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Tine smiled wide as he looked at his card's balance. He just received his allowance for this month and he is very relieved. He is not going to go hungry or homeless this month, and most of all he could continue his subscription to his favorite content creator. 


He stumble upon ShineBright12's account eight months ago by accident, and since then he has been a big fan. He willingly spent $30.00 a month for his subscription, that amount is no small thing for a Thai student like him, but it's ok, as long as he could see the goddess that has been the topic of his dreams for months. 


His heart has not been the same ever since Pear had rejected him, but he has been steadily getting better because of her. According to her profile, she is twenty years old and currently a uni student. That's pretty much the only information written there. 


However from just the way she talks to him whenever they chat, he can tell that she's really nice. She sucks at spelling though... that normally would turn him off but he was surprised that it didn't. 


He just finished verifying his account information when his phone was taken against his will.


"Oi Ohm! What the hell?" He asked as he dashed to get his phone back. "Oi!" He shouted as Ohm unlocked his screen, revealing the thumbnail for ShineBright12's new video upload. She was wearing a pair of white stockings that has a small bright pink bow attached to it. It was connected to a baby pink garther belt. She was also wearing a pair of black mary janes.


"Tine... Of all the camgirls on OnlyFans... Why did you choose this one? This chick is not worth your money." Ohm said as he held on to Tine's phone, which shows the stocking-clad thighs of the said CamGirl. Tine frowned at him.


"Yeah, she's asking for $30.00 a month for thigh pics? I bet she have those on her instagram." Phuak added, Tine narrowed his eyes at him.


"Oi, stop talking shit about Tine's dream girl! I think she also has panty shots there somewhere." Fong said, iliciting an exhausted sigh from Tine. 


"Don't you guys see how perfect she is?!" Tine exclaimed, "her thighs are flawlessly fair, it looks like milk! Also her legs go on for miles!"


"So you fell in love with a pair of long fair legs?" Phuak said, making Tine facepalm.


"Just give me back my phone please! I wanna watch the new video." Tine whined. Ohm just shook his head as he returned the phone. Then just as he took it a DM notification appeared, he smiled as he read the greeting that the CamGirl goddess sent. It was just a simple greeting that goes along the way of "Hi TineT21 thank you for continuing your subscription, I hope you enjoy the new content! 😽" But it made Tine feel special. 


"She sent you a DM?" Ohm said as he saw the message. "She usually ask for tips before she responds to messages! How do you get DM'd messages for free?!" Ohm was shocked and annoyed. 


"Wait..." Tine said. "You're subscribed to her too?" He asked, brows raised. 


"Almost everyone are." Ohm replied. "There is a rumor that she goes to our Uni. So people automatically subscribed, the three of us shared an account." He explained, pointing a himself, Phuak and Fong. "I tried DM-ing her once but she asked for a $3.00 tip before she replied." He stated.


"That is almost a hundred baht... That could get me  five bad meals from shitty restaurants." Phuak said.  


"Three meals from that stall in the cafeteria that actually sells real food." Fong corrected.


"So... Yeah we paid for the three dollar tip, and she just sent us a "Hello, thank you or the tip" and a quick answer to our question that goes along the lines of a simple "yes" nothing more." Ohm explained. "since then we refrained from tipping."


"That is the worst 30 baht I spent on anything." Phuak said. 


"A lot of people speculate that she could be Fahsai from the faculty of Communication Arts, because she has long legs." Ohm said. 


"Some say it's Lemon from the faculty of Engineering, because she was in desperate need for money in the last couple of months, and she was also rumored to have a sugar daddy last year." Phuak said.


"But  majority of students subscribed to her speculate that she's from the faculty of political science, because she accidentally posted a pic that has her notes in the back ground." Tine did remember that one, it was a beautiful pic. "She deleted it immediately but someone already took a screenshot."


"Hey stop gossiping about women. Have some shame." Fong chastised the two, they both had the decency to look sheepishly at Fong. "Don't judge people for the things they do to survive." 


Tine smiled at his friend. He did find the discussion uncomfortable to listen to. If his favorite OnlyFans creator doesn't want her identity known, then he respects her decision. 


Then his phone beeped again, with a notification. It was a DM.


"Open for $2.😘" It says. Tine was a little hesitant to spend more money, but he did anyways. He clicked "send $2" and he almost dropped his phone when the content loaded. It was a video of the goddess' full buttocks clad in pink lace panties, she was holding a butt plug that was glistening with lube in one hand and she was finger fucking her ass with her other hand, the video didn't have any audio, but Tine found himself imagining the squelching sound that the act could generate. He crossed his legs in a futile attempt to hide his growing erection. He was also pretty sure that he was as red as a tomato. 


"Oh she sent a DM..." Ohm said as his phone pinged. "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? OPEN FOR TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS?" He shouted.


"Isn't that a little excessive?" Fong commented. 


When Tine turned his attention back to his phone the video was over, there was an option to download the video by adding another dollar. He didn't hesitate to click "yes". 

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Sarawat was not sure how it happened, but he was pretty sure that he lost a dare while he was drunk the night he ended up making an OnlyFans account. He was not sure if he lost to Man or Green but he did, and he ended up wearing Green's white fishnet stockings on his freshly shaved legs. He initially planned on charging 300 baht, or $10, but he accidentally pressed 3 instead of 1. 


People still subscribed despite the high price point so he didn't bother to change it. It started of as a dare, only a dare, he keep on doing it for fun, and now a year later, it was his main source of income. A lot of the people who subscribed to him leaves after a while because they get disappointed with the lack of porn material, but a good majority stayed because they liked being teased. A select few stays because they hope that one day they'll see a glimpse of his full "boobs" and his "pussy". 


A panty shot every once in a while helps keep his loyal fans well, loyal. Taking pics with sex toys in close proximity makes people go wild. A picture of his mouth sucking on a sex toy gets tons of tips and comments.  


His online persona, ShineBright12 is known to be an aloof, mysterious snub who only talks to her fans when they pay her. A lot of the simps who follows him loves it, they love being degraded for some reason. Some are even willing to pay him a lot of money to have a glimpse of his nipples, most times he obliges, DM-ing them a close-up, zoomed-in picture of his pink nipple, they get to nut, and his bank account gets $100 richer. 


"Hey are you sure that you want to get something as risque as this out?" His brother and multimedia manager asked as he typed the message that his subscribers would receive in their DMs. The poor boy had to edit the video too, since Wat was pretty much useless when it comes to using gadgets. Phukong never wanted to see his brother in a compromising position but work is work and Wat can't just hire anybody because he wants to keep his part-time job a secret. Phukong's just thankful that he isn't his brother's cameraman, that was his P'Mil's job, sometimes P'Dim's if he isn't too busy with P'Green's Vlog. 


"Yeah. Also, remember that special customer, send that to him with a $2 offer." He reminded his brother. 


"You know if you like P'Tine just ask him out. If your other subscribers gets a wind of the fact that there is one subscriber with a special discount they'll be mad. His discount is 99% percent." Phukong said. "Also, the other subscribers need to cash out $20 dollars to download the special content in their devices and he just pays what? Fifty cents?" He asked. 


"Nah, you're exaggerating. He at least needs to pay a dollar." Wat explained, Phukong almost knocked his head to his desk, although that would be too dramatic, so he just settled with a facepalm. 


"You know I was behind schedule with my own uploads because of this "surprise" special content. What made you decide to film a finger fuck video out of the blue? You never do that Wat." Phukong was genuinely curious, his curiosity had actually been eating him out since they were called in the ass-crack of midnight to film his brother's ass. 


They were about to film a scene last night with the cameras already set up, he was already tying his P'Mil's arms on the bedpost, and the bullet vibrator they just bought was already vibrating in his Phi's ass at the highest setting when he received the call, Least to say, his P'Mil was not happy, and he almost slept in the couch. Both of them were not in the mood anymore when they got home, so that was another filming day wasted for both of them. But the pay they were promised was just too good to pass up on. You can't just stumble upon 25,000 baht while walking down the sidewalk. So he and his Phi took the job even though they were both so horny.  


