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Chapter 4 



No BDSM THEMES on this one... well there kinda is... but it's only a tidbit, just so you know... But there will be porn....or not... Also, there is a detailed description of violence and mentions of blood and vomit(and no, before you ask, no one is eating vomit okay) in this chapter. You've been warned. 


"Package for Sarawat Guntithanon." The delivery man said as a greeting. Sarawat didn't expect that the things he ordered from the 3.3 sale to arrive only two days after he ordered them, but he was very delighted. He quickly paid the man the exact amount.  'Good thing I prepared the money ahead of time.' he thought to himself as the delivery man took a photo of him and his three large boxes as proof of delivery. 


He was still smiling widely as he brought his items inside. He placed them in top of his wooden kitchen table, and grabbed his fillet knife to open the box.


He bought a lot of things from the recent sale, he bought some guitar strings, a set of 24 picks, some stationary items for school and some clothes. He also bought a lot of makeup and accessories, as well as a few costumes. He bought that high slit red dress that he thinks might work with the custom made red corset that he picked-up the day before. He got it comissioned from a local corset maker and it took them months to make it in the material that he wanted. It also cost him a hefty amount of money, but he doesn't want to think about that. The corset is made with a beautiful dark red silk. 


Red is not his favorite color, but it sure does look great on him.


He also ordered something that he found really interesting. A set of magic lashes and two cheap mini vibrators. He wants to know if the cheap vibrators will work as well as his expensive ones. And one is shaped like a lipstick which is cool! 


He just opened the box containing his lashes and vibrators when his phone rang. 


"Wat! Where the hell are you!" Man shouted from the other line. "Didn't you receive the text? We have practice today!" Wat actually did receive the text, however he decided to not go because his package is arriving and there is no one else to receive it, he also didn't feel like being there.  


"P'Choi is really mad at you Wat." Boss chimed in. 


"Am I on speaker?" Wat asked. 


"Yeah." His friends said in unison. 


"I'm feeling a little under the weather today." He started. "I've been feeling dizzy since yesterday." 


"But you looked fine yesterday..." Boss said a little confused. Wat just scratched his head in frustration. 


"I wasn't." He replied. "Do you want me to go there just to prove myself. I won't hesitate to puke all over you." He said, Boss said a loud "Oi" and Man groaned. 


"Ok, ok man. We get it, get well soon." Man said as he ended the call. 


Wat breathed a sigh of relief. He felt bad about skipping practice. Back then that was something that he would never do, but really, ever since his ex-fans started harassing him, he lost the drive to always go to practice. He only attends for really important ones and the games themselves. He rarely performs on stage as well. Ctrl+S is pretty much on hiatus because his friends doesn't want to perform as well after the disastrous performance they had a year and a half ago. 


The performance itself was great. However his old fanclub and haters stormed their way to stage after the performance to charge at Sarawat. 


Sarawat don't get anxious easily, however there were no security people on stage, it was a students only event, and no one expected that to happen. Sarawat was no damsel in distress, he could defend himself, but it's different when a horde of people are coming after you. In a few minutes the band found themselves trapped, surrounded by irrational, angry people, if it wasn't for their friends in the soccer team, music club and cheerleading squad, he didn't know what could've happened. 


Tine, Phukong, Man, and Boss were the first people to respond, followed by the others. 


Green received a huge scratch on his arm, P'Dim got a bump on his forehead and various bruises on his back, P'Mil got a split lip and a black eye, Phukong got his ankle sprained, and he got punched in the stomach so hard he puked, Ohm, Phuak and Fong got scratches and bruises. Tine, Man and Boss were the ones who had the most injuries, they all got scratches, bumps, and bruises, Boss got a fractured arm, Man had a concussion after getting hit in the head by a plastic chair, and Tine got ten stitches on this head after took a punch aimed at Sarawat and fell hard on the pavement.


A lot of people got suspended that day, at least three got expelled. Good thing there were random students taking videos of the ruckus or else justice won't be served. All of the instigators fled the minute the authorities arrived. 


And they stopped performing ever since. Wat didn't gave up music of course, but there was this lingering fear that if he performed again, he might get himself and the people he loved in trouble. He won't forget the image of Tine sitting in a corner with blood trickling down his face or Man being carried by an already injured Boss and P'Dim to the infirmary. 


He himself didn't left unscathed. He and his band mates received various wounds, and bruises, but the pain that his friends and younger brother went through hurts him the most. 


However, since that day, Sarawat found that the feelings he has for Tine that are already deep to begin with, just got way deeper. 




Sarawat just got his face cleaned and moisturized, he has his remote controlled mini vibrator in his ass on it's lowest setting, just buzzing around sending some good vibrations. 


He was about to play with the new makeup he got, and maybe film a video or two, then take a bath after, one of the beauty stores that he bought some stuff from gave him a bag of lavender scented bath salts as a thank you gift, and he's excited to use it. 


He took out some of his new costumes and placed them on his sofa, he's planning to do some stuff in the newly built makeshift set in his living room, of course he built it from scratch using a  three collapsible drying racks, a shoe rack and at least three of his white bedsheets. 


He's doing it selfie style today, his first costume is a Japanese swimsuit, the navy blue one, his second one is a cat girl costume, and the third one is a 1950s pinup style red dress that has tulips printed on it. 


He had already applied his eye primer when he heard the doorbell ring. 


He immediately went to the door to answer it, good thing he looked through the peephole first, because his visitor is the very person who isn't allowed to see his new stuff or any of his Shine stuff for that matter!  


He immediately took down his set up, picked up his costumes and makeup products and returned them hastily to the boxes. He then stuffed them haphazardly into his closet and shut the door tight and locked it. 


He composed himself before answering the door. 


