, scrambling to kick off his own pants and underwear as well.

It’s still so easy, to fold himself over Kiryu’s back and get his hands on that ass, kneading and palming him as he feels Kiryu shudder underneath him. It’s so easy to squirt some of that lube onto his hand and get it warmed up between his fingers, slipping his hand between those cheeks after. And it’s just so fucking easy, to slide a finger into the ring of tight muscle that is Kiryu’s hole and listen to him breath out heavily, shaking a little at the sensation. Majima presses kisses across his shoulder, up his spine and against the back of his throat. He nuzzles at the skin and lets his other hand wrap around Kiryu to take his cock in his hand and let his thumb sweep over the swollen, leaking tip.

"Yer so hard, darlin’," Majima’s voice comes out, rough and low as he murmurs his words directly into Kiryu’s ear. He can feel his ass clench around his finger and another spurt of precome spills over his hand. "Ain’t you ever take care of yourself? Just –" His hand slides over the length, pumping it a few times and Kiryu moans, head dropping forward. "Just like that, yeah."

Kiryu lets out a snort and Majima smiles against his skin as he hears the rough gravel of Kiryu’s voice in response, "Not sure… where you think I’d get the time. Been a bit, mm, busy."

Majima laughs low and the finger inside of Kiryu presses in a little deeper, stroking the inside of his walls and slowly working him open. It’s been a while, so he knows he’s gotta be careful, but god, he hopes this can go a little quicker. He makes a mental note to not let Kiryu get this tight again, and if that means he has to get Kiryu to sit on his dick every day, so be it. Majima will make the sacrifice.

They fall quiet then, the only sound a mix of their soft breathing and the slightly wet noises from Majima’s fingering and the hand on Kiryu’s dick. He buries his face in against Kiryu’s neck, nuzzling in against him as his hand shifts back a little to take Kiryu’s sac in his palms instead, kneading at them and enjoying the sharp gasp that comes from Kiryu at the uptick in pleasure. It helps him distract Kiryu from the way his second finger slides inside his hole and slowly, he begins to scissor him open a little more insistently.

"N-Nii-san…" breathed out, shaken and a little desperate and Majima is smiling against his skin.


An answer doesn’t come, just Kiryu’s hand reaching back to grab a fistful of Majima’s hair and hold Majima to him a little roughly. Majima grunts slightly as he’s pulled forward and they tip forward a little, Kiryu’s face pressed into the pillow as his elbows drop forward. He arches his back, ass still pressed up into Majima’s hand and Majima can’t help but laugh a little hysterically at their tangling together.

"Yer gonna pull my hair out like that," he breathes out against Kiryu’s throat and just follows it with a giggle as Kiryu’s hand tightens and tugs harder at his hair. He rubs his nose against Kiryu’s skin and his fingers work a little more insistently inside of him, feeling the pulsing of Kiryu’s sac in his hand and kneading it a little harder. Maybe he should make him come first, get him all loose and hot. He can feel his own cock, harder than a rock and leaking like a faucet against Kiryu’s ass and knows it’ll be impossible for him to contain himself too long either.

A third finger slides in, which is a god damn miracle because who knows how much longer he can last here, and he works his hand harder inside of Kiryu. Kiryu’s shaking, muffling his noises into the pillow and Majima wishes he could hear them without interference but there’s no moving Kiryu until he gets inside of him. He works his fingers in deep, stretching and tugging at him gently until he can get to that very special place in Kiryu that, if they’re both honest about it, the guy needs milking more often. Majima bites into Kiryu’s skin then, sucking a mark into Kiryu’s throat as he starts stroking his prostate and there goes the floodgates on Kiryu’s noises, desperate moans spilling into the pillow as he rocks back into Majima’s fingers and forward onto his hand. 

They move like that for a while, Majima insistent on giving Kriyu as much pleasure as he can. Sure, it’s been a while for him too, but no one does repression like his Kiryu-chan. He wants to get him off, make his bones all liquid and melty before he gets to fuck him, make sure Kiryu can’t even think and feels taken care of in a way no one else but Majima gets him to. Honestly, that’s part of why he likes doing this to Kiryu. The guy pushes himself to the breaking point for everyone else, but who ever takes care of him instead? Nah, that responsibility ends up strictly on Majima’s shoulders and he’ll cherish the hell out of it.

Speak of the devil, his hair is getting clawed at again and Majima giggles into Kiryu’s throat. He thrusts his fingers into Kiryu a little roughly and squeezes at his balls, moving his hand to give a few urgent strokes of his cock. Kiryu’s breathing a little harder and Majima can hear the gasping as he tries to pull his face out of the pillow.

"G-Goro, I –" Kiryu starts, cutting himself off with a moan as his face falls back into the pillow.

"I gotcha, I gotcha," Majima croons against his skin and it isn’t long until he can feel the way Kiryu’s hips jerk a few times and he spills, hot and thick all over Majima’s fingers and the sheets underneath them. Majima hums softly and focuses on letting Kiryu ride it out against his hand, removing his fingers gently and shivering a bit as he feels the way Kiryu’s hole squeezes around him, desperate to not be empty. Yeah, that’s the shit he loves.

It means he doesn’t wait very long either, as Kiryu’s chest heaves and he catches his breath, Majima shifts to get his legs on either side of him and sticky fingers take hold of each side of his hips. He’ll pull back a hand to take the base of his cock in his palm and guide himself forward, sinking so, so very easily into that tight, wet hole in a way that makes both of them moan, loud and satisfied. He’ll drop forward again onto Kiryu’s back, not even moving just yet and instead relishing in being connected again like this.