That 25,000 baht could be new used for new equipment, like that 12 inch dragon dildo that made his P'Mil's eyes go wide and his mouth water the last time they checked out the sex shop. Or a new camera! Or better quality ropes for shibari. Phukong sees a lot of possibilities. 


"I made that video for Tine. He has been a good subscriber and friend lately he deserves a reward..." Wat said with a smile on his face. "But if other people wanna see it too, then they can." 


"But they should be ready to part with their two hundred dollars." Phukong said while staring blankly at his brother. 


"Exactly." Sarawat said with a straight face. 


"That's basically stealing, but okay..." Phukong said as he continued typing. "Good thing you didn't injure yourself when you fingered your hole wearing nails that long." 


Phukong was referring to the fake nails he wore when filming. The set he chose in the last video were chrome pink ones that are at least an inch long.


"That's because I didn't wear them on the three fingers that I used to fuck my ass." Wat explained. "I made your boyfriend cut the take before I get to pull them out to save space on my memory card." He added. 


"That's a shame, people actually like seeing those scenes when people remove things from their holes, because they like how the things seems to pop out from the hole." Phukong explained.


"I'll keep that in mind." Wat replied. 


Then Sarawat's phone pinged, indicating that someone had DM-ed him. 


"Can I have a peak at your boobies? Sent by LakrossDude3305..." Sarawat read the message. 'Good thing I just shaved my chest.' He thought to himself as he unbuttoned his shirt. 


"You'll really send him boob pics?" Phukong asked. 


"No. Just nipple pics. If he agrees to the fee." Sarawat explained. Then an idea strikes him. "Kong, send everyone a DM, tell them that we'll do a sale or something, we will give everyone 50% discount on all requests. Answers to DMs will be $1.50, pic requests will be $50.00 and an hour of chatting will be $25.00." He thought that he should make full use of his newly shaved legs and chest. 


"You're worst than a burglar... You're like a corrupt government official." Phukong said as he pressed the "send to all" button. 


Immediately a handful of requests went through the line, and Wat was immediately busy changing from one wardrobe to another. One requested a bunny girl outfit and he obliged. He have at least three of such outfits in different colors because Man got them for him as a gag gift. Back in the days he would've thrown the offending garments back to Man accompanied with a death glare, but now he accept gifts like these with open arms because he could use them as props.  


Majority of his costumes and sex toys are gag gifts from Man, Boss, Green, Earn, Dim, Mil and even Pam. The butt plug he used in the special video was from Green. Hence the girth. He really liked that plug. 


Another request was for him to wear a ball gag, so he went and looked for the one that he recently cleaned. It was a red one that stretched his mouth just right, he took a photo of his mouth with the gag, a little bit of drool trickling down his chin. 


The man he sent that photo to, gave him extra $20. 


He only received one request for chat, and that dude just spent the whole hour complimenting him, and his hole. He was one of the Eighteen people who spent $200.00 on his video. 


By the time it was five in the afternoon he had already made the amount he payed Phukong and Mil, and by the time evening rolled in, he was pretty sure he already have his rent for the next three months. 


He had already sent Phukong home when he received three more messages, the first two were butt and boob pic requests, which he sent immediately. And the last one was a request that he was surprised to see. 




Tine has never driven that fast his entire life. As soon as class ended, before his friends could even turn around to talk to him he went sprinting as fast as he can to his parking spot. 


As the saying goes, nothing drives a man faster than his raging boner...


As soon as he reached his dorm room he locked all the entrances. The door, all of the windows, he closed his blinds, and he went straight for his supply of wet wipes, because boys loves to use kleenex but men knows that the best way to clean up the evidence of a good nut is by using wet wipes. But he still took some kleenex for good measure. 


He went straight to his bed after he got all of the stuff he needs, he took his phone, plugged his earphones in and watched the video he downloaded. He completely forgot about the first video that he was supposed to be watching on his favorite camgirl's homepage, but that can wait. 


The start of the video is the just the goddess displaying her amazing ass, clad in only a thin pink lace panties that she pulls up, a little bit to show off her ass cheeks more. Afterwards, the video cut off to the part where she has three fingers shoved up her ass. She didn't remove her panties though, oh no, it was only pushed aside by her fingers that were fucking her ass thoroughly. It was almost the same as the video he watched earlier, the only difference is, it has audio...


The audio was edited to go higher than it originally is, but it was an audio nonetheless. 


He can now hear all the squelching noises that he was just imagining a while ago, making him feel hot all over. The gasps and whines the goddess makes is music to his ears.


He immediately pulled his pants and underwear down revealing 9-inch little Tine standing proud in all it's glory. He took his lube from the pile of supplies he brought with him and started tugging and pulling as he watched the girl of his dreams pleasure herself with her fingers. He pumped his cock faster as she quicken her pace, pushing her fingers in and out faster,  up to her knuckles. Her voice sounded more and more desperate as she goes. 


It ended with Tine shooting ropes of cum out, after the girl made a high pitched whine, as she reached her peak. 


Afterwards the video cut to the girl slipping the tip of a butt plug in and out of her ass it was a big stainless steel butt plug with a rabbit tail at the end. She was moaning and giggling as she did it, teasing the viewers. Then she slipped it inside slowly, inch by inch, Tine felt himself slowly harden as he saw the girl's pink hole stretch wide to accommodate the toy's girth, gasping as it breeches her rim. She then pulled it out and pushed it in again and again until she was a painting and moaning mess. 


At that moment Tine was already pumping his cock again, the moans and the imagery making him hornier. He imagines himself slipping into that tight heat slowly, teasing her as he go in inch by inch. His own moans echoing in his dorm room. 


He then imagines himself plowing through that pink beautiful hole, as the girl on screen merciless fucked herself with the butt plug, her hands crushing the bunny tail as she drove it inside of her making her moan and scream. 


Tine came again with a choked moan after the girl plunged the butt plug in one last time moaning loudly as she came. The screen faded to black afterwards. 


Tine was heaving heavy breaths as he tried to calm himself down from the high. He had never came that hard his entire life..


He immediately cleaned himself up with the wipes, and then he cleaned that small area of the wall that some of his cum splattered on to. He sighed in relief when he didn't notice any on the bed. 


Just as he was as standing up to take a shower another notification flashed on his screen. 


"50% off... Of everything..." He read. 'Is she earning anything from these videos? She only charge $2.00 for special videos, now she's also offering 50% discount.' Tine thought to himself as he scratched his head.




"Did you heard? ShineBright12 is having a sale right now." Ohm asked as he sat between Tine and Fong. "Some of our rich school mates had taken the opportunity to send requests, Tong from Medicine even acquired a pic of her in a bunny girl outfit. He said she charged her $50.00 instead of the usual $100.00." he explained. Phuak almost spat out his drink. 


"A hundred dollars for a photo?" Phuak asked. 


"Yeah, they said that she would give you a pic of your request for $100, it could be anything from close up panty shots of her butt to outfit requests." Ohm explained.


"But a hundred?" Phuak was still in disbelief. "That is like my rent for a whole month."


Tine was in disbelief as well. He was thinking of requesting a photo, but he didn't know it would be that expensive. 'Maybe the video yesterday was just a one time special.' he thought to himself. 


"Not to mention she asked $200.00 for that video yesterday." Now Tine was the one who almost spat out his drink on that. 


"Shocking right?" Ohm asked as he looked at Tine. "I mean it's only a ten minute video, and she's asking $200.00 for it." Tine was very confused.




So... If you're curious about the panties, click "here"  

And the butt plug, click "here"
(Just imagine it a little bigger)


As well as the dragon dildo, just click "here!"

-have fun! 😉

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Sarawat was shocked at what he read. Tine messaged him, requesting a video chat. 


Wat didn't know what to do. He could always use a voice altering app to change his voice in video, but Tine wants a face to face video chat. Sarawat bit his lower lip. He really has no idea about the course if action that he should take. 


He likes Tine. He likes Tine so much that he literally cannot tell him "No". How many times has Tine requested things from him that he did without question even if they destroyed him inside. He is "whipped" and he is very well aware of it. 


