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Chapter 5


"So you're saying that Sarawat uses the same vibrator model as the girl you're following in Only Fans?" Green asked at he sipped his drink. 


"Yeah..." Tine said as he stared at his hands. 


"You know that Sarawat is gay and single right, of course he needs to get off from time to time." Green explained. 


"But the timing! I saw both in one day Green!" Tine exclaimed. 


"That is a very cheap vibrator Tine, a lot of people uses it because it's affordable. Although I thought Sarawat would have a better taste in toys." Green scoffed. "Another gay friend of mine had problems with that vibrator, the remote broke while the toy was inside of him, he was stuck in the bathroom as he tried to pull it out while it was still working. Also, he had a visitor during that time!" He grimaced. "Let's just say the bitch has learned his lesson." 


Tine couldn't help shivering as he imagine how that must've felt like. 


"Also there was the 3.3 sale you know. People likes those sales and buy lots of things, maybe that's why you happen to come across two people who uses the same vibrator." Tine consider that reason.


"Yeah, when I looked up that vibrator, it did say that they have sold 345 units." Tine said.


"See!" Green said. "You're over thinking things way too much."


"Yeah I'm sorry for unloading this on you." Tine said. "But really there is no way that a pretty girl like that could be Sarawat, what was I thinking." Tine laughed. 


"Hey don't be too mean, on the poor boy, he is pretty on his own way." Green replied. Tine just looked at him and nodded. He can admit that Wat has always been a pretty boy, but there is something different about him now. 


"Sarawat does look cuter nowadays though, won't you agree?" Green asked.


Tine nodded, he's pretty sure he's straight but he knows a cute guy when he sees one. And Sarawat got really cute through the years. His skin got clearer and his  personal grooming skills got better. Tine was sure that he smelled lavender on the guy that one time. 'Also did his lips got redder?' Tine thought to himself. 


"I mean his skin is just glowing nowadays! I just wanna put makeup on him!" Green exclaimed. "I was looking into collaborating with him for a video, he said no, but that's understandable. He has a lot of haters nowadays." Green sighed. 


Tine frowned. It's been a year and a half since that concert. His injuries had healed nicely, and Sarawat was not hurt that much physically. But he's pretty sure that the emotional and mental damage still lingers. He himself is pretty sure that he was not this aware and observant of his surroundings a year and a half ago, nowadays there were times when he catch himself being alert and suspicious of strangers for no damn reason, it was like he was being kinda paranoid, specially when he's with his friends, he's wary  because in his head the thought that someone might try to hurt them runs all over the place. 


If that event made him this way, the. He can't imagine the issues that Sarawat is dealing with. 


"Honestly, it's like they wanna shit on anything that Sarawat is doing. He rarely leaves his house nowadays." Green continued. 


"He should really sue them for harassment." Tine replied.



Today is Sunday. It's Sarawat's day off, which means no classes, no work, just pure relaxation, by relaxation, he means soaking in his bathtub for hours. He finally managed to use that lavender scented bath salt, and he also  the orange scented essential oil that he bought from the same store. 


He also made some blue Hawaii, his favorite man's, favorite drink. And he was sipping away at it when his phone started ringing from the stool he placed beside his tub. 


He saw Green's caller Id and contemplated if wanna answer it or not. 


In the end Green had to call him three times before he answered. 


"Hello Wat." Green said from the other line. 


"Hello, what do you want green? You know I already said no to that Collab and you won't change my mind." Sarawat replied. 


"No. That's not why I called." Green said. "Remember that post you made about the vibrator?" Green asked. 


"Yeah. What about it?" Sarawat asked back. 


"Tine saw it. And he noticed that the remote looked so much like the remote he saw in your house." Green said. 


"So he noticed?" Sarawat said. His voice didn't even show a little bit of panic. 


"Yeah he did..." Green paused for a few seconds. "Wait... Did you do that on purpose?" Green asked. 


"Yes and no."  Sarawat answered. "I hoped that Tine wouldn't notice anything, but at the same time I wanted him to notice something." He explained while scratching his head.


"You're so stupid it's endearing." Green said. 


"I know. It's just, I want Tine to know. But the rational part of me wanna prevent it from happening." Sarawat explained. 


"And for a good reason." Green sighed. "On the bright side, at least he finds you cute." Green said. 


Sarawat almost dropped his phone in the water. 



Green's last statement before he hang up lived in Sarawat's head, rent free for the whole day. Is it real? Did Tine really find him cute or was that only Green teasing him?


He was going out of his mind. 


So he dropped everything ShineBright or Tine related to do homework. He needed to get things out of his head. An studying about Foreign Water disputes is just what he needs. 


He was halfway through reading the history of water disputes in the Nile river basin when his phone rang. 