"Hello Tine, what brings you here?" Sarawat asked with a smile. Even though Tine came unannounced he is always happy to see the boy and his bunny-like smile. 


"Man told me you're sick and nobody's available to take care of you." Tine smiled as he invited himself in. "Apparently, Phukong is also busy taking care of P'Mil. What's up with you guys getting sick at the same time?" 


Sarawat remember that Phukong and P'Mil had filmed a very challenging scene last night that required P'Mil to be on bed rest the whole day after, it has something to do with paddles. 


"I brought Congee." Tine said, placing the pot of congee on the table. "P'Type told me the recipe. I hope you'll like it." He smiled. 


Sarawat's heart swooned. 


Sarawat offered Tine a seat, "Would you like to drink something?" Sarawat asked. "I have some cola, tea-" 


"I would like a cola." Tine replied with a smile. Sarawat smiled back before he picked up the congee and went to the kitchen. 


He placed the congee on the table before he took two bottles of cola from the fridge, one in each hand. 


Just as Sarawat was about to go back to the living room, he felt his body go into shock as the vibrations inside him got stronger by multiple notches. He almost dropped the bottles he were holding. When he got his bearings back, he placed the bottles on the table struggling to stand straight. 


Then the vibrations got stronger again and he fell down on his knees. He found himself holding on the edge of the table for dear life as his pants and muffled moans filled the room.


"W-what?" Sarawat said as the vibrations gets stronger for a third time. He had to cover his mouth to stop himself from moaning out loud. 


"Wat, I think I broke your remote!" Tine said from the living room. Sarawat whimpered. 


'It can't be "that" remote...' he told himself.


"Tine, what remote is that?" He shouted back. 


"The small black one with an up and down button. Isn't this the remote for your AC?" Tine said. Sarawat almost fell over. That is the remote of his vibrator. He thought he left it inside his room. "I want to turn the AC up higher." Tine pressed the two buttons alternate, Sarawat almost screamed. 


"T-that's not the remote for my AC!" Sarawat said, struggling. He was already fully hard, he pulled the front of his shirt downwards to cover his crotch as he ran full speed to get the remote. 


He almost lost his balance when Tine pressed "up" again. Sarawat wanted to sob. He immediately went for the remote as he reached Tine. He then replaced it with the actual remote(it was white with at least 12 buttons on it) for the AC and he ran towards the bathroom afterwards, leaving Tine blinking confusedly at the remote in his hand. 


Sarawat sighed in relief as he entered the bathroom. He closed the door and locked it. 


He then pressed the stop button on the remote, but even after multiple presses the vibrator didn't stop. He tried pressing the up and down button but it didn't do anything. 


Turns out Tine really did broke it. 


Sarawat didn't have any choice... He needs to take it out while it's still running. 


He nervously swallowed his saliva as he tried to pry his already sensitive butt cheeks to open. He couldn't stop a loud moan from coming out of his mouth as his fingers touched his hole. 


"Wat are you okay?" Tine asked. 


"I-I'm fine!" Sarawat said as he took a clean towel from one of the cupboards, he rolled it, and then he bit to it to try and stiffle his moans. 


He did eventually got the vibrator out after 10 gruelling minutes that felt like hours. 


He's still turned on however... And he needed to do something about Sarawat expo. He then took his favorite black dildo from a hidden box at one of the bottom drawers. He has one problem though, the lube had in his bathroom is empty. He knew he couldn't get out of the bathroom in his state, so he took a deep breath, and then he placed the towel that has previously been on his mouth onto the counter.


He knew this was the only way he could do this, he still has a bit of left over lube from the fingering session he's had earlier, as well as from the vibrator. So, he took a deep breath again and he sucked the tip of the dildo, lapping at the head then licking it up and down. Fingering himself with his other hand as he did so. 


After about a minute of continuous licking he proceed to suck the dildo, deep throating it, gagging a little bit as he did so. He then spat on it before placing it in front of his hole. He took the towel and placed it back in his mouth before he drove the 9-inch long dildo inside him. It burned a little bit, but to him that's okay... He needs to get off and he needs it now! 


He was a sobbing mess as he drove his silicon dick in and out fast, the pain and the pleasure mixing together. the towel in his mouth fell as he came with a soundless scream, he didn't even need to touch his cock.


He was still trying to catch his breath when he heard Tine knock on the door. 


"Wat, are you ok in there? You've been there for a while..." Tine worried voice followed. 


"I-I'm fine, I think I have the shits..." Sarawat said, still a little breathless. 


"Do you have any medicine? Man only told me you're feeling dizzy." Sarawat was touched that Tine was concerned about him.


"I do have some Loperamide in my medicine box." He answered. 


"Ok, get well soon Wat, I'm sorry, I need to go back to class. Please eat the congee!" Tine said. "Man and Boss will check on you later." After Tine said that he heard Tine's footsteps get farther away, followed by the opening and closing of the front door. 


"That was close..." Wat said as he leaves the bathroom. He then went straight to his room to get a change of clothes. He needs a shower, a cold one. 


Sarawat decided to to rebuild his set, after his shower, he also decided to go with his planned shoot. 


He hurriedly put on his makeup, wig and mask, he then took a lot of selfies wearing the different outfits that he prepared. 


He also decided to post a picture of himself and the vibrator that failed him, warning people about the faulty remote. 





Tine felt unease creep up his spine as he entered his apartment. His morning classes ended earlier than it should today, and he was already home to change from his sweaty clothes when he received a call from Man. 


He said that Sarawat wasn't feeling well and there's no one to take care of him.


So he hurriedly made a pot of congee and left, he didn't even got to change his clothes. 


He was relieved to see that Sarawat was okay. But there was something really suspicious. Firstly the remote he used earlier, why does it look a little bit like the remote printed on the box of the vibrator that ShineBright12 just posted.