But, this is his livelihood. And he also has his "employees" so he couldn't just make a decision that could jeopardize his livelihood, his job that pays his rent and part of his tuition fee just because he likes a guy... Well he thinks his liking for Tine is more than just "like", he sighed. 


He turned off his lights and his phone. What he needs is sleep. A long one. He shook his head again and tried to clear his mind as he jumped into the shower. 


It was already eleven o'clock when he woke up the next day. When he turned on his phone multiple notification and texts from Man and Boss bombarded him. He missed a quiz in one of their gen-ed classes apparently.


He saw another message from Tine in one of the notifications, which reminded him of Tine's request. 


He then opened his line app and sent a message to P'Dim, Phukong, and Mil. 


Not even a minute later, the notification for a video call appeared on his screen. 


"No." Phukong immediately said as he saw his brother's face on the phone. "No, don't do it." He has the microphone of his earphones close to his mouth. The background clearly shows that he is inside a classroom, probably waiting for a professor. 


"Are you crazy Wat?" Mil said as he wiped the coffee that he accidentally spilt on the table after he read Wat's message. There goes half of his free cup for the day. 


"Aren't you supposed to be working today?" P'Dim asked as he watched Mil wipe the coffee away. 


"I'm on break. I'm in the stock room." Mil said. "Oh man, Jae Tun is going to kill me if this stains." Phukong just looked at his man sympathetically. 


"Wat, are you out of your damn mind?!" P'Dim asked focusing on Sarawat. "Doing that would get you in so much trouble!" He exclaimed.


Sarawat has the decency to look sheepishly at his "colleagues." He sighed, "Guys... It's Tine. I don't think he'll rat me out." Wat averted his eyes from his friends' disappointed faces. 


"You're actually considering it?" Mil asked, looking at Wat like he grew two heads. "Wat, a lot of people in this university are subscribed to your account. Don't you know what could happen if they found out that the most well known cam girl in this uni is actually a guy who's just pretending to be a girl? Not only that, do you realize what would your ex-fanclub would do once they knew that that guy was you?"


Wat bit his lower lip. He knows that, he doesn't really care about people's opinions about him back in days. Back then he couldn't care less even if he had lots of fans, he still didn't really care about people's blind admiration even up until now. But the backlash and threats he received from his former fan club when the news that he's gay broke out was something that should not be taken lightly. Even Phukong and his friends got a taste of that too. 


One of his crazier fans even tried to kidnap him once to take him to "therapy" and pull the gay out of him, whatever the heck that means. 


He sighed again. He wanted to give in to Tine, but he can't risk it. He can't risk getting found out, even if the one that busts him is Tine. 


A few weeks later....


"Oi Wat! Are you out of your mind!" P'Dim said as he prepared his camera for the next photoset and video that he is going to post on his account for Valentine's day. The costumes he ordered online got delayed by a few days but he still got them on time. As of the moment he had his junk tucked, his crotch is as flat as it can get, no meaty tuck in sight. He is on the process of contouring his "boobs" to make them look bigger than they are, he is going to press them together with a silicon bra to make an illusion of cleavage. He swears these silicon self adhesive bras are a godsend for flat chested women and crossdressers alike. 


"I just said I'm tempted to do it... It doesn't mean I'm actually going to... Well even if I did end up doing it I'll be very careful." Wat said, P'Dim sighed as he shook his head. Wat glanced at P'Dim before he put down the brush that he used for contouring. He checked his "boobs" in the mirror and sighed, satisfied with his work. He then took another brush and proceed to highlight, using matte powders first, before applying some pearlescent loose highlighters for more dimension. In the end his pecs looked like "men's magazine" model boobs. 


"That's new... I thought you sucked at drawing? How can you even draw jugs that look real?" P'Dim asked as he looked at Sarawat's chest. 


"I'm not good at art in general." Sarawat said as he stick the cups of the silicon self adhesive bra to his boobs. "This took months of practice." He said as he clicked the clasps of the bra together. He used to rely on duct tape for cleavage before he learned about this bra.


He then took his waist trainer from on of the baskets of clean laundry. He wore it at the tightest level, giving his body an hourglass shape. 


He then took one of the red two piece pin-up girl swimsuits that look like a one piece when worn, he slipped the bottom part on, then the top after. He then walked towards the head mannequin that is placed on top of his vanity table(a birthday gift from Pam), on the mannequin is his favorite jet black 34-inches long, lace front, synthetic wig. He loves the wig because it looks very natural when worn and it's so long that it reaches the middle of his ass. It cost him around 1,500 baht, and it took weeks for it to arrive, but the money he spent and the wait was very well worth it.


He took his nude colored wig cap and secured it on his head, he brushed the wig a bit before he placed it on his head, he applied some spirit gum on the lace to make the wig more secure. 


After that he took a rat tail comb and went about styling his wig. He initially wanted to curl it, but he settled on styling it in a high ponytail. Then he took his grey circle lenses and popped them on. 


Then he started working on his makeup, he started with his eyebrows, he then worked on his eyeshadow, his base and then his contour, blush and highlight. Then he took the red lace that he cut in the shape of a masquerade mask, and secured it around the area of his eyes using his trusty lash glue. He then popped on a set of chrome red fake nails. He left the lips for last. 


"Are we ready for the lipstick shot?" P'Dim asked as he fiddled with the camera. 


"Yeah." Sarawat answered as he pulled the new red lip stain he bought from Cathy Doll. He then posed in front of his newly cleaned full sized mirror, be bent over, his butt in full display, he arched his back a little bit to emphasize his "boobs" and then he started applying his lip stain, and the camera started flashing. 


P'Dim had taken approximately twenty shots by the time Sarawat finished applying his lip makeup. 


He stared at himself in the mirror, satisfied with what he saw. 


He then changed into a red, strappy negligee, that reveals some skin, but still keeps the best parts hidden, and moved to the stool that he redecorated in red and pink velvet, behind him is a white backdrop that he constructed the night before, he chose white because it highlights his flawless skin, and gives more attention to him and his outfit, in his hands were a pair of black thigh high stockings and a pair of red mary janes that he strategically placed underneath one of of his exposed thighs. 


"P'Dim, film the video the minute I start to put the stocking on." He instructed. He then discussed the angle he wants, he wants P'Dim to stand in front of him, the camera must be held higher pointing down towards him. 


The video started with Sarawat pulling up a stocking slowly. The stocking gliding easily over his skin, the fake cleavage he drew was in full view, as well his thighs. The angle also shows the pair of shoes that was slightly being covered by his creamy thighs, the red color of the shoes contrasts with his skin so much that his thigh stood out more in the video. At the end of the video he stared at the camera innocently, then he acted as if he was flustered for just noticing that he was being filmed. 


P'Dim just thought of how much of a genius Sarawat is the whole time he was filming the video. Sarawat knew his audience well. This video is most likely going to make the simps horny. 



Tine is horny... He is very horny. 'Why did I even opened the notification while in class?' he asked himself as he struggle to listen to the lecture. His boner however is demanding his attention. 


'So red lace is a turn on for me huh?' Tine said to himself. He is very tempted to watch the recent video again. And he is also tempted to order the full photoset and the prints. He just didn't have $50.00. Tine thought that it was good that he was using Fong's phone, because if he was using his, he might've already dashed to the bathroom mid-lecture to take care of his problem. 


Sadly, he accidentally left his phone on his nightstand while he was rushing to go to school. 


He swallowed, he feels really anxious. This isn't the first time that he got a boner in class because of his favorite camgirl, but this is the first time that he had to stay in class. He knows that if he suddenly took off without warning, his friends would look for him and might catch him mid-nut. He'd rather keep his friends innocence intact. 


'Think of something disgusting...' Tine thought to himself. 'Genital warts, blob fish, my old neighbor who likes to scratch his butt in public... one of the restaurants Phuak reviewed!' Tine felt little Tine calm down when he thought about the soggy, bitter tasting Rabokki that was served to them in Phuak's recent restaurant adventure. Then he thought about the Pad Thai that they ate that was still sold mid-spoilage. Then his boner was totally obliterated by thought of the soggy taco with watery mayo. 