"Hey Sarawat! Are you free today?" Pam said on the other line. Pam has been one of his friends who supported him as ShineBright12 from day one. A lot of the stuff he used in the beginning either came from her or Green, or were sourced by them. "I just found the perfect dress in the thrift store I went to. It's so beautiful, I would've gotten it for me if it was my size..." She sighed dejectedly, "but I think it's perfect for you!" She exclaimed. "I think it's a vintage, but it's in perfect condition." She said. "It's a red sequin dress with a low neckline and high slit, it came with some silver accessories too." 


Sarawat came to the shop immediately, and when he got there he was pleasantly surprised at what he saw, the dress looked so much like the red sequin dress that Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell wore in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Sarawat immediately went to the mannequin to inspect the garment. 


'The construction of the garment looked so polished.' Sarawat thought he the checked the jewelry that came with the garment and of course, they were not real silver and not real diamonds, but they are really well made stainless steel accessories. He can imagine himself wearing the dress with a nice red peep toe stiletto, and bright red lips and matching nail polish. Maybe he'll even throw a 50's style wig. 


"I'm going to buy it." Sarawat said out loud. 


"Wat? Why would you buy a dress?" 


A familiar voice said behind them. When Sarawat turned around he saw Tine holding a Louis Vuitton Jacket from a past collection.  


Sarawat felt like a deer caught in the headlights. He couldn't even open his mouth to speak. 


He was about to stammed something out when his friend spoke. 


"Uhm, uh, Oh! He's buying it for me! I'm going to attend a costume party and and I am short on money right now, so I asked him to cover for me." Pam laughing nervously.


Sarawat just nodded, thankful for his friends quick thinking. 


"Isn't that dress a little long for you?" Tine asked, no thoroughly convinced. 


"Yeah it is a little long for me, so I'll just get it repaired before the event." She nodded. 


"Oh, okay." Tine said. "I'm just going to pay for this," he pointed at the jacket. "I'll see you in school." He told Sarawat before he left for the register. 


Sarawat let out the breath he was holding when he lost sight of Tine. 


"That was close." Pam said as she fanned herself. "I've never sweat that much in an air conditioned room before. Let's ask one of the assistants to take this out of the mannequin before another person we know comes." She said. 




"WHAT FIFTEEN THOUSAND BAHT?"  Pam shouted, shocked at the price of the dress. 


"Yes miss, it will be sixteen thousand five hundred if you also want the accessories." The owner of the store said. The owner himself came to assist them when he learned that there are people who are interested in the dress that was displayed in the front. "This is a very well made replica of Marilyn Monroe's red sequin dress in one of her films..." The owner explained. "The sequins are hand stitched and as you can see, it's still in very good condition, it is made a famous costume maker in LA. It only ended up in my shop because the previous owner needed to pay some gambling debts, the accessories are not real silver, but they are well-made too, but since they are only stainless steel I'll only give them to you for 1,500." The owner added. 


"But isn't that still a little too expensive for a secondhand replica?" Pam asked, she only called Sarawat here because she thought that he might like the dress, not because she want him to be scammed. 


"No miss. Dresses of this quality, especially professionally made replicas of iconic dresses, like this one can run you up to 34,000 baht, brand new. Especially when it comes with well made accessories." The owner answered. 


"I'll take it." Sarawat said. He didn't even bothered to ask for a discount, he is never afraid to spend money on his craft, whether it be the guitar or the guitar strings he used, or the dresses, wigs and the makeup products he use for his only fans. If it will take his craft to a higher level, then the money used is worth it.


Also he wants that dress dammit! 


"Wat?" Pam looked at her friend incredulously. 


"Don't worry about money Pam." He told his friend. "Do you accept card ma'am?" Wat asked the owner. The other replied with a yes, and then she asked her assistant to pack the dress and the accessories. 


They soon left the store with a small Jewelry box wrapped in brown paper and a big box for the dress. Sarawat was smiling the whole time. 


"Let's go to my apartment. I want to celebrate." Sarawat said. "Also can you call Green to invite him as well, my hands are full." Wat said sheepishly. 



"Oh my goodness Sarawat!" Green said with a happy scream. "This dress is beautiful!" Green said as he looked at the dress that is hanged in Sarawat's closet. "I bet this cost you at least 20 thousand baht." Green said. 


"No, it's just 15 thousand. 16,500, with accessories included." Sarawat smiled. "It's second hand." 


"Well, that's a good price." Green said. Sarawat nodded. "When will you get this dry cleaned?"


"Later this afternoon, I'll go to my usual dry cleaners, then I'll wear that for a shoot next week." He said, excited for the look that h will create, the fact about Tine seeing the dress skipped his mind completely.