Kiryu’s hand drops out of his hair and curls into the sheets underneath him as he catches his breath and Majima lets his own arms curl around Kiryu’s middle to hug him to his chest. He presses more kisses across Kiryu’s skin, his shoulders, biting a little at the mark he’s already left on his throat. When he nuzzles him, Kiryu makes an amused little noise and Majima can feel him squeeze around his cock, moving his arms back to lean up on his elbows again.

"A-Alright," Kiryu says, face pulled out of the pillow and head dropped forward as he breathes. "Alright."


Kiryu just nods and Majima leans forward to press a quick kiss to his cheek before he starts moving his hips. His forehead presses against the space between Kiryu’s shoulders and one of his hands draws back to steady himself with a hand on Kiryu’s hip. Kiryu’s much more relaxed now and it’s perfect, perfect to fuck him like this and bury himself back inside the man he loves. The pace is steady and deep and he focuses on making sure he can fill up every inch of Kiryu, making up for years of lost time and hurt feelings. If the way Kiryu’s breath is picking up is any indication, it’s definitely working.

His hips snap forward and he shifts his angle, feeling the way Kiryu tenses tightly suddenly and then moans as he brushes against his prostate. Majima’s grin is sharklike and victorious at that, biting into the meaty flesh of Kiryu’s shoulder as he brings his hips down again right against Kiryu. After that, there’s no hesitation as he fucks hard into him, letting out his own moan of satisfaction into Kiryu’s skin. Over and over, the tight heat around his cock has him seeing white behind his eyelids and this – this is why no one else does it for him like Kiryu does. Why eat fucking gizzards when you have wagyu right here for the taking?

He swears, there’s a chance he just blackouts for a second by how good this is because when he refocuses again, they’re upright. Majima’s hips move on their own, fucking over and over into Kiryu and they’re pressed chest to back as they lean back up on their knees. Majima’s got one arm around Kiryu’s waist, the other pressed palm flat against his chest and Kiryu’s reaching a hand back for his hair again. The other hand grips the headboard in front of them and Majima just buries his face into Kiryu’s throat as he fucks in harder and harder. The hand on Kiryu’s chest inches up a little until he gets one of those pert little nipples in his fingers, teasing and tweaking at it as they move. He’s rewarded with a loud moan and Kiryu clenching around him as his head drops back against Majima’s shoulder.

There’s no part of him that wants to stop, absolutely no part, and he’s letting out louder sounds of pleasure by the moment, all of it muffled into Kiryu’s skin. He’s shaking, the hand around Kiryu’s waist digging fingers into his skin as his pleasure peaks higher and higher. Being with Kiryu is like… forgiveness, like salvation. Like all the shitty stupid bullshit things he’s had to deal with or been through is all worth it in the end when he gets to tangle himself up with Kiryu and share pleasure like this.

And he’s also fully aware that that’s probably fucking creepy as hell so he’ll never actually say that to Kiryu.

No harm in thinking it though.

He presses a messy kiss to Kiryu’s throat, across his jaw, to the corner of his mouth. Then he’s panting, brain leaking right out of his ears with how good this feels, how full his heart is right now. He laughs, a little breathless, a little overwhelmed, and murmurs against Kiryu’s skin.

"You… nnh, you have no idea. How much I love ya, Kazuma," another laugh as he nuzzles his face into Kiryu. Kiryu laughs too, deep from his chest and it fills Majima with the most blissful feeling.

"I– I am fairly sure I’ve got an idea," Kiryu breathes out, and there’s a smile on his face and Majima’s fucking besotted.

They fall backwards then and Majima lands on his back with a soft oof , Kiryu sinking down onto him with a groan. Majima shivers, the tightness around his cock feeling more suffocating than before and his head drops back as he moans, loud and deep. His hands reach out to grab Kiryu’s hips as Kiryu readjusts and it’s only a moment later that Kiryu is moving on top of him, dropping down and letting Majima thrust up in return. He watches the muscles of Kiryu’s back ripple as he moves and it is, once again, the hottest thing he’s ever seen. Kiryu’s so fucking gorgeous, how is he even real. He watches the sweat roll down his back, the bright colors of the dragon tattoo filling up his vision and the marks here and there on the skin from his bites and kisses. It’s gorgeous, he’s gorgeous, and Majima is going to pass out if he doesn’t blow his load soon.

"K-Kiryu-chan, I need t’ come," He groans out, fingers digging harder into Kiryu’s skin and Kiryu nods, expression lost in pleasure and body starting to move a little faster on Majima. He’s so close, he’s so god damn close, just needs a bit to tip him over the edge and it’ll be perfect. He’s going to fill Kiryu up ‘till he’s leaking and it’ll be the most beautiful thing in the world. He feels Kiryu around his cock, hungry and tight and he just… he just –

"Come on, nii-san," Kiryu groans out, voice deep and rough and Majima comes like a fucking rocket, grabbing Kiryu’s waist and flipping them over so he can shove in deep and fill him. There’s a surprised noise and an oof from Kiryu as he lands face first on the mattress and Majima’s got his face buried between his shoulders again as he gasps for air and grinds his release into him. Kiryu shudders underneath him and when Majima’s hand reaches out for Kiryu’s, they find each other and their fingers intertwine.

Majima mumbles against Kiryu’s skin, exhausted and content, "Yer such a good fuck, Kiryu-chan." Which earns a snort from Kiryu as he lifts their fingers and kisses Majima’s knuckles, the love and affection just spilling out of both of them in the hazy afterglow. Majima nuzzles his face into the skin and sighs, "Can’t wait to fake my death with ya." A yawn spills out of him and, "Ain’t anyone gonna stop me from fuckin’ ya again."

Kiryu’s voice comes, tired and fond. "Go to sleep, nii-san."

He does.