Now the only thing making him uncomfortable is the feeling that he is about to puke. That soggy taco was vile. 


He immediately closed the page and returned the phone to Fong. 



The minute the bell ring, signalling the end of class, Tine found himself speeding home for the second time. 


As soon as he closed and locked the door, he made a beeline for his phone, and opened his favorite website.  He immediately went for ShineBright12's account. 


He was shocked when he saw the offer for photoset and the prints. The price he was seeing is just $5.00. He could've sworn that he saw $50.00 earlier. 


"Weird..." He went and called his friends, asking to borrow their account for a minute, he just gave them the excuse that he wants to check out the account of another person they follow, before he subscribed to them. 


He then went to ShineBright12's messages to see the offers. And yeah. He wasn't wrong. The offers he saw in his friends' dms were all $50.00 and above. 


"They were not kidding when they said that she asked for $200.00 for that video..." He said as he scrolled down. Up to the DM where they asked her if she has other social media accounts. 


Yeah... She asked them $3.00 for the answer to that question. She answered with a simple thank you note, and a simple yes.  


"She said yes, but she didn't gave them a link..." He said as he closed his friends' account. 'The dumbasses probably wanted a link to her socials.' Tine thought.


He then went back to his own account, his account that is only subscribed to one person, and opened his own DMs. Aside from the offers and promotions, he read all the exchanges they had. 


The cam girl was always enthusiastic to answer his DMs. She never asked him any amount of tip for a reply. Sometimes she answers in full paragraphs. 


This is so weird. Tine said. He then saw the second to the latest message that he sent. 


"Will she agree to the video chat or not?" He asked himself. 



*BONUS: Phukong and Mil's "Normal" Day

"Ahh!" Mil moaned loudly as he managed to get Phukong's dick inside of him, riding someone while handcuffed isn't the most comfortable thing in the world but he can manage. Finally after a week of involuntary celibacy he can finally enjoy some well-deserved dicking. 


He knows that most people think that Mil and Phukong are the perfect match because Mil is manly while Phukong is cute... But Mil begs to differ. In his opinion He and Phukong are the perfect match because Phukong can give Mil what he wants. Most of the people that fell under the category of Mil's type ends up being really delicate even in bed. However Phukong is sweet and gentle on a regular basis, but when his clothes starts to fly off somewhere out to kingdom come, he transforms. The sweet and delicate kid  is gone, replaced by a monster, well, the kid is hiding some really big things underneath those pastel colored hoodies and baggy denims that he always wear.


Mil is broader yes, but Phukong is taller and his muscles are hard... Really hard, if he's judging with the piece of muscle he feels inside his ass. Phukong doesn't look like he's above average when he's soft. Mil knows that, that's why Chat looked at him funny when he learned he's dating Phukong, because the dumbass knows his taste, he likes his dicks big, veiny and long, with a girth that could tenderize his ass. Yes he's a size queen, and no he's not ashamed, not one bit. He doesn't like being fucked by toothpicks, he likes being fucked by hulking exhaust pipes. Phukong didn't look anything like that, but he's the textbook definition of a grower. 


He's like any normal dude really, he likes boxing, football, beer, leather jackets, guitars and the likes, he likes to look strong and manly, that's why he likes working out. But when it comes to sex, he likes being manhandled, he likes being thrown to the bed, he likes to be lifted up and fucked against the wall. He wants to look like a filthy mess when everything's over. He wants his lips bruised from kissing, he want his butt cheeks to be red from spanking, he wants to be gagged, bound, and used. He wants to beg, scream and cry. Which Phukong can and will gladly make him. 


But he also wants to be taken care of. He likes to have cuddles, he wants to have lazy mornings, he wants to have coffee with his significant other, eating breakfast in bed after a night of rigorous fucking. Just being sweet in general, he feels shy to voice these things out, but Phukong always seems to know what he wants even without asking. 


He just knows when Mil needs to feel in control and when he needs to let everything loose. Right now as Mil bounced himself on Phukong's cock, Phukong was just staring at him, just lying down with his arms under his head, an amused smile plastered on his face. He really loves it when his Phi, his gorgeous, perfect Phi, rides him, his head leaning backwards with a pure look of bliss on his face. He licked his lips as he rolled both of them on the bed, making him on top, and his Phi lying on his back. 


Phukong smirked at his Phi's surprised red face. Mil just whimpered at the sight of that smirk, he immediately knew that really good things will happen tonight. 


Phukong raised his handcuffed hands and then he began to kiss him. Phukong started the kiss chaste in the beginning. Then he slowly turned up the heat up by inserting his tongue inside his Phi's mouth. They were at it for almost ten minutes, just making out on the bed, making the viewers of their live stream shiver in anticipation for what's going to come. 


They paid eighty dollars to watch this live. And they were getting all their money's worth. 


They witnessed the guy with a man bun get spanked in the ass a while ago. Counting from one to twenty. His voice whimpering as he counted towards the end.


And now they are at the main event.


"Can you tell me your safe word, my pet?" Phukong asked as he stood up to get the key for the handcuffs. Mil knows that Phukong knows his safe word, and he was just making sure. 


"It's Rosemary, sir." Mil answered. 


"Good." Phukong said as he took the handcuffs off, placing them on the the chest of toys that lay adjacent to their bed. He then took a small ball of black cotton rope from the chest as well as a blindfold. 


Mil looked longingly at the things that his man is holding. It has really been a long while since they've done anything like this. 


Yeah. Quickies in the university men's bathroom is not doing it for him anymore. It made their followers excited though, whenever they see Mil being pressed on a bathroom stall door with a dick sticking out of his ass. But for him, he needed to be taken apart slowly. And that is not possible when you are fucking in a semi-public setting, and when you were in a time crunch because your man's brother is a slave driver. 


Mil held his breath as Phukong placed the blindfold and secured it. He then felt Phukong move slowly as he tied one of his hands, making sure that the rope is neither tight nor loose. He then felt his hands being pulled towards the direction of the bed post. 


Yes. He was going to have a lot of fun tonight. 



Phukong was sighing loudly as he watched himself brutally fucking his Phi, while his hands are bound to the bedpost. He was editing the footage of their live that's going to be uploaded for their account later. He will cut a lot of footage, so it's just going to be a short one, ten minutes max. 


He smiled and his face reddened at the sounds his Phi made as well as the smacking and squelching sound their bodies made as he drove his dick inside his Phi over and over again, his thrusts deep, and fast but still remaining in a steady pace. 


He didn't know if he would include the footage of the sensation play they did, his P'Mil did complain a lot about him abruptly stopping just as he was about to reached his climax, he also complained when Phukong pressed some ice to his nipples to pull him back from the edge of climax back to square one. He did that a couple of times just as hi Phi was about to cum. 


He remembered how his Phi cried begging for release by the end of it. The memory made him chuckle. 'My adorable phi.' he thought to himself. 


"What are you chuckling about?" Mil asked as he stopped beside Phukong. Peering at the monitor. He blushed when he saw himself writhing and whimpering as his boyfriend pounded into his bound and blindfolded self. He remembered how the lack of sight heightened his senses, making every sensation magnified. 


"Nothing." Phukong said smiling at his Phi. "I just think you're cute." Phukong laughed harder when his Phi slapped his shoulder, while blushing like a tomato. 



So just click "here" if you wanna see the bra that Sarawat used. 

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Click "here" if you wanna see the red strappy negligee. 

Click "here" if you wanna see Sarawat's wig. (I've been wanting to buy this wig for a while now... But the shipping fee cost a shit-ton  from US to Ph...😭)

Wat kinda looked like "this" after the makeup.

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Chapter 3.5





It's an early Monday morning. Students scatter around rushing to get to class. Tuk-tuk drivers are in line waiting for passengers, food carts parked along the sidewalks, surrounded by hungry students who missed their breakfast. 


That is the current scenario unfolding in front of Phukong. He was sitting outside of their apartment complex, next to him was his favorite person, his P'Mil. They were excitedly waiting for a package that is scheduled to arrive this morning. 


They were disheartened a little bit when they went to the shop and found out that the toy they wanted was sold out. Mil was so disappointed that he almost teared up on the spot. 


So instead of waiting for the shop to restock, which would take months according to the shopkeeper, since they said they needed to accumulate at least 10 orders first before they order more stocks, they just went to the company's official website to buy their toy, Mil being the size queen that he is, chose the largest premade toy available that is eligible for fast shipping. 


And now after a few weeks of waiting, the toy is finally going to arrive. 


Mil has been restless the entire night. They have a day off, both he and Phukong have no classes or work obligations, since P'Dim would be handling the Valentine's Photoshoot. 


They have all the day and night to themselves. Mil is the one who is more excited, since he's been wanting that toy for a while.


And of course they plan to spend the day in bed, preferably playing with new toys.


"Do you wanna film the toy testing?" Mil asked, his eyes were still glued to the road, since the delivery motorcycle might arrive anytime.


"Yeah. Let's film it." Phukong said. He smirked at his Phi's facial expression, he's a little too excited. "Let's see if you can fit that thing inside you without crying." He whispered. Making his Phi blush. 


Mil just acted as if he didn't hear anything. 


After a few more minutes the much anticipated delivery motorcycle has arrived. The box that the toys come in looks like any other box. It's just a plain brown box that only contains their delivery details. 


They quickly went back inside their apartment as the delivery guy drove away. 


Mil immediately went for the box cutter excited to see what they bought. "Take it easy with the cutter Phi, you might poke the toy." Phukong said, chastising his over excited boyfriend. 


Mil just shrugged his shoulders as he continued to cut the seals on the box. 


Phukong smirked at his P'Mil's surprised face as he held the big-ass dragon dildo in his hands. It was bigger than Phukong, both in length and girth, and Phukong is no Vienna sausage, but he can admit that his Kielbasa is no match for that ginourmous Mortadella


After the size of the dildo sank in to him, Mil  immediately felt hunger. 'I WANT THIS INSIDE ME NOW!' He thought to himself. He glanced at Phukong and he saw the same level of hunger reflected in his eyes. 


It's time to play. 


"My pet." Phukong said as he stood up. "Take all you clothes off." He said. "When you're done with that, I want you to kneel. You arms should be crossed in front of your chest." He instructed. "I want you to stay in that position until I'm done setting up the camera." He walked towards Mil, and caressed his face. "If I see you even move a finger, you will be punished. Understood, my pet?" He asked, smiling down at his Phi. 


"Yes sir." Mil said with a nod. "I understand sir." He said. When Phukong turned around he started taking off his clothes, from his shirt, down to his underwear. He then assumed position.


It took Phukong around 20 minutes to finish the setup and to get out of his clothes. He saw his P'Mil staring at him hungrily while still kneeling obediently, waiting for him. It made him smirk. 


"Good job my pet." He said as he caressed Mil's cheek. Making the older man's face blush. "Now, I want you to stand." Mil slowly stood up, almost falling a few times because his legs fell asleep because of kneeling for a long time. 


Phukong then led him to the bed. "Now I want you kneel on all fours." He instructed. Mil did as he was told. Phukong smiled, then he placed a masquerade mask, on his Phi's face as well as his own. "I changed my mind, were doing it live today." Phukong explained, Mil nodded and said "Okay. I understand sir." 


Then Phukong walked towards the box. There are two items inside, the giant dildo and a little something that they could use for foreplay. 


He pulled out a 3-inch mini dragon dick from the box. It is a periwinkle mini dragon ejaculating dildo that is connected to a plastic tube and a syringe. The lube that they bought for it is a thick white one, reminiscent of real cum.


He licked his lips at the thought of licking the fake cum out of his Phi's ass. 


He knows his Phi had cleaned himself thoroughly as prepared himself in the shower this morning. It took him 3 hours in the bathroom. For a shower. 


So he knows that his Phi is expecting something to happen, specially when he was the one who added that small ejaculating  dildo to their cart. 


He took the cum-colored lube from the box, and coated his fingers with it first. He smirked at his Phi's open and prone body that is kneeling on all fours on the bed, ready to be devoured. 


He smirked, as he walked slowly, seeing his Phi's breath hitch with every step. He then proceed to place his finger on top of his Phi's exposed hole. 


"Where do you want my fingers, my pet?" He asked. 


"I-inside." Mil took a deep breath. "I want your fingers inside me sir." He said. 


Phukong obliged and inserted three fingers. Making his Phi gasp. He knew that his Phi can take three immediately because he already prepped himself earlier. Normally he would take his time, even when his Phi got ready beforehand, but he's also excited to make his Phi try out the new toys. 


After a few minutes of pushing and pulling, he withdraw his hands from his Phi's hole, he took the ejaculating dildo and filled the syringe up to the maximum amount, before he pushed the small dildo inside Mil. 


Mil moaned at the sensation the ribbed dildo made him feel. The dildo was really small but the unique shape of it is an experience on its own. He moaned everytime Phukong moves the dildo inside him. The sensations are driving him crazy. 


Phukong on the other side is enjoying the view so much. He enjoys how his beloved Phi is struggling to hold himself upright, he enjoys every moan and groan as well as the occasional "Phukong" and "sir please," this made him smile. 


Just when his Phi is about to cum he abruptly stopped, making his Phi whine pitifully. He stood up and took some ice cubes from the fridge. He then touched his P'Mil's cock with the ice cube, making him shudder. He went soft, which is what Phukong wanted. 


He then started all over again. 


He started pushing and pulling the toy slowly, relishing in the small reactions he's getting from his Phi, then without warning he went quick and hard, making his Phi scream and lose his balance. He fell face first into the mattress.


Mil muffled all his screams and moans into the mattress, holding on tightly to the sheets. As Phukong drove the dildo inside him on a brutal pace. By the time he was almost coming again, Phukong abruptly stopped. Mil sobbed into the mattress, tears of frustration streaming out of his eyes. 


Then Phukong started again, but this time he immediately went fast and hard, he picked up the syringe with the fake come and pumped it, Mil felt the cum flood his insides, and he screamed as he came all over the sheets. 


He was panting heavily, whining a bit when Phukong pulled the dildo out of his ass, making the fake come leak out of it. Phukong didn't waste any time, he went down and lapped at the leaking cum, licking and slurping, stabbing the oversensitive hole with his tongue, making the older boy squirm and whimper. 


After he is satisfied, he covered his own dick with the fake cum, and immediately sank into the warm, abused hole. Moaning as he did so. 


"I wonder how are you're still so tight after all that?" Phukong said as he bottomed out. 


Mil couldn't even answer, all he managed to say was a muffled "please" as Phukong fucked into him fast and hard. 


The bed creaked as Phukong drove his cock full force into his Phi, he did that while leaving a trail of kisses and bite marks in his wake, marking every piece of skin he can reach. 


Then he pulled out without warning, making Mil sob into the Mattress for a second time that morning. 


"Don't cry my pet. Just changing positions." Phukong said as he maneuvered his Phi, so he's lying on his back instead of on all fours, he picked up a pillow from the side of the bed and placed it under his Phi's back for comfort. He then wiped his Phi's tears away with his thumbs. 


He then placed himself between his Phi's thighs, hiked up his legs, and lined his cock up on his hole. He then plunged in slowly. 


Mil could fell every inch of Phukong as he plunged inside him, he closed his eyes and focused on the feeling of the large rod that's slowly opening him up. 


"You're already crying with just this?"Phukong asked, with a smirk. "How are you even going to handle that big boy over there?" He asked as he pointed at the ginourmous dildo. He then picked up his pace, but not enough to put his Phi on the edge. 


Phukong pulled out after a couple more thrusts, Mil didn't complain this time. He knows what his Nong is going to do. 


Phukong took the Dragon dildo and coated it generously with the fake cum, he want his P'Mil to feel the burn and the stretch of the dildo but he doesn't want him to be injured. 


When he deemed the dildo sufficiently lubricated, he went back to the bed, he sat by the edge and said. "I want you on all fours my pet." And Mil did as he was told. He wants to be a good boy so he can get his reward, which is only a few inches away from him. 


"Good boy." Phukong said as he lightly slapped his Phi's hole with the dildo making his Phi gasp. He waited a few seconds before he inserted the tip of the dildo making his Phi groan. 


"A-ah!" Mil made a struggling sound. 


"If you can't take it anymore, just say the safe word." Phukong said, a little worried that this might be to much for his Phi. 


Mil just shook his head and grabbed on to the sheets tightly. "I've been wanting this for so long, there's no way I'll stop now." He said. Phukong continued to push the dildo halfway in, the girth making his Phi gasp and moan loudly. 


The sounds his Phi made got even filthier as the dildo got fully sheathed in. 


"P-please move. Please move! I-can take it, you know I can take it, please!" His Phi begged as tears fall from his eyes again. Phukong smiled, as he pulled the dildo out, leaving only the tip and then slamming it back in, the force punching the air out of his Phi. 


He then began a brutal pace that made his Phi a crying begging mess. 


"P-please more! Please more!" He begged and Phukong goes even faster. Lucky for both of them Phukong doesn't slack off of his arm workouts. 


The only things that could be heard in the room as well as in the live stream were Phukong's grunts, Mil's wanton sounds, and the squelching noise that his ass and the dildo makes. 


Mil let out a silent scream as he came all over the sheets for a second time. Phukong then took the dildo out slowly, and replaced it with his cock, his ass was still tight, which is unbelievable, but his Phi had always been good at muscle control so he let that thought go. He fucked his Phi's oversensitive hole in a steady pace until he came, buried deep inside the wonderfully tight heat. 


Phukong took a few seconds of rest before he stood up, he gathered his fucked out, whimpering boyfriend into his arms and kissed him tenderly on the forehead, cheeks and lips. The kisses were chaste, attentive and loving. "You did a great job love." He said to his Phi. "I love you so much." He said as he caressed his Phi's back, Mil held on to Phukong for dear life. Crying as he did so. Feeling a little overwhelmed. "Thank you." He whispered to Phukong. "I love you too."


After a few minutes of cuddling Phukong reluctantly got up to get a pack of wet wipes from the bedside drawer(he learned this from his P'Tine), carefully wiping himself and his Phi clean. Afterwards he took two bottles of water from the mini fridge they have near the door, as well as some sweet snacks to replenish the energy that was lost.


He, lift his Phi to a sitting position before he took the cap out of one of the bottles, and placed it near Mil's mouth. "Phi, please drink." Mil drank the water without question, he almost finished the whole bottle when he tapped Phukong's leg, signaling him to stop. Phukong then opened a cup of yogurt and fed him a spoonful, making him smile. 


When they finished the snacks, Phukong went to the Camera and the the laptop to end the livestream, then he returned to bed to embrace, and cuddle his tired, but very sated boyfriend. 


JUST TO CLARIFY... FELCHING is not really my kink. But it made sense for this story's Phukong to have that kink because he is one kinky mofo. We don't kink shame here guys, every kink as long as it doesn't involve real animals, minors and dead people, is accepted here. I won't even judge you if you like scat or urolagnia, just don't watch or do scat near me. Let's respect each other's kinks. 

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Chapter 4 



No BDSM THEMES on this one... well there kinda is... but it's only a tidbit, just so you know... But there will be porn....or not... Also, there is a detailed description of violence and mentions of blood and vomit(and no, before you ask, no one is eating vomit okay) in this chapter. You've been warned. 


"Package for Sarawat Guntithanon." The delivery man said as a greeting. Sarawat didn't expect that the things he ordered from the 3.3 sale to arrive only two days after he ordered them, but he was very delighted. He quickly paid the man the exact amount.  'Good thing I prepared the money ahead of time.' he thought to himself as the delivery man took a photo of him and his three large boxes as proof of delivery. 


He was still smiling widely as he brought his items inside. He placed them in top of his wooden kitchen table, and grabbed his fillet knife to open the box.


He bought a lot of things from the recent sale, he bought some guitar strings, a set of 24 picks, some stationary items for school and some clothes. He also bought a lot of makeup and accessories, as well as a few costumes. He bought that high slit red dress that he thinks might work with the custom made red corset that he picked-up the day before. He got it comissioned from a local corset maker and it took them months to make it in the material that he wanted. It also cost him a hefty amount of money, but he doesn't want to think about that. The corset is made with a beautiful dark red silk. 


Red is not his favorite color, but it sure does look great on him.


He also ordered something that he found really interesting. A set of magic lashes and two cheap mini vibrators. He wants to know if the cheap vibrators will work as well as his expensive ones. And one is shaped like a lipstick which is cool! 


He just opened the box containing his lashes and vibrators when his phone rang. 


"Wat! Where the hell are you!" Man shouted from the other line. "Didn't you receive the text? We have practice today!" Wat actually did receive the text, however he decided to not go because his package is arriving and there is no one else to receive it, he also didn't feel like being there.  


"P'Choi is really mad at you Wat." Boss chimed in. 


"Am I on speaker?" Wat asked. 


"Yeah." His friends said in unison. 


"I'm feeling a little under the weather today." He started. "I've been feeling dizzy since yesterday." 


"But you looked fine yesterday..." Boss said a little confused. Wat just scratched his head in frustration. 


"I wasn't." He replied. "Do you want me to go there just to prove myself. I won't hesitate to puke all over you." He said, Boss said a loud "Oi" and Man groaned. 


"Ok, ok man. We get it, get well soon." Man said as he ended the call. 


Wat breathed a sigh of relief. He felt bad about skipping practice. Back then that was something that he would never do, but really, ever since his ex-fans started harassing him, he lost the drive to always go to practice. He only attends for really important ones and the games themselves. He rarely performs on stage as well. Ctrl+S is pretty much on hiatus because his friends doesn't want to perform as well after the disastrous performance they had a year and a half ago. 


The performance itself was great. However his old fanclub and haters stormed their way to stage after the performance to charge at Sarawat. 


Sarawat don't get anxious easily, however there were no security people on stage, it was a students only event, and no one expected that to happen. Sarawat was no damsel in distress, he could defend himself, but it's different when a horde of people are coming after you. In a few minutes the band found themselves trapped, surrounded by irrational, angry people, if it wasn't for their friends in the soccer team, music club and cheerleading squad, he didn't know what could've happened. 


Tine, Phukong, Man, and Boss were the first people to respond, followed by the others. 


Green received a huge scratch on his arm, P'Dim got a bump on his forehead and various bruises on his back, P'Mil got a split lip and a black eye, Phukong got his ankle sprained, and he got punched in the stomach so hard he puked, Ohm, Phuak and Fong got scratches and bruises. Tine, Man and Boss were the ones who had the most injuries, they all got scratches, bumps, and bruises, Boss got a fractured arm, Man had a concussion after getting hit in the head by a plastic chair, and Tine got ten stitches on this head after took a punch aimed at Sarawat and fell hard on the pavement.


A lot of people got suspended that day, at least three got expelled. Good thing there were random students taking videos of the ruckus or else justice won't be served. All of the instigators fled the minute the authorities arrived. 


And they stopped performing ever since. Wat didn't gave up music of course, but there was this lingering fear that if he performed again, he might get himself and the people he loved in trouble. He won't forget the image of Tine sitting in a corner with blood trickling down his face or Man being carried by an already injured Boss and P'Dim to the infirmary. 


He himself didn't left unscathed. He and his band mates received various wounds, and bruises, but the pain that his friends and younger brother went through hurts him the most. 


However, since that day, Sarawat found that the feelings he has for Tine that are already deep to begin with, just got way deeper. 




Sarawat just got his face cleaned and moisturized, he has his remote controlled mini vibrator in his ass on it's lowest setting, just buzzing around sending some good vibrations. 


He was about to play with the new makeup he got, and maybe film a video or two, then take a bath after, one of the beauty stores that he bought some stuff from gave him a bag of lavender scented bath salts as a thank you gift, and he's excited to use it. 


He took out some of his new costumes and placed them on his sofa, he's planning to do some stuff in the newly built makeshift set in his living room, of course he built it from scratch using a  three collapsible drying racks, a shoe rack and at least three of his white bedsheets. 


He's doing it selfie style today, his first costume is a Japanese swimsuit, the navy blue one, his second one is a cat girl costume, and the third one is a 1950s pinup style red dress that has tulips printed on it. 


He had already applied his eye primer when he heard the doorbell ring. 


He immediately went to the door to answer it, good thing he looked through the peephole first, because his visitor is the very person who isn't allowed to see his new stuff or any of his Shine stuff for that matter!  


He immediately took down his set up, picked up his costumes and makeup products and returned them hastily to the boxes. He then stuffed them haphazardly into his closet and shut the door tight and locked it. 


He composed himself before answering the door. 


"Hello Tine, what brings you here?" Sarawat asked with a smile. Even though Tine came unannounced he is always happy to see the boy and his bunny-like smile. 


"Man told me you're sick and nobody's available to take care of you." Tine smiled as he invited himself in. "Apparently, Phukong is also busy taking care of P'Mil. What's up with you guys getting sick at the same time?" 


Sarawat remember that Phukong and P'Mil had filmed a very challenging scene last night that required P'Mil to be on bed rest the whole day after, it has something to do with paddles. 


"I brought Congee." Tine said, placing the pot of congee on the table. "P'Type told me the recipe. I hope you'll like it." He smiled. 


Sarawat's heart swooned. 


Sarawat offered Tine a seat, "Would you like to drink something?" Sarawat asked. "I have some cola, tea-" 


"I would like a cola." Tine replied with a smile. Sarawat smiled back before he picked up the congee and went to the kitchen. 


He placed the congee on the table before he took two bottles of cola from the fridge, one in each hand. 


Just as Sarawat was about to go back to the living room, he felt his body go into shock as the vibrations inside him got stronger by multiple notches. He almost dropped the bottles he were holding. When he got his bearings back, he placed the bottles on the table struggling to stand straight. 


Then the vibrations got stronger again and he fell down on his knees. He found himself holding on the edge of the table for dear life as his pants and muffled moans filled the room.


"W-what?" Sarawat said as the vibrations gets stronger for a third time. He had to cover his mouth to stop himself from moaning out loud. 


"Wat, I think I broke your remote!" Tine said from the living room. Sarawat whimpered. 


'It can't be "that" remote...' he told himself.


"Tine, what remote is that?" He shouted back. 


"The small black one with an up and down button. Isn't this the remote for your AC?" Tine said. Sarawat almost fell over. That is the remote of his vibrator. He thought he left it inside his room. "I want to turn the AC up higher." Tine pressed the two buttons alternate, Sarawat almost screamed. 


"T-that's not the remote for my AC!" Sarawat said, struggling. He was already fully hard, he pulled the front of his shirt downwards to cover his crotch as he ran full speed to get the remote. 


He almost lost his balance when Tine pressed "up" again. Sarawat wanted to sob. He immediately went for the remote as he reached Tine. He then replaced it with the actual remote(it was white with at least 12 buttons on it) for the AC and he ran towards the bathroom afterwards, leaving Tine blinking confusedly at the remote in his hand. 


Sarawat sighed in relief as he entered the bathroom. He closed the door and locked it. 


He then pressed the stop button on the remote, but even after multiple presses the vibrator didn't stop. He tried pressing the up and down button but it didn't do anything. 


Turns out Tine really did broke it. 


Sarawat didn't have any choice... He needs to take it out while it's still running. 


He nervously swallowed his saliva as he tried to pry his already sensitive butt cheeks to open. He couldn't stop a loud moan from coming out of his mouth as his fingers touched his hole. 


"Wat are you okay?" Tine asked. 


"I-I'm fine!" Sarawat said as he took a clean towel from one of the cupboards, he rolled it, and then he bit to it to try and stiffle his moans. 


He did eventually got the vibrator out after 10 gruelling minutes that felt like hours. 


He's still turned on however... And he needed to do something about Sarawat expo. He then took his favorite black dildo from a hidden box at one of the bottom drawers. He has one problem though, the lube had in his bathroom is empty. He knew he couldn't get out of the bathroom in his state, so he took a deep breath, and then he placed the towel that has previously been on his mouth onto the counter.


He knew this was the only way he could do this, he still has a bit of left over lube from the fingering session he's had earlier, as well as from the vibrator. So, he took a deep breath again and he sucked the tip of the dildo, lapping at the head then licking it up and down. Fingering himself with his other hand as he did so. 


After about a minute of continuous licking he proceed to suck the dildo, deep throating it, gagging a little bit as he did so. He then spat on it before placing it in front of his hole. He took the towel and placed it back in his mouth before he drove the 9-inch long dildo inside him. It burned a little bit, but to him that's okay... He needs to get off and he needs it now! 


He was a sobbing mess as he drove his silicon dick in and out fast, the pain and the pleasure mixing together. the towel in his mouth fell as he came with a soundless scream, he didn't even need to touch his cock.


He was still trying to catch his breath when he heard Tine knock on the door. 


"Wat, are you ok in there? You've been there for a while..." Tine worried voice followed. 


"I-I'm fine, I think I have the shits..." Sarawat said, still a little breathless. 


"Do you have any medicine? Man only told me you're feeling dizzy." Sarawat was touched that Tine was concerned about him.


"I do have some Loperamide in my medicine box." He answered. 


"Ok, get well soon Wat, I'm sorry, I need to go back to class. Please eat the congee!" Tine said. "Man and Boss will check on you later." After Tine said that he heard Tine's footsteps get farther away, followed by the opening and closing of the front door. 


"That was close..." Wat said as he leaves the bathroom. He then went straight to his room to get a change of clothes. He needs a shower, a cold one. 


Sarawat decided to to rebuild his set, after his shower, he also decided to go with his planned shoot. 


He hurriedly put on his makeup, wig and mask, he then took a lot of selfies wearing the different outfits that he prepared. 


He also decided to post a picture of himself and the vibrator that failed him, warning people about the faulty remote. 





Tine felt unease creep up his spine as he entered his apartment. His morning classes ended earlier than it should today, and he was already home to change from his sweaty clothes when he received a call from Man. 


He said that Sarawat wasn't feeling well and there's no one to take care of him.


So he hurriedly made a pot of congee and left, he didn't even got to change his clothes. 


He was relieved to see that Sarawat was okay. But there was something really suspicious. Firstly the remote he used earlier, why does it look a little bit like the remote printed on the box of the vibrator that ShineBright12 just posted. 




Chapter Text

Chapter 5


"So you're saying that Sarawat uses the same vibrator model as the girl you're following in Only Fans?" Green asked at he sipped his drink. 


"Yeah..." Tine said as he stared at his hands. 


"You know that Sarawat is gay and single right, of course he needs to get off from time to time." Green explained. 


"But the timing! I saw both in one day Green!" Tine exclaimed. 


"That is a very cheap vibrator Tine, a lot of people uses it because it's affordable. Although I thought Sarawat would have a better taste in toys." Green scoffed. "Another gay friend of mine had problems with that vibrator, the remote broke while the toy was inside of him, he was stuck in the bathroom as he tried to pull it out while it was still working. Also, he had a visitor during that time!" He grimaced. "Let's just say the bitch has learned his lesson." 


Tine couldn't help shivering as he imagine how that must've felt like. 


"Also there was the 3.3 sale you know. People likes those sales and buy lots of things, maybe that's why you happen to come across two people who uses the same vibrator." Tine consider that reason.


"Yeah, when I looked up that vibrator, it did say that they have sold 345 units." Tine said.


"See!" Green said. "You're over thinking things way too much."


"Yeah I'm sorry for unloading this on you." Tine said. "But really there is no way that a pretty girl like that could be Sarawat, what was I thinking." Tine laughed. 


"Hey don't be too mean, on the poor boy, he is pretty on his own way." Green replied. Tine just looked at him and nodded. He can admit that Wat has always been a pretty boy, but there is something different about him now. 


"Sarawat does look cuter nowadays though, won't you agree?" Green asked.


Tine nodded, he's pretty sure he's straight but he knows a cute guy when he sees one. And Sarawat got really cute through the years. His skin got clearer and his  personal grooming skills got better. Tine was sure that he smelled lavender on the guy that one time. 'Also did his lips got redder?' Tine thought to himself. 


"I mean his skin is just glowing nowadays! I just wanna put makeup on him!" Green exclaimed. "I was looking into collaborating with him for a video, he said no, but that's understandable. He has a lot of haters nowadays." Green sighed. 


Tine frowned. It's been a year and a half since that concert. His injuries had healed nicely, and Sarawat was not hurt that much physically. But he's pretty sure that the emotional and mental damage still lingers. He himself is pretty sure that he was not this aware and observant of his surroundings a year and a half ago, nowadays there were times when he catch himself being alert and suspicious of strangers for no damn reason, it was like he was being kinda paranoid, specially when he's with his friends, he's wary  because in his head the thought that someone might try to hurt them runs all over the place. 


If that event made him this way, the. He can't imagine the issues that Sarawat is dealing with. 


"Honestly, it's like they wanna shit on anything that Sarawat is doing. He rarely leaves his house nowadays." Green continued. 


"He should really sue them for harassment." Tine replied.



Today is Sunday. It's Sarawat's day off, which means no classes, no work, just pure relaxation, by relaxation, he means soaking in his bathtub for hours. He finally managed to use that lavender scented bath salt, and he also  the orange scented essential oil that he bought from the same store. 


He also made some blue Hawaii, his favorite man's, favorite drink. And he was sipping away at it when his phone started ringing from the stool he placed beside his tub. 


He saw Green's caller Id and contemplated if wanna answer it or not. 


In the end Green had to call him three times before he answered. 


"Hello Wat." Green said from the other line. 


"Hello, what do you want green? You know I already said no to that Collab and you won't change my mind." Sarawat replied. 


"No. That's not why I called." Green said. "Remember that post you made about the vibrator?" Green asked. 


"Yeah. What about it?" Sarawat asked back. 


"Tine saw it. And he noticed that the remote looked so much like the remote he saw in your house." Green said. 


"So he noticed?" Sarawat said. His voice didn't even show a little bit of panic. 


"Yeah he did..." Green paused for a few seconds. "Wait... Did you do that on purpose?" Green asked. 


"Yes and no."  Sarawat answered. "I hoped that Tine wouldn't notice anything, but at the same time I wanted him to notice something." He explained while scratching his head.


"You're so stupid it's endearing." Green said. 


"I know. It's just, I want Tine to know. But the rational part of me wanna prevent it from happening." Sarawat explained. 


"And for a good reason." Green sighed. "On the bright side, at least he finds you cute." Green said. 


Sarawat almost dropped his phone in the water. 



Green's last statement before he hang up lived in Sarawat's head, rent free for the whole day. Is it real? Did Tine really find him cute or was that only Green teasing him?


He was going out of his mind. 


So he dropped everything ShineBright or Tine related to do homework. He needed to get things out of his head. An studying about Foreign Water disputes is just what he needs. 


He was halfway through reading the history of water disputes in the Nile river basin when his phone rang. 


"Hey Sarawat! Are you free today?" Pam said on the other line. Pam has been one of his friends who supported him as ShineBright12 from day one. A lot of the stuff he used in the beginning either came from her or Green, or were sourced by them. "I just found the perfect dress in the thrift store I went to. It's so beautiful, I would've gotten it for me if it was my size..." She sighed dejectedly, "but I think it's perfect for you!" She exclaimed. "I think it's a vintage, but it's in perfect condition." She said. "It's a red sequin dress with a low neckline and high slit, it came with some silver accessories too." 


Sarawat came to the shop immediately, and when he got there he was pleasantly surprised at what he saw, the dress looked so much like the red sequin dress that Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell wore in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Sarawat immediately went to the mannequin to inspect the garment. 


'The construction of the garment looked so polished.' Sarawat thought he the checked the jewelry that came with the garment and of course, they were not real silver and not real diamonds, but they are really well made stainless steel accessories. He can imagine himself wearing the dress with a nice red peep toe stiletto, and bright red lips and matching nail polish. Maybe he'll even throw a 50's style wig. 


"I'm going to buy it." Sarawat said out loud. 


"Wat? Why would you buy a dress?" 


A familiar voice said behind them. When Sarawat turned around he saw Tine holding a Louis Vuitton Jacket from a past collection.  


Sarawat felt like a deer caught in the headlights. He couldn't even open his mouth to speak. 


He was about to stammed something out when his friend spoke. 


"Uhm, uh, Oh! He's buying it for me! I'm going to attend a costume party and and I am short on money right now, so I asked him to cover for me." Pam laughing nervously.


Sarawat just nodded, thankful for his friends quick thinking. 


"Isn't that dress a little long for you?" Tine asked, no thoroughly convinced. 


"Yeah it is a little long for me, so I'll just get it repaired before the event." She nodded. 


"Oh, okay." Tine said. "I'm just going to pay for this," he pointed at the jacket. "I'll see you in school." He told Sarawat before he left for the register. 


Sarawat let out the breath he was holding when he lost sight of Tine. 


"That was close." Pam said as she fanned herself. "I've never sweat that much in an air conditioned room before. Let's ask one of the assistants to take this out of the mannequin before another person we know comes." She said. 




"WHAT FIFTEEN THOUSAND BAHT?"  Pam shouted, shocked at the price of the dress. 


"Yes miss, it will be sixteen thousand five hundred if you also want the accessories." The owner of the store said. The owner himself came to assist them when he learned that there are people who are interested in the dress that was displayed in the front. "This is a very well made replica of Marilyn Monroe's red sequin dress in one of her films..." The owner explained. "The sequins are hand stitched and as you can see, it's still in very good condition, it is made a famous costume maker in LA. It only ended up in my shop because the previous owner needed to pay some gambling debts, the accessories are not real silver, but they are well-made too, but since they are only stainless steel I'll only give them to you for 1,500." The owner added. 


"But isn't that still a little too expensive for a secondhand replica?" Pam asked, she only called Sarawat here because she thought that he might like the dress, not because she want him to be scammed. 


"No miss. Dresses of this quality, especially professionally made replicas of iconic dresses, like this one can run you up to 34,000 baht, brand new. Especially when it comes with well made accessories." The owner answered. 


"I'll take it." Sarawat said. He didn't even bothered to ask for a discount, he is never afraid to spend money on his craft, whether it be the guitar or the guitar strings he used, or the dresses, wigs and the makeup products he use for his only fans. If it will take his craft to a higher level, then the money used is worth it.


Also he wants that dress dammit! 


"Wat?" Pam looked at her friend incredulously. 


"Don't worry about money Pam." He told his friend. "Do you accept card ma'am?" Wat asked the owner. The other replied with a yes, and then she asked her assistant to pack the dress and the accessories. 


They soon left the store with a small Jewelry box wrapped in brown paper and a big box for the dress. Sarawat was smiling the whole time. 


"Let's go to my apartment. I want to celebrate." Sarawat said. "Also can you call Green to invite him as well, my hands are full." Wat said sheepishly. 



"Oh my goodness Sarawat!" Green said with a happy scream. "This dress is beautiful!" Green said as he looked at the dress that is hanged in Sarawat's closet. "I bet this cost you at least 20 thousand baht." Green said. 


"No, it's just 15 thousand. 16,500, with accessories included." Sarawat smiled. "It's second hand." 


"Well, that's a good price." Green said. Sarawat nodded. "When will you get this dry cleaned?"


"Later this afternoon, I'll go to my usual dry cleaners, then I'll wear that for a shoot next week." He said, excited for the look that h will create, the fact about Tine seeing the dress skipped his mind